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2019-11-10 | 🔗
This week, Terrence K. Williams stops by to discuss the left’s war on comedy. When did humor become politically incorrect? Why are comedians now apologizing for telling jokes? Don’t miss this fun and lively conversation! PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation: https://donate.prageru.com/CO
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Women were space, I think, ok, guys we are rolling into another episode of the Canvas Owen Show, and I am so honoured to be sitting across from possibly one of the only remaining comedians left, seeing as the left has tackled comedy Terence K Williams. Welcome to the camera Sancho. Thank you very much to have you here. We don't do this a while ago, but you got into a car accident. Yes, I got a car accident on their way to come. See me on a waiter: comes you exact, LISA. Where we actually investigate, Now they are you involved investigation, because somebody So I guess work already come to see you and I was invited to your wedding so
oh yeah, out there. What out there you thought the idea we haven't edit this portion for everything you say can be held. Israel, a court of law. I now, if you are going to be very careful here, tell me about that. You and your colleagues. In the end, it was a single me. First got the new deal you were headed. We had the black leadership summit in DC. If an you were headed and it sounded like it was like a little us, a little accident and then ended up being very serious your neck. Yes, and, I think was a black history than at the White House is that we want yeah, so long awaited at how do you make to my hotel soon, as I got off as soon as I got off the plane order my car service right. My driver, twitter, talking crap, you know me get him, having trouble and I of our, in is american habits. It happens. So quick
of our fracture, my c4 sea policy, all that stuff, so they Poland, Double a double level met. Fusion am, must have our back pain ass still, who have paid. But I'm not complain because I'm alive, thank God, because some people, I'll make it out of those Carex expressly. Have you fracture your cervical spot? So just thank formula. We buckled that, yes, I was Buckler, incontinence, carbon whooped, so Actually? No, I was an Braxton to add an item. I wasn't fortunam, I wasn't bad. I got out were caught in a cot. Another ride, but have is weird thing I always put on my seat, but when I'm driving, but if an ogre, sometimes I feel like I'm invincible, clear and I forget tube. a lot because zadig whatever and people don't realize, as so many accidents happen in overrides you'll have to be safe. You Halloween, Hustle hospitalized for
so I was in a hospital in Baltimore. I was in the hospital for about six or seven days when a few days without eaten, because I was a kid moves, so they stable ass, my neck out front exes live in Texas, so I didn't want to have surgery in a city I didn't live in, so they stabilize my neck. So I can have I agree, and I am in texas- so I had their surgery on March eight and I was in a neck braced about three months wow. So it was hard. It was hard, but me, Lord Jesus. It was hard because, I'm so use the moving around. You know, do an hour's on tour. Also. We we had about thirty dates. Coming. Thirty, eight book and all that was his council, because my because the rex I was like I was, I cannot perform in a wheelchair. Like us, the ill girl asked the old
the girl s mother, had to stay positive in our situation. Like that I mean I was sick about two and a half years ago, and I was bedridden for a couple of minds and the amount needed easy to become depressed. So when you remain idle, it is so easy to come to preserve. As I can imagine what you want, then, when you hold your entire career, is you running around making joke people feel better suddenly you're in a hospital bed. Exactly there. The medicine- I put you all, oh my goodness, it'll make any better it especially I had lost, saw me. I've been, I wasn't so much pain. Aids is summit in medicine is not good for you now always bear calamities that's that had we feel like I was in the in the world who want Disney. If the agreement is beginning to look like,
get out what is now and meet you make me Joe please. This is how people end up addicted yells and as less now, people are addicted to appeals. an air, and I do believe solely these doctors. I believe They are working with Almah tell you. I had a dark My name is lay Gaia Player doctors, but they gave me an option. Do about this pillar. This peel, this pills were high. You could be That is why they said that yeah yeah. We try to keep people over these. We marmalade I'll, give people these birds Zira situation. You can have it if you all, so I give you the option which way you won't air, our moles say out there's going to be the highest on our highest Klaus, taken all Andrews Beer, railways. You like something to my boy, Anyone who, yes, thank you, Jesus Nothin,
There's something clear to me: don't you do it as they now am. I don't take the amber. Take the word this there's, none addictive, who you know. That's less addictive army pirates at year end you're circumstantial. Our action. but people are offered pills at exactly for lesser exists. There are moments of tragedy, it is, and I remember I we sell people the story of like when I I am personally, I hate taking pills, but the first IDA offered a pill attained a story. I was eighteen years old, they broken up with my high school boyfriend. I was incurred. And this break up. You know everything. This feels wrong when you mean that all that labour gonna live again, so I was absolutely depressed, ever seated cried all night in college and my dad actually got worried about make savageness like on the brink. You know you and really just teenage drama. Damn picking up the mill than I am? What island Joe me all we back home and he had never seen me so sad. The next day we went to the doktor and down the doktor said to me. Here's a pill will make you feel better about a break up. Your offered me
