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A Bombshell Story Drops, And No One is Covering it (Ep 1238)

2020-04-28 | 🔗

In this episode I address the stunning video emerging from the Pentagon that went largely unnoticed in the media. I also discuss new evidence in the Spygate spying scandal that destroys the FBI’s narrative. I also address the growing scandal involving Joe Biden, and the media’s efforts to silence the story. 

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Ready to hear the truth about America on his shoulders, not immune to the banks with your host Dan bones. You know, as I promised yesterday, explosive new information, luxuriate information. I got from a great source of this house by gate the back home and get to that a little bit later, some more media madness. The media cannot find out what to do with job. I do we. Port on job. I do we not report about you, I don't mean to matter, or is it me too, but not if its Democrats Not me too, they don't know if it's me to or not, they cannot figure that out that story. A little fun upon Jim call me and no but of a warning about these continued economic shut down today, show sponsored by express Vps start putting your online data at risk. It a VP end today protect yourself at Express VP, n dot com. Slash Bonn GINO welcome to the damp. Aren't you know she's pretty should show. How are you did a fine, sir good to go? the girl, lodged Ngos, let's not waste any time, crap and yes,
we show is trying our fast to get Joe to record a Youtube version of the soul national at zero, which we received, if you miss yesterday, showed check it out. Thank you for all. The hilarious has gone that that that's the new theme song of the the Soviet Union, the new czech tyrant, deeps, so we'll work it out that, for you, thanks for the feedback today show brought you bite to the car. Then our friends at Jane, you sell you wish that double geologists disappear news, Flash Ladys, gents people look at your jaw line. It simply tells your age. He was right from Lubbock Texas. I put Jenny cells jaw cream on my neck two or three days ago. To best my neck is look in when a year's people tell me my face, looks young, I am blown away which are, M De L technology, Jenny cells, brand new jail entry, but specifically targets the delicate skin on the neck area for tight, healthy, younger looking skin.
You'll see your mirror small back at you are hunted presenting your money back. No questions asked order. Jenny, cells, brand new jaw line treatment, absolutely risk get a second month for half price. Results in twelve hours unless gotta die never Jenny, cells, immediate effects is also yours, free order, for an extra thirty. Our discount online orders only just use my promo code Dan. Thirty that stand three zero checkup go to jail now that com there, a New Jersey company in their donating ten thousand dollars a week to local food banks. You can have. By contributing directly no purchase necessary, just go to saw that calm, Jen you that com, and use Yale dot com use promo code, Dan, thirty, a check out I, Let's go. Oh, let's go ding ding. They storing up alike. Is this really is concerned me again, I understand in the beginning, given the uncertainty surrounding the issue on virus, its vitality rate, its lethality rate, the level of contagious nurse. As I've said, the are zero look up that term. It's really interesting you'll find
some of the most, in fact, diseases in the history of humankind. Have this way recalled in our zero or in or not how many people in a virgin environment without any kind of immunity will be infected by one carrier. The measles It turns out one the most infectious diseases known to man. It's interesting, but we didn't know that new beginning how contagious this was so I get in- and I understand the precautionary principle that now that we have A decent grasp vulnerable populations, who this is going to affect what that or not is how fatal. This is like I said what populations are most at risk. I think clear now, judging These economic lockdown that extended economic, locked downs may be the biggest public policy disaster in the history of humankind, Digest f. Romantic is what I said you matters. You cannot Judge the decision to locked out an extended locked out. I don't
She agree in the beginning with some of the initial decisions, while we how to grasp on this? covering for anybody who was a lot of uncertainty. Its I've been a month. We have a solid grasp about what this virus does and what it doesn't do standing these locked downs, I'm telling you it's going to go down in history as the worst p, public policy calamity in human history, where from one of the first times in a really really long time, one of the most it's decisions was made without any any idea of waiting risks. Remember I said do you home and Jenkins awhile ago who accurate sum this up, we are now anyone saying to you in viewing? This is a black or white decision. Jo Leinen, down the economy or you want people to die- was black. My discount. Those people are not there and serious people. I'm sorry
That's you, I'm really, sorry that I've had a wake. You up did that's not a serious thing. That's not how this is your weighing bad option. It's not this or that in terms of get down or people people are gonna die, either way right. Jane, you are saying, is if we lock it down with more people, die from your lockdown than from the actual virus. What do I mean by that? Look at this article at the daily collar did Anybody think this through now created. Be fair. This is written by a company that knocking them, but they do have a vested interest in obviously maintaining the food supply for their own profitability. Having said that, don't disregard the article just because it's written by a company Thyssen foods that obviously has a vested interest in the product. Of food in the sale of a daily com Chris. Why being the show notes today? Please read it buddy that consolation newsletter sign up on Sunday show no right to it. In foods issues a dire warning and a full page New York Times at these,
downs are threatening the? U S, food supply! Again I get it. I get it These are always free to email ass. I enjoy your feedback. I really do you matter to me a lot. We re Most of you know, I can't read all voted for you we get via, but we read most of it. I get it Thyssen Food has a vested interest here and that a knock on them their accompany they sell food. They want, of course, Sure that they are protected do here, disregarding their warning and the warning is- is the food supply chains. All have certain links, production, distribution, trucking, refrigeration, where having serious issues right now, maintaining continuity, their disregard this at your own parents again. Did we think this through Well, we're saving people from the virus as your starving people to death.
