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2019-07-07 | 🔗
What happens when a man who identifies as a woman participates in women’s sports and smashes the competition? British hip-hop artist Zuby says he broke the women’s deadlifting record simply to prove there are biological differences between men and women. He joins Candace Owens in her London studio to discuss this experiment and much more. Don’t miss it! PragerU is a 501c3 non-profit organization. To help keep our videos free and produce more content like this, please consider making a tax-deductible donation: https://donate.prageru.com/CO
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But obviously microbial now, you're good, he asked the other comes along and start again speeding. Ok, ladies and gentlemen, we are rolling into another episode of the candidates. Are wind show today being ache servitude outwardly is considered, for whatever reason to be quite fringe, being a conservative black person then would make you double fringe. If you were a conservative black hip, hop artist, you would be trip ball fringe. My MAC. My next gas here is is going to break all the records because he is a conservative black hip. Hop artists who grew up under the thing. across the accuracy of Saudi Arabia, I don't even know what to make of that. We welcome to the camera. Solid show was open. Much I mean what is going on so tat. There was a start for.
I guess how you were discovered on the internet. Everybody has their internet moments these days. Right, there's is actually some prediction. Models were predicts that every but he will be a little famous at some point in their life's thanks to their birth, the internet, but you did something which definitely caught my attention me. My fiance attention you smashed all of the dead lift records. For women in the UK and the men, presses and end the bench press as well, on my way. You are you I mean you are the champion of women's dead lifting and when addressing in the UK, I ain't exactly eyes. I saw the end of February. I posted up between saying something like I keep hearing about, there's no biological strength, differences between men and women, so watch me break the british women's, doubtless record without try, and it was really of me dead, two hundred thirty cagey, which is about fifty kilos hello, my maximum, but fifteen kilos above their women's record.
so I don't know identified as woman while lifting the weight so don't be a big it. This thing took off. No, I tweeted it thinking yeah. It does look at a couple hundred likes couple. People like this and retweet it and it just went super viral with had like over one and a half million views. Now it was covered on international television International NEWS it was on in the EU. Kay here it was on good morning Britain in the Sunday times daily mail, the sun. In the? U S, it was gone talker Karlsson tonight, you're Rogan talked about it on his podcast Sky NEWS, Australia on and she Piero show louder with crowded just ages when nuts, they just when not end to this day, like several months later, it still getting comments. People are still cause people still disco bring. It was still gonna coming across it. Having my oh wow, this is this is crazy. I've got people matter for all sorts of different reasons. Why would they be mad at you? You identified as a woman there bigots. Will we get mad at you some,
people are mad at me because they think I genuinely so for the record. This was not and a sanction power lifting meat. So I didn't actually take the records are not officially. The record only should pursue it. There are no by a lot, I called differences between men and women. I want you to be fair and square. You woke up one day and smashed off the record us who thus would have told people who are trying to criticise bigots exec, all of them exactly so yeah? It was really interesting and I think that red caught even more fire, because people were saying stuff. Like this end. There are some people, go: hey, no you're, not you're, not really a woman or you're, not really analysis, and I was just like well. How dare you can't is that you clearly was soon my gender should gender. Your challenge, my lived experience you are denying I reiterate, I know all the arguments, so it was causing a lot of cognitive dissonance in people which had made him angry said but it was interesting. You know what I didn't expect it to go so far, but I think the timing of it, like I didn't realize how big of a conversation this whole thing was that thing
because the Olympics are coming up, so they have had to make today around the rules and stuff like that, I was getting poured into all these different interviews on BBC and what not- and they wanted to know my appeal in all the matters and yes, there has been, like the weirdest thing about it, is as an artist is a musician. I mean I've, been I put on my very first album independently in two thousand and six so often I've been on the map. I've been grinding for a long time and is just really weird of all the music videos or put out all the albums are put out the thing that got the most attention. Was this nine second video of media it had left whilst identifying, as one may, not have a theory about why that is over. I think right now- and I talked about this on a former episode with Mario Lopez'S- that there actually such a lack of diversity, intellectually in in music. You can't take risk anymore, not right. You can't take risks any more or less or less. Your bans are actually not being innovative anymore. We're not getting anything, that's new
Writing. That's diverse. In terms of you know the majority of things that were hearing in music. They can't take any risks. Music comedy they can take any risks comedy or they were completely risk having their entire lives, wiped away and careers wiped away. We think about what happened to cabin heart, so I think one what Europe hitting out. Is that this sort of like underground movement of really talking about social issues in really creative ways, is kind of becoming the new punk rock Rock and roll word. This feels knew this feels different and people are lacking on that, because people dont want everything to be the seeing. We have to be with a challenge, thoughts, challenge, ideas and to make fun of certain things, and what you did was a brilliant blend of comedy, and speaking too larger issue exactly, and I think that's why, at the head cook a thing: that's, why hit the nail on the head? People resonated with it because it was in it was an aggressive or you know, attacking anybody. It was just like look. This is the logic that has been presented with that we ve been presented with. So I'm just gonna apply the logic here. An ongoing identifies woman and I'm going to
break this record end by your own logic. You can't criticise me The on any level here, Then you are going against what you been saying little time right, you're saying well, I can. If I choose, if I identified now, is a woman then in on you, the whole concept of gender fluidity as well, so you don't even need to be consistent, I can say like ok at the start of this interview I was a man, but now I hadn't via woman, and I shall I well I'd- advise a man exactly so we now need to you, he's pronouns when you're talking one on one with someone, but if we were, I now need to her in the third person referred. This is he until they don't you change again and then mean always it's all a little bit ridiculous, I am not, in my opinion, it's like a mass mental disorder that their demanding everybody has. This is the thing it's you know it's one of those. It's like an emperor's new clothes thing, right, are so many be like night. A lot of people think I got like,
but would have gotten loads of like hate fur, that tweet and stuff like that. But ninety nine point: nine percent of people knew exactly what I was getting out thought it was funny thought it was making a good point understood it wasn't. You know like superintend, to do or like harsh to enabling wasn't even kind of incense. No knowing who are pointing at something that is point ITALY absurd Way, and if your feelings were hurt by it's, because you know you ve been prioritizing your feelings over hard facts. We had hoped that we urgently and its with this one I mean, I guess, also it's a bigger issue because its it seems silly it's quite a serious issue right. So, if you're talking about women, sports, ok and you ve got people who are pushing for biological men to be able to compete in women sports that That's gonna get Oakley pretty quickly. In already has it already stated? Go industry has already got an ugly and- and I just think about these poor girls at work, their entire lives in I've, training that they have put into re, whether its long distance running
or or or throwing what is the thing a shot put rightish happy. They can spend their entire lives training for that, like you said, a guy can get up wake up morning and have occurred the UN and shatter all the records and keep in mind, I'm not a more professional powerless to do. I don't even compete if that's not even managed to end our biologically physically stronger than women as a rule, maybe there's some. You know some scrawny guys, obviously, that such rules are rules can be by their always exceptions, but as a rule, and we should be living our lives according to rules and not exceptions, and then the left, these radical left. This are demanding that we now live our lives according to exceptions rather than rules. So it's in this case its exceptional when somebody goes through gender disorient there now trying to make that a rule. And say we all. I changed change the bathroom signs to accommodate this less than one percent issue that we have now we got to allow people to sport and disrupt and industry on, that's come so far and then- and that makes perfect sense, there's nothing wrong with its less completely disrupted.
