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At Last, Some Good News (Ep 1213)

2020-03-25 | 🔗

In this episode, I address an explosive article in the Wall Street Journal about the Wuhan Virus which questions everything. I also address the continued misinformation and hysteria campaigns being waged by the liberal media. Finally I discuss a critical Supreme Court ruling on racial discrimination and a disastrous decision by the Democrat Nevada Governor. 

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Ready to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bonn Gina seriously, you're, not going to believe the story. I know you are used. The democratic liberal media insanity and nothing surprise. You waited with this. One may surprise you this when even shock me the democratic governor of Nevada Cecil lack that one of the most discuss Thing thing I've seen so far, all in an effort to dunk on Trump today Show Sponsor press bbn, protect your online data today from all those prying eyes out. Their use Express VP, anger recipe beyond our com. Slash buying Gina Welcome The damn bond GINO shows what a news day, not a bad news and the Good NEWS producer Joe. How are you today finds us? Ok to you said something about this this air? Yet I now see
Here's the thing before the show Joe gets too Cynthia the banter between me and Paula, and so I don't hear him because my ear pieces in and he can't believe this story- I'm not mess. It's not like one of those hyperbolic teasing. What a bow you're gonna be stud Joe was like a couple this this is how sick do the Democrats have become a year. I got that I've also got some good now. I know some good news, so don't go any day there is today we cannot doing bad news. All the time I'm here to do it on the ship I today show everybody's out here, like sleep, listen good night, sleep is the come by these days, but he'll sleep, they have a quiz for your matters, takes two minutes to complete matches your body type in sleep references to the perfect matters for you we have it. See matters most comfortable Pictures of ever slept on site sleeping on a pillow. I need it because I'm a terrible sleep or otherwise are yours. Sleep or, like me, a hot sleeper? pleasure, affirm. Bed with you This is no more confusion and no more compromising healing
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helixsleep dot com first and check it out. Jobs. Are I work start out there. We can get to the Good NEWS segment that article about the awful really despicable, Gov Democratic Governor Nevada, just meet me could seriously could get people heart, but first I want to get too affair use up day first today, because I fake news everywhere, I'm even getting it from people. I do. You know I like who have different political views, but I talked to them and I really believe the fake news is the real news when it's in fact to fake news. So one of the things I'm here and a lot from my friends were susceptible to fake noses, man, tromp downplayed threat January. We all knew jogger liberals in the media. They all knew how serious this was. You gotta of course stated day all new. We do Wade's us those evil, Conservatives Fox news and job they played that right down
They didn't get it, we got it because, where smarter than all of you idiots remember we, journalism, majors and college, who never had real jobs, We got it, we are trained epidemiologists, an infectious disease experts. You understood from the start that date is trajectory of this disease. Dopey shrub didn't get that may bowed down and adore. You. Morons lease genuflect at the first opportunity, front of the first media person you see because they are so much smarter than you. Well, tip John, the renew your post, here's a vocs would ve, not Fox Vocs, left, leaning, radical, not bag cited ass. They had a delete. A tweet now Second, we first we have to leave retreat tweet from January. Thirty first show that even the beginning of January, when they knew Vocs the job of the liberals.
Twenty one year old journalism, majors with no real jobs. They knew how serious this was, but they had of the leader tweets from January thirty. First that no longer reflects the current reality of the corona virus story for the light, This go here. What's the treaty deleted this But whose they knew new, it's only from no Ma January thirty, first vocs dot com. What is the corona virus is part of a family of viruses that attacked the respiratory system. Should I try well during the outbreak The city, since they department, advise avoiding travel to China for now. Is this going to be a the pandemic no active John of for those highlighted. Yet no, but they knew jaw yes, Dana, where all stupid. You and I You know Orange man, bad, they knew
the twenty one year old journalism, majors advice is gonna, be a deadly pandemic, now Vocs in humiliating fashion voice did the lead their own tweet from January thirty. First, not thirteen, not first the end of the month. But trot who, by the way and act in a travel, ban understanding the severity of this. Call the racist for doing it by the way by some of these same media. Is he the one who was confused, not vocs. Forced again and humiliating fashion to face plant on the street and delete their own tweet, morons morons. Now fake news up? They section right off the top today. Here its policy? This is her giving a little Goan comedy here. I guess you know she senses the dour national mood trying to light.
