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Be Very Careful, The Media is Setting You Up (Ep 1162)

2020-01-20 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the Second Amendment rally in Virginia and the media’s attempts to set you up. I also address the bold move by the GOP Senate to checkmate Adam Schiff in the sham-impeachment trial. Finally, I address the devious plot by Jim Comey which is only now coming to light. News Picks:

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ready to hear the truth about america on his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bone gino javelin these very very careful i'd be virginia second event rally i don't but to tell you there but i believe these there are people they're trying to set you up and make you look back i've got i'm getting live updates from air number of friends of mine who were at the event i'll give you an update on that most of you know the story we got that today i have i have just clips of on chuck as always the second dumbest guy meaning behind brian still from cnn this guy is lack of self awareness is stunning i that i have another update on the comey debacle about the alleged leaked to the new york times which i promised is going to bake your bagel this stuff is really fast and get a stack show
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at a bit of a fair emergency i'll talk about a more during the week it some i don't want anybody to worry worried about we're it's not that's not anything it's an emergency re think by dumb i should set a family have said that but you get one of science little hard for me to talk about right now we're still kind of adjustment happen so i more details is the weak goes on budgets hang where this this we please i just ask you to be patient with there with me in the show you always are in the best audience in the world and i appreciate that i getting onto the content virginia where their black face wearing or ku clan hood wearing governor we don't know which one not that's not the joke unfortunately i wish it were but it's not we have that horrible picture of god democratic liberal governor round nor ralph nor can we still can't figure out who he is in that vote up is is trying to engage with dumb draconian level gun confiscation measures and the good citizens of virginia aren't having it i'm getting lie
updates from their thankfully which does is pricing to me or joe raby out of the room at all ages a largely peaceful rally because that's what conceal carry weapons permit orders and i can supporters are none of that shocking to me i'm getting up dates the picture videos everything it is large peace rally it is packed it is jim down there and i just want to quickly say be very very careful down there i'm not worried about the second amendment supporters at all i never have they have lower rates of criminality than police officers i'm not kidding they are largely peaceful people interested in their big our god given right to defend themselves in their family i'm concern about leftist agitators in the crowd trying to instigate a fight now luckily these second amendment supporters again are largely a mature
daddy issue again is defending big our god given rights innocent interested get into petty back and forth with fools just please because full out there i know a lot of you this my show watch my show i don't get baited by a lot of these leftist agitators you're looking to cause trouble to put a black eye and the entire vet moving on just putting that out there for you now some decent intel on and i wouldn't put it out there you don't hear nonsense on the show me so this weekend senator david purdue republican was on with the second dumbest guy and media we note jacques comparable in adobe olympics chalk is always close second no matter in adobe the castle on the dopey hundred metre the dope before jude meter swim freestyle whenever it maybe shock tat is all
just a sliver behind the dumbest sky of media who is joe knows is price dollar horse from sea area and every time chuck trains and does something till i flexes dopey muscles and you think chucks got a chance had taken a golden dopey olympics spelter kiss stands always magically beats about stealth is commitment this stupid is on parallel he's like the rocky of stupidity i sail and rocky three member would apollo running down the beach right here's delta closer to end up using deliverances iraqi junk i'd never actually winds of apollo riot stouter always really should first and then they ll be alleviated by as i said these training many so most there so here's a video this tad with david purdue wary again
he just says things shock that either he doesn't know were incorrect which i doubt or he doesn't know were incorrect and he this lying to you because he's a full time democratically so he's talking about love partners associate of rudy giuliani who is as almost zero credibility at this point he's a is clearly looks like he's looking for a deal from the justice department he's being prosecuted and parties has been throwing out unbelievably a fantastic anatomy fantastic at a qualitatively good way just these stories that are just unbelievable and he can it's getting q shit didn't checkmated at every turn because a lot of woods partners to saying it's just a true and doesn't comport with apparently said the path right so here's chuck todd parroting their point that left parties really close to the present really closure
