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2019-09-29 | 🔗
This week, Douglas Murray, author of “The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity,” joins Candace Owens in the London studio for a dynamic conversation about race, LGBT issues, and feminism. Make sure to tune in! PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation: https://donate.prageru.com/CO
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Okay, we are speeding, okay, alright, I'm going to I just going to do an intro here. Okay, guys, we are rolling into another episode of the Candace Owens Show, and I want to talk about a lot of things. I can't be the only person that felt like they had a relatively okay childhood, didn't really think of myself as just being black. I didn't grow up thinking that there was a race war, gender war, relatively uneventful, which is the way that I think it should have been and then at some point over the last
a decade. There is a dramatic shift and suddenly I was being forced to consider both the color of my skin, my gender. How did we get here as a society a what actually happening and where are these ideas of exclusion and inclusion coming from here? Discuss with me is a Douglas Murray, the author of the madness of crowds, gender race, identity, Douglas welcome to the king s own show very good, be with Uganda's. I'm super excited to talk to you about a lot of things, I'm starting with race, because it's gonna be a really easy episode, you're, just going to shut up and listen a proper reading
the flat Amelia crazy, you're laughing. Now you think that's funny, because your white- and this is in your inherently racist- the idea, the idea that you would come onto the show and think that you can discuss Reese with me. Any issues unimaginable favours international, see brewing in your eyes that anger and that rage that all white people have. I can almost see your ancestors coming through right, now, on my show, you in a shopping list them and if you do talk and give me any feedback. Ok, I'm gonna get him and I'm gonna threaten you, but by the way meet threatening you and tell you to shut up, because your white is not racist, black. I cannot be racist, confident you are in here currently racist cannot be added. But in fact I know we can. That is very where nothing. Nothing is about the speech. Everything is about the speaker, quite nothing, it is about the ideas it's all just about who is
saying that right and who is saying the matters most of all and it's it's I'm in your info just before you started that than passing a fight against me I can t be more. I looked, I mean you're younger man, thirty nine now, but I grew up with these things not like this. I grew up in Britain in the nineteen Eightys and Ninetys race show their places were as an issue, but a multi racial state school. It wasn't like that was ever an issue for us. grew up in a diverse society. You know gay changed over time, but I seem to be getting better had been a fight for women's rights which are, broadly speaking, you know just advance over the course of the century and seem to be getting, and then at some point in the last ten years, we all justly was like watching a train getting into a station
closing down and then smashing ahead across some barricade with a new injection of steam? You don't work out what I love about your book particularly, is that you were not Martin Luther King Jr dream right, and we all learned about this dream. You know he'd. He dreamt one day he would wake up and that his children would be judged not base off of the color of their skin, but on based on the content of their character, and so what he was aspiring towards was racial. Indifferent. Smouch is what I experience and I always say to me: the dream decade felt like the nineties right where I did I never considered you know it in the nineties. It I always caught like Mickey Mouse land. Everyone was happy were wearing overalls. You not like the fresh prince about lair TV was was even less time insinuation. I write it right. It's really has it. There's the cultural climate in and of itself has completely shifted, and I'm thinking to myself, how do we go from being that this period of what felt like racial indifference to just full
Steam ahead into all that matters is race well or other protected characteristics as their scene, where races, probably the most prevalent one and the one which blows up most. Dramatically, but it can- and I address gay women am troms in the same book And each of them can blow up obviously themselves, as you well know. I mean them, and these things, in my view, a drink We are all trying to work out what it is. That's happened that could that could could have made this so it's and work out what it means to live in an era where everything can be politicized every single thing. I may never ludicrous examples are given the bulk of casting decisions of you know. tv series and and and these become the basis for a sort of race wars on line. Is is ex actor action?
