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2019-08-04 | 🔗
Candace Owens speaks to former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. Tune in to hear Steve's thoughts on cartel involvement in human and drug trafficking, what’s coming in 2020, why millennials can become the greatest generation, and much more. PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation: https://donate.prageru.com/CO
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I got quite an sad things, our guys we are rolling into a really special episode of the candidates. Owen show, if you notice this is not my normal Kay, if what I have behind me- is a mile of the border while being built. I'm here and I would someone who I have been dying to speak to really interesting allowed to stop it he's doing Steventon walk into the kind of Sancho. Ok, Thank you and welcome here to someone partner, Mexico. At the we build the walls first. First recourse remodel wall is unbelievable. I had a question: how did you get mixed up in it? What brown coal fired the leader and found her? This is the most wounded veteran history, therefore, that ever lived he started go fuck me page during the deaths of one present, tromp was fighting the swamp and fighting the firm hope of class back in December of two thousand
eighteen Ryan went on, go fuck me, I think, even on tv and said, hey, they're, gonna stop here tromp from the wall we get privately what happened the donations came in, but you couldn't designate these ago build a wall The rules work is that it's just I go the treasury, and so he was torrents, and they put me in touch with him. He came up to the bright bird embassy, the same we sat down- and I just said I said: look it's pretty simple- wants you to go, build a wall of the people in time to write a check to the tree. they build them on the main, and so I said this, expertise out there we put together boredom advisers, go find me you have to go back to all twenty million dollars and you to tell em instead of the Mai he's going to the Treasury. You're, not gonna. Actually, the war, and I think, Fifteen million dollars opted in so that we start You can get that email. Actually I donated so much insulators. I was like this is amazing and I would have gladly had it go towards building it, because that
he speaks and one of the bigger themes of this entire residency and what this sort of conservative kick back. If you will is all about, we don't need government right. You can do stuff on your own people. Sort of forget that, like it's like we, Somebody bigger overreaching to organise things, and this is oh grass roots, so so tell me this wall by the way, the four main down so you're, one of the ones of the sixteen made? Those for me and our Gaap? Eighty percent of those people we never could get yeah like what summaries they. Never. I never know. I never got the email, so I'm really going on in the zones money at the end of the sure. There's one hundred percent, I gave you a hundred dollars instantly and I never got an email. It added words and I let around you're one of the options we actually went backwards would try to go back to to get an email to say. we're gonna build a wall in the amazing thing is is like Ninety percent of the first, sixty million it'd railway said hey, go do it, I think look at the southern border crises like the border crisis. It is we need in the principal responsibility for the sovereignty of the country's skirted country. Obviously, as the government of president trumps do
their building massive amounts of warming right here we're right next to Amal Marker wanted what I mean by that the Rio Grande Day River is right next us that from the Gulf of Mexico right up to here is the border between Mexico in United States. Here it pivots in that a marker one, is the first mile marker and they go off. Way across San Diego, and so it's nothing but mountains. In deserts. Here's we get a big the big swaths of want what we do here, like the special forces, its those area, like here the crystal re Mountain that the army core of engineers at either genus too hard to build our don't need to be built on private and we got a private land on his work with them. So what you're sitting here today is a wall that was built. Really over memorial, they weaken right. You know in four days of all up that mountain than you, you had the pleasure of taken that cheap up thirty
I realise that idea, the dupe stirring up there and when we got some footage with one hundred percent, it is its. It is top terrain, I dont think people realize I certainly did it when you talk about it. You think you're just like you're, just this that's mace and it. Why can't we build a wall, but this is really tough. rain and you can see why this is advantageous to all the people that are illegal to just come right over and getting here, and this is a particularly tough area, took each kind talk about what goes on here in terms of drug trafficking, sex traffic when he hears here's how we can get the idea that we were down here Chris go back and- others on the team were here to talk to people in demagogy Mexico about building a potentially building a wall down. in the meeting ended early. They had some time in some way point of contact with border patrol, and I hey asked what are the hot spots down and they said: hey there's a place off the milk. Now, Christa RE, that's really been other army core of engineers is passed on a formal reason: it's in a brick yard and they have nineteen cartel pass,
and so we came here. The local honours up into a few years ago wasn't a problem, but now this was all open. Isn't the Khartoum Bree in drug trafficking, human trafficking, traffic gained their nineteen pathways up there. You see how abuse of women. You see how they views the poor, a migrants we're coming across something. we done so we work of the private landowner. Chris cope a callback, Brian CALL, fighting a team to build this, quite frankly, came together very quickly out he's right, here's my question: we know that this John trafficking, we know that their sex trafficking, how? How can person in politics, make an argument that we don't need to have a wall at all this border. The reason they don't come down her mother we're having this conference. This conference today is to bring exports You know from a centre for immigration studies from them if you say the top thinkers and the countries, the animal, from national security to cartels and traffic anti asylum issues,
the complex issues will bring them here in a conference with social media influences people like yourself, they have large platforms, large audiences, tick intentional this, because we make a very simple point. If you come to the southern border, you see this war and you talk to the people There are many many levels here, but they will tell you that the crime has gotten out of control and it's not a total solution, but the beginning of a solution, a potential solution, is the building of a border wall, and that's where this, I think is so powerful symbolically, unless we briefly we're in a part of the polish back, I think it's just simply which we rock all sort of categorizing under the balloon from Derangement syndrome, where There are the point now whether it doesn't even matter if their harming Americans doesn't matter of children are being such traffic. It doesn't matter of drugs are being trafficked, and we know that we have this huge oil crisis, which happens mainly because its being trafficked over this border, they dont care as long as does it make a chump
good right in their whole? The whole strategy here is as if we actually stop this problem. It would make him look good. He hears look, it's a tragedy of biblical proportions. What's happened in Central America, these migrants coming up here and now that we have experts, say today, there's not a mile of the Northern Mexico for the southern border with United States. That's not controlled by cartels. Ok, there details of turn this into a high margin. Business, big casual, does in fact, drugs and The odds are not as high as the human trafficking, not one per and gets across there. That is not the cartels, don't approve. In fact they had. Presentation they say if you go around the cartels, the he'll kill you some of these bodies, you're funny of where this is the border patrol said, We had the branding Judd increase grain from my ran a german border patrol. They sit in Hector Garza from the Laredo sector. He said if you try
to avoid the cartels to get in the United States, they will kill you on the Mexican. So you're saying the people that are coming over this border are cartel approved. Yes, a cartel cartels basically taken their money right now, so that cartels are monopoly on it. Look we ve had people from war S coming thank is bills. While the purpose of this wall is to break the back of the car, Now there are nineteen pass up there that the cart over using in their business model and members cartels and what's had made every town in America is a border town. It's just not central to the gallows and inhuman in El Paso in Laredo. It's that we have a radio guys here from my from North Dakota, every town the border town in Chicago a couple years ago for the first, I'm since nineteen, twenty nine, the Chicago Crime Commission came out with a publican number one, the poor,
