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2019-03-31 | 🔗
Dave Rubin, host of The Rubin Report, joins Candace Owens for an in-depth conversation discussing identity politics, classical liberalism, feminism, intersectionality, and much more! PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation: https://donate.prageru.com/CO
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It has a bearing on everything I do turned into Feinstein you're, not a old man in three two one, ok guys. We are rolling into another episode of the Canvas Alan Show and wow. The student has become the teacher I was an early scrub on Youtube. I got the call in Dave. Reuben wanted to have me on a show, and I freaked out end Dave Reuben welcomed at the can zones I have regretted that. Did you ever think that you'd be sitting across from me? Am I shall be real well? Joking aside, you are the only since that walked out of my studio after one interview and I turned to David, whose my husband partner and producer- and I was like he's going places like it was so obvious that you were just on it and you were going to relentlessly fight for what you believe
I did not realise the rise would be like this right and, as has been a little bit more about of rocket ship at its heart, because I'm I'm still learning of your realising member. I don't even have opinions on things when I was on your yeah, we'll be remarkable things, but you did. You did the right thing, though. So there was a moment where I asked you. I think something about. surveillance, state and you basic You were like. I don't know enough to talk about their rights and was like. Well that's what you're supposed to say. If you dont know, to talk about China without anyone does no one. Does that on cable news right, no politician ever does that they don't, you know what I really do think that one through where I need to find out more before they just give you some ridiculous answer. and it's. Why were watching the media crumble and the political establishment grumbled all nonsense. You are basically people. They had never accomplish anything, most of them except become people that are an office or get tv gigs. They ve never done anything. They ve never run anything. I've never employed
one, and yet the directive not only Edward, if only they were in charge of only we would give them power over us. They could tell us how to live our lives better right and it's all nonsense, and one of the things that I'm thrilled about, I think you're part of it I like to think on part of in a bunch of us are- is that were waking people up to this nonsense that it's your life, you as an individual. figure out how to live your life, the best way possible, and you don't have to turn to the government, for everything and the more that you aren't to the government for everything. Actually, the more that you outsource the point of being human, which is to be honoured, adventure and figure out life yourself, every great movie, they ever loved. What's the point, what is here here is not like a crack at the government to help me here. They like.
Luke was like I'll blow up today, STAR he Frodo, I'm gonna throw the ring in the end with those that I wasn't it began to ring, I of the mountaineer he drew the day in the eye, the mountain he did it, though eating call up somebody to do it right, and so this really there's a political awakening happening on a very induced by your asking your at the forefront of any nuclear. Something yes incorporated, defying already two minutes it during some limited the angry at nice, things about so sick of your saying that you're, a classical liberal events, not basically nauseous, ok, the whole world knows that. There's just no way or to practical, you're too smart and you're, not multiple that I'm still learning we ve watched years off. Ok, you spoken to so many people. You have an in depth knowledge of things. You mean you ve done stuff on Ebay. A drugs in its academics and you're just like a wealth of knowledge, and yet you insist on Congress up a classical liberal and its cheap and its ending
well. First of all, I want to thank you for putting body in here help this portion of the conversation. Ok, so look, I classical liberal, and I would argue if we say if we sit here long enough, I can get you to admit that Europe classical level too, but the way these words and phrases has shifted over the years is the issue because by a british standards, were both basically liberal, by american standards. The left has hijacked liberalism, so liberalism which basically means live and let live and classical liberalism, which means that you believe you believe in individual right above anything else, you don't believe in grew, bright or collective right. You believe an individual right, you believe in free speech, you believe in open inquiry. You believe in laissez faire economics, with a light touch from the government. Now everything I just said The conservative right, that's what that's why you're gettin all hot butter over here, but the point is
there was a version of liberalism, liberalism at its core. That is what it's about and for it and then the left sort of hygiene that using social issues mostly and remember that old and forty two, I remember when there was a decent liberalism and plain has been hijacked. That's the point, right now. It's nice guy yelling, where I was telling people as they were getting on the point I want to get on the plane. I must say this guy, that's about the hijackers! Then you have to change its like blogging: Louise Weiss and on a feminist, yes, I could go back and I say I'm a classical family sure right down the first wave rambles varies depending on the classical feminist. I believe that many women should have the similar rights. We want equality for men and women, but the truth is the plainsman, Jack Feminism anymore, so you have to acknowledge what you are by definition today. Bob back me up right now threatened government classical Sternward
oh classical straightway man classical straight white male yeah. That's the scariest! All things these like Yahoo, hired one to run the show. So look I get your point so we would be silly for you, SAM, a feminist now and then every time that you say it have to qualify. I'm light, I mean a first way feminist. However, there is there are. Literally millions of people, not only the United States but all over the world that have been brought up through leftism that that the default position, that being a lefty basically is a good thing, and that with the media teaches you that's what the political establishment teaches you and I think the reason people care about what I do is for five years ago. When I started talking about this as a progressive cause, I was- and I started long Guys- something's not right here- this identity politics thing is very dangerous. You can't claim that everybody who you disagree with it not possible that everyone you disagree with is a bigger raises were homophobic. You, you can't tell you
guys so moral and everyone else is so immoral. All of these things I started talking about and then by just being honest about what I was thinking, people started waking up to it. So look right now, it's very low can, as we do, we do college geeks together. Who do we can If we get invited by conservatism libertarians, I never get invited by any lefty group or progressive group, or anything like that. Would I would I go if I got of course they were, and what do we do it? The events that we do. I always I do this not just when I'm with you. I always go up there and I say I'll, ask if you disagree with me come up for, right. I always go out of my way to do that. Those are liberal principles. Now. Do I have more in common with conservatism today, of course, I'm not I'm not denying that that's the truth, but for me to say that I'm not a liberal anymore, why then the utility of it in the way that your laying out would actually not do a good service,