Given our best. How we manage our kind of comedy thing, you know, she's on they say, and on the hack left wing media networks, the biggest CNN and after I But again you know I hate toward literally, because it is literally the most over use where in the english language- and it usually means figurative, this is after, I literally showed you on yesterday's show the bill. Nancy Pelosi wanted to have passed with all the port she put in Kennedy centres starve. How many? Why. People. Do you have in your board member that, yes to watch yesterday, showed the energy the bill? Pelosi want nothing to do with the worldwide virus. She wanted a bill but woken Isabel to bail out the the service. How many? Why every avenue boy. This is what she wanted pass she's now, after getting totally wrecked again, I get. Whatever I said, miss they complimentary about Nancy policies, tactical skills- if I ever did, I'm not sure if I did, I didn't I take it all back. This is
the dumbest politician on capital here right now, but she could not get wrecked any more than she's been getting wrecked. She can't she got wrecked on impeachment. She wrecked on collusion. She got putting out of ship in charge she got wrecked, putting jerry madly. In short, Jerry now lurid charge now see playing Hardball foresee how many white people you have a new born bailing out the postal service in the war on virus bill. She thought that was a great political movement, got wrecked again constantly getting wrecked racked everywhere at tea, erecting a wreck erected. So here is Nancy Pelosi again and humiliating fashion and our fake news update. We saw boxes fake news, here's policies, fake news, her new talking point shows that stuff, I showed you the actual bill yesterday of hard knots. Stay put in the import. They loaded into the wonder now. She's dead It's not that existed. Man I made it all up it's her bill, but we made her up check this out.
What is remaining that you watching? Well, the negotiation on TV, Vidal, the I want to have a unanimous consent? I work to be able to go for a night. It's not a bill. I would have written in terms of some things that relate to family medical leave that relate to workers, sections that moving on worker protection, but we can be done. Administratively, we can find other ways not enough money for elections etc. At this I'm all of everything were suggesting just relate, two covered nineteen is not about making law, for the future is about covet. Well, except fighting of nineteen is for the future, but I mean it's not changing. Policy accepted It applies here so again, Many of the provisions in there have been great and because we have you a matter that is making that up.
May say, while she's talking about the bill after they strip that stuff out now, even that's a lie. Even that is alot. Because what I'll get you later is Nancy per of policies. Little edition of yes plan parenthood in their cause, you know job, take. They can't life in the Womb Euro care past. Well, then, I mean you know we gotta. Have these you're gonna get the baby's we can have the baby's step. I mean you gotta get why parenthood stuff now she's she's, just here making. Why do you trust this person? She said making it up here as president, by the way of responding to that same year. When I signed in that, you can basically take that bill you to sanitation for that a garbage check this out. I'm not aside their deal because Nancy Policy came in to put a lot of things in the deal that had nothing to do with the workers that had to do with an agenda that they ve been trying to get past for ten years and
I came in, I told MIKE I told a lot of people there's no way I'm signing that deal. I was getting calls from John Kennedy from thence ass from many many people linsey out, I was getting calls from a lot of different people, say this deal Tom cotton to steal this terrible. What John. They took a deal. You know we almost had a deal the day before and between Schiller and dare mention, it was really a good solid you all of a sudden. They start throwing all of the little a green new deal stuff in right, And the boardrooms what they look like and we want green energy, we want all the stuff. Let's stop. Drilling oil Things are lower than were terrible, windmills all over the place and all sorts of credits for windmills. They kill two birds and ruin. The real estate read a lot of problems are made a lot of problems, and I said I'm not only those with me.
Windows all over the place was good for him good, for I love this guy. Just the point: talk. I love it. I can't get enough of it. Ok,. We're, gonna get to say really, gonna have to get a bit more than with the fake news saying, because his report, we had a come right out a show fire that again? Another about policies, not the only one doing the how we manage our kind of Stephen Right trying, given a little shot of comedy. Maybe a land drew dice clay from the past, whatever it may be, Rachel Matter, you know Moscow mad out from MSNBC. They lead collusion hopes or of all who humiliated herself on national television for two years, promoting the biggest hoax in american history, but Joe Joe. Yeah she's, a road schuyler, apparently road scholar, not a Ben road scholar from the Obama administration, she's, a roadside she's smarter than you- and I owe you know, NEO you and I don't work for living a cop. Then Audio Nigeria needs. We are.
