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2019-12-15 | 🔗
In this episode, Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA) sits down with Candace Owens in Washington, D.C. to discuss energy resources and policy, his experience serving in the U.S. Navy, and why liberty globally is at stake. PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation: https://donate.prageru.com/CO
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That is always a right, I'm good! You guys, let me know, were speeding up its own nuclear sought to ensure that our arkadyevna ok, ladies and gentlemen, we are rolling into another episode of the kindest Owen, showing I'm so excited for the guests at its sitting across from me, you guys, I need history this year with the most watch C span clip online of all time. It was a moment of my house to sharing congressional committee hearing, which was on hate crimes and the man who handed me the MIKE and gave me a couple of seconds to receive. Bonded TED Lou Guy russian dollar. Welcome. The kindest Owen show very sore at me, and I appreciate it. Did you ever think in a million years at you, and I would make history together, as you would have thought it all I said was: do you want to explain what is going on here? I mean: that's it. That's all you're from there I got all kind of credit for, and I did the eighty zero
work on that idea is handed over to you. I just tell you I mean I was sitting there and he goes on a little rat and he's painting me as unbelievably as a nazi sympathise with ongoing. Is this man trying to make America think that a black woman is a nazi sympathiser and then he says what he's Doesn't he gives me no time to respond to him so right that moment, I'm sitting in the chair and I'm just about to expire try to get up and start screaming stay announced a calm stay rash. They rational, I'm, like I'm, not going to be able to respond, then sunshine it opens up the clouds par in a ray of sunshine. Comes in to you, and you just like me so, and would you like to see anything What were you thinking out? Will you think in their moment when he did that? Well, I thought it was first. I was inherently unfair because the club didn't she What led up to the club we'll have to really get up, except by a by a really painted you in a bad light, without showing the entire context. I don't like that. Just picking and choosing certain statements,
now the context then also not allowing you to respond and was also inherently unfair. Joe. I had my questions for that panel, but after seeing something like that, I just fellow you'd be a disservice to you in a disservice other people in a hearing to not give you the chance to respond and also to correct the record with what actually happened in the entire clap right. And that's exactly how I was feeling. But let me tell you when I walked out of there. I could have never predicted. What did you do when you went home with your phone dislike exploding you to see yourself everywhere ray? What would you say we made issues most retweeted, clap her eye and season And history, and again I got all the credit for it am I I didn't do anything I just like hand has taught us that meant a lot that moment, but I wanted you to my audience is obviously that maybe naturally interested in you and I did a lot of research and I'm going to go ahead and say that you are a classic over achievers affair. Dapper you're, quite a bit itself is a lot to unpack so you're from Pennsylvania. You but
over achieving pretty much. You came out of the room and it let's start. Let's start with just your history in the navy. You want about what exactly you did. While you were in the Navy right well, Azure were recorded on nine eleven and a half hours impacted by nine eleven. I always wanted to go into that. The Navy Jaguar, I wanna, be a lawyer, an eighty ever since I was a little kid, but when I when I let it happen. As a freshman in college- and I knew their deadly needed, it not only go into the Jaguar and fall that goal. Really wanted to deploy in a global war on terror. But, as I finish dumb, I finish undergrad went right into graduating yearlings I was, I was very excited to go into the Navy. I figure I can do it so I went to went to loss or a year a year earlier than most other people and just from day one
I wanted to go into the Jaguar and dean. The law school is actually the Navy jack. He was the admiral. The Jaguar who had gone to do came. He was from western Pennsylvania, I believe, is actually born and raised in my district in what's my desert now, but I am, I was lucky, I got into the Jaguar was competitive. We get in a non day, one I said hey, I want. yeah till my commanding officer I wanna go to Iraq is where I wanted deploy credible. So year. So I was you wait about a year to deploy. During that time, I was doing it will as powerful attorneys, and then I went to are within a year, went to Baghdad Iraq. So I volunteered do it and I was at a small bus station, a small forward operating base in Baghdad right across the? U S, embassy. If anybody that's been too on Iraq was flawed union three,
that brief Bree Famous offered operating basin Baghdad, but in opposition I was prosecuting terrorist and insurgents in iraqi court system, so we would go into the red Zone into iraqi port system, although of very safe place of the Red Zone, but the Iraqis controlled it and we would take terraces urgent in front of iraqi judges, we use iraqi law, we have an interpreter and we would get detention orders which are conviction, equivalence and leave town. I wasn't browsers are pretty young guy sauce excited to be there in looking back. You know get yet atomic just so focused on a mission, and it was amazing to be that I think was twenty five or twenty six Australia. I was doubling the youngest and in our group that I was there when it was a small group. It was very small unit passwords, one hundred and thirty four and we were the ones are prosecuting the terrorist, but