I think it may it maybe you're right. I'm sure that people on the left are much more inclined to watch your showed me or to watch mind right because I've sort of said Emma Conservative and they think I'm already lost and maybe they actually listen to what I was saying they would be brought over, but because you say I guess they identify with Mercosur. Like look, I'm a classical liberal, I'm one of you and hears what I'm seeing as a classical liberal Amritsar cars of a closer will you? U classical? I actually believe inequality and not a quality that we're getting like. We want plus rights and we want power. We walk control. That's on equality may know that authority, yeah craziness Matthews what modern feminism has morphed into. So yes, it would, by that logic it make sense? If you started walking around saying I'm, I bet you would gains interaction actually do that, and I don't mean purely like now, it turns out I needed track
we get on twitter, throwing her arms relaxing our law right now it around a little more juice were Canada's now will be good Milburgh, but but there would be Are you in that? Imagine if, if you just got that phrase out there, I'm a classical because people are confused because you are a feminist, your life is what feminism is supposed to be. You have as a woman, you happen to be a woman, and you have relentlessly fought for you believe in and you have succeeded at it. You have not asked for favours. You have not used yourself your gender as a credible over any one. You have done what fell into the essence of true feminism is so in a certain sense. You are classical feminine and actually, if you started tweeting that phrase out, it might help people make the distinction so tat when people on the right, when you say I'm a feminist and you really do mean it. Well, that's confusing to people on the right now, because they're gone feminist. You mean you mean new
thing where the woman's march in this thing, where we have to judge each other in the oppression Olympics in all those things, so there's some value and in it I would just say. I I really want to, because there are so many bad actors on the left I dont want to, and I dont know them giving up? Something that I know it's true. I know it is true. It does not mean that I don't agree with you guys more and most thing. at this point like if I've shifted on anything, I think I d have shifted a little bit economically right and that those who have shifted more libertarian right but beyond does make some money now, but I'll tell you what that is part of the world, but that's not because of their subjects: greed or any way that they would frame the argument around money. I can tell you that I'm a small businesses
right. So I have several with about five full time. Boys got about five part time, employees I pay all their dental and health, a hundred percent. We treat our employees great. I now know that the way business operates by being a small business owner if the government comes in and takes a huge percentage and I live in California. So when I pay my taxes, it's an obsession: money. Will that's money that I can't male higher more people or put towards marketing way or aside louder than I got an end? They rely on the ignorant people that have not ever try to start their own but rise, and then they just pay you as greedy and your way and your mail and that that's the entire reason. But it's like actually know I'm doing war for people to come up. I'm in point you're right. I want to give them good benefits. I want to make sure they have a standard of living that agreeable, but the people in Russia, live it unless you go through. It is very difficult for them to understand the right so that a mule I know you know this, but so that, with what the left his own very effectively as they say everything that is easy to understand at the most sort of low resolution level,
so every I'm for women and for black people and for Muslims. I'm for high taxes on rich people all of these things, they all sound good, like your for all of these people, your for taking from the rich and giving to the port. It all sounds good at that very, hello resolution level, but once you dig a little bit deeper, it is all nonsense. Really is all nonsense! You can't see your for women, so many They. Therefore women will they not for candidates right certain here: you're, not Ronicky Hayley there for Sarah Huckabee Saint Aubert, vodka tramping, wherever a vodka tromp now they're, not for vodka trump, so senior for women is just a silly thing. Now, I'm a hundred percent for women's equality, which they have in the United States, but to say your for
people there not for already forecast, is only the beginning. We know why these arise. Never Congo, West, until he says he wants out of politics now is press, has been ok right now, it's gotta be a lesson to the mental, its right to be doing. Ok here before he was tweeting from a mental institution. Right now he's out of politics there, like always greatly, but all of these, they sound good. If you don't think about them, so it sounds good reach. People should be tax to the end seventy per cent like Abkhazia? seventy percent, which then, if you lived in New York City, I read that it was with New York City TAT citizens data access at the highest margins. It would be eighty four percent, more don't actually mean it now. You may go well. No one needs that much money, but it's not up to you. who did decide how much someone else should have and be just because the state than takes all that money. It does mean that they do anything good with my actual and give it to you, of course, or not, Yes, what if they gave it to you that wouldn't be good either it doesn't mean that you earn it or or only things. I would in almost every case
would say the less government involvement is. Is the answer and believe it or not. That is a liberal prince but will I ever relax likes? Even crowd of reserve will always between by the liberals and every now and again I'll be like crowded, really mean the liberals. You mean the left these now. I know it's an unwinnable long on this too and and I've noticed, goes a great. I should switch my language do because there is different to the liberal and left us, and I see it all the time I have liberal come up to me and say: oh, my God Kennedy they follow you on Twitter, like I'm a liberal just you know, but I, like you and your ideas and I go yes, you are a you're, not and that's why it's worth holding their positions where I get it I could. I could go all in on this and I could be like I'm a conservative and then think too the conservatives how much value that would have Some gay married and on begrudgingly pro choice and appropriate like things that that they're not supposed to before, but I could be like I'm a conservative and their cool with me That would have a lot of value to the conservatives, but I dont believe I'm.
true to myself and also you know at the at the political conversation level. It's fine till I go Through all these words? And what are you so we can think of each other and like this certain box and all that But what I would rather do is just talk about whatever my ideas are and then at the end of the day, someone watching this can say you know, he's a he's, a liberal or he's an idiot, or is a conservative or whatever else in life Let us have four where they make yes, but so by by twenty nineteen standards. In that I want to conserve liberalism, I want to conserve, freeze We want, while we still got a liberal, yeah, yeah, well Dinah Avenue in this second wild. I want to conserve, live Lastly, I prepared perfect exactly with that, but that is the truth. The things that I would ask that you want to conserve. I want to conserve freedom. I want to conserve limited government states rights people to control their own desk.
These are all things that right now are pretty rich on the right and there isn't. There is nothing left on the left this is. This is just sadly true I think I will say this once or twice before, but you know when we're since we're doing this at prayed him, you answer, We're doing right now, when I did that why I left the left, video, which was their number one video for two years now this Stuckey in others alley stocking. began. She took me out she's uh, yeah technology, Humber, what's wrong with you about that, but I think I like the number one in ten videos. That's pretty good, but anyway there was little. So congratulations for myself. There hung up. congratulations reminding everyone is looking for the leader programme. People. Have you a lot that nor you, what is done is due in order, but when I that video, while after left I never said the phrase I left the left. I just did sort of a decimation of the left.
