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2019-10-13 | 🔗
Walt Heyer lived as transgender woman for eight years. In this episode of The Candace Owens Show, he shares his experience with gender dysphoria, sex change, regret, and his moving story of healing and restoration. Don’t miss this powerful interview. PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation: https://donate.prageru.com/CO
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The boy ok, ladies and gentlemen, we are rolling into another episode of the Canvas Owens show in trouble for a lot of things on the show, but I would say the blow back is the swiftest and the hardest when it comes to discussing today, and Gender ISM. I have made myself in an an enemy of the trench under lobby, and I stand by my claims that I believe this lobby is vicious and it's dangerous, particularly in the ways that it impacts children here to discuss this with me. I am honoured to be sitting across from Wall Tire he's a public speaker and the author of a book entitled Trans Life,
survivors, while tire welcomed the Kansas Owen Shalt Anders. Thank you so much for me on I'm thrilled be here to be able to talk about this very important subject. and so you and I got in touch- I had done. The episode, Abigail Schreyer and harmonise would have discussed on what's really going on which most parents aren't aware of in the school system and in many cases there sitting across from children and teachers are telling children that they can pick their genders and this this as a point of confusion and what it does for a child. I find it threatening. I find a threatening to me as someone who's going do have, hopefully God willing have children of my own some day, I think than if we don't get in front of it. It's gonna be very dangerous, so you had contacted our show and and well the impetus behind you contacting us was somebody had written me that he watched your show, and you are intervening somebody that said Durham. You said blood like the interview somebody that's been through this and going back.
And so they sent me an email to get a hold a canvas right away, she's looking for you, and so that's when I contacted down your producer and we get together. That's why we're here today. So you live your life if, as a trans woman, how many years for eight years, eight years, that's a very long time what? How old were you and you began to transition knows in my early forties, ok, room, we too, and then I began to de transition at fifty. Ok, so want to start from the very beginning church. So at an hour- and I will play the person that has all the arguments on the left right show. Children they say do not have a gender. There is no such thing as it made a concept, and you should wait, the child to decide not based on their biological body but beat based on their mind whether they are male or female. Did you grow up in a household where that was encouraged well and in the house
So did I was young, I was you know my mom and dad encouraged Vienna or natural genders, but it was my grandma when she was baby sitting me somehow we get involved in this whole thing, because she was made dresses, and I became curious about this idea of her making dresses. So she made me a purple chiffon dress and then she began to affirm how cute I looked. How old were you? I was for four years old answer. This affirmation process, which you know before Harold, you don't know, I mean it's grandma show is gonna, be ok, and so when you have an adult, encouraging you and nurturing you along in this way, you don't realize that this curiosity, that you have as a child is also a quiet curiosity, because you really trusting the adult to guide you, I urge you and give you good information. I didn't realize what Graham,
we're doing was gonna, be very destructive. Later on to the consequences of her affirming me became very destructive, I think it's actually evil and its child abuse to to indicate that you can change genders at such a young age, and- and I am speaking from seventy four years of experience. So it's not like I came to this and just came to this conclusion of get seventy four years to develop this idea of what we're talking about. I want a pause therein talk a lot about what you just said: the affirmation that come from adults- because I am I telling This all the time I need throughout school and the things that would come out of children's MAO's. I mean they're, wildly imaginative everything and be their reality, and our job as adults is to tell them that is not, and I had a young girl who is three about the same age ass you are and she was convinced he was a mermaid Ford
and it leaks and not then turn to her and say you are indeed a mermaid. You stay in that bathtub and you swim around and she cried. She had to get out of the tub. You know cuz. She was. She really felt that she was a mermaid who knows where she got this idea from, but our job as an adult is to make sure that kids know the difference between reality, and something that is just within their imagination, and there are so many examples. She had a younger brother, If you leave shoes was on the ground, female shoes have heels on them, curious kid. It's gonna, stick his feet in those heels and start walking so it's interesting that we ve suddenly arrived into a society where people say will not pay attention to that that that kid is actually, he has the authority to dictate that there's something else it he wants at the end of that to your grandmother. Made you address, and you have four years old. You answer, then, that that whole thing begin
what today they would call gender just for you, but it's really just child abuse wrapped up in a purple, dress that she made for me and they can fused. My idea about who I was you actually introduce gender confusion or gender disorient you're not bore with it you're not born with a different brain you're, not born in the wrong body. All people are at conception their gender and sex or fixed after that than adults play with this idea, and that's what grandma was strewn with me and confusing so that idea planted in my head. It really upset me, I mean I'd, go to bed at night. Wondering should I have been a girl it what's wrong with me, and so in this is in the forties. Can before they even had the term gendered is for you or any other terms. Transgender ism. I was dealing with this all on my own, but that the key thing here:
Is that not only is it gives child abuse in its results, because my uncle, who found out by the time I was about seven years old My parents finally found out what grandma done and I was taken out again in this house and I was allowed to go over there anymore, but once my uncle real is that I've been wearing a purple dress? Then I became his opportunity to be sexually molested. He started sexually molesting made because of the purple dress, so a few. If you realise that what grandma did was our abuse, because it resulted in me being sexually abused and it was wrong. Even indicate that I could change hinders because its categorically impossible, while so this is actually another component. As recently in the news there, but a lot of stories where, on this trend, gender movement has allowed for a lot of situations like this on whether at sexual assault, sexual abuse, that it's happening to minors and there have it
They are saying now hey. If you can pick you change your mind, you can decide that your woman and you are grown will that allows outgrow man to go into female bath and to have access- and there was this case- and I believe it was in canada- were man who had had an even gone through gender reassignment surgery was demanding that females. You know wax his Private area is demanding that it turned out now being accused of pedophilia had been messaging younger girls. So that, for me, is for you to say that this lead to your eventual molest Fishing- is very, very alarming and scary for me, because its indicative of something that were seen happened right now and the media is largely ignoring it s right, What happens when you begin to introduce these ideas that you can change your gender change? Your sex is, you, Eve began the
The sexual exploitation of children, which is a point that shouldn't be done. It shouldn't be allowed, were interfering with their natural, develop. these are children, are exploring every opportunity, entrusting adults to guide them and to nurture them properly, but introducing- all this sexuality and all of these things at such an early age is very disturbed. today I work with hundreds of people who ve been through this and then I'm seeing is of up to fifty percent of them have been sexually abused law and so sexual abuse is of a common issue that happens with this ideology. Wow, that's really interesting, so my question then is or you spending
a majority of the time at your grandmother's house, when you were a kid. Is that what was going on? As you said, your your mother didn't know rat, she was putting you in this purple, dress right, so that my parents loved to go. Camping and fishing, surely would drop me offered grandma's house and they would go away for the weekend quite frequently. So this big and develop over time. So I was two years into this cross dressing thing before my parents found out, I became so in, twisted in being affirmed. In that purple dress I mean I, I wanted to be a firmer. What young child doesn't want that affirmation to say why you look great your this year that and there's that thirsty almost become addicted to the affirmation that I took, the Purple dress home, which was supposed to stay grammars I took it home in my mom found address, that's how it got exposed. Also, then things blew up and the purple dress disappeared, but the seed was planted and the destruction had started.
And that their abuse of ideas began to foster in my head and just for in it over years in troubled me, and You know here. I am talking about this, many four years later I mean how destructive is it to be dealing with something that happened and you're still talking about seventy four years later, it's pretty big deal. well, yeah, and so here you than when your uncle's housman. You said that your uncle molested you what happened, what the next phase of wildlife will? The next phase, his was it. I you know I told my parents what Uncle Fred did in I said no you're a liar uncle Fred would never do that. How old were you? I was by this time seven or eight years old and so did What I realized was it I couldn't talk to adults but what was going on. You know I had this thing with the purple dress and beat that blue.
but the family between my mom and in her mom and then talking about what uncle Fred dead. Then I began to internalize. Oh my feelings. I just brought him in and then I began to be kind of a joke, stir funny guy you sense of humour tat, try to deal with what was hurting me inside, because I didn't know exactly who I was. I was now dealing with sexual abuse, whose answers I went on through life. I was, still dealing with these things by the time I was thirteen or fourteen years old I secretly took on a female name. While I was not, dressing is female, but I was inside and analyzing their female personal call, myself Andrea and began to identify, and so you see I was still dealing with it- soon all through my teens and watch it
Her sting too, is that I was never homosexual and I think this is such an important component to this. I work with hundreds of transgender people today that are wanting to de transition people who find regret my my website. Sex change, regret people contact me in ninety. Five percent of them are now, homosexual, and so the idea that there is this is an issue of homosexuality. I think people need to understand its an idea. That was introduced them about their gender, is not necessarily about their sexuality, so they become gender confused and so with that whole early life? I was so confused about. Why wasn't I was trained, acted out inside and went on through my teens? I had girlfriend her name was Lola mean is at a great name for a girlfriend. When I was in high school, so Lola was my girl. Friend she was one of the sharpest girls. If right over here,
not far from where we are and when I went to high school, and so I had girlfriends, I had a hot rod: thirty four forward with Corbett engine in it I mean grew up very looking very normal on the outside, but hurting deeply inside? Because of that abuse? That happened to me as a young person trying to deal with. How did how you were true that this is interesting as a philosophy. The idea that the transgender movement is is really a band aid for something else, and many people that find themselves in this Trans space are really hurting indifferent regard, but they don't have an opportunity to address that,
