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Are the Deep State Players Keeping a List? (Ep 1085)

2019-10-10 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the troubling new allegations surfacing about government officials using government resources to “monitor” journalists covering the Ukraine scandal. I also address the imploding impeachment nonsense and the latest revelations about pay to play and Joe Biden. 

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Did the FBI find over 300k concerning emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer?


Conservatives are civil everyday, it’s liberals who can’t control themselves.


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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee now alas less show the list the law last or somethin ladies and gentlemen you're not gonna wanna go anywhere i list ah who sat talking to my welcome they thereby judo show just how are you today my good friend and so i was talking with the list ok i don't understand you every donwell do a appeared on a list thereby gino shall here like a boy
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all right so before i get to the list of all this is gonna be good the case ladies gentlemen we are let me just understand we are living right now in at least in my times in what i have considered peak government chaos things institutions are collapsing around us they are there is a joke question in my mind there is aid effort behind the scenes to overturn the results of an election you call it whatever you want but i don't make any sense person would argue that now having so that the media and the deep staters our in full revolt against you the only standing in the way at this point is the trump administration the case against this is falling apart though what evidence is being ignored left and right to things happened
last night in this morning and it's coming out so fast and fears i cannot tape anyway that's why the shows been a little last week we have to just get on this stuff right went near number one press release s knife from ukraine about charisma look at this bad boy finance from a barrage of oppressive she's me press release per precision matters about police but from interact ukraine weight maurice were paid joe biden nine hundred thousand dollars for lobbying a ukrainian mp alleges so the ukrainian politicians just to be clear is now pledging lesson allegation we're not democrats again so people are is proven guilty but ladies and gentlemen if there were onshore pinocchio media types interested even remotely in the church or do you think this would be a story you state let's recent here so joe itunes kid hunter worked for natural gas company cooperation despite having zero experience in ukraine in ukraine or with natural gas while joe biden is
point man on ukraine discussing natural gas his son gets a gate a lucrative gig for a thousand plus dollars a month we now find out there an allegation out their surfacing from a ukrainian politicians that biden himself may have paid nine hundred thousand dollars while sign painlessly burdens on tape lobbying to get the prosecutor rest the gaping his son sweetheart deal with the natural gas company fired that by may have been paid almost a million dollars folks where is the media player the media where are you if you are now watching this show every day or achieving hannity for listening to mark live in or reading you have carlsson and the epic times or chuck roster daily call you ve missed this whole story or
on solomon the hill sarah carter you have missed the whole story secondly just breaking this why any news it just happened before your idea to people were arrested care pain finance violations ladies and gentlemen i'm gonna have more on this tomorrow you are not going to want to go anywhere evidence again that a horse desperate to shut this thing down so what dan two people were arrested on all allegations of campaign violations what's the big deal all while turns out those two people were working with rudy giuliani at some point those two people made in uncovering information about the ukrainian malfeasance woodbine and others and they were about to take tripped somewhere ah i
you ve got more on let's call this development while wow campaign my name's violations all of a sudden re emerging again to shut p pull down who may have been uncovering stuff now let's get to the real meat potatoes ladies and gentlemen my carried goosebumps right now here we go here we go so last night if you were watching sean hannity show our good friend and excellent congressmen from california devon nude ass to the nation owes a debt of gratitude for his work on cover spiky appeared on which shone hannity i was on afterwards we ve got chris on a more in fact i was a deuce heard about that well yeah i flatter people did her new debts last night and i doubt you have the numerous translated we made it needs to do next january meeting on initiating nunez translator den good to go abroad of course renewed s talk you have
