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2020-05-24 | 🔗
Is there a separation of church and state? Should pastors discuss political and controversial issues from the pulpit? Candace Owens and Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills discuss the church’s role in culture and politics in this episode. Watch now!
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Got to get conservatives to realize the irony of like I'm concerned, I I don't do the whole really stuff in my gray. Well, you really want to conserve something you might have to make sure the religion is being conserved, yeah right now, alright, I'm going to do a soft open down turn on Troduce, okay. Okay, ladies and gentlemen, we are rolling into another episode of the Candice Owens Show. I was on a walk recently He through Washington D C, I was checking out the monuments, beautiful beautiful city, where I was surprised a shock to actually in a little bit dismayed to see that in nearly every church that I had passed There was a some political statement. There was a large elegy bt flag painted that said, love is love. There was a large black lives matters on another church, and I was wondering when did churches become so political, especially when the issues they seem to be pushing
promoting seem antithetical to the Bible which they preach. When did all this come about, and is this a good thing? What does it mean? when we talk about separation of church and state here to discuss. All of this with me is passed. Her jack Hepsey is the author of turn around at home. Pastor heads welcomed the countess Olenska drink. You can do such group the rear its, as this is a topic that really really frustrates me, especially as somebody who is conservative and somebody who was reached question when I see churches really taking guess taking stances that seem to me to be antithetical to everything on that they preach. I don't really understand how it's happened, how it got this got this bad. I don't ever remember seeing any sort of estate churches at all. So where does it start? Let's just talk about the separation between church and state. What does that mean?
well, first of all, going back to the original statement where we get that from this comes out of a personal private letter that was written to Thomas Jefferson, who had then just become president and he had a very good friend and Danbury Connecticut, who was a pastor of the church there and that passed her head. That letter to Thomas Jefferson, saying now that you're, power, remember from where came from the motherland, the mother country, England, there must always be of that protection of our ability, the little worship freely and Jeffrey. is the one who said, I promise you they'll, be a separation of church and state, and the content context was one of the government will never get involved in what churches mission is and if somebody right now who's watching this programme and are listening, thinks I'll make it up. All you have to do is look at the first amendment. The first amendment makes their crystal clear
the government was never to dictate or to initiate a state run church while at the same time not inhibiting the worship of God, or the gathering of those around a spiritual topic. The film is meant to protect the church, it was not only meant to protect the church, yes, but are found there were so secure and there in their frankly of this nation, that this is the only sperm it in the history of man where the churches protect, but so is the eighth ism of someone. Isn't it This is amazing place. You can be a bye, believing or you can be Hindu, you could be muslim and you can be an atheist and All of us share in the exact same rights that it ever been seen before, and founders. Had that security
you know this when you visit the Jefferson Memorial, you know I had to laugh with with what you're saying, because I think I walked past those same churches. I saw the same thing right, you know, and so the founders they were so comfortable in their own skin and in their own faith, and so of them even being dearest? They understood hey, you know what on organ, conduct ourselves based upon what is obvious, and that is this thing called natural law. And natural law has always been for millennia, a reference to Providence, which is God and so we ve gotten away from that. Maybe we can go further down the path of discussion, but how did we the place where you are now we're churches. I mean, let's be honest, a most. Urges like the ones that you and I signed DC. They don't effect their community one iota in fact their only taken up space. In my opinion way,
Maybe they are affecting their community but they're doing it in a different way and they're, almost using the institution of the church, to really just deliver political messages and- and that is kind of where I get become fearful, because, first and foremost I say this is nothing new. So this whole I'm set of believing that churches have not been pushing our political message that they haven't been used to promote political messages can get destroyed. If you look at the history of abortion. You know as someone who's very into black history. I know a lot about Margaret Sanger, who is the founder of planned parenthood and when You know during this time the nineteen twenties, which was the progressive era. There was this real, real, tangible fear. All the best writers were writing about this fear that they were going to lose. That the good White nordic race onto these sudden flow of immigration that was coming from Eastern Europe and, of course, to the Black Americans, who were now reading, so there was a sphere that we have to protect appear. Bribes.