gay and therefore allowed to play a game character. We sort of thought yes till yes, that acting use demean act at you, The thing is pretending intending rain and and so is that it does that. But just to go back to the point you make about the Martin Luther King quote one of the most fascinating things about this, which I tried to unravel in the book is how we got from. There is the aspiration to actually exactly the opposite. Half a century later so, a professor of whiteness studies, an american University attenuate, that's a real disobeyed, listening he's not making that out loud, there is now all of these courses which mean that, this, even when I was in college whiteness studies- and I do want to point out- and just so we're clear here and you brought this new book. We have african american studies. There are gay studies. These are typically
congratulatory studies, which is congratulations for being blacklist? Celebrate blackness in the history of the world celebrates gay and the history of being gas of untold his street on Tolstoy. Things may be could be brought out more exactly that and everything of the whiteness lightness lighten. The studies consists of just an attack on white people for being why and is just so device if it makes you weep when you read the stuff anyhow, I mention it because just the earlier this year. The talk by this academic of whiteness studies, who is by the way white herself and always thoughts of talks by saying and is inherently problematic that I'm here and I recognize it just by being here speaking I am taking over all that gobbledygook, but she does isn't. She actually says in his legs robustly inversely earlier this year. The people, if you don't treat people by the color of their skin and you try to treat them by their character. That's problematic
right so again the exact opposite. We ve won wave in it and in half a century we ve done woven the dream to be no race matters most and from there we have the other things. Your other inherited characteristics matter most of all- and this is this- is hell and its direct. working people and it's gonna get a lot worse until we say stop for God's sake, stop by, and just go to show people where this is going right at it's funny, because, as I was reading, your book I was kind of considering one is the first time I was sort of aware of the color of my skinner that there were differences and my earliest my earlier shelter memory of it is a growing up? I had to best friend one was hispanic in one. Was black
and we are best friends. Author elementary school were everyone's London being everybody's classes, and then we take state testing exams and I scored higher right. So I was then placed in middle school and new energy by seven different system. Here me: U K but call at age. Eleven is when they start separating you based on how you know how you test, and so in my class I had all white people just because I test I tested higher and all my classmates happened to be white, and at that moment the black girls sorted bullying me in school, saying that I was acting white right because I had friends so actually the first, the earliest introduction to me of being aware of my skin color, was introduced me by black people. And then you started, we started learning about about black history and I started being told that you know the reason why black people are not testing as well or doing that, while, as because of the history, of slavery and racist and not be some parts of our decisions are how're. You know how much effort were putting to our school work, so I always think I should think it that's kind of it
trusting consideration, because if with white people are supposedly the problem right right, why did I first feel that when I was bullied first recover actually coming to me from black people and this idea of what it means to be black and what it means to be white and last what their teaching and an old what they actually mean by this is one of the things is the taxing certain characteristics to white people which, therefore, black people shouldn't wished to attain a movie citizen madness. I give examples. Example, the book of people like people, saying that the truth is basically a west than white concept, is white people who came up with the idea of truth fret. Therefore, black people shouldn't have any truck with a slight watchful. This is how you start to get too now they're, considering the s S teeth, which is our second, I said
thing to get into university diversity scoring like they're, just going to start giving you points based off of the color of your skin institutionalization. Institutionalization of all this is kind of. This is the worst thing about this is that when I started looking into a few years ago, I forgive this- is this is crazy stuff happening on campus, then the campers bro packed into the real world, and the most shocking thing for me has been the discovery of the major corporations, private and public companies government. Where all of this stuff is happening as well? It's not like this isn't just the problem at Berkeley. You know what that it were. We can just say see this war is a bit crazy that crazy at the moment impotent. You know this is this is major companies. These are like companies that you would have fun.
what would have held a kind of line of just having a profit motive, raisins going all infamous stuff implicit bias, training quota systems. All of that and and in my view, is that there are going to find out the same problem in the same order, which is, if you keep treating people by these characteristics. Several things happen, particularly in business. While you promote people who were quite near the top anyway, so friends, there will be quite privileged groups of people, for instance, who went to the right university. Who happened to be back and you promote them in particular when they probably got there anyway, and if you do the same thing with women or with gay people. Are you nuts them up a bit, then?
You have this thing of well who has priority and nobody sort that out the Navy's. What that have been ongoing took that can't be worked out then, at some point you guys, you know we have no social mobility at all and that, in my view, one of the things that companies in particular discovering they think they're getting all sorts of other things right and they discover off was actually we ve just created. A new hierarchy of privileged people were quite privileged already right and we have no class mobility at all? You know that what I really love is Thomas saw, who, whose one of my favorite authorised in our talks about he says that when you get so used to special treatment being treated, the same starts to feel like discrimination. Rights have like when you're so use
