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Big Cracks Emerge in the Latest Hoax (Ep 1090)

2019-10-17 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the devastating testimony on the Hill which dismantled the latest liberal anti-Trump hoax. I also address the fallout from the Democrats’ disastrous CNN debate. Finally, I address explosive new revelations in the witch-hunt against Michael Flynn. News Picks:This reliable election model is really good news for the Trump campaign team.


Republicans finally take action against sleazy Adam Schiff.


Sleazy Adam Schiff’s Ukraine conspiracy theory continues to fall apart.


The DOJ obtained cell phones of this key player in the Spygate probe


This key witness in the fake Ukraine scandal is telling the story the Democrats want. 


Is Michael Bloomberg about to jump on the presidential race?


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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee says are collapsing everywhere outside episode with george worlds colliding worlds are colliding hoaxes are collapsing they should reconstitute decide felts therefore new episode called hoaxes are collapsing folks i've got it actual as usual hoaxes are collapsing everywhere democratic debate hoaxes a ukraine gate hoaxes what hoaxes designed to target mike when what i just want quick question if we get started we bring in producer joe you did that processing is a serious question i'm not messing around why are you so susceptible to lie
is lie spooky fairytale lines adopts fables why are you after the abbe do not have a basic lie detector fact detector i'd statue everyday work they thereby gino shellfish joe i waited my friend daniel i'm doing well and the answer is alien any interference that why is it that's what i thought waves bailing out there somewhere daylight manet every single hoax they were eating one of a wood at least gub drew right of our i let's get right do a tactical regulated your words about bodies at each year
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if remark of another radio a segment where i took a collar about the tax the rich argument and i had to pay folks self praise thinks it does but it will pretty guard for me apollo or sit here cracking up nice job british play some of that for you to morrow i promise you're gonna love it a friday where the collar leaving no bay he secular i'll be back i am going to say any more state due tomorrow joe was kind enough to cut their resign let's get the story number one is to support so the u s on via ukraine is up on capital hale testifying with this which and i ve got a lotta breaking news on this kurt vulgar he was in on voice to ukraine obviously dealing in deplore see for the trump administration we all know the collusion hoax fell apart it them is replaced by the mahler which on its now been replaced by ukraine gay and the ukraine hawks another big hoax ukraine hoaxes obvious again repeating it for the thousand time for those you just union for the first time
silly democrats made up another hopes that donald trump on a phone call with the ukrainian president suggested that if we didn't get information about her providing shady dealings in ukraine that we would hold up military aid and trumpet allegedly said that a transcript he didn't of course we have the transcript we ve now read it the stories been thoroughly completely discredited the bump it's another hope well adam shifted star chamber there up their engaging in a fake impeachment it's on a real piece of wood novo trying to compare to a criminal trial well they had volker up yes speech by peace by byron the in the washstand examiner gonna put up a snippet from admitted title shift press vulgar to say ukraine fell pressure from tromp they'll pressure to do what well as i just add to produce information about shady hunter biden joe biden kid or
aren't gonna get military and a story again this been completely discredit so ship who is honestly i'm not kidding one of the dumbest skies on capital hell this guy is promulgated so many fake news stories in hoaxes that how anybody takes this guy seriously him and swore well are too i q midgets up there with some of the dumbest guys up there they can never ever get their stories straight there's some of the worst political tacticians i've ever seen they promote hoaxes with no idea how the hoaxes gonna end and in what it ends in a blows up in their faces this move on to the next one so they bring up call occurred vulgar who work with tromp on this you create they expecting volker to do up you know advance their narrative well kind of barodia it's not exactly what happened you call it a secret interview record representative adam ship hack leader with ass i entered the hack parted leader of the house democratic effort to improve president trump press former united states special representative to ukraine colt kurt vulgar to testify ukrainian affair
those gel fell pressure to investigate former vp joe biden son hotter as a result of trump withholding u s military aid to ukraine airs folks well what happened they dont vote it was there is so little known own byron york folk are denied that was the case noting that ukrainian leaders didn't even know wade was being withheld enable if their relationship with the eu s was moving along satisfactorily without them having everything short mentioned it is notorious phone conversation with ukrainian president vladimir zalewski ladies and gentlemen this is a scam i mean i can't i don't know how many different ways from sunday i can tell you that ukraine ukraine gate is is this a followed and by ukraine
