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2019-05-19 | 🔗
Lila Rose, president and founder of Live Action, joins Candace for a conversation on chastity, and why many issues facing society today are a direct result of how the culture views sex. PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation: https://donate.prageru.com/CO
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Now before you can learn its also formation. It's bad formation like they don't they weren't unethical sex education because they weren't top right. They weren't taught about its about sex education that relationship education. How do I relate it? We have shifted visits to guide me. This is like a good pod cast them so excited for this. Listen I'm like some of the Irish Rachel, hey guys. We are rolling into another episode of the candle Owen Show and we are talking about sex. Yes, Now I have your attention. Are we in over sexual ized culture? Are we not sexual lized enough here, discuss all think sex with me? like a rose, welcome to the kind of sound and ass I was. I had to jump the gun there because we were having this off camera conversations all really exciting you do a lot of work in talking about abortion in my heart,
an abortion rings, but man Marcia told me. You also talk about chastity and I was instantly like. Oh my goodness, I have to have run the show, not because I have an opinion on it but because I almost don't have an opinion on it and I want to work through it. I think he did I think you do about. You knew, I think, maybe two seven eight be numbered, we'll talk about it right now. So where did you remain aversion to your married yeah? Well, yeah! and it was a decision and my fiance when we were engaged in dating that he completely respected. It was on board because the vow He was sexism so amazing it wasn't that sex is bad. We're gonna get rid of it. It was us taxes, something so good, sir, bonding sexism potential participants. Life into the world right way, and so we want to protect this incredible bond. This experience that we believe is not just physical but spiritual. I mean the said. The research shows that is more than just a physical exercise, its emotional psychological, its
bonding thing, you can do with another person ray, and so why would you just do it with someone you're gonna, walk away from that should want to do that with your family, with your spouse Now we ve dominating the when you met him, so he would. He could tell us on story mean he. I think he you know, maybe had made other decision than his eye. But ultimately he wanted to reconnect to that because less important people need support for meeting me the years before meeting me. It was a real commitment he wanted to make because he realized that's not the lifestyle that human to live where he what he wanted to say that for his future wife and that's something alot of people today they think oh I've already had sex sought a big deal, it's a big deal anymore, but it isn't it is a huge deal and it doesn't matter what you do in the past amount is we're going to do in the future, and I think Anybody I think evening this way, when you, when you're having sex with someone or you're you're dating someone who doesn't even matter before that this is summons, feature spouse? This could be someone's future wife or husband. So you on a tree,
with respect you don't own and they don't own, you re, so you want to treat them with respect. I have to ask you- and I have the same- age what and so we kind of growth in the same climate. Socially, I would say it's I've decay, we're both thirty were really old, were or were all the air and what was not likely twenty growing up and design what you're going to commit yourself to God, because I can only imagine in the time that I grew up in your kind of considered the weird if you're, not sexual? I ask people were out when it when it would cause. I was I going around saying: I'm a virgin, but when it would somehow randomly occasionally come on conversation, people would be people were easily shocked like. How can you be twenty years old, and you still not have had sex, and I think that that's a complete, a complete confusion that our culture has right now the confusion over culture, says that it's actually normal to have sex when you're, really young, studies, show the research shows that actually early sexual activity doesn't lead to good outcomes later down the line and actually delayed sexual activity leads to better outcomes down the line. And what do you mean in terms of outcomes?
