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The Candace Owens Show: Sheriff David Clarke

2019-08-18 | 🔗
David Clarke, the former Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, joins Candace this week for a conversation about father absence in the Black community, the war of political ideas, and why multiculturalism is destroying America.
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Really bad drug problem right, amphetamines, the bureau, Opie IDEA a catch all right. Ladies and gentlemen, we are rolling into another episode of the canvas. Owens shall look eyes. I Take all the bullets for Black America. I say that Things are not allowed to say when you're supposed to be being a culture and making people think that there is some virtue in victim. range so so glad to announce today that there is one man who takes more figured, a boy than I do and re he goes there Sheriff Clark, welcome to the canvas. Alan show that Europe really is a value friendship. I look at it this way. You ve taken a bullet Antigone arrows. Really, have you really have you done it before me? I always say: is that people lay down the groundwork? It actually is easier for me because people, like
you and Doktor Bank Carson kind of went out their first. You know what I mean, so people are a little more warmed up, but it's still a pretty toxic culture in terms of just telling the truth, that's the bizarre thing just telling the truth and you're in this really listing space, because you criminal justice man, I think that's kind of one of the biggest conversations and blackmail and one that makes people very uncomfortable and you- and I have both you taken so many heads for being honest about what black lives matter is the black lives matter is not in what the truth is about black Americans in the way that we behave, criminally in comparison to other races in this country. It's gonna die for a little bit, I spent forty years and law enforcement twenty four years for the city, Milwaukee, police and and sixteen as the elected sheriff, walk accounting moved up. The ranks worked a number of different positions, but I've seen the devastation that crime can cause crime and violence.
on a daily basis, people an innocent when I try to explain to people really don't want to hear it anyway. The overwhelming majority of people. As you know, black people that live in the american ghetto good law abiding citizens who maybe poor, they may be under on educated but they're just trying to get through life. And when you there daily basis like me, and you see that can't let kids play outside. I mean stories like, and this was not folklore. Where were some of these neighborhoods? They had to have two kids sleep in the bathtub to provide a shield for the bullets to fly through with the the random shootings the dry by. during these are true story no way, and so when you, when you're, seeing what would people who just then done anything their victims of crime has another thing that does it get talk as you know, is that on the other and predominantly its black people who are victim, I spoke That's crazy. I've always been on the side is the law enforcement officers? Genocide of victim had no use for criminals
are used for criminal behaviour. I understand the importance of law and order in a society in an orderly society. So that's kind of You know I grew up in Milwaukee native mom and dad racist right. My dad was a veteran korean war to his big disciplining there born ranger. He raised me with a lot of discipline. Didn't put up at my nonsense. Taught me to accept respond. Ability and use my head when I'm out there making decisions and judgments. You don't get that today, because there's no real, role, model male role model in some of these families. So I understand misunderstand the you know what a paradox: a sink beef
people and I did what I could protect those people in giving some semblance of peace tranquilly in a very chaotic world. I want applies that, as you just said, something that's really important, saying that you grew up with a strong father figure and a lot of every time I had the stage. I talk about the biggest issue facing black Amerika S, father absence, and what happens when you break down that structuring? You don't have that father figure. I had it in my grandfather. There are rules and tough rules and regulations on top of rules that made no sense like no elbows on the table. I still want with my grandpa. I don't put my elbows table because I'm fearful that he's going to give me a long lecture and work me into a prayer and ask God to forgive me for putting my elbows on the table. I think what naturally happens when you remove that sense of authority is that people don't respond to any form of authority at all. It all feels arbitrary. It all feels like a. Why do I have to listen to you because you never had to listen to rules
you're on home. It's that maybe something that's going on in our community. Maybe that is was going on there community the lack of a male role model. You said your grandfather, you're, my father was raised by your mom and dad actively engage known. I'm my grandparents were poor, tomboy Wisconsin My went off to the military announced where he learned discipline and any expected that of his his kids, and you know it's not that that now, a mother can't raise kids without a man around its. Not some mothers sing arms were wonderful job. You know it's studies. Are there the researchers there? I do my homework in the erased. It says you are fighting against the odds are more times and I did not a male around a responsible men. I understand you know people the wars to whatever, but there's gotta be so male role model in that kid is firstly black and white males to, but for the most part it is
there's not around the gonna gravitate towards some Roma they're going to do it and use It's gonna, be the athlete on tv becomes going around our team and, what's gonna, become A drug dealers, the gangsters in the neighborhood- that's important, so that, where the left try to tell us that and although the man around is that big a deal, it's a huge deal like you said, with the rules and disciplines- and you have you- I used to think don't take this wrong- you won't ice to my dad was a menace man and you might get it and beat us known. We get spanked and that's what I mean I mean I mean I've been before the street lights. When I had been before dark, my friends got to play out after dark. not me. I couldn't hang out at the corner store dead, saw me several times. He caught me hanging out my buddies corner store, pull a car over a big torn. I looked, and I thought I am unsure, because I'm hanging out see and anyone want me