how do these people find themselves so close to the present sowerby check this out why do you think folks like mr poorness end up so close to the president oh i don't know and present says you don't know who he was he wasn't coastal present at all except that it i'll go now short god it claims is not an opinion guy that is a news guy now day opinion guy most of you know what i mean by that jesting anybody doesn't have an opinion news or others am suggesting if your job is to be a journalist and report the facts you're you're aiming to the audience that you're not giving an opinion you in journalism those are facts todd chuck tied the second damask the media claims to be a journalist doing fact left party is close to the president now that's a fact what evidence do you actually have a that now i'm short sharp cod will come back say something like well let party said he met the present i get to that in a second but here's what's funny about this and why
funny i mean i read this love porters is clearly not telling the truth this boy based on my part of its own statements in the past about his access to the present porn said he met the present again i'll get to that a second but i went on google this morning find one of the article showing that live porn issue it indicated he had met the president and is now backtracking from that get a load of this job i wanna go zadig joke this is screen shot from my phone i wanna google this morning to for the article showing that left parties and here's what you it's all cut off at the top but you could see at the top i googled left poorness lied basically about meeting the present and look what comes up tribes says he doesn't know live partners pirnie says party says he has pictures we trump love part photos we're trapped family despite presents denials love partners trappers
you know that's not what i google i google porn is lie about me depressed about that and joe you can't find these articles anyway i'm shot down i'm not kidding evokes year i am not messing with you i scroll down probably six or seven pages of content and every article was about trump line putting out there to show you get ready for twenty twenty ladys jimmy the google you think google's fair fair an open and again does by a search results google live ernest lied about meeting the president and look what you'll get a bunch of articles our trump lying about meeting left partners now how did i eventually get to the article because i remember where i saw the washstand examiner i put it i've been examiner in the author any actual are girl came up and this is the
article right here by the way by dominic mr annual the wash them examiner life partners now did i speaking with tromp despite reports he claimed the eye january sixteen twenty two delusion did you have to act this is amazing put him in the google search because we do journalism unlike chuck todd who does democrat activism he claims in is supposedly new show chuck tied to a reply but can senator that she how through all these people wind up so close in the trump orbit out noting at all that port statements about being inside the trump orbit have been retracted by parties himself you take that's important but again
if you are out there in your a soccer mama soccer dad you work for eleven you're taking care your kids and you don't have time to keep track of what you read everything if you google that this left party snow the president i thought he'd through time get that statement about meeting the present you google it that's not what we're gonna get i'd believable unbelief trouble you google it that's what comes up actually totally believable because we know what google's job do more good judge of six pages of searchers online finally i got very shocking every four hours to put together i presented a half hour how to get other stories like i can't keep our duties pages you looking for this article and i said where did i see the sort of coercion you will never find it part this story is a true accords the partners you did
tat may have noted that there is a new sky whatever if you believe that i am really really sorry ok we do facts here we do data here but this is an opinion based shall we ve never run from that we get somethin wrong we corrected we ve done it a few times but come on don't take a leak out my leg and tell me it's a rainstorm about police come on i've had enough of that stuff out of these people why not for trumps orbit you may want to note that that stories already been discredit course you because you have no credibility here's chuck todd number two this is a fascinating lack of self or mirror mirror on the wall who's the second dumbest media guy what
a lack of self awareness on this clowns part here ike folks i can't stand this guy he is because he's such a phoney and if i almost feel bad for stealth because he's such a pathetic human being start a todd thinks he's this scion of modern journalists and is nothing more than a two bit liar portages intra absorbent part is denied that hide it in page two thousand twenty two of the google search results here's number two again total lack of self awareness chalk todd asked david produce republican senator if he has i'm kind of a problem with foreign help that he believes trumpet despite the fact that we know about this is that the bug conspiracy theory again coming legally missing the point as always with chuck check this out now put up some stuff afterward showing you how stupid this guy is checked this in twenty
