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A Huge Announcement (Ep 1159)

2020-01-15 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the dramatic announcement by this victim of the Spygate plot that could be a game-changer. I also address the now-revealed-reason Nancy Pelosi delayed sending the impeachment article over to the Senate. News Picks:Wounded warrior congressman challenges weak-kneed Democrats on Soleimani.


Michael Avenatti was arrested, again.


Be very skeptical of the Burisma “hack” report.


New York’s insane new crime law is imploding.


Lt. General Flynn withdraws his guilt plea. 


This April, 2019 article tells the real story about the targeting of Lt. General Mike Flynn.


This August, 2019 article documents the payments made to a government spy involved in the Spygate scandal.


Mark Meadows speaks up about the appointment of a Spygate denier to oversee the FISA abuse investigation.


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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn gina now we know now we know why nancy pelosi who has been completely broken by her oaks impeachment the collapse of any political initiative to move forward we know why she was holding the articles of impeachment i always knew there was a reason now it's become transparent i've got that today i've huge news out of the mike when camp lieutenant general my when is now going to pull his plea fair test news i'm high that all together and show you how they all know each other this is all the same scandal don't go anywhere welcomed
and once you know shepherdesses show how are you today fine sir have dude ok then i'll just hang in there watching the news right along with you know where it's just that i hope you chose get back and get back at the fighting condition we were easy hopefully you i gotta think announced recovered sergio knows what it is but we're going to win a very soon come up you'll be able to meet me joe drew paul everybody so up up stay tuned for that big husband coming to generate let's get right to the traditional brought you our bodies at harry's listen every new year's resolution want to feel better you want to look better you want to take better care yourself harry this raises look at this fine piece of machinery here this razor look at this look this is a beauty they have a whole range of not just razors but grooming essential to keep your routine in tip top shape i haven't
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sweden has decided to nepal is guilty play which is a brilliant move joe because mike what is not guilty right i have said from the start might flint lie to the fbi the fbi is even said as much i could not we stand for the life me while i get it i kind of noble why he would didn't do this sooner but i am very happy him in lawyer sidney powers do an excellent job finally decided to say you know what double barrel don't think we're not going to plead guilty to something we didn't do to get you guys away most now the fight is odd baby it is now the gist this segment on flight is gonna be this ladies and gentlemen as i have said to you repeatedly spy gate the mahler probe the impeachment hoax this new ukraine thing they it's all all related when i say all related i want you to understand i mean a very specific thing by this the p
both involved in the attempted take down of republic kids conservatives and political opposition to democrats have been we missed for a long time they all are we each other they're all staters and all of these plots spy eight the collusion hoax the mahler probe the fake whistleblower gate impeachment gate do you understand that they are all just chapters in the same book and the book is title enemies the democrats and how we screw them over here please you get that because you know sometimes when i talk about this on the shop given up the level of knowledge have written a few books it i haven't many of you have to i sometimes i feel i talk over it is worth going on you the people involved in this are all doing the same thing they all we each other and their jet they're trying to take down opposition
liberal democrats ideology whether its spying it mahler probes it can payments whistleblower complaints it's all the same problem now with that in mind i want to get this specifically what's going on with mike flame lieutenant general flynn and why first sarah would have devastating video audio peace from the so incompetent ever nunez from california who was on lord ingram show last night on the fox news channel any say you know there's something really suspicious about this mike flynn within if women he played guilty aligned to the fbi and that something is the fbi brief us once that might win didn't why why why listen i never knew tell you the story himself plan has withdrawn his guilty play in court today due to the government's bad faith vindictiveness in breach of his plea agreement what else can you tell us
well we knew from early on in two thousand seventeen that michael flan was had did not lie to the fbi we actually put that in our report it didn't come out until two thousand and eighteen after fled had already plan but there were some several of us as witnesses we also told the highest levels of deer j that we had been brief by the fbi that for didn't like the f b i didn't peter struck come out from that meeting with lenin didn't think he lied and i must say that there is a missing documentation that we ve never receive and then took too i don't know i want to make sure really understands this we put it on a report kaywin and some of the things that general flint saying and what in what he hated the court today withdraw his plea he sent it he's been treated unfairly remember we put this in our report two thousand eighteen and for some reason it was rejected we had to fight for
