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2019-07-14 | 🔗
The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles joins Candace Owens this week for a lively discussion on gender pronouns, affirmative action, and why Americans should stop funding universities. Plus, Michael explains what men really want! Don’t miss it. PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation: https://donate.prageru.com/CO
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As those xenia getting some like trying to read this manifesto and before we go, I've got like it's, not what you think it is it's not where young people, don't we that's the problem. Ok, ladies and gentlemen, we are rolling into another episode of the Candice Owen, show what do men about modern feminism. What two men think about in in general, in this day and age, in the age of tender in the aid, dating apps in the age of social media. Here to discuss all things, women with me is of course Michael knows, makes perfect sense. because I'm now allowed to compete and women, sports, ecologists and high schools. I think I'm allowed to discuss feminist right here right now. It's my right. It is your right and frankly, I'm a little upset at the entire audience. Did just assumes that I'm a man I know that I have an atoms apple in a deep voice, just how
now a lot of people that watch my shall do miss gender and I just thought it would be healthy for us to have this dialogue to give you an opportunity to speak about women's issues. I appreciate the right, so I preferred pronouns or honeymoon darling your well honey Welcome to the kind of show you it's great to be your love yourself. I sought. Thank you very much, MRS might this is my man cave, so you are kind of always in trouble which I enjoy. I love it because you write these super thoughtful pieces that makes sense, which means that one should be in trouble all the time and my favorite was onto they're watching a yo, see get really mad at you, because your white obviously, and your republican and you came for her sire discussing things about her in her ideas which has not allowed because your white, that's right. You know the funny thing about see by the way, so she Britain, to be Jenny from the bloc, as she says, she's from the Bronx Sir Queens, something she I grew up in the towns right next to each other. She actually Robin a slightly more affluent town in
the already very affluent county of Westchester, will we grew up in the suburbs. At the exact same time were the same age, and now I admit and she goes around pretending to be. You know from the hood or something like that this is this is indicative of bigger problem in politics, which is that you have the left ink. recently living in this fantasy. You have left increasing, living? Not not just in the fantasy privilege and victimhood in grievance? They ve added a grievance Edward. City score to the S. Eighty, but with the place of this. Really comes out the most is when the left talks about gender I mean we are now. I think you're you're, probably about to be deeply formed from Facebook, but why you're still on Facebook, if there are fifty six genders that you can choose from oh on Facebook on face? I didn't know that I will last I checked its price. Fifty eight since I came into the studio this morning and there is, there was a pull out of sight, they have millennials over fifty percent of millennials.
Leave that there are more than two genders. That is terrifying, tariff nation, the crazy, well I'll, tell you what we don't normally do. This brought you can actually went to Kansas Owen show cop if you can name all fifty six of them. This is a great looking cop, I think, there's a male female sicilian, tennis, racket hatrack, somehow, no, what is it a veto? It actually is a bit scary and it's really scary that people think that not only that there are fifty six or fifty eight generous, but that you can choose your gender every single day. What I say is that what worse being happening on the left. Increasingly? Is there actually giving people met mental disorders rate? So when you, when you look to a small child there, they're trying to work out world. They don't know, what's what they really want it in the content of gravity. Most children think they can fly. That's why they're jumping off of couches scraping their elbows weeping their knees, and yet you have left he's trying to assign? severity to their thoughts and ideas. Like I mean, I said the most ridiculous thing
watch any video of a child. Everything that comes out of their mouth, though say that they're a mermaid, their share their fish, and it's so instant. Their imagination is like whatever they watch on tv insight, becomes reality. For that you know there was a story of the UK where two parents had a seven year old son and they do so dress their seven year old son up as new seven year old daughter because they said he's trans gender, so they sent him to underscoring little dresses. Straighter, say please stop sending your son wearing little dress. If this is really weird and its upsetting the other students, so the parents, I know, he's transgender, ok what it look transgender, herb Disorient effect, zero point two percent of the population at most zero point, three: zero point: four: It is a very, very, very small chance that this little kid has this problem. Let's say but he does. It then turns out that another one of their kids has transgender does for him. So again, you say gosh. What are the odds? Zero point to one zero point, two percent for the next one hears the kicker, the other. isn't there, biological child. While it's a fur
Esther child three years old and they are transitioning him. A third forced us, can foster child third child in their house also experienced gender issues. This is clearly, not just a psychological or medical phenomenon. This is a major cultural mathematically, impossible, not pass up ass, be the case and it is for for this generation, I mean it's easy to make jokes about the fifty six genders in everything. You're talking millennials in Genji as the most stressed out anxious depressed suicidal generations in american history that the New York Times, which, like it, Looking clock is right twice a day, dubbed us, the anti the present generation. One in six Americans are hooked on antidepressant pills, one in twenty teens or hooked on those pitman. They also Genji jerk for the teens, its Genji or by you. I guess even little younger reassuring that people who are aged twelve to age, seventeen, Sir beside rates among teenagers, rub seventy percent. This is
not just psychological. This is cultural and philosophical and what it comes down to is a culture that cannot accept objective reality. When I was, I know you do these campus lectures. I could do this campus lectures. I wasn't diversity, Missouri Kansas City and I was in I did there by a conservative group to give a speech. The topic of the speech was Men are not women, as as the speech could have given a speech on the sky. Is black white grave in a speech on two plus two equals flat? I go there and give the speech from the minute I shut up shrine making the protesters drowning out. The other people in the room couldn't hear a word. This goes on for twenty minutes. Eventually, some masked anti thug bustin sprays me some weird smelly chemical. They drag him out next day the chancellor of the university didn't apologize to me here will try to the students that I was there.