How comes meaning your relationship, happiness? Your economic happiness. Physical health has the best the eyes, the potential for pregnancy when you're not prepared for it. So I think that, first of all, as the social debt data on that, but from a spiritual perspective- If we think sex is just an act, you do right and all that matters is consent. It's all about consent. Today, right all you need to do, is consent, and then your God rightly that's the meeting as long as there's consent, that's good. We need zero dollars and ten cents which incentives not enough sex, should be about love. It should be about two It should be about responsibility and it is built to be about children and is only being we sterilize Emily use. Women who think about all these women are age and younger are taking birth control. Both are being told you need to sterilize yourself, you the to shut down your hormones in order to be Chile available to me. I mean that's what that message. It right now is actually really find that you talk about that and why we will start to bring him. I haven't you start talking about chastity,
as I remember, just being so young and no matter what you had it in this always freaked me out. So I was really staunchly guns, mirth control pills by myself. Cap with that conclusion. I myself very dangerous for Helen Jurists, but the way that they promote it is what turned me off to immediately, so it was sort of like you turn toil because the doktor using a pimple there, like burthen trial, good luck? You say I've ever had a problems, forest control pills. You could say anything. I say: birth control pills. open at a very young age. I was very suspicious of that good and I may I swear Asma. I said Don't know why! Every time I have any element, you keep telling me this birth control pills, gonna fix it, but distant. It's no May your hard no for me, but it is interesting because when you learn about all of these topics regarding sex, whether that's abortion, whether it's about having sex, you learn about it. Weird way in health class and which is almost like. Yes, of course, you should be having sex and by the way, if, if you get pregnant, you should just homeward have an abortion
Don't they don't tell you anything about what it means like? What a foetus is, what it looks like nothing. It is just you are irresponsible individual if you have an abortion, if you're not married, because this chart was going had a horrible toxic life and the best thing you can do as a young person is to have an abortion. So what is that sexual education doing yeah it's sexual, Miss education, so plan I mean plan parent is behind us. There they do the most abortions, and there, one of the number one sex educators of their getting grants from the government to be that sex educator in the classroom for kids as young as grade school, so little kids to tell them that sexes. Not a big deal. Sexism activity, that's normal, that anybody should do when their young. So this is sexual icing. Kids, like little kids like a sixth grade fifth grade and its It's it's trying to rip away the spirit till relational part of sacks like that sexes designed to bond to people together. That is not just about a momentary
sure it's about a light level supposed to be a lifelong relationship way and it can bring children into the world. I mean for all condoms, her all the birth control health. There are still, oh so many unwanted pregnancies as they call them that there is almost a million abortions a year or so it's not working here is an angry about that. That is a bit oxymoron. So why would at the very same time that their promoting people to have sex with they also be promoting people to not they don't and they had the baby's though so. What do I mean? I think, plan paranoid. I think when I think plan parent. It has created a market for themselves. Ok because interest it has. They are good. Nationalizing can. First of all this, I need to have the birth control and by the way, this idea that abstinence me, delaying sexual activity or not having sex is impossible, is a flat out lie I mean I'm absent, but you and I are asking it right now in the studio and when I married, I am absent with anyone else, except my husband. I mean it is a fidelity to just my husband, so we have
control. We have the power to treat or bodies with respect and responsibility and to other people the same way and to send the message to kids that they do that is inevitable that they're gonna have sex and that they're gonna be sir. if, as long as they use a condom or they take birth control is a complete lie. It does not protect their heart. It does not protect them, and it also doesn't protect their body because at Sdr you can so got a nasty. I, u can still get power, even using contraception in the month before getting and a boy, sense of women who get abortions, is about the the percentages about half of women who get an abortion say that they are some form of contraception and month prior, so like they didn't know about contraception right, they were on it their partner was using it or something failed what did you just were enjoying the moment. A majority of people are just enjoying moment in their enjoying them. Only we now enjoy the moment. A tranquil should like it's a button and may I know like a regular why I just get rid of the child, but this idea of safe sex second sex is supposed to be something safe as far as bonobo, where you can be vulnerable but is not supposed to be about something where
you are. You have to protect yourself from your partner with some late hacks or with a pill that sterilize as you or shuts down your hormones. How is that really self give? and feeling vulnerable and free with it always faked now did not actually always freaking out where I would just say: why would any person wanted just put hormones in their body every single day? in doing that, I had only a chinese suppressing something healthy right. That's the thing fertility as a sign of health, and this is it. This is a necessary and all young women, you're fertility as a sign of health. If you're, having really heavy periods, rough time with something in your your cycle. Then look at the underlying sometimes don't shut down your entire fertility with these four with these pharmaceuticals with these drugs, that's not going actually help address the underlying condition. It's not gonna help you be healthy and Anne and it's gonna create long term problems so glad yet you are so against it because they create fertility problems for women later on the back of my head, I sat here, Sir, actually untied analyses it something a yo YO and
