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Another Day, Another Media Hoax (Ep 1324)

2020-08-17 | 🔗

In this episode, I debunk the latest liberal media hoax about President Trump’s “war on the Post Office.” I also discuss the biggest fish yet to be prosecuted in the Spygate probe. Finally, I address my visit to NJ and NC to support business owners under attack. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bungee, no well within a busy Friday, or why the answer the first that the latter are not our. Why? Yes, it was a busy Friday flew up New Jersey, Joe flew up, withdrew worked out at a tellers rock in the shared today got tat. You we ve got all that today. I've got the FBI lawyer the plea that soon to be forthcoming, I've the new ppp hoax, it does involve P S, but not p B involves a post office for Trump loaded, shouted ass, your brother I express vps mice Abby listeners and viewers have a VP ends ones, prying into their online activity, get a VP internet, go to Express BP and our complex dot to dot the
by GINO shall producer Joe, as we were just talking about after that, exhausting for example, they do gosh brighter. Now you do probably about Like you are I'm a jerk you're gonna be sore more so than I am, but I'm catching that was a year quite the week in a recent visit. To really really is a great shout thanks for watcher. My show it to tell us. I got some covered area, the exclusive shots at my new tattoo from dad. If from jail, and I want to get the surmise some really heavy, no regulation about you by our friends at nets. We hear the last few months That's what's important life's also taught us what we need to eliminate or change its the same for business. What are the chances? What are the changes you need to make right now you have this. Your ball of multiple software systems that don't talk to show the stream I right now with one all you need is sweet by Arcos world's number one cloud business system, finding its age, a majority, commerce, everything you need all in one place saves time
The end headaches was aboard of all you do in a million nor hundreds amazed. Sales next week is universe, ability and control. She can manage every penny with absolute precision. Joint over twenty thousand companies are trust nets we to go faster with cuts. That's right, sir. Hundreds of business leaders and assembled playbook of their top strategies is really good. God that there using as America reopens for business, get your free guide. Today. Seven action actions businesses need to take now schedule, you're, free product or at nets. We a consolation, bungee away, get your free guide schedule, you product or right now it nets we accomplish by GINO nets. We die slash bond GINO or ideology. Nice. Nice, listen First of all, I want to. Thank you all. I rarely do this self congratulatory nonsense, but its super important, because the show is for you and, as I said, a good feedback for this.
Can month in a row, we are on the pod track. Top twenty of the top twenty pod gas in the entire country, there. It is thereby Juno show creeping it again at number twenty second month and around the top twenty charts. Thank you very much. You know. I love you guys and Ladys to death. You all or everything to me, so I really appreciate all right. So we got a loaded show today. Let me start off This is a show we have what back and forth in the the note book of doom here, while the Dell peacetime liberals, but there's a new people hoax member, the people. Cs and that stuff we'll get to that or but later to spend some up they so that with the. But there is a creepy hoax. Let's get right to it, it does involve a pay, as I said, and it's the post office. There. It is Wall Street Journal, The box, the latest hoax, the postal service, is good election advice. What is the hawks? Let me die right into it, gentlemen. The newest hoax is that Trump Isn T capping the post office. I will dare settings I quote by the get through that. The second posts
Donald Trump, his knee capping the post office right before the election because way for it that that that that that, because President Trump doesn't want store. I because be so terrified he's gonna lose. So he sat charging the post office right before the election. Ladies and gentlemen, this is concerned, is theory type stuff. I don't even have an adequate counterpart, at least with some conspiracy theories. There's some element of true to it. That's then expounded to a series of later lies. Theirs, evidence is true. What are you got? The hawks just really clear, because you get in here at all week now Nancy Polo these calling Congress back in session to address the halt. The hope President tribe is Abbott dodging the Post office before the election to make sure votes donor. I want that. You don't believe me. Look at the I mean degree hoechst of all. Who is rock Obama. Here's a quote by Barack Obama in the Wall Street Journal article Barack Obama FED political Miss information about the Post office middle income.
