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Another Liberal Hoax Exposed # 1027 (Ep 1027)

2019-07-22 | 🔗

In this episode I address the latest liberal media hoax to completely collapse upon further inspection. I also address stunning new revelations of government misconduct in the Mike Flynn case. Finally I address video of college students claiming “racism” until they find out the statements were made by Obama. 

News Picks:Must Watch: Students cry racism over immigration quote until they realize Obama said it.

Paul Sperry’s stunning new piece provides evidence that Jim Comey was running an illicit spying operation on President Trump.

Judge smacks down the Mueller team, again.

No Surprise: Poll shows the top 14 governors are all Republicans

Delusional Democrats will not let the discredited Mueller Report go.

Wealthy New Yorkers are fleeing the state due to the taxes.

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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee now why don't i just read this weekend i read a story this weekend by pulse vary in rio clear investigations that is so unbelievable i don't even know how to i just like that it is these ever haven't even welcome due to the show you nor producer job let me get it is about mahler call me spy gate fiasco it very soon instead it will blow your mind if even a scintilla of this story is drill how about that for these welcome to gamble judo show produce you joe our unity yet have already got dude i'm not kidding i had a whole show laid out stories won through seven ready to rock and roll and
twenty minutes before i got on the air i said i remember this name in this story and i'm like possibly be this kid possible this story it can possibly be true over the years this is amazing how everybody miss this mahler call me targeting trumpets incredible awry let's get right to it and use it it's a good of to day to day show sponsor by war dragons video games war dragon is way to rock and roll responsible dragons is a treaty real time strategy video game right on your phone over a hundred and fifty deaf and dragons the breed and collect them a game each with different attack styles abilities and classical game for the month of july war dragons is pardoning upward stack up an organization dedicated to bringing military personnel veterans and civilian supporters together do a shared love a video game it's a nice cause right there we're dragons will match all donations made do the link in the game between july
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ass the geisha it's in the show notes today you have to read this i'm sorry i can't give way i don't give orders you are my faithful loyalists elevated that but i believe requesting you read this go to but you know that calm check out the show notes attached to the part guess subscribed to my email if you were if you would my i'll send em right here's a title the peace justice department watched ugh has evidence call me probe trump on the sly by paul spere real clear investigations july twenty second twenty nineteen ladies and gentlemen there is an assertion in this peace that will blow your mind before i get to that but background on what the pieces of course you can read it for more details because i do have a lot to get too but the over our peace they ve just a video is jim call me was basically running a rogue spying operation on president trump yeah while he was the president while simultaneously suggesting to president trump that he was not under investigation now yeah that's really new news it's at ease
well done and it's worth your time right but about three quarters of the way down i know turn bombshell is thrown out there a lot in media many times are necessarily so there is a bomb shown as peace that he introduced peace by with almost no fanfare at all this is an incredible assertion put up these screen shot the pulse bury peace i want to say this you and show you something afterwards tat is gonna promise you he's gotta baker bangles this is gonna boil your mouth bad this it's a blow you up ok the peace knowledge knowledgeable sources inside the trump white ass so superior source inside the trump white house have told him that call me carved out in extraordinary new position for this fbi fbi employ anthony for anti which allowed for
a day to remain on reserve status at the fbi while working in the white house as a cyber security adviser oh wait hold on a second so call me specifically carves out a spot me fbi white ass for one of his guys anthony for our data has special fourteen in cyber security a kind of like what john solomon warned us about net peace a while ago that exchange where they're they're talking about getting a cyber guy and what the cyborg i should be doing in the white out now back to the screen shot from this very peace so we play of some f b i guy in the white house with cyber security expertise quote in an unpressed action call me created a new f b i reserve position for ferranti enabling to have an ongoing relationship will hit the agency retaining his clearances at enabling him to come back to bureau headquarters said a former national security council official who requested anonymity ladies and gentlemen this is like
a nuclear bomb going off within this peace negotiations this is it with almost no hope for me and for all that the bureau had this i reporting back to the f b i would cyber excuse security experience reporting back to the beer while working within the trump white ass now oh i get it some of you signing with more milk toes bland explanation say that fact that there are some the fbi and the fbi does its on common on the national security council have law enforcement professionals there at all what's the big deal there gonna let that once do is set you remember that aims what's they involve theory of criminal investigations remember that aim remember always always memorize the names so i take it to myself thirty four randy fbi guy planted by car me inside of the white house where have i heard this name when i thought of an old clip so i started to