translates as nunez does not reveal classified information unlike democrats so when he goes on these very careful but his words so i want to pay it play a quick clip sean drops a bar modest show if you missed it man did you miss out this bombshell jobs as an interesting tion twa let's play there my sources are telling me that the former you s ambassador to ukraine evanna my little birdies whispering to me out on all its true or not yet but i'm looking do you know of any evidence that she may have used government resources to monitor communications of american citizens do you know of any of these said citizens might have been journalists well what can tell you is that we know what what pete sessions congressmen from texas now retired we know what he had to say we know that there are people within that were that were
not only ukrainians but also americans at work that the state department who have raise concerns about this ambassador that's why she ultimately removed we also i have concerns that possibly they were monitoring ass from different journalists and others that we don't know but we people who are given us this information policy well what do you figure out you like that cut joe how do you feel about that wales it's got me wondering and i'd really like to know what the nunez is talking about here dan i think i need the majority of the new less translate yeah i mean if was for the new gestures so folks if you're a regular viewer they show we been covering joe biden ukraine crane and the dnc and ukrainian collusion interference in the twenty sixteen election for probably of two years right now extensively in my latest book exonerated and even more
sensibly in my first book spy gait which written with dha dc and and a knob and mad bab two plus years the whole story started to come together now yesterday we exposed how there's some suspicious connection between the whistle blower in their allegation about trumps promised the ukrainians between them language in the wording of the complaint and some of the concerns expressed by ukrainian ambassadors charging bill tailor the ukrainian about so the time as a woman by the name marie ivanovitch who i have been covering entreating about for a very long time why because i have sources like everyone else now we find out last night that marie evolve she get if you ask me yesterday show i cover this extensively marie evolving can't stand trump she could have placed herself in appropriately
she may have placed herself in appropriately image green ukrainian investigations into corruption involving democrats and the truth that's putting it mildly and are being met by saying that the other allegation is she was overseas in ukraine bashing presidency but every opportunity while simultaneously claiming the represent the united states in ukraine higher number two the guy by the name of bill taylor who is whose language in a bunch of tax with a bunch of other diplomats bowed his concerns about trump and ukraine is mirrored almost exactly in the whistleblowers complaint not suggesting tellers whistleblower people my nokia but the tail or may be or have something to do the white house official who fed the information whistleblowers everybody get this area yet ok i know you declared clarified that yet good now
find out that there's an allegation we have been on like white on rice for a long time now allegation that newness inhabited paralysis that your vaudeville and other u s officials overseas mayo been monitoring some journalists and other folks monitoring likewise mining monitoring us oh i see so i slip out of dan notice how we says they'll johnson women were recently confident is on the list of people to monitor from ukraine tomorrow if marie ivanovitch shows up for this hearing on capital hell on friday maybe you'll see some other names analysed the job you serious question i can't you just around their right what are you afraid of man
i thought we were conspiracy there is right now that's what i think all the let me you paul everyone involved and thereby gmos on the market is all a conspiracy less biometric did the it yes i mean eighty obedience may be nice the morons it buzzfeed open on the wrong side of the spider story every angle of it from day one yet they could they put out so much fake news that the fact that you were robust venus hilarious even if it's a bus feed raw nautical yesterday still trying to take a shot at me a john solomon recalling spy gave us conspiracy theory still to this day i kissed by being on the wrong side of every angle of it if its consent this theory and and the consumer percy blog buzzfeed which is legitimately conspiracy block that's all they do is make stuff up if they're right joe why was the u s government monitoring our stuff my goodness we are important
goodness are important as you feel special the highlighted charge lady on saturday side now special that's what i'm trying to say dan i mean folks i'm asking a legitimate question brother if everything we ve been telling you about the ukrainians colluding with ex dnc members to interfere with the election feeding false formation about man afford to get a spy warrant on tromp if we think we ve been telling you about joe biden involved with bereavement if all of this is it conspiracy theory what that work men officials in ukraine monitoring our stuff for you listening podcast that amory oh i hope so we ve got allow more folks we have not even scratch the surface of what's coming ahead we're just what twelve since the show twelve and medicines that show and i we just launch