Don't get again, I hear you were a year earlier and I remember one of my girlfriends was going to get this nose like does something not just in the back of your head sharing wrong wrong about this, and let me just say, because I do I do to normalize discussion in the sense that I've been very open what the fact I took a very liberal route taken, amateurs? I'm I'm so, even though I was staunchly against birth, birth control pills. Bizarrely, I didn't have this idea about sex as I wanted. You are the cool kids, and so I lost my virginity when I was- and there wasn't too young but I must have a genuine. I was in high school and I was normal is probably seen as like normal. In fact, you again, it is right- and I regret it ends, and so that's why this conversation was so interesting to me why
I see that it has won, and I regret it what? But what is at the heart of that? What the regret that, because the person men apsley nothing to me- and I was doing it because I wanted to fit in- I was doing it because this was the normal thing to do, and you were concerned weird. If you didn't, if you didn't do these sorts of things so intensely sites, not even just peer pressure from your ear students, it's it's peer pressure from society idiot. Everything that you're seeing on tv is everything that you're being taught by your teachers and is planned parent. I wish I need a classroom now, I'm engaged. I wish I had waited, and that's really sad thing and a weird thing to say now, obviously, because they live a different lifestyle, but that that guilty of creeping up on me before. Engage before I met my fiance. I was in a relationship and I have a conversation where I was like. I think I kind of one a recurrent myself back to God and my boyfriend at the time said no more if you dont have- and this is why new- that something was really wrong- Ray I love you. If you had sex with me, that was my thats. What I heard
right- and it was well- everything will follow our love that it's not like. It's not sexes, I think, is excuse when he said to me was sex is how people connect right but with someone that you're gonna love lifelong and you ve, given everything to the civil war is its war on that yeah. You know, and so it's interesting to me that I had the skills are given up on me and my mid twenties digging. I done something really long really terrible, but I had just accepted at that was ok, that's what you're supposed to do earned the love you now you'll stay with me right because we're having sex and right. Ultimately, it means nothing, I think a lot of people. They say they together, like the man's not marry rights. You they're not not down on one knee offering the ring pledging their life to them, lifelong, so that we're in a try it out right or the woman is even fearing commitment. Has some issues in our past or fears of commitment, so we're gonna, and then try on marriage, we're gonna like put it on and see if it fits. That's, not gonna set you up for success because you're already going in!
The conditional you're already going in ready to walk away you're not going to practice for marriage that what you're practicing for divorce that way and the statistics show that the statistics show that if you cohabiting before marriage or more likely to get divorced, which is really interesting. So why do you think that we have this culture right now that glorifies, I guess, being noncommittal re there will not be glorify. Having more to both sexes city. What was I, how shall I thought about right hand and I loved that shell, when I'm a hunger and what their? Basically they let you talk here of cure and they had many bags and model shoes, and we must all, as I went to branch, what message that sending two young girls is that this is cool. This is ripe and this is empowering and we start to emulate that behaviour, and now we see these articles, these Buzzfeed, embossed also- I had a one nightstand and it was amazing. It was great and untanned tipsy, please your man like it's all about Illumines magazines, all about
using, and it's not your man like your husband who is committed to you for life at some random dude. You happen to be seeing your non right dating you're hanging out with so yeah it's very toxic, its toxic for women. Why? I think it more result I mean, I think, a lot I mean there's selling tons of product where I mean the fountain of cars, sometimes as a multi billion dollar industry launcher set is yet another whole women's world of like fashion and grooming, and everything mean it's a lot of money involved, not just not all bad, and I think that can be used for good. But what happened was there is the sexual revolution, which happened after the Belief in this room in the early feminist movement was good. It was about the right to vote. It was about to just have opportunities for education, Ladys outlawing already done something really toxic happened and the sexual revolution happen. Where was us up ending of what they saw, a traditional morality, the reality as traditional merrily isn't just traditional its natural? It's. How were built? That's how were made psychologically our desire for commitment and love our desire for someone who's not can just walk out the next day
spilt into weapon, as women is built into our bodies, because we can have bring life into the world that takes no once and then the child and that eighteen years, so sex is a big deal and it should be, but the sexual evolution up that inside it's not a big deal is just the thing you do whatever you want with whomever it doesn't matter it system, pleasure for a moment and its attacks really up to you. Make the rules right. There's no morality around sex! Accept you! Don't Maybe maybe that's the end, even that we have a huge crisis with that today, right, but there's no morality around it! It's really what you want it to be and that such revolution agenda, which hijack the feminist movement. So then there like will now if you're, feminist, you're gonna be pro sex without any rules without any responsibility and who, like that crazy. Man like huge Hefner that play boy who wanted to sexual eyes women and sell
objective that night and I have been rejected that doesn't make them happy died unhappy. I talk about this all the time I say the people, if you think that you are a modern feminist like I refer, my call that radicalized feminist we had files them all dietary because they see how they treat people live. When I ran lords, was very well I'll issues by it. say, then they will talk about this by another while and they would never while they pretend to align Roddy, walk away may one! I stand in their fine, there's, no doubt any there's, no issuing their and an end, they don't feel happy about it and I have girlfriend that make a living out of writing writing about their sexual deeds with men, and I I genuinely feel so sad for them. I feel sorry for them, because I say that it's not what you want. It's not women one, and yet you ve convinced you ve got a society, convinced that this is normal to pen all of your bad date. Oliver about sexual experience is because you probably watch episodes of carry Bradshaw insects necessity to young. I want to be like carry Bradshaw, and I didn't version have one do is to be a journalist.