again, it was our chopper, because the drug wars in Chicago those territory, wars were being fought by proxies for the big cartels in Mexico, the cartels are paramilitary operations, tremendously sophisticated marketing sophisticated financed from this sufficient logistics and operations, no it comes from Central America. Through Mexico. That is now paying money to the government, endorsed exotic governments have taken over a lot. I think that certain areas of this country- they ve their operational eyes as a government? What terms, I think, is adamant about about building a wall. Is you begin to break back to the cartels and we ve seen from people here and whereas remember, whereas one from a great border the sister city of El Paso, too, I'm infest things a thirty second highest murder rate world homicide rate that wasn't like that years ago, when the cartel started take over to break the back to the cartels you have
While I agree with your one hundred percent, I think some people, particularly the left, would do anything that have down from have a victory right down from was being peace and prosperity for our southern border. They were concerned that it a feat because the trunk duration systems gown, so they just say they can't win anything In one of the things I really love watching, you do in general, as you enter in a lot of political assessments, you're able to check the temperature countries all over and spend a lot of time with lot of accurate predictions about about what people are feeling and I had watched by accident by the way I want to be clear here. I do not watch CNN, but CNN just me when I'm at airports, people ok and act it was. I was glad I caught it because it was a really good interview between you and Anderson Cooper. Amity was asking you you're predictions for twenty twenty in America and you gave some some really well thought out conclusions about just where the american environmental conscience is right. Now. Can you just to expand on what you think this is going on now drew and twenty tonnes
I think it's to large extent the same issues that would before us and sixteen we force and trauma present Trump ran on three. I think basic principles one stop mass illegal immigration limit legal immigration to protect our workers. Ok and get our sovereignty back on mass illegal immigration is protect, particularly african American. In His-
and it worked low, skilled workers and we ve seen that's had an impact but present drop. You see now the lowest unemployment and an african american history, lowest unemployment thing fifty or sixty years and spanish in wage storing arise, particularly in those areas of agriculture, all filled services, construction, where there you're trying to limit the labour pull on and on on legal immigration, also to make sure that not too much competition, so people can kind of start getting jobs in the textile industry. The second plank was bring manufacturing jobs back from Asia. Basely gotta confront China to bring the supply chain back. The third was get out these pointless foreign wars in the Middle EAST, particular in Iraq and Afghanistan, at present from spot that that those issues are not issues can be solved instantaneously. Look today that today the Supreme Court ruled on ability of president tromp to use deal de money to actually build a border of all present. Tromp has been fully on against the established order and when
three years into this, I think he's gonna role into twenty twenty. You have seen one thing from the corporatist, globalist and totally Clinton represent the Wall Street Factions Democratic party. You ve clearly seen that populous aspect that where there is more socialist or more populous, like Elizabeth, worn start to get traction and try to counter are present. Trumps nor present from economic programme lacks happy about that because to me That is obviously affect Hunter. You have the more moderate gems in the middle. There seem to be losing control a stranglehold, and then you have this. uprising of socialists at are really radicalizing they're talking about open borders right, so their focus. So much and how America's being harmed by people that are coming in I Grinch there more focused on protecting the migrants once they get here. How do you see that tobacco playing because I see on social media
it's bizarre to think that people are actually making comparisons between our holding facilities and concentration camps. Ya, think the rhetoric is not totally out of control, but I think these people are open borders, people and they they they leave converged economic migration to political asylum in the sis, clearly being gain. We have a system of political asylum? That's why President Trump today Guatemala was announced. We had the same party, third, third country, where the the refugee rules throughout the world are kind of negotiated at the: U N, you got a system of treaties and the supposed be the first country go into? Is supposed asked ask for political asylum? That's why he's pressure on Mexico? If you, if you that in place anywhere in were making ineffectual you, those those laws, you wouldn't have them es migration problem up here. That's a present from trying to do. Indeed, Guatemala. They agree to the total really. by these trees. That's gonna have huge impact on this
we ve allowed, is that people say where they want a better life. There is actually no doubt there's a better life in the United States is in Central America. The point is that in this is in Europe too. If you start having echoes migration that goes outside your immigration system. You're just gonna have just a thought of people that can't be controlled. So what you have to do is that that echo Migration is really the immigration you we take. A million immigrants a year are been a whole bunch of proposed by president from others took to read. do our immigration system. Maybe look. We more merit basis, a lot of debate, Margo, let it be merit based, I mean Emmi. I hear this and ended Debate in its argument should be merit based, of course, we do have asylum policies, they are being completely abuse. I mean no way this economic shopping. If you are really a fearful for your safety, is trying to get out and on the Maharajah Amharic or economic mergers, I'm for merit based as long as it The central issues we have in the country is african, american and hispanic participation. The tech industry
we're not going to solve the problems of Satan in Baltimore and some these illnesses. Detroit until we have more black, and more hispanics in high tech jobs, we and continue to do that if they get a compete against the entire world, I'm a big believer that people come here to Universe, in and go the great universe, United States. I want them to go back to their country of origin cause. That's gonna make their country bordering great. a big believer that you have to take all the best talent the world at all has come the United States. I ain't right our citizens Play citizens that have been here for generation to generation generation have to get these opportune. One of the ways were going to do it. I get really criticize about this with one of the ways you're going to do it is you got to limit the petitioner labels, and once you do, that you can have more african Americans in more Hispanics in engineering, schools are gonna, be in computer programs are going to be working in Silicon Valley in there is going to lead to an economic renaissance in this country. Are we Doug, spinning, sick,
the debate, and I was a year in Afghanistan. We, spending their money in Saint Louis, in Baltimore, in the Detroit and other cities to rejuvenate the city. And we ve limited that the competition for these tech jobs, which I think gonna be fine. We're gonna be fine with that is in in it'll help to grow the economy. grow our cities and help to grow our workforce, and so on that a hundred percent on the merit, based is something sometimes it's. It's not you. I am, and he is right to view your assessment, so the problem that we are facing is that, yes, black Americans despair, aesthetic american should be What do they want to know? What you're going to be, rather more often than not, they will need overhaul the public school system while they look at the goals and- and I did when I talk about what gets me grandfather time goals and Black America right. Look at how focused we aren't culture. Look at how many, how many black american sake, what in at least in the neighborhoods. I grew up in that they wanted Grubbin, be doctors, but they want to drop and beyond.