And actually closed borders, is they stopped immigration, for, while, in all these books said house do we make sure people are not breeding bad right are not breeding lease so how we gonna do this and Margaret Sarah comes around we'll talk such about abortion and eugenics, and she denote considered the black race to be unfit to be beneath but you said, if I go out and say that that's not gonna work and she she literally wrote in a letter to Doktor Clarence. Well, that they didn't want it to get out. They wanted to exterminate the black, but if they went through the churches, because black people had such faith their pastors and such belief in their pastors. If they could just get out there Message, if any of them got a controlled pastors, were quiet them down? She literally wrote this hey. We have let's fast work today and is one of the biggest play, forms of a left. You have black Americans that believe that abortion is there to protect our rights. The church helped that the church helped
perpetuate abortion, which is again anti that a call to what you read in the Bible, absolutely in fact just backing up just But if my memory serves me correctly, it was Adolf Hitler that even used her doctrine to justify some of his Actions against the jewish people. That is correct. and this is something I have to confess. I have the privilege privilege of pasture and a very large church. Very multiracial church, and I am saddened by how many of those who attend a black attendees do not know what you just said that I have no idea that planned parenthood had that agenda, exterminate this nation of of black p. And and it's an abomination, and yet said a right. The church like in the time of war war to today the church, the pole
has chosen to be silent, disengaged from topics that cause controversy, and yet I would submit to you, and I know I think you and I were the same fibre. Any topic that is controversial is probably topic that is worthy of a life and death battle? That's why it's controversial! That's why we ve got to defend or to resist because it such a code, troll dynamic change agent? world that ran so today we have, churches that are all about size, all about being hip cooler acceptable. And by the way, Jesus warned about that very thing that ISA watch out of the world speaks well of you, then you're, no friend of guide What am I saying that the past, or in the chair It should be hated in the community, absolutely not what I'm saying is that passengers need to get back to what biblical truth is stop worrying about? What's trending, if they're gonna
whose facebook, friends or likes they need to be biblically accurate and they it's really believe what it is that the Bible says because in doing so they can preach and teach and stand with passion. Here's what have When you do that, the culture of your church will change it. those people who go out every Wednesday night or Sunday to the. World around them and they affect the school board they're, the ones that window taking a good example to the police department or to the engine, department or whatever or the school whatever it is, and so for us. For me, that's that's a very passionate issue. I think that Jesus is still correct when he said we it to be salt and light, and we need to be effective in our community we can do that in a win some way lovingly, but always truthfully right, It's interesting. As for me, I mean I was raised deeply christian, my
your grandparents raise me during my formative years and everything sort of senator on the bible- and, I would say their biggest fear- was for us in which I ended up doing anyway, despite being raised. The right way was for us to become very secular and That was where there were so many teachings about secularism in the harm of secularism and and and kind of adopting, adapting yourself to fit in that right, which does not go out. Indeed, once I'm of Arab was out of my grandparents house, and then I went super liberal and then kind of came back home I like to say it, but it's interesting I know that that was their perspective and is something that I think she to me to be a really good individual in the end you know at the the Bible says. If you raise up a child in the way that they should be eventually they will come home but now we have a situation where, if you have the churches that are now taking the secular view right, what what is it? what is the permanent? What is the meaning behind the Bible right? What is the meaning behind the bibles teachings if you're
If you're going to say you know what I know the Bible says this, but I'm I'm going to take a view that actually nothing nothing to do with Bible. Well, why not work to the binding? The Bible may say this and, but I feel right and so now we have a culture where my feelings, you know, tromp what the Bible says and World view matters, your view will dictate how you live and how you raise your kids and how you conduct yourself as a citizen, my strong belief as it was an ancient christian ended in the roman empire, the Roman, empire, did not understand Christianity and they said so. They thought that there was a plethora of gods, but they couldn't figure out. I don't know very many people know this, but the term a theistic was used against the Christians in first sent. Roman Empire because the Christian to believe in one God for it, because that was at the time of their moving from appalled. world view to a monotheistic worldview,
Zactly. So they couldn't figure that out, but they did say, and you have one emperor after another saying you know what these Christians, there, the best citizens to have they pay. Their taxes they love one another and they even love those who hate them their great citizens to have around? I believe that that kind of witness today needs to be re established In a lot of people talk about revival, you know them revival and revival. What are we to about. When we talk about revival, we're talking about getting back to doing the right thing that's what revival means is being revived to live there. then God to do the right thing right and I think- and I think one of the more important things to point out- people that are not aware, of history, like you just brought up and in the roman empire and and things are actually began dvd beginning of what civilization moving away from a monotheistic worldview, the mean the polytheistic world's, the pilot, theistic worldview, is what allowed people I've no morals right,
it was even slaughtering children for the rain, God right, killing one another, because this God this got there was no. There was no meaning. There is a thought because you'd all Kersey curse This guy turned to me because they believe in so many different gods. It was actually what western civilization started really in that period of of the Greco roman time, and they I d, go, wait a second it. Maybe there's just one way developed morality right! There this is largely what develop a reality. This is what developed purposes is what may people move away from the tribalism and and that anger in and the murder and the senselessness behind it all and people don't know that better that that that incredible role that Christianity lead in creating. This is civilization that we see today. People dont know if that is what makes the west the basque people. Don't like to admit that this is the.