hanging out because young man at that age are going to find trouble. So that's importance that thing that my instilled in May that we don't see any more so all a sudden. You get worthies these black males are gonna gravitate towards something and issues The gang it's usually assembly Four thousand, I dropped dropping out of school joining the gay drug. Alcohol abuse, that sort of thing following kids, wedlock, which can have anybody, but it shouldn't happened three four or five times with a different man. That's a different pathology and we shouldn't onward right in- and I talk about this a lot too, but there is an element of this that we we took discussing, which is feminism, modern feminism today, as I really do believe that modern feminism encourages male absence, it encourages it because it's become toxic. They use terms like toxic masculinity right. And I say to myself all their examples. The idea
What it means to be a man now is toxic. They think of this is a man. Masculinity is wrong, there's something inherently wrong with being a masculine man and, to me. I always say that it was toxic masculinity that saved me. I had a healthy fear of my grandfather, nobody now my grandfather, this, we still don't play around with my grandfather. You know in Asia there's a certain level of respect when you're in his home. There are rules was an end, because I had that healthy fear. I was, I guess, more responsive with that sort of authority. When I had to go out in real life, you know I believed in structure, and yet this version of feminism Today we have women that are basically promoting. Men should act like women right and women should act like men, theirs all this confusion. You can pick region, you can do what you want and ultimately what I think it's doing is feeding it this idea of the breakdown of the family foreigners.
As a branch of liberalism and has had a very devastating impact on the black community. More than anything else, I believe as scientists and opinion. If you look back- and we will have time to get into a lot of it today, but I can support it if someone were come up and demand where'd, you get that am I could shown the research and it didn't just like discourage demanding around a kick out of the train, in other words, no you're not needed here. Who became the male role Roma, the male figure in all other SAM. I love him. That's cracked took the place. Of a male figure inside and on the government. uncle SAM made. Those might do something good right. Might do some well very little, but a few uncle SAM, it's been a horrible father. Ok and we'd. Never really put this thing back together, this black family structure and if you go- and you know this- I'm preaching to the choir- but that's ok. If you go back
the fifty in the forties. Flash have strong family unbelievably shop. Strong, I mean unbelief, look we? Why that's? Why said you know my dad? You know his dad was around, but the thing is: that's that's important this feminist movement made it seem like it wasn't it made it voluntary made it a choice, One has had a devastating impact on kids forever particular person care. One. They want to go off and sometimes in about you know where I want to do this. I find but its having a devastating impact on our children like theirs, offering them all because of this selfishness, and that's what it is like an unjust. corruption evaded. It is selfish who really is and about their promoting that so here's where the culture starts to Caesar And- and we could say selfish and you can say that there is that man, you know it's a choice, but I think it's much more machiavelian and sinister than that right. When you start saying that this is now the goal
right right, so men turning into women. This is something that we should be aspiring towards and they're, not just saying it's a choice, not just saying. Oh, maybe maybe you could do this. Maybe you couldn't there actually trying to make its mark there's something inherently wrong with the nuclear fission by the way it used to be like if you're a woman, and you want to stay home and raise your kids shame on you you're a victim of the patriarchy, that's the added to now, that's being still in the classrooms conduct oh boundaries is, is what's putting this country today there has to be limits on things. Ok, I know. really care. I'm means I sincerely mean an anchor of people, one of them I do not share. And what I wanna do it? Don't you wanna do but that doesn't mean. If I see you are not a menu, Personally, I see a man trying to become a woman. I'm gonna see say that's some abnormal behavior, but now you attacked for The noise abnormal behaviour, just because its accepted today doesn't mean it's not abnormal behaviour,
and so some of what kept some of this in check was that shaming aspect, Society would tell you not dude, not here, not whatever, but I don't believe those people should be attacked. I don't believe those people should be discriminated again with all kind of has that boundaries and right now the left has made it clear that we live in a world of conduct. We are now acting like do no such thing as boundaries. Worse than that, like dirt, there's no such thing as reality right like there's, theirs Please, no such dish of difference between being a male and being a female there's. Nothing up is doubtless whatever you say, suddenly becomes reality in. That's a very dangerous slippery slope and I agree with you She said that you don't want to acknowledge reality and you want to be harmless and and and that's where you want to live yourself, your life great, but the problem is that it's being mainstreamed and they're legislating it right when you can get in trouble. for Miss gendering, someone, that's a scary thing. For
free. That's essentially saying you can now get in trouble for acknowledging reality should think about this to member before I talked about the impact, this is having on kids, kids, children who aren't developed in the head yet to deal with some of the sort of stuff but now when, when parents are taking a young boy in school and dressing up is a girl it. What are you thinking about this? Kid cannot process It's going on you look at some of the sex. Education are teaching now young kids very young kids. You know in grammar school books that have you no transition. Their kids. You know dressing cross dressing, misguided cross dressing, right thinking, devastation to me that's child abuse that is cycle.
