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2020-02-02 | 🔗
Slavery is alive and well today. Human trafficking is a booming business that is being propelled by both the powerful and our on-demand sexualized culture. Tim Ballard, former special agent and founder of Operation Underground Railroad, joins Candace to discuss how society aids this multi-billion-dollar criminal enterprise.
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If I'm going way over, let me out, as this could have been like, we could have done like three episodes. Aren't you can talk about here? What should we focus on, like you know, we're good speeding? Ok, ladies and gentlemen, we are rolling into another episode of the Canvas Ellen show in this is a topic that I am very very very excited to challenge myself on, primarily because I am not sure exactly where I stand. I've been trying to make myself ideologically consistent and all of my ideas and things that I say an area that I have been struggling with is the argument over whether or not prostitution should be legal. I'm here discuss this with me. Is the founder of Operation Underground rail Road, TIM Ballard. He has done way too much. His regime is extensive on forego indicating that a little bit but first and foremost, him Ballard, welcome to the kind of Sancho brings. Her huh
to begin with you, so I'm gonna just start with telling people that you worked for homeland security for twelve years. You started actually in the CIA for one year and the nine eleven happened and common security was started, and you instantly knew that you wanted to join homeland security on what was your first dumb, I'm job there. Where were you stationed? I was on the point of entry worth clicks. Go California Mexicali. This is where Mohammed altogether the terrorist, who was insurance, the nine eleven attacks had come across east actually stated in Mexico. So I wanted to get on that border so when in Awaken that eleven I jumped over the fact I was still even before the name Homeland Security came out. I was already going into work was copied in immigration. Customs unfortunate was ice, ok, so which, by the way ice Does more than any other aims in the world had knocked out? Pedophiles outside just colonel has been a topic. People want to get rid of ice. That's insane
absolute instead anyway, so that I worked under eyes. I was I was the permanent security homeland security investigations and I went down the border to to combat terrorism and, Therefore, only six months I had office, I wanted my I looked into Mexico from my office. We are crying under tunnels, we are funding almost tunnels during this time it was early, two thousands- and we have new knows, doing what I want to do in my boss. Call me, and he said: hey. We, we ve selected you to help us this new group, an anti child trafficking group, I literally like also my colleagues and even the world, what what's child trafficking. When you talking about well known of talking about it, then and it turns out its the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world and in two thousand and four action into any kind of through me in into it figured out, help us design. The policies help us item a minute cut you at appetite.
I will figure and even about that fact and- and I love doing the show, because I always tell people I come into these conversations ignorant I get to learn from the experts. I was ignorant of the fastest growing enterprise in the world. Is child sex trafficking It is growing criminal enterprise in the world, that is, the selling of people, wow thirty million people are enslaved about eight. the insurance aren't waved, whether its sex slavery slave lake, or organ harvesting, which is something we are working on most in the Middle EAST and I dont think damage, we have Americans know that infirmities do not know. If that is incredible. Ok, so you you get that call! You didn't know what it was, and you say it ain't. You are now going to be the guy that working on that what next saw we stopped working these cases and I was scared to death, no at first and then back to my wife, and I said: can you believe asked me to work this and we have little children at the time and she says: there's no way you doing this you'll bring darkish nor house. I said yes, I went. I was preparing my talk, mice,
beats to tell my boss, no use his big burly guy. I was scared of him, it is due. look mustache, inadequate, he'll, know, and I know what to do. And I remember a kind of rehearsing, my speech in the mere that next morning, but yet and it was I remember I know you know I've never figured it out. I didn't have to and is sweet story. My wife came into the battlements tears in her eyes. she said, I'm wrong wrong. To do this, for the very reason that we thought you couldn't do this, because we have kids, is the reason you have to say. Yes, while because we have kids and if if it's true- and we can't even believe the stance of the time- I know their true now about this being such a you know pervasive crime against children. Then of course we have to. We can't walk away. And so my speech became easy, was yes, yes and hence we
we started in, and it was a hundred times worse than I could have even perceived in my mind the things that people do to children And these are the young children. You know people think we're time. About child pornography or child trafficking. They think Sixteen seventeen and certainly those are totally minors. That's not even what we're talking about, but I am out five, six years old, seven years old. What people are doing to these children in the last couple years had been five thousand percent increase in child rape. Videos on the internet- and these are little children- are being abused this way. So I got into it. We started working it and something shifted into. Doesn't six George W Bush sign into law the atom, whilst child protect act and what that did changed. My life a tiny little part in their bill than they used to
