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Another Mind-Blowing Connection (Ep 1192)

2020-02-28 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the latest garbage from the lying Democrats about the Trump administration’s handling of the Coronavirus threat. I also address the reappearance of this key Spygate player as the scandal continues to grow. 

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee no general welcome back to see back their budget are showing a pat very well yesterday this that i got a loaded show i know i say that offered by today is stacked up you oh my running operating thesis for the last month has been watching these people in the swamp all know each other and other and have something to hide all i promise you i haven't told john paul knows a little bit but i've got a story few you today member i would say remember the names another name resurfaced yesterday this whole spy gate debacle which is going the nuclear bangles again i'm in a cover that don't miss it i got that i've got some more bernie stuff election stuff corona stuff don't go any
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now that i think as a movement making a huge mistake if you believe pumping up bernie sanders is going to benefit us in the long run i believe the catastrophic mistake there are two current parading theories right now about sanders campaign let's call i you know operating theory number one we need to pay pop bernie sanders as maggot activists and trumps supporters and republicans because if we pop bernie sanders she's easiest candidate to be and that's the best thing for us ladies and gentlemen i think that is a catastrophic mistake opera in theory number one might theory and a theory of many others out they are tucker included is that we are causing ourselves a potential cataclysm in the united states by not understanding the danger bernie sanders and its tragic ideology right now and today huge mistake rule ninety nine out of one hundred km strategic
jake political error to in any way defend this dangerous human being and is disturbing ideology don't believe me i know many of you like tucker here is a minute in fifteen second clip of tucker costs and last night sounding the alarm on bernie sanders and pumping this same thing i've been telling you four weeks this guy is a threat that has to be stopped right now not tomorrow play that all of a sudden centre bernie sanders of romania's the front runner in the democratic race as if tonight centres has by far the best chance in the whole democratic party of getting them nation so how should you feel about that with your conservatives probably a little hard to take the whole thing syria for one thing it seem to come out of nowhere nobody expected nobody on tv warned you was going to happen for thing tenors isn't half as god level offensive is someone like say elizabeth warrant on
worn sanders is obviously sincere about what he believes he means it is not the right enemies to seen in appears to hate bernie there is every bit as much as they had donald trump that's a plus like everyone else on the left centres talks mostly about economics rather than potan and non binary bathrooms and its here someone focus on things that matter for once wasn't like sanders is gonna win the presidency you keep hearing people on board side saying there is no possibility no chance the world the bernie this will get elected president november and that sounds right basically the guy while of a socialist come on now this is america that's it we're telling ourselves but are we absolutely sure that that's true last herself this who was the last candidate they told you on television could never ever win oh yeah the current president iq
thank you talker folks please trust me on this review trusted anything i've said to you we ve been the carbon spot curve choose me on spy gate on the mahler hoax on the impeachment hoax the ukraine over i have not let you down when we made mistakes we ve corrected them telling you i'm not making a mistake with this analysis pumping bernie sanders other the mistaken belief that he's gonna be an easy candidate to be why ushering in the devastating effects of socialism in the united states i see you not in your head joe is a catastrophic political miscalculation that we'll have tremors you will feel for decades please i'm begging you in the name of everything that's couldn't right i'm not kidding stop this nonsense today not tomorrow not next week there's no operation chaos to help in the only operation chaos will be chaos for the united states of america this guy is a destructive force you don't understand now let me make two hasty you on what i believe are let me give you some
fucking points in simpler points to take away i can sum this up why telling you the danger like tucker said but not explaining why is a mistake let's make it too i'll distill it down too to take away the number one bernie sanders bernie sanders why yes we stop now number one takeaway famous last words its socialist countries infamous last words even better you know it from his last words are back it never happened here well i did now you're reading squirrels it did happen there you know many people in venezuela how many people when cuba how many people in north korea how many people in the soviet union how many people probably said nobody's gonna believe that crap nobody's i believe in venezuela and free stuff look what happens the average venezuelans down twenty pounds is eating their pets right now to stay alive you think this is a joke listen i'm not again lecturing my you guys and ladys are the best they get a ton of support of emails i am simply begging you as a friend not as a
actual or not as some highbrow alida snob i'm not you know that's not me i'm just again humbly and with the greatest of respect ask you this please don't buy into this nonsense infamy last words in every country devastated by the ravages of socialism have been that won't happen here that take away number one take away number to do not under these circumstances underestimate the power of free folks we're very inform listers on the show i know because i watch your tweets i read your feedback i read your email sawdust paula sodas joe joe joe has one on twitter joe gets as many tweets i think as i do now we read it i get it i hear what you say but i think mistakenly believe that there are a majority of our new groundswell of bernie supporters who understand free and that their
