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A Total Disaster for the Hapless Democrats (Ep 1110)

2019-11-14 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the disastrous impeachment fiasco on Capitol Hill and the destructive fallout for the Democrats. News Picks:Sleazy Adam Schiff ridiculously claims he doesn’t know the identity of the “whistleblower.


Ambassador Taylor says he was with Ukrainian President Zelensky on July 26th and he “was happy” with the Trump call


The Democrats’ star witness completely face-plants on the impeachment question. 


Hysterical! Collusion hoaxer, and Hillary Clinton super-fan, Andrew Weissmann is giving legal advice on MSNBC. 


Democrat insiders are acknowledging that yesterday was a complete disaster for them.


John Solomon’s latest article addresses the real Ukrainian scandal.


A new proposal is in the works regarding immigration.  


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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn gina paymaster jordan at this with adam had first opportunity in front of the public hearings have been conducted in a basement bunker part of his regime of secrecy and this was an abject failure for the democrats and for adam chef number one he still refuses to hear from the whistle blower which started off this whole process number two in less than twenty minutes adam schiff interrupted republicans so we want to make sure that all members are able to ask questions that includes republican members this is continuation of his conduct in closed or meetings and as jim jordan mention the key facts here are as follows one ukraine got the aid to there was no investigation into violence those facts speak for themselves
and i am proud of our members for making sure that those facts were clear for the american public ah thank you congresswoman stefanik first summing up the complete total fiasco disastrous melt down for the hapless hopeless democrats mislead all liar adam ship what an absolute disaster capitol hill yesterday ladies and gentlemen i am here for you today to sum up the disaster i have sound i got video i got i yo i have all of the low light and a couple a highlights there were a lot of low lights typically whenever the democrats spoke but a lotta highlights whenever the republicans got in there jim jordan john radcliffe couple real rock stars they never nunez always we ve got it all summed up we welcome today by gino show producer joe
how are you on this very special day my man i just didn't ready for another episode of how we now we got yes yes we have to play that to keep that handy joe put together in handy dandy guide you democrats version six thousand seven hundred and nine what you were you god trump so we'll get that ready but before we get start ladies and gentlemen i have a tremendous huge announcement is probably dead get away for you all joe already knows he's already be included we have been holding it for a couple of days first i announced yesterday that we will be doing a once weekly interview shall will not affect their daily show at all will be releasing it on friday afternoon night or listen to fridays and over we can we have a lineup of gas he's gonna blow your socks off i promise you and me number one who you will be hearing from tomorrow again addition to our regular show which we will posts the little early
we'll be the present the united states donald how to drill folks this is the fire alarm this it's not a cnn fake news story now there will be president donald atrium again pending god forbid presidential emergency where he needs they tend to business we are scheduled to interview the president to morrow and i promise you it will be one for the ages we can't excited and incredibly grateful to the white house get for agreeing to do our first international we're president donald j trump nicely to start don't you think tat oh yeah i don't see how you start early beggar i mean less ronald reagan is comes back from the death there is no better way startle lonely the most conservative presidential lifetime resident drop you know with the additional ragged sell this it's gotta be great our folks
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with one of the low lights not necessarily from yesterday's hearing but we had the impeachment farce upon capitol hill which included in peregrinations by the democrats of of bill taylor who can i thank demand for a service to the country but i don't know what he was doing up there yesterday he didn't have any direct information mating and george can two bizarrely chose to wear a bow tie and i love boat eyes but if you're trying to not portray yourself as the deepest of deep state swamp rats out for president trump miracle think choices should probably not include av the actual logo of the deep state the bow tie probably not a good idea just throw a that at first shift this was adam ship a couple of weeks ago maybe about a month ago what are these interviews attitude member what started this whole impeachment fiasco folks was the fake whistle lower whistle blower who we now know is really a deep state or right we connections to them
crafts and everything else the fake so blower lodged a complaint that there was a quid pro quo i deal with the ukrainians you gave us in eight hundred binding we're not gonna give you military and of course that deal is an act of fiction we ve never seen nobody knows what is no one has any direct knowledge of this deal it didn't happen it's a myth but adam shiver while ago joe he was dead tat on we need to hear from this whistle blower time we need to hear from roma check this one out when you spoke to was alone very soon i get it will depend probably more on how quickly the director of national intelligence can complete the security clearance process for the whistleblowers lawyers but we're ready to hear from the whistle blowers soon as that is done okay so again this