here's where so many say they want to grow up and be Lebron James or be J C or be a football player. So until we see the public school system do a complete overhaul and by the way it's it's getting worse. When I was at school, it was kind of beginning a victim culture right, so I was, for us to take a feminism one along class and learn about why men were really bad, their teaching, kids, all sorts of great things. Had there not practical skills, No I mean feminist dance class one or one is on a practical skill that you can use learning gender studies, not a practical skill that you can you so my my issue is. I think that this vote is in itself is right, and until that gets overhauled, you're not gonna, see people competing for meaningful jobs in this country and get in these other countries like China right like India, even in Nigeria, I think the most successful ethnic group in America they are nigerian Americans. Just stunning right go, go! Tell that's a blacklist matter who says that this country is by judge you on a piece of work on your color of your skin, and that
goes to prove that our goals within Amerika are not the same as in the rest of the world. I come from a work programme illegal. working class neighbourhood enrichment region in the north side enrichment, but I am an end. Yeah enrichment, Eritreans, a great town loved nor set a written It gets a bad rapids, its cover, tough part of town but the gray families working class families, the public. Education system certainly has got to be improved. There's no doubt about that It's very we call of areas. I think it's it's way to progressive. It's in cultural people. I think sometimes not to tell us fire to the best things. However, I'm safer, my personal experience living growing up in the neighborhood and going check my ninety seven year old dad still lives in the same house. We've had since one thousand nine hundred and fifty five, my parents refused the flea of the suburbs in the 60s, with a big I you said hey, this is our neighbourhood and these according to our neighbours and an end and I'll be fine, and it turned out to be. Finally, I am very proud of my neighborhood in the nor set enrichment of about that. The community
there was built there and I've seen and my own personal experience those folks in a black murders are just like white Americans. They want to go to engineering schools, they want to go VC. You now is a big public university in in in Richmond that has a vibrant, robust engine. Program you ve gotta you know of the schools. I think it's think we ve got to do the push them, though those journal of active washing it, because that is the mindset that my grandfather had right. It's a different time now, my grandfather same thing came from nothing made something on this. Himself in America. Now you have people that are looking for excuses and looking to be victims and its being promoted in the culture that find out. Why should be upset? How was black lives matter based on really nothing right? What would you go back and look at the actual numbers able to grow chapel?
all across the nation on fluff because bits and what is being taught his warriors, your controversy is why I'm hundreds and shall do things on top this? Why you're not download mounting about this? It wasn't my own women was done. Women have can do so in law, because I know the facts. We can't the damp laid up to the police. Brutality is what's impacting like America, nobody, illiteracy rate it right now, what's impacting Black America, seventy five percent of black boys in California can't pasturing exam cross, the city of a Baltimore. They went to five schools could not by a single child those revision in reading and writing there, not literate we're talking about literacy rates in America are drew our dropping and no one is talking about. Instead, the forefront every night is, is black lives matter. Police brutality is trumps statement that he said. Could it be interpreted racist. Should there be an uprising about this statement when he said one thing alone will is. I was with President tromp like, for instance, that you know they can see. Can you to call him a racist all the time, but his economic policies? What is in particular regarding immigration is a make sure that african american hispanic LAW,
low. Skilled workers are not. We don't have the zone flooded with with with more labour and that's what that's. The only way you can get wages up. You're not going Do this, I don't think, do a minimum wage of fifteen dollars away you gotta do is gonna limit labour. Poland container built a robust economy. Vice president trumps policies present trans policies are directed, I think, to help not just all p particular help the working class? One? Nine hundred in the African Americans spend working and that's the information I try to get. I was, unlike you, want a lamp for wall because to not have a walls, racist right, you won't talk about eighty actually, two thousand and eight. It was the commission to report the deed United States, Commission of civil rights that a report and they will Legal immigration make determined that the number one class of people that are impact it I know that immigration is like Americans in the age of eighteen and twenty one, because they are competing with them for the low wage, low skilled workers, and I get information now, unlike every black American, should be
lots of ass, a fact which more we ve got some black entourage to speak in the afternoon. Steve camaraderie today from the I think, centre for migration stays made this exact point. We look at all the analysis of the treaty. Its most affected by mass illegal aliens, labour is the african american community, and I don't think that's why murmur this wall in in a in border security helps people in Mexico. It helps people here. They hispanic nearing the black community here in El Paso helps the community throughout the country. What it does is decreasing,
crime and it increases economic opportunity for citizens in the United States, particularly low skilled labour in the United States, and that's why I think, president from a so adamant trample the one about everyone. Every time you try to build a wall, your attack, nonstop remuneration, and I use the exact opposite. So that's why I say that they were going to start changing the language and tell them that do not have a law is racist. I say it all the time you one who else it impacts hispanic Americans talking about abolishing, abolishing border patrol over fifty percent of the border patrol agents are hispanic men Reiser. You are punishing people that are following the law: lawful, hispanic Americans in favour of people that are committing a crime just get into this country and its mind we're going to be that somehow they ve enabled you to control the conversations this bar and to control the die. While the people are saying that the opposite would be racist, and then you see that over and over again it's about getting in part of the conversation, which is why it is so important for me to get down here and in due course,
We give a voice to things that are actually going to impact and how the latin American, your voices news for the reason I want to get the influence. As you know, today we had, we had border patrol had hectares from Laredo. We had Brandon Jar, the head, the union and increased an ice, and what you see in the left do today is to demonize in their own communities. These border patrol officers, like you, said majority are hispanic men and women, and in fact it was a female border patrol officer. Hispanic that actually got his up to this thing is the is the most dangerous place in the sector to build the wall. What their tongue Eisner saying on border control. Is the demon zation by the left. I antiphon and other groups like that that are really making it difficult to recruit officers, particularly hispanic community and difficult to hold officers. So this gonna get to be a major issue by next summer. When he's
the ices been impact it in the border patrols minute? That's all it's worse. Is that there's no accountability than the people that are sanctioning violence against these people right. So when you add people are leaking documents of ice rates where they sanctioning what are they actually doing? How is no one ever being held accountable for the stuff? I mean you're you're, basically making it ok, when you see these these Congress from there down in doing photo jobs and pretending that these kids are living in concentration camps are saying: it's now acceptable. It's now. It's all your moral right to attack people that are doing their job to defend those two, those two specific examples where addressed today. In fact the border patrol said, they were accused of running concentration camps that they made the guards like now Caesar S ass in the community regions. demonize, an ice cream grain said that this whole in a constant evolution of what they're doing on these big raids. The deportation rates is to go to the criminal element that is making particular the Hispanic in the african american community so day.
