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2020-01-05 | 🔗
Can gun safety training, conflict resolution, and a larger number of concealed carry permits actually help reduce crime? Maj Toure, rapper and founder of Black Guns Matter, joins Candace Owens for a conversation on the Second Amendment and how it empowers minorities. PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation: https://donate.prageru.com/CO
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And I just up entry in the now introduced. You have not mentioned here the founder, blackens matter. Anything else just often awesome and just ask them right. Ok, ladies and gentlemen, we are rolling into another episode of the Kansas. I wouldn't show I want to talk about the second amendment because it always seems to be debated in America, which is strange, considering the founding of this country here to discuss all things. Second, amendment with me, I am sitting with Marge to re. Welcome to the Kansas Aoun show, will sort grooms own or sub shoe excited to have you here, you are the founder of an organization called black guns matter, which I will take to be a play off of black
lives matter by correcting that in that absolutely tell me about it, so one this, we started this organization at the time of twenty fifteen, only twenty six into presidential elections. We kept seat we have here and about black lives matter, I think we're coming from. First of all, I know the origin of that organization, the Ferguson Movement you know in and so that movement actually got collapsed the founders of black lives matter? Wind up, like Sellen, Google gave him like a half a million dollars in all these different things. Now, whatever get your money on that Tribune at ended, data I dont really need I don't care somebody else thinks my life matters. What you think I don't care about but my black guns, protecting life. They protect my children, they protect my family, my loved ones So for me it was light. You know everybody was they. Are we devoted registration wrapped around at time? I was a young. We need a licence to carry draft, because all my friends can catch a possession jobs
in our, and so we will. I yell, as do an event called black guns matter and was black guns. Madame was supposed to be one event and we did the event and way too many people came weights and many people when they were like people from Brooklyn was fully grew from Brooklyn Jerseys. I E. How are you my license to carry him like war brow? First, you in a different meaning poverty, and so that made us think, let your people really generally dont know how to do it lawfully had it and he changed the laws because I believe that a tremendous amount of them are very unconstitutional, but on We were just at your. Why don't we just do like thirteen cities like the thirteen colonies and let's raise twenty five grand on Gofundme? Let's just do it, we did it and you started getting bombarded with emails from people saying like you're, you're, horrible person, income, not city, you don't
about the people of my brow. I just like gave away twenty five grand and duties to keep the class is free, and so are we kept going? We did a fifty states, or can we finish there and thought we was now be done. Neighbours are your horrible casual, we want a big city should encourage small towns, and these are your. Why don't we just raise? The gulf is a golden from twenty five grants were hunted grants to fifty, and then we are your lungs raise a million dollars. You I was ignored, going and why nobody knew thing in my view, can give us a hungry. So that's what we now. So I was the roundabout way of saying that's how we started, but it's definitely a play on black lives matter. If you believe that your black life matters or view as a European American, whatever side an American if you believe that black lives or whatever life matters, you should have the means to defend now. This is interesting scene
did this. You said during twenty twenty fifteen and I remember during that time there was a lot of rhetoric talking about having to take the guns away. We actually still seen that today as a platform, many politicians think that we should be moving the opposite direction. You forget black guns, white guns, suspended guns, but there's this big call all suddenly say that all of the guns need to come back. There should be a buy back programme from the government. How do you respond to that so one that people saying that aren't really anti gun they more out cuz me, I'm not really a gun, dude, I'm afraid him do you know, and so those people saying that if they fall into two categories, one, they have no information about the constitution and Bill of Rights, declaration of independence, american history, and in that, if they don't have any for any understanding of american history
Are you have you understand in world history? On every time there has been a the arming of the population not long after it. It there's been. You know, massacres, we look in Venezuela, you look at it. You know now you looking at all these different place. That's just I don't care what ethnicity you have. That is world history, so those people out of ignorance. In that caveat, that ignorance runs along with their ignorance of firearms to so we hear guessing. Is a fully loaded clip? This is the blah blah blah. You know she talkin about. So that's that ignorant person, the other person that's pushing for very anti freedom. Agendas are very racist or like control freaks that want people to do exactly what they wanted to do, and it's