my homework right before the show bam hears washington times peace by andrew blake tuesday february thirteen twenty eighteen you oppose feed hires former white out afresh official to investigate dossier who is the white house official all over ten yards zoo offence repay first that the white house rituals ain't pity for our day o now very covers in his peace as well but i knew it seemed this guy before on cnn or elsewhere i knew i'd seen this remember the name so just to be clear what we're talking about it's like i hope you're drinking your coffee welcome to monday morning varies peace deliver if nuclear bomb a tactical explosive on the battle
about three quarters of the way down tat the same i call me plants in the white house from the bureau is reporting back to the fbi subsequently lee the fbi caused to work for buzzfeed to investigate the dossier what the hell who's this guy this cyber security guy planted by call me from the fbi doing the white house the whole time joy listen nobody knows this case better than you could hear more to listen to me for an hour a day every ten years not only tell loves you gave the boy yes we do you get my boy am i i others selling this i've been to authorise damages guy just said yeah i'm not right to come that crazy nobody talked about this the whole we can now i reckon bavaria peace and ike folks again i gotta be firstly because i did i don't
radio hosts or anyone else who pretend to know it all to the far right they thing well i guess you yeah it's either because i've i just had not recall them i'm sure i don't like this guy has a picture microscope looks familiar i knew i see this guy and i remember from sierra club talking about michael and all the other stuff and they give you gotta know what he's talking about and i start to the roma is the same kind if i remember we cover this show way back where way back have the name right we didn't have we got where did john solomons pursued by parliament have been talking about these text messages we were on this a long time as this feels about how this year yes it is but now we ve got the name it's the same guy folks i just want you to let that still a minute i use it all
i am under the cap wet river even know what to say about that i could that nobody's got to cover this at all is incredible if you have a scintilla of this is true a drop of this is true this is devastating the same guy call me plays in the white house for his rogan tell operation in its sitting president he tells he's not invest he tells the prestige investigators and he is investigating and the guy daily leaves the fbi the guy they plan to go work for busby to verify the dossier call me used already debunked himself told them it was salacious unverified he goes to work for buzzfeed to try in verify it did he take any info
patient you ve gotten the white ass we don't know i don't know i if you're not hearing this here or you didn't reads varies piece you probably miss the biggest story the weaker i've gotta morning yes you so well just seriously let that story stuart second put the show on pause what do what i just told you because it is and read the peace it is an incredibly damaging statement to be made if that is true if we know for they work for the bureau we know we had that position is what the heck was he in the white house that's the question i hope our mahler has some answers for aught they know smaller by the way ok yeah what's the damn by gino rule of media hoaxes what do i always tell people wait at least at least twice the four hours before
reporting on what appears to be an eighty conservative eighty tromp highly likely to be a hoax story why why i just want to put this out there because we break the fourth while in a shorter my wife hates this story share the hope i think she's telling me to dump it i'm tellin you here this is why i walked up the story and our work why i am determined to put this on my shoulder it because i have insisted to you the coven kids justly smaller spying all of this stuff wait at least at the ira command you wait longer but wait at least twice four hours before tweeting about these stories because they were likely be hoaxes so the juno rule in effect against this week i did not treat about it at all i see this story they are about a georgeous they represented by the name of erika thomas erika thomas claims that
i'm racist why dude on a grocery store line in the public's down here approach jar and told her to go back to where she came from doubt erika thomas a democrat doesn't like donald trump tromp add that controversy last week with the go back and fix it line so of course the media joe did not obey thereby judo rule did not wait twenty four hours and ran with this to racist everywhere shrub racists america so most racist races place and they three of places it sound racist we can't even describe the races media stories everywhere racism racism their racism everywhere we'll did burial lost thereby opening stood people too stand with erika i got there i obeyed the rule i obeyed the rule twenty the four hours men mum madam i asked
recommend seventy two hours but twenty four pay them up so of course i was right so what happens here is eric autonomous you let us be clear what she said some white guy approaches are on a grocery store line tells us elsa this come out i'll get the details i say i want to place video for thomas promises the details of this come on i'll get through the details i say i want to play video this is a short one hears thomas sir she's all the sudden not so sure that the guy said go back to where you came from but he may have said something like something like go back to where you came from play they cut you say he's a go back you know those have the words i want to say is he said go back to your country or war back to where you came from but he was making does have some references as well such a drop in the jar some arm across the scottish ripe crazy german british french stuff german british procurement tar