Smeared me as some sort of big it, and he said that my opinions did not reflect the values of a public university in America. My opinion that men or not women. That's a cultural mad! That's about the enemy that that to me like it's, a it's funny right, it's going to believe is objectively funny, just because I always try to imagine like if aliens were watching us like she's, overlooking a being like they just look down and be what the hell is wrong. With this planet, but here s what imagine if we were just watching dogs right like ITALY, it it's really bizarre to step, to stake, try to extract It is often the situation and look objectively about what what we're going through as a society met are not women? This is an objective. Five truth. This is objective truth. They should not be anything that is disputed and should not cause any body to show up in protest shouldn't make anybody. Angry men are not women and yet you're going through So it's funny, but be it's really say
at its also see very sinister is very sinister, because at the core of it is that what the left wants to do is breakdowns structure. They they dont want there to be any. picture and what it creates is mass confusion, and I genuinely believe that mass confusion and when you have a society that doesn't have structure that leads directly to depression when you do not have structural things. Don't make sense that leads to depression. Depression can be act out. The anger rage sometimes feel that are acting out it's because you don't have structure, whether that be it in the home outside of the home and now we're seeing it permeate within the school system so where, at once, you could have people that didn't have structure at home, who were going through things who could go to go to school and be like that will. This makes sense right. Everything in school makes sense. Why have simple, ravisher you're the summer logic? Now it's just every, it's crazy? Everyone's crazy and God forbid, your person who's in that seen what that this is getting back to jail. This is an issue that just came out. The New York Times had to publish it. They I think they were show
being as they had to write this article. There was a study the came out which showed that the happiest women in America or religious conservative one Shocker shock, I might have shrunk shocking to everybody- is lies blue at the New York. I re end. It found that by far the waste wives or conservative, religious. The next happiest or act- they left wing and secular by way down of a distant second and then the peace oh, who just lived in mush the people who were Milk toast stand in the middle of the road you're gonna get hit by a truck the people who didn't have a view of the world where the least happy of all right because you're just living in madness appetite one of the saddest why, after I oppose these episodes, I go through the comments on you to justice. He everyone's feeling and an arm. Had done episode with alley. Stuckey inertia great right and we were just talking about feminism, Anne and how
it's become so much of a scam and one comment that we got under it, which was so disheartening, was a woman. Said. You know. I wish that as episode like this, without when I was young, I fell for the scam, a feminism in my youth and I am now single alone- on anti depressants enough for all the young woman that are watching this, please. No, that was society is telling you throughout your entire life, will eventually lead you on a path of unhappiness at my heart, it just reading this comment, because I know that right and I try tell him and when I speak to them now go look at the wheel. the person and to say that you think is the ultimate feminist and ask yourself one question: do you think she's happy right? Do you in Chelsea handlers. Happy, do you think Cathy Grip and is happy? Do you think Sarah Silverman is happy, right and if your answer is no, but you should know that you are on a path that is going to eventually led to loneliness and misery right. Will you know Gloria Steinem told us in the second wave feminism, she said a woman needs, a man like a fish needs a bicycle, and
You look at all the rest of human history and you say no men and women need each. He has sent out all of human history everywhere for all time. Men and women need each other when they like being together. Gloria Steinem in the nineteen sixties and feminist, saying women don't get married. What do you think is going to lead to a better How can one we just no from the social science, we know that married people are happy or much happier than average and there are so I mean this is such a great time to be discussing feminism because you're watching it implode in real time you're watching too colours of the left collide and they can't stand forever. One is feminism: one is transgender ism. You can have one or the other we can't have not have both. One of them said: men and women are different. Women have been systematically pressed by men- and we are right- historical wrongs and yadda yadda yadda, the other one says: there's no difference between women. Men can be women, women can be men, gender is simply socially constructed.