with exceptions, it's its idi and I think, some cases I do think it I'm cases, its misguided, compassion, in some cases. I think it's a lot more insidious than that. I think a lot of people are like all these progressive there, too, so nice that they want just everybody to be. I'm like. I don't really by that. I think the it's quite insidious for a lot of people I think that a lie. I think a lot of those people are believes. in their own way? Do I dare not that debt to claim that the ones being bullied, but they are actually want to be the ones controlling and dominating other people. That's exactly. What I can say is that I wanted to believe it was misguided, I'm compassion, but, as I start to see this emergence of even like white guilt ray I'm like these people do not actually feel bad for black people and the better
es testament to that as you and I write, the methods are like that because if they were really just like, I feel so bad for being. Why- and I got so bad that you haven't from experience and when I told you my experience, I told you I was conservative. You're you're instinct would not be to call me a racial epithet or palming Uncle Tom upon the cool, so that means that you doing this is not about you. Caring about black people is about you, wanna take the moral high ground which then you think gives you the right to go in and to bully other people, which major now bully all other white people in the world and say you don't understand the plight of black people, and that's why I say I always to elect their treating us like animals that need rescuing you, no person who rescued this put puppy. You know from a pound, or I do this- you. We want your virtue, single people, think that you are a better person when in fact, you're not do more clever, yeah, and I I mean I think it's good that why I keep saying in the past couple years I need the mask is slipping. The mask is slipping off these people, I guess I've been to I've been saying the stuff for a long time like of cause. I was
Now before we went away went before we went on air, I was saying: I'm not someone who's political views are leanings of ever really change. Like literally since I was a kid through my teenage years. Early adopted, I've always been really liked to label myself on the political spectrum, setting it's a lot more complex than that, but I've always been like centre right, shall we say, and I've kind of move downwards towards libertarianism as time is gone on just cause, that's always what made sense for me. That's the kind of value I was raised with me by my parents in everything like that: my views have always just been around that you know hard work, personal responsibility, not wanting are expecting handouts, not looking for you know, looking first to yourself and family to solve problems, rather than looking straight to the government of that kind of stuff. That's been in a religious values. I was raised a Christian so all those things have always just naturally, I wouldn't have labelled it in the past
No, I don't mind someone calling me a conservative or whatever that completely fine work and live in leaning yet area. Exactly like I don't I don't mind of whatever labour helps people he'd, hopefully it's cool, but about just not a leftist I'm definitely Amsterdam, certainly not leftist and another thing. It's like it just doesn't it doesn't. sounds to me so on a private level, I've always been telling people like this is what my personal experience has been like. I want, I tell people the majority, so you ve got a lot of people who think first of I don't think the UK is a racist country. Has a lot of people like to say the UK, whether use all these country. Now people are watching us systemically institutional everything is a racist tracer and I've been in the UK a long time been a far more cities and towns in the UK, and almost anybody with my music of travel to all these different cities meant tens, hundreds of thousands of people and
in real life. I've experienced, I want to say, like less I experienced any racist like directories, Marilla almost none right. Almost none online I've had a little bit and it all been from the left side of the political spectrum, and when I too, when I tell people that are always stories likes sure surprised are shocked if I think they're like what you mean And what are you? The area? That's that's the thing and I think they are genuine. Genuinely people don't know, but I have even seen a lot of people both are more recently started to get what I'm talking. Because I can point out examples and on my ok. Well, will look at this. Look at that and you can see why the responses as soon as people see you deviate from what they expect, because their racist Sunday look at you,
color out of your skin and they assign all these attributes to so too too. To elect is walking in. There is no difference between Kennison Toby right. They look at us and they say they vote Democrats their victims, they ve been they. They ve had terrible experiences in life and it is our job to fix it right and so then we say actually know we're good actual. Like the UK, there is another reason I say America's irish country. They go not legal nuts. Is a weird thing to go out to work it out. Do you want me to be having a racist experiences country? Yes? Why? Because it makes you feel better rights as it makes you feel like doing something, but the other thing is that their actually garnering power in this kind of no one should be talking about it. Their garnering power for themselves in this manner go look at the books that you can buy now that are written by white people right now, like you know, yes, us why people need to shut up
and these things will be mass produce, yet without legislation, but but self largely must become a business. So the irony of all is that there are also popping themselves up they're going on speaking Torres right. Chelsea handler has an entire Netflix series: He was coming at least last year and of its come out yet about white privilege, or do you think you think workable got paid when she went on and this white privilege, it's. It's running this donnithorne gatling, ok, what's my next number can get paid? If I just self largely by people, will keep calling me to come in bringing this nice here why people sought, because it's like biased confirmation right so they they want to bring people and they want to operational, might speak and the black black, the workmen, who will give him a platter? Devil and Edward whose whose pockets in only really line early weird, I mean I've. I've had people get angry at me about people, I've gotten and arguments of people who are trying to argue with me that I am
breast. So I'm here to help you. I know I'm good, like I'm fine, I'm not a presently. Actually, you are practices and it leads to anger. Gray leads to anger. I mean those one guy on this was just on my. This was like some Youtube comments. I thought I'd said something on a common denominator, what was one minor summit agenda they. They wanted some huge tirade about how How can you as a black man as a descendant asleep, bubble, I didn't descend from safer because the automatically soon on black American and also my ancestor? slaves and, unlike of does not even my history Then there are like oh well. What about it like? No, that's also not correct, like they were making all these assumptions. and then, in the end, like they just kind of my camera with called me, lay they called me some bad name- and I was just like out there. We haven't figured out how to quite a few interactions like that, and this is very strange- and I don't like to paint with super broad brush is because I do think this is like a fringe group
of people allowed over, maybe necessarily exactly exactly so just like our own, like people to look at the extreme end of I don't know, say the right political spectrum and see your pay try to paint ever it without brush. I don't want to look at the far left and of the political spectrum and paint sort of all people who leaned laughter. All levels exists like I don't think you know. I think you can do it where you can paint with the bride with a broad brush. On behalf here's a definition left the right. When somebody is a radical on the right. We all call it out right if you on the right any and there's like an actual white supremacist rate. The day there is not, you are not going to find any mainstream. Conservative that's going to get a platform is gonna, say it's. Ok, the oars going to pretend it's happening, rage like no there's, no conservative means, That's gonna meet David, Duke, okay, any radical left as they make. Ok, they make Alyssum Olano. Ok, they make Chelsea hand. Ok, I mean these people are our vicious. They say terrible things online and the ultimately say things at a racist like Ellison, mulatto, hijacking, black history and saying the matter.