three tactical nuclear so now we before we move on i ve been a lot more to get you we know there was a list of people to monitor why we ve broken recent years why monitor me john solomon if everything is false and we just made it up why are you so worried we know now that two people allegedly assisting in this ukrainian collusion scandal with the democrats have now been locked up for campaign financed violations right before a trip wow that's awfully albania that timing and we also know that a new allegation is servicing that biden himself the ukrainian mp politician that binding twelve may have received some money after calling for a price you should be fired was investigating the company that's alleged to be
bob in this lobbying in the payoff abide this is just this morning folks this is just this morning before i got to the show you are not going to want to miss tomorrow weather at the drive in even gotten to mueller the emails the eric printscape this show is going to be absolutely stacked okay let's go it's gonna get the sponsors aid they pay a lot to be here i want to read this sponsor then we're going to rock and roll and this is gonna be good supply i'm going to kill issue also brought you by our bodies at ali we love ali listen might you know my view my dogs have adopted my mother in law stars i love the baby linda two beautiful marcie cell of than the death they look great why we give them are we always the best dog food out there you dogs how this important every other member your family started what you feed them but you know it's in your dogs food ali puts dogs first with vet formulated the recent fully transparent ingredients give your dog the healthiest food possible ali makes fresh thrash meals for dollar
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the in this story is deeply troubling apparently an fbi agent says this is from them the fbi do look at anthony wiener member whom aberdeen angus hillary clinton assistant the husband he was running for me or new york he was a pervert while they found his computer they found some emails on this here's a quote in the new york post peace from an fbi agent i'm telling you that we potentially ten times the volume that director call me said we had on the record the agent recounted the steward why is anybody here folks remember call me they found thirty thousand emails now this fbi agent according to this book is alleging they found three hundred and forty thousand emails hillary clinton emails on this computer why does this matter why we bring in the sub now because again member job just conspiracy theories hear me and you know worries folk government people are i saw little monitoring but don't worry we just a big conspiracy theory why would this concern
while this was a story we now again well over a year ago there was interesting allegation that surface had tipp to bright barred by bright by radio interview they conducted with eric prince who conveniently joe found himself under investigation by bob mahler i'll get to that in a second to after this interview surface and this interview i want you to listen to what eric prince said they found on anthony wieners laptop but remember jim call me so don't worry we only found thirty thousand emails joe and we already had em off that's not what this bureau source is telling this book rider and it's not what prince said his sources in the em why pity who is involved in the winner case founded wiener case kilometre play this caught come back i'm gonna die this into the giuliani story again and what's going on now check this out i want to give color on why the fbi why tell me how to do that last week you please you how do you mean
because a waiter gate and the secondary scandal the nypd started investigating it you weren't they laptop and you're not my own those dictionary fifty thousand emails they found more staff unjustly more information pertaining to me an appropriate strategy you guys doing later on now then a lot of other really danny imo information including money laundering surely went to this ah island that you jeffrey upstream the agreement are more than twenty times henry quite yet there is six times a garbage debbie emails criminal activities by hurry my her immediate circle and even by other democratic members of congress was discovered
let us leave it to the fbi and they said we're going to go poverty this if you dont reopened investigation be taught you do the right thing with kind wait indictments i believe i know and this is for me very well placed my at one p p wonderland club in new york am i wanted to do a prescott into reality an additional arrest they were making emily aviation and they got you huge pushed back to the point of coercion i'm just aren't you the justice department threatening to charge one that had been unrelated and we ve done all tat death of aragon or the guy almost two years ago in fact a level push back ye just as important is doing again actually speaking justice in leave
and other related criminal matters why now folks we already covered this end that cut yet again had to break our radio i think this hello interviewing eric prince who eric prince for some background was the former owner of what was previously known as black water eric prince is also the brother of betsy divorce trumps education secretary now joe i don't we cared about whistleblowers i did we not we'd be i judge everybody here the democrats we need to protect whistleblower yes we do we protect them well how did they hector prince let's check years this article in the hill about how they protected our prince who says he has it
