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2019-08-11 | 🔗
In 2014, Sgt. Brandon Mendoza was killed by an illegal immigrant with a criminal record while on his way home from work. His mother, Mary Ann Mendoza, is now speaking out on how lax border security ultimately hurts citizens and their families. Don’t miss this powerful episode of The Candace Owens Show. PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation: https://donate.prageru.com/CO
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Mine for me, I'll have my phone I'm going right. Ok, ladies and gentlemen, we are running into another episode of the candidates. Are winds show, and I wanted to talk about the disaster at the border we here, So many arguments, primarily our congresswoman, are talking about, horrible. It is after the migrant children, and that seems to be the debate, one other people that seem to be missing from this. To be, are the parents who have lost their children to migrants? Illegal immigrants have killed Americans Why don't we have anybody in Congress talking about that? Why haven't they been given the platform? Why don't we see I'm on CNN and MSNBC Worthy aims,
of those children. I am absolutely honour today to speak. One of those parents, an angel mother, a Marianne Mendoza- welcome to the kindest Owen, show thank you Candice. I appreciate it. You are doing so much work, so much incredible work. I got to meet you here down the border, which has clearly become a passion for you and you ve been incredibly outspoken. I wanted to begin. of your journey with this unless actually starting today. ten thirteen. What was your perspective where? You always aware you grew up in Arizona or were you all is aware that there was a crisis at the border, absolutely with a very large population of hispanic people in Arizona but You know the areas where there's undocumented illegal aliens living And my son was very aware of the crime statistics and things that went on in fact, an area that we given in an Mesa too by lies by the Mesa Police Department, risk of a project
mainly illegal aliens who lived there are really so so your son became a police officer. What year he was killed in two thousand fourteen. It was two thousand one so into e, reserving thirteen years splendid Mendoza is his name and he was serving for thirteen years and particularly in an area, so he was dealing with illegal Emma. Friends are on a day to day basis. Yes, and and what was his perspective, did he did you love his job, obviously passionate? He knew at the age of fourteen that he wanted to be a police officer. He wanted Franklin Daytime are in a dry re sport for his birthday, and I started working and tried to get into the academy it at eighteen. They wouldn't allow to his two young and taught nineteen. The allowed him into the police academy, and he who was the youngest recruit at that time? so he knew that's what he wanted to do. My son knew that you know This is why I feel I'm a little different than some angel families. I know that not we cannot have
the illegal aliens whose in this country go back home, but in Instead of letting them to keep flooding over our borders. We need to take care of the ones that are here, the one who have been here today in thirty years, contributing members of society. They haven't broken our laws, they haven't been trouble they are non public welfare they aren't getting Housing assistant, those of the type of people that dead cat integration. They ve assimilated themselves, tar, our country and the way that we live, and those are the people that we need to be felt see non, who were illegal to help them for a path to you know, citizenship here in the country, We can't keep letting our borders and overwhelming our judges until we saw the problem that we that we have here in our country? Now my son recognised this and indeed such a young age. I want to talk about that, because I want talk about the Spirit and the heart of our LEO's, our law enforcement officers, because we have
sort of watch the image of what it means to be. A law enforcement officer deteriorate over the loss over the last few years. I think it started when Obama was in office and I don't remember, growing up and feeling resentment or hatred towards police officers, and now it's been popularized and we saw that ray. video, I'm sure you saw it at the New York Police Department having water dumped on them and in my heart ached my heart ached, and they could do nothing back and if they had done something back, we know that they would have had cameras out trying to paint them as monsters so your son thirteen years old knows that he wants to be a police officer rights or the spirit of a thirteen year old right. This is that he's not trying to become police officer because he's thinking it would. What? What's the narrative today by want to harm black people right? I wanna harm hispanic people, what what was he thinking tell me about that when he came to you and anyone to be a police officer, he large people, I mean everybody thought you know after he was killed. Everybody thought
that they were his best friend, because that's how he made people feel he wanted to make deference in his community, and he did make a difference People, Google Sergeant Brand Mendoza. You will be amazed at some of the articles you re about him, but he was to be a modern day be caught, and so when he Given this project itself Mesa, which was a problem area infested with drug dealers and homeless people. He went door to door. That everybody in the neighborhood while and ended up getting the park cleaned up the drug deal he's out there in the homeless, people situated in shelters- or you know, reached out to family to train, he clean the whole area up and his neck name in that area was Hollywood, and so would he would sharpened on duty, the young girls would say,