it is the new K K case that she has history of the cake, and that's not that's not that far longer, like for black Americans and my grandfather up with the real cake, a keg and was attacked by them in his youth. Which she bought in his home she's there, these people, aren't even to our interests only been dead, get and she's hijacking that they never call it out. In fact, they give it a platform of anti for anti a big one. Did they ever set antipersonnel? In fact, on CNN and Cuomo I mean, and Ukraine was that whose brother Chris Chris Cuomo sanction vampires He Antigua. So you know what until you're going to call out your own radicals, I'm very happy to paint it with a very broad brush. That's my prospect now. I can understand that and I think there are two reasons for it. I think one is the conservatives like borders, No, I mean I did. I mean that metaphorically and physically right, I think, conservative minded people are better at delineating things.
making lines and say: ok, this is ok. That's too far. This is ok! That's our stock. More structured exactly that by definition and people who are more liberal minded me this goes. for the same reason why most musicians and creative people and actors tend to be liberals rights, just personality trade, because, if you're a creative, you don't want to have too much rigidity and borders and stuff like that, and then that in that personality type filters into people's politics, I mean, if you get people to do personality does with good degree of accuracy, you can predict their political leanings. So the reason the world of entertainment, music, acting Hollywood and all that leans, very heavily left is not just because of some kind of India donation in whatever its because creative people like that just like, if you look at mechanical engineers, they invariably conservative cause. It's very that type of brain that way, which is really interesting. So I think because of that it, zero for someone who's like say like a standard, conservative or centre right or whatever they have like a very clear and boy and wrong.
yeah, a clear border of when the right goes too far. You for Jordan Petersen talk about this. You know it's easy to tell when the right goes too far right notions of you know extreme. I or ethnic nationalism more racial super. you already all those kind of ideas not like when the right goes too far, but for the left, that's not, is clearly not clearly defined. They they they just sit day. Almost you in just a different person. Having a different experience. You should be allowed to express themselves so that experience and- and you see this existing, I think in and one whether you can really see at playing out on the left is in american politics, with the splintering of what it means even be a Democrat. You got a yossi running around pushing for marxist when socialism and then you have the more moderate dams who what was anything to her as as you know, she saying things that are completely horrendous, standing on the backs of of six million mortar Jews just to score political points against Donald Trump, and they don't call it out. So that's my wife say: okay, well, I know you're, not all life is until you're willing to stand up and say this is poor. You then up and say this is actually
what it means to be a liberal and we have nothing to do with the leftist. And then you know what you are one of attenuate you're in the same sandbox play together all the people who do not get over it. That guy who that migrants, I concede that point zero. You that's why you guys are one thing, and I see this move on a mega hat and get out of here has been interesting. You know washing the transition of you know guys like Dave, Reuben or even people who were more. You know two left of him like the Wednesday brothers and stuff right, more Temple rights who work clearly politically lean left, but because they are willing to do this call out and say no way, Anon! That's going too far away. Now that stupid, that they're- not you know they now the accusation from people We are not really on our society are on their side or you're all right or your this, or that in its it's gonna hilarious,
to watch but is also a little bit sad because you- and it is indeed davis- actually really good friend of mine. So I can, I can tell the storing call it out, but I warned Dave early the very first time. I met him when we had dinner and he was right playing this game, and it was also actually bench appear, play this game and they're they're. Good friends or they teeter on the fence, because they they they. You know they also want to create conversation with the left. So they'll invite. You know somebody on the left onto their show to have a conversation, and then, though often I guess, it's too maybe even appear fair hand to do a lot of critiquing the people on the right arm for things that I think you could let slide right: leg, Donald Trump, tweet like a tweet, that's ok, unless you something radical right, all in he's doing he's doing a really good job of trying to pluck through all it. We know too, to sort of calm through all of this mess that we ve created in America. Now what I said to him was, I said deep: you can play this game. You can t there on the fence. You could try me the middle member. There is no such thing as a middle man. I said at the very first opportunity they get the
will each you alive. Conservatives will allow you to go speak to leftist. Conservatives will allow you to say your level, liberal conservatism, I do whatever you want, but be careful who you make friends with, because just so you know at the very first chance up the first sign of a scandal or the opportunity or window that they see. I take it that big you throw you out of, they will do it and he's learning is learned that lesson tremendously over the last couple of months, and it's like I genuinely hate to say I told you so, but they are not tolerant of different opinions. We are we all. I have them, will finally have my own funds that were in the trenches of me to movement right We're coming to my wedding, and I was the most outspoken person against it, because you know what I'm tolerant. I don't agree with. I don't like where it went, but if it meant something to you and it gave you a chance to come out and tell your story great, we can still be friends. We do. We need to agree or disagree. Absolutely the whole tolerance thing find hilarious. I find hilarious because, I'm all again for years of always said, I'm conservatives to be way more tolerant equation.