because externally now we have a world that is stung him. Yes, yes, yes, this is, this is what you are. It's ok, there's a home here in anybody that has the audacity to speak up and say: wait wait hold on a second. These are big decisions that we're talking about, gets, attacked, and that's why I say the Trans lobby is- and I say this like is plausibly the most vicious lobby that is out there right now they take down reputation. Is they want your job? If you even ask question a simple question: like should children be transitioning? Is there may be something else going on here? Yes in you you are so right about the bandaid, every single person that I've worked with over the last ten years. A hundred per cent of them can identify the issue, the time the hurt the pain, the loss that of them to not want to be who they are and begin
identify as a different gender. Every last one of bacon articulate that they tell me what happened and so so aid in that regard it becomes a mental disorder, which is what I say and I get killed for this. But it's the same as post traumatic stress. Sort. I mean something happened to you, and this is how you are dealing with something that happened to you and, unfortunately, were not able to to treat that or or to assess that plausibility. When you. of people that are not allowing it and in a society that culturally saying no and it's bizarre early hitched its wagon to the algae, be movement. I can't figure out what being has been gay, which is really a sexual preference, has anything to do we gender disorient? Well, it doesn't in in the fact, the matter. Is these individuals, like you, said that there's a word for it? It's called co, morbidity and either have, but
It is more Fianna again accident. Not this word. I love to learn co morbidity, which means that it is their identification them as being gender just for it, but underneath sad is actually body, this more fear, dissociative disorder by polar disorders, the friendlier. Some other issue is generated. They ve been sexually abused. Something has happened to them. You are so right to use the word bandaid and because that's all it is it's a band aid over some hurt and It's a way to escape, and this is the dissociation comes in you you don't, I'll, be who you are so you attempt to become someone else and you d, gonna be who you are because you get hurt. Something happened to you and every case is different, but so many of them deal with abuse that we cannot ignore. The fact that these individuals who are struggling deeply need good psychotherapy, but yet the opposition wants to take away the opportunity for the people to have access to
psychotherapy, the very thing that would actually help them prevent an unnecessary gender change, surgery and hormones that I went through while this is so important. So so, let's go back to high school. You got a girl friend, you're living You know externally living a very normal life up soon. Internally, there's a lot of conflict going on right. What happens next? Will you know that I told you Joyce Joy Phipps, I said you know I'm struggling struggling with these issues and there is another opportunity for me to see how there was gonna work and in dealing with telling somebody something will she let me go. So I realise that I couldn't talk about at anybody, so I couldn't talk about the sexual abuse. It couldn't talk about the purple dress. Now I can't talk about what I'm struggling. so. I ended up eventually getting married. I was an executive for men in hand. A motor company actually work on the APOLLO space Mission, so I wasn't a complete buffoon, so I
I wish to associate design engineer working on ass, the specifications for many and then went on to work in the auto industry, but I was still struggling with that purple dress with the the abuse that happened to me at seven. I had not had the kind of therapy that I needed to deal with those issues and so I was married had two children began to use alcohol and drug still try to cope with that, and now I'm I've got a great job and Honda and the drugs and alcohol are catching up with me, and so I thought the way to solve this was to go a gender therapist, and so I went to one in San Francisco and he was recognised as the number one gender therapist in the country at the time he was so knowledge oh, he was actually the original author of the double path. Standards of care that we Today I mean that's how renowned he was an eye when and then told him. My story that, just like I'm telling you today and he says, will you have gender is for
your gender identity disorder, and you need to have hormones in surgery to resolve this, and I thought to myself: let's pretty radical, and so he said, but you need to come back next week and we'll talk about it. I went back a week later and he said you know at the end of the session. He handed me a letter of approval gender agenda reassignment surgery after the second session and hears the authorization to get hormones. Now this sounds crazy right that happens every day to and that was in nineteen. Eighty three. Nothing has changed since one thousand nine hundred and eighty three to today. Don't let them tell you that they go through some exhaustive psychological counseling cuz, it's absolute bologna. It does, they just appear. Move approve, approve, affirm, affirm, affirm, give them hormones, give em surgery, it's an assembly line
and so it hasn't changed so get married at the time and in I'm I'm married for sixteen years, and I I told my wife what was going on and we struggled with this as it is a husband and wife and with the key, It's an I'm gone. I need I need to deal with that sexual abuse. I need to deal with what happened as a child. And those abuses now our or boiling up by that and this time I am now forty one forty coming up on forty two and I didn't know how to resolve them. There's nobody out there there's no world higher San watch out. There are co morbid, eugsters issues. You need to deal with. You really need therapy and so with. Without that context, to be able to deal with these issues, I went ahead and started taking female hormones and started going through the process and then once this process started, I was you know it was. This is one thousand nine hundred and eighty three it wasn't like it is.