i'm talking about hundred biden scam that there's no scam foretroche it's another hoax it is just a simple progression from the collusion hoax the mahler which on to this they need something to constantly hit trump on now the reason i bring this up in an up and that the overdue ukraine we talk about all with last week we ve been hammering the uk story death even listening to show you are thoroughly informed that there is no there there for that just like there was no there they are for the collusion oaks according to the actual investigators investigated the collusion hawks member peter strokes text i bring this up for another is not just that nobody nobody is accommodating sleaze ball adam shift and actually fortifying his ridiculous story about this deal right military aid for it nobody you saying that no just adam ship captain oak sir captain ahab evokes tease out think for the moby dick of hoaxes eddies found another one various there she owns la virtue cap
ship ahab evokes there's why am i it is not just because vulgar louis bore them had to do that do folks they have been trying to manipulate the american public to make you believe that this is some kind of criminal trial it is not an impeachment is an entirely different thing that's a political trial not a criminal trap i cover this the other day but its being done tat a further reason to impugn the character of donald trump and make it seem like he's under some kind of criminal investigation because obviously that has negative overtones vibrated say gosh you know me apollo in their criminal investigation you and the other what what did they do their trial do this for me and impeachment as a political trial in the senate followed by an impeachment charge level than the house clear it is not an indictment right there's nothing but the democrats are suggesting that their secret proceedings because there are not
republicans into many these meetings there conducting all of this in secret unlike what happened in the bill clinton impeachment where everything was public and the information came out the star report theirs gestures while we're doing it in secret because like criminal cha crile you choose me criminal trial where the grand jury phase and grand juries are always secret job as we discuss the holidays kind of important following up into my next story punch you know that calm neighbour now we discuss the terminal at each let a little bit now joe is not a federal agent has have to be wasn't a carpet jos markka showing grand jury they generally take votes write another in secret luxurious take about and i have to vote to indict so you go into a grand jury as a prosecutor is an age you tell the grand jurists you tell them your story and they come back and issue a true bell rang and the subject of the grand jury proceeding gets indict by everybody gets and died in a grand jury but as i said because there's no
adversarial there is no defence allowed in everybody gets it that united ham sandwich integrated or no problem at all hands down twice on sunday easy i've never heard of someone not getting it right but they take a vote that's not what policy say it now remember the democrats want you to believe this like a grand jury so it should be secret but current juries vote not the house robot juno that copies i'll go this is shown us again is from yesterday breaking policy will not all the vote on impeachment circles back to potan what's o o everybody time my red flag was ebbs we're still unpacking products into reality my failure yes so what are you a strong policy suggesting to us impeachment is happening it's not because that has happened secret nobody knows what's going on no vote has been taken and the constitution
early delineate that the house of representatives shall have the sole power to impeach not the speaker not adam ship in other words house of representatives eating by any plain language reading of the constitution there must be a vote from the actual joe representatives poor this is baby not this is clearly not in impeachment based on our constitution making this up there is no impeachment but to make you believe there's an impeachment nancy pelosi saying we're in an impeachment and if so devastating we're keep it a secret because we want to be like a criminal trap folks you cannot have it both ways i dont want to beat this thing to death but it's important what's going on right you care have it both ways liberal lunatics either written impeachment with a vote or it's not impeachment
you're just making this up there's no impeachment or you take about its impeachment you hold the proceedings in public like every other impeachment u s history has or again your violating precedent and making this stuff up as you go along third if you're gonna win since this is just like a criminal trial where hearings are conducted in secret it's not there's no precedent for that no impeachment has ever been conducted that way that may be crystal clear none not johnson the clinton and not the employees i said nixon wasn't a pc resigned but not the impeachment hearings with nixon all of it was public there's no precedent my third if you're gonna compared to a criminal trial in a grand jury day actually vote nance you should actually read