Like what do you mean? What do you mean by unlike plant proven My express my lived expense how to use your own phrase right like I'm just so you know, I know people of get lots of different political persuasions. I meet so many different people and I know that if I'm talking, I dont, if I'm talking to people, like leaning, right or conservative water, whatever had only to walk on any actual straight. I don't. We're gonna nationals are not going to be me. I know it can crack jokes. I know I can say stuff. I know I can be satire. You satire, you know just say words without worrying, like oh, my gosh did, I say a taboo. Where did I say, I don't I don't, even as they call them micro aggressions like reacted, was it a micro crashing did. I saw you say something in the brain tat the brain we on the left is its likes. You say something it get goes here and then like. How could that have been offensive? Was I offended? What did he say that could have passed
Amy offended. Ah, ah there it is- and I can't believe he did it. It's like this is this. Is there thought president you're right? It's exactly like walking on eggshells, the whole time you can't funded through their views. Making the fun out of everything it is. It is very, very funny I mean I know Yeah I mean conservatism really has become the new counterculture. Its entry for me as well. I mean I do remember so I I was born, I was born in the end in eighty six. and I remember in the nineties, most of the guests, intolerance and censorship. Outrage and over moralising was mostly coming from the right Ok, so I remember like with video games with rap music, with heavy metal music like different art forms and stuff right and when people would really trying to elect shut it down. That was primarily the coming from the right side:
political spectrum both in the UK and the? U S, and I remember that quite clearly- and it really interesting how its inverted several date several decades later, so the for the finger wagging the loss of the not having a sense of humor, the pro censorship prose at the end of the song needs to be banned. This you know, that's all coming from the left side of the political, actual now, which is really interesting, so it used to be the people on the left, who were really pro free speech and Censorship. You knows you. Let us do you. Art can be whatever can be subversive. Comedy can be subversive and now its people on there conservatives who allowed defending that. Even if it's like, I don't even like I find myself off and defend, I don't even like you know, I don't know, I don't even use profanity, I don't even swear, I don't cos my music, an unreal I've, not anything and one of the most like staunch preuss free speech, people not because our say something horrible, but I'm like well, I will was that phrase. You know I don't
I do I can. I was a failure. I differ out disagree with everything you say: bye, bye, bye said. I know I've been. There have been the same one doing that you know. I remember em too too, Women have had on my own podcast like two it up. You know they're, both very out outspoken feminist. I speak its featured both of them on my podcast and you know people not very critical of lot of it acts of modern feminism, but I remember one day when they got kicked off to it. I was like shouting like no like that's not right, they shouldn't be, they should be censored right am, I might disagree with them on several position? but I'm the one saying no, like the other go for them and then I'll go for them, but you know they're gonna, kill me. Please, and I actually lie out of something that you should. Let them talk because they're so wrong that the best way only you gonna be shut, that down its defeat, the mighty logically to win, and indeed there has to be a free market of ideas ray and and the one that will get bought. The most is the one that is that that just winds, because it's a better products- and I think I d illogically conservatives- have a better product right
the idea of getting your life Nora during patients as making your bad feeling good about yourself feeling good, looking good working out going to the job. All of the stuff that we're saying that we know bill C, pull up vs the left, their ideas is to be miserable. All the time be outraged all the time. Fine reason to be upset all the time to figure out how you can be a victim, fine, gif I therefore give my microphone algal I'll, go to a hotel with any one of these people and to beat my ideas and why I am arguing my life is better and why I believe, especially as someone who started her life liberally and and made the conversion, fortunately before it was too late, but how better. My life has got. It will note what was the key turning point for a tramp tramp. It was. It was once I can put it down to one sentence that Trump sad, which was back Amerika what he had to lose, and I am why I'm my family, I have a stunning stunningly split family in terms of the way that I was brought up. My dad's family or conservative beliefs face
Family grandpa was with my grandma mother out until his dying day not marry their seventeen, my mother's family, the exact opposite right, like so took the route of government handouts. Believe veto have taken the the path of a victimhood an end I wanted to live, like my dad show me because they're they're, my grandfather,
was happy and the cement of grub during which, during race, racial dying, Worthington money was littered when it was when he could have said. I am a big. Never did not want to use this to say it to this day and and and nobody wants to talk about it, but the way he speaks about the coup cooks. Clan is like they were children. Like I mean he was a boy when they shouted to his home, but the best thing is hearing my grandfather tell that story, and he say you know yet they come around the house and we want the back in US kid. We weren't the bed and my daddy would grabbed the shot guns you back at them. Boys I mean he makes them sound like pathetic little punks it in there so much power in that re. So I am all for just a thinking that conservatism conservatism wins with its ultimately empowering right, whereas liberalism in them,
Similarly libertarianism, I was able, isn't it just like it's a horrible feeling, just a horrible feeling everyday to figure out. Why are upset Globe conserve mean they ve done. Not a study showing conservatives are happier ran and that shouldn't again that's one of those things. It surprises people who are not like awake to at all, but, unlike the obviously because I think it's also cause, I think, just having a more realistic view of the world. So what I find with more conservative minded people as they tend to compare things to history and other countries. So if I'm talking say about the you care about the USA, with someone in someone's, I order you Kasr terrible kind your America's a terrible country. Whenever I am I, what are you comparing it too and someone who is more leans more left normally there, comparing it to a utopia that doesn't exist and has never existed, that, like their version of events or create a diversion of the perfect world
where do I find more conservative minded people, it's more realistic, you're, comparing it to history. So what you were just saying right about your your grandparents? Okay, so you know I'm by myself. You know my grandparents grew up in Nigeria under you would have lived much harder life in many ways than I have in my siblings. Having everything and you can you know you could go back fifty sixty years in your life, and I was like some real softer- there's lots of stuff to complain about at that time, and they didn't know anymore or if they did, they did it and they got stuff don. They gonna die. They gonna. There was actually neighbour- fighting. For I don't know what we're fighting for any anymore black America, I get a jail. I look around and I'm like here guys, so there is no more segregation and we can do whatever we want now were fighting for the right. This is where I believe, the black american argument right now and now it spreading obviously because
you say backstage when America sneezes, the UK catches a cold right right now and I was spreading so America's sneezing adheres what's coming out. If you figure out how your victim, whether because your women, because your woman or because your black, they want the ability to be able to not work and have everything, that's really were away what I've been trying to get to. what their frustration is, as I haven't done anything, but why don't? I have everything, and why does that? Guy who is on a whole lot have thinks evil, capitalist and it's because of capitalism, and I'm enrage. You know it's because the colored skin you know because he's a man, you know it s, because you straight and I'm just like. He's a staff who please to get to work, please stop and get to work and run daddy could do of migrant Eddie. Could do it anyway?