You're dealing with internalizing so much of this, and so I had the affirmation from the psychologist who says you need this. I divorced my wife in role of nineteen. Eighty three underwent gender reassignment surgery, edge, Trinidad Colorado and became Laura Jensen, will once Honda, found out about it. They terminated me they put all my stuff in a box. I was an executive I was the national operations managers for the ports of entry. I had a great job and they put my stuff and a box and whilst me to the gate- and I was just I wanna. I wanna go back to you, saying that the doctor said yes, this is what you mean it, and then you made the decision than to divorce your family and because I had
it hit on that an earlier episode of the show, which was that when all of society that you trust right, you go to a doctor, a new trust them didn't give you an assessment. You trust there, the experts and that they are trying to help you and not hurt you, and this is a big part of the problem with the trench under Movement Farm, and it's not that these parents are doing this in faith right. Their kid says something and parents consoled online go online, and yet they make an appointment, the doktor they go, the doktor and they say I really want to help. I want to help my kid. My kid said this rather than a doctor, saying hey, you know kid say weird stuff or hate: maybe you should go, go speak to a psychologist and and and see if something happened to the child. They are saying now
here. Your kid needs upheld in the fully change who they are. They are born into the wrong body, and you did this this. This was a trust you, how your doktor, so you basically said good bye onto your entire life as you knew it and went through with gender reassignment surgery, which is I mean, was there any? What was the prep up to that end? Is there, but there is no proposal they talk about. You can question your gender people should be questioning the psychologist and approving process, that's what they should be questioning. They should actually be going to people who oppose doing this. get a balanced idea of this, but they have now captured this entire audience. Once somebody gets the idea in their head that their born in the wrong body that this is the process, you need hormones in surgery and what so interesting about this Candice in nineteen. Seventy nine there was a endrocrinologist who had to work to the hospital, Harry Benjamin Zone, gender Clinic in New York, and he had been working with
five hundred transgender individuals over a six year period, as he was a homosexual activist for transgender surgeries had approved all of these and worked with these individuals. Nineteen, seventy nine. He came out and said: I'm gonna become a psychiatrist because, as a result of these six years and these five hundred people, I've seen its causing too much on. Venus and causing too many suicides suicide rates of England. I said that the only way that I feel like I can help him is become a psychiatric doktor, because this idea that we can give them hormone in surgery only deals with surface issues. It doesn't go deep enough to resolve the deep fishes. I'm gonna do that. Has a psychiatric doctor. I want to help them, so we we had this news in nineteen, seventy, nine that hormones and sir
there is not the answer. He said it's only a temporary reprieve, that's his quote, not mine, and the thing is, is in that's exactly right: the suicide rates of people that transition are astronomical not ten times higher antique times higher and Armenia ignores that. Yes in favour us up some virtue. Singling idea that this is progressive, accepting every idea and in what appears, this feeling that somehow progressive and going to help save the world and Candice the reason using the idea that you can transit, in people s suicide prevention. You know they said this is a way to prevent suicide, its nonsense, the actual surgical process changing genders is causing them to attempt and commit suicide. Nineteen I am a greater than the general population. It is actually the hormones in surgery that is causing the suicides snapped. Society is the lack of people digging into the coal morbidity.