doses here and then all run any get there make upon. Even some of the mothers were do that I set about that. He would be invited in for dinner. He would look after the elderly in the area he hath phone numbers to their children, who lived out of the area that, if you stop it check on them and there is a problem he would call their kids into hey. You need to get over longer need help here above and beyond, and even went into some of the apartment complexes and fought for those people, because they had some lords, and so he went to bed including in the city of Mesa. So they do. This relationship sounds familiar a key. He became this officer because he wanted to be overseer of a committee in and he wanted a mean. It is like the father of the community going toward adored learning names, I mean that's going above and beyond. You don't have to go a door to door and learn the names of the people that your serving, and there is a boy he's in Girls Cobb within that I am keen that community and he would go in, mantra the children there and then he started a annual thanksgiving dinner and well and what feed those people sometimes
out of the area would come and also, but I continue that tradition with them, because I want to help them several times, and last year we fed six hundred fifty people. It's called them in those that thinks having dinner. Now I love but this is just what he did for community. He bought three bicycles prior to his death for three grand Then there were being raised by their grandparents in that area. He wanted to get those till my Christmas and, of course, he died in the police department presented to the children. I provided Christmas for that family for two years after he was killed. started the sergeant Breyman doesnt Memorial foundation. So I bought new playground equipment for the boys and girls to burden they needed it just to try and keep his spirit alive and our community. So the sergeant Brennan Mendoza Memorial Foundation The community based non political organist Given that I started a right after he was killed now when he became please
sir did you ever have any fear liquid do. Did you every day just think my son's out there in the world serving a community, but obviously he's risking his life and mean your serving you're you're, risking your life every single day. What is that like, as apparent of a law enforcement officer, well. Let me tell you one brain graduated from police academy. He was on graveyard chess and a few months before he graduated from the academy, one of his elder brothers was deployed. Dereck saw I was aunt Mary, I was it a very weak. Some time in my life, because if I hear sirens in the middle of the night, I was worried about Brandon and of course I was continually worried about Jared, because you know Iraq and ended. That's when the actual war was going suggested is brand and younger brother, older brother, older brother and Jerry one to Iraq, and you ve got Brandon who serving his community here. How did you sleep? It was. It was nervous,
looking very nerve, racking urban. How long did Gerald Surfer Journey is still in the army? He's got three years left and he'll be able to retire while wow. That is amazing, see you we'll just raised sons that really wanted to give back and wanted to serve their country. That's incredible, so take me to our? I want to talk about the morning or was it the evening they that you found out that something had happened? Can you walk through that, while my I say, was on, may eleventh or branded come over in the morning and presented me with it: turn machine and said well into the twenty first century mom, because in I hadn't an old time, coffee maker, spent the day together. Brennan I had a great relationship, we traveled a lot. He was only one of my for children who was married at the time, so we spent a lot of time together. He went to work and start back by my oldest son. Was air making
dinner for me for mother's day. So Brendan stop by to eat with us and he left he had to call and said I'll, be back for dessert and then he texted said I can't come back as get pretty busy at work and and it's ok, I'm so he was on his way home after midnight, and I got a call about quarter of three my fellow police officer who was also AIR national guardian. He was deployed Iraq at the time, scales, the Afghanistan and he called and said. My friend has been in a terrible accident? and saw hang up from him and I kept. And a compromise phone any was an answering and it was about fifteen minutes later. The Mesa police programme was knocking at my door, for the police apparently came Deodar and they took me down to the hospital. How many officers there was one in the vehicle May he wouldn't give me any answers, but when we arrived at the hospital- and I saw the amount of police cars in the parking lot, I knew it was a good
What was his demeanor alike, because I think what people dont realises feed their brothers right. So there are others that are knocking on the door of someone to devoted to tell you that something has gone on what was their demeanour like I said I thought he was very shut down and I kept saying: is he okay and you said ma'am, I don't know you know, that's why I'm here to take you to the hospital? but was amazing in that moment of tragedy. All of his friends and all of my family and all of my friends, I couldn't think of one person to make a phone call to time to get to the hospital, because my mind was just blank. Now, and by the time I got to the hospital, then you know what I kind of had my wherewithal, and I was asking a couple people to make phone calls for me, but when I first walked in emergency room. When I saw one of his best friend was an officer crouched down crying uncontrollably,
who I knew it was a good and down about twenty minutes after I got there, then the doktor came out talked me in time. My son had succumb to his injuries in surgery. Thus, the day my world felt like it ended with it was I who may made it. There was a just as best friends in the police officers the emergency room, was so crowded with people. I was overwhelmed at the amount of people that there were their bad. was even over more overwhelming was after the fact- and you know they put big Memorial up, a town of the park? Did he had hit that he had revitalized for the families and I went down there and were approached me and tell me how much I love my son and children were coming up to Insane Missis
