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The Candace Owens Show: Paris Dennard

2019-03-17 | 🔗
Political commentator Paris Dennard joins Candace Owens for an in-depth conversation discussing black conservatives, media lynchings, CNN, President Trump, and much more! PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation: donate.prageru.com/CO
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Didn't you hear about yourself, I get my languages. Are any wiser. Forget I, ladies and gentlemen, we are rolling into another episode here talking about something and I've actually in dying to discuss, and that is the lynching of black Americans. Are. You might be watching this unthinking candice? What are you talking about? It is twenty nineteen black Americans are no longer being lynched, but I beg you to reconsider your position. What it means to be a black conservative
today have the tactics been updated. Are we watching media lynchings that are occurring if you come out in support of conservative principles or even worse, in support of President Donald Trump? My next guess knows a lot about what I'm speaking about I'd like to introduce. All of you guys to Mr Perry Denard welcome to my man gave us not employ. This is my men case. Might most of them are apparently I'm so glad to have you here today we're gonna get into everything that happened to you, everything, that's gonna with me, since I've kind of come out in support of this president and being a black conservative by large. First take it back to introduce you to my audience and and running to know who you are. What it is you do and the start with just growing up. What, where are you from about yourself? appreciate being here with Canada, think you are a force. He says it's an honor to be with you, I'm from Phoenix Arizona, grew up in a city,
here at home. My mom was not political. My family wasn't really overtly political, pretty Democrat in terms of politics but conservative in terms of having to raise in the church. Ah, you can go to church every cent. A cloud rehearsal, Bible Study, all the whole night and so very close knit family and went to Pepperdine University here in California, and I was therefore five years got two degrees and political size of public relations and throughout this time, was always involved in politics and got invite it to a teenage republican convention. When I was in high school- and I didn't know anything about but the difference between a Republican identify address like leadership- and I went to this convention in arizona- and I ran for a corresponding secretary- gave a speech won the election and the rest is. History became state chairman obtained Republicans and it
funny thing. Cannas was, I don't even know whether or not I was republican when I ran for office for that position, I just want to be involved in that night in a hotel room up, my buddy said less is finally, if you're Republican Opensource suck ask him you're, just a series of questions had just respond and what might just got reactions at the sixteen seventeen years old line perfectly, what the Republican Party in peace? It won't. Luckily, your Republican, because that's what you believe in thy sullen humped Mama I said mom, I'm now corresponding Secretary Arizona hid Republicans and I can't I'm a republican fuels will that's great I'm just not tell your grandfather actually really interest interesting that you just said something. I talk about all the time, which is that there seems to be a disconnected the black family. We are raised conservative and yet, if you ask, I pressed in your youth. What are you they'll say Democrat like that? There seems to be a total disconnect in terms of what we actually practice, which is what we feel that way
after preach. There's absolutely true. I'm one of the things my grandfather was my hero used since passed away, but he told me so Paris, I don't like your party, he said, but I, like you in your party, he said and don't you leave the party you staying you fight in the Republican Party because he knew that the things I was standing for things I was trying to do and change and make better wherefore my communities, interest and things that I thought were important. So I think that as a community, we have to be willing to say what are the differences between the parties and what is it that I believe that there is a new guy, Caleb Hannah add of West rejected the youngest black american state legislator, nineteen years old, attended at H Bc you he was inspired by President Obama to get involved in politics, but he sought to learn Stop President Obama's policies, special and CO workers father came from and he switched and said: no, I'm going to be a republican and he supports the president because of it is to your point, count if we're honest and we look at
were raised, but actually look at the realities of the political structure. Then we realise were probably more republic him. Then we are Democrats, ya gotta. I personally have a theory that it's actually the school system and the culture that poison us and make us believe that were liberals when, in fact, the black unity is as far as liberalism as it possibly godson. You bought up the church, and I know that all the time I say the black make not aligned with the side that is not aligned with God and and this leftism. This increasing radical leftism rejects, got at every chance. It gets and marks god- and you see so much of that happening on the television screens and culture in the media and something that is just a very strange mean that we haven't yet terminal lights on him realise this is not a party that can align ourselves with. Will consumers of culture, the black community, black community, or just consumers of culture and influence and things that we see in what? If we're getting things on television and radio in music and presented with things too,
it distances eyes us into liberalisers and to make bad or make make it to be evil to be conserved over, make it easy to be republican are you any time you see a canvas, always your immediately labelled. Are you put down or you your characters? Besmirch, I think that's part of their is not by her then stance its deliberate because they know that we ve got to create a new two so that more black America's more younger black Americans don't discover what it means to be essentially free right and if it is free. I love that you use that word and I say that all the time and people say you're held right you're this should I sit in an hour and free ram. Free I've released the mental change. I see the wall for what it actually is. I feel like it's such a duty of mind. He make sure, as many black Americans wake up to what I do see to be a mass brainwashing in our community where we are
