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Another Disastrous Night for the Hapless Dems (Ep 1185)

2020-02-20 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the disastrous Democrat debate last night where the candidates were exposed as the frauds they are. I also address the extremely shady connections this former DOJ attorney has to many of the players in multiple anti-Trump hoaxes. Finally, I debunk another media-driven myth about the Trump administration’s pardons. News Picks:This DOJ official’s name keeps appearing in many of the anti-Trump hoaxes. What is he hiding? 


David Laufman was the same DOJ official who interviewed Hillary and played a role in the Kavanaugh hoax.


Does this explain how Bernie Sanders got so wealthy off of a government salary?


Why was this Mueller lieutenant stalking this business rival of George Soros? 


How did Bernie Sanders make all that money? This article asks some key questions. 

Crazy Bernie keeps saying Denmark is a “socialist” country. Yet, as far back as 2015, the Danes objected to Bernie’s nonsense.


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean my gosh what a disaster not at that democratic debate was that of the like an old school w w e royal rubble what a mess today show sponsor bikes we beata europe might activity shouldn't be public protect yourself now go to express bbn doc i'm slash mancino express vps dot com select band gino our eye did it thereby gino shall produce to show our unity fine sir i'm doing health especially get alot of lamps when debating mean yeah i know because joe gets done she'd i send me video audio have for the show he was probably watching this debacle last night thinking the same thing i was what back was that alright i got a lot to get to its get right to it today show me but you by buddies at
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so last night the biggest democrat dumpster fire yet what a debacle what a train wreck the debate for those you missed it there is a democratic debate last light last night nevada bloomberg mattie bloomberg was the first time on the stage i'm betting natty bloomberg wishes it was in his first time on this native has no time on the stage and at it didn't happen he got wrecked last night i'm not even going what a lizard why you seen it on tv elizabeth warrant basically jet sway damn all or a history of what the wizard with more and claims was she will discrimination in based on facts and exact sexual harassment at one of its companies at a bunch of non disclosure agreements that were signed it wise bloomberg like a different headlight headlights whoever prep bloomberg for the debate you blew it bigtime fire that person yesterday stat immediately
ok i want to get to the more interesting stuff because you see that all over the news and i like to cover things here that a little more substantive i dont know about bloomberg companies nba is i don't know but i dont work there and if they have a hidden your sexual harassment there than bloomberg should answer those questions fair enough but i don't know about that i worked there i want to get through the more substance base argued and the lack of substance based arguments so let's go to video number one this i now further if you long timers thereby gino show loyalists duties of the world and has always been with us from the beginning i mean that people who are with us when joe and i were due in the show in my subvert apart basement we had thirty listener yeah you know i have been curious about this silly stupid argument forever bernie sanders continues to me that we need to be more like denmark denmark is a democratic socialist countries
we need to be more like denmark and mark is not socialists for the six how's thousand four hundred and twenty six time denmark is not socialist listen to bernie again spout is utter nonsense about denmark being a democratic socialist country and i will provide the evidence afterwards that he's like you stop being a sucker for this guy check this out let's talk about democratic socialism not communism mr borg that's a cheat shut the fuck up let's talk about those on countries like denmark with correctly pointed out they have a much higher quality of life in many respects then we'd what are we talking about the williams argued about burnished quick a job about somebody notify the danes notify the aids that their social is somebody quickly
because as i used to put out often on the show and i will now do it again and it will be in my shoulders ladies and gentlemen this article about the flesh on the screen and a moment keep this and the on your browser printed own it love it know how to google it keep it the on your iphone your android whenever you have right away this article by investors business daily from twenty fifteen it'll be in the show notes again today headline denmark tell bernie sanders its had enough of this social sores somebody to tell the danes that their socialist because apparently objective is characterisation why because there socialist they're not democratic socialist no such thing as now anyway it doesn't matter they
a market economy yeah thank you hours you're veiled ladies and gentlemen re article you gulliby read the article they have been saying since twenty fifty cents birdie ran the first time lars rasmussen music their former leader we are not a socialist countries stop slandering us sir andrew period data economy now grant did there our heavy taxes there's a heavy tax burden but heavy taxes and big government although bad ideas ladies and gentlemen are not socialism this is not a small debate i'm real