it's not me debating adam shift joe this is gonna be shift debating adam ship my joy be clear we need not added that thing other than for time we didn't insert words and there it's not a deep vague that actually adam ship talking this our philosophy guess and telling snaffle up against that it definitely wants to hear from this whistle the water in the process of clearing what what what happen well we found out of court that the whistleblowers team was coordinating when adam shifts team despite adam shifts protestors in other words we need all of which i have never heard from most of our you're lying even the hack washington post gave you for pinocchio that's how you know you really like when the left this activists of the washington post going out a democratic joe you really screwed up ok he's a liar so well story came out i mean so blower fake whistle blowers connections to all sorts
democratic activists democrat plots to take down trope what ukraine started to become public exposed on this show i might add a long time ago all of a sudden madame shifting money here from the whistle blower anymore which culminated in this little episode yesterday we defend ass they jim jordan big time had tipp to you my friend asking adam shift well we're going to hear from the whistle blower you wanted to hear from a few weeks ago check this out the assessment until after the witness things are sure to terminate the anticipate when we would vote on purpose does mister jones sick recognition is to ask fine question do you anticipate when we might vote on the ability to have the whistle blower in front of us something you the floor and thirty five members of congress you are the only member of the nose who that individual is in your staff is the only staff of any member of congress that a chance to talk with that individual we would like that operate when might that happen in this proceeding today first as a german knows that's a false statement
now the identity the whistle blower i'm determined to make sure that identity is protected as i said to mr conway an opportunity after the witnesses testify to make emotion few subpoena anyone this and compel about in with that has made clear as clear up the bar like that stephen came over the missed you the man was a big industrial strengths and so one ship has now completely recanted retracted his previous statement that he wanted to hear from the whistle on why while the why important why always matters ripe shift of course does not why did exposed under oath the whistle blower fake whistleblowers because i'll be on the road now jail right now he doesn't want the fake whistleblower on the stand on the road answering questions like hey
did you tell adam shifts staff and when oh of a sudden we need a high the whistle blower he is baltimore to whatever from harry potter you shall not be named you can have him up there at any says hysterically i'm not going to destroyed is credibility ship because he doesn't have any credibility left this time series siri he's a noted conspiracy theorist lying russian hoaxer serious people seriously then say the media about serious well don't take adam shift seriously folks listen i still have some very few but some democratic contacts even the democrats i know our embarrassed by adam shift i'm telling you it's and i'll get to that you can't do this was a total disaster for them yesterday they do not want that whistle blower underwrote revealing level of contact we democrats activists
ukrainians joe biden and others because it will completely blow up this entire case lead go to audio video peace number two from yesterday's disaster this is theirs tar witness and i'll get to that in a second too but this one for just summed up quickly this way their guy yesterday build tail their guy the sharp j d in ukraine base equally the number two in ukraine for the united states that bill taylor seemed quite upset that he was not included in any of these meetings he has never spoken of the president's so terrible all we know is probably not a fan of president from tailors their star witnessed joe who supposed to have hard or evidence of this alleged quid pro quo he's got it got it he is
an eye witness to the crime or is he here we'll keller at about two senses are less summing up his entire testimony yesterday this is all you need to hear check this out mr orban more what i can do me here for you today is tell you what i heard from people wait polity somewhere that job their water that did you cut that out clearly after that he gives the evidence right of people joe widely lesson with besides i told you you do that sound dog paved see we're given glinda for that as well you mess and what the report while you screw with the ice was damaged or that oh she goes on to say of course how much he knows he's got direct evidence he spoke to the principle of course i'm messing with you that is the whole thing they all video audio this nothing else he does it have any by the way that is adam shifts legal counsel assigned to quit it's not the republican guy that's the involvement
you know the whole group small group guy that's their lawyer the democrats asking him are you knows any sums it up i say basically i dont know anything all i can tell you is what i heard from people so we could have a peace process in other states and their staff where does doesn't even know what he thinks he heard from adieu toward from adieu to hurt me whoever heard another dude who heard do tell us do that do tell them something the actual do guys really nailed it yes very well that there is no borders that using that's it that's why that's with the always gets worse so again big had tipp the gym jordan devon nelson johnny wreck of another yesterday who just knocked out on a par here is jim jordan summing up this whole case the tailor who does