But I thought it was about locking it down or people will die. Did you consider the fact that people could die if they don't have fool? You think tat one through this kind of important little bed show little bit Secondly, so now we know that there is a potential danger to the food supply coming. But here too this isn't the drudgery report, I'm not here for twenty four hour hysteria, I'm here To give you the opinion of inform people again vested economic interest, we shouldn't discount that either but inform p. In the food industry, saying hey, someone should pay that is not all ignore it shut it down, because Nancy Pelosi sets up Don't worry Joe she's got six weeks of ice cream in our twenty four thousand dollar fridge. She's. Ok very allergy dance ice cream she could survive, will probably as all calcium attitude, to prevent the the operations shall not only
our food supply potentially endanger. Here. But also our hospital capacity. That's over hospital. You mean what you say: our hospital beds, in other words our healthcare systems, ability and treat people who are sick and save their lives, is in danger from the cap. When a virus not from the corona virus, from the response to the corona virus, not kidding folks New York Post today. This is it actual e physician, I believe in Saint Barnabas in New York, who is through this in the hospital who is now changed his mind on these lockdown. I the corona virus, Frontline New York Post- and I say it's time to start opening up by Daniel G Murphy. I'm sure the liberals will attack him tomorrow, see have him fired me: that's what they do, their the funniest most intolerant frauds out there we ve ever seen in the history of mankind's article b up in the show notes again, but you know that Translation newsletter read it, he hasn't it. Take a look at this screen shot from the peace, and he was there on the front lines, treating he's seen the worst of it from the new
post peace. He says, secondly, worry about Non corona virus care. This is the yard doktor speaking while, impatient units remain busy with sick covered patients. Area has been quiet for more than a week. We use the average Georgia, forty patients today, last week. We average fewer than a hundred them. Our patients in this diverse low income community are afraid to come to the ear for non covered care. Gotham Why so many New York, the number of nine eleven ambulance runs, has declined to thirty three hundred on April eighteen down from a peak sixty five hundred or March thirty. According to the New York Fire Department Data, Nato is significantly below the average and I thought we were doing data. I don't we're doing science data as a matter to you suggest, Clear hospitals are drawing up their emerge.
See care and their elective surgeries where they can actually make money to stay in business. You know that stuff, a Yossi in the left, is concerned about because their socialist, you know like actual capitalism and generating revenue to pay doctors, janitors nurses, staff, the lighting, bales, the landlord one's eyes for that kind of stuff. You know the stuff that doesn't matter the on serious crowd on the left that see matters in the real world since Those procedures have dried up. But also now looking at potential bankruptcy, dishes to looking at potential bankruptcy and going out of business. So we can actually treat sick people to save their lives. We're also seeing sick people now afraid to go to the hospital, because the one virus again to the. You don't want to shut down, more people die, think the whole blot on your hands line is going in the direction the opera,
It is the one you are accusing us of again. Have you thought any of this through. I thought again, I thought data mattered Tyson Food he's just being hysterical being he really hears you sure about that dwelling to take that chance. Now, I'm serious you wanna take that chance. I'm not. All right, if I get a lock on today, just an update election, two thousand and twenty update. We haven't done that little while this this case against Joe Biden, the Alex by Miss Terror, read of sex. Impropriety, in fact, the sexual assault against her allegations against now they facto. Democratic Domini, Joe Biden, are getting serious. I will say, as I have always said, because, unlike liberals, I am principle than I mean it. Joe Biden is entitled. The presumption of innocence like anyone else until the evidence Bruce beyond reasonable doubt if it turns
to a criminal trial that he is in fact guilty. I'm not sure it'll get that far We suggest thank you, I believe, in the rule of law. I believe, I believe everyone, no matter what they say, is not the way a constitutional republic in a legal system works. I said the storing, Cavenaugh I'll, say it now. I will say it till the end of time, regardless of your party affiliation, we, believe everyone, we believe evidence. Having said that, we'll have various motives for claiming people did things to them. Whether it sexual harassment charges or otherwise summer, genuine, unfortunately, some are not, I dont know Miss reads Motors: all I'm suggesting you see evidence misread has is far more significant than the evidence. Doktor Christine Blasi Ford had against quit against bread, Cavanaugh, which was none. Christine Blasi Ford when she alleged bread, Cavanaugh sexually assaulted, are had aunt. I evidence
the evidence suggests that she had that her friends and witness did witnessed this activity when they went in interviewed the friends the friend said they had no idea what she was talking about. In other words, she did not have evidence. She had anti evidence misread alleging sexual assault by democratic de facto nominee, Joe Biden former vice president, has actual evidence. A CNN clip is surface, showing her mother, allegedly calling. We became privilege about They have evidence seems pretty pretty solid at this point. Our mother calling the Larry King show after it happen, indicating that our daughter had been assaulted by a senator. We, I'll have a neighbour whose abiden supporter, let me say that again, a Biden support our neighbour misread, saying that she that that the neighbor was told about Miss reads allegations back when it happened again, not the evidence like Christine Blasi forward real evidence.