can do it. You know what I mean it in America. I really do believe that I did say something yesterday on Twitter about how it would be amazing if the people who whine and complain the most about certain politicians or the system or whatever, if they put that same time and energy into any productive endeavor right where that could be music. That could be your job that could be setting up a business that could be whatever it is, then one you legitimately be making the world a better place and to you'd be you'll, be a lot happier, because I can. My power of control is very much based around what like myself as a sensor, and there are few people around me and my family life- I've got some control over that the amount of control I have over the rest of the people in the UK, let alone the rest of the people in the world is is nothing I haven't. I control over that, so I'm not going to focus on my enemy. In attention on being outraged by them,
millions of actions that are happening all around the world, billions of actions that I disapprove of or certain people. I don't like whatever. This is why I find it amazing when you ve, caught in the UK for the past two and a half years, people escaping about breaks it in You asked for the past two and a half years. People are screaming about Trump. You got people since he was elected every single day. I mean I've been on some twitter account in its just every single tweet for the past two years is just whining yeah. It was trying to create a reality alternate reality, which is just that all our lives are completely depress, because the person that I wanted to get and offices in there I mean I'm planning a trip to the states and later on this year, and other people who are legitimately like like warp legs out, don't go to the states you know, trilateral you drank someone. You can't come to that going trunk, trumps, America right, lumps America Blake I like are you sure you want to go giant and they mean it like that genuinely where it I'm just like dude
Let all watch. Lord mentality majority does not turn off the tv onward. I've. Everyone just turned off the tv turned down. radios and went outside they be like this is now I say it's the greatest country, The world. I mean America, as is just so amazing. It's gotten more amazing in doubt as to the best you can do, The eight because it starting up now you're in America go to a Trump rally and I say that save as black people, had been converted from from leftists to Republicans I'm serious have had them on my show because they went to a Trump rally cause they were shocked. You know they were shocked regarding what people were so It was happening inside of these rallies. What actually was, in this spirit of patriotism that moves in the room? The love that the amount of like this is my brown. This is my sister. I don't care what color I don't care for disabled. I don't care what lightly What multiple ends. You speak, that that camaraderie not pages in that you feel it when you are in a mess,
of a trump rallying. It cannot there's nothing that compares to it and then you can see it and that's why we have this media, that's rushing and doing everything they can to stop people from experience and thinks that the media doesn't want people to experience anything We want them to memorize things that they are telling them is happening. They want to be the lens for which withdrew, which everybody sees the world and when people aren't doing his long experiencing. if you really do believe that Trump is a racist, sexist misogynist. Second, coming of Hitler go to a Trump rally and confirm your suspicions. We therefore five major new figure that out there wasn't what happened, ISM think, but
trumps election and breaks it to a lesser degree. They tore a hole in the fabric of a lot of people's reality. Ok, so people thought millions of people in America thought the world was a certain way and that the country was a certain way and that now worldview was completely right and his election proved that it wasn't, which is why I think that you know how I can even believe in they were pushing the whole installed by Russia thing right, because it's hard to its hard to admit you're wrong right. If you ve got something in your worldview. That is wrong and its pointed out. That is wrong because I mean a good worldview allows you to predict things right. So if the world were in the way. I think it is Trump can't win. If the world works too, I think it is right, but then he one and so either young people who are like ok. caught me by surprise, I was blindsided. Let me talk to the people. Before him, and let me look more into what the others, I believe to understand how he one and then you have the people who rejected them
and the only way he could have one was still working in their worldview Is that America is a really racist country, so they in their own, mind, genuinely believe that he is the second coming of Hitler and that he is a white supremacist in that is all these things they need. Tat have been Pat peddled right like the protector cushioning there. My because that's the only way that the only explanation and then as a result of the sixty million people are ever who voted for him. They must also have some racist, simple away, even if their black humanist, they're letting the funny thing is this is this was the progression it was the only region. Trump is the candy on the right is because still some racists. Now we gotta we now rate, but don't worry who's gonna be president, should not worry about it. Then Hilary loses and it becomes there were even more resources than we knots right. So here's my vision, right, cracked, the black vote, then what's gonna, be
black white supremacist through never sighing Tommy there completely delusional, I'm joking that'll be a thing. They call me a black white supremacist up. In other words, so we ve been those eyes. There was the racists have been so active, so proactive and have been doing such a good job that they ve, convinced the black people to be white. Supremacist downs will be twenty. Twenty is its truly is truly amazing. So, rather than just gone, you know, maybe I was wrong move. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I missed something: it's like they're, just double trimmed Courvoisier evil down, and I find it because I like I've, been in states in ten years, but I gotta watch it from it from a distance and I'm sort of in his car then state of amazement of like what is going on over. There lies in its not people. Just it's not that hard to understand why It's not my heart, but what you might still wrong, like you might still disagree, but might still be lucky. I still don't like this guy or a storm like this party whenever that, thus far enough, that's an opinion, but it's not that to understand what
is going on there and you can tell they dont, because The way a lot of stuff is going now. It's almost like they want him to win again, as if that I feel that way, I might do so. You're just gonna, recreate the wheel and just call even more people raise isn't sexist now, so black people that are starting to come out oh yeah, I disagree with that. You're gonna call them likewise from city, and you think this is going to work in your fever in your favour. So I just I mean you're making trip like So the stage now, where I mean it, Sixteen I was gonna like if I was an American. I might vote for Trump, and I said this out loud to a lot of people in people. Mortified now now and twenty twenty, unlike if I were a black American, I would, if I were in American, I would definitely wrote retirement people he would even more mortified right and then, but it because a lot the times it's almost like. I want to give the demo its advice. But it's almost like just don't be crazy.
you're not only light. You, like your men, making trump look really reason like our very stable, like animals stable with some of the position, you're, taking on some sort of issues like already crazy they're, just going there going not. I am now you're saying that on your slacking has got get no more now where he just like yes, now I got traveller now. Are you going to have another was kind of like ok, guys, no independent, you through the first, the first three hurdles of absolute insanity, but now it's eager actually going too far with me. I'm getting tired of this of this array of crazy and you're right I always try to envision. One Dnc strategy session is like who is running like who is behind this thing, comment, public enemy you. pay money I'll come in? I just tell you everything you do and I'll get it all done in thirty seconds, dont be crazy right. So this whole that you're doing is just not don't be not says the best advice take it that that they could possibly try to himself in their own party, and they can't do it.