I don't have to do what you want me to do from strap, I'm willing to die about mine and, I think, there's nothing more patriotic and american, and that I think that the problem becomes their targeting or they had been targeting massive urban areas, because those are the biggest amounts of population gun control is not about safety package all and any politician that says that she litmus test and they not now with the second amendment. They don't understand a constitutional right on Google, call is not about safety or preserve life. Life improve and Americans quality life is about control flat out. That's why it's always in urban centres, where there is always the most amount of Melanesia beings. That is a not accident. All going control from its origin to its inception to its manifestation to its execution is racist, all of it Ok! Well, let me play. Let me play devils advocate here everything that you're saying it's a bit insensitive to say that when we have
so many people that are fearful to send their children to school, because once you said it, anybody can get armed. What you're doing is your threatening, so these young kids we're going to school more now wearing clear backpacks because of mass shootings. How can you stand on this platform? Given this huge dilemmas we're having in America which so much gun violence so as to vaulted it what's so? What does the devil shows up and have an advocate to love it wanted statistically incorrect mass shootings account for less than now. Let me be very clear: I say this: I don't care who dies, how many people die. If is an idiot? What a fire on killing people? I would love for some. I bits of media so put a bullet right in their face. First, I will be very clear about it with that being the case in defence of life and liberty, with that being the case of one person dies and a man shooting or the definition of it
That's too many on top of that, the mass shootings that mass media talks about they make up for less than one percent of all. That's all the time then forget to also neglect to mention that this mass shooting problem that we talking about it when it started to spite under legislation that was created by Joe Biden Gun Free zones were created in nineteen. Ninety by Joe Biden, it became into law by Bill Clinton under their whole, lacked the black people up Clinton what crime bill stuff and since then, since gone reasons were enacted overnight percent of those mass shootings are in countries out so you're saying criminals, don't respect this. I that say, gun free zones, who would know TAT, that's really bizarre. If you like is so rude of them, do not see the sun and like no one guys we can't shoot.
Then it commit a crime with this says no crime. Clearly, on trips and right, you know, and so the problem is its been did left her. way better pr than we do all right. They have too because they don't have substance. You gotta with the flash and bang when you know have no actual. You know facts and data. So they're very. good at manipulating the stats, they'll say: thirty, forty thousand deaths. The year gun related neglecting the fact that sixty percent of those of suicides nickel- the fact that all those mash you does it they're talking about the vast majority those Gaza Psych, but we care had a conversation about the pharmaceuticals and I'm begging. Having the conversation. the pharmaceuticals. I always say when there is a mass shooting and I think it's one of the biggest contributors that nobody is talking about. We just mental health, and I mean just being just grown up and seeing how quickly doctors are willing to prescribe you anything, and I always tell the story of a had a really bad break up when I was
the college and I thought my entire world was ending. They went to the doktor halves crying really really hard. I was eighteen years old and he was like Xanax like YO. Well, now just chocolate in Iceland Xanax for a break up beside it. exactly what you're talking about a new right. It's a conversation that people are not comfortable having because we live in a society that is very unique too. American society that over prescribes for absolutely everything. I want to switch you're, not question black guns matter. Somebody might that black guns is actually an issue right now in America, because we have people that represent thirteen percent of the population committing over forty percent of all. The homicides every year and gun violence. Black on black crime is huge over ninety four percent of black Americans that are killed are killed by other black people
do you not see your organization as feeding the problem as opposed to helping it? Absolutely we saw the problem unless they're scalable we ve done research about, for example, that's when you fifteen its money sixty before we started this, the actual toward going to different cities for black guns matter. We did the bulk of our classes in Philadelphia, the same location, but the vast majority was firearm safety, conflict resolution so the whole year two thousand and sixteen goes by two thousand and seventeen happens to stats, come out for two thousand and sixteen Philadelphia have the the lowest violent crime that had since one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine I moved to Chicago for a month, two thousand and eighteen. New conflict resolution no gun related. The goal was, Go here. I think it might have been
Maybe they are memorial day which traditionally like a really bloody weekend in Chicago stay there for month, just handed out conflict resolution kits outside nightcap, no cameras, no, nothing. That weakens no homicides, the areas where it is less respect for the second amendment. That means they create what legislation the legislation is, what makes it safe for tobacco is like one I noted on the bag mostly all good guys, nobody's gonna return fire as one of the two, the people they do. Have fire arms, and which have a way to get him some people lawfully, some people unlawfully, but their intent is to protect themselves now because the taboo conversation, especially in a hood you're not gonna, you think if you go to arrange of all go to jail, so you know how to What station are I get educated? Now you leave you fire, Morocco, the movies told you you supposed to leave it under the pillow. Now I know anything about proper firearms storage now when we that's who three year all that shoes, Themself interface,