fourteen if the president obama was calling hong kong when governments asking about you and your business career in your time living and in foreign countries going this guy wants to be united states senator we just want to make sure he's on the up and up with that the legitimate use of presidential power that's a totally improper characters now pretty goes on but honesty is is it gave a grant but his answers not the subject of this right here i know that i know you know what i'm going to hold your life i know you know exactly where i could tell i kept you have many different kinds of after i can almost translate them like doktor do i by urging the i really i can talk today i can talk to arm across his laughter they're all coded laughs chuck tab hilarious it is lack of self awareness actually the gall to say what what would you do
you speak out before bob i was there foreign governments for help in the last election did you miss this article by sea at or any other stuff i'm gonna get you pretend to be a journalist here's a sea at article we use often on the show showing you how stupid the left wing media is intelligence paris trop associates communications with russians aren't the u s counterparts she i e the obama administration you're making me crimes i knew i know you know whereas grew useless article all the time and you get the kind of jump ahead like in his head you understand how very give us this question is short pod who may always never ever called out the obama administration for documented known collusion as report by sea no less of ether
face an interchange of information between foreign governments and his administration about his political opponents has the a whole days ass david per do well how would you feel if the obama administration did what how would i feel they did to win did you miss that i now may i also want to be fair because i can't stand this guy you have no idea ladies and gentlemen it's not personal really it's a professional that i dont know what he's probably had a blue in real life too i don't know i don't even care i have no interest in meeting the zero i'm just telling you it's really not per capita can't be five never met him personally i'm simply telling you you have a twenty twenty election coming up we are in as you well know a full blown gay
sliding super tsunami and it is up to you i know it's tough i know you all work for a living you have jobs or conservatives you work for a living why do you volunteer you you know you're in church you're at sports games with your kids are feeding your kids you're cooking your clean and i know all that i know you're busy i'm here for you to give you the ammo that a lot of you simply do not have the time to put together yourself whenever this question comes up about foreign interference in the election them if they had a problem with obama's noted far in collusion with the united kingdom as reported by cnn if they do to say why hasn't cnn retracted the piece of its false you won't get an answer because the reason one i want him about the impeachment ghip ghisizzle i mean
about drink it from a fire owes this week between engagement call me this stuff virginia it's just an end did you see it now i mean thousands upon thousands of second amendment supporters god bless you rob of course peaceful sir we're not left us so i want to get them impeachment before i get the avonlea get my my second sponsor today because this impeach were they mcconnell listen as you know me i'm a colonel have not always been the best of friends here we only see the sea i'd i'd everything but is this a couple good things going on i want to keep it brief donatists impeachment trust our small fish so dorothy remedies that policy juniors policy genius that common policy ladies and gentlemen is january twenty twenty list as a lot of science fiction come on a bright la people predicted their science fiction opposite by now we'd be teleport in the work jetson style living on mars like dad matt damon care there are now movie where he's yes to the potato
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the aps download the youtube app inside it and you can watch our show on your television like any other show i watched it for the first time and it's gotta be weird could self praise totally states but this is a good show join it like that host is great i bought basically i know that's horrible i promise i do now this is not illegal to i just really enjoyed it is the first time i've ever watched myself it was because i withdraw my tv turner turner came up joe your tinfoil cap came up this is funny or on the legal affairs hysterical so youtube calm sledge budget gino if you actually want to watch the show you go to your cable system click the many you'll see apps just stay youtube and sign in europe have decided that use watch to show in your teenage really we could really we already you to be wise i've got i really enjoyed in a body we cannot say no horrible headphones for the first time you sound so different namely the tinfoil capting was staring face was like this big i have a big pvc
that's ok i will get back to my god authority etc but the daily wires a good story about mcconnell including a kill switch in this impeachment now what's really go i always like to give you a kind of the inside scoop behind the scenes what i'm hearing so headline by and saavedra daily wires would be in the show notes today but you know that com you know that consolation newsletter if you wanna get the shoulders limit your inbox every morning mikado creates elsewhere to end impeachment if it becomes a circus run by adam ship folks years really go near the democrats web a shift policy enabler their relatively feckless on the senate side right now yet chuck humor annoyed but they're they're they're nothing compared to their the losers are i mean not a loser scale humours like an ape wait five meddler shift pelosi there like tens so humor has a lot of losers stuff to do to meet their loser standard what's happening adam ship is one of the house managers in this case
