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Another Fake News Bombshell Collapses (Ep 1287)

2020-06-29 | 🔗

In this episode I address the explosive fake news bombshell planted in The NY Times this weekend. I discuss the tech tyrants outrageous suspension of this conservative superstar. I also address the stellar response to the riots in Oklahoma, contrasted with the explosion of violence and chaos elsewhere. 

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Ready to hear the truth about Amerika on a show. That's not immune to the banks. With your host Dan Bone, Jean Survivors ass this weekend, Jesse Water, Shell and bought a great question, so what should present tromp do about these rioters, these aggressive rioters. Is chaos merchants industry beating this not at a people pulling down public pretty statues walking out the people's property gotta. Video about that- and the answer is Answer- is Let everybody see you lock, em up per walk out, put him in here often let American or the law and order will win the day, and this is what happens. If you destroy public property, you attacked people, it's no more difficult than that today show about you by express Vps served.
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I know let's go I so I had to call this weekend with a friend of mine, and we are talking about some things and there real danger out their. Ladies and gentlemen, there is a kind of a misperception about what's going on where we are and it's dangerous, here's what I mean by this many of you, the patriots out their living in this country, who want to see the Constitutional Republic preserve the constitution, Prosperity, our liberties are big, our God given rise. Understandably, want to go anywhere. You want to and it off to your children to them through their grandchildren, not a hard core Then the stand where a country with troubles but we're still. Latest country on earth and in the history of mankind on hyperbole. That's just a fact. Many of you, want to see that go away, so their people stepping up and say What can I do I'd like to do this and this and I like to do some other things as well,
and I started my friend I sit here so probably decision we're still in a pr war. People don't get it. That's not a problem. It's actually a feature, not a bob. What do I mean? I still an appeal: our joy may nijio Minafer as audience referee. Absolutely there are people whose things like a maybe we should go out and we should do this and we should stand there in the streets and defend these things, and I say: ok, what are the rules of engagement for you? What do you mean why be able to stand in the street and defend this and two of the rules of engagement are this you're going to stand in the street the rules of engagement apply to you. You can't tat. Anyone you can't do you know why salt anyone who manufacture, even if you defending yourself you'll, probably be accused of assault while the other side, you understand us no rules, and why is that the other side, Antigua and the black lives matter. What do we want dead cops? When do we want em now crowd, they don't care about the room.
The rules are meaningless to them, which means there are no rules at all. So, when the media is there, if you have something to lose a middle class, sharp owner or a miracle american Patriot just looking to defend public property and say Letty Buddy get Bobby and attack the statue. They're gonna, put you in the face the minute you defend yourself, you're gonna go to jail because we're still when a pr war, you are not in a hot war. Yet, thankfully, believe me, that's a feature not above my fear here is. The left is pushing people so far, That, once the PR war goes out, the window when it turns hot no one's gonna like where this is going. Ladies and gentlemen, KIT, Carson, new and strong enough terms? How we don't want go there. This is one of those shows where I play fake, tough guy on the air and my callus go. Let's make it a royal rumble. No, let's not.
The problem is, the left has no such compunction. They have no, the call starts going because they don't have any rules and wider. They have any rules four and a lot of these be eleven of the pigs in a blanket frame like bacon crowd happening, because they have nothing to lose. Many of these anti fur animals ribbon Our public statues- they don't own anything, they don't kid eleven mommy's basement. Have you seen I'm getting per blocked and walking into precincts after their arrested. They don't have a they walk in sliders, do they don't even have shoes their lose its other poor? They just don't care have anything there. Morons there the cause. Is this? You do well something to lose. That's why our side. Patriot, liberty, liberty, loving freedom, loving Americans who abide I the rules, go to work and do their jobs. That's why you
haven't seen them walking into houses at eighty four members own a tearing their houses there, because we actually believe in God, given rights and the rule of law, the left doesn't care. Tat makes sense Joe yeah right along with it. Well this is you get me. Still appear copy our public relations. It is It is still the media trying to determine by gas lighting that the left as the higher moral high ground than us, and also responding backbone. Now we have the higher moral high ground that ends and I care use this line enough from black hawk down that movie, where there that the Josh Heartening. Character is talking to the delta guy right: is there about to go into downtown. The issue for that black hawk down? It's it's a movie, but the lines great. It speak so much to what I'm talking about the distinction between