if i tell you joe go back to the eu kay right it's pretty clear what i mean right if i meet if i'm yelling at you that kind wanna be a jerk veto stereotypical jerk one say some damn that means something very specific notice how she hedges on that well he wasn't i don't want to she goes on i want to say he was saying exactly that he was making those type of assertions or what type assertions was you making your feet and say that you ve got to tell joe go back to the uk what do i say what kind of assertions what i made other than saying go back to the uk very clear there's only really one way to say that you don't say hey let's go get a travel agent and take a vacation show you what i don't get out of here but that doesn't mean the same thing as go back to the uk ok ok that's not what that's not what the guys all of a sudden she's hedging on that ok we get the that's why by the way i said you gotta stay
from those because it means a very specific to the people and that's why last week i was pretty clear on that it means a very specific think there's something she's how'd you got that now all of a sudden the dude surfaces the alleged white do who told her too back to our country whenever all of a sudden a guy surfaces any interaction starts to become a little different than she described here video of she's given little pressure with the and the guy comes into the press
for himself and gives it a very different story play they got on his spanish after watching you don't have a political purposes period what i said earlier on the democrat i will vote democrat the rest of my life a day so to pull me what she wants to believe for political purposes that make it black why round or whatever is so untruth now he's not even while he's cupid he's alive lord democrat folks up i'm not going to give the guy's name dead is first additional starts with ie i leave the rest software because this guy's clearly been roped into this did an email felicity may have said some offence if they did not say that ok i'll tell her to go back to whatever rights the guy's a democrat people don't is social media plus he hates shrub he is a cuban
american democratic waves donald trump who said nothing nothing close to go back to your country here's the real story what happened wait twenty four hours every time this is what we need hear from you after these media stores nothing the crickets twenty four hours at least what really happen joe yes estate rap erika thomas was on the express line at a public two apparently she had twenty items you know that the express lime worth ten or fewer whenever a only get the guy behind there's a rush the cuban american democrat and apparently that's a nasty things there are like caller whatever lazy i can't say the rest on tv and he admits to that but he said crystal clear and that segment i did not
or go back i am not a racist and i set it because so now this is the stories guns oh how to control now they're saying hey she does not i only had eleven items i didn't have twenty items now that the local so like well let's see your receipt you have the receiver she won't show anybody the receipt this is how does this is god folks are moving because my wife divorced me if i keep talking about the story but please holding rule twenty four hours please please wait twenty four hours there is a ninety nine point nine percent chance what is happening will be exposed as a hoax please wait twenty four hours i lose the animals and above all a command you tell me i'll be happier my guess is that a yes to spill furious she hated the story you have two hours every time
listen i would like my wife weeds the memories emails to please the audience feedback on the show any info ipods you know that comes up or down on the segment i want to prove a wrong i am convinced people like to hear about this because they hate having their integrity appeared by constant charges racism and they always want to hear about the bonino rural wait twenty four hour if i'm wrong let me now but seriously let me know when their info up and you know that companies to have me all right today show brought to you by jan you so here's the shoreline treatment stuff is fantastic your jaw line your neck we'll never look better does our bodily i've been using this stuff don't tell anyone do you wish the doubled shimmer just disappear news flash ladies and gentlemen people look at your jaw line it simply tells you rate here is the famous robin from lubbock texas although i pay i could give you emails from my mother tongue i need more of the jaw line treatment she loves loves loves this stuff check it out drop and says
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jane you sell entered dan twenty five that stand to five at check out jen yourself dot com check it out good stuff ok hang on ladies and gentlemen the mike when case is exploding before our eyes i've got this i've got some more video coming up on some other great stuff do you don't go anywhere i got some video georgetown students crying racism until they find out it was obama who said that this is the story i find fascinating the case lieutenant general mike flynn is absolutely imploding i want a hot tip techno fog on twitter i'm going to show his profile here cuz we use a lot of his stuff and sometimes people look for that's his profiles at techno underscore fog of course we follow each others you can see there that's a screenshot from my phone eyes a lawyer who has been doing phenomena work on this might flynn case so there's active to him check him out
