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Blowing this Hoax Wide Open # 948 (Ep 948)

2019-04-01 | 🔗
In this episode I address some fascinating new information about the Mueller witch-hunt, along with the strong likelihood that Mueller knew he was investigating a hoax.    News Picks: Flashback! Here are the biggest dossier lies told by the media.   It was the dossier, not Papadopoulos that started the Trump team Spygate investigation.    President Trump’s poll numbers are moving up.    AOC screws up, again. This time mangling basic history.   President Trump is working on a transformative healthcare proposal.   AG Bill Barr says the White House will not review the Mueller report first.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about america on his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bonds you know i wasn't thereby gino shall british joe how are you today dan is monday it show times i'm doing good real good you you're but your ex the bee who always are are you excited is robert smith from the cure remember that band the cure as excited as he was to be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in case you missed it folks here is i love the cure they were a great band here's the where's robert smith when asked how excited he is about being adapted to the rock and roll neither meal i congratulate you write the wrong they mean that these two thousand nineteen are you excited his iron bars
as we know one says written there by this that is the best seconds a video you one way to kick off the we i was gonna play that lasted i said nepal up i'll make a pilot let's just throw that word first because i really am excited to be here thanks to overcome that too so here's the deal i did my appearance regularly monday morning appearance on fox and friends which you all should watch i do it on their foxen friends and saturday morning i'm as well and this but i got the opportunity you kind of teases segment i'm gonna do today on today shows you gonna blow your mind about what i've been working on all weekend how the fix was in from the dart mahler knew it was a fixed and you did a little homework this weekend and i'm gonna blow your my with an actual timeline you to be able to the timeline how mahler knew the entire time this was a scam i know it looking to put a visual up sell for those listening in the audio to worry worried alone makes sense but if you want to watch the timeline appear paul was nice
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i know that this way love when you start ass i got a couple months all night long beverly billy loves that we got a little signature things you saw folks i got a little too bit of information this week and i've been working on a show all we can hear my my notes in and i have i have on the whole book fuller notes here july of twenty seventeen is when this thing all here the fan here's the lead here's what we're gonna go at this here's the headline here's what i want you to pay really close attention to she no longer is was their collusion that has been the bug discredited for those you listen shall regulates old news it doesn't even mc illusions a hoax only idiots when the collusion hopes and only morons propagated sadly the democrats have fulfilled their roles and doing nobody believes that it's not a question of the trump collude with the rest is anyone the question now everybody should be asking is it now that mothers concluded that there is no collusion that no one
working on the trump team colluded matter they were offered to collude turned it down the question i was wended model find this out and what the hell was bob mahler doing then four six hundred and seventy five days so the headline is what was smaller up to on this committee jim probe if he knew who that there was no collusion how we know bob mother knew there was no collusion paula let's get right to it throw up your time line there get if you want to watch it home youtube dotcom slash mancino don't worry and the audio pod guess at makes sense are laid out for you obviously you are my my primary consumer the audio the audio files so dark at times we have of course in early july this is i have this up first this is the july twenty seventeen timeline now remember mothers appointed in may of twenty seventeen i'm gonna make the case to you now i think he knew in may when he was appointed collusion was a hope but just to be fair to smaller i met him
the argument that no later than july twenty seventeen he knows this thing is a total hoax what is he doing ass the gaining into this one way to other time my back up again july early july around the twentieth that the fbi produces the peter stroke lisa page text now have a question mark on the visual they were july because the visa these texts obvious three people within the f b i know about these texts earlier and i believe based on mothers prior ties to the fbi is strong likely had he gets win in early july early joel about the existence of these texts why does that matter why does this july date only seventeen where mahler gets the peter stroke tax matter because the peter stroke text he's the he'd investigator in the trump cakes joe he's the one texting is girlfriend there's no they're they're they're taxi his girl
lisa page fbi lawyer to both married by the weather having it affects later admits in sworn testimony the page later later admits that that did it there's a possibility well as may when molly was appointed that there was that there was nothing there that the case it was a camera was a dream was a fantasy they notice he's reading the text now i had a piece of by fox news that i'm samuel chamberlain it's an older peace that shows when exactly the judge the david the journal twentieth day when the fbi gets wind or produce since these these shrug tax he produces they produce them through the inspector general's office so right now their reading the text about there's no there there how trumps supporters smell their walmart people down there reading these texts we have later probably the text remains mackay is well randy mackay is talking in october twenty sixteen about how to do