To go a bit further, not ready for the men. Are the adults being abused as well? So this is an interesting question and one that I thought of alive. So we can see the children are being abused, but what what? What would make an adult put their child through? This would make an adult an adult subject, their children to hormone therapy getting them injected right. Well, I think it's when the media starts to sanction things and it seemed like it's normal. The entire mass population gets a dose of brainwashing right where they make. It seem like there's something wrong with you. If you don't see it this way, you become a product, you, environment, right with the human species where that is true. I tat term mainstream because that kind of behavior used be marginalized who's on the fringes. It was there, but it was on the fringes. and now it's been mainstreamed and people are being affected by it. Alot of selfishness, nationalism is deaf. A component of it virtually signalling. I was until progressive that I allow this in. My house is the only thing I didn't coins.
Praise, but I like it the there was Thomas. All of my. I got you. I love you had to be measured by. He said the only thing progressives are progressing as human misery. Utter that's it very true. that's very true and NIH. It's so true, and this is what I say about them: Isms days, that there are miserable by the way and One of the saddest comments. I've ever read: all my head against. Breaker am I shall like I'm thinking about who I have here. We are Prager, you re anti and I were discussing some of this up with them is M, and, under my Youtube comments one woman row a thank you so much for speaking out against radicalized feminism. I fell for it the scammer feminism when I was young, which is when most people don't fall for you know it's fun, it's liberal and she said I am now in my mid fifties. I can have children I'm alone and I take pills every day to deal with. Like you know my mental greed
and my heart went out to her so signs that she realized tat. She fell into this mainstream. Suddenly she's going down the stream gas is progressive, it's amazing experiments and let's go and then your life passes you buy. You have nothing because couldn't think you can turn the clock back. Why do some things? You cannot get past your child bearing this is now much you can do it for me so that we can do some things, but I know what that woman was getting at another aspect. I don't want to switch gears on you, but you talked about feminism, the feminist movement liberalism, multiculturalism multiculturalism is destroying of this country and I want to remind people, cultures, don't blended clash. Tommy that again Thomas all, they do now Leonard, no multiculturalism work the code. There have
really taken off in our world and history of the world, once it started with some. These values, some bass, customs, some based traditions and then built offer that they looked at other called ocean said: hey they're, doing this thing over hit Thomas Tommy, that's not sociologist, hey, look at their culture with her that we, like this part of of what they're doing less take then adopted in darling you, then you don't try to do this with right. It's gonna be disaster, people before the gravitational. When you talk about culture, culture, culture define where to find a way people behave. Customs traditions sign so for this, since happened over thousands of years and people have a tendency is part of the human condition who gravitate towards people who look like them and and an act like them. That's natural and for
try to break that up and say. Well, I know you got to have some of these people move in your neighborhood. You got to take the suburban, and put some low income people that is going to be a disaster, but we have to push back. You that's one of the things that are more about you. You pushed back against these things dead. You don't have become apparent of the Norm gal, someone's gonna put back. Otherwise, if there's no pushed back as our stuff goes from being fringe marginalize to mainstream right in the end you push back because I say to myself: this is a society. I don't have kids yet right solely if I don't start speaking out against this by, don't be too late, it'll be mainstreamed in and I'm seeing that already happened case in point with the transit of going into, regarding classrooms and learning that they are now allowing kids to pick their gender hell. No, I had a kid I'm going to be the worst piled in the principle of separation. I might have I might as well be raised, will give they might will give me a locker, Norton Antivirus, my backpack every single day would do nothing. They need them
Would you be the best but there needs to be more of us. Does these be more of this push back an end? People need to wake up and understand this, because this is what happened society you just you wake up one day and you have subscribed to. Salute Luna, seeing you dont know how and it can only be usually the only be assessed in the retrospect. We can sit in this chair and we can say how foolish for the KKK, how foolish for races and how full is for all of this stuff, but we are aware of his stuff now, because this stuff is catching, is completely deteriorating and disintegrating our society The people need to wake up and speak up. I think people now I think, generally in this country, this population now but they ve been silenced. They ve been bullied into being silent about it. No words like I said about you know some months ago and try to change their their gender and think there. This I'm fine, ok, fine, unlike but attack on the not gonna do but its we're. Ok,