And looking it's what's causing them to want to commit suicide. We know today that ninety percent of all suicides are a result of depression and depression is never treated in this group. They depression with hormones and surgery. I mean it's insane to treat depression with hormones and surgery, but that's what they do. The amount of hormones that you have to take is is a lot right at me right having is or how does that impact you I'm on top, adjust the the emotional state that your end when you're taking so many hormones every single day day in and day out? Well there, you know that the initial start before you undergo the complete change of genitalia. That sort of thing is that it has this kind of calming effect. It's almost like a drug
and I think you become addicted to that calming at and I think that's part of the problem. Not only is it unnecessary, but it begins to alter the way. You think feel and behave and put you in this common state, and for that reason I think that's why doktor the doktor I spoke about said this is not good. We should be doing this, because eventually you win down on the hormones, because the surgeries done, then the depression begins to build an so that that glow of I want to call it that is no longer there. Your ears began to face the reality that this isn't working. I have confusion about my gender now that after I've changed my gender, it didn't go away. Lemme go assignment and and new you he'll, and why whether things that are going through your head, while I'm gone you know, can I
Can you really change and a woman? And then you start to realise that while it is categorically impossible fact, it's a shame that then don't stand up and say you know. Women are much more than a man with his altered, JANET Elliot and hormones in meat. Women are really special. Beautiful individuals and to say that nothing more than a man was altered. Genitals and hormones is pretty important, may is very important and and that's a shot at the modern feminist movement. In my opinion, and we are starting to see now ways in which they dont intersect, I wish they are trying to intercept what does it really work when you suddenly say men can jump in two female events, olympic events and and they can compete at a higher. Obviously there are their performing much better than women are because they are biologically different. But well is this is what the trend gender lobby has bred and we don't have it up people out of strong enough to stand up and speak out and say this is absolutely wrong,
and until right it it is an insult to being a woman, and but it's it's it's jarring to me. So you did all of this and, according to your doctor, and maybe not society at the time, it's not as popularized, then as it is now you to be fine right yeah, but what you realize Is- and this is when I get the letters from the people who write me- they say I realize I can't be a woman- I'm not a woman and what they really are these men who dress up in women's clothes, a transgender, their men and women's clothes there, not women. They can never be women and for me to have to address them as women is, This really kind of upsetting cause, they're, not their men in dress there there it's like Halloween every day- that's what came up for me. It's like I'm just living Halloween is a Halloween costume boy, your man, making you're trying to mimic in this very childlike way. What a woman is an yes taken, look like women in many cases, many of them don't, but they can
look like a woman, but there never gonna be women, it's not possible. Why are we allowing our society to address these people are women like you mention in the athletic area. This is crazy. It's they're, not women, and then what's crazy, also this idea that now I have to use the correct pronouns to make somebody else feel. Ok and you're concerned a monster, If somebody interviews themselves as a woman, you don't call that person. Is she or someone views himself as a man? You don't call that that person, MR your ear, viewed as a monster, so we now are unfortunately, gearing towards society, which is saying that if you have two eyes nothing's wrong with you right, and you see reality for what it is. I see captain I called a cat. I see a dog, I called a dog you're, a big it. How did we get here? Well, these these advocates have taken control of
speech. They ve taken control of society there putting it in our schools, your teaching, kids at a young age and in our society a healthy psychological society is built on families and kids are the core of the next generation. And if The rippling, our kids apart in school with this ideology, were ruining even the next generation, and this is it's so critical to address this issue. We could not be teaching children in school that they can change, hinders it's not vending machine for genders. This is critical issue that needs to be removed from the school l, Bt material doesn't need to be in our public schools. Reading, writing and arithmetic is what we need in our schools. Not yell, Gb T agenda stuff. You know what you just said, a very important work, family, and- and this is what I have gotten this has been a conclusion that I have drawn that ultimately, what we are seeing is push to ultimately break down the family.
The men think their women, the women want to go out and act like men, and I want everybody to say all this is. This is normal. This is progressive, end their destroying the nuclear family unit, and- and I think that even within that is what is the goal of that? Why are we seeing this pushed to destroy what was once since it is a normal family? I believe that the EU to me it looks deliberate. I can't say it still a bright. We don't know, but it looks like its deliberate too, to tear down every foundational part of society and family and children are at core of it any ruinous you ruin everything yea it becomes chaos and, and then some guy and from chaos. You can see me the last government to growl, because it that's what they're really demanding They are demanding more governance in all of these areas and things at once made sense there, basically trying to confuse every single person that
there and you said earlier- and I won't talk about that- an address it this offer centralisation of children is really bizarre to me. The idea that we should be too Jeanne children this up as such a young age. You know before preview Bent and talking about this stuff is confusing to a child. As I, as I have mentioned, on previous episodes, there was a two year stint. I think fourth and fifth grade where I wanted to be like the boys. Were they look like they were having more fun, I used to like try talker deep voice, and when I scanned and play recess, I would run around with the guys at the girls, were so lame and I'd I'd where bag, your clothes and then you know what happened. I hit puberty as only a thought. The guys were cute, fortunately
at that time- and I was running around saying- I want to be a boy- my mom didn't say, shave your head and it calls me Michael. She didn't do any of that. You're still Candice you're a girl you're going to grow up out of this. This town boy face as I like to think of it as and now we have an entirely different world, it's really scary, to see into listen to the path that your grandmother put you in a purple dress and you went all the way through to gender reassignment surgery and woke up one day and how long, eight years later, what were those eight years like living as a woman? They were some of always good, and I thought I was ok. You know, but then there were those those bouts of you know you really not a woman. I mean in the quiet moment you go you really. This is all kind of nonsense and
in those moments where you come to this reality and and then you began to question it, but you don't know what to do with it. You ve got it. You ve done it and then how difficult visit to admit you made such a big mistake. You ve just totally destroyed your life. How do you rebuild it and it wasn't until I was studying psychology, you see Santa Cruz night, cracked open a book where there was this study about a boy who become a girl in there, and- and I read this- hurry and what happened was his mother had died? He was very close to his mother and an he. They said.