Where's the media, this Joe no way to be found I'll get to that in a minute the media's covering, but this is fascinating again, Joe. Neither your mine or policy principles on this is changing and we believe evidence you present evidence you deserve your day in court. You dont prison, evidence you do not get your day in court. Unfortunately, that is how the legal system works out of say. I don't mean unfortunate. I mean, unfortunately, for people on the left who want the legal system to be some kind of political tool to attack people, for generally that's how the legal system works. But fortunately, for you, because you don't like that. Look at these front? I got a series of videos here, two of em, their is Harris Senator California, Democrat ran for President the failed campaign. Kamala. Harris wants to be Joe Biden. Vice presidential nominee had Tipp do Miss Cortez
Julie, Cortez on Twitter and rights of each or sent this to me this, Comma Harris months ago, while ago, when she was still competing against Joe Biden. Ok about allegations against pine, where she was like a you know. We should really take take these women seriously. She's, really quiet Now, though, we heard this in a couple hours. Man. I respect their being able to tell their soaring hampers. Do it? Do you have to make that decision from? So I went on what to do ok, so she believes Do you not believe these women now or misread. Miss Hale was she may be Talkin about different women, the groper with whether women who have groped and sniffed those women but you don't believe, MR about. Why not Bolivia you're right to do that. Come you don't have to believer.
You may say I'll, listen Emma, but she is a lawyer. Kamel Harrison swimming a competent one. She may say I've evaluated the evidence and I dont believe mysteries, she will come out say. Where are you. Where are you calm, allows what Amazing Toronto had to call for this one palos Ike. You never maisie her own off from away with that when the corrupt the cabinet. Allegations came out our major European Democrats Centre for Reich, usually pretty cool ass. She can step up. Man, stop Bob cattle, we gotta go gotta know. Ever again, all the old people produce evidence against cabinet produce aid. The evidence evidence, their case wasn't legit no one ever produce real actual evidence like misread the courtesy at an end. The neighbour, but here was amazing around her. She was brave back tat, Joe Maisie Runnel can Becky Wesley QUIET now hasn't comment about this. At all, crazy check
guess who's. Perpetuating. All of these kinds of that actions is the man in this country, and I just want to say to the men of this country just shut up and step up. Do the right thing for change brave, Joe, tough guy, tough guy, you have told us tough, total, tough guy when it was a political case against bread carve again, and then I Chris on last night, wide debate, often not as much anymore but- and I know Chris by you reside here, so I but bless I'd, send somebody fox that was just borderline, absolutely ridiculous. I heard crest new antibiotics on four, be they send us and while the Cavanaugh thing matter more because it was a lifetime opponent, all all ok, I'm glad we have your principles now so just to be clear. Yes, even though you use at the evidence. You should cover and destroy cover relentlessly by the media, destroy people's lives and attacked them based.
On charges with no evidence whatsoever on lifetime appointments. Only actions evidence. Does it matter. At all events- you're, not a lifetime appointment for a seat. That's only forty eight years, depending on Joe Biden, Maria elected and after one July that it doesn't matter. I just want to get that down on the record. If you That last night, Chris on He D, actually said that I'm not kidding. No, no, I haven't, I was different. Was there? Was a lifetime of oak back or will be taken up? Ok Where have they got yeah grace rights? It is that's a weird when there. As long as we know is always we know your principles. I just want check, because I guarantee you if a Democrat were to win the presidency, God forbid and they nominate summit for the Supreme Court, and these allegations come up for another lifetime appointment us record death threats of old chase you, but not all I didn't mean for a lifetime. A point I made only Republic economic life before right Chris seriously, I know you become on guy, I'm
seriously really like beyond everything so tragically stupid. I was ashamed when you said it. I thought So, are you somewhat on principle, Comma Gimme, a break? You should College for that kind of stupidity where I get this video via the media. My second sponsor Tuesdays, always a loaded day preset your patient. We have great sponsors, they really want to be here. You know mothers days come up. Huge holiday around this house, where we do it, our moms I'd be pretty loss. What I do without the mom sit over there, my kids, I would be absolutely lost room at that time. You stuck out. Did that thing? So does she your mom? She knows all my secrets, my poor mom, still torture Apartment roses are red: social distancing makes us blue. B with mom this mother's day. Don't worry, we ve got you books go. Maybe you can get Mama hug. You can send flowers from the books, company books. You know that you're for bookcase books are
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bad. You ve not only forgets what he was saying. He forgets he's being interviewed at times this, fair game demands, cognitive abilities- are entirely in play. We're gonna be giving the sky the nuclear codes he doesn't even know he's being interviewed. Have them here is other interview yesterday that I don't even know what to say about this lobby is a brief clipping being interviews talking about economic, Poverty around the globe- recovering use, listened to the wording used to this the enormously I can't even this is so bad check this out I wouldn't, I would give much more engaged in the world we can step back is in fact, for example, we saw United States of america- and you don't talk to other parts of the world. Do you know what's going to happen, we're going to have if you have travel bans you're going to not be able to do have economic intercourse around the world. There is a lot look when, goes along when one America's first is America launch I touch in that. I am not touching that dude
