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About That Explosive Video (Ep 1204)

2020-03-13 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the blowup on Fox News last night between me and Geraldo Rivera, and what it was really about. I also address the shameless plagiarism of the Trump plan by Joe Biden. I discuss another dreadful lie by AOC on cable news. 

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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i may we saw last night the blow up between me and hurrah though on fox news i want to explain what happened and what the back story there is the behind the scenes so you want stand why i was so upset last night on fox get to that job totally ripping off the trump response plan i mean blatantly ripping it i've got that got some adam if news a loaded newsday as usual today show sponsored by express bp and protect your online privacy today don't wait at express vp dot com slash bungee no don't wait welcome to the damp do you know show producer joe how are you today sir hey man it is friday and just hang in there brother went to get some teepee instead of at the store and it's not their sold out
it's interesting i just know it is the first time is showing you kind of joe is not good that's the whole its pride i get it i totally understand joseph probably good all but i get it you're a you know i did i not coach that with joel a programming jos been working hard drew and paul as well we will of two shows today as you can see on apple pie gas many of your honor audio show we a show specifically dedicated to corona virus with a medical professional who wrote a viral article about myths and misconceptions that is up there today the corona virus interview with doctors and tenuous out an apple pod guess i'll be up youtube later today but both shows will be released today this is the regular shall please listen to them both don't miss the i did the interview last night it's incredible the doktor has summit nation you really need to know debunking a lot of the myths facts infection on carogne of ireland let's get judicial body by our bodies that lifelong listened act seasons here it can be a big pain but it's worth it when you open them
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one can prevent all identities after monitor all transactions but having lifeline means one last thing to stress about doing this taxis and joy now save up to twenty five to five percent of your first year that's a lot just go to life locked out slash bond genome that's life locked accomplished by gino for twenty five percent of do it today i joe let's go one thing we can't stop doing though is the battle i think you re the ballast better holborn over chauvinist jos creativity for a long time and has not led neck oh no matter what happens but will be our rights a constitutional public the greatest freedom loving country the history the world we will be ok and yet you are now last night for those you missed it again i try not to do this but sometimes it's important be obvious that directly testing up a new york excellent news i think i'll be up to you and all this stuff it's gonna be from a little distracted forgive me i'm trying to watch the news and update you all because
such a quick breaking news they i was on my side although other additives show for my regular tuesday thursday appearances and got heated i don't like playing my own segments but it matters to you and i want to tell you why i got into this blow up with him and why i was so upset with geraldo last night and you know wherever i go on his show and his radio show to him happy to talk to him it's not a personal thing but i said about something for those you missed it here is a portion of what happened last night where i was very upset about her aldo bringing trump adviser stephen miller into a debate about on a virus alex mind you why are we so upset about it after you watch this clip about messaging three to certain my senior advisers stephen miller same guy that impose the muslim bad women knocking over each other with babies in all now saving them right have you do my american way dan bail me out
although you realize you repeating chinese propaganda here i hope you understand that you're starting to make as martin around you well don't worry you are preventing chinese again on this issue which our signal art all due to the fact that up to the background propaganda can legitimize economies chadian propaganda but do you really i strongly suggest you rethink that approach i don't know why are all don't call me onto a physical altercation i'm not a particularly violent man i also get a personal the stories are although but kind a confused about when you're lucky i met in front of you you are for not the reasons for that the recent but like does our lot don't let the square job we live a peaceful guy everybody knows we know that i could be a hot it
ties but not a violent guy and all no no way shape warm anyone who knows me can attest to that why was that upset her other for bringing stephen miller into it there's a backdoor here earlier in the day i had seen this tweet by her although bother me alive because he is repeating chinese propaganda whether hurrah though knows it or not he says in his sweetness this was earlier in the day the european apple ban might slow the spread of corona short term but smacks of senior presidential aid stephen miller he's be seen for this creepy seen a boots are was the architect of our regressive immigration policies due respect to real donald trump but joe biden seems to have a better overview of the crisis i mean seriously folks again so personal but this is one of the dumbest tweets i've ever seen in my life he does too in zaire and aid in this speech to the larger argument its white such as personal i'm playing my appearance not because it is