screenshots we're going to show our from him by the way another half tip and his highlights his work there he has been following the in case let me summit let me just summit after you quickly i know some of you ve heard it before but in just a couple sentences are less mike flint being charged in a federal case for working for the turkish government when my point not know he was working for the turkish government does that sum it up i'm trying to i can't any easier way to tell you this case exploitative and that bob or is targeting might flynn they bade sent their case off to it i believe this is the virginia case into a different federal now away from the mahler team and mike flight is being prosecuted allegedly working in lobbying for the turkish government when i'm telling you flynn did no he was lobbying for the turkish government he thought he was lobbying for a dutch company joe is crystal clear we're gonna go this is entirely asymmetric yes i said to you last week i if the government think sidney
flynn was lobbying for the turkish government thinks because they spying on flynn i no longer have any doubt about that that is be the next shoe to drop the spying duration against lieutenant general might find that goes way back who thought he was lobbying for a dutch company he wasn't aware of their ties to the turkish government now showing you how horrible how awful an atrocious the government's case since when is and i had no idea he's lobbying for the turkish government even the connections between the dutch company and the turkish government are still tenuous at best i'm gonna put up three screenshots from you from legal documents filed from our body technical fog there and notice and pace but attention to is highlights on how awful this case is this is the worst prosecution i've seen
in in modern legal history a screenshot number one hears to take away from this that the government didn t even try to get the information from turkey rate is here it is so that government said that the judge starts to question the government's prosecution here's the questioning you made no risk as for financial information from turkey correct they answered the press no that's correct they ask me go the bottom line as far as the governments investigation was they didn't even try to get this information correct yes sir that's correct yes sir they didn't even try to get the information from turkey job in your case is that might flynn is violating fairer rules or foreign lobbyists rules they could be two distinct things in your case
that the dutch company might flynn is working for you wasn't working for the turkish government but that dutch company had ties to turkey joe but not a criminal investigator correctly your very smart guy wouldn't it be common sense to establish the financial can ginger between that dutch government that dutch agency in the turkish government i'm just asking yet and that is that become insufficient yes thank you thank you yes in london and joe is a radio producer and the finest products reach out there he has even been through the federal law enforcement training centre and he knows better than these investigators yes you establish a connection they didn't even bother number two this is hysterical this one we're going for up here i'm just curious about the past accused prosecuting flynn because they believe he was working for the turkish government although flynn didn't think you work for the turkish government the prosecution
can't even figure out how to explain this case to which you call me because they don't even know minute look at this one this is a hysterical you will crack up and said tragic stephen king why clown laughter and this there talking but the jury instructions adheres there here's the prosecution case they did mister charges as i put this is the prosecutor i agree it is important for the jury to be instructed what conduct what conduct constitutes a violation of fairer but we'll sit and watch the highlight we we haven't figured out because while go about doing all illegal procedure up this case i'll bet you can't you want really well established a financial correction and secondly its awful you can't even figure out how to explain to your own jury cheese now joe
bank robbery poor joe is so many banks on the shell pretty easy to figure out the jury instruction are you really want we are not about to dig incidentally details on necessarily but no it's important to get this year as a federal agent it was very important for us to establish counterfeit case that there was possession and pass intense irrelevant in other words if joe warmer cos passes a counterfeit hundred dollar bill the way counterfeit there is work we counterfeit money folks is they'll counterfeit large bills fifties and hungry and a no go in and pass it first small item and get changed back so they get real back so we'll go in and joel via pack a big league who forty dollars or whatever and seven eleven get ninety seven real dollars back first pay country makes sense right now the elements that crime to prove that crime in court you have to prove the pass happened so you should get a video from seven eleven a bit i carry this is the guy passes hundred dollar bill and
you have to show usually that they got the money back but intent is not poured a part of it in other words the fact that joe no it was counterfeit or not is not a part of it we don't have to prove that ok now in a court case we would explain that show why do you we would do that the prosecutor while i it for you thank you because what you chose the friends gonna be i didn't know was counterfeit i didn't know what everybody's defence would be in a passing over counterfeit bill that's why it's not an element of the crime now reasonably is intend to if we could if joking conclusively prove that it was just an accident that governments probably not going to prosecute him but make no mistake can the jury instructions we will explain specifically that the crime is the pass lands the crime it's not whether joel did the passive counterfeit bill because job let's go off into the room no men ok