God you're a huge misunderstanding of the activities which tempting Jos, exactly Josie, Josiana, very sensitiveness start, which I like ok, Paula made a joke me worry about that. I will leave for another day on a maybe unfriendly friendly version of the shop So, Jos concerned about equal. Yes,. Let's put it or dig it up a punch line right now and just going to say hello, body. He lobby horn, daddy, it's just listen president makes up everywhere. Obama. There were fifty seven states. Bush always use the flood deadline. For me. What's J mommy for me twice Shame on me,
Bush could never get there. I ever loved digs I've loved things on the show once or twice a week. We have made this I cannot get out of a darn interview, went out, say it's ridiculous. Kick inert! I said, no play back as it's gotta. Now I'm gonna be cry and the whole joy on a more serious because wine is its now a binary choice, it appear If Biden doesn't drop out because of these allegations, which I don't think he will, even though these allegations are getting seriously it s my sleeve as well There's a big state, my shirt go to Youtube J. That's my dears! I gets double bind. Ok. He kicked out of his own way there There is a serious choice to be made. Obviously it's now between President Trump and Joe Biden. If, again, if he doesn't drop out, I just want to Up one simple thing: before we want the despite its definition, I got some really sports stuff. You been here
president shrub. Yesterday, a group sound bite from the rose garden? He cannot say this enough. I love when he says that he built it once and we will build that again we will fix this economy. We get through this check this out. Its quick people have stepped up to the plate. I think we're gonna have a really good. I think it's going to start building. I think it's gonna build fast. I think it'll be a tremendous tremendous. Come back, and you know so. I say I built the greatest economy with all of the people that help me and all the people in this country, but the greatest economy the world has ever seen and we'll get it but again. Yes, yes, yes, I'd serious note. Yes, thank you, Mr President, I mean You need to be optimistic and when you say that you are doing a great job of doing it, American, a really looking for some note of optimism, you go to the drudge report, cable news, its money for our hysteria really I've seen some of the change I was watching this morning. Stu Varney was on Fox. Had a note
optimism. Goldman Sachs, apparently just put out of report on and off you all side saying: listen! The stock market may not take as much of it. This is there not not me, I'm just putting it. Not take as much of a dive, because, I've already discounted devalue they set are thinking more long term right now for recovery folks around. Optimistic note at their states, are opening up business, maybe getting somewhat back this some semblance of normality. We can't have twenty four hour hysteria. Human beings are conditions. India deal with stress, Joe, not Its interests twenty four hours a day, seven days a week there, just not the body breaks down. Cortisol levels addressed, they elevate. These are these down muscle tissue ever that you're not designed for that. It is time for a note of optimism. It's time to pivot, from making
briefings about primarily the corona virus, to making these briefings primarily about Europe domestic economic message going forward, and I wanted to bring that up because one it's a great message: we will build and again that's it torn great message. But secondly, What's Joe Biden message, I want to ask for the liberals- and I mean this- we have liberalising- I get their nasty, please explain to me how trumps economic vision Cut taxes, more economic freedom, hopefully couldn't get a control on our spending. Soon he's talked about it before he We haven't done it, he hasn't we'd better. Do it now. We're control of the spending, but we get this vision, our debate. Lay Joe more Egon freedom we're decision making freedom through deregulation? What's binds vision? We know that I don't have to guess. Neither do you he's already articulated his vision, economic intercourse and eco. Make intercourse their course your job, I mean what Joe it means
elevating your taxes and bigger government more regulation, I'm just skin you to our liberal friends. Please explain to me how Joe Biden Vision of upping your taxes. An increasing regulations is gonna, grow us out of our way, no outweigh the Democrats Now, just to be clear. Are now signing on too trillion dollars spending packages. Do you see how this message, Joe, is a little weird follow you are the audiences referee sure? So your message, the Democrats and Joe Biden are the gun We should spend trillions of dollars to give to people to rescue businesses, while ones bindings elected, is present to then go. Take that money back to higher taxes. Again I'll wait for your explanation of how that's going any. Does anyone want a volunteer and explosive? How that is so Democrats, We need the government the spend trillions on the economy policy,
arguing now face bore enough. No more faces we're done you arguing for so governments should spend money when give people's money, they already token taxes back to them, because there's no money for right, I'm just doing logic here, but Joe Biden, play every economic recovery is do what time. The same money: the government, the Democrats, one Give to people- and Republicans do I want to be fair, vomica society. I do these tremulous spam stimulus Porky this bill still, but, unlike the Democrats either Republicans at least the president. I believe- and this is economic freedom will get us out of this and giving people more money, not taking it away, doesn't make sense how Joe Biden, bizarre a world economic intercourse theory make any sense. Does it Can anyone explain that three? We need that People more, but nobody by job I'd. We take more that money away. What is it. What is there not a fair question.