people saying that you deserve extra you in and they should all be about you you, you will say actually romantic all that aware bodies the same. They feel like it's an attack, its attack on them, and it's funny that you're saying that this is now being corporate ties. This out. You know this idea of inclusive Anti, because I noticed this even for the first time this year, especially enough L, L, b g T write it started as a first as a weekend right wing and made it was a day a march when it became a weekend and it became a week now, it's a month, time job. I suppose I have now right and I'm exalt, I'm I'm just exhausted with it. I mean I've. Never I've never been so exhausted, with wood, seeing a rainbow in my life, I'm walking down the street and there's just size in DC of these for these flags now in doors so that it has ever usually furniture. You know I love right. I go in and I'm thinking to myself were gay people no letter, up for this I have this is coming as you know, I guess I can I can. I can blow some of his opening
the way that mind than it had been at the outset. I should that one backgrounds, and no that but being gay, isn't a full time job being black isn't either by the way I heard that and I've just been, and that's why I sort of trying to play our part. Gay a bit in the opening chapter is to say these are the things that we do don't know about these things. It's not about, and you know I've had this for the pricing. For four years I mean in Barclays Bank in the UK. Had this big thing with pride last year before you got even bigger this year of huge advertising campaign with a rainbow backed by love, happens here. I don't want love to happen here. I just want you not to charge me when I lose. You know that month. Statements if I want to report, is really like. I dont want o d b t awareness love pumped into I just
I should like very basic banking services, I'm after I've. Only get it cheapens. Actually I talk to you know we're both fronted Dave Reuben. He and I talk about this all the time. I say that the way that this money is now representing gay people, my experiences with gate with gay men at my craved director is gay. I'm good french day Reuben. I consider gave gay men to be just like very intellectual right that in this this westward of movement has now become very whiny vary in your face. The only way that you can be gay is if it's like you have to shout and everybody nowadays, I'm gay hey, I'm game, you're gonna, take it and you're gonna blow your best away to be black us on our way to be a woman, the sun away to be gaze on a winner. Anything on, if I can say it, monsters of gay men is the gate where exactly there's no time beyond the bright ones there. stupid ones. There are nice ones, anathemas like every other group of people in my wild and one
the oddities in all of this is what really going on here. I think that the gay one byways fascinating before me for number visas- one is I think, has been a massive divide threat, gay history, which has really been weapon eyes, reason in that's a difference, gnp per gay and people who are clear- and I think, on the first person to tread into this unbelievable minefield. But let me just keep on running gave we're pretty much just discovered again at some point and one day, their lives like everyone else want a bank in the bank. job layer miles and what queer is different and it always has been a queer is being gay is just the first step too much bigger campaign which includes bringing down the system in some way. Or undermining the system or deconstructing the system
and what has happened in recent years, is the prevalence of queer over gay, and this, I maintain, is happening in every other identity cases. While it's like The people who I hope you mentioned Thomas so early. I have an example in the boat- was one my absence, favorite examples of idiocy of all time, London, school of economics, ran. A review of want to Thomas was books a few years ago, and they have a correction at the end of the article in the cracks. In the end, we article contains one for what an earlier version of article contains the words easy for a white man. Does the review. I had refused Thomas cells latest book and had done an attack on him for being a privileged white man. I'm not bring from a soul his life really his breath in his blood. very hard. Otherwise, please,
get them reviewing? The book didn't know I just inside your weight, bang strategy, not anti, let's get him for being white hazy. That said that that sort of thing tells us something I like it, not just because it is an academic who's been humiliated reviewing, but by somebody much better than him. It's the fact that it reveals one of the things that's going on, which is where policing race like weapon icing, sex, gender, sexuality and so for some our aim. That is nothing to do with the inherent characteristics. The aim is to weapon eyes these things to do something else, which is to gain power, which is right about each other. About this a little bit in your book, so what's imagine that they are being virtuous and their correct right and white people, it's a problem for it for you to be white. Ok, let's just accept that reality for a second, you should have extreme white guilt,
always is in the black people when they speak, because you don't realize own inherent racism. Let's leave that crazy reality for a second. Why don't they like me, finalized big by right away. You cannot always kept out of the club. Why is it? Why Is that all you shut up? Why isn't Peter T allowed to be gaining more? Why am I not allowed to be black anymore? Not, as you know I write about this, I write about you figure in the book because I thought what happened with. You is exactly on the cost of this yes you and a small number of people, but in each of the areas I write about get this treatment. One that I said when the first my right is Peter TEAL comes out for Trump and twenty. Sixteen he's the first person on republican national platform to say, proud to be gay. The marriage and promptly republic should mean a great moment for the game.