o j is questioning the reliability their source what am i telling you i don't want to rewrite the script here fewer listener the show a lot of this is all news but some of this is going to be very very new special explosive little tier one level bomb shall i have for you this is when everybody is reading the thoughts of stroke in page who are live time tax thing each other at the time they are doing the investigation about how there's no there there how they have to have an insurance policy against tromp about our chances of winning shit you should lose you know one million to one who ladies and gentlemen bob our finds out now that this thing is a hoax stroke rights it in attacked joe he tells his girlfriend that if this was leading to impeachment
we could be part of something big and monumental if i felt that this would you know we're gonna go anywhere i be all over it but there's no there there this is the lead investigator indicate spokes mahler no this whole thing is based on the dossier if you don't understand point one on the timeline none of the rest of the time i it's gonna make sense because your where the lead bring it back out to sixty five thousand feet mauler knows the latest lie of twenty seventeen because he gets the tax drop their next mahler night july twenty seventh with a question mark that's the reported date when mahler gets the tax july twenty seven where mothers notified about the text i don't believe this folks i think model gets the tax a little bit earlier at a minimum gets wind from someone in the f b i ve doesn't get the text specifically gets wind
somebody in the fbi at this point that there is a real problem pay bob i've got news for you there's a bunch of texts that are about to draw up here may go public that in the case that the lead investigator investigating tromp doesn't believe this case is real not only that it describes a whole bunch of o coneys floors wars like getting fishing oars overseas to more people in this is bad bob so instead of mahler and twenty seventeen july twenty seventeen doing the right thing to do i'm sick people mahler exonerate your mother didn't exonerate tramp tramp exonerated trump mahler should have july twenty six seventeen said hey folks this cases out that's not what he did moving on the next piece in the timeline now mahler gets windows instead of coming out publicly in saying this cases a hoax what does he do he dismisses peter stroke who was
he's investigative team is investigative special counsel to heed this should be to me this mrs peter stroke but he doesn't come out clean publicly admit this case is a hoax it's not what he does instead policy would my put up on the screen this twenty does according to a peace by byron york in the washing examiner stroke when the sign to the mother probe this is the fbi age again involving the hillary clinton email investigation crossfire hurricane who is now on the special council mahler dismisses m byron york righteous peace new justice department probus in eighty trump text probe happened to stroke and pages iphones issues from december seventeen twenty eighteen this is fascinating listen at it horror which was the inspector general told mahler he taught the situation is serious enough to remove stroke in page michael horowitz
spectre general hook uncovers these tax where they're talking about this whole scheme to take down tromp because on the folks listen this is mine blowing yet it appears that the mueller office stripped pages iphone of all its data without ever checking on its contents and a strip strokes iphone after perfunctory check that may or may not have taken note of the content of its text messages when horowitz asked for and belatedly received the iphone he could recover nothing from the view believe this we get our mothers are wonderful guy bactra till i shoot me i got a little bit of a carbon i feel good don't worry we you had never come on the if i didn't feel like doing it i feel fine just but so my voice sounds a little different today mollified
out from horowitz about these texts this text exposed the scheme he then remove stroke doesn't give a public statement about a folks this is one big hoax america should move on he keeps investigating not only does it keep investigating he removed shrunk from the team because he understands this guy's a political liability they were issued iphones he's at fbi phones ok i want to be clear on this there fbi phones are different phones i think they were same songs that's where these text messages it start this thing that our uncovered in early july folks you so you track in me i recovered from stroke in these page or were assigned to the special council pro briefly are issued iphones those iphones messages can you imagine also say why we don't have the text messages can you imagine those why because you do that why would you do that why because something obviously the idea dan again
what does waller hiding he's hiding tat is investigating a hoax right now let's watch what happens afterwards so mahler clearly understands that this point based on these is exposure to these text messages laying out the ski that use investigating a hoax whose party that hoax papa don where's man afford all these people are involved in collusion hawksley story that doesn't exist its fake it exists in the mind of chris offers the only fbi what happens next july twenty sixth man affords houses is rated instead of it policy erica for investigating a hoax and being assigned to investigate a hoax july twenty six they re not affords house in the early morning keep in mind metaphor
he's not a great guy i get it but man of war is never ever charged with anything related to collusion with russians at all bingo policy times skirt using ella time snapshot august nine twenty seventeen where they did a little recap of fbi raid problematic the term demonstrates aggressive pursuit of rush investigation you might put napa a cut from their clip it makes this is interesting further embedded in there this is from the at times peace the early morning search conducted by fbi agents working on the case supervised by mother came on july twenty sixth listen to this folks i day after madame agreed to turn over records to the senate judiciary committee which is also investigate tromp campaigns possible collusion with russia does not make any sense tell me again our mahler such a great guy mahler was the cases i hope she has the text instead of his apology