We are more, I may reaches come on where we actually work for all and when I rode scholars like Rachel, I mean all the collusion, semi anybody would have felt for the people, TAT story, everybody. So Basket Moscow, mad cow Moscow Call her Mamma candidature. That's Moscow Matter, so Moscow. Cool hilariously, puts this tweet out yesterday on Twitter feed covered by the daily caller story will be in the show notes. But you know that consular newsletter, if you check out the show notes. Please do so much Moscow, puts this out yesterday. Don't Amplify misinformation: show matter once the media to black out trump. Ladies and gentlemen, that is hilarious, It's hilarious, Moscow mascot
promoting. She doesn't want anybody promoting missive. For me, this is the lead collusion. Hopes are now fried love to have tat, but I forgot to put this out their forgive me out. No doubt this was certain of its twin hears. Article five times a to San Diego, when Moscow, Moscow, mad cow, got sued, first putting nonsense on the air Warrior Lawyer- said the the to say, Diego Rachel Matter faces slap down by using linguistics, professor indefinite professor in defamation, suits our get this. This is ask our mask how's our lawyer. Admitting she engages in a lot of kind of high purple. You know hyperbolic like that. You're acts. Actually how true this stuff is met, lawyer, mass cows fear J, TED, Boutros Junior Gee, that's along. I argue that the liberal host was clearly offering up Joe quote her own unique expression of her views to capture what you because the ridiculous nature of the undisputed facts,
a comment in this lawsuit. This is our lawyer time. Therefore, as a quick, central statement of rhetorical hyperbole, incapable of being prove true or false me said the lawyer this is our law. Can this is great Moscow, Joe Visa Road, scholar, man, ok, cheese or roads? Carl and say so: a mine, Noora, dopey, audio engineer and obvious some silly stupid cop. What are we now man where the real morons we need more road scholars like mask, like my Lord availing, not deprive them. If you see my eyes getting ready, usually means I'm seamlessly laughing at my area, which is a huge big mistake, but I can't help it mass scale telling us not to promote misinformation. Talk about the biggest self on other day on Twitter.
Why this is possibly the biggest story of the fake news updated the day because it is so transparently. So paid to anyone with common sense again. The meat nobody really take. Nobody serious takes the media seriously, whether a joke therein embarrassment there. Disgrace. I support their right to free speech. I always well, and the right to free press is no buts there, but free speech and free press. Who's the right again as we say to be stupid and they always always have to take us up on the opportunity. Just now nor these idiots. I put it out there only to show you how useless they are, if you're still under the mistaken, believe you're getting accurate information from people who claimed to be journals. Look at this AP story here fact checking faction. What is a transparently obvious statement about President Trump AP fact check Tromp claims rising suicides if U S, stay shut, put up the peace.
Four may be it a second bit, so the press is now fact checking trouble statement that until health will decline and they'll be a possible increase in suicides if we ever mass depression, that requires a fat fat check. Are we gonna fact check if trumped says two plus two weeks for next to now? In the peace they actually double down of stupid, this is it Are claiming to be serious people job, you and I are the dope steed, the Smarty pants people here, look at the AP story present maybe baseless, claim of surging suicides. If the? U S, economy remains mostly shut due to the spread of the corona virus. This is a p There's no evidence that suicides will rise dramatically, let alone surpassed tension, corona virus debts. Historically, in a crisis she was
I tend to diminish our society pulls together in a common purpose. I am that I remember hearing this chalk on my Iphone right here. This took all of Ike, so we counted to be sure it wasn't crazy. It took seven seconds and would have been faster. My internet was quicker. Seven seconds to determine this stupidity that statement a job suicides she go down in a crisis. What. Now listen, I never taught my educational credentials because it's stupid fail me what the entrance hall so smart, Errol stupid. I hate that I hate it. Nobody cares about your education, but I mean I didn't spend two years getting a graduate Neuro psychology, little tiny bit of experience, literally never heard that ever that. Yes, if happen, a beast, suicidal and Europe
the suicide people that a crisis is grey? It goes down people not that. I have never heard that. Any sane person anywhere It's a pagan, that's a real story. That's an act! will storage or, if your suicidal, don't you Crisis is exactly what you d say, in seconds it took for me. I had a Google it because I don't even need to go back to study To tell you what the obvious this defence story. There came up with this and I picked this story by unaware. Seven seconds, seven or Joe Biden said Joe Biden, there's no six from seven. I had a pick a left, leaning out like the Atlantic. This is conservative out, because you know if, if again, if it's a fact on a conservative page, the left thinks it doesn't matter, but I picked a left. Leaning out. What the Atlantic
and I wanted to show you this article. This came up in against seven seconds, so sign the economy by Elisabeth Mcbride survive. Woman, whose grandfather kill themselves during the great depression. Apparently forty thousand others did too funny. Folks is now some kind of a German. The joke is the media idiots who are downplaying the massive repercussions which comes from he's from what's gonna happen. If the economy shut out a Trojan, eighty they're not going to be suicides, people are going to be just peachy. I guess Father's name was Roy. You is one of at least forty thousand Americans who took their own lives that year and the next the two year span that suicide rates spike. To its highest recorded level ever. More than one hundred and fifty.