seemed a couple months in order to get that unredeemed folks listen countries falling part i am really sorry if you're a democrat have to wake up and look in the mirror every morning knowing you are the party of the iranian mullahs the police state police state spying m s thirteen and teeth socialism bernie and there's hugo chavez and elsewhere i am really sorry you are that broken of a human being that you subscribe to an ideology that worships all this stuff it's really pathetic but you don't see what's going on right now and you're a democratic liberal or even an anti trump hack republican who can't get his head surgically removed from his own re read right if you don't what's going on right now you are wilfully blind or in credibly stupid you have the iq over speckled toad swath if that even a creature right
javert newness is telling you they were breathed by the fbi daddy grated lieutenant general in the united states military who is an early member that twenty who was charged in prosecutor you're lying to the fbi that that f b i walked in and congress on the record that he didn't like the f b i do you not find this little bit can just a fatal pit concerning of course you know if you're a liberal lunatic you worshipped the police state because you re broken failed creature with a spot no spine the lack of a soul to countries follow part because of losers in pieces a garbage like you you're angry day yes i am keep watching these moron democrats up at this press coverage or naming a piece and manage the next elections at stake
and the media helplessly pirates this garbage the never ending story do the never ending story the same losers every time every time brother this same creepers keep creep in this case every time let me are you for abuse a screen shot of of wines pulling up the play so by his lawyer pitney sidney power which was well by the way had tipp the excellent and quit dutch waiter at technophobe by the way you're missing techno twitter you're missing what's going on it's just a great twitter account quote might flight mr flynn hereby moves to withdraw his play because the governments bad faith vindictiveness variants of the pre agreement on eyes why polity ponchas at this point good now some of the other documents that have been exposed here so hears it
the submission by flints team showing how the government when they too to move forward and threatened flynn with life on this is gonna be this a little com it is to follow me here there was a fair a foreign agency registration at its basically if you're going to lobby on behalf of a foreign government or represent them you're supposed to fill out these fair reforms so everybody you're doing in the united states everybody copy my point done some work in turkey the government while you were doing it on behalf of the turkish government and you lied about that in your fair form wow that's just think has no obligation was ever made that he was working like went on behalf of the turkish government that kind of strange now look at this here's document number two this is what so the government alleges in their fair filing by omitting that officials from the republic of turkey provided supervision indirection direction over the turkey project the words well mike flint
he didn't say that the current turkish government was directly supporting him debates people of their response the fair filing i can any statement though that asserting the republic of turkey provided supervision interaction over the contract at issue here is that judges state there is no evidence not even in the hearsay statements from this individual terrific in full as business partner that anyone associated with the turkish government directed or controlled the work performed by fig or sphere personnel ladies and gentlemen if you shaking your head in utter display if not what i just said you should be first the gun accuses lieutenant general flint of lying while the fbi's briefly congress that he didn't like them in that now infamous peter stroke job pm the interview at the white house this is real bianca the the agents involved in all of this by the way peter stroke the investigator in all of this to for the fbi interview floated
why it s in january baby we went shows no signs of deception they bleat brief the f b i line they then charge him and prosecuted for lying to the fbi threaten his family when they don't what they want they threatened a charge with a fair violation for not admitting he worked with the turkish government when the government makes no allegation the u s government whatsoever as their charging flynn that he was working in fact for the turkish government that there's stuff together brother got it tight tied up and above all by the grounds gray job fell as well done see that ok i want it so bad i know some kids are watching
you pieces of i blame you democrats out there i do i'm not kidding i'm done with it i blame you your party is a broken shell of a mess occupied by consumers we theorist tinfoil stop wearing lunatics media activists police state folks socialism supporters this is u you this is you and whereas i unquestionably and every conservative i know what principles calls out the losers in the republican party who are running since you were dead abyss and who have no character at all we called metal time you have no guts if you're a part of this year who are the police state you support this
and why maybe you should have told the fbi that cause that's not what the f b i said well why we plead guilty he didn't plead guilty he was pressure the pleading guilty on fake charges always fighting back so now you get the double our own job yes i'm a little upset today now you may ask yourself because then you said the component this segment to take on this when segment reopening the show with was they all know each other that this the flynn chapter is not book it is simply a chapter in the book my how police state mc grath try to take down their political opponents chapter six might flynn chapter