we already know he's asleep and a liar and nobody really knows what shifts gonna do because he has no integrity i mean it not joking you may say of we knew that no no i'm serious the republicans are genuinely concerned than the senate trial not a bit there's no case your folks do not worry there's no evidence trumpet eighty would not worried about that and copy the kazakhs voice i wanna be crystal clear what you're worried about is shift just pulling more shenanigans i remember the time in the house impeachment fiasco where he got up there any just made up this whole transcript remember that florence s let me i view this transcript remember that job and you just made the whole thing up yesterday he did it when he corleone being or whatever wiser don corleone or even more so the god for i know it's embarrassing and attack but nobody did that yet really afraid of that sum a cod including this kills which provision now it can be implemented in any quote meaningful portion of the trial so for the democrats who work in it
you know i don't know how liberals are they gonna jump at then go i know what he wants mcconnell the many things get frosty for company start to get ugly mcconnell going to jump in its way we're going to kill this truck that's the liberal talk about that is cattle orridly false okay there is a specific vision saying that the kills which cannot be implemented during any meaningful porsche trot it is in there to stop they already know is going to happen with the republicans already know what's gonna happen which is it other adam shift pollution mad learn clown show where they start the generating into fake movie scraps and die corleone yoni and tony corleone joey beggar doughnuts corleone tied transcripts it never happened they don't they public is our habit it i'm glad they have this kills wish ineffective tat control they should implement it and an open an end to this trial and it allows trumps that president trumps defence team to call for a vote good move
as an insider said at the end if you read the daily wire peace by severe by wayne insider up in congress said today the one of the daily wires reporters cocaine met strengths again so round the police so my show you know with yeah good good for him i'll bet i enough one that i want to make sure we get to the impeachment stuff though because it is important this is a very important story i covered last week which you really it's a little complicated and getting more complicated but it is so show worth your time so why are addressed to you last week in my audience this whole developing fiasco which him call me and ladies and gentlemen it's an enigma wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a lie wrapped in you know media gas lighting narrative story in the wall street journal homan jenkins by i said repeatedly it's been all over this story from day one if you google homan jenkins wall street journal
you can read a library of probably ten stew freeze on this specific thing that he's been all over the title of the peace today call me cover up unravelled by the cia and the press all have much to be embarrassed about what happened i am always hesitant to talk about this because it appears like we're giving call me a pass sometimes and we're not one of the most strode out there did you call me fabricate this whole in collusion narrative on the fbi side and allow himself to be misled by brennan in order to come for own tracks for deceived by fake russian intel that's a lie that's a lie there i get it is guided digest what i'm saying here whereas they walked through the piece of let's go to peace number one so jim call me gives this press conference july fifth about hillary clinton i addressed that less we use
the press garbage unions up their lays out all the elements of the crime hillary clinton steam may have committed with the e mail server and at the end of the press conferences is well nobody would prosecute this case so mrs clinton guy see later reply and we really appreciate it and every it was i who watches abbot what are we putting sprouting kind of narratives about why call me may have done that is some day intelligence officials in twenty sixteen fed to the american government i thought chalk todd said this no good joe i thought we should be dealing with foreign intel when it comes to elected go get some touching tell officials feed the american government neo bomb administration what appears to a russian intercept of an email but being debbie washroom shots and some george soros associated people and in that email
watch your men shawls allegedly rights hey listen why don't worry the fixes in four hillary clinton loretta alleged ernie generals gonna make this go away follow these could be a lot of better make sense at the end if you keep the headline oh my god so far west call me deceived by a piece of russian intel made a bad call an end when the collusion narrative to go back and create an excuse asked why he did what he did so to attract me here ok the dutch give this too we ve got this russian piece of intelligence now why would that part matter because remember every call me loretta lynch all of one they all want jobs in the wet soon to be hillary clinton presidential administration nobody thinks donald trump gonna windfall put yourself in the mindset three years ago not the mindset we are obviously me no donald trump what nobody knows he thinks he's gonna win