Remaining gay rights movement, sending what remains of the gay press. None they hated. It advocates the biggest gay magazine in the. U S, shocks, Peter TEAL, out of the church of Gay, runs a piece ok Peter TEAL may sleep with men, but in no way is he gave a loud, ok. Well, what do you have to do and- and who I think I know the answer- the answer is not to be gave to be quit. You got to you. Ve got to do something: you'll do politics, specifically a form of aggressive left wing identity in politics and
You didn't do that. He just is gay and said what he thought about Canada, but he gets chucked, have a church gate for it. You have this economy a west. Have this kind of West gets chalked out of the church of Black by Tom, the hazy copes in the Atlantic? But he says after after after what have with you and and the tweets and then the meeting with Trump Tommy he's a code for the most prominent reveal right when America, these days says basically buccaneer, isn't black and I'm just fascinated by this one other by the way Germane Greer the most, amazing, living feminist legend. She that's one thing wrong and she gets chalked out of the church of women right. It's goodbye. I quote these peoples. Jamais Greer is no longer a feminist. What domain Greer isn't a feminist. What are you doing? It's the same thing
It's it's using these things as some kind of battering ram for a political camp, Paying everyone like you who doesn't take part in it has to be chalked up. Otherwise, the battering ram might not work, so I'm supposed them for what they are you're, not interested in and giving a platform the black people, unless all black people allowed to speak about their experiences and how they come to different conclusions. If it, you know that what they're basically saying is that all black people must think in D, like re anyone and that's noticed that its inherently racist and looking at the color, my skin and you are ready, assigning everything that you know about my life. What's the point being individual and that's the whole point they dont want individual really want to collectivized ones are able to collect devise and create these sort of racial unions. You're getting can go after people, you can and you can demand power yeah and end and that all by any means necessary right by enemies. So we're doing this because no you're not you're doing it, because you want power and down do not try to separate, because I do
leave that there is in fact not a higher power, but there there's the organizational beneath it, which is funded right like when you get these groups like black lives matter right we know that they're getting injected millions of dollars by political interest groups, but then what about the person who's in the street boycotting and screaming and believe that person is as guilty as the political interest group, because they actually
have their having your minds warped and this mind: warping happens at the education level. While you ever listen, that's also go. Let live beneath that of. What's really going on. I think this. I think this whole thing, the idea, the use by density, the representation of identity intersection, our tee all this stuff. I think we need to take this much more seriously than we ve taken it. I think it's. The most plausible is a hideous attempt by some as possible attempt since the cold war to inject an entire new religion into our societies and its working because bits of it already there bits of the marxist bit of it, for instance, were already there, but I mention this and try to explain how it works, because
first you need to know how it works if we gonna take it apart, but secondly, because its core on, because it is something to do candies, it's really something to do, and if you say to people you know find meaning where you will in your lives. Some people can do that it. But what can I do to your guided by adults who can tell you what a good life would be for the sons but in the absence of all that someone comes along with the characteristics of religion which says you, ve gotta, play a part in this to solve every problem on this earth now, and it can be done we're going to we're going to unleash the interlocking oppressions and we are going to do it in our lifetimes, so that everybody is free and happy and rich. Ok, that's something to do something to do it's! It gives meaning. So
is this can't just be pulled apart on the level of Princeton built in contradictions. When I started looking missing, I started looking at thinking the contradictions eschew inherit and so preposterous that it must fall apart because of that. But no, firstly, because everything built on the marxist ideas doesn't mind: contradictions, Marxism continuously, fines You just keep rushing contradiction that it doesn't matter. You need the contradictions that vehicles are embrace them, but but this this central thing is it appealing, because it's a really serious grab forward What is otherwise empty terrain of what we're doing here. This is a purpose. This gives life meaning horrible, meaning that is going to end in ever ever greater fracturing of our societies, but it's something to do. It has something to do, but but what also interests me anxious that its operating under this this
Whilst this is as I do that society can be perfected here, I am that society is perfect, but hey follow us. We're gonna do with regard to weed out all these bad people, and in this is sort of like the. our existing Europe, and this is where you got these marxist. Any socialist socialists are popping up because they think that society is respectable, so they think that you can actually get to appoint society where there are just note Frances every year. The same any believer perfected people are affected by you, just gonna remove humanity and an that's really scary, and it sort of it takes this, the conversation into what you and I were discussing, which is about forgiveness right. The ability to two took to be wrong to be imperfect, and I have been, fascinated with this conversation. Since I was in high school, I went through a hey climb. What was classified as a hate crime
I received racist voice smells and those societies visiting was so obsessed with painting these people that had called me as my oppressors. These were bad people. These were wrought in racist, even though the youngest person that you know called being said is horrific things was fourteen, like fourteen imagine, just your fourteen, your racist, your cancelled right and what that does the psyche of a child and Emerson, He was more and more today and for me it was your victim, that's it, but I've been victimized, that's all you can ever be as a victim and and just think about that, the idea that you can have all that you can't change. You can't know things that do suck is a new thing. That's permian protestant society, and I think it is the most d
Injurious thing in the entire world is going to result in so many suicides for kids that are growing up in the internet age, because the internet is allowing their use to be captured, permanently wise lunch, be horrible person in middle school and then evolve that some you hit on one of the things that matters most minimal this and which I just cannot get enough people to focus on the ice income. I have interlude chapters in this book in the madness of crowns, one of which is about tech derangement like try to explain why. I think it's half what why take his bed this up, which is something we all familiar with in some way that we need to be reminded of, but that the final one of these includes I do is on this on forgiveness. But- and I, as I say, it's the some ways- the thing that matters most because we ve week, we ve created a society where everybody has to live with their worst joke all the time forever and
you know. I quote that it's not as if we did not have with starting from scratch and trying to think about this problem has been an awful lot of thinking in history about this issue of forgiveness and how to forgive and and and so we know, we have a lot of people to help us. I quote in the Balkans, raising essay from any fifties by the philosopher Hannah aren't who said in a tone. She's amazing piece of work and society, and she said then, in the fifties that the biggest problem- human beings has always been the conundrum of action in the world. We don't, we ve, never been able to know how to work out the consequences of any of our actions in the world. This was always so, and she says because he owed
the mechanism as a species. We ve come up with two to cope with the unbelievable, otherwise. Catastrophe of action is forgiveness, is mechanisms of forgiveness now in the fifties, that was an incredibly perceptive and wise thing to say in the twenty first sent to its crucial to think about this, because if, if the unbelievable problem of acting in the world was always there, was always on our minds. How do I know what the reverberations will be of the statement I making at the moment or the thing I'm doing now or the person I'm moving towards that or the thing I'm doing if that was always the case than in the age we live it. It's just me ass, the size to an extent that could be wonderful, but action without the mechanism of forgiveness is catastrophic and everybody is, focused on the first bit everybody's focused on the left. Who can we do?