how about this quid pro quo he said it in his own words i can't oh you what i heard from people i put it in quotes he hasn't heard any day just knows what other people are yet another junk here say they want to peace the president so here jim jordan i was gonna would you jitsu class yesterday listening to this on my side this x m radio and i was like here's jordan absolutely full laying taylor and all of this nonsense this this is the this is the if there's one month you're caught from yesterday's hearing this is it check this out so you are on the car where you present you didn't listen i'm present trumps com has less he's got that you never talk the cheapest app mulvaney i never did you never met the prey that's correct gets romania was against getting come up and two of those they had never heard about as far as i know in preserving our region
unless you never made an announcement this this is what i can't believe you're there star witness your their first witness because only i you're the guy based on this based on i mean i've seen i've seen church prayer change that are easier to understand its just to be clear this was there s a whole bill killer the charger they affairs the charter can we stop with the french nonsense wonder that discharge just call him something anguish in charge of the affairs or somethin discharge j and i'll what i used to travel overseas to embassies in my prior line where people love to say that because it makes them sound busy he's the show is it charge yourself
did speak a glass shares the charge of bear is made through sound very dear so let some bad up this is their star witness their race in the hall bill taylor built has no direct evidence at all no direct knowledge at all of the quid pro while their claiming happened that nobody can point to the quid pro quo is now it's three times i was talking about this a lord ingram last night where we destroy chris on in another debate it's getting just too easy now across the quid pro quo is now changed three times the fur alleged point poor pro quo which nobody can point to the illicit deal right that this for that was trump allegedly saying in a transcript you give us in station on hundred biden and his kids illicit dealings and purisma or we're gonna appalled security money
nobody can find that joe said oh and by the way the security assistance money arrived so you told them give us information on hunter or which is nowhere in the transcript they made that up we're not give you money that they gave them so i mean it has worked joe i have those photos of huge and if you don't give me money i'm going to disclose the photos i mean it i just give the photos to joe when you take any money say hey joe sorry about saying what kind of deal is as a raw material no deal that's a pretty currently the london i just saw me but what he said it's not even in the transcript so there how deal was for security assistance money tromp was allegedly holding up that they eventually deliver that the obama administration been wow that's
real open and shut case you guys got they're nice job well well done democrats so then i did that when our quid pro quo fella park is nobody could located in the transcript debt it became job they deal taylor claims he knows about but it's not heard directly for anyone he's just hearted from adieu to her from an you know the area spirit i m afraid you you know that so there the old changed no our job demanded information on the binds or he wasn't gonna meet this guy at the white house and otherwise i'll give you a white house meaning zalewski make you look all import if you give us information about why that's devastating well what what's the problem the white house meeting for the best the hunter bites of never happen so that these so the second this
at age a person was security money they appeal that they didn't upheld that the ukrainians have then it was notable if you this will give you a white house meaning a white ass meaning that never happen the white house meeting never happen this is the most incompetent quit pro quo it's a quid pro mill something for nothing were pursued this is a basic job will give you when i cannot we're going the money was the money held up now they have the money ok no no now they're going to do for a white ass me oh you mean the white house meeting with the linsky that meeting happened all year that beating never happen so that a change to this joe said it more yes and when they realise that we're getting nowhere with that these hack democrats histories and no doubt our job there this was yes we one hundred vine information find information from some they wanted it and they wanted it linsky they were going to uphold unless the linsky made a public statement about investigations
the public sphere by besides we said he was investigating via you mean that one year that one it never happened here that one i met with you there wasn't a public statement so did this for that never ever includes a that there's no shit already assistance has been delayed now it's there there was no why house meeting and there was no public statement by them whiskey ladies and gentlemen this is a quid pro quo it is the dumbest most incompetent quid pro debbie human history what's amazing about this to put the cherry on top of this little segment about jordan accurately say this is your star witness fellows geiss ladys this is the best you ve got back for your service mr taylor i really think you should wrap this up this is a this was enough parker lipstick disaster on the bed basically i think as bad as the mahler hearings