which really voting for things that are against our best interests, the absolute it's actually unbelievable, so you actually made it quite far in politics and you ve worked with a president before which is true coming. about that when president was it in and what did you do and how did you get there yet? My first job out of college was in turning at the White House for President George, W Bush and the political affairs office at it anybody. I had. I had internet Rnc before before that I really just was just so passionate about what I believed and want to get really into the Republican. Party- and I just said- are going to work at the White House did know how was gonna do any good, no written so at So my mom, I move Medici, it I'm gonna work at the White House and she said you to spend all that might go to Paypal universally an you got to go is NU going to work for free. I said yes, just trust me. It's going to work out so too much into this unpaid internship. I was hired because someone left and then my boss called
promises that we want to hire you for the position and she said only pays thirty thousand. as it will, Sarah thirty thousand more than I make now shall take, and so I will. I started there and I was a political chlorinated working with the different political parties on behalf White House, and then I was honored to become the director of black outreach, and so that was all of the policies and issues that relate to the black community. In the in the Bush administration, we were working in the public liaison office to get those people to the Tay, the african american organizations and and and people who were aligned with a different things that were to happen Polly standpoint we doing that, in addition to traditional things like black history month that black music month and things like that, so we were charged with getting the black community aware of the things that the Bush administration at that time we're doing. How did it go? Do you think that it was something that one great or not so much as I remember being a youth when we had that President Bush There- and I just thought this man as a resource that love I come from
family enough, I can't believe is in office. Everything is doing is to harmonise. So how is it like? What was it like trying to get the word out about the positive things that he was doing for the blackmail was tremendously challenging. It was challenging in part because we didn't have Facebook, whether we didn't have twitter to the ways of social media is now so we could have influencers and people. We need to do a podcast and we can do you noticed direct messaging, two people, it was do the traditional means of communication, so it was difficult. We remember when the backdrops of Hurricane Katrina and that decision we're on the backdrops of other things that happened in people. If we thought that tax against president Trump or bad back then attacks against President Bush or we're ripping and Trump's debate, I remember a years later he was asked. What was the thing that you would hurt you, the most achieved is most regrettably said. Is that when I was called a racist visited. It bothers me to my poor because
no, that's not who I am and that's what that's what people do on purpose? Are they they use identity? Politics may attack people on things about race because they know it cuts to the core of so I had people come to me to this day, leaders of major after me organization. As at Paris, we had more access to the White House. We had more opportunities to have a seat at the table and to talk about substance, substantive things in the Bush, a minister when we did all eight years of the Obama administration. So to me that was a point of pride. Knowing that we were had an open dialogue in the open, take a seat for people who wanted to work. All we just ask He willing wait just be willing to work with us and will work with you re in that its jarrings, because now that I'm on the other side of it to grow up and think that president former President Bush was a racist and not everyone's pausing, to consider why I believe those views It really shows you how much the media had sort of a stranglehold on your right. This is before social media. This is
for the area of technology and in the arab technology. I get that question all the time, which is cans. Why do you think you ve been able to have more of an impact and the people that came before you? brilliant people. Looking for me much more than I doctor, but caution is a literal brains. Her children, like our brains, are denied out, he's actually arranged this guy and he nice about it. I've had an opportunity to a few times now and I told him about the blacks it movement lacks exiting, the liberal ideology and the Democratic Party, and what I've done differently is, is culture. I am not saying anything. There hasn't been said before is a thing that I'm saying that Doctor Thomas all has in Britain a book on, but I have understood that the war that were fighting is cultural end and you can't bring politics to a cultural fight right. So you you can't think that you're gonna sit down. You gotta have Milton Friedman and Thomas soul. You note talking about capitalism and in that
going to change the minds and hearts. But you can't think that if you're willing to harness social media and you're on Twitter and you're on Youtube in you in your making bring conversation down to it feels like they're talking to their brother and sister in your using humor re using satire. You can check a change, hearts and minds pretty quickly its gaps, Hulu true, and I think that your people, I was surprised by me when they see me or if they think that I'm to someone who had just came to the party or someone who has just been on the national right now I just don't, have social media like I've. I've been there. Conserved and passionate back. It would, When I was in high school right that I've been this. Will I just didn't? Have the platform the good thing about people like you can see that you have the platform and the platform is now available to literally Congratulations on billiard twitter followers, ass, its Amelia above you might even been congratulated me on a million yeah yeah sexually you. Think I'm not one of us.
yup, is the platform and it's the way to come to me to communicate directly to people without the filter of the of the cable news or the other pollutants that people always relied upon. that's the power it's really powerful to have a platform is really powerful to have a have this social media when we use it to benefit our people, and I think that's what we have to continue to do. We have to continue to speak out, have to continue to find creative ways to do that and to get our voice out, because if we do, oh a they're gonna their leader silence you or be they will just prevent you from even being able to get to have a platform. I think, actually starting to see that that they realise that they never predicted that social media would create this whole and they would no longer be able to control the narrative and wearily how trunk one was any harness the power of social media absolute and their starting now to try to control social media platforms for seeing now is Europe.