that's how most children do it. The gun is not their fingers on large enough, so they turn it back. What sort of farms can grab it? That's what it shoot themselves in face most towns. Because you didn't want to be educated about it. Could you thought it was taboo because we didn't open up the conversation and the earth in the nineties. The nation had serious problems with teen. Pregnancy is all over the place. We did like bay and sex. We didn't, like me, sit out now, thankfully. Secondly, hot girls them idea. We didn't insects we just had conversations about educating people, team, pregnancy drop The problem is to have the conversation about fire. Safety is a pandora's box for someone and tyrants, because if our openness conversation about education and making a taboo and more people are at understanding of that the rabbit huh it is now declaration of independence. Why
There are so many these gun. Guy saying you know this, this whole bill of rights thing, and then you start research in that now you can't unplugging can plug that person back into that matrix and you do not want again. All gun control is racist. When it concept was started, it was to make sure that people of color did not have the means to protect themselves flat out and if they change changes a little bit and how it looks on surface the intent. Any agenda is still the same. So when you see forty seven percent of the black on black crime, Heaven I want to talk about that. Real quick to crime is proximity. Why don't why crime exists? We just have a term for we. Don't you say why don't white crime was spanish on spanish Grab cartel law cartel crime. You know, Irishman, irish crime, they do that to continue to marginalized people to justify not the fact that you know they're going control isn't working to justify the fact that it isn't
and say well. This is because you guys are just genetically predisposition in I haven't genetic predisposition to kill each other and that's again the left has very good pr all places. Mostly right. Sorry to my friends on the left or the places that have less gun restriction, more respect for proper safety, knowledge, training in storage, have lower rapes, o homicides, lower violent crime? Ok, so you identify as a libertarian, and you recently ran for city Council terminally about that process. What it like running as somebody who is first off running in Philadelphia, major inner city, so that is unapologetically protein way and you didn't run as most people would assume, because of the color of your skin, that you would last year we ran a libertarian how's that process. For you alone,
I'm a learned. How again still have friends family this on the left and right, love, everybody except my enemies. I just think that when you run as it does a third party candidate, I ran because of the fact that I have libertarian the philosophy I'm in alignment with libertarian dues are about freedom like liberty like daylight. Now you not taken my guns, my property rights. Might these things fillies, the birthplace of America, I'm from Philly? You know that we got a bell like named after liberty. You know in both a lot of my friends across the country are Republicans for a very long time. I was a registered Republican very long time.
Even longer than that I was a Democrat growin up, but if you do any type of actual like research and study, ok, so Doktor king just happened to be a Republican. Just so he's not the races. Ok, we won't leave him out. Who comes agent, you now and so explaining that tomorrow, demographic is a little bit more difficult, because the same left here fungal reply we can. I call you, as you know, is a seller. You, you d him and Donald Trump Junior is on your page Mars. You sell out now he's. nationally Rank Shooter and he's he's, got I'm cool gucci loafers like more umbrella. Stop it like everything, is a distinct sustain us to say breaking down from market spected. If I go hard right, even if my principles my conserved, values and my liberty based values- are all packaged up in one being.
It's easy to translate that outside of the political process now going through one of us in the council, I recognise that there is a serious attempt, first of all on three times the amount of signatures to get on the ballot and the democratic they needed a thousand. Only to thirty two hundred I got ten thousand signatures just in case they want the playthings. However, which means it ten thousand people and Mahmoud give me their signature to get me about them. Is ten thousand people like what you are about? That's it. That's a modicum ass, a small microcosm. What a macro, but still is something here. What I learned about the process, though, in eighty
Democrats city the level of bullying that I was getting wording from all day at the poles. They are people from the democratic party. Go to the party that again, these are my friends and family and I am empathetic to them because that's my community, I understand they still plugged into matrix, though my friends and family and the posters will be told they love me? I'm looking for my dear being told now you just hit the all away. Now one is illegal. Does number were unlawful as number one number two, it's just corny, I'm not trying to remove. Like all Democrats, all Republicans this American, like with its contradictions, this America experiment, is an experiment in diversity.
