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2020-10-04 | 🔗
Jeffrey Epstein’s elite trafficking ring has been covered up by the media and the powerful. So what is the truth about Epstein and his partner Ghislaine Maxwell, and who would go to such lengths to protect this criminal operation? Mike Cernovich, journalist and filmmaker, breaks down the details of the Epstein case.
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Do not afraid to kind of pushed the envelope. You know all right, we're ready only I'm a chemist, different he's, although scream yeah. Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we are rolling into another episode of the Canvas Owens show. We told me this one there was a fire storm. When the media realised that Donald Trump was drinking a lot of diet coax daily millions upon. billions of articles covering his health is potential obesity and whether or not him either. Mcdonald's and diet. Coke was conducive to the lifestyle and the position of being the president of the United States.
complete media frenzy now fast forward to today, and we have pictures that have emerged of Bill Clinton on the Lolita Express of Jeffrey Epstein. We have eyewitness accounts, placing him on an island, which we know had pet of filling instances take place, and the media is virtually silent. In fact, when I tweeted about this, when I tweeted about the picture of Bill Clinton, I actually had a reporter from the White House tell me that this was not interesting because it happened a couple of years ago, so pedophilia put control? Potentially pedophilia is not interesting if it happened more than two years ago.
even if it has something to do with a former president of the United States. I think this circumstance, with Jeffrey Epstein, with Galen Maxwell and with their accuser, Virginia Goo. Free, is one of the most important things that we should be discussing today are not only because the media is ignoring it, but because of the societal applications when we are talking about young children on that can be victimized and have nobody in the media give them a voice. Have nobody believe them by high powered individuals, people with access the government agency censoring. I have wanted to do this episode for a really long time.
In fact, we shot it in a most untimely manner right before Jeffrey Epstein did or did not kill himself, and I'm really excited have this guest back MIKE Servage. Welcome to the Canvas Owen Show beg you yeah. I noticed too that the picture is a bill Clinton, the massage surfaced. There was the same day of the Dnc, the idea that there was not a news hope too that completely absurd and then, of course, should watch Balkans name trend on twitter than your time should have pop peace to stuff the hashtag right there in the articles were always bill, Clinton back, kids back the combat kid, and I'm here pulling my hair out like mayor too much pull it out, but wanting to pull my hero because stuff like that really does trigger me because this one thing to say well, the media is not fair.
they're there mean me me, but they're not mean to this other guy lot of that's self pitying, but this is truly evil conduct and the media will protect and cover up this kind of conduct when it involves, of course, Democrats right so I want to do. Is I actually want to go all the way back, because you play a very big piece in this and the media gave you absolutely no credit for the work that you did so just my audience to where you are a lawyer, you're a documentary film maker, you actually have a documentary film coming out, which is called Epstein, and you got involved in this case. In two thousand and seventeen, you filed a motion to intervene and emotion too unsealed documents that are related to Virginia Roberts and the glean or the deal in is how you actually say her name defamation suit. So, let's just start with that one
made you think before this all blew up Jeffrey Ebstein's walking around free Gelin is not you know nothing! There's no press nobody's interested in. What's going on with her and suddenly everything explodes because you decide to file this, take us through that right around twenty seventeen. My seventeen, my me up: said: there's this open records, lawsuit involving Jeffrey Sean. Do you want to get involved in a case, and I thought sure sounds interesting, but I thought it would be a little level thread so for people who are familiar with the full backstory in its key, located even for me as a lawyer to follow is that I've actually done a lot of constitutional law in com, stuff went to law school and
I don't mention Malloy, usually because people, but like I have a legal question on Twitter, like no knock. We do that, but it was a perfect little in a way, a hobbyhorse of Sequoia Little first diminish. You probably won't cost me that much money, maybe we'll get something. Maybe we won't so I filed the lawsuit involved, Virginia defray Inclined Maxwell are and what happened was gleaned. Maxwell was accused of virginity Freya being involved. Jeffrey Epstein claimed Maxwell said this is an outright lie. This presents a wireless persons of fraud. So the Virginia Robert sued Maxwell for defamation, which, as a sidebar those hard cases to make, but the judge. Let it go forward. We look, we want to see one when it would send it, because When you have a, we have lost to that nature. There's something called discovering and depositions and interrogatories and emails
Everything like guy, it's kind of a backdoor way to get the Jeffrey Epstein files. So we notice that when we looked at the file, everything was rejected. black boxes? Every motion was redacted, every response was redacted and this is not the way public course is supposed to be so we figured this is a back exit to get Epstein records that you couldn't otherwise get. So we sue And a rather you know, we moved intervene, moved on seal the judge, nice. Our motion. We appeal for the sack circuit, one lumber. Meanwhile, as you know, I don't have a problem talking about what I'm into and every report ignored it. So I know this: is you guys that yeah, if I tweet some they'll will have a lot to say they ignored it. Political wrote wrote a piece about it and it was obscure. So this case was completely buried by the media thought that was the end of it
suddenly the Miami Herald and Julie. Brown really started reporting the story aggressively in about two thousand and eighteen, and then they I love their own motion to intervene in motion on seal somewhere to one I filed, they joy Ain't essentially joined my lawsuit and we all got clamped into one now what's interesting about this is there's many things interesting about it. What's dressing about it, though, is the media didn't care? The Miami Herald initially tried to unseal the records. They also didn't report it, but once it got word to CNN and Jake Taper and all these people that Alexander Acosta, who was then secretary of Labor for Donald Trump, was the prosecutor who approved the original Epstein criminal deal now they care because we have, the orange may have bad can't believe it.