Prager you right now here and there in a war with Google right now, God bless them for sending up to two Google and you Cuban banning videos and trying to deepen platform us knocking conservatives offer Facebook off of Twitter. I've seen it happen to so many people I'm. So we really do have to understand the threat that that poses a day if they sense that they have lost control I think that nothing scares them more than the idea was in control of black Americans. What you know it's so funny. I remember when something happens. Thing was Kanye western. Somebody said this is what happens when negroes young review, what s it? No! I ve actually this what happens when negroes do really, because if you go back to slavery, Anne and Jim Crow, the whole point was to keep african Americans from being able to raise crack, because if, if you cause, you know this because you study history, does the slave that came over to America were the strongest. They were the ones that were able to survive on the ships coming over. Here they had to be able to beat this absolute strongest to survive. Coming over to America,
and then be able to work as hard as they beat. The lay were built to be the strongest. That's why they went and actually got those in Spain the because they needed to have the strongest people here. So when you look at us fast work today that is sentence of these strong, both strong fears. We have strong mentally Africans who came over to this country This is who we are. This is our dna and so then what they knew they said. If we can the strong individuals strong minded, strong, physically individual and allow to read: aloud to write, allow them to progress, we're done. they will rebelled they will take over, and that is exactly what is happening politically culturally, when we learn how to read when we learn what how to know our power, is when we start to think for ourselves. Then we are, we lose to show goals that they try to put on us and sometimes of liberalism Sometimes it socialism scent is whatever it it'll shackles. Are we become free our way,
This is what we are. I think experiencing now more than ever before history. We are seeing free thinking african. America's especially millennials, stopping and say you know what I mean not be republican, that's fine! I may not be Democrat, but I'm going to stop and think about the things that I hear, presence I say that things like your kind as Owen say things like might see Paris Denard say because if I am able to, my own mind and make my own decisions. Then I believe they're gonna trend towards the right at even than a trend towards what's in our dna, which is being conserve way if our core and we keep talking about freedom, and I love that you used the word, because I just read an article about me recently in it said the popular rising of the term, the Democrat Plantation with my fee, so why it so wrong because they know that this clicks of people when I say that you are stuck on the Democrats, plantation. That is exactly what I mean. You are not free, you are,
doing free labour for people who are not servicing. You whatsoever that helping you they're not doing nothing for you. So to me, when I look at blacks and support this party blindly, no, nothing got their history knew nothing about the fact that, as you mentioned, the people that were in support of Jim Crow or the Democrats that we know that in a put slavery in the place and held the slaves, were there, ass, though the terrorism that we went through the domestic terrorism when making a cake. Hang those were the Democrats when you look at me- and you call me, Uncle Tom, and you call me a coon. I feel bad for you, I feel I feel that you're so uneducated, that you have not yet realised that you are doing free labour for a party that has done absolutely nothing for you and all it would take was opening a book you know can is one of the her books, a former head of eighty, I American Enterprise Institute, he said I'm a conservative at a bit because I believe in the free enterprise system and I care about the poor, because I believe that the free enterprise
The sum is the only way, the only mechanism to help bring people out of poverty into the middle class in its fast parity, absolute fact, and that if more consumers. More republicans with talk like that and articulate that, because that is how you start to change minds, because we, u get put into a system, does that poverty is a system of poverty. It's a system of welfare is inexact not unless we know the facts of the more people on welfare than our black people. But when you look at these urban communities there's their debts, systematic and you dont get out of the cycle of poverty is, I believe, it's by design, cautious, my closing, because to free enterprise and a free market that there's no opportunities for for growth. the opportunities to advance in the committee because they're not that's one thing for some for opportunities all right. That's amazing how big an and I live too, that there are opportunities, because it allows people to have the freedom to choose and anti have jobs and into abeyance, and this is what we need more, but it is the conservative free minded things that
imaginative Thomas soul had twitter, you don't want it in Make a cow guides got tons of buyers browser. It's just Thomas all quotes unease that powerful, but in his heyday Ryan, if him doing park, has him doing these things? All of these great intellectual thinkers on the right that have been there that didn't have the platform the rain now have. We would be able to change earlier, but now I'm good website were able to do it in this capacity Ryan. I always say I am so grateful to them, because I'm I'm just able to springboard. You mean they laid the groundwork Frances, it's easy for me now when I needed to learn really fast how wrong I was held up, really really wrong. How do I fix it? I want you to and I watched Tom is all about every single topic, an issue and I got his books and Walter Williams. I just went under an and realer and everything, but here's what the problem is and here- and I want to think about this in order- a huge thing that a huge component of what you need to leave the left
Is humility? Do you know how much humility it took for me to say? I was wrong about everything and I know nothing right that we got taking. You gotta be a pretty humble person and have no especially if you gone so far left that you're on Facebook and you're on twitter differently. Your friends calling them all Nazis condom races. How do you then say await you know what my bad? I was wrong. I think that's. What people struggle with that sometimes ages stay on the left because they ve gone so far into the looney tomb directions that they're afraid to say. Hey. You know what I'm sorry is wrong and I'm relearning this war. It's it's still think that it's the the humility factor that you to articulate it, but that's all So the fact that would, on the other side it's the demonization that happens it's either, if you say,
You know I was wrong. I realized the heirs of my ways, educate it myself and realise that I am going to be more lined with republican Party or more conservative values and principles, but then, when they do that the hell that they have to do so. then, because of the narrative that is put out because of the the brainwashing and that that the power of the the mainstream media, then that why. Why would I come out? I even do it right and I always say like being a concern. A blackened served say is gonna, be like we're being game eighties. Like I mean I m here to talk about like you're gonna. Do with your fan you got a deal with, the public persona meet its horror, stigma the stigma attached to being a black conservative, the thoughtless stigma that, as an actual completely thoughtless, I mean they throughout the exact same words, horrific terms. I think I had a look up and uneven Oda bed. Wench was until I looked it up in their lot use. Racial slurs are largely whenever they want the fact that in prime time CNN they were alive.