can i buy it i'm telling you not you but the bernie supporters don't understand that free is not free they don't get that it reminds me of the vote is a milton friedman who sit here the shame of government redistribution is you think your neighbors are paying for things but your neighbour it's the same thing you get the joke it's a joke there's nothing free they don't understand that they really believe a money fairy exist they don't understand the government doesn't create anything the government is a net taker it is a text that is the equivalent of washing your money down the toilet ball with the exception of our military courts in our law enforcement is never gonna be sent spent efficiently they don't understand that these bernie supporters and i think you are underestimating the power the residents in people brains are the word free and what that means to them it doesn't mean to them what it means to what is at the princess pride i dont think you mean origin you you think that means which you take it means they don't get it please
again i'm not in this segment on this note i am with the girl it is the respect humbly begging you two not engage in these whenever you want to call them chaos operations and whenever it is a huge catastrophic mistake he is a threat be taken seriously to you your wealth your prosperity your kids education your health care system your job your home and everything that matters to you more on this on other shows just there programming note if we can sound all official if you shall we locked down our first three interviews yes it will launch and hopefully this weekend maybe monday workin on it now we we had a great interview s ricardo page david harris terrific activists we view it as congressmen doug collins running for senate but who's been a lead figure and spy gate impeachment look for that youtube that com punch you know swinging i can amount to miss the carter page that it was really awesome moving on
ex proving again that there's just no depravity floor for the damn just when you think miss secondly that they ve hit rock bottom and they're not gonna go any lower they blast through that if the first floor depravity for they get into the basement and the subterranean levels or the whole mind me they crawl space we had in my own have my old house and glenda we're god forbid you got caught now you probably not be eaten alive by roads that's where mary that's where the democrats are not eyes the snake in my house when i was coming in late and i'm sorry mom i dont know if you that was what that's what we actually use every year we got right in there when i came in late at night and sneak up stairs but that's where we are now what do i mean the rona virus operation by the democrats in what i say operation i don't mean the operation to stop the corona virus i mean the political operation to damage republicans and donald trump is of these ciccus most
magic disturbing things i've seen in politics and e on and it i'm sorry i'm looking to carts like they're here who have you not falling on twitter you're making a huge mistake here he has he's a neutron bomb on twitter but they are what did kurt when you agree the democrats on the corona virus have been the most disgusting thing ever as it's not they'll do low i mean seriously all day they are the worst i mean hand they are the work when you think they ve hit the floor in how low and grotesque they can get this corona stuff i just said is like to crawl space of the basement for democrats it is pathetic like donald trump force the chinese to eat penguins and bats really croesus by the way you are the first cast we ve had on the show unlike forever so thank you for your comment to weaken they follow you on twitter because people at conflict or look for the hashtag caring and you gotta come on my show and i might add because i you know i love you're the man there you gotta from kurt whose fireball on twitter like me i'm not kidding this through with it we ve corona is absolutely growth it is seriously the cross base of politics now
when the associated press paula the associated press when a pay time a pay about the left wing joe a pay when a peace back checking you a left leaning outlet the associated press of far left liberalism is fact checking democrats on corona an absolutely wrecking them in their pieces ladies and gentlemen you ve got a significant problem now thing i cannot believe i really would it i kind with a straight face and i'm doing his first we put fusion tens piece up yesterday nbc news but using an app switch will be in the show note is insane but the air these calling out the democrats on to talking points that are false they are horrible and you need to have the ammunition to go out and dismantle your liberal friends and their corona virus hype nonsense because this stuff it's not you it's ok let's go to ip article eighty fracture headline
crash distort corona virus readiness when i saw this on bread hume's twitter yesterday i almost draft and passed out and had a heart attack i'm not even kitty because i'm so stun that the ap would do this to their friends the democrats now what's the first myth rumor debunking liberalized nonsense talking point they put out there well it's a damaging one the damaging one is this year buying and other presidential candidate saying they said trot cut cdc funding look how all this is so let's go to a pay again left leaning a pain what they had to say about the president tromp real he caught centres for disease control funding oh my gosh in the middle of a viral outbreak that's really horrible you clearly gotta voted out of office ripe quote a p said joe biden compared the obama by administration with now biden said increase the budget of the cdc in the h national institutes health budget for liberals out of trouble i bet all out he cut the funding