No you just in the moment, you're! Not thinking about anything you just just you just prosecuting the terrorists and honest, have always done that mines had to be so interesting. I was in third grade a thoroughgoing oxytocin sixth grade. When I'm eleven happened, and I looked quite close New York city I was I was raised and Stamford Connecticut and that mentality of some people, when you see something, let that happen- a tragedy of that proportion. You're scared right like for me, I was I was terrified. to pretend to be a tough guy, was actually terrified raw think it possible that are inspired. Men say no. I wanna go overseas. Why I want to fight, I mean I really do believe. That means that your maid of something a little different and and in this particular political climate, so interesting to see how we now people that are hostile towards people that go out and they make these sacrificing can't even imagine I can even imagine, from from the same spot, from the safe studio from safe America having the will and the drive to go out and I'm gonna go to Iraq and unable to Baghdad. I'm gonna go and take
Errors, air neighbourhoods and try them we urgent, I'm just so committed, is united. I was always always wanted to make. Is that always want to be in the Navy, but nine eleven really mainly committed to public service, because you saw them You should rally, you saw people coming together and in you thought you know, there's a threat out there that wants to harm the hide stays and was are harmed. The western world would Gunderson in a and combat. That's, Netherlands, really impacted me from just might might public service Raymond right from the Navy got out, and eighty was in private practice for a year. There was a discharge
state senator and I'm in Congress some really committed to public service, largely because of what happened on nine eleven, but also just on my outlook with it with a world, I'm very foreign forward, leaning with foreign affairs on the Foreign Affairs Committee. I strongly believe that we ve gotta be engage with other countries. I think that we have to promote and defend other democracies around the world, because if we down it is as we pull bags, America sits down, her enemy stand up and we can't allow other democracies to fail. We can allow them the fall, because, at the end of the day those democracies It would give us our strength, its our alliances. It's our alliances around the world and as our forward position of being able to strike anywhere around the world whenever were required to. Let me ask you plus you what's the worst thing you ve seen other seas, worse, it will show I'm very fortune. I was not in a combat rule, I'm so sorry very lucky, but I had some great
This is in in Iraq, are prosecuted roughly one hundred terrorists and am interact. You prosecute Trent by the train. Jackson rights are here, usually proxy, one defendant a time in Iraq. If you had three people that plantain id Youtube tried all three of those together so, for example, I two hundred and fifteen co defendant murder case. It was really bad. So what happened? Was we had a detention facility? here in terms of facilities, what we call a peer review camps and the terrorist there. were holding Sharia LAW court and they went along the other detainees. The other terrorist to smoke, cigarettes play soccer unless insert kind of music, and they were really creating havoc in the camps, but they sentence my victim to death by beating and without by beating with the souls of your shoes, which is very disrespectful and their culture. So the horrific murders is torture things being to that
so I prosecuted two hundred and fifteen terrorist. I got thirteen death penalty convictions from that and the ringleader was really bad guy. He was more of a big more of a criminal leader from Baghdad as a terrorist. He wasn't real. Motivated by religion per se, uses really bad guy. I was able to get a debt pay on him, which I think it made Baghdad safer because he would not have been released into into the city when we, as we withdrew, so be interesting to hear perspective on. How do you feel about the burning of the flag and an hour which to me it's fine? It we're sitting here talking about nine eleven, because I remember and artists have his young. Remember these raw motions and this feeling of togetherness in America after it right road like there was no different.
remember political party lines, viciousness tremendous tragedy that affected all of us know: member crowding round that the big screen Tv Mary said old school like giant one's, got, half the bedroom and watching every minute of the news net. But, like America was a family rights and now it seems that when we have moments of tragedy, whether there on our soil us browse, there's so much division. I can imagine that world that we were in being like it is today were, but I can't even get my head around somebody burning the american flag at a time like that. So what do you think has led to that change? Have you respond to it with things are just so much polarized now. I gotta say me up: there were no eleven happened. I was a fresh may was obviously September so as freshman year very new, so my experience with political life before nine eleven, not much that rather high school student. That was just listen.