to say about Congo West, who was it Bikari sellers you're that negroes dont? This is what when negroes, don't read and they all started laughing and they never even had to retract. The state right could well imagine if on Fox NEWS, right, Hickory or if Donald Trump Right got up and said well, this is what happens when negro I mean like it, it's jarring to me. What were you are allowed to do in that space of liberalism? They are allowed to say anything. They want about black conservatives, anything that they want. It was said about black liberal the world would implode. It's the truth, and we see that even in their policies right some of the things that are able to propose into you know no one thought Obama care could happen to know. Actually it happens right, and so, when you look at the issue of vat society, know in these other the issues you don't use it will. This can have no it's happening you
it'll, take you, and this is what is going to happen. So I wrote you be unheard of republican. Our conservative said they things, but it's ok. It's justified its because you're, a black conserve so you're you're, really. Does it matter. This is this. This is. This. Is what they there really say, they're saying Candice, because you happen to be conserved, compares because you happen to be republican, your life, your your your trajectory, your career path, your you're, good name. It really does it matter, so we can say what we want. We can do what we want. We can create any means that we want about you without any repercussions, because you really don't matter matter that then that's exactly right in here is something that I have also noticed, and I say this simple: I challenge and define the person you can. Let me know if I'm right or wrong, but I say met. So many black liberals that have gone conservative live now. I met a black conservative, that's gone liberal shouldn't that tell you at their something that, on the conservative side, there is some layer of it, nucleus of truth- that its once are.
eyes are open right. We don't go away from conservatism, we realize what is happening in this country. What has happened in the past and a challenge lies, it show me show me: the black conservative that went liberal will either goodly. You're doing canisters that you are creating. I collect a safe haven right. The movements that you're starting the things that you're doing special, but the other, the things that you don't even internationally your creating this, this sense of community and your letting them know that you're not alone for sulphur. For so many years it was just cake, holes, James Right, he had it just came by herself. It was just some of the other notables that we know in the black concerned movement now you're saying if you want to be a black and serve. Not only are you gonna be supported, but it's ok, we're gonna, give you a platform and encourage you and were in it and we're gonna grow the body right. So it's more powerful to be in numbers and its be standing by yourselves Selwyn when when, when somebody attacks you. I know that I have candy someone's happen:
I back and all candidate powers and absolutely those movements to gain a ring. I we are these conventions thing. I gotta look around the room and no you're not alone and that they are buying a cultural war, but we can win. You carried the number. The truth is on our side. Right, that's number one. And yet the rise. The truth is on our side, so we're going to, and I really believe that I won't talk to you about the President. I wanna talk to you about your support for him. To have that start. you don't do the we sixteen campaign? I said I want to have a winter. I don't care who would have somebody got two when it? Let me alone me somewhat someone we lose we're gonna be lost for a generation right, the democratic control, everything for a good generation, and I said we ve got to win. I've worked with WWW Mackay.
Loss Rami lie so we cannot lose. I got sick of losers and ethics. Senators funny thing that way that loves to win win so much. We seek a bit sick, appointed back and then I said, I believe that it has to be a governor or somebody who was a successful seal to lead the country where we need to go after we saw for eight years with the senator, and so I kept watching Donald Trump nightcap listening to Donald Trump, as he stayed right there in the centre stage, meaning he had supported with number one, and I said This man can win and I believe that he should run. I didn't have promised that lasted as and then CNN said well, we will give you a contract and I was on national television supporting the President Bush, but it was funny I was on television and during the can, pain somebody in the trunk war room said. Who is that guy and actually, frankly, with Steve, Ban and said, I also decide? Who is that guy
They say bullets parasite? Is that is high on our team? Is he one of our people is that will now he shook out there supporting the present by himself? Isn't that what you said Oh down there get him on board with the campaign as one of our surrogate so two days later, the racist, Steve Ban and identify me right ended. Brian, Linda Hispanic American came to my office and said we want you to try to join the campaign, and in our media team, because your door, great working and you're doing it on your all, we want to be able to help and support you, and I did that, and you know it. it was challenging. I had never gotten death threats before I never been called all kind of things that up does Google and googling beheadings listeners I'm googling, like all the Ashraf ok, this would be blocked. This shouldn't be allowed to be safe and- and I was just so impressed by his message and directness up his message special
the community, because for so many years I've heard people talk about Urban America, but they wouldn't talk about the realities and many of the places of urban Black America, and this present was talking about me. Wasn't just talking about it to gain points at black audio, he was talking about it in white audiences, inactive people got upset about. That's it little! That's what you need to do. That's that's the courage, that's to talk to about my community anywhere, you go everywhere, you go and I said this is somebody I can get behind because I believe he's not beholden to any party structure he's not any special interests you ve got to say what he believes a mean, what he says and I get behind them. They like that, and I have been proud too and with him and support him publicly and privately, because I think he is doing an amazing thing for the country, but more specifically for
the Black Sea region. I really do believe that it is a rare moment aware, a rare window of opportunity for the four black America to wake up and to realise that we have not been a part of this american dream, because we ve been lied to and used and abused and sold this concept that their somehow.
