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2019-04-07 | 🔗
Rob Smith, Iraq war veteran and political commentator, joins Candace Owens for an in-depth conversation discussing the LGBT community, the challenges of coming out as a conservative, and much more. PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation: https://donate.prageru.com/CO
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Let me just make sure my phone is already more than a year ago. Three two one is doing: ok, guys we are back for another episode of the canvas. A wind show the algae, BT movements. What are your opinions? I have a ton of them and are often speak about it because it land you in trouble pretty quickly, but we're gonna have some fun and debate. Some serious ideas here to join me. Rob Smith. Welcome to the Casablanca, vague rumors were mere America's favour. Blogging republic, the doubts raised after tat trademark again. Are you excited you nervous, I'm very
cited a little bit nervous. I feel able to get myself and even more trouble. I feel it will probably get you need more trouble if that's impossible, not possible on three may get into it. I'm ready yet so he amateur start from the beginning, and I may talk about my experience. First experience with anybody that was ever gay, none was my uncle. Has little guy learn to my uncle? Was gay he's HIV positive? Ah, he was in prison which I believe that's where he was actually infected with the virus, but my version of a gay man was a thug like my uncle is not like. He's is he's, pretty scary guy who's hum of argues. The ash is, however, a pretty scary, I almanac, older than we started trending towards a different sort of I guess gave I lesbian via the collectivism of it, was interesting to me. So then it became like the algae, be lesbian, gay by an Trans, all collectivized into one movement.
Do you think about that? Just as a starting point home you know? In the beginning there was space for all of that right. The elderly BT had to be together because this movement of people- that word you know of a sexual minorities and in some way in a lot of people, had to come together to kind of like build that. But in the early days it. very much focused on the cell in the g, not so much on the being the tea, and now things have been completely shifted, nodded key arm now and others, a q, is actually eligibility Q. I a k plus what I remember now, if the alphabet aren't gonna what a lot of that of means at this point. I know why we had to be together before an end have some really good ideas about why everything has been so transfer focus nowadays, but let's take it back The ultimate community was about gays and lesbians fighting for their rights to exist, to literally be in spaces, and not be
rested or beaten or whatever for being who there that's why this year's fiftieth anniversary of stone Wall- and you know that is when people decided to rise up and say you, beat us arrest. Us kick us out for congregated gay men and lesbians and in buys and tradespeople in space. we got into HIV. Aids in the eighties were right were protesting people I'm in the streets of New York City game and were dying in the street lesbians were taken care of them. People were protesting for their right to be seen. This wasn't being reported on. They had to protest to get me it's too healthcare medicine. With all of these different thing I want to. I want a pause there, because that is the snapshot of of the gable that I have here, something that was very severe or something that was very serious. It was something that it needed to be listened to and deserved a platform fast for today and down I go to the rushed Roman, a diner and I see a sign, a bathroom that says
Anybody can go here. We do not judge. Any person can use this rostrum that wants to we dont care. We don't ya. It's like the preamble, ok to end on one, During now I go, while the site could just say bathroom year would have the same effect, It seems a little more theatrical now and a little more virtuous signalling, as opposed to addressing something that is very severe. Yes, it is a lot in so to get into that, you have to understand how we got there, because, after HIV Aids happen and then the moves towards gay marriage right, I'm so people fought for four decades. People active gay marriage in marriage. Equality movement happened overnight. It did this was decades the people fighting for this, and when the Supreme Court ruled for gay marriage, I believe it was on twenty four team. It was a big moment for four lesbians and gay because, like while we can get married, I was kind of like the last big hurdle.