seven donald trump chapter eight spiky chapter nine impeachment chapter ten fake whistleblower gay chapter eleven farragut so you may ask yourself if one is chapter six in that book why do they the crowds their media activists bodies these sycophantic bootlegging losers and a budget police data inside the government eighty tromp republicans what are they against flynn if you're out the case now the flint didn't verily fire violate fair laws and didn't like the fbi based on the fbi's own comments and own and the jays own cases they presented it to the court they we exonerated flynn themselves then why continue to go after might flynn what this might flynn know that he became chapter six in how police state democrats target their opponents how why make flame why not anybody else why go after flint wealth we're gonna have to rewind the tape a little bit i'm gonna have to go back to
all the story in the daily collar by the excellent shock roused that's terrific work over there this we will be in the show notes as they always are in the best part about subscribing to our newsletter we don't know include today's news we include yesterday's news that is now relevant again today like this beautiful story from april fourth of twenty go to by gino dot com slash newsletter today subscribed to newsletter i will send you these stories cause you need to read this one under the light again why does the deep state what michael got so bad headlines jack endemic cambridge academic excuse me reflects on interactions with spy gate figure now remember mindful and we'll get the sum snippets from this peace in a moment rubber joe mike flame when he was head of the defence intelligence agency under parag obama one of our premier intelligence outlets in the united states when he was the head of that for liberal shoe part time at the facts in this case he was an outspoken critic of what of erin
halogens community becoming used as a political weapon all crazy mike when we're going out and he became a target of the same politicians cocaine a grand that never happens might was also a rather outspoken opponent of the broken horrendous horrible i ran deal you may say he was but he was the obama error d i had defence intelligence agency yes exact mike when did not sell out through the open a team that love sellouts like john bread and who has no soul morally rob losers like job brenner mike flint used to be a morally corrupt loser and listen i guess i ran the automatic is such a good idea for the u s you kiss me obama loves a year but i may guy and i'm supposed to give in
budgets not political advice right that's what were we could not that's what we're supposed to doing our course the obama team hobby came back to no no no that's not what we do here we only give intelligent set backs up our political advice and when was like you see where i'm going with this double barrel middle finger to you guys i'm going to give you the actual intel which wasn't good so if we know how to party on his back as far back as about twenty fourteen twenty fifteen how can that be spy gate didn't start tromp announced is run for president and it didn't happen till after that because again spy gaieties chapter seven it how police state democrats the book target their political opponents flynn is the chapter before that that's why i encourage you however much you love president and you know i support him go get lost that this is all about donald trump it's about donald trump
he's donald trump subscribe to the flint theory of draining the swamp but it's not all about donald trump and when you make it all about i'll drop you minimize the gravity the scandal that democrats have been spying on tar in arresting and prosecuting their political opponents way before trump got bar member chuck schumann that's crazy assertion we sure let's go back to that chalk ross peace we just highlighted not a cambridge academic targeting might flint let's go to take away number one from this butte all look at our photo crazy there's a photo mike flynn with a guy named richer dear love all remember how come up in a minute what exactly was richer dear love up to so quoting chuck us is wonderful article here according to what the report was a report by a uk journalist which based on anonymous sources while rats really strange mary
a british intelligence develop concerns about svetlana covert interactions with mike flynn at a february twenty fourteen dinner sweat the cover is a british citizen who was born in russia so we're clear one have on the show eventually which was hosted by the cambridge intelligent seminar steffani how richard dear love a christopher andrew our co conveners at a seminar which hosts events for current informers by ladys and gentlemen what's happening in this picture can we just be honest and cut right through the ball in twenty fourteen my point is an enemy the obama administration and an enemy the intel community because he's looking for intelligence or forest please keep this photo up what happens how do you take decorated to general and you have no evidence he's done anything wrong you only have evidence here i agree with you politically and wants to reform a broken intelligence community what what do you do job you mad you back the average the democrats love is stuff there so good at it so there's our
richard dear love the former head of emma six who conveniently knows christopher steel and is an associate of u s spies defined helper involved in their targeting the trump team for a long time there's him the photo what my plan at a dinner and twenty fourteen where mysteriously joe i miss sources led to a british uk tabloid that mike flynn may have been acting in appropriately with this russian born woman svetlana look over he may be compromise joe might flip cover who i've spoken new rig while this and tweeted back and for that the text they back and forth at local level like when witnessed what has started to lead to the tabloids what do you mean appropriate behaviour look almost like nothing happened this dinner what are you talking about like not one person this data is actually alleged this this besides