bout me because it's about a larger argument here about people doing two things number one making legal arguments that make no sense and i'll get to that the second the joe biden has a better overview he literally not figurative will you know i hate the word literally its most over usually negroes english aims literally ripped off donald trump plainest ain't hurrah missed it by nasa overview barton's plan is true plan i'll prove it to you to second but secondly making corona virus about immigration is exactly what china wants right now this is the one hundred percent chinese propaganda whether hurrah though knows it or not he has become at that i want to say this term them i know it sounds bed but what the marked as you call a useful idiots this nothing to do with immigration policy or eighty
muslim policy or anti china policy or eighty anything trumps travel directions are now affecting europe europe is that eighty muslim in eighty china too i mean it reeks of just ignorance i'm sorry so them gonna give him a pass but the minute he brought up stephen miller that's it we call on amount i'm sorry i wasn't gonna let them go out there on fox i was going to do it guidance should know better immigration policy has nothing to do with what trump is doing right now it is strictly disease prevention and mitigation measures bringing in xenophobia and trump stephen miller's immigration policy even miller's mutawa known in the administration for his approach to immigration for being pretty hard line on it that has nothing to do with this that is strictly chinese propaganda that's why i was so
said i feel like i owe you an explanation on today shop ladies and gentlemen i'm getting daily sing peace in a moment but i can't hard upon you and strong enough terms to be cautious in these two things do not fall a chinese propaganda we are adding inflection point right now we're a total military regime in china which unleashed displaying on the world is now desperate to use useful idiots in the media elsewhere useful idiots do i look squirrel moment to make you believe make totalitarianism isn't the problem and the promenade and do this that you do u s stated and capitalism data to this is a right out of the ussr playbook from chernobyl and people unbelievably are advancing this propaganda is mostly irresponsible when we get to the
point first i'm kind of going back and forth between the two points biden fleecing transplanted second chinese propaganda show you again how hurrah those findings got a better overview what using this plan here's a piece of pga media by map margolis please read it in the show notes again by gino dotcom slash newsletter go there email you these articles every day we want spam your inbox but they are important for you to read map margo this pga media joe biden black trumps corroded virus response then wage rises trumps plan well don't miss this there were people out there who i respect on twitter not only is that on average agree with them their certainly not what you would consider magda folks respect them none the less i don't do golden calf politics i understand people have disagreements which from who were acts we touting the biden plant like man this guy's got a grip on it did
we ve been re binds plant or listen to what he said binds plan was trumps plan from mats p and i'm just showing you a few other things ladies and gentlemen i'm not kidding he ripped off trumps plan and now media people who warrant aware of trumps plant or who just like biden are congratulating job for stealing transplant quote for pga media peace map margolis job and said quote no effort should be spared to get private labs in universities working to rapidly expand testing for corona virus regulation show president trumpeted this weeks ago when he ordered the fda to allow hundreds of private labs and academic hospitals to rapidly begin testing for virus did you miss that second by not so said that small businesses will need relief from the economic the impact of the corona virus congrats joe biden trumpet literally called for
three billion and liquidity to small businesses a day prior to binds remarks at his ass congress for even more relief vagueness moreover you he stole trumped plan here's another one it also said insurance company should waive copies for corona virus testing which a great idea guess what trump already did that too as well i guess getting commitments for providers to expand their coverage including treatment for the corona virus in their plans folks i guess i'm not here to worship golden calf politicians the cdc testing mix up the beginning which trump and pence fixed right away you regulations was a problem a problem they fix somebody here a cover for any body i'm simply you heard aldo and other media people promoting this argued this ridiculous search chinese propaganda they're trying to make an arguing that people that its zenith followed
banning travel from places like china at talking about a foreign virus it is a foreign virus is act old chinese propaganda and secondly arguing that i as a better overview of the and grasp the problem despite the fact that he fleeced in cases almost word for word trumps plan is outrageous justly dumb and nobody ever get home another plagiarists executed not a narrow view of areas that i wanted to an amended how our trump adieu of their trumped we too by the way he coveted via that for me but i want to get through this in a minute how trump is finally fighting back folks or on binding but this is critical and i said this a few days ago i don't want to get too like hey look at me and all the people i know would be its consoled damn it doesn't matter i just telling you given audience we have thanks to you people reach out to us and we
information some of it we use when we verify at some of it we discard but who sent me that information know that sometimes people we about things i don't agree with i say thanks for the call i'm sorry i disagree i don't you the calls who therefrom it doesn't matter information is if it's fact base and i think it's gonna be reflecting on what my audience needs and believes it is true telling you with certainty that this argument about the testing kids is a democrat talking used only to bludgeon the trump administration not take the testing was an issue and still is it is the reason it what fat period you understand that i am denying or gas lighting you that testing problem is an issue and continues over that's not what i'm still not but am arguing i'm suggesting