Took on his mother's identity as a female, so he would feel like he was still close to her and the term that they used in the book, for that was separation, anxiety and I thought wow. This is a psychological disorders. That was the turning point for me. Looking at this as more of a disorder and begin to look at what happened to me as being casual to wanting me to not be who I was in having an effect on my psyche, and what I ve realized is that many of the people that I worked with, who been sexually abused boys as an example if they were sexually who's want to rid themselves of their genitalia so that they will never be sexually abused. Again, it's not so much that they want to be a female. Is that that's their defense mechanism for not being abused? That's what caused them. They feel in their head to be abused or if it's go
then I'm safe and then the female who becomes a male. Then they walk on the idea that there, a man as a way to defend against men trying to abuse them sexually active so interesting, because our I do remember, reading a story about a woman, I'm an eight. Oh, she was overweight, while four hundred pounds had really happened was that she was sexually abused when she was young and eating and making herself look this absolute looking with defence mechanisms that men would look at her ever want to sexually assaulted again and and then should I addicted to the food and obviously shut up in a different spacer, because she had never addressed that sexual assaults ended up being overweight, so at an end being clinically obese. So what you're saying is this is another was just another layer of the exact same thing can be another line of the exact same thing: absolutely it in
many ways. These are defence mechanisms against hurt against pain against loss canvas when people write me and tell me that they they regret. Having done it right back and say, tell me about your child and usually within two or three emails. I can find out that they had a dad who abuse them a dead who was abandoned them. Something happened, and this is what I always say: something happened to them. If we can spend enough time to dig in and find out what happened to them, then we can. Began to treat the what happened and avoid giving them unnecessary hormones and avoid changing? in altering their body forever in this, and then we can do the suicides. Then we can address the issue that you don't have to go to them.
Vending machine and pick agenda. You need to go to a good, effective kind psychotherapist who can identify the comb, morbid disorder or the issue that you had they cause you do not want to be who you are, then we can begin to address these issues begin to save children's lives and begin to understand that in this category of people who identify as transient adult man is an example. People have never heard this word in many cases The term called Otto gain Ophelia and men who come out as a transgender person are suffering from what's called Otto gain Ophelia, and that is the same fetish disorder and many of them were met I'd men and what they do is they dress up as a female and look at them cells in the mirror. They get all make up. Everything is on and there looking at themselves, they become the object of their own affection and that's called Otto Gonna failure.
And that's one of the primary issues in older adults: they're, not transgender their suffering from out or- failure then you have Another- one- is called a transvestite fetish where these adult men will attach themselves to some garment of clothing and become aroused by it. There are not transparent we dealing with a what is called a transvestite fetish disorder, but we're not allowing people to go to therapy to address these issues, and so we have of many disorders. You know people, some of them are just plain all cross dressers. They really dont want surgery, they're, just cross dressers, do it for the fun of it, but they get identified with gender. for you, then they are necessarily go through surgery, and of hormones, and then later and say, I never should have done that. I really wasn't. You know somebody who needed surgery- and so we have this literally masses. I get them every single day,
from somebody writing me said this was a mistake. Can you help me? I have the regret issues can start. as early as nine days after surgery. Oh, my goodness David had someone contact, it can aim, is largely post up to as many thirty years after surgery, I've had to at thirty years, and it took me fifteen years to admit that it was a mistake, as is so hard to admit that it was a mistake and it took you eight years for you to say this is a mistake you. What was that moment like for you? What was the more you said? This was a mistake get ready to do something to reverse this mistake. Will it was the biggest emotional breakdown that I've ever had? I mean I collapsed under the weight of it in what I had done. His had gone to psychotherapist on Wilshire Boulevard and talk to them extensively, and they said
You know you are dealing with child abuse and you are dealing with these other issues that should have been properly addressed and that therapist at that time said I don't think you're gonna be able, indeed transition. Cuz you're, so entranced ended this life. The urine and I think her saying that actually made it possible for me to go. Oh yeah I'll get this done, and so it was that determination to make her wrong and I've. I continue to fight back and of de transition to nineteen ninety sower, almost thirty years into my de transition laughs, and what is the process? some day transitioning. Well, the process of DE transitioning can take on a lot of different forms and the first off you stop taking any female hormones. Second off you take off any breast in
since you get any other surgeries that you can possibly get. Some people go for, what's known as the Fowler plastic witches male genitalia put back on assisting, and process they use for the female who wants to be a mail, but we should understand that the surgery is not all that effective. It's not gonna function like it should rule or did originally it's more of a cosmetic process. And so that can actually be more detrimental to people to go through that realise that you know they lost all of what they had and people who go through de transition. Really me It would be very strong emotionally, they need to be very strong psychologically. They have to be clean and sober to be able to do this, because it is really a difficult process and it will take one or two years like it did for me, but I was surrounded by good cycle