it genuinely sorry that this show and very few others have made this distinction to you if you are out there and you are still confused for the great conservatives and liberty lovers in my audience i give you this stuff you have the ammo the debate to the liberal the who are still still confuse please let me j you for a moment i'm not kidding about trying to be a jerk you don't know what you're talking about denmark in many of the scandinavian countries sweden norway finland others plot of european countries as well do have big government models with heavy taxation and a lot of government services that is not socialism is not democratic socialism the definition of socialism is clear as day it is when they got been owns and controls the means of production with the weapon of force its back in other words the factories the supermarkets the farms the food production
the health care system is owned and controlled by the government right under penalty of force that is not what denmark it is a free market economy run cats in denmark is that social stop humiliating yourself we need to be more like denmark denmark we we need to be more like bernie saying as we are it's that sets its slander stop doing it keep the article you wanna so you are shown outside you know that calm slash newsletter we'll email you the shoulder its every day make it simple we folks please i'm humbly begging you keep this article up to debate your college age liberal friend many of them sadly who don't know what you're talking about we need to be more like democrats socialists denmark really here's the article denmark stop calling a socialist we're not socialist
what did you miss let me guys the you has no idea what he's talking about let's go to cut too bernie sanders ladies and gentlemen doesn't even know what socialism is i'm glad we play that first clip first about denmark has the kind of prefaces a little bit and give you are primmer of we're going to go on this socialism is not big government and heavy taxes there is still a functioning free market you can have government that pays for health care with doctors and hospitals who are not forced to work for the government they can volunteer to work for the government but they're not forced to do if they are forced to work for the government like in cuba north korea and elsewhere that would be socialism the soviet union if doktor can used to provide services in a market economy or can used to work for a government salary we have that here you can take
a decade patience you don't have to take medicate patient simple is that where the turn to socialism what happened is if you are then forced to work for the governor and the government of that would be fully socialized medicine you have no choice it would be illegal to provide medical services to anyone for a price private insurance would be bay right right and in some places that does however that would be a socialized healthcare system but bernie andrews has no idea what socialism is listen to this caught here where he totally i think intentionally boches it again to confuse you about what socialism is and is check this
we are living in many ways a socialist society right now problem is its doc martin luther king reminded us we have social is flawed very rich rugged individual lives for the poor wages fetish when dad gets eight hundred million dollars in tax breaks and subsidies to be linked to build luxury condominiums that's socialism for the rich we're locked reactor saw the civilised warlords workers or medicaid adored status because steady wealthy its family in america paying starvation wages that socialism for the rich wholly most there's so much information in their disguise we got a break this tiny by piece addressed a number one because again the you see there so profound if you don't take it point by point you'll get lost in the morass of stupid number one bernie sanders download tribes tax
colleagues this is socialism folks donald trump was a real estate develop and one of the most liberal cities on the planet new york new york city which is proximately what seventy percent democrat thirty percent ratan democratic so bernie usage thing that their citizens in new york that voted for democrats who then instituted tax laws that may benefited a real benefit a real estate developing who built buildings in new york city and contributed to the business environment there you're suggesting that socialism folks do you understand that stupid there socialism is the government control of the means of production not people voting for other people an institute a series of was that people subjected those laws then take advantage of you don't like the laws in new york city in your democrats you dont like
i don't even know these tax breaks brodie stone better because bernie never knows what he's talking about but give it can during the point which i'm hesitant to do for a moment concealing the point that trump may benefit at some point new york city from tax breaks citizens voted on please to me how that represents socialism or the government control of the means of production a private developer trump who built free market buildings data using tax was voted on by democrats in new york city the folks i'm not going how does that make sense to you do you have an ad bathroom skull where facts can penetrate if you believe that socialism i'm really sorry i'm not trying to offend you on purpose i'm just stating a fact here today you're really your more on if you believe that because you cannot connect to ideas in a logical manner free market buildings private
bela upper using laws voted on by democrats yap that socialism get the hell bernie sanders got rich off shows has there been a mamma ragged parties a fraud folks a fraud a tier one level friday a more ingram show last night i was charlie hurt and the greatness baby slap i said you know i and i said filleted for levine lesson of the radio i'm getting a little tired of people calling burning authentic even our say he's not all authentic he's not authentic bernie is consistent but he's not authentic those are two separate things he's consistently wrong and consistently you rob he blames you as a socialist but he is not a socialist and his personal i he only socialism for you and yes he's been the on that consistently fraudulent authentic