where we are now and where this is going to go into a hot war. If the left doesn't stop what they're doing it stop pushing people, people still have something to lose. You push him far enough and they feel like they have nothing left to lose. Bigger pay play some video and audio and a second you, ain't gonna. Where this growth, like in the movies telling their talk about the past takes a being in Somalia or not, and the Just Heartneth Characteristic, Delta guy with dad you, no doubt now: yard stare he's a you know. What are you? What do you think about us be in here? You know, and he says you know what I think I think nobody cares, what I think, because when the bullet STAR fly and all that politics it s he's right out the window. Ladies and gentlemen, you don't want to get to that point Why do I bring that up today because had to produce you Joe and others? I have two clips to pay for play for you,
once videos while talk you throw but their sound. In the background, this is Looks like when you start to push people from situation where they feel they are something to lose so they'll restrain themselves so waiting for them in their still holding back into It should be a situation here where they feel like they have nothing to lose and their safety and their property is really legitimately at risk. This is a video of some protesters. They barge through private, gay, keep in mind. What you're looking at you can see is videos. Private property is not a public sidewalk, any interest, time. I had a cut some of it out. This is m here. Cassandra, fair twitter. I saw this
on this man's got a nice house by the way private property reports to his gate, he's outnumbered him and his wife come out. He has looks like he has an ar the wife. Has a handgun you'll see them that the wife is an industry in, but you can see them on the property here. Listen a little bit You hear its low get out is private property get out. This is private property. They won't leave theirs Screaming here in the background, gentlemen, this is what happens as you start to cross this line, you have these in this case, to be a very wealthy gentle Mona who he is, but it's a big house. This is, when you see middle class, upper middle class, wealthy folks with a whole lot to lose, and I want to be soon. I don't want to go to jail when you cross dad
from I don't care about the pr of what I am about to do right now how it looks to the public, I'm gonna do at my house. Public relations, be damn. This is what your start to see more of, as you continue to push people and, as I have said, to the left and teeth off the blue, lies matter crowd and others, and the right, Michael left, this, the anarchists who are pushing this stuff and pushed People to the brink, I have warned repeatedly. You don't want this it's not a show that plays the fake, tough guy, routine Brigida. No, no, don't bring it out. You are not we too, like where this goes. Peep we'll get heart and potential? he die. That makes cute, you may have seen a movie once about protests thing and you thought it was really cool and you think attacking people there are going to back down. There are going to stop backing down soon. You don't why,
say to anyone on either side of this issue. You don't want to go there, but don't forget for a second who brought us there. It is the radical left. This pushing people who had everything in the world to lose just a few months ago who feel like you know what go down like this. Just like that from that movie once those bullet start fly, and you could take all that politics and stuff, and you can right out the window. Nobody cared what they look like on Twitter, if you feel like your life, is in danger. And I'm strongly cautioning. You too seriously re evaluate this road you're going down because the runway is an air. The runways right off a cliff, make a mess, and you Joe said this over this morning. This is a nine one. One call from Fredericksburg Virginia: I have the on the shown us. If you'd like to read about the story now, this is
bad. This is edited for time to be clear about it. Three minute long carbon. I can play the whole thing. It starts with woman inner car whither child, who is surrounded by protesters in Virginia noticed what the dispatch tells her worries here that you know politicians said the protest was a ok. The kind of yes, where she's gone with this added. Listen The fear and this woman's voice with their kidney car again somewhat who, before this interaction, I assure you probably had breathing to lose? Who, when this stuff, it's the fan starts to realise she's, going to save our kid first and every else can go to hell. Listeners call
tat part of your reply on the city has sanction their protest. Are we just have offices? I can only monitor they can't do anything about recommended for blocking get out the other allowed firelight into that growth city hall. So you suggest that you on report does the city hall and make a complaint there in that way. They can do something about it, because, right now they hold our options that we can't do anything about it. Or are you serious we can't do anything now my car you're gonna get me. I got a kid here. Yes man, maybe it's just that you call it very hard to let them know that your frustration Gary you have died or out or something but yeah. There's nothing here, ok, memory! sitting on earth. Did you hear you hear her voice.