there is you have a criminal element here from outside the country. That's gotta be deported and is that leaked, I think they got they rounded up. Thirty five out of I was like three thousand: they were targeting or thousand. They ended up guinea, thirty five, because the documents have been leaked by the permanent political class washing DC. All its doing is ethics do these deportations, that the areas where these criminals liver only gummy more dangerous, because they're still continue do their criminal activity at that guy? And if you start calling these things, these things are not concentration. Camps are the best doctors. These are temporary facilities there thrown up to try to provide is much monitoring aid as possible in a very difficult time, and certainly the border patrol particularly the hispanic Americans that are the bulk of the border patrol officers, they have them continue to compare and Nazi guards and nazi concentration and they gotta go back into the community's.
You can start having violence on these people for too long, and this is where I think we're coming to a crossroads. If we're gonna, be a sovereign nation yet have the rule of law and to have the rule of law. You have to have long Foresman ice in the border patrol at the cutting edge of the most difficult issue are doing with the United States a day I think internally. that's the that's that the rule of law regarding immigration. I think there's gonna build two ahead. I think he's gonna beat amazingly controversial. Now. Let me ask questions: did you ever foresee this sort of- I guess marxist Revolution happening in America, that that's what this it really is? What we're talking about here is a form of Marxism. There's all these wars that they're in the little guy. She began the big eyes, and this really no sense, but the is almost like constant revolution going all the time where What is a pop as a vet is a popular summer, I'm off for a little guys going gets big guys will hummingbirds. I think it wasn't hard, Andrew Bright Bart, always made the that the argument that culture suffer from politics,
Remember where we won the economic argument against communism. We didn't wind cultural marxist argument. What were what were the recipient where it, where the we're dealing within pressures, want the best of the understanding this, cultural marxist, particularly the elite conference. access in the universities in the media right? The thing its embedded with cultural Marxism. That is what was not destroyed when the Soviet Union collapsed right. When that, when China started, become more of a state capitalists country. When the economic, was of obviously proven that capitalism, in particular some form of free market capitalism, is the best way to allocate resources. Men and women, can live free and in and get the benefits and own work. What didn't win was the calculations, and this is what it started small. starting the sixtys, but the long March is Dennis Prager says all the time, the long march through our institutions,
particular institution institutions become really control and the high However, our media are thinking our universities and higher education. Somebody just talk about. We control. I really Ultra Marxism, which was antithetical do that today or Christian West and focused on such things. Such basic elements is like the family. You try to break it down. Radicalization that now here we are in in into doesn't night, I think, the argument in this is why making as a populist a nationalist, I said, look them the old generation, because the bet the financial crisis of two thousand cetera the militia your generation is nothing more than russian serfs. Ok, you don't anything you're, not gonna, Ernie's right, the bail out of the bail out of, the two thousand eight, where we just and flooded the zone with with with cash right, the vacuity too
a bail out the hedge funds in the outbreaks of four trillion dollars, the reverse that negative interest rates and zero interest rates means that you're savings account does meeting. You can't put anything away what millennials today people under thirty day there better fair better clove, better dress and have more access to information and a group of people in human history. What you're nothing more than eighteenth century Russian serves you dont You think, you're, not gonna, anything, you don't only real estate in order to start working, gig economy, there's no there's. No. A timer plan in that situation when there the form of capitalism that you that you have to live with interest, which is not real capitalists, when you have to have, we have such a concentration of wealth and power in devil. The hindmost everybody else. When kids come out in their thirty years old. In the already twenty percent behind, where their parents are in income and that station in life there, twenty five some behind? Where there are criminal assets? There's no retirement plans out there, then. We're gonna own anything, yes, that for
capitalism. If somebody comes along and says you already get the cultural, marxism and culture in the end, Hey we're gonna, give you free stuff, ok, a rational human being beings, hey I'm working like crazy, I'm not making anything. The millennium generation could be one of the most important power for generations in the country's history. Inheres. Why? If you look at these wars, we fought said the Normandy, you know celebrate commemoration sobers commemoration seventy five years. Those I will tell you that they came from a different some time and in a lot of them were draft eleven did volunteer, but that it was very black and White what the enemy wasn't what's be done. If you like Get the millennium generation the generation before that fought these wars in the Middle EAST. These conch Herschel Wars in Iraq. Afghanistan in everyday volunteer, there's, not a greater group of patron our country is ever develop. Then monopoly and every day their dog by everybody, there lay
either shiftless they have. No ambition, is the exact opposite. This is it better sure greatest generation we ve ever had the nations history. It could be the background and the foundation for us to take another great leap in american greatness. I think that's what trumps trying to reach out to to remind us of the greatest that we add and that can be replicated, but I four kids pursuing their goin, hey, I see a capitalism is. What we have to do is to make sure this capitalism has not become predatory capitalism. What we ve to do is allowed the financial leads in the corporate elites in this country to ship all the jobs over to China. So all the high value added manufacturing jobs at your grandfather, my grandfather, kid kid can build a family upon my dad workers This is a form of the phone number for you, gonna, lower level white collar job with no college degree. Five kids a wife who was a housewife, the entire time. You could go to Catholic School, the entire time on one paycheck. You can't do that. America today and until we bring
these jobs back until we bring these manufacturing jobs back before we show opportunities to people Africa American Hispanic in the working class in this country and shown opportunities a high value added manufacturing jobs. I don't I don't it go, oh, I can't believe their socialist sources because he ought you haven't given them alternative and until get in the way we're going to get my alternative, you have to break cartel in Wall Street grip on Washington DC, you have to break these global corporate country companies that don't think that their domiciled in the United States. They do not put american workers first, what they do is they put their own profits for us if they have to chase slave labour in China, they're gonna, chase slave labour in China, financed by the path funds of working class people here- and I understand this word- Sprague earn a lot of my comrades on the right, say, ban and This is where we leave your populism, because we believe in the austrian school economics, why a the ushers economics, doesn't work and here's. Why doesn't work