he and rage man house joe the day after metaphor greece to cooperate with descended to tell why are you writing his house he agreed to cooperate listen i can say this not defending metaphor i have no dog in that i don't know man afford i just know man affords the key figure the allegations lobbed against john mccain it too i was in an age when he runs for present it gets hilary and morocco bomb on the democrat side these metaphor key figure in the exact same allegations against mccain that colluded with the russians my s ears mahler needs to show that man affords a really bad guy even though he knows collisions a hoax because he's reading the tax because he wants to save the reputation of the fbi so we have to rate is house even after he agrees to cooperate forces is scary stuff this is like police the garbage here
all right the timeline goes on again you can follow on what home youtube dekom slashed bungee no again in the radio audio programme issues may i lay it all out no worries what happens the next day instead of an appalling for investigating a hoax because he has the tax can't say that enough model reading the tax the next day they go out and they arrest papadopoulos in spain a quickie pc arrested the airport july twenty seventh the next day george papadopoulos despite questionable role in this whole scheme i think puppet apples is is is the key to this whole thing because he set up early was verified on pop up was all what about on fled i'll get to that uses
not bit later instead of an apology they rushed to the airport to pick up george papadopoulos on a pc arrest for i can't explain about enough this pc arresting i was a federal agent overwhelming majority of arrests and the federal government not in the mit the state police because remember when you're a cop you have to understand the probable cause arrest is one without a warrant a police officers on this three he sees a guy assault and other guy punishment there's no word folks you don't call george i need a warrant i you just arrest the guy it's called the probable cause arrest you have witnessed a enough probable cause evidence that this guy committed a crime that you are allowed to make that arrest it's not unusual local policing listen to me i did both it is very unusual to make a probable
cause in other words no warrant arrests and the federal government and extra i've never made one i've made a lot of arrests so my friends but i was a secret service it i have ever made a pc arrest the way works in the federal government did you go to an assistant united states attorney with a set of facts they draw up an arrest warrant you swear in front of it before they drop a complaint the complainants weren't you in front of a judge may be precise the judge issues an arrest warrant you show them the why i'm here for your rescue taken in the federal government is different because cases work in reverse their you understand the difference federal agency fbi i know why pity or not on street patrol they don't rightness crimes we're investigators they investigate crimes therefore the information comes in first you bring it to a judge you swear to it now probably cause in the federal companies that illegal at all it's it's perfectly legal it does happen but it is extremely rare why the rush to lock up papadopoulos if
are already knows the case is a hoax shut down the discovery process beat it to shut down later on papadopoulos dapple is going out telling his version of events maybe to bind out papadopoulos long enough to shut him up to try to find it national information that would prove that this dossier had some meat on its bones why but you are rest pop adopt less on a probable cause ward for making false statements to the fbi folks when those false statements were made six months earlier in january puppet opposite arrested july why would you do that seven months
this is from the markets work active jeff karlsson a pc raw june for twenty eighteen lace when bullet point of this time line as well so that up on the screen if you wouldn't mind my lovely wife power this is from jeff across a species services quickly papadopoulos is arrested in july twenty seventh delos airport at seven p m m in the evening he flew in from munich germany he was book the next day at one forty five a m he was checked to a federal authority eighty twenty seven july twenty eight twenty seventy here's the key y know warrant was issued the entire event appeared to be rushed what's the rush folks what's the rush the rushes to shut these people down the rush is the sum outputs
meet on a backbone of a broken dossier that mahler now knows is completely utterly false a total hoax document because he's reading the text of the investigators that no it's a whole their tax thing each other there's no there there these are the lead investigators what else happens in july this is our nude little bit of information an astonishing now get i happened to fall upon recently a very bright person i've been working on with this case for a long time who is our analysis is prized by me in many ways super smart sent me question i have to do some digging on he said you know dan wouldn't it be fascinating if the first contact made by the mahler people s
ten in general might fled and his family was in july twenty seventeen wouldn't happily super special now keep her mind ladies and gentlemen a couple things here by july of twenty seventeen i'm telling you mahler knows it's a hoax he's reading the text sets a hoax also paul a few minor wash them post screen shot of the mike when investigation keep in mind the fbi at this point has nothing on might flynn here is an article by the washington post i think you may have come from that undercover huber account at john w huber so happy i'm not sure where i got this screenshots forgive me am i always try to give credit but whoever put the red lines up now job i think it was him here is an article by ella knocker schuman gregg miller january twenty third twenty seventeen but policies that up if you don't mind