and even though we still have people are struggling with Crystal Meth, Diskin addiction and HIV and all that stuff, gay marriage is really be hurdle. Now you and I both know that their is this infrastructure of of alarm? I call it the nonprofit hustle activists whatever, so you getting all this money in all of this funding. But now gays and lesbians have gay marriage. Now every his boring, because I'm just a gay man, you know I'm I'm boring now and your Mariana delivering on your fear, married to a beautiful mantle of my life. Well, we'll talk about them a little bit, but now people needed something to so glum onto an that's where the transgender movement came. And that is why so much time, energy and attention has been put into that movement in their son. Things going on in the trains moment that a lot of people don't understand that they don't even understand, but they have used so for media to try to push these ideas that dont really have better, not berries
they're, not very sad that you're not very severe, and so what I say- and I obviously I wear with a lot of gay people. My creative director is a gay man. He doesn't believe in gay marriage to him and his boyfriend actually are not getting married, which is interesting, but I talked to you about these things. I say to him that I actually don't even understand how the t got onto the lg, because I think of LGBT, I think of it as a sexual preference right. When I think of a tea, I think of it as a literal mental disorder. Your mental is out of luck with your physical or physical disorder. Whichever way you want to call it, but your mental and physical or out of whack way so it they're out of order legislator, Legion, gas, water. So how do people and and here's rightly concerned with when it comes to a lap as they try to collectivized moray? Having but just decide that to game and want to have sex are now responsible for leading the charge and showing the demonstrate on behalf of people who are saying that I feel like a woman but I am. I am a man right. So here's the thing
you know I you know I at the warehouse house protesting against, don't on don't tell you know, for the right of of Lgbtq soldiers of silver openly, because I was a gay man who served under, don't ask. I was speck, they write or your nerve ass. We always stop and say thank you for your service level that we absolutely was for people like you to have a voice and that they get these ideas out there, but you can agree that transgender people, our human and agree that they deserve the same the same access ted, the same rights and in the same ideas that everybody else has, but you can also say: woe, there's some parts this ideology that an hour clicking. It's really surprising to me right now that went straight women and in other people are connecting to. Is this whole idea about transgender women competing again
were born women and sports right, and I never really thought that that will be the thing. I thought that this bathroom thing was gonna, be it, but no that's the thing apart in for me also not only that, but you have this idea now, because Trans has has become so big and in our mainstream media that a toddler or ok. This is our I'm a girl that all of us sudden it's time to put this child on on hormone in India. Do you think, there's a child's body that cannot be reversed, and so that's what were at staunchly against any discussing into here is my child said he this or that. Well, if every idea that I had when I was eight years old, my current said: ok, fine, you're, going on five years old nicely. I can stick my hand in fire and my parents like yes, do it, that's what she wants, you to fire hand. No. This is why they are children and you are the adults right. Their brains are not fully formed. You know you're jumping on all over the place. You have bad ideas, good ideas. It is dangerous
me in society you're out right now, will you we apparent to say my child thinks. Therefore he is but there's afraid, because a thing about the love. In even eligibility people on the web, there so afraid to her These ideas are so afraid to say something because they know they'll be excommunicate is child. It I'm, like a lot of people, say that, oh you know I didn't leave the let the left left me. The left left me when these at that me saying these things as transphobia? Look didn't didn't disorder is a real thing, the armed theirs a whole lot of research on this, but when, when kids that have gender identity disorder go to therapy to align the mental with the physical ninety percent The time you just end up with with gay and lesbian adult right when they go through few, wouldn't go to this entire process. So for me, and I'm looking at you, there's really trying to push all of this stuff on these kids. Are you just try to
make sure that there are less game. Lesbian adult. What is the point you tomorrow evening? I think the brilliant in obtaining anthemousa, great parent, my child, woke up and thought he was this and because I'm so open to everything and I'm so tolerant, so accepting under let my child do whatever they want. That's actually, fundamentally, just poor parenting is more polluting into me. There's an element of homophobia. There's an element of phobia into the idea that its hinder not conforming time like the voice as he's a girl and have as it were, feminine? No, no he's, not a boy! That's a girl like there's an owner. Homophobia in that I say, get the kids into, Turkey like align the physical with the mental, they will end up being gay and lesbian adults, but I get attacked and eighty called transphobia in that irritates me to know, and because I do not believe and transforming. I believe that I am trying to protect young children that will end up being gays and lesbians, despite the word phobia asked me,
a fear of right, I'll. Tell you something that I do have a fear of when it comes to the Trans Movement. I have a fear of child abuse. When I saw recent story of that child that within a Strip club, ok tranche child at a and, built strip. Mother was that he was the one of these preteen drag queen. So, like me, like we re glad accepting money and dancing on sites like that. I have a fear of, I think, that's very scary. I have we are at its grooming when, when you say it is grooming and when you do say, especially because we know that a big element of the transparency that there's there's rate that goes on these are probably the more severe issues that I don't take. A four framework movement debating bathroom signs right severe of that. I also have a fear. You brought up a little bit earlier of feminism. I mean this is like this is run a collision course. When you talk about you want feminist, say their free, the patriarchy they're afraid of men taking over and every smooth, and yet they invite people that literally just say they unifies male. They change something about themselves. They just they identify as a fee,
male and now I want to compete with other females and they are winning. Unsurprisingly, every single drove me every gold medal and end the women that have been competing and their entire lives and training get their entire records wiped out overnight by a male that just said today. I again, if I as a female, exactly what they are doing is they are setting down lesbians like idea called the transport for standing up for lesbians like more. you never to over. Who is one of the great this female athletes of all time, one of the greatest athletes of any gender of all time and she stood up and said I do not believe that transgender women should be competing against women and sport. She's called the transfer tolerance, he's gotta turn against biology because innocent by launching a menagerie marked off the board, but TAT is. We were right, There's a woman is a cancer. Is a cancer in its really affect Imelda Boutique murmur community right now, because what's happening is, did he say?