purposed and good people and some of them in my church and some of them? I lived with pasture for awhile, and so you know it takes other people to come around somebody and help them through this process, and that's what I do. I try to work with people who contact me. I've gone and met with him personally and working with a schoolteacher right now with a pharmacist at work with airline, pilots and many other people, but I try to get them into a group that can help and support them through the process. Many people who regret we'll never de transition because they just see it is too big of a task. It is at an end and that's understandable, actually almost feel that conversations like this. This is actually supporting the charged under community right. This is actually saying to them. You know that other route, so you can take. There might be something that happened to that you haven't than it hasn't been addressed, and when you try to blanket say all of you guys emilius you'd attention to it into a different sex, it's so wrong, indifferent, gender. It is so wrong,
There is a welcome it. It's it's! Gender each mutilations body mutilation and an ear just readily saying that someone after seeing them one or two times this is exactly the rather they should take. No questions asked which brings me to my next question: do you think we will start to see the rise of lawsuits? Yes, there already have been, but they give them sealed interesting, and so they dont go public. I know personally somebody who won a lawsuit big time, and so these lawsuits don't get the public attention and their willing to settle they'll settle only if no one knows about it. Interesting and so there's is able to tempt down any of the voices that are oppositional by keeping the sing secret. There's a lot of people winning lawsuits.
I want to know about it. I hope that these people become. You know that the next person that sets up there is an example of someone who does it publicly and and- and I know that It is already doing with the emotional trauma realising give me decision, but we need to start putting people these doctors Emmy. They should know better than estimated to be giving people hormones as a permanent. Pollution and entanglement transition. You are literally ruining someone's life, and you know the statistics, these doctors, no statistics of sewage, and it happened when somebody makes a permanent transition so to be glorifying those to see this now being glorified in the media writers. yeah, a Caitlin Jenner, on the cover of what what magazine visit vanity, fair and and seeing this would be a sweeping celebration. Putting awards. That's not that's not what transgender resume interesting is all about? We know that we know that it's true, Well, we have assistance. We can look at the research and say and yet is being glamorized. We don't know how Caitlin going to feel eight years ten years.
twenty years down. The line maturing and no from even that interview that Caitlin did on a b c Caitlin at one Time said, came out of doing surgery or something and that night paced the floor thinking about suicide while at that that's on their own found. So we know that these things trigger. You know, you have a lot of emotional, deep, emotional issues, but you know we're dealing with the population who needs help, they they need help being, but they need people to help them. I did if I was causing them to feel this way. Thankfully, I came to this truth. Psycho therapist with other people and been able to walk back and now working with people. I see them as an example go to psychotherapy in she, if they would have done that with me before I had hormones or before I had surgery, I never would have done it. and now what I'm saying canvasses people from eighteen, nineteen twenty,
twenty one years old contacting may because they changed so quickly at eighteen, because it was legal and then they go you shouldn't have done it and working with the nice young lady in Georgia. Right now and with another man and in another state who just he said it was a mistake. I dont know why they told me that hormones in surgery was about thing for me, because it's not is ruined my life, I'll never have children. That's the saddest part lead is a that you will never be able to have children again and yet again we have this. This is cultural, Brainwash, It has taken place at the highest levels of society. I mean Meghan Markle Markel publicly, stating we're gonna, let our child. Choose their gender. You know what harm that does. When you begin to know formalize, something like that and no one's having the conversations publicly that you and I are having culture Peter out there aren't many shows, are tackling this issue. Could C mon don't want to be put on some imaginary blacklist
look what happened. Memorial Lopez he's in the most non controversial thing ever on this show, which is, I dont, think children. You know she be making prevent decisions. I think you know baby two way and become an adult before they make big decisions. They asked for his show to be cancelled. They made his shall issue an apology, saying that this is not reflect our viewpoint they may smoke. This was some attack on people met it in that way, said, was progressive, that's called common sense common sense, but it Michel Dron do not have the authority to make permanent. Otherwise, we call them adults, Mario is right in its to bear that he couldn't put on his big boy pants and step up and stick with it, tired ease in Hollywood yeah and so, but I admired him for speaking out. I'm sorry that he had to back down on so we're dealing with people's lives here and it's medical malpractice, in my view. Yes, to give people one thousand surgery and then, in my view, these surge