you talk radio watching a little better Fox NEWS. That's about it is so, but I can t that were much more polarize now than we were. Even when I was in college, when everything was going on a protest against abortion Cheney, I think that once fuelling a lotta there is the social media in one huge problem that we have. A social media is algorithms fee, why what you tend to listen to or watch right. So if you get on Youtube, they know what you like and you'll get a video that comes up your pride, the interested in it that's Gregg is a very efficient by you, get reinforced with your viewpoint and that's leading to people going to new sources, not to actually get information, but just to have confirmation and their own biases. Right in they also than people also think that everybody shares that viewpoint and if you don't share at you in a very small sobs act and you're the problem in the United States,
so I think that social media is fuelling a lot of this and it's a problem. I try to get my news from a lot of different sources, because I want to see one. I get the story ray. I know it's got going under today, but to I would see a different outlets or art praying the same story, and it helps me get ready for a committee meeting slight, because I know where the Democrats are going to comment come out an issue, and it helps me question witnesses better. As you prepare my arguments better, I wish more people would do that cuz. It would really be One has a sacrificer principles, but at least give you an understanding of where the other party is coming from and would alleviate a lot of attention and animosity right and it's hard to you- and I say this as someone I just had to sit through that the hearing that I was actions for hours long, but it's almost like these of our lives. It almost feels like the image of the majority moving imperative majority, but they're, just a big portion of people largest vying for camera time now and they're trying to something that so theatrical because they're looking for that ten seconds
Well, that's going to perpetuate on social media. They can then tweet. This almost seems to me now to be a layer of maybe it. This is partly due to social media, but of narcissism on that's, that's in our suggested here and in DC, and it's hard for people differentiate. Maybe, as I said, social media has contributed to that between their jobs and what their actually supposed to do, bushes, I'm just trying to say I want to be the most known congressmen on this committee, so I'm going to say something completely radical and weird, as in you know, ten Lou playing a clip. That's theatrical! that's completely theatrical yeah you're, absolutely right to many people focus on how many retreats are gonna get, rather than actually passing legislation why I've got no problem being behind the scenes working on bills and actually getting things done, rather than just seeing how many tweet. I can gather if I can get on this news outlets tonight and israeli shame? The other thing is, there is a perception in public that the people there are always on the news of the ones that are always getting things done, its oftentimes, the opposite, that that person- that's not always on it,
is usually the one behind the scenes it does actually getting those pass as having amendments adopted or killing amendments killing bad amendments are killing bad bills So that is the nature of the system, but I think that we need to put a focus more on procedure getting things done and just not on theatrical in politics absolutely, but you had a you just got your first bill pass, is correct it is a story about earlier. As a freshman congressmen, that's a huge deal, freshman gone man in the minority. So I'm thrilled that I got a bill passed not had a Democrat CO sponsor it. So it was Madeleine Dean and she is wrong also from Pennsylvania. But we were talking about. We were walking back and we both live in the same apartment building as really early on. We were walking back together, just talking about the transition, and she talked about this bill. This idea for and it was to increase funding or
local police for mental health issues, and she knew that when I was so, she was in a state of thousands state Senate. She knew that. I worked on similar issues. I said this is on that really like to work on, so we got together. We will find a little bit, but what it does it gives increases funding for local pleas for PTSD treatment, depression, treatment and also and ere. I was his aunt ISIS Abbot suicide prevention. These on these police officers are out. There are heroes, they keep us save we deserve. They deserve our attention and also try to take care of them, help the situation, but their suicide rates are sometimes fifty percent more than the average public. They also have begun. Remember, PTSD, just as inhabitants on that they see horrific crimes. Scenes are doing allowed domestic expire disputes escalator dealing for dealing with a lot, so they also need to have PTSD treatment as well I'm really exciting cuz release gonna help local law enforcement, and hopefully it will reduce the amount of suicides and other