member mauler you know fusion gps is i don't know why you don't know you you even read the paper dude you don't know few gps is there's the worst part about this tailors claiming he hasn't spoken to any i'm with the knowledge of it he says he heard from someone morrison who hard from an aid that overall the phone call with some folks if this confusing it's meant it this is how does this is here's the weird thing there is one person here ready that taylor heard from that directly from the president about the queen broken you just said tale only heard forth in about this alleged quit
nobody heard it directly from the present or tailored in you but he did here for someone who heard about the quid pro quo from the president once put up this text message from a guy who actually spoke to the president and in text it literally texted this to bilbil bill paler texting gordon simon who spoke to the president taylor text as i said on the phone i think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign sunlit back bill believe you are incorrect about president trumps intentions the president have been clear no quid i quote of any kind folks this is serious again as a serious thing do you want then the colossal waste of time america's being subjected to right now is utter complete on adult it'd idiocy
taylor has no idea about a quid pro quo he's only heard about it forth in the person who actually spoke to the present first hand and text editor who told them either crystal clear there were no quid broke was the quid pro quo their alleged about security assistance can't be a quid pro quo because they at the security systems the quid pro quo for the wider meeting can happen because white us meeting never happen and the quid pro quo for the public about investigations always keep supposed to make couldn't have happened because there was no public statement on investigations folks shockingly i have more for you this got worse theirs i have more audio did this actually got worse before i get that get our second sponsor today our good friends
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so you want to be a big now tat fly and we could do that some sessions in the back regret very clean that might have policy now she hates the jets because it i get beat up way s working hours and pretty bad shape i let's get back to the car did the chef so it's as if yes based fiasco disaster up on capital hell could not get any worse believe it or not it does you know that desperation were starting to show up on the hell when democrat representative representative quigley on launch this stupid by on america yesterday and this was the subject of much ridicule all the what tv ve you know thing you're getting bad when tale you start witness he's never heard anything directly what he has heard directly the opposite of democratic narrative so then quigley starts to tell you that there is a need to hear directly because he this is better
actually here is something directly hearsay hearsay can be much better evidence then direct do we need to have a motley need seriously that is ever minimal a mile you need want to appear say is better why women did witness is dead maybe that may be because the witness is dead like god forbid you add a witness to a crime of dies then if the witness told someone something s maybe here's he's better because years is all you got russell from the grave what of it here sage better because the guy's dead here's where can you please explain to me a scenario where somebody who heard somebody say something is a better witness than the guy you actually heard what we said can you explain to me a common sense terms
liberals to now this is for the same people can you explain common sense terms why you would not want to from the guy who allegedly heard about this criminal act worthy impeachment we don't want to hear her mammy we want to hear from the dude who heard the jews who hire the other do this is really what happened who overheard a phone call forth excellent gregg jared summed it up last night on hannity the best i've heard i forgive me i don't have we have so many caught sight of mine and i get too much into the united what some commentary be all cut i'm not phrasing practically like you said a pretty he said something i here sais bad job who here say is unverified rumour triple here he's a complete job quality report here say is is a bad
comedy act a bad mid magic act being played on america that horrible magician that shows up at your kids birthday body i keep talking about hey look at this the rings connect dude we can see the whole thing was to cover that sorry this is quadruple hearsay and this quigley makes a total fool out of himself cigarettes thing ridiculously that quadruple hearsay is somehow better that actually hearing about the corruption there alleging from the person themselves they are an idiot big huge duty at huge i'd i could not law even cash here say is better at you i got set under one circles that when you're witness is dead russell above get him from the grave what do you know he's dying yeah i guess said under one circumstance when you're witness he's dead russell em up get him from the grave
what do you know how can you say that only time it's better my goodness man now at one point thirty s testimony kill a ridiculously again seriously this guy's had a lifetime of pretty solid sir so the country i realized i almost feel bad i know i shouldn't i get it folks i the same thing about mahler when i just saw the man collapse in front of amerika it really was an embarrassing waited the career for building el are to be remember a west point grand for that disaster yesterday with is s real i've i mean i almost feel almost fear for the guy at what point humiliates themselves further taylor by suggesting that joe he's never