Meanwhile, these same people ignore the fact that Alexander Acosta was confirmed by the Senate. So it's not like Democrats in the Senate were grilling this guy about it. He was flying completely on the radar, but then these people, like Jake Tapper, said we have a way to go after the Orange man let's pretend to care about abuse victims as a way to go out for the orange man. So that's when you can see on Google trend completely spikes as a huge huge story that happened here between two thousand eighteen, two thousand nineteen and then the whole thing just blew up and took me on I'll ride that I certainly wasn't prepared for right, eggs, equally, so you get these documents and suddenly they are released and what what happens from their? How do we end up from these documents being released? Two Jeffrey Epstein is in a prison cell. Why wasn't he put in a prison cell before these documents were released, and why did they go through such extreme measures to redirect every single piece
of this court case, which is unusual- you everything about the Jeffrey UPS in case. If your lawyer you're just saying that is not how works, it would be like if I came here to do a podcast with you- and I told you I dont use microphones recording a pot guessed? You wouldn't even really know how to you so that you just. I don't even know what to say here that just the way you do it, that's how they says you don't just reductive nobody's name in a civil court lawsuit and a public federal court. That is not how it's done. Jeffrey Epstein doesn't just get the wrong in international sex trafficking, ring and plead guilty too prostitution related offence because you can't have prostitution with under each woman. This always rapes, always pedophilia, so a statutory right you don't get to do. This work release thing where you get to leave it. Whatever in the morning and come back at seven at night, just sort of sleep in your own private jail cell
Not if you don't get to do any of the idea that desire. I wanna go over. That's ok, people don't realize their, so he that he had worked out some deal where he able to essentially go home and sleep in when the day free to run around in Florida, correct work, relation mark release all day and then just basically sleep in an isolated cell to serve his sentence right now, most who so of prostitution right they let him plead to prostitution rather than his underage stuff, and we didn't learn all this, of course, years later. We also didn't learn that when he moved to New York, the New York prosecuting authorities gave him a pass. He should have to register as the most dangerous. Defender, because it involved under age, my so basically the way it works is if and I don't mean to sound glad, but I'm just saying this: how the laws, if you did one kind of form of sexual assault you might be less violent than a child predator? You would get me a level one thousand two hundred and thirty four ranking like how dangerous are you the community so with Epstein?
because it involved underage victims. He should have had the highest classification. He went into court and said I. Think I should get a lower classification and the reason that matters is because you can't live your school zone. If you have a certain classification, you can't go certain places. You're travels, restricted and Democrats Democrat Run must not make it partisan necessarily, but they were democratic Control, York, democratic, prosperous, ensure body. No, no problem, you not a violent, dangerous sex offender, so gave him a pass on that which again never happens so everywhere. You look he's getting a free pass for all this. Media just doesn't really care, and that was a criminal case. So, unfortunately, there's no way to get the criminal records of Jeffrey Epstein that led to all that shenanigans way back in two thousand and eight two thousand and nine two thousand and ten, but the civil law suit, was the way around to get there. So we think great great. We got the civil civil
records. We have everything now, no reads: acrid acrid aqueduct name rejected all these reductions now still contained in the file, so were actually still in court with the Miami Herald to get more reductions. So what started off. I don't wanna caught me Don Quixote, because we did get some results but was started off, as I thought be an interesting first amendment issue- maybe we'll pull on a thread and get some good information that, Can write a story on, and that was my thought at the time in hindsight I, he has made all the spot. In hindsight it look like. Oh, I was such a visionary and why really push us like now thought it would be a little thing that we could get and I could get a few articles and right out of it, but I wasn't expecting next thing. You know perhaps because what happened is the the federal court judge, lower court? Judge rules against me rose. Guess my me here we go on appeal. The second circuit court appeals signals that there
going to unseal the files? Lo and behold, then Jeffrey Epstein is indicted for criminal case, but he could have been indicted for other conduct that he didn't get away for the last time the reason this is confusing, and even as I explained I live it, I'm thinking this is really free, confusing. As that Jeffrey Epstein faced criminal charge, one got the pass. Everything worked great. Everything was fine. we been Julie Brown who, to her credit, the Miami Herald. Even the publisher, the Miami Herald, a twitter has said we have always given cernovich credit. They, But I mean every article. It's all these other media people who, elaborately write me out of the story. All credit Julie, Brown them I beheld so Jeffrey ups in criminal case one. He gets a bath, we move the Miami Herald me me to get these records in a civil case in order to call attention to the Epstein stuff, then criminal case number two is brought against Jeffrey Epstein right as the court is about to unseal everything,
