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2019-09-01 | 🔗
In this very special episode, Candace Owens and her fiance, George Farmer, take questions from viewers. How did they meet? What are some similarities and differences between them? What they are looking forward to most in marriage? They answer these questions and more. Don’t miss it! PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation: https://donate.prageru.com/CO
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Everything you got a steady walled, protect us, ok, guys. We are whirling into another episode of the canvas our show, and this wine is a wedding special. No I'm not talking about William and key or or Harry and Megan. I'm talking about me, I am getting married this weekend, so we decided that we were going to make this a wedding special and introduce You guys to my fiance future husband. George farmer welcomed the Kennesaw Inn I bet you we talk about how nervous I was do this episode. So weird you, a pretty nervous I freaked out for about, like to my saying we couldn't do the episode, because I just didn't know how to talk to you about. You can freeze every time we spoke earlier. I believe this was-
I hope those first and I was freaking out about it with I figured it would be easy if I could just post something on Instagram and answer ass, for what they wanted to ask We were just go through it. I will start with it number one question that we were asked. now our relationship, which was how did you guys me, and it is a very, very interesting story. Well, sir, I mean You know the story from my side, so you can to do an event in London and and that was to launch turning point UK with Charlie and first time we actually met was at the Irish Sea Club Rule Automobile Club in London on Parma and you giving a speech I think, from that moment onwards the connection was made and then, next night. We had this highly convoluted dinner, which we ve talked to talked about for where they use, or somebody else was hosting as and I thought I was hosting it and then eventually turned up three hours.
I would now like to move that point now. I shut up three hours late to a dinner where I was supposed to be seated next to him, because I had no idea. The dinner was going on until about two hours into the dinner, correct, and it wasn't just me their preferences, a whole host of people who are waiting to have dinner with you right, and then, after that we went back forced to America whacking to America to come to a student action summit at the end of last year and then came back to the UK, and then, by mid January we were engage right so just to get everybody contacts we got engaged after two and a half weeks I think it was about that time. You re right, which is pretty crazy, you're whirlwind romance, I believe I know it's. It was really strange, as it was so not my character for me to ever think that would be a person. That said, I got engaged after two and a half weeks and it sort of begs the question and something that Alley Stuckey and I talk about because it mean she's not pregnant about to give birth
probably already has given the earth by due by the time, is episode area by and sheep actually met her fiance really quickly and they got buried in one of the things that we always talk about. Is we kind of living this culture in our people? Think that you need there's this like system right, you need to meet some. A date that person for a length of time three years five years, then you need to get engaged and, and so it goes, and yet The people that I know in my life for their alleged ships have last the longest, always a very quick engagement. My grandparents very very fast engagement and another couple. That's twenty five years. They did and we're married within six months? I think your parents are within the my password and fourteen months your computer, I mean that the people there was a person. Sat down with them in telling the story to everyone is always quite interesting because you get a whole range reactions and I mean We both know that that was quite some quiet, any reactions the beginning people be like this is ridiculous: you're, never gonna work,
and was no staff and then and then there was also the reaction where I sat down with a friend of them, a friend for friend, I told him the story and by the end of the story he burst into tears because he said I ve never heard something like that before, apart from my grandparents, who am I fifty years on, and only in a separate whether in separate, but his grandfather died, and say it is its wonders things. I think our culture today encourages he's gone long, romances, which Don't necessarily lead anywhere has put like that, and actually sometimes, when you know you know, is that everyone, tat. When you know you know and says resolve it was kind of when he I met you, I knew- and I was there and say was just the case and I I love. I love us. The writing is incredible. Striving like how many people can say that I know lemon would even say that most people are over thinking it. I know girls at her in these sort of tragedy of relationships. Ten years, ten plus years no gun rig up galore seventeen thousand times than they. Finally, you know get the ring in that specific.
liberation. Great, if it's what you want mine just happened, a different way and I never thought it would happen to me to say when you know you know, but I definitely new and so the other question. Obviously people asking his heart he proposed, which, is Chris years or so there were that this does actually doing. Does actually two proposals to writing. I think it is fair to say why I gather that the one without the right, no one without the ringing than the one with the ring, arise, the one with the ring was when I was in a plane, and I faced timed you I said: hey I've got this afternoon how many weeks it was like turn off to exactly three weeks ago, and- and I and I said here, but this crazy question for you. I know how you feel about this, but I'm into such a twenty first century. Whether we engage would like since two thousand and nineteen Engagement Esteves faced time, right this time on a a flight and I said I don't know had I feel about this, but I love you.
We spend the rest of my life with you and will you marry me- and I think you're so stunned by this, like what that you just said yes, without even like considering the average is holding my phone. I pulled my car over how you, in my life large entity, remember you are you're just like that. and it was any suggests an oasis like well. That was a surprisingly easy right in the end, what use and particularly was I I would ask you something in key it is plain, goes down. I mean budget, are not left or was when I was in case this plane crashes and I then went on like fly where there is no wifi, so that are not using the far reaching out for the next like how many now what is actually crashes knows about, obviously did not give me a ring ban, because you were headed to South Africa for about ten days on how rights correct and then, when he actually gave me the ring which he did get down on. One knee was a couple of weeks later
Well, I was actually on the fourteenth of February just to be re, cliche yeah. so he stooped and that was it a strong in Philadelphia away, you're living at the time and we went for a Valentine's day fountains evening date as you do, It was not restaurant I wanna together, I was hilarious, walked in. and every single table was couples, I mean. It was not a single table in the restaurant, which was not a couple typical back. The aim of our course and then and then what happened. You know what I mean is as it By the way I'm- and I will say that this question is quite interesting to know when you're about to get dynamo naming Zuni than the ones in Sir it's it was, it was a good experience. I sat you get incredibly nervous. You then to think about the logistics of getting down among such as unlike outcome since the table beside you. Are you gonna crash into the table beside you to get down on Monday? Which side do you go on to get down on your knees? Were the questions are to us? Not only that, but
I didn't want you remember this, but it we brought. It was bring your and bustle ride to the restaurant right and we had the two bottles of wine we're going to drink at dinner on the right and the rights. It was much much more kind of accessible to get done, so I had to gonna shift them with my feats of under the table accosted the others- right so like a clear enough space and, unlike us, shifted my chair over at an event. She and then I got very nervous, and then you thought I was lost. You are such a lotta laughing southern African broke out in Latin America, and the new like do you have something in my face like what's wrong? I was looking for the inside joke. I was mistaken on your lighters, something above me my hair dimension of staff, and then I and then I kind of like awkwardly crash onto one you get yeah and then another and then open at the boxes it can December us. Will you marry me and at which point you froze and then the ripple effect again some but you only probably gonna experience once your life is worth seven
the only once in my life the ripple effect of asking that question. around the restaurant was incredible. I now it was unbelievable running like we won the super you're like winning a super home. I dont know what it was like would ease. The cup was exploded and exploded. They just explain to expect the two couples on either side went mad and then, as soon as they found out and the other cup has found out you at half the restroom, whose jeering an algerian it was incredible. They instantly become your best prior. No, it was also warns us, and then everyone comes up to us in his like good regulations of the girls like. Let me see the ring pen tend to the boy find out when at the rest, I think we made the point that everyone else's dinner had probably been, ruined or another guy publicly road, because of the fact that I proposed that it was a conversations that a lot more serious around you re like what are we doing has existed for years before you is that I have just met a soldier. Is another question: if you want to know is
what do you do? Where'd you come from and I guess what were you big? Well, how did you get the politics? You were there that night, because Charlcote IRAN stage having a conversation ranting against sort of the spread of socialism in Marxism. So what is your story? Where you from where I was born in London on twenty years old, and I grew up her group in London and I went to school in a basic spam open to us. Eighteen, I spend my time and then I went university islands. Investing Oxford and a graduated option, two thousand eleven lodge a major in what we say Are you guys just say what did you stand when you study? I studied theology. British studies basically and specialised in ancient church and did classical Hebrew and studied right.