And we have this this culture that says yes, yes, Moribus Instagram gives even more, but this was social media, I always say like if you want to get it a million dollars on Instagram. Take your top up. Do something and say I'm empowered right. This is empowerment to me. and then you have younger generations like Oriana Grundy, who I think is miserable widening, is actually unhappy who goes out and says it is talking about in her music about being on top of man and an end with an up and that she is not going to find herself deductible. Or something and calling it in pounds. You has over a hundred million little girls they clicking on in parliament right, it's very, very bad and an end when, if you, if you criticise it, are you say, that's her for if they kill your shaming women is thought to shame like this, it not to this is to liberate. This is too. This is because we know what makes people happy it's not that it's not you not going to be happy sleeping with five different guys, Five months, you're not gonna, be happy. Divorcing, you're, not gonna, be happy. Getting a nasty you're, not gonna, be happy getting pregnant. Unexpectedly ergo,
an abortion like we know these things, don't make people happy right. So we want. You only know that sex and there's the other thing actually studies show that the Atlantic, just at this piece on his two weeks ago, these two and there weren't, even pro life, her anything these women and they wrote that they do the studies, and this is years of social dot. Us not just there. Some other studies that people who are married have the most sex. and the best sex and people who are married and go to religious services at once a month are even better category, then the prior category? So what does that say? It says If you want to be happy, if you want a great sexless life get married, and also realise that your marriage is not just something that you contract between the two of you, but that there is a third person, the marriage, where's, there's God, who created marriage and hypocritical both of you, and so it's a spiritual thing. Now. It's a covenant between
the sacrament between each other and it's beautiful, is really going on in our passage overheating at some I tweeted something you know my tweets can be a little controversial because I'm always I'm always trying to push pushed the world forward a little bit. I put a little bit because I think that that's the best way to get people to debate and to pay attention to something I got into so much trouble was months ago at a lunch with a girlfriend, and she said we were talking at all. These people are just really crazy women. They're, just really crazy and really bitterly unhappy in and they are making their making, it seem like it's about Trumpeton about tromp, there's, no way anybody has as much time to be this hateful, not anyone right and what I ve a system used as escaped his escape go and what I said was at this one this young woman said to me for women that dont have children and don't get married, and the expression that huge got me in trouble was if they dont use their eggs. They scramble right and obviously is something that is a lot of people off, but I think abroad
a way to see that, which is that we are, like you said, tradition, three, there is something natural about Ray and when you keep trying to buck the trend and Andrew intentionally not do something that comes natural to you. Re like you want to find. When you want to find a partner, you want to have children, and yet you less. finally convince you. Otherwise you will end up like Happy Griffin, you will end up like Chelsea Handler. You will end up like Sarah, so I dont me to call these women out Dino to make them feel badly But I wonder if there is any different decisions and invited something else into their life very rather than feminism, if they would be if they would be different if they would be more fulfilled and yet they will get people like us ends and think there's something wrong with that, like I don't need, a man is led the new empowering slogan.