x for a break or break up? I don't see annex and I took it. I took so. I took the pills and I think I took it for two days went back to college. I obviously had to go to class and when I got to to camp is one of my girlfriends came to my dorm. As I told her all look like. I had these pills now because I can't get over this break up and she asked me such an important question. She said Kenneth, why are you taking those pills- and I said because I'm sad she said. Why are you sad? I said because me and so on so broke up and she said if you can answer the question about why you're, so you don't eat a pill, human and not let a human emotion example there and it changed my life rubber then I will all in the garbage like yeah. They gave you appeal for Brca sad. You know People do commit suicide over breakups you, not need appeal for break up if you want to get over your ex guy, another man,
you, the woman s, the quickest way to give up the quickest way at. We now have the greatest I mean really wouldn't allow. I actually think that a lot of these pills and reproached getting in trouble here by a lot of these These are all about numbing emotions and that you have some poor and when she said, if you know by your side, you that's called the human emotion and the problem is when you keep putting off that emotion, you you don't remember what it is like to have any emotion. So when you actually experience you know sadness, happy whoever it is, you get overwhelmed, yes, and, and we have to do better, I haven't, you will acknowledge, argue our human being exerted and what comes with that sometimes is a little bit of him. yes, some glad to see your back on your fee and your back to getting in trouble on twitter all. Yes, I'm always in trouble. as though about our promise on Wikipedia thirty. Our promise anything I'll say, does not have any to do what can this always or Prager you? This thing that comes out of my mouth is me. Thank you. I want to put them on the table.
Thank you very much now. Why are you always in trouble on twitter or I'm always ensure because I really shouldn't be in trouble. You should everybody I may I have. The freedom of speech are to speak Mamma. I say what it is and how it is see what people want me. The sugar called thinks. but I never work for the woolly Walker. Chocolate factory, never work at a candy store. Sama sugar Nothing, ok at all, so we live in and we are living in a world today that you cannot say the she can't say that you have to be careful because you might hurt someone's fill in and may I say what I won't I mean from romania- must I made this really is the yeah accommodate we're living. I wondered if you go back and you watch any of the stand up pieces from the ninety nine is, none of it will be able to exist today. Exotic has comedians were actually funny and they were taking rests and they were affair.
Everybody me behind it. Being a comedian is being offensive, zigzag Lamb and, at the end of the day, when they go around the offend everybody, every one kind of those little but better about themselves. The end as you like or its offer, not you now exactly that's why you big prostitution, spell, he keeps he'd all care and that's how should be? You know, come It means a comedian. Like all twitter, you know people were not somebody so check back or some one and check that companies. I dont check that my job. How did you check back a joke Athens outlook? they check virgin do. We know you're the other, My job is vague. Move at the level of job has ever bulk. All my good. This technology,
their me. The like now meet me was actually know me was actually not there. You can't say that no, no, no, no, no you kids. They there is our parties. All I mean that's what I'm dealing with me. It is crazy, like I came as some sort of thing to myself how male what an arduous do, something else you no one I just go. You know what I'm just stop doing comedy while just stops be illogical sailor. I get tired of being in trouble being bay and be a sensor dislike, oh god, but I can stop. The fight goes on so you're gonna be in trouble when they pull up your tweets. Thirteen years from near starts yes and I'm the Argo found something a move on a whole lot, so yeah. Those are look amount as what we'd like to give this opportunity apologize for your tweets thirteen years ago now, but you you're, so our liked, never apologized
I saw how this going on right. Now, I'm not apologise into nobody I'll show you how works. Now. I was a different person. Thirteen years ago I am horrified. I did not realise my own white privilege at that time and I'd like to poligized to my friends, my family and my fans, and thank you for allowing me to grow as a human being, but also touch we don't forgive you, because what is your? college, as they don't forget, You and they use it against you, one hundred one hundred percent that is yelled you they don't care they do they just want. They just want to see you get out. He's an end and beg for your life back and then they gradually, you can have your last night. We just wanted to see you. Bag and unit was crazy happening people. They won't you apologize for your pass and things that bet you say, but they pay. people still haven't apologia, Falada Mama, still Bob Adopt for China, Chris Mouse where'd. You owe me,
college off to you too, MR somebody on Twitter. Are you serious for something I did now? What happened the people grow and grow and below? Are you dig back? You know in the past like this is so stupid, while they're they're lucky because they lived in a generation where there was no twitter and Facebook. All these things to trap all of the bad ideas that you now as you were growing up, and so they they forgiven themselves. They simply don't remember nothing captured the things that they said here and we don't they don't.