be done this case with so horrible gives might flame they still can't figure out the a scooters how to explain its a jury this is amazing this is such an abomination operate a three way before we get to a lot about lobbied legs ever here's the final screenshot whereby techno fireworks now the judge who says he started to smell sums wrong you're josie how about this you can't even explain to the jury what crime happen the judge intervenes here greece's listen if you knock heads articulated crime to the jury then how they have no we was committing a put up this brilliant the judge s simple questions here it is right here if government can articulated now how is the defendant flint supposed to you're the zone back in twenty sixteen my gosh this is that mr murphy
core ladies and gentlemen this is obvious this was this was so clearly a witch why prosecution to go after flynn for a crime flynn didn't even think he committed or no we committed the elements aren't even if they can't even explain it to the jury man ever i mean if there was ever a case for a pardon in u s history this is it folks its flynn has suffered enough it is time to move on you it is time to let this thing go this is disaster this is a decorated lieutenant general in the united states military who serve this country honourably who made a stake he has suffered enough it is time for the pardon on this and do it before the election this is insane
last month we don't go anywhere i get this video this is hysterical a buyer our bodies a campus reform cabot phillips coordinated great work hisses them on george down asking people statements that were made is that racist all that's unquestionably raced up i said i'm not as our reasons i love clips like this up and approves a bigger point that's gonna be the theme of the rest of the show about how the democrats and lives don't really have principles they just running completely unemotion because when you challenges it was like hey obama said i think i don't know what to say their clueless their lot i today show brought about this and i have a lot of i mean this evil and sponsors there great but i gotta tell you this stuff is save my but you have no idea how many times i have very serious it's called cry or freeze spy all max it looks it looks like a lot like roller baldy honour it see we d oil menthol in it is i mean i can't say of about it
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they only pay for like sixty second read i like it so much i double dip because i know i can help you with this product go check it out ok i'm moving so the video we been teasing cabot philips had tipp campus reform really great psycho check it out there but a college campuses big they go to student but he's got a man on the street things a hey listen to this quote this is awful it then and there like i add its totally racist and i may find that at the end it wasn't who said that it was someone else check this out donald trump announced this past week that huge the urging ice and other administration forties to seek out people living here they did a broken law to deport them have a occurred for you here that's been making around social media about the deportation criminal illegal aliens we are a nation of laws undocumented workers broke our laws i believe they must be held accountable especially those may be dangerous that's why we're the past six years deportations of criminals or up eighty percent and we're gonna keep folkestone threats to our security what's your thought and i quote in that policy in general
i think that policy comes from a place of lightweight american nationalism donald trump his kind of like embraced this rhetoric of like racism and xenophobia that has not been beneficial to our country at all i don't think so but really stands through us administration has totally not done anything world this is really amnesty does not necessarily mean that were losing border security i think that trunk feels that way i think that's a bad decision goes back to the united states should be open to me back immigrants they could sir technical guidelines with a fee for reason we have to advocate for those kind of people and people like in congress like cassio quartet who is helping people overcome these kinds of things crimes do not nullify your humanity and people are coming
in search of opportunity must show you the person who said that quote undocumented mormons is that surprising the little way wisest rising cause i thought it was the trumpet dissuasion said something that gets quite surprising festival there's gotta be a theme running through the rest of the show here and a theme is as you the listeners out there you should be very proud of who you are and your ideology i know the left what's a call you pluralist phobic ferber forbes racist beside you get the whole line up you ve heard it a thousand times i get that but one that we all know that of course its garbage i'm but i want you to be very proud yourself why because creating more legitimate conservatives libertarians and strong principle republicans we stand for a set of prince the latter immutable economically health care liberty education liberty the defence of life the defence of your right to defend yourself
big our god given rights for everyone and it doesn't change when republican screw stuff up there up and we call him out all the time at me while i was a month ago we lay sent a pencil vainly republicans for not supporting a school choice but i had no cognitive dissonance no mental friction at all covering that story why because i believe in school choice i don't give a damn about who supports it than i do because i know it works and if you're republican fighting against us you're the enemy to prolific levels of government spending in debts think whether donald trump size of spending bill or not i dont care and you should neither but that's not how democrats are and i play these videos constantly to let you know we are fighting with aside not base their bedrock than any hard set of principles i said this to you on friday this isn't there they make you made exclusively based on emotion not based on principles the notice how they have now if they were