nation about a whistle blower about some potentially very serious mixed conduct found on the email system of anthony weeder hillary clinton on eighth at eight thirty metres computer so let's check out this article from the hill yes that's right yes prince fines of under investigation that's why bob lawlor and house intel committee at how soon can afford of criminal prosecution eric prince how is this how why is this this is just that it brought by the way i thought it was furthermore i don't we were edge edward prince says hey this anthony weena laptop that now an fbi agent is also passing on to an author contained a lot more of hilary says hey this anthony weeder laptop that now and fbi agent is also pay sing onto an author contained a lot more of railleries emails than initially stated now to be clear i can confirm on the show it's not my source that what
france is saying is accurate i can't i don't know it contained information about epstein i don't know i haven't seen it be irresponsible i'm telling you eric princess not an unreliable source number one the guy but a serious business background has been involved for a long time a number two isn't it worth investing i got a quid pro quo we're off limits that their words he's making it allegation joe that there was a quid pro quo i thought that with huge quid pro quo we're off limits that they weren't supposed to happen to you some men prints right this is disturbing destroys disturbing hands up and not to the left just ass ever print says that this stuff was so dirty and filthy on their backs nypd was going to hold a press conference themselves to indicate that they had found some grotesque stuff involving
the clinton's codine mail and more email them they said was there and that the deal j the princess source pressure deal by pity to shelve the press conference and threatened would charges on the eric eric article six who died remember without the the cases was a seminal moment remember a case surely that they threatened charges to make this thing go away gentlemen do you understand the abuse of power that would be if that was true now again i'm not reporting it is fact it's not my source the point i'm trying to make is not resurface these allegations for the sake of resurfacing them i thought we were concerned whistleblowers who prince appears to have a whistle blower and quid pro quo for something deal bring your blog about events but totally erroneous he's got a sore indicating the justice forcing you are going to make this
sure go away or we're going to look into your guy and make charges in this and why pity case level charges but that's not what happened a prince joe eric prince was not celebrated as a whistle blower with allegations of a quid pro quo he's being put under rest legation by bob mahler for what you ve already covered and by the house tell committee folks on a very serious no tie in this back this morning this giuliani story about these two people who are now being arrested and charged on a campaign violet who may or may not have been working on this ukraine case this is serious stuff folks i'm not mess around you know i know i'm not sure express to you the gravity of the peril wherein right now now my illness republic when i woke up this morning to two messages
about my name be it on a list i'm not scared you whatever i'm not i mean i'm ready for this fight and i know many of you are too but concerning stuff this is third world china north korea stuff we're lookin out right here they are locking people up using the monopolistic power the government has on the use of force in the taking wave your freedom they have a monopoly on they are clearly abusing that power to silence any whistleblowers and any revelations about government quid pro quo the obama administration whether its biden whether it suggested department whether its russians and relaying sources to the united states about trump they are trying to make it all go away what is tat
carson say in every night and his show on fox folks with the left the virtue is the sin they want a virtue signet look john where investigating campaign violations against these giuliani guys look joe we're investigating tromp in ukraine look job we're investigating eric prince for its collusion stuff they want to appear virtuous they are really doing is covering their own since i thought prince wasn't whistleblower or at least had access to one maurice why you're not even concerned about these serious allegations of payments now abiden edison nobody is concerned we are going to look at them maybe they're false there's a way to figure that out joe you know what you re too journalism this is a disgrace this is disgrace this new
work is not written by some right wing conservative about these fbi discovering with yemen pity the surfacing of three hundred thousand plus hilary elsa wieners computers anybody care about this at all unbelievable i sell s sponsoring good cause i need like a mental because it's really overwhelming idea you're on a less stall that's great what catalyst for my kids from maya seventy rob birthday part not or not that last year on a list there watching your stuff got another they come and by the way to anybody listening this initial right now here's my message to you go yourself get it if you think for i'm not kidding if you think for a second year