I'm not afraid to say that the people have in silence. I just totalitarian left has taken control of speech. Ok, they have Corner the market on it, they control the language. What you can't and say you can't say it's weird. You can't do that. You have to call it this. You have to you control the language you control the net way and so because we're not sharing lot of pushed back, I don't take that is people dont know one or asleep the free, but I tell people you know one may not afraid, because at sea point. You know any people stronger than me, people and more info
position and me and spoke of you. Looking people like Abraham Lincoln, you look at people like Frederick Douglass, all right, you look at people have come before me. You look at Dr Martin Luther king. You look at Gandhi all right. They had the courage and a conviction to go wait a minute pay with their lives by like Lincoln, like king, some of them survive there, but somebody's got to push back, and so I see that this part of my role not to save the world country, but at least to be a voice, a count boys, because we need a plurality of voices in this country and we're getting away. Right now that the left is dominating the narrative- and I think this sad- I really do, but I know that they are I think there is an illusion that their dominating the narrative, but if you look at I mean we ve got, but could we have an oval office right now right if they were in favour,
are in fact dominating the narrative. We would be talking about President Hillary Clinton, the first elected FEMA president. That's that's a fact, and even when I consider just look at the numbers of how it will or watching that suffer, any more rage is complete. they plummeted over time, the only a meeting place you can really see illusions here: has any viewers lapse cuts mandatory watching and airports it huh salons in bars mandatory watching, and I think that we are seeing now with this undercurrent of culture shows like mine right popping up on the internet. Is people know in the back of your head, something's, not right to starting a turn off. That means too narrow. even though looking at all turn of sources unsocial median finding people like me and like you in- and this is the push back- this is sort of people saying no enough is enough sure and enhance our role right, not whether we wanted. I think it was thrust on me. I didn't map it this way. I didn't. I couldn't scripted it the way it went but Tom, you know I'm a deep faith in God. Sometimes God cause you mysterious ways and
You know if you, if you know that it's it's it's his will and not mind. Sometimes you got to go in that direction. Baby cuz! It's not fun! Being these positions. What y'all you mention! President Trump was very good to me and I got and Bob when this campaign early on, behind and early on a sense, something different? I don't know what it was weird I said early people like you is interesting. So you, when one was the first time that you spoke out in support of much, want to hear that story. Yeah. I was Doin weekly pod case myself on the blaze. Ok and it started when he came down an elevator. I started to do every segment and as the can't the primary started. I do a segment for that. We gonna primary and fell into a little rough, very logic. We foreign wrong, but I thought I'd done eyes finished. You know it was a worthy call. It is precisely from these started. Leaking oil. You know in
I said I would get unimpaired chestnuts. Things are all still there. People can go back to think I'm lying most people, they know I'm not lying and, I said even dismisses man at your peril. He's gonna be the next president. I say I said it before you want a nomination LAO. I he came to me during. The process because he Jimmy on TV on Fox and now, but I met him before that an end our convention before he announced He was a speaker. I was the speaker and now we ended up crossing it He was coming out of the stage and I was a kid. The end of the building in and we talk, and I just you know I just saw on everyone else who doubt Choppers K. I never wants one absorb the apprentice we now, but everyone knows who doubt trumpets varies. A brand sets for me and I had the people were miss Corny municipal Ass, a comical say how to Mr Tromp is of little way and I went over and I waited for people trying to get his honor zombies
Autograph Newman, I waited my turn and then I dismiss answered to before going on another word, he said David, I think you're doing a great job, keep up the good work. The meeting Davis amazed everyone will be assured, claim most criminal, no my first name right and that after markka me. I said that's kind of cool knock as he said I, but he saw obviously beyond the symbol of the uniform casino. My first name so anyway, next year, the entering it announced and work back room again, we were speaking on the main stage and he's coming always coming off to stay. and I'm in one of the green rooms and I getting I'm getting put on because I'm goin up in a couple speakers and- and I asked to make up our as I said Here- will the President down this way here when you're like point to a hawk towards hallway and she says: yeah, that's the way you wanted it. I think Gimme men there.