come out that video goes on for a little bit in the interests of time we had a kind of edit it down you can check the whole thing out a campus reform they do great work we an article about you know that competence for students i raise more immigration quote until they find out it's a bombing you can check it out watch the whole piece inept it's amazing how they go on to apologize for obama after that i saw the statement just two minutes earlier joe you said was nationalism and racism is now not only not why grass nationalism racism now it's perfectly ok because obama said it these people don't have prince they're not arguing principles why does matter to you know why am i telling you this about on the show but in the middle of twenty twenty election ladies and gentlemen the essence of the debate with a liberal you have to understand their not debating you
principles are going to try to out emotion you when they try to out emotion you you drop a bigger emotional bomb in their heads the fact that obama said the exact same thing when they try to present to you facts which are usually wrong you out fact and with the correct facts now the theme of this how they don't have principles and change their position in a moment you have to be aware of this as a tactic and you have to use their own words against them like cabot philips did with obama to show with them and the third person listening remember when you argue the liberal you're not going to change your mind but you make the mind of the people listening around you when you use their own alleged principles against them and show the third person that they aren't principles because their only principles when they apply to trump obama oh no no no it's ok it's not white national that person listings like wait disguise a total phony the liberal or woman i have a couple other stories about this new york post
new york the liberalism capital the known universe in any own many other string theory type universality love i taxes right new york posts edinburgh july twenty first twenty nineteen wealthy new yorkers or ditching cities high taxes for miami floored folks liberals love high taxes until they affect them and then they flee and come down here a lot of syllables and florida where i live now people coming down or conservatism republicans but i've covered this story peter they your pray nepal is what you want live in a place what high taxes because this going to lead to a better world more thrill of philanthropic benevolent society right then why are you leaving one here are the highest rates of exodus from people out of new york can california into texas in florida
states that are not liberal stage why if these places are such bed rocks of these this pantheon humanity that top of the totem paul where everybody wants to live and pay i taxes why do people keep believing because it's not true that's not a principle our principal high tech great we love these places it's not your leaving flowers doesn't have this problem texas doesn't have this problem you have this problem here one i mean who is the most radical far left this we have running for president right now bernie there's rain so paused there as a great piece in the wall street journal today tat apparently drew up some guys campaign some like enemies less like eighty people like us or whatever very mixed sony in but i suppose the rights listen bernie sanders belongs on his own enemies list and positively
an amendment we're talking about here how the law does not have a coherent set of principles they argue on emotion first on him again it's all cool as long as obama doesn't deportations a great when obama that's right on taxes their great till i have to live on their men i leave positive lays out three percent rick instances where bernie sanders you most radical far left this is in this race no question about it you guys are three instances where bernie sanders can't even meet his own guidelines or principles for what he believes he's fighting for this is burning on capitalism quote from the positive peace april fox news town hall mr santer seem to agree talking about wealth asked about burning personal well sanders said quote if anybody body big so should apologise for writing a best selling book i'm sorry i'm not gonna do it he was adam in his
of capitalist virtue bernie sanders again if you write about selling book who could be your bones to what a great system but a great system is positive folks do you understand bernie sanders is arguing for socialism not capitalism he is arguing for the governor and take over of large swathes of our economy because he believes the wealth is evenly distributed despite the fact that savers has become a millionaire for doing absolutely nothing his entire career has been leaching off the government and writing a book about it and he believed ah you earned it you can your millionaire yes i know that's called capitalism when you work produce value are compensated for it he's a fright these are his own words someone
it comes out on wealth and argues the wealth is unevenly distributed the first question you should have for bernie when liberals bring a most you bring more emotion is bernie why you donating your wealth i dont understand you keep that packing millyard billionaires you are one why are you not redistributing your own wealth and showing us all how it's done the answer because he's a fraud he's a fraud these are not principles this is not like what i would school choice and low taxes and in this i can remember we believe these things regardless of in office night democrats don't these are not principles for them they are emotional talking boys redistributed well what about your what mamma wealth he's