for the entire effort joe that's devastating and viral outbreak tromp he's really terrible that's awful skies and where is the worst we better call him out there what what's the problem the problem is not that happened it's colossal bs because actually a democrat still even ap here's yea restoring quote the facts there both to say the agencies are seeing their money cut bloomberg repeating this false allegation in a new era that states the u s is unprepared because of reckless cuts through the cdc here's the reality folks again if you're not here and it's on the show you probably not hearing it anywhere probably fox who actually gives a fact stupid terms i have proposed cuts to public health only to be overruled by congress where their strong by partisan support for agencies such as the cdc in an age instead fine
it's a guess increase that can possibly be right paula my reading correctly did that say increase i'm getting a confirmation job as a double covering cdc funding is increasing the trap administrate exit confirmation dalmatius thanking our communities poyser could possibly muster up so talking point number one that administration has effectively cut cdc in an age funding is paul you fill in the rest it rhymes thank you from the audience i'm not sure if that made it over but if it did you know what was said but i think they're directional might so i think we're ok but there you go it is a nonsense talking point it is made up now this ap article will be in the show notes but gino calm slash newsletter if you want to get the show notes i will emily's articles you but you may want to keep that screen shot up on your phone for neo liberal friends tell you how awful europe is for cutting cdc bar funds which never happened but there's another take away i mention this last night with that fisticuffs
i had been a rather i hannity last night with joe thought was hysteric i could see him laughing already so ap part two here's another check on so quote the cdc response has been excellent as it always has been in the passage on our back the president of a non partisan group which might there's government at all levels of the nation's responds to health crises some demo rights of charges trump decimating the nations but health leadership but our keep in mind this guy's a non partisan being questioned by a left leaning out the ap this guy backs it cities these top scientific rags have remained stable during the past three years in other words ladies and gentlemen p s nonsense garbage cross east welling democrats talking point number two that that the cdc leadership they d decimated
kapital of the heads of cdc leadership nobody's around trump didn't he cut their funding that is nonsense to the same leadership has been their roughly for the past three years that is not true folks what's happening now is really gross i and this is why i constantly tell you the new rules are in effect you know you never supposed to tell the audience what show is not for them if it's yours but i mean this phrase this show may not be for you if you like in a play nice with the left because i'm done with that that's over the democratic politicize anything no matter how depraved gross and disgusting it is an i'm downplaying nice the new rules are in effect and the new rules that we are going to fight back viciously than with a passion and when the democrats want to set the old rules in place where we can all be nice you nice and roast marshmallows i'm totally down this income by out with them and tell them my gloves are off line because a sharp and we're going comity style this is not gonna be roberts rules of origin gulf
the new show now in case you think dan you're exaggerating the thread journalism isn't that bad the left really wants to solve this crisis here's another jim from the new york slimy one of the sleazy s newspapers out there right this is an actual headline from the new york times i will not put in the show notes as i will not give this rag one extra click on their dopey blog website new york times opinion section this is an actual headline this is not a joke by god collins who should resign tomorrow and do america the favor she says we're regarding corona she says call it a truck virus no let's call gale collins a moron because that's what gale collins's you should leave tomorrow this is a disgusting peace is one of the grossest things i've ever seen and it's an effort to do what it is an effort to do branding in gas lady to make
president trumps hurricane katrina this is an effort because they can't be trump on the issues to sabotage our economy it is an effort to sabotage ladies gentlemen that's corona viruses very serious now should downplay is the key a virus serious enough to sell off four thousand points in our economy i'm on i may i say author i buy the depths because i trust in the american workforce i think it's a huge mistake i think our economy is an excellent shape right now i think we'd get ahold of our budget we have a fine future we will find a way to combat this vaccines or in the work we should in the works we should give com sound advice present wash your hands you know stay out of densely populated public places if there's an outbreak their other than that we should be ok act like paul carry alcohol with you everywhere i actually want to see this if you watch it on youtube this is it here for
you carry out gaza i carry actual our goal that is our job day ago photos that is actual around three this is actual algal i carry with me at my hands are so dry because there are cracked up obviously has a better chance again infection from but there you go there are times what do i want to show you elizabeth worn in other failing are broken the need for a president who is still trying to crack asia that the formula to win a primary summer elizabeth warrant and one of the more disgusting tweets yesterday the new york times treated this jim corona virus poses a serious health diplomatic and economic threat we must be perfect prepared to confront it head on