if you're, a liberal, you're, not a left. That was the premise of the video. If you watch the tomb video and day title that while I left- and I woke up that morning- I didn't know the video is gone. That day, my phone's blowing up about this and then I see dick in a while after I left a bourbon house, and I was pissed, I was actually really pissed cuz. I was like. I never said that, and I've been trying to reform the left. from the inside, but now I'm making a video that I know is gonna go viral. It was very obvious. Within five minutes where it saying I left the left like does that a road, my credibility amongst the lefties and what I quickly realized was there was a world of people. I mean a massive world of people, millions and millions of people that we're thinking the exact, and I was thinking so it doesn't whether, like I can honestly say I'm part of the left anymore, but what I can do is make the distinction between a lefty and liberal, and that in Denmark does do that, and I think it's important to do a thing. I
no wonder things an opportunity now to get a good time. If you are elected jumped ship because they are totally cannibalize in them so that they can sustain the take. It cannot stand up, I'm watching under site. This is getting weird, but a mom enjoying watching this- and I was I was talking recently about the speaking of feminism. Feminism in Trans debate accounts that than a kind of go in together because, as I thought, Feminism classic Feminism, we want equality with men than with carved out all these bases for us in sports, and now all of a sudden men can you talk about by the patriarchy can step into what we're doing a beat us at every thing bone of biologically right? They can do that by a woman. using women unless they're wrestling them in saying that I am- and I ll show Called- and it's insane to me that this is openness is a cat is even a debate or discussion. Will this mean? But this is what they do. They stick your crazy positions and then they make you negotiate backward so like
look? The worst player in the NBA, the worst male professional basketball player, would be the envy of the WMD at exactly that? That's just RO. I don't take some great pleasure in same aspect that I remember there was this woman when the when the transfer oh yeah. Well, when I remembered the WMD started, there was this woman Cynthia Cooper who played on the Houston nothing. There were the Houston comment and she was awesome. She was awesome, but I remember thinking she would be a scrub in them yeah, you know me greatly, because she was still small. Women generally are smaller than she wasn't really that fast compared to the way a fast man is these are these are just by article realities and they don't want us to be able to talk about biological realities. I dont, Seeing those pictures when I see a Trans athletes or a male to female Trans athlete, choking a woman and then I see the women on the left and the the women's margin, and that ruled that the feminists defending that, because they ve created this intersection pyramid
we are now trans sort of above female and Islam is above that- and this is about that, MRS about that- and these are all competing interests. You cannot group people together by your perceived depressions which, by the way, to proceed depressions they're not real approach. Now, quite you live in the United States of America. In twenty nineteen, you are not oppressed. you have every up. This is the greens raw and you are spoiled friggin run and you know how you know use around cause. You don't go anywhere. None of these people go any. What I've done. Unethical rear, rightly ongoing, cannot go on in Amerika Great Quartier. Either way. Did you read you need to read this, so we had understood an essay and open essay in our say may have invoked calmed down quote me, but she is. She was talking about her sex life, so somewhere says lightened by now not fun for us, but I had to read it because I actually just got here talk about
There is always about how she likes it really rough in bed and now because of movements like we to men won't be rough and literally see. Let me also around the meter movement. You did the seniors up, then she says and me this poor guys on this day, and she tells him, like you know, he's not being rough enough in research. Second, I'm having thoughts about the meat to women. that's exactly. It was terrified to do it talk to make a move, do anything and it's turning them into women, and these women don't actually want men. Of course she likes it rough in bed. Right, of course, you Talkin about this openly and I'm just thinking to myself that it was astonishing, didn't read it and to appreciate the psychology behind this and she just having a full meltdown. Of course. The end doesn't work out this guy and he never called her back and and then and then one day when he is being rough with her, she says That was too rough you're. Just like that you. What do you want to watch? Do you want feminists? Why do you want
the reason that they were the reason they behave this ways because they ve created basically a completely and cohesive worldview. when you have all of these ideas that are at odds with each other. Truth is, and this is not. This is not a phobic of anyone to say you are or is long and for gay people, species these are absolutely competing interests. Nor does that mean that your next week, but who happens to be muslim, may love gay people. He may be Games ELF right, but you can't say your for a set of ideas that, where these ideas are practised is horrible for gay people so pick one. So this is, while on Omar is the most disingenuous person that having the United States government, possibly ever, but think that He runs around screaming about Trans rights and gay rights in all of these things. So over the cry right now and again: I've met this has nothing to do with. Judging any The visual muslim person of networks suggested truths yeah, but but
she and she would tell you that any christian church that doesn't allow gay marriage is full with buncher bigots right now immediately they go after Chris Brats church, but there's no mosque in America that performs gay marriage is. Why would she? Why does she go to a mosque that is bigoted in her view, but she doesn't it because they create the system that is its completely income grew it now if you'll always be walking around these inconsistencies and then what's the best thing to do what you get John, the ideas of your inconsistency, it's not to debate the ideas is to immediately say that the person cross from you is a racist or big it and- and they ve tricked everyone to thinking that. That's how they can behave, and I think That if I've done one thing pretty decently last couple years by escaping bat and showing people, you know, if you actually can think for yourself and be willing to sit across in my own home, where my studio is from Ben Shapiro? Who takes a really takes a religious approached, approached marriage to hear this,
It's not what was thrilled about gay marriage, but now takes a libertarian approach that it shouldn't be governed. Why can then invite in my home and we can have a debate about that. Why you don't they just this week? My show this week is with life. rose from live action network whose a pro life advocate, as I've said on progressively pro choice. We had a great conversation on it. Those are liberal principles to be able to agree to disagree, to be able to figure out where the truth is an unfortunate, and that just does that's just not what the left is doing now and eight. I dont think the thing is: it needs to burn I used to think you could reform it and that's why I was like art. If I stay in this thing, we can fix this, but what I've realises that every time there has been a chance where they should look in the mirror, trunk and elected president. Maybe you should look in the mirror. I thought if you actually thought they would the mother thing, look in the mirror but you re decision around they they double down, they triple bottom. They dislike, there's more racist and your thoughts right. I'm like what
find enemies everywhere they find enemies everywhere. So I've been saying this for years. They will at the end they will turn on Bernie because at the end, no matter what he offers them. What it how many socialist nonsense it all things you offers them. He is an old white man. So get no matter what they will turn on him one day. Even the idea, right now so Joe Biden, whose basically just a centrist sort of nothing, you can find tweets of mine, I think from like ten years ago, he was originally running against. Obama went, but you know before Obama became the nominees, so units is what ten eleven years ago I kind of like Joe Biden. He struck me as like a basically decent liberally. Was sort of turn around in ice cream. One. How I got here not as much ice cream is trunk. Recreational drop us too I remind everyone, has wanted, but but what you know it's like there
floating this idea of Joe Biden right now and it's like Joe Biden- would have to be. It would have to have some sort of brain damage to do it because they would, after they would have to destroy him by default. He is everything that they have fought. They have created a system where you think the old white guy is gonna, be the one that's going to save the damage. a party they will. He may not realize it like he may be so in his like owns own after being VP that he doesn't realise what the base of the parties, but they will destroy waged by and an that's so sad that they're gonna, then the collection of people that they have from Corey Booker Kemal hours and better. It is such an except I M a qualified people who will just just try- we use each one of their own oppressions against each other. And it's like men, Where is the party of J F K? That's why I'm home still liberal right, because J F K was a liberal Democrat happenings chump yeah. You know where it is.