Defining more reasons to be crazy, more things they can just screw up and make upside down, and they just want to do this. In inverted, make it a little bit and then to address what is with what is wrong with you your quickly. Now people are voting, I weather, You're going to live in a sane world are an unseen. Well forget me: it's even about Trump. It's about sanity, we are vote being for sanity right now. Which is amazing, that a vote for Trump is a vote for scented Jimmy. I never thought I'd say that one day I was watching your fired later on in life. A vote for you will be a vote. Firstly, enemy rice it soon. It is amazing, though I like, that our Scott items thing of lead. You know their position is greater. Movie screens Those are one movie screen, but different people are watching too different movies on James Green by so you look at it from this angle in using one thing, and then people like it from the other angle and missing something completely different. And that's what you mean you witness at a lot on social media. What I'm? Having conversations with people and a moment later we talk
about the same person or party or thing here cause like it's. Almost like the inversion of what I'm saying what is its different realities and urge their choosing to live in a different reality, and one that's permanently outraged here, some of them I am sorry to consider our think about which I think it's actually just to Larry as the disk come up like they ve come up with this. As a solution is we're just gonna ban consent. That's when you let us hold it, so we lost control of the embassy headquarters right, so we lost control in the last election cycle of war. The conservative voices that have a large volume we'll just ban them and then all the side, the people that were following those people will be my browser. Is that really Emmy isn't me or is that what the most child? Like conclude, if you ban someone they conservative they're not going to suddenly become liberal right they're gonna do
owing to double down a triple down their conservatism. They're going to dig there he'll actually get more radical, exactly Emmy what it would have ridiculous solution to then say we're gonna have to get a hold of these tech companies and start banning different opinions. I go such a lush we have to be a democratic culture as a solution and then more private company They switch them interesting, I'm pretty libertarian, whereby gosh, if you don't think like these companies, have a complete stranglehold on the internet and people's thinking It believes that everything that you live in la la that way. It is It's weird one cause we're living in it. You time where you know that tech, let's not got a monopoly, but kind of oligopoly is a really new thing. You know you ve: never had a handful of companies really controlling to a degree that the public conversation and perception and search results.
Information people have access to and stuff like that, whereas be no one or two companies can just decided, the platform and on persons? Somebody in nineteen, eighty four saint aware since in the everyday right, like our Alex Jones, just an urgent unburthen, a man to get rid of this guy? We don't like him. people are, as I owe you some people on my came, so they didn't want to rush to his defence by its like. It's not it's, not that's the principle Support like I dont want. Even the people who think there are. You know that the bee, who think who I dispute, I disagree with so many of their ideas. They can be pushing marxism, believing that there are infinite genders, believing that there's no, whilst also believe there is no difference between men and women like all this crazy, Duff animal, I don't even want them de platform on ice, I don't. I don't want that. I'm just saying like you want do apply the same rules to everybody. Does how I think about life and generals? Why don't like identity politics is? Why don't like an intersection, auntie em like I'm, not for any group
or person or whatever you're, not gonna, see me waving a rainbow flag and how I see me calling myself a feminist Youngah, I'm just I treat human beings is equally in the fairly as possible, and that's what I believe, everybody should do right. All those immutable characteristics are largely irrelevant. Right now. I am not speaking to you as a black conservative woman, I'm just talking to canvass is annoying as it had two entirely really do I personally for somehow in some strange land of loops at the left, makes makes us racist, because we don't judge each other by the collar of our scandal. I we have literally, our lives could have been more different. You grew up in you re the up here I mean, which is to me fascinating, and we were talking about this under a theocracy and determine what that was like I mean you're, so I mean it's a weird one, so I dont want to speak for anyone else who has grown
there, because the Pentagon have been experienced depending on where you live and how you live. You'll have a very different experience, I think so um. I lived therefore well over a decade. My my parents moved out there to work when I was really young, so I went to school over. There went to an international school, so I lived was kind of like a compound. Realistically honestly, it was like it was a bubble spot You would also go out into the cities. Where do you need to do some shopping? Are no doo doo I stopped so you kind of saw that difference between, so got to see you, I guess real Saudi Arabia and and also the kind of ex bat bubble in which I lived in as well, but it was really cool to grow up. There cause having grown up there and then also being someone whose family background is originally from Nigeria. I've had a lot of access and exposure to three different cultures throughout my lifetime, so upset the british system in the british way of doing things and the pros and cons of that the-
we want to say nigerian legacy but, like even nigerian itself is very, very diverse but in Nigeria there's a different way of doing things and the systems are a little bit different and there's different values and ideas and stuff. It comes with that and there's pros and cons to that and then also with Saudi Arabia, which I think is m in a lot of As I is quite a misunderstood country, it's one of those countries where people tender, strong opinions on, despite having very little information, let alone experience about. So we Most countries, people don't really have lie. If I ask you, you know I'd just somebody that thought on Estonia, most people unless they're from Estonia dont, really any opinion or assumptions or whatever with saudi everybody thinks they know the whole story way. They think they know everything of intermediate fascination with Jerry. We have because our young, so I often find myself defending the country, cause people. I find have a lot of fun assumptions or misinformation about it or whatever, or they think that they only see the down
sides, and they only see the negatives of the way that some of the things are done over there and dumb You know having lived there, there are others just like most places of into those things I like about it and that's it I dislike about it, there are a lot of problems, for example, that you have in the western world some of the biggest problems that you have in the western world that simply do not exist there, largely because of the way they things so Saudi, for example. Of course, the countries like ninety nine point- nine percent, Islamic there's no separation of church and state the you know the laws in the Koran are the laws of the country everybody's, religious, everybody fears, God Super strong, family values, and yet it is it is, and a lot of ways compared to the liberal western world and to find the people in the liberal western world can only see the downside of that cause, they're kind of viewing it through their own lands and perspective, which is natural in normal. But you have to remember
for people who live in a country like out here, if your similar they look out to the west and some of the things that are going on here and some of the problems that people are encountering in the way people are behaving and there like one on earth in doing right, will we could use a little. the ology over here. I think there can be no more theology idea. So if you look, if you look at a lot of problems in the UK or the U S, okay, broken families homelessness drug addiction alcoholism and all the problems that are related to these things, kids being born out of wedlock.