they are all lobbying for jobs and they i want to make sure because remember this is an important point pay very close attention point during a republican debate when asked to raise their hands if they're going to support the election results remember yes we can only more recent raise their hands down prompt obvious as i wanted fairly enough jobs jobs i want to see what i why would i support a result of its if its cheating right of course on the other our videos raise their hand because you know what they do with stupid raise your hand things right but trump says sure if it's a legitimate election you know not i wanted i want to see would have the democrats at the time who are positive
the media even republicans are sure hillary clinton going to be the next president start to get worried your other what nothing hillary's going to lose their worried that the election results that they expect to be a landslide or going to be questioned by trump and trump's going to make a big stink about it after the election as a failed presidential candidate and cause hilary a lotta harper basically joe their worried tromp is gonna do what hilary in fact in the obama administration did after trump one try to discredit presidency right right they always accuse you of what they want to do themselves so in order to get out ahead of that call me the other spy gay conspirators involved this are concerned about clear in the deck in other words let's get all this negative info out here its clear the deck now that way when hillary clinton wins nobody can say hey man why were you hiding this russian intel about debbie washing machine then the dnc guenaud conspired
with the red alleged to make the case go when you get it dim in the bureau's concern jim call me specifically we believe according to the story here really concerned about it thing other than clearing the deck for hillary clinton and making sure she gets declares itself a legitimate present so we go without it gives this press release this all out and its now believed he may have done so because he thought the russians had this email what's the problem the email is believed to be a fake in other words whether the russians had this debbie some shots email or not maybe entirely irrelevant because it's not a real e mail listen i'm a fan of debbie washroom insults and candide lady information after you went
sure if its fake or not although the people i trust and sources i have told me they believe it was a fit it was a this information campaign to get the fbi to do something try to impact twenty sixteen jim which sucker jim call me according to the story fell right into the trap comes out july life then gives the pressure to clear the decks to make sure later on that this can't come out and that he cleared em just to clear the deck on hilary to make sure it's all out there what's the problem what jenkins points out some interesting things in his peace why is this not come out well
he has a theory on one reason he says listen this particular narrative that this fake piece of russian intelligence about this may not come out because the trump team doesn't want it out there either not my theory but again i owe you all the information so you can formulate actual opinions why because nothing bothers to present a more and rifles so by bogus spurious allegations that his election was illegitimate if a russian this information campaign to produce fake intelligence with slipped into the fbi to get jim call me to make a rash decision about a press conversely hillary clinton which impacted the election enigma wrapped in a mystery it will we in the left this narrative tat tromp was legitimately like it's not true
there's no evidence that all who recurrent confine was not even a map but jenkins theory years that this kind of by partisan interest in making this thing go away it's a little twist later i know folks here but very advanced with its very very body here at ted way one takes a second listen dude yeah yeah i that's the trouble name isn't interested in how come it out you now take away number two which is the important part was commies efforts feverish desperate roth at the mouth efforts to make collusion happen he knew damn well by january of twenty seventy because he interviewed steel source and steal their only source about russian collusion steel sub source
the legibly feeling in the information are interviewed in january of twenty seventeen call me knows the case is totally bogus so a lot of smart people out there have been say listen komio trumpets clear as day loves hillary clinton boycott is not done why would call me continued a push in advance this russian narrative knowing he's been deceived by brandon and knowing he's been deceived by christopher steel and knowing he has nothing well this fake russian intel may provide a clue coordinate jenkins this where it gets really interesting at some point call me figures out this russian intel maybe fit this an allegation in new york times that he leaks portions of that to the new york times to give it some sense of seriousness and grab task
to legitimize his actions by check it says fascinating view that where the pfizer warrants and these spy the operation on the trump team looking at the emails reading pages emails getting defies worn on page trying to get a page otherwise warner papadopoulos and others was that an effort to hope and pray joe fingers crossed that they found that fake russian intel there are two o o o fascinating fast they call me if in other words an expert this factor way to justify what he did say hey listen we didn't get dupe the trump was working with the russians on this information campaign look we know with this
