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The Candace Owens Show: Vice President Mike Pence

2019-09-22 | 🔗
Vice President Mike Pence joins Candace Owens at the White House for a very special episode of The Candace Owens Show. The Vice President discusses the importance of his faith, how he met his wife, Karen, and the future of America. Don’t miss it! PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation: https://donate.prageru.com/CO
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Ok, ladies and gentlemen, we are rolling into a most special episode of the Canvas Alan show I am sitting across from the honourable vice president, MIKE pens. Welcome to the kind of selling show great me with your gear this you know, I'm affirm. Welcome to the vice presidents off your humble
abode. Did it really is an honour to be here with you, you and I had run into each other, and we have had such a great and entrusting conversation about Black America. I just wanted to bring it to a wider audience. I find today that sometimes the conversations and the rhetoric can be so polarizing and people just aren't hearing an honest discussion about what this administration is doing for black Amerika, and I just wanted to give you the opportunity to talk about. It will really crucial. Everybody members during the campaign womb of the prisoners are countered, said well, you have to lose two african Americans all across the country early after decades. Where, frankly, are african american families. Often times in our major cities, face toughest economic conditions.
Most failing schools and and and real challenges with with crime and drugs. The prisoner said: give us a chance to change on that and on election night present a try, said he. We were committed to be to be an administration for every American to see every American succeed. I have to tell you, as we see this economy rebound following the prisoners, tax cuts and in the roll back of red tape and historic levels, unleashing american energy It's not just its not just more than six million jobs at the president, and I celebrate it's not just the unemployment at a fifty year low, but to see the lowest unemployment ever recorded for African Americans in this country is a source of great pry into the president and great pride to me. We were opening up doors of opportunity for every American, but to see
african Americans, finding those job opportunities and and and being able to live their dreams at a rate that we haven't seen before, is incredibly exciting and we ve added to that in this administration of a vision that the sector been Carson has implemented that Senator TIM Scott carried through the the United States Congress and present a trump sign called opportunities zones. We literally is I'm sitting before you today in cities all across this country communities large and small. We ve identified thousands areas that are now denominated as opportunities zones and there's bill friends of dollars in private investment. That now has incentive to create jobs and opportunities. often times in our major cities oftentimes in exactly the areas where women,
Communities in african Americans have haven't had those opportunities, and so I would while the president and I were proud of- where this economies booming a product with a stock MA is soaring. Jobs are expanding for every American. I know for a for this president, seeing the lowest unemployment level ever recorded for African Americans and all
hispanic Americans seem wages, rising for working Americans and seeing opportunities really expanded communities across the country? If it's it's a source of great satisfaction to us, but it's also a part of the story that we're gonna tell all across the country and all fifty states in the coming election year. I love that you keep using the word opportunity and that you're talking about opportunities zones, because as a black American and someone who came from absolutely nothing, you can see so much people want to offer handouts night. I don't necessarily believe that hand outs, help but hand up saying you know what here is an opportunity for you that you can step inside of a build yourself up. I think that is a differentiated and I'm so grateful to this administration. I'm from four waking me up and making
realize that I could be the author of my own destiny. If I took some of these opportunities for myself and embraced that, so that's that's really wonderful and I want to us talk about something else and I really admire about it. That's really would have remark and want a truly believe and not just to African Americans spend every every American just wants that opportunity to Guatemala, the american Dream and imprison tromp. You have a leader that gets there because his family, my family, you just like your family, we all live. The american dream, his grandfather emigrated to this country. My grandfather emigrated to this country, his father built a business. Dad ran a small gas station business in a small town both of us. seen our families literally live the american dream, and I have to tell you to know president tromp and
and you know I'm as well as I've got to know him he's somebody that he wants to see everybody succeed, he wants to see America prosper and put the progress we've made in the african american community. I just think it goes back to that. What do you have to lose promise and that, in the truth, is that that Weatherby opportunity zones where they would be the lowest unemployment ever record or whether it be the present its commitment to allow to allow parents to choose where their children go to school to school. That is best for them, public or private. We're going to continue to expand those opportunities to African Americans and every American and, as we know, it's a pathway to a stronger and more prosperous country, and I think I actually know the answer to that question. When he asked Black America, what do you had to lose? The answer was absolutely nothing. We had already been losing and I finally get like we're turning them.