because then the Sdn, why asked the? And why realises the gigs up where we can cover this up any more? We better get him on the air. We better get him in jail before these other files are made public right and then they arrest him as he's late landing in his private drat. But we, it's a perp walk that we got Roger Stone right. We don't get any pictures of it. They just arrest him like a gentleman right, which is pretty nice right very nice. He was treated very nicely and I will also say when you look at all of the images of him. He seems remarkably smug right the he seemed comfortable. He doesn't seem like he seems like he knows, he's not really gonna get in trouble. There's there's a quite competence in everything that he does. I found that we very interesting, so I ask you this question: when you're talking about underage girls when you're talking about prostitution, why on earth would the Estonian, why
be working to cover for this man because it has to be an intelligence operation. He had to be a government asset there. There's no rich people, don't get away with that. that's what I'm saying it's not like. You have a certain amount of money, an suddenly you're allowed to start raping children right and he ran an operation for years. and years and years, so it isn't. Money can get you out of a lot of things right, that's for sure, but anytime under age, people are involved, no, no, no, no unknown and the FBI, as we did learn until these latest tranche of files. They closed the investigation early. These women are emailing the FBI trying to talk to them. I completely stone walls them. This is a kind of thing that word right out. your hinted at that one time where they asked about the plea deal and he said well. I was way over my head that
so what sort of and I've seen these things online and people saying that this was you know this really came from the Tippity top Alex as are being one of them. I mean what do you think I mean by the way we're guessing here, so this is totally not a fact. But what do you think? What sort of a position and would you have to be in for them to say you know what? Even though you've got got this weird habit of flying underage girls private island weren't gonna let this fly because you're such an asset to us. What what position could he possibly been, and that would have been ok right so before we go into theories conspiracy theory is speckling, I mean not conspiracies are not saying this is true. This is just like. Let's start with the facts before we even have to yeah, all you have to do is show people the facts. Jeffrey Epstein had everything wired fact, Jeffrey Epstein in these indictments that were later revealed had videotapes of people engaged in sexual conduct. That's just a fact. This isn't we're not even we're. Not even the theory point we're not even that that maybe he could
be this other. Thank fact there is a huge vault in his island and little Saint James containing and for me, and that he would not let anyone else near bus effect, the vaults kind of disappear from public consciousness. People are really talk about it, but you can go find all the information like that. Fact I don't care. How rich you are you dont get away with the kind of things that he gets away with Ray is literally just not how the system is So when you say okay, so he had videos of people in compromising I imagine that you were a man like me. All the staff right he gets away within city should get away with our centre causes as this way over my head. negotiating you're, not sunpower, yeah you're, not jumping across a grand canyon to be like the FBI, the CIA! Did it right right? It's not that much of an inferential leap you realize it had to have been some kind of intelligence saying now. A lot of people want to go. Oh massage, because massage is like Boogie man and I was like well
our own CIA went beyond on this to right eyes, so dumb right as the people, because every muscle you even know, massage is the thing that you know exists. So if we, if we make a really even bigger job. I would say that abstain was with the black up stuff that, like William, have a neighbouring yeah the CIA. It's not that whatever just some thing we're not even allowed to really know about it, because nothing else really makes sense within the context of how the case went right and even when they charged him for a sample the sdny charged him. It was a very narrow set of charges. They charged him with getting massages some girls for hundreds of dollars, and so I'm reading this I go this press conference sd. We press conference
in the United States attorney burmans up there, we have Jeffrey Epstein and he's really trying to put on this tough guy act, and then they were trying to get here, not that they were forced to basically nothing because yeah this file yeah because of Julie, Brown and me right. So I Ike. We mallori I'll, just read the indictment and I'm waiting for the goods, I'm waiting for the juicy stuff, I'm waiting for the he flew people internationally may enact violation, human trafficking, no, no, no, no, he paid underage girls, fifteen and sixteen year old girls to give a massage and I'm like wow. This is so when I read that I said, This is a stamp. This is literally a containment operation to make it look like you do something to abstain in the media was happy to care the water, but I kept asking you nobody would answer. Theirs is law called the man act? I know it because the boxer, the idea that one, the Trump Party exactly youse, is Jack Jack Johnson was there was the boxer, that's correct. They gotta one that right, you literally cannot transport somebody that is under
it's right over as it is now mine for illicit purple, Airless America, central verbs rights or even, if you know, say, for example, LAS Vegas, the age of consent, Nevada. Sixteen the age of consent is California's. Eighteen. So if you said, oh your seven, t fly to Vegas and meet me you're, literally now with human traffickers under the law or the act, so how should the main actors who is like you can't Move somebody towards legal you're done game over a Jeffrey option was ever charged with the matter, even though he traveled international, he had a place in the Virgin Islands, St James Island. He had that place in New Mexico he had a little place in New York. He had a place. Paris Harrison he's flying all over the world on a private, Japanese, never trot he's never charged with the man after him trafficking. Soon I read this. I said. Ok, this is a scam. I call it a containment operation, and by that I mean. if you do nothing and you're the Sdn, why the gig is up up game over if Data on something most people are lawyers with.