Information feedback loop apart guess Friday by saying Trump is trying to quote active new cap, the postal service. On Saturday morning, protesters followed the former presents, lead and bang pots and pans outside posting. So General Louis, the Joys, Washington Dc Condo folks. I I I I I know I know you're deluge drinking from a fire hose constant dossier. Hoaxes people hoaxes collusion horses, all the houses about presently he's not mentally stable. Twenty fifth amendment presidential, but is violating the emoluments clause that the lead me of trust Hoaxes goes on and I don't have the time to address them on and on a waste your time, but this one. This is how the Democrats work You have the triumvirate of stupid. You have liberal politicians, Nancy Pillows,
Chuck humor and the other holsters out their Barack Obama noted, discredited liars people would zero character and no spider. Are you then, the liberal media, no dignity, no character, no interest in facts at all and you, by that with the whole celebrity crowd that have big followings and a hoax that Trump sabotaging the post office to mess with the election becomes reality. You know believe me that this is a hoax. That trumpet sabotaging the post office I'll prove it to you using the liberal media on sites before you get around the Wall Street Journal piece. A little background on what actually happened here here. In China, but from the Journal Peace NEWS broke Friday. All that the postal sector, Mrs warned, dozens of states, the alert There's from joy. U S. Postal Service General Council, Thomas Marshall, their deadlines for requesting and casting mal imbalance, mail and about our incongruous, with with the postal is delivery standards,
on Cue, the Democrats in the press portray This is evidence of trompe and sabotage voters. Suppression of I got trouble suppressing the vote. In Reality- is closer to the opposite. An attempt by the postal service to force All state election failure, then what Their warning, the states don't screw this up by the letter, is warning. The states hey. We need some time to handle these votes by mail. The letters plan before new postmaster General Louis. The joy took the rain on June fifteen mister Show the postal service lawyer set a nearly identical advice to election officials, a maid letter posted at? U S p s that com range public conspiracy. This is a joy up. You're gonna hear this all week, Trump sabotage The postal service, although the postal sector,
since the one morning this state. We need some time to process all your mail and balance and the letters been sending y know In the: U S, postal service website strange way to run a conspiracy to advertise it on the postal website at another strange way to do it, considering the guy they allege shows marshalling this scam, trumps, new posts, Master General Louis, the joy that the letters and the exact same verbiage or similar verbiage, to be precise we sent out before he even took a position? Is we're just conspiracy. Theory is caught up their way to peace, the agar, because now so again trouble possibly sabotaging the postal service, because the post offices warning the state you're not giving us enough time to get the votes in. If you like, that doesn't make sense, if appointed to sabotage the election, Joe just a quick question: it wouldn't you born states via the processors and let the don't get screwed up. It's a simple club
Lastly, we realize you busy man, let it get screaming. If, if you want post office to screw up the election, like the alleged trump, is doing just the alleged trumps. Doing then, to warn of the states Have the postal service said the wording be so stupid to be a liberal today, you really do you have to have a titanium plate. Skull here, even worse, another street- the wash your journal. Here's the New York State, you don't do your did their bastion of conservative right wing, vice course. I'm just getting New York state, which is turning into a radical left, they, my former homestake, the seven a deadline for this delivery, a balanced view. The post office is quote on realistic. Who said that that had to be rob right because try to say that no, that was Douglas Keller. The co chair of the New York State Board of elections, who testified court last month. Stay board is argued for moving it back to New York. State Board has our
for moving back to fourteen days, in line with the postal services suggestion of a lot seven days for delivery, the ballot to the voter and in seven days to get the ballot back is New York City. Co, chair of the New York State Board of Elections, Douglas Keller, complete sit in postal sabotage justly. We are sympathetic. I need all I don't. I know you, what do I get it like it so dumb? I don't but folks, listen, I'm sorry! You get the liberals, don't care, but the truth them we are obviously doesn't care about the true and celebrities. Many of our metal array, we just stupid and they don't get it so. Really the washed impose them. They think it's fact not understanding the washed impose the conspiracy but trappist Sabbath. The postal service? How, by warning by ten, the kosovars to warn the states is not enough time to process the balance. Trump is obviously trying to suppress this, makes sense,
you're a liberal watching this makes sense. They write up please if it does then- Those help lines for mental health assistance. Call it immediately stop the show, stop Hitler pause, but right now go call because you need serious mental health about professional now to evaluate you. The same advice was given by the liberal. New York State Liberal, do you state, same election people. So the same thing tribe said New York State set, but we're shrub says it: it's a conspiracy. I bet, a guy in our APEX North Carolina healed so when I say right at the top priority that's a paper that this is that there is a conspiracy there. He loved it he's my favorite. I know some of you hated whatever somebody while I advocate padded, there's big, conspiracy to suppress the life that he's advertising. Everyone on the postal services whips
now, showing you how dumb celebrities are here is the queen of dumb celebrity Taylor, Swift, who has been on the wrong side of just about everything and my tweet backdrop. So, Taylor Swift to our whatever seventy I've trillion twitter followers any now. People are believe. This is not my kids because you know their smart, but some people's kids well, because they think tell us with yours. Very the musician by the way knows anything about politics? Are she here she is in a tree. Trumps, calculated dismantling of the postal service proves being clearly He is well aware that we do now one him, as our president has chosen. Lately cheat put. Millions of Americans lives at risk in order in an effort to hold on to power. So I tweeted back basically whole bunch of stuff- and I learned element- With you don't know, stuff wasted different word. If you get watching and yet you dont know quit yes, as we often as a payment for the word, the rhymes with it. You got that teacher to tailor reply
the myth again the trumpet sabotaging the postal service. Warning this states that you're gonna have a with the elections? We need some time and again, sabotage repulsive. By giving the exact same advice, New York, state officials gave their own residents, you can have all by male. Give the pole, service, seven days to get you a ballot and them seven days to get it back sounds like a weird way to sabotage the election. To advise people had not sabotage the election, but if your Taylor, Swift and you're a dunce Mitt musical genius real world, does it got out the seventy two trillion followers, because your adults- and you don't really care about me and made it does because you know nobody will correct you with the kind of twitter power you I will, but I only have two million followers. She S. Seventy five trillion or whatever here's another on twitter, again, formerly decent basketball player, but had done on twitter. Nonetheless wrecked Chapman Member Wreck Chap, and yet there are not many people do.
Were highly overrated, better basketball player that mean unless he tweets out Burbank California in Europe. Your life. Have you ever seen a walk. The mailbox at the Post office you have it set this race, and an immediate threat to american democracy jaw. Shame on them! Shame on the GEO P, where Are you Mitch Mcconnell Betty tweets to Sis Dunce Rex Chapman again, once overrated basketball player saying there, locking the mailboxes. What's the problem with the photo of the lock mailboxes, while the two problems, another one that photos from twenty six feet. Yap Obama was the President twenty sixteenth That's not even the worst, probably like way come on he's done enough.