And they don't want their kids live in IRAN. They don't no on would say what my kids grew up in China want to admit it there and love it right, and so you say to them well which what other country would you rather have? Your kids are up and they always pick a western country, and that is due to Christianity You are so hundred percent correct and in fact there is a chapter in the Bible that just goes right through a you just said Paul the apostle he's, waiting for his ministry team to show up he's. Greece he's in Athens and he's what about a week, and I have to kill he's just Toulon around anyway up Gura there on Cars, hill and he's looking all of these gods that are represented in the roman empire. They lined the streets on pedestals, but the the the Greeks were very careful not to offend. God's. You just said it so right. Oh my gosh, my crop fail. They must have upset some God. So what did it was they had a pedestal with no that's you on it, and it says
to the unknown God. In case they missed someone. They didn't want to offend some God. Paul brilliance, looked around and said, wow you people the Athens I did you are very religious people. Do you see one this inscription to the unknown God, This is a God. I want to talk to you about he's the gun. that's got over all these other gods? You know you laugh and I'm laughing we're smiling the brilliance of that was Greece and Europe. Was never the same? After that moment it went from a polytheistic world to a monotheistic world, an hour, judeo christian values then launched out of Europe she's, really the foundation of our pilgrim fathers, they fled to this nation to reboot to restart what was so virgin and so in their in their heart, and I
How do these things with people who disagree, and I love it, but the founding document of our United States- it's very easy to find out- is the Mayflower com. It's only about what maybe two and a half paragraphs long and it too you're right there that we have come to establish a culture based upon the gospel of Jews. Christ, it doesn't say we're gonna, convert everybody and put him in a headlong in both their eyes out until they say yes, it was very are the rules of law and the the cultural impact upon a people that works way. So even today I had a great opportunity Candice to be at president trumps. state of the union address. Oh, that's, wonderful! It was awesome and you know I don't know if people realize this, but first of all behind the speakers of the House- or in this case the president behind him and above
over his head. It says in God, we trust directly opposite the podium from where the president speaking there is inscription there and it says of the face, and it says Moses and then all the All givers of of human history are all facing towards Moses somebody that was important to put into our nations sacred documents and location. Slight, that at the top of the Washington Memorial, would you saw that great spire, very few people No, that every time the president comes into land and that helicopter they come right out there. and pass over, and if you look down Candice, it's his glory, be to God. At the four points of that a pinnacle, that's That Washington D C is replete with biblical references.