One million people annually is, and this is a joke. This isn't funny stuff spit. Derek making fun of the media is always finer because they are useless. Fact: losers. Twenty year old journalism, major idiots without an ounce of experience in the real world, there not come. But there are not electricians. They ve never bent a pipe. They ve clean the drain. If there that their big the emergency is when they may, they take a dump and they can clean out their toil upon. They gonna call a plumber and he's not available. What do I do? Bobby what I do I had for mature, probably last night you useless feckless idiots. All of you, In a crisis, suicides don't spike. Are you really this stupid now, before the show
I was inside put non this ugly face. I have I gotta put some had a fire on, because I shine like crazy cause of my very oily italian skin, and I thought to myself Joe Wegg get to strengthen the same twenty one year, old journalism, idiots who work at a p and have never had a real job in their life. Who have told us correct if I'm wrong John Paul you to jump in here, any diabetics. This same liberal lunatics working in the media who ve told us that call Campuses man, you can't have Charles Marianna College Campuses, God for Ben Shapiro, this is a micro aggression, that'll caused massive psychological treatment of the snowflakes They need a safe room, crayons coloring books, snugly, and paid by numbers being
they're, so delicate and sensitive they'll be traumatized by life. God forbid bench, Shapiro opens its mouth and a college gap is the same dip we're on terrestrial radio. Now These same. Say by the whole back who told the college, snowflakes or so delicate. Better if Charles Murray or Ben Shapiro Conservative even appears on camp is they're gonna lose their minds and there's gonna be a mental break, matrix style. The same people telling us that are now telling us if we cause next great depression by shutting down the economy torch
worry shoe. Recital people are gonna, be a o k chew on that cod for a minute. You understand that liberalism is a work on the ass of humankind. It is populated by the dumbest people on the planet and their views which are so dumb, made the fight date there. You don't even makes sense, depending on the day they'll changes to micro Gretchen's trigger warning, trigger warning Ben shipping on campus Benjamin. Kevin everybody get your color forms out. I just stated myself everyone: This is gonna, be traumatize in this same area to work telling you that
your waiting, liberal journalism, ballots on I'm telling you that may unemployment, bankruptcy and every the issue? I'll, be right for you to call. You worry shut it down screw the mouth. Pop shop on the corner. Screwed a pizza lay sooner. Screw the landscape outta never job, because nobody, let him near that screw that I'll be fine. It's the snowflake saw a college campuses. We gotta worry about the. Could it be spaces. Are the media setting up safe spaces for the potentially too Thirty million Americans are unemployed. You dumb, I'm not kidding. I guide, sometimes I'd love terrestrial But it really a careful there are times careful, boss, nuclear energy. I know because used to do this for a living and work out how to get the buzzer red.
It is our line of work- and I got a rather salty too- but our you are we going to do that- is that what's coming here or are they preparing these P losers, the morons you wrote this peace. Are they preparing for ten, ten million or so safe room, safe spaces. Whatever you call you stupid stuff, their trigger warnings, gonna be everywhere whereby Bobo. What are they doing, there's gonna be a mass amalgam are eating session. What, Doing so, will we do in and milky somewhere by what we we doing? What are we doing? people out of work that don't worry Joe everybody just spans together in a crisis. Are you this stupid? You morons bans, Gather in a crisis, what do you think this is some kind of cool by movie you just saw last week how this is going Cinderella, man, everything ends role, the sometimes it does it. You, dumb morons. Sometimes people die and sometime
people get hurt, and sometimes people want depressed who lose their jobs tragically. Take their own lives. You infant tile, Let's get out of your, do see New York bubble get off the M track. You take the seller back and forth and go to the real world where real people with real dirt under their real fingernails that really bleed when they work really hard are suffering because of you idiots and your nonstop hysteria. You colossal losers. And one last note on our little fake news up in here. I promise you you can expect all of this faked fact checking nonsense. So, if I found I cry five, how brilliant brilliant point you can expect all of this to disappear? If, God forbid, we lose the selection and clueless Joe Biden.