Tweet out a photo to twenty sustainable, lock, mailbox employment and trumpet it was Obama. How does it get? Dumber alike One go you many depositing even own voters were whatsoever. So a woman was kind enough to video, because you know, because you tell ass, my video warmer was kind to go out, video that actual location in front of Kosovo, the lock mailbox and Joe? When you do this, which of which your Iphone your video camera when you turn around the unlocked. Mailboxes are right on the other side, where you actually drop the male, they just don't use those anymore, so they use the ones literally when you turn around on the other side But to get rich Chapman really good hands already play baseball bat too smart kind of adults.
Folks, it gets worse course. It always does so Democrats the proposed some bills and which is why are they doing this ok they're doing this because they want I was so I don't have any. My postman is a great guy, so woman. I dealt with it. When I lived in another house, they were really terrific and I really mean is about virtue signal rather like the knock people work for a living sought them just like. When I get it to the arguments about the teachers unions. What's up, get an email from a teacher which I understand. Why are you not? that's it. I'm not knocking the teachers, I'm not knocking the male man, the male women out there who do their jobs, for sorting email. You gotta work every day. It's not your fault, However, people leading the post office in the past before tromp was in charge, will more They ran your agency into the ground has been billions of dollars that What's really going on right now, well number one! The demo I should like to invent peeping hoaxes this time with the post office, because they know the media's too dumb.
Two malicious in many cases, to report the truth, and they know people like Rex, Chapman and Swift are too dumb to understand. And they'll tweeted out make trouble of pets, s number one I just want to make trouble up and they make stuff up knowing idiot I Chapman, entailing with will follow along you get it, but do they want to bail out for the postal service, which is not going to happen under Trump, because president remedies to reform it? So it can be self sufficient, which it's not. It's not add to the postal carriers out there in the people, work and you're not going to have a job. If the post office doesn't fix itself, the Democrats want that they want what they want. Always government bail. Restates the cat manage themselves for agencies, that's what this is not of the bills, Democrat as proposed by the way for the bail outs, the bail out for them. Anything to do without it, I dont the Democrats wanted to fix it. Nothing a three point: five billion dollar bill for male and voting up its trump does, and what for
National mail about job doesn't want national mail, but because this fraud everywhere it happen, but the bills to fix the pulse syrup. Can you do with male and vote. Showing you, how predict it was this is and how again, celebrities and bad best while players run with fake news, here's the me themselves running with fake news. They know is fake news, even though weeks ago they reported the real news until their dammit. Overlords told them to report the new fake news, so just to be clear. A few weeks ago, the Washington Post reported this one that president drop in an effort. Form the post office is the worst impose. Some are making. This upset the onion treasury. That's the department, a tragedy for the liberals. Listening you know under Trump, agrees to lend the postal service ten billion dollars in a trade war I've also shipping contract, so he agrees to provide
treasury. This abortion impose Jacob whatever his name is gonna components less it whenever doesn't matter. They schedule fake news yours anyway, this news happens to be real, though so Jacob their reports, a real story, treasury agrees to lend the post office ten billion south income. You're way just checking to sabotage the post office, then is don't jump right now we're I mean jail viewer, unlike some financial trouble used efficiently said then. Can I borrow twenty thousand now be. We await a sabotage your life by lending you'd about just go in and a right to a fair sharing of obvious jacket. This using common says that's a impose reporting. Just a while a couple more a couple weeks ago before they were instruct, by their Democrat overlords to run with the new people hawks, that's them being honest about if, for once a year, ok Trump Let them temporary here's the worst imposture they after they got instructions to run with the new post office. Hopes jobs, attack on the pulse,
This is now a national emergency by poor wall, but that's pretty amazing they are was going to lend them ten billion dollars in order for some reforms, but now he's attacking the poster and what is clearly a national emergency folks, believe Not again, this story gets worse. You stars lobbying, Jonas, thereby the he's a great article by the blaze president took there's another angle to this. The other angle. The Democrats are making up. Fabricated in conjunction with their lives. Media allies and the dances like Taylor, Swift, indirect and in Chapman, king in removing mailboxes, so people can vote, has a story at the blaze. Flashback fast of? U S, BS mailboxes were removed during clearly the Trump administration, not only. Bob Bob administration may wait. We the blaze clearly has a strong, the instructions, the media was given by the liberal media hacks and tell us, which was to run with this hurry that the post office
removing mailboxes now under job, so people can vote. Is this possible that lot of this three happened under the Obama administration. Here, let's go to the blaze article, historically, mailboxes have been removed for lack of use and its all than growth areas. From said from the Post office, quote locating low use boxes, the high traffic areas, such as shopping centres, business parks, grocery stores, cetera for increased customer convenience wow. What a collection consistently receives small amounts of mail for months on end across the postal service, money in fuel and work hours to go to collect the male. She continued removing the boxes, simply good business sense. In that respect, support now, anyone with a residential or business mailbox, still use it for a vehicle to send the outgoing mail. So just to be clear here, You can actually go to your mail box, a male, your vote, like most people Your liberal! You don't know that, of course, or the media or
swift who amazingly, is worth like twenty billion dollars. I can't figure out. She can our voted a front mailbox and give it to the male man. That's Taylor, swift She should do so. We never ever ever mail to vote in a bell by. We can't figure it because I'm not that bride, and I don't know how to flip the thing up and put my vote in air, because we have never ever seen a mailbox anywhere. Maybe that should be her new saw and maybe wrecked chow To put it on the back of his jersey. It only MBA you can you can customize back your jersey? Maybe wrecked chapping, put some where's the mailbox, so people can help America's. He doesn't know you could walk out and actually give you. Maybe your lives where's, box out his jersey he's that actually in the NBA category, because these are really that good, bye baby, why you can customize your where's. The member would have been a double extra double. I noted a question mark an exclamation point. Maybe someone I'll tell Rex where you can go and get us mail.