Our nation was founded upon judeo christian values. We ve drifted from them, we have, there seems to be somewhat of, I hope, a turning toward them again, we'll see well, what's what's paradoxical about it and you're correct. Is that it's modernity? It's Its modern society is the reason that we sort of drifting towards away away from our judeo Christian beginning right and people go well. You know this is where the cool hit on size or run away from it. The truth is, as I, The saying earlier, you wouldn't have had this cool, hip society and endless modern society, if it hadn't been for the judeo christian christian principles in the first place nice here that two people, people all the time. It's a you know, I'm not people are that are not deeply religious. Tons of conservatives. Are they not super religious? You know when you start talking too much religion, like listen, you don't have to be super religious, but you should, if you love this country you love washing civilization. You do need to understand the fabric of id. Do need to understand the fibers. That means you understand what what's what's what's owed western civilization and it starts from just where you were talking about to start right. There
the Greco Roman period and that move away at it, because what I did was for a rational thought right. So if, if you had a flood in the Nile River, Truly, they do all the gods. Isis, we didn't kill enough children, you know whatever it is right. This is why it's flooding, but then, when they started saying no there's just one, it actually gave birth to all of those early philosophers. Styles of Plato and they started going, but it floods at the same time right. It's not all these guys. Maybe if it's not just curse the gods, maybe they're the reason the Nile is funding at the same time. Every year, and that's began it then Venza people sort O. How can how can we curve that and then this allowed them to start be no building that the concept of freedom and end which eventually led to was the biggest contribution on the of slavery or widening, has morality. Suddenly they realize you know you. You had to be me, morality mattered, because it wasn't just all these gods in and they they were playing a role and things that were happening who exert lend to thereby, and then this is. We can't do this anymore. You can't do this anymore,
William Wilberforce. I'm sure you know well but his his argument His life commitment in parliament in England was to abolish slavery in the empire of England of Great Britain, and I think he's I'm maybe off on the time, but I'll be close, something like thirty years. He fought to abolish. Slavery and just near his death, he was victorious, but that kind of movement. His argument, now you can be an atheist all you want. You know I was going to say: God bless you, but you don't believe in God, but if you're an atheist good luck, here's the thing it was wasn't the judeo christian value of Wilberforce, where he saw slavery as a scourge that affected our founding fathers. You ve got guys like Jefferson and atoms who Jefferson had slaves, but he inherited the slaves. Anyone against the crowned by the way by by panes of
ass. It was issued that if you teach a slave to read, you are now to the kingdom We should not only had his slaves all read and write reading and writing, but he had them read and and rise. The bible you ve got Johnny items who refused to own a slave right. You ve got your Washington who, where slaves but William Billy Lee George Washington's right hand, man in fact it is said throughout history, where every, Washington was Billy it was, you could never see the two apart when washing ten died. He gave half of his wealth. William Billy These are men who inherited a of of virgin nation that was entrenched in slavery, and you can't turn a big ship fast, but they see where they went down a path that eventually thank God
abolished slavery. I am, and in your correct, in talking about Thomas Jefferson, if, if you visited a modular along with many thy eyes a visit, I got married right round the corner from them in charge and over junior and down and when you walk through in use in you walk through the house, is at his slaves, lived in enforce off. What's the camera forget, he was in love with the slave tarnished effort, I don't doubt Doc, Thomas Jefferson, Hemlock, children, men, he went he met her in France, like I can't think of her new. At the moment he met met this black woman, France and said you know. I'm in love with you, come back to America live with me and she said why would I am free or in France? Why would I go back and he said I promise you if you come back here Our children will be free after I think he said twenty years, and he did that he made this promise and mislead that lived in a democracy when you walk around with joy and you look at the robes aid is a fact: nobody disputes it. They lived better than than whites white people that were labourers at the same exact time because of the poverty that they had well
they're still free now, there's no like. I must stay. Anybody should not you know, but the standard for living or the slaves at Marcelo was higher than it was for four, the laborers that were living up north and it was definitely better than the standards of the common man of Europe one hundred percent, yeoman least one hundred percent an end now something that people don't like to talk about because it's you know it's true and makes it more comfortable and because you know this, obviously we all agree on the institution of slavery was boring, but the weight if they try to trash the founding fathers and not understanding that they inherited slavery and to call Thomas Jefferson, a racist is almost crazy because he in love with the black woman and and with pleased with her to come back and then gave she had all of children men, those children became free, and it's one of those things that it so important to talk about it as slavery in the correct contacts because room at the same time it they hate our founding fathers. They will never want to acknowledge that it was the west and abolish the trade first patrolling the first led the world. You know that France
followed by were informed by America in new item. If we go down this route or not, but anyone do people ever stop. It ask where was Europe in America getting the slaves from? Oh, I mean hello and have we looked into what was going on on the Barbary Coast in North Africa? Absolutely that is exactly where it all came from, and I've talked about this extensively. There there's a lack of education when it comes to the extended role that Arabs played in the slave drain and have always played in the trade changes due to this day, and then there's also just the left's than the way that they want to look upon things in through a weird weird lens, where they think that like we were all kings and Queens and Africa not that we were also enslaved and that we weren't sold literally for basic things, basic things. He was for four mirrors right This is a cool mirror here, take twenty of our strongest man and when all gin mirrors gin like I'd, be basically they sold us into slavery for our own people. Freak of it because I'm
Christian, I'm just gonna put it this way. Maybe for someone your audience it's not acceptable. But for me As God says, man is create. He created man in his own image to think about what you just said that I'm I tell you what I'll give you a barrel and rum and a couple of points of silver for that black one, and for that black man so degrades and in so degenerates that person's value that to me it's like demonic thinking it's I don't see how a human can think about another human, no matter what their fight natural or the the color of their skin.