the trouble who may my right. You may be right for an, and you know what look I think. Actually after the after the mother thing, which can happen is Trump will now if you'll feel very vindicated in very free and what I would love to see, and I actually I really am starting to see this- is that the centre right we'll start its happening already, but it will become really rich with ideas, because the left wing purged everybody and then I think, if Trump goes too bad. If he goes, you know what I really did kind of crush the mainstream media. Now it wasn't that I got just became president. I also the I survived. The mother thing right so I survived, MSNBC has survived Brian stouter and the rest of these clowns and if he, if he takes his foot off the gas, a little If he does you, I'm gonna maybe not attack my enemies as much. Just like a couple little tactical things. I think the opportunity for a centre right that is the home now of the of the classical liberals in the disaffected left these in the conservatives in the libertarian
and whatever man that eighty percent of America right there so take that forward. You said, MR thereby nobody I'm had. I worry I totally agree. I think he had to go full power to meddle in the beginning because he's coming, he just fighting everyone an end or we're. Seeing right now is the slow and painful death of the mainstream media well deserved by the way and the birth of a new alternative media people, like you, people like me because, what's happening as people are thirsty for truth, there are thirty four conversation, even girl. So people might be watching this name. I disagree with me and I disagree with you, but they respect the fact that are willing to engage in a dialogue about things out there not supposed to talk to less beak, consume, considered, transfer or or a homophobic at what I ever my folks and things that they have. They can call us and they're getting so ridiculous now where yet, sometimes you have to have fun
so like I'm literally Hitler dragging the pressing, because I really have the look and I'm sure he would have loved me Rayner millions, that's my girl, rare and an second, and why and then- and then you talk about this stuff, where they're they're not even just actively creating a society leftists that other people can thrive in, they can't private them. So right there created and that they don't want, and that was what was so astonishing to me, but was in an Dunham peace. Is that What's so hard in on the me to movement and never once stop to think do I want men who are afraid to talk to me that are afraid to make moves I make they think they just but that's what I'm saying about this in cohesive or this disconnected set of ideas that actually will always lead you to that so think about when that, when the women's March was dealing with this whole thing about
how they retreating Jews. They were literally talking about what we do and do we have to treat Jews like white people. That was the idea now, of course, Judaism is religions, or there are black Jews in their white, Usinor Lino Jews and everything else, but there that the idea it shows the flow of collected is of that they were like wait, a minute. Here's a group of people that have been holocaust it in programmed and hunted in hounded fur for thousands of years, its most ridiculously depressing history of all time and yet alternately completely inspiring because they survive and in so many good thing blackmail. You can learn a lot about black community. I always say who do we need to learn from the jewish community that about back from the Holocaust to wear jewish people are in America. Today is astonishing and should be well respected by every good, but ever lived through. Anything there is no jewish lives matter. Chapter they're not burning down their own neighborhoods they're, starting businesses, the raising of their own and the network and the community. The sense of community of the jewish people have assuming that should be admired. Girl will that's what keeps people going or be left. That's the story of rural ruefully.
I this thing keeps going no matter how bad it gets in the Russians are gonna, come and take your village go somewhere else and do something good somewhere else and and keep those traditions going that keep you connected to the broader, eternal thing, whatever it, whatever you want to call that where the hell was gone unnoticed, jumping on the roof. I played the daughter in middle school. I do remember her being a black I would really like to know that my acting chops I did play- and I had a good point there before- that there was you're getting our younger I'm working. So are these. I now have so many things going on at once in Brighton this book and I'm workin on this text up with Petersen and some other things you know because we live patron. that allowing America, if you like you, know something funny about Dave, Reuben speaking of money and rich people can zones Nolan
has any money going into her patriotic being away want order one day and dairyman announced with Jordan Petersen that we should all be patriotic so and an I got despite got affected, I would even join the Movement Brown now in the movement We re tree on without a warrant while allowing me in that you can cut me to run away. I thought, but this is actually important so that the Tec thing is is increasingly important. Re end. If there's one thing that I regret, and I will say this now: it's I didn't speak. What Alex Jones got banned from Twitter and I should happen. It was wrong for me not to so I've done the same me a copper. By the way I have said this post it happening that budgets getting booted from all platforms. I did a show of aeroplanes, nine, and I said you know. I think that we need a view that intellectual dark web, whatever you want to call this loose group of people that have been coming together. Talk about these things. I said that I think we should have offer Jones bettered fence. It has nothing to do with anything. He said
tell you truly DR watch, maybe five cumulative minute of anything he's ever done it. It's mostly just twenty second videos on twitter and screaming, so I dont I actually I don't even the sandy hoping I am truly not that familiar with most when he sat withheld university said I'd. Let about media, right, but we watched the digital assassination take place and you know it's interesting because they all did it within basically forty eight hours pretty much twenty four hours and it's like so Did they coordinating Lauren or are they a bunch of cowards and once finally, somebody did it than someone else that I belittle cover Norman. Do do, but the point is: is the sky, so dangerous are the ideas that he put forth whenever those ideas may be they so dangerous that he can no longer communicate with other people. the way we do in modern times, and if that's true, then why is fairer, can onto
Why is Hamas on twitter mean we can the amount of endless white, supremacist or or whatever, and again, I'm not for banning these people? Inherently I as long as you're, not as long as you're behaving within the laws of the United States, so meaning you care directly call for violence, carryover arc, Byron, crowded, theatre, short of that. You know you can. I believe you can say whatever you want now, Jordan. I are working on this path. I'm working on some other things. We were We try to grapple with this because I'm starting to think that the day of the giant platform is overall together that we don't eat. It's crazy that we're all on these platforms, as if we have invited everyone into our house, all the tab, and then we have yeah and having an what I do is I invite all sorts of people into my home over. Must my studios, my humble I have friends of all sorts of political rights and from all walks of life, but I dont want just anyone into my home right and I think we ve created this thing where we have people who have so polar opposite ideas that it's just causing endless catastrophe.
and fighting, and I dont know the answer- is to siphon ourselves off into our own thinks cause I want ideas to be challenged, but maybe we we need a little bit of a space Maybe you want to call it. I don't wanna call to safe space. Could is not a safe space to protect you from ideas, but maybe we do need some spaces where we can let people incubator idea, is without endlessly being assaulted right? So these are all the things that I think the future of texts can have to deal with in maybe they're about Jane answers to some of these things, and I think I think if there's one thing that I've learned and constantly growing and learning it's just that I actually really have a problem with way that social media has been certain people like. I again, I have probably watched ten minutes of the election shout of info wars of his show, and it was the ten minutes I was on it when I first started at Rio, and I sat next to him and to be honest, he color is like an w w e style screaming out the MIKE and nothing that he said
At least, why was sitting there and again I am ignorant. I could become clearly ignorance here with something that is worthy of being banned from every platform and there also bending people in the ways in the ways they make income- and you can't you pay pal, you can't you strike. Minuses habit is seven with Trace bank which attaches man circle, and my hope perspective is that today you tomorrow me Ray and if we don't speak up regardless of how you feel about some one, I've had my my spats the pass with so many people, and I now find my boy say, is actually works and what I'm, spanning with, unlike I used to always get a little. The are group and twitter test would like Ben Shapiro right. I won't do it again. You have, I think the stakes are too high. There ought to be NIT picking each other and deciding if we actually stylists decree when we are actually on the brink of what we want is looking like. Any of us can be banned at any moment if were deemed too powerful. What do you want? I mean it or not. Alex Jones has a massive mass in the following. There appeared and look: do they make him bigger or small?