Even things I mean in the UK, the university system. This is disappointing quite differently. You ass you, you guys, I believe, spent two years, so they're doing lots of different things and then use be made the last two years. I think right does it as the only how you are right and suddenly you kids, you don't you from age fifteen you spend the next for years at school, Extry is at school deciding what you're gonna study University and, in essence, and you narrow down the subjects until you venture pick one, and then you go. You ass. You study that for the next three years or in the case of medicine, seven years in the case of law and other degrees, sometimes longer, sometimes one never short in three years, so I studied theology and then I graduated from Oxford in two thousand of them, and I went into banking. I worked and Investment Bank in London for about a year and a half, and then I left that- and I work I have done for the last seven years- work with my father
an he and I have run a hedge fund or those it's. Why don't you it will fund in as much as its base. It trades based metals and it trades wishes in the community sector as unusual, because most hedge funds involved with kind of map crew long short strategies. I went away from with ten fires times. Basically, lots of kind of different portfolios, bonds, equities, everything we were very specialist fund, we just now and metals. We just deal and base metals and weave we voice and of specialised in that. That's what we ve done. That's, why don't the last seven years and then the politics side of things, so the politics always become have been very. Big part of my family life. I guess I'm in some ways a meme. My family, as you know, are quite a political found. In some ways they will have very different opinions were all a broad range of opinions within
in the family and so from a very young age. We were all exposed to a fair amount of argument, if one but a time, so you information, eight we're talking about who the next Prime minister would be, and what the hell. in effect, the country and so from a safe from a young age amassed in this political culture that got me very interested and then, as a result, I sort of joint various postik societies as school and golden ball with politics at Oxford, and then and then my father, he sits. the lords. He is a conservative. He held a host considered wet whip which, in the UK means that he is answerable to some extent the consent. The party right, so he was treasurer of the conservative party as well, and that kind of that involvement with politics overhead got me more exposed
and is awaiting something. I've been very interested anyway cited neat and courage for it. So I can. I went in with an open mind and the sort of see a lot of different. Concerning politician, which side of the Parsee out fall on about my fiscal philosophy. and so in the last few years. Certainly, since breakfast said, and before the rest referendum but re the bricks referendum in the UK kind of clarified a lot of people's, whether Phelim spectrum of spectrum, people's political thoughts So after that I can have a ramp up my political involvement, I would say so- I've been, can have more exposed to policy since two thousand de oversee the election of the President Donald Trump got kind of that has a ripple effect around the world and denies yeah you guys. You guys, I mean like just sort of like the broader UK community, seem really interested in. What's going on in America out, that's true of all,
Europe. People seem to be very fast needed or all the world fascinate what's going on with Donald Trump, so I guess, as somebody other grew up here and in London, what what? What is the interest? What does the draw? What is what is it about Donald Trump at a sort of stirring up? All of these conversations Well, what happens in America has direct impact of unrest toward me. It's the leader of the free world, it's the most powerful country on earth. Scott, the large dakota me, the largest military emulated by many objective measures, America's the greatest country in the world on many times over. So are you using me for American station chap yeah? tat s. What I want to get out of the wagon just because no, but it's it's it. What in America has a direct effect, a minute dead, as does an expression. Well, it's more political mantra that. what happens on university campuses in America? Will five years later happen on university compasses in Britain? so that's it
a broader time, ready to encapsulate fight that what goes on in America will eventually end up in Europe will eventually end up. Influence in the world will eventually end up being a political arguments in both Britain and France and Germany in Southern Europe, etc. Sir, The world has to be consciously what's going on in America, you cannot, you cannot divorce. Geopolitics for America is its crucial and so that the press, didn't see. America has a huge impact on what goes on in Britain now. Do you think that that is just because of the size of America? guess cordial, it is a combination of the economic factor, the size of Amerika, the influence- I guess, we're kind of very culturally does not mean, as a huge number of factors which plan that is both the history of the country's Britain in America, adverse speculation. I mean the anglo American bond is is very close. We speak same language. We fought beside each other in the same wars. We There are common philosophy on life. We share a common outcome, capitalism in anger
Capitalism is very different to Franco. German statism rise is it's just the mentality in many ways it would languages. Did it's also to do with the fact that across Amerika was born out of Britain in many ways the war of independence, the revolutionary war is equal. I was was a war against Britain and that's part of our history swell and then your tied into a bigger english speaking world. So you got England, you go away, go Britain! You ve, got to Africa. You ve got a straight. You got! You see them America, these these countries, united by a common language, and when we talk about the West, we don't just talk about. When I was talking about what countries literally in the western hemisphere, we're talking about a political philosophy which unites US traders? Well, you know which is not in the west or arguably out, because of course we drop the pen in the globe, but let's just core, that's a school, not the west is no make in support of the EU. Right, so it's! The political philosophy of the west is very much centred