Or for that matter, even their views will that that is the natural away a little it's a natural way in which humanity trends. When there is a sense of morality, exert and morality assumes morality is developed and understood. You, you immediately move towards tribalism and ensure that that is. That is the great miracle that is the greek miracle right, let that was the part of the greek miracle. Judeo christian values and and the thing that we have to be so grateful force you we know all of that road and get what I'm walking down the street in Washington DC Here I look up and is its let's go the opposite direction, right? Let's I'm, I'm real big on its it's, my life's passion to speak to pastors to to reverse this, I go across the nation doing this and why- is it that I'm doing I'm asking them to get back to really believe what their Bible says and let it rip. When I say let it rip, I mean go into that pulpit on fire having prayed and studied I don't get your sermon from some guy online. I dont say Lord
bless, my scrambled eggs and the message today, I'm talkin about get your hard on Fire know what you believe and preach it and teach it, because it's true we're flawed people, we're broken people. We God's grace his forgiveness. We need the love of Jesus, we need the cross and that empty tomb. Stat settled truth. Never changes. Truth is true. And it's not that I there was Ronald Reagan. That said he began lovingly reboot? Somebody who said we need God on our side and Reagan, turned and said we don't we need to get on God, side, that's decide that we need to be honest. So I just believe canvas that its. not too late that if pastors of communities just think for a moment what, if pastors a community the starting this Sunday began to preach and teach from the Bible which are leave as always relevant there.
address issues, even though it's about the cross or it's about Martha pouring the on Jesus this way you can work that and to the fact that This is what's going on in our local schools, and this is how that applies today. If we say that- and I believe Holy Spirit is saying that we could. We could see a chain in our nation like this, and it is called revival. It happened, in the first awakening in America, that an awakening and look you and I geographically are not we're not far from the Azuza Street revival that broke out in California, it made history. the Jesus movement it started. The hippies your way too young to know this, but the hippies stone. Free sex everywhere, hate Ash Mary was going on and they woke up to this that you know what we're killing ourselves and there were people
reading, none of the Bible publicly in Huntington Beach and Coastal Mesa and sat down and listen to the Bible, and there is a cultural change that was forty years ago. We need to get back to the right total. I totally agree and in Ireland and the great irony that I seen especially when I see something like when they paste black lives matter on their right because we know that that that narrative is is fundamentally false. Nowadays, it fundamentally false like this, that this idea that there are other pollutants police officers are gunning down black people just because their black we met. We now know that suddenly fast. We also know that perpetuating that narrative hurts black people right. So this this whole idea that you're helping black people right, which is fundamentally false because then, even though they are there More nasty towards police officers, no more, let me again to the scrabble and it was approved in that That year, when this narrative was was really at its peak and twenty sixteen it increased
Black homicide went up by nineteen percent because police officers and want to launch neighbourhood for fear being all races right back in it and it's horrible. So it's like you, you guys are actually a harming harming you're you're hurting people. by not being honest by not saying you know, this is the truth by not producing truth, and instead, this this easy, secular path of seeing hey They were hip, we're cool. This is trending right now, so we're just gonna go hand. Stick this bumper sticker on our churches, it's really really wrong at its is completely irresponsible wow. You know, for me I don't know I'm just going to speak the truth and I dont know how this lands. What you're saying for growing up in southern California I I heard the word racism way later in life. My black friends and puerto rican friends, my hispanic friends
the guy's on my football team and junior high school. I never thought a moment if they were hispanic blacker than I was portuguese. It never. Once dawned on me with. Just live in life, and then the was brought up somewhere along the line now in MIKE generation. I I was able to escape that it didn't. It wasn't thrust upon me I woke up to it later. My point is this: that, when black life black lives matter, posters, One up the thought entered my mind and again this may be wrong, and is unconvincing now, but its honest, Someone say that, because to me that Sid says that other lives don't matter Tell I took it, that's always still take it. If I put up a sign that says white lives matter I am sending the message that all other lives are lesser than mine race. That is sick right.