a statutory requirement that if you want to go after american pedophiles who were hurting children over overseas, you have to prove that they had the end tend to write that child. While standing on your soil, which, before two and six, we have zero prosecutions cause you can't prove he eliminated that statutory requirement which open the gates and they said me overseas. I speak Spanish. They sent me an undercover school and they Ok, now that we don't approve this, all we have to do now is proof that an American left, the country when oversees the sexually assaulted child, and now we can hold that american perpetrator, accountable as if they committed a crime here, these countries an amazing right new opportunity Somebody, undercover schooners, had go and figure it out and find the kids, and so I did lay out
in in Central America, Latin America going under covers a pedophiles trafficker. Whatever I had to do- and it almost broke me not just because of the exposure to such darkness, but because, if I could find an american pedophile among these operations had come home because we had no dog in the fight. The you S, government couldn't do anything legally, But out always find the kids wait hold on wow. So if you were overseas and you did find yes, this is a pedophile. This person is involved and said trafficking. Unless you could locate one American in that you had to walk away from the situation. They are saying that correctly, thus Kurt while that's really heavy is what it was, and I didn't blame. I would have made the same decision is it's a constitutional, creating a legal questions and the country that working Western who are helping us missile.
You going till you ve made yourself the bait Youtube. If you walk out of this, it's over the bad guys think you're, the guy. You walk away from this, but there is only there's. We didn't have a budget. We can have a constitutional men, it'll, be there and it and it was kind of an unintended consequence of the whole thing and there two cases. I was working one Haiti and want to Columbia. Where I got too deep by why wouldn't further than frankly, I was supposed to go. I got so impassioned trying to find these kids that often times I be sent down to do a training, and I would kind of go further and I will do the undercover work in. Set it up and there was there is a two cases, one in Colombia, one in Haiti, like I said I learned what this little boy, his name is gone, In fact, I wear his name on my eye. My wrist, there's nobody. Guardy was a! U S. Citizen is EU citizen kidnapped, in Haiti living in Haiti. With his family's of haitian descent he's the only one of his family
was actually born here, while the family lived in United States and was kidnapped from the church where his father was the pastor and kidnapped and trafficked Haiti's, like, I think, number three per capita a world fit for human trafficking. And I promised his father that we would never stop. until we found his son- and I thought because you a citizen, I can make this work but deal became clear to me and they said now. This is asian crime, but there's nothing. You eat you gotta come back, but I'd only promised the Father Rice hope and I did the same thing in Colombia. We went too far in a case where I was. We were set up to two: do big big down a rescue, four hundred kids. But again the over committed and we didn't have the mandate to be there. So then it was now what I'm twelve years in this job, was an undercover operator for the? U S, government- and I went back to my If my, so, what do we do? I, I can't work these cases anymore. And here's my wife. It's always my wife, by the way who
direct me in, and none of this will happen without her. She says worlds for a simple: you have to quit your job and we'll just ignore it out am I had just been on the clan back show for book. I wrote had nothing to do with trafficking. And I didn't know Glenn that well other than I was on a show once and he didn't, even though they did for a living except. I wrote this book about american history, about religious liberty, this kind of my hobby and and I called glad my servants and stock. I need to tell you what I do for a living and against it, all the advice of his attorneys of his company, he he said I can't say no to this and he he raised the money for us to go back down and do those two hits. So I came back as the co founder of all these. According to me, you know he really. yes, he's one of our closest friends and allies to this day
So we went down in and we we quit. We started this foundation. We I pulled in a kind of a coalition of of of people who who would work for Briggs. I haven't enough. Money formerly We seals guys anyone the government who came in former FBI's, Homer security, guys local cops and we went down and we were successful. We went in and colombian rescued over a hundred kids the operation and in another on the Haiti operation. We found the captors, we we liberated the other children. Twenty children that they were holding captive and we were able to come to light. Those children given baggage but the little boy guardy where this remember him. He wasn't, there had already been sold and we haven't found him yet. While I want to ask a question
when you say is, I know, you're oversimplifying went down there elaborated them right that sound superior, easy like you press the button and it's not present a buy it now. Not. What does that take? Take me through the day when you, unless this operations- men to flourish, and so your ear we're watching these guy you're studying them. You know who the players are. You know where the children are right. Who are the people? Could you some of the team. Now you're on your own, you don't how government support right? Who was around you? Who are you? Are you working with the government and in Colombia? who are the men that are going in embossings endorse? What does it take yes, excellent question. So, yes, we always work with government and we won't work at all. So we'd busy become consultants now cover the nl up cynicism, informants officially legitimately as in It's that allow us to legally then go under cover on behalf of the government, so in the case of Haiti, we went down there, we knew we were able to give on record, see a police like hey here's. The problem is kids: they get trafficked and kidnapped in these in these countries are developing their normal?