Of course it is. You know you can answer it. Does Europe You don't answer questions you're, right, Brett, you're, busy telling me I'm a racist straight up or a homo. By transit folder and is the phobic Bobo Phobic foreseen for MR? That's all you do she, every question you want: give people their tax dollars back to government pork spills and you want to tax it back later. Why not just keep it into. Firstly, stop rescue me complicated questions. I haven't really thought through cause. You don't think, do anything you're, a liberal. You don't actually have to think we'll do the thinking for you. I I've got some killer spidey stuff Fifty seven nine, the great you, seven nine and the great Margo Cleveland who we say sensibly in my new book by the way, because your stuff is just great at the federal it's real by new book is really really really. I know self praise thanks, but is really high and it's really like
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The operational environment, Scanlon Control. There lie to you, it's a hoax. They keep telling you take insisted you and they will not let this go Chris. Parade. The rector now is, but an abomination he's guys not interested in reforming. Our call me was an obvious abomination. Some threat call me like a white had that's insane. Call me new in January twenty seventeen this case was a hoax and kept go, but they will not give up their story job that they started this case and there tire case and their entire spying operation is Donald. Trump was based on what dossier right. They won't give it up because the dossier is fake and the be I do not want to admit they spied on the present United States and its campaign out of fake document. They all got home by willingly, so they can telling people now we start
this case, because the Australians Tipp this off about this meeting would pop adopt, listen, downer, we got the tip in July and we open the case July thirty. First, ladies and gentlemen, that is a hoax. It is a hoax. I cannot be we're clear on this. How important this point is the bureau the Obama administration, the CIA. Everyone needs to maintain this patina of of through that we, we did not do this, the the dossier, we did it because of Papadopoulos and the Tipp the tip from down. Papadopoulos told him about these regimes that is We started the case was always about the dusky evidence mouths by the day. This story is a total hoax. This Papadopoulos story produce, haven't sent up or let's produce some receipts. Follow aids that shit,
some lady email me I will use usually set your wife, worn out. She hates the term receipts and you haven't use it I'll, bring it back. Just pertinent. Here's the evidence for those you hate the word receipts. So, let's go to our friend you, seven nine. This is his handwriting again keeper We're talking about the bureau, keep saying when we open the case on July. Thirty. First, we didn't do a cause of DAS. We live in the dossier dose September. You fools well here, three dossier reports remember. There's gives a series of memorandums that compose the dossier there's only one of them. That's not date. This is fascinate so report number. Ninety four Joe comes in July nineteenth of twenty sixteen June. A week and a half before they open up the case port number: ninety seven comes in July thirtieth. Twenty, the day before they open up the case, but report number ninety five, which is really damning reporting
the five which seems to indicate that Carter pay. A key figure russian it with the Russians, is foreign policy via for trump that he's the keys, You're in this scandal. That's enough port number. Ninety five, it's not dated, as you can see from two seven nines handwriting for those missing an audio. I just told you everything you need to know why his report number ninety five, which lays out the whole scheme that the FBI based their case on that your pages that got. Why is that not dated. While there is some suspicions out there by many, including our good friend, undercover Huber on Twitter, that the data that report is in fact July. Twenty eight. Why, with that matter July, twenty eight because our whole bunch of stuff, ladies and gentlemen, happens the week of that the weak above Why twenty Eightth whereof, where that day
I believe it's a Thursday, a whole bunch of stuff. Including that Sunday, which technically be the following. We July thirty. First, where the FBI opens up the crossfire hurricane case to spy on mantra I thought dated. Open it up because of the dossier. Is that why they wipe today clean don't say it came out the week of don't say this report about page came out the weaker than they can blame us for open the case because of the report we said we didn't have carrier, go dubious say: dare not that's new. You addressed these suspiciously undated report number. Ninety five last week I did what what happened on July. Twenty eight because remember I'm suggesting to you now that that report, whether with data July, twenty Eightth, or aid to the FBI on July, twenty eight
suggest you the reason the date was white. This cuz, the FBI doesn't want you to know they got it before they opened up the case cuz. They want to keep pretending it at nothing to do with it. You get it, that's why they today Queen happen on July. Twenty eight let's go to her and all their peace from the epic times by the great Jeff costs in one of the finest spiky reporters out. Their work up this interesting little kid bit about this July, twenty Eightth date, where I'm pretty sure that report surface than that's what was the spark that lit the spot? They could not all we gotta Papadopoulos, sure Jeff Carson, from March. From March twenty nineteen was updated. Last issues may Marchant twenty nineteen Clinton, pain relied on former spies web of connections to frame Trump Pastilles infusions, GPS use their connections to spread the Trump dossier.
Or member the bureau, so they don't have the dossier September. Couldn't have opened up the case because of that because we do not get it also temper and that's after July, we opened the case in July when let's go to this piece is just really incredible little Bid here, Gator, whose an FBI age, London, had known steel since at least twenty ten when still provide assistance in the fee for gate. Was identified as deals FBI handler in July. Sixteen twenty eighteen congressional testimony by LISA Page, whose FBI deputy director is endemic. A special council, the EP I first received the reports that are known as the dossier from an FBI age. You know it's Christopher steals handler. Lisa page told lawmakers according to a transcript that has not been What could be released but was reviewed for this article wow. So just to be clear: the FBI, Again, we didn't get these reports until September nineteenth, but we
another case in July, so we couldn't have opened up the case. Now we find That's the guy who allegedly wrote airport steel. Had a long known FBI, hands or a guy named data FBI agent Gator, who in London who is meeting with steel in early July Way way way, I thought you didn't get the report's until September. This is one of those situations, Joe I know you being a hands on kind of dirt into the fingernails guy. You've heard this expression in your life. I got a guy for that. You're putting rates, I gotta guy, you know, everybody knows a guy middle class People getting really wealthy folks, don't have that they have one guy who goes and finds the other guys. They have like a house hand, there's something right. They don't worry, but people like
work for a living grow. You know like I am not saying, Rasputin wherefore, I'm just saying people who are still in the mix they we're. We always have to finding manufactory apology. What all the time you stuff breaks around this house pretty much every day and we had a gutter. Probably, as your policy like you got that guy, like I got, the guy got her, Will I get bigger behaviour? Basically, I had to go get the guy. So Happens in my experience in twelve years in law enforcement to folks I dont mean in a bad way But when you need something you got a guy, you work in it counterfeit case when I was a secret service agent work in it at a why and dance long island. I gotta go get a source over their knees. You know Joe Kind, a nose, the in and out the community. If you know what I mean, I don't know a guy named juicy like. See lower tone or something like that everybody's got like a sea or don't you caps out there? No to talk you buddy, Jonesy or somethin. Everybody's got one allows I gotta guy, but does not have
do what I'm talking about here. Well in July. Of twenty six team in the FBI. Swears, hey man, we don't know anything about this steel slovenian here at the September, this I gave of London who know steel, He was his handler, this FBI agent, who already knows christmassy, who wrote the reports, the F B. I says they, don't you think it's Osborne Gator communicates with the New York field. Of course it I got a guy, I got silo. I got a guy. Could someone else had a guy to Rebecca? We don't have anything until I wouldn't get at the September. They a guy in July. Let's go to the increase Margo Cleveland under great work at the and older peace. But again your time What else happened on July? Twenty eight, where gaiters guy magically shows up steel.