Men and women both will protect their children. You think in a pr war. Still I get it you're, eighteen, are. You b l em, you know the media on your side, you, let me, let's their car and get him they hit. One of us and Joe, you tracking, if we get him to hit one of us will make the US martyr, ourselves cell will like you're, even Are we going to attack the city and the media, which will never tell you the truth? The media big these firewood women and women Fredericksburg? You wonder, stand the woman doesn't care. And millions of women across the United States defending their children won't care either very soon. If you continue this violent aggression. These attacks on innocent people. Ladies and gentlemen, I can't recommend you it's odd. Real that we are always painted the conservatives by the liberal media lunatics. As some
easy fringe element, and yet we the peacemakers still why these radical liberal. Maniacs attack people violate their private property and surround their cars. It well and the media will not tell you the truth. I'm telling you the pr wars going to end soon. Please don't let the country get to that point. How do we see I did didn't appearance on Jesse Waters. We can get a lot of feedback. I meant every word of it. Ladies and gentlemen, we lock up every single one of these people that harasses someone public surround someone's vehicle tries to intimidate them, damages their property attacks. Them, God forbid, kills them or attacks public property. We do it. We live come up and we left the whole country c c. As do it, you want to see difference in responses. Look at this article, the daily wire, be up at the show notes to Oklahoma a german Oklahoma Innate Seattle and aids- a word in this case
daily. Why rights, regional Oklahoma authorities charge a ledge rioters with terrorism quote, they said, this is not Seattle would for you, folks, someone country anymore, I'm really sorry to break the ban. You see that story. Why the way ve been shown us and encourage you to read it it's not I'm very sorry. I can't hey. That's enough. I wrote an article years ago for I J Review and I wrote it. You know we need to stand back and fight blue states, Ladys Gemma. We have to be tactical, not blue states, don't care anymore, not that there are good people there that but the majority of people that vote in these radical left this that are destroying you're state are creating a very dangerous situation. Few site about politics anymore, I'm sorry, it's not a tax rates anymore. It's not about blue state healthcare systems are sound about medicate or Medicare. There's a big issues. Those issues are, your priority right now, you're priority is to save yourself in your family and these Who states, as I'm gonna, get
story: animated by the new post, these blue states and their governors governors their mayors and their localities are little. Putting your life at risk, not figurative. We get out when you can, I not kidding get from these people. They are not there for you, they are instilling. Radical ideology. They will bankrupt you and they will put you in danger. If you can escape get out when you can, you are making a big mistake. I'm I'm I'm we completely ideologically retracting. Is there I ran in a blue stay. I thought you could stay there and fight you can't stay there and fight when you are totally completely overwhelmed, even the best battle: tacticians, to humankind in the history of humankind and civilised sentient. Human beings knew when a boy was lost and forty
your war elsewhere. Anyone can tell you that forget pyrrhic victory. There are none period, victories losses, get out and go to a state where can fight back and you actually have rights, because in those liberal stage you are still in a pr war, you have media. People and politicians who will go after you and do anything to lock you up if you, God forbid, defend yourselves against these people, barging onto your property in a mob, probably be the end of the day before that guy's in jail, or something like that poor guy Oh no, I never met the guy on saying, as you barge onto my property, like that, we're going a serious problem and like that guy says it's not a pr one. When you families at risk, it's a personal one.
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It's in the police department in New York, folks Retirement Moreover, Europe, forty nine percent, not four point: nine, nine zero point: four percent: forty, nine percent home, that's for nine decimal point, yet Joe, not decimal point for an eye for an eye decimal point, two Britain. Seventy two uniformed Nypd cops file for retirement. After George Floyd's death deem balsamic, Thus I mean New York Post being the show notes today, but you know that consultation newsletter get these show, notes and stories. Ladies and gentlemen, two seventy two police officers. Retired. Do you understand entire town. I dont think I don't even think the county, the city and Cows have two hundred and seventy two police officers all gone maximum Experience police officers, twenty to twenty five year police officers, twenty to twenty
five years depends what cyst, I say: twenty to twenty five, because when I was hired, is twenty year retirement near my pity. I believe now it's twenty five max. Mom experience. No, the streets know the people handling people handling crime, identifying criminality, stopping cry. As you know, one where the drug hotspots our augur organ. Two hundred and seventy two of New York finest, who probably could have stayed another one or two years, the best of the best they been around while they know their stuff gun. All gone now you may say where we could bring in fresh. You know young recruits, that's great! Really, good luck with that. You can't have it but ways. Ladies gentlemen, you burning the candle at both ends at one in your burning, the candle retirements experience office,
done dealing with these politicians in New York and respect the police officers to and order and on the other and you're telling the public if you're build the plaza. You know you're attaining ideas like defending the police. Crap and on the cops in every single opportunity, even cats and job pitch are you? Are you sure you put that out of recruiting purse area? Does that sound Joe company I pity you I'll pay you thirty five thousand dollars a year will crap on you all day and probably put you in danger and never back you up. If you any use of force in firms up joint, did I not good with that one? not all that very good, very good for recruiting very bad, miss down on our now so tyrants, or up forty nine percent. Probably having too tough Getting quality recruits. Here's a tree from the p, the patrol.