And freedom. You want slap yourself up on wednesdays cool. Do it in your crib? That's just saying: I'm not I'm not, but you can that's freedom. I don't have to agree with it. I don't you don't have to be republican. You don't have to be living I am not calling for a smash and end of the Democratic Party. I'm gonna tell the truth about what you did, though the truth is drove, I'm not attacking you cause is still people attached to it. So dare tell her friends and family in love ones and eight texted me. Let Yoda told me I gotta just pushed the D. Is that true and I'm right now? It's not true. It's actually unlawful. Tell him you gonna go get you know someone to oversee this situation and I'll leave you alone unequivocally Not only did leave me alone right. I sought a bully and process
no, I saw the that the game is set up new. Why? Why me? As a libertarian, you a third party candidate, why do we need three times the amount of signatures? Does that like make people smarter? Does it in poverty does it like remove socialism? Does it do any of these magical? Things now being the in these urban centres, fear by YO. If you not thick skinned, I don't give a fuck about anybody's like thing concerns: they have freedom like yours, you're, not gonna, like scare me until I'm supposed to life on followed, the union now like I'm supposed to like not hang out of the way I feel like it now, if wagon invited the thing is I don't? I don't know how to fear factor but that the general public, specially First Tom voters
this whole part like this, like first I'm gone owners. It's like, I don't know what to do. In the people, elected officials, the the pollsters trainers, other people, it you're supposed to look too to guide you do that process based on a system about tat justice reciprocity, that's interesting and I want to pause. There is you're talking about the american experiment in that's, that's really important, because the American Spirit Experiment, as you mentioned, is one of diversity. A bunch of people can come together with different backgrounds. Different cultures can look differently and it's ok we're here in Amerika, and yet I have found that stops short when we're talking about diversity of thought. I'm unapologetically black eye on an apology, Eddic least support conservative principles, and that's that's the no. No here were not allowed to be black. People should be able to watch this look at us and know exactly what we think you should not be unapologetically protegee, that's all that's not supposed to be allowed here in this country, and we are seeing a big push for that. It would
soon that both of us have leftist opinions about everything, and when I take a look at that, I think that what dictates lot of that is culture, black culture in particular, which are talking about fear why people are fearful to come out and say: hey! You know what I disagree with that: Dear. Despite the color of my skin, I find that a lot of our black idols and the people that are at the forefront of the hip hop community. Make it not. Ok. think differently, and I want to see how you feel about that. Those aren't black leaders and that's not black culture, the biggest trade that there was a movie line on a movie above the biggest trick that the devil leverage pulled was convincing the world that he didn't exist. They convince people that this is your culture. They can Hence we like, but we know a black culture is- and I know some people might be mad at me, but I still want to cause me show. The cause be show was black culture.
Ok, you allow the do you think this freedom, dad's gonna, say, Theo. You trip, but you're doing this and we get you, you want to wear Gordon Guard trail shirt whatever, but you're gonna get. education, you going to be informed, we're going to have a family unit, we're going to do things as a family. If you want to speed it up, I got a sitcom for you for every generation. If you want to talk about, you know one it away and brothers had a show what he had a family, that is black culture, hard work and dead. That runs this company that has, you know, put together a family unit with children that is black culture hip hop back in a day. Talking about serious issues in presenting solutions to them is black culture complaining via hip hop is not black culture. So what happened? How to change, because I grew up same way watching them.