Two in victimization, like all you have to do, is figure out where you can plug into the victim complex and weren't. What does that yield? Absolutely nothing nothing, but what does it need to be a black lives matter, member shouting in the streets screaming after after a death that absolutely nothing. Actually that aren't you anything, it's perhaps a chance to be arrested, and then you have on your record for the rest of your life rate, and yet this is what our committee has been sold as opportunity and he's somehow reversing it by saying: hey, like America, Europe that what do you have to lose the most important turn of the century question for black Amerika. What do you have to lose in? The answer, of course, is absolutely nothing wrong. I warrant now talk about your support for him and an end to get back to the core of this. It is talking about social lynchings, sure and something that I need to do more work on. We have to get you talking about this at blacks, it rallies and speaking to Black America about this was a very serious and I dont know how we conquer it. I was turning
I turned on my social media actually turned on twitter, and I saw a clip that was going viral on CNN knows a clip of you and you are debating a c. I, a former CIA member, wrote about White House clearances. This was after trumpeted now is that he was going to be revoking security, clearances for people for certain individuals as individuals, but you were debating feel mud, film, right and expose something that nobody knew outside of DC about why these people that work early in the sea I like to keep their clearance badges canoe swains me what it was that you said: one of the things. I said that some of these. ages might be upset about President trot revoking their clients because it's gonna lose it. There's a monetary value to it.
everyone in DC knows that, once you leave federal government, if you are able to keep your security clearance and higher level security kills, as are the better, but if you're able to keep your security clearance, it makes you more profitable in the private sector because they believe they believe that you have more access and more ability to to help the private interests which they work for not illegal, not a crime, just a fact great, and so when you start to strike and take away your clearance, it could have a negative impact on your bottom. I'm so they just taken money out of the present trumps and hey. I'm just gonna start revoking clearances right these guys. His former say: hey guys, you're thinking here, that's money out of my pocket. I make a lot of money. Is I have contracts right because I have access consulting and contracts with the private sector will apparently just did not. nobody knew it so right in fills defends. You exposed something and that not many Americans new, and so what it did was painted. Showed you how
In January, the media was up in arms, are working. Security clearance is an inherent presented. This fact that not many people knew, I certainly didn't know, and I watched this man hub. The drivers who are you are you owe me: you gotta, you gotta see this no explode. I want this maiden eaten export unemployment, reversing oversee implodes, and I just can't believe that, unlike air he's saying this and he's obviously very articulate these colonies, I call you know like universe is what it is its Washington DC. You guys make money because of this and he implodes. Many explodes at an he just starts getting angry Emmy such screaming at the screen, and at this point you realize, oh, my goodness, Paris has got him in these very uncomfortable in what he said to you in particular. He sets One thing that was just like you up ten seconds to respond, that's what he said. You have ten seconds these at you have ten seconds to liked either take that back or respond to respond to this, and he made no sense, but they were so its threatening is meaningless
seeing this former CIA guy, of course. Obviously the cliff goes viral on twitter and and who we tweets other than President drop Frank, type I retreating and I was like, as it was John. It's just instantly put an end to the whole virtue, singly but we must still had these really. You don't need Assyrians, why? You pretending you need them and then something amazing happened right. You get retreats like the high of light this right, you not only the high closer media, yes, Paris has got them and within what felt like to me. less than twenty four hours. Maybe it was a week who knows I try. I turn on the news. And it says the parasol dismissed from CNN your orders.
be now being investigated, afore and a two thousand and nine sexual assault claim Bam me to hashtag. Me too, I got by got me to movement on me and it was interesting. My birth was August. Eighteen, this event do the hit was August. Twenty third and then Lula. Look five days later I got a call from washed imposed, and He saying is ask me about this report that I had never seen and I said well, can you send me the report illegals will know can't tell you I like you? I can't give it to you because there, things you haven't seen in here, that saw someone anonymously gave you this report goes. No, oh, how I got it. I said: ok, so somebody from the Mccain Institute, RAP performer employer, was filled with AIRS State University, led this doctors, HR document to the Washington, post and on the phone with reporter. I sit well. Why me? Why now and he says well, you
go on television supporting president Tromp and in his past issues at all. This is about president tromp questions about, did you know this was about you. I thought it was about justice. I thought it was about. Somebody was grieved utility, that's no, there was no active accused. There was nothing about sword, and so They see in immediately suspended me what would that day after a wash and pulls article came out, and then they put me under investigation, and I got a lawyer who spent tacit Jennifer Mcgrath and she Mealy went after them and immense, and I couldn't even get access from of to the report. From a shoe, I called for eight hours trying to get the access to the document. My attorney the next day after the wash and pulse article comes out was able get a shoe to give me. The document would have access to documents like that, the former say person, maybe who play, but here's a funny thing that a lot of people dont know her.