information all time but the trump team was working with him and they couldn't find it because they do not have it fascinating theory at it feels it a big hole you know in my second book on this topic exonerated which again i hope you pick up thanks for everyone who did i go through the motives of each and every play in this case and why i believe they did what they did clapper commie brennan mackay but what are the open source the entire time in this case he's been why call me a guy who has been tactically smarter than this through is devious over and over the past he's not dumb why he continued and continued to spy on the trump team using this debunk dossier he knows noses discredit knowing one day it's gonna come out at the end
permission they're using this by from steel is a hoax the whole thing is a hoax interesting theory by jenkins that they were hoping and praying to find their piece of russian this info when the trump campaign to as a way to blame this whole thing on the trumpet that the collusion things a total force it was made up from the start obviously but that may have been as that is a absolute lee fascinating fascinating piece of information which i i i get it there i had not consider ok i know that's it fusing story but just remember the co me says the russians have this piece of and by the way call me still hiding it to this day in communist book when he talks about this piece of information that that so devastating it should remain hidden for decades it you understand he's talking about the fake rush tell about that every washington shots email ok now we that's it hidden why because he does
the american people to know he fell for a trick and basically lost it was hilary the election according to their narrow cs ladies and gentlemen blows it again now am i going to cover this story about porter rico because i got a call from what you say a family member i want to say who because he works in a union in new york and you know they're the latter democrats in erin and are one of the announced seriously have to worry being a conservative out god forbid you express your political beliefs aware mega had become the target for violence and harassment of us overnight but he sets up
three wildly calls me any says hours i got this lady my office saying tromp we ride is horribly screwed over two people a porter recall was the worst thing ever of course it was a devastating hurricane multiple hits andrews is terrible what happened in portugal was devastated electrical grid wiped out homes wiped out new lives devastated and destroy this we live down in florida hurricanes zone these are really will you go through a couple of may open your eyes really fast so is obviously a tragedy would happen import rico but the woman had told this family member mine that trump really screwed over everybody porter rico where did you get their narrative of course you gotta for media folks like cnn and elsewhere so i had to the one america twitter account i retweeted this morning they had this you're saying little side by side of another google search by cnn about puerto rico at a tweet we just saw from cnn about puerto rico you remember that broke out of jail was always while as a foreigner rico's a mess
right now because trouble skirt them over a didn't get the aid there in time it was trotting drop drop the did so here's the google search poor eureka will be an adoring stain on the term presidency cnn dotcom federalist bud story came maria slowly take shape cnn path now porter rico death toll amplifies trump disconnect on relief efforts cnn dotcom those you see and google searches for our trump really soared over the people puerto rico really what you get this new sea and entreated have apparently miss the totally mr disconnect here and i assume they won't go in retract any they're all articles i see it breaking news the governor porter ego fire the emergency manner manager hours after a warehouse was discovered filled with supplies thought to be from hurricane maria hit the ice cream crazy about our as now see and then now areas where they do you hear
the scam now that the president dropped screwed over the people a porter rico narrative is calcified its dried cement everybody already believes it now they are ok as a fake news out to wait after it happens now there ok to go back and report that what they first reported was false they won't retract anyway there's no penalty now joe remember the all that is your light travels around the world is a does before the true they get their gets their pay thought and lace up the boot right and that is absolutely true there's no penalty now foreseen in the pretended does whose yeah by the way i wasn't exactly we're screwed up it was the emergency managers puerto rico after we deliver delivered thou you're a ok because your past the mid term elections people already believes that believe that true including probably the lady who
those with his family member my who probably still believes its true that president trumped it may provide aid to the people of puerto rico despite the fact that the aid set unaware as people have been arrested for corrupt any emergency managers now been fired again don't let that narrative get in the way of the truth still continue to blame trump because that's just what you do you lie repeatedly over and over count on cnn to provide the bogus met the lamp munition you need to continue the lie going forward what a hunk a dog i mean seriously i want to talk about the new york times something to get that new york times slowly daring to worsen don't go anywhere cause there's a tactic all reason for the new york times is presidential endorsements they did something i want to give you an update on the geo story but before we get there i find a spot the day gender so generously