levels if it won't be able to read it. We are state, documents will just say well, they're doing the right thing, and I understand that they're actually fundamentally doing nothing. I talk about this. The whole time, even with black lives matter cases that make no sense when they on a certain charging. You like you're, not gonna, get em on discharge. It doesn't make sense to up this from manslaughter to Levin degree, murder and because there is this ignorance, I think Scott Adams actually cause this like the non expert problem. When you're, not an experts, you dont have the information to be two people to accurately assess what is happening, and this is exactly what they're doing Jeffrey Jeffrey think we are like, while some things he's been arrested but you're saying that you look to this your lawyer, you read these documents and you're going actually we're just going to say you can't there's a girl you. Homosexuality is old and you got a massage and that's poohpooh on you, I mean that is ridiculous right and they know the media is going to cover it up to nobody in the media was put the heat on like this. Is nothing literally
read this and you're like this is maybe five years prison, five, maybe five years, and that's the the why the idea that Jeffrey anybody who anybody is met him has told you he's not really human and he's just a cold blooded sociopath right, so you and I like right now. If somebody kicked in the door a pointed a gun at us, we'd be like oh we'd, be a little startled. A true sociopath with Epstein doesn't have a fear response. So that's why? When I said every image he sort of looks like he was confident and calm, and I was like what is this it's physiological sociopath of that Nature doesn't have the fear response that other people have their literally wired differently. So the idea that Jeffrey Epstein is sitting in a cell, I'm so afraid, what's gonna happen happen. Dude's got got setting this I'll thinkin I five million dollars which, by the way we don't know where that came from I fight Emily dollars. Compromise
Material and everybody, including Bill Clinton and GOSH, knows who else? Oh yeah, I'm gonna kill myself. Yeah wait, you know go back to what you just said is that's actually very interesting. Jeffrey Epstein had five hundred million dollars and we don't know what a source of insane was no. We don't know who his private broker was. We don't know who any of his people who did the trades where we don't know who worked for him and his hedge fund. It was very much like Bernie Madoff so Bernie made for years was this great trader and anybody who look into a go I mean is that it goes back to again. If I came in here, I said I don't use a microphone for podcast, you just say like ok, you're, not there's something wrong with you. Right went so if you're, if your managing five million dollars, You're going to have a research analyst going to have multiple analyst and they're going to like do investment advice for your going to have a whole floor traders you're going to have with call the prime broker who gets your money in there.