where a perfect example via doesn't work. We ve the concentration of power, a concentration of wealth that is now overwhelm global system the reason, Donald as president, I states is one very simple reason: the working people in this country understood that the elite head not believe in american greatness. sold out american greatness to Asia, to the party adapt and they were covered that cause. They were making more money and had more concentrate wealth, knave overhead, but working plan people in Michigan and was continent Pennsylvania, Iowa Ohio, they stood that America could be returned to her greatness with a leader like down from the focused on you know, lunch, pale, lunch, pale issues, Bringing jobs back in this is what the confrontation of China is about is bringing that supply chain back to United States and who's been the purse. The groups is following the most Wall Street, the republic, donor Class, the Republican Party on Capitol Hill with this phony
radical theory or free trade. The communist, China is a totalitarian me can to list surveillance state that we help create, three financing: the City of London financing, the corporatist gave him the technology. We now know from Google ones. Google sittin there lying about their participation with kindness, the western companies did The politicians look the other way and I have had a populist like down from saying this is going to come back and every day he has fought by the watery factories fought by corporate faction once our bringing those guys back. You a renaissance in America you factoring in that renaissance is gonna led to an incredible amount of growth and opportunity. The millennium generation and then there are going to be capitalists and not can be socialist side donors, I said hey, you may hate my guts, but the choice It is not between Steve Bandit and heritage,
choice. You have is between what the popular snatchers on the right side and AOC and Omar and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and puts a little nicer face on it. Okay, that's the options we're gonna, be one or two things really gonna be clause. I socialist, which is less like the path we're heading or we're going to be a free market, capitalist, three, but the way to be free market capitalism is, let's be free market capitalism. Thematic, less Avonlea refer once with the millennium generation, gets a taste of true capitalist and seas. the benefits in their own lives there, I'm going to sit there and have fifty six percent of you say I choose socialists see. I agree with all your sentiments about that, how we got this predicament and why so many millennials feel better towards cap
some writing. The one thing that you're missing is the element of brainwashing goes on the atmosphere system level, so they're not unpatriotic, because they lived in a country and they had no opportunities of words them their unpatriotic, because that is literally being taught in the classroom is a virtue that there's something inherently wrong with being an American. But if you love being an American, I mean I go to college campuses and if somebody breaks out in a chance, as you say, you will have moved saying that that it's a racist chat to think about that you say is a racist chant. So an element that I think you can extract from the from the the millennial mindset- is that we ve gone through the public school system, and I don't know, I personally don't know one when the leftovers Wilson, I don't know what happened, but I can tell you made up of my spirit: I understand why you're seeing people better kneeling when they see the plan they hate, they hate America, because their being trained
I dont know that have suddenly America becomes economically strong. You're gonna see these millennials Einem lineal Toronto, like oh, yes, that's what we want. I think you're gonna see them, go. Look at us the oppressors again. Here we are taking we're so wealthy. We should be giving more and that's an eye That is what AOL email harmonise. It hurts my point, your we're, not gonna you're, not to persuade people? This? Isn't that something you want talk through? This is something about action. Ok, what people because the lived experience of their lives we have enough is there to serve their country and serve the country, and horrific conditions Afghanistan, Iraq, throughout the rest of the world. In now I've tried to see in the Persian Gulf and other places. You have enough people that understand What a good paying job is what we have to have his policies that lead to action and in those actions I people, I think people in there lived experience will start to embrace more patriotism and embrace more more capitalism. My point is you're, not gonna talk this out. This is not just the country's divided and here's the countries
I don't think the country being divided is necessarily a bad thing. The country is divided because people have two different ideas of how we ought to be governed ok- and this is what democracy is about. Democracy is about both mobilization and persuasion, of getting your people to vote and, quite frankly, in sixteen we did it. We did it very title: against all odds with down trumps message, I think, can't we ve ever had in eighteen. We gotta face up to it. We get smoked, we got smoked because we got out worked. They were, door to door starting in the spring and summer eighteen, they were mobilise they knocked at the door in his will they knocked at the door Orange man bad right there. So far I'm getting rid of Donald Trump their prepared, and we got snow You guys in the House of representatives until we embrace, we got smoked in the house representatives we lost fifty you, growth up the number we lost fifty two to forty six, we lost by nine May in votes. We want by seventy two thousand votes in semi, two thousand votes in sixty
we lost by not eight or nine may and votes my death. Vision that smoke Anatolia worried, you know arc is that you win the presidency and then you have it turned your you're looking for an excuse and deal with fact. The fact we gets You deal with ours is indissolubly Tanzania's outcome. You selling. I am I to understand what that thing we know is it. It would have been amazing obviously amasine going. We did amazing Votes as aid may vote smoked in your definition of what I'm saying. that is an amazing hurry. I'm looking for a yes and those that smoking. It's not that it's not that! I'm not I'm, not! I'm the last. It makes use them really here's my boy, you see, we have to embrace the fact loss. We asked the rates of. Why do we lose hearing where we lost one Obamacare, though, that they
mobilise the left is very good. At mobilizing grass roots is the reason that they were powers, reasoning that ABC remember a year ago today, Ale sees a bartender. You know, and I keep saying the Republican Party needs more bartender price. She was a bar tender. What the on the on the midnight shift enclosing shift today: she's a third most powerful political person in the most powerful country on the mankind's history. Ok, how did that happen? It happened through mobilization. They know how to mobilise. It is kind of like the tea party I make analogy. They were like the tea party and back in two thousand ten. The tea party mobilise what Andrew Bright bird and all those years and the Tea Party Quartier mobilized tea party and that's what led to the Republican civil war and eventually Donald Trump. It opened up enough of a gap that someone like trumpeted kids in grace. This message understood how to take it to a mass audience was very dedicated to this is the opposite: that and that's what led to the great victory. Sixteen,