no what benthic means what are you saying aligns with his own personal life in an air of authenticity that's not what bernie does he's a millionaire we three homes which flows perfectly by the way unintended the insane ways nicely into cut number three well done we do unintentionally police but the show just goes because here's is nannie bloomberg nailing sanders in what i want someone would have said years ago to this total phony inauthentic fried so you're a socialist who believe send the government control of wealth the means of production in other words for the liberal simple i do not understand what socialism me the accumulation of brought a private free market wealth is poor we have acted in a socialist system the government can
all the means of production the businesses and the wealth generated from them that is what socialism is crack a book sometime so of ernie believes this and this works and leads to a better tomorrow socialism and the prohibition on private wealth what socialism is then why is burning practicing socialism self again because he's a collar so tier one level inauthentic fraud listener bloomberg call em out on this check out jim what a wonderful country have the best known socialists in the country happens to be a millionaire with three houses what i miss eyre your best work in washington pulse was the first problem in burly to the house to that's good like thousands of other malta's i do some a cab my folks come on i'm coming
i'm really i'm not even messy i know what's in the show we go in a lot of different directions it's an emotional rollo comes ups and downs sarcasm with funny somebody said somebody cry somebody celebrate sometimes each year i'm being deadly serious has a heart attack here to the burning folks out who are considering supporting this guy do you understand what a colossal foamy and fraud this guy is did you ever notice every wealthy socialist who decry the accumulation of personal private wealth who themselves have gotten wealthy every single one of them always has an excuse acumen later the size of a phone book in new york city there's always excuse boy up good for bobo collar about this oh i'm not a family get the bloomberg did in a little while till i get a lot of bloomberg but good for him
at least blamore created a company that provided a service people valued and are willing to pay for a service a value because of those companies who use bloomberg financial services and their financial formation service believe that company would be better off using that service them without it and they were willing compensate bloomberg because of it please bernie produced nothing this are you never had a job yeah he's a multi millionaire who on three homes and you see that excuses is folks let me just say i don't air that bernie owns three hobbs i am a free market capitalist i'm telling you he hates the idea people owning multiple homes and ozma themselves and as an excuse for the size of the phone book live in these two i need another what you couldn't rent why not rent you believe rich people are taking you believe in a zero sum economy from the poor you bob
that home in dc did you not then bit up the price for some middle class or or personal was or could have bought at home why is that not a fair court you didn't need that home you could a rented i care abroad sleep in your office i know a number of counts i'm not going to name names many of them personally but name droppin tell you pursue sleep in their offices why not bernie why not why are you taking assets housing assets away from someone who could me who could use them in and needs them i got a better idea joe is this not a fair question if you want to be considered authentic bernie and not a consistent fraud like you are why not take your salary you're a millionaire now you don't need it you tell everyone else will only a million dollars you tell everyone else why not if your salary don't
its immediate family and by the home for them why you sleep in your office why not why is that not a fair coordinated idea great idea no i'm serious men with you i'm the verdict is it damn serious quieted allow messing with you why is that not fair because he's a fraud that's why because he wants to live it up and is the author follow up was even more aboard like very ready for mothers i ever because what do you call it a summer camp we wouldn't really about this idea tat is as some kind of corn meal that there must be a rich person thing folks i'm serious i have no problem with bernie having multiple homes i'm simply telling you him telling you not that multiple homes is based on an entirely roger and ideology he himself does not believe it you need summer house why he just
he has three homes and he's in dc alot so he needs a home in dc so if you're in d c a lot and then you have another home in vermont how much time could you possibly be spending your third home summer camp in vermont weeks three weeks a year you're not you're too can we body you can't donate that place to someone if you d more needy why not folks the answers obvious disguise a total phony he is not our third dick please stop talking about bernie is being referred to wants you to do that this guy is a tier one level phony and fraud are you does the democrats no good to boost this guy i know there's the theory out there that we want bernie because you lose thirty nine states potentially forty states the trump i dont disagree with that
maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing to finally squelch socialism for a decade or do you want to run it gets a socialist let's bring it on let's have that fight but folks these people are dangerous i'm serious and whereas the democrats under soul than underwear are you donald trump and the election and he surprised them we gotta be careful what we asked for we get burned the possibility of bernie winning is not that remote may be small but it's not zero hugh magic the country would become these people are dangerous and their inauthentic frauds at the same time its deadly combination i voted today show us about our bodies at we the people holsters will get his chair these are pretty finals is their constitution holster david taught a different cool designed check him out i love this holster this one of my personal favor this is there in the pants you getting the panes holster can the vacant spots
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tromp also do they ve got great designs go look i'll look today to great way to show support for president satisfactions guaranteed we the people holsters that calm slash the and offer code then we the people holsters dotcom slashed in go check him out take great company are i move on again i mean doubling in trip laying down on how bernice a total complete fraud and a fake i'm not a fan of bloomberg but at least as i said before bloomberg produced some service people value and were willing to pay for bernie has produced nothing zero goose egg donnot nothing government doesn't produce anything but drama for you it does it it takes it doesn't produce anything private business free market capitalism
glass and plastic and puts them in a phone and creates a phone like i just showed you my iphone here creates a phone more valuable than me substratum of its parts a pen company takes plastic some brass egg and combines that into combination of these items more valuable than it broken down into pieces that's not what the government does government takes from you and spends now there are things we acknowledge we should spend on our military court system we get that in our constitution the government you should not be getting wealthy off the government as it takes from others that as an
active bernie sanders family according to author peter schweizer see this article bright bart but the show notes if you want i gotta cut come enough mr peter schweitzer on how to be a shot out he's radio programme yesterday talking about other bernie abomination schweitzer bird sanders funnel tax and school money to his family the key and bright barbie and shone out today here is another stunning nuke dropped on the battlefield of ideas by author peters wiser about bernie sanders when he was the burlington vermont mayor again take your money not free market providing a service like bloomberg company did taking you money to providers we're still burning and his family and yet people still believe this fraud is legit listening you're unhappy radio yes re talking about this little scheme check this out bernie over the coup
of his thirty plus years in public office has funneled huge sums of money to his family that income hiring family members even when it was not justified in the burlington us the governments of the more specific the twenty sixteen campaign there was this mysterious media buying company called old tom media that was set up they funnel eighty three million dollars through this media buying company which was low it in a house on a cul de sac and suburban virginia had no website i had no presence whatsoever that company was run by two of bernie sanders his wife's friends when she was asked about her connection or relationship to that firm ah she hung up on a local vermont reporter guys people keep followed for this guy's unreal it is he's authentic gal authentic fraud so bernie sanders with again has been
this is all life when he was a burlington mayor according to sweden allegations had a media company an enemy a company later on in that media company the media company which gets a commission i advise you ever run for office you probably all aware how this works when you read for office which have you hire a media company that goes and places buys on fox cnn msnbc websites whatever it may be and the way the ad company makes money is sometimes have produced the ed sometimes not but they will take commission on each by isn't it
our bernie sanders wife's friends according to schweitzer were the ones who own that company and we're but why would you think everybody around sanders get regiments campaigns and government but don't worry joe authentic whatever seriously he's consistent again he's a consistent fraud absolutely he's been consistent fraud is whole life are authentic hard hard pass you got the wrong guy if you're looking for authenticity getting back to some other stuff going to stand but an aside loaded shell like to talk about you know the last few weeks we ve been talking about how this spy gay nonsense the mahler fake pro they were really probing anything the appeasement hoax cabin you all these people know each other now
that's not a shocker to my regular listeners beyond the swamp israel of course the anti trump forces all know each other but part two of my statement that's been my operating fees for the last few months now not only the swamp all know each other there are benefiting from each other monetarily and ah all hiding something they all have something i want to go away so they tried out eighty tromp pokes after eighty trump hoax just ensuring they do maximum political damage to the present hoping they can get rid of him so he doesn't undercover uncover their malfeasance here's another jam i've been dying to get you for a few days but it's been a heavy news week so we missed it so i'm going to tie two stories together both from the daily caller one from cigar ring and jenny and one from chakra so let's get to the first remember david lackman some you're like david la me and when i we say remember that aims remember the names gazelle creep up you may remember this name for