Benevolent Association, which represents upwards of probably fifteen twenty thousand New York City police officers. It's kind of a union is not really a union by law, but they do defend their per police officers. Here's an interesting tweet from their case. You think why p retiring. This isn't having any real world ramifications, Daniel just exaggerating. Are we really people? tweet! We had another twenty four shooting victims yesterday as twenty four hours seventeen shootings with twenty four victims that makes fifth nine shootings with eighty nine victims for the weak as of this morning. Well, let's put those numbers and content. Sounds like a lot of shootings in a lot of victims that, because it is shootings or up forty, two percent euro per year, So not only are you losing carbs you now having criminals who fear nothing Because they know wherein again tying this back, the story number one they know
still in a pr wore their thankfully hasn't turned into a hot street war. Yet. But as a criminal, it starts. They come to the front doors of more and more people are going to defend their families in your homes. Ladies and gentlemen, you do not want to be in a truly Bronson death wish an area here. That's chaos at civilization. The left is doing this. The Democrats doings the left. This radical leaders are doing this. You keep voting for God forbid. It comes to your front door, and I do mean that I focused set block was emotional for me, but just have been a cop. I can't believe, what's going on here, having lived through New York City when we clean that place up and even rough neighborhoods where people are dealt with, criminality and energy nonsense on the street drug dealing, their entire life and they turn around and thank us and say thank you find they can go out, and I
don't go away, man, all of it all oh and back we're revert back to the David Jenkins, Ed each year in New York, city graffiti the trains member those days Paula. Turn on the train right she's? U just expected to be mugged down the trick. It wasn't even unusual. What's that. She says she's, like I got bugs you, did you how many people, how many nasty disgusting filth bags expose themselves to other trade. It was grouse. You either got flask you got bogged or you gotta attack. That was the subway. You knew your you, I'm not Can't you just expected it. There were people friends of mine who got bogged down the trains it about who didn't even call the cops she may go away Yeah, no, yes way it was so normal. You just go used to it will happen. Over there. She knows, I'm not kidding because I got a call the cops either. Nobody did folks vicinity horseplay,
four minutes there right at me, and now I am not making this up new what city was the wild west. You didn't call the cops bout anything unless you really were hurt needed like an ambulance, because it was a waste of time, frustrating totally frustrating. Moving. So as many of you know, I have been interests of disclosure being fair to my interest. We have new listeners, forgive me for repeating that we get new people every day. Given the growth is show. You know I am one of the owners of parlour this social media turner, ditch twitter? You know why are we doing this? Ladies and gentlemen, why are we doing parlor the alternative to Twitter and Facebook by the way we have some great features over there by the waves? you free, but we are, we had so many new users is always to be little glitch. He thinks I promise you will work at all that we are working twenty four seven, but the sight exploded. We have now surpass twitter, the absence of war for dollar Pierre, our earlier parlor, so we appreciate but
Why we're doing it again? I can't highlight these text here and there a tyranny stories showing you the lawlessness, not just in liberal cities but amongst liberal, so called capitalists to. Here's a legal insurrection peace now they parlour taken off and blown up up and is now dethrone twitter in the app store as people's home for social media Taylor, maybe sure, obsessed with vilified parlor as an alternative to twitter by our good friend, fuzzy slippers, that legal insurrection, pretty If every article you see right now by the mainstream media, who terrified that God forbid a free market alternative to Twitter and the Tec tyrants would emerge. Will you can speak freely? God forbid. That happens Try and attired feather restaurant at all. If you don't believe me that twitter, by the ways that dead, serious about suppressing conservative thought, look at what happened this morning right before we came of the embryo, good friends, city power. Here is Screenshot our general ones lawyer, the terrific Sidney Power here city,
on twitter feed. This warning not a joke course in this area is temporarily restricted. They suspended so I Powell MIKE the alternative. I gave you the alternative subdued taken rumbling parlor Ba are now we are in a mature, not talk. What what's your parlor handle, Joe Joe has one say, on yet J o Ye D alienating logical, follow our good friend job. I have to get you verified today, so we don't have any johannsen personal I move- and I don't want to spend time on that, but it's not just liberal state. We have to learn to move on, and a lot of people said to me. Well, why are you staying at? a fair question. I am I'm not the leading my twitter, Facebook Fahrenheit the fight is over the another? The fight is only over there as long as you're there right,
it's like saying. You know, I'm going to go. Tell this bar owner, I don't agree with his paws and they don't let you in the bar, please you need alter, make parlor your home. I make twitter and Facebook your backup to fight over there go right out among ask anybody to lead their account. Nobody said that, but it's a fair question. Somebody s misery. I moved on huge, fake news weekend: huge fake news, we're gonna, don't worry, thereby GINO Show is here on Monday Lear away the fog and gear you clear side to what actually happened. So short, story are probably the New York Times bigger, washings amateur covered, I'm not like it in your time story because its fake news, why studies amateur up Intel did not find russian Taliban bounty plot report credible what happened? Let me give you a little bit. Baxter answer your screen shot from the peace him in New York Times, bombshell, Bob Shop, Bob, Overall, the wrong reasons. They said russian GR. You therein tell folks were paying the tallow
and in Afghanistan bounties to kill american soldiers. Syria story There may be some air of credibility to it. But Not the angle of the New York Times started because remember the golden rule. The left wing media, which is what Joe the left wing media, is not there to tell you the story there. There too you don't Story every single time. The story they were telling you in their version of events, was an tromp was briefed on this, that the Taliban was taking bout, these from the Russians to kill. You are soldiers and he didn't do anything. What worries We have here a few. What have waited twenty four to seventy two hours to report on this absurdity from the New York Times you notice,