some anonymous source linking it to the uk folks it maybe so what would happen if the theatres nothing zero happened at the dinner might flynn this was the start of might flint being frame what was dear loves role on this again a former head of them my six all the guy who conveniently knows christopher steel and vouch for their produce remain another fake charge in the dossier member that people take that's yea it steals name i remember that one dear dear he knows dear love who was the former had the my six what's there are loved you in that picture at this dinner and twice fourteen where's specious allegations emerge that he was compromise by svetlana kova who this puzzled by this is anyone by the way the british citizen folks
sport and russia's a uk citizens support in russia may be compromised remember the book how police state democrats target their political opponents chapter six might want to go back second take away from this excellent chap raspy so there you see the photo out to dinner with dear love and chuck goes on and says a veteran of three republic administrations the fatah helper joint cambridge and twenty two thousand one from his perch at this storied university help wrote books about american politics and the geo political a threat from china we get a load of this wednesday on help or by the way who is believed by some to be the source of the anonymous tipp to the uk newspaper in being compromised joe back in twenty fourteen some ports have indicated
help or may have been the source of that we find help are also received over one million dollars one million dollars in contracts from the god yes the u s pentagon their office of net assessments to write studies on russia china and afghanistan wow isn't this special and fascinating so now we know a decorated lieutenant general being desperately pursue by the d j and fbi for a crime may admit he didn't even commit and for a fairer chow aren't they can't prove ever happen whose they all being relentlessly pursued in efforts to silence and shut him up we know as far back as twenty fourteen when he opposed the ariane deal and wanted to reform the intelligence community we know the process of him being set up was initiated at a man amiss sources against some believed to be helper a spy for the u s government involving the targeting of the truck team to crazy how that happens what a coincidence there too
that we know when out of led to a uk tabloid there was all that all you know the more happy to produce them and replicate them into the public space that flynn compromised by woman board in russia whose a uk citizens whose like what the hell are you talking about you idiots who by the way now is showing these morons and good for her did darwin guitar right how high yeah you're dorm room you sounded like are run even limo driver from it's her and she was not afraid i waited rival about your yeah that's what he said i had so little time up this little portion this first so you understand we're going i know the you'd most of our already get it some of you ve heard this before but it's important in light of when withdrawing place so now we know that the former head
uk am i six who we know as a relationship with john brown and a guy by the name of richard dear love who also knows christopher steel who happens to work which defined help the spy assigned to target the trump team and and and get the derogatory information about them we know dear love far back as twenty fourteen is that this seminar dinner in that photo with might flynn where allegedly and source there that night who is believed by some to be helper leads to a paper that might flynn the opponent of the obama administration may be targeted in other words ladies german what the hell is richard dear love up to folks listen i'm not naive ok i get it and this topic i know i'm get myself into some troubling space here but it's ok i don't mean troubling space i know i'm addressing things that are going to be
get us some unwanted the attention you know what i mean if they haven't already but that's fine i'm not naive that the world is a complicated place beth rats come from everywhere and that relationships with foreign countries aren't black and white there are times countries are our friends are at times that countries do things that may not aligned with their values there are times will have overlapping priorities there are times when disparate priorities what i'm getting at is understand the united kingdom has some really serious concerns about what they did and their role and their citizens targeting and spying on and potentially the framing view s citizens to help the democrats i get that i won't be welcomed in the united kingdom after the segment but that's mine but ladies and gentlemen despite the fact that the uk is of is a friend on the margin but the united states is no doubt
and has been an ally in the past and hopefully will continue to be an ally in the future it's time to take a bath on this ok it's time to come clean the evidence is everywhere that key united kingdom officials heavily involved either in the past or now in their region budgets operation christopher steel richard dear love had again and others may have played a role in this operation or so portion of this operation this is a serious charge if their innocent then have it out we welcome on the show any time but if you're not it's time to come clean the american people are entitled to know what was done in their name folks i got more on this and why this is even more trouble remember this is under the banner of why they desperately wait what mike when they go away because once the scandal to frame mike flynn is
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how poor was the source of that leak about the twenty fourteen dinner and flint being compromised by svetlana look over folks were your tax dollars being you to pay a fine albert this set up in frame opponents of the eu i'm administration while we know those payments were made for the office of net assessments and now you know you ought to see where more more about why i'm really peered i'll get to the open anything administration want to show you how devious this weber people is here's a new yorker peace ripe in this new yorkers check this out here dear love again in the picture with flint at a time before data where his frame for avoiding so that cover which is totally made up fabricated garbage nonsense here's a new yorker these by jane mayor china may christopher steal the man christopher steal the man behind the trump that's here but i want to take away this little snippet the end from this new yorker peace work we who vouchers for