events in less than ten seconds feel mud, a person who I actually worked with at the Mccain Institute there. It is- and I have actually hired him to appear on a panel offer seven hundred and fifty dollars attitude to do a debate for us, and so there was a direct connection between the Ahmad getting upset me having a prior existing relationship with him, actually working at became, suited that somehow issue Mccain's to gets the documented washed impose an unseen and had a matter of satisfies me so like to see that is it well. If this is so bad but you just immediately fire me- it was so agreed. If there is any validity to all these claims that were in the report, which actually was debunked, because Arizona State University actually put out a report, a second declaration document. That said I never did any of that that evaluate their harassed. Nepal.
so good. There's that made already hired you right in assuming that they already had done a background check with magically after you embarrassed. The former see aim- and I have been better in two thousand and nine vetted by the White House- be moved on a commission by the President who, through the F B, I all these things have happened since since that thing occurred. I asked, I said: will you just tell the public CNN? Will you just tell the public that you cannot cooperate anything in the end, the report? Could you tell the public that you could not all the things that came out in this investigation, and conclusive, no so you're you're, probably put me that they have suspended, which met I'm still paid, which meant I'm still under contract with you. I can Appear anywhere else during the mid terms, of course, but after all the investigation is over, you don't do anything to clear my name, and so this is what they they attempted to do
I got off the social media because I wanted to be respectful of the investigation and not aggravate them in any way. But that's ok because who came in Kansas, Owens Willox Past doing I said, and I said I I close it. I wish I could just respond, but the moment I was I got back on after this. This investigation, which was over, I, was really say, thank you to enrich retweeting the things that you said but and then I want an appeared, and I do so. I won't be silence now because if they do this to me that they are able to do this to me. they will do it to somebody else. we have looked at- and I said this is me next week in autumn, set em in the second, you make an imprint eminent into see thy. You have to watch a public. This debate, you just to watch a former synergy. Implode
explode and then to see that I really love it and then to watch them go after him. I said a social injured. This is a social lynching and what they want to do is destroy his character and they also want to make sure he can't go anywhere else, because now they put a stain on him. It's like it. It's the sting they put. You know who brought to my attention the first time and I've been communism it ever since I always speak up when I see black conservatives bearing the brunt of this Clarence Thomas Clarence Thomas brought this up. He called them. High tech lynchings wrote that I went back and watch that club out to our encourage everyone. How to read his book on my grandfather's son. It will tell you a lot about the character where this man comes from and to your earlier point he was a liberal and conservative has not gone back. But I saw that I watched him talk about no, no just talk about that. High tech, lynching that modern. Let that happen- and I said my god- it's happening all over again. It's happening Oliver and they're. Not
stop it served. Their goal is systematic, silencing to remove the platforms of your able to get a platform you don't say that I was the only paid african American Republican trumped supporter on them. Work is if you had some backward republican light, but none of us supporting the president and I would go well anywhere. I can we walk around LOS Angeles, New York DC anywhere African Americans will come up to me and save your perished and are actually the grocery store club anywhere your parents, I gotta get something with you can have your autograph. I don't agree with everything You say, but I appreciate the things that you say. I watch you overwhelming support that I got in the streets if you will were from black people, wait the effect, the positive impact that I now that was having on that point form was the reverse of what they thought. They were trying to care begged me to a character. They were trying to make. Pin me up again in our debate- anybody, but for election.
I say that until now my team- a really good baiting about it. Let me in the ring right, but they could put me because anybody and I would stand on my own it with black people coming up to me. They always thought that we by people turning it gets me. None of the biggest support that I got. It mattered, not the faceless cowards that are on social media, but the people who are actually in the street people Coming up to me were o the majority over African American. With that taught me was the people watching I'm having an impact on and they are right there there there There is a connection just did yesterday A young millennium african american woman came to issue. Goes I love what you do on television. I admire you so much. I look up to you and she she goes can I can I can. I just had to come say hello to you. This is the reality of what it is, and this is why they try to. They tried
silence because the ivy right, when you get to that point right where they realise that ok, we ve tried to save this per ignore this person. We laughed at this person than they arrive at the point where they're gonna fight you right, right and and- and I feel like when it- what is the word and blinking on it right now, when there's a placed on your head, but they're gonna kill dead or alive. It's was a what no but like which the but his heart. Now look at this issue like ransom, Barbados, you can think of it and oceans. Back in the day the wanted posters there's bounding about ass back in the data wanted, Is there they issue about me? May I really You feel the Miller media issues about me.