Again, showing you how this is all one big scam, you're all being played here, screen shot? or two from the blaze article that these mailboxes, many of whom were removed, ended the Obama administration. In fact, between twenty eleven and twenty. Sixteen. There were roughly fourteen thousand postal service mailbox, remove mailboxes revolt, ladies gentlemen, which restoring the Obama Biden Administration today. And I watched imposed article stated in the past when there's two hundred thousand mailboxes advantage from city streets were aroused and suburban neighbours more than more than the one. Seventy five thousand that remain before for a hoax again course not my listeners, but now you have the material to go forward and fight the good fight. I let me get my second sponsor show you some footage from new Crazy North Carolina Exclusive break egg. Do that dopey drain on drugs, the panic adducing alarmist, who puts the bells and whistles up in the alarm? Breaking
photos of damp. Aren't, you know, we'd, know sure, o my god. How short on about show worry Sonata her the woman. I love her I'll. Let you know I love argument. Robots but it's gotta see them doing so check it out. I did a shovel reference agenda. So, ladies and gentlemen, the genuine summer blow outsail sale heats up and for a limited time, get a forty, our instinct coupon, which is applied automatically raw minor phone order? Really that easy just go to You saw that comment or my promo code Dan Forty that stand four zero check out of the genocide, your treatment of the classic genocide for banks and populist in how will double you're supply about products for free is, Beverly from Alabama to say omg love this product, so different, the second time I used it. I recommend it to everyone. If you have a problem with your jawline, my daughter even told me, I look younger than last week, my wife and my mother in law love Genucel to really really good product. I have to use it for my Ipad, super tired before I get on here and I got alone. I bags bout, your turnover
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my check and run away. I ran for office myself. I've been an activist, my demand three time, I'm proud of that. No, we didn't wind, but proud that I put my name on about and fought. We did something so I heard that story about a tillage Jim in Belmont, New Jersey and they were under attack by the tyrannical I'm insane governor of New Jersey who minor King King Murphy up there, who decided. He is just going to attack private businesses that dare to go against. We tried to shut this business down. They ve revoke their business licence. They find their. Meanwhile, they have had how many cases of corona virus in their German until his Jim zero. Now, if you watch my interview, them this weekend, which I card you do we get a lot of great feedback. We went up their Joe was aired. Was there. Are we Todd on all weekend. If did a lot of use, Youtube channel apple, podcast, you'll hear their story. This summer. Video, if you want to check it out, you tat, calm slashed by GINO, says up. There are many people yeah you're dead, lifting it tell us
German genes, what's going on folks, listen it's all I had we to do an interview I had to go to North Carolina travel around like a workout bag, so I just figured omitted. Oh, some pinwheels, three pizzas around and devilish didn't genes that boat, no warm up raw Are you got to know? What is that sixty seven reps may be damned if I throw in one extra in there, I don't know, but there's three hundred and fifteen on the dead know I'm up, which probably wasn't smart a little bit of a rounded back. There's a lady in the background, video and me from behind, which is interesting, some other some of our this just wanted some copy of that footage. Do I don't know why? But there is me three from sweating, my butt off guy came up later asked me to autograph for their death, so there knocking out ascended a dead. So, yes, I know worked out and genes. Obviously about life might tell shirt this back. To it. To buy areas is proud of. You have to work out what the word work out. What the fellows and the Ladys and appreciate here's a quick said a me before I,
I only work adjectives. I won't have any thing as I wanted interview. So here's me again. This is at the end of the day they asked me hey, you want, I've got a set of bench, so I got the ninety pound down bells Joe withstand the right around me. They're knocked out a set of twelve ski with those bad boys. You could see my left elbow bore, barely moves. If you look at the left, elbows a total disaster rights kind of smooth, I'm critique it myself court, you see me making ETA face. I wish to make its. Why have disastrous face wrinkles, my wife, always that some people did comment maybe even having to be women at the G20 I'll tight. I know I don't wear skinny jeez. I have to answer all your emails. Those are not skinny genes manufacture the opposite, therefrom, lucky it's the only genes are fit me because I squat a lot, and I have unusually big quads unusual, we beg at right and add nothing fits you're right. I do not wear skinny genes, I am not just in timber late I couldn't get? There are twelve and I dropped the waste which is terrible and surprising, throw it out, but there you go so there's
the tellers I told you I'd work out of their copy video. An I stick to my were reached was a long day bland. You even asks I gotta lotta, questions on the logistics outage. CIAO Drew and Paul a figure this out with the logistics, don't even ass. It was a lot of my people how to die, but we got it that are finally there's no quick video me get an attack flew down a North Carolina APEX North Carolina APEX, tattoo factory, the owner Jack who was arrested for daring airports to open up his business. Try to pay as mortgage, so there's Jack's there. There's me short less face. Down on a cleanse sterilised had to table getting the There's that Jesus fresh on my back. I love Jesus Jesus alive, so there's a little bit. I'm sorry when add a word of what I just said, there's we get a thank you I'll, show you that in a minute just quickly show anyhow You gotta do step. I am now a member of a tellers I paid. It was not. Some idiot wrote back to me on Twitter, probably illiberal they're nice.