by these are each other. Men and women are made for each other symbiotic, it's beautiful, it's complimentary. It is and its imminent and I think again, back to the whole. Thing of shame. I mean shame, is natural to the human person to feel it because we know it cut it triggers when something is wrong. Great, and the moral law which I believe is there's an absolute more law that exists, don't kill, dont rape, dont, commit adultery which is connected to other sexual ethics and that mirrors of biological Ray our the way, we're wired psychologically, the way our bodies work. So this than when I, when you say traditional, yes, its traditional as, unlike you said his natural. These are two things I worked together and why all the social data backs up Getting married waiting book before you get married, have sex getting married and then having
pilots are doing it in that order is where people are more successful, economically psychologically, their happier their healthier. That is with the data shows, but you know what I think it is, though, also MRS, like I kind of trying to be in the middle here, because right when these people say no now we have to let you have a bush whenever they want their out swimming in their fighting for babies to be murdered. You say, whereas I come from two, I think people are fundamentally evil now. I think they're fighting for something that is fundamentally evil, but we have to ask ourselves why. Why are they fighting for that? I think what happens is that you do you make a decision? really young, because society tells you it's. Ok, that's normal lobbies. Blood had abortions right now. This man, like me, had sex when they were young, and so they think that if they go the other way, there suddenly become a hypocrite. They start waiting for something ability can believe in any more at it? It's almost in common about upon people like me, like. I wish I done what you did me the space for that like me who didn't wait until they were married is to say the people. I wasn't happy, I weren't fulfilled and I
wish. I had done what light LA did and at any moment you can change your mind. You can recommend like it when you you ve, brought up your husband. You can't we commit right and not just as It was an act and you can be on the side of the main areas is more beautiful. It's like its having the courage to make him around your like that hard, that's hard to see a lot of humility, Eliah, humility, and it's not popular right. This isn't the stuff. That's gonna, get us! I'm late The team, that's for sure, they're, not gonna block all were wonderful talk about child. I change we can change our arrives like Prager, become the media like I'm leaving only legislative acts makes curls wanna watch dozen and have conversations about this and make decisions in their own. So I think the most beautiful thing a woman can do is wait until they're married to have sex. I really do I admire people then took that route. I wasn't that girl, but I hope that people watch me and hear me talk about that and say you know what I saw the chance to make that decision, or I can turn around and say you know what now I'm gonna start, I'm gonna wait until I meet that person
because when you do me that person, as you said there was something so spiritual right- that's it transcends societal expectations. Conversations and you realize that that society is doing something really tricky right now. Yeah yeah and I think we need a sex, is beautiful right and that while women taking off their certain instagram, they get more followers. I mean there's something about sex, that's just incredibly attractive in minutes what the we were wired. The way we create. you're generations and make the human rights continue right, but I think that's part of the message to us. Sexism bad! It's like, not that sexes, you're, not thinking sex, is good enough. You're treating sex allocates not good enough. Lastly, parliament, and so I think, media is a huge role to play in it and what we can change that we turns out one step at a time doing our part to say, look sexes, amazing marriage is amazing. Right marriages. Awesome, I think part of it is that marriage has looked down as it's not that Great, not that fine, that's the ball and chain you settle down, your can travel anymore, kids are
ruin your life. You know she is always negative messages around marriage and family and kids, and you know it's boring and that's not true. You know and that's why we're not being married, I like it is also my note- were only six months end, but it's it's a gift, and I mean I know it's hard can be challenging. we're going to work on that, and this is our life project together and it is an with God. We can do it right. I can't go out and talk about dry when that all these things that that society makes you think is not normal, and I think especially the public school system has really done a number on children and you literally come out backwards like they just give effect to the world
backwards everything you ve now show me oh yeah, we can come out being like yes, abortion is empowering dont need a man like that. How we're that I learned actively in a feminist Wanna one course in high school, that there was something virtuous about hating men now hating men. What are they trying to create in the classroom to come out bitter and angry towards the patriarchy patriarchy and men. I mean the messages, are sex means nothing. It's just the thing you do just make sure it's safe, Ray and make sure there's consent that pudding animosity, negative negativity between effect, so like none around to get me or women are not to be trusted or whatever, and then the men,
that marriage is not. It is no message about marriage couldn't matter, marriage doesn't even matter it's five days, whatever go to Vegas on, do it and then it's in his totally sterilizing it it's like the sex is just as biological act and it's like it's not it shouldn't even be sex education. It should be relationship education and it shouldn't even be relationship education that some bureaucrat some government person or some planned parenthood entity is teaching little kids. that should be taught mostly in the family in the religious, unity in by the parents that something that is is, morality and about relationships and about how to live like how to how to treat other people. It's not just this violent biology.