Those are who's. Gonna buyers, dairy queen in his in a biased pizza, because Britain would go those days off. I am play kick ball with the kids in the park and buy them Peter Dairy queen when they were done play, and so it not only affected me and changed. My life had affected these children, and this is that this is a largely is a minority rights. Minority children right and in their lives are affected and their just out pouring of love for you right and me. What is it like? Just waking up the next day in your whole world is different. What do you do? What who do you call? I didn't sleep for probably three days for days and his friends came over to give me something to make me safe, but I dont I'm not like a pill pop a kind of So I was really hard for me to do that, but I couldn't sleep because every time I closed my eyes, just in our thoughts about what I look
I can facebook. I was making the most unbelievable on Facebook and anyone. I was due Hitler's, but you know I look back when the memories were coming up on that you're anniversary, I was like. Oh my god, it is writ me apart, but the amount. people, those shut up. It is viewing in the amount of people they showed up at the funeral. The funeral procession was ten miles long and it was lined with people. I mean children from elementary schools. They had just citizens sending out there were signs. We love you officer windows, I mean I, I was overwhelmed? the things that I found out that my son was doing for people spending his own money, Christmas shopping for families I just? I was amazed and an that inspired me that I had to fight for this spirit, this man,
this person who care so much risk community. I had to fight now for him and for anybody else that would, you know, suffered the same fate that he did. I had to fight to try and prevent. I know how to cherish find out suggested is overseas in this moment, well during his family were home for about, two weeks because they were coming from Germany to go to Korea and, thank goodness, get up data family photos taken, watcher was home and he had. Gus left a few days earlier to go to Korea. So you know they want a twelve hour fight with the family to get there and am Brandon was challengers birthday, so saw the in his family. Had you get on a plane from creating come back home on his birthday, Mother's day mothers, your son, you're, older sons, birthday
and this year it was mother's day, jurists, birthday and Brandon Stephanie, sorry. Sir, was three days all wrapped up in one this year, but the mole got wrenching moment, and I am my God, a daughter, she's younger than random, but who's got Reggie moment was one jarred came back home. and my two older sons embraced in the kitchen and wouldn't let go of each other, because you know they had lost a brother, and this is what a marrow doesn't understand the emotional toll that it takes on Currently and yes, he could been killed by a drunk american driver. Absolutely you know, I understand that, but he wasn't. This is a preventable death. And this man had already committed crimes in our country, and he didn't shoppers court date and they apprehended them at the border. Coming, back over. One time am took him back up to Colorado
to face the judge, interfaces crimes scares me and the judge basically just gave him a slap on the recent and let him back out into our communities and this what Americans need to understand the least You can see that our judges and our courts Because there are some such a liberal mindset that they think that these people just have a right to be heard they dont How did you get grandma's? Don't how did you find out who, without when he got involved the accident at the illegal aliens, and am I don't top give give him any. I don't I don't ever yet so the the illegal and another for the criminal. How did you find out that he was no legal alien? Was he in the hospital is while he died in the accident? He died in the accident of high. So It was. It was our I'm the realities. I I've been spared the trade today that so many angel families have to have to go through number one dead.
The person runs and there never cotton and there they still have no justice number two you ve got to while the dregs on and on and on forever. You know Steve run back lost. Your son grant and mace errors on a shot in the face by a repeated, like legal, ailing, criminal at a convenience store. pack of cigarettes and its forty two years later and there still trial and now he's been deemed intellectually disabled. They do anything, and breathing for these illegal aliens criminals. Now so the inn and correct me if I'm wrong, so that accident happened because this criminal was driving on the wrong side of the road for like four miles. Twelve thirty five miles. Thirty five runway transition under four different freeways: the wrong way. He was three times the legal limit, drawing high on math and brandy on an auto lane that went up and elevated and curved to transit.
learn to another freeway and that's where he was hit. He didn't see this. He didn't see it coming. That's unbelievable! the and the illegal was goin over a hundred miles an hour when he slammed on high on math and vitamin and and these arbiters of individuals that we are currently seeing that people are fighting to protect right are saying that they should have rights and that there is no escaping tragedies, and they just want to come here for a better life. While I question would be what better life was this person pursuing that he was already being recycled through our criminal system right? What better life was he pursuing that he was high and makin famine and drinking and driving on the wrong side of the road? For thirty five miles, what does it do to you? Because you know what an officer has you know what your, what your son's heart was when he was thirteen years old and he said mom, I want to be a police officer. You know what he what he meant his community, because they showed.