no hope, because these other countries, most of them, don't even do pro active investigations, were very blessed to live in this country. We have, you, know the first class law enforcement federal state local over there. They don't, and a pro active investigation which is required to liberate children. They don't do it It's all. They could do to keep up with the reality of the dead bodies, the the homicides they have to do with everyday and so we have to go in and say, look will help you do these proactive resignation, so we help them and they got four records mural to locate this place. Where we are certain that the little boy had been taken at one time and We fluid drawn over the really high over it and we're just mortified to see. There's we catch twenty, some children in this compound There was a high wall, as you can see around it and then we had to get in so, what's going on in there, so we when we traveled to his place and if they ve painted on the wall. Concrete all you know happy day orphanage.
Well, there's no registered orphanage in Haiti, combat and so we know it's it's a front. What are they doing when we know what they're doing their sewing does if there's, if thirst, million children who are being sold into slavery. Two million of those are just just sex slavery every year. How those kids get into the market. This is how they get the market after the big earthquake in Haiti or in any kind of natural disaster. What happens is People do this, they throw up, assigns, has orphanage and in the in the wake of the chaos innocent people are too children are to come here and that trap is harvest time for the traffickers this is how children get put into the sex trafficking or the labour market and so the haitian government volunteered me to go under cover and just walk into this place. You just walked and walked in
I walked in didn't know what you're walking on re. If you're gonna get killed, that's right because we had no other option we couldn't get anywhere until, except as someone went in and being an American. I would have more. The ability to kind of tritium rank is adequately her work predation place now, so they we wired me up. cameras and glasses cameras and backpacks hidden cameras, and I walk into this place and it was. It was plain emotional moment I had in in my career. At that point I walk, and I see these kids and twenty twenty eight children, the youngest won, the the is, is thirty in energy miserable- and I know what's going on, I can tell- and the people came up to me immediately- even when even worried, and they said. Oh, you must have heard what we do here. So yeah. Of course. That's why I'm here. Peter. So the kids are ten thousand dollars each. Just like that instantly and silly
and I said yeah, that's it! That's why I came. I have a contact up in New York City. They can. I have my legend, my my story. My mind when I was gonna do and say in and so, negotiating and I'm looking for a little guardy. I'm just die, I'm just like. Where is he I can't tell? It's dark our buildings around it, and so I want to get into those and so the police had told me because it can we work under their jurisdiction. If you can't find guardy and they offer to sell you a child by the child go through with the deal, let them conclude this deal, which will give us the evidence we need to thin, take this place down and then we'll really be able to find ghartey. So at this point I have to pick a child to buy and in a abrasion them I'm looking around and I actually have the undercover footage. Would you can see this they had never go with me. There's two of us the walked in so he caught me and I'm looking for this kid.