market maker, who sets up the trades and you're gonna, have just a Bloomberg terminal. You're gonna have all these things. Manoff often have any of that people like well that the same thing without Stein he didn't have any of those things that you would have cause. It isn't like five million dollars. You pick up the phone to eat raid, hey bro, I want to move one move: a hundred million dollars stock. It just doesn't work that way so we're because money we don't know, we still are now. Where do you pay taxes, wherever tax returns of Jesus? You name, it You sure why was he charged with money laundering, because what well just use an example with you know, there's this bill, the Wall thing and there s the unwise trying to make a money laundering case against a few people, because they said that they paid themselves through show corporation and everything else and we're not gonna get to that were dismissed, the ESA, and why literally, trying to indict disable veteran for from be laundering involving build a wall and the amounts like a hundred thousand dollars
yeah hamlet. Three hundred fifty thousand, they claim way most and you like, ok, well, if that's how you want play where's the money longer for Jeff's. Yet cuz. You know he had cases a cash. You know he was making large cash transactions to pay his people. The money just didn't come from nowhere. He wasn't putting on his credit card. So why was he charged with money laundering? Why weren't the banks that facilitated those transactions charged with money laundering to everywhere you look? I was told people I was on Sherlock Holmes book. Kick I read all the stuff years ago and one of the archetype set for metaphors in a Volvo like the dog, that didn't bark and I don't feel bad spoiling the book for people over a hundred fifty years old. But there's a mystery and in always like like how do we know who did it and then at the very end, you know you get these revelations, well, the one story they're like well. How do we know who broke in and they said well, the dog didn't bark. The only reason the dog wouldn't bark is because
as it was the owner. He added yeah right and so what I m always looking for and these candidates cases a detective work is not with the show me I'm like what dog isn't barking, why? What are they not show Okay, so with Epstein they're, not showing me a man act, violation, They're, not showing me a money laundering violation, they're not showing me a conspiracy between Epstein and other people? These are the things that you would show me and I can just go. Look at that. Build a wall indict and be like this is what an aggressive prosecution looks like, because I'm not here defend them are attacked them on just saying the being, why is like we're going to war over three hundred and fifty thousand dollars relative to? Like me, I've been asking where's black lives matter, money go! That's like a billion dollars. That's going to sink into a black hole, do a little investigation there and they're like no this year, and it just happened. Last year they didn't wait years. I mean they were like you know. I agree it was the aggressive and save? At least I don't have a horse in the race, but it was aggressive, and then you have something like this and it's much more money right and they're just sort of like
and the behaviors more reprehensible right, a one hundred percent! That's high value with this is like okay at worst they're saying coalface paid himself under the table when he said he wouldn't, but like the donors, didn't even care, so you're like okay well, I mean, I guess, technically we're going to go that way or just a grass of your pit bulls made her standing like okay, but a guy who trafficked under age people across the world them across the country and involve large amounts of cash, and you didn't indictments need for any of that right. That's what I look and that tells you all you need to hear. Is that if you're Jesse and why you're gonna protect democratic at all costs and you're gonna try to just completed blow up people with the criminal case for behaviour that just not even like if you're talking what college is alleged to have done, you're talkin like if it true, I would say I don't think that's a good thing. I think he was so apologies like I'm, not happy. You know we're right. You deserve a tongue lashing to speak. You deserve maybe a civil penalty, but with that so like this is evil. This is you know. The only thing that would make
from a nine or ten is like wolves, the people seventeen or were they for right, but you you're like I don't know if you're a ten evil or a nine evil right, but you just way up there, but then you look how the Sdny treated it like. Oh we'll do some namby pamby one prosecution for them, but we're gonna throw ten we're gonna, throw hellfire down on these built while people ray you see that as a lawyer, you like yeah you're in it weird yeah, and I were I wanted to actually go back to that. Just the psychology of Jeffrey Obscene gonna get into his character profile as well as well as Glyn dealing.
in lane we've heard it al yeah. We heard it all. I think I think it's Gelin. So, first and foremost, I remember them pulling paintings of Bill Clinton, who was a friend of his wearing a dress, posing seductively over a chair. That's a weird piece: I got tons of friends no pieces of art of Ronman, dressed as it's just a little perverted and it's a bit weird right. I know that he also had artwork where he had fully naked his madam Gelin fully naked and some of his in some of his homes. What's going on here, let's just talk about what you know about things that were found in his home. And why no one seems to be talking about this yeah. The funny thing about that picture of both Clinton you mentioned is there are things you see on the internet, you're like that's fake. I have to source this and you're like no way is that real
That's everything you hear about Epstein you're thinking this camp. He can't possibly have this and of course he has it and then I know from other people he had a chest set and he would have new girls as the ponds on his chest set and then you'd have people who worked for him, who are other pieces of the the chess Board will say Klein being the queen, and this is a deviant person. So what I believe is that, in terms of persuasion, he's running the running people through like a compliance test. So if I walked into your house- and I saw like a naked picture of you- I'd be like it's kind of weird. You know, I'm not sure I feel comfortable here, not sure I'm going to come back here kind of deal and if I saw a naked picture of