so i'm introducing a bill that transfer all funding for donald trump races border wall the h h s in usa idea to combat corona that's a great idea open borders that's of joe in the midst of a potentially deadly viral outbreak i don't know about you but my first solution is always to open the borders and so we have no idea succumbing to sound everybody sickle runaway everybody is gonna be other than elizabeth why clearly thought that tweet through cosette elizabeth and possibly the dumbest tweet i've ever see now just to wrap this up we're going to try by the way now at sea so with this shows been a little different obviously we had our first impromptu kurds licked her door at a break from his own shall we are trying to get gordon chang on at the end of the show gordon they china analysed who nobody knows more about he's a frequent fox guess he had
i'm comments last night my wife was very concerned about corona vice she listened to gordon less ninety sudan if we can get this guy on the actual show even for a few questions he had comments less on a fox i really like to unite the motors we're doing our best it'll be very impromptu we'll sit down we gotta my my dear i have a few questions when we're trying to get that later but just to wrap up this block folks we ve seen just in the last two weeks we ve seen cnn focused on the racial and engender make up of trumps panel to combat this virus rather than the scientists on remember they were complaining by too many white men on trumps panel we ve seen that we now see calls for open borders we ve seen disingenuous lies about cdc funding and cdc management we ve seen lies about trumps travel ban which they called racists and now people are praising because it potentially kept sick people out of the country be prepared folks
again i'm not trying to panic anyone wonderful put you instil fear in anyone's heart i'm just suggesting to you that you really need problem need to be prepared in the coming weeks for a fight ahead that is gonna be devastating really devastating this is to get ugly fast keep knuckle sharp and be ready for new rules are most definitely in effect let me prepare you for this second i wanted to this first because i saw this yesterday this story in the washstand examiner the story the core of it was this christopher steel author of the dick iulus hoax dossier is stunningly coming out again and still defending through his surrogates a dossier document used to spy on donald trump we now know was actually total bs it was garbage it was a hoax document and suckers fell for it
i teach us yesterday about the story came out and i what do i say on the show all the time i say ladies and gentlemen you must you ma if your interested spiky memorize memorize it aims don't write them down member i see them because when certain names creep up again you will end we know how to follow the money had to file the connections i name crept up yesterday which i promise who is going to make your beggars he's gonna get a chapter on my new book now to sell this falls under the headline anti shrub scandals that are all hoaxes these people all know each other they're all hiding something it's the reason they magically keep reappearing so let's start with the article first yesterday and the name that popped up and how you really need to pay attention to the sky because he's managed to here's the radar picture here the sky
stay off the radar for a long time had two to seven nine or by the way and it's a big mistake he's a your player in this than you all thing by let's get the washstand examiner peace whereas in the show notes today upon you know that com please read it it's a piece by the great jerry done levy who we love but you know that cuba can get to see a body has ever the check this out sorry live show again for a smooth trump russia dossier was valid server steel defends controversial twenty sixteen report keep in mind story western two days ago steel is shockingly still defending this hot garbage now you may say it's the name you are talking about now of course steals namely services all the time let's go
take away number one from the pieces so i can set this up way so he says arthur snl managing director for steel company so this guy's wanted steals a coal words here he manages the us company orbits business intelligence penda letter to an end the editor title russia dossier was valid now that's all areas where we have to say no more but he still defending the garbage that's it was published in the uk sunday times it was in sponsor another article last month about a newly released analysis by a british author goes by the pen j pending nigel west who concluded listen to this that is a strong possibility all feels materials been fabricated where's my gavel thing day dig yes ladies and gentlemen i believe strongly this stuff was a hoax from the start so silly comes back to his arrogance and says it wasn't fabricated this dossier real he goes on steel
company orbits intelligence firmly reject this now said we stand by the integrity and the quality of our work which is hilarious because nobody else actually does that it just steel of cash this check now you're not the name i'm not necessarily theseus i've gotta set this up to you understand the gravity of this person is and how he keeps weaving and snaking his way into the scandal take away or two from the then examiner peace you ladies and gentlemen remember the name anthony for now some of you regular listeners the duties skinners of the world are probably like even shows little confusion as you probably know that but you gotta be a bomb gino show die hard to pull this what i meant this guy a long time ago shockingly harry is again in the washstand examiner peace just two days ago
for anti who work as a cyber security adviser on the national security council you may moreover the anti trust police are coming from that's not even possible so we worked as a cyber security visor and the national security council any left the white house in april of twenty seventeen joining a company called after i consulting stay tuned gets better eighth any ferralti was hired by bus feed bus feed you mean the company that lead to dossier crazy how that happens those guys always hired by buzzfeed and the firm was paid four point one million dollars to try and corroborate the claims about trumps ties to russia in steel research wow this is really bizarre how does this keep happening so we ve got this guy just set this steel comes out now steals under attack because its hoax document has been expose you look in future as the audience unpleasant i'm a little concern so steel fires back and says hey jude my hoax dossier was real