intimidate or frighten us into not talking about this looking at you too you pick the wrong cat i'm not interested at all i've lived a long fruitful life forty four years going on forty five very shortly my bucket list i'll check i am not even remotely concerned about your bs however i am concerned about your bs my folks today show also brought you by bodies at law she'll lhasa i've got another story here too perfectly sample why i m a lost your member listen you're gonna carry a firearm which ideal joan carry naked use the protection of law she of here why imagine your seventy five year old you're seventy five years old at one o clock in the morning five teenagers walk up to your driving with attention i yell at them young if they continue to come closer focuses actual story
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would be one of these stories in the newspaper folks u s law she'll darkened slash the and go check it out ok what's next year ok now i wanna get to this yesterday greg jared is an interesting piece of wood fox now we find out bob mahler joe whose beyond reproach remember just like bill taylor and marie avant of its joe these are patriots their actions or beyond reproach they're not be criticized ever now but a whistle blower like eric pray used to be criticised and investigated remember that we find out from gregg jerry if he's a fox news being shown us did mahler lighter congress about meeting with trump before he took the special council job i don't work i'd like to question whether i dont mahler told us you show up on capitol hill on the record during that ridiculous smaller hearing where you didn't even know fusion gps who they were didn't mahler tell us then he went
the day he went in with rod rosen stein interview with donald trump and the oval office conveniently as folks are forgetting joseph the day before he's very special council in may of twenty seventy the day before you understand miss boatwright more and rose in style go to the white house the day four mahler is named by rosa started special counsel and mahler says on the right by the way and the road he wasn't there too view about the fbi direct your job while that's fascinating because corner gregg jared peace a couple of the witness is that beating say that's exactly what molly was therefore wound so it's not here he said joe is he said he said she said he said he said they said in other words it mothers word i wasn't there about the fbi job and a number
father whitehouse insider say that's not true now why is this so special breaking yesterday but i've got to it if we didn't have to cover extensively to bill taylor jovanovic relationship folks because i've covered part of before i will continue to stick to this day that roses stein was not a good guy in this story right listen i respect the indian of others who feel differently please i don't mean inter party warfare here were on the same team there are differences of opinion respect with a k you got it i disagree i never from day one based on sources my two books ever believed rosen stein had anything but rose ensigns interests in mind he couldn't stand trop folks if you read
two there is a speech in there we uncovered no one else is covered it we found it from the back in that in the dregs of the internet we found a speech one small media outlets covered at the time rosen stein give about mahler that is so laudatory you think it was his uncle since time worshiped mahler read the speed it's an exonerated might book it's out now read it it short he loved mahler i believe he brought more of a white ass the day before he brought mahler the white for one of two things knowing he was gonna be the special council or knowing he was gonna be the fbi director understand either one of those two things rose in gets his wish you can convince jump to make him fbi director great then what
while our do joe uses fbi threats to continue the investigation of the trial by what better spot what fetters body you got everybody who turn right or or job if rosen's time can convince tromp in the may twenty seventy meaning to make mahler the fbi director mahler could do who exactly where christopher ray the current fbi directors doing now what's at joe anyone got a broom and a car brew ago make so go away delay stall why why is rosen stein care why does just i want mahler as either the fbi director or the special council what does he trying to hide he know well there's this guy model this body he knows about we'll do as he pleases and if i just
would you rose and looking out for rosen stein then what is roses stein after hide and why is it so concern folks ladies and gentlemen please broad rosen stein is right in all of this stein signed one of the five s's one of the warrants to spy on trump in the end stages of an investigation into trump they know is a fraud they know it's a fraud rose in stein is ready not all of this size off on a warrant to spy on an innocent american citizen anyway rose in style desperate we need this ought to go away and he's best body mahler is the best sky to make it happen rosen stein i'm sorry with all due respect to the core are the investigators have to believe otherwise is not the guy in this tale folks i actually work four rosans as a secret service
agent in baltimore please i'm late some details out this is now a good guy he wanted to make this co away so what does he do here smaller there is to the white house he tells mahler i zero doubt some version of this sum iteration of what is is this hey bob here's what we're gonna do this is obviously in the planning stage four weeks by the way folks you take rosen stein just so shows up like some rainbow at the white house would mahler for no reason they work early planning for weeks to get mahler as a special council the fbi directory probably tells them this hey bob babo i want you to see this for yourself i dont trust this guy trump he's a loose cannon this is my eyes i think grotius science has not me am i