This is about mobilization today we need the energy is that it is incumbent upon people like you to engage the young generally five. I think we're culture where every day and an instructor any because there are some republicans- and I call these never trappers to understand the importance of it or they they stick up their nose to culture. We don't do that. We don't do funny. I warn you, don't do funny and you let s analogy funny: skits, every Saturday, This is how you end up in a society where people are marking Republicans mocking Americans in mountain conservative principles and by the way you want on the path of least resistance when it comes to being left, lack a merry How come no one is spending time there they rely on the black boat. Let you wouldn't believe we're talking about mean that five points in their done he'll be that eighty nine percent they can't dipped below eighty five percent and by the way all you have due to seize block america- is get them
Ruth. There's no tricks involved, tell them the truth. There there's! No, partly the Democrats have been using abusing line a black America destroying our community each drawing up, or how do we do that? I mean this is glad you every single day I mean I saw the buxom movement, I go into the inner cities, I bring the message, but there has to be more support on the ground. Frustrates me, no, and I say this the whole time, if I have the orange, sees budget forgotten we will need an opposite here. What we already have a guaranteed so has about really going alone, knows, are hesitant about it, and I ask you know- and I am sure we have a lot of friends- I just don't think they. They understand the importance of culture and break archway misquote politics is downstream from culture. I dont think they understand it and there is something about republic. islamic conservatism that I don't know how it happened. That is just so far apart from culture where it's like it always has to be serious. We should always be having serious turn debates we can have. you're, giving us nonstop, you learn, Elsie
hello areas. Why are we movements gets? I do that right. She goes and where's white panted puts on world lipstick. I go abroad, wiping ends and red lips Ingle cry over something else. That is more impact which the general should that we're bringing up generations the one thing we owe the widening of the one thing I think we need right now is more care. This, like a sea in the Republican Party, I really Marquis. Why aren't they finding that? We need less well because which should depend upon the Republican Party final. You gotta generate here's. We need We need more bartenders unless lawyers the one the AIR Sea has. She has a live, experience of working class people- I do fine. I do admire her when she sees all the time it says people you mock. working class people all the time, These situations that she's right? In the reason what she's was working class, she was a bartender working for some demand. Wage and tips. She knows what is to close up a bar it too, in the morning right in the do that take a hard job. We it more that in the report and the only way we can get that is, it can
owens in others are going to have to recruit. Those of we depend upon the donor, driven political, consulting driven. apparatus, it is the currency. You're gonna, get more donor class, Local insulting class in these perfectly is it turned out that it can win even even if they do what Harry my people, I'm looking at the people that were running and I'm going you don't even so. This is not going to captivate people believe it or not. People who harmonization hurrying up of really dumb decisions, or how would I do that? I mean look we're looking for. I have a letter I haven't entirely with eventually running, don't get me. I have a simple apoplexy rally, speaking their young. There energetic their industries. The ring mega happening there with their their microphones. Will not people on the street saying you? Don't we put a black in a magazine, I'm gonna shrieked they're, all over the internet and I'm mining. These people, and I'm in group tragedies how dangerous for young black Americans, two wheelers, investing ever to wash with is not dangerous. What you actually see what the left is right because they say their fighting for minorities, all they want Reiner is have a voice. That's why they're out
screaming under pussy heads good Miller today, like Mont Blanc, yeah, like men come I love that actually spoke. She called him a black round right and she got actually roundly condemned by both sides for the first time. That's what I'm trying to get in the do now you have. These kids is black, is to bring magazine or not to people and you're. Having these, these blue had girls for gowns are crying and say, you're, scaring we in the hat and this crazy sup it's it's. Exposing unloading one requires those. We need more of that law. Let these people on the streets get these people like for me how it started a person
no money. I was on Youtube just kind of talking about it and saying something's, not right. Here I had a person out in California. Send me five thousand knowledge. I said you're gonna need to sue. I think you're going places and buy yourself a suit right, and you know how much money you need to get to the next step that, whatever five hundred a month and he started giving to my patriotic I'll look at how far it got me. You need- and this is again you're saying it doesn't need to be- your right- does- need to be the currency in these anti grass roots efforts from Republicans around the country that just care and are paying attention because the kids are out there they're working there, smart, they understand. What's going on
Even then, you know what it does when you run black candidates that want to run which they want to do they all assignment. Let us debate there. Damn ideas because calling the other guy racist doesn't work. You can't you get that. That's why I seed locked me. She can't x, you couldn't do her magic old white republican men. I came from nothing girl became by actually came from less than you came from. So tell me, your ideas of your ideas are socialism and you all you have to do is its force debate. Someone is a cap on a pile of capitalists. Like me, who's gonna win. The debate shows one to be after a hundred thousand to be addressed, that that was a hundred dollars, wouldn't do it because I'm black and I'm a woman, that's why free powerful and meet them. That's what we're out right now is that we have to move to understand the fight. They don't understand the cultural elements of, and I get so frustrated because I'm sitting here and it's like it's like pulling teeth with everyone to get an understand how important culture is. That's how you loss trunk one because he was cultural right, hashtag, logger up! That's fine people to understand these chance. One bullet going while it's funny
here's your reverence, making fun of himself. They make one of them being walled comes off the do so well trying to call my hair and they make fun of me, he's able to mock himself among others, that is culture and people. Don't I think, I'm occasion, Caesar he's the best he's the best, and I still want somebody. that is the subjects at him. To its always, I mean it is presented in a way using mass communication with its twitter wage earners, railways on time but there is a serious crime is not nice superficial he's talking. We found out. You lock, robberies talking about the problems we ve got with the power the political class and wash Rancey same, would drain swamp. You know bill the wall here about the security, is always a very slight, even when everyone must we can now. I was like this is like locker up to point out. Sender back is not being. Obviously the present is not going to deport ill health.