gets his surrogates to go out and try to back them up except the fact they can't prove anything in the dossier actually happen i'm one of these surrogates you magically reappears to defend the dossier we know how was i hope is a form fbi agent by the name of anthony ferralti who magically reappears so let's go through anthony ferocity and let's keep in mind the question what's that question you can avoid an assertion ladies and gentlemen the best political advice i ever got can never of a question so let me you the question why is anthony ferralti former fbi agent desperate so desperate to defend the dossier well that's what i'm here for to answer that question for you that's require a little backroom deals presidential policy directive in the obama administration that was issued one time it was called p p d for presidential policy directive airbus ppp forty one it was conveniently issued in july you wanna put that up on the screen july
if twenty sixteen here it is right here again had tipp to seven niner here present your policy directive forty one united states cyber incident coordination what is the role of department of defense now free read what people forty one into the obama administration was it how to deal with a cyber intrusion because they were so worried joe it says it right here about the recent breach of the democratic national committee email system allegedly by the russians now no it's the date on this initiative obama's presidential policy directive forty one july i twenty six twenty sixteen this is gonna get good folks so on july twenty six at the height of the eighties i'm spiky conspiracy just for four days later
days later they're going to open up a case the fbi to spy on trial the obama administration needs a front to put this simple for you they need a front to get the media pick up a story about these russians and how they're gonna be colluding with the trouble with the trumpet incoming potential chump administration trump campaign so well puts this presidential directive hey we're so concern air quotes here about the russians and their hack the dnc which they still can't prove to this day i'm gonna put out this policy directive forty one one i getting out of here i believe ppd forty one it's basically a glorified press release for the obama administration to tee up for the media that they're going to accuse and just days the trump administration of colluding with the russians please referee joe paula since yesterday policy should done we got me all right that's three tonnes given me a thumbs up this is nothing more than a press release by obama to tee up the media that the russian collusion hoaxes coming now pay it
june to the dates july twenty six twenty six tee well what else happens on july twenty six twenty sixteen why jam this self praise thanks but not in this case the steel dossier which there now defending for anti backward flight they go we're still about four days so forever i appears in the news defending the dossier still even though we know it's out here is a memo the dossier which is a compilation of data mammals and what you talk about the russians attempting to cyber infiltrate the united states joe sounds like a press release from the obama administration that's up that's two up depressed telling them we're about to accuse the charred trumpet madrid trump campaign of colluding with the russians now yeah ladies and gentlemen in view what are the chances one in a million on others
this is what it wanted a billion that the date of this dossier is in fact july twenty six twenty sixty one there's no way that's possible whole we can i say that on here no i can look at this now yoke the body rice in its twenty fifth that's a typo this is that that's it hi power in the report this report these dated july twenty six twenty six days we know it's a typo because on page one it clearly says twenty sixty this information is about twenty sixteen july twenty six twenty sixteen christopher steel at obama are both pudding out there notifications to the fbi who already has its don't believe the height they say they didn't get at the september that's a lie there all right here's a job gulf tina there it is both to you my dear here we go there's in part there we go so
dad baby obama's to your new up with these people today forty one and stable they're laughing dance are having to watch ok sorry mister you might have missed my head on the video theirs i t up there but it's worth you look it out and you too ladies and gentlemen what the hell are the chances of christopher steel producing a dossier and july twenty six saying the russians are trying to break into the united states in a cyber intrusion and all of a sudden obama same wreaking day releases p p d forty one saying hey this russia threat to our cyber thing is real ladies and gentlemen we gotta get on this now they're hacking into dnc the chances are a big fat dona this is a coincidence zero sailed show not folks you need to share this everywhere you may say what happened you haven't summed up yet all we're getting there so now we know backtrack a little tell him what you gonna tell him tell him and tell him what you told them right we know
this former fbi agent just reappeared for in the i've seen examiner defending the dossier we knows a hoax now we know these presidential policy directive comes out on july twenty six stating that the russians are coming obama's warning to the media we christopher steel is dealing with the meeting yet be on the same day magically says the same thing keep those dates and mine lives get back to our friend eighty four right this is again our share of river our moment from infomercial wait there's more to for what ray for one in this case here is the result of our body for fbi agent anthony right day who now works were empty i consulting conveniently hired by buzzfeed million dollars a company to go defend the dossier we know is a hoax and appeared on the same day obama put out his press release about this russian cyber attack it can't be