after I would have. I would guess that he's bigger, I would guess his earlier. You know I don't have empirical evidence on this, but anyone that was watching him is still gonna. Watch him and they're gonna go. He was right right. He was right the whole time we were coming for him, the globalist or whatever their common to all. The other I would like my, but all they did was reinforce the idea that the censorship is for which it is nice that he's under attack, which he is free speech, is come. Yours is being whittled away all of those things, but I will take on the about the little NIT picking fight things. I think, once I saw you and then get into something on twitter, and I think I texted you and I was like- maybe just let it be because You guys probably agree on ninety percent of the stuff, so is he a little more critical of Trump per se than maybe you are or whatever that, whatever it was? It's not even important. It's like you're basic, set of ideas? The basic view of how you want the government to exist? How you want America to be and how you want people to be free rise? Basically all the same right. It really Is so
whether you dont, like a tactic that he uses when he's critical tromp or he doesn't like you know the way you speak to this person or whatever. That is those are the things where its Ike the matter we can all be triggered and we can all jump and we can all want to defend ourselves and our team, and it's like, sometimes, if you just those go. You will find something much richer on the other side and believe me, I say that this is no way preachy I've messed up on. One two and I get into these brocade guy about myself. I thought what I was sixteen, but in this actually kind of hits at the fact that the latter, in wanting to give them credit for that they are in lockstep. They do not critique it. You can't pay electricity The left is right. I lego their and our house near those like green new deal, sounds really good, yeah, I know it's great put the planes in the ground kill the cow.
and those who do not believe we can put out of the document. We have got a good argument. Why exactly so? But there is something to be said that an endless could conduct the fact, because they are actually not individuals and they are collectivism. They don't actually have any thoughts that are their own, its harder for conservatives to get into lockstep, because we pride ourselves are individual, but pride cometh. Aren't they? pride comic up when the fog. So what I wish your describing there I sort of him I had to visualize the way the left behaves. It's like twenty guys in a circle and they all have a gun to the guide to the left. so it all going in a circle like all you got to say anything. I don't agree with your going down. Oh you're gonna say so so they're just lying squatter their basically keeping each other inconstant hostage situation, but the other thing is they know. If you imagine for years. If you were having political debate and you knew that you could beat all of your opponents basically by saying they were racist, will now, let's eat
dont waken up any stark on company right here. What you know what those tax sorry and you you'd been trained in those arts, so you know what they're going to do to you on the way out and that also keeps people silent so the people? Could I get him like this autumn? People waken up most. My name still are from lefties waken up man we are going, I'm afraid, I'm afraid to say anything, because I used to do this. I used to behave in this way so it is self its self hostage situation, which is really bizarre thing, but that's why we have to just give people the room to two figure who they are and what they think, and I talked about this- what you, what you're getting at right now it is the number one ingredient that it comes when you're when you're changing yourself. The one thing that you need is humility, and that is a hard the to swallow. So when I came to you- and I was on your show, my poor- I was like I don't
we know what is and what is in, but I know that this is not right and here's. How are you know? Here's how I feel and I'm absence of these facts. It was a tremendously humbling experience to admit to turn around and say people that once called racist on racist and these people are gone and the Arab Trump peddler real far right. There ve unfriendly people on Facebook. They called all their front, homophobic, maybe whip there. It's my kids, I'm going to that in a birthday party, because mom border patrol mean that, for most of them are also repeat there over the border. Ok, so the divorce, your husband and say you know what I was actually have
would be wrong great you, you ve gone so far and unless there's a minute's aren't you come back to reality and I think that's it made a major problem. That's the point. That's the point about these people. These blue Jack verified people on Twitter, who they quote your children all day long I came home in my child was like Donald Trump immigration policy with other how old you try to wonder how you talking about these powers ass, your Hilary lost I was now of enabling I came home in my four year old was crying and I told her that she could still make it one dynamic why for your old or even that invested in the election cycle? What are you talking about? I said to myself that was all happening. I said to me at the time I think you six maybe five year old nephew. I said what do you think a normal drum without pausing he goes because he has been hair, he has a red tie and his name's Donald Trump animals like that
that's a child's answer at that. He happened to be more factually correct than anyone on some seriously, though it is bankers and real in reality. If your child was so invested, the pillar election, they were crying you're doing a bad job here the thing is. I didn't care. I didn't care when Al Gore's warning against Bush. I think I wrote a little parliament. There are great about it. Like Gore Bush and the election results came out and I didn't care. I went back to playing your child. Was that mostly better than his? U pudding on your trial, the that's actually just sat. It also shows an endemic. Certain symptom of either a sick society or six system, because we are incredibly free. At this moment I mean really started by saying this, but think about it. You could walk out of here. U S, oppressed black woman could walk out of can do anything you can literally eminent with within, but there's nothing, you can't do it right, like you could just you can quit this tomorrow.
Go, do another job you could move to anywhere in the country. You could anything you want to do. You could do the same for me safer all these, the crew guys anyone can do whatever they want. It doesn't mean you going succeed at it, but these people there they are trapped in believing They are there. I mean really, it said in a way it is like we can joke about it, but I do on offer these people a chance to escape, which is why Maybe I do things in a slightly nicer tone, then than some like we'll just use. Delays I mean why are there was gonna come among your show that other people, you know what some people say to me. Some people say to me you know because they know we're friends and they'll, be like you don't care, but she's too she saw abrasive on twitter or shall fighting with this one allow an end like they want me. If they want me to say something to you like us, almost as a mere keeper, and I should like what you put you in check in it's like you are relentlessly fighting for what you believe in gray and for me, yes, do you sometimes tweet in a way where, like maybe you could allow yeah? She couldn't let out one go or whatever,
yes. Sometimes, yes, I'm going to do, and I tell you about it whatever and I would be more than happy if you did the same thing to me, meet with right. That's what that's the point of friendship, also but the, but the idea that you fighting for what you believe in and that you, your tactics or anyone with it, it's it's It's actually the most condescending things about possible. First, as if I could control you know, it's my job to control, you are, you need to be controlled, but also it's just too is just it you are fighting for something. What I think you are trying to accomplish with the by community, I has been so long overdue and has been so starved tube to be heard that if you have to do some, can I say that are you if you have to do some that mean he isn't the way. I would do it to make your point. You gotta do it. but that's not the lower limit and change or tactics. You could be nicer. We already tried nice in the black economy you try two thousand different times. You tried polite that was called doktor by car
and that was called Doktor congolese arise. That was called every other black concerted that came before me and those routinely dismissed as a clinical top. You, nice doesn't work in the black community. Ok, because we ourselves and and we do have, there was an attitude in the black community and the only way you're going to guess do anything is- is to black mom and dad it like my mom when she's wake up wake us up in the morning. She was never like honey. I love one whereby friends over cause like oppression. My mom's were amazing, they block he honey. Do you want some breakfast? You want some eggs, unlike as has happened in was and then my mom, I'm glad you got five minutes, you you we'd, be black really needs to be elder right now. This is ridiculous, has been sixty years. There are no results. You were letting our personal responsibility were doing it to ourselves and we don't need someone to hold our hangs. That's not gonna work that where's Hathaway black people learn in general. Ok, there's a plague on the black society. If I have to
black Mamma and act that people like bright and data who need to black father it and and other people like Leary Elder, who delivers appoint hard. That's what we need. We can't be nice about anymore, there's too much at stake and it's been effective soda Tommy to change something that's been working. Well, look just in the last week or ten days, Elizabeth Warren basically said she's for reparation. and the second I saw the tweet. I thought holy place, a reality I really episode title. I say I said zero as wholly kid. This is, we will be making waves. Because There is no way they have. They realizing that they have lost the the lockstep black boat at exact and ended in large part, because of what doing. So what are they gonna do? What's all they can ever do we're going if you're more money, yet we're gonna, give you more money, there was a great tweet, someone said, which was I wish I could remember who said that I just add a couple days ago: it's a dumper reparations anyone,