you that there was a reason there was a testing problem and the reason matters i been bypassing the politics of this but i've done doing that now because the democrats are pulled sizing everything in this national crisis and honestly at this point ladies and gentlemen new rules are now in effect i'm done taken it on the chin and the trump administration is done to folks the reason these private labs state labs and other entities could not get these testing kids out and so on time is because of regulations promulgated under the obama era which stopped it which took time for president trump and its present impasse in the task force took a little bit of time to get rid of hers though clearly doesn't know that i am genuinely sorry you been misled i haven't
voiding mentioning the obama administration because i dont want to politicizing national crisis but i'm done with this yes and you should be to president trumps done they too he has been avoiding doing this here's a tweet he put out today and good for him i'm sorry but it's time to take off the gloves here if you are going to make politics a central component in the national crisis it does that's no to sit back and listen to this crap anymore trump on twitter decades the cdc looked at and studies testing system but did nothing about it would always be inadequate and slow for a large scale pandemic but a pandemic would never happen they hope since trumps twitter president obama made changes that only further complicated things that's true that's a fact these regulations stopped state labs from getting involved the obama
monsters swine flu was a disaster with thousands dying and nothing meaningful was done to fix the testing problem until now that is also a fact that just have been made fact ass they will soon happen on a large scale basis the red tape has been caught and is ready to go i'm sorry we have to do this i mean that from the bottom of my heart not being coy flippant or so about i'm really sorry i have to waste your time talking about the politics of a unquestioned national crisis the severity of the problem i think we can talk about the medical angle you listen to our interview today i think is been the medical angle of it has been the hyperbolic language is hurt us a lot but it's no question right now given the shut down the economic damage being done this is very serious anyone ignoring that is just like you
what sitting here and becoming punching bags for the media and the left i challenge some knucklehead on twitter this morning journals cdc funding has been caught it has our challenge out again later to totally not true the test things trumps fall ladies gentlemen that is totally false the regulations that we stopping these were obama year regulations that he got rid of i am genuinely sorry we gotta do this let me go back to the days for them every single article let me show you biden again yesterday who buy new again the media angle now and why was so mad at her aldo biden a better overview fleet plagiarize trumps plan one hundred percent here's biden again showing these things remember that you points i'm trying to get out don't fall for the chinese propaganda
who on xenophobia that we want but it is the one virus second widens got his hands on this he does here's biden yes during his speech about this which are although when others seem to love report being the chinese propaganda that call no we want virus from move on the wall on virus we want from rwanda one virus calling the war on virus what it is a sea phobia calling it a far and virus is really bad too it is a virus from a foreign country listen this knucklehead and tell me again how this is the guy you want charge in this crisis check this out being overly dismissal readiness separation juliana hurt us further advances the spread of the disease but neither should return or fall back on xenophobia lately covered nineteen of foreign virus does not
displays accountability for the misjudgments that have been taken thus far the trouble administration you think this guy's helping there is you're presumptive at this point possible democrat nominee for president in front of a national audience again literally and i hate that word repeating chinese propaganda the chair knees unleashed this plague and they are desperate now to cover their tracks and you have u s politicians in a major public policy role this guy could be the president i'd states actively rip eating chinese propaganda the best p i've seen on this daily signal be in my show steady please read this article please again but you know that conflict newsletter all email at three by representative jim banks daily signal
corrode a virus the chinese repeat the soviets chernobyl failure ladies and gentlemen what happened who won the war on virus is a complete total indictment of information blockade that flows out of every totalitarian socialist communist system the chinese have been trying to tell the world that totalitarianism and socialism is the way for the future to do with the soviets do when they tried didn't chernobyl when they try to pull the wool over our eyes to enter the high the inherent weaknesses of totalitarianism in the lack of personal and press freedom and the press here ironically its support this effort from the daily signal peace this is well done read this peace show you how bad what the chinese did on this the first cases were recorded and move on early december
by the end of the month authorities understood it was an outbreak in an unknown virus in december and accurate pick what happened next to impossible why chinese authorities seem to have muzzled scientific report because case them we're stagnant and contain tijuana profits even though patients were testing past in thailand singapore japan during election next other so chinese authorities not only failed to act or treat the virus seriously they actively censored anyone discussing it eight doctors discuss virus on social media and a private chat group none the less but the chinese government detain them for liberals at me put them in a prison and shut down their discussion authority also wide assisting the corona virus could not spread human to human even they knew it could wait in germany or free country even when presses abysmal is ours you would never be able to hide that