Wrong. If somebody's put up a Simon said, Porter Regan, fires matter its income, upon. The human nature is once again remember we are creating the image of God, you're I will lay down my life for your life because you have been created, the image of God, but important region. I don't see that I do not see that and I believe that that is so played out beautifully. A weird theater, and that is war when men are banded together in in war there, the color of the soldier. Next year gone right, you are fighting, for greater cause and those petty divisions, no exist? So I think you're causing me to think someone right Now- and here it comes use, here that you were brought up in a christian home and that was embossed upon your heart and when you strayed, you had something to come back to, probably but when you when we when I, when we strayed, we were a little,
full of ourselves. Absolutely we kind of knew everything. Leftism Narcis and uncles hand in hand atheism all for me. What what will you give me in life? That was your value of my value, of course, because we were leaving in for ourselves, and then we realized that that doesn't work and you thank God, had roots to come back to. Could it be that what you just said about yourself, is that America, America's at we had roots and we knew those routes in our little kids. Public school. Even the Mccarthy reader. They were raised in those schools with ABC the alphabet using the Bible vein. had a foundation. If they were believers or not, they had a foundation. Then we got wealthy. Then we got successful It would become the greatest of everything on earth and now we're kind of petulant We wind about everything. We complain. Nothing fits nothing's right like Cinderella. It just doesn't work everything's long, what we're so so
yeah narcissism, Ethel consumed on self, that when we're like that, then we point the government's wrong. The police are wrong: they're wrong, this is why everyone is wrong. But me right I think, as a nation, we're like a teenager, a spoiled rotten little teenager. And we need to get back. In fact, in a word in some ways, we need to learn how to suffer so Here is not a bad thing. It's not a bad thing. It's listen, my my grandparents they immigrated from Portugal because they suffered on me. dad side they were farmers, they worked hard, your family, they had their trials and tribulations their bills character today, think? Oh, my goodness, my internet down when you have a panic over the
no, don't know the irony of you saying, as I just have this conversation. What's when I said they dont know how to deal with small things. They ve never had a deal of big things and and and so our everybody put themselves into a tissue literally. I use the example like your internet network, not on your plane on your marine biology and you are ready to sue United Airlines because you, you think that you should have had know ability to email and Instagram the entire time you're on the plane, and that is a condition of our society because, and that only happens when a society is perfectly comfortable perfectly peaceful and has had no struggle. Can this kind of sort of ridiculous spread and and the harm here in talking about this, when it comes to the church that the church would have learned its lesson when the church starts starts, trending towards immorality re badly. This happened right evidence about why there ever was a catholic rend.