Actually there were many genders and there are no Andrews at all, they can't simultaneously be true, like you can't be set fighting patriarchy at the very same time at your inviting the patriarchate had taken to take over everything that women have accomplished over the last one hundred years. What is patriarchy, if there's no sexual difference, I mean more ever what are women if there's no sexual different right? What with women in the old days. Look I'm a little older than you can't, as I remember in the older women used to be defined, as not men were I met one another's a secondary definition that now the singer. Innovation is also sometimes men had it. What is that even me right, and I actually have to say this, because I mean I even I'm actually like staunchly conservative when it comes to the transit and people say all well, even if a person is tragic, have the decency and the respect to call them by their preferred prone out. I don't play that game and what I always say to people is: if you have a mental disorder, that's fine
I only to come up to you and tell you that I think you have a mental disorder that would be rude, but when you have a mental disorder and you're not requiring that, I have a mental disorder rights it to meet your mental disorder. That doesn't work for me, which is to say that if somebody was walking rises gets a frantic and saying they were Superman, indent we. Then I was required to treat them like Superman. I wouldn't play the game, that's how I feel about Trans. I think that the slope is so slippery and they find that to be bigotry. No I'm not going to call you she and not going to call you her just because grown man and you're wearing awaken address that? That's literally telling me that I am now required to have a mental disorder because you have won out. You know I tried to do it in public, where I will not use the the fake oh now so now, and it now it so confusing, because if there is a man who thinks he's woman for him, as a man with the culture tells you your miss gendering him. Only the only people miss gendering anybody or the ones pretending the man is a woman s cry I refuse to refer, or to the man. Is she, however, in up in an interpreter
if we want a dinner party or something I will use whatever language he wants me to use to refer to him in the same way that if there were a schizophrenia, kick at a dinner, I would endorse. The delusion that there were voices speaking I may it is a obviously, it's a psychological condition, but what the left wants us to have their say. he needed to, they want to say this is a very serious psychological condition and you have to indulge it also. You won't have to treat it as though its objectively true that's where I changed. The bathroom signed, rout, writings, displaced person, this this person now needs it look, there's a place for them to go that safe and am I could you imagine a world take it. Take it out of the tragedy where we had to now will comedy everyone. That was from the schizophrenia and we need to make the world look like as they were, seeing the voices that they were hearing we'd? We needed to basically guarantees and end support, whatever so they were saying people would say that wasn't that was crazy, that that was not what they think. It's different, somehow with a chance to be- and I don't know why, The Trans debate is now being steam rolled into the algae, beat debate,
I know exactly what I say it's all right. What it's, because, first of all, the real irony here is that if transgender ism is true, then there's no such thing as homosexuality, because what that's be gay, is to SAM a man and I'm sexually attracted a man, I'm a woman of sexually directed to women. If there's no such thing as men and women, there's no such thing as homosexuality. Now the thing We struggled with on this on the transgender question, is, I say, zero point. Two percent of the population have this condition very, very small. Why is it that the left mom ethically has tried to make this issue dominate our national debate. Why are we having this massive cultural debate over an very rare condition that affects a very small number of people and its because it's the key to everything what the left denies is, active reality, moral reality now, in this case physical reality according to their preferred idiot, the for sexual ideology. The victim would ideology
The only reality is the reality of ones suffering the reality of one's oppression. You say you don't know me, you dont know my pain if you disagree with me, you're, it's not a simple disagreement. You are erasing my lived experience this my subjective feeling is Much more knowable then objective reality, They say that on the one side, and now with the left is trying to but such a sleight of hand is they are trying to take the objective world redefine it as subjective feeling and then redefine it objective reality and the way their doing this. You see it very clearly is on the new S. Eighty, the test, the kids take for colleges This is a standardized. I'm glad you're. Talking about this, it is it leftism in you take a standardized test. Definition of a standardized test. Is everybody takes it, it's an even playing field and they add and adversity school they try to measure the suffering that
didn't has gone through. I don't know how they're going to do this. If you grew up, in a crime ridden neighbourhood, but you had to parents, did you for more than a rich kid who grew up and his parents died. What whose eye How do you measure that suffering its its inherently a a subjective measurement subjective feeling they want to redefine that as objective, because to the left it's just about, power. If you can look at something objectively and measure it, then we can have a real debate about but we can have arguments if you can't, if you take it why? If you exalt subjective feeling as the only measurement, we're talking about, then it's just about power. It's about. who can shout someone down it's about? Who can see? and sir someone it's about. Who can worse. There will on the entirety of the people, and we are play out,
throughout our politics, and what are we gonna do with that? So so I get a higher. Obviously I get a higher adversities while you obviously right like I'm like a hundred percent you're gonna be a zero rate and the water they gonna do. Does that mean that I now get to go to Harvard because I struggled more like is out there but where is it going? What what? What? What? What do you think they're end goal with? Is that what the adversity score will it's so insidious because what they say, as some students who don't do well on the s. Eighty overcame more. Students who did well on the USA to they don't know. The answers are certainly right. Doesn't matter what you want. You said they d. What we're looking at his who still don't know the industry at the reasons why it should matter right. I don't know the answers right. You weren't smart enough to get these answers correct, so he was startling going to do with that. They're, just owing to allow the people to get into schools that they don't deserve to be in what will, and this creates a whole host of problems you get. Schools were mismatched for the university, the writer bowing to, and they flunked out may end up with a lot of debt, but even beyond school, already taken due account a lot of subjective measurements, they taken too