the first steel and this piece how wonderfully is catalogue of this quote feels never commented on the case over the spider case or any other aspect of his intelligent juice work but richard your love letter my six from my deep gratitude does it for has described this reputation is quote superb wow look at that ladies and gentlemen they all know each other dear love steel how poor they all know each other here is an article from the war the time sorry powers in a bankrupt katy would get like we're here she's at every turn here is an article from the wash the times about your tax dollars yes or tax dollars by rowan scarborough again in the show notes that an older article from august twenty nineteen worth rereading loose contracting the pentagon office waste millions and the whistle where's punished crazy how that happens check this out from the roman scarborough peace
now the office of net assessment is paying someone helper who now no spied on the trump team and may have been deeply involved in setting up in framing mike flynn now we know he was a contract or on four pentagon studies worth a million dollars investigation found here's where it gets the crazier if you want if you really believe we're constitutional pub republic still with it ability you could draw that out the window now so the deal he doesn't inspector general poor which expose these contracting practices are paid helper with your tax dollars they were the same kind of problems reported by analysed adam lovingly a whistle blower i don't we loved whistleblowers joe what one i'm orange your blew the whistle on these payments the of medicine assessments later accused him of mishandling sensitive data and he has been suspended without pay how is that i don't we love whistleblowers
now we only love whistleblowers that make fake charges against the present actual whistleblowers who exposed payments to a spy who may be implicated in the framing of might flattened the flaming at the end the framing of the trumpet matters which we know how about a well smells whistleblowers are to be suspended in public greece was never nobody has any problem by the way naming adam lovingly that whistleblower but god forbid the fake whistleblower against drop you mention his name we'd have to like it out on youtube and do imposed production withdrew a job forbid you do that now but with simple who exposes payments to a spy heavily epoch inspire game and passive the application of framing mike flynn doze no no name that western format effect or only name i'm suspended because it falls
no we're losing ball democratic frock their media frauds they're all frauds it's a joke so damned joke the whole thing she be embarrassed you wake up in the morning look in the mirror i'm dumb a proud democratic no euro moron i'm sorry this shoved demands accountability of republicans and democrats and we ve done it over and over our bona fide these are based in you want to listen to our library of shows go back and you can pick thousands of course of us hammering spineless republicans will not be a principle where are you democrats now i am talking to you the citizens out there the demo
if you vote for this disastrous shell of a party where are you on this i thought you love whistleblowers i dont you wanted to get the bottom and area make people accountable and any word shouldn't true justice to the american way united area crap you loved this police state garbage your total frauds you ve got nothing to hold your party accountable outside of very few me people who are willing to call these people out matter ye be it the rolling stone to it eighty eight francs the worst imposing vanity fair there have been met be less than four or five rural media folks and that's what they are who had been willing to tell you the truth about what happened in your name here too damned disgrace embarrassed for you leave democracy you don't believe in squat europe
he states supporter of spying police state tyranny and the weapon zation of government and the deep state full stop cut the garbage you posers spoke out against the patriot act when push pass you know why because i don't like to police state and care that poor signed it where are you you nowhere because you frauds this isn't even include by the way the whole august tenth targeting of my fellow member that story failures the dossier appears on august tenth year mike wins aim appears to have been added later mike winds involved in this with the russians christmas steel that's the ted here but also crazy the idea reports as they waited six days to open up a case on two august sixteen but they opened up carter page papadopoulos up was ten folks what are they doing its fairly obvious at this point they were
he's gonna open a case i might fled and august tent when they got this steel cs lying about flint again they just can't stop lying about fled but wait six days to make it seem it's about the other guys instead or you want another one how they all know each other you need our little nuggets so merry mccord former department of justice head of the national security division who took over after john carlin one players in the spy gay plot that signed off on the pfizer warrants that had the printed the the whole chain he was at the top of it to spy on the twenty member karla there used to be bottom that guy yet at a year that guy well who took over four carlin after he resigned baldos old chief of staff who signed a funny you know the whole spying on the trunk to every mccord you like me