waited at who can cancel today? Who can we dig summing up on today in hope that he'll never happened to you, but it'll happen to all of us, because we all flawed, we all make mistakes. We ve all done things wrong. Said things wrong, I from the question, as I say: no, if they think I can get no we need to focus on is what would forgiveness look like for that? I give example in the book of some I know who sent out a tweet twelve years ago, making a joke about the attractiveness of a woman's breasts Obviously, this guy has the m the fatal collection of flaws of being straight white and mail and, as we know straight white men should should never express any interest in female breaks, as would be the most unnatural sellen. Why won't give you and
he did this it wasn't. It wasn't the greatest thing in his life. Wasn't his smartest Thorpe wisest ever thing to do? twelve years off, he does it comes back on them. This is a bad man things. He is not allowed to have a position that the visa requirement I know of no significance, particularly in the UK and Ireland? What's this Epson, I watch all of his enemies and critics going over the slightest thought we ve got a workout France's if you made a joke about a woman's breasts twelve years ago and how tracks found them. Is there any statute of limitations on that, like twenty years, forty years, two years, and the answer is no, never ever you're stuck with it. You can't do anything, do didn't hide, hide away and, and that's happening to everybody and we ve got to work out. An answer to that suggests. A genuinely sky
Kashmir terrifies me- I mean I was saved by evolution. We are all saved by evolution, were also by the ability to grow and what I always find be astonishing is the disconnect between the adults that are or how in this conversation who never grew up with technology right and the reason why there are able to kind of speak from this position of taking the moral high ground because they didn't they were allowed to be horrible people and they would not only did did there, they didn't have the phones do to capture. Remember they forgotten it. That is the ability of our assume, beings. Our right to forget even is so important, is so important to say you know what I mean. Member that that bad, but where is the best,
relation and was a bad day. Our ability to forget is a gift to our minds. A very good, very good at that at an technology takes that gift away that, if the one thinks acknowledged doesn't do never forget, is right in front of the rest of your life, the rest of your life and to see these adults not understand the implications, and I I plead with people of my generation because were now birthing birthing children. Do you understand it? If we don't start speaking out against this now and say I can guarantee you ma I chose you can do some stupid things and I can guarantee right now. Please already forgive me for whatever it is in our family, for whatever it is that my child does that stupid in a way sat Chat arena in a snapshot chat because that's part of being a child, you don't do. Kids are stupid and the kids and a learning as they go along and have built, build, make mistakes and to some extent this is the case with adults as well, and there are different societal norms and expectations about this. We ve been trying
the change and very fast. This is why I am fascinated by the is the whole issue of the the innovation of relations between the sexes, because Men and women have to be able to get on right. They have be able to get on and visited dictation at the moment I write about at one point: the boat in the corporate world in particular the mobile happens, pretty much in every bit of it. The level of employment in in the EU. Can I think, in the? U s you asked this question. Since still now about twenty percent of people meet their life partner in the workplace. What's the deal asking somebody out for coffee or drink and is as I can work it out, and I quote some people spoken too in the book about this, but as far as I can work out, the deal is currently this. You can't do it and shouldn't do it because you could bring down your
Korea, unless you deploy once with one hundred percent accuracy that the person you're trying it on is to be your life made. That's about it's about right, that's like that's. That's really, that's that's a big risk for that coffee or drink requests and unsustainable, totally unsustainable. I make the joke in it in time only have joking when I say if it being gay could be a choice. If I was a man, I choose to be gay because you're all you're always treading in really scary territory, with this rise of radical feminism and here's, the the other side of it, which no one is really discussing, is that these radical feminist who make this a problem right? Who every thing? It's now me to look at me, I'm the attractive. I've been me to write your me too. If you, if you ve, had a joke that was Lena Maybe it s a sexual not or something so that I looked good today rains or sexy today at you now me to the other side of that, though, is that
what you're doing is returning men sort of into this tell him between to tell your limit exit out there. Trying to emasculate Emasculate man by the biological underpinning of this very interesting is the feminist want their own and their making mended and why dont want right. Stunning, peace and you have to read it promised me. A reader is Lena Dunham earlier what a piece the New York Times, the great fight about how she just like she could all my God, she's totally nuts. You can actually see she's now coping with the fact, and she actually says in the article has me too, can't you far should ask. I will make a move. I ran like you're the right through the author radical feminism. This is what you major Butler, mental all know no manhood army, no man come up to do well, come on you and say anything not because the way she looks she is disgusting. In my opinion, I think she's grows. But aside from that, even if a guy would trend that territory he's right her pieces, you ve got be quick, Zita glop turn say. Would you like to go out on a date? Learners is going up to a nuclear device