Local. Even from March of twenty twenty leak of crossfire hurricane agents, identity to New York Times suggests there is more to come. There was a in the New York Times by the absolutely hapless, Adam Goldman Spy Gate, media colluding or, as Ok, even calls him a spy gate than ire, which I love. It he's he's a hapless media hack that guy you know that of listening to the shells by gave an iron What does she write this piece about? What else happened? On July? Twenty eight, when the F B, I swearing, they had no access to steal Stasi because their team didn't get it until September. Let's go to this, take away from Margo grievance peace. So remember Joe Gaiters, gotta guy the FBI he's got steel quota. Your field office receives deals reporting Angela in July. What I thought there, I didn't get it doesnt, pepper, went steel, FBI handler agent, Michael Data, On July, twenty eighth: the award your data report, ninety five cents, Theo
first to members, to the a sack of a new field office while the eight the boss, a short gate of the reports, would be Waldorf from agents in the office, Joe, so my nonetheless have known of steals reporting. Why If that he was so anxious to obtain a Pfizer worn on paid little a crowd dear little using today, but again worth your time whose Stephen saw when the New York Field off Even so, my job, gotta, see low too he's got a guy no gate is gonna. Get you guys information? Can a guy somewhere in the near future and another agents he's got a guy. You know who he handles his guy he's the him four Stephan helper. Ah, the guy who's been spying on the Trump team that Guy Stephanie Helper Arrests. Remember him the one,
spied on Papadopoulos and page, and tried to get information from Rebecca, brushing collusion scandal that wasn't happening yes,. So this is just reared. How gaiters gotta guy steel state talking to him in July, when the bureau say we don't have any this deal stuff. Data, sends the reports from steel on July. Twenty Eightth, which I'm pretty often is report number ninety five day which lays us all out the dossier on July Twenty eight sends to the FBI office in New York, where our guy Sohmer who's got a guy, and its handling helper. Those reports magically appear, but don't worry Joe. They were well, old off from the agents. Yes, yes,. Gets a little better.
So let's go to another screen cap here for Margo Cravens Peace, which is so good. Silk We have to remember the incestuous relationship play Sohmer worked in the Counter intelligence division at the New York Field Office and serve this stuff and helpers long time Amber he's gonna guy, being a cop human source for the bureau helper detained in academic position at Cambridge, where he ran and intelligent seminar which Sir Richard Deal of steel. Boss, wow along with two other FBI just spoke at the summit, are about the FBI and russian illegals. Is this dog. Who is where we are told let me over complicate this is sometimes I have a tendency to do, because I love It's I love details, remember what I told you, the bureau. We
start this case because of a dossier that fake we started, because we got a legitimate tip from the Australians about pop up. Doubter, really so now we know a dossier that mysteriously now is undated, which problem we appeared on July. Twenty eight was by guided crisper spiel. Who is being handled by a London FBI agent who use them work in the New York Field Office, what a guy handling a spy step out spying on trompe, that's Guy worked for dear love, who is partners at Cambridge Wits, definite helper. This chapter, my book is going to cook your bangles cock up. Baker cook up, please, Germany all know each other. What am I telling you this garbage, they all know each other gaiters, like I got a guy steel, saying things about this guy Carter. Page disguise, when New York's public hey, I got a guy Judas. Guy helpers got some information about page. Do I gotta run,
what about it? A white debt report they clean began to tell people we got in September. That we could July twenty eight man, a lot of serious stuffs going down now remember the FBI's deferred see here for those of you who are sophisticate, is gonna, be ok, while the new field office had steals information about the dossier, but no one on the crossfire hurricane team, which was in headquarters. That was passenger data. Have it on July twenty eighth day, and you don't know what you're talking about we always come with the evidence. Folks, every single time had Tipp to seven niner. The legend he's not a myth. Real Mccoy. Here's testimony from LISA Page actually working on the headquarters team, crossfire hurricane. He swore
testimony in front of former congressmen, tray Gouty all what'd Jem that you seven nine or picked out here, she's asked LISA page FBI lower in when they got a hold of this dossier and steal information that the FBI swearing. They didn't get those September not on on waiting at September. So Gouty since July? Thirty first was a Sunday. You are correct. This page is talking about this meeting and when they open up the case and ultimately supports as this, and so he talking about Peter Stroke, the guy who opened up the case, one in on July, thirty. First, because we were like holy cow. This is a big deal. Robbery stressed about it and so think we learned about the case on a Friday or Thursday or Friday. I can't remember now I can do the math, but you know I'm a lawyer. Trade gouty onto this scam says you, the twenty Eightth page. As thanks Gouty, You learned about it on the twenty eighth LISA page right. Thank you,