you can't even hide the fact that their been shortcomings in testing here even though the trumpet major she's trying to fix it totalitarianism his death its destruction is the destruction of liberty the free flow of information and the chinese are desperately covering this up that this virus origin move on because they don't want you to believe totalitarianism is the cancer it's always been repeating the exact same mistakes of this the union during chernobyl and sadly u s media representatives the bad ones out the good ones and people in the media the talking had we are repeating this nonsense showing you how bad biden has been in the past by the way vacation think biden is the messiah here is your answer here is a video of obama white house secretary from years ago during the obama biden administration or as biden calls the abiding administration his words not mine here is robert gibbs trying
clean up the risks some job i'd when shall biden was the actual vice president during the swine flu outbreak this is not a joke had tipp the trump team for free for a fight than this one check this out my request remarks and vice president biden made this morning and representatives of the travel industry have accused the vice president coming close to fearmongering because my comments and i'm wondering if you wanted to clarify or correct or apologize for the remarks that he will i think what the vice president meant to say was the same thing that and many members have said in the last few days what he said and what he meant with all the respect and i sympathise with you trying to explain the vice president's congress but that's not in remote and close to what he said was asked about the hydrogen as a member of his family and understand what i'm telling you what he meant to say
which was obviously if anybody was unduly alarmed for whatever reason we would apologise for that and i hope it might marks and remarks of but the cdc in such areas autonoe have appropriately cleared up woody this suggestion clear on this for all the media talking has you think biden has a better overview or grass of what's going right now during the crisis firstly fleece trumps plan almost at times word for word or principle for principle at a minimum i then went biden was the actual vice president which with constant national powers and authority under the ethiopian executive officer the present as the number two executive in the country he bore with so badly during the swine flu that the press
that room did you catch it three quarters of the way through georgie were actually laughing at the white house bricks press a spokesman rob oriented trying to clean up the mess in the panic biden created folks rewind that do june on youtube hit back but cap at a couple times it goes back secondly shop they are actually laughing that was jake tapir for questioning robber kids they're laughing at him but you this is the guy you want and charge you must be kidding me couple other quick points showing you the media nonsense going on here here say cnn commentator who is supposed to be some kind of law enforcement specialists that our know how long she was in the fbi but i've had back in force would our twitter she blocked me which is probably a smart move candidly because our nonsense was getting so ridiculous i'm calling out all the but this is a tweet again by sea i very much regret again dopey stupid in
nation out there just meant to confuse you in a time of crisis here is asked rang papa forgive me if i'm wrong gap i forgive you say your name written intentional but add asher rang rang gap who says biden is not reading from a teleprompter his voice modulation he's not a sedated zombie taking a shot a trump by the way he understands the problem he actually cares hats ryan saavedra the daily wire if you watching on youtube you get the joke right now if you listening at home you don't need to get the job there's a photo included at the bottom of this tree where they our actual teleprompter errors in the photo that saavedra had this circle for asher tweet it out quote biden is not from a teleprompter with a photo of actual teleprompter theirs in the photo i'm not kidding then this is our media right now when they are not advocate and advancing how powerful bide news although he
please totally plan their actively prob gaining chinese propaganda and otherwise totally plainly unhelpful in a time of crisis some good news your god bless tom acts and everyone has fallen victim to the corona virus not just the celebrities and bring you know we're not elite is hereby tom exit child the god like all of us are his wife rita wilson i told you yesterday tom hanks could be doing us an enormous public service here if he replied from this and puts out the information shows us it's not a death sentence the serious threat it's not a serious threat series of the thank our entire economy it put the world into a global recession that will be a serious threat my wife pick this out had topology thank you tom hanks i mean if you put it this picture you look great looks a little l b envelope paddy he's areas rita wilson they bother hats on basically put now today you know we're doing our i ve taken good care ladies and gentlemen remember i used to say when i ran for office the problem there
public is having to talk about policy as they don't make things bleed and what i by that if they don't make things personal the demo it's no use emotion republicans we don't we walk into a methadone clinic my friend brian i wish to say and we want to argue about the laugh recur that's great but that's not that person's problem right there there addicted to drugs they don't want to talk about it africa over marginal income tax rates i'm sorry we have been entirely ineffective of pre donald trump relishes and using remote in tying a motion to our arguments i'm not saying we should use back some saying sometimes to get through this by emotion should be the tipp of his spear things are more emotional when you know the people involve always by default commonsense god forbid but in your family gets ill with this it'll be i personally you if they recover what the severity of disease we more personal too it was bad but we got through it