ever during his time is shared and he was the ambassador to ukraine one boy he's never heard of any kind of pitch to get something done for aid like he can already suggesting donald trump want information on hundred biden for security assistance of money never heard of that before never heard of it happening joe he hasn't know where have we heard of this let me say oh gavel just a little while ago job they card whereof we heard before it is battelle or as an artificial worldwide about a request for something to be done that there's a lead
corruption in exchange for money all i got out of a job remember this do see from job by this one out i was not i bet it just happened to be that was the assignment i got i i got all the good ones and why got ukraine and i remember going over convincing our team are urged to convince you know that we should be providing for loan guarantees and i went over to guess the twelve thirteen time to keep an eye was good supposed to announce that there is another billion dollar loan guarantee and i had gotten a commitment from portion anko and from yachts in europe did they would take action against state prosecutor and they did so they said that their walk out breast cancer and i'm not getting or we're we're not going to give it a billion dollars i said you have no authority you're not the president the president said i should call him i'm telling you now get deleted
i certainly do not get the billion bogeyman we believe and here i think it was what six hours elegant women six hours the prosecutors not fired you're not getting the money or son of a bitch fire unsurprisingly joe discharge i feel taylor miss that one out yet that's joe i on tape at the council of foreign relations as replayed many times before demanding that the prosecutor in ukraine yes investigator company his son is getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in a cute see little bored see job even moved to ukraine hunter by demanding the guy investigating his kids company get fired in exchange for money taylor stall of that body all of it this tailors really on top of stuff by the way really sharp you miss that one bills to me using our bill taylor here this selective amnesia when he was being questioned by republicans but whenever it please
the question by democrats one of the things i notice geostrategic whenever the democrats would question taylor he had unique incited to the mind of donald trump did you notice he does your lot like they say to him you know this guy told you there is no quid pro quo in attacks and you were told over the phone no quid pro quo he'd say yeah blind my party i know what is going on and i tell there was a quid pro quo and that's what i thought so europe i read or now you you you can read trumps mind despite being told there's no quid pro quo but then on the run when the republicans questioned them he's like i take it presence had i dont know what it was that you just did do remember any other deals before the pass for money yet you forgot that one you miss that has only been all over cable news you even read the newspaper now here's the coup de grace of this thing
ladies and gentlemen when i ran for office i was told a long time ago that run for politics is all about two things about soundbites snapshots sadly i wish it were but it is in other words its about soundbites two or three second clubs that make you look good or bad my then bond gino paradigm about wall you know you reagan you get it the sound bite have not compare myself to rank and soon say that sound by made reagan mean superstar amy was ready the conservatives but the sami frankly folks not many people have heard the whole speech yet true you remember that them people remember you i'll give you another one so it doesn't sound you partisan bill clinton one of his best state of the union the big government over anyone remember that all state of the union speech i'll reflex asked remember morality ass he talked about kennedy people follow politics they remember that i'll give you a bad one
if you like your boy you can keep your point october yeah sound that's it sound bias short snippets of sound defined who you are partly soundbites in snapshots take quick story pictures can be go to bed john hurry in a bubble man suit member that michael dukakis with the tank helmet yet i was due in advance president bush and we were in a year we were doing the interview in a restaurant and the restaurant owner came all racket to say where he wanted it do it right here and i remember the present staff that new about sound bites and snapshots and they were not doing it there and i was confused i approached him later i so listen present trump used to have it achieves me president bush used have a drinking probably second do an interview behind a bottle of you no alcohol there was hope not allow a bar wall but he didn't understand had explained to him
soft shouts about snapshot for you get it why am i bring in any this up to bore you with my per know ladies and gentlemen this piece of sound sound by an end this ass shot i want listen to john radcliffe excellent congressmen from taxes asked to take away question it nailed these guys to the wall but more importantly i want did it take a still picture in your mind at the end of the confused perplex look on the face taylor and george can the democrats to star witnesses as they i have no idea how to properly this question check ukrainian present stood in front of a world press and repeatedly consistently over and over again interview after interview had no knowledge of military aid being withheld meaning no quid pro quo no pressure no demands no threats no blackmail nothing corrupt and unlike the first forty five minutes that we heard from
immigrants today that's not second hand information it's not here say it's not what someone over her ambassador someone say that was his direct testimony ambassador taylor do you have any evidence to assert the president's zaleski was lying to the world press when he said those things yes or no this ratcliff if i can reply time is short your task you know but i have no reason to doubt what the president said and in his ok very good so in this impeachment hearing today where we impeach president for treason or bribery or other high crimes where is the impeachable offense in that call or either of you here today to assert there was an impeachable offense in that call shout it out anyone folks
