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Bombshell Revelations Emerge # 971 (Ep 971)

2019-05-02 | 🔗

In this episode I address the explosive Bill Barr hearing on Capitol Hill and a critical revelation that emerged from it. I also address the latest bombshell revelation about what the DC swamp is really hiding in the Russia probe. News Picks:Desperate Jim Comey pens an op-ed saying Trump “eats your soul in small bites.” 

Attorney General Bill Barr tells Congress to pound sand when they change the rules on him.

John Solomon’s new piece slams the credibility of key players in the Russian probe

The Mueller witch hunt was never about collusion, it was always about obstruction.

The Trump economy continues to motor along. Check out the latest productivity numbers.

5 takeaways from the Bill Barr hearings.

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wonder thereby georgi companies jar you re good day doing well yes stack stack why the hearing yesterday up in the senate chambers rebuild bar i've got some just gems adjusts completely self destructive obnoxious eggs democrats humiliating themselves it was like a fly swatting events it reminded me that give we saw last night of paul abdul at the billboard awards throwing how do you do i put that on my twitter what baron sing spectacle for the conspiracy theory for promoting democrats who got just destroyed yesterday at that i've got a video veto see discovering farming and agriculture it's incredible pieces all astounded by i'd suggest astonishing used by john
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jane you sell that com or text the word young that's how you look the opposite of all text young to seven seven four five very surprising there's day premium gift with all waters text young to seven seven four five three of his agenda so that that's g a new ceo dotcom alright let's number one hapless senator from rhode island shell then why'd house the guy who was obsessed with cuba in gaseous emissions at the cabin hearings i don't even want to use the word on the show expelling gas from the opposite never human wherever that fail he wanted to know show the white ass the guy who wanted to know from bread cabinet the supreme court here what booth thing was poop and he had the cavernous as i believe that refers to fletcherwood sir this is the same hapless clown senator who complete
the clowns himself i love that word yesterday this is him questioning attorney general bill bar on the use of spying and barges suharto away like an annoying nuisance fly in not florida son play that cut entirety of your previous career in the department of justice including as many general have you ever referred to authorized department investigative activities officially or publicly as spying i'm not asking for private conversation i canoe jor use of the word spying i think my first job was in c i don't think the word spying has any pejorative connotation rule to meet you asked me the question is always whether or not its authorizing inadequately and spying predicated spying i think spying is a good english word that in fact a have synonyms because it is the broadest word in incorporating really all forms of covert intelligence
elections are not going back off the words buying except i will say one didn't live ideas thing any pejorative and i use it equally as you'd media outlets maybe when did you decide to use it was it off the cuff in the hearing that day or did you go into that hearing intending it was the works is actually off the cuff to tell you the truth when when when senator senator i mean that the progress we probably that's from hawaii closer sure he'll know no whoever what's going on i wish it wouldn't when when he challenged me and said you want to change your language i was actually thinking like the issue i dont consider it a pejorative but if any frankly frankly we went back and looked at press usage and up until all the the for outrage a couple of weeks ago it's commonly used in the press to refer to authorize activity such referendums are not isolated have used psychical apartment what it is not commonly used by the department
my time is commonly used by may ride like this guy i love this guy despite its word used by everybody he brings up a couple point it doesn't have appropriate synonyms because everybody knows this all encompassing word what spying means point number one take away number two i am not going to stop using the word is fine because the media doesn't like it because the media uses the word spying to take number three joseph that spy it is not necessarily a bad thing governments spot on other governments federal law enforcement people and intelligence people spy on foreign officials and criminal all the time a wire tap a pair register a use of it informing involves spying the question isn't why i love what bar did yesterday ladies and gentlemen noticed the framing when you're
debating your ideological opponents framing the issue is important its critical it's you makes the frame on the picture is almost as important as the picture itself he rain the argument joe differently wuttembourg does this critical he says framing that this is not about spying you may it's not a danube your book and satisfied it no don't know why house is trying to dispute that tromp team was spied on that's his frame notice how bar changes the frame of the picture joe to say no no this isn't about spying spying not good happen in other words were not disputed you can dispute that i'm not disputing it i'm simply arguing what was the real he's in they spied you please tell me like this so i love biology is the debts
he's framing the argument white house it's not about to picture right now it's about the frame white house is framed to the picture is i'm gonna dispute to you whether spying existed with regards to the spying on the twenty ninth bar flips the script urges the framing of the argument to say i am not arguing their spying is good or bad remedies but are not happen i'm simply suggesting to you that was there a reason for it beautiful yes beautiful to tell you in my forty four years on the planet and forty one maybe forty years of being a thing being you know that childhood amnesia kicks in right now remember hearing about being an infant i have to tell you joe i can't remember a more skilled witness bill bar on capital ill i mean humiliated these idiots yesterday made them look like dobbs many children might ass well that's not it
termed commonly used the poverty justice because i use it he's the ernie general beautiful well done don't forget it's the framing of an argument that matters the democrats like to frame stuff spying didn't happen on the treaty our rephrase unnoticed by happened we're just argued about why it happened beautiful beautiful our i cut number two here's attorney general barn denying dick otherwise there's a u s senator from connecticut blumenthal i lied about service in vietnam even not vietnam so i drank dick s a trump cards and where zero credibility at all that this right is funny i mean it you don't listen my shows about substance rejoin but somehow we comic relief and a couple of these are just really good this is dynamic dick wants notes he wants bill bars notes about a phone our bob mahler he's not in time to them at all the executive branch government where billboard works is a separate entity congressional besides this not encompass every