race. They take into account sexy shit into account neighbour loaded, and perhaps they shouldn't they do you should you should just be taking a test. That's it. I actually think all It needs to go away, I'm I'm really against affirmative action, because I mean I study a doctor, tumblr soul, and he just breaks down how affirmative action actually lead to a more harmful results for smart, relatively smart, a black students and talks about his experience. it was at Coronel and he was a professor at were now for a bit and he found out that something like fifty percent of all of the black students run academic probation, and so he went to go figure out why it was they weren't academic, probation and what it what it was was that they were systematically mismatched right. So, while these these fifty percent of the black students were actually seventy percent smarter than everybody in the nation right, seventy percent smarter they warrant smarter than the people that they were going to school without Coronel They were at the bottom of their class in terms of a school. They were mismatched to the winter, but if they had got anywhere else, you'll be at the top of their climate,
Well, yes, exactly exactly at, and so it actually harms em and it hurts their self confidence and they feel dumb when in fact they are smart and the other side. Clarence Thomas talks about this. A lot of talk about it in his memoirs, Clarence Thomas. But the smartest guys in the entire country. He goes to Yale LAW school. Then the best our school in the country did very. Well there and he had trouble finding a job and the reasoning had trouble. Finding a job is because people assumed- because he was black- that he bent it from affirmative action policy to get into Yale right, and he said at that moment. He knew that the value of his law degree was nothing. It was worthless because it had been too did by race discrimination. I know the reason that I dont go all the way on affirmative action. As you do is, then I asked them question what about legacies? What about athletes? What about
There are all these other subjective measures I am against. It argues against it on the exact opposite of the left me an elected knowledge, as there are all these subjective things. We all take into account. Daddy buys a building and you get to go in that suffer the net, but the there was one standard. this measure and are trying to get rid of that one tray and you want to make that standards measure. I actually all night fell to just talk about the debate of what our colleague camps has. I think it's pointedly ridiculous. I know I didn't have a popular opinion here that these parents are going to jail for something that we all know exists. Right. Let me think bizarre. Look I'm like. Why are we pretending that America is this place? Where everything sphere, we believe all known, that there are parents. I pay to get their kids in this war. They want to get into. Rightly in America, Capitalism Grammy money can really by you anything, and we know the people by buildings. Only reason why this is a scandal is because this time university
get out of it right and as a true these parents, they weren't rich enough to buy a building re re rich enough to bribe a coach or to cheat on me. I say it is the same thing in mine and my opinion, but so one person who is kind of debating this with me, which was my fiance. Well, what do you say to me? I think he told me that what about where what their evil to do with that money once the person no buys the building you. They then use that money for scholarships for people and unlike probable not that will be used at genoa, the use of where these days is to fund the dean of diverse? like him. I think it's you bloated administrators, the deputy deputy deputy assistant, dean of diversity and inclusion and rainbows and the whole point that job is to stir up. legal chaos on campus and one can do so the town where I come to town they organized crime tests and encourage students to disrupt the event. That's their whole job way is to break down the
Foundation of the university. I mean I'm I'm basically at the point with this, where I think we need to have the states Totally defend those administrations where I think that alumni, Private universities need to pull their money until those totally unnecessary administrative offices are gone. One hundred percent- I say this all the time- stop funding the problems start funding the solution is not found in the parliament start funding the solution you had. These people are like all, but that's me, alma mater, I don't care. If this is not the same school you went to rise, is a far left, crazy university and they say, burn down the place of a conservative comes in, speaks the fact that we had to sneak through kitchens and back doors for me to say black. If it'll have to be Democrats, why we talk about an hour active truth like out, yet no one will know shouldn't. How would you like and at men and women are different. I mean these are objective truths and were not allowed to go speak. And yet, let's one who actually is controversial, someone like Linda source or the ito they were
while the right carpet and may go all this is diversity they don't believe in, and I perceive ideas will, of course not by the way, I'm only blaming the administration here, because it's true the students, the ones the yell at you and yell at me they are Brady. There stupid their ignorant, their misbehaved sure, that's, basically, the definition of a student Kennedy drew, the professors are marxist and wacko and eccentric and crazy. That's pretty much the definition of a professor the administrators used to be the adults in the room, we used to be the one saying: no can't do that. Don't do that. We ve gotta protect the university. We have to protect free exchange, ideas and now, what are they doing, they're the ones encouraging the madness is though the inmates are running the asylum right and it is very important. I know- and this is sort of an unpopular conservative view, unloved, liberal education. I think people should go to college and study completely useless things like and history and philosophy, and the reason is the liberal