just to be clear your july twenty seventeen is after january twenty seventeen round about it yeah yeah yeah it is are you hurry my adjust but there are liberals listening hoop in fact out of their way to do it back sedated gets factors we gotta get out of here is in article in january twenty seven f b i reviewed wins calls with russian ambassador but found nothing illicit let me read the first paragraph the fbi december reviewed interception of communications between the russian ambassador and retired lieutenant general michael flynn national security adviser to then president elect donald trump but has no evidence of wrong doing or illicit ties to the russian government official said one hell is bob mahler interviewing viewing prosecuting mike what for eyes he reaching out to mike flynn in july months after this article comes out we have
i concluded flynn did nothing wrong policy but the timeline when the screener in mid july i can confirm that first contact now he already knows he did nothing wrong they ve already leaked to the washington post wired reaching out why use their first cod with them in mid july so now mahler needs to shut down man afford he needs to shut down papadopoulos apples any needs to shut down flynn to what to buy enough time to try to put me on the boards of the dossier he knows is fake what is he doing why is anybody celebrating the gross misconduct by butler he served your search warrant the early morning on the other out of a guy metaphor who is never manage to tidy collusion when he knows the collusion alley
issues in the dossier or a and they said one matter mad affording the dossier is the key player and coordinating this whole collusion scam that doesn't exist why is he going after all why is here resting number two papadopoulos at the airport for a conversation papadopoulos had with the fbi seven months ago he knows the dossier at everything in it are false why is he going after flynn and requesting documents from fled and his family in july when they we i already knows when did nothing wrong what kind of unethical horse is this a he did such a thorough job here as a police very dark he knew one july at the latest this cases bs madame love in the show so for me to do
let me get this enricos i'm gonna get anywhere not done what the july timeline very cool i've got a few more points and i will move on to something else july this is today the it hits the fan molly knows it's a hoax and instead of admitting it's a hoped he doubles down locking up but he could get his myths on in an effort to dirty up job or try to desperately make this dossier of a credible does a joke should celebrate model for police state tyranny gimme a break mahler start tired here in it right today show brought to you by our bodies at proper claw they folks when you close fit well everything in life seems to go well you know what those pirate shirts with the wings that the bottom line is that we take knowledge you get close tailored for you i have proper closer to mass paula how much you love that shirt they sent me if she does head sharp i'm gonna put a picture up eventually
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civil war over this case breaks out that case is important because jim call me and jim baker are like this i clearly call me and everybody else bob mahler knows that the head guy the fbi legally whose call me right hand guy right there they are connected to help is under investigation for potential criminal leaks how does smaller and everybody know this because their reading this circa dot com bees it's out there in the public domain now which paul is nice enough to put on the screen the general council james baker is proportionately under a department of justice criminal investigation for allegedly leaking classify national security and information to the media according to multiple government officials close to the probe
our models that are real per hour but mother knows about this leak of couple weeks prior to mauler call me everybody starts to panic now instead have again doing the right thing in coming before the american people with a massive mayor culpa job we're sorry we screwed up this case is a hoax we misled you they can t new to double down what else happens in july twenty seventy two additional evidence that people who are in the no on this case you ve seen classified documents understand we are looking at the big scandal in human history and political history i want be to hyperbolic is bigger scales button political history i say that unequivocally mahler knows it everybody knows no apologies though they double down the geo p response cnbc i a piece about it people in there
i'll you seen some of the questionable information is a headline from cnbc house republicans call for a second special counsel to investigate clinton call me and lynch article july twenty seventh twenty seventeen same day the leak about gm baker we ve got people whose in the documents now clearly in their own leak war telling people in the media just how bad of a scam this investigation is folks i need my crowds forces to go out there now and start looking in july of twenty seventeen july twenty seventy four pieces of information that led to the media because this is when the latest mahler finds out he is involved in the biggest political hoax in american history here's another one that cohen piece of information