and on that you have to credit this administration for that and you ve got up a very important work, which I want to get into family and- and I spoke to you about this offline- I said you know- I feel, like the breakdown. The family is so central to a lot of the things that were seeing happening in society, and you have really asserted yourself as a family man and as as a man of faith as a man of God. I want you just really talk about that, because I do see that as a Sorry pillar of this society will very humbled by their candidates, and I thank you, for the kind words People used ass. Many me years ago, when I had her radio programme. What my philosophy wasn't I just told people are
I'm a Christian, a conservative, a Republican in that order. I mean for me and for my family, the face face is the most important thing in our life. I became a Christian when I was a college student. I've tried I'm trying to live out my faith with integrity and all my imperfections ever since, but my faith doesn't for me to put put my family first Karen, and I have sought to do that, not just in our marriage, but also in making a priority. of our children and our We do believe that that as we see this economy grow as we see this economy expand
creating more opportunities for families and to prosper as a pathway for real prosperity in this country. So will will will of will continue to and will continue to hold that forward and make it make it more possible for more families to prosper and but for us at all, happens on a foundation of faith. Absolutely links should have that aid, and once you have a strong family and that you will see kids that are raised to be strong members of society, strong can chick contributing members of society, and I have to You have fun question because every time I've seen you at this stage and I've seen that many times you always bring up Karen, so I moved to know how you and your wife met with we. I was I was a law student. She was teaching elementary school and I I was a church one Sunday.
A church I was visiting in Indianapolis, and I saw this beautiful brunette playing the guitar up front. I followed her out. The back of the church told her I wanted to play in the guitar group, which I would have been prepared to back up, because I play the piano guitar little bit, but we started to talk and, we went out, and I have to tell you from our very first day. I knew in my heart how special she was, and we dated four nine months. We were married. Nine months later,
it's more than thirty one years or other than my decision. To put my faith encroach, my decision to ask com would accrue to mergers, verse decision. I removed my life that it that is genuinely so sweet I'd, love to hear that I left it that were able to portray this side of you, because I feel you guys are constantly under fire and constantly being scrutinised by the media, and it doesn't help anybody. But how do you guys deal with that? Haven't you and Karen deal with that, constantly being under fire. my wife has a great way of putting it. When we were elected governor, remember she. She made a promise to our three kids, who are the greatest source of pride in our life. Our sun, Michael, our daughter in law, are two girls are all incredibly wonderful and accomplished. People. but you don't care and said: look you're dead now, you're, not gonna. Let what goes on out their effect. What happens in here and we ve
we have always made space for a family were real ordinary american family. When you get right down to it, we we have a lot of fun with each other. We cheer each other on, and I come from a big family as well, and end up the time that we have it's one of the things that present a trump- and I had in common very early on to know him is to know someone who's is all about his family and spend time with them in whatever free time he has its true for us as well about I think than keeping those relationships. Strong has been a real source of of strength for us, but also, I think Karen and I just focused on the work in the Bible, says, be strong and courageous and do the work we voiced
whatever role it was when I was in Congress and she was teaching school when I was governor and she was First Lady Indiana now, as vice president heroic Second lady wee wee wee. We we don't let the distractions around us take our focus away from are calling, which is really to do everything we can and in this role, to make a difference to support this president supports his agenda and be out there champion the things that are. I really believe, Candace in in just two and a half short years that our country is safer today or country is more prosperous today and undeniable ways. The foundation in our courts is stronger. More than one hundred and forty conservative men and women have been confirmed
to our federal courts, including two Supreme Court justices in for us to have played any small role in all of that progress for our countries, it's a great great privilege for us and That's where we focus, or you are role model to myself, and so many others, and I just want to ask you one more question, particularly about Amerika. What do you see as the biggest threat facing America today, clearly the first obligation of the constitution is to provide for the common defence