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i get it back so that new york times is made their presidential endorsements but because you say newspaper should not be in the endorsement business i get it it's the opinion that the editorial boards do it just stay out of it if you do in journalism dude i know it's been a you know a decades long thing why we advance this at all seriously nobody cares with editorial border the new york times thinks i'm at all the other newspaper for that matter i'm sorry and my group will make their own decisions never get out of here what's the point just stay out of it i mean it obvious you suppose we do a journal the journal like who thought this was a good idea but here's a treatment your times i don't want to tell you again as we still on the show that's really going on behind the scenes with this new york times editorial born doors but read the tweet at new york times the editorial boards decision to back not why but you can't is a significant break with convention one man
to address the realists and right models being presented the voters by the twenty twenty democratic feel the editorial says ok come on dude yeah i know i know i could sense your grown the frustration and you're going to get in this stupid business of endorsing candidates as a journalism alpha when the new york times they even as a fake journalism outlet then the whole idea of an endorse video call me crazy here is tat pick one yes just throw it out there right here's what i'm gonna do i have i have a bunch of friends you run if we're office in congress and everything like that if they were running against each other in situ purse around endorse both i endorse are we beg about its bobby bag without its in florida eighty district they're both enter both great what
a point of order doors were dead bingo but what kind of weird spic want to make a decision now why are they picking to again as always i will give you the back story about what the really going through your times through their fake news russian collusion hoaxes conspiracy theories promotions and then since they really really hate donald trump a lot that is not of course breaking news so the weighted damage donald trump is due rid of what the new york times editorial board thinks are the weakest candidates in the field
to create a better match for donald trump they believe at this point that the best match up for donald trump clearly is elizabeth war so you may be saying while the new york times endorsed elizabeth war oh i'm sorry i didn't over they endorse forgive me talk about burying the lead don't say anything they endorse elizabeth warrant and amy club richer why would they do that while they believe clearly warren has the best shot i disagree with that in order to do some maximum damage on the democrats side to get rid of people they think don't have a shot they created this double endorsement system and how does it work well to understand how that works the new york times clearly has adopted the damned bungee no three lane elaine theory on how elections were in every election cycle just about at the presidential up you will see three lanes develop you will
the establishment lame and i logical lane for you know a very right meaning a very left leaning person like a tea party person versus the socialists to get it you don't establishment like a mitt romney type and i realized whole candidate and your pretty i always see an outsider as well the list goes on and on steel forbes herman kane donald trump we ve seen these candidates over no those three lanes are typically that the people who lead those lines if their authentic can win an election the problem the democrats are having right now is the people at the top of those lines are disastrous and will likely lose the donald trump joe biden is the head establishment lee biden cannot get out of its own way folks i'm not going to do in montage at biden spell pause the show would be two hours more finding this even know what state he's in he's a complete disaster he is just falling apart in the campaign trail knife set
so establishment lay in big trouble for the new york times at once trumped defeated get it yet the radical late being led by who right now bernie sanders andrews urging the pulse bernie woke the ladies gentlemen it would be a disaster in the general election america it's not a socialist country bernie sanders is beyond radical he is a communist disguise a total train wreck even the new our time sees this guy as trouble they see war and even oh she's espousing some of the same policies as being more of a pragmatism our times with a wink i'm not saying that this is what they are thinking i know it they think she's more of a pragmatist and when she gets to the general elections can sail i said like bernie primary adamantly immunity that let's go back to being kind of normal elizabeth worn airport you gave them say so need to knock bernie off the radical post the outsider lane right now is occupied by buddha judge eustace has no experience and experience he has as the mayor south ended the address disastrous he'll get crush too
so how does that tell you the story about the new york times strangely endorsing two candidates they want warren so that's easy enough they endorse more because they want or they think you can win simple but why endorse club which are too what way is amy club ajar supposedly in think think this one through that's right the establishment safe peck lay clover jars thought to be a moderate she's not she's a hard left this tool but whatever the media's painting or as a moderate you know they saw its rural kind out towards the senator oh just as a feel for the average working person so if the new york times endorses club which are to knowing she has what chance of winning unless she finished his top three in iowa she's gonna be out soon to why would they do that because they