ladies and gentlemen that applies to celebrities and sports figures do we feel like we know them we ve seen their movies scarce i was watching tom hanks bosom bodies thirty forty to go along with that was you feel like you know if you recovers from this and is no worse for the where he will have done the nation a big service by show everyone this is not a death sentence i got a lot more news and sergeant heavier corona but obvious he's a big newsweek latest jim let's get to my second sponsor day i again i they are a sponsor they paid for advertising is clear but i specifically asked them to advertise neither you raised because i feel like and always have preparedness matters sort of talking point out of need new advertisers we have what you know we sell out almost all the time but this is a company i love working with ladies and gentlemen patriot supply this week we woke up to this really bad new spike in some viral cases in italy the market losing a dramatic portion of its value why did this happen overnight
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you may have mrs but adam shift has some splain and do some splendid yeah you know listen if you i am past can i say that that's it i'm sorry and automated patient scorpio believer that may appear as they pay sky the glacial pace of justice just this seems to be dead the country agreed everybody i was involved in the spy gay plot people like adam shift we do whatever they want to get away with everything and donald trump gets him aged on hawks having said that when things happen even if their small steps we smile a little bit by me in this isn't the latest measure in the world to get you know some job this forward adam ship has done but it is a small step let's get right you idiocy article by came shrapnel again a hundred percent worth your time adams surveillance state and fcc racial finally joe a government bureaucrat with some cones some tomatoes the official calls them out for obtaining call
records without judicial review kim strasser from yesterday fight leave a swap strikes bag in a good way so here's the store this guy brendan car whose ye have cc commissioner federal communications commission psych way way way we have all these restrictions about how people can obtain phone records only i can just obtained joe armor cost phone records you need a subpoena joe as the right to fight it legally we have adversarial judicial system where if i'm an investigator i say i want jos phone records in some civil who joins the right the salmon are challenges i may win i made but joe has the right in a constitutional republic to fight these subpoenas the trump administration started often but that's not what happened in this case adam shift sleaze ball slime ball ship decided
be a good idea to go grab phone records rudy giuliani congressmen devon newness and others and did it behind closed doors so they didn't even have the right to fight back now the fcc the federal communication commission which regulates is brendan gacha branding where's i'm not i'm not i'm not now now you're not because you're a sleaze ball congresswoman from california adam share go to the screen shot from the peace peace be over quote but mr cox as you see commissioner has forgotten this abuse of power by ship and his letter which can be strasbourg out her hands on course answers and reform good for you the seas it takes call privacy seriously only recently having proposed some two hundred million in fines on phone carriers for failing to protect customer data mister our message to shift is a congress doesn't get to pass on this is that it idled automatically to a secret and partisan process that
primes americans are their legal right to maintain the privacy of this sensitive information yeahs come on that's a beef sector were very definitely i know you are going there but i want to make sure that's a doubling or even over was what a joy that we needed a motley its present given everything going on there's been a two week motley drought arrogantly eads abbagliato bride combine that with our debunking alot of myths about i think today will put you at even producer drew produces the video portions show whose already listen to my interview with the corona first acts a good job but my wife it is a little bit good first you see commissioner car and i hope if these companies just gave this stuff to shift without appropriate authority that the fine are nasty nasty nasty oh
now showing you the slimy sleaze hurry now made that up of what adam i have actually did to obtain the phone rang rudy giuliani and congressmen devon nunez because he has a slight ball at asleep that's what he does here's another a screenshot from the wash your europe is excellent piece again club this history is what made adam shift subpoenas so devious and abusive issue them secretly heeded notifies targets and republican committee members were barred from telling the public what they knew about the subpoenas they jump police states stuff came goes on club worse shift deceived one of its targets he sent us four call records to giuliani and september third even suggested juliet he had two weeks to work with him even chief was already secretly demanded juilliard he's call records from a phone carrier boy again
is this the most dramatic moment of justice we ve seen yet freedom ship now but folks again i'm is upset it as you are about the glacial sometimes non existent pace of justice in this country's airports because just as seems to be dead but some p our stand up and some small things are happening i'm sure i could be able to get this off you can't be a big government democrat jeff and say we need government regulators like the fcc and am when regulations impacted devious little sleazy plot like you policy or that doesn't apply to me he's gonna those questions that some of those phone carriers i don't want all this stuff to get lost in the corona virus coverage walk i wanna going to miss out on this shell ok mourners so i was stunned this i have to say i did not know a yo see we're gonna be on fox less i now mean that the fox reports them i guess i d i mean i'm i worked there but there are there