while other higher figures, and they did not know that fifty percent higher in the police can indeed it fifty. So the police are fifty percent higher chance of committees, committing suicide and put the public at large. They. I forgive, I think that sank three times more likely to die by suicide rather than in the line of fire varying in the line of duty. I forget exacts it, but it is staggering. Writes a big difference. Right are much more likely to die. That's Africa's at right. Now we can have this public narrative that the police are the enemy, so you would never hear right something like this. So I saw a district judge for appeared at measure of this are judged for a period of time. I worked with the police every day. and there I mean, have really talk jaws people realise that when that, when you get poured over you gotta remember this guy's been working properly along shanty is under a lot of stress. He has just said. James. I walking up to the door to tap on the wind of your license, Russia's registration as you do cause. He doesn't know what and when you we rode down the windows, I think that people need to be,
That a mine may have the also keep in mind that the police deserve extra attention, because they're really working every day on their their own front lives right. That's exactly Ryan! I do a lot of work, obviously just trying to change the narrative for a lot of reasons. First and foremost, because narrative as occurred exists hurts everybody right. When you say you Polly, pink police officers as the enemy police officer, less inclined to do their job, and that was proven after Ferguson. Him in the furnace, in effect, was essentially that homicide rates actually went up amongst specifically in the black minutely, because they're so afraid of being called wishes that they dont want to run into their job anymore and an that's a narrative that really does need to be pulled back because across the board first often, human beings are human beings across any field. You're always find some bad x rays, and I say this
people, I said another quarter of a million people die because of doktor mistakes, but we're not boycotting protests and the doktor short, because that would be stupid right. The same thing with police right you're, always that human beings are invaluable. We're always going to have issues and people are not always are going to do the right thing, but we need to make sure that we're looking at it. As you know, the overarching opinion about what we're talking about. We talk about police officers and they do a very good job, and the second is naturally important talk about is particularly in these rough neighborhoods, like a district. Eleven in Chicago actually went and mouth the police officers and was shocked to discover that they were all black right. They were all black Philadelphia. The police force majority black re. So when you make these areas, super contentious, you're, actually harming black men, the same people that you think that your protest and to support your harming because turn doubt the now obvious officers are white were its awful this something that we have to do as an uphill climb. So what are some of the other issues that you are particularly involved and because you mentioned fracturing to me on the way and well to the natural gas industry, is issued
demands of ancient, particularly in south western Pennsylvania. So I don't have a mention, as our represent a district. That's a big! You around the city of Pittsburgh and render Southwest pocket offensive ain't, but if but franking and natural gas exploration has led to a big boom and jobs as bringing back manufacturing, which we have I understand that what is racking ok, so fragmenting all the way back, some washings might be going out, even though tracking is ok, sir, you have national wealth and that's when you go straight down vertically. racking is when you go down vertically and a new slightly band over a very, very long period, length rate, sometimes mouse and you go horizontal, and then you use pressure to great cracks in the rock and in those cracks release natural gas from the shell and there's there various shelves, but in western Pennsylvania we have two different shells. Right summit asked me there's more ass, not shall then Saudi Arabia has oil sound think it's actually does
but we're talking about a massive amounts of energy. Just intensive Aigner, that's not even include in New York, where, unfortunately, there's a fraction Dan Ohio in West Virginia North Dakota Code and Places outlets, taxes also added, but a pencil mania. You don't even have what's caught a dry dry drill, meaning that sometimes you draw down its dry and you just write that often the cost of energy production. It doesn't exist and hence of ancient Leeson, South Washroom Pennsylvania, it's not even factored in as we have so much natural gas. You know that, were you draw you're gonna head shall get natural gas, but that's really on that. That's racking! What now? What are the arguments against bracket? Will
My allotted we gotta remember that about twenty years ago, natural gas was viewed as a clean energy environment, as environmentalists actually were promoting its use issues. It got big and Sars is as soon as we figured out. We could have lateral drilling in and get much more natural gas production and use conventional wells Dan environmentalist believed that are there was bad. It's not one. The reasons why the United States is lower carbon emissions is because natural gas, it just burns, lot cleaner. But let me just back up briefly We gotta remember that the natural gas production were seen in Pennsylvania does to really big things, one. It deflate the cost of will around the world and a lot of our enemies have oil, the OPEC Nations, Venezuela, right. If we are controlling our energy supply and were exploiting energy which we are now waiting control abroad. It helps us geothermal