parlay about it or treat about it this week and that all because I knew there was a ninety nine percent chance at the story was in fact fake. Here's, the Washstand examiner member that just a story he's in trouble was briefed about. The straight did nothing personal the Russians Joe, he loves up so from the worst enemies amateur. Trumps tree to senior Trump Administration official. I told the examiner on Sunday evening that trumpet not been we ve done the issue because there was a lack of consensus within the entire community about the accuracy of the intelligence, national. Here the council spokesmen job Julia told the wash them he's amateur on Sunday night that the virus The underlying allegations continues to be evaluated. Here we go again. Here we go again the New York Times running with anonymous story about a if they say happen that never happen based
intelligence, there sure is real, but still in question by many in the intelligence community, its latte, which really going on in the same but this story you're, obviously still getting some of it. What s really going on it makes Trump look bad is what's really going on. But, ladies and gentlemen, you have to understand at this point. It is almost amusing. How stupid a lotta liberals are You have been lied to so often by the New York Times in the Washington Post. I mean on a daily basis. Almost fake news, hyperbolic like news collusion hoaxes by gay, didn't happen. These cesspool of vague journalism, you're still falling for. This did not happen. This brief didn't happen nice. This brief,
did not happen according to the old Intel communities. You're saying you believe, here's what s really going on the media, Joe, is magically transformed itself overnight from the Obama administration- Obama, Hillary Clinton administration. Where Hillary Clinton was the Secretary say member out dervish. They were you. No good boy war bog warmonger members, Doug right now the media's magically transform themselves into war hawks all of us, Their tough guys metropolis a bomb Russia to borrow farm animals. Of this is true. They don't believe any of that. Which really going on. As they know, this story hearts Trump, so they printed it without Vera, line the story in the brief or any of that they know it hard Trump and they
but our trump, because it brings up long upon Russia. Allegations is well, ladies Jemison, a more complicated, nap there's something else going on. This is what I get for my sources behind the scenes here. This is important There is an entire cottage industry in this defence industry industrial complex. We have not alike users terms they carry such like all make actually conspiracy type it just the fact that there's a bunch of people in think tanks and elsewhere. Upper levels of our military, some and others in private industry that support these causes are very invested in foreign excursions that candidly haven't worked out, notably Afghanistan, pray. Tromp start asking questions but hey. Why are we here again. Why are we still in Afghanistan a missing get please
someone explain to me they don't like that that entire complex of people who have invested Their white papers, their careers, their money and their companies in this operation are really by by the fact that President Trump is sick. Reconsidering, considering pulling down this footprint overseas assets it's kind of convenient. Isn't it because they're trying to play some of you pick it up our Oliver, the slimy now he's getting anonymous tips from these people, the slimy is just running with a slight because they know makes troubling. You didn't do anything our troops are being killed. That's dragged its rush. Russia, Russia, there not anymore dead. X is a smarter than that because, on the inside of doing it for a different reason, there trying to play president tromp they're trying to get him to pull back from
this questioning of Afghanistan by doing kind of or quadruple reverse psychology. If we leave it fake story that he was briefed about it. That makes them look like a us like he was briefed about these attacks are solely did nothing job. They think press in trouble. Will it will lose control of himself and respond back by saying we're, gonna Bob Afghanistan to smithereens you get in here. Which will reinforce their previously held position that we should leave their. I hope, If the usual job desperately trying lies tricky to it. There are people invested, you gotta be a totally invested in us being in Afghanistan. They take if the page there's a in the papers, Trump respond back and say that it was bomb at every one which will reinforce their prior position and keep their it there. There are policy integrity and tat bats. It's really going on one of the advantages of having
Our on the inside, it gives a give us all the skinny on these stories before they get up by the way quick note breaking earlier today, John Roberts, you ve, just as the Supreme Court Cheap, just as the United States is more accurate. Title strikes again with the liberals ruling guide their due the Louisiana Abortion LAW, where doctors have a bidding privileges. John Roberts is a disgrace and embarrassment to the constitution. A total disgrace really the guy given up on John Robert spoke cease just the liberals greatest gift. He really has. He is a slap in the face of the constitution. He is embarrassed and humiliated. The court's he's a joke and really is More evidence that we need to re elected president, because we there's no out what's the other option, just a lead. John Robert. This guy is reinvented Obama, care rule answer on the census ruling just ruled against us
weakening immigration. Raw I mean the guy is a total complete epic disaster sign out of the younger immigration. The abortion really today, total mess. I let me go back to the system. We could have video chuck tat. John Todd strikes again Chuck Todd, always the silver Metal window winner in our dopey Olympics behind each one. Everything was one. We Johnny Chuck TAT, leaped, Brien's shelter for the gold medal is utopian media olympics, but he ate it but then we have to be stealth, are just eat into pieces, so dopey always takes the number one spot almost by the fault, but check out again made showing how they can't like over the Russia thing times are run anything we're. Russia, even though the stories been now discredited, but here's checked out this week with the hapless, John Baltic, and even both in a total sell out and fraud. Even Bolton asked the stab that who tries to resurrect the Russia hoax.