everything. He just admitted to it. Had the rope. You understand whether matters This is not a hang up about a day. This they hang up about the whole. We can never ever, and I mean this and believe me my brothers and sisters and blew out their pains me to say this. We can never establish trust again with our FBI and the bureaucracy that runs it ever until they, clean and admit this case. The entire time was about a fake dossier. Guy. Who had a guy. I told you about who told another guy who was handling helper. Just be honest, Your guy in London said I gotta guys. Guy's got some information was all fake a guy in New York. Today I got a guy to. We seem to have the same information as guy helper. They are we
They connected the information made its way to diesel July twenty. You just heard her say right. Thank you. Shall I twenty eight years farming it right there. It made it's like twenty Eightth and they open up the case three days later its army. This is we're just say it just! come out and take a bath just say it just admit This thing was a hoax at a fake the whole time was all about you, the whole time and your fate dossier. You guys made it up fire. Everyone involved. If anyone light and the road they need to go to jail and just clean house and stop with this stupid story, you started it because a puppet apples, it's just not true and you may want to acknowledge, while we're added, by the way that the Hilary What did campaign knew about it? We have the video I'll get to that after this quick. Our last break want to get the you'd Hilary knew about this. The whole time- and I find
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The conflict by GINO start shaving better today, get a better shape. Save money, get it delivered to adore you Beat their combo Harry's that consular bond GINO start shaving better today, so I think we ve made the pretty conclusive case here that This is all nonsense. The hold this just come clean. Just do what corporate board have to do when they get a lot of bad business news. They do this call they take a bath, they pile all the bad news into one corner; they let us start price, take a hit, and then they come back and rebuild it. Just so why you have information at the latest on July twenty, if you ve admitted to it. You started the case because of the dossier, because you had two agents who had guys who had information in the dossier you wanted to use, despite the fact that you didn't verify it, that is the story and stuff pretending the information, your guy, who had a guy had that was fake, was the same information paid for by Hilary here's be more. I can't play this enough. Hilary
this campaign direct or care payment, when every recent operational and guy in the pillory campaign on CNN this same week of July, twenty eight twenty sixteen talking stuff. It's only in the dossier. How did they not no check this out? What's disturbing to us is that we experts are telling us that russian state actors broke into the Dnc stole these emails, and other experts are now saying that they are. The Russians are releasing these emails for the purpose of actually helping Donald Trump. I don't think it's coincidental That these emails were released on the eve of our convention, Dat's calories guy these same week of the mysterious dossier, a port number, ninety five, which is magically not dated the only one that aid, because it's right around July, twenty eight, that's what started this. And they got it from one of the FBI, guys who a guy and another guy when a guy who both told the same story, even though it was fake helper. Instead,
who are being handled by two bureau agents, costume, suckers out their Adam gold, minute New York Times how you got interested. This is any of this bother you guys Maggie Haber men Natasha Bertrand. Fusion can the lenient. Now you at all interested in the truth here this at least testimony here we gotta run July. Twenty eight right. Thank you that you, curious about tat. I thought you said you got in September you you're not gonna, hear that anywhere else disappointing This is some and forgive me for audio only losers. But I want you to listen here then, the other, because the he, the audio, is better than the video here, but this is cool. I rarely do these types of stories, but in light of the moon on virus and everything going on economic issues and everything, stories are getting lost. Significant was a spy gave one. I just told you about put Joe
amazingly the FDA, I'm that the FBI stuck inspire, gave up. Had a guide yesterday confirm the existence of Ufos aliens you have on identifying rang out. We don't know what it was. It was and identify. We don't know the big difference. You some people believe in areas some? Don't I'm not getting it right, the way, I'm If we suggest you they caught from the existence of aught, identify flying object, flying identified a flying, Is that a bit odd, unidentified I join, is booze Firmly yesterday by the Pentagon summit video about the shares about amid has been out there for years, but listen to the audio to these are military pilots looking at identified objects in the sky, seemingly defying gravity and the laws of physics. You go to the video to youtube dot com, Slash bond GINO. You want to check out or video watch this, but listen to the audio to these pilots is about a minute long. It's actually three separate incidents. The panic It is now confirmed yesterday. This is wrong.
And you probably have even heard about Bessie messing with you check. This adds a real. This is real. The Pentagon said this is legitimate check this out
look, I'm going against the fundamental point of what they do. Is it as its motivated wall movies?