love this ratcliff guy this guy's got the fangs we need up their debts shot of those two you may not according to the end i shouldn't senate that way because the video with its heart they like this what do you mean impeachment we're here for a bit like derek almost confused about it like that they're out like up are you know a cattle option and wyoming please read i don't we but not have for over there what are you talking about this is a pace your job these are the democrats to start with just to overturn election he john records if you have anything appreciable throw it out their fellows they like they gotta that look like even said butthead when mr andersson capitalism there you know messing around and is trailer that wasn't us that was other kids ladies gentlemen sound bites and snapshots
the sound by do you have anything you want to throw out their throw it out there peterborough silence the snapshot pathetic nice job and by the way had tipp the devil lunacy opening statement was long serious had the devil newness as well who just late adam shift on fire in his opening statement is too long a play for the show on maybe for later singled out because i want to give nunez shout out to ever so many good guys yesterday updated did a great job and i'm really proud finally that many of the republic and congressmen up their dying on the outside of a small group of finally growing some fangs and starting a bite back good for you ok i've got more i've got more
including evidence that yesterday was a total apocalyptic disaster for the democrats despite the masks and the faces their put not right now i'll join you got your we gotta here whenever you're waiting for you in oak so you're always kind than others but she always guided member we told you the democrats this version six thousand seven hundred twenty two we got him first they had a month but was it impeachment my legs collusion mahler prob the table stood the fbi shiva the democrats always gotcha so i said the joe joe you got to go have to put together a little sound by this joe in his best nineteenth when these radio voice putting together quick sound there on the democrats i now check this out in time for another episode of
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so i'll let you know i'll keep my eye and the minor ok i'm getting back to yesterday's disastrous be asked go up on capital he'll folks please check out the show notes today too by the way and please subscribed to my newsletter bungee no doubt i'm slash newsletter we will be launching the bond gino report an alternative to the now left leaning drudge report very very soon very soon a lot sooner than you think get on the newsletter now but you know that complex newsletter allotted stories i give you my shone out you scratch my email less than that newsletter i will i've been there this gotta be the best conservative aggregator out there ok here's a story from bright part about the total disaster that we yesterday's hearing was folks don't let the damn spend this or the media this was a total meltdown headline by matt boil them
cried dud first public impeachment hearing fall short as complicated unclear allegations dr inquiry forward folks before i get to some of the quotes from democratic insiders who spoke to matt boil the author and said listen this things a total disaster i want to explain what the headline means folks the whole he's in the democrats push forward with his joe did in his is lovely sounder how we got em now was they thought this pro quo is easy to understand following they thought they couldn't peace the president because every they thought everybody would understand it is for that give us formation on azerbaijan or we won't give you this military aid ukraine and later gentlemen and ngo as european ombudsman you would agree that is easy to understand right not easy to understand what's the problem folks it didn't happen we just covered this and the only people or it happen or in a letter it's happened there a drink i heard about it happening forth
part of this money back yes dad you there's not a they happen it's not clean that's why boil and its democratic insiders sources are telling him it was a mess we thought we an easy this for that deal that sounded corrupt the problem is that this further it was never that in any other cases and the only people who know about this for that know about it from forthhere sources listen visible that listen i read you some of the clause map oil got map i was one of the most well source people a bright part i know matt disclosure quote it was a total disaster for us one senior house democratic told bright partners here's another one it's too complicated another day accredited said here's another why joe this this will make sense the regular people a third democratic tilbury
partners ladies and gentlemen i'm telling you right now if you were left with the impression yesterday by them act liberal media that this was in any way a success telling you you're being lied you listen i've been honest with you here have i not and it's time to worry i tell you a lot of negative feedback when i say it's time to worry i do i told you that guy in the gmo came up to me i'm not worried trumps gonna win realized i said no no no no you better word i he's gonna win reelection i think at this point handling but you need to worry member here i was worried about winning either she lost then i told you about the people email me why you any credibility somebody's pauling whose folks i explain to you why i think some of the polling maybe accurate and it should give you resent we're not that its catastrophic reagan was down like tend to jimmy carter before he smoked them in the election but dont sale