the cabin i hear a david love you then let's go to the daily caller article one who is david laughable ty light old david today collar d o j lawyer who interviewed hilary fines is into their christine blasi ford case oh my gosh again but a big coincidence how's that so of apartment this lawyer who was also bob and something else i get the chuck roast historian emitted a department of justice lawyer who interviewed hillary clinton on i wrote the date that what was the july second twenty sixty over her email scandal where she was mysteriously given a pass this by trafficking and classified information over an unauthorized private email system that same department of justice attorney go up in the bread cavanaugh hearing to debate
and destroy the character of bread cavanaugh by legally representing a former fbi agent was assisting christine blasi ford in a very very the special charges against bread cavenaugh weird how these same people just keeps showing up over and over again you know i'm in the process of putting together the final book in my trilogy spike exonerated and book three which we have not named yet about how we have to follow the money in the connections between all these people because they all know each other and they all all have something to hide and this is gonna be part of the book to are you telling me this is one of the questions i want to ask in the book and i'll ask you now that it's just by chance that the exact
same players involved in suppressing hilary gmail scandal the cabin i hearings the impeachment probe this a spy gate scanlon spying on the trumpet the scandal love get mike went out of that all they all know each other and work with each other you telling me that's not by chance that of all the people around the world to alleged trump did something wrong always the same crew and nobody in the media finds anything suspicious about that let me give you an analogy can sometimes liberals with their adam adams calls care process information in a normal way so you have to tell them petty rocksmond stories just to make sure they get it let me give you an analogy let's say producer job a sad and like i kids they introduce your poor guy many of you get to be produced a job at sea pack next week i hope you'll go in national harbour ireland will see you there sir produce your job will be there with the eastern what looks like elvis you can't miss you ve seen upon the shell but for those listeners but i'm sorry
paula will be there to you she will be the most beautiful woman in the room easiest way recognizer but let me give finish by it out you so producer job i dont like producer joe i want to get rid of so i figure the best way to get rid of just like the democrats in the swamp hatred is to just make up a bunch of fake producer joe scandals that pollution rob a bank producer joe rob the daily it's your job is what what please just been deal heroin out of the court about sixty fourth myrtle avenue not of its real but it needs the shrewd producer just might just keep making it up wouldn't it be if someone walked into a police station every day i made an allegation again to show that proved to be false and it was me and it was my brother then it was i in that it wasn't employ wouldn't you as a police officer in the intake room taken
those complaints by day five beads essay where sir sir sir this is the fifth time you been in here alleging producer job committed a crime and you look like that i came in the extra job his brother awe and any guy presentable apply work for budget wouldn't you people a there's something wrong here the meat those who want to ask any of those questions questions at all the oj attorney who interviewed hilary when they suspiciously made the heller email case going also shows up to attack bread cavanaugh representing people who are attacking bread cavanaugh oh it gets better weaving together the chuck raspy joke that chuck russia the same guy david laughin remember the day it's the key to all of this when you
her eyes the names you see it like this if not you're gonna miss it lickety split chuck cross february seventeen twenty twenty daily collar ex j official gosh who could that be david lap and be crazy woman named in pfizer these reports supplies the petition calling an attorney general www bar to resign it's the same why rodents over over and over again so love men the oj attorney who interviewed hilary when she got a pass who also was involved in the attack on cavenaugh who also was involved in the fight to spy gate scandal is also on the petition signed by d o j officials to demand that i looking into what they did during those scandals bill bar be removed from office and nobody thinks
that's even remotely suspicious not all love means all a jet folks he's above bar putting down ah yeah on the luggage totally toads goads man don't even look i do love it's legit let's go to some take away from chuck ross peace again i'll be in the show notes but you know that consultation newsletter please check him out stories worth your time quota a deirdre official whose discuss do out the inspector generals report on for his abuse laugh air dismay monday to a petition calling on billion bought william bar ironically looking into the face of these to resign his attorney general g you'll want to find out i did you better reside laugh medicine there's the chief or the dio jays counter intel an export control section through twenty eighteen setting