and the angles fair centred around what Britain in America and the western nations are doing in America as the most powerful nation out of all of them, set the tone for a lot of what will, following in in western european. broader scare, the west. So what goes on with american presidency always has an impact in Britain. It ate it. Where is just as internet? Well, we're not just as interested in it as our politics, but it certainly is a key part of alarm sort of political will old view what the presidency is doing in America and how America is to certain trends and development would always be a crucial, but I mean Take an example like, for example, the Iraq war right, I mean us that's her. That's a key one, because you know it was the present. Under the present George Bush, that you went without America went into Iraq and America summoned its closest allies to follow them into the coalition right. So therefore, Britain was torn into that conflict as well. So it's like what you do is now
symbiotic, but we have a. We have a relationship which is very close to. Therefore we have to know how and curse thinking, because it affects us all I mean no other, there's somebody who quite Amy wrote an article after the M, Britain's distorted some new aircraft carriers right and and and America I believe, has ten across garrison. Do you care to aircraft carriers right and somebody wrote some your nautical basically saying is completely irrelevant, Michael just say. We both had twelve right because its that's that's how it that's, how they think with a military development, the major corporations circles, the security cooperation surfers eccentric central serve me. That's why I guess the election of from kind of then Further polarized, an already polarized society. I mean you We spoken many times about breaks it and from that I think that
debates have very similar on both sides of the Atlantic. You know you can draw direct parallels. Why and I think that's why Nigel in many ways it is, has gone so far here with breaks it and it speak it. The one thing that I would say that I really noticed differently about our two cultures, which is actually one of the questions of some one asked, but is just you guys, don't say what you mean here. There's this british way in talking around everything and not really saying what you mean and sort of being American can be very offensive all when you just come out, and we just sort of say it and and. not mean I want level can clarify exactly one level too. Secondly, you have to try and be polite, but when means early were sitting at the universities. I actually saw a lot of danger in terms the way that you guys don't have free speech here are a or maybe the aegis it s just like unwilling to have free speech here in certain things are concerned, one of improper to talk about right in your highness considered inflammatory. If you talked about things that are actually happen,
here, Ray end at the summit to talking about the journalist. There's this really weird culture of not saying what you mean or pretending that you don't see. What's going on, nothing rusty arriving. There was not coup, which was an interview I did with them publication London. I think you're in this year and they they describe my twitter feed, is inflammatory unready. I don't really think of it as inflammatory. I just think of it a stating the obvious truth exactly, and I think you'll be talking to the wrong Brits about this, because I tend to be quite blunt about things. I tend to be pretty straightforward, but yeah there's a culture of politeness over her way where it is just not british tis to say something to say certain things oars earnest look. The avoidance of conflict is a key part of the british psyche. Here's the thing I think you have to. French aid, the difference between callings being polite and being politically correct. You can be polite right if you walk in and you see somebody that's really obese. Is Do you like? Hey your fat right, let's eat me, that's just like Google is legit,
impolite right. What is the difference is political correctness is almost ignoring the truce right so poor. The correct which is like when we, when we did that interview with the London times- and I was her talking about the things that really matter that you should be talking about at least here in Europe, which is the migrants basis which were seeing what Germany is going through, we're seeing. Sweden is going through and the journey was looking that I had ten heads and wish a sort of like we don't talk about the migrant crisis. Here, that's political correctness, right where that's that's, actually, you're you're treading a different territorial, something that can ultimately be dangerous. Yeah. I think I mean you're you're completely right, but the end, the truth will out isn't is an old out which I think is is relevant. I mean you ve got in the same way that America, I think America probably offers from a similar theirs There is a similar disease in America, certainly and the university level, but there is also an animal Peter I mean, for example, like look at your politics. I ate it got to a stage where you have the republic.
We're fielding these really nice guys right. Mitt Romney was a really nice guy and most people personally, but I am told, and certainly by the way into is: he was a very nice guy right. I got crushed right. It took somebody with the bravado and the sort of bombast city of like us. From to come in and shake up the political system say: hey guys, stopping so nice about this. We ve got out we ve gotta without a fight. I think in the same way, the UK will reach a point where we just like. We feel very nice people. You know like Ivan. Terribly nice right now, Nigel Raj comes in says, wake up right, you You gotta stop being nice about the European Union, its its crushing our nation and and he comes in and he shake up in topless consistent. I heard there is a point which is the ultimate weapon that everybody in a democratic nation has is the ballot box.
Right in the UK. We don't have the same gondolas we we're not gonna. You know we cannot resist government control, but we can fight it through the ballot ox right and that eventually, at the end of the day, the one x in that in the end, the voting about about sleep is what we have is a weapon wagon. That's what all democratic people have and therefore, as a result, you have to fight back with democracy. I think sometimes people can be surprised at what they deem to be. These ideological revolution has taken place here. It's breaks it in America the tramp in Brazil, its personnel in ITALY at solving, but I think, when you start to breed a cultural political correctness, there's always willing we spend their bubbles beneath the surface because, like you said you could not talk about the truth, you can go parameters that the end of the day there it is, and it starts to sort of swirl, like you know, like out like a hurricane on the map that just waiting to hit, and then people will. Where did this come from? Where did this come from, things are going well? Will they weren't going while you are printed?