But her stand that they're holding people to an unrealistic standard and that was sort of my sympathy with the council could show scandal. Yeah yeah. I know a lot of people is so for those you that a listing calchas shove. I was a kid, a student white student who had gotten into Harvard arm. He was a parkland shooting survivor apartment, shewed shooting should, I reiterate something, and he on a gain boy. I think right where they have those chats here. I sound like really angry about gaming. I am the have those hats said. The end word like a thousand times are Lamb, I'm being dramatic here much and somebody some kid screen shot it and he did it when he was fifteen, I think a screenshot it and then they made a scandal of it, because now he sort of up in the public and Harvard revoked ah his his acceptance letter. What did you think?
about what happened they. You know. This is my thing here. What the inward word really really care, I'm a big imma, be honest with you. I don't care if a white personal call me a inward, I spent my think. People use it today. this was the brow must mark, was that my ear were lucky a word on her, cannot settle public. What's that a word, but there's nothing though you know, though, where they say the word. It, though, is so much the worse. It is so much history behind it. Ok, there we use it. The black community use Edward every day at all think the boys races and the way he was usually you could tell me just be a childish, yeah humming raises people, don't even you that their much? Why What do you know where? I know you were there if you look at if you look at the,
at the whatever he was like a message. Whatever you look at, you can tell, was illnesses, childish is being childish and a lot of people come on now get over it. It was a long time ago. Forgive the boy raise yank. Why think what it's scary idea to say that something you do in your fifteen years old, ruins the rest of your life, but you know was finding bill MAR yes, My car is a bill bill, more use the word on his show because he is a he's in autonomy. The house, an inward or whatever, that I will then a HBO did not let him go modified. You know what they did They say, ice cube on a show in other people to give him a chance to apologise and to teach him a lesson.
to explain here. Why is such a bare word and why he shouldn't use it? Now we forgive you so we're gonna send these black people on the show. To give you a to give you a lesson to teach you son You also, you can understand, he's a grown man here, because clearly you don't understand you're forty eurozone, you don't understand, but there's a young teenager. He understands and he'd know better okay. So he, he's my back. We don't want about the good. I want gorner colleges. My fair, no peoples on a no colleges should shit. I sat here
no one should hire you? This is a young boy, no Yama go give him a chance to grow is to be more mature. Am I may come on yeah? You know it's actually funny that you're saying that, because first up a couple of things, a I dont think, though Mars racist, obviously he's not he's not he's exclusively likes. Black women raises a likely. If he's a racism, we use a weird race is right and it was right for that situation we were given by. Does he not only works one way, and I clearly, I dont think cargo ship is a racist and I think this is a bad idea to try to trap children into their pass in their history from their fifteen years old. We know that past or history really, and the last thing is the irony of Harvard Right, Harvard look at their their history exist, have a history: they they wore racist. They had a racist system,
Racism in Harvard LAW, for given that near the top institution in the nation right was harbour during the progressive error they put a cap on how many Jews they would even allow which go to their school because they were racist towards Jews or racist towards other races, and I'm just thinking it's incredible that everybody can forgive themselves, but nobody has it in their heart to forgive young kid and that that means dangerous, because a world without forgiveness is a very, very, very dangerous world. being because everybody has to pretend to be perfect. Exert nobody on this earth is perfect in everybody's learning, especially a child is so I mean that thus whatsoever Anne and unfortunately, this vitriolic place that way, and where everyone is looking for racism, you were only leads. The beast is lovely. He tied the were because inward, like a hundred times, okay, and if I don't know a black pepper man, we claim not to be their work and why you may re, you know everybody can be the inward you norka listen.