Up there, but you shall pay for membership. We did you dance. Here's my membership to tell us now is a picture of my key five day in case you don't know there. It is those are my actual keys Paul. I want to know what that seven, oh nine key is if we should put I have no idea she's like or should we put them out there? What, if it's a key something. If I dont know what it is, you don't know what it is either, so I have no idea, but those are my actual keys from it tell us. So Never I'm in New Jersey I paid by membership I donated, go fuck me too. I put I've Hondo in there you can see it go dead if you got a dollar two dollars anyway, if you can help amount to tell us Bell court. Believe the lake we'll be my show notes today. The appropriate go find me by GINO complex newsletter alpine GINO that calm the link will be there. Please help them out he's getting a lot of money. Latest German there being hounded and find religiously for fighting back here. It is Joe the big moment the exclusive reveal the damp
You know. Jesus fish tat to this was taken early this morning by the lovely Paula who, seeing this view, may look at my cat tat while That is really me, of course, the camera it's. Ten pounds see my book in the background. That is really me. It's an excuse for me to show you my back shortlist. I really want you to see my tattoo. You may say well. Why did you need that shot like that, because when we showed the shot up, close and personal and the actual tattoo, it was unclear where the tattoo was. Why do you think I got some strange area of my body and my back is also an usually harry, sometimes and policy like I don't like your Harry Bagshot. Can we take this moving back so there's, thereby GINO Youtube COM slashed by GINO? If we wanna, you want to check out them the cure. We stand by and you know not done in our role, don't like moment, but you get the point. You gotta see the egg, you kid say you gotta tell code of fate that right could have had a pen on their thanks for the guy who sent me to school trumpeted. But I couldn't about oil by, like the guy
gave me these cool paths and marine shirt. I have them their awesome. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your good man. Someone gave to me up a North Carolina Just click here is some local news coverage. This is great or your news network that come ran. This article is the classic. They initially put three fifty, which was impressive, but I had a correct the story because it would have been disingenuous watch thereby GINO calls Phil Murphy, a tyrant, Daedalus three fifteen at outlawed New Jersey, Jane ashore news network in the greatest article if they are to shoot at three fifty I had a corrective because I did not dead with three six times. I did three fifty, but I would have been impressively just except a right, not other whether it was able to heavy bar, was a heavy. But thank you shoulders network for covering story.
We got a lot more serious material to get too, but you know action matters we gotta do stuff and on a very serious now, whenever you can do to support a tell us, a gulf on me get a membership by a shirt and whenever you can do to support the apex, you wanna go by assuring apex that, through factory call em up email, em go to the website, pick up a shirt
I support these businesses folks they need us. If ever I name my show for reason. Patriot soon, I kind of like the Justice Third Justice League. Here they come after all of us at once. They can't, but when they isolate these people, we allow the stand alone, a tellers and all these other jobs and is tat you factories and these restaurants. When they isolate them, they feel helpless. Don't let them be Iceland. My wife was getting choked up. This more issues remain email. We got your email from the New Europe. Is you have his first name, you member? Maybe we should say exceeding, give his permission, but he owns five Jim's in New York GO and totally bankrupt, rent bills pile and began open. My wife was, I really upset about it, really that, like us, she was upset my getting choked up this morning where, with you were tryin are best.
Can do this again within the business ringing to try to do it, but it was really hard to organise, but we will try to do some more stuff and highlight businesses any now. Are you want? Let me to my third sponsor- and I want to get to this FBI lawyer story, which again was a huge tactical nuke dropped on Friday, which the mainstream media completely ignored. Here we had an FBI Laura Joe, no big deal whose about to plead guilty to altering evidence. Allowing the Obama administration to spy on Donald Trump, the FBI, what have stopped George obey Deal Bobo dear. We got to deal with the people story again, except the p this time in the post office that's more important post office hopes I will get there and a second. Today's final sponsor of friends equip. Joy to brush, I use quip q, you ip. Why because it's like power washing your darn mouth. Like a be honest with you if you're using a regular road to you, don't know how clean your mouth could be. Why? Because you haven't used quip, used equipped to pressure when you're done
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I really enjoy you re males in your feedback, and I read them and its important means shows for you. Folks suffer me, for you have told you we I've done my thing. I you know I do this for you, I enjoy doing it. But one of the critiques idea, which is a good one. They say you know sometimes, then you tell a story and you you know you is sometimes you ought to get to the point fair enough. Fair enough and it because I'm interested in the stories- and I like the details- is typically the reason why it s an issue. So let me just put the bottom line up front for this FBI story. What have on Friday. I wrote it now to make sure we shortened concise, because I said this morning on Fox in France. The lead FBI lawyer in the case despite our trump Bright, Kevin Clinesmith. He was the lead lawyer.