obligation that idea here's i guess line of reasoning i didn't know it i had no idea may i see appeared on brett bears shell which i really enjoyed six pm eastern fox breccia good guy retinues guy i'm an opinion guy we're a different sides of the fence a fox that's ok bread pierre had a yossi on an eo see gave an air you wanna brats questions that's a nice guy i'm i'm not so much most of the time i'm trying to be kind here but i also gave an answer wanna brats questions that was so stupid i tweeted out immediately if you look at the time i my twitter feed hearsay corresponds who right after abc said this i tweeted out stunned that i see as the intellectual tipp of the spear on the left now almost nothing i think this woman says of substance has any veracity your true to it off i
she makes it up or if some tells her to lie and says i don't worry the media more factual you i don't i'm not dead series i dont know if you mean you can use doesn't know anything let me get to it here's a clip bread s great question is this neo congresswoman you keep talking about this revolution in the democrat party but you keep lose like everywhere all your revolutionaries again i'll take one plumber for a thousand revolutionaries quote quota movie seven days and debbie revolutionaries theirs revolutionary joe they don't ever want to vote and she gives a ring dicky s answer about well they have to wait like some revolutionaries joe i don't even want to wait like listen this absurdity and other bunk this stupid talking point immediately we're done check this out a campaign event at the university of michigan had ten thousand people was like a rock star status but was kids did not show up at least if you look at the numbers are just overall this this race sore
how can you show the progressive position is still prevailing nationwide when joe item is winning so much why think one thing that we that is being talked about is the rampant voters suppression and this country right there in an hour where we have that rally those kids were waiting three hours in line to vote in michigan and so when we talk about whose turning out and whose not turning out we absolutely must require you're saying that using voters didn't get developed they wanted the boat in michigan absolutely i love bread is a nice guy bread bill have again there are the new site i am of the opinion that sharing eighty five he's dirty like you so dirty large you sure are genuinely nice guys i'm not bs and you are putting lipstick on something like a worse there of course because i'm telling you a fact they are super nice guys even bread like incredulous over this comedies way
so you're suggesting that the vote was somehow suppressed in michigan that voters were prevented from voting now let me just get to that point before i get three part one sub eight sub section two of eo see stupidity in our common so joe you would think oh see who claims to be this intellectual sigh on the left and who knows not nothing she says of substance is ever accurate that if where's the voters suppression effort going on in michigan that now has a democratic governor wooden one we blame the democrats i'm just asking why that was happening in a state by a democrat there would be evidence that
votes were actually suppressed i know i'm going to this slowly forgive me for the conservatives libertarians in the the audience who likewise you talking so so because liberals are listening and facts data mean nothing they hear something from a yo see and its automatically perceived as being true despite the fact that its always horse manure common sense a yossi voters were suppressed in michigan ok is there actual evidence of suppression now towards vote in turn out or isn't democratic charge in michigan right now go to this piece of the new york posed by job put horror to teach my guts but nonetheless as a good data point here new york post piece about actual voter turnout in michigan i mean fact should better right boards is peace he disliked trump idolaters these democratic primary number should have trump extremely worried but if you go down in the piece about three quarters of the way down you'll see this little nugget in their clear
about massive voters suppression of michigan my joke theo sees always right now you be wrong quoting there aren't you they came michigan where more than one five million democrats turned out in another easy joe biden rob over bernie sanders again quote that's big two thousand sixteen one point one million wait what point one point one million democrats vote into primary way we cannot leave it at that i'm trying to figure this out because i see said there was a voter suppression that was about fifty percent of the democrats turn out in michigan in november twenty six november twenty two scene of two point two million ok scratching the twenty sixteen democrat primary one point one million democratic put hearts is writing an article saying hey democrat primary turn it off the charts trumps should be worried we know one
in five million showed up now that we four hundred thousand more i'm confused day o c told us there was voters suppression now just to be clear most were being suppressed in michigan by the democratic governor michigan need for you're a thousand more people showed up and showed up and twenty sixteen men there are people it's better get on that voters because it clearly leads to some heavy duty turn out whatever voters suppressing the democratic government was engaged in republic evolution do everywhere because that turnout was up you'd have republic it turned out everywhere i can't i'm sure asking you to facts matter anymore are you listening to this numbskull on fox that data point number one debunking the pure fact none act based stupidity of our supposed facts which he always just makes up but set yet again the hilarity the hilarity this which i kind of touched on before this
a revolutionary what younger voters admission by knocking younger voters presented but you're revolution there's a younger generation agencies like talk for me are june to she's the new a veto peronne she leading this socialist movement everywhere her clarion call is we change show bad we don't even want to sit in light of all this is this is again why i cannot say to you enough to said me a funny clipped the video policemen from braver we do not at a point when the scots please about these leftist revolutionaries you look it at our total chumps i don't even want to wait online devout and this