Yet again, again showing you they have given up. They have no concerns with their own credibility anymore and all check this out. I may ask you this: do you think that part of the that the president is afraid to make potent mad because maybe potent did help him when the election and he doesn't want to make a mad for twenty twenty. Honestly, I don't think there's evidence for that imported as to stop people both it has to stop this hapless. Buffoon did couldn't help job get elected. You understand these guys, don't kid he does not care at all, but like isn't he could about the history books looking back, and you know that Youtube whatever in the future? These videos role can be effort. They don't care how does a serious person? They don't care on? our side data, there's they're, not in a pr war. There are crucial public relations problem. For them they know
it can lie with impunity in their liberal media. Colleagues will defend them through the end? Yes, but church. Making that up the russian collusion thing has been totally device that what's gonna report on that, so they just talk. It speak openly like falls within. Unity, it doesn't matter move or of frauds and hypocrites. You see the story, the worst in times out of Minneapolis again, I love this anti police at the second, a member crowd who When you make them live by their own rules of self defence and the big our God given right to defend yourself, they can't do it. They all that a heartbeat, remember, listen. Linsky was the worst sallow. Is he but one of his rules. I strongly encourage you to embrace no matter how Leave you see wise one, rules was make your opponents live the standards they set for you. Very simple rule right. The right is,
our time doing that sometime and we better learn that New rules are, in effect, The new rules. Are we win, you lose you want to play by the old rules of civility and Robert rules of order, whatever, maybe I'm will go back there tomorrow, but until you start, charging onto my private property. Attacking people in cars ripping down public property. Can crimes in public the shore. Our economy, defending our police, now that the new rules are in effect that a new rules or this screw the old rules we win. You lose the story, the worst kinds, but these total frauds and Minneapolis report many was council members who voted to abolish the police. Get taxpayer funded. Privately. Already Valerie Richardson wash the ties being shown or is it that just specifies a church. Lady said that check this out hears from this screen shot from the peace
Three members of the Minneapolis City Council are being protected by taxpayer funded private security, even as they support a proposal to abolish the police department, Council members Andrea, against fully Cunningham and alone or a Cato, have received death threats and joy. What was killed? May twenty fifth in custody Corner Fox nine in Minneapolis, which broke the story? Tell us. There is one line on that women across. We don't do that. Ok, when I'm making death threats towards people, s You know what, when I'm sorry, that's just to moral it is immoral. It is unethical and is illegal. Such virtue signalling that just the truth, these people- a horrible, awful people as a way to take care of them. It's about them out. Among you know what I mean to say, you did kind this, I'm sorry, you know, I'm not forgive me and you don't need the folks
Only is that my audience really. I believe that in this I really regret because its it see. You all know that already and even mentioned it is even condescending and you have my apologies. You know what this means is my showing earthy take responsibility. You don't need a lecture, might give anyone forget it. You already know that the left doesn't. These people are frauds and this argument about them getting private security reminds me about. I think I was on about four years ago, five years ago, UK show with piers Morgan. You know he's a big gun, grabber second amend. If you second amendment guy, doesn't like it and he said something to me. If I remember correctly, am I a memory on it's a little bit loose? So forgive me if the details are precise, but he said did to me we're on about firearms and he said well dad. You know, why aren't you a secret service agent? Don't you find that I at the White House is protected by guns,
yet civilians aren't allowed to bring guns in there and I don't think I answered that. Well, and I remember figure out the way. I'm ago he's making our argument not his. So you're suggesting to me what that the press, safe and secure? So does it need the second amendment so that we should be entitled to a billion dollars security infrastructure paid for by men. We firearms, how does it that make your point now. My someone said that to me at sea pack wants to some liberal before he came up there, you're not allowed to bring firearms in? Because the presidency here yeah there's also only two or three hundred thousand dollars in trained armed security surrounding everybody. Here, suggesting can be, what we should all be a terrible noto you're, not title that ok swat the friend myself, you you Joe you again your audience referee cap on their making our ports not theirs, so
because we don't have these are security detail of the Minneapolis City Council. Members want to take the police away from you. We We should be able to defend ourselves either and you think you're making up why? How exactly so by The point that you know Joe civilians that ought to bring a farmer and white ass defended by million if not hundreds of millions of dollars to security personnel with firearms, you think that makes the point, Everyone should not be allowed to carry a firearm, despite not having access to any of that. I always regretted not answering that question better, because we were crunch for time, you can't live by your own standards. I'm gonna be protected, men would guns. Therefore, I don't need one so we're gonna be protected, no, not you, but I can have No, no, not you either total complete
back to your one level, phony fake frauds and complete hypocrites. Don't ever forget amidst geese rules on that make them live by their own standards. You don't want to have guns. How come you remember, guts, While we have security, so I don't need to go so you're saying I get security. Do not are you don't get skirting? Also you get security, I don't get security. You're saying you don't need a gun because you have member guns. Were you not willing to give us remember cosmetic, even when it was a police department, the funding that too? But we just get that strange that work on this as its social make? Who who could I get it? Armed security for all of us not police either idiots buncher morons. I dislike story, I'm gonna get through the second with browser. But you want to talk about how Larry hilarious. Hilarious journalism, air quotes, dreaded air, quotes, vote hilarious, journalism. Fails by the washed impose this one seriously takes the cake, this