i you to see for yourself how this color didn't think we could have all been misled and even though i signed the five even though it's kind of be asked me i want you to see how dangerous the sky is for yourself you got him bob you got so here's what we're gonna do thank you wear go to the white house they jogged you play bob caesar the so bob we're gonna go to the white ass you ve track me down with this aim first we're going to push for you to be fbi director it mean turns that down i want you to catches response and see what i see how this guy such a loose counted you track in one area we can work this guy at day thanks pop and he bob here's the backup latin if it doesn't work out and we how come from doesn't bite on the fbi director spot right here's what we're gonna do no worries the next day going to follow up and i'm in enabling the special council investigate him anyway you'll get to see it or for yourself you track sounds pretty cool ride here that's pretty cool here too
good barbara tony blair brand pit of eggs of executive produce very well dodge a very good job and accurate s death happen that's when i entered our good ever of a rod i am speaking on my part of you here we got the purview dude that was good but you always thirdly all my praise you watch the here you know there is a double our entire drew the folks this was a mess towards a train wreck now we find out from gregg jerry and others in this bad this book out that mahler did in fact want the job and now the story entirely makes sense joe you got that ride pretty somehow ye holidays you get it thank you yeah alright i only sakes i want to move on ok now getting back to the impeachment fiasco folks again the case is complete
we entirely falling apart and you cannot get it great answer from alleged journalists who were really propaganda for the democratic party who refuse absolutely refuse adamantly to report the facts in this case there are ignoring the charisma thing there covering this giuliani thing with these two guys arrested as if there's no suspicious question way what were these guys looking into why were they arrested now where are they going let's see how they report on the list when that bombshell drops another thing they're leaving out of this you're not gonna find anywhere on these hack so a mainstream media outlets here's another story a fox but the ukrainian president who allegedly was blackmail by trop can you read the headlines ukraine president says no blackmail and phone call we're trump gregg wilson fox news the article b up at the show no threat such
pretty straightforward here i've been joe you are the audience on but we don't need the audience how much better for this rose is it where do you want which they would be repeating therein the process right now of or trying to over throw the results of an election to tell you tomorrow doesn't matter your choice the president is no good because you're all morons the me beyond the democrats are we getting ready preparing right now you see why my sir and the beginning of the show that the republic is collapsing around us apps and the media is playing a role it nobody to register that the impeachment charge a trump tried you bribery acme only foreign leader that the foreign leader has gone on the recognizing that it didn't happen folks everybody concerned about this you know i was
unless light ingram with with han and chris made progress in that we have the transcript of a call he just made it up people are giving like i think your miss character chris you're just a liar you're a liar gravy and picked it up nobody else after satellite he is he lied to you just made what's in the transcript we now the transcript of a call there was no blackmail there was no deal it's not in there we have ukrainian president no blackmail no deal we have the ukrainian the topic of military aid for an information a hundred by weight even know anybody was upholding military aid what kind of extortion attempt is that this is the dumbest extortion attempted human history we're extorted you for military aid maybe you should mention a military aid then no blackmail did this
but even matter this story what a cover what more angle there sits there was a story on it but there is another thing that surface yesterday while our stories on budgets role with me for a second the word surfacing yesterday now is that the alleged whistleblower get sound suspiciously like bill taylor who work for jovanovic who has the sunset a list apparently swindlers list if you do to your fired at what i could eat with your that's not my purview as one of you have raised a log bad for a job better safety play on a rethink some of our greatest debts yessir maybe a great saturday show your greatest ifs buts up sir cs the alleged whistleblowers not a whistle blowers deep state hack ripe had contact joe with some of it