by that time line on the screening answer here we got mollified out again in july the thing is a hoax what happens in july you ve already reported for us michael cohen trumps work my mother knows is investigating out he's not a poem as you know no go after metaphorical after papadopoulos go after flynn also go their michael colonies the ap already reported the ape he reported in this little nugget of information which if you don't know the july twenty seventeen day where you should be attention member remember the names remember the date records show special that's all zero in ongoing early when exact that happened this was the ap peace in mid july as they all ready have told us the ape he is already put it out there this is when mother zeros and unclear why what are you zero in uncommon for you know that
castigation is oaks well here's the coup to grab this entire timeline why is all this happening while are clearly at this point after serving as china manner for coming up with no collusion arresting puppet police coming up with no collusion targeting might footing family coming up with no collusion targeting cocoa in trumps lawyer coming up and no collusion now absolving drop of any collusion to this day because he can't find anything mahler instead of giving up goes back rose and stein roses tied in him can far and wide depends on august second the reverse i scope memo is issued the scope which you can see what workplace up some of it on the screen the scope men which is revised is largely reject and i'm not going to read to you the whole thing but the scope member was this here's one this scope memo happens because mother
was charged with investigating collusion he can five collusion he knows it's our colleagues know jizo he doubles down and ask for new responsibilities which rod rosen stein dude if we complain with and gives him a revised scope memo on august second why is it rejected if you go and look at the skull memo you'll see huge chunks of it are rejected why what's in there our components of the dossier and air which have already been the bug is rosen ireland and mahler conferring on mothers new charge to go after obstruction of justice why just this would have been to absolve on top of what you now already know already know is clear and unequivocal to be a hoax it's a hoax you got worked dropped the i'll take the loss you got worked
i don't know if you miss than i was trying to be clear but the new information air about the contact with mike when in july is just stunning yeah yeah stunning you're not gonna hear that anywhere else when was railroaded instead of apologizing to this i for what they ve already acknowledged was nothing berger i showed you the washed imposed peace they double down flynn needs to be pardoned stat this is a disgrace and absolute this grace to an american patriot rose up the ranks to being a lieutenant general who has over positive accolades from everywhere that he was targeted after they knew that
was bs to do what to cover their tracks that's what i think happened folks this is really really disturbing stuff i don't want to get too something next because there is some brought up on fox chris wireless where i work at fox you know i have disagreements with both the news people end up any of you that's one thing i like about work and by the waves ecstatic to be backward judge you mean on saturday hope you all sorry i love to be by wars and first guessed right after rudy so so in gaza rudy openness show and i awesome so make sure you watch the cliff my twitter i put it up i really enjoyed it's great to have a judge any back a huge supporter lover to death so there was glad to have her back but like work in his box because when they hire liberals they hire actual liberals so people see that as a down so i don't i don't get it they have a new side as well and i need to get both sides but when
what is right you are people are we want the other side to it makes your argument that much more serious but i have its disagreement with chris wallace chris wireless was on one with bill hammer and he says think that i'm sorry i just don't believe is true at all and i want to proceed to the vote this using evidence and i'm happy to go on christian show and debated if he'd like chris said that the investigation i've by the way met columbo has a great piece about this an awesome peace operate punch you know that what should be in the short or say please go to my website and re read this peace it'll be in the shoulders punch you know that come to bunking the myth that the papa dapple is conversation with downer started this whole investigation that is a left wing talking point folks it is not true why are they saying it is the simple because everybody knows the das yeas a hoax right now and the fbi's entire investigation was based on what the dossier so the uprising what are we to it on this dossier hoped we base that on top of that
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to play what i have to clean up also you cannot write on paper paper smell rocks with that pen this kid whose authority she is the great ivy obviously my daughter i love it at that but how am i going to play one i have to clean up this is good perfectly logical together two things at the same time so thereby daughter a billiard just drop in bombs are those that is not my wife's like i care i just get jobs better very tight this gas precocious it's a graduate school fees acuity arrived so get back this yes please stop repeating this myth that papadopoulos downer meeting in london bar is what started the fbi investigation it didn't it is a left wing talking point to get you away from the fact that the discredited dossier was the fbi's entire case let's go to the evidence one by one point number one
if it's papadopoulos is meeting with the australian ambassadors london bar that starts as fbi case where papadopoulos is alleged to have talked about dirt on hilary which is not true by the way down or even down or dismisses that now he says well i remember him saying that there are i was papadopoulos not interview do twenty seventeen it doesn't make any sense you have the biggest counter intelligence investigation in american political history based on a tip where you think george papadopoulos up given up the fact that they colluded with the russians and you know the bother interview on members meets with em in may of twenty sixteen pop meets with them he wasn't even interviewed two january of twenty seventeen folks i wasn't investigator i'm not stupid i've this is the dumbest thing i've ever heard secondly why is it that on july thirtieth now you're from fusion gps working for future gps