some. Doctors should be prosecuted for abusing people to this degree changing their lives altering up to such a degree that they want to commit suicide as a way to resolve what happened to them. What about the adults Even in the home I mean I talked about Charlie Starin, having a four year old swimming about stop, say: Mommy, I'm a boy and now Charlize Theron dresses her little girl up as a boy. Ok, you that child abuse, that is, child abuse, people having removed for homes for less reasons confusing your child, so young and thinking and I'm treating them as if they were an adult that allow them to make decisions that will end eventually impact them, going around call your little girl little boy at an end. We see with what happened to you. It took one one adult too to say you know what. Yes, you look great, you look, amazing, here's, a positive affirmation- and it led to this many years decision at forty years old tradition and an end to have basically
doctors to mutilate you an end than eight years later, having awakening in realising oh, no, I have to go the other way. Where are the calls to have these parents examined here that we are calling for today right? We were calling for children to not be put in these places where their teaching either we need to take it out of schools. This has become a recruitment. Schools have become a recruitment indoctrination centre for energy, BT ideology, their ruining kids with this books and all these, sister introducing two children as early sexual liberation folks is child abuse is gonna, stop it so funny there so may different topics you talk about on the show I mean from from socialism tangier that black people, you know, have to align themselves of a left, and it all goes back to the education system in all goes back to the idea that in our education system is actually induction eating our youth- and it's really scary.
And people are making permit decisions and usually the decisions that are not beneficial to them and and- and that is something that needs to be talked about me. I don't know there needs to be a radical adjustments, the things that that students are taught their money to hate their country, you're learning that socialism is cool. They can pick their gender really. What has happened to the american school system? Yeah? It's! It's really been parents. So what do I do their teaching this to my children in school? I should take em out. Take them out of schools better. As I see it, this isn't it picks out. On school. My kids, you, the public school systems, become a sewer for this kind of stuff and in its running kids, I'm sorry to say the public school system, just not the place to put a healthy child you know what I want. I do on a positive note because you didn't get your life back. You bet your life back user. Do what I tell me what that we were married now yeah. You know once a day transition and I began speaking out no speaking at a to a group of people about recovery in from alcoholism and drugs,
fiction and all the things that I recovered from there was a lady in the audience. It nudged your friend and said: that's that a guy I want somebody who's been through it all and come out the other side. So we began to see each other. We were friends for seven years in and we got married. Ninety ninety seven and we ve been married twenty two years. She's, a real woman can he's a wonderful, and so you know she's my partner in all this, and we ve been doing this together and we travelled together speaking on. tissue and cell or ministry that we have is just right. King people around the world we ve reached as many as three hundred million people. In one year we get upwards of three hundred thousand people. Tar websites exchange, regret, dad, come and were committed to helping people who contact us who have regrets about changing
tenders to do all we can to help them in any way we can where they want to de transition, or they just want a friend to be able to talk to them or guidance. So Yes, it's all positive and- and we get to speak out and help people in that is on a positive note. It is in they can't be just you and me. I hope they organise Asian grows, because I think that now there are a lot of kids at that had these emotions at are not being addressed and things that happen to them in their youth, and I think it's much harder. I mean fur for you Fortune, leave. It wasn't a society that was around saying yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, more more more more of this, and that is to say that we are in today. I am happy to fall on this over and over again when it comes to change under lobby because I draw the line at child abuse- I am not afraid to be that person, I'm not afraid to be a strong voice against it, but many people are an unjust so grateful by the way that you contacted me in that you came on the show. Today we wrap up every
episode by allowing you to leave a video message for the world, anything that you want to say. We give you two minutes you're going to look into that camera and and you're going to inspire some people. Are you ready? Chris? You got my two minutes on your mark get set, world I give you Walt higher. I want the world to know that children are special, their important their valuable. There are next generation, and what we need to do is prompt them up. We need to affirm them the way God man them and encourage them to stay the way they are. If they have issues with their gender, then we need to.
There are two them along. We need to give them good counselling. We do not need to tell them that gender is voting machine, that they can select another gender, because this child abuse we need to stop guiding children in a direction that creates early sexual asean for our young people and create a healthy vibrant young person that can grow up and be a healthy, vibrant adult who will raise healthy, vibrant young people. Thank you. I was wonderful. Thank you so much for joining honestly that with such an honor. Thank you guys were watching the latest episode of Canvas Ellen, shall I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you guys already now Prager you is a five or one c, three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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