Present. All of it will I promise you, you will see. None of this fake checked fact checking again, none of it, Joe Biden, say whatever he wants and the twenty one year old journalism idiot. You ve never had a real job while parity, because that's what they do, they are not free thinking beings. There's a board in that STAR Trek show some of the dumbest people I have ever seen in my life in the media. Let me take a break here, get through their necks segment. Here I got some election. Twenty twenty stuff butter, a party we have favoured. Can you plug my computer back in when you read it, just courageous enough to cut this out for folks, it's not hard to be in that behind the fourth estate and our shall, but I have my leg was right there you see that. Thank you see my wife's great you so versatile. He appeared and little beep
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by re conduct, complex mancino by re conduct, com slashed by GINO get fifteen percent off, don't waste any more money is overpriced. Wireless you, but by re conduct com slashed by GEO Go today check him out. There really get love. Ok, who A bit of an emotion segment when you agree he s eye word, is power and how you too, I know I just heard these people were being led by a group of idiots. Let's get this some other stuff you're elections twenty other things are going on everything's intersecting, with the one virus these days, but there is an election. About to happen in November. For the presidency, the United States, here's a video of Joe Biden, answering questions about the rules on virus goes under the headline sub headline. Whenever you'd like to call it of what how did he just say it can translate this, ladies and gentlemen, email us because I gotta be hours, but I have no idea what Joe Biden, trying to say here, none but also
you determine check this out here, Joe Biden on a cure. Would I don't even know what this subject this point about Trump saying that government, when real fast the recommended here, for keeping businesses shut and people at home. Are you at all concerned Tromp, said that we cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself. You take care of the cure that woman, The problem, worse, no matter what anyone it will be President Griff, really what Joe, what was I don't even know what he just said either does he have to say that error, the cure or the problem will get our snow man. What is he even say, oh way, Molly only Can I I'm not messing with either. You know I love my audience. I don't like pile on a necessarily like make the point move on its more effective, I'm not kidding. When I tell you, I could have said Joe five or six Biden,
Agnes from that point of view that are equally is bad there. Nobody knows what this guy is talking about ever he is an approach, actual state of confusion that is frankly disturbing the watch, I'm not kidding, I'm not making light of it. It is you you want this guy in charge in a crisis, it's hard, why are you serious Gabriela realize it's not funny. Now he doesn't even know what stadia in sometime He loses themself amid the middle of sentences. Listen democratic, Do your thing, I'm not here to lecture anybody? Ok, but you vote, do your thing whatever I don't care, I just tell you: this is a disaster and you better figure it out fast. Here's trump. Not that much younger than Biden but clearly more their grounded.
Marking Biden, recalling in Z, Mfa, xenophobic for instituting the travel ban against China, which looks now like it's going to say. Potentially, tens of thousands of lives check action, I made a decision to close of the China. That was we early and honest It took a lot of heat Sleepy Joe Biden said its general. I don't know. What that means, but that's ok, but if a probably the one, Joe Biden, identity, politics, Joe probably doesn't know what that bees, but there's tromp again. You may not like your style, that your call I've never minded it but he's clearly at least there. And knows he's in the White House. Market news election, twenty twenty acres again there are other things going on gallop, just released a gallop
this isn't some right, leaning, Paul outfit Gala, president trumps job approval ratings up to forty nine percent by Geoffrey I'm Jones The shouts today's while you can send this dear liberal friends, what am I do- keeps email me suggesting president drop rarely Gorgeous operating american public knows it really fascinating approval raise eyes, has ever been, I mean, do you even do facts and they'd, I'm just asking inside a joke? Do you do acts and data, or is it just your opinion. Because you clearly making it up, Everybody knows President Trump screwed this up, ok, they not familiar with the science appalling? I guess another piece of good news pop dark grey peace Marston examining and be up at the show notes that I listened to your caliph.
Governors breaking bread when in a new found, mutual respect would trump folks it's a crisis. Ok, and unlike the Democrats, I'm not interested in politicizing the solution, Evangel Cuomo comes out tomorrow and wants to talk about Hydroxyl Chloric, win plaque when Ellen Z Pact, and he thinks he has evidence in New York that works. I promise you I'm not going to do with the governor of Nevadas. Did the democratic governor via a really troubled person and say let Japan it that's? What Democrats do if Governor of New York, who is terrible on every issue, is no doubt about it and the governor. California, have found some way to work with Trump to solve this crisis that can save family and friends. I have that live in New York and California. Good for you sincerely from the bottom I'll, never vote for you, but you have my support. Liberals will never tell you the same thing about Trump.
Trumps, every don't want a great depression cause people could kill innocent people. Don't kill themselves people, love crisis who were suicidal terms, chloric when could potentially help based on this french study core acquaint tomorrow. Care of quid pro moral you, sick, you're, really sick people. You know that you're really sick, deeply disturbed people really get help when this is over, get help. Now member this week in baseball we're review the tape This is today and good news. I had this week a baseball its today in good news, because there is some good news. And, unlike the AP, seems to think suicidal people just love another great depression, because they're stupid, like that, I don't know
that I believe people need help suffering is always a bad thing. When suffering we come out of it on the other side we survive, it can make us harder and I'll read a quote at the end more resilient distress later, not near, but people need help and optimism, and directing people, the twenty four hour hysteria madness and you are all going to die. All the time is garbage and garbage people do it. So, first wash them examiner. Peace yesterday was- and I listen- I want to get it through the ups and downs too much of the market not to want to put too much the option to much into doubt, but yesterday, why one of the single biggest leaps in the stock market, DOW Jones. In U S, history, stocks and when the largest daily gains in history is Congress near the nearest a deal on pandemic relief, J have fled, Marston examined again, be up in the shown us the DOW jump. Nearly two thousand point yesterday.