Then it's a much more than it is in an ever seeing this sort of societal breakdown of family values like there. They dont want family, they hate the nuclear family, they hate the concept of normalcy. Right, though, celebrate a trans by whatever you want to call a relationship, a man and a woman, they they they reject it in society like you're, not given, is considered a token of evil at their bed. This all needs to be judge its true. This all needs to be destroyed and we need to make met men, women and women men and what I see the reason for that, I think is because, like you said, the family unit is responsible for for instilling value right inside of the children. So if you want, I don't want the children have
the values, if you dont, want the tool to believe in guy to operators into believing government. If you want the dry believe in Hollywood, break down the barriers that are, if such threats of the family, a strong family, a strong mother, a strong father who love each other who respect each other, who fought for each other and are committed to each other for life for having kid, is a threat to a powerful bureaucracy that wants to control everything. It is a threat to the elites who want to sell you products in entertainment or wherever else, who want to control the way that you think area and sell you. I I mean it is a threat to that end. I think it's a spiritual thing too. I mean I'm a Catholic, I believe their spiritual powers at work here and in a that's a debate. Anyone could debate on debate on that, but I think that is a fight for the soul of our country and the soul of the family right and so all of these things abortion, the breakdown of sexual. The breakdown of marriage. Is there a threat against a family there already how to revamp it, though? How do you envisage
That is a huge yelling, and I hope that this play some really small part in Iraq, as we know that millions will see this Engrais. But how do we go about changing the radicalization of the ETA education system because that's where people are getting radicalized in the school system? I'm a big advocate of alternate education approaches, though charter schools, private schools as they can be afforded homes, schooling. I will touch, I think. What today is. I know I was. I was blessed to be home school for that. That's why you came out yeah, but I mean other people. I mean one pelvis boekman, look very different from another, depending where it is, depending on the culture around what city its end, what community its end, but I think that it comes back to our at the education system. I think as a product of our family straight how strong arm Please how present our families is there an intact? Is there mom and dad at home, because that's already going to you up for more success, even if their negative, for
that squash, so there's a lot of pieces in play and I dont have all the solutions. As far as the public policy side, I education to that's a complex conversation, exactly ten progress on that interview, ten exports, but I think it comes back to one person at a time. I believe one person choosing to put their trust in a power higher than themselves to give their life up for some than bigger than themselves right, not just about me but about self gifts, and that's what I mean set going back to sex. It's about self gift is giving to to you, because I love you, my marriage, it's my I'm giving myself for my husband he's giving himself for me. That's at the core of what it means to be human itself, gift right! That's what that's! What ennobles us and makes us our ability to sacrifice commissioner, my ability to love, so, I think, as a cultural change. Our society needs to recognise their absolute its absolute moralities that we need to acknowledge and say that their good there, There is a limit to hurt us there there to set us free so that we can then love. We can learn
of each other and treat each other as were meant to do each other and Anne and be locked. The way were meant to be loved. That's the end message right at any know its own soon that you say that, because right now we live in a climate where narcissism is celebrated. Its courage at every turn, narcissism is encouraged right. That's what instant it's all about right now there are major mandrake, I mean like us, please how companies humbling legs and I get how many people can see me. What is abortion, if not the ultimate narcissism you say: I acknowledge that I get to enjoying myself right, decided that my life is way too valuable to be inconvenienced by another,
I'll bet? Is marshes ism writer frozen all about you and nobody else ever and that's why we're seeing this rejection of gotten society? Even some of my very conservative followers, I, as a luxury, the common to get feedback. They'll say: oh, I love this. I believe in this, but I wish we stay away from the God conversation and I always wonder, but in say what bothers you about the fact that somebody has giving themselves to a higher power. I have you met anybody. That's deeply religious that completely offended. You why? Because they believe in what family right they they want to live their life according to the able or the Torah like what. What is it about that you instantly reject about God is is a better quatrain and you can I mean you can go. There are not going to talk about God, I'll just talk about the social data, the outcomes and not all backed up these moral things were talking of re, but look are even our declaration of independence, references, a creator who indeed-