going out, I really wanted to focus on this point because I've just really gotten into energy. I've just started really paying attention to energy, and it is so important, people are watching this show for people and are in America to understand that you do not want to become an energy dependent nations. Nation do not want to be out sourcing. Your energy, you not want to have to two to call a different country like Russia, which he knows, supplies a lot of energy throughout Europe because it creates a geopolitical mess and their Anne and people do not understand how important energy is exactly agreements and a better. But if you just, if you look at Russia, Because we can now export natural gas, liquefied natural gas from the port of Philadelphia to get dance, Poland, we can put on his heels. We ve also decrease that that what is essentially a federal state and venezuelan Russia,
and we ve deflated their ability to to fund opposition to the United States to prop up and then as well as case a false economy right only. They expose flaws in their communist. The economy, but it also gives us the ability to say to Eastern Europe in particular. If is shutting off the the tap and energy took okay cause we're gonna be able to you our energies from from Pennsylvania from there synergy straight away to assert yourself as a power and it's funny, because what I particularly got interests in this was kind of. I was just looking at Angela Merkel and having a what side she's on like I, she says some statements, sometimes as we just missed my own opinion. Obviously here I'm saying why she friendly to Russia, but also wants to have allegiance with the west, and somebody said to me: are Germany his is dependent on Russia for Energy resolution,
but surely, even if she thinks Putin is doing something terrible, she has to be very careful in you deals them because she relies on him which which put him in a position of power and people don't realize ass. When you happy environmentalist running around to America, saying everything needs to be solar, we needs, and we need to not do this. We do not do that and they have a viable solution. They're just saying we dont like fracturing. We don't we no longer like you know natural gas, where they don't understand what you're, basically saying as you wanna put American to position of submission against the one you're putting us in a bad position. We have got to be one energy, independent, ok, but too. We also have to be an energy exports can help our allies abroad or at least in our enemies abroad? And again, a lot of enemies have we'll let the OPEC countries Russia ran Venezuela right, so we are now in a position of strength, but the others the natural gas does. It helps us keep our energy costs low. The irish vote the immense Albania has saved roughly
a thousand dollars a year because a natural gas as opposed to paying for electric or because we are now using natural gas for lover, electricity production the real money, that's real savings, doing at an average dynamic by just think about a manufacturing plant, their biggest costs a lot of times besides labour and salary is energy. So if we can reduce the costs, energy, its can bring back more manufacturing. Jobs is just simply cheaper to produce goods, and this is always left out of the equation, and I'm really I'm trying to educate He bore in this budget is not about energy production is about the petrol chemicals. They come from natural gas. I soon so that the guy my office, its protests in my position on being pro natural gas, I can guarantee that that the vague in protein bar that he bought- he God are. I came in a wrapper, though, is made from Edra chemicals right.
Everybody knows he has on probably coated with petrochemical. They came from natural gas people. Just don't realize the extended that I've got a business a red around. My dear sir, called combats drone. They do coatings for services. You cannot get within three feet of a product that wasn't either developed, created or manufactured by catastrophe, because it because we had petrochemicals everywhere set up was in perspective the by products and everyone's using them, and yet you think the beacon protesters like one you know they focused solely on energy by you can weaken, had a hundred percent energy from solar. Again, we would stony path, we stony natural gas for petrochemicals, but the other thing it does is one where we have natural gas. Here we were getting us better chemicals, we dont export them from abroad, or our case. We want that import them from Texas. Let's say we only have cheaper petrochemicals. We don't have transportation costs with em,
and we have a lower energy cost sure we're on the verge of a huge manufacturing boom and watch from Pennsylvania? While we were gone, Pittsburger? Fourth, renaissance right, so what I only say to people when talking about all this stuff is you can sound really? Finally, and you can talk about environmentalism- and you can talk about being a vague in height can be better for the world's wants. Should now at the east doesn't care right, so you say we're not gonna make the product as its polluting the air China well, what I do well, so that's another great point: China biggest pollutants that the biggest blue intermediary remind at an enquiry. From long you combined United States and all of Europe, you would not get the carbon emissions that just China puts out into the and they were never even in on the Paris, a court agreement, the climate agreement. So it's worth the british people that's written on China's, not playing the game. It doesn't matter what your opinions are exactly if you look at the bears a course we're the urgently. Any country there that's reduced our carbon emissions and we dont yeah in so it doesn't matter we sign on or not that.