Was used by the FBI because they wanted to spy on Intra. Well, what was he used for this happy? I why they asked him if Carter Page, who is working for the twenty two was working with another federal agency and basically working with them Why did they do that? They did that because they knew Carter. Page was in contact with Russians and they to make sure that those contacts warrant at the behest of a government agency. When this FBI lawyer found out they Carter page who had worked for the Trump campaigns contacts were with Russians and were in his duties as a basically a yeah. An official source for the CIA. They lied about, get it bottom line up front, led FBI lawyer.
Says the Carter page there trying to spy on because they want to buy the trunk campaign. Is not a source for the CIA, when in fact he is to make it look like his legitimate contacts with Russians and he was helping the country out with the spy you ALPA help the CIA out to make them look the deeds matter, though. Folks bottom line up fraud, but the deeds do matter because we happened with the media, believes there is nothing, but they ignored the story almost all together. National reveal as I can ever say, last name, we love him. Anyway, we use staff who, who now forgive me, device tat you have my lab made? I saved Mancino, so I get off by guy now when giving them with your brother. This review. The rush obsess media does its best to ignore climate, the EP guilty plate or soon to be guilty play you hear about this in a meeting on Friday.
Story. Now the main FBI lawyer was accused of falsifying evidence. May Carter page look like a russian spy sounds I had a bad. No, let's go to this great clip from the fantasy Molly Hemingway the federalist whose conduct used by this, to how the people hoaxes now the post office horses. Once the collusion hoaxes. They were obsessed with Russia. Now we have a huge plea, and an FBI lawyer central to the case admitting they basically made up the thing about Carter. Page being a russian spy, basically they made it up and you don't hear anything about it, isn't thatches, weird listen Amali! Hemingway sum this up. It is so rare
for anyone affiliated with the FBI to actually be held accountable for something like this? What really speaks to how serious problem it was and how much they had the goods on him, and you know when every little thing was dripped out by the media for years, claiming that there was this collusion between the Trump administration in Russia. Now that we actually have our first example here of criminal wrong, doing the media are kind of downplaying it in and acting like it's not a big deal and that's understandable because they were implicated in this as well. In fact, they were some of the worst offenders in perpetrating this collusion hoax on the american people. The last thing they want is for anyone to be held Annabelle they're, trying to make sure the story goes away as quickly as possible value Molly Sombre pretty well. There. Why does the media that was obsessed with the PPP hoax and collusion for three years obsessed
Moscow. Mad cow MSNBC spoke about it every day. At the New York Times, unwashed imposed make headlines everywhere. They were once obsessed with this story now, all of a sudden, you have actual criminal charges against the people involved for faking and all of a sudden, the media doesn't care one bit amazing how that is not only not care. There is a man, Submiss information campaign out their massive misinformation campaign from the actual people involved in the case that we're going to correct right now, because that's what we do on this. Member Andrew Weissmann. They call it the Mahler probe member Bob Mahler, who is supposed to into collusion. It wasn't really the Mahler, probably. Surely the Weissmann problem but discredited hack, loser. Former prosecutor, Andrew Weissmann, yeah that guy the guy who's been a humiliating disgrace to the Justice Department repeatedly through his Enron activities when he was prosecuted case and all the other times he's been wrecked by
it is for all the nonsense. He's tried to pull in court. Yes, that was the guy. They pay To run the Mahler problem, shrilly, the Weissmann problem wise men's out there now unbelievably one of the dumbest man in America. Now he's somehow he's a lawyer. He should really turning his J. Deep Weissmann is now tweeting things about the case because he's terrified, because remember he's gonna, be implicated. This whole thing he's the lead, Malibran lubricate, and what for investigating? Trump collusion hoax. He knew was fake from the star Weissman's panic. Weitzman. Doesn't like it that this FBI lawyer is going to plead guilty to the charge he hates it. So Weissman is knowingly tweeting out misinformation. Read this one. There's only one of two aftershave mice, MRS from his twitter account at a Weissmann underscore vice Missy, one of the dumbest human beings in Amerika he's a liar. It's probably a little bit about Andrew Weissmann quote, Its remit is charged with adding the words not a source to an email about Carter, page.
But nowhere does the charge say that this is false. I e the page was a source for the CIA really so hold I'll. Give you something so just to be clear. Man is brilliant. Lawyer. Mahler turn believe me, I'm using the term brilliant loosely is Nowhere does it say the Carter page was a source for the CIA and we're all being misled. He says without that, how is the addition materially false, compare with bars materiality stand for Flint. So just to be clear. This is one of the mothers is smaller. Chief lieutenant Andrew Weissmann is brilliant. He say well the fact that the FBI lawyer is about to plead guilty to lying, about the fact that Carter pay Was in fact the source for the CIA, he was claiming he was not a source to me again to make it look like pages contacts with the Russians at the behest of the CIA were hat. Work we're Carter page acting on behalf,
the Russians that the CIA make it look like. A russian hack wit read the idea report. Weissmann doesn't say anywhere they Carter page was the source of the CIA Big, had tape on Cover Huber on parlour and twitter great account here, screenshots from the actual Idee report. When we asked the liaison about the attorneys interpretation of the Asians email, the liaison told us that are email stated just the opposite. May we. That page was a? U S, person who had provided direct reporting to the other? U S! Government agency in the past, in other words, jobs. That is what makes you say that for you the inspector general who investigated this so and actual correspondence from the CIA. The FBI saying gas Corridor page was in fact the source copy Weissmann. Can't find that I guess I've got an over. He can't really You stupid, reaches the discredited hack, loser liar, which is what he really is.