and we have enemies in this world, and I can't we just pass through the eighteenth anniversary of September. Eleven and the radical islamic terrorists who struck this country eighteen years ago are still afoot and the world have taken the fight to the enemy. Our armed forces fought valiantly in Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria, the destruction of the territory, the ISIS Caliphate earlier this year, an incredible accomplish, for our armed forces are commander in chief and and our allies, so we we never want to gainsay. The threat of terrorism faces for our country is no accident that are. Our nation has not been hit with a major terrorist attack for the last eighteen years. It's been because of the sacrifices of our armed forces
its ban because a verse, strong law enforcement and intelligence efforts, but we have to remain ever vigilant. There are other challenges in the world as well. We see the and the regime, around. We see other threatening regimes around the world and that's why it's been so important in this administration that that this president, has made a priority to rebuild our military. They were years of budget cut backs literally when we were sworn in engine or if twenty seventeen Candice Witwer, Literally, had a large portion of our air force that was grounded to be used as spare parts to keep other aircraft in the air and present a trump said right out of the box that changing and he supported the largest increases in our
defence. Since the days of Ronald Reagan, we rebuild our military and the world knows it, and the record investments in our national defence are already making a difference. And and went on by supporting all of our troops and their families unprecedented levels, but also making it clear to the world that we want to defend this country. So that's that's really the first threat we always have to think about and in in President Donald Trump, the american people should know they have a commander chief. It has always seemed to the defence of this country, but there are, there are challenges within in America's will not have often said, and we have to win the next generation, that's why You can't silence. France is really true. When you see the the rise of.
The port among young people for socialism, which is of a philosophy that has robbed the liberties of generations in an impoverished nations over the last century? I think it's incumbent on us to to go out and tell freedom story to make sure that the rising generation of Americans know that the idea of socialism, whatever guys it comes under whether we call it Medicare for all the green new deal is the truth. Is. socialism is antithetical freedom and that that that understand America's prosperity. You should understand that art the source our nations greatness, I've always believe, comes from our our faith, our freedom and Vast natural resources and and preserving that freedom, whether we are dealing with issues of meeting meeting healthcare challenges in the country of whether we're dealing with issues of maintained,
a growing economy while we're good stewards of the environment? All of those issues we can deal with was answers that are there? Can system, with the core values of of the american people and put freedom in Liberty first and so making sure we're explaining to the rising generation the very ideals that made this country great, I think extremely important in the long term. My second favorite President Ronald Reagan said famously that freedom is never more than one generation from extinction until and so voice is like. Yours are more important than ever in your generation people, my kids age, that are out there telling freedom story under explaining to people doing the the importance of the vitality of liberty in this country is absolutely essential,
and I'll end on a good note, though, people who know Karen- and I know that I pro life- we don't apologize for it and it's been agreed. Source of a vow of satisfaction for us to see the where young people are embracing the right to life more and more standing up for the sanctity of life. So we We really do believe that this this general, patient your rising generation to generation that has come of age after nine eleven that responded five, point five million Americans volunteered to serve our military since nine eleven thousands paying the ultimate sacrifice
as to defend our freedom. This is a generation, we believe him. I just think it's going to be important and that we go out. We tell freedom story and we stand for those principles of life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness at that's. Like Ape America, strong, absolutely in luck. I am optimistic every single day
I think America as a stronger, a better and safer nation. I want to tell you that when I were wind, my life, this will be a moment that I will never forget, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for joining the kind of stolen show what an honour to have you vice president, like pants work, you can give you a handshake said. Look good! Thank you guys, that's a rap! Thank you. Guys were watching the latest episode of the kindest Owen show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you guys already know, Prager you is a five or one c, three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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