someone we knew I'm like alright, you know, but just five it off. You know all good, but the people who stay. That's how you're screening people. So if you walk into Epstein, you walk into a house, and you see a chest out with little girls on a palm board like okay, this guy's, probably a pet or something I'm getting freak out of here right. But if you're a pet or you don't care that someone's a Peto now you're in, so you pass that and he would just gradually escalate things to find out who, at the end, would wash out and be be evil with them, which is to be quite frank, sophisticated and also effective, right right away, people who would be like I'm going to have a problem. You don't come back in a way. That's the best way to get rid of people as you bring them to your house and they're like okay,
I'm out of your day. This is way too way too weird good. He don't want you anyway. He only wants to people their sadistic, yeah gag, another layer, sullen. Let's talk about given Maxwell. What's up with her, I mean: what's up, what are you heard in a former? Not bodyguards? Former housekeepers butlers have spoken out and said they were responsible for putting dildos and sexual objects and putting it back into her room. So we know that she's got is complex and that she was the person who tested to put these young girls on a test run or make them given massage would have me perform sexual
on her allegedly and let's go down with that sure. So the way it's set up is that, if you're just I don't care how rich you are as a man fifty five year old man, I think, even at the time forty five fifty you're not just going to go up to a sixteen year, girl be like hey. You want to get my car kind of deal, so you need the following conditions. One is, you need broken homes, and this is why it drives people nuts. But this is why I say the left wants to break up homes because it creates more victims. We see it, for example, with the Conley girl who's fifteen years old, and we have people in their thirties. Men and women, saying yeah, leave your parents and I'm like you're a groomer you're telling a fifteen year old girl to leave her mom and her dad. What is wrong with you right
a lot they want to break up homes, because why not? You have a more vulnerable populations, so most of these girls are fourteen fifteen. Sixteen, you know grew up in a little bit of Paris. Don't really have any money, don't have a lot of family guys are kind of like lost souls and then woman? Comes in oh hey, how are you you know? She didn't sound that friendly though well, when she would groom them. She was right. No, no! So all of this again, the grooming process is always about you start friendly. So you find a you know, laying goes and she's friendly. Oh, how are you doing house life how school? You can't afford a prom dress, yeah! Well, you know. Let me help you out here. I'm your friend I'm here, let's get coffee! Let's talk about life there! That's that process of grooming them in then you bring them over and if someone freaks out, then you just don't bring that person back and then, if a person's kind of comfortable and then they keep pushing the boundaries. This is actually quite,
common? I was involved in a lawsuit against a very I don't know if he was a billionaire, but he was pretty close and he would fly out o pairs under the pretense that they were going to be open. With children, then they kind of land there and he'd have a woman them out shopping and then they would be kind of single who would be comfortable coming back to you like the guy, so you always have to have that woman frontman right to two again cause you're grooming them you're, not just saying hey, I'm fifty five come over my house. Here's a few hundred bucks deep the woman's bringing them in making them feel comfortable. Saying and the next thing you know, they're completely lost where the army, that's. How hell is rights? Yes Louis and others talk about how the gentle slope that's how grooming this is a very gentle slope, a very meticulous process that gleaned Maxwell took them through, and that's why in many ways she is probably the worst actor in all of this, because without her there's no epsy, that's right that suppose
Yeah and you think, back to you know you didn't grow up with money. I didn't grow up with money. Five hundred dollars is like so much money. A lot of money even now, like five hundred dollars, is a lot of money to me, but it's just like wow you're, fifteen years old, imagine you're fifteen. You can't afford to have a car. You can't afford to hang out with your girlfriends. You can't get a dress for for for the dances or whatever just have nothing, and then this nice moments, like you know, just come over. Let me buy, things softened drew up a little bit next thing. You know you're like how did I get here that every every everybody who ends up in a bad situation. What, and I don't want to this drug addiction. Only the sunset nobody's like shit the chills and they feel like they're going to die because that's where they started. You always start with. Oh just take a pill. Do this and then you like, I did notice, can lead to the site and that's how they grooming process works and that's why it is so sadistic yeah. I do think
you know the allegations are against turn based on everything that I've read? I do find her to be the most despicable character in all this. So let me ask you a question: how does it end for her How does it name because she's got knowledge and knowledge is power right and- and so you can say you can say what you want about Jeffrey I've seen there are people are fully in the camp up. He didn't kill himself. Some people believe he one hundred percent kill himself in this plot of portion, but you know it means nothing, because she was here. along for the entire ride, so she's, not all the same. The same knowledge. You know that he has of who was on that island. Who is doing what has done for her you're? My belief is that they are keeping resolved her confinement and that drives people insane. Does I think that to drag the case out, and hopefully she loses her mind and then have to deal with it.