And I'm looking over this ramp, that's elevated and I'm waiting. All of a sudden. I see here this bustling you everything surrounding the president before his president disorders, kraut ray, and I hear this crowd come out and looked down. It was then Canada, Chump thy said mister drop, it looks up and he says: hey I gotta go appearance, say hi to my future. He d, around the way that he was supposed to go out. Anyways car is waiting and it came up when he talked I got pictures. I don't make stories up and there's no need for me to blow stuff up the, need any said that they would like to support your news, canada- and I said I'm gonna- wait till the primaries over ass it because I'm a divorce to decide the nominees gonna be an am. I wasn't ready to republican anyway, so I want to voice the site. I told him I said, but you gotta Windows,
and when you do, I'm gonna be there for you sure, as Hell fast forward, he wins the nomination, and his camp gets back to me again- serve when you know you said- and I said, I'm a man of my word- forgive my word. You can take it to the bank s. It just tell me what you need me to do and then they got me in Bob. Work my rear end off that whole summer, all over the country did too towards across Amerika great American Tour bus tour. it was fine, really was like a lot of great americans- I found out what this country really was a great country, its great because of its people. I want some areas. You would not think a black eye bibbs, except that I've been into the most rural areas, a Tennessee dead fine I've been to backwoods places and states would not, but why folks and you know what every time like they treated me and accept. They knew what was the sheriff, but that doesn't mean anything if there's racist, they don't give a damn who I am, and what
Why do I say it again? Do any great exactly treated me like I was their favorite son and these are transporters, ok. So I watch today and I want some late the transport is a racist. It is not- and I hope the bricks put the brakes on another not because I met I didn't. I hereby met these people uneasily. Could I would go to places in rural areas and like Barnes for the GEO P event that that country right. I been a keynote speaker. Normally, I know the one I can't remember the city in Tennessee but there's a reason get about fifty people here. At this event, every year they had a hundred fifty and standing room only the two people awaiting like because I was kindled speaker. Why would this racist for black I mean by because because
not racists and widened, and what their running towards and- and I know exactly talking about- because I now have the blessing rice speak all over the country and I've spoken in almost all fifty states same thing back country places that you just wouldn't expect and every time I visit a new place. I say I realise how ignorant I was more and more how you, when I was about what America is, because I grew up in a just outside of New York City right and we are the people. These are the only this week, but I think that we know everything. I lived in the city for seven years over so educated were the ones are writing the articles because we understand, and yet we ve never seen America. We ever seen real America Back Country, America, an understanding that they were just losing and somebody finally said it and and they ve been labelled and lied about and labelled, and smeared people that are just calling them racist because they have different values. Then then the people that live in these coastal cities and that's just the truth, servers one cause flower country are born and raised was cards.
And they don't say that as a compliment fly over country, they think that matters is appointed a New York. Everything else in between doesn't matter, but we do matter The president understood that chump understood it. He said there is a group of people in these countries feel this effective. They don't feel like they matter anymore to disenchanted they probably bailed out of the political process, made problems involving more. This. Is that the hell with writing, but that's where he galvanise and that's we resonate with and asked where his strength, King book, but here's the thing I like to caution, people about jumped out of the needle ok and in an election he won Michigan Constant Pennsylvania, my total seventy hours. Ok, twenty thousand Wisconsin, twelve thousand and miss and then the rest and Pennsylvania as a racist and Marge
and you had a low Democrat Turner, so they could easily foot that has caused some people, Albania is going well, it's just a green economy. I tell people to act like we're. Gonna lose you now a veteran campaigns I had to get elected to be the sheriff. I always made sure that the people who work in my campaign Had this mindset that we were going to lose. You know why because fears great motivated, Madame work hard and my voters I want to take it for granted that you won the last two elections in one slash, four Lexan general right now you want to last to us. I don't care, we might lose this one. We just pulling data I am slightly ahead. I never put it out. I now because peace, my glad that he's gonna habits, but getting back the president is the great to me, my family. Whenever he came to town, this is apt to be selected. Did a couple Brown County Events bank on his strong Hola Japan?