doing things were going while you pretending that the world was getting better and you which were afraid to discuss the truth and that's how you get these people that are completely like dazed and confused when Trump winds, and they do you mean you. Obviously you when I watch clips the whole time of the night Trump one cause however, in a bad mood, you really should fill up. The cliffs of CNN never be brought within the United States of America. The end ass video of a video. I love it even Swedes, because it's so good that there's no way does it put him on the other day when use aside the Tipp of the Simpsons, where he's president and then like, and then eclipse the somebody like you, never gonna, be president right, I mean it was exceptional when it just shows that people become so deluded by political correctness that they become completely out of touch with what's happening in their own nation, how the people are feeling and that's what how you arrive where we are. I am going to get to some of these questions that were sent to us through. instagram that people one show, but our relationship number one. What is your biggest cultural difference
tomato tomorrow now, there's a lot of them there and make you guys have told I mean lesson you guys have different aims for value most we can t I don't get this is, I think it's because you taxes but was seldom. We ended up rolling at Yahoo, we're ok with coffee. Now, after Tat are nothing to do with the love of him. I don't know, what's the biggest cultural difference between us and people, I mean people tend to think that, as this is what I am hoping that many I wouldn't says like you, I mean I think I think actually would be an. I wouldn't put. When this round, but what I just talked about, we are analysing like recognise. Our sugar known, was exactly ass. The light here there is a difference I mean, I think,
Korea is of interest to the way the british psyche works. Like I noticed a bit like that, you do. You do have your moment. Like I'm up, I was put up her an oasis in its import. Don t. You know you you, you reserve judgment you, you can have yourself. Back I mean I was down. I'm gonna come hybrid Grey zone between American Britain in many ways, because a sort of I do speak my mind quite openly and I will tell somebody a fighting that talking rubbish but its, but still ass, about the ideal, and I'm just like that opposite, you could run like what they everyday couldn't come and listen to her for airlines. George, you son. But I was I now I can't I've gotta go right into what is your favorite thing about each other, difficult questions that there's a lot of things? Ok, I mean, I wouldn't say it's my fear, there's a lot of things I like about you, but I'm really into
I would say the hunting stuff I very into this, so I first met you. I didn't really. I didn't know super ignorant about hunters and hunting in Africa interests and shooting birds and stuff, and I come from really kind of a very ignorant climate. I mean I'm from the coast of a group of Connecticut there's exactly people go out hunting too much in this great state of Connecticut but I knew there was an argument we made for hunters. I still cringe. I have to be honest it a little bit when I see someone like the trophy pictures of like a lion, but then, when you start discussing because you spend more time in Africa which is in
and getting tat bit about you. London grew up. A kind of you're going back and forth from Africa has spawned, has been part of my life since those taxes, and I'm totally fascinated about hunting. Do an entire separate episode due on hunting, and you telling me the stories about hunting and almost dying in all of these things. It makes me realize how american judges, completely so out of touch with nature and out of touch with the environment, that we then create these social causes that nobody understands, which is the truth being that, if you want to conserve, if you're interested in conservation are, then you would be the people that can serve the most? Are the people back over Africa and homes? and they also saving human lives, because there are these animals and enlarged, because they ve just took part in entire village. I mean correct me if I'm wrong and then there are kind of MARC Chagall Hunt and we kind of had this whole sessile Why, in over here, I'm in the number of true, let I mean that
Several things you said the hunter as, as you said, you didn't typeset on this book, but briefly what these The nations where you hunt right enough in in in Africa and across the world is not just Africa. Allow me, you know, you know. I've been hunting eastern european and further feels well, there is a direct, the sustainability of the livelihoods of those who are involved in hunting is dependent upon the that the hunted animal. Right. So if you, if you're going to hunt wolves in Eastern Europe, where you gonna go and hunt Koodoo whatever antelope or became, and in southern Africa, there The direct vested economic interest in that nation right to keep the lively the livestock alive because because there's only one thing, I think we can charge people a fortune to come in and hunt these animals, so that for we need to make sure we have these animals raised? Is the very is a very basic economic equation. So the country's way you hunt in southern Africa.
Let us examine, for example, because I've been hunting the forbidden, Zambia, zambian government, the dubious a quota for every single animal that they haven't Zambia and they assign quotas to each different hunting, lodge. Now what that means that each hunting park and Hunting Lodge has a direct interest in getting in keeping us animals alive and breeding them for the next generation rights. So therefore you can go after them there and you can hunt whatever you want to hunt right and the the gang park we'll be we'll have anti poaching squads we'll have villages which are in villages. Which are employed on the hunting lodges. It will have shafts, it will have drivers, it will have people who work at the airport, nearby, etc, etc. The whole sustainability of the local community is actually based on a hunting park right. So therefore, the country has a directive. interesting conservation off
in countries where they ban hunting or in areas where they ban hunting delight the livestock populations, take a dramatic decline because either the locals, we're gonna, kill them because their pain right. So, like you got loads of lines around you well, there are pain, said it's gonna, kill them all, be the poachers will come and Hungarian come back home. That's work, it's bad, I think, America. Politically there they conflate gaiety of a poacher with the idea of a hunter guides, are totally totally different. I mean, like Hunt, I mean you're paying Europe is expensive. Sport, your pay, your from paying equality, money, to go into account any first we gotta get there, that's expensive, you gotta, then going by hunting license expensive you, they're gonna pay for your quoted ass, expensive You know that money is going to the country, I'd say: you're, not you not paying it to some person back are you paying into the zambian government. You will pay heed to the local Safari park right so that That's all party economic equation right. The approaches men than normal employed by crime syndicates, run out of run out of the Far EAST taking stock.