thus, with certain inalienable Right Oliver Money and got a god and there's a reason for that, because if there is not a higher power, if there's not a high their authority where's. That government decides they can change what our rights are. They can change what the indeed the person means it's all relative. It doesn't matter. You can't have a society that has justice and love in it that way, government becomes God. Yes, they dont worry less at the moment they are giant God you actually accepting government and an that's. Why all of these call me as a socialist societies like that, I mean think about what the tenants of of a colored on is really about. No guy, you know it's just it's just us any and that's a sound society to live in. You know what, whether you believe in God or not an important question to ask an atheist is: do you hope you're wrong? Do you hope you're wrong? Do you hope that there's something beyond this? Because if you, if you hope, you're right and you hope, there's nothing left, That's it that's a scary society, the living on and theirs I mean there's a lot of evidence for the existence of God, but at the end of the day it comes down to a choice of do. I want a trust that,
his order to the universe, there's a lot of evidence for it right order of the universe, the design of the universe, the design of that our bodies other made to have children our relationship with men. All these things are talking to have an order in the universe, ass. They haven't order in the moral law, but do we want to put our trust that this is a good thing, that this is something that's going to help us we are obeying to these morale moral realities which is not again like, change around our risk, it helps us to be freak. Is that we avoid making bad choices we avoid do choosing that take away our happiness and create division, between in relationships, division between our own bodies out children. In the woman s an abortion is its ultimate division. I don't want you re right. I am again, my body in the child in my body, and so do we want to trust that there is thus higher power is good and loving and just and that, if we can say yes these laws. We will actually be more free and more who were meant to be an that's christianity. That's what I mean. I became catholic in college, because,
I did a lot of study. A it as I do, I do, I believe in any religion. do I my a muslim and more men, and I mean whatever Buddhism, I studied all these different religions and I came to force it historical reality of Christ. Two thousand years ago entered human history. It's never been the same. He came and fulfil All of the above these prophecies of Judaism and he came and but he was God and died for us and then rose again for us and totally transformed civilization. Afterwards, a western civilization afterwards was never the same. Respect for women, the respect for children, the respect for people seeing as equal in dignity before God, those are christian, judeo
should I deal right and those are under threat right now, those are under threat, but that's beautiful, ass, good way. It has under level that's free, Download, that's good news as a good right. An interesting word, because here is something that I realize you do have to credit the left in terms of the brilliancy on behind what they ve been able to do in society, because they did it so quietly like a thief in the night, they manage somehow sell things as freedom that are in fact bondage right. So I completed about a year and a half of not drinking last year, and it was just that it wishes that the thing that they tell you is freedom right, go out. Drink party have sacks do this and that, in the interests of like bondage- and you become this person- that's not be. So how is it freedom to speak of? You took a picture, you don't remember what happened last night. You know that's kind of a scary thing right. I hope you remember what happened last night and they ve managed to via the media the education system, in view of the destruction of the family unit cell people, their own demise, literal salt, to a slug yeah. I think you're a spot on that day. They ve taken the lead
language and they did this with abortion. I mean you see: choice, reproductive empowerment, these terms used to mask straight up murder, killing Human life is totally innocent and trying to just grow, and they put these positive terms on it and it is, it is completely false. Rikers liberalism, sound better than conservatives. I m you re. Nobody even knows I think most people today who would think they're, liberal they're, not actually liberal, I mean, did do they ll extreme Progressive ISM. That's taken root in kind of mainstream, a lot of the Democratic Party fishing on abortion and then and then things like marriage is not. It is not, I think, traditional liberalism so that the whole- conversely, lifecycle liberalism. Would you lady? They know you hawks about tat, but by your right. They take work. And they literally bake them, mean the opposite. So freedom is now sex anywhere, any time no section two rooms completely drunk. He said this that, like the hook up culture that was set for evolution right, this is worse
Truly free now know you're, actually enslaving, yours, enslaved, your enslaving yourself, and then abortion, which is choice right. This is empowerment. This is women's rights. Those are great sounding we're. I'm for choice. I'm for women's empowerment, Iver Women's. I'm a woman I'm for human rights, but taking the life of a child in the womb who is completely defenceless and as a mother surrendering your body to an abortionist did to have them destroy that child. That is not empowerment, way. An act of violence is lethal violence. So what what have they done? I mean, if you see, if you can take the language you Take the mind where have you can you can go into the language in and mess up the language and distort the language? Then you can distort the fit the thoughts.