pullings irrelevant its loud it is relevant when there is reason to worry i'll tell you i'm telling you with absolute certainty that yesterday was an apocalyptic disaster for the democrats nancy pelosi knows it sleazy shift knows it all of the democrats on that committee know it and they are now desperate desk to change the narrative why am i telling you this before i move on joe you may be recording another we got now version seven thousand four hundred and twenty two next we should wait for it when this hoax collapses remember the phone call with the ukrainians with no quid pro quo quid pro quo fake whistleblower was one or the day after the mulder report thing the mother oh that's right the day after mala when the mother thing collapse get ready fake
whose story number seventy two will be out next we dropped he invaded south korea last year and didn't tell us he's got ass the jews that'll be next that's coming next it ready for you heard of your first time stamped the ship ok we do solomon you know what i really want to get to the sea it if this is unrelated to impeachment yesterday have a solomon thing by new york times i hope i'm getting if not i get to it that tomorrow show before our big interview with president donal j trumpet and very excited about again thanks to the white house for agreeing to it i only their first podcast of parties we want to buy a lot about you out of here close here maybe you may have i don't wanna but let's grab it i'm really honour this is just such a fantastic arrests were very happy so yesterday there was a story up in the wall street journal ladies and gentlemen it was about the democrats in their push now for a new forty seven percent tax
important stories i want to show you the story really isn't about tat is per se although the stories about it that the deadline of the story sees me is the tax increases become democratic i want to raise the top individual rate of forty seven percent the stories more about them how the media lies to you in light of what you heard yes we see tat these things in the impeachment yesterday was a fiasco the media's trying to spin it to make it out to be some kind of positive for the damage that's right this is what they do to media tells us story not the story that's what they specialize in this tax debate about them is not about facts anymore it's not the media stitching to tell you a story about the richer getting over nobody's paying their taxes tax cuts don't work they cost the government money censured central none of its true but before i get that a forty seven percent tax rate so with the obamacare sir tax as a fifty percent tax rate i want to ask those of you out there subjected to this rate which would be me and my family here i want to ask a serious question i'm not
the round is there anything in your life you work is hard to finance that you get less back from then are disastrous u s government anything now they were trump and the officials in their i'm talking about the holes so let me get this straight i'm now so what zeb include state local taxes property taxes so none of it the federal government alone you expect me to work fifth percent of my time listen folks i'm not whining and while i have the greatest job in the world i think the word for it every night father thank you for all the opportunities you put in front of me i mean that i love working with joe impala hopefully more in that bag gino report everything we do we enjoyed but folks its hard work sat back breaking work it's nothing
comparison to what our military truck drivers carpenters electricians what they do it's not but it is hard and you know i want to produce quality products free you're asking me to work fifty percent of my time sick months mindset of every year to give money to you to flush down a toilet ble what do i get for i'm serious messing with what do i e mail me if you're a liberal and you have an answer i'll tell you are giving an honest answer i get the finest military in the world of k that cost about seven hundred billion a year maybe with oh co star maybe eight hundred nine hundred billion a year a quarter of what we spend now i get a decent court system which i rarely if ever used but we need it nonetheless federal court system
maybe some interstate roads so you figure about a quarter of all hey now i willing to pay twenty five or twenty seven percent may be of my my money to find answers things you figure that's about a quarter of what we spend now and they're worth it i do like better stay rose although i think the states can take that over i do like having a federal system and i love haven't our military banister military in the world i love that but ladies gentlemen telling me that you're providing services to my life they give value you tell me worth fifty percent of my effort folks i dont think i bid in a federal court outside of being a federal agent i was arresting people since we want do the immigration stuff read about maybe ten hours of my life in total outside my want forcing spears in federal court you asking me to work
fifty percent of my time to give you my money to go spend it you see fit not me money i can give the charity money i can put it my kids college fund money can't either by property or business with the support local business i gotta give it to you this is the biggest rip off in human history is the u s federal government scan what scare now from the p this again is more about the media i know i sent away at home attacks but i get really peel it's such a disgrace could i bought my mother in law house static gonna give you bureaucrats in a federal government my money the flush down a ball from the town