my day that he join these former d o j employees or signed a petition which was started by an anti trump activists group protect democracy hysterical oh yeah none of you find this odd they all know each other every one of them they know each other there all hiding something so laugh men just to be clear was involved in the whole process despite the trunk team while i did the oj oh you want to see what he was involved in work could laugh man behind and i'm just asking the questions man i'm just asking questions not fair you know something the media was supposed to do what was laugh involved in in the spy gay scandal spying on bars looking into now that he showed concerned about that he signed the letter demanding
bar resign before they find out what laughing could have done let's go to take away number two because is is damning from chuck across peace the inspector general report said laugh mid arrange the meeting in geneva twenty seventeen for christopher the other main source for information in the dossier laugh men sat in on part of the interview back to me here this is critical what have i been telling you i broke this a long time ago i'm proud to tell you on the shell from an unimpeachable source i broke you a long time ago that january of twenty seventeen trump is coming into office this meeting with christopher steal the author the dossier you know the russian collusion dossier the bp tabling the fake dossier that
january twenty seventeen the fbi's already had the case open on trumped despite autumn since july thirty first of twenty sixty they finally they don't bring this for since deals using first which they should have hey is ready steel saying this dossier real that would have been the first step for sound investigation they have done de as early as july twenty sixty don't believe the fbi's nonsense stories on that bringing the source and right away hasty still telling truth they wait they wait almost what seven months to finally bring steel source and say hey is any of the stuff in the dossier true why do they because they don't want to know the truth finally they get steel source in there i broke this story about this meeting and the source tells them this dossiers or crap saw garbage none of this is actually true i didn't tell him that do you understand how important this january
seventy meeting is why because the b i now knows conclusively signed sealed and delivered that their entire cases he's done steals dossier and that the dossier is false and what do they do they can ten you to swear to devise a court through to renewables to continue to spy on the trump presidency now presidency now trumps where's it in january twenty seventeen is the present that what was in the dossier was true understand now what bars investigating andorra and why laugh men who helped set that meeting up you saw it i just showed you to quote from chuck process peason hisself set that meeting up bars vesta gaining a massive conspiracy to defraud the pfizer court folks i don't know what's going to happen with a rest and prosecutions i don't
adam bars head i ve not at any conversations with bill bar billboards i call me for advice i'm simply suggesting to you that i know and i am sure of it that united states attorney durham under bill bar knows exactly what happened they know this is a massive conspiracy a right over the target never seen a clear case of this than a guy i laughed men involved in all all of these anti the hoaxes the key ah hoax the spy gate hoax the hilary didn't commit a crime a hoax the same guy who held the right jim meeting which nail than to the ground the dossier that shredded the fbi's whole case a guy who have set of them
shockingly would want the attorney general resign before they find out that he has set up a meeting which the above the whole case against donald trump i've been tellin ya they all know each other folks and they're all hiding something again for the liberals watching the show please challenge any of the facts i just put out i'm begging you did he not represent a modicum of clean and the bloody ford against the brick cavanaugh government was laughin not involved in setting up that meeting was laughing mentioned in the ig report is part of the first part of the vice abuse was he not mentioning what part of this is false was laughin not in on the hilary interview in july or everything i said is true oh yeah you don't get the facts right we do choke total force i let me get to my final spot checks that want to debunk some massive
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i love debunking media hoaxes inner everywhere and i'm i'm genuinely sorry for you i'm being serious here i'm not messing around with you i am genuinely sorry for you if you're getting your news from the mainstream media because what you are getting is not news you're getting proved the light propaganda efforts gas lighting in life i'm so i tweeted this out yesterday and i mean it folks i can encourage you and strong enough terms please do your own homework fact check my show fact check what i put out there you find that what we tell you is factually accurate the data is real nothing we put out there we don't you houses unlike the mainstream media media laws if you're getting here formation from them sorry because you're being misled so what's that latest media hysteria well as you know i ve been following the new cycle president tromp pardoned eddie depart although i believe junior who is the former owner the san francisco forty nine a football team he's pretty part he commuted the sense of bernie correct and he pardon former illinois arrived bulgaria which i may see they can