better or criminal rules on how things work if you're going to make such a stupid comparison no word i found it this is the star chamber now there's three things going on i covered some from ready but just a kind of sum this up with this lack of impeachment vote the obvious question you should be asking now is why why energy policy bailing out taking in a piece of advice the short answer ladies and gentlemen because she's gonna get smoke smoked one of two ways she's either gonna lose the vote on the floor she needs to get the two eighteen hundred eighteen members of majority that'll vote for articles of impeachment house of representatives in the constitution not represent remember she needs a majority folks if she loses the vote and she puts it on the floor it will be the biggest political face palm i'm not kidding biggest political face bomb and fifty sixty years
i can't even think of a bigger one she will lose inhuman what are you gonna do repeat them it would be million ree re impeach of later now really gonna web asia that would be the first way face palm they die the second way i'd argue would be even worse she may really gets worse oh yes it what does she actually does get them it may seem well they celebrate right now not so my ladys gents said both as my mother used to say believe you me genial she's commie genial because my britain all my whole families jays chat jimmy john judy james stem cells maybe she be like james job jan you'll see my mother used to say believe you me genial believe maybe i don't know what that i believe you re right has really sears believe
to me if they win about its even worse why because you have a problem we what is it twenty thirty members in trump or trump leaning red districts or swinging districts members of congress representatives that are up election obviously every two years up in this presidential election cycle would shrunk back on the ballot wanna be run it trump district is one of these lunatics who said i want a pizza guy for what hopes hoax that's right you wanna be that guy well that woman forces and i read for office i know what it's like you take one on the chin it's tough you do not want to be the guide have to get up in front of a bunch of angry constituents health care costs or through the roof and tell them you spent the last eighteen months of your life trying to a preacher president a hoax believe you me as my mom judy would say
second reason is even worse so again first reason they lose the part about face pop second when the vote and a lose all their members bigger face pop even worse ladies and gentlemen if they window voters still a trial in the senate ads a majority you need sick these seven out of a hundred the senate not fifty one of ages approximate thou the vote but what are the chances germany guess here and new jobs because you are the audience ombudsman yes you need to correct me you can't i'm giving you permission to humiliate me on the ok i'm gonna guess joe that shit it of them winning assented trial with a majority republican senate led by mitch mcconnell flipping sixteen republicans republicans vote against the present hoped gas joe the chances of that are exactly zero wrong i think you're gone wrong i think you're pretty close to right now break
i think i'm pretty right too i would say goose egg dora chocolate glaze day in day maybe a crispy cream you have zero chance so wise option want to face palm but option to an apocalyptic ellie ellie where's we'll be deep impact extinction level of anna why is robot you at extinction level of aid for the democrats not only they lose the members who now have to go on the record to peace we're hopes and run on it around the record now they lose the senate trial in the biggest face palm a hundred years folks that's why pelosi does one of our own she either doesn't have the votes does either way she loses in trouble with its a hoax listen watergate love makes it or eight him
it happened there was a break in the watergate odell equipping you get story there if we keep a family friendly that thing got a blue shirt on an otter equipment actually happen happen we we you may not think you should be happy slipped back there you better take its appreciable putting happen this dude your caliber i know i can or i don't see you on cabin i can only comes cannibals
that is our hopes we have the transcripts hogs this can't possibly cannot possibly work after the democrats i've got i gotta get through this what might flynn thing i teach that yesterday the beginning my my second sponsor their bouncing around because of what we ve got a lot of important stuff but this is really this flynn case it is just attic i mean really i know i use the word like they loved explosive but seriously and explosive revelation stating that i've got some more video audio from the debate to adding forget that there's a few more things i just want to bombard you today straight and aircraft the disastrous debate covered up but there was some importance that i let's get this our second sponsor there is our bodies at harry ladies and gentlemen i kid you not these are the finest right now the reason i don't have my harrys razor with me i used to keep it hairy and that if we can use it and this new studios a little set up a little different and i take he brought it back i use it
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and i use the example of the sharp than ever to show you how foolish liberals our data they don't even know the numbers himself so what happened interview we can get the audio play it for you to morrow someone as it send that over its info up on you know that com if you can find it there's a segment of the interview where stassen says to our sharply this funny he says well what percentage of the entire tax burden should the wealthiest below i e the one percent pay so sharp incite while i think the fair share would be at least fifteen percent or fairly says fifty behind even exists at least well what was the problem will show it time of the universe they were shooting for what they were paying thirty four percent in the had no idea first dazzled like while they pay thirty four percent i think what is going to show you ladies and gentlemen there always making it up if we