Again I'm just gonna. Leave that their I'm just telling you Unless you believe the United States is gonna collapse, which I do not believe at all we believe, a semblance of that there is Probably been some significant over selling in the market As I have said, not your financial adviser, I don't care to be I'm not giving you financial vice. I'm only telling you, I buy the dips every time, because I believe in this country believe in the long run, we're going to figure it out and I believe, will always be the last best help when everything else runs out, they do I don't know what's more valid. I don't want you to talk about this year, but we were talking about the digital money and yeah you and ah yes, yes, yes, goodbye. I'll, read, internet segment went crazy. We have about GINO, show clips Channel on Youtube. If you can't watch the whole shell here, we have broken down of the cliffs and segments. Yesterday we did
So the government wants digital money, Nancy Pelosi. Aren't you wanted to put digital dollars and their bad deal bear the allied discussed what their long term plans inflation and taxation needs digital money, because they know why you escape in cash digital dollars, only no gash, now the bills and say no cash, but that's where they're going with this in the future job a great point, I want to bring up again- and I think about this- to the digital, to watch the segment. Yes, we're going to show you miss the can check, check it out. The show Cliff Channel two on Youtube. After the show, jokers, listen. Anti inflation tax stuff is important, but human. If everything was digital. Imagine how easy would be to track or your purchases are. You bought a gun you're on a list that yes yeah. I guess yeah! I all that doesn't fit in our good new segment. It must be brought up the Good NEWS
is hopefully we're getting rid of the digital dollar idea that the way point by I said the Djinn taken note that let's go take about that at all. All of a sudden, you appear on all these lists you're buying stuff in your house. The government doesn't like TAT was an hour or two bilateral piranha Let's do who spent your digital bows The wrong spot, I believe freedom and liberty that kind of thing you could point that Iceman excellent point that was Jos, had people all right again in our today in good news segment here. An article of the Wall Street Journal with some optimism about the fatalities rate. Again. Ladies and gentlemen,
in matters when we're talking about infectious pathogens. We have to be concerned based on the data with the infectious they did. They can tat they ve the contagious level. This the are not the oars ear and the, italian rate. How contagious is it and how deadly as it? Ladies and gentlemen, you dont have to be an advanced love. Academic to ask basic questions. I can I catch this, and will I die from it now? scientists have been going over the data. Which I'm relating to you, I'm not going any spin to wait. I'm gonna read from it witness wash your journal article, which is a small note of optimism here, that we, be drastically overestimating the fatality or leave fullness of this virus. Street Journal today is the corona viruses deadly, as they say, current estimates
but the covert nineteen fatality rate may be too high by orders of magnitude ran back, The and J by the chair of this piece is incredible. What it says, ladies and gentlemen, will go with does take away now and from the screech out one from the peace is the number of infected people who die matter. Not the amount of people who die from the intent idea. Five positive cases? Let me explain it better, but they dont Manto. The number quote, fear Calvin nineteen is based on its high estimated fatality re two to four percent of people with confirm covert. Nineteen o I'd according to the World Health Organization and others, Four hundred million Americans ultimately get the disease to do. For me, you could die. We believe that estimate this is from the peace is deeply flawed. The true
fatality raises the portion of those infected who dies. I said the beginning, not the debts from identified that of cases. In other words, ladies and gentlemen, if the only people showing up to get tested for the war on virus. Our people showing really awful symptoms, you know their sick. I can't breathe sincere, viruses it that beyond dispute beyond dispute, but if the only p showing up to get tested. The one showing dramatic symptoms I can't he my head hurts massive body, eggs. Then, ladies and gentlemen, by default, you're statistics are gonna, be skewed because the less serious cases that either No, they have it or thought they had some cold or a mild. Flew, never show up tested, their vitality, Ray a fractured matters.
That's like saying every bit small player in the world makes millions of dollars. Why do you know that. Because I want to around the major leagues and pull them in the minimum salaries, a million dollars urine pulling every baseball player in the world. You are only pulling the greatest baseball players in the world. Why you're getting that number Do that in reverse, if you're only polling- or- I should say going into account in the statistics, the most serious cases leaving the mild once out. Of course you're gonna get an inflated fatality ray these points, the three examples, One China. This is fascinating, I'll, read it You need to hear this. We're not do your story here, we're going to focus on the science and the data.