two you twenty candidate for president democrats i'd then they see their function but listen to this was that this work it's good to show you the fetid stank hypocrisy of the media who as two completely different sets of rules were democrats the media democrat coordinated response to that show that the whistle blower that's attacking tromp now has at political contact with his opponent is no it wasn't political joe the alleged war so blower the contact with these candidates was only in their role as elected affair those are our worry about it then don't worry it's no big deal way way where did we may think what we're when we hear that before the exact same defence you fire republic in that the media and their liberal hack bodies these boot licking sycophants list
no no no no that's that's all that's not a legitimate defence so just to be clear you're you're not gonna hear this anywhere else would you gonna hear hear the democrats defence about a whistle blower making up allegations against president tromp having contact with candidates for office running against tromp they say that the four since it's no big deal because the contact was only in their role as elected officials who said that show who could that be i use likely remember al frank in former democrats senator gleaning jeff sessions the former attorney general online capitol hill about his contacts with russia stow and just she said in my role as a campaign but no he was too he thought frank in question was about in his role the campaign representatives remember sessions at endorse tromp early you track in ethiopia media want what this is why when chef sessions was a senator he ran there's some russia's so always
good catch thereby juno shop self praise thanks but what back in its role as a senator he was not representing the campaign at the exact same defence yet remember the media joe oh yeah you're not here in this anywhere else could catch standby gino shall self praise thanks but what that that was not the french no no no no no no it doesn't matter you met around guy you breast this elbow at a conference somewhere foreign relations with russia that is definitely of collusion you need to you needed finally refuse yourself jeff sessions maybe it was all over it but we have a whistle blower we the exact same story there claiming even believe it was just as elected officials i can't write but the exact same story and the meat
no no no joe this is an entirely legitimate defence nothing to see here ladies and gentlemen acts but remember in writing the elbows with russia wants no no that's no good night now whistleblower no i've actually made contact we candidates running it should not worry they were just selected officially ok whatever you continue being stupid liberal america transparently obvious i've kind noticed says it's originally wanted her elbows with a russian wants no no that's no good now whistleblower no i've actually made contact with candidates run it you're not gonna worry they were just elected officials ok whatever you continue beings liberal america where can i get you
watch and to show you the whole story here's the job story you liberal side the profile shot story liberals don't worry if only miss out on the biggest scandal of our time no big deal i got a couple of things i want to get too is really has been stacked so on the culture war note because there is our things going on and believe me you are not gonna wanna best to borrow shall we read right on i read in this thing from day one read a box and this issue all of this stuff is already all knows
and you wonder why we're on the illusion fifty cardiac arrest i wonder surprise surprise that timber dated one bit man so easily story the ceo of dick sporting goods tax yeah yeah i thought it was a brilliant idea by the way to our pull their rifles off there delves and destroy them yet a brilliant idea but dick ceo admits accompany lost two hundred fifty million due to its eighty on policy they also ordered the dish i should have rifles worth five million dollars from the peace folks if this is not an example some of the dumbest corporate virtue signalling i've ever seen in my life i dont know what is so in case you ve forgotten after part
when the ceo of of of decks decided it would be a good idea in conjunction with the board to stop selling rifles and took the arrival of actually destroyed the the five million dollars worth rifles as if by the way krim all are buying new thereat there there their arms at exporting goods legally which is just so damn that only a ceo of a company like that would believe it sometimes intellectuals is thomas or adequately ceta coupled over some of the dumbest among us right yeah now joe this is again tying this into a story from a few days ago when we discussed this new corporate virtue signalling we're now they're not there representing the shareholders now they had this american business round table thing there now interested stakeholders yeah they called it people who don't actually own value in the company advice the less all these other people folks now you see why we need trumpery elected
we are in the midst of a collapse of institutions sanity rationality economic liberty how does that story from a few days ago about how corporations are interested in what stakeholders not your i'm not interested in a stakeholders i'm interested in the people on the company they ve skin in the game what do i care about it twenty one year old environmental activists what they think about dicks policies about selling our fifth each donors what best stones that eugene stoner the rifle that's donors like people thank you your cares and when you our taking an interest in what stakeholders think and not what