John Wisconsin. My family would be invited and I had always let us agree. Roomy dies. Take the time to come over and and talked in My brother in law, my sister in law, might my niece a nephew, my wife, we don't have judged and when you take the time to say all of us and it wasn't, a rope lie I remember one day my niece she's about sixteen. At the time she has. Aid can be taken healthy serpents it good. I think. That's it. The guy he Notre right. Has it been around and I've talked to I've had private briefings with them. I know, what's in his heart, is the approach Mcmahon man is so I get into the wow. You know, but I what's in his heart, he once was best for this country loves his country. I love this country too, and because of what it afforded me the opportunity we got over that only appear to slavery. I stand on this
the fabric of the soul of this country. That will never go away. However, at some point- and this is why I had an epiphany canvas, I just decided to forgive America for the past and slavery in a why, because the God that I pray to everyday teaches me to forget the God that I pray to everyday. Forgiveness and he's going to do that. For me, the least I could do it that somebody else and so I've I didn't for can I say never forget slavery, but for me it was time to forgive and you know it was very liberating right on people's how'd, you become as looms. It was just you just realized, I have to get into the mainstream, impose gonna reach my potential. You can't do it on the it fringe groups and black lives matter in science You're gonna get the mainstream and I mean you're going to have to mix it up when Zweifel
Never had this animosity, never even before that epiphany, but I say this publicly. I say I forgave and I moved on and ice and has been liberated. It's funny is that you say you forgave it. I never felt I needed to forgive me. I fell in every way that I needed to honour the history of our ancestors went through, and I just can't think and I speak up. My grandfather, all the time heating crop on a share, cropping farming, surrogate it's out and work is entire life to give me this opportunity. So if you go shrieking in the streets screaming right about about injustices of life, I live in a lap of luxury. Compared to my grandfather, I have ever opportunities- I just I couldn't be such a coward as did not go out and life and try to do even more than the such as before in the end, the people before him right. So I do it out of honor for my grandfather, because he never complained. Huh ever call anybody racist. He got up every single day. He worked to distil as it today is not to retire, but he can't not work as if in his dna. So my motorway
It has always been. This is the time for us to be great right. This is there is enough, there's literally nothing holding us back and yet, if you speak today to black americans- and I tell you- I do miss in every Roman among college campuses- I say who, in this room, believes that America is a more races country today than it was sixty years ago, and I say I just want to know what planet and right now, so just I'm Escanaba Music quoted engineer, I got ok, we dont there's no ground Pretty up is down. Let's get started right. This It will have no idea, you and I know that they have no idea. You know what I dont have too much an idea other than what my mom and dad went, because there are still too, This is of GM crops and was more in the south, but check this out. By the way. A lot of what I'm saying today is in my book in predicting get a chance to adopt uglier coupling an alarm beyond what is the cause of the cop under
buyer beyond has takes a race crime politics for better America. My dear sir in the United States Army for income, it was an airborne. Ranger did several persons jumps under fired, shouted is coming down out of the skies law civil service. I'm platoon doing that in a second, the United States Army was still segregate here, the sermon and all black, but it has anybody in his country, my dad served. His country risked his life. For America that would not allow him to serve with Whitehall Alan Cabinet can't see stand for the national anthem Point with that is to say, by than I know they could have a chip on her shoulder about racism, industry because here the limit the army right reminder. Whenever Harvard does
They seem from a group that is what the insanity is. Unlike he lived it. My grandfather lived a k K. shooting bulls inside of his home- he lived it right. They would they they what they did to him. What how they terrorized his family. He lived it. I've never heard, my grandfather, say a single bad word about white people. They were always apart of of his life grubbing up there. There was never any animosity, so it's just. Standing to sit and think that the most privileged black people they have ever lived in the history of the world are black Americans today, right, they are also the wine is the most entitled and the ones that can't seem do anything without making into something in saying that there are pressed. How was it possible? How did we get into this paradoxical? Bind their further beers and respond their brains are like sponges they'd. There I'm curious about anything. They don't pork and proud in question the brains
sponsor here and do so at all in a year, yeah yeah must be true, must be right, we'll teach and our universities high schools. Either we don't teach people to think we don't teach people to be critical thinkers. That's what had to case in use the outside of the things I know the deal math and some of those in science is like that is to teach people too. Expand. This thing that God gave and explore ok and question things and being there's nothing wrong with that sort of thing, but they don T anymore. They indoctrinate. So that's why you get these people have been indoctrinated with the thing that you're talking about said. A devastating effect on several generations of people were intellect third generation. three generations ago. The stuff started right. Will these are the ones these are the agencies who went
Lawson university right: this is this is where they their induction and they can't thank you. it presents of torn. They go off and some tangent whatever, because they can't even put forth our argument that makes it essential that alone. Are you re society? Massage? Are you this? It's it's it's a shame but think about this. Is that the thing I worry about these people on a doorsteps of being a power. I now gonna Doorstone out there we come to the door on the doorstep. Right I mean I I tried it. I try to think more optimistically just because what I've seen happen just over them