our voices heard the loudest our voices, more plan in which you see This is why I'm being holler tranquil transfer right now is because I am defending Lesbians war bullied by Trans women women, like Julia Bag, who is taking a lot of heat right now for standing up and saying things like this Martine inevitable, I'm a lesbian, they Miriam bents alone, who I was arrested, were protesting at the White House. This a woman that served for decades. I believe, was stripped of being the Pride Parade Grand Marshall because she had said something that people said always transform. Amy was biology, is what a man can beat me and been virtually every athletic sport. as I am a woman and he's a male by rising down right now we arm wrestling you're going to win a signal Urging that just because I worked I'd get exist not just right now and somehow acknowledging that acknowledging these truths and your consider transfer back in and we need to get to the boy candles were we, having real honest conversations that a respectful on both sides, because I do not think I'm a transfer by
but I'm very respectful to people on all sides. But you have to get to the point where you can talk about this: stop without these racist, homophobic, trestle, whatever we we need to start talking and what a lot of people in the far left eligibility community want to do so to shut down converse, Don't set me down a common transport beginning to show me, don't call me racist out why outright white supremacist whatever because they don't want to hear what I have to say, other cutting as it ever was, this issue and here's my thing like. I said that, because I grew up with this very realistic depiction of what the Gay Rights movement was, what they were fighting for and how serious wasn't. I also studied it in school. I can't run of the name of the book and I wish I had on, but it was. It was an honest betrayal of a man that was dying of AIDS and of his enemies, auto biographical and an ambitious. It was a real to me like what was happening. When I see these trans debates they just feel so gimmicky, and I was again her says I will just knock off the tea yeah yeah. The other group we're going back to L b g,
Well, that's that's! What a lot of money is, what you're talking about yeah that's money there, so I dont believe and drop it I believe- and I don't believe, have rapidly. I believe our offer me eavesdropper tee. so I do believe in drop the t. What I believe is that the tea should not dominate all of the conversation, the he should not say. Let hey lesbians, you know if you dont want to sleep with the Trans woman than Europe transposing and there's a lot of that. But that's what happens when you collective eyes and in this you're, going back to my say, drop the tea or or look maybe separate all the letters who knows rate, but what I'm getting too, and I get what you're saying about wider together, the only area, but what I'm getting too is just that when you collectivized to me it is the means to control everywhere. When I say to you like an o now, it's oh gee BT, Q, R s Emma Eminem, p? Ok, so what are you even fighting for any more is busy saying that all the You better show up every time. We want something into me at the core is power yet its power?