station, where it things like elephant, tusks and rhino horns, how are considered, have aphrodisiac qualities, so thou be run out of crime syndicates. There's no money coming into the country an employer local that, given the equivalent of a year's wages which, in that part of the world, is often pay not spry and now go out, they'll take extreme risk, two or three of them. They'll kill anybody who gets in their way to get to the animal on the nose. The animal does: should the animal chop off a part of its body and then leave the carcass right. That's poaching poaching is extremely either and, as you that's why the governments to Southern Africa take huge anti poaching measures because it devastates local populations and its hugely damaging for the local local communities. Sir, doesn't there's no way I mean I. I completely agree with you that, is often completed, the basically going off in hunting big game is like me, equivalent approaching which Not an isn't it there's no comparison between the two and now
the whole point of sustainability. So that's why you have a quota system whereby, let you can't often just yet you can't you like machine gun down a whole load of animals because you feel like it. You know you got off and hunt one animal for a week. That will be it right. Then they often times you, your feeding, the village school I mean like them. I mean that the times I've been wanting to rely on such anti lips, pretty much and so You know when you and you shot nuns latin in that part of the world that the meat is also up and given to the local village. I mean that does not just what stung and that's feeding the local community is warming. Does it does a direct correlation and the other testimonies. Also, I always find it that western liberals other people who get the most aggravated about this, but the local populations of the summer. donations, love it when you come down. You know that I'm endeavour that most excited says it's like a guy
this is discover privileged obliged people who live in London, New York, in LOS Angeles Hooja, who tend to be like? How do you do? where about really any comprehension of what I should going on in the room. What I like the most is that they they also pretend that the animals are super innocent, like his I get. The animal saw you all I want to do is be your friend, I mean they're, so out of touch with reality and where people are living overseas, I mean I've only been Africa. Once I went to Uganda, mentors Lena the wildlife there's theirs, hours of the day where I stayed we're not lead to walk outside, because the animals are vicious hippopotamus is I mean they're, recall of all of these animals is like lying fright, so they could. Everybody was so nice online gaming, and now we have people going in hunting them, and it's like these. I was given. The opportunity will charge you and kill you, and the hippos were beautiful. Where I saw Uganda, IRAN, a IRAN, a little circle, and so they they had these chairs. We go go near them and behind them all of the african men were staying behind their guns and they sent you know how fast,
Paypal will kill you it's why the most vicious animals in the wild, it will charge you, it will kill you and they have a very high death toll of Africans. So it's almost like they put they. They are prioritizing the animals in Africa. Over the Africans but unless they need to adopt a child? Let me go right. Africa will you see that those by the way- that's that's that is actually hollow them? Think I'm not certain, certainly I know I've come across a couple of wildlife photographers who would partisan animal life over human life by magazines. Yeah maize is setting an impossible, and I think there are many other they are. Having going back to your point about the animals, I'm terribly nice, there was actually have a very funny video made, I think, by Hunter actually after that Sesar will I'll settle the lion things through them. where they not whether where they were doing a documentary on the fake recording the five of the antelope that sets of the mine had killed
I should have been. I really like you know that, don't you too, destroy the fact that our husband has just been eaten by settled. The line you know is one of these things. Well, I do have driven the impact on me. We actually saw this year, the invitation this is border from one region. There was a. There was a vague and couple. tried to save the life of a wild beast, as it was being attacked by line right and costs what new both put in critical condition by the liner S, who is like get off my get off my dinner right. It's my job, This is that this is the mentality that that that occupies an there like that, like we must. to preserve the animal kingdom, forgetting that the animal kingdom is the most vicious is the most brutal is only humans who have learned to live in peace with one another, and I mean has Polly I mean there was also a mean feeding into same conversation is like pets. Pets will come out and said if you feel your dog and cat v, good meal, It is animal abuse because they require pro
right, and this was a very interesting conversation which was had overhead vehicles over her were feeding their pets, vegan meals and of an that's like witwer restricted. did you coming in with with all these will be sicknesses amongst your pats, because for choosing to your chosen to subject your life choices on this, but it onto something else which has no decision making process of it. you gotta domestic cat on your feet, a vague and mail? You condemn the cat, conscious, can kill something because if it's a domestic cat his days inside right, so you you're subjecting it to your life choices. Wears a child can grow up say not researching and being a vague and I'm gonna go neat made. The cat has no option, but again it is the same kind of thing. West sort of liberal mentality has come completely taken over people's brains, lighted like and every Hopkins of Liberalism that big it like you to say where they actually take place: dark its California there so out of touch with nature than touch the wilder out of touch with the idea of survival in think that they all. Could you just a free trip to Africa and say
hey. You know what gobs of lions veto pet them talk to them. About their feelings and see what happens deserving stories over and over again I mean it's in saint I'd. I just to understand people could, you know, could could kill an animal? for its skin or are upheld and will work for its boots or wherever it is. I will, then you will talk to the cop, a dial about how your saving alarm he hit off, making sure nobody uses skin, and let me know how the girl I often say that the western liberalism could be cured by triple Africa because they use, regardless of you, debate whether did you with animal world whether to do with whatever did you do with ie you the desk
the not having a debate about which, both from to you in Africa right because the moment is about survival or so over privilege. We hope that it from uncle when we talk about this, a lot gaiety of over civilization, where society becomes so civilized. That starts going backwards and eighty start treading just torch. To put it in like lagging where you just abating bathroom science, what you your wages, religiously, to civilised your even talking about bathroom side, we go to Africa. This is like one of you and I were really big into just watching clips on internet and just cracking up four hours. The best clearly the one that just never gets old is this african reporter who breaking a story and interviewing sat one because they cannot grasp the concept gay or being a lesbian, an embryo behind the interviewer. As you know, we welcome here to the show and he's got
this woman who's. A lesbian worries are my these guys got big regarding our girl or something I shouted whirling lesbian and an he any just turns around her and his question in this at this african voices. Just what are you, gay. Why you go by and the classic who says, I'm gettin? Yes, your guy! That's it is this opposition eggs. I mean that that with something we talked about alone over you actually write. What over civilizations great word I mean I've been in even far east as well. I mean like I have mentioned before you know. I've been so I went to both hunting Like a bit even said I go into, I went to this agreement that maybe something really save energy and trending. I'm not derive as you want, but but I went to boot an eye which is this kingdom in the middle of the Himalayas, lost him alone, kingdom? and it's a buddhist kingdom. It's basically sealed off to the world is very difficult to get into
and they ve before they are part of a Buddhist theology, which involves a tantric Buddhism, which is a form of sexual Buddhism, and this was about this, about six years ago. I think was seven years ago. And I said to the municipal: what's the kind of feeling about the gay rights movement in in this part of the world, and they look Let me as if I was an alien. They have never even heard of this and, as we know, the relationships between men and relationships between women in ages ago, that he's my friend. You know I mean I please ain't gonna! I was just bizarre because it was it was a case where we ve got to it. We ve got, A point in the western world, where the debates become self building. We start talking about these issues. They become issues the issues develop, their own issues may eccentric Cedric set yourself, and
I don't know which one do you ever gonna be solved were just spiralling took so much come so much confusion and ever and anger in emotion and eighty travelled any these countries, and that's the thing I say about Americans when you see these Americans that that are the craziest. Most Lemnius asked how many countries had been to outside of America. It's always Mexico spring Break. You now me like. You know I did a semester abroad in you can't. You know somewhere aware of their not really getting this understanding of how the rest of the world is right and what have you been to China? Have you been to even Eastern Europe, I me it's a totally different thing. When you're in Croatia Ray, I mean it and they're not well. Child might think that that's one of the things I was afforded in my twenties that I was able to travel and really see the world into a kind of made me more realistic about the non profit. Bombs that we have in western civilization, were the most dissatisfied people and the most over privileged people. How is that possible? Because
If you live in Siberia, you're, not gonna have the choicest. What about you be a beacon, unpack agenda? as below, does not have a choice. The decisions that were making in the western world today are a result of the luxury of the of the of the sacrifice. Made by the men and women who died in the Second World WAR, the first World war and ushered in the greatest error of peace, that western waters ever see its total. Luxury. We have these a luxurious choices, we're making in an affluent over privilege society you'd either to make these choices. If your struggling to survive you do not get to make. This choice is a quote that work, something I I can't take wrapped up my habits. It basically saying that tough times produces in open, tough men and peaceful times produces weak man and we are now suffering for. I thought I talk about, which is a shortage of man D. You know as swiftly as George George masculinity people that are crying and looking for ways to be upset. Ok,
Where are we going to live the? U S or the UK spoon time between two things: the first versus yes until children until children them who make up our minds right depends where the school systems are out and indulge in biogas and right now, they're. Both look like disaster, so maybe Russia maybe Collusion Breton, maybe Africa. What has so prize you the most about being in an interracial relationship. Oh wow, that's good! That's a good question! Question well done! Who have lost their quota I don't remember what what what what's your answer them and I would maybe I could say I wouldn't said Naturally, surprise me, if it is so predictable, was a sort of like the space that were in, but that the left-
the liberals- the most recent stuff that we get under the comments of liberals, which, like all great your marrying a white man, your marrying a white guy, I'm just like what would you have that we go backwards into what was miss education? It was an actual crime to get married. If, if you fell in love with the opposite, with the opposite race in America was an actual crime, there was a rule and it just sort of feeds. What we talk about all the time, which is that the left is so woke, they're back yeah right, which is like they want to bring back the irrigation. They want to bring back, Miss educational, progressive paragraphs, yes, so progressive their aggressive about this the whole time. So I wouldn't say I was surprised by it, but ain't you notice, I am always surprised by their lack of awareness. I would say I tell you what I've enjoyed more than surprise me, the box.