peace member the media argument show the rich you're getting over really nineteen fifty attacks the topping up tax rate hit ninety two percent wow that's high democrats look we need that rate again which apply to earning above roughly two million adjusted for inflation still the wealthiest one percent of five where's paden effective tax rate of always sixteen point nine percent according to tax foundation by twenty sixteen operate with thirty nine point six but the richest had an effective rate of twenty six point nine you folks you get this you gave it i'm saying that tax nineteen fifty the democrats in the media want to go back to of ninety two percent the richest fibres paid ineffective rate i've only seventy percent in other words the whole code was riddle with loopholes nobody pays you re the ridge actually
pay more now under last or tax rate less your tax rate more taxes visuals for the liberals lower tax rates more taxes paid one more time lives let's do this well who are tax rates more tax revenue paid by the rich job is one of those moments shell joe got it really man i've only been the producer on the show for five years i just got it now because when you lower tax rates to rates that people in fair and appropriate like i told you about twenty five percent want to pay for the military courts i am but i guess why are you you might think lesser i think roughly it's a fair rate for me all in people don't make efforts to avoid those tax rates then
when you confiscate their wealth they do everything in their power shockingly to keep their well now as i was researching this article yesterday an interesting little conundrum came up i wanted to do about as i used to frequently on the show i dont much anymore the effect of the reagan tax cuts that we're giant they cut the tax rate from seventeen to twenty eight percent that's a big cut i google reagan tax cuts facts of would you want to see some colossal bull look at what comes up google first summit to read this year this is that the top google the ragged tax cuts after the economic recovery tax act of nineteen eighty one revenues fell by six percent in real terms the for tax creases from eighty two to eighty seven added an extra one hundred thirty seven billion in revenue who is it this line overrun
was a clear net decrease in tax revenue doorn reagan's presidency i jonas assert disease listen to this tat is the google top lines if you are in impressionable bro impressionable young social justice warrior marshmallow roasting snowflake on a college campuses and you don't have the aims to do your homework you read that and think reagan cut taxes and we ll stole this money and any raise taxes and more money came in go for that i mean the duchess a total fabric it like google should be embarrassed that's a total lie reagan height the capital gains tax from twenty to twenty eight percent a small a percentage point but why
cutting the income tax the largest revenue generated a government by you have indeed a twenty eight percent a mess if a mouth the capital gains tax hike lost body reagan's massive tax cod from seventy two twenty eight percent a forty plus percentage point cod google's telling you the government lost money so i went to its policy centre the link is in yesterday's shows by the way if you like to look at the tables yourself which takes the data from the government itself about tax revenue i took a small screen shot of the reagan years of the tax revenue
google and the media on joe will tell you the reagan ears dragon lost money this by cutting taxes they lost all this money becoming did they view be kind enough with it up here we got from the tax policy centre again the link is in yesterday's show notes you can see yourself so in nineteen eighty reagan's come becomes its the office in eighteen eighty one you know the elections and nineteen in the u s government ray five hundred and ninety nine billion dollars in tax revenue so you see and eighty two six seventeen eighty three six hundred eighty four six six six job five ninety nine when he came into office just quickly are we going down are we going up in tax rates is one of those i've down things i acted it very confusing i know you're having a tough time it but i'm in a guess you'd say
opposite my right i mean that out there i it when you milgram good get very good strong performer dna joe you really liked it up nineteen eighty seven your dirty four billion eighteen eighty six seven hundred sixty nine billion eighteen eighty seven eight hundred and fifty four billion nineteen eighty nine hundred and nine billion dollars in tax revenue from me five hundred and ninety nine when reagan came in office all of you may be saying if you think you're a clever liberal you're not but when you were just for wage and surely that amount is less than one rain came into office no even adjusted for inflation is nineteen percent more tax revenue the got them when he got the office folks i'm sorry to end the show on this than about your being lied to you're being treated like a juvenile twelve year old idiot google why do you just go to
government's own data and do your own homework because the media whether its impeachment the collusion hoax the mahler hoax the way the blower gate hoax taxes donald trump they are always lying to you they were a full blown prop that probably propaganda the now i'm sorry to have to tell you that i have to get through the solemn and these words important story about a massive id piece on john solomon and what their freaking out about i'll get to that tomorrow show and again tomorrow spread the word my interview with president donald j trump you are not going to want to miss this we are forward to it i see what you just heard tan bond genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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