may be one of the worst fails? I ever seen by the wisely, but before we get to that Tunisia finally brought about friends at a MAC folks we're living in trying times being conservative sadly puts us under fire, but you are not alone. One groups sends out a MAC. The association of mature american citizens, a magazine serve it of all turned out to those other. Fifty plus groups, you know who they are. They are not on our side. Stand with people who do at a MAC will stand with you, joining a MAC. Natalie gives you access to money. Saving benefits like special group rates on car insurance, cell phone plans, financial products and more, but in a MAC membership get you a great bi monthly magazine, filled with content analysis not available any ass. A MAC gives you with the mainstream media, want the truth. He care about it. Teachers. Much is made and join a MAC today, help them fight for liberty, free speech, freedom of religion, free market
and a strong nation, all the values we hold dear over two million people of joint AIM act. I encourage you to stand with them today by joining a MAC. A M, p c dot? U S! That's a mac that, U S! The benefits are great. The cause is even greater a M, a sea that, U S a MAC, is better better for you better for America join tonight. Don't wait a mac that? U S. Yeah, as I said in the realm of hilarious journalism, fails showing you how the garbage these New York newspaper, there'd of New York and on choosing new times unwashed, impose new spirit, not serious people anymore. It's just junk. I want you to check out this headline from the washed imposed. Reed outlined member to show you the chart. This is by the absolutely hapless, Philip Bob who in in the arena of dope. Fake news, specialist disguise, I don't always top five, but he's definitely top ten.
Is almost like a comedy acts. He puts this headline up with the worst suppose you, twenty five twenty TWAIN, trouble is the positive spirit, keeps claiming that the most dangerous cities in America all run by Democrats. They aren't so just to be clear, fake news or Philip since its trump keep saying most of America's dangerous cities are run by Democrats, always have a democrat mayors and things like that, then he puts up this chart. This is the same piece to back this bold statement that trumps, not telling you the truth. Here's the chart I'll explain right. You don't worry it as the crime rates of these twenty cities. Crime said a very high, but in fact I believe that the top twenty. It has what parties running them, so this is fascinating So here these twenty cities at night.
Seed of em, are run by people who not Republicans. There are two left leaning independence and most of them are run by. In fact, Democrats I have never. In my life see that guy right, an article such an open face, Are you serious, says America's: it look at the criminality, were all blue lines being run by Democrats and then look at the. Are you running those cities and you will notice that there's only red line, Lenny carry from Jacksonville who happens to be a republican and where crime there really is as bad as it is. These other place, so just to be clear, Joe Philip up Tromp said most of these cities by run by Democrats, that's false, so We put up a chart indicating dad so these cities are in fact run by Democrats. That's a real piece! That's the Babylon, be as I do
a blog. It's lovely in that's all peace. What are we gonna do with these people? Can we just get some real news once in a while, please Did you see the chart is one red line and ere the whole, it is dominated by blue there, this again, meaning Democrats, crime, control who's in charge, Democrats you have a hard time reading your own chart cash sky for real, Philip Bump the sad thing is he is for real, maybe we're gonna get through the whole shelter. Pressing our role these last few days, gettin to overcome content. Important story, though here so we have seen in uptake-
in the corona virus infections. Now I think a lot of that has to do with these lockdown Ladies gentlemen, you, Mr Lockdown, disposed to be stopping the Koran vice they're, not folks, what's up now is there is very strong evidence that the car the virus is spreading when infected people show up in doors and spend a lot of time in recirculated indoor air would people around infected that then become infected afterwards? of evidence, wall Street is peace up today about other conveniently trying to pin this all on Trump, so number on the lock down or disaster number you we're doing more, casting we're we're finding more cases. Wall Street Journal a penny covered comparisons, Europe and New S, the because a failure reporting as a heavy
also partisanship by their editorial board. Of course, they're trying to pin this on Donald Trump. Let me go to take away number one peace again. This is embraced, thought any actual evidence or statistics. If you want that, you have to come If you want to be like you, just read the mainstream media on anything from protests to Russia to the bovine virus check this out from Peace quote: we're trapped, leading the way record surge and new infections exposes failure in? U S response the dreadful washed imposed road sunday I added dreadful and the liberals are just juxtaposing the: U S with Europe, which sensibly had the virus under control, the trumpet illustration is sometimes been too sanguine, but much of this is partisan opportunism in an election year. Ladies and gentlemen, there is no,
evidence to suggest whatsoever that these locked out of work and the trumps responses what's causing this up, taking corona virus infections. Not they have no evidence, but yet the washed imposed again garbage people. Paper over there. Only morons read this because it just rife with fake news is. I showed you earlier in the show our China pin this on Trump, because it's obviously through their election advantage, because your liberal act, The din trump and knocked out as political capital. Well, let's look at the actual, is from the same Wall Street Journal. These again just sits. The narrative first member, the media's here to tell you a story, not this story. The narrative is why the narrative is Trop has failed Europe has done much better and these liberals. Governors like edge com of really put Trump the share. They showed you had a really deal with this girl out of our really well. Let's look at the actual data if you believe in that kind of thing check this out from the Wall Street Journal, be because the data tells the exact opposite story.