I am in when you asked what people are fighting for. I don't even know what people are fighting for. anything anymore. I'm so much is trying to tear everything down right there. Trying to tear down in life say it all comes back to two money attention whenever all of these elderly BT organizations in their practically t organizations at this point? That is where they get does what they get so much attention from. That is where everything is that in that range right now, but hey look, you still have, black gay man, black gay men are still while one and two will still get HIV in two thousand, my team that will happen after there. I don't even know that that they don't know that's all I know is that would be another algae BT is that they need these absurdly long, bathroom cider, and that is partly signalling hate you every business on her out
there that it has won, was bathroom science. I just want to. Let you guys know you can just right bathroom, it has the same effect. You don't need to be virtue, signalling you can just right bathroom. It lets me no as a woman and less people that are with me, I know as males that we are all welcome to use the restroom alders origin, which is but you know that is kind of where we're at right now there I have a friend that I need Michael right. So did the documentary called up hardy boy, black diamond ice, castles about black men in crystal meth addiction? So there's a crystal meth problem. There's an HIV Aids from these things still exist. Among specifically, gay men, but we spend so much time talking about these treasure. The issues that not a lot of people fully understand. I know a whole hell of a lot about me. I know that there are people who desisted there are people who identified as transgender, went through all this stuff and decided that hey. This is not me, I'm going to desist NGO.
To this extent, I was born in so there's a lot of stuff going on right now. I don't think that we're doing a lot of these kids, especially the younger people that identifies elder BT or whatever I just do not believe that we're doing them any favours right now with how the community is having that conversation. Because number one We're teach him to be victims in number two, where teaching them that the entire world has to ship based on what they feel like. I said is it: is Marxism at its core, after an arrest of ruthless? don't ask don't tell- and I do you know speaking- statements like all over the country- and I was talking to a lot of eligible to you. I never wanted them to be a victim. I always wanted them to know how powerful they are, and I don't see that mess does any more. The message that I see right now is that your victim, your victim Europe everywhere in the area victim culture, a town in America and beyond beyond the walls of American. I never knew that that would become a source of portable power. Does not power is
power at all. It's not just laws into collectivized allows them to gain power against their political opponents, which we talk about all the time. You are intimately involved in black set, so it's either did its gay, its transits lesbian, its it because your black, it's because your woman, there are all these movements brought the core of it. It's selling victimhood, setting and chief power political power and dominance over the media, and the narrative is what I believe that my ship to be it gears hearing on talk, choose out the place that gay and let that and lesbian lesbians have within the conservative political discussion, and we ve seen people that have come up and if we have people Dave, Reuben yeah? We have people like my while we have people you know. I won't talk about that, because there their different there completely defrayed their immense. He heard different people that there is some people that have a lot. That is very interesting to say, and there are some people who just wanna be trawls now I was, I was profile than arm with a bunch of other gay conservatives in the New York Times peace
and what I said is that I dont see a lot of who met leaders. I see a lot of twitter trolls in social media trawls. Now when you look at it Reuben. This is somebody That has a lot of different ideas and he can articulate those ideas and he can talk about those ideas that he can be respectful of people that don't necessarily agree with him about those ideas, and then we will get a my love, and it's like that. angry feminist lesbian, like hate them, so so you huh. This conversation. That is all about degrading, other people and being provocative and in trying to be funny, be a comedian in doing all that stuff. To me, this serious- and I don't like being you know you- can you can speak the rocks name next day Reuben. All you want like that would be an honour for me. You know what I mean to to be involved in that kind of discourse, but don't don't say many next
ILO right. You know those in my name next to some of these people who are not bring anything to the conversation but just being trolls. You know yes, it's interesting because I mean do you did you did. Did we need somebody provocative to break in the wall. Yes, you get when I'm dying or nylon start as this sort of geeky break our technical, and he actually wrote includes very smart young, very intelligent pieces about all of these things and could teach them and then sort of moved into more of a celebrity. Yeah, and I will say this- I mean I just want to clean it up or anything like that, but I will say that like if there is no Milo late there, where you know me right So that's an interest to consider. I always did hidden. Did he knocked at the door he did, but an and then was unable to sort of pull it back in realising being workers. Are, I think, about this all the time. So I have I'm really against the gay pride parades and the second I'm just switching kind of some of the same thing here, are you about one, I'm so against it? I think it's gotten a guy, it's gotten so cheesy and sleazy and like to me.