matters was, might number one shall do in slows yeah, I loved watching Steve work all turn into step on the long smooth we gotta bring back that mines, real smooth, carried out right. So what happens? What happened was pop culture being the most powerful voice? A medium got collected, got collected and turned into a commercial. You got cooperating to turn to a prison, the pipeline situation. You know it became we can when hip hop turned into mine control and you're. You may way more money right, selling things lawfully over the last four years than anything that I've sold unlawfully allegedly of You know, I love that you dropped in the allegedly, but that's it that's that's because I was a victim of my own ignorance and accepting a social can conscript. Somebody fed that to you
you know you went from a member, I remembered align when it happened in and going back and have hot history when that they re said, is it ain't? No black fist is just a gangster glare. That was your line drives a billionaire now Jimmy I at that time owned and Allied Jimmy Vienna, like into scope, are still listening, snoops o stuff right, we are being on sixty percent of black music. That's not black culture. You ve been fed something as a falsehood and they fancy they. They played so you and securities, because you If you were in the same area, they also told you what poverty was bro you like fast forward today, you got an awful you, not poor, broke. Like I've been to parts of Jamaica that the family does not have a front door. Don't tell me about your wi wifi connection,
you know and saw what happened: hip, hop culture being the most powerful form of expression on the planet. They saw it as a takeover. They gentrified it. Now. I live considered that in terms of this NFL protesting, and so many black Americans were upset that at the end of this gc ends up doing a deal with the NFL, and I have said to people so many times, Jaycees a lot smarter than you and somebody privately said to me is that J C has always been a drug dealer, and what does it matter of it? You know now he does music, obviously not physically selling drugs like he used to back in the day before he became famous, but he is still selling drugs. The the black, because he's he's constantly getting behind these causes that tell us that we should be calling Capron calf, White man Niels and now he kicking to deal the NFL be upset, be outraged by protests, don't go to the NFL Games and yet
you doing deals he's getting richer. I think about that get richer by getting on your knees. When somebody saying when national anthem did you get wealthier by being of over a seriously the same people get richer off of the same protesting and yet you're supposed to say Josie has our back here's the thing that I love whole visit as a whole is the american dream. I meet. Anyone say that from nothing Practice, I'm I'm I'm against the war on drugs. I think that the Portugal model makes sense you can do whatever dumb You want to do with your body, that's what target, but you can do. Like we said earlier. bill. You are here, would you say a word? It's stupid, libertarian perspective The libertarian perspective on what you say: war on drugs you mean like we should not make it illegal for people to smoke part. Is that what you're saying? Ok, so children
example with him being I'm selling stuff that you stupid. People want to buy right, use he's on harem six months later. You hell what he's you're gonna look like. You saw what he looks like in six months, so I think that For the same reasons why I felt for about ten seconds last night after we got beat up in this election for about ten seconds, I felt like menaces why, a people just give up. This is why I like your what's up later, that we all did the democratic lying to use, not love you all, but they're lying. beg our right there. I love is lying to you and I love you too, but you still voted for these same things right, Secondly, I understand was somebody would sell drugs to somebody in that space. You gonna wait. I know exactly what you mean I had this moment I will I I met with TAT. There was doktor bankers, and I was speaking to him years ago in his office, and I was
talking about this- and there are a couple of other people in the room and somebody in the room, it offered that as you go on this journey Canton, is there going to be moments where you doubt your own. Will you just go? You know what I'm telling you this is the secret to life right this right here, a little butter conservatism. You can do anything in this country a great and people, still refuse and then sometimes you get that moment we go. You know why take the drugs yo a slight, my man, zoo com, is a producer he he said to me at the time I was a vegetarian, been vague in raw foolish, for like I was a vegetarian continues sign your is this great over here on his carnivorous out on the table by the thing always
he was like Mars, like YO, let them like it when he was on his Marie Antoinette, like let them eat Kate, let them eat whatever saying that they want. We had is this high grade. You know quality foods and things because, even if you try to give them the fruits and vegetables brow they're, not in. then a drink water there, not them drink water and a slight so to the NFL thing. I was disappointed. I stood with care I get what you were trying to say. I get that he got, would Yvette an event like ownership freedom to do so. Why not do it? People wait for me now it's like events. They way for me to like taken me. I'm like nah bro. I can't, if somebody coming to try to shoot something, I'm not taking any I'm going to be right in position, but that's one slash two.