right now they are in a predicament they being the sd and why they being in the powers to be the Department of Justice FBI. They don't want her to talk to the public. So they're like we got to keep her in solitary confinement for her safety, which I think is just an amazing Kafka trap, which is to say well. We have to keep Glane Maxwell in custody because Jeffrey Epstein killed himself under our watch and you're like that, reminds me of the book catch. Twenty. Two, where your mind is like no, no he's you're you're there incompetent people, she should be under house arrest arrest. Something like that, like you, people, obviously obviously up to something. So my belief is they're going to drag this on as long as they can deny your
they're monitoring it even was supported. They're monitoring. All of her conversations with their lawyer so they're hoping to just drive her crazy by keeping her in solitary confinement that deals with the problem. If that doesn't work, they'll have to come up with another trick, but this is not again because I read the maximal indictment. They didn't charge her with these massive conspiracies they're, not charging her with the man act, they're, not charging her with the men who were on the planes with them that we, All know that we're on the plane with me, nothing like that. So they again even in indicting Maxwell, it was another containment operation and what about Bill Clinton? Couldn't he be traced? The man act well. Bill Clinton is an interesting case, because we know that he was on the flights and he's identified. There's certainly enough evidence to open an investigation, but that he's speaking at the Dnc studies at the Dnc the same night, these massage pictures hit and were the conspiracy theorist because we're like? Why is this not a deal, and I love to how the media media people say? Well, there's no news hook, there's a
He speaking at the Dnc. I can guarantee you that if I look at the Rnc they they would be talking about tweet twenty twenty years ago. They would be like, We can't talk about these old. You know o things I heard of you, know the game. So the idea, that is not newsworthy, is a lie and we're talking about under age, girls, we're talking about sex trafficking, we're talking about prostitution, we're talking up had Ophelia. I just want to know. When does that expire? Alice Mines is being newsworthy. Like that I mean when I was floored when that White House reporter came back and said this, is this is two years old? We don't care is never going to fetch Gretchen. I think it essentially what he did what he treated at me before. He blocks me because I was like please let me know when pedophilia is vetch when it's when it becomes relevant when a former you know, president of the United States, his name is in the middle of a circumstance. Regarding under girls. Let me know, and that's cool and I'm just curious what? Why is it? Has there not been any action filed against Bill Clinton and there's plenty of evidence? I've been reading all of it. He certainly has not issued any statements disputing that
What he was on that he was on this plane unless I'm confused he claims he was on the plane for charity event. That's the bill gates, defence of that's all there all the facts. We on the plane to help starving, gives an Africa get it. but we never yeah. We just you, know you're a little tight at the airport. You know get a young woman's shoulders to open up, so the Clinton the Gates defense is always we were there just to help for is in Africa and which raises another question why these people are going to Haiti and Africa and other places where highly sex traffic you're like okay guys. What do you know that raises more questions, but we weren't at the island, but we just traveled, with him, because we thought he was a philanthropist and that was that it's like well secret service never ran Epstein's name through any kind of system. I travel without secret service. What a winking, but
that's their official story. We ve never the island, but at deleting lies on the manifesto to the island. I thought he was one of the names that was like confirm he was on the plane, but he was on the flight manifest with their some dispute as to what, The plane landed, the island or not, but Virginia Gofree testified under oath that Bill Clinton was on the Will you be suing her for defamation of carry? I wasn't sure, resonate when that baby, already easy slam, donks of defamation of character, improve it is true yeah. He definitely doesn't want to open that right, exactly which is interesting, because I would if I was ever accused of something as heinous. Not only would I be suing
the person who accused me of it. I would say to any media people that reported it. You know, because that that's why you, how we are talking about an young children and young girls under age sex. You eat meat that you should be fighting this tooth and nail and he seems to be like let you know let the press just provide a cover for me and I'm not gonna go into. It will thus thus throat tactic of your guilty right. The reins acting under guilty throat tactic and another sort of dog that didn't bark two's who release those posts. The media, who has us pictures what? What was that a threat that that's what I'm up? That's how you got you can lose your mind going down rat holes with the stuff is like those pictures disk appear magically, I sent them. They sent him on the day that he was going to be at the Dnc and what's not just a message to Bill Clinton, but to a bunch of other people that we do have. These pictures, who I was
And then, of course, there is not one that blew my mind was when there was confusion as to where ugly Maxwell was that picture of her holding a book. The secret lives. Essay people are something going in and out that is published, and then you find out that picture was actually two years old, so she liked took. This is insurance. It is the most creative spy novel spy movie that you could ever right, but is life so now you're like we wonder what that picture was about and who sent this picture to bill? What message are they sending the whole thing again? Is it's endlessly fascinating right and- and we still have not not everything has been unproductive no worse Of course, I'm here old. I think the oil