if europe has something to do a ppp forty one come out folks what are the chances are you talk about zero this is like where it can tell you now siri there's no possible way its readers own resume from if the eye can something i know you listening anthony somebody i send this to you but we're onto this don't you weren't so someone's going to send this to a prior to joining fdi consulting mr ferrari they serve this directive for cyber instant response at the national security council wow that's the obama white assets crazy we're u coordinated u s response at all this others all i care about god that's the easy part building on his extensive cyber security needs response experience for aren't they the development implementation of no way president your policy directive forty one like he's what are the chances of bad that's not impossible so for one day
company apparently is getting paid millions according to reports to go out and defend the dossier to this day we still know is garbage clear it was involved in ppp forty one the obama press release basically teaming up the media for the dossier collusion oaks which launched on the same day as presidential privacy directive forty one that for right day was in charge of implementing what how are the chances of that this is crazy talk how do these good at what this is this an export comport now i'm sorry and available for pre order an amazon yet but i'm begging you i always save our job as i told you no more books this one zero well over a hundred parliament do you think maybe a thousand yeah i had to write this one is going to totally nuclear bangles because i'm writing it this way i mean supposing these people chapter by chaff it's not going to be a narrative this book it's gonna be a series of discreet chapters about all of these players
more on for granting more on burundi magically just appeared again briefly the forty one the dossier about russia appears on the same day here's a file foreign policy a magazine if you think i'm making this up here's a headline former senior fbi official is leading buzz speeds effort to verify trump dossier of course talking about our good friend anthony for anti now you may say did you some that up nicely oh i'm not done yet no i'm we're running limited commercials today for a reason because i believe in this particular case here of this gentleman is so important i want to run through an uninterrupted and europe be patient with me with ads on the show and i deeply appreciate and now we're gonna return the favour today folks what else was mister anthony for anti accused of make so
this clearly aware of this presidential active there came out the same day steals dossier about this russia stuff what else was for accuse them well let's go you in older washed in examiner peace yes joe this gets going here by our good friend the unshaven it s great work it will be in the show notice article as well and ladies and gentlemen although the article is for twenty nineteen it is absolutely worth your time headline why dog files for your law suit against fbi jim commies spies in the white house a way eleven but spot so call me had spies and the white ass water chances that article gordon so what are the chances that this article could possibly be about
anthony ferranti well three the article it see daddy oh so from them stan examiner peace there were reports long time fbi official at thirty four i've day work as you cyber security adviser on the national security council and was sharing information about trumpet is aids back to fbi headquarters oh my gosh how one ethical with that being a day who after leaving the government joint business advising firm f b i can seldom was fired bye bye we to verify the dossier but now may be tied to an investigation into alleged surveillance abuses by the arbiter justice an fbi being condemned it by i e g horowitz folks i got like goosebumps here because do you understand that were every week or dismantling the big
scandal of the century and how all of these people know each other and they all i have something to hide so far right he's been accused by media outlets and others with voice requests are being a spy in the trump white ass for jim commies fbi he's the implementation of a proper implementation of presidential policy directive which seems it was based on a dossier not legitimate intelligence i came out the exact same day by the way for they who its alleged than this basic which was signed back into the white house after he left the national security council by his replacement jordan re kelly is well and none of this concerns the media of course it does because did you tell the true story about how these people clearly colluded in a conspiracy to take down donald trump it's only the biggest political scandal of our time phelps this is the most devastating political scandal you will ever hear about ever
please again with humility and respect i ask you share this show or share this segment have to understand and remember these names they will keep creep up in this guy is managed to fly under the radar for way too long now fischer we can get bored non zero ok i'll cover this other say why we have a golden chain when you try to bring a monitor many years some really great it's about china and i think it's worth their time before we get to that have that elizabeth worn video this is a classic folks again this is my this is the year are we all needed this week it's better we bad weak the stock market the corona virus is the lack of an army of analysing the bernie sanders more than once in a debate in the past two weeks i had to take so friend to prevent myself and throwing up some medical professionals are clearly clearly i've got the joke but i'm tired