I say to you, ladies and gentlemen- we in Ireland have queasy. Yes exactly and anti me like when I think of gay people, I just don't think of people and songs, making out wearing a rainbow flat, I think of like the most respectable people, I think, of the day, Rubens like everyone that I've been around and exposed to. They were hard workers. There are diligent, like I said, my crave director he's one of the smartest people I know, and he worked so hard. I think That does a tremendous disservice when it's like we're gonna do drugs emigrant aware thongs until you have windows live here, yet as this is this look into this matter, that was black. So imagine if I said I can hear you guys, I barely we're gonna be conservative. I could never another thong everywhere, where you'd be like what okay. So this is what I'm going to say Candice in, and this is what I'm going to push back on- that. I believe that there is space for the pride parade will always be space for the pipe because always gonna be somebody spurs pride now you You know me as this right here, which is grey. Now I am yeah like
I believe there is an old rob. There's an Erasmus load, everyone there's an old everybody. I had been I've been shirt was like on the top of a flow the primary like I've. I really have I mean it's: it's out didn't have a research team yeah. We will now have inserts clip of robs. I just like I mean you know I've done well there. You know, and I did it when I was younger, so I would never want to get to a play it's where, unlike because I believe in the politics of respectability around me personally, I don't believe in that. So I would never want to get to a place where it's like, oh I'm, respectable now and other people, somebody right now, because I was like hissing boys and in being listen. I was like doing all this that when I was younger and I You know what I mean the answer like there's a space for the UK ear. Changing my mind. Our aim, as they make me think like there was youth can as an Eu Canada needed to be wild, and I could see that especially your gang you're coming out. You need to know this
home for you what you need to know in in that's a part of of the evolution, I think of the gay community right where there are people out there they're doing others of what I have seen, though, as we get to appoint as as gay men that we are becoming clinical, more respected operating the reserve of society, whatever people kind of grow up and running and I see the younger than going out of that earlier earlier. To wear a mighty dna like you would really like kid at heart into your thirty and then be like ok they're done by twenty four, or you know these boys are gonna marry by. You know twenty six, twenty seven. Why so there's a space for that, and I understand what you're saying- and I understand that some of the view to outside can be. Oh, my god,
I can't believe the doing. I think you changed my mind on it. I would advise the anxious they use like use. Candor semi will burn all the tapes. Youth canvas was wild till you're not going to see this rod right. You know shirt lesson in a rainbow found anything. Why bother you know a brain broad rub ten years ago rotten years ago, had his phone right and I'm gonna take them from this boy yeah they need- and I especially no like all of the people that I grew up with that were gave. We knew they were gay with they weren't hours. Ganglia they'll want to this tremendously hard time when really involving drugs drinking and obviously wishes them trying to not acknowledge- and I can't imagine night Ike Genuinely- cannot imagine how hard it must be to feel they are left to hide who you are, who you love when I was in the motors like that, you know, because I served under, don't ask some tower and it's really it's it's damaging being in the closet
in that way, because not only was I in the closet, is like trying to figure this out for myself, but it was also like. Oh if you come out of the closet, then you're fired. You know you, you get kicked out and you know from Ohio and I'm a first generation college student and I went to see my country and go to school and into do all of that. Stop him from me that was kind of like my ladder, outlay of of of growing up. You know, poor working class learn middle class. What are we gonna call it, and for that to have been taken away from me like that, because of who I am bright was back. Why does nobody went to the military? I was even out myself before I went This is so interesting how about you you're coming out story. I mean so my coming that story, one when I finally came out to myself and finally realise that I'm gave this is different. I came out to my mother over the phone. She was not happy
they see said you know this, isn't what God intended like useless all of this other stuff, so that sent me to a place where I was suicidal flair for a little bit and- and I kind of like dealt with that and moved on so coming out for me- and this is going back to the whole gay pride. Unlike that experience on being served him for Carson's, has Colorado and going to my first pride in Denver is a nineteen year old. You know that was that was newly outlay. That was so special to me in being able to be free and internally flirt with guys like. That was a whole new round to me, because there's nothing inherently wrong with being gay until it's a sexual orientation is its experience and in all species on and all that stuff. But society can put on to you this idea. That is wrong to be who you are, and so I see the Piper AIDS as a place. Where summit,