the understanding of the Baltic Sea, as this was not even I wasn't, even whether anything on it. This is also a cultural things. Writing because I'm not sure as applies it, does it Novelli upon? No, it is its it. It's a better blackening in America, where we ve started events our own language. I didn't even realise how fluid I wasn't bonnets. You can feel when you and I will work, as I have said, grumbler blackouts. So it's just the way I did up boy my cousin saw. Currently and so Georgia, we like walking down the street and up black lady will walk by he likes well. Ok and George will look confuse them like ours. I got here she saying that I look really nice and using what now things are. Nice idea, then what is it? What there was? There was a black woman who person she was like how
you'd do wasn't that I was as you're selling. Where I see you you're just like in I can. I can see you as well. What do you say very bizarre conversation rather than I was explaining. This is like language, language. I was needed in their own language and I didn't even realize it until it is sort of like going just being forced to speak a language you understand now await this is fluently, bonnets and see you went well, ok doesn't really makes that's what you do absolutely no sense and is exactly how I speak to my whenever among the phone facing my cousins, I speak, flew antibiotics do I d do completely harmonised Armani. Nothing. I mean you talk, complete nonsense, its gates, but you speak in his language. Like I'm style, that's why I sort of wonder
I was doing other things whenever they, because I had no idea. I have no idea what current, because we are talking about. That's real. That's really funny. Actually what has support we re talks about called ok, what a surprise you most coach, culturally about the american culture. I know what it is you were, surprised by how long the sea receipts, why, after the civilian shop luck I didn't use. I mean I remember exactly first, I remember the first time I gotta see vs foresee it was remarkable. we are in Richmond Virginia. And it was the morning of the regiment, blacks are ready and we, had to pop out to get some tired and was usually one item was usually way. Have one item we had to go and get remarkable I'm we go to receive your store. And how do we walk out
Turkey. When I say how have the environmentalists not pick out, I was always listed a rack. This is like a tour of the media is sorely me for one out of the incredible so for the people that live overseas, we have our pharmacy, which is, I guess, equivalent here in the UK, to boots and freedom. Ever reason. They just started. Turning out these receipts, where you buy one item and you get a receipt, I'm not kidding it'll be six six feet, We took a peculiarly. It was taller than you know, I'm six four to six for two. So was TAT northern him, and he just could not. I mean for the entire day I bought it. Like I don't understand what is this? Servicing honor was even those is one of the local. You know that I love America right and I think America's an incredible country. I loved a love everything about it. I love the rashness. I love tee. I love the american life Allah, the american way culturally they're out there are differences between the two countries,
wasn't, which I should find words stating as as a bridge in America, is how much you guys loved Brits. I only that that cultural thing what you got out his hands get away with. It happens, get away with it every day in America woke up and be like look good evening on You got a table for the two people but are issued, It should have seen to eight that it does w fantastic thanks. Very much and and and suddenly it's restaurants were clever man years and obey Sunday, guy, hey area, absolutely with you. No, no, it's not space for absolute and why come on it like an as is alive How much you love the British its it is. A it's part of that symbiosis between ought to know just a faded memory were technical, just got. That sounds right the sky, we should be set out in its most severe said. It's part of it. I mean I am also going to say that I am a love I love like cheerfully I loved another thing here in and out of the maize witnessing on my love. I love your culture of beauty,
Ray I love that we can sit down. I have a great meal together and be like I mean I'm gonna make a complete hot so here, but that the Berger at the trumpet tell him. Unlike any forgot her out of my life- and I just love others- it's perfected tonight- I think comparable yeah. She is funny because we talk the day. The Japanese have do perfected. The tea ceremony- You know this is this is a huge part of their culture, and I was mentioned the other day. There was a former japanese Prime Minister who stood down decades ago to perfect the teacher. He went to torment to perfect the teacher, I we think America has done the same thing with the with the Hamburg,
have you got you got, would like go we're gonna, get this absolutely right, and I learned: how can you can go pretty much anywhere on just have the most incredible bugger then I must say I never order hamburger overseas, you just a rush and you guys get breakfast wrong to like American when will evidently about. Oh hang on a second, the english breakfast you you're, the absent is, is big beans in America. We are not being person. You know that nobody It means that we are tackling hoarsely like we're textures, I'm surprised at you into the beans intervenes a great Martians horrible, but we must integrate these. You got mixed up of your time to carry on. How do you stay happy? Amidst all the hate that you receive We genuinely think that the comments that people re are just hilarious mean equal do readings like shakespearian readings, of the comments that heap comments that we receive
Who said, I will say this that a few years ago I've told you before when a friend of mine, my closest friend in fact, was featured in the daily mail over here. and it was really the first ever exposure had or heat had, and wheat collectively had to them to the media. And we sat down afterwards. We read the commons under the daily man on his desk and I laughed, and he and I had so much to stay. We had it. We were crying with laughter was suddenly serve written these comments. We did for three hours since that moment onwards- and I think you you- you ever see perfected this out as well- you have to take- you have just read them a face, they are in areas were injured and just also understand that some was deadly serious when they wrote it just like they were like this is it this required on his comrades? I never cared every case, but I couldn't care less like. I know that your life is great. I went on show you live in like a small village in the South West of ITALY, like you, I will explain all were like are concerned