I had a ten mile long funeral procession to honour his life. What does it do to you to see the leftist mainstream narrative? a police officers. Your monsters that that their lives shouldn't be valued, that we should have open borders and allow more of these types of individuals in without any vetting whatsoever. What does that do for someone who lost their son? So tragically, it's disgusting to me that that anybody would treat a police officer this way- and you know those cowards who are the ones drawing the bucket of water, those will be the first ones, calling when somebody scream something at them that they don't like or throws up. I got away around them. The cops will be the first people that they call so the level of respect. I blame Obama he started this rhetoric. You know when he completely nor those Dallas officers that were killed. He didn't cuts
stand up as a as a president and speak to that he and and bring that Ocean down these men and women- I think about them. So often these men and women, not only please officers but sheriffs and paramedics and border patrol all these all these men and women who go out for a uniform on to protect city, then this country, I cannot imagine the struggle they go through every day. Putting that uniform on right no, and- and this is a sad state of affairs when this is in our country- and you know a military person whose whose in the middle of a war in a war in deployed you fear for their lives in you and you do pray that they come back home in that and that their not injured and killed. But how sick, as is that this is in our country.
and our own citizens are willing to cause this kind of harm to our our law enforcement officers right right and we right now we have a house, that's overrun by Democrats in their holding a lot of hearings and they want to talk about white supremacy. Anyone talk about white nationalism and they want to talk how police brutality have. Has anybody reached out to you any any of these Congresswoman. Are these congressmen reached out to you to talk about the american side of the story? How legal immigration impacts, american families never, and that was I dont know if your viewers are aware of the fact that have suspended on twitter, but that was one of my tweets that I put out that they said I had to remove. Ok, I like I want. I want to make sure they are aware. So last week, I'm you received a suspension from Twitter and they did not tell you what the reasons why they said that your posts were not okay. What were the I had called out
Camille errors ask her when she was gonna. What law could I break that she would defy amidst all staunchly? Why would she provide sanctuary for me for breaking the law and every american citizen that is killed by Illegal Eileen that you're protecting you have blood on your hands rehash take blood on your hands. I use that told Nancy PLO see that every hour an American is affected by any illegal ailing criminal every hour called out Joe Kennedy, because you know he had posted something's when vice president pants was down there and show law those men in the holding facilities- and he had put some tweet out about that, and I said these are fighting age man, God forbid one of them harm someone that you love. I know firsthand what it's like to have: an illegal aliens, criminal,
destroy your family and then I had one to Diane Feinstein same when our is there going to be a hearing about the forty three hundred plus Americans at are permanently separated from their families. Every year, great Quartier piss you off the wrong people, your fellow Americans, you have blood on your hands, have blood on your hand, so I don't know oh, if its blood on your here cannot be held. I say said that to me, yet if tweeted that millions of times when and look for ludicrous reasons, I mean they ve tried to blame me for the mosque shooting in New Zealand, but the amount tweets like got from blue check. Mark people, saying you have blood on your hands because your rhetoric inspires people to hate those born suspended. I don't even ask those you gotta be suspends. I thought it was. You know ridiculous that I'm down from it, so no its not because you said one has can confirm. That does not, because you said one in your hands, so something else is going on here. I had illegal aliens in capital, letters which I always use.