these guys him can experience that for the first time and then you see up after Rob, I went through all of this and he decided. Ok, he came out and then he went to the parade. He said, how can I make my life more complicated and if they are going to be a conservative, yes, lack aren't gonna be out of here is even tell you hand is literally a year ago. At this time I was like because I used to working in journalism. I still am a media, but I used to be like shred of journalism and I was very frustrated by not being able to be open about my political beliefs because they were to the right of everybody else. Now, if you are in journalism. You can be as far left as you want to be out with them all. But when you start thinking about you know legal immigration, others have. You have me sign about it,
and I was actually busy my best friend in LAS Vegas this time last year- and I was like you know what I know: the power of visibility, and I know that you, if you're going to do it, you have to go full force, and so I said, if I don't come out as a black gay conservative and let people know that anybody can be conservative and somebody else is going to do this. And I'm going to watch them, do everything that I'm doing right now, because I knew the power in that visibility and that's when I decided to Togo do this into a scary because my I had had a decent korean journalism. I was writing and working and in doing on him for everywhere, and I knew that in order to do this, like I had to throw that all the way to let it go, because there is no way I could go back there and be. My up in itself is a conservative when asking a question as a person ass, this question to which has been harder coming out as gay,
coming out ass, conservative coming out. His conservative has been harder candles and I'll. Tell you why, when I came out his game on the mom softened sub notwithstanding, because you know we worked view that I don't lose friends when I came out his gay, I didn't have people there were coworkers telling me like all of you. I have lost acquaintances and in so many friends that I thought were decent friends, because I came out his conservative I've had people told me that a mental illness people told me that I had this is like I'm being used as a tool for white supremacy. I hate myself, a gay people on transport become all right. I'm a white supremacist, I'm a Nazi, I'm all of these crazy thing. And it has not been easy leg- has been really difficult and in when you come out as gay people are like congratulations. You know nowadays love you. I love you we'd love, you being your authentic saw, but
other matters. Conservatives like I'll use doing this for attention. Are you just doing the tomatoes whatever like do you? Do you really want to get the kind of attention that I get, because ninety percent of that attention is not positive? That's when I say that people have I've made. Actually my very first Youtube. Video was coming hours, conservative and it was sort of us hysterical stab, and I have is basically saying that coming out as a black conservative today is a bit like coming out as gain the eighty. Were the whole society turned against you, so it's laughable me when people challenge us and they say you're doing this for money you're doing this for glory. and this for fame- I might do you, know what we have to go through on a daily basis. The easy thing would be for me to act like Angela right off on CNN Cry, say trumps, America's re sad and you know it and to be Jesse smaller made it so much easier emergence handed me, a victor us and then you'll get instant coverage Isabel. You, though, celebrate you to do a word doing here. It's hard going. What I'm going
right now, which I told you I was gonna, be a part of a panel of eligibility. Conservatives I'm just talking about how we came to be able to be conservatives, we're gonna, do it the elder Bt Centre of New York City- and there was an up wore a whole upper on the internet people. I think this actress from grace Anatomy tweeted about it and people complain that relate. Will you can't be at the centre as an elder conservative, because this is our safe space, but you telling me that as a black gay man, just because I'm a conservative, some threat to other elder BT people. When I speak my mind at the Elder Bt Centre, which is crazy to me. You know that supposed to be a safe haven for all lesbians, all gaze, he thought yet, but you haven't ideological differences and one is an ideological differences that you can be a victor right. You don't have to be a victim of the time that you could that you can being
toll of your own destiny and innocently now you're discriminating elsewhere in in that is what I'm trying to tell the younger eligibility generation. So much is that don't sought down the victim heard that these people are trying to give you, because they only want to control you. They only want to feed you misinformation so that you can continue to vote Democrat and right now, like some of our legacy media, like some of our, magazine and we advocate in all these cases, these bees are not outlets for our community our media, arms of the Democratic Party. I've in how they twist and smear amiss report. Outlines see that a peace on this event about this controversy did not contact me, for a single quote. It was completely one sided immediately bible, yeah. It's all about allotted news in Seoul I see that and until it in I saw how they jumped unjustly smaller and how they completely misreported. That story from the beginning, because they wanted