arts very literally or the arts of freedom there, the arts for freedom, interest a free society it's too? No itself needs to know its history. It needs more where its ideas come from, needs to know why we have the system of government that we do it. HE society without liberal education, will not remain free for very long, but the problem with liberal education now is in my opinion, is that when you start taking these weird classes like, I was forced to take them What a one in Haiti is, that what it leads to his people that dont know how to be functional in society and by the way I would just differentiate don't. I know they call that liberal education. Now, that's ideological indoctrination. Ok, that's not! I mean what really liberal education has been blotted out almost entirely in this countrymen, seeps and even an english right. So I oh yeah like that, because that was a that was a requirement for an english degree rights, Even the book shall read write so I made an english internal, isn't even the books, it they're gonna pick for you to read and in an
A class is going to be something that is, let us laced with political union algae. You know in the in the old days when you would read it when you take an english class, you would the poem read the book with a novel and try to learn something from a try to get something. Now, when you read it, it's what the literary critic, Harold Bloom, called the school of resentment. If you just you hate what else sexist big it. William Shakespeare was. I mean that now at Yale you can read wait. Sumac allowed a four point out with a degree in English and never read Shakespeare. I it's unbelievable, that is on believable, I had a woman who won three I'll show up at one of our events, one of our own canvas events at Yukon and she had done eight years of schools had she had never heard a conservative opinion until she showed up in that room that's terrifying at the leading edge, and she said because of that she was inspired because she showed up to this event, because she wanted to hear conservative ideas and she couldn't believe how saying they were and despite what she had been told, and that that conservatives want even allowed to give their opinions and the region
that is because we make so much sense right to the only way to make sure that conservative ideology spread- is to make sure that it never has, even by a tat tat even becoming ever hear the idea don't get the idea. This is why the left told us they were doing this. We should have listened. We should pay attention, they said they were. Can have a long march through the institutions there we're gonna hollow out In particular, the universities also the media, also the press by in these universities. They took liberal education and then they went inside it like a sick zombie and they turned into zombie education, which kind of look like liberal education, it kind of walks like liberal education, but it's not. It's been rotted out from the inside, and so where you used to get history. Now you get political polemic, Howard Zinn the school of resentment a an idiot, logical indoctrination, a skimming of history that tells you your history is bad. culture is bad. Your literature is bad. The way you look is bad. Your religion is bad and it gets you to hate your past. Its no coincidence that
and even presidential candidates. Now, on the left or saying we to rename Jefferson memorials. We need to record knockdown statues. George Orwell predicted this. He said in nineteen. Eighty four, the character of Winston says when you get rid of history when you get rid of the asked there is nothing that came before. There was only the eternal present in which the party is always right: ten years ago, feminism was the most important thing we could possibly hereabouts all girl power. I'm woman hear me roar. Ten years later, no such thing as a woman, there's no such thing as a man, you say: wait a SEC. ten years ago. You just told me: I had to be a feminist. Now you tell me, I have to deny gender altogether. They say not that forget, That was then this is now whatever I tell you is right, that's really scary, that's really scary and then we're talking about wiping out the passionate. I think I think I'm game of thrones
why the night King one to kill brand affair? It is, as we have an actual hint to go, bran, because if, if you really want to bring death and destruction, there can be no past, there can be no history. Why do you have to make sure there is no memory of the way things warrant that's over actively seeing take place while still aren't you on being that the liberal education system can be good because, like I said, every single one of those courses is tainted hissed. If you want to talk about history during the public education sphere, I went through public education. I learned historically that Republicans conservatives other. Sesar will become a crowd, is switched re. Remember we asked whether the mythological I learned that, after we learned that people like us, thinking is out of their own mind, are learning that in school we learn that in history classes sell their pretending its history there, giving it a name with the left loves to do. They call things something right. That is absolutely not plant parenthood. No, it's escaping hood reproductive rights, right, the opposite of reproduction exactly and they do this machine in classes as well. It's not actually history it just it's it's written history where they want
you believe it and what they're essentially doing is making people feel depressed before they even try right and then, if you can break down someone's character, and I say for blacks like we learn how to be victims in school, they are creating victims and their the public education system, because it gives them a permanent class of voters right. They say it at. We know that if we can get you and from a time that you're eighteen years old, what do you make it to college or not you're, going to come out there going to feel pressure going to feel angry or going to feel better you're going to feel emotional, and that means that we're going to be able to get your votes? that white so easy for walk Americans to fall for this idea, every four years that white supremacy of keeping them back when, in fact it's because we haven't, you may give an education, we just been taught how to be a press. That is such a great point. It's this in distance and focus on suffering. This is what the left does. They say the worst possible thing. The greatest evil in the world is suffering its, how they justify abortion They say if a baby is unwanted is born, is going to be poor, he's going to go to foster care he's going to suffer. Therefore, it's better to kill him