It would have inflicted a lot of pain on our economy. China, why believers exempt until twenty thirty allowed the other countries were exam for periods of time they there was just a symbolic gesture. Otherwise it would have been a symbolic gesture for us who will create havoc on our economy remains to stay yet. We were the ones that are actually reducing arc, our carbon emissions. I agree, but I only need organizer browser. You run up a good point, that's better for us again soon the energy you think about coal, who always gets a bad name. I've gotta, lotta cool in my mind, We need for metal medical article purposes to, but, let's just say, energy, it's actually better for us to burn the cool here in the United States, because we have scrubbers and it's relatively clean. If we shipped out to eat
yeah scrubbers, I'm not that we are producing employers who use your burning coal heard ear, producing steel in whatever any kind of manufacturing energy production, yet steamers subscribers. Rather so it's coming up like steam rain and you you can scrawled the chemicals out. Ok, ok, even going to like manufacturing plant, not scrubbers, and the EPA in a deep eastern states have stern regulation on how how much that that has to be scrapped before goes into the ambient air right outside India doesn't have those standards right, China may not even user scrubbers or if they do, they ll turn them off, as it makes it very expensive to produce energy. So it's better for us to burn and use the core here, because we know the EPA and E p and whatever state is enforcing the scrubbers exactly so it's cleaner. So it's very sad. The other point is alot of people that are against natural gas production. They understand
economic cavack, its red, it's it's having on those who are low income or use New England forget exam, for example, they're, paying a lot of money in those called winters to heat their homes. in their getting their natural gas and energy from Russia, because New York has banned racking they ve also the ability for Pennsylvania Tab pipeline, going through New York and in New England states answers a huge economic tool, that's been taken by really the most. economically vulnerable to get it with this. The hardest and also you're, strengthening an adversary that we have an you're making you're making, he's in New England dependent on Russia neighbourly- need to understand the east. Doesn't care so they'll do it. So you say you ve been here, doesn't mean that they're gonna ban it over there in the east. That's exactly why it just harms us Rand and- and it so hard to get people to understand this, because there's this feel good mentality right. I stopped the pipeline for going through, but you you, don't you also stop. You also stop this.
for being able to heat their own home and economical price. You also have shown a lot of jobs and got a cracker plant coming into from Pennsylvania, rejoined about exponential job growth and really good jobs, username our jaws carbineer steam fitters operating engineers Right John said, that our skill that dont require college education, yet You can even raise a family on that you're. Getting I wage, they're killing those kind of job when they try to shut down a cracker plan or shot a pipeline now, luckily, the people of your girl in our jobs and job opportunities, without what these jobs are not low wage that there I mean you're. Talking about folks, I go to a trade school that are their steam fetters. Carpenters, plumber, right those that are their school positions in wages are there actually very high and the other thing they will go, These did they're usually getting paid when their studying right in their working as apprentices.
and they're not delaying going into work. They not, I think, I'd Myers one thousand dollars and I learned TAT. I did right- I normally not taking up dead they're, getting paid to get educated in their working, whether educated and those for five years and most be were in college there being produced dead in earnest during that year and when they get out there making very high wages- and I were tiny- the eighty thousand dollars a year including overtime. I can gain you that a well employed steam, fitter plumber operate engineer problem, making much more than a first or second, your attorney. They make up, they make an absolute killing. I know this because they had a house and end in Connecticut and when that heat went out in the cold Winter day, the amount that I got charge you get that man to come into the I'll, send you. I won't work going to call you turn. The heat on new is absolutely right in autumn saying and re, and this is what
when I was saying to you when you walked in that, we need to start encouraging soon to pursue these paths like there's something suddenly wrong with treat. Schools are wrong with being a plumber wrong of being the guy that can fix the air conditioning. Don't take out soon allows you'll know what you are doing. Your grave of working with your hands figure that stuff out said the people like me who got to get a hundred thousand dollars, stood alone debt, but can't figure out how to fix the toilet, let me read what was it you you're, never going to be able to outsource a plumber right. You know those jobs are going to be around. They pay day a lot, but we do A paradigm shift with education- I think I will A lot of this is a state centre. Unfortunately, we were unable to get a lot dangerous because the metalogy is so sat with caught up you're gonna for your degrees, but these high schools are ranked by not how many people finnish a call by how many people are employed at after a certain period of years, actually graduate icicle their rank by how many of their gradually class goes to a four year degree program right, so then send a bite
This is the school and the guy's counselors to push everybody into new at it for your degree programme and that's not right for everybody and in its letter problem we also have got to do something with on a just and just the truth and landing rights. We have a truism act. When you buy a car when you buy house, you know the amount of payments, you know the ape he are on it. You know how it is going to cost every month to month an how long they had to pay it back. There's nothing like that for colleges show these kids it s. Eighteen, seventeen looking at schools or eighteen or seventeen when they're going to college, taking Sometimes a hundred thousand dollars of Loan Lewis on how much you're going to make the really being taken advantage of me. I took a journalism as a major came from you know, a family that didn't have an educational background. My mom didn't graduate Highschool. My dad ever went to college. My dad was a plumber, ironically and when you come from their background, your parents are really