Quote population samples from China, ITALY in Iceland and the? U S, prayer relevant evidence. Around January thirty, first country sent planes to evacuate citizens from want China. Listen to this when was planes landed, the passengers were tested for covert nineteen in quarantine. After fourteen is the percentage you tested. Positive was zero point, nine percent. If this, the prevalence in the greater war on area on January thirty. First, then, with a population. About twenty million then greater one had one hundred and seventy eight thousand infection spokes about. Pretty far more than the number of reported cases? If that's case, ladies and gentlemen, the brutality rate, then by simple numbers, would be at least ten for lower than the amidst based on reported cases. Kind of important. No.
It's the number of infected people that matter not the number of People who reported in infection because they were sick enough to do so?. And again I mean matter in relevance to the statistics on the fatalities, not more judgments on matter. No, we don't be silly, like liberals do. We need to know how contagious it is and how deadly it is if We're going to shut down the world kind of important. I don't want to get to ITALY in Iceland to from this piece is again is critical and I gotta get to this Nevada governor, whose total disgrace the human kind, but forget them. One last point:
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next. The northeastern italian town of Beaufort give me from seeing the wrong. I am italian so, but I have never been to a leash, near the provincial capital of Padua, I'm sayin reaffirmed by one that I deeply sorry on Mars, sixth, all three thousand three hundred people of this town in ITALY were tested, and ninety were positive prevalence of Jupiter seven percent all of them were tested apply. That prevalence to the whole province which had one hundred ninety eight reported cases suggests that there were actually twenty six thousand infections at that time,. That's more than one hundred and thirty four, the number of actual reported cases, since ITALY's case. Brutality rate of eight percent is estimated using the confirmed cases, the real
Italy rate, ladies and gentlemen, could in fact be closer to zero point: zero. Six. The data. Ladies and gentlemen, matters. It is good news, bad news to this, the bad news. First, they may be more contagious than we think again. What is that our zero? How many people is that uninfected person going? Take? I in fact this well given a native population with no immunity pierce its highly, tat. The good news it doesn't appear nearly is fatal. If these numbers home As some of the initial number stated disabled then China is not enough msnbc and everyone there tell us, we need to hysterical all the time we need to shut down the whole world, because don't worry there is no psychological trauma from another great depression. Ap told us one second,
the Iceland Data Deal because data thought matter. You know the left party of science. In Iceland. Decode Genetics is working with the government to perform widespread testing and couple of nearly two thousand entirely asymptomatic people, for Bp and the liberals, that means people showing no symptoms of this research, estimated disease prevalence of just over one percent. Iceland Worst case was reported on February twenty eight weeks behind the United States, its plausible the proportion of the- U S, population that has been infected, is double triple. Listen to this. Or even ten times as high as the estimates from Iceland, this
so implies a dramatically lower fatality rate. Folks, I'm not here to put lipstick on anything. This is a deadly serious problem. People have died, people wool tragically continue to die, but the world we live in is full of risk. Every single, risks we take into account in our own lives. As I said to you weeks ago, the flu is deadly, very deadly and if you're older, it can be extremely deadly. So why doesn't everybody get a flu Matter fact, white is half of the United States roughly have public not get a Lucia. Because you're all grow men and grown women feel listener? My show most likely
you, ve grown men and women who make your own decisions. You gauge your own risk and you take it into account living your daily life. The serious virus we live in a world of risk. And making decisions based on data that may not be accurate and scaring people to death when four hours a day, I might do that you can turn into CNN and MSNBC. For that, I'm not doing it. His made one point: two: they are my competitor, so this is an entirely jack, but it's hard for me to be that way. But please tune the drudgery poured out folks, Every morning we drudge it's the end of the world, we're all gonna die. It is please I checked I wanted to see the hysteria, because that is a story in my show. Now we
hysteria, free site, Bonn, GINO report that come it's hysteria, free get you the stories without the nonsense. The treasure what is gone in Saint Michael! Sometimes, I checked Now, the morning, just to see like what the doom and gloom of the day is going to be for them tune it out, it's ridiculous it so far over the top, I gave us other piece to buy the daily signal. Some more gov it again today and optimistic news, the black whenever I just see Choric again up in the show its Kevin Pham Daily Signal, what we know about potential treatments recovered nineteen check this out correctly, again the media any pack disturbed? governor of Nevada, wants to ban chloroprene for treatment of this sounds sing. It says the study involved, thirty six patients about current of