owing to slave and any one that was a slave. Should the voters should pay me, I mean uh, yeah, ok, do I thought that was. That was pretty great like that. That gets the point I want to go too far and that, but the point is that your you are actually breaking this thing that has been frozen for so long and if you gotta do some stuff that the little diff every Evelyn Pro staffed breaks up because one stuff guess what Malcolm X and Martin Luther king had different approaches to doing things every every committee, and that's ever said anything has had to do way of saying something right. Some pick some comedians your dirty some comedians or clean, but they can still can and then on the world. Seinfeld was very clean. You never knew what he really thought of anything, but he could look at the world in a certain way that that other people were able to look at in the same way, George Carling. relentlessly verbal and clear, no one. I miss him every day I life and I don't think anyone if any public person affected me more than him, but but he talked about the world in a different way
all do things in different ways, and this idea that we have to control each other to the point that cats or, speak exactly how Dave speaks or what's the word- and I know I am I'm blacks- already know why it hasn't worked. Why why I thought I had to be a liberal, I thought had to be democratic as their one though there is no way that restoring flames, though what I tell you the first time and was literally the first time we met was the first euro. My show my remit for two minutes before we sat down. We did that thing and I thought I was quoting nukes. I've done this so many times, I thought you said it, but apparently I said it. I said I said I took them red pill, you snorted right, that's what it's like you, so you just went in and we're like I'm going to unapologetic about this and whatever, and I just think all of each is a little bit different light at my. My human nature is to be a little more. I wanted to see if I can massage this over to get these guys over and that may I always be right, you know I mean sometimes you need the bombs like, regardless of what happened,
two Milo, which I actually don't even know in the last year or so Milo in a weird way, was what Harry, because he blew stuff up so that so that the peace, this could start being put back together and I think I'm, I think, that's my job. My job is unnecessary to blow things up, but I can help put the pieces together in and I think you have you have a little bit both I think actually right I will see you. I do a mad you both and it's not and look I'm not out there if it there's no theatre with me. I'm not showing up, they get a reaction about saying things I don't mean, but sometimes it people hold my only to the fire for things that they just never lived through, like you could have response the differently the mosque shooting in New Zealand. Unlike you gimme that time in your life, for you responded to a mosque. Shooting in this is like bizarre or land ray, and, unlike I'm, twenty nine year old girl being blamed for something upon a country and a constant and I've never visited, and all I've ever sent by the way is what he would have to be. Democrats, if you actually get down
poor baby. What you're doing here right? What I'm doing one sentence, Blackie Bobo had we Democrats in the world cannot compete that they're just does not work that what are you talking about? We don't have to be democratic. What do you mean? These are ideological slaves I've been to endure the increasing media it against me is because I'm making a difference in Baku. Waking up and their messaging me I'm getting thousand thousands of emails are saying. Thank you because it wasn't that block the were opposed to conservative principles. We were exposed to them, but there's a certain beauty because think about it for every hit peace that has come out against you or when the twitter. The search on Twitter. What was thou and remember when they put up far right candidate islands or any of those things get oconnor tweets about far right can zones or any that nonsense? Guess what you're still here now you still here your stronger than ever Jordan Petersen is still here. I'm still hear any of us that have gone through this machine where every day I wake up in there, some other hippies renowned, mere some blue check person. Tells me you're, not even though the fact that on boats,
I did my family both sides, my family, I lost spamming members inasmuch ass. I grew up around survivors. I mean it Tell you stories that are almost impossibly periphery. To tell that, I won't do right this moment, but, like we all get through, it will still here, and I think that's what there's a reason. People watched as this region people care about what do it because I think and sounds lofty, but it's like it's. Were showing them that you can escape, and so, when you're saying Bachelor's, Baroness? What you're saying is you can escape and you'll survive and that's. Why you're so dangerous because you ve survive and no matter how many times they write he pieces or no matter how many times I mean I was on tour with Jordan Petersen four year we did a hundred thirty stopped in my twenty countries every day there was another ridiculous peace written or there be peace pieces. Written about the night before that I was at where they say it was used. Eighty percent, white and mail, and I d like it act that could be further from the truth,
and even if it was true that doesn't inherently mean it's bad, for I know that the criticism it, what he's he's attracting young white men as if that somehow bed will maybe there's problem with young might white men right now, maybe they're having crisis of work. Maybe here country. The majority of what you doing in Nigeria is probably going to be ninety plus percent black, like nobody, has any idea about how, like the actual demographics, America or the UK time, like so they'll, come to her. So I can know the majority of people are. What is the majority of people that live in America, A wide majority of people in Ireland are white right now shut up. It is. I wish event is our white? Yes, will you listen? If you go to Africa, you might get a little bit different You don't have be posted, it is people don't get that they have not got in. That gets longer. Use that large This is the UK and the majority or the evil one. Why was white but but but but even put a side demographic through. Second, let's pretend that eighty percent of his audience
knowing what gives us a white, but they were angry white I favour, I knew. I agree, white men now, let's pretend, It is true, even though I'm telling you as someone that travelled with demand for last year, it's not true it usually about sixty forty metal you can get sick. forty, I would say male or female, but sometimes it's fifty. Fifty employees under more female aid rages all over the place, all sorts of colours and blah blah blah, but let's pretend their right and in its guinea per cent angry young white man. Well, if his message is get out a chaos, I mean that's death purpose of the book. Great is twelve rules for life clean up your room start with yourself purse. More responsibility yet seriously scary stuff, what it's right! That's daddy my room, white supremacist right exactly so. But if the message then is if he's taking people that may be hurting, they may Hurting and their deserving of sympathy as just anyone else would be just because their young, It doesn't mean they're, not deserving of sympathy if it was all issues
hundred percent young, angry white men and he was good them to listen to a lecture where he talks about person. Responsibility getting your if an order being a better boyfriend, her husband or worker or whatever it is. You are, and they walk out of. There was something, then, how is that bad doesn't good, but this gets toward demographics, no matter if his chin peaches, something that good it shouldn't shouldn't matter, but at wherein this weird society. Now whether there is a there is a war on white straight males and it's it's it's obvious and headlined everywhere you go. It is permissible to be outwardly. Racist. Nord white people especially the if they are white and they are street and they are male if you're lucky you have the gay thing going through right. I mean I've been on a letter. He rushed over your little girl. I've been, I spoke importance, the universe they they wrote: Homophobic Dave, Reuben, Vienna, Antigua death site, I've killed my husband and homophobic, confused. Epic I'll call you,
oh phobic yeah, I must be dealt with in a hot summers. They said she was a massage misdemeanor up, is down and down his up. My back on pass all the names automatically just trying to Guatemala. Poky monitors gonna gotcha more like what am I not being hauled yet? What do I not been called yet? But the point is you survive? Yet even America that words in a more serious note like these words should mean something right it should. It should mean something when, when everybody is called racist for disagreeing with you for having a differing opinions, were not looking like you, if you allow the racist run around, do whatever they want, because hey if there, if you actually racist. What they're calling Candice Owens racist? What a great time will be reported in July Little wickedly, brilliant odorous. I think we ve talked about my friend David Web, who I think you know right now. We say that a shadow David and I, when I was on serious examined, I wanted to do a political show, but because I was out and gay. They would only keep me I'm a gay channel and I begged put me on the political Charlie, wouldn't do it make put me out on the gauge talking a real UK's gay people have separate radios and wearing a brilliant.