foley he's a total fraud oh it gets better posters bernie goes out about taxes member taxes should be high everybody we had a double taxes on everyone for pay for my government run healthcare system is called number two as this piece is nor do i bade stock of himself here andy positions on believe we should pay more in taxes book sales are undermining come that qualify and for the highest tax bracket nonetheless bernie took advantage of that just a reduces gross income then took full advantage of the lower tax rates available because of the tax cuts and job active twenty seventeen the trump tax cuts which birdie opposed when asked about it bernie said come on pay the taxes that i oh by the way as paused red same is true of every corporation he criticised for not paying enough so let's be clear on this bernie sanders corporal
since our not pay it up that's his stance he supposedly principle guy right brain well that's enough enough is what you are legally obligated to pay which is exactly what bernie sanders did he paid the lowest tax re honest millionaire book sales that he could and matter i took advantage of the lower rates after the trump tax cuts he didn't they the old rates but he wants you to a new company why because bernie sanders is a colossal fraud that's why he is a fraud be proud to yourself hold your head up high knowing all these liberal insults and attacks on your character are nothing but a poor reflection of them looking at themselves in the mere they have any character they don't stand by a set of immutable principles data
are you things they want you to do that they won't do themselves frauds bernie this is why on way this is a classic on wages the sanders yes from the positive pc bernie sanders care pay manager fire you should care said our campaign for his wages and benefits competitive what other campaigns them or in other words the orkut rate that didn't satisfy the critics mr secure and acid we are limiting our so no employees receiving less than fifteen dollars for any hours work mistresses in other words doing when any reasonable employer would cut it employees hours while of course he is course he's doing so bernie sanders who made a staple always an unprincipled fraudulent campaign agenda off eighteen dollar our minimum wage for everyone else in the economy refuses to his own campaign team that so when four to pay the money he doesn't have like businesses who are forced to
a wages they can afford to pay when employees are producing that equivalent amount of value what are we going these have to employers have to do they have to cut hours which is a actually what sanders team did to avoid paying the fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage this guy is a total fraud is a total front now fair enough you may be saying you solve why you spending so much time on bernie sanders is east languishing in the paul's now he's collapsing in states he had done well in unless campaign against hillary clinton ladies and gentlemen do underestimate the power of the sky number want to make a comeback but that's not really what i'm talking about i'm talking about it because sanders started a revolution a revolution of frauds within the democratic party these ideas that even obama held sacred awhile ago few like your plan could keep your plan this other stuff are now being disavow
by radical left this all over the party folks i'm telling you we're in real trouble bringing this up because bernie sanders is an ideological guy who has dragged a democrat party into the dregs of radical far less this and even if he loses will still be an important figure do now underestimate this guy and i bring em up and i exposed him for the friday isn't i ve been doing it for two years now because there are people who still believe this guy is legitimate he is not here legitimate phony who doesn't live by his own principles when it affects impersonally and yet he wants you to do the same how do you back this you can't you can't back it i'm starving why i got up early for foxes friend ass i do fox in france sometimes pretty early and so market like a quarter six or so and i ain't really early and i used to go to the gym after this i am die and right now for some food i would kill for one of those
we have one of those i thought i might die and rain now my stomach is grumbling the act what can you you can hear that cannot i can't hear this as i come over the that's a little lower lilli gruber gather up against the greatest elevator ok again on principles the theme of this last portion the shell how they kept the democrats argue on emotion tax the rich the you pay more now mortgage honourable obama deported yadda neighbour ok we dude i are dogs in new york but when you do i'm movin here's nancy pollution as a piece the wall street journal today about these thing bills come of this is gonna be a disaster folks i'm tellin you right now i hope trump sticks up to the these stands up to these democrats the democrats and this thrift republicans in congress are pushing for a two year budget bill the editorial what's your journal calls in their peace you see up there in the screen youtube debt cancellation
if you want to watch a video a bad budget deal trump can call policies blah blah over the federal that silly now to be clear what this is about folks coming up soon it's gonna be a reorganization of government spending the democrats and a spendthrift republicans why the two year budget deal that is going to absolutely blow up and destroy the federal deficit and accumulate debt we will there's no way we'll get out will reach will be buried in late june be swimming in writing forever right there are some publicans who are holding fast and saying we need to every institute to be see did this sequestered spending cash to control this spending republic as you say let's just do a sea are continuing resolution at last year's spending to be clear the options policy it's a two year spending deal which is blow up our budget the turn right now is to shut down the government of course we should be probably not the great thing pull up the great thing politically but at some point i don't know what else to do but they're not