exactly the mushroom cloud every which way you go the whole. The whole business of this in a way touches on the central problem, which is if, as a central problem to all of these crowd, man as is. This were pretending we know about things. We don't know I'm with tending to not know about things. When you tell yesterday, I say we, pretending. We know for sure that a little boy who is slightly eminent actually is a girl and should be operated on at the soonest possible time, because there s troms, we don't really know enough about Trans light I really don't know enough, certainly not enough to make experiments on children and but lieutenant we pretending we absolutely set what that is at the same time, with ten
we don't know things about things like relations between the sexes, though we all mutual. Yes, of course, I love that we often hear until until yesterday we on women, men and women crave. Men that are that are are are masks. What they feel can take care of the home, that there is a biological inescapable component of that is never going to go away, so you can use them in his. What are you looking for? A guy who's scared to talk. you and what you're gonna run the household in swimming in the whole time. They don't want that, get real right and also underneath it is this healthy one way out of this, I tried to explain his how about Can I that, just as there are some forms of power, if you want to look at the whole world, is being only about never having anything to do with love, for instance, forgiveness, charity or anything else. That's the whole world is to do with power and listen
There are some forms of power which, historically speaking, even to some extent today, are particularly held by particular groups of people. Why are you recognise that different forms of power exist as well? But I made this point recently at a conference of them hundreds of women. London. I didn't get out very well, but but I tried it out anyway, which was to point this out. There are forms of power only women have when I was immediately like what they were his one. I don't, I think every woman knows went on. I think most almost all men do I dont think any man has the power to deranged. Member of the opposite sex, some years or decades, older than them, and me some risk destroying their entire life. For a moment. I dont think that
even that is very attractive. Young man and his twenties can completely to arrange a woman in her forty or fifty to the extent that she could risk everything right. Ok, that is a power, but some maybe a lot, maybe even most do you have and they know how to use its ethical, They know how to use it ass. It is just the beginning, since the beginning of time. We have all known of his partner. Why do you ever hear anyone talking about that power, because the issue there are people talking about me with one another to be a woman after I talk so not a woman, I'm not a black man, I'm not black, because I talk about that all the time I say. If we could choose actually pick our genders at birth, I would pick being a woman. I would pick being female every single time right, every single time, it's just easier and then and then they say. Oh, you know.
it there's district everything. If your more attractive, it's easier right, run alongside us all, with a hominid like thing where they're making it wrong to be attractive, news. That's something! That's bubbling over the surface to and you talked a limit about, Army hammer like a your. Your attractive advice is also a component of that then there find unlock is its MC everybody ugly, you we aspire to shower and brush your hair in the morning and look ok, there's something inherently wrong with the Right behind all of the characteristics that the main ones race, gender, sex, gay trance. Beneath these of these the ones that keep bubbling at one is yet attractiveness. Privilege, because all is that, show the people who s who more attractive disproportionately get awning. I liked him my as attractive as like thing I like good food right- and there is also, of course the one coming along at the same time- is that one which is also to do with a fat nurse get me into this guy celebrate Dewey ever criticised,
is, and so on, but, yes, the the when people tread across their just There are some people who lay all across all of these. I give examples: Army Hammond because after bays and call me by your name, they just like they go for him for being white and not gay, attractive and attract even worse, and I to who thinks that funds in Hollywood films should mainly be cast filled with unattractive people. Hollywood, I believe, all they would now and and again their dinner eyeing sort of just the way things actually are, which is then people prefer to look at things that are attractive, and is it aware that people prefer eat food that taste good. I give you them in the book of things in time, magazine. Lastly, that a study that that reports that disturbing finding that women and gay men still disproportionately find attractive men with muscles attractive- and I am is presented as well.
Can we do about nice way? How can one hears what they do? They rectify that my seat there trying to change our brainwave, something to reprogram them, and you get these like dove commercials with real women right. Women, should it be clinically obese ray. I and I respect all different types, and there are fewer woman there, one with curbs and but when you're not telling me that its mandate, or that I find a woman that is clinically these to be attractive. You insulting my intelligence, well that that keeps happening there. Doesn't it you keep getting versions of this. I say this, I mean one of the trip wise I've decided to run all over in this book is the whole trans thing, and I am one of the things I thought the got me most interested in that was the year of Trans the Caitlin Jenny Year. Money is direct, clean sweep of awards her season across every awards, shine and that one of the things that fast at most, but was it- has gone beyond tolerant sitting gambier.