you did this sentence i gather backwards abroad but voyage and pardon bernie care former police commissioner in your sorry forget it backwards precision of course q media hysteria now joe ago tribes pardons erratic control apparently they haven't read the constitution which clearly delineated the president's ability apart do you not asking them to read the constitution is too much so you would think ladies and gentlemen based on media hysteria and the media must be given the fact that trump if he is true early out of control with the pardons that this but be some historical anomaly bright john i'm going to ask you a question that would be accurate the statement that yes trump being of the forty five the united states measuring all forty five prior present that clearly trump either bring in number or in me quality or lack thereof is pardons would be so
historical stand out of all the forty five presidents surely trump is pardon thousands billions of people amulets so i put up this graphic active part gino report which people work for me by and actually do this for the budget over budget report back up put this so here cnn again just fake news specialists all the time now quota pardon spree the its crisis gripping american justice if you want to see the graphic you to death i'm by gino you can check it out and our youtube so it's a spray job crazy and i'm supposed to be a mainstream new site a spray of part so let's right president's by pardon here's the actual reality after our number one with three thousand six hundred and eighty seven parliament me not surprising being that he sees multiple terms and all year which
well send truman's after that obama had one thousand nine hundred and twenty seven party actually ranks number four so trump clear they must be number five i guess right after obama if he's not one two three or four and has been some sprit of pardons he'd been number five actually opera is forty one out of forty five we then unremarkable and completely on astonishing pardon spree or pardon unsavoury of thirty four thirty four folks those are the numbers and you won't get that from the mainstream media who will continue again to decry this show and others for being conspiracy theirs mainstream media they told you spy gay was a hoax and color it was real got the whole story backwards will continue to see our show another conservatives are crazy when all we're giving you is the data obama
one thousand nine hundred and twenty seven pardons number for all time trump three thousand four hundred and nineteen two thousand seven hundred and thirty four one thousand nine hundred and twenty seven three thousand four hundred and nineteen twenty seven before not even remotely comparable no but again you will never the obama's legitimate pardon spree ever described as a spray but you see it doesn't do news there pravda it's a fake news outlets that is not real news there is no pardons there's no evidence of a pardon spree if anything there's only evidence that trump has failed to pardon as many people as forty one other presidents or forty other presidents trump taken out of the mixed case your question
ok i was ruined side only got now because you do what i say that i'm talking to job i noted the eight or you can answer back to forgive you ended up being to be i love producing its is right i use you when i say that i'm talking to joe pollack right up to the art are you can answer back but i want you to ponder this for a minute like this is does it bother you at all that we need really you suppose you journalism is supposed to be about reporting the facts about reporting me chronology you have things that happened during the day and the new opinion journalism is adding collar and flavour to that that's what i do but does it bother you at all if you are left this swears by abc nbc cbs cnn msnbc does it by me
serious question a marketing does it bother you at all that pretty much every anti trumped story of any substance has been report has been wrong does it bother you even a little bit that you think you're reading a non fiction novel but everything you're being told this actually false and is made up and is actually fiction why doesn't that bother you can you now attack trump on his ideas it's fine this is a free country i respect that i don't agree with your attacks but can you say i do not like donald trump i think is tax cuts stunk i think is directly tori regime is terrible and hears why without constantly making stuff up any irony is you cut
accused trap of lying here which actually happening is you're the ones like you're not telling the truth folks and i'm sorry you been suckered by this pardon spray and you believe that double and triple check everything you here in the mainstream media are in a quick call to action here because this is important and then i want to show you some headlines again how the media is totally deceiving you this washington post political contrast primary dates are coming up in many states is early voted by mail hard for me to get to a voting location for obvious reasons to go there with a lot of trump supporters wind up causing more of a distraction than anything
oh uh i typically vote by male down here in the great state florida florid is primary presidential primary is coming up i believe there is more seventeenth i live in florida but because i live in florida want to distract from the other with forty seven states or so that haven't voted yet primary factoring in nevada this weekend folks please i don't care that the president is the obvious nominee for the republican party there's not a serious opponent i dont care please action matters that do matters talk is cheap i say this in every speech i give publicly i declare that you love the show i am honoured deeply from the bottom my heart that you are here but if it doesn't motivate you to action to do since it is totally useless you have to get out and vote i don't care if you vote by mail by absentee if you show up to vote you may say but what's the point trumps gotta be nominee wasting your time you are not wasting your time we need to a weapon unprecedented numbers the good republicans