continuing resolution today spending levels which are still high but are less than what policy wants now pelosi no she's in a little bit of trouble here because we're going to pump up against the debt ceiling tune and if we don't up the debt ceiling there may be significant issues with creditors with people who like us money pelosi saying we're all the presidents better sign this because you don't want to mess around but he was an interesting quote from nancy pelosi in the wall street journal today showing you again how are principles changed depending on who's in office quote mr pelosi as a continuing resolution is unacceptable and she's holding an increase in the debt ceiling hostage to a two year deal she wants you to your deal now to see are the federal debt limit we reach some time it's of timber but we doubt the speaker will shoot that hostages a debt default meares here's a quote by nancy policy this is absolutely terrific when obama was present folks the republic in congress must take the prospect of a catastrophe
quick to fall off the table pelosi said twenty fifteen republicans rain congress barack obama president she goes on there the rating of the united states is not a hostage to serve republicans toxic special interest ideology as the journal accurately it's mr tromp can now use their quote to call her bluff again aren t you she will change her mind i don't think she cares about having an bluff called at all in other words she d a debt that using the debt ceiling is leverage was catastrophic when obama was president in other words public as you better send obama bill because if we default that's your fall now the trumpet president she's doing the exam same thing you get the same jobs as rigorous as holding the dead ceiling hostage before they send a builder presidential she's doing the exact same thing and now she switched our position that we should use the debt ceiling to leverage the president into signing a spending bill that's gonna put us on this basis
i'm of rhetoric they don't stand for anything what is why position my position never changed as as many of yours is not changed government spending deficit fight and seeing dead financing is a bad thing we're running up mounds of ready we can't possibly pay back i don't care if trump signs the bill or it doesn't matter he said i think it aside another bill like this we should hold them to it is unbelievable democratic change positions at the drop of a hat it doesn't matter because all they care about is emotional political victories how many more examples that we needed this i can't believe i got through this whole thing is amazing our final story today is our mahler smack down again the smaller probe ladies and gentlemen has been a joke i think we know that of course wednesday he's gonna be up on capitol hill test
fine i'll be due in a show for you to morrow i had some highlights of of what i think should be ass they discussed at a little bit on fox and friends this morning but i want to show you how awful is investigation wise here's a piece the washed in time say bye when scarborough being shown oats please read it is very good pieces title federal judge eyes with russian company rebuke smaller and bill bar bar because he's the j but this is really a rebuke of mahler almost exclusively what happened folks mueller in his mueller report the mahler up as i call it seems too puny integrity of this company called concord and suggests that they were working the russian government to end trade our election now com let's find other some are backing concord what else there's an indictment against concord they'll have their day court bob you know you're innocent till proven guilty in this country even if your russian the rush
busy your title to due process right right what happened here joe is the mulder report seems to suggest a concord was working with the russian government to infiltrate ass with our elections by social media stuff manipulating spoke in other words and twitter and other stuff out there we'll concord what to corporate your laura giotto ok wait a second that's not me indictment you can't prove that folks again additional evidence that the mulder report now mother may have something on the side but we when seen it additional but it's a mahler seems to always take the position of writing up things against the trump team and other people violence is concordance to make seem nefarious when he doesn't back it up put evidence was talking to constantly called ok ladies gentlemen constant column was a source for the obama administration i dont get it if metaphor talking polemic means metaphor of russian spy howard
people in the state department talking to colombia not guilty the same thing if this cup but he conquered in russia was working with russian government to overthrow our election ladies and gentlemen then where's the evidence in the indictment against concord totally smack mothers report down to this guy's you can't say that the meeting with vessel that sky a trump tower with don junior was so bad the russian lawyer then why is russian or you're working for the company hired by hilary not equally is bad you fear and smaller operators in opinion peace so that serious legal document and i'm really hoping it will get into some more of it tomorrow please don't miss the show about what republican should ask mahler this is a golden opportunity to expose the smaller fraud for what it was
a fraudulent which on design only two intact the integrity the trump administration and keep an obstruction probe open so they can hurt the term presence it's the only reason who boy i was a statue man i folks thanks you for tuna really appreciated police subscribed to a show youtube com slash bungee no elections and subscribe to the audio show an apple pod gas google podcast i heart radio and sound club we really appreciate it see all my ticket you just ten bond gino she you can also get dan's progress on itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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