Ok, but if that's what you think, you are right in a good luck, it gone beyond that. It got to the stage of dangerous admire her find attractive. You don't think she's attractive, they get bigger Daggett. You hear that for even anew in in the race argument. They say that if you're, a white man, you don't find black woman attractive your racist, unlike just Emily, this law has a type like many people have types right. There are some people that, like people that are shorter, taller, a little figure, a little skinnier and and now they're trying to assign these really harsh terms on people just having taste buds right. It's it's one of one of the big things were trying to work out seems to me this is this is a version of it but they're the ones. To do with what you'd like to attain in your life career, wise, which are quite similar. There's this thing in the tat while which has been in a machine learning, fan,
you have now. Yes, yes, yes, really interesting. This is an attempt to beat it says, PS human beings have inherent biases and we call make them sheens learner biases. So we will teach the machines to be unbiased, of course. Actually what you do is you teach machines, do really unnatural versions of history, among other things. Now behind it is quite a good in and in a way- and the attempt is something like this- you young woman growing up now and you want to be a physicist and you type physicists into Google. I look, Google images the likelihood you'll see a lot of dead white males and There's people concerned about this with machine any fantasies. People in Silicon Valley think how can we make sure that the girl who wants to be a physicist isn't put off becoming? If it is it because she thinks I only saw the dead want to be that to do that, you have to be white, male adults are dead and she doesn't see any of these being achievable
want to stop that happening, and I think that in a way is a laudable aspiration in the same way that trying to take the a stigma away from people being attracted to whoever they are attracted to seems quite a laudable thing, to do at least to de stigmatize those sorts of things. Fine, but that's not what's happening. What keeps happening is the weapon my station and the turning of it into something else right. It's you getting at what time is also about. Socialism sounds great on paper right right and by the way this happens with history. Now this happens with history, so the search engines I go into this in some detail search engines shows something that is not true. That and by
We can do this with interracial relationships as well. If you do, I mean this is what this is really crazy, but fascinating stuff. If you type into Google images, you want to hear a black couple, you get back couples fuel asian couples, you get asian couples. If you want white couples, you get black couples interracial couples. will you get gay couples with mixed race baby now, while we, I do not believe, I also do not believe this amazing mobile migration of being right right hand? It happens with gay as well gay couple, Google Search, Google Search, you get gay couples, different types of gay couples, different ages as other basically happy gay couples stray couples into Google him. He said you get some straight couples, but couples a lot and then before you know it, you don't like lesbians and gay children and their everyone,
right, so or I wonder what family would turn back on Google right, I wonder what family did merely phone again, it entirely depends on what racial catches you put in and what sexual orientation what's happening here. It seems to me very obvious that the search engines are saying we think you should you should get what you want if you want Asians or black or gay, if you dare search for straight couple or white cap, we know who you are big. It was sticking to think how day you search for this somehow day. Now this stuff is is is due ranging because once you once you notice, if everyone's noticed bits of it, doesn't it
we have to be just online such terms. It happens in advertising. All of these things are being forced on us. I just think we need to say just just for the love of gas stopped for a moment reflect on where you're taking us you'll taking us to a future where everything is about divisiveness. Everything is about Harold characteristics you can never escape from an should, never wished to escape from a whit telling you what they are actually like. It's. It's really funny that you say that because I'm I'm I'm writing my book now and as a whole chapter. That is called goodness versus truth, and what I would I talk about is what is that? What is the core difference, which we mean Alexandria cause? Your court has borne the same year. Both minorities couldn't be on further opposite sides: the political spectrum right
the differences she pursues. Goodness I pursued truth right and it's a stunning consideration, because socialists right believe that their pursuing goodness right, but when you, when you pursue goodness, you will very quickly Ghana, very corrupt and dishonest path. It's the only way so take, for example, game, thrones, the art cause, I came out and said there wasn't enough minority representation in medieval Europe, not just watch the series. Chernobyl noble and I made the joked my husband, they just there's, no black people here in Ukraine. Why why a black people here- and you query- I don't know what it's like: it's a joke, but Mister Grey written was the gay community was not. Why wouldn't know troms trend lack people by an enemy joking, but it's not a job. We no longer cipher between jokes and reality anymore, because someone won't writes that article pursuit of goodness is right.