get that i'll play it tomorrow with the with jos great fine for me on the van that was really funny where again another lady its taxation what our representing your love that club the cliff it's really really gets ok finally to make flint stories really important had tea at tat no fog on twitter doesn't really really good job can't recommend the account enough they i dont know the person personally but it did the account does a great job of distilling down complex legal arguments made in these cases the easily digestible bit they found this little gem just to set this up quickly mike flynn lieutenant general might flynn who is subjected to his own which are by bob mahler you all know the back story called the russian ambassador while he was in
line to be the national security visor during the transition and the democrats allege that with some deal in any was arrested for some nonsense lying to the fbi charge when the fbi themselves admitted that he didn't why it's it's one of the worst ugliest witch hunt against an american patriot in human history it really is its gross it's just disgusting what happened in my foot flynn gets rid of his all legal team tat a general flynn you honorific matters put that out there any hires is bull dog of a lawyer sidney power who is taking exactly zero you get it villain the blank so simply power file the legal briefing the other day which techno fog circle this little german air in the legal base thing there looking brady material we i i now see joe gets a change is watching a youtube you too that complex plunging off you wanna check it oh so when you get there
stray mike wednesday lawyers say and we need brady material which means evidence the government is holding that may be exculpatory we clear our brady as voting brady as if the government prosecute you in there information that you may be innocent they are obligated obligate to turn that over if make using joe of robbing a bank and i'm charging him and i have video of joe somewhere else when the bank was rob if i don't turn over all why am i in a lot of trouble ass right that is a very but me i'll make i was a federal agent for twelve years that is a huge deal sidney powell say and i think there's some brady material out their lives from evidence indicating flynn may be innocent and what does she asking for again look at this autumn light again had to check no far way the phone it's that were used by mr joseph pursuit where
why why the government has blackberries phones used by joseph mission now you not a put two and two together there some of you more of ass listers you follow my show for a while you definitely no joad it definitely put you would do it again quick background there who is joseph miss said joseph miss said the alleged russian agent that contacts or or as a meeting forgive me with george papadopoulos from the trump team back and twenty sixteen
in an in that meeting is alleged to have told papadopoulos from the trunk the about hilary females understand this take this way of setting a thousand times is a thousand and one if myths should is not a russian agent the entire fbi reason for opening up an investigation into trump and his team completely falls apart why because the fbi's on the record stated reasons for investigating donald trump is that papa dapple is allegedly later on tells an australian that the russians have railleries emails these are all false allegations bodily so the democrats story and the fbi stories my gosh papadopoulos got it from this russian guy and always passenger off their try to collude with a trumpet you dig it's very simple but joe
if mr is not a russian agent and we gotta be a big problem it's kind of hard to collude with russian agent if you george papadopoulos if if he's not russian nor an agent we haven't heard that awhile we needed a month you gotta refresh me once at least once a week that was almost there's a single motley but it's definitely about it yet if it now i'm gonna make the case mr is deaf we now russian these maltese but i have made the case to you now for over two years and both of my books about this do exonerated spiky miss may i been an agent
but he most certainly was an agent russia let's put up this epic times peace which is a dandy this one is terrific be up in the shown us can i please read the epic times by peters slab sign from saying your name rob peter it's not headline deal j obtained cell phones or central figure at origin of russia proved this is about cellphones for miss said being requested microphones legal councils as follows that belong to joseph misled likely contain exculpatory evidence now before we get to this snippet from japan joe i'm going to ask you again to put on your fake investigator had to bring pretend for a moment you're a federal agent just for a moment because you're a smart guy indicted right in your day i'd get if you decide with if you thank you very much at all said now joe if miss such was the russian agent the democrats claim who was trying to work with the trumpet gas or failures email devastate you think that