Quote, even with the latest outbreaks, the? U S is recorded fewer deaths per hundred thousand people at thirty eight then. United Kingdom, sixty six Spain, this past sixty one, so United States, thirty, eight desperate hundred thousand the media narrative, is that Europe and others are doing much better by thirty eight the UK has sixty six deaths per hundred thousand Spain sixty one ITALY, fifty seven desperate hundred thousand France, forty four desperate hundred thousand Death rates are lagging indicator, but Arizona has twenty one hundred thousand Florida, only fifteen and Texas eight new year, which opened up less than solely as a death? Three hundred thousand one hundred sixty one hundred sixty with this way way way way way way way so again, We ve been told by serious journalists at their Joe, our betters
our moral and intellectual betters where just a bunch of deplorable morons. You know that's right and trot blow it. That's right! That's right! Of course, right. What are we not or not money? It's come on additional, having come on now, facts and data. Who does that stuff right, so we ve been told that it sees RO governors that have led the way fat guy Andrew Cuomo in them, if we were only more like our european betters you, the enlightened ones we would have definitely gonna hold over this, and yet Joe, you find out that the United States overall has a death rate per hundred. Now far beneath these european countries, and that can native, led states, Arizona attacks. So Florida, that of republican governors have deathrays per hundred in ten times less than that of New York. Folks, you are witnessing I
Forgive me, because I don't remember who posted it this week and on social media. You finally grew this Joe and eight may been Jordan shock. I was somewhat forgive me, I don't remember. I didn't screenshot it. But it was out there and the assertion made was correct. Who are witnessing one of the greatest gas lighting episodes we ve seen in modern american history. You may say gosh that sounds like a lot Since we just got over the collusion gas lighting, you I'm not kidding You are witnessing a gas lighting episode focused on the corona virus. That is totally entirely that only divorced from the facts, but when you look at the facts in data tell the exact up the story. The media story, MIDI Story, tribe, stick your abroad liberal governors are the best drops out, he's gonna get you kill and those conservative governors round. They say it is definitely the worst And yet you look at the data and you find that it in depth
four hundred thousand in New York contrast to Florida is than ten times that you understand that Just the media's lying to you do like telling you the exact opposite story there. Lipping, the script and dopey liberals. Just of the Russia story this weekend for foreign or if they don't fall for that active, liars and manipulated Emerson. I gotta run, but I want to leave the advantage that again, I can ask this question enough liberalising the shell and that you know that the basement to others it media matters, put down your house, this cup gates for a minute pay attention seriously. How do you look yourselves in the mirror, can it, how do you wake up knowing those facts and data? I just showed you tell a conclusive story that you fail. You probably got people killed, If you look in the mirror and use I'm gonna, go out today and tell the opposite story to lie to people and potentially put them in danger. How do you do it? I'm interested seriously email me I'd love to hear:
I'd love to hear how your soul is so corrupted, so corrupted that you're, absolutely convinced you can lie to people day by day and put their lives, endanger its use, cross tone. Discussing hey, quick programming. No, before we run, I am guess those The five today coasting whenever Monday and tomorrow on Tuesday, I M, I'm sure they'll be some spicy back and forth. Please don't miss the show on the Fox NEWS, Five pm eastern time today Monday? What's today's date, You twenty nine check that out, and I will be there tomorrow as well. I'm looking forward to it then probably be some interesting debates are checked. It out Please try to my Youtube channels, while we're all we have seven thousand more sufficient will be at five hundred thousand you the council s budget, all subscriptions a free. We really appreciate thanks again false teeth. You just heard in Bonn, GINO.
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