produce the dossier at her husband bruce addio j our meeting with chris the first theo on july thirtieth christopher steel information is the guy rights the dossier some of it bruce or than russia is over the meeting with andy mackay ladies and gentlemen july if there's a saturday think about what i'm telling you now for federal agents out there i you know how you listen to show i love you oughta death your emails great how com it is it a supervisor like andy mackay who at the time as the deputy there through the fbi to be working on a saturday the answer our common is it on carbon i bought you couldn't even find out a weekend there a beaver they took appeal and bees among them
apart from that i have just kidding me that take pills are obese it's a joke it's a song chief some two zero people take me seriously when a big joking around did these if do not work on saturdays so it russia's in on a saturday the same day a justice department official in his wife was working for the company produces the dossier meets with guy rice the dossier and yet the dossier had nothing to do with the case that opened up on a sunday yes the neck today by peter stroke on a sunday but not all it was the papadopoulos thing folks do you understand are stupid you have to be to believe is the guy who writes the dossier meets with the wife of a woman working for the company produces the dossier whom he threw the justice department official who run
moreover the fbi on a weekend who opens up a case the next day on a sunday about the dossier gus stop repeating left wing talking point i mean this defies credulity i and you have to do some basic investigative reporting third mackay majority had married a demon k that they would have had no case without the dossier in december hearing he made up on the hill but apparently made he's already said the case one have existed throughout the dossier forth the age and michael data this is all in math pelham both peace by the way on our website a punch you know that come to bunking this myth about the puppet apples meaning starting this two weeks before the investigation is opened up july of twenty sixteen july thirty first of twenty six team across far the cane is opened up and if the
age or by the aim of michael gator lou knows christopher still meets with them in london at a exchange information which is likely in the dossier i gosh fifth who is the five issued on right after carter if issues me after july thirty first quest for hurricane kind of cases open the fight is issued on carter page just months later who is a key figure and was the dossier patient pop no significant relationship whatsoever finally page you of course far hurricane is opened up this is the kicker folks this is really gonna blow your mind
crossfire hurricane is opened up july thirty first of twenty sixteen how is an fbi i informed spying on the trump teams the font helper how he reaching out to carter paid show two weeks before that ladies and gentlemen fbi administrative posts yours as clearly laid out in my book spy clearly laid out even a preliminary investigation and investigation would have to be opened up to have you who's they confidential human source even if its a preliminary to investigate someone in a counter intelligence probe how is that folks if the investigation is an open until july thirty first what was open before
that the two weeks earlier july thirty first the fbi is using a spy a confidential human source to try to infiltrate the trump team because how permits with carter page two weeks early tell me again how papadopoulos this whole thing weight is germany did show about a year ago words now clear there are multiple investigations opened on the trump team clear as day all you have to do is open your eyes to see it by the way folks one quick administrative note i just again a note of sincere heartfelt gratitude of you who picked up my sequel to spy gate on pre order exonerated the failed take down of donald trump the swamp on amazon and barns and ennobles available now are put the linkage in the show out you had us as low as number twelve now category
number twelve on amazon out of their white ten million bucks i don't even know you all are the best and i love you to death and i mean from the bottom my heart we put a ton of work in a book to or about three fifths of the way done and it is gonna blow your mind when i put it all together wait till you see the nuggets in this one so please pick it up today i sincerely appreciate you guys you guys are amazing right here's another they are i think we clearly if you're paying attention in investigating this is ineffective journalist or else elsewhere too interested in the fact that that is that the bank talking point folks it's not true it was clearly the dossier that was the central key ten of the fbi s case is papa that was interviews garbage even down or disputes what happened there we had a busy encounter downers one jenin tonic they're dead papadopoulos of the dirt on hilary
downers i gotta remember him say they are not hilary it's all nonsense folks know by now i want to leave you with a final up do we have fifteen minutes year this maybe if not a maketh smother stop it will say i was sent a texas can buy a source as we have been working all weekend onto this is one of andy may caves tax we recently seen and this is a devastating tax because it opens up an entire bala wax the text is air from andy may caves swarm at it talks about the de agee the deputy attorney general being worried about a pfizer worn on