The latter is being are illegal aliens. Yes, so so I dont know how to lie, or letters are banned onto what I'm not sure, but I've I've used capitalized letters on twitter, so why are they beating you? Twitter support won't respond to me, so they have not only silence move at another, ignoring me and what's ironic is two days ago. I got an email from somebody I reported who had sent me a very hateful threatening type tweet, and I just gotta. Two days ago. Frontiers are responding to that. This does not silently added terms and wrecked and just blocked as usual, to have an enjoyable experience on twitter. She lived here from this person again who so interesting, because we also know that we have people in Congress that are trying to fight After the right for for twitter, they want twitter essentially to shut down anybody that criticizes government government members, which would be amazing to see because all them criticised tromp the entire time right, but it may
she wondered what they're really banning you for is because they are trying to protect narrative right and we see this narrative heating up going into an election cycle where they are trying to paint on these illegal illegal aliens as victims that need to be protected, and I can that's the only thing I can surmise as to why you would be better and because let me tell you capital letters and say barn: your hands isn't does not violate any terms on twitter and and those people do have the option to block you and if they feel armor, they dont like that language. They certainly should block you right, but it does seem that it only goes one way these manning's in these suspensions. I want to know that we have someone like you who has a real lived experience. You have every right to feel angry interfere frustrated with the with the lack of support that America things are getting in this in this debate, the lack of even showmanship shut up, shut up and listen to what the angel moms have to say. They want, when utter the name, ain't alarms or angel families. They won't you
I acknowledge that our children have died, but let's just be rolled on us, it's not. about. The Americans are killed, Candice, there's hundreds of thousands of Americans it affected by illegal prime every year, rape, identity, theft, assault, hidden runs. The list goes on and on and on there's a child rape epidemic going on a North Carolina right now by illegal aliens. Is people go to end, cease fire dot info. You will be stunned. at the amount of illegal aliens who were raping american children. Why aren't these women? Why aren't you Hollywood elite. Why are these female congressional leader? earth were screaming so much about these children at the border. Why, they standing up for american children. Just yesterday I read we're. A guatemalan, our honduran man, had come over. The border with the child and Sexually has has sexually assaulted that child now, because it was in his child, the course, and
Eliza Laboratory lump is doing at our borders, and these are the measures that border patrol is taking make sure these children belonging to these people correct, and these liberal hypocrites don't give a damn. What happens to those children. What their fate is. What's going happened to them. They We want to have something to screaming yell at Trump about it was a man structure crises six months ago, it's at a deeper pitch now So they have to come down here in and take a look at it and ale see just one Something to scream and yellow squawk want something to blame him on and there stood the little videos and Eliza they tell in there and then border pulse ordering beds, because they were screaming that their sleep it on the floor? And now she calls for them the two boys, the Americans, to boycott
a fair for selling best a border patrol by there is no solution and on their reservations of the night. The reason is because I believe the reasons they don't want solutions outright, because I mean really these people really follow the Marxist, the ology. They want this sort of constant revolution to be going on, and if there is a solution, people will be satisfied right. They want an uprising. You can have an uprising where there are solutions and uniting Dan Crenshaw does a really good job of breaking down in explaining what the crisis is and how people are actually stopping it. They claim that they wanna, you know to fix it. Why are you denying funding? Why are you denying funding to achieve as much as well, which is where these children are being held? Why are you telling people to protest wayfare they're, the ones that are sending the beds? Why should why? Should their employees be walking out and staging a boycott of protest and and people need to know that people eating oh, that multiple are being heard here right so that you are holding facilities and the angel moms were being her by this rhetoric and it's important that people understand this and really get down
the issues and rise above the rhetoric, because we are facing a crisis. American families are being harm, but so are illegal children who are our values, the border people there aren't their parents these actually on their parents is necessary to separate them to determine whether or not in these highly sex, trafficked and drug trafficked areas. Whether or not these are, in fact the children of the people that are being escorted over the border with so thousand children are currently listed, is missing. The Mexico fifteen thousand since October, last year. Sixty one thousand unaccompanied minors have cross our borders sixty one down since October, so you think about the job that these border patrol agents have to have to deal with figuring this all out. and the most sickening part of all of this is these: these holding facilities. I had all these men that vice president, was standing in front of you run their holdings
finger it up for since a shower yeah, we're clean shaven. So somehow you access to some facilities to do something and you look pretty well fed, but because the time restraints that they have on how long they can hold these people. This is scary. think and us, because they cannot properly, that these men, these are fighting age men they were. Complete facilities were just fighting age men? I have no respect for them and alive we have left their wives and children at home. If your fleeing that country causes so dangerous, what are you doing here, sick in your hand, out for freebies? Well, that's. Why aren't you back on protecting your fear, that's correct and into the other question is in this gets into the asylum policies. You say your fleeing or country. Does it so dangerous? Why aren't you going to the next available country right? If it really is about danger? Why're, you skipping through other countries to get to the United states, Ally now, because this is
about you, aren't fleeing danger? You see economic opportunities and you're in your realising these economic opportunities, because we have leaders in America, politicians in America that are saying come here and an emerald weapon for you or a lot of red carpet working to fight for you we're not going to live with the american people, we're going to fight for you What's that you have handouts, government takes care of you and to the left us. They just see it as an hour, fortunately to get in another victim class of voters. That's it. I feel sick. They doing exactly to these illegal aliens, ac them as the next economic opportunity for them to seize power and grow government Armitage asked what they did to block America, what they see as an opportunity with illegal aliens, no willing to do that. The willing to stand on the graves of people, like your son, brave men, right, brave, loving men who cared about their communities, the willing to take those legacies and tear them apart in public, because at the end of the day,
They want is power and that sickening it is it sickening. It is, you know, and the these Democrats is a site if they were just give us a moment to have some sort of a hearing to talk about the devastation Cathy and Billy Inman they live in Georgia. They were hit nineteen years from any illegal aliens killed there. Only child Cathy's been in a will, forever sense, Billy just died. A few last month, heart attack from the stress of dealing with this trying to find their sons killer. He's in Mexico. Fbi knows where he is, it can bring him back. Mexico won't extradite him from vehicle manslaughter, but this is the devastation this family has lived with, so Cathy's lost her only child lost her husband, been in culture for nineteen years excursion. in pain every single day you know I could go. On and on and on with families. Who've been effects like this, and these are the Congress.