If someone is elderly and they ve got some elements in their suffering better to kill them you are a victim. You are suffering, is the worst thing ever we have to report our entire system that they forget a few things. One everybody suffers every, but it is a fact of life. It is v, tragic fact of life. You will. Tougher everyone. Does it the richest guy in the world, the poorest guy in the world, the other factors Nor is that suffering is, is now does not have a moral value in and of itself suffering is neither good nor evil. It is a fact, of life in your reaction? To suffering is the moral quality? You can react to offering in a way that is good, noble, courageous, edifying builds you up we'll. Let you have a great life. Some of the greatest people in all of history have overcome the greatest adversity. You can do it that way or you can wine and grow resentful
say I societies out to get me or the man is out to get near this race or this sex they're out to get me everything's, unfair Weiwei, and you can sit in your room and cry and feel sorry for yourself why that is the worst thing you could possibly tell somebody is to go. Do that its it will destroy their lives and there is. There is a political agenda in this country to tell whole classes of people that that's the case and that and I try to figure out why, like what? What is the purpose behind that? Why not want people to embrace their future? is to work hard tat, everybody be happy ramming force, not everything. Percy entire well is going to be happy, but we have a pretty good system here. You know in America and we do warn people based on merit about their ideas. How hard they work and if you can get everybody to this point of view and competent enough to go out there and try, we would have a society, Philip, basically happy people, I think to myself? Why has left one undue there? Is this really just about power? Do think? Yes, I think it's about, our because you can't innocence,
Heidi, that can talk to each other in a society that agrees on terms that uses the same language were, languages are constantly changing you. Can. Have a conversation and good arguments will beat out bad arguments. There was this great sea. in Alice in Wonderland, we're Humpty dumpty and is talking to Alice, and he says my language. Words mean whatever I say that they mean analysis, Humpty dumpty, the quest donors, can words really mean all of those things, humpty dumpty says, but the real question is, which is to be master. That is all Are you master by changing the definition of words like the left us or you may, by using words, as they really mean by their true definitions, as conservatives tried to do in a tent society that functions that agrees on reality. You can do that and good ideas are gonna, be bad ideas and in a culture that is basically happy,
grateful aware of our own broken this and fallen. Mrs human beings. Happy for this wonderful life that we have been given. A priest if more material blessings and our spiritual blessings, a culture that loves its neighbours, a culture that loves its history and its land and and where we all come from. That culture is going to be much less susceptible to radical change. That's exactly they not going to accept the left's agenda of knocking down all the buildings I mean literally. The green new deal would knock On all the buildings aggressive, what do you mean as per its progress? Let us across this idea knew that they want their burn it all down that its aggressive. That's the only way that they can enact their agenda burn it all to the ground. It's absolutely insane. So what I think it's loop, we're both agreeing here. That's it it's tremendously dip! copper peoples, a kind of Europe in the society when we're seeing such a breakdown in structure and one. Things I wanted to ask you, because you just got married recently
Maybe I should go the same age. I think someone you, lady doesnt, tell her. I just I just turned thirty. Am eighty nine and eighty nine, ninety I'm an I'm down here. I told me what am I mean? What do I have to look forward to what is actually I'll? Let you know, but so a lot of this women dont know what they're looking for anymore I think a really good question to ask you is what do men want in this day and age right? Luke and I go, and you must have known him. Are you just have to answer the question because I think that all of these more liberal girl answer me standing out in their swiping way in desperately by the way. These are these other girls who call themselves feminist. All they want is a husband right. What what is it? What is the purpose of all these girls being, and indeed I am not going to sleep with men- are hoping that he's the one right that he's the one he's the wonder: swiping right, and the question now is that, especially with feminism, as it makes it hard for many women have a conversation about what it is there actually looking for, women are not looking for four more fruit actual freedom, that's a myth. I can tell you that the scale of that the girls at our get to twenty six,
don't have a partner, freaking out greater scale than men ever played on women. We convince them that giving men free a cheap, easy sack with no accountability or with somehow empowering, and I don't know how we did fellows. You must be sorcerers Emma where's, my Emily Rutledge ASCII is like right. Listen I'm going to do a protest man by taking my top up. If you really showed, please stop beautiful model, please stop post fingers. it is on the internet or now I can't take it anymore Ladys. I think men might be Winnie I'll, just say the old man one. There are two letters to this On the one hand we just want to sit on the couch. That's all we were. I just want to sit on the couch. I want to go home after work. I want put down my what gonna wanna go slack Jordan Room maybe have a drink. I don't want to do anything, that's what men or I think, naturally have this kind of base. Appetite to do is just like. Hang around You see this in Genesis. I mean actually
what God says, listen man you're in, want to sit on the couch and do nothing, but you actually have to work. You actually have to go yet the love, your wife, what will fulfil men? What men want in a higher sense and in the long term, is to succeed to overcome, to love, to protect, to be cared for to be nurse, We want all of the things that just coincidentally, every society for all of history everywhere in the world has shown us that men want, and men and women compliment, they go together very well It's a very nice thing. I know we deny this fact now told many. Women are exactly the same. We're not First of all, and it's very nice, the many women compliment get big, I'm from phasing in the stream went down, but that many women do want different things. As comes in the realm of sex is comes in the professional world. This comes in in the personal world.