I don't use were no more about you cyclical. Why people look at this stupid in where right, they're, Doin Hispanics, look at that stupid Asia. Are you I'll in where I am you grab opportunity raises air body In word to me: ok, I'm just there! If you do, who were you Edward you just ass? I don't care what level what's actually done about raising does there. There was some recently and the left tried to starve black people. They ve got a lot of protests from a lot of boycott spur. Recently they did one that is really unforgivable. They demanded that we boycott cheerfully This is a hot topic to talk about them. Only wanted us to boycott chicken now this was an notice was a hard for me, because I took him, you don't understand there,
Fried chicken has never done nobody in the fact that they want to ban fried chicken. The black community has survived because. chicken and they want to ban it so yachts, honest now, you know me like project is what they did and seriously come on wage again as soon as I saw it, I said all that words are not how is not always models that we all have their draw? Fine lions in this area, and that was a lie and I say: ok, ok, start Tom, you pull the boycott chicken exact, leeches fillet alone. Here, ok, I'm telling you right now a lot of black people- Heavens everything about it, because people just talking, but if it was real amply they really started talking about. They had a bill to ban fried chicken
the black community, will rise up. I'm telling you we'll be margin that we'll be marginal Dc. these areas a visa and lays something there closed. The green new deal wondered being cows right if cap cows- first, I find to be here maybe, but when you use, when they are taught Mona, green new deal are talking about banning chicken is gonna, be next Yossi is gonna, have a reckoning. Has it What's a spec us? What do they expect us to eat? I'm not eating. No grass, I'm not a rabbit. I want meat. I want chicken. I want a double cheeseburger, fried fried chicken hog, Mog mashed, potatoes, black eyed, peas, collard greens, please put Bacon Greece, and my colleague ring you are tat- is the best you're taking Gonna turn Burke's future away from her, and I can allow this I could be. Other side, her sovereignty over now she take away my future
I'll, take him away mob future! Ok, first of all you got it may she's there. I could be on the other side of the ocean at your age are even though what ocean was. You got it made you wanna, the value of all shoe. I only know what it only know what it's like being on the other side and a good, but you a loud ocean, You don't have a wife girl by come on now. I have actually called thou my twitter feed the climate strike as being probably the most pretentiousness, over a privilege thing that I have ever seen whenever I mean that these people are super privilege and so out of touch the way, the rest, the people, if you have the time the time we have to go and and protest, and that climate strike, while everything that you have as a pop pour a part of this climate strike, is not legal.
By the way they got my gradually lasting blow obsolete trash on the floor whenever it is- and you are just your markedly privileged exert and unlike our they aware of the fact that every ten years it was a new way they minutes. When I was as what was our Gore, he told us that the ice capture melting we had ten years left to live in the polar bears, we're all gonna drown, which I was like polar bears on the nicest animals you know, and then we had ten years before that they had the acid rain starve. Here they mean they had global cooling. I think ten years before that and me I might be getting which fanatically and a world apocalypse thing, that they were saying that these happens every ten years vagaries throughout the world into the cake hey, stop it but climate change. Our. I don't care about climate change after China figure. I, my ac working in the house, you think I'm at the were about climate change, does not get us
That's not what I'm like smuggles. There is just not you go around end and people have real problems. You go round the projects and people are trying to figure out how to get food on the table and you're. Talking about saying we will try to get new Asia unit. They not worth about climate change are not about to go out to the streets in protest about climate change. People got bigger problems in the world about climate change, people are starving in damage on a ban. Hamburgers agent Other food, ass, affordable, affordable food, ya know your note above ya know the average American cannot afford the grapes, the strawberry, the salad. Every day you know people can avoid being a vague as expensive as the fire. I make. My goodness had taken away the plan.