And so it is so important, like your thing, we have to take back the language you do we because not shy away from ran on out and their programming us really young and endangering had only. I believe I do it because they know that, especially in these one parent homes, appearance or have time to look over there, their children's homes when they get home depends on time, and in that it all, I all feed into another where you break down the family. Now the teachers are in control and and they can feed you whenever they was who ever his tongue, that children when they are that young that sex. You can pick your gun or you can have sex. Never you want, you can do whatever you want. This is normal. They be in many levels, are creating mines and then, in turn, creating a society which is where we ve ended up today, which is really radical. But I have to say this and let me know if you agree an optimistic. I am optimistic. I think that we went really far left and in the process. A lot of people woke up, and I was one of those people who woke up and and Woe Higgins, Bahama, not that liberal. Are you optimistic, cautiously optimistic pessimistic? How do you feel I'm
Strangely hopeful, I'm extremely hopeful. I think that we are not made for this. Human beings are not made for that, these ideologies that are harmful that really enslave and brutalize each other. We were made for long as we were made to want to walk justly, we are made to walk justly with God and that's how God, why it has to be originally when he created us, and I think that there are many people out that our waking up cuz, it's hurting them. Their hurt. People are not happy I mean even a study on sex they're not happy and their having all the sex is supposedly can have all the facts. You know any there's. No, oz about it anymore and are not happy. So I think that one person a time there's awakenings are happening. I think there's a lot of cultural work being done by nonprofits and families in churches. Prager are you know alive action, trying to change them narrative on this educate help. People connect the dots on it, and then just people wanted a time in the
power of your merit. When you get married, the power of your marriage, the power of your love, is gonna, be an example to other people right, and when you were, when you have kids, you know that's going to be in the way you love your kids, that's going to be an example and that it's a good thing. Marriages and children are good and you have a podcast coming out Are we talking about all this and what's it called it's called Lyle arose Paca, while every child has three. While I would love to be a guest, yeah yeah, I would let you have a lighting myself. Please come on it is we have to give the other platform we need to give these young girls are questioning themselves and- and I just remember, being young- I was Saint you before we started this I'm so happy. My twenties are over. I turned thirty and I'm so happy because I discovered being wrought with insecurity and that I was right in what was wrong with pretending. I was so.
and now I feel settled, and it's because of you. I was always conservative, ten arms because of marriage, because I know it, but my life is going to it, because I know that I am on the side of goodness here, a month of goodness and fighting for lives right, I'm fighting people to be who they are in their natural state and not what society tells them is going to make them happy or so it really is a blessing. Do you have any Where are we able to talk about your news? Oh yeah sure course yeah. It's a baby! Now, six eggs pregnant sideline the hour thrilled again, and I will try and candid early MIKE. I might feel like after throb during within it I've learned and gradually genes. Honestly, I remember I'm I'm thrilled to is unjust, like somebody with your, we are, more morality should have twenty children
I really do believe, outline vertically along the otter. No, don't you may do any elected up our ends, Laurent Little Weena hard on exactly to wrap up every episode by letting you leave one message to the world's you: gonna look at the camera. Gonna put two minutes. You can use all the two minutes or less than if you could have one measures fall upon the year, the ears of every single person in society. What would it be like? A rose, two minutes on your mark. Get set up. God created each of us for love to love and to be loves. His love, God is out of love and the work I've been involved in a sop. Abortion is because I think, every person I know every person is created in Gaza, image, unlikeness likeness. You are created in his image unlikeness. I am, he loves us and he loves us so much that he himself came down to earth to die for us and to give him his life for us because of our thin because of our our pain, and he wants us to be free,
eternally and have eternal joy with him? So, no matter where you are no matter what you ve done, your life, no matter what's happening in your life. There is a beautiful planet caught. Has he craves you for a purpose? he created you with beauty and with purpose and with meaning, and there is a beautiful planet he has and that's why I'm fighting for every single child. That's where we have to fight for every single child, because God, through them without purpose and fight for each other, because each of us are in his image and each of us we have a plan and something that he is calling us to do
oh so great, so great. Thank you so much for coming ironing thanks for having a great conversation. Thank you guys were watching. The latest episode of the Canvas Owen Show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you guys already know. Prager you is a five or one c, three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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