agent would turn over cell phones the oj big i should check these are probably not in thank you job that is a very sophisticated detailed analysis very good just one of the best federal government as the james bond of producers on these shows he figured it out in a jiffy of course i'm being sarcastic and so is joe because you don't need to be a federal age to figure out live servers are rushing agent he probably wouldn't hand over to self was that the department of justice i'm just gonna throw that out there of course liberals who after where a dunce cap around full time won't get any of that now of course he had them over he just wanted to be a nice guy yeah ok great graded very detailed fantastic analysis my gosh people of morons now from the epic eyes beheld it gets better it gets better so the deal j has message boards hasn't turned him over to me
wednesday by the way from the epic times peace sees me mrs lawyers stephan row confirmed the epic times that the deal j obtain the cell phones and said he was a form that myths and use them to communicate with quote listen to this wall he used the forest to communicate with at least one person in the u s wait wait house i beseech you may sound carry so what maybe he was talking to an upper drivers somebody you ok fair enough i wasn't a russian hoopdriver out back in a piece from the lawyer again this is where i was told that it was passed but to retrieve a lot more data and information from the phones he said neither raw we had this lawyer nor power flinch lawyer would say how they learned about the phones you who gave him to the d o j listen to the kicker to kicker
it is a clear how miss should obtain the phones although power wrote in october fifteen tweet that the phones had been given to live said too use ah oh there's somebody gay men of all exactly gave while he's communicating with this u s person i thought he was arrested agent so mine is communicating with an eu ass somebody gives him these phones to handle ladies and gentlemen listen to me again if your regular viewer listener of this shell sorry it might get em i can take some i think i find i'm sorry but find this stuff tragically comical and i do mean drastically comic editors we i do now because you have to be an idiot tonight
see what's going on here but i i almost half the laugh rock or our crier meg case now laughing and crying at the same time because you have to be i mean a dunce of historic proportions do not understand this was a set up the russia hoax was a set up from the start all the facts appear to be pointing to the fact that george papadopoulos were set up by people who used miss said to advance a collusion out and it wasn't the russians it was some are looking to target trump i can't wait to see what's on these phones the one thing if there's one
thing if i may take a moment of personal privilege it is the damned mancino show if you allow me if this one thing i've been attacked on by media hacks liberal morons and others and the folks i'm get it i'm sorry you know people like our own column artlessness show may not be fairer it's not for everyone i have no patience for these idiots anymore if you do great i'm not talking about all democrats the radical left the anti for crowded the hoaxes these guys have i queues of twenty six i'm not interested anymore but if there's one thing i've been relentlessly attacked on for two years paula noses jonah because i've spoken about it's my theory from eons ago
based on a solid source i had an information i community that may suit was not a russian agent and was in fact a western intel tool to set up the trumpet i've been relentlessly attacked for that check and spare us a fairy i what's a conspiracy aright ain't no theory and aim is a word in this case i cannot wait to see which almost won't you may be asking by their what's a connection of flint if miss said you believe was part of a plot to set up an apple us what's the connection of flint ladies and gentlemen who else was set up back in twenty fourteen and twenty fifty with the exam
same he colluded with the russian note ah mike fled yeah mike where that's right you remember that story disgusted about six months ago judy i looked it up for us radiance archives where i discuss the whole plot twenty fifteen to set up mike when they invite him to a dinner over in the uk who shows that yeah yeah this woman who as some time professionally to russia russian agent ass fat laana look over land and yet not nothing to do with russia all of a sudden a whisper campaign starts against mike flynn he wish with this russian woman at a dinner or who invite him to dinner the same players who are involved in this by gay case against tromp how per the spy would have pop up was cooperative walrus yourself that its historical by the same players folks the he colluded with the russian fill in the black its usual force a whole topic of my second book exonerated how they try this
i'm a cane and his presidential campaign the exact same plan it's all documented in the book then they tried flynn and then they tried pop up was the big question is what miss said and we have some reason to believe he may have been in attendance in some of these things all joey am was berserk
some of these events where might flynn was being set up who is talking to someone give em are found to have a little chaskey it certainly one russians this thing is going to blow up we have not even scratch the surface scratch the surface of spying when i got to get out ok i got some more stuff from the debates but let's get to this are our final sponsor and a great sponsor we love us recruiter there absolutely terrific want to get to this end and i want to cover don't go anywhere i've got some just stunning video from the debate and has been a fall a walk on one of them that you're not gonna want to mess i promise you i today's shows also sponsored by bodies that super cool folks listen hiring can be a slow process believe me we now cafe or tourist c o o dell and miss gower wits