Michael United that need. I can't really submit that's a form of submission. In my view, there is no different in hands up, don't shoot out will die about my I've made there, commitment so that whole anything, but I understand objectively, are understood What you're saying you bringing attention to this thing? Timing- the whole be Alan while bullets, let's paused there, what object delete. You agree with with that. What did what are they drawing attention to think that during that time when he was doing it was at five years ago. Now, at this point for five years, their worst bring us back to back murders of american citizens. That happened to be melon aided. It seem like almost I gonna hurt. It felt like you couldn't to a week now wait now. Here's the other things that it now that's devoid of the other dad
don't say one thing without the other information right and that's why it's like I'm always somewhere in the Middle Gazeta. How can you? How can you is inside to cut you off their? But how can you objective? We agree with it when you know. That's that's a subject that this objective agreement, and you can agree with them subjectively, like oh, I felt the same way looking every night on tv now make. It was happening every night, but then objective. Why you look The facts- and you realize just used why men are running gun down about allurements of ethnic men are being done doubt faster, so actually, objectively speaking, drawing all this attention and creating all of this conflict between black Americans and cops lead to what in Greece, nor must await so hit now here's what our homicide, here's what I saw from it. I didn't play it as they happen to be, because I'm in the hood with these same people is my people. and I know what channels you watch
I brought you should like not watch that does one, but but I'm- and I emphasise I understand: But at the same time I'm more light. I didn't go you're well, as blackmail there is an american being killed by law. Enforcement is seems to be going unchecked. Now, if I get you et black American African American, whatever I'm take you over to us vanished american Wide American, then I'm the go: hey White Guy You should be just as upset about this because you actually statistically are more likely for this to happen, Do you took as we all Americans right? That's the power thing so, a menace, a second amendment thing and it happens to be all right. Dude I find a commonality do and then I also like I said it ought more conservative, like hell, you ignoring Urban America, because we become victims, of the same brainwash. There is no,
time called white on white violence right, and so I it becomes our. How can we use this as a unit I think an I'm gonna give get white Homeliest, my law enforcement homes are first Bygones Matter class St Louis. There was still hope you poky one foot in one foot out tattoos. They face. Mellow like a pound, came to the situation. My events are Switzerland. Brow we neutral my friends come in Oh, I was a baby. I owe that. Allow marginals cops, yeah he's she's, retired state trooper he's current law enforcement. You guys that thing on me. Everybody in here has that thing on come in and I see every body size each other up towards the end the event, all the direction that you know, Beginners led the gun, people a chaplain, my criminal friend that will give the showed off his back, then I'm trying to death
But pull out of that life is now giving the state troopers advice on switching off they triggers. We got something because now it s how we gonna improve those police. Community relations are so. I once got in a bold, because I made the statement that if I did, I say again trouble I mean the press which I could care less about. But I made the statement that if I. Made a list of one hundred things that were negatively impacting the black unity, a top one hundred lists police brutality. The Meda and I stand by that statement right. So I find that this conversation surrounding you know call income for now the new law that stuff actually creates more problems than it solves I mean literally diet would be above. this brutality right when we know the number one killer in America, heart heart disease right? then, and we know eating habits and weight in all these issues. That would be a bigger problem facing Black America. Medical mistakes would be a bigger problem. We know quarterly people, a year way more. They will that die by mistakes
happen in the in the police through the police bar, you are being killed by doctors by accident when something goes wrong. Medically we don't see any protests or riots about that. Why he's not virtually? don't don't light cell newspapers Adele revenues pop in innovation. Else re shells and like calling raised, doesn't necessarily fell, calling things racist so ignoring the things that are actually racist? when you have a cause again for me, it was from Satiable blackguards Madame was always tyranny, I don't care which melanin content is if law enforcement officers are killing the people, our founding fathers wasn't with there. It was Yo Yo. Spect. The people like the whole thing starts out like we, the people like not like yell. Can we kind of like? Please have you know me
So, for me, the conversation was never our care. I know why home is got guy killed and it's like I've been up by police, and I'm not gonna pretend like that bias in that media training of telling. Why do that? The black due to know who is the bad guy? It exists there, there's a small section of media that wants a tower of Babel all I mean a small section. I was trying to figure out turning on tv now, because we re talks about Winslow what we grew up watching. Turning on tv now, how are we presenting ourselves on tv? I can't find positive black tv, where a the number one shop and Black America is love and hit pop. That's about strippers wrappers, trying to make it in the music industry gang bankers fights. So how can we