large, but Europe now seeing what people are feeling there feeling and if you hey America, lead their seeing that there's resentment go against American. That's why they're chanting that people can't read that they can't we culture and it is it just frustrated because people that could do so much if they could read culture, we, we could save this country. I really believe in India, the here the humor disease is a difficult thing. Here's why the left is so weapon eyes. Tumor, you see them tonight, talk shows the Samantha be knows used to be on the common channel. Just it's all political. I saw a highly political right In the end, in the right has no counter that they tried for years and it's just a hasn't working. I think it's one of the reasons what you're talking about is people the right haven't taken. It dismisses not serious way, and they don't realize how powerful is right right. That particular thing may not just making fun a parody of this every night. It just is like a acid that is
drifts, decimating stifling the right it makes on the left and right they're laughing there. Less angry is ok, even people, what I'd retreat people, if it's funny and making fun of me. I'm the guy was actually pretty good reports. Tricky retreat retreated all the worst off about right immediately. What do you think he'd be thinking he was alive today? He call I washed his old sea. Speeches and man. I don't think I be in this place. I think that he was the most brilliant at the most sophisticated understanding of Cultural Marxism fact. I recommend everybody
your audience that has already get righteous indignation that he wrote right before he died out, which is a very in depth. Analysis of the Frankfurt school, I think, is the best explanation of the Frankfurt scolded. Can we understand by the layman some of this special scenario in the power of cultural Marxism in the power of culture, to drive politics and who is not a political person? Andrew was a culture warrior, but I dont think we would be in the place. We are today as it seeming that the cultural worries on the left seem to be. because I think he would govern eyes a generation of people you like yourself with with leadership. I don't. I don't think we have the leadership, they would get people like you, but you don't have like a senior level. Some of that understands it in a very detailed way to get some terrific people out there don't get me wrong. Andrews various special in that regard and also he was a savant about new media memory. He had, he had worked with drugs for many years as a as an ETA, no he won the goose judge of writing a man. He also
the launch it was on the launch of the having imposed. He understood, he understood how people access information in a modern age. You may get combination of understanding the cultural war that we face, that sophistication of the frown underlining the Frankfurt school and they marched or institutions. What is done to me talk to you today is almost like talk like Andrew at the height of his game. He was on fire, about education he was on fire about the country was particular far about Hollywood in no no comedy writers. No! No! No! You know all the funny guys had gone underground is afraid of losing their jobs, right, I don't believe in the same place and the cultural side if he had lived in the region I think you're outta galvanised a legion of young devotees like yours,
if there were gone and taken him as a leader and we ve been a very different place. I I I totally agree that assessment medium is absolutely brilliant. It's crazy to go back and watch what he saying. Oh my goodness, it's happening right now, what we understood it when he saw it coming. What one aspect I think has not been talked about enough, and I think that is the Andrew spot, a rude awakening, sophisticated media. One of these people talk about the doesn't seem to be as much fire or intensity on the right today in the sun nineteen as it was in fourteen or fifteen, and sixteen leading up to the present campaign. One of the reasons is that big tat has been allowed to artificial intelligence to really start to deploy, not just the platform to delete and really take down. He sought the other day, one our board members Miriam Mendoza. Whose an angel mom was kicked off. Twitter kicked off toward her. believe illegal aliens thousand protected class with some technical aspect. I think this is getting
endemic in that's why member tromp was present United States. He won because, new media? There was a new me revolution that was started by people like mad Drudge, an angel ripe art, but yourself and others, my son of which all these people came along in trumps message. able to this intermediate. The mainstream media because they were vaulted, is not just a progressive liberals. The established order were revolted by what trump what about right? He talked about building a wall. He talk about green jobs back from Asia. He talked about going against Wall Street they did not want is the reason tromp was able to get that message out get it out. Tempter low propensity voters was Isabel. Did the internet to deliver and I think you ve seen go what they're using Facebook. I think you ve seen a systematic use of artificial intelligence in other aspects too started to take is now. I hope this antitrust aspect there can often the watchword for logging on how these companies ought to be broken up in the data, be dumped into area into something
trust and I'll be managed that, but I think we have a bigger issue in a more important issue this faces, and that is how to get full access. How people like you can't be the platform how people I marry him and doses: can you twitter and not be it off. This is much deeper than present twitter followers. It's it's a incredibly deep level and I think it's one of the reasons you seen the lad intensity, its clearly gotta, be addressed between now and twenty twenty, because I think in twenty two, social media. These influences and that's why we, you guys downward aims. We get my views and combined networks and working we're getting ourselves on Twitter feed exact, and they understand that in love. I mean you're exactly why he was able to harness social media in the same way, and we want technology comes around. There's always that present that takes advantage of it. You had kept yarn radio J of Cable television because he was so good. Looking. How could you not? How could you not over yet and then you ve got Donald Trump and that's what are fingers raise. I can set it sent whatever I can't believe is doing that and now they're looking in the richest saying this was the whole because they were able to
to manage that narrative so well before social media right. You have two options, really what the newspapers hey, what's going on running seen an international, so you kind of got that universal understanding of this must be what's going on in America. that whoops years this whole. Now you ve got can't someone's popping up all of these people popping up telling you what actually happening on the ground. It gives us so much power and it should be the number one focus of this. Restoration work among them. Chief among them is addressing this head on, because the implications is bigger than TAT right. They somehow arising out of no longer lasting it. They are somehow evil to to get this under control and get this under their bubble. I mean I don't see another direction in another way that we can save his country, make sure that we're getting the truth out Speaking up CNN International, I want to ask you this because you spend a lot of time overseas. What is the what does the reading Europe right now of? What's going on in America, and how can you poorly, you know, obviously grex it? We have what we will not solve any Brazil, balls, Gennaro, just Gimme some was as a general populous, I think, revolt worldwide weather
miles an hour in the in Brazil savvy in ITALY, Niger fraudulent haven't embrace it in England, in other places, Marine Le Pen in France and what it is that, whether its Brussels, a Washington DC, your see, rejection, now working class people, a middle class people, say hey. I dont want some centralize authority making decision my life in particular they bought into Canada Party at Davos, model, which is a centralized power of finance and really to ship all the jobs of the lowest labour pull. You know in China in EAST Asia, and so I think you seen a rejection that across the board in here the power of it is solving in Tromp in France are all the same and the fact that its those revolutions vulpine done a social media we also now, I think the entire campaign spent seven fifty thousand dollars his entire campaign, which, from a facebook, live now Selby the same. Why, yes, obey the thing that attracted me to ITALY and the reason I went over a couple years ago to watch a campaigns everywhere. The White House is that the the five star movement in the league, one was a populist movements,