And, unfortunately, what our culture is doing is telling men, don't don't care for anybody don't take on any responsibility, don't feel like you have to succeed, don't make any money, don't build anything sit around play video games and watch porn that's what the culture tells me in some insight great play, video games and watch porn all day. Ultimately that will. Destroy or solar will destroy your life. What are they tell women? What do, When will you tell me, let's see if advice listening to the scammer feminism today would say, go out and be like men? Be the most productive that you can be. You should want to work for the next fifty years, provide for your family each do without a man doktor child. You shouldn't want, to pursue marriage marriages bondage and that's pretty much the scheme of and in the myth of feminism rate, but at their core I think all of these women are running around to get. They just want men to see them, but men don't want these radicalism. in, that are saying. If we have children, I'm gonna, let them pick their gender rhyming. That's like.
Having little babies were not here should be. The navy is here and there I mean we now have the social scientific data, since Secondly, feminism, since the ten. Seventeen women have become less happy, not just relative to men, which is also true but in absolute terms, and the left is shocked by this. They say Oh, but now women have all of these new ideologies right and it's making them miserable, maybe something's wrong with that, in reality, a feminist. What do you think about? the over sexual eyes, culture. So few right, I'm on a twin tinder day in my guy. You know: I've slept with like twenty five guys. I'm you know. three. I always use section, though you know it's come on twenty nineteen, Michael, is twenty! anti immigrant aside ass, her you asking me at twenty. twenty nine. Are you asking me because the very alluring to a lot of man- I mean I'm sort of joking about how and convince women to be feminist and give them free SEC, but for it,
Eighteen, two of your going college, for instance,. How do you say no to that, especially in this culture which tells you have sex young have sex a lot? That's all you gotta do sex sex sex, but would you marry her of course, of course? No, of course not nobody I mean nobody would, I think, we're women are the same way. No woman looks at a man whose just sleeping around with you know a different woman every night and Ah, yes, that's the man. I want to raise my children way. Oh, what a great role model hills, irresponsible of course, that you can't you knock. I ve ever take care of the home because you can't take care of yourself and the absurd, with sex, is not accidental, the session of the sexes, it's the earliest prefer. Sure the to release professions of prostitution in politics. In the very similar, its It is essential to our nature of the sexes is fundamental to who we are It can also become an addiction. You know
when, when Tiger Woods got into trouble a few years ago, because it turns out that the greatest athlete in the world was sleeping with beautiful women, we all joke about it. So, oh yes, he must have a horrible addiction, told being really rich and good looking and have let it with a lot of women but sex, then they can become an addiction and in this culture rat finding out, millennials and Genji, or having a lot less sex than genetics and the baby boomers you think we're having more sex know. Everyone is just hooked on poor while everybody it is that is literally master majority that is not becomes in it I mean you, you now citys all throughout the country and throughout the world, as is happening in Japan and other places like any other drug people are becoming hooked on sex and hooked on porn and what an addiction. does. Is it causes you to stop thinking it in slaves you and laid it makes you prone to
certain behaviour and when you're, not thinking, that's when the people who want to grab power can come in and force it on you, and I actually think that they conduit for that Is our social media Ramey? I my least favoured social media platforms Instagram, unless I am like em to sweep over their samarcand show my boobs, I'm not gonna be able to get a far ahead. You know you're lucky you can go to following by having a good show. I do have to show my boobs on it, so I do what I have to do to succeed. I think I was I liked all those photos are usually presented, you resent it, but it's true I mean there's it'd, there's nothing ripple anymore and, and I think that it makes it really hard for his do grow up because their comparing themselves to things that are airbrush, I mean what children are doing to their faces before they even turn. Eighteen, I my heart broke for Kiley general people were making fun of her, but I said to myself she's going up in it
I did, I wouldn't have to grow up in writing. Facebook was when we were in high school right. We just got visa, we run high school, so we did. We war afforded a childhood for a very long time. I dont think you get that seem childhood when you, when you are given into ram and Facebook and snapshot me they're eleven year old that are killing them else over Snapchat, because the internet is forever because now you're, comparing yourself what I never cared about. How I looked I was like a scruffy tomboy monopoly, I have a second variety out and I swear I was a scrappy tomboy ones. I'd run around the boy, thankfully my mind and shaved my head and tell me that EL, yes, that's look their relation and you ask literally that I wanted to be a boy, so I tried, with my voice, deeper dislike totally Tsars, down I've, never to anybody, but I was there. I was that in fifth grade I create a preview s. It am, I think I should just like plate. Kick ball hard or nice like one around the guys in then I got into middle school impurity happened. I was like a we. I want to be a girl, so you're saying that when you for ten years old, nine years old and you the play around with the boys January. Your parents didn't
you full of hormones and change your pronouns and dress you up like a boy and and- and you just grew out of it. yeah? I just I just thought it was worth a scientifically it utterly bizarre. Its was I just get out of it turns out they abusively. I was a girl and I was very happy to be a girl and thank you because all I would want to be. If I could pick every day would be a woman but yeah and and and that sort of is the testament of growing up and and and being young. But I do think that children today aren't given that there are allowed to be younger. There being told it at an- and I guess, driven into some in different directions because of the internet. And now we have parents that our crazier and putting more pressure on their children- and I just think it's sad- I think it's scary for me being someone I want to have children to think about. How do you bring them up in the society where there is no structure where there is social media, all these demands are sort of like do you home school, your child right on your told the basically like