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and had a tense like the level ten stupidity now went down to the eight or nine but still important unless khazar presidential election i better call this the tyranny block the show show showing you how liberals the word liberal which used to be associated with the respect of liberal and liberal respect for liberty and general before it was hijacked by progressive democrats is now synonymous return now i mean it you may get sets up that know it's true liberals want to take away your big our god given rights to protect yourself to speak of anti further the most violent anti first amendment group i wanted to play a video buddy honesty is so violent i dont even teeth
at the trump rally i'm not even sure but i can't because i don't want and enshrine a lot of sound so the audio mrs wouldn't get me out of it but the tyranny shriek on the left is seriously at home is not a joke is a real problem exhibit one our friend robert francis buteux mr karlsson cosmo rourke here is him he's added the bay talking about confiscating your firearms and when asked what what are you gonna do with people turn over the firearms he talks about either consequence and when we're done with this i got a follow up because he followed up day without in camera from cnn and i got a lot worse but check this offers huge baino at the debate exactly how are you going to take the way weapons from people who do not want to give them up and you don't know where they are if someone does not turn in and they are fifteen and eighteen forty seven one of these weapons of war
brings out in public and in brandished is it in an attempt to intent as we saw when we read kent state recently then that weapon will be taken from them if they persist there will be other consequences law enforcement really right listen folks contrary to my generally gruff looking appearance i get that no one can accuse me of being like a battery boy i've never been a pretty boy ever i'm never going to be i really am and i mean i'm a peace loving guy i am i sought a joke i'm might be and funny about my notice i now i am i i i i practice violence i do i practice makes martial arts of indiana why so i never ever in my life have you
gauging it and never have to negotiate from a point of weakness i'm not kidding that's why i do it i never wanted it is fighting is brutal it is and anyone who does mixed martial arts and watches the show knows that it's savage but folks people who understand violence are terrified of fate snugly wearing stuff guy social justice words aren't afraid of violence because they have no idea what it feels like the fear the fatigue so awful driving a dude mounted on top eu beatenest not are you are you can't breathe it's pretty much the worse experience on a plan and need to be in the gears geese or sweaty at his sweaty nasty geese clogging up your nose and he can't breathe even worse you wanna die but you know what a tap out
people are watching ever fight in front of people socks why do i say that this better work really believe that hundreds of millions of americans are gonna just answer the door for law enforcement and just surrender their firearms even better this better work really believe that local sheriff some deputies and city and municipal cops in red areas are just gonna start knocking on doors because bade oh said so and confiscating weapons folks this is a recipe for absolute disaster i fear violence
you should do you are going to put the nations law enforcement if you if it this guy he's got no chance but if he were elected president in an untenable dangerous situation repeatedly solely for the purpose of advancing you're sick anti liberty agenda now nato appeared with alison camaraderie shockingly she's lost it but she started at least asking him from cnn some hard questions about how this was going to go down now beta so well i'll be other consequences from one forspent he didn't back in this interview but comrade it's a little bit longer we have one piece rip but i want you to check this out because i want to discuss the illogical fallacy here we're beta goes wrong yet again check this out only expect my fellow member to follow the law you expect mass shooters to fall below our fellow americans will fall why yes
cause and ass everyone downsides mass shooters in parkland in el paso i could go on for ten minutes they don't fall the law by definition that there are so many instances where the proposals that we ve made whether it is a universal background check or a red flag law or ending the sale of weapons of war or buying those are out there back would have stopped many of the shootings that we see in a country that loses forty thousand people a year two gun violence would it stop every single shooting no but there should be no excuse for not taking action now all we have the opportunity to do the right thing and we also should be limited by the politics or the conventional political wisdom or the polling or the sought me class or denying our ran undertone blindly taking decisive action first interview goes on for a while i want to give you a little sliver because house in camera breaks up an excellent point bathtub to we're on our way
i believe you me is mamma judy would say believe you me criminals don't give a shit about cannot why why would you think they care about come was the only people by definition as camera says who are going to follow the law our law a following law abiding people what part of that is hard to understand you did criminals a beta bado edict from we are going to go out and see all the weapons all you cause you know captain beta speaks you really believe that you don't criminals gabelle beta