but to be true, because if there was a very long time to gain power, it allows them to look like there, the good guy, but I in the same way I say that all of these black interest groups, like the anomaly C p, and these black leaders like AL sharpening Jesse Jackson, dont legitimately care about black people at all, but they ve made their money like you were saying earlier, they ve made their money, so they have. make sure that the victim narratives these allied didn't have ever want to get to a blazers or blacks and whites you're getting along and that they will make sure that we are never in a space in this country are blacks and whites you're getting along. Similarly, the people have made their money off of real issues in the gay community. They never want to make sure that works. Z, Missy, I personally do not think living in America as a gay person is challenge anymore, because the virtue signalling culture they love it they want. They want you to be less, be an example of good about themselves to say I still love you honey, it's crazy in in Greece and lesbians. When asked what is particularly gay man well, This is one of the reasons why I came out his conservative because they will tell you that they are so
right now is gay men living in America. This is the best country. One of the best countries, if not be best in the world, for game and right now, nobody storing game of rooftops. Ok number, stoning to death on the street, but there are places in the world were that hat rice and end. Oddly enough, they celebrate those but in those places and they celebrate that started also Lando terrorists kills nine gays and lesbians. I was my ripple moment. Oh I say yeah pulse Ozma Ripple moment when a terrorist walked in the postal Lando killed. Forty nine gaze at the end. The morning after their I woke up, I m m. This is like it's actually still had a difficult for me to talk about to this day, but I woke up- and I just found out about this- and I just want- to the man who is not my husband and I just like I described in his arms like I was just bawling, you know, and from as somebody that was a good little left the at the time I wanted
to here, because the Democrats as well to take care of me because I'm blackened gay, I wanted to hear them, come out and condemn terrorism. I wanted them to be this is why I wanted to say that this is not gonna happen. What did they do? Old eyes, you know we don't know this. Is terrorism like we don't want to be Phobic o anyone religion of peace before they even say that they feel bad for the victims will say. We must not even talk about the fact that this was in line with a whit with the religious ideology. They won't talk, Then there is a lot to talk about what they would rather do before that, and this is why I say that the media on the elder BT, Medium, the people which was to be are a quorum quote our representatives in the media, as that a big time when Jonathan Cape, our rights, a blog for the washing imposed where he traffic sing conspiracy theories about whether that terrorist was a closet, a gay man in and he wasn't. Terrorism like this is about being closet, and so they traffic in these conspiracy
if there is none of those conspiracy theories were born on. This is a man that committed a terrorist attack in forty nine gays and lesbians. Wear kilts and it's like we're not even allowed to talk about in. In that to me, it irritates me to know in a light that fire under me, even though I do believe that you can talk about the role of radical islamic terrorism and not be a wonderful that question and from you can talk about the role and homophobia in that radicalism should not be a sort of over one hundred percent. Even radical, though I mean that's like that, that is actually just a part of the reality of their throwing gay people off of buildings. Countries. That's not that's not even get to the radical, that's just now. This is we don't believe mentioned men, women should be gang and nobody in Amerika will talk about that, and there are so many people. There are so many gay gays and lesbians, particularly gay men, who wore contact me privately hold dear me, if Sweden, whenever like on my god and were so glad that you're saying that, because I feel, like I can't say
I feel like I'm going to. You know the glad media wards or from going to wherever I can't say this because I'll be excommunicated, but it's like if we can't say this and whose supposed to say this: if, if we can't stand up and fight for ourselves, if we can stand up and speak for ourselves against that, who else is gonna? Do it? They slam me for saying that you know the truck administration is is, is part of this global effort, decriminalize homosexuality. Here in the places across the world, we can still be jailed and imprisoned for being gay. You can still be alive. government and while a letter means radical its government law in these places, and yet you say in America, and they say that yours on the phone and I had to give a platform to people like Linda Tsar, Sir and its interest to me. It's also convoluted and greasy with what it comes down to is just peace,
Why not you? Can it yeah, educated and is as at the point where know what this is, what the left monster do and they have this idea, and this is why twenty twenty is going to shut them to their core. They think that if they build this group of people, or united. Only by the fact that they are not straight white man, ok, that this is the group of people, the big ten and everybody's here and there going to vote for us just because we are all united by the fact that we're all not straight white men, they got a big surprise coming up. Alright, twenty twenty. because there are so many people on the right. I'm better conservatives that have no issue with black people are Latinos. Our reasons are Muslims or gay people are lesbians. Whatever we are united because we love America, that's correct. They are divided because they hate America right. They hate America and heat, trumpet actually pay. If you sat them down to talk about their own ideas, they wouldn't be unlocked stamp, and none of it makes sense right.