the court whose at very because what a lawyers now working for adam shift to a peace to present what does she have to do it might mary mccord was one of the people at the january meeting at the white house meeting with i'm mcgahn president trumps whitehouse lawyer to tell him that pointed committed a crime he didn't commit yeah that mary mccord yes to say every mccord working with adam shift right now to a peace the present on the fake whistleblower charge who used to work with the inspector general the intelligence community michael atkinson in a department just this national security division under john carlin bob polish chief of staff yes the same office that signed off on the fine words the same idea who approved the fake whistleblower complaint changed the paper used to work with mary mccord who too i it might flayed at the january meeting when she was running the national security visionary she took over from carlin and now worked for adam schiff on the impeachment charge nothing
are you about media people nothing this is ah of coincidence i think like a mental break the middle of the show you do another read here because i'm serious i'm like stood near here merges to pissed off to mess with today are not using drops leaving yourself why dash here every about there i mean i'm not in the mood to do the shelf oaks i owe you a good show and i always promise you if i wasn't in the mood i wouldn't do it maybe i'm not in the mood for democratic liberal bs anymore i'm just tired of you i'm tired you i'm sorry but i'm tired of you the tea party held our party accountable we lost their way where the hell are you right now on this you you re a u that dumb you think this is all a coincidence foreign officials colluding with u s entail
officials to target decorated american patriots the sea the exact people showing up multiple times and a spy gay warned the targeting of mike flynn and adam shifts in peace which one are you really this stupid or final sponsored again a lot more to do do please don't go anywhere now by sending beginning to show we finally know why nancy pelosi was waiting because she's a hack and she got burned and now we know what the reason was when she was waiting for the impeachment of cuz i got that on the second two thousand and twenty is the perfect time to start thinking about two thousand and forty twenty years away now it is folks don't mess around with your financial security with robin hood i love this company by the way i use i have their app love it love love against with robin hood you can invest in the markets and earn interests with the competitive api on uninvested cash how do you do with it take it easy to get started and learn as you grow within intuitive app expire sap is so easy to use and
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natural future robin hood go to bonn gino dot robin hood that come today and check it out you will love it this is a really really grant the app is fantastic it so easy to use check it out secure your financial future bungee no doubt robin hood dot com tonight ok moving on i really i'm not even messing with you like i really need to take a breather at that segment because i'm so pissed off it what's happening through this decorated american hero and these hapless loser democrats want to do a damn thing about it ok so pelosi nancy pelosi delay the articles have impeachment sending over the senate now we know we know why she got destroyed politically it's just a complete mess so she's dead we're trying to salvage reputations these this is there all of a sudden job track it's fine i need everybody to pay attention of illicit gimme a gimme a little thing off this is what makes it so please
elsie here's the thing about nancy pelosi she anybody who knows or can vouch for this by the way she has a massive egomaniac nay see policy wants to be remembered by the history books as this brilliant political strategies and listen on site occasions policy has managed to strategic i mean she got obamacare past despite massive blunders having said that nancy put you understand that she wants its reputation to block on mount rushmore folks its generally not true she usually sometimes she makes the right move but she blunders lie remember you gotta pass the bill until you know what's in it that was polar released just she take it out of her own way lately and trump has just completely rector ladies and gentlemen she knows it she has gotten destroyed by donald trump politically in almost every turn immigration government shutdowns none of this is working for a right so he delayed sending the articles of impeachment over and i was wondering why i brought this up like why is she
we must she's getting destroyed even cnn around another alice like listen you got deliver the articles you look like a more just send the articles over the senate you have no leverage here mcconnell destroyed or everybody this trend of why why why now we know because they were losing the initiative on the impeachment hopes because there's nothing there there was no quid pro quo with ukraine they have no evidence of that at all they have count the revenues that it didn't happen rays and there are witnesses near by they waited because they were waiting for some new evidence to surface ah and magically yesterday did they were getting desperate so a lawyer for sky name left poorness gives this material apparently over to the house intel committee and we see this job every surface this is not a joke now please folks i to do this job how describe what is but go to you the council s budget or my twitter feed if you'd like to see the actual no this is a note the lawyer
this guy left partners who apparently the democrats what you to believe is like this big smoking gun ukraine whistle blower figure who knows all about a quid pro quo given way europe has dealt with this guy at all but he's the damn crash into waste at all so cold but she was apparently waiting now we know why because she needed this stuff the come out but is this stuff really evidence put up screech i want this is not a joke this from the lawyer where part of this is apparently a note live partners wrote is it really clear handwriting barely legible put together a package one who go you d c with package all right it's not a joke three three way we'll get laboratory