president beta set it down to turn to my god are you got down course he's not that damage you saying this for political advantages ridiculous soul thing is absurd absurd the interview goes on now but there's another pointy brings up later i wanna thoroughly the bark beta says one pointy hints to it is long we in the interest of brevity on the show he says well we don't write laws like murder laws or anything like that and bright them you know because bad guys want follow them we write them because it's you know that's how laws work with bad think not out none at all
now i have explained this before but again in line ouch i know i'm sorry afterwards i now take a beach while shot because i know you're losing dental was we city didn't rights i feel that we need me believe me that mean your joy of any despair at this point of our airlines to be punches interface so my nose but i see that my profile my nose been busted so many beautiful brother spar animated busted my note member that paul a blood coming out of my note my nose was like their sideways ladies and gentlemen we write laws with these specific intent of putting a perimeter offence a restriction around the activities of bad people looking to do bad things
we don't write laws with the intent of restricting the activities of good people and restricting their constitutional rights what do i mean by that if you write a law member for the parade pinch principle we discovered we week we talked about yesterday during the show pereda the parade our principal how any law should have at least one person why not negatively impacting anyone that's the measure of a decent law folks if your law only only negatively impact law abiding i e seizing their weapons i'll not only not italy impacting criminals but helping them why would it help them joe i see a quick i may be so member framed this and even easier for you to go down that always about her criminal because they will not turning their firearms under any circumstance in nope
you think those criminals want a prey on an arm populist or an unarmed populist when i scanned the point then you know there's they ve course they're gonna be a folks there's a reason criminals don't everybody's but you know what i mean it does i hold your aim that he gets there of course they're gonna be there folks there's a reason criminals don't like bright king into homes when the homeowners home in gun in second amendment respecting saying right because i don't want i'll even a body bag that's why it's not hard to figure out so nato is analysis of why a society and acts and rights laws is backwards we write laws to restrict the actions of bad guys not to restrict the behaviour of good people i think about a legitimate again say burglary right i use any simple old time night i promise you this
burglary most their terrific we love them they re me joe or paula one bit no now we may eat em if someone breaks and arouse god forbid but i've never burger nor do i get them i dont care great burglary laws their terrific we love them they restrict and put a fence around the activity and penalize the activities are really bad people i e burglars but they don't at all affect the activities of good people met effect they help them because if their houses are burglarize they have a penalty for the animals that did it terrain help one person don't harm anyone come as do the opposite they screw over the good guys who are now helpless against the bad guys who are now
armed against unarmed victims beethoven alice's is completely bass outwards i said this was the tyranny block the shown and we can get this yesterday we just annihilate elizabeth worn bernie sanders stupid economic arguments here's video number two of kamel hours folks i got to tell you i'm very rarely shocked anymore by some of the rampant stupidity at here at these debates but i got to tell you this one takes the cake seriously for the dumbest thing i've so far this is karma harris in a back and forth what elizabeth worn i'm not kidding about our ports to take away from the present united states to take is the activators twitter account did this is real
check out this stupidity here of what should be the rules around corporate responsibility for these big tech companies when i called on twitter to suspend doll trumps account you did not agree and i would i would urge you to join me because here we have donald trump less sixty five million twitter followers and is using that platform as the president of the united states to openly intimidate witnesses to threaten witnesses to obstruct justice and he and his account should be taken down we saw in el paso at shooter in his manifesto was informed by how donald trump uses that plan and this is a matter of corporate responsibility twitter should be held accountable shut down that site it is a matter of safety and corporate accountability thank you senator warn you can respond so lord i don't just want to push donald trump off twitter i want to push him out of the white house that's our job
i like the way you join me in saying that it will not help can be set down let's figure i'll know why it is that you have had laws on the book for anti trust i mean it i really i'm not kidding i was actually leg and bad watching additives after an appearance on fox and was really tired we ve had a couple weeks payable couple weeks endless days tokay work is good purifies the sole come on over you and sailor upon it ever whose remit sailor waved him away now we get a mirror remodelled love she could maneuverable differ