Understand all the stuff of paperwork at coming through the household you sign up, because you're scared to eat you, you have to go to school, you're, not gonna, have a life because that pressure from the guidance, counselor teachers, schools, the entire school system, from a time that you can speak here do everything are doing, is to go towards college Collars College University and that does sort of need to be transformed from the inside out right. But I think that there is a conservative. I always want to empower the individual empower, the consumer. I think we do a by requiring the truth and Lending act, style disclosure for students coming a college right right. And they can see vacancy they're gonna major in literature. Right my only making twenty or thirty thousand and it might be working at Starbucks right. Where is it they going to a town thing or another, hard skill jobs only making certain more and also they can look at trade schools and see how much they're make
but also they need to know how much the loans are actually going, caused the interest rate and their there on the length of times. Can I take to pay that back if we required colleges and universities to do this? The marketplace, I think with correct itself, has people want, given that information will shop around no make more financially sound decisions. I absolutely agree. I want a pivot here and get back to China because, on you just told me that you recently met with carry Lamb, Hong Kong and all these, these crazy protests that are going on right now in their waving american flags and they're. Saying Trump come here and fix fix, what's happening in Hong Kong. He chocolate about that. I bought two. I was in China in March the timeframe as with a bipartisan delegation, and we went to we went to Hong Kong first, we then went and it went to Beijing after an angel is well known. Jos, like their Seattle, said that dog their technology. I've been that ok,
We went over. I thought I'd come back, maybe softer on China. I didn't I came back, is even more hawkish. I was before China that there are real threat, but what they're doing to Hong Kong should alert and scare all of us right so, Hong Kong? Is it really in independent enclave in independent super city state? If you will and they have that british common law. They had a freer economy than the United States. When the freeze economies in the world they have rule of law. Political parties have proportional representation and elect at liked in having like China, totally different, are part of the british empire forever and that you see that influence. They are. The west
the minutes is over there, the West and east. If you re the Brits were there for someone like a hundred years later than a woman at nineteen. Ninety ninety ninety was silent was, I believe, ninety seven was when the Brits handed it back over back over. There is an agreement because the basic law- and it says that the Hong Kong, the Hong Kong, is concerned themselves haunt cars. It don't concern themselves chinese. Might the hungers have the right of autonomous role for at least two years after that, fifty years it's very murky. I think a lot is anxious coming from that, but they get to retain, judiciary, their independent judiciary in self worth. What's with the other interesting, I just got point this out: is there so committed to the common law answer rights that they have rotating judges from other commonwealth nation? So you on their supreme court? There is always a lease one or two dozen aid spots
for some from Great Britain or Australia allowed Canada, and you know that, yes, because they want to keep tied into the common law system there that committed to it and the business community is very focused on that because, of course brought a lot of prosperity, alot of predictability in the markets and personal freedom, but what's happening is a Chinese wanted, an extradition agreement where they could come in and take on corners to mainland China for trial with on cars? Don't want that because they they want their rights. There were no other charge where they want to know that are going to have a fair trial. There's none of that in mainland China, on business and people are going to Hong Kong for business and then risking being extra to China. For something I mean it impacts them in a variety of different weights. Absolutely would soon heard their economy, but who also,
their ability to speak out because it soon, as you had something that was critical mainland China, then there being extradited mainland China and the problem will not be heard from again said. The conquerors knew it would be the first step to adjust totally decapitated freedom in Hong Kong. They protested and started with the umbrella protest. They are called the umbrella grotesque. They used umbrellas to block tear gas and what not from from- the authorities there than in its morphed into something else, and even though the extradition has been taken off the table by carry Lamb is the chief executive. There thou basically like a governor of a mare in their system. In the end, she is elected by their council by their legislative body. Is not popular popularly elected. Even though extradition is off the table. The Hong Kong are still one of the reforms they want to be able to elect the chief executive, not from the council, but through through the people
I am now probably get something: that's much more pro Hong Kong independence. I could talk about that. I'm sedate, there's other reforms, other that the Hong Kong is want abortion themselves against mainland China An extradition thing I mean it was taken off the table for now by the way. This wasn't like we're. Never gonna come back this this. What sort of a guys you're acting up right now is going to table this discussion and for later, and I think that maybe it is that fifty or run that's, got them feeling along the banks about it. The Chinese can wait out the Hong Kong hers and they can wait ourselves. We gotta remember what's going on in the whole context of China right now. There is a fear Trade war with the United States, so by by taking pressure off the hook, Kong situation. It gives a more ability to focus on the trade war against us, so dont think that these two things are independent. Once trade wars either won or lost in a Chinese can refocus on Hong Kong. They're gonna do, I guess it will mean a truly unified China. From their viewpoint, that means Hong Kong with within
He might China get rid of that. One country two systems, which is what its, which is basing the basic law there, someone Taiwan back in their plunder, their marching towards not to have a totally read what Davy was Reunify China. Why exactly? Actually, MRS Mississippi Bit of an ignorant question, but I can't seem to figure out what do we view? Taiwan as we do actually, we ve made commitments to Taiwan that will defend that Taiwan is, is a democratic state right that we have. Relations with China, with its super upset whenever we say Ekdahl Taiwan number to be legally acknowledged. Taiwan, or you reach a Europe of knowledge when the answer will be remembered with the Chinese are doing the Chinese. If your company and you list Taiwan is, it- is another country on your website, for example, scroll down a bigger, not eat. Your nationality, though cut off relations without company hearing the Chinese consider them out of them.