It doesn't exist anymore, fortunately, because that's the beauty actually of equality, because actually, as rights became equal, why should a gay personnel to listen to a gay radio station? It's so that's beautiful thing when we can get out of those ghettos and certainly, but I would David web was doing he's on the right channel. I forget what is called the patriotism and somehow we became we met. The hallway became friends- and I would do is show every now and again- and I was the lefty gobs- definitely lefty at the time, and he was the radium we'd argue things out whatever and then flash forward couple years among young Turks, and this was
my real seminal moment set out what I realized about the pernicious racism of the left. They were playing a clip of Fox NEWS and David Web and David Weber, remember the specifics, but he could talk about some conservative talking points and then they come back to us in the studio in these three of us there and one of the host does matter his name. He goes well. There's that the token black eye there is there is the uncle Tom there's the, and I thought it was really was the first moment that it really crystallized form, because I was like wait a minute. I know him, I'm friends with him. I had dinner with him. We ve got drunk together. I know this is not only a good man, but I know this is a man who believes what he is saying and here is
a white lefty liberal. You know you want the tolerant type who hears a black man who dare say something he disagree with. So what what is the black man? Obviously the Batman and Uncle Tom or a self hating back land or regional slurs that will have to endure gap and from the so called time people? So when I, when I saw that cause, it was real time right in front of me and I'm looking at this guy. I think- and I know that guy- that was one of the moment, and I owe you everyone. That's that's watching this and all of us have had a few moments that are the real wake up moment. Amount was one for me when I was like this is because it's not avert racism. I mean that We confuse people because you're over racism is like. I don't like black people. I don't want you to come to my country, club or whatever it is. I don't want, let let any Mexico into America or something like that that overt racism, if you take a group- and you want to treat
definitely there. Racism is different. Their racism is not avert, but it's it's it's more subversive. It's actually much more dangerous. Why it? Actually, if you look in objective leaders of our current up, they are calling someone token roared Uncle Paso. Somehow we ve accepted that that's ok, like over racism towards black conservatives, is considered not racism. It's like excuse me. I could you, could you imagine what world someone like? Lord Ingram or or Tucker Crossing could say things to a black liberal known. it. Shall slurs they're worth knowing? I ll go with you and I sat in his right mind like I'm, not gonna talk it. That's not bad covert racism on its own or racism right here you are just saying it and societies. That's it it's so that shows you how the left is narrative has become the main stream narrative. So what I'm calling covert? It's really just because it's become mainstreaming, mainstream accepted and what you're saying I think you're right actually is that use the over part of it because it's so obviously in your face, you can't even see it right and an that's what the problem is so
I've seen many instances of this with the left and what I can tell you is every time I go to college or any speaking of it on the right and I've done some of these with you and I do all sorts of them. I talk about disagreements that I have with them all sorts of things, and they are there to have that conversation and it's incredible. it's in its incredible. It is shocking and I think the more that the right, broadly speaking, the more conservatives can just gonna sit back and be like we're gonna to agree to disagree. We're gonna respect you don't some difference of appeal, and like so where abortion would be one that I think would be really interesting where its that's a real make or break one from for most people write your either parole, ivory approach. Right I do. I do you think it's possible that someone could be conservative and protests. Do you think that's my home country goes against the that
foundation of conservatism. You say: don't you have a right to live? Ok, so I think that outlined liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and that was something that usually collapses upon itself right through. I think that the average left would say why care more about the life of the mother than the unborn child, but I, but I get your point I think you're right, that's what most can serve, as was eight, but when I would argue is date that conservatives should try to carve out a little space not to become approach choice
already, but just a little space so that some of the people who were kind of just in between things and figuring that know that their that you don't have to get their that day, right, there's room to move and operate, and I think the more it that we see that on the right, I'm her life now- and I wasn't when I sat across me on on your show ya. Wanna thing I remember, and I could answer I'm an unparalleled now, because I am much more educated out in education is case on here. I actually believe- and this is why me me people in the middle, because I used to be pro choice and I want to neutral and now I'm for life. If the education system actually just told the truth about abortion and what the processes women would not pollack, most women, you would see it drastically, reduce drastically reduce support
They talk about it in school, like your choosing between working round shoes, relax used in the morning when you learn about protest at your choice, you wake up in the mind one we're branch of the blacks use that island about abortion, it explicitly it's on a baby. It's a clump of cells. You throw it away. There was nothing teaching you the truth about abortion, go back and encourage whereby those listening to this podcast to go, watch, Doktor Ben Carson, distrust describe. The process of abortion at this year's two thousand and nineteen CPAC your whole. It does something to you because you're human being- and you can't hear a doctor describe to you what they do when they rip you say, was out of the room and suddenly realized it's not a clump of cells right, and that allows you to make a better decision that allows you to actually assign some personal responsibility, mostly people that are are really against abortion either they had one that united, I have friends at abortion and then you feel like our creative. You see that your pro life and I invite people if you wait, if you, if you have an abortion, hypocritically we aren't, you may, and you did it when you were younger, that does not mean you cannot be pro life actually met would make you a stronger advocate for protein.