honour on a source and that sources access policy in mind thrown at that text up this is a devastating text and it begs the question here who the hacker they talk about what were they talk about this text already feel exactly who is your rita my phoning here's the tax and amy caves inbox the age you talk about deputy attorney general enquired about our plan re regarding that pfizer target if he mobilise so we know it's a guy obviously given the physical access he had let me know if you got the email i forwarded from tat a sentence over me if we can put a linked to this text and the chauvinism and ascended to my wife now because this would be really call the apologist senator i know to be up on the screen to syria and the youtube channel career
think about their texture in eighty may caves inbox their expressing concern that the deputy attorney general zol yeats at the time so the eight we know hates mike flynn and we know can't stay donald trump either trump fires or later this is also right around the time that might rogers from vienna say goes up the trump tower to brief him and i i i don't nuts i'm pretty sure some information coming out right now about how deep the scandalous who is this on their talk about why are they worried about physical access i'm working on a potentially explosive conclusion here and i believe a lot of the evidence may point to a fight so they had almost has an interest
but i believe on might flint now what's the evidence for that i obviously owe oh that you do too because this text doesn't say flynn but their worried about someone with physical access now flynn obviously an insider and the trump team obviously people he's gonna be the incoming national security visor people they stand that flynn problem they still as access to things given its security clearance if there's a file on flynn it would make sense instant mccabe and sally yeats who hates michael and manufacture sally age who goes to the white house briefs the white house about the danger mike when presents because it could be bribe the russians because they were listening in on his cause which is absurd which is ridiculous
why do they need him out so badly out of the white house this text would fit if the pfizer was on flynn and all boy if there's a fisa on flynn ladies and gentlemen is going to be a tier one level nuclear blast man but we only know about the pfizer carter page i believe there was a pfizer on george papadopoulos and i believe there was a eyes are on fled let me give you another piece of evidence not just this text because it the the correlation there's loose i am speculating at their text could be about flint but if you re either flynn and had tipp to my guy on this if you read the flint statement of offence in other words that charges against mike flynn what mothers team laid out against flynn in some of the early paragraphs they describe com perceptions and the actions that took place with flynn f
there are the monitoring of his call with surrogate kiss we act the russian ambassador i know it's complicated follow me this is important really important joe if the conversation i quit had with the russian ambassador that earlier in the show i showed you the one imposed said the f b i deem nothing illicit right but the public record of this case the obama administration officials and other people of our seem to believe that that call they heard mike flynn talking the russian ambassador because they had unmasked flynn while listening in on the russian ambassador not flynn yet important difference you understand track and me in the crucial obama administration stories we were not listening in my point is a u s citizens that we were doing stay third intelligence monitoring of foreign officials in this case kisyak the russian ambassador whose russian and we just happened
step on my friend as well we unmasked yemen while that know how we got his record but if you read the statement of offences puzzling because these to have records or some account of the conversations days afterwards between flynn and the transition team now to give you both sides of this my source adequately put it pointed out it could be the flint this gave them on account of his conversations that's possible because he was cooperative but ladies and gentlemen it could very well be as well that they were listening and on flynn's conversely does the whole time that's how they got this information was there a pfizer might flynn it's just fascinating that this text occurs after the election when everything's hitting the fan they're all in a panic as you know there are gonna be discovered and in mackay
the inbox is them worrying about the sally aids the deputy attorney general than worrying about a pfizer target that had physical access remember the only five the target we know about is carter page what physical access does he have he's a civilian i told you today show was was going to drop some bombs on your folks there's so much more here so much more i think they are genuinely worried about the discovery process the mahler programme everyone everyone else the greatest thing flynn could have done and papadopoulos would have been to go to trial yet why because if they went to trial they would have been privy to discover immaterial where the government would have to produce the evidence against them i believe this is why bob mahler came in guns a blaze in charge
with everything they could under the sun threaten their families and everything else to get them to plead early so they wouldn't go to trial so would be no discovery process and they could bury all of this stuff six feet deep i pollack and you queue up their christmas alice fox news thing with jody hives i know i said i would play at last after j johnson but an average just to defend criminal because i think crystals try to hit posts i told you i disagreed with among the dossier but chris wireless had adam shifts number two guy democrat they jim hives or forget his first aims are about eyes congressmen who tries to play a more reasonable adam shift but times also is a proper gator of nonsense russia collusion hoax airy and he goes on with wireless and starts to again go