surprise when you're dealing with, if there is a person who has no experience within the black man, you didn't come from the black family didn't grow up in a hood or projects goes into that community and you don't know what to expect here you are going to rely on what you ve been trained to believe it, community that the media told you might have the same thing. The first time I went to a country club, I had never been there first, I want there, as this is gonna, be stuffy right. People are gonna, be spoons, Org, say yeah, my my instantly, I say whatever the media says, I'm gonna be walking into that's normal behaviour, so we do responsibility to be careful, our allowing the media to portray us overwhelmingly and I think that's all alarmingly negative. I think that I know is overwhelmingly negative and I think that, even if, if we tie it back to cabinet the first explanation that he gave so as to things, I was what
until a certain point or that an amusing him is the like. The thing right. I was what you when you first explained. This is not about disrespect. bring the flag. This is about that. That's your reason. You have that right to say that we, lost me. Was you you allow somebody else, the media, that's a hijack your messaging and he was running around you and help would undermine what pigs. Will you succeed and help do right then its? Yet you can't say that sustainable size, your mouth right, then you can't and I know some of my friends going to be mad for me. Cats born day was last week sometime. You also can't say I'm going to fight this, I'm going to fight to some of the fight this. Can you take the money I have to maintain and keep the same energy I'm objective I'm criticism going to criticise one person is criticism. These needs aben and I'm gonna applaud you
when it leaves that- and I think that was brave of him to do this thing, but I think he didn't you didn't really perfect. Example. there's a reason why the first few years of black guns mad. It is no video of me with a firearm because they wanted to vote. We first media hits the stories that we did. It was a media hit, they acts for photographer was there and these, How do you safely load and unload a firearm wildly from appendix carry and do they spoke show? Em. All tat was the wrong I do it. We make a joke about it. Kind of sideways, like the television tells us click, that's the picture that they use. So I'm like nope, even the font, is different. The wording in the pool quote so For me, it was ok. I have to be responsible with this superpower leading people that I have. it's not going to be you never see me shoot. You not, then know has nothing to do with the fire that risk.
possibility to your messaging is another reason why I think that fail, and I the media blew it out of proportion, and there was no one, because we Got caught up in that black verse? Why so? For everybody, stubborn American, everybody start Darwin tyranny, everybody stop going YO law enforcement officers with the job that they do. They are sometimes a victim of that same, people in the hood are still a victim of that same by, as I've had so many law enforcement officers. I got friends this cops. They hate that worried about it. I have friends, that's offices. My street friends are not going to tell me that he's a bad. Do. That's my cousin. He will put eagle outside every David catch robbers, rapists and stop homicides. Just like my life, novices are not going to tell me that my doing this, you know don't every doing all ages. Bad guys know you're not going to tell me that, and so that balance there is what we didn't he.
somebody translating that go in your lesson, Are you trying to say? Do you see we scientists it? You need to understand what she's trying to say too and fear because we all would we accordingly. Sub sex and its Americans should not be killed by law enforcement officers unjustifiably law enforcement officers should not be killed by a man Perkins unjustifiably. I have a weird take and I'll say that my personal opinion of calling happening is that he's tremendously and educated completely ignorant person who caught a wave. You know Niels, with very little information of how often this even happens, because if you really cared about black lives, you beautiful focused on abortion blacken by patents. Violence in the hoodie cared about them those things until it became a mainstream false narrative. He got a guy. His knees when they sang the national anthem and it became sensationalize, and then he realized that training himself as caring about black issues, brought a lot of money towards him.
we picked his hair out into an afro and said you know what forget that half white citing me, I'm gonna go full black and he made money and Surely we so easily the people that suffer the same people, people that now have to deal with unrest, that's between the police, clean, the unblock. America are the same people calling Capra Nick was a rich person. You got richer Then he laughed all the way to the bank. Now call it a weird take what what I will I will, but if he actually cared about black lives, he would come to be that those his points unseen Is that disagree with him and I've already? Then you starting over you the one thing about me: In the one thing about you, as our our beliefs hold true now that we will say that whether were in a room full of people that are on the left were on the right road. Alan Capron EC stays where he sate, because its arguments about police will be absolutely destroyed. It acceptable side now. I agree with that and to to the extent that I can't speak what his intent is causing because, like you said he wasn't, when you wear pigs,
Tax, your intended? I now don't get me wrong. That takes acts I'll have big sucks. What I've been in fights with law enforcement services that you're wrong, and I care about your uniform at that point right we have we had we have a code of conduct, we have a standard as America is that you, We're going to respect me, I'm gonna, respect. Outta problem is an urban demographics, because we're not politically a gaze is much and involved in a civic process. There's there's the bet, the less avis due to bad cops into precinct right on. In that particular precept, If you can run an infidel same two cops, is they only shift when you get off work? It's gonna pay that picture. you got the mediator, so I'm not gonna pretend like they ain't bad apples. It is at the same time we need to open up. the cat man, you gotta be able to see you gotta be able stand on what you say and what you do again data so funny anybody, I don't care abstract go everywhere. For the most part, would it not unanimity?