who made I by in this beautiful little boys but pray two years old, Hugh. He basically picks me and he walks up to me- and I just hold this. Little boy, my arms and I circa he's he's the one I'm gonna, I'm gonna buy I've. I take him, Arms are walking to some of the outbuildings, while my colleague is keeping the traffickers occupied, negotiating uprising of, so I'm looking into got my camera to pick up any other faces in either children and, as I'm walking into this dark out, building on the on this premises is dirty smelly, evil place. I hear the footsteps of another his following me and I swing around in there just three year old girl and she Autonomy, no I'm getting so emotional there's a recent and she
she's looking at me and she's looking at him, and I know I want to try to get her out of the way I don't want to create. You know. A lot of attend What I'm doing so, I give her county candy bars of these kids are all we find out later and I could tell the moment all of them are on the verge of starvation. and I get this little girl, candy bars. She's right, never seen a candy bars and I said, take this outside. You can even outside and I have children. I noticed they respond to that. This little girl did something had never seen any child. Do she took the candy bars broke it and have almost like muscle member, not even thinking with without taking her, the little boy. My arms set candy bar in half and hands the other half to the little boy, and I just knew I mean God told me in that moment there they're, brother and sister- all they have is each other. That's it. and I'm, and what have I done? How many Americans have come down to this place, picked up a child and that child disappears forever and this little girls not to let that happen, and so
broke the cardinal rule of undercover operators in that moment, this first and last time ever did at night I knelt down, I put a little I don't reckon it put him down. She grabbed seamen, protects him from me, which was the sweetest thing. This little girl just my hero in the night broke this rule by telling them who I was that I am here to help them, and then they need help me and go along with an I'm doing, and we will get you guys out here. and she knew this girl's, brilliant she's, she's gifted way that most children, art and so She does and she goes along with this. We end up getting the kids out we pay. kids, in a sting operation. In a sting deal, we had to go to another hotel that we had set up we're cameras wire to make sure,
Got all the dialogue in all the evidence we needed. It went off perfectly the travelers you arrested. They liberated the art, the orphanage, the false orphanage in little guarding, of course, wasn't there and but the Father. I told you about the fought this, the father, this little boy way I made a promise to that. We would never he's either pastor of his congregation. Who was christian church. I promised him that we would now. stopped. We found a son he's waiting and other hotel for the Good NEWS waiting for me to walk through the door with his son. In my arms, and we all knew that was going to happen. We believed it and I still had hope at this moment when the police raided the the front orphanage, that cardi would be there in about thirty minutes later. They called me with the devastating news that he's not here. We got twenty eight kids, but he we can get him. And I had to go back and tell this man what happened and who is the most difficult and most,
aspiring conversation I've ever had with human being. I went back now with him. He was in the lobby, they'll tone without saying a word he's just breaks down. I break down we're just sobbing, without even exchanging any words, because he knew that I didn't have a son, but I did eke out the words to him that what we did, we did get twenty kids out, and then he did this most amazing thing. He slapped his hand on the table. New policies head up in his tea tears are drawing I'm still crying he's, not he's a stop crying. amazing as it what's raising is it you just tell me we rescue twenty a kid I said yeah, but I'm worried about the one we didn't get. And it is no you're missing it if, already hadn't been kidnapped, none of us Kids would have had a chance. His kidnapping led to this, and I thought wow. I I couldn't say what you're saying were reversed? And then he said this, the most profound thing anyone's ever said to me. He said
I have to give up my son so that those twenty a kids could be rescued. Then that is a burden and willing to bear, and we rescued over three thousand victims and children since that time and they're all because of this, because of this, sacrifice so that those who little kids so I go home that night and I'm just an emotional mass dislike. I'm happy and sad and I'm bewildered by this man? He he in fact went to the police right after that I went with him and he said if you, can't find parents for these children who were arrested in the name of my son. I will bring them home. He went home with eight of those twenty lake unbelievers so I'm so I go call my wife at night from this crappy. You know haitian hotel room whenever there's a rat turning around and it's all we could afford. At the time we were like piled up like ten of us in a room,