down this road there collusion exists the spites it be despite it being entirely the wrong and chris wireless ask him a question watch times get entirely shut down this is good for joining us from canada congressman generalise the number two dumber crowd on the house intelligence kinetic congressmen let's start with what you told your local news we're gonna get this week about whether the mulder report clears the press then on the issue of collusion with the russians here's what you told them i'm sure i break out a lot of champagne they tried to make the is the motto report says there is no evidence of collusion there's plenty of evidence by congress we are now taking the counter argument to what i was discussing with callaghan that's not what all the reports browser doesn't say there's plenty of evidence of collusion now at the mall it will nobody knows what the mulder report says because we haven't seen it we ve got the four page bar summary
even though my republican friends are attacking adam ship and others by saying that the mulder report says no evidence not at all what it says if you read the bar letter the bar letter says that the investigation was not able to establish so chris things you know how i would like say out no excuse me because with all due respect for that absolutely incorrect i'm gonna put up on the screen because we that this problem was gonna come up does specifically from attorney general bargains what he says the spell the council did not find that the drunk campaign in our anyone associated whether conspired or coordinated the russian government and these efforts does my multiple offers from russian affiliated individuals to assess the drum campaign so specifically the council is not saying there is insufficient evidence to prosecute he sang it didn't happen
so again two things are possible at the same time number one whatever happened in there's four hundred pages of report that we're going to see so something happened or a wooden before a hundred pages long whatever happens the conclusion is that it's not a chargeable affair has it needs that genocide or respectfully he didn't say on a charge of all offences that the report did not find that the term campaign conspired or coordinated good further increases in those guys are these not opinion guy like i am gimme the ad tipp the grid i put i want show you how we can disagree with them and at the same time give em a big round of applause hives doesn't know what to say hives reds is hysterical did you catch it joe hives is defenses
well something happening by paul something that happened restricts the mets won the world series with surprise they have set against the red sox you know it in nineteen seventy or december for the embargo was company or second second nineteen seventy five paula data was something mark messy i was in new york ranger what that happen what do you mean something happened college was queens college that happened i've been joe aubert cos you see we have already presented in maryland and we became it's different that happened do so let me get this straight is it's for proving washing closure has been entirely devolved by a report is clearly miss characterizing is why something happen joel i started doing to show in two thousand fifty that happen is that they do with russia collusion either so good job i
hours of nail undisguised hides is not that incite reuse respectfully sir that's not what the report says you can read this yourself there's no evidence of collusion benefactor trumpet approached by the russians was and they said no the it's the anthea it's really the evidence is completely counter to what gems jim i'm saying now you see why like theirs you have to understand folks lot of your orange momentum given up any secrets here there's a who's the vision and an opinion side that's where you get paid to do talk about facts and what he just said is a fact that's a fact report is a fight exonerates him completely this year your defence can't be worth something something happens all the time cavalry river president gotta happened this is so weak and pathetic it's really i ever tough time believin democrats are still holding out hope on this are right as enough for today shows what one thing on a personal note i wanted to bring up
i know it's been a crazy shy ratio everybody's goes i tasted now thank you but but i very serious note because in the gym last week with a with a friend backing and obviously mentions name raving about him but i these an attic is drug problem and i believe animal but were relapse and i just want to say to you out there are given added lot of it's in my family to and as i said to him and i tried to block him in the eye you know where with you man you have a home here in this home you know you're and i don't mean to sound hyperbolic gird like pop i go eat your spanish sent my job but i just want you to know that god loves you and i love you here too i know the struggle your within those chemicals are really hard but you can beat him and i told us that you gotta hang in there and you have to down on me and asked to be saved and you will be in no people give them and i say that because it hurt me really because i really like this can i don't know how much i only known from but i know you know i spend a couple hours a week
in the german i run into woman i've seen this guy struggle and i saw what he looked like and it just ribs my heart out and i just wanted to know you're not alone and i want you all they're having a problem with chemical dependency what you know you're not alone you know i care read your emails when new when i covered this last i mean you sent me your emails what your struggle those really of all the eu does it hit me those hit me the hardest i've had a problem with this my own family as well and your loved me people care and just no one you know when you relapse and come back it hurts other people too they need you to be strong because i care about you in that matters sound pollyanna by but important and you know the shy is not just about current events about real world stuff too and we really appreciate the tournament hey thanks a lot folks just ten bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast soon i tunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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