Can't have feminism in the same tent as right at radical Islam right? You can't have an ember seeing it happen, we're seeing sort of this to me. I agree, I think two thousand and twenty seven to be a landslide and it's because they are reading the temperature wrong again. again rather because they're, just so noble a neighbour to signal so hard at they are not listening to voices like ours. It are popping up and saying that we don't want this anymore. We want to feel united. We don't want to hate people, I don't wanna hates one, because their white or or because they are not street or because their muslim or because they are or to unite in our house, for some years like we could, then I'm in. I don't like that, and I don't like the idea in even united, because you have you know, people that are liberals on the show is well on this idea that we cannot talk to people that on other sides of the political I like we need to get out of the right people. Like on both sides, like everybody needs to get out of that echo chamber the friends that really stuck with me, my very close friend that I'm talking my family, my husband, my best friends, have stuck with me
of this entire evolution and, throughout all of these things that I'm doing a matter. How controversial I get, though, is there because they love me, I'm because their people but are always be there for me and in it pains me when I get these messages on when I hear that people have friends from kinda garden or family members are things that embarrass being separated over politics because they have built the president into this dismal, sir, this this demon that must be flayed for the right of all mankind or some like that. It's to me it's crazy and we're. Never let me tell you something the present gonna win again and twenty twenty, and I think that that is going to be what needs to happen or forgive us at. We got to start coming right, weren't
must have a political realign, Asia that I see eyes and were watching the media, the mainstream media dying, the birth of alternative media is taking off right now. More would rather listen to my ipod cardiovascular podcast us into day Rubens podcast than to listen to the mumbo jumbo that comes on CNN, that's hate and we're talking about tolerance, not in real conversation. We are creams truth, nobody got harm during this car We should know the Obama gets heartily accompanied the own idea, some feelings. What's next year, what's nice. For me, I have an idea how now I heard someone cameras liking him outside. I sat with everything we ve only got about make it hurt right now. I could just say that if that happened, everybody will know, but I have to give more at the prepare my family for that, if that happens so with make. What's next for me, when I can't say right
is that I'm working with turning point, you say as as one of their contributors right now, so I'm doing it a cable news for them, I'm I'm, I'm speaking at a lot of events for them, and that, for me, is just so amazing because I like getting in touch with with technologies, kids- and I like on treating this message to them. I think that this, where the energy is right now right arm, and there is also a couple of a couple more media things that are there in the corner from you and me Would you like some other things which everyone for office? I think you should. I you know if if, if I pray and talk to my husband- and talk to a lot of people. That love me and we all decide that this is the path that I should take. I would absolutely run I love America. I believe in this country I do you
have to understand. I am from a lower middle class background in high. Oh, I served in the military. This country has given me so much and I do sometimes miss being of service in the way that I was one when I was serving. I see that you have again, Crenshaw Vibes another didn't we need more people like that. We need leaders. I think you are a true leader in the algae, be maybe not a particular US element happy, but whatever it is. within the gates, but I think your true leader and you're bringing thoughtful conversations. I want to commend you on that. Thank you here is how we rap every the cell guy right this rapid bob. Has this amazing timer. You have this amazing camp hooker, and you have to pretend that the entire world is going to see what you say: you're a monologue for the next two minutes. You get two minutes on the clock and he will stop you and you got to leave a message drop arrow on the entire world. Are you
We must do that go. My name is Rob smooth, I'm America's favorite black gay Republican, I'm here to tell you that, no matter what your color is your sexual orientation, where you're from any of that, other crap? You can still loved this country because I love it. It has given me so much and if I can give you any right now. Is that to figure out a way that you can be of service to this country doesn't matter if you're right, left centre anywhere in between this is a place where I was able to serve. This is a place where unable to have dialogue with so many different people that are different. For me, this is a place where I met my husband. The love of my life that I am able to marry
Be free to walk and hold hands with him on the street and to do so many things that, as a gay man, I can't do and so many other places in the world. If you loved this country, like I do figure out how we can be of service, to figure out how you can speak to people that are different from you love that yes, I agree here. That's that's! That's what I feel. That's it! That's a rat! That's a rap as also yet ass an easy earlier. It seems so simple. Suddenly we're gonna be engineered, we're all gonna, be an adviser. Thank you guys were watching the latest episode of a canvas. Alan shall, I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you guys already now Prager you is a fiber one c, three nonprofit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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