Then they say: ok, we tried it. We tried to smear dispersed, we tried it nor of his person. We lack that this person we tried to transpose nothing, really worked and then they go all out and then there's a bounty and and then the assault that comes. It's, I'm believe what happens over and over again in the question that we have to ask ourselves as conservatives is, how do we help? How do we fix this? There are so few black conservatives that are able to make a difference that are able to produce from whence, like you produce unseen, amber people are just around the world applauding and going yes, I get it. The point has been driven home. Do you feel that concern is that enough to stand up for you absolutely not never tell you. This game is as if they were surprised by What's that one person Tommy's you be here, we surprised by the people who do reach out to you and support you and you'll, be even more surprised by the people who don't laugh, and I was you gotta wanna say that was taken else, but I was taking notes. If that's ok, this person didn't say one word to me publicly, which I get or privately
you can, as you can tell me, you, can send me. I didn't want to take you to take you when he hits that nothing, you become a private, they stick, they keep their distance. So one of things that we have to do we have to support one another. I have always said there are some things that you say that on my phone looks all about that. I will like this this- might not get the red with Europe, but but but to Europe to you to talk to your credit, You have a platform on a lame that in a voice that is uniquely yours and you say only Candace Owens with from the earth to say right, and there are things and ways that I say things articulate things that have have an influence in a platform made for it created just for me, but we have to have them altogether in this mosaic of black conservatives, because even amongst black Republicans,
I can servers we're not a monolithic, how we think on Ireland eyes, but we have to support one another. Eight and that's the problem now. Is that what somebody said to me that the reason why Republicans conservatives don't stand up for one another is because the unlike the latter, we aren't collectivist right right, but the way that collectivism benefits the left is that they're all in lockstep all defending her. They all don't say anything or attack one another. They never tackle another. And yet I see like a circle firing squad. All time on the right, and it's almost like they're they're they're competing to be the left. Do I want to be the conservative voice, its loud or so in a situation like I say, oh great, Paris's down now I can be
the only black or lack of it was a landmark yeah exactly, and that is something that we have to stop as conservatives and realize that if you see one of us thinking, that is of a movement that is sinking right, conservative thought we're on the brink of we are on the brink of losing America. Such your ego aside, those land up and speak out when you see something as horrific and as obvious as what happened to you play out, you use your platform and you use your voice to say something about it. We have to also, I think blackened serves, have do that. I think all conserves have did not absolutely every major organization has do that. Every major should be giving us the same platform as they give other people, but in addition to that can, as we have to fight back, we do that is what our hands we do. Sometimes we don't have the resources which I understand, but we need where we're going. Acted to too many people. That might that be We have the resources so that when we see something I have you ve quickly got a lawyer right, gotta gotta, legal team that is put out a
my biggest issue as we speak, you you got to go after these people and hold them accountable through. I, my love that the first lady like honour, no I've won two lawsuits I re my love letters alive. We do not fight back. We allow them to have the power entered into silence as by it won't be enough for us to say. Oh, it's really bad what they paid about candid sullens recently on this and an attack Canada. But what are we gonna? do about right if we ve got it came to the next level. We have to be on the off balance, because this too, it's, what the election, the soul of the country and the future of the black family in the black community is, but they are all at stake and we ve got to not play defensive politics. What we ve got to be on I've been to someone something like this happens. We ve got a rally together gets a support to that, but we also have to be willing to fight back right because a lot of times we don't write, take it and we take the hit and we just sit there and we
for an early off answer so necessary. So I don't know this, but I was actually the first conservative who spoke out against them to movement. I got roundly condemned on the left and the right. I was attacked out so inappropriate. Why? Because the left obviously chose something like re write, something that nobody would ever want to critique right, because we know that other gonna get power. We're gonna, create this movement and Ting down people, because we know that you're not gonna be comfortable enough to attack the attack, an argument that space in sexual assault and raping such that make people on comparable to talk at the writing was on the wall. The second I saw this movement with no facts right. They don't care issues lies in Italian, all believe women, all stop, I do know never total Lyra had never for a moment. The commander bub, never not even I was nothing just came out honest. We should measure we should listen to women, but you cannot believe disbelief, fax, is what you should believe belief.