And protestant more right, why did Martin Luther is now his ninety five theses? Because the church was coming around four indulgences ugly? They could buy their way to have mainly at and people that were already poor. They were zapping, something like six hundred thousand dollars from entire cities and giving it back to the church riot in morality right actually spawn something that then turned into bloody years between different factions of Christianity right so right now, I think we are witnessing in predicament in terms of four people that that we turn to the church when they know right that their promote. Being a morality, that there are many things that are not right, which, by the way to their own detriment as you're, promoting the same side of people that will eat you. First right, the same people, the left, the same people that more people that believe in Jesus Christ. That's right right, you're, promoting their views on white versus black versus gay versus straight the other ugliness in this division it's not gonna end well well, to make you listen. Someone from our church told me the store
greets exactly to what you're saying they invite a friend of theirs, I'm not gonna name the church, it's a local Ella church, but they invited their friend to church Their friend was not a believer, but they invited the friend to church, and this this person told me I thought this would be a good place to take them, so they take them to church and after the church experience the unbeliever said I I dont see much of a difference of what we just did. I mean them. The band was cool and the the lecture the guy gave. Alright, whatever we were doing that person an injustice, because the truth of the matter is: if we take them to church and wage, they think that it's just a little bit different than the world
but not much soul in the world. Does it better? Let's be honest, the world does better music. The world is better lighting. So why go. there are insulting. A lot of Christians are insulting the non believers. Non believers are not stupid. There, sir They have that proverbial Jesus toll in their heart to their looking. That's why the guy said, although when they go into church. They need to encounter truth there not dumb. they know if they can just sleep around and do whatever. Well that's what the world us I can do it in church will then what's the difference, but when they find now: the gods is a better life for you completely better in its healthy and you'll, be incredibly satisfied what's going on around our world, look at where we're at where we live. We live in Paradise here: and yet people are committing suicide because they're not satisfied. Do you think you think the fear
It is there rather is there a fear? Is there some pastoral fear? Is there a reason they don't that they're doing that, like is this? Somebody knock on a door and say: hey. Can I put this? Love is love black lives matter, stuff and they're like sure sure you don't want to be seen as some on who is not sending are already fearful that no one's gonna show up Yes, the US there their fearful of being rejected again this autumn's from not having a strong foundation so their fearful of criticism, fearful of rejection. You know better than I do or we know it together, if somebody wants to get at us they'll just call us names, try to oh, you know a homophobe, you're xenophobe. So all that stuff starts line about pastor, doesn't want to get involved in that then cowards about doesn't want to talk about culture. Crucial issues, but you know here's the big bomb. The yonder pound guerrilla in the room is Jesus said that all have sinned,
I will tell us that we all need him. He says that he is the way the truth in the life and no man can come to the father, but through him that's a radical statement. And in it can stay radical. It can stay crazy even when he says, if you kill me. Don't worry about it because in three days I'll be back. That's insane! three days later, three days later he's back. so when he says in the Bible, says that we all need him, we can take a big breath and realize hey. You know what instead of us live in this hypocrisy. I love the fact that you started talking early about hypocrisy. Lucius face the music. If you. putting your fingers and judging this person and, if you're, condemning that guy in this thing and the other, don't you see the strangeness of it. Who are you to do this when guy is the only one who's justified in saying all of you have seen that come short, the glory that I expect that's. Why my son, I will
place your son upon him and you will receive. I will transfer to your account his righteousness. That's called the gospel Candice and it's free, but it costs got everything you see. Why is it so important? Because when that happens, I cannot see any other whom and being less than myself. In fact, the boy We'll tells me to serve those that around me way. Am I mean an end? If people don't understand this, as you would expect that pastors would understand that Satan is the author of lies and this up Reagan. Is the author of lies in deception right? So how can you be a pastor and stand on things that you know to be lies or things that you know to be deceptive, like like, like the black lives matter, crazy and and I'll get this example by the way which I thought was stunning. I saw a video trending on Facebook. Think my dad tagged me and and down I look mental day was passed her black pastor and it was incredible he eat here. You can see he's getting up there,
giving giving his sermon and down suddenly he takes his glasses down. He says he you need to get out of here bright and whoever, according to catch this moment you to make this puts great a moment he's like you need to get here, he's like. Why do I have to leave and the pastor says to him. Slash says to him: he said what you do when you're outside of this church is not my business, but when you come into this church, you will be dressed. does a man, so he was talking to a man that was dressed as a woman. I see I'm right, I got it and the entire congregation burst into applause at and the person leaves I thought, wow what conviction, Rikers he's on saying this guy. This is you need to go to do it I'll, be this person wherever you want, you want to be in the world right, but when you have, You come through my door on Sundays. There will be no deception. There will be no lies, there's only truth in this room and our of that of that it and it didn't the way in a bad way. This guy, I mean I mean I don't know sure he got ex terrible emails, but in terms of the
GOSH net was happening at the person posted like what you think of this. All of the comments from black people. Were you were saying: Kudos the hand absolutely who does forehead and think about it changed the narrative just a bit worried move that narrative in insert it's a guy sleeping with his neighbor less. Let's make that the scenario. In the past or calls him out on that. Ok, both are equally true and honest events that pastures defending truth, and his flock, but what people? Because motions will just spike in a moment before they spike. We need to really something when I go to my doctor: might doctor you know something about me. That's not good. He's gonna tell me here not gonna find that he loves me by not telling me that I have a very funny looking spot on my arm or something he's going. So did we need to get this thing out? That pastors spoke to that?