leave it to you by always very smart to speculate on what you think I may have made out of bed. I'm just leave it. It is neither train pilot either. Like you know some why, by night operation a guy saw a speck on a telescope and daddy found a new planet. These are train pilots up in the air, all the time who are watching three separate incidents by the way these objects, one guy says the beginning. This thing flying against a hundred twenty, not win, and with seemingly smoking this plain die, it seems defy a lot of what we know about aerodynamics. Throw it out there that came out yesterday and amazingly receive Almost I saw a story on Fox is warning, but I've seen very little average that Joe Kind Story now we that sir baby again take. Firm, the existence of flying objects that are unidentified otherwise known as you,
many years spent denying yeah many years of just over a year. Now we know those those those videos we're out there. That's why say like, you're right, Jos, right in a lot of these videos, like we don't know that I have now pending, as acknowledged its legit. That was really ask those videos, our fate of Red, Moses, huge stories. And I can't go a day with, my track, you, I am good media mad this segment, so I said to you about that Biden cabin. I think that the media we have to call out their nonsense. It's important, ladies germ, because I want to one show you not wasting your time here, but two to show you and the liberals that wants to show that the media is not actually doing actual journalism. It's all, probably like propaganda not and sell I saw this active John Levine, I think from the New Europe
on Twitter. I saw this is one here to headlines about how the washed imposed Remember Joe Democracy dies in the darkness. That's subordinate protest area. They don't tell you, they are the darkness: here's how they handled the Cavanaugh evidence free allegations against Supreme Court now just express the bread Cavenaugh when he was it. Without any evidence of aid, actual saw. He was the washed impose headline exe hello. Sieve new allegations against cabinet demand a full investigation. Now keep in mind. These allegations were without any evidence whatsoever, but Joe the washed imposed. Because the mockery dies in the darkness, but yet they demand that a full investigation. So now we have these by now legation surface by Miss terror red with a lot of evidence to back it up. In contrast to the anti evidence Cavenaugh and before I put the subway, I see it's getting bigger, gee, I'm a trigger figure. I saw that get ready the headline here is one of the Joe it's making its come back as one of the republic gets pounds.
It's not about buying this story. The worst impose now is that demanding an investigation or even about the allegations. It's about the republic in response to the Algerian. Remember republicans, pounds put this get out there, we got Joe. Course, to wash the possibilities of tat democracy. Thousands, of course, they're demanding an investigation is by now here's the story. But allies highlight new claims regarding allegations against, but republic is paths. Folks Republic has passed its the man they get a residence about. This is what they do. Every time he sleaze bags at the Washington Post, block its only it's a that's an insult actually to blogs. Are some good luck. This is a slot, a sloppy block at the wash imposed slot. What they do is because they don't want to write about the credible allegations against pine, they dont want to write about it because their democratic activists to watch you of journalism, outlet demanding investigation, they didn't Cavanaugh.
What they write about. Is they, about how the Republicans respond to it. Trump, I won't say path. In other words, may, what. Why are they doing to command dick? I know you got it. You got this audience. You got this why? Why did he write it like that? Because the evidence in the case at this point looks and if they were right, a straight news story about the evidence. Biden could look guilty and I would hurt their political cause. In order to make it seem like their not being political about it. They make appear Joe, that the other side is playing politics, and this is really about the case. It's about Republicans playing politics with heads, the Republicans pounds had let you get it. What we were going to write about this, but the Republicans are pouncing are therefore this can't be legitimate tropical, it's always Republicans pounds
words what they're doing politicizing story there blame. You for it that makes sense. He'll see when you learn to pick out republican pounds headlines, you will see them everywhere. This is not journalists. This is probably alike, Soviet Union type nonsense. The Tec, tyrants in the journalism mouth embarrassing. But just one quick, video talking about again media madness. This is quite possibly the This question I have ever heard my life is short asked. Yesterday. And the White House Press conference in the rose garden by the embarrassing Olivia Nosey, who the present United States largest places. Just this defies explanation. Checks more american. Over the course of things makes than died in the entirety of the Vietnam WAR. He deserved to be related work, that's a serious question
if an american president loses more people to the space with Wuhan Virus in the course of these this these weeks than they did in the Vietnam, or should he be re elected, keep in mind These are from the same media knuckle heads who, when people like bandit another's noted conservative bill Bennett. Former education secretary raided compared the death toll from the flu virus to another virus. The corona first, everybody said you kid that you jalopy hack. You can't do that You diminishing the Koran of ours, so just to be clear: media principles. Don't they Compare anything to the corona. Viruses is a unique event in human history, trumps responsible until it advantageous firm to make comparisons, yet even more ridiculous d, no more war, and they casually so don't died, lost someone in the Vietnam WAR, someone when our family, a change, are entirely.
It has nothing to do with the corona virus. Nothing, nothing. So comparisons to other viruses, Joe a echo response- and this no good. Because we lose a lot of people from the flow and it will not make trump look bad they want to make. Look bad, so they want to make it out like no virus ever is done. What is done but this virus that entrapped uniquely screwed this up. But nosey numb skull Comparing it through the Vietnam WAR to cry these that have absolutely nothing in common whatsoever and suggesting Trump equally failed based on, Comparison but other compares to actual viruses, no good total madness, total total madness. I had two stories left in the hop we'll have to get you tomorrow. One is important.
Mrs tomorrow show John Robertson, the Supreme Court is just turned himself into a far ceases to joke. Is rapidly the chief justice, the Supreme Court of the United States. I should say its actual title has turned out to be a laughing He is like a crying child, afraid of the left wing media and he let you down again he blew it. You may have heard a lot about it. I get to that tomorrow in require little but of an explanation. And I want to get to call me as well for those of you, because it is a threat. Their emerging. They call me where it might have been a white had a good guy. No, no, he wasn't will produce some evidence. Smaller I think you have a tuna prescribed to my youtube- show Youtube dot com, slash bond, GINO, Youtube, dot, com, slash punch, you know it's free. We really created a die. You can also subscribe to the audio show an apple part. Guess thanks. A lot see, you just heard Bonn GINO. She followed, then on twitter, twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.
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