Ass few years of me being in politics, is that the conservative movement is growing and the left is movement is shrinking, believe it or not on campus worry what to do, and I think partially, it's because we're getting band and censored so for the kids conservatism starts to feel like punk rock Rock n roll, it you're not supposed to do it so we're gonna. Do it right and we have a president whose irreverent in saying things and that sort of appealing- and I think that Also, people are just getting exhausted with being upset about. Everything is exceedingly exhausting, Maguire, everything's, races and people are becoming immune to those words so because their overplaying their hand. My hope is that its action, The benefit asked because people are getting tired of being offended about everything arose and we can hope hope to browse remind people A meanness condescendingly hopes not plan right, we're plan for these people in power. One day before that conservative move, Maxie stands up, rises up
not enough engages in the political fight, because what this that's, what this is where we ve had political ward declared on us more. I don't think. That's hyperbole now asked Stacy police. Ask these people going to trump rallies, been beaten, asked them. whether you know to say that where were we ve had political war declares ask them of its? I personally is not note its only escalating by the way the violence is escalating. It's not de escalate one. I thought I actually they got hopes that once he once Trump was in the office died down and real. Listen. We just keep going up up up up up up up up. Medicis, that's been a natural progression after an election elections. Real contentious right and people settled down and is ok. Will we'll politically oppose you, but you get the government, they won't. Let your government now
now there was a different. The generation of thinkers are dying, which is why I took the time to meet. I sat down with clear Thomas a voice admire that guy. If you ever get a chance, read his book eyes. Puddings Biographia, my grandfather son, is raised by scrapping miles. This name Clarence about in a book. I thought I found the meanest memory I did to later, but what we need it's what he and his brother needed any. He insisted that they become educated and was mom had some MEL problems and she turned a moment of grandparents should raise him, but at least it was somebody there see who was an abuse them was gonna. Care of them was the grandparents, but the thing is- I reached out to him and it took me awhile to get in and it was hard to get you cuz. I, like you, call the Supreme Court today.
I like to come in and made just sounds fine. Ok. Where would you like? It doesn't work like that, but I don't take no for an answer and the secretary was very nice. I should say I'll, get him the message you kept. It looks a little bit, also one day I'm sit in my office and get a call on its just thousands of his assistant. Instead, there are, the justice would like two major and whatever, in women's day, to persistence, pays off. I saw two people side, not here the best thing and you can instil a young person, is the ability to overcome obstacles and persevere. Saturated couldn't get in deep enough tried his wife at didn't work kept colony office in Cuba. I tell it young people,
So anyway, ve got to go in here and I sat down like you and I I thought he would. Sit behind his desk and I go into the great chambers fight I thought he'd sit behind. I was I was nervous. This is a Supreme Court justice. He came off behind a desk and we sat in to occasional chairs like this. The city about talking from its first was born with an example. Varies. We sat up their candidates. We at about stuff, maybe the things you and I talking about- I saw this bust. His years he's a big fan of book to Washington, he's gonna bust of poverty. Washington Abe Lincoln, asking my sin, whose Edison s my spike. Yes, a bastard- grandfather any sir. There is war Heaven there because he's looking down. I love that so much see young edges island
that's so anyway. My is currently word. Many sign a book. For me and you want to taxes on labour. I'm like jirga, more names was pinnacles serve. I'd like to get a cup of pictures, we took a couple pictures great man, Funny person, you never see that contrasts very austere, yet known as guys. We talk like ripping how's bodies, and then he asked me since I hate you ever meet Term Thomas. So I said noise on my list of people in me and he said. Ah, let me see what I can do, but before that happened around and Victor Davis hands whose understand for over two with them camisole met him and then I said: hey fixed Davis hands and he says he knew all airports he does I going
Tom Souls information is Taylor. I'll give you his personal email, but just don't tell me gotta from me three gizmos email. Well, I ended up going out. There thought California and spent an entire day with just tap in his brain about everything. And, of course you know why was he didn't? Even holding his gun down, and I said you know what we're losing you guys man, because he said it is I'm an old man, Thomas all Clarence Thomas, that said generation. Think Walter Williams kind of these rights- and there are hiding out in California in unless you know why, because shortness last. One time is always a German. Meanwhile lives now, stop you Then you know you're doing me right now. This is like a you know how many emails I've sent to Thomas old. You understand like clarity, clarity, you just you're, making me very jealous earlier doing unworkable I'm in a hotel, we're gonna meet at Stanford in his office,
Thought I'd be going there right to call that morning from his assistant Since on what I'll tell you that, MRS all, we pick you up picking me up what what are you picking me up only? What is this shirking pulls up? I'll drive. You re seventy some years all still used its minds with him, but she these guys, don't have this. This sense that the bigger the better this guy comes of pigs MIA, Right First Thomas Heavy on his kennel for thirty minutes, I'm in here for an hour I didn't came out. I knew I was, and am I know, is an hour. What is the most collect check? My watch is wholly crap. I just kept tat his brain because I want to learn from these guys. That's see. That's what I'm trying to do now is becoming next generation. I want to be no when, as a thinker.