there's gotta be the hostile take over the united states ladies and gentlemen when you're staring them down and the electoral battlefield too flee please i don't even want to wait on light the vote just one they barely can't figure out how to devote by mail or absentee either which in florida takes seconds i live in martin county you gotta county election website it says vote by male there's a big but here it it's like this big vote male quick but please include address address what's my address gordon mailboxes figure it out address send me ballad the ok so jobs i've been hugely the directions who are really hard when you get it of course i'm being facetious here and silly you get it says please check box liberal
that it jack i care and ended joe they d instructors are this is the revolutionaries you can't figure this area then it says at least in florida in all waters you must sign is for your vote to be counted and it has a botched show that says you'll never believe what the box has now come on now lying get ready it has the axe next to a dual arbiter right this out its citizens it says with it an axe come on now i know that's allowed for you revolutionaries out there but you can guess you have to know two things you have to know what a sign your name and you to know your address and you could have actually voted by mail or absentee but again vive our resolution on nepal
bonaparte they are not remember too please please these are the biggest chubbs ever like us cry so my belly button there i can't take it these are the people were terrified of nice and be touching my face but i'm literally cried he i take it over how the hell we are so terrified of these people who does the revolutionaries awaiting online there waiting a lie behind trump supporters that went out to vote michigan despite the fact that even after when many cases at least if they were there to support trot because he's the presumptive nominee you waited online signature backs figure it out how would you please watch the movie seven days and entebbe just for that one line
give me a thousand revolutionaries for one plumber i'm not kidding i tweeted about electricians money somewhere i thought it was an insult to electors and it's uh it's a compliment i'm not kidding what what well do without electricians we'd have no lights what would it do what our revolutionaries bid all figure out how to vote now existing relations for to get my old shoe do that summarised egg i'm sorry it's been a rough couple weeks we needed this sober i do have a vital spots and i got borders don't go anywhere i still this legal insurrection story actually hilarious or new york times of war
joe is actually confused as to why trump supporters doubt i can't do due to shoulder confuses the white shrubs avoidance don't you another revolution i don't hurry back i go over by the way georgia fyi if you're going to have to cut that b s thing out i actually said bull on the air don frisco for the audio for the 4a be say keep that only a budget for as uk bc lesters that air youtube a little differently about for you well take area these have to worry about their dogs they can't figure our trump supporters though trust the baby these revolutionaries oh my god
i gotta landscaper outside now i'm not have you give me one way at school for ten million revolutionaries then revolutions are worth one good landscape that mad these people are hilarious can't figure out how to decide about how to vote and the kid you're out why we baby a little upset at the media ah my gosh ok get back the show i gotta get sued cub sorry folks i just really needed some comic relief hey you don't you wish you were at the post office right now has no meaning we hated upon gino ain't we can't stand on a post office long lines for parking lot lines inside listen run a business like we do here keep it up or your schedule takes a lot of ours we'll save time say money right now withstand stockholm now's the time to do it businesses are gonna get leaner over the next few months stop giving competitors a competitive advantage their use the stamps that can to save money and time both of significant value especially now any
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she was genuinely perplexed as to why trump supporters thing the media is not to be trusted headline william jacobson legal insurrection europe cannot afford a cop disdain for it trust to the media right now is worse than eat at any point to how this presidency this tweet piling on the target porticos you got the ratio did to into the phantom zone with this on twitter but really why i mean why you confuse about this i just took a shortlist goes out i have other certain when i get through with it the collusion hopes you promoted the times the ukraine hoax the impeachment hoax the binding didn't do anything wrong hoax the flynn is guilty hoax the deutsche bank hoax the dont junior the scarecrow mochi hoax i mean it is this your like you go on for days and you're wondering why we don't trust you now of course we have out outrageous ridiculous coverage of the
run a virus where you just absolutely fitted the lying the people all the time that's typically the woman who wrote that tweed about i don't follow her son and what she running and i wanna do what they do us maybe she is confirmed why she is perplexing to me but folks this morning i saw mainstream media reporter tweet out one another we don't trust you a piece of easily the bug false info nation that any local head with an iphone or access to the internet at the library could figure out in under ten seconds less here's an article by mrs dot org a great blow a good website about cdc funding i saw a report reported this five you look at my twitter for you see where i challenger who tweeted out again that the trumpet duration is cut the cdc budget may since the two by ryan mc mac