You know, unplanned pregnancies, which then leads to abortion and whole cascade of other social issues. Lot of those just don't exist, or because they were so secular radio becomes like this first you and we used to not be obviously vassili. We build everything offered you Jake, judeo christian values will start from first that the fall from God, then the far from the family right then draw towards government and in the expansion of government, and everything else becomes absolutely insane right. So I can see that perspective of the west going crazy, because we we have an end. They stately stigmatized God, and now we are in the process of seeing there. retiring family. Unless your family is weird and disruptive and you ve got you know, I'm a mom who doesn't shaver armpits and has pink hair was married to a Trans man, woman who was a guy yesterday, but as a man today and has adopted a child, I am from a country forward for of wood with which they don't speak, the language from which they speak a language other than you not consider the right kind of family. Today
that's really work. That's the direction we're trying in right now and in western civilization and is not suitable. The normal, healthy family unit is certainly not if it's not demons. it- certainly not as celebrated and promoted a demon Will the obvious nuclear family is fully demonized right now I'd? I'd I'd, agree with you, but I'm trying to be a little easier, there is no mince. My words. Don't worry, I got you two approaches here so yeah in and I think even people, who are more what one interesting thing I'm finding both on in an offline. You know, I know a lot of people who were atheists secular whatever I'm a lot of conversations and even seeing on Youtube and whenever a lot of people who previously were quite staunch atheist, even if it's even if they're not becoming believe they're turning to God or anything, I'm finding that a lot of them, are starting to understand the sort of power and importance of
religion, even if they themselves don't believe, are starting to be as some of the things. Free around the edges and morality is starting to become a lot more subjective and reality itself self is starting to become a lot more subjective and people who just kind of creating their own virtual worlds and trying to force other people to accept them. I'm I mean that I'm having conversations with people who are like you, I can. I can They stand the value of this thing like don't necessarily believe it, but I can see how having that coming unity and umbrella for people to fall under it gives you an answer to that. You know the meaning of life and what what I find with a lot of em I do fine with you know. A lot of people were atheists is that they spend a lot time and mental energy, almost looking for a replacement for God in that becomes government that
It can become a government of minute. I'm becomes eighty ology radical feminism. That becomes an I taught by that all the time, her all the time and and and people that have religious ties nor deeply religious as well as a rule, the poorest or exceptions tend to have just more structure in order in their life and then I think it's because a Billina, it's the belief in just that. There's something outside of yourself. It's not all about you, you little more. Possessed right do not happen earlier and you should be as aspiring towards a higher power by living, your life, righteously and- and I think it makes all the difference. So it's interesting that you say, and I'm not going to be critical here- cause I've never set foot in Saudi Arabia. Ninety before lay over and down that you say that their that you see even within your rights. I think I think no realistic, acting in a country like Saudi. I think that I think that there too, strict now think it lino. Yet it s gone to like two forms is too hard core.
But I also think the modern West has also gone too far. We have in another direction exactly I. Actually there only agreed to competing extremes, you know an end in its interesting because what what it really brings to the fore funny just a conversation about the absence, the absence of God in Western America in western civilization and how it brought us to this territory that we ve. Never, I don't think I've ever tried it before any further calling it freedom, but it feels circles are how like bondage to me, I mean it's gonna talk about a year. Tat say anything can do anything. You know and have to constantly be amiss in this place of struggle best, not freedom, it does, it feel free, doesn't feel good and it's really interesting I mean I'm. I'm super grateful to live in western world and I know I'm better off than well over ninety five percent of the people in the world and in I've got very little to
complain about it. Whatever. What I want, I kind of fear, I guess, is you don't want them to mess up a good thing. You know four gonna have children in the future. You're, a kind of thinking what well they're gonna come into and how things are, to be not not just in terms of people always go As you know, the e economy and some sort of men progress in technological progress in all and that that's that's brilliant, but there is also another side to life of spirituality and morality and purpose in all these kind of things is why guys like Jordan Petersen is having he wouldn't have a huge impact twenty years ago. Right was needed NEA is like people were dressing. Should I not? U stands up and, as you know, is like hey make your back and think about that because, like about Michael Jordan Petersen, success is, is really a testament to help. Praising. The west has become rain because people who don't even know what they're looking for the going nuts
running around like chicken with their heads cut off their screaming going left going right on a boy on IRAN? Joined mutants like hey, make your bet that, like a voice that came through and just assigned some rules and right here are some rules, which means that fundamentally, people were searching for rules and searching for actually may have known it, but just having that sound in having that sound voice, just say: hey man. What if you took a shower today, you know what a few major Dad today hid her one people. What if you walked with your with your part with your back street like a lobster and it is truly being called a racist, excellent results unless, at the same time, the best the best way to get criticized the best way to trigger people is too suggest. That, then, are all that they could be also point out that have some flaws able. It is true. If you look at anybody, it doesn't matter if you're talking about whether your talk
about behaviour or you're talking about physical fitness or you're. Talking about mental Health What whatever thing your talk, finances like anything where, if if you, if you go to so many, are like ok you're, not in good shape Europe away, you could be in better shape and if you do exquisite right, there's two responses to that. One type of some will be like yeah. You know what you're right, I'm gonna go to the german that clean up my diet, I'm gonna do better and you know what it's for myself and my and we are my partner, whatever they and they'll do. The other side will be How dare you shame me? You need to accept me. I am then some beautiful, as I am its society's problems. Society has created The only reason a man like myself may prefer a slimmer. your. What looking woman is because I've been brainwashed by the patriarchy- and you know society, and this in that- and I should really
love obese women rather than you know, and you can be fitted, you can be abused and be fit and all the all these weird things They are kind of like no, my mouth now that's that's just not, but you write that that at best The is an way to trigger someone. Tell them their legs, they could be a better version of themselves because that's holding up a mirror. That is why those people are so reactive to me in the black meaning there so angry, because I'm hitting out something that they know already to be. They now you'll need to tell you know. We don't really need help that person that there that there they should maybe go to the German that they're not eating, help make it make better choices. They know right, but somebody saying is like I just. I don't want to acknowledge our hearings in the back of my head right. That is telling you that
my life rice and within the black Monday, hey, look like a marriage. Gonna make better choices, I mean, as it will have to put our families back together. We gotta stop worshipping government as the US as the end all be all solution, all our problems. We have the Ganis at our alarms and a bit earlier. We have tube ito focus on education, making more priority. The other things are taking them in culture which has taken more of a priority in our life and that's it and they hate that, because, in the they wake. I say: I'm nothing more than an alarm clock for Black America right. Nobody likes an alarm clock, no one goes without being. I just can't wait till that goes up and goes on in the morning and tells me have to go from my morning run right up there. You should make not enough alarms, vibrating, but eventually you gotta bed right. And you're on your happy. You did it and you happy you started today because you had to and that's what I'm trying to be, I'm I'm not trying to your friend, I'm not trying to make you like me. Just trying to get you the heck up, so you can let so you can start your day. Like America raids, it's amazing, because so many
of the car in popular narratives are just about pointing fingers and blaming you know. It's all blaming blaming Lena whether you're looking at em a third or fourth way. Feminism. Blame men blamed the patriarchy blame toxic asking blame man's blaming man spreading man, everything, ok, men, Men are the problem. We can just fix me nor get rid of them or whatever our problems will leave will be fixed right, then you ve got the the people who pedal all these we shall narratives all day long. It's like you know. The problem is the white men or whiteness. Bore whites Raymond, like whatever term they want to use its like that's their target. So Everything so I dont know how, if I'm looking at that, other people say I shouldn't talk about problems with black men.