in a way that that guy went home and knew he knew that he had her truth just maybe, while the world panics and tweets and twitters about all these things about what they passed. Her did. There's a young man rethinking disposition and it could very well, savers and no it's interesting about in inducing at the manner in which he said it. It was not hateful. You could tell it was, it was just truth: it was powerful and a command, It were spat right and it was here. Your options right. You can go out and be who we want to be in the secular worlds right. But when you come here, its truth at I thought to myself now imagine if every church, yes across Amerika, adopted that person and right there had to strike to say I don't know how this is going to play it on Facebook. I don't know it's going to be I don't care what the world's make of make of this moment. But I take I take it will seriously and if you will
could be a part of this. You are going to commit to the fact that we are on the side of truth and the world can move around right, but truth never moves to did that truth. It never ever converts into anything else. Then the truth, it's incontrovertible, that's awesome. cash. You know we're have ensured right now, really anything my show comes out on Sunday, cereal growing year grids, and I hope that no it with people watching this, if they can understand like I always hear people, you not be religious, you Show is not about religion, but do understand the role that religion has always played in your life, the freedoms that you enjoy. We have judeo christian values to think for that and that that's always a lesson that I want people to take away when they're listening to my show is truth and freedom and how do we protect
both so we wrapped every episode by allowing you you're ready you, Dr Hans, I dont have a script, but I'm ready so way to leave a message. This rob we're, gonna get human and you ve got two minutes and Dana's got the clock and it's going to be message for the world. Don't lo at how you're gonna get nervous. No, maybe I should go leave it, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! It's! Okay! Okay! On your mark get set world, I give you pastor, Jack Hips, that's The greatest thing that you can do is to speak truth. It doesn't matter if you are married or single. If you have kids or not does not matter what culture you ve come from, you need to know. Truth. Truth today is the very commodity that is being bartered with and attacked and played with on all levels if its politics, if its business, whatever it is, truth is always the issue, and so what I want to stress do is in a worldview, because all of us have a worldview that you adopt the world view of the Bible,
Bible, the the longest living awesome culture, changing life changing word of God and what happens is the more that we Have the Bible truth in our lives? The laws. We need, because you know it. Not gonna, murder, I'm not going to cheat on me, the wife. I am not going to commit a crime because I've got the truth of God working in my heart, and you can have at to the platform that God gives you is a platform that he offers at the expense of the life of his own son, Jesus Christ. And it's this message. that transcends all religions on earth. Listen, I'm not encouraging you to adopt another religion, I'm asking you to receive Christ as a relationship that God loves you and there is not any lifestyle or send that you could have ever committed, that's greater than his blood to forgive. You can start
If all over again, you know how reboot our computers or restart our phones, when they act up, guess what guy once you he's giving opportunities, restart your life, and you can do that. There is hope you don't need the trend, like others, are so many today who are losing hope and they're. Putting a gun to their head are they're, taking the bottle of pills to Do that he loves you. He wants to hear from you. The Bible tells us that if you just call upon him, he'll hear you too to him, and so the greatest thing that I can say for America, where I live our home, is that America would turn back, and that would mean that I would speak to the pastures pastors turn your church congregation back to the Bible back to truth and be fearless in your pulpit be on fire. May God envelop you in his word and in prayer as you prepare, and then, on Sunday morning, like George
which field and early America atheist went out to hear him. Reach, including Ben Franklin, to hear him preach and it was asked Why are atheists coming to hear what field preach? We don't leaving what he's preaching and they said now, you know what we don't, but we ve got hear to hear him because he believes in what he's preaching, and so that's my call to America to turn back to the Lord, and I think that will be great hope. So that's my message and I have no idea how much I have left a man, a man, that's a raw! Thank you guys were watching. The latest episode of the Canvas Owen Show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you guys already know. Prager you is a five or one see three Non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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