my magic cut deal the return journey this is it this is there it is this is your policy was waiting for the keeper by put it in perspective this is keep this up first like this is supposed to be the guy who's the smoking gun interlocutor who working with giuliani and the ukrainian president to set up this deal i do is magic and put together certainly dressed up or do this is their smoking gun they were waiting for this is what their way way this is this is it we got about two years air it is you smoking gun had written evidence number two submitted erika i can't even get deal done one to three months ass to remember to cut deal org
dismissed all info from case slow chaskey in the end it other ethnic you here is by ukraine russia ukraine ledger retirement black ledgers but above all this is these folks if you're not watching a youtube these are hand written notes their barely legible all of the set were from my from the rich carlton there's s of joe i didn't tell you before the shell but me apollo found some evidence to its surface another new york can play or take it all laughed the eyes areas oki hall and i found hand written note evidence to cod indicating a lot of these claims in these newly surfaced had written note and are so devastate cut deal we do what you gonna do me what to do with what what what lesson
why you need to evaluate the evidence in right so you saw a party is evidence here's the evident paul and i found one tonight that it is absolutely damning for adam chef sensation dismissed the impeachment hoax right now policies skirmishers there it is there it is we found a no last night do my office it's from a really nice hotel it's even label that the top really nice hotel and everyone says it's a handwritten know joe this is damning the audience ready for any other here's what it says from really nice hotel adam ship is a mimi amy you guys are white dude spelled wrong that's crazy joe at its even marked asterisk cecilia annual proto carries out this clogs evidences surface job as an independent arbiter the truth
the audience ombudsman which people when emails always spell wrong by the way but man as i suppose when is this not a clear case that the case should be thrown out based on hand written note evidence from really nice hotels well here and there is a serious business discovers you gonna do with this before we get into some right johnny viewers marilyn audio elegant way told i've come back i'm in mary how i found it that's it as you will know from those we watch it on youtube really tat i am here to do a plan of software mailing this up jos closer dc them in usually a favor yeah you hand deliver this to shift rob a mailing this up the arm accosted really know hotel evident here sooner if as i can do it
others however prefer started instagram account at joe has one and will put jos picture a bill had delivering their there they had written really nice so tat i live duet adjust folks get suicide it before me away up there having said that i dont right where this can you shall be taking us with this case of carriage secondly suicide and relax oaks on a very serious note this this is this is it this is what you have this was your smoking gun it was obviously looking to cut a deal is lawyers summits ahead but never folks i have no idea of its are authentic or not donna handwriting analysis avid city they that's what you ve got guy wrote a no to himself reminding himself to cut a deal and a work is magic where seeing the president over this that this is the best you ve got a sort of joke
is that really what submitted smoking gun evidence of course it is but it's not an actual georgia job because that's what they thought was evidence i get a move on final stories am aiming get this out i had so much stuff that eighty why didn't even get to that you ve probably wondering why i'm not covering the democratic debate last night because there's nothing however ladies and gentlemen so boring there was nothing there you don't like the u s m c a bernie sanders thinks we should you know i've been in iraq joe biden thinks we should but should now which is so dumb i don't have any good i wait one soundbites maybe we'll get with tomorrow but i do want cover quickly story to wash examined by any scary again yesterday the whole tourism a hack thing hack be very careful implement the advice and spawned gino rule not twenty forest when the jew hours give this story a month before it's probably the book i told you they're doing it yesterday the democrats
want a story out there that the russians are interfering in the next election they're gonna make it up of course which the right of persons always interviews nothing new data what you're gonna make up as they want to blame it on trap so they need a connection so conveniently local services in this abortion examiner article we have this company called area one eighty scary rights found their very one the firm that alleges the russians hack charisma the company hunter bide workforce is working twenty twenty democrats crazy i get them i know that this is going to strike you as even remotely odd because you're that lost right now but europe i got a little odd that nobody else is paid this public charisma none of our hell communities have reported this no one but a i'm working exclusively for democrats area one released yesterday that they found this evidence that since our hacking charisma why
you doing that of course because when negative information services honour by later no matter where it came from exposing the binds as corrupt what's going to happen to unify the russians did it and they worked with donald trump folks its you may say let me say that sounds like the same script unless that it is the same script from last time here's a photo quick from i want to show you some very interesting this screen shot from the wash them examiner peace eddies gary's is nowhere in the new york times story the washing posts it mention that the guy who runs area fifty one falco wits is proven services the democrats running president no charge of the area on the phone that he's charging candidates one thousand three hundred seventy three thirty seven hours per year but care i ain't donation record so we don't know the exact same amount to the presidential campaign of elizabeth worn inquiry booker conveniently a fact which also gave money democrat rap joe kennedy republicans we'll hard and john casing though both second heard heard a bit trump critics so when i was based