can sleep and I told her story as it? Can you believe this, and I said I want to be like him, but guess no Marty, that's his name. And she said I got to be careful what I say to my wife because she's, because when she says something I know it's inspired, especially, we know when she said that was that and she did one of those on the phone and she said will thus be like him. I want to be the mother of those two children that you that you had to buy them that you bonded with? I want to be there mom. Will you make that happen? For me? That's just like I should kidding me like no money. I just I just love my security at the start of of non profit, and I knew that she felt it in and we did it in those kids have been home for two years ago. such an incredible story, so we have seven of our own, so that made nine Nine children of minor wow doing the gods God's work and it really is
at work, and I and I really want to just add some credit, but just to sort of speak about what your wife was experiencing in what she's feeling, because soon, as you said, oh you know any having on sex trafficking in her initial response. That would be my initial response, because it's a topic that no one wants to talk about and it because it's it's actually so deeply affects us that we want to pretend that it's not happening and end the courage for her to say. This is exactly why we Do it, and I can imagine how it impacts. I'm in gesture you're, your emotional eighty, every single day, there's no way you cannot just leave the office is no such thing as leaving your work at home, because your ear, seeing something That is just such just to tatters
Do your humanity and makes us realise that there are just some really really really wrong things about this world transfer really horrible things about this world and I'm guilty of until energy. I try, like you know you, you wouldn't turn the faucet off on certain types of you, because you just can't stomach it, and- and talking about this issue in particular, is really hard people, and I think that's really why so many of us are ignorant about just how extensive the issue really is. So I started this saw. This episode was speaking about prostitution and I want a pivot there. I was in college campuses and some kids asked us. You know what is european and prostitution, and obviously my gut instant. That I want to say is that, while I don't agree with it morally, you know I do think that
people should have the right to do what they want with their body, but then something the back. My head said: don't put that interrupt their because I dont know than us surely agree with that, because if prostitution was legal everywhere, there is no doubt that it would impact child sex trafficking. So I fought long and hard about because I too am very libertarian in my political ideals and love liberty, and I think it will show the right to do what they want to do I have the advantage that I know who these bad guys are and most Of Amnesty International came out, and I very much disagreed with with their position- was their per annum- promote rights for sex workers and I get where they're coming from, but they just Dont know the bad guys like. I know the bad guys then part of what their pushing and in New York State just either there considering ability to do the same thing. Part of the sex workers rights According to Amnesty International, what people are pushing for is to preserve the rights of the pimp,
of the manager of the sex workers. They claim that they need that y know these guys. Ok, I will I've been under cover in Dozens of countries does of cases, these guys are their wicked in their evil and their businessmen, you can sell a child for double or triple what you can sell and adult for in the sex market. and so these guys would love to have their business legitimized, now there being regulated in and therefore shaking hands with government officials and everything's good course I'll, never show you the twelve little show, who are under ten years older than I haven't the basement, but therefore cell, to and they're, going to use this new sex market that they laws have created for them in legitimize for them, and those kids will be hurt. I am certain of it. I know again, I know these guys can I meet with them, and all the guy selling kids also have their there. The adult for cell as well
and the right to an upsurge you like, but you can get a twelve year old for, for you know, just add on fire, hundred dollars more and I'll. Give you the twelve your other. I got a couple virgins tube and that's a thousand dollars this. Would then this is their business and so to legitimize plus, when you go into these countries that have limited resources, its baby, don't have like I said earlier to do these can apply Acta investigations already now in a regulate, you're, gonna utilise government time they didn't have and resources to regulate this new market, leaving even less time for them to do. They weren't doing before, which is investigating. The cases leaves legitimize this thing you ve created a sex market. so the question is this: what's more important prisoner, preserving the right of children from not being raped. preserving the rights of an adult from forming a sex workers are going to choose the children in Africa.