Twenty were given these drugs and sixteen acted as a control group who do not receive the drugs by comparison buddy population about one tenth of the size of the guilty add face to study population which will include foreigner, pace, actually talk about rest, rest movie or another. About this french study that which excluded patients who are later admitted to the icy you. So it says nothing about whether these drugs with some will prevent severe illness, one of them Really promising aspect of the studies have measured viral loaves and found that patients listen who completed the test protocol would Hydroxyl Chloric when and It reminds the combination were we're via logically cured That is, ladies and gentlemen: they had no detectable viral rna. This is because a prison because a person infected recovered ninety still may be shedding virus up to thirty seven days after developing the disease. Then liberals, I understand you're all smarter than the french team that did that study on black window and Zeb I get it. You know
Twenty one the Journal ism you ve, never had a real job. I get it Europe smarter than them, but why don't you just take a sea for now and shut up now Here is the Trump derangement syndrome level six hysteria portion today, this guy's a disgrace: the human kind of the law, of which I haven't seen a long time I saw story- and I have to be candid with you. I thought this was a sick joke like a Babylon, be story. Trump suggests I do not see study, maybe promising. We may have a potential treatment or cure for the one virus out there I thought, like the Babylon be or the Andean, would write a story, Democrats Ban treatment because Trump set its good. This is not a joke. This is a real story by this sick dude LAS Vegas son
Cecil, like bars, malaria, drugs for corona virus patients, this not a joke. This is real story work, this guy Cicero, like if you're in Nevada, this human grace. Apparently Duncan Trump? They work in a bar that hydroxide chloric when treatment for this text? from a retreat from the peace in case you can you think, I'm making it he's up and doing what a p We say right Europe that this is a Nevada governor aside that emergency or barring the use of anti malaria drugs for someone who has the corona vires democratic, receives dislikes order, Tuesday restricting cork when and I'd Roxy clerk when comes If the president dropped out of the medication as a treatment for the virus, this garbage person garbage
person would basically rather see you die. Then the God forbid give President Trump a win. This is a wind for Trump. Now I gotcha we living in the stupidest of times we are living in the absolute stupidest of times if there was a stupid scale of one to a hundred. We have the unquestionably peaked out. If you are not in debating this morons office would phone call be cool about, went out. Liberals you know. Lately, the violence, the liberals and their anti for bodies. You get all that's on our that's and our bank accounts. But if you're not any dating your governor with foam, halls and emails, and guys actually voted into office again and of times must surely be near there
story had it make that I'm not the duffel block nine, the onion not Babylon, be that's a real story. Trump touts potential cure potential potential treatment,
Governor ban stream, it that's just what a loser. What a loser! You know I've read this before him and run out of time, but these are tough times really tough times they could get worse. I am optimistic will recover. We always have we ve been through pandemics, world wars, internal strife, the sixtys we ve been through a lot more come out of this with decker skin. You know Bernard Malamute, who wrote the book. The natural uses code allotted speeches, because I'm not a big guy quotes, I think, quotes a lot of times can be lazy.
Show contents. Allow me, but a quota kill time, some of whom we are really express. A larger thought I think, is worthy of passing on of Malaga and his book. The natural you probably saw the movie many viewer, Robert Redford, but that in this quotas, in the movie and in a kind of different form, but Mamma writes in his book and he's talking about Roy Hobbs, the baseball player here and Moon, who, you know, keeps coming up with these obstacles in its life is as great baseball player. You get shot me keeps coming back and is a court in a book where it says
The Roy's old girlfriend says to him she says you know, we all have two lives: the life we learn from in the life we live after that it's suffering. That brings us to true happiness. You know it's worth considering. Taino one welcome suffering more empathetic to others. When we see suffering and others no one wants to see it. No one welcomes it, but it's going to happen. We live in a world of risk. We live in a world of sometimes very dangerous. Evil people danger Viruses, dangerous hurricanes, dangerous tornadoes we were put here, I believe by God, you're free to believe whatever you want, but you, here to overcome that you weren't put here sit, nay a lounge share when a bullet chios. You were put here for the struggle.
This was a struggle imparted upon us by no obviously actions- and we didn't do this their struggle right now,. We'll come out of this on the other side,. I humbly and with the greatest of respect for my audience I mean this. I ask you to just remember that in this thing, cuz listen to everybody's, going to take it on the chin of it. Everyone, everyone, I will come out of this on the other side, we need to stay optimistic through this. And I only say that, because that a peace stories, dangerous.
My daughter's middle name is taken from a friend of mine who jumped off a building in white stone decades ago. So it's kind of personal for me, when the eight p tells you that she sprang on the next great depression, everything's gonna be fine, you may be fine and you re peak you buckle, which always skittles you may be great, but
of a small. Tell us the facts. Tell us the data, stop with the hysteria. Let's make reason decisions and let you remember we ve been through this before we come out on the other side. Opportunity in I'll see all mark you just ten VON Gino. She followed then on twitter, twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.
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