Chernobyl. It doesn't matter what actually happened. We need more black people, we need more black actors and that what we need to be casting out of our screens. What what? What I worry that in all of this, is not just about changing the present and the future, but the were changing. The poem yes, we are. We are re, writing the passed along current racial lines and current identity lines very dangerous, because it suggests to people that what we are doing at the moment could succeed and hand they say could succeed because its bits of what's always been the case up to go back. Your your truth and goodness divides variants in divide that this is in it throughout my career, I've taught on quite a lot of landmines and landmine issues, and I say that this book is my best attempt to try to clear a bit of the minefield, other people to walk across light sickening
you're gonna end your career, someone in your last year, I know I've had my visit is a system that the american and british military have called the great viper in the UK, which fires of rocket across a minefield has an explosive trail tail behind it lands across a minefield. Men detonate it can't clear the entire minefield, but it can create a path people to cross. An icy myself appointed task is to be the great viper on some of these issues and to help other people cross his path avaricious has, of course a thing. Is we don't know? If this happens? You think if I hadn't thought about tat when I came out with a member but unthinking minded anywhere, but but I put it, I want us to make it easier for people to talk about these things. You do a number of other people do, but we have to make it easier because they are the conversations people need to have Why do some of us? Why do some of us do what I do? I keep making life harder for ourselves? It's because of this thing of believing that the truth matters, and I
I know it is strange that they become a kind of old fashioned door, controversial idea of its- but if this is a reason to do it, it's not just because actually it's if you meet better people, find you have better friends and much more. It's that its profoundly demoralising two people to have to say things. They know not be true. I profoundly demoralising to be persuaded that you have to lie about race, gender, troms and so on, and not did not even to be able to say I'd hold on. I don't know about that. I'm not sure if we know that, even that its very demoralising at in the lines people up to. as more and more lies in their lives in our
everyday lives in our relations with other people, so so those of us who think that the truth matters have to keep stressing that it matters not for some abstract idea, but because, if you wish to pursue treaty will have a better life, you will have a better life. that's what I believe for the black community yeah a happy life, more productive life unless stressed and unhappy life, unless demoralized life it'll be a life where because you're not doing all of that, and you don't have to lie. You can find happiness and meaning whenever you like. It's freezing and that's what I said to everyone. I gave up liberalism, I've been clean off of liberalism for six years rights and I can't tell you how great my life has come because I looked in face- and I said this is one massive. This leftism is one massive untruth, and then I was able to get in the driver's seat of my life, and I wish you would be responsible for my life and I
able to to assign that person responsibility and actually had towards my goals into safe. I have an issue: it's not the white man, it's not man. It's probably me and there's probably something I can do to change it wow, how good it feels how much I wish I could give that to the entire well, why fight to do every day is to give that freedom to the entire world, the freedom that truth provides when you give up this false idea of the of goodness, which is what Sir many people are striving for. What's what what should be good for us is what is actually true. Also, people came in the pursuit of things they think too been Yvonne. They will always create. How course I mean that's one of the one of the few definite things we can save histories when people think they can solve the whole thing. The likelihood is that just going to build up piles of bodies- literal amateur FARC, hello, Venezuela, so this is like a touchy literally for hours and hours.
But we have to wrap this episode and we rap every episode the same way where you get to leave a voice message: video voice message for the world to you. Look into this camera. We're gonna, put two minutes on the clock. Yes, ass well, and you have to deliver something they just go. You know I just heard Douglas Murray and he just changed my entire life in two minutes from our government's response. You also don't even get that much time to think about it on you, this sort of thing to people say I got you? Do you know what he's been alike can wait? We put them altogether, it's actually. It's amazing. It's always kind the best part of every episode. If you could just leave a message, ain't guys this is this. Is this
What I want to say to you two minutes Douglas Murray on your mark, get set, go it's a tough one, did make somebody who's a writer and think you have to behave like a sage. I should probably say this: I mean I'm only vapours lucky position in my life and I thought it becoming a writer when I was in my team and purpose my first book very early, and I had a very good luck in my life of being able to do what I like to do. Not everyone has that, but you can do something like it. I would urge people to run at their enthusiasms run at the things are good, and even if you missed the mark, you could get quite close to it, and that should be the case in everything in our lives. My belief is that searching for truth running towards truth in personal relationships, in what you doing here,
Life is also about the best thing you can do, because, even if you don't get there to full, even slightly short is better than almost any other option. So when people say you should dinner sort of pursue your dream, Then all of this thing yes, but pursue the truth within it and say what is on your mind as you go, because a lot of the things that make life work are avoiding great land mines and sometimes, however, the landmines lie between you and some truth and say you ve got it. The straight at it and, as I say, I'm a writer, so I can afford to do that, but I think everybody in their lives can do a version of it and to live is fast, love, hovels had to live in truth and that's about the best aspiration. I think any of us can hope for and the rest
our business there it is that was also while he did almost exactly two minutes. Nine seconds left. Thank you. So much was done. Eliza can't sound shells. The group present I could talk to you for like ours Thank you guys were watching. The latest episode of the Canvas Owen Show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you I already know, Prager. You is a five or one c, three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I really appreciate your support.
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