And every time? And that's that's why I've come down strong on the position of no do not legalised procedure now do not do not criminalize prostitutes either. I would very much against any prostitute being prosecuted. I've seen too many prostitute two once they ve come out until their story. They were that ten year old they were that eleven year old and so I would never ever prosecute prostitutes. So what let's see that people try to doing people defend sex work, and especially I mean this is happening on a cultural level. I had one gas to explain to me actually showed me that teen bouck, as they know, which is appealing to thirteen year old Preview Besson, young women is saying, has a headline less pasture. That said sex workers, your work and they go on to defend why sex work should be defended on is defensible and why we need to open up the laws in all of this sort of falling under the
Umbrella of sexual liberation, and we and it seems like we- never can get sexually liberate enough for him. I mean it just keeps going and they need more sexual ever more sexual liberation and I'm starting to wonder, and I guess what I ask myself the questions if we're really kind of just hitting at I guess, unwearying moral fibres of our society. Women know we didn't know we should be able to walk around the streets naked and we should be able to sell our bodies. If we want to this is freedom, and then you take a look at it. The thing that's supposed to be freedom is starting to look alot like bondage and we are encouraging and when you look up and if you're a country you say well, America has legalized prostitution in all fifty states. If that was a circumstance, that's a and- and I just I really wonder about where we're going culturally and how this sort of contribute to what you say is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world, and what people, and this is the thing I said before the integral telling you the root of the day, the informed
everything else is what this is. The fastest growing criminal enterprise in the world is the exploitation of children and as that, the more liberal in that sense, we become with sexuality you is it doing what you said exactly right? You are leading these kids to bondage. You're gonna create this this, Does your political environment where children are sold goby free then go on Instagram and take you know, shitless pictures, all these I know the pimps or the traffickers are watching their highest recruited. that their best recruiting tool is our social media platforms and they hey come a I want to be your agent I wanna, be you can do a little shit with me. We met I would kids in United States by the way are being sucked into trafficking. So we encouraging what they're doing invoke another play their encouraging bondage additional realise, because their ignorant to what is actually happening.
and the underbelly of his whole country and and and culture by an especially when you think about the cyber market in particular- and you know we live in this culture that most people think that pornography is ok. Women should be allowed to be porn stars. It's ok to have all of these. In this free a porn industry at your fingertips. If you want an indulgent now and then you have to ask ourselves the question, when you see all these stories break out, you know children at home, the internet, I actually read a terrifying story of somebody who was able to hack into baby cams and kid cams in people's homes and literally be looking at footage all day, the four year old playing in her room, the getting dressed and then when and put that on the internet. That is to me the most traumatized being violating thing that I could possibly think up, I'm not apparent yet, but just just in your own home and the market that's being created by this idea again of what should be liberation and anxious.
It seems like an issue that isn't ever going to be defeated. If we continue to provide a market by saying, by redefining what morality is and then trying to say calling things free that aren't necessarily really about freedom, in my opinion, yeah, so it's it's. It's a really very topic in any do so much so much work in it I mean. So. Where do you go from here you're running this organization, I'm assuming you guys are no longer a start up. No not me no longer and start up mode. So it is good that you followed your heart. Just how many cases do you take on at one time, for words were in twenty two countries and were in twenty five states? We, We just had our one thousandth rescue December for just for the year, which is essential. He has been better than the next and we just to grow and and provide the tools. education, the jurisdiction.
Including the United States, that don't always have to combat trafficking. The other thing that we picked up so into us, fifteen gland back started the Nazarene fund to to get the christian people out of Middle EAST of out of Iraq. As ices was rolling in and he moved what he did was actually phenomenal by the way he better you'll never get credit. This me a movie made about him. He moved. Ten thousand people out I love what Oscar Schindler did turn you know getting too hundred use out when the amazing story gland got ten thousand people out, the Middle EAST and into safety in before ices came in and once when they came in, we know they did sex slave markets, like we ve, never seen. Christian, Yosemite children and women killed the men and then a couple years ago, two and a half years ago. call me and said I mean I need you to take over. Oh, you are to take over the Nazarene Fund so
he still the founder and wish to work closely with him and Mercury one. So we're doing a lot of work in the Middle EAST now so we're running these operation. ices is still alive, there have territory more, the caliphate has been has been destroyed, but they still exist and I still have thousands of care, in the because these are. These are still something most grotesque people I've ever seen, meaning they recruit edifice Anyone can come in and join. Ices pedophiles join because but what they can do and so we're we're still working a lot on opening up. those areas and getting those children out of the hands of our countries, the worst first sex trafficking. really it's really any any develop. A country that has a resort town kind of is the word I'll tell you. Will we have our biggest office in South EAST Asia so lot going on there in Thailand interest a lot of that's where westerners go to to find children. Fortunately in and we