communities because I'm from the Uk- and so I dont have a right to speak on it or whatever, but I'm light. Look. The problems are the problems are pretty obvious. Ok and they're not certainly these days there not coming from any sort of direct oppression or the white men, like you, you'd, if loads of young black men, are killing loads of other young black men in America. How is it why people you're not going to convince me that that's the fault of the already bought So exactly I know I know I know people try and I find it in. Edible as well. You know you got movements like black lives matter and what not where so much of the focus is on say police is dont, say on the plea: Ok, what's the number of black people killed by the police? In the? U S,
they were the UK compared to the number killed by other black people, though, why can play a ninety percent of what people are killed by the basque people? Eggs I'll give a higher chance of getting struck by lightning than you do of being killed by a police officer, as a black. There very go okay, and we can say this because we ve got black privilege right. If someone who were not of orders were to point that out then stay, I don't wanna hear the stack wearable, I don't want to go. I don't know what it over there. Whether a thing would be right and is this: it is similar in the UK on a smaller scale, there's a whole lifetime knife crime problem and it's the same thing, almost everybody in the vast majority, we're getting stabbed in most of vast majority people. Doing the standing in a city London or another big city, its young black guys, and this also that this is one of those things that there are many things that make me a bit emotional but one of those ones that it really bugs me because it's like people are just skirting around the issue like people kind of talk about it, but don't really talk about talking and I fit into
demographic right, I'm a young black men is. Why wouldn't want just? I wouldn't want anyone to stereotype me and think OEM am I a dangerous person, because I fear that stereotype or whatever and then it pains because in a way I m like well, the people doing stuff are in that demographic. So I can't even completely blame that person for having some kind of potential negative perception know what that's that's, what you say about police, a police officer and it and it's it's kind of painful, because I'm like I do want this thing to be resolved nothing I am so. Why are they not true right? I now do we want it to be true that you know backs are murdering each other fashioned. Anybody else could- and I say that most unsafe place for black person is not on the streets or in front of a white police officers in his mother's womb. Make you uncomfortable holding up the mere what we were only we're gonna fix. The community is if we act stock, but what the issues are. The issue is not the white,
and issue is the fact that you guys will have a full com. You will have a two year conversation about Charlottesville and you will not talk about that. What happened on the reaches Chicago Israel Baltimore the fact the fact that there is no single other confining a single black child across five schools involved in Baltimore that was efficient in reading or writing. Illiteracy rate, what it means to be a literate about that being something that we took away from slavery. Why they masters didn't want us to be able to really we aren't educated, which makes it very easy for the media to manipulate us and its that ignorance of thinking that you can have a factual based conversation depending on where you live, where you reside, resolve your skin or your gender or your sex, that, as is leaving Black America behind to discourage them I ve often say in what are you talking about their the UK or the USA having racial issues are there's more attention in the? U S than there is in the UK, but the UK. Is
kind of like catching onto it as well. In a weird way, like I was saying before leaders we held yeah really weird like people here are now starting to want to do. You know how, the same conversations and create the history that isn't really the same history, and what not I mean I was like look okay, if you were talking about, I don't really like to use the term black community, but let's music of people do black community in America right. If you could snap your fingers and get rid of all the racism in the say right overnight. Just snappy thing is all all racism is gone. All sexism is gone. Are those problem still gonna, be there, of course, their exams? I think it is the thing right and it's just like well, why is all the focus wise? Ninety nine percent of your focus here when it added to to me it's like I don't. imagine I gotta get shot in the leg and, unlike bleeding out from the leg and like I miss you, haven't, had a mosquito bite on my shoulder and I'm here like trying to treat the mosquito. Why, while I'm bleeding out from the leg and just like that.
during this analogy. I use em like it's like. The house is burning down and you're concerned with the fact that, like the toilets, flushing right, you'll alleges fix this toilet man. I got really got us like the house, is burning. Our guys we're all going to die this house's bearing down in your exactly right, if you systematically were somehow able to remove every single racist thought. Racist idea, races, pressure from America, the problems of Black America, the exact same there will be no progress and we would still actually be digressing as a community and as a whole, and but that's not something that makes people comfortable and here's. This now said this is the most controversial thing that I've said: Gopher behind closed doors. If you are in fact a white supremacist living in America today. The best thing you can do is sit back and enjoy the show yokes sit back and enjoy the shell, because what waigel kill a black person when you know that faster rate black people are killing black people right waigel Advocate aid, even speech how can about the population when you know that we're aborting our children at a faster rate, sit back in
the shell, because what? Why do anything in the public school system when you know that right now, literacy rates are dropping with the black. Nobody is talking about it. Do nothing! It's white premises in America, and that is a very sad hard shoot. The hidden I'm gonna get in trouble for because you know I it's true and people don't like truth because not choose don't always feel good. Nope spoke, I'm not sure what to say, while you're gonna have to may say something big Arap, every episode, the cancer cell and show by giving you a spotlight in two minutes, to look into this camera and to share something with the world is like leaving. A video in age for the world's oh well, and so, let's pretend that, whatever you say, the entire world is going to abide by it and get into lines you better make it deep in thought provoking occurred a mess up. China is gonna. Put a time right on your mark. Gets sets, go okay, so was that this issue be independent, wrapper author broadcaster,
I message to everybody out: there will be first of all to speak. The truth, dont be afraid, dont be cowed, don't feel like you need to koto. Who any belief, system or etiology or politician or political party, speak the truth. All the time to your friends to your family on Twitter on Facebook, wherever you are, don't be afraid to speak the truth and to state your opinions, don't be afraid to have difficult conversations and might seem hard in the short term. But trust me in the long term, it's worth it cause you don't wanna be carrying around that burden all the time thing I want to say, is online and offline. Remember always talking to human beings, be kind to people right behind, try to have empathy, try to understand differently, world views
Don't just be so quick to demonize somebody. Could they don't hold your position on certain issue? Talk about things be an adult, just don't be an a whole for lack of a better term, just be kind to people be decent and finally, to work on yourself. Workin yourself, physically mentally emotionally, spiritually create the best version of yourself, but you can. That should be your biggest mission and wire in the process of doing that. Do your best to help out other people, not by going out and shouting in this
in the street and holding up signs for things that you can change but work on yourself. Work on your family work on your friends, work on your people around you and the world will become a better place. Signing off zeebrugge, they're out there that we go. Thank you guys were watching the latest episode of Kansas Alan, shall I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you guys already now, Prager you is a five or one c, three non profit organization, which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today. I would really appreciate your support.
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