and I'm not gonna per ten like it's about anything other than protecting my life against tyranny right. So I'm not going to act like a Democrat in that say that, just because I'm one of the City Council understand the natural firm be able to explain it a thousand times if need be, he fell. Shorty is the other thing and again up, maybe it spun out of control for you didn't you didn't know if you ever get a member. When you first follow me into it now. Ok, you first follow me on Twitter. I know you married. I was I yo who's this Ok, that she's hat and all my following bro, you got it and you will like Yoda actually worth of falcons hilarious, but I'm in relation to my cool. You do both the I didn't know that that would spiral in that direction. When I started black guns matter,
one event them no spiral into this direction. I think that cat did something to veto. About that. He made a statement in its spiral. Now he was possible for the spiral baby. Just like football, you do it. You is responsible for that tight spiral. I don't know how much money you settle for a nose money now You know that you gave away a million dollars to people that would doing the work. I do know that probably paid more in taxes right now. If I haven't undisclosed amount. The question marks for me: we kept in that scenario. Becomes you gotta undisclosed them now? I need to see some of that money baby. I need to see that money, I'm willing to look, look bow. He Tyler Perry, Warwick, I'm never wearing a. We celebrate turn that wig and a quarter of a billion Thou studio, talk what about that he's? Hiring people he's creating jobs is actually the american dream.
I'm not wearing addressed all but that he was caught with my points it is. I can see what he did with the money cat. I gotta go if I'm being critical, I gotta, say bro and I need you to drop somewhat and bags and money off more than that. Dallas. I've done magic with ray. Over the last three years we raise the key. of a million dollars to keep these classes keep defined. Ensure bury its entry for someone at once to learn about the second amendment about proper fire on safety training, conflict resolution, the escalation I raise the quarter of a million dollars and I gave it away all of it. So if you gotta undisclosed bag of money, and if I don't see a two million dollar facility. If I don't see a ten million dollar facility. I have to ask to be Bro. Look. It starts to look like it was about the paper, while the facilities, Powell,
We called his house due to its large saying just saying: gotta call people out. I saw it straight away. I know that's my opinion. Movement devils ever get to you. If you, ass: the ten million dollar communities and not just the basketball court with the tennis court outside technology. You know open they'll, come duplex it here Would you be open and would you go? Ok, I see what you did that this now starts to make some sort of sense. Because I'm only this you some prefer to chaos. I mean honestly, I always say you if I believe people are genuine if I perceive them to be genuine, even if their genuinely wrong- I'm ok with it. In a great example of that is my conversations killer MIKE. I agree with killer MIKE on so many things I dont get how he arrives at socialism cause. You know he supports a Socialist Kensington, I'm U unapologetic capitalism, but he is them
genuine you have an open discussion, even meet you here he will go. There will be at any stage. I don't care if you allow, ever something that I perceived to be wrong. If your mode. It is our right. You I'm ok with that, because then we can have a conversation when you don't want to have the conversation you're boxing yourself in. I believe it to be a snake. So that's my opinion. Now have to wrap up here, and we wrap up every single episode by allowing you to leave a message for the world you're going to look into this camera and you're going to say whatever you want we're going to put two minutes on the clock
okay. If your words could fall and everybody's ears in the entire world, what would they be? Are you ready world? I give you massage to ray, so I want you to be educated. I want you to be safe. I want you to be responsible. I want you to purchase firearms. I want you to get proper training. I want you to study world history. Hitler was elected democratically. He didn't like takeover. He was elected to that position. You know he'd be on the entire population or section
people and then proceeded to murder them. Hitler is not the only example of that you got. You know communist regime socialist regimes all over the world, so this isn't a new thing. Every forty years, people forget what happens with socialism and then oh yeah, Venezuela. So I want you to not fall victim to that. I want you to support the people that are doing the work I want, if you, if your personal commitment right now, cannot be that you can do it yourself. I want you to link with and support people politically, socially, financially, whatever that are doing that work that affects a positive change and steers. This idea, this experiment of freedom and in the direction of freedom in liberty? If not, if you hearing this conversation and if you're not willing to do that, you're, not
a part of the solution: you're a bitch to re out. Well I'd, I'd, you're part of the problem I think you guys were watching. The latest episode of the kindest Owen show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did as many you guys already know Prager. You is a five or one c, three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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