really built on the internet. That's a five star movement and I think we were look it as a model for here literally the internet, with those central apparatus in really dealing crony capitalism and corruption and incompetence and garment, and then you had more than national side of solving the late and looked at more than national issues were immigration and jobs in the economy. Those two came together after the campaign. After kind of one had thirty, seven percent of yellow hair like seventeen and put together a central, a national government that still exist today them to be dissolved in a couple of weeks. My point, Albania, I went to render fathers guys it was all facebook lie. I think both campaigns couple couple mean: does it's like tromp was on Twitter is Niger, for these are bootstrap organization. What it shows you in a digital age, the The log is still more important that you, as a authenticity, intimidate authentic character. That believes deeply in thanks right. That belief
it is deeply and things that is the most important thing in the digital age is the authenticity of your person, your character? What you believe in hay drive a message, so I think that this revolt and look it goes good days and bad embed. So we had a tremendous showing the european parliamentary election, but then afterwards we weren't able to counter combined the populace and nationalist to become the type of power in the European Parliament could become in. The reason is that the election in the European Parliament change the national election equation in ITALY in the United Kingdom and France. So much the now there actually focusing on national issues, the breaks a party that was created in six weeks, finnish first, number nine of Roger. We look at the polls, a data. No, you know Nigel very well if you needed the polynesian last time in London. If you look at the polls today, if it was held today, the break, the party, when in a national election in Niger, behind minister in saying he's also created a kind of any kind of risen up, because now this focus on breaks it pours Johnson,
worse jobs, the Prime Minister in Nigel, has brought you know in the in the brazen campaign you had to campaign to had oars Johnson was running the official one in Niger. Rogers running the UKIP one Niger rush focused on immigration. in jobs bores those guys focused on the sovereignty of their country. One was an intellectual argument. The other's right you're got way in Niger, fries drove that where's the end, and really, I think, was the guy that that brought about nothing mostly in England, things brought about the actual brazen movement. Niger rush today is position. The either be a partner with the Tories I think going fork. Is I don't believe in October thirty first they exit or to be. I think prime minister of on, which would be talk to the entire system, a party at davos- and I call the party at Davos after their town, where the World Economic Forum is this in the combination of the consulting class, the that the bankers, the private equity firms, that hedge funds in these global corporations
their central function in Life- is higher margins and higher stock prices. The way they do that where, where they do, that is lower wages, they always on the search for lower wages and what you're, seeing in places like Europe in the United States is a rejection of that model. What comes after that? We don't know, but I gotta tell ya if we, don't work together to essentially save capitalism, we're gonna get socialism white regional, get it gives you ve already defined with law right now we're on the losing side of the cultural. We do have an education system that that turns out people in a certain way. If you start it can t lose the economic argument you you're gonna lose the Catherine Addison stakes couldn't be higher. Is your rights Napster disaster? That combination will be the end at and that that, literally, is why I work six days a week travel sick this week I don't care because I dont think people realise how much is on the line. Twenty twenty you go.
one Don woman, you know you guessed right now. Here's what you gotta do, Sienna you gotta be on emissaries, Encina, here's a reason: here's the reason is the reason: the fight, audience in the right? They know you and equity. Why you're gonna get a bigger on ensuring like that. You ve gotta get the girl. there are people that would watch your nemesis MSNBC and see to say you know what you say a lot of truth and now what I want. I don't know I want to know me. That's why do I haven't? Who Comstock you get what it was? I think that's my own happening on. The other is watching this year with which our stocks kinda zones, sat or force them over many years, though there, on the one hand we want not me, I would never turned down in an urgent meeting. I go everywhere for I believe in what I believe more than the heavier, and I'm saying I've ordered them if they wouldn't have me on after that, congressional. Have organ? Ok, where I was getting calls to go on the news in friggin China: ok, then they will never have me on every at that
get bigger. We watch we have BBC here to more european babies, are actually BBC Bbc, always cosmic. The BBC. Bbc is not is not like that. But the leftist ones here I think, they're big links the union's launch you because you're forty one hundred percent, I may I make too much sense, I'm an not afraid about you say done during one of the cold on lemon is a coward, and he is afraid of me- and I have said this thousands of times he's after an hour, because here even busily disease, without a further limitation. The right on women as other varieties of third out eliminating and prevention are John women. Your men, hoods, regional and social justice in advance is mass on your comment has been challenged over and over again. Here is what I will say any person that actually believe what they believe will sit across the table and have a conversation entity with anybody, because you believe it. You believe, you're on a side, the truth, and he and your ultimate goal is truth. Then, even if you're not sure about something. Like I learned from you right now, I disagree with you and some things run learning and I believe what I believe it allows me to adjust their
lies, so lies have to be protected at all costs. You don't wanna. Have someone like me come in and what are they endure? Rely? What he's my Romero? Nothing, they protect loans say they protect lives, because that's, why would CNN protect lies just what what Well, you think done lemon or about our. I think the ultimate. The ultimate aim is power right. So when you, when you talk about what, why do we want open borders? Everyone knows that's a disaster. Everybody knows we talk about opening, bore opening borders. You're talking about you spell the end of a country right. Why do they want that? Because they was a new victim classic voters right come over here, we'll give you free stuff. We care about. You, weren't left doing their appealing to making an emotional plea to the illegals. In the same regard, it made an emotional pleaded black Americans back in the sixties. You're talking about rolling government no way to grow government is to have a weak, low victim class of workers and then with us, we ve got to see in Karlsruhe have gained zones ceo, like that both born eighty nine
yo, see versus the ale geyser. You know, honestly after I did, that being with TAT Lou, I said to myself: is this really your job? You? I sit here for tuna, how you guys are such lose? I couldn't do I don't I anxious. I got too much energy man I liked by you known, and we have to go to other, took their poor. You I'd like all right that the people there doing Crenshaw having is crushing in chinese making it the meeting. Understandably takes these debates on. What's not a social media, I mean he's clever and enabling me I gotta wake up Latin America. Not trust me black. America's not watching c span farrago, so we wrapped every episode by allowing you to leave a voice now for the world, for you, gonna look into a camera and you're gonna save you If you could say listen to me world, I am still banning this. Is it what would you say to them? Well, I think that what you have to do, whatever country level you're you're dead?
in your patriotism and you're in your obligation, your Dharuma, to make your country as great as it would lose bequeath to use make his greatness is possible to work hard to to think of future generations, but also think about every generation came before you and what they did to to make it so that your benefits are today, and I think that if every country of people focus on their nations, people focused on the country's those countries gonna be better and to the agreed that deny states can help and assist. We want to, I think, we're great leader and not in the free world. The great leader in the area in and in helping people were the most generous nation on earth, and I think that we continue to do that. I think this wall shares the generosity american people to help destroy the cartels. I think the working class in the world is the backbone of the world. I think of the working class he tee to focus and the into continue this populist revolt that good things
do you have a guys, the Kansas and Van and shall live from the Wall thanks room? Thank you guys were watching. The latest episode of the kindest Owen show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did as many you guys already know: Prager you is a five or one c, three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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