It doesn't say anywhere page was a source you may like out. Side of the energy report even worse, yet the ILO. You're did get that email. That page was a source for the CIA. Here's Idee report number two. However, the Oj C, the Oj C attorney altered the liaison their talk about climate, alter the email, By inserting the words not a source into it, thus making it a p the liaison had said that page was not a source. Again, major Weissmann either can't read as adults or is it really under If we now face it, why which he is he's this cry
The loser. He's read the idea: reporting nosey sly he's just trying to confuse you because he's terrified himself of his own corruption, but disgusting person. Now let me just correct another piece of information here again had to our friend under Cover Huber and other Sean Davis, and others have done some great work on this at the Federalist. Ladies and gentlemen, Kevin Clyde Smith about the plead guilty to doctoring an email to make Carter page look like he wasn't a source from the CIA when he was here, not a low level attorney. Now, why would media. Wants you to believe this ingenuously that he was a low level attorney, because they want you to believe that this scandal wasn't at the highest levels of the FBI? At the behest- the Obama administration spy on Trump. So what's the catch here, here's the tractor they say not resist a couple low level dude. These laws,
we'll cats? You know what happened They got a little excited, they didn't like tromp, they changed in Emma. Nobody at the top is gonna be implicated, especially Obama. He was a low level attorney really because we have the FBI's Org chart. You know we're gonna, say so charged for the liberals, this, namely short that up, I know I have to be. Slow with you are, but here's an actual photo of Yorkshire O also assist in June. Or Council, Kevin Klein, Smithy primary FBI attorney, reported right to the chief. The division of the FBI. Well, that's your job low level so I say it shows a low level producer eighty only produce or on the audio. So there is no low level produces. There's the orange chart right dear parities, there's the or Turkey API or Chart Klein Psmith reported right to the top. Directly. That's what those arrows me liberals and are you have a hard time with
boxes and arrows, and things like that too low level attorney, who reports directly to the chief of the whole division. Persevere. Media person like Charlie, Savage Maggie Haber, men, Adam Goldman, Natasha, Bertrand, the other houses- this probably makes sense the let's gotta Weissmann, tweet too. He begged he can't pay. We'd be lion again out, although he can that's what he does. Weissmann she's Weissmann three to he said, I hate to DORA, may be up to the client Smith Charge says that far, Hurricane was open as a fairer violation. Foreign aid. Registration act that is false. As the idea that was open as a counter intelligence investigation or again. The me translating plea Weissmann ease because he's such a liar, so wise men is trying to Get your attention away from this he's.
To say no, no. This was opened as a counter intelligence investigation, because there were rumours about trump work and with the rushes it was a criminal case. The fairer charge show the foreign aid she registration. I can say that didn't exist, it wasn't a criminal case, It's just a sea ice tat. We were just worried about the country, it wasn't a criminal case. The FBI definitely did not open foreign aid. She registration that case that they're trying to spend years. This was only for intelligence had Tipp shown Davis, the Federalist. We have the paperwork Joe about how they opened up the case so, according to Weissmann, this was definitely see I case and had nothing to do with the foreign agents. Registration act, nothing, but let's look at the actual opening paperwork for the FBI, which we now have federal Bureau of investigation. Electronic communication used open up the case
The case idee number is rejected, but their case the number is associated with what charge foreign agents registration at fairer show that have a fair, a We are very kind of strange out. All you have to do is go to be now unclasped, Five documentation actually look at it. This was the lead lawyer on this case folks, Andrew Weissmann, again he's either in single digit iq moron, an unrepentant liar
or some devious combination of the two has no dignity, no spinal. I think it is. I think it's the third I let me go to real quick because again- and I want you to lose the big scandal here- nobody ever sums it up better than debonair nasty congressmen from California has done a great job. Uncovering all this malfeasance. Nunez sums it up in about a minute. Thirty clip. I want you to pay attention to on the Maria Bartiromo. Has terrific show here don't ever forget folks. All of this was a lie that Carter page wasn't a source for the CIA, with a live fabricated by this FBI lawyer,
doktor knee mail, the ppp stuff. It was all a lie and there's a lot of really good researchers out there doing terrific work on social media, and I applaud you. I mean that, but I don't want you to ever lose in the Dietz. The big take away part of the story, all this stuff, the ppp stuff. The dossier is all made up, folks, it's not from the source? It's just made up. Please understand that this was always made up Hilary here, someone to go make up fake information, which the F b I used. The big scandal here, which have repeatedly said, is that the Pentagon's Office of medicine, men paid the people who made it up your tax dollars paid for people to make up lies who made him up when they made him up. Those are all interesting details will get to you in the future. We have, when my next book, but don't ever forget its all made up and you pay for all this endeavour. Nunez talk about
Now we are looking at an end and we are the ones that found this office Annette assessments money. We had sources that are common to us. It said that their words an odd amount of money, hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was me through this organization, and we began that investigation. I think that the only thing that I would correct you on is is this guy helper was was, was not a spy? This guy just help Christopher still make things up all of us all of what they did. They had no sources. It was that he did phony reports. This has to be investigated and why, at the time, the debt the attorney General Rosen Stein and the FBI director crisper, where re one speaker Paul Ryan and I and trade Gouty went in and asked about this situation they play down. They didn't