mother, like you know, like you're, not going to affect my life. but the darlings reducing they really think they can insane just right enough. Ambitiously many men going to collapse and I'd like to know where we think it's I was using its various because an occasionally when I read these comments and we're having a good laugh button, you think onto the profile of persons written like following seven hundred and fifty eight. followed by eight. You know this person's life? Is that important that eight people consider them to be the the total pull by which they will judge their entire life and issues that who are these people every this question is like why? How do how do you say, happy amiss losers and when I think of them as losers- and I laugh at the comments that they re in that we have. We have a very good sense of humour, though, saw me no sensible I think I think nothing when they grew in the key ones is, and this is the same A revelation to those for those of you who are there who write this on these comments, but I think the main one is the Gryphus gonna grab,
just got a great areas, no matter what I was gonna Grand doesn't matter who, underneath every single person road of yours online is always like concerns the grid. His eyelids, like what did you know that what me I know we are so long to work. To look. It up is most likely just like the weight sounding a worrying rippers gotta graph, you, you got overshoot degree in gripped, ology right, and I think you know you're the professor drifting at the university of I know you know you like the presidency. Yours is a liar. I have neither will Griffin is ever growing ordering lotta graft without gladness, nothing autographed. What is ok, what is something you do not necessarily agree with, but respect about each other. None the less well off the big disagreement. As you know, tat we ve had
relationship power. Doing us how we can gather if you had a big disagreement with heart, is whether or not guerrillas have saw how the tunnel so attacked, and I think this is it. This is why I am glad to invite the world, and until we can, we can. I familiarly guerrillas have solves a decidedly guerrillas, do not have she disliked girls have so I'm just I'm pretty convinced that guerrillas have sole, as I don't know why they look exactly, can it be that you see the videos online of them like scrolling through Facebook Instagram now it's? How can you look at that creature, Kabila and not recognise your has a sock as our assistance from us illogical basis, and I would say that if you, if you in part a soul onto a gorilla, you have to import Sorrento animals, and I would say that for animals We all humans on adults nicer humans are different from the rest of them. They're not guerrillas, you see in my in it in your well defined by an absolute. I say that have sold Einstein right, you can say, you to say we are animals, but we are different from every other animal, which is true. We are because no other animal s created what humanity is created, but
I would say that you're you're you you're, there was a chance you, your definition is there's a grey area between the animal kingdom. So you in the Van diagram of end of life when humans are one circle, an animal. The other circle right you ve got this overlap. We're going to sit and give a rock is rotten land. was friends with guerrillas I wash international someone, they hold the gorilla. But none of them was that he died. The girl cried. So how can you say, grows up assault? We're gonna move on from it, because it's It's it's a contentious issue. I really back to your opinion, but I disagree. Ok, what have you learned from each other? gryphus gotTa Griff too. If he's gotta, what we learn from you, I would almost say at what I suck the early. I learned a lot about Punting Adams, I'm kind of really into it. Now. I use out say whether this to this too
As I mean, I think, our relationship level. You learn, you learn a lot about each other and you learn relationships. I'm getting married. Someone is all about it. S about patients about growing it's about giving in taking its about is about our relationship in an that's, that's something it you'd about it with everybody. You know you. You have to learn about the other person down. What makes them work learn a lot. I learn how you woke the whole time, and you know we spend much everyday together, Sir, it's alone What about you that when it's? U need to you and I'm that's what I ve learned about you since we ve been together from a philosophical intellectual perspective. What am I learnt from you huge amount? I mean the the whole way american politics works. It has been elaborated by you to me and you know what have I not only leave- we ve- had some great political arguments. The two of us and I think I mean like I remember being
the semi videos on Youtube candidates crushes like leftists past interviewer and Daphne felt once or twice that you ve crushed the intellectual debate and I'm pretty sure, there's a couple times- have crushed you as well Sunday arising from that, face it. I mean they loved debating what like Germany Germany was an argument, was concerned about facts versus truth, and that was like move. I could I spend rest day recovering offer you after you demolished me at lunch, ones about fact versus truth damn mean that that's something that I love, and it is one that many things but you as a challenge each other. We do we ready, we really challenge each other rate. Are you a Christian? I am Yup You know this, I know I know, but people are watching them, don't now hated hidden, dynamic Christian, you, ok, I'm who says. Sorry. First me, you think it's you.
I will- and I don't think so. I think we both apologize, we think were actually both really good about apologizing interests like opening up to a moving on from it I should buy. I would say this is something that my dad always told me and I think it's a think. It's huge important. He he always said to me from relationship respect to be said. Don't women are always right, woman, I didn't say that basically said that nobody here he said he said, never argue on a Friday night right because everyone's tired at the end of the week and you just exhausted- and I was so yeah- that's really good advice. Actually, and then he was said and make sure that if you haven't sorry by vine hour off to its guns? I sorry and I think that's completely true, I think you and I both do that together, I am eating at the times we have had to come
I mean you, don't really aren't we do. We are guided, not alone, we do when we when we have been in the past. We both tend because we're both kind of quite intellectually proud. I think in some ways the better to kind of puffer, subsequently like an absolute right, this action. How can she'll heed the complete disagree with me and then, and then within half an hour, but like ok, yeah, I'm sorry exact. I agree with that. Peace or no ice in water. No I know I stop putting the ice in the water, which is only really batteries. Is yours if it gives very american thing? It is like what is with that mean like another client and whence I swore to waters find. The word is great: However, like I want our own eyes cup water, I gotta go to the ponies cops to drink. I could just I just can't drink in its little it'll be called as with competence in this is a great one. What is your favorite book?