argument is in October to get this big deposition. This big got so we got this huge batch of files month or two ago, and that was the second batch. So we had a first batch. The first batches of lease is going to be released and then that's when they die, Epstein Epstein dies. We have the second batch, but within the second batch the most important document is then Virginia Roberts, her deposition and the deposition is like I want to whatever after party in Hollywood with blank blank blank blank is blacked out. There's no reason that should be blacked out. None at all is a deposition, but for whatever reason it is so the Miami Herald is pushing that they want it and I'm pushing it. So I'm still in court. So whenever people say why don't you just do more. You're always like what that mean. I started in January two thousand and seventeen at sea twenty slash twenty August,
and I want to be in this case at least until January twenty twenty one. So, four years later, that's really how long it takes to drag this out. Then then, Brookside is when you're the person like really break into the door like make it happen. I don't expect like a trophy. This is about pedophiles. This is about fighting darkness. This is about Christianity and goodness and light, and God and everything. But then you, just you, see these little people who cover this up and lie to try to keep me out of it. And that shows again the scam, because they literally say Miami Herald mentions mentions mean every article they'll the Miami her article and just sent my little name off of their that's again, because they're protecting their protecting the net,
still right, there's no question he was her name was Amy Roback. Remember she was the Big ABC one who said that she was made to sit on the story of Jeffrey Epstein for years. She said she had the story for a long time and the executives told her. No, no, no, no! No, we don't want to publish it, so he's been protected for a very long time and they fired the girl who they alleged gave the tape to it. So this is why I think to what's about journals himself, project Red Hoss, break something that big video goes huge rat then ABC, say how did this story get killed? This is terrible. They instead said: oh, we think that this girl, who you the work for us and then worked at CBS leaked it. So then they called her bosses and then she got fired, even though there's no, no proof that her up on top of a cover, yeah you're, like you're like Bro. How about you investigate who killed
story right. First, the news you room some twenty eight year old, girl's life and destroyed her career because she did the right thing, but that again shows the cover up. That shows the complicity over. So, every time you look You see them covering it up, you see than protecting them. You solve corsairs, even with Cindy Mccain, said everybody knew about Epstein and they're? Like I mean they did, this is news to me they're so give about it. Oh yeah! We just It does remind me of you. I watch I don't know who was probably dating someone, but I watched the hunger games and you see people like Cindy, Mccain and you're, really like oh yeah. Those are the people from the hunger games of people in DC, with all the wealth and the richest and everything oh yeah, everybody. new about Epstein, Blase, blase and you're thinking what has happened to your morality. I cannot
you stay in a lot of things, I'm a very forgiving person, because people are forgiven me, but that is Jeffrey Epstein. That's not something to be like how we all just new and people are like that are in plain sight. Well how about no right? How about you actually become outraged about that versus the orange me entreated, a joke. that he wants to be president for twelve more years or that he's drinking diet, Coke yeah, he twelve by cokes a day. Jokes he's made that's what they want to get out right John. So, there's just no question that the media is still completion entirely immoral in my opinion- and I think this is wide this there is such a necessary space for independent journalists- is why we're seeing this post
now from the mainstream journalist to shut down dependent voices to make sure from Facebook from Twitter to get rid of these accounts because they want to once again control the narrative? They want to once again be able to go to Americans and say this guy right here: the enemy for drinking diet, coke! That's what you need to be concerned about this guy over here mix up pedophilia and sex trafficking. You can ignore that and that's a scary, dangerous place to be, and that's why I wanted to do this episode because people we should be following this case. This is a very big case. A very big cover up the media is complicit in this. The higher ups are complicit. Is CS the unwise in pursuing this is not something that we can allow people just ignore MIKE. Thank you so much you coming on the show we wrapped every so by allowing you to leave a two minute voicemail or face face male face message with the world, and I mean I think, just kind of really want to hear from your heart. Why
this is so important, even though you sort of stumbled into an accidentally and now it's grown bear than you and larger than life. Why this important? Why now why today introduce you on your mark get sat world. I gave you my son of Bitch in a word The victim insatiate and people who make themselves victims there's one group that is truly marginalized and no one cares about and that children, its abuse, children and the victims of sexual ass kings of victim of tat, a false that they don't have a voice theirs marching for them? There is no one riding for them of people want to write in you wanted to ride over Jeffrey Epstein. I might actually said I'm ok with writing an empty and why, because of Jeffrey Epstein, but to ride over what to write
for criminals to ride over people violent records, in some cases riding over people who have abused children, because that gets written out of a story. So there are actually victims in this world. There are people who can speak for themselves and thus the children and that's where people of good character in good conscience should focus their time and efforts. Thank you. So much, that's a rap have an awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Guys are watching the latest episode of Kansas Alan, shall I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you guys already now Prager, you is a five or one c, three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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