our holders max you own the company it's stupid decisions like this that matter now why do they see how addicts and stack why did you do this because these points with the corporate these play with corporate money it's not his again another example of how even people with the principal agent problem right when you have someone representing your principle an agent it's out their money you don't care bell he should be forced out for the stupid decision but folks its again more evidence of our when you play with other people's money these decisions don't matter even worse stakeholders who already even involvement or at least ed stack is somewhat invested to stock options probably somewhat index company in the start price even worse its direct money he was playing with stakeholders don't give a damn they don't care break up your pension fund even worse time you stories together
what did they base their horrible decision on dicks they their decision on guard rage research garbage body mass colombo resident fact checker for bonds you know that come wrote a piece about this so debts were polar rifles off the shells are so dangerous math recent peace the fbi's newest crime report as bad news for gun control activists so dicks again that's supposed reacting interested stakeholders we would think joe with a multi million dollar company based on research at their rifles were creating some big public health problem here they had destroyed two hundred fifty million dollars worth the company value can you thing to solve it by the way let's look at the latest the research on firearms so to take away from mats peace support this it's an up and you know that comes to go to my email is will amount thea most relevant joe firearm homicides fell fell
if l l seven percent from tat day the nine hundred eighty two and twenty seventeenth ten thousand two hundred sixty five in twenty eighty went down when isolated by type of fire on fire on violence fell the most in twenty eighteen among the types of weapons that we're dead otherwise is the most rivals rifle homicides fell twenty six percent from four thousand four hundred and drinks use me two two hundred ninety seven dude dude god ownership is up joe crimes where criminals use guns i shit down down down again liberals facts another take away from the place about the use of rifle which dicks wiped out two hundred the million dollars company value based on what used to rifles and crimes going down here's another one core formats peace
i feel were relatively unpopular method to commit homicide with it to commit homicide with excuse me they always have been historically why they always are mentioned in the news when their use to kill multiple people at once they compose sliver of total murders knives other cutting instruments killed over five times as many people who are one thousand five hundred fifteen blood acts such as clubs and hammers killed four hundred and forty three while fists alone killed six hundred sixty eight we banning fists what about nice baseball bats clubs all that bantu are they still selling axes index i don't basing this on research are you telling me to virtue signal to a bunch of kids sleeping in their mama's basement on twitter you wipe out too hundred and fifty million dollars you your company value based data you don't even understand
gun possession up go using crimes crime rate going now you know again a story joe you're not hearing anywhere dan you know there's just so many dicks out there i mean they're everywhere and i haven't i haven't all over the floor today where no one since this gun crap no that's a quadruple on andrew we really without legal laughing i take on dicks always very odd jobs a few of his moment settle appear in the greatest show our because had who had that we weren't aunt when we must show explodes do it and we get up the like ten and fifteen this regime dynamic hire someone just do a cost but because it would be fun to events in great moment and i had a lot more to get too i did want to kind of cover this ellen thing
may hopefully tomorrow i know it the ellen degenerative covered to death ellen degenerous and bush but i did i'm an interesting tourism and try to cover it tomorrow also i want to cover call rove peace tomorrow about what's different between this impeachment fake impeachment and a real impeachment ah i'm also if i can't i wanna get through this cato peace tomorrow about these democrats lie about who's gonna get hammered with taxes so again i appreciate your your listener ship this week has been off the charts its all hype believe me over selling the shell joe knows you all have a loaded our bank you please if don't mind subscribes to my youtube channel youtube dotcom slash bonn gino it's free we're trying to get the three hundred thousand subscribers we're moving up very quickly on the youtube charts thank you also subscribe to the audio pod guess an apple podcast also one iheart sound cloud as well although sometimes i propose a little late but you can always
check it out of punch you know that come in please pick up a copy my latest book exonerated and red that's beach by rose and stein about mahler in oh all make sense i promise you too great fine i check your alarm are checking out tomorrow gus out to mar whatever you get the point you just heard tan bond gino yeah you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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