new hampshire and iowa who showed up the caucasus and vote in the primary for donald trump despite the fact that they didn't have too many break cold weather had a good babysitter despite trump was going to be the nominee no matter what thank you thank you i mean that i'm not joking around from the bottom of my heart thank you for doing what you did sent an unbelievably strong message that we are not kidding the new rules are in effect we are done play and patty cake is about saving country and we are willing to show up in an election where the result is already done trump will be the gnp nominee we are willing to show up anyway to send those votes it i did it yesterday again i don't wanna go in a vote i only somewhat to cause a distraction i voted yesterday got my steps out filled out my form my wife voted to we're send it in today deplored presidential primary by the way is totally distinct from the other republican primer so
people like you can vote for anyway it's it's a simple donald trump affirmation vote do it anyway i want the story to be in florida nevada i want new hampshire everywhere hole cry he's these reports the kids are showing up in mass their show up and above all present georgie nominee he's gonna be denominator about what's going on we're going on we're done with your bs no more popular vote losses no more our primary apathy eyes already the romany please i'm back you get out there mobility in a brave art where the guy public funding goes about its member i looked at i have by adding your house at a european parliament i don't care where you reside i don't care if you like cave living somewhere out the cave the house the rental apartment
matter where you are you have the vote in your primary and the general no matter what send a message strike electoral fear not violent aggressive feel like the left does to us electoral fear into the heart of the democrats show them we will not be silence it will scare the live in daylight sat on it already has a new hampshire trust me on that one vote go to your local just google whatever state europe in in martin county lord martin county votes you google at boom requested absentee bout if you can't make it go today call to action action matters talk is cheap you want to support this president go today today you haven't register
register today state board of electricity yorks they board of elections i'd i'll stay port of elections wyoming a schoolgirl you'll find a right away its honoured please thank you very much not a lecture folks just a humble request how can i wanted to show you how do you know why it's easy to hammer the media but to give support to show you how phony these people as a quick when it is so easy to go with it so that kind of trailer hitching onto that argument for about david laugh men remember the names who signed this letter demanding swamp rat laughing a bar must resign god forbid figures out what role i had now january twenty seventeen meeting right bar out of their now of course the media total hacks disgraceful non journalists journalists are desperate to pin bar
as these that an independent voice the attorney general he should resign god forbid figures out what happened in spike rachel he's the wing mad for tromp well that's kind of funny because i regret specifically an attorney general under obama who actually said in his own words he was wait man for a desert diving go josh kirsty eric hole there are quite i'm still the present its man not a joke not a joy to act to quote by eric older so just to be clear showing you the frauds the democrats are that's all they are their media bootlegging sycophant acolytes bar has to go he's the president's wing man eric recall under obama i'm the president's women baited every issue without a couple the actually study now stephen miller on twitter that's even miller from the white house he has a podcast cast
but he is was honest twitter is where i found this improper credit he found this fascinating washington post headlines about this way they again william bar has energetically play the role of presidential wig man it's a piece right again folks if you're taking these people seriously it's hard to take you seriously i am genuinely sorry you got for genuinely sorry you got for you don't wanna get one that's been haven't i'm gonna get to this week some of you probably that maybe the magic by mentioning i think i'll curse it tomorrow toolbar but there's a big story i wanna get but aid requires some time and it just a lack of honor you know i always get the stuff so
working on i met their book down gonna put it all together in a compilation you gonna love this new book we are out of it really working hard on both pleased scar try youtube channel youtube that tom slashed by juno we really appreciate we try to get the foreign down scarves almost there twenty days more to go please help us out youtube accomplished by gino it's free check out the video version the show paula drew and joe but a lot of work into the audio video shows so be appreciated thanks so much i was you oughta and don't forget to join us the joint citibank i'll wait wait where more quick announcement i forgot i can't believe i forgot that i will be guessed hosting they showed how did he show on fox tomorrow please juliet or dv art i better get it humble request i appreciate you have made us number one the last few times we ve been there it means a lot it sends a big strong message to our two folks out there so i sent your dvr sean hannity show on fox tomorrow nine p m yesterday i will be guessed thing tomorrow night i really appreciate it if you'd june or dvr watch it thanks a lot
you just ten bond gino she you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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