What a great question may know yours will have won a guitar, its Ayn Rand, I knew tat I believe I have had my eyes. I would say that this is a lot of you, a hidden future life. You believe him like how he's around in and I would you say the outer shrugged by Ayn Rand, it no matter what you think of Enron And- and I think that she. She has a huge influence on politics, both left and right. No matter what you think of Ayn Rand, now your life, and I would say that this is something that american politicians have also said, and british politicians have also said. I think, for a lot of people in that kind of late teenage years, early initiative. Twenties If you read Ayn Rand, she offers a perspective on life which it's just such a mind. It's such a such a mine shaping event to read out the shrugged. That's what I did I mean it was when I
that was friendly was just like one, those things where you have wow. This is an incredible book and I mean it is from this. Is that complete? It's it's a Magnum opus. You gonna sit down for a week and read it, but it is those things when you get out the other side. You feel so much deeper because of he really had to process everything that she's riding in that book, and when I read it when I was, I read it when I was nineteen years old and I four years ago to the school system and if you're, a conservative bent, which I was from from from from swift, quite a young one, not young age. I think my formative years had developed a theory of my own car conservatism, but if you ve, if he struggled to have the philosophical justification for why to you, support free markets, you re a Ronde and you come on the other on the other side, with the gospel and an that's kind of her. I ended up, and it was just incredible,
Just is just an incredible book. I'm in the speech by John Gold. I went so much more because engage people, I'm really want to get my wanna go and read it, but the speech by John Gold is just an incredible piece of literature is an incredible political philosophy. Is an incredible economic. Testament. It is just an amazing piece of work and I would say that unites when these those things were You will be a more interesting passive person having read it because I can't say Harry Potter now chamber secrets of the prisoner of Azkaban. So I will stay for the same reason that, even though I read it very recently really sort of just sharp by political beliefs. Of the same reasons. I would say really any Thomas Soul book by race and economics is just one of those ones where he just cuts through the red tape of every single race argument. Ass little reason
lectures your Correia race, yes was. He also has recent economics but recent intellectuals, and he just basically let you EL. The dumbest people in the world are the people that are at the head of universities and and- and he just goes back and he traces throughout history, how they just actually always been wrong, so it's amazing everything that they have the moral high ground or the intellectual high ground when they have just actually never been right since the beginning of time and being able to have those arguments in your pocket when you're debate somebody on the laughter when somebody who tries to throw their what you would degree or where they went to school is basically like, and I make the joke and I'm being serious three times. a smart, I dropped out of college right hand that you couldn't capturing the people that go on to have. Sixteen thousand different degrees tend to know absolutely nothing about the way the world works at so important
Americans by think also for all Americans and in anybody. That's ito being thrust into this race to be all over the world red racin intellectuals in, and you will know that it is. It is that the argument there making in terms of rates have never up younger, they are making in terms of being a minority dont even hold up by me, the idea that being a minority somehow disadvantages you something that Thomas soldiers destroys electing the first chapter he chose you have minorities actually traditionally in the past, have been at the outset that the head of the site these the Ottoman empires it wasn't. The Turks are running off the banks. It was the Greeks, for the minorities. So so it's just gig gives you kind of you know you can walk the walk. You can talk the talk way. He he allows you to then walk the walk. When you say I'm a conservative. I don't care about your social justice arguments. This is what's why this is the way the world works and, and you feel better for it. So that would be my pick and the last question is: what are you guys doing to prepare for marriage?
or damage ferko sort doing emerge. Pep choirs charter was interesting. and then what planning the money now at playing, the wedding is preparing for marriage. There are preparing for a party and which has been unbelievably easy, but I per se people always say that if you really wonderful He was someone travel with them. We have travelled together pretty much every day for the last six months and yet I mean it's been great yeah. It's really. I learned. you're really compatible somebody's go travel with them. You can get there. We really have been through some things together on the wrong road, and we definitely have you a riddle test you being tired living out of a suitcase
this sort of lifestyle really tests you and take future sort of nor having eaten for eighteen, exactly the starving it'll, do it if you don't kill each other than it sort of like surviving in episode erroneous, I should work on our own go and mothers, but it is remarkable how how like little we're. We have been at each other, given the stress, questions that keeping an eye as amazingly agent, like even even them, even at peak stress, analogy being accused of a mosque shooting Wyoming, but believe that without was like a political stress that when I was just a different and I was different weak, but I mean like the travel, I mean: that's, not toe situation and die when we're trying to get out of Dallas when the hurricane Blue, through a man eating away an airplane and then had to deplore the plane. Army was grim right. The whole thing was grim, but but even even then, like our patience was tested once on the between each other. On that day, when it was like one that I think in anyone else's worthy- would it be like
like a whole argument. You know she would have been grim and yet remarkably caught between the two of us We ve already put a relationship through the through the crucible before before even marriage, or we have a lot of similarities. I think that what we know is that one of us is probably getting more frustrated with the situation in the other, whilst I'll always concede and be like he's more frustrates, hunks heavy common unlike, but I met minor ones like you'll you'll be more cohesive, like I know what you give other committees take things the Agora. Would you like some water? What are you most excited about for marriage? That is my final question in that came. For me, warm I'm not gonna lie the children. I think will be more exciting for the two of us. You were told they re read that phase, where every time we see a child were just want it, I think, on the sound of her family with you. I'm excited
the sense and totally cringe, but I'm excited to spend the rest of my life with IE, and I can't wait. I generally Conway I mean we have. We will you my best friend we have the best times together and I think that we can have super work. I have a lot of fun together. Darling I mean you can be a lot of fun. I think for me it's probably unjust excited beings. Any of my life is over like that, and I always you should have a free people always try to glorify the twenties like ear. You twenties you, freedom, it's fun, it's not find them you don't know what you're gonna do in terms of your career. You don't know going to marry married on offer in a very good person in there. Just My societal pressures will figure everything out. So I just think of my twenties as one massive dose of things. Eighty and now is in sight and I'd just turned thirty, and I know what marrying I know that the person you are the character that you have. I know how our children are gonna, be ways which is conservatively
You can get the hell out of the house to fry and admit there. I think I'm most excited just for the confidence, the confidence that it's going to instil for the rest of my life, because I have you have a partner now, so what the world really thinks That really matter- and I usually we had the episode with a two minute- no at the camera, but we're not going to do that, because we can both speak to the camera so your rounded up, I will say this We are on a journey to find one person in life. You can spend the rest of your life with ad, I'm lucky that I have you and I have cancer cells to share every day for us, my life with, and I am lucky that I had that reporting to play back to every single time you get upset with me up and arrested this turning. That's very, very gallery. Thank you guys were watching. The latest episode of Canvas Owen Show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did as many of you.
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