my right and attacked. I want what happened was when the nationalist imo chink. I check was defeated. They retreated to Taiwan and Taiwan fluctuating control historically, between the Japanese, the Chinese. We was passed back and forth, but that's what you think I check when I went with his army in and they became a democratic state right and in China when the way of communism with now, of course, is he won the war, but it's a point of contention that for them retail Taiwan right. What's your goal, I you know I just I just want to pass good legislation. I want to have good relationships with my fellow member, of Congress and in the U S, Senate, in good, good constituent services back home the district that I just want to? I want to, of course, advance a conservative agenda. That's why I got into politics to begin with, but I just want to get things done that are good for the economy, good for the people. My district, the United States, but your ten years old,
it. If you would have told me if you would it's all me when I was twenty nine running for Majesty audition judge thou be in Congress with, a few years I would not have dared to believe you I really everybody. Always things I had this plan or I've plan this out, that's nonsense! You pointed out, are you I got a lot of potential effects that bullshit I try to focus on the here and now try to do the best shot, I can't just like when I was a navy. I never really put too much thought of where I'd be assigned to ask her. What my next case was going to next case would be assigned to me. I just said I need. The best. I can do right now, whether I'm at this duty stationer at this case assigned to me. Then I'll figure things out as we go, but the idea perfectly happy staying in Congress injured. working on good legislation getting those past and slowly overtime, advancing the conservative agenda, I think you got at the: U n a little more on the horizon. I think so I think you'll get bored of Congress. Afterwhile you'll be able to effect
change in other ways as well. Now I can take wondering that really like politics in general, at whatever level, but especially at the state, sound level and the congressional level, its multi faceted, you can never get bored in this position. Everything about you have I'm just the campaign side of this right. I'd really like to get in there how we, by media, how we use that you get into fund raising on one side on how you help others. When elections there's that side of it, then there's the policy side which I try not to be wonky, but you bright often this conversation. I love policy and you can take deep dies and whatever I'm lucky, I'm on foreign affairs, which is a passionate mine and among judiciary, which is in other passionate mine. If it's in my background, but there's always bills, you can work with energy, action within healthcare industry with it with immigration. Does honor judiciary, but there's tons of issues you can get behind and become expert like resin expert in
and then there's a there's. Everything on going on back himself is truly multi. Faceted, if you're getting bored it's because of you not the job discharge can be a challenging as you want to be as long as you come out with intellectual curiosity, while that is a wonderful place to end this out, but we end every single episode, following my guest to look at that camera. New gonna leave a two minute, video message for the world, and you see now every person in the world watches agenda so in shock of aren't exactly so two minutes on the cloth on your mark get set world. I give you guy Russian, well we're all. Thank you and I can't say round me on your. I think that what we gonna do? Is we ve got it be committed to free market economics, because that is what really brings peace. In prosperity around the world. So if you listening and you're, not the United States know that if you stand for freedom in the United States stands with you. Thank you. I wasn't two minutes.
what will happen. I forget room five, pretty quick. She be reenact Congress about it, two and a half hour, I think you guys watching the latest episode of the kindest Owen show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did as many of you guys already know Prager, you is a five or one c, three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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