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A Tragic Weekend # 1037 (Ep 1037)

2019-08-05 | 🔗

In this episode I address the deeply disturbing trend among power hungry politicians, and their media allies, to blame President Trump for tragedies. It’s disgraceful. I also address some of the reasons behind these mass shooting incidents and some key Secret Service research on why they happen. Finally, I address a break in the trade war with China. 

News Picks: A devastating weekend for America.

My appearance on Fox & Friends this morning addressing the disgusting trend of “Trump-blaming” after tragedies.

Liberals immediately seek to blame Republicans for the tragedies this weekend. 

Watch this sad scene as a socialism convention descend into madness.

Is the FBI in possession of a devastating transcript?

There are more guns in Australia now than before the gun confiscation.

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Yeah, of course they'll say: that's races still emulate them did because it does not limit to their depravity folks. The movement will eat itself because the war Uclaf will never end until there's. Nobody left, like I said, Psmith I'll just a little bit. Knowing that this movement is entirely completely unsustainable. Ok, I want more sponsor. Today, great sponsors. We always appreciated being here on the show, and I will get this most, including the gun, stuff and another story blood, breaking news on China, some big steps, a lot a noose covers a busy news. We can. I finish. I finally bite you but he's at my patriot supply. Ladies gentlemen, listen we have real power. Let's go around the country using violent outbreaks. You see me armed at attack on advice facilities, police officers being heckled got issues. You always have the threat Emergencies always have the threat of odd disasters and hurricanes. I mean I live in, not southern Florida, where the threat of hurricanes is very real,
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tip to him. Up in the show notes. Please check out. The show not subscribe to. My email is still Emily's right to yet Gautier just release of FBI. Informal transcript, says quote: there are going to be others folks. Regarding. case what's going, I'm here behind the scenes there alligator thereby gouty another. I have no reason gouty and others. I have no reason