fuck you write when my daughter whereas i go with that o connell harris folks remember the argument debate i had with many of you have my emails others on the website i read all your emails when you send in poland i member that back and forth i got some of the most vicious emails i mean people lawyer listeners and they were like listen then i totally agree with you we had this back and forth you remember this net neutrality doha and about government regulation for the internet and i said to you guys ladys i get it twitter stinks sawdust facebook you think that government regulating this is going to make this better there are oh good solutions to the twitter facebook problem and their sensory have concerns not there only bad ones the question is not what's a good solution it's what's a less bad solution and the least bad solution is the lead
the market sort this out man i got emails four weeks to watch i cared figured i get it i'm with you i am not vouchers for twitter and facebook they screwed me over twitter is we even let me run errands they bear those from renegades facebook did this crazy what i want a while ago i got it you win i'm just telling you you want to me now to have monopolistic use of force powers to regulate these platforms knowing people like combo harris are out there who wants you literally not figuratively shut down the twitter account of the president united states you think that's a good idea folks i'm sorry i'm not poking fought at you i m not diminishing your comments they were well written there were thought out some of them were little vicious ok i mean i'd rather not be but i gotta thick skin actually don't but whatever i'm supposed to say that
but introducing that camel's nose under the tent of government regulations you are begging for trouble by just quit going to sum up a few things i want to put up a couple tweets that they're again from the debate biden light again not going to play the card cuz we covered it the other day in the show but biden joe biden i didn't talk to my sought about as ukraine scam even see at an even sierra fake news see it in fact check job claims you never discuss ukraine dealings with his son but is indicated otherwise what what did they say what it when we lost walter cronkite johnson when you lost sierra job i stop you talking to your son about a shady ukraine just stop the insanity like susie powdery suffice appeared sanity stop stop your boss did just submitted another tree
i mean i've is a better more humiliating tweet it well what's the tree i'm just trying to set this up if you watch youtube together the most i know you propose that this is the most humiliating treat ever see apparatchik obama's is real accounts are apparently i was proud to work redressed ingesting trudeau is president of open doors dough he's a hard though it is the black face guy right multiple blackmail kyra these are hard working effective leadership charge a big issues the world needs is progressive leadership right now and i hope our neighbours to the north support him for another term let me get this straight at the black face guy in canada you're is endorsing trudeau folks yeah i know a lot of you probably not he hasn't even doors biden hake my region
in a black face guy abbe joe talk about a face farm joe it's time they get out of the race year one quick note on that to joe biden is one one positive provide so too big face punch line about his kid and is ukraine dealings and obama face palms and big time by endorse and black face guy up north one piece of good news for by a see endorse bernie sanders you may say tat how does that were forbidden on and i think this through bernie sanders campaign was flailing elizabeth warrens with surging by needs the two of them the split the progressive vote he's gonna run as the fake moderate you want to run against one or two you want them to split the vote lot of these primaries are plurality races not majority biden can slide through with twenty five percent he wants those voters split up
bernie was dying in the polls now he's got the champion a false news ale see endorse them given him a little i cpr this is great news for by buying really needs to get out his campaign is finally one last tweed from this guy j rose and who claims to teach journalism or something is journalists we had this is again belarus i m so stupid this guy j rose and apparently is offended that were asking elizabeth warren like we did on my show yesterday about if our planet is actually gonna raise taxes this is this clown j rosen and why you though make elizabeth war and say she would raise taxes on the middle class the question should be a credibility killer for the journalists who keep asking this vote and this is one of those i don't have it at all really legitimate are your taxes gonna go opera
that is why it s quite casinos the answers you try to frighten other journalists whatever their when appliance nonsense i folks thanks again for tuna really appreciated please subscribed to my show youtube dot com slashed by jean we're trying to get the three hundred thousand subscribers you're hoping to get their real fast also subscribe and apple podcast google part you want to say goodbye to you you even waiver they say goodbye google pod guess well icon southward we'll see what my own we ve binary may thereby seawater martha you just ten bungee knows you can also get the answers i guess soon i tunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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