Members, fellow Americans, that they turn their back on. They won't even talk to them. I won't even acknowledge that they existed there, I acknowledge Dustin existed, and this is What makes me some add an end. These are the people You need to have the support an end situation of our congressional members when they're making decisions on immigration. The reform and what they need to be doing they need to take. good luck at the amount? Americans it or killed? Yes there? Maybe ten twelve people who have died when, since they ve been border patrol custody, but those people came walking and end on this treacherous track. These short or at our border patrol agents SEC and our border patrol did the best they could. with the overwhelming numbers at their dealing with every day and kind her spells to mention the over While me numbers that their forcing our borders
all ages, thirty away because of their inaction. Might where our averaging and like a hundred thousand people a month that are trying to fight our borders and ended there. There is no justice, there's no justice for the american lives, their impact, it there's no justice for the border patrol lives at our impact, it our ice agents, their lives, you being impacted by this rhetoric where people are think it's them yet sanctioning violence against our policemen, their sanctioning violence against other people that are an ice there, sanctioning violence against people that are actually fighting to protect this nation. It's scary,
scary time omber. I think that when we have people like you an end and if, if there's ever a light to see in such a dark in such a dark tragedy, is that its inspired? You re us is its put you on fire for something and end your impassioned and you re you're here at the border, washing it get built, you're working with amazing people to make sure this gets out. This happens and an ear keeping Britain's memory alive. I mean the people that will watch this and see this will know who Brandon Mendoza is you know who what his legacy is and what his heart was about, and and that's where I hope that we can. We can bring to America today the discussion that Congress doesn't want you to say,
So we wrap up every episode by allowing people to speak directly into that camera. All of my gas and you get to leave. I guess a video message for the world right now and I'll just tell them. What's on your heart, tell them what what you hope that they see, and hopefully it falls on the ears of everyone. Are you ready? We only have two minutes. Ok, that's the camera. You gonna, look out on your mark. Get set world here, is Marianne Mendoza Thank you very much. I just want to say that people need to be aware what's happening to this country. We can allow a loud majority and the people who push and incite violence and if they dont. What you say attack you not only physically, but verbally you ve got to realize we are the silent majority. We are the people who care about our country. We are the people who care about what happened to our fellow Americans, unlike at the liberal maniacs that are out in the
world. I witnessed some of them come after patriots. we're just trying to have a peaceful rally in and talk to them? a patriot, so dont be afraid, Either you stand up for your country, don't you afraid to say that you support our law enforcement officers that you support our border patrol. That you support ice and the job that their due these men and women deserve so much more. and what they ve been handed by real, the rhetoric that our can rational leaders and our liberal politicians, even local elected officials, what they ve brought upon these people is sickening so make sure that your voice is heard, make sure that you get out there and when you see a police officer today or tomorrow this week, go up and shake their hand and thanked him for the job that they're doing. I do that every opportunity, I guess,
and some of them are a little apprehensive when they see somebody approaching them, because I dont know what they're going to say but watch what happens when you think a law for sir for what he's doing and thank him for it. There was a watch his face lit up men and women deserve our thanks. So great, oh, my god, exactly two minutes, you EL. Thank you so much for coming on the show that was awesome. Thank you think You guys were watching the latest episode of the kindest Owen show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you as already know, Prager, you is a five or one c, three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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