I invite those people and because I used to think like them, and I wasn't educated and I do believe that you are right in the needs to be a middle ground and for people to know they're not gonna, be judge. I don't judge people that are How do I get? Well? That's what I'm saying so I can go to a libertarian or conservative in and talk about. I describe myself as begrudgingly protest. I think it's horrible decision to have to make and I'm struggling with it and by the way, I'm struggling with it now than ever, because the left has gone so bananas on abortion, nine other literal, I thought I mean they're honestly having discussions about post both aboard. And I mean really great- just market Righteous Keller generals voting Given their heirs had never. You know I will ever really loved this two year already six year old abortion, but They are really they're going so extreme on this, where they think that third term abortions should be allowed now. We to go into view. If you have a baby with a severe brain defect in what we can do, although the little the outlier cases to discuss all that, but what I can tell you is I can go to conservative events and talk
those things and you know what I find usually usually the day do dinner. Someone will ask me about abortion. We get into it. Usually there thrilled Someone disagreed with them respectfully and any kind of the Emily's acquired a gaze for your comrades in right, and and that sort of like where I met in open when people when lefties the tower lefties get angry that I can call bench of Euro a friend despite his feeling, bout, gay marriage or that you know he said he wouldn't make me a cake for my wedding and I'm a forced the freaking guided. The occasion. I don't think you would be a good baker. I really I'm not at a very delicate baker coming up. I am opposed to take and therefore not have been big nodded good. We will let out that, but but the tolerant people get so angry when we agree to disagree and they're doing it in the name of horns, and it's like what what are you saying? What do you actually saying who is being tolerant? The two people trying to agree to disagree.
Or the tolerant left. These belittling them for it. So I these things can all be fixed. I think we're fixing the right now and I really do think that there is a unique opportunity because of the Russia thing blowing up that the media has shown its cause. birds and even for the people that for the last two years, were kind of like I what I was going on online with all this whole crew. A people talking about things that are kind of make incense and blah blah there were still like Odo CNN can't be lying is like much more, do you need now? I really think there is such a conspiracy theories, their people that call everybody conspiracy there, as they have in fact been can prosperity. Terrorist fell out. Two years will think about it, though, if you wait, if you and all in- and there are many celebrities, em and political pundits, and all that all these people, if you go all in something- and this is what we say about racism before you go all in, so that you think all of your political opponents are racist. Its really hard to get out how we use painted yourself into what are you can't say, trumps Hitler
repeatedly say a man it's three years later, the global economy is doing. Pretty good were clearly not going into any extra wars, he's changed. Some of our foreign policy deals, he's basically destroy the? U N, which is the most corrupt organization in the areas where little rainwater on short of Legion Idumea he's done. All of these things he's not he's not coming know. Anyone can leave America, and I want to leave. You know where they could serve to Hitler's. Like Hitler force people to stay in death camps, anyone can leave America. So the point is: if you ve, called him Hitler, you ve paste you paintings. To such a corner that when you realize he's not and lets say he's just a centre right guy, does your little better things, a little bombastic another little orange and the Hare, what those one other thing, but the point If you ve Cities Hitler, you can never get out of that right. How could not? I was wrong that the Hitler thing that's been much, but that did but that's what they ve done, so they did their holding themselves.
stage like the analogy I use before, and they ve painted themselves into a corner and the trick is well. How do we help these people out Tang, like would like, I just said, which is that if you are someone that's pro choice, I would fully accept the transformation and what you do every day, when you say your classical for which is a huge like. But you invite the conversation, and I actually I I understand what you're saying about that, and I do think that that's exactly what you're saying that you and I have different approaches- that there needs to be someone that when they take their first step, we need necessarily so what did the red pill right, but when you're ready to maybe digestive piece of it, you have day Reuben, but also I'm not saying that I'm just a stopgap on the way to concern I am saying that classical levels you think it's early today. I dont know that it can be saved. I'm worried about this. I mean this is what I'm writing my book about like liberalism as it as an idea may be on its last legs, because the default position of liberals to be a little more open minded about things in it in a crazy time when you have crazy, postmodern leftist agenda, maybe just being
sort of nicer about things which is the default position of liberals, usually because there is a more live and let live attitude there. Maybe that's not a tenable set of ideas right now in a crazy time, and maybe that's. Why me? Maybe I don't know but maybe conservatism, we'll have a stronger set of legs right now. Free for the world as its constructed at the moment, but tell me about him but I cannot tell you have there, but I can't I can't I'm here now, but I believe it will be announced on April, twenty, ninth with another big birth, your birthday that there is a will there is your book and now I'll be turning thirty on April, twenty nine. Ladies and gentlemen, it's all about me, you, twenty twenty AL, be ready. Cheese may now be done. You see how details about his book and then it was worrying again in Canada and show what are we to trunk your book announcement with my birthday nonsense in Europe but you think I'd sounds like we're. Gonna books coming out a basically the same time, so that this is the official challenge who
on the New York Times, bestseller men they are getting. Can you imagine that day? I now get the returns in that they and their and Petersen as a new book coming out to me and for all we know, Ben's buckle still be up there. There can be like peers, the bureau always burn this play now. I just went with the curse right now: you're gonna be in big trouble. It's ok, it's ok, where we can beat things out are also we wrapped. Every episode with have you seen my show, I hope seems. Ok, checking to see how you knew somewhat with you get unwanted little ways I want you will be able to speak today, but I did not wait a minute. I am ethically unprepared. Ok, you can two minutes to launch vibration into the road. You say anything you want to that camera it had fallen. bodies ears and it had to become a law to Morrow, and I just had to be the way of the world. What would you say, Dave Reuben, on the clock on your mom?
Get set, go I've done this once or twice on my shoulder. I think I could do it basically what I would say as if you want to live as a free person in a free society, then you should always be fighting for you. An individual right, you should be fighting for limited. government limited power over people living power. Tat people can we start now. Yes, I'll get. You should be fighting for other, people, do, have limited power over you, and you know what that might mean. You might not be able to read jiggers society to be exactly what you wanted to be, but you will basically live as a free person and that's all that you should want in a free society. Can't control everybody and not everybody can control you. That's the trade off you gotta make, but we live if you're watching this in America are pretty much in any western country. You live in the freest, society in the history of the world. You can do what you want and dont give that up, just as a kind of sounds right or because other people are promising to give you things, because what their promising you is servant so fight for what you believe and say what you believe in
especially in America, where we still have the first amendment where everyone in Europe is is begging to to have the same rights we have they would you believe, because otherwise you think this is gonna magically get better and three years. I have to tell you that it will not really was in satellite butchered the beginning of that rapid was pretty. It comes up authentic yeah all sidebar can I go over now? That's all we need that saw that near the Jos, I'm about good. By the way, the Volga moves are putting all this this my friend. This is what it's all about right. This is what it's all about. It does not matter what we disagree. I simply does not. We want to live in the same place that respects our ability to be dead and you know what maybe five years from now out, cracked, because the level of God me so praise and whatever they I'll be that note there were sweater as I
complicit. In short, you know it's just because they think you're still theirs. They think they saw this. They proprietary about budget, if you say our level of me, they're like she's a lost cause rights or theirs, is right. There's an extra threat, thereby mine is maybe maybe five years while I would completely crap and gone the deep lobby, angrily tweeting at everybody and you're gonna have to call me up and go Dave Condemn settled down. you guys were watching the latest episode of the Canvas Owen Show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you guys already know. Prager you is a five or one c, three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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