what a sweet biden added there and they feel like if they boost club which are in the establishment lane remember the three lanes radical establishment outsider i perceive them reverse you get the point if you want you me and it will be different is the other way radical establishment outsider the weighted damage by is the split the establishment vote and unfortunately right now there's nobody really doing that in the early primary states the establishment lane is almost solely occupied the arrogant really call me still leg meant a mystery but it's not that hard to follow the socialist vote is being split warren in sanders big trouble for both you dont want to but vote you want to consider your brought a lot of these and plurality elections where you only need that more votes in let's get you don't need a majority be split devote your
where the trouble they need by the split vote too so they're trying to boost closure by doing stupid doubled where's meant to give club which are a little bit of ahead esteem to hopefully poland enough votes away from biden that warren slide ahead now with light twenty one point one percent of the vote makes sets it yes let us that's what's really going on here because they hate trump and over their throwing all of their old rules out the window double endorsements for a candidate who has absolutely no shadow winning it's absolutely absurd totally ridiculous i one final story against always a busy news weaken on monday and again i appreciate your patients as we please don't miss the shows we're gonna be up trying to get around some stuff yourself but there is a process during the wall street journal member the e g o bombshell allegations from the g8 of course be a non partisan office it worse for congress where they said we think that
ultra broke the law by not releasing the aid the ukraine mats funny because the aid was supposed to be released by september thirtieth and the aid was released september twelve kind of crazy and they release it right is some of the impeachment articles or the impeachment articles excuse me we're being delivered to the senate saw j always the perfect example swamp and this was your journal article has more by he was freeman what did the geo staff and when did that now and when did they know it judging the organization by its own standards in fascinating arkell so cup of things about the jail we have an article i just weeded out this morning format colombo upon gino that com are resident fact checkerberry shows that the the jail use the obama of breaking the law
seven times the job i seven guides course that wasn't there were no calls for impeachment then because you know obama was a protected class he was a democrat democrats are never to be attacked by the media so this was conveniently time but an interesting snip it by james freeman where he quotes this member of congress who says this is fascinating because under section six hundred and eighty six the gao shou make a report on the deferral to both houses of congress the jury report and operates as if it were required notification from the present that gives com where's forty five days to act follow me your folks orange notice comes with less than forty five days remaining in the fiscal year until september twenty hear fine acting until the fourth month of the following fiscal year conveniently right as they deliver the articles of appeasement joe jeer failed to do what the law
section six eighty six requires it to do his errand impeachment process for geo officials do so just to be clear by law the aid should have been done read by september thirty do you create the trumpet restoration delivers the aid by september twelve twelve thirty at twelve thirty p m conveniently on the days the impeachment articles are delivered to the senate just drops in this little we think trump broke the law nonsense total garbage completely made up now we find out that that notification if they felt that the first was breaking law should have made within forty five days shockingly joe they wait for months right is the impeachment articles are delivered to the set of breaking the actual
law themselves are dead queasy is quite easily nuts i don't get it then of course we all get it it's obviously just another deep state swamps came to take out kneecap president trumpet his administration pathetic transparency through but if you can listen to the show you are you know it's complete total hooey firefox icing everett unity and i really appreciate it is partly the king day and i really wish going forward i know you we hear it often but the content the character you know i really wish we could get back to that the words a king should better at the moment they like can ensure reflect on that it's really said that some people can't get through that content a character no matters so that any politics stuff is gonna terrorists apart thanks for tuna and please subscribed to a youtube channel youtube that comes upon gino training at the foreign two thousand subscribers we are almost there s garter newsletter bunch you know that consolation newsletter get the best units of the day these folks
so you just heard tan bonn gino she you can also get dan's progress on itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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