bernie but we all need to hear of this week and i found them it's a navy red vernon rather heroic in and of itself right thank it for a service but we're not actually thanking him for his service in this particular segment although his services valuable me love and we always think we're thanking him for this particular soundbites where he gets up and talks to another freebie elizabeth warren everything's free and just absolutely nails the fact that why the hell should i be paying off my rich neighbours kids college bill this guy is sir thank you for your service and thank you for this you are they here we all know you're like the man to skeletal or today check this out you're gonna love this i would like you to justify the fairness of your proposed policy to cancel student loans nobody assistance to take out alone so should it not be their responsibility pay them back why i a taxpayer who joined the military to pay for my college education start paying other people's college education and to that extent should you
cancel my mortgage that now drew who is our video he works with us nobody works for us in the budget or shall we i hate that by drew who came up with us couple months ago has been slain and on the youtube through loves when i do this his aim is chris middleton i just sort of the love we love you how do we we love thankyou chris for calling out elizabeth warrant for this nonsense freebie talking point we opened up the show nothing is free i'm sorry whether this i'm not for my rich neighbours kids i love you my rich neighbours are cool guy tat love you your great i'm sorry i
pay first kids college pay for your own i'm not paying the immortality of this is staggering and i dont know why we dance around this we as conservatives need to come and go this is just the dumbest damn idea i have ever heard it might like listen we want a military great a court system ok we want a basic safety two kids you been tragically their parents have left and are too young to take care of themselves other folks you out live their savings rethink here it's you know the emergency room you can't be turned away excellent i am a calf i believe and my faith it matters to me i believe that a hundred percent having said that if you have two legs functioning arms get europe pass out of the sea and go to freak in work i'm sorry coda work go here
ass you see i m not for your kids or your job or anything to work i can't say this enough i know some of you like some of you don't please go to work what is your excuse let me tell you quit story do you not see my lovely white paul i can so hard mom has never taken a day of government benefits in our life came here spoke no english none her mom is like for foot eleven hundred pounds of nothing what you soaking wet what is your excuse call to work i am not paying your kids college one period stop remove your asked from the seat of your couch and go get a job yes get a damn job it is immoral to take from others there
hard work and the fruits of their labour when you can do it yourself i'm not talking people with disabilities some older frocks again about let their savings by no fault of their own and i am not talking about that there charities and things we can do that but fully functioning adults who are fully capable i am sorry get your bought up and we'll get a damn job and you are teaching anyone no less your kids any lessons if you tell them that their education should be paid for by middle class people busting their homes with black long and a damn call my could you don't want to go get a job get a job end of story and the immorality and this is an argument we should be making all the time this immoral it is immoral we make them is sometimes it's conservatives and it's a big one i said the drew this morning on his shall we
into a methadone clinic and we want to argue the laffer curve listen four curve matters but ladies and gentlemen sometimes we just have to make a pure morality play immoral to steal from there roots of someone's labour if you are perfectly caper laboring yourself to pay for thing you can do yourself it is immoral but sanders you saying is immoral what war and is saying is immoral and we should not be shy compassion is teaching into fish that is compassion you will change their life change the life of my mother laws well if you would have if you would have baby there we have thanks i appreciated whenever that alive body of course we have rejected we deplored the moment alright ok so folks here thank you ve i appreciate that things are moving around a library never had
above all as a yeah yeah that's where you could of course or did i hear she does paul does you don't hear so of examining we're trying to get gordon chang over again it's alive show i think he's i'd be swamped by just a little background i ve seen him on fox news quite a bit he is one of the foremost experts how much going on in china i listened to him last night i was on hannity he was on before me and my wife is very concerned about what's going on with the corona virus in china she listened to gordon last night because you can watch the live it's right there we were at sea back and foxes a camera and my wife she said then you know we really gotta put this guy on the show when he had to say was really important going at a more as you still i caught up with this kind of giving
primmer sentiment to kill time for you but somebody what he said here it comes but he's making appointed ladies gentlemen there are serious things to worry about but the information coming out of china i gourd now i you are our first show guess actually cart jumped the rwanda we really i think when you have to say so important i've never interrupted one of unlike shoot first thank you oh it's an honor for i saw was last night you beat you're one of the foremost experts on china you ve written many books about your latest book is by the way what's the its losing south korea is a pamphlet which published by encounter they do these little broadsides and essentially all i wanted to do was alert the american people about what's going on in south korea because their president is left is he's pro north korea pro china and he's making decisions which are atrocious so for instance started go on back this fight and what he did was he led he was intimidated by china kept the border open with traffic between china and south korea and because of that the krona virus now has