the cdc budget is larger now than other obama folks these our support was it reporters and journalists you can't look this up for those of you liberals who have a tough time with this seven reporters you don't ever call me report i will block you want twitter immediately it don't humiliate me like that you wonder why we don't believe you here's a simple chart on the basis that org peace it's in the show notes that i don't you know that such issues are look at yourself called here's the reality the cdc it is now more than seven percent larger than it wasn't the present obama's last two budget that it the actual and active programme budgets for the cdc and twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen we're both under seven would you billion but for twenty twenty the buggy
congress adopted for the cdc is seven point seven billion that can't be how is that they have an actual chart for liberals who need visual learning like color by numbers and kids books with pictures on to show you how done you are for propagating a talking point that is paid we force can you not do research the enacted for the cdc under chapter seven point seven billion the obama budget seven point two billion keep in mind i'm not saying i necessarily even agree with these levels of spending we'll see is needed and what it does from any more we may be less i'm simply six thank you again you why no why we don't believe you about anything you are all time you lie things that we can build a research and the bug in seconds
hoard hard yet you will continue to see brussels with seventy two inch thick by brainy encoded skulls and their media sycophantic acolytes continued have promoted talking that is simply made up it is not true there is euro basis in fact whatsoever sorry little stuff it at last stop point more rhinos hold this for next week but paul brought the second is a really good story showing you again what the democrats and their media allies have been wasting their time with why this crisis broke out may continue to filet trump for things that the obama administration did there's an act and peace and bright bart worth your time act it paul on this topic this winter job pollack report democrats push peach meant while corona virus spread folks here too
am i going to read the whole thing but i'll put it up on the screen if you want to look at it youtube accomplish mancino if you want to read the article go to the shown us there is a devastating timeline of the whew hon virus outbreak and what the democrats we are just give you one line while this was happening january twenty first the first person with that grown a rise in the united states from china where he'd been and move on january twin third what was the house dillinger bows peaceful manages make their opening arguments for removing president drop janet twenty third china closes off the city who want completely to stop the spread of january thirty centres beginning asking two days of questions on both sides in the present situation trot ladies and gentlemen goes on and on read the article yourself it is devastating you want to argue to me now just to be clear that the democrats and joe by who the war on virus was raging throughout china creating what is now
become a national crisis no question about that again i'm not talking about their health care wash innovators very redress that with the doktor the market has been crushed the media's dreadful job follows was happening what were the democrats doing impeaching president tromp and holding a trial on a hoax these are the knucklehead you want charge you want more evidence of how ridiculous as a member of my family i'm not going to say who but reached out to me yesterday and texting me feverishly saying when is this payroll cat tax cut going to happen or tax cuts we can get some money in her pocket i said and would probably not anytime soon sadly because of the democrats why look daily colorado sonata joke excuse if the daily collar again up in the shown us that i read this one christian data
does great work over their exclusive daily collar white ass officials alleged speaker policies pushing to include hide amendment loophole into corona virus them when stimulus plan wait what hide amendment funding you know that is the hide amendments a prohibition on federal funding using taxpayers dollars for abortion what how old is that have to do with corona virus spending the nothing the demo it's just never let a crisis go to waste to quote rama manual emma level why should the sacrament so they figure there advantage of a national crisis a grown up let slip in a bill that can get some federal taxpayer money we can terminate some more life in the womb at policy priority for us this really happen want to know why you're not get attacks guttural payroll tax cut right now in this economic crisis we're going through because need
pelosi wants to make sure we abort more babies were your tax money first not kidding books that is not a joke and is actually happening lot on that show now you for tuna and again we have to show today please since the other show is one of our interview siri shows with doktor chris antenna from rejects it is an excellent show it's about forty minutes a fax versus fiction on the corona virus we all do politics on it it's not that's not what that show is designed for please listen to it i we put a lot of work into it and a doctor is very generous with this time it was an excellent interview also please try to youtube channel close close to hundred thousand subscribers subscribers which is really amazing ve been up and running for a year now you too
the calm slashed amboise gino had that subscribed by its freebie genuinely appreciated thanks a lot folks god bless you stay save this weekend i can obtain a wash your hands already know that this that's patronising everybody figure set up a police new matter to me we all matter each other all children a god take care of each other i really appreciate you all coming to me as a source of information and try to do my best in this crisis to its hidden pretty hard over here we're going to add another type of sea off the banks but day sir you just heard tan bond gino she followed in on twitter twenty four seven at de bone gino
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