do you think about this. They had no idea, they never heard of anybody. We so well. Who is this? What what? What is this? Who is this person what's going on here? Crickets, they wouldn't say anything now you look back. What do they know? What did they know at that time? They know hundreds of thousands of dollars are or were or parents. We know where had gone missing. I know this has been too years ago, now, Maria that that we first discovered that there might be a problem at the office and assessments are part of the Department of Defense where they were, using taxpayer dollars, ultimately not to spy, but to make up nonsense that they then took the dirty cops, took it to open an investigation on the present United States that ultimately became the special prosecutor. That Send for motion. Remember underline that time period in early two thousand eighteen, that was in full motion and we as investigators, we're bringing this information to the leadership, hoping that the d J F B, I would say, hey what
we have a problem here? We need to do something else, but but no course history shows they didn't do it bravo. Well done. I opened up summing up what the FBI lawyer scandals about the FBI faked the document to make. You believe that a Trump campaign associate was a spy for the Russians when in fact he was helping us spy on the Russians. Second, take away you paid to make up stuff the harbour and others that was used to spy on your preferred candidate. For present, your tax dollars were used to pay for it How do you feel about that Nunez always seems to boil about by AL kind of related it away, but this
go up at the shone out. I want to address two about Adam ship. It's gonna be a John Solomon article, it just the news and set the shadows punch. You know that consolation newsletter, it's important votes to stores it's kind of a conduit between the story. I just discussed About by gay nor the breaking news on that, and the social media stories as well twitters, just the total joke. You know, I'm gonna pardon of parlor Pierre Ellie are encourage you to go over there thanks all the people North Carolina showed up at the tattoo factory told me they were all about parlor. Thank you. We love it with we're and hundreds of thousands of new people. We really appreciate sport Adam shifts and accurate Russia tweets raise twitter double standard question. Ladies gentlemen, how is it that trumped tweets when he says factual things, or sometimes things it could be interpreted? Multiple ways have get these twitter fact checks and all the others that they're just interfering in the elections, where casino, even care Jack, definitely doesn't care
Dorsey, but when Adam shift tweets things that are knowingly absolutely false, as you can see this just the news peace here when he treats them that it like this one that he doesn't get a fact. Here is a knowingly false tree by clown, Adam ship, Donald retweeted about government surveillance abuses and he says, shifts s too. Wrong again. Mr President, a confirmed. The FBI Act appropriately and there russian agents approach two of your advisers and inform your campaign that Russia was prepared to help you by December stolen Clinton emails. Why is there no fact check on that? That's totally please fabricated and made up where's the fact check on that. Why isn't that tweet deleted Scottish Solomon explains. It pretty well really, because the FAO application. That shift refer to industry contains fifty one statements that were inaccurate. Fifty one.
Misleading or undocumented, included seventeen violations of FBI rules, ranging from also unverified information to emissions of exculpatory evidence of innocence, the d o J, back to general reported last December Twitter, just asking checking on you going to put that up there. You got to put a fact check next to it that but Adam Schiff, what he's talking about is actually a document that the FISA Courts have already thrown out. They have deemed four Pfizer's completely inaccurate, misleading. You gonna put this benzene violations, the fifty one misstatements in their twitter. You gonna, you gonna, do just asking you to do that. Caution, Jack, Dorsey, left wing, hack. There's another one shift? We number two again knowingly false. No fact check on this one, not Clown Schiff do Investigation committee Republicans chose not to seriously investigate grievance when in plain sight, in plain sight,.
Evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign in Russia. There is evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign in Russia, where, where is it not only that the evidence is in plain sight, for everyone to see said life and the princess by it, I don't think that means. Would you dig? It was out of prison, I dont. Think in plain sight means exactly what you think it means Adam I'm pretty sure Johnson but as an interesting fact, check him out of ship, because Twitter won't do it themselves interesting multiple investigations, ranging from the Senate. Tell this committee, the Robber MA, investigation have concluded that there is no evidence of any trouble campaign official or other american colluding russian influence. The toy sixty election is the actual quote from the Bauer report. That mother, you know the guy with Weissmann and hated drop. This is therefore now by the investigation did not establish that members of the tribe campaign conspired to coordinate with the russian Five minutes election interference, activities, Mahler wrote so Bay.
We would Adam shifts. That is just not true, meaning false for liberals watching made up no evidence I folks icy opportunities to the show. I appreciate a loaded show a lot of information today, please with this in the strongest terms? I need you all out there. The army our listeners. Hundreds of thousands of you I need go on your social media accounts parlor Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, wherever you are, I need you go out there and fight back against this post office thing we covered in the beginning, there is a large army of media, fake news, yours out there and entertainment morons we're going to promote this thing and people will actually believe it. It is false, please. I back. I need you and thanks again for all your support, thanks to tell us how my shirt forgive me that an appeal check out the Youtube, you know, that's him Sure material will see how that does today, you to back home, slash standby.
No, please subscribed by Robert Alfred, really appreciate it. You just ten bond GINO.
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