I'm gonna be known for being able to make coherent thoughts and stuff and not just be a firebrand cuz, because that's what had to be on Fox, you know you have so throw yet Peter. That's all you ve got time to do in the three minutes ago. Ass it fell flames you, I feel bound to kill me This long, like you- and I do this to me- now- saw met him and then the only one I ever met an emerald worked on that when it shall be still me stay right, but we're losing his gun. Then I did Europe against guess what he's going to tire they're gonna turn age was next generation of black thinkers right. Left there, not thinkers thou, not an easy. What do you think are your novel, Atwater Universe as without hearing our eyes and all these groups right, my they're not thinkers, that's the whole thing nor but but we're loose
right there in the area worries me a year. That will definitely worries me to my talk. Are there all the time like these? They are, so important right now they really are and as much as their willing to do. They should do because you're exactly right, we're losing an entire generation of thinkers, and that means it's problematic for just a future of Black America, which brings me to a question. I would ask you to wrap this up. Are you up mystic or pessimistic about Black America, and I ask this and I'll go first, because I was really optimistic when I got into this and I can see how people fall into the trap of feeling pessimistic, because I've just never seen set like there's just so little critical thinking and such such a belief in culture, and we were just so tied into culture and what we, when you have cardy, be telling you to vote for on Instagram. It's just scary demand like some looking at millions of likes because she's like both for Bernie and yet three months ago, she's ranting about how higher taxes arc
just going. Does anybody think any more. Let's say the answer. My answer would be. The jury is still out. I I think it somewhere else. tween, because in a properly leans a little more toward pessimistic until we break free until we become independent thinkers until we start to resource here, cells from their history histories rich and it's about families, and it's about hard work as about overcoming things like slavery, Jim Crow, we were attached to that and we were making great progress in his country pulls reconstruction. We were it stopped in the sixties, when the Democrats got a hold of our mind, but I think with you with me and there's a couple others out there when he thought leaders and then we need to have our voice, be included in the compensation and not be told in a wanted here you're, when I look for plurality voice
You know you're, there's your uncle time yet I might be. I mean if they want to call me that. I mean by might be my voice to wait. Let's get over there name calling and just want my voice, be heard people rejected, I'm good. They don't want to hear your voice and I want to hear my boy. I want them to hear my fortune. Why rest because institutions, their biggest, has the truth always resonates. Why cannot thank you enough for doing this with me, but we wrapped every episode with you breathing a voice message for the world's so what you're gonna do as you're gonna give you two minutes, and you can say whatever you want. If you wanted a message to fall under the ears of every single person in the world, what would that message? Be you're gonna,
Into that camera, and even a delivery and you're gonna do the countdown. Are you ready on your market set world? I give you sheriff David Clark was interesting world and I think people are governed in privileged ahead a kind of worldly influence but there are basically want on about America, because I think America is the leader in the world. I think it is the best country in the world, I believe, when Ronald Reagan said yeah, I said shining beyond the hill for all the world to see and emulate. I believe that sort of thing America has two there's this. This concept of western culture and american culture is real. but think of what its lead to in terms of the world. Think of the things the inventions that have come out of the United States of America, a medical inventions that sort of thing to that what our role is in this world. Can't shy away from it and we can-
allow other even foreign forces to diminish. because without America, for the rest of the world, not much good gonna come on in you so much and that's a things which coming in on such short notice. That was also thank you guys watching the latest episode of the kindest Owen show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you guys already know, Prager you is a five or one c, three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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