did you try to area when it listen? I'm out this we're gonna hate, California, I hated. I love it but undergo a plastic straw at a restaurant yesterday and the day is let them is coming up in a struggle that they rip in and in the drink and it in his tail on me tat. You had a plastic placement. No, no! No, not a plastic star. Excuse me a paper straw. I will drink paper mill in your mouth strongly will melt in my mouth it gives you so now now here in the restaurant, because no because no because the plants, because that the tissue is up is in my body whose- and I ve been re. I've been very sick, Laelia resents solemn. Actually, so in the restaurant, because ass well,
oh there, that their papers draw your parents, I'm just gonna play devils advocate here, but the turtles are choking. Yes, the plastic straws. So exactly I mean, can you sacrifice your stomach to save one turtle know that total combat all I care Prager you and can and strongly disavowed, and condemns these comments again. Eternal seven, wrongly disavow marked with my wife, is more imports more bore. You gonna turtle, viable Andrews there right now. You know that human life is one of the EU is now we gotta take care of herself. Again, that's what we gotta eat, a mule, cheeseburgers and fried chicken has weak. We gotta take here once they have. Ok, you don't you write it use and abuse at any time
Michael after all. You can fill me with the army, no garland. Ok, I want to die happy. Ok, my body, my choice, my body module. I hear you, I hear you, you know we have this conversation. We can make all these jokes and people will place this up and it'll turn into something ugly in and it sort of points in a larger problem where you can't be funny any more like this. This is. I actually think that the left is giving us so much mature right now on. Macao is not a Saturday night live exact or conservatives because they're the ones there hilarious their noticing that they're doing it's hilarious. And yet, when you mark them, they can't take a joke. Nobody can take a joke. Nobody can forgive anybody. Nobody knows how to laugh at themselves, exerted almost the most important thing being able to not take yourself so serious. I feel like the ones in the black Moody always had was humor like that and let s comedians the funniest comedians out was our thing examiner, allowing these these in the different colts of left exactly drip, something that was action
he always hours away Kevin hearts, opportunity to host the enemies it was coming around, I'm a little bit so slow. You realize their taking away. One thing that made us happy and in turn by taking one another. We latterly anger angry about, so they say you don't get to be funny. Norbert you're allowed to be angry. Here's a tyrant things you could be angry about where our perspective used to be look at all of these different things that we can laugh in mock exactly and its issues, interesting that the black me doesn't realise that, and I'm like guys, we used to be the people that were would find joy in the worse situations. We would be lacking in things were funny and were allowing them to shut that doubt exactly blacks. Jews are some of the most funniest people out their true, especially a Hollywood.
like the best comedians on blacks and Jews. But now it's like you can't say anything. You can't say that all know. That's not! Okay, like this is what we do it like. I mean laughter and laughter is a medicine. For me, it's a medicine. The laughter has gotten me through. So many things pretty sure laugh Can you, through various meetings? Laughter is medicine, but now they don't want us. Alas, they were thus take her appeal, Nellie use medicine as laughter. They will meet with it through joint, be addicted.
some drugs are the only laugh, make jokes because s home a get through this pay. My I totally agree. I asked you a question before in the green room. I said: if actually bought, all back America woke up right and because we both have the same viewpoint that women in in do different channels. The left, as is really harming black America. These leftists in a meeting at there are trying to get us upset about, was actually harming us. But if we fixed everything- and I myself- except they- I mean- if we said- ok, everyone unemployed, Amerika wakes up and they realise that loss of his being taken away from us. What would be the problems at Black America had to champion in up like with
our own community. What do we have to fix about ourselves? You know that's a very stop blaming everybody else. Yeah. You know that whole blame thing. That's how I actually started out this. I was actually Philo. That's why I was discovered- because I was talking about that. You know about people, blame and everybody for this. You know, but I think once people stop blame in everyone else for their mistakes, I think they will haven't. Let there be old maids, they can see the door to the opportunities. I there there's a door open, open up that door. Right there there's opportunities through that door, but you, but you can't walk through that door. If you always blaming somebody, you know all. I can't do this because it is because of that I used to do it to it, because I was around a bunch of people. I used to blame everybody for everything, So I think what a heavenly having opportunities lucky they do not.