the target. Americans helped. We help the type police target the Americans were coming to abuse their children. How are we doing in America in terms of conquering this issue, Pry, better than any other country, because we have the best law enforcement the world and we have high tech solutions that are unbelievable, homeland security investigations, where I came out of leading the way, just so impressed or of their best partners the internet crimes against children task forces, which we have our phenomenal. We support those as well or foundation, but there still there still roughly two Fifty thousand children in United States currently being sold into sex slavery in that number. Thousands of children are brought in from or in the rear, here's the prom with America's that we are the number one consumer of child re videos in the world where the media region, We are the demand, which is why, inside of it Talking about just six, we had passed a law because George W Bush,
Recognizing Congress recognised, we are the problem, Our people are going over an abusing these children, so that was the that was kind of the genesis of that of that bill. Kids are still being brought over and their children. because if, if a traveling, that child internet states, the price just went up for you. A lot more money by bringing the the products to the market. Words, words, words, words higher value and so there is a big problem, and this is why This is one of the arguments that that I mean I was heavy opportunity, brief, the President in Congress and and not bad. When this whole wall debate was coming up because we rescued the children New York City who, but for the wall, you know they they would have been rescued the date they the kids, who were who were too, through the desert with no barrier and I've talked to these kitchen. Will we get him out and they said
once they know someone we're getting older, now, they're, looking back what happened to them, there's one little girl who now worked for us she's she's in early twenties. She was kidnapped to twelve years old in Mexico and she brought up? No, no, but no barrier bordered anything water. Straight into New York City in between twelve and seventeen years old in New York City. This little girl was raped. We Greek, we guess about sixty, thousand times before she was firmly set free investor thousands of children. Now she looks like Commission says you know what I was There had been some kind of opportunity. One last opportunity for me: have the the border or war, whether forced the trafficker take me through the port of entry? And I saw that long for officer who, by the way these guys are trained to look for this. She said I, reached out help me last chance. So I was going crazy, Debate about, while does nothing like tell that to the two of these countless children who were raped hundreds of thousands of times that it means nothing that there's no opportunity there
Oh, so we are made a major part of the problem and should be a major part of the solution, but I need to say anything about my heart. This has got to be one of the most interesting heart wrenching discussions that I've ever had on the show. I'm is an issue that I, like. I said. I've been almost too terrified to discuss because it just such a scary thing, but it's become more and more necessary, especially as we see people that are actively fighting to sort of say. You know what now wish we not have border security. Not only do we need a more sexually liberated society We should also abolish what you just said. We had the best law in force in the world. We should be in abolishing entire units of our law. Law enforcement. All native in the name of Freedom and Michael, is just show people that that's actually all in the name of bondage and even but look at all of these other countries, and they don't have what we have to realise it. That's the circumstance we wrapped every single episode about allowing the person that I am speaking with to leave a voice message for the world, meaning you're going
Look at this camera and you're gonna go for two minutes and everybody in the world watches the kinda sullen show in the holy see here the message that you leave Are you ready I'm ready our rights on your market sat world? I give you ten Ballard, hey world, listen up their slavery and is not dead. it's alive and Candice is something very important. She said that it's terrifying talk about those investment fear that you can turn us off. It takes guts listen to this interview, it takes guts to engage and I used to teach international politics at one time I live in, and people were by students would talk about all. We talked slavery and making century all. I would have been an abolition as I would have stood up and I have to be the jerk and it sounds kind of jerk is to say this, but tell him you, you, probably wonder, been because understand people in the north and in the nineteenth century they didn't travel into South Carolina Georgia,
see slavery any more than you and I travelled to title. Nor Mexico or other high trafficking. Here is not that it doesn't exist here. It does, but it's more hidden in Seoul. Look back in history and if you pray would, as I would have been, one of those abolition would win. Harriet Tubman I've been Frederick Douglass will now your chance, because the parallels are almost exact. going on now slavery, his real there's more people enslaved in it. the other time in the history of the world and are so much that you can do to help eradicate it and liberate and he'll these children. So if you go to oh, you are rescue dot, org. Or the Nazareth fund dot org
learn about how you can get involved to help us liberate the captive. That was perfect. Thank you. So much for joining. Thank you. I was just got. I was trying so her not to cry. Thank you guys were watching. The latest episode of the candle Owen Show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you guys already know, Prager you is a five or one C. Three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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