brought south korea down now i heard you i signed a fox you were up right before me and some of your points were just incredible met effect my wife said we gotta get coordinate the danger i may give us your evaluation of the danger this virus and can we trust the chinese right now in the information coming out of china given the gravity of the threat we can't trust that information what siege in paying the chinese roller has done is imposed extraordinary controls on information he's been releasing statistics which show that new infections are declining and that may be the case but also remember that his policies are to force workers back to their job sites to jump start the economy so their statistics are supporting communist party programmes and whenever that occurs when you have that coincide you can't trust the numbers but we do know that two things one is that there are trying to prevent the foreign virologist from completely studying the outbreak in the reasons why and also the party is taking actions that are inconsistent with this notion of a subsiding epidemic interesting you brought up a point yesterday to when i was talking you off the air that what's disturbing here is some of the data we're getting keeps changing for instance i read the same story you did we believe the longest incubation period was fourteen days now there's some stuff coming out about potentially up to twenty seven days that's frightening is not certainly is because what it shows us that the bug is mutating and its mutating in ways that are making our containment measures ineffective so for instance if you ve got obviously a quarantine period of fourteen days but there's an incubation period that's almost double that it means that a person can be released into the general population and still insect others and we know this is a highly transmissible diseases on average some people are saying that on average one person who's got the disease got the corona virus can in fact somewhere between five to six others now some people say that is less than that but the point is this is highly transmissible yeah that's the or not which everybody should look up and you know it's interesting there's a movie at another there's a movie i think was called contagion awhile ago sammy and have its seat in its fiction but in the movie deborah ann kaye winds they do place they virologists their talks about or not and how that's a very high or not like the or not for the flu i believe is like a two or three thirty occasionally pretty day very infection here where we think two or three is highly infectious worry there's a possibility this is five or six this is we know a virus that is changing that we don't know about it that's really what's causing concern we also those scenes and contagion that has been happening not only in china but also in south korea and iran and in italy and its only because president trump quickly impose the travel restrictions and the quarantines that that's the only reason why we do not have the emergency today and remember our president took a lot of heat from the chinese racist here and also here but that was what saved us exit question i let you go you in high demanding and we're talking to gordon chang one of the foremost experts on china just a terrific guess gordon how do you think this ends for china this is not going well well we know that the chinese economy as contracting is going to take a long time for china to recover and part of the reason why dan you know unpeopled haven't talked about this is because china's trade partners are now undergoing this same contagion so it's gonna take a long time for the economy to recover we see the problems on wall street and thus an indication that this is going to be not only a disease but is also going to affect the financial markets and economies and we're going to start to see supply chain disruptions in other words our shelves are gonna get a little bit bear maybe in a month or two gordon thank you so much for times in order to talk here is an honour to be here thank you so much catatonic feedback they scarcely outfox sometimes take everything that is said about the great gordon chang i told you i wasn't getting right i listened accord last night and really is that this is the time you want expertise because there's a couple thinks bobby said we want to be very serious and vigilant like a trump administrators been but you don't want to panic people are necessarily i think that's the mistake media outlets have made their jumping on this bandwagon not because they want to assist in the situation but because they purely want to make it worse for peace
it will gain i think i've made this case throughout the show when a loaded show today that was a lot of information i really appreciate it if you'd share at all one final note i don't want it to be some listen renders out there i'm getting your emails i'm with you folks there's a big effort on behalf of ready to shut down donald it is one of the most pro donald trump administration ready feeds i am with you folks this is a disgrace what's happening please look it up twitter in these other social media is putting in it are indeed the idea the donald they are true
shut down trumps supporters unready it's a disgrace remedies have always been good to me share and my show i am with you ladies and gentlemen we gotta put some pressure on male female these red folks if you know someone in the company this is ridiculous what's going on there being pressured to shut down trumps support on red it it's a disgrace i'm getting you re males and she's been really busy couple days forgive me for not getting that soon ladies gentlemen thanks again for tuna in peace scribe to our youtube youtube that calm slash pond gino we're almost f warranted down subscribers it's got your audio podcast on apple pod guess thanks again for all the love at sea pack you all arthur ever have we will see you all interview show this greek back on monday they care ceiling just in bonn genomes you can also get dance podcast soon i tunes or sound cloud and followed in on twitter twenty four seven d bone gino
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