You gonna, try and very well. Why should I go to school, I'm gonna, give me a job because I'm wax disappointing on school with plans on is I'm not doing it. You're not normally apply for a job, because then I don't give it to me anyway, because I'm black by there never will It has even his country because I'm black right actually think that their attitude adjustment is needed. Something like I actually dont, think there's a magic remedy. So me having sorry I'm on the left in and now I'm conservative, some of the things that I still see that carries over here, I am talking about just in the community of black conservatism- is that we actually have to be better at building relationships. I still see that we still have that seem toxic mentality, love. We don't know how to come together as a community. Here, it's it were always in a fight for ourselves
I was having a conversation with someone I gotta do make the as opposed to the old it. Yes, Lisbon, great together re. All we can do better together, largely lets me great. The girl and that's you know about our lady and I had wondered busy night. I'm writing a book, and I wondered if that is something that has been the result of slavery since we never really. We had that break down a family always right in during during the title, slavery, and I wonder if, when the families broken apartment, black games are broken a partner or how we gonna have productive relationships, business relationships, how we can help each other build your socks at a scenario, and this is a true story and that naming names were invited you know a bunch of people to be? I pack ass. You are one of them. Yes, I canceled on you twice because I had the back in whenever when I had like the summit, will I can't it on you and we had to reschedule widows scheduled Oh yeah, well, yeah yeah, yeah yeah we're the people I was cancelled over. It was a black woman. She lost her mind on me. I mean she Emmi it. She took it. So personally,
started tweeting about me sing all the southern agenda. Myself is this: how you think is is a productive way to deal with any sort of business relationship. We have to get better at me, managing relationships or we're never gonna get anywhere. Ugly. Things happen, life ass, you live happens. Life happens come on now, so you that that is totally just ridiculous You know what we need to work together and a lot of people to blacken me to complain. Well, we the bill to our community. Its duty, as we did at the white man there taken. I welcome moves. Will you take our our of our community back? Well? How can you that, if you don't want to work together, if you want to be better than the next person instead of being great together, you want to be greater than that person because because to be real with you, if you go to the black community, who owns the liquor store who owns the?
who owns the the who owns the laundromat sand. The car wash is all in the corners and in a corner stores, Asians people from us people, people from India, people from Pakistan. You know, but of blacks came together. Ya puts him, put your money together, you know you, can you? Can all their corner store. you in several other people can only corner store and that their let that that bet laundry mad or there wash or whatever puts money together. Work together be great together, yellow yeah, but people don't want words ago. They wanted now know on now, a mouse door out there now
embedded in our embedded in our due to me. I think we will not do that anymore. They are put their money together in a work together. They build together because they now focus on all I gotta be Betty. You know I I think I think we definitely do need to figure out how to better manage relationships that are better manage emotions, and that is not that's really not left or right, dear it's just as its black America thing and and we're not going to find success until we I had actually build bridges and not building all these ditches lopping, one that I supporting one another and being happy for one another. When someone gets ahead in saying how did you do that? How can I do that? How can I make myself better circles that sort of my my biggest hope for Black America on the other side of it issues being better to one another in general? Exactly it's all about conflict resolution, exactly what is your hope for Black America, more hopeful, Black America
a black America to be great and wake up and realise that they have the same opportunities as everybody else, a man that is a great place to end. We wrapped every episode, I'm sure you watch she already no longer there, yes, I'm biggest spaniard two minutes get out of here. You look into this camera and you are going to leave a video message for the world's two minutes on the clock. Christened got it on your mark, get set world. I give you Terence K, Williams. I could be on the other side of the ocean right now. But I'm here, what can this always law should be at home? I now even fried chicken, but I'm forced to be here to talk to her just because I'm I guess you lacks. I have to be here
no limits Babylon, a Lord Jesus about the Abbe ABC Com, anatomy. By yes, some talk until the camera right. so everybody, my name's tears, K Williams? I have some shows coming up. Gonna tears, K, Williams, dot com for tour updates in four new information about what I got going on and it now to MRS Mann. I gotta have trash arms
How is greatly on those I could be on the other side of the road is right here. Thank you, guys were watching. The latest episode of the Kansas Owen Show, I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you guys already know, Prager you is a five or one c, three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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