Acts nationally due process, believe man don't believe women belief that leave at an end, and there should always be a due process, and I spoke out against us and I got slam left right and I held my ground people saying to delete a tweet and trying to get me d platforms. My said no is, writing is on the wall and then what happens? We're having a habit, wrote in everybody, change their tune and realized? Oh well, they might be weapon icing sexual assault. They might be weapon icing. The topics of rape and sexual sought to go after people, Andy platform them, and now people realise that, but that early there is no topic that is above debate. There's no topic that we should not be able to have an intellectual discussion about, and we have to realise the left's purposely creating these rules because they are there
fine to silence, conservatives and make them uncomfortable to have that intellectual conversation and ended its even deeper than mad, and they don't want. You is open to the point of talking about our twinning about it's the make Amerika great again hat right. It's the member! Well before coming to. We had the the young African Americans Deborah entering on a hill who got kicked out of their overs because they they mega hats on that. We have the young african American who went into the Cheesecake factory and was harassed and in it was glad to leave because you have a head on. So when this to them. It was like, like whatever nonprofit other of the Paris, is that that debt that's irrelevant, your lives, don't matter great great as a black consumer. Who cares he be able to take up what their trial to do now. Is there try to silence you? No one cares you haven't, Obama other O had or the t shirt waited at all, but now with trying to say is alive
in all this MILAN or whatever. If you where the head it's it's, the new K K K its new hood in all its. Not she really gets it. She gets it. He gets. It is clear we ve got to have the wheat, we can't we kept back down now, where the had nowhere, boldly and proudly and and and and be proud of who you are and what you stand for anything I wear at airports. As you know, I travel six days a week. I wear my megawatt every airport because of just what you sat right. You have to double down right, happy, let liberals now you're, not gonna. Believe me, I'm not afraid to support this president and you do get you do get attacked. I had a woman attack me in Denver Airport yesterday and and say to me how here. Of course she looked like Racine Blasi for it and just as how dare you wear that have to support a racist and a white supremacist and then ask him what has he done has been asked, and I said, can you point to me one policy or one thing that he has said that makes him me. White supremacist were racist. I think if he was a white supremacist I now before you
Right you'll have to tell me when something's racist, I'm black, I ll be the first to know when something's racist, because it will be against me right. You don't have to tell me when someone someone is a massage Agnes, because I'm a woman right, so I ll be the first to know what he puts in place. A policy that is gonna negatively impact woman dont undermine me. Don't think that I'm sullen electrical now. I need you as a white person to tell me when, when somebody's racist right, an egg can, as we ve seen this before we solved Jim Crow, we ve seen liberal policies put on the on the on the necks of black Americans to keep them in a certain spotters, size them or to turn to hurt their economic mobility that we ve seen them put these liberal policies to honest- and this is what your doing now It's it's not different formats and it's that the political way that they're doing it it's the China silencers is trying to make us shamed of being a conservative or ashamed to speak out or a shame to weather the mega had. This is what they want to do, and then they put intimidation on it
they didn't, they add celebrities and give celebrities voice to do it, and so the everywhere you turn everywhere. You look you you are it's bad for you to be that, but the great thing about what you're doing in terms outside of politics, but in this cultural space but think a spent ass. It is your providing that place of acceptance, your providing that place of acts of of security and support, and if we don't have that they'll, be a generation lost and silenced because They feel that they, just it's not worth it right. It's not worth it to speak out. It's not worth it to be a leader is not worth it to put my neck out and run for office or or to speak out against these that I see that the liberals might be doing to me on my camp s or at my job or with with within or with the actual media, and so I think what we have to continue to do is to support the things that you are doing and support the other organizations that are out there that are giving the platform, because without the platform
they have that they know that that is the power they know. They know your power, they know are strengthened and they know that the effectiveness of our voices and when that happens, they have to date they stop at nothing to destroy you and it's not just destroy the platform, its destroy all as the collateral damage it. Your family at your friends sure it's your fiance me up your poor sainted, the aunt em, a heated nobody's gonna. Let me I'm gonna get you should ask about. I'm like Ok, are you positive, but that but the but the book, the best revenge is success. It is, and president Tromp has shown a successor, his policies, and you continue to fight back or short success in and in an me fighting back and you supporting and having these platforms like this with Prager you. This is us showing that we're gonna fight back and its goes. It positively shows what success looks like and we're gonna keep fighting. What we need is is our allies me, we need allies and, and I've been blocked
obviously Prager. You they mean Bob. You guys know getting and are you sure, are you sure yeah? But I mean right, yeah and- and were you guys know, you know what it is in what we are doing right now. You know how scared they are of a black people. Waking up and they see me as target number one right now. So many continues to use my platform to get the truth out to block Americans to make sure that you defend when they socially lynch someone in a way that they did, which was despicable and not enough. People spoke out about it, and I really do think that what we're doing is gonna make it.
I am, and I just want to make sure that the the Clinton's are alive to see black Americans desire. That's why really identified twenty twenty twenty? As my vision, I really do believe that we're gonna cracked, the Blackwell, we're gonna, open, heartbroken, open minds, you're gonna, see our community do better so and we always rap the pact. Podcast fun thing: are you ready? You didn't tell him? Did you good? Ok, ok, so, but gets a timer out, and then we say pretends that you are speaking to the entire world. You got two minutes soccer and you get to launch of vibration, something that you get a uniquely say too to the world. If this could take catch fire right now, two minutes on the clock. What
is your idea or your concept, or the thing that you want to say. I'm already, I will not be silenced. Be silenced, tried to silence me for many years as a young, black republican conservative speaker thought leader, but it won't work what they did to me. They will try to do to you. It's very real. Their tactics are very real and they mean to do harm, but we ve got to fight back. If we don't fight back, they will totally eradicate my voice in your voice is not listen that games. This is not something to to play around with. This is something we have to take very seriously the future of our country. The future of Black America is contingent upon us rising together and not allowing the liberal extreme left to totally destroy our community. Once again, I'm gonna fight back
I need you to fight back, I need you to support canvas and EU support me. I too support the movements that are going on in this country, because movements change lives, movements are positive, and this movement that were in right now can have a transformational effect on the future of our country. I'm not gonna back down, and you should, neither God bless, thou us That was good it. Why that was amazing. Wow you ve heard it arose, was also. Thank you guys were watching. The latest episode of the Canvas Owen Show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you guys already know, Prager you is a five or one c, three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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