it is meaningless. I mean this is when you talk about what people are doing to their bodies in their faces, and all this I was an apple store about six months ago, and the guy was talking to I'd like a zillion tattoos and a ton of piercings and things like that, and he had to tattoos on his face is we was a genius. Oh yeah. This guy was a real genius. He had one tattoo, which was a little tiny mustache on his finger. and then you had another one that said backward said also stuff stuff, Cray. in those touch totally meaningless tatters. I've, a friend who, on her kneecaps, has a great fruit and a watermelon deep, ought really deep and it's the it's obviously sort of hilarious by on a cultural level. What it means is that people dont care. They think that their bodies and worth anything they I'll just throw some random design on their that symbols, don't mean anything that warming, our bodies are symbols of our souls
they don't really mean anything. You can just white whatever on them and it gets to this bigger cultural problem we I can understand that there is a purpose in life that or bodies have a purpose. We have a purpose. This coffee cup has a purpose, is to hold coffee and to keep me away for his morning interview. Yes, we don't stand a microphone has a purpose. I talk into it and it transmits the audio. It isn't just craziness, and what the left wants to tell us is that life is a fundamentally a tale told by an it, full of sound and fury signifying nothing and what concerns Let us have always understood is. Maybe there is a purpose to life, maybe
beauty that I see and this love that I feel for my friends and the joy that I feel when I do something good and my conscience and my sense of right and wrong. Maybe it's not just an illusion. Maybe it's actually real and I should orient my life that way. That's the battle! That's going on right now, because in a world of chaos and meaninglessness, cynical people can steal power and get you to do what they want. You to do exactly that. Then- and there is Alexandria, Cassio Cortez in a nutshell, I literally her in a nutshell, show me she says you don't have to be factually correct to be morally right. That was stunning and I think it even took Anderson Cooper about again. He looked at Amazon, but will facts do matter a little bit railway? Please yelling, and he was that's a soft voluntarily for her. So you you got him saying something to your Jake Tapir, who also was clearly where you get in all this money from you're, not doing a very good job. I'm ok!
your brilliant, stopping, oh, you are and how you he boy, your show is great. You really do and you work really hard at it. Like people, don't know that you actually sit down and you write it and type You do I will leave. It will have a huge team of fifty right ready and its such good commentary and its thought provoking stop, and I think that more voices like ours, I think our age is just a scary time we are going. We are gonna, be burning the kids now this is the society that our kids are We to grow up in right like we. This is this. Is it so we wrapped every episode, allowing you to launch of vibration into the world who speak into this camera, and you have to pretend that every single person in the world will hear what you are about to say for the next two minutes. It will fall upon their ears and it will become their deep truth, give them wisdom. Whom are you ready? Do we have two minutes on the clock on your mark? Get set Michael knows giving the world wisdom now.
I'm sorry I was trying to do it like my blank book I'll I'll Joe with words now I'll do with words. The most important thing that you have to remember is that life has purpose things in this world have meaning the people who were telling you that This little thing doesn't matter o engage in this activity, o disregard your education. Oh dont worry about this thing. There is a purpose behind that. The people who tell you human life doesn't matter. The people who tell you pronoun don't matter, it's just a little thing. It's just a little change in language. Don't worry about it! You have to ask yourself: why are they so interested in it if the letter pronoun doesn't matter if the little new word that they're trying to have me say doesn't matter if the change the history textbook doesnt matter? Why are they pudding so much focus on it
why are they spending so much energy to convince me to do it these little things matter? Our language matters are little behaviors matter. The way that we react to our country. The way we salute the flag, the way that we say and for the national anthem the way that we go to church on Sunday, it all matters, it all adds up either to a free society to the country that we know in the country that we love and the relationships that we have to give us joy or to the radical new ideology that will destroy all of those things. The threats are intense. The Ernest Hemingway described bankruptcy as happening gradually. Then suddenly, that's what's happening in our country, you're, seeing the advance of a destructive leftism that has been happening gradually for a century and it is happening suddenly, right now it's affecting our
language is affecting our relationships affecting all of our institutions is affecting our politics. If we don't wake up to that and realise how high the stakes are, we're going to wake up one day and see that our whole culture is gone? Was that two minutes easing LAO said Second, Sloan, fifty three amazing, also by my book there we got an I finish at last by his book. But what can I do a reasons to vote for democratic reasons to vote for dollar completely blank comprehensive guy totally a blank comprehend, and there are tons of no reasons. Then you should go through by that book today.
It is always so good to see you. I know you so much wisdom underline. I love the way you break down. Sir. Thank you guys were watching the latest episode of Kansas Owen shall I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you guys already know, Prager you is a five or one c, three nonprofit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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