to go about no intel communities reporting this coming from a private car we were the donor apparently loves democrats and we see this beauty of a tweet had tipp jordan shocked l a conservative review both that's so here's the owner of the company that says the russians are hacking charisma in july keep this in mind seems or an orange falco spokes here's a tweet july fifteen twenty seventeen july twenty seventeen what does he tweet tweets de i'll petrovitch are you in aspen this week ok who is the apparent dmitri i'll petrovitch who apparently this guy knows who who the ceo of what company again joe as crowd strike the company claims that the russians acted dnc again not backed up by the fbi who never looked at the server just we took their word for so just to be air where real irrigating russian collusion scandal part two collusion
is seat what an alien column inclusions member aliens ripe to be happy get a suitable based on the exact same plot line russian these have infiltrated the dnc crab shrike senate russians we'll traded the company hunter biden worse for area and set it now we find that the one guy knows l pair of the lie of twenty seventy neighbour in aspen you know it's crazy of you listen if you're picking up on this now you are seriously a damn bond gino listener if you're getting wet put down right now cause i'm tellin you paul and joe don't even get wet and put now who are seriously zero zero zero zero one percent like why is the and highlighting july twenty seventeen aspen aspen colorado obviously i crowd strike and another firm that saying there was a hack that they're going to try to implicate trumpet
happened in july of twenty eighty that john solomon exposed in the hell i adam shift the same guy work you what mary mccord the former as the head who targeted might flynn trying to impede the president got busted in aspen a year later in twenty eight a meeting with who glenn simpson from future gps gas the company i produced afraid tat gets done the same security conference every year that raising how every year and aspen right around this time all these people who like trop involved and spiky crowd shrike gay dnc actor gate charismatic gate they all seem to meet every year in the same place isn't that crazy didn't see that come in said i she's not how about aspens skies just hotspot for people really hate drop
nothing to see here either folks not worth investigating at all how all these people seem to wind up at this computer security com prince tweeting each other and they are all involved in the attacks on donald trump is credibility and fair collusion hope there's nothing to see their folks i want to leave you just quickly with a fantastic video from happens we my congressmen brian mass he's a republican from florida eighteen brian i agree on a lot we disagree on a lot too and i'm going to be candid with you brian and i are friends i buy politics my politics i try to keep my personal life out of it unless you attack me personally then it's game on biomass is earned the right to speak in the congressional floor for those you unfamiliar congressmen brian mast he lost both of his legs in defusing explosive device in a war zone and deserves a voice for that he is aid outspoken critic of all of the people been attacking the president over the killing of ceremony
brian mast was giving some floor time yesterday and he was giving his floor time to address some people and when he did it is a powerful moment i promise you're not going to want to miss this when he did it he asked so you don't think the killing of iranians terrorist and head of the year the goods force and i ran salamis had the blood of six hundred americans on his worth doing because why you don't like the present so he s a very simple question of all the people died which one of the americans had died at sula monies hands or his planning which one of em wasn't worth the killing of so there's gonna be noticeable silence in this clip it's for a reason check this out now want to question to ask a question some people might call this rhetorical but i'm not going to ask it as rhetorical there's a number of my colleagues still remaining here i am more than willing to yield to any of my colleagues that
answer this question if you walk out this hallway and you take a right in another right and another right you're going to come to a several beautiful walls that have the names of our fallen service members from the war on terror and i would ask can any of you provide me one name on that wall that doesn't justify killing sula money i got two minutes and thirty seconds i'll be more than happy to sit here and wait somebody provide me with a name on that wall that does not justify his killing with german may continue i'm continuing mr chairman i got two minutes remaining i will sit here wait for somebody to provide me the name on that wall that does not justify
the killing of suleiman anyway thank you mr mass i think you ve made your point mr philip mr chairman i have not yielded back my time and i still have images or love i'm secular disrupting the i will die near back by time good for you congressmen brian mass dead silence and speak up speak up folks in the guts to tell bright who on the wall which which wanted to debt americans wasn't worth defending by taken this guy which wish one anybody frazier me you can watch it for club i tweeted out on my twitter account just so candide whether we had a cut out some of the silence because an on radio with reality trips off certainly if you got that air
silence goes on for a long time it is worth your time nothing else to add on that folks that's really emotional clip i'm gonna let them on stay as it is a sea on about you just heard tan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast soon i tunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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