bingo executive branch conversation there is executive privilege these branches of government are separate that oversight does not encompass everyday so this is bill bar just basically taken it to denying dick and making them look like god the dopey was up on capital yesterday did you make a memorandum of your conversation you make a memory alighted where they'd anyone else did anyone either you or anyone on your staff memorialize your conversation with robert mahler yes who did that there were notes take enough of the core may we have those note now why not why should you have ok
my god i have nothing to add other than good for bill bar ma you can have a i love the look on this guy's face too he has no patience for these losers none you can have a debate we what i'm just i put out their solely for you today my for there is nothing in their right john there at all i can add there's no color commentary let bar publicity for himself i next week this one's important as this is where we're going to go a little bit later in the show on a very very important question ladies and gentlemen finally finally some of the mainstream media liberal media activists types of the new york times and elsewhere are starting to wake up to the fact that the dossier may have been a russian did information effort in other words and if an effort by the russians to feed and nation to a thirsty fbi in the oj that was wrong to impact our campaign now
i've received from mails from some of you which i understand we say dear don't fall into this trap that it was russian this information because then it allow the fbi and the deal j away out follow me here some of you me this on don't have to follow me you know what happened but some other people don't may not get this needs a very clever emails but they say it would give the fbi in the oj away out your by saying ah shocks look at us the russian intel guys you speak we are really spying on the presidential campaign we were doing it because the russian just beat us in our own game in other words given the opportunity of two conflicting narratives we spied on the trump on a lie or we spied on the cheap team because the russian and tells really good and our shocks we got beat the russian tell one joe is probably less damaging limousine idiots you guess what i'm saying but it doesn't make it look like it was excuse we are political attack now folks i then your concerns
my view remains above the new york times you saying was russian disinformation what's in it for the democrats but later gentlemen i'm here to follow the facts in this case you're just show for anybody if this was a russian distant patient campaign and made new the fbi and the oj we're looking from information on trump and the russians fed lies the fbi lapped it up that they look like there may did if they were politically targeting trump is not relevant to me the relevant to me as the facts and i think what didn't you later in the show based on john solomons reporting and some recent news that there's a strong likelihood that this is exactly what happened it's all there jake i'm not here to do damage control for anyone but i'm here too give the facts unlike what the left did to us now this is what makes
we believe that were onto something here again that the russians knew just the fbi's thirsty they want information on trop because the d o j wants information on tromp because they don't like him and obama administration the clinton wanna take about out the russians get window this there we're looking for information how would they do that job because the formation out there the wikileaks information and a lot of these hacked see emails price but we had email chains indicating that they were looking for negative information on trump which the right genes were more than happy to oblige you see when josie s ever gone yet or would not have said this attitude capitol hill hearing if what i told you had no credence whatsoever mistress of course as a former british intelligence officer hired by
do opposition research bided make hillary clinton campaign on on her political adversaries including president tromp or candidate trump at that time how do we know that the steel dossier is not itself evidence russian disinformation campaign knowing what we know now that base clay the allegations made an in and therein were second hand hearsay or unverified state confidence that the russians its steel dossier was not part russian this information campaign and i can state that with confidence in and that is one of the areas that are reviewing i am concerned about it and and and i don't think it's entirely speculative folks i'm not kidding look at that
can you see that my hair standing up on i'm not making the sufferer drama i've goosebumps right now and if not just because it's cold in here because every thing joe and i have been telling you for the law as year and a half back to episode six twenty non were now at episode nine seventy one is all come out we had quality good source in the beginning me and others i am takes no credit there are others solomon i had tipp everybody jeff karlsson chuck ross i by no means i'm trying to take any unnecessary credit on this i just want you i understand that i did not put that stuff out there early haphazard lee this infirmity what what did we call it early member the information superhighway a week we call the descent
formation superhighway it was an information laundering operation we mention almost three hundred plus episodes ago i'm gonna described that in a minute but think for a second senator john corn and republican from texas was asking that question and the but general the united states who says i dont think what you just said with speculative in other it's not speculation bar has info nation that the russians own the democrats that's real collusion scandal the information superhighway between the russians and people in the eu ro the d j hillary clinton team at an opposition research firm world wondering information some of it from russians i believe into our court system to spy on it presidential candidate think about how profound
what i just told you is it's a reason had goosebumps the russians is to get the fbi and the d o j to sign off on warrants to sign to spy on me the now present in the united states too a second and digest that please the russians and their intelligence people got the f b i and the department of justice to sign off on words to spy on the trump d you think bars just sit near fooling around oh no that's not speculation but maybe it is i don't know i'll go check sometime you think john cornyn asked that question because he couldn't figure out what else to say you think he's just making it up you think john corn and want to be on youtube forever embarrassing himself with a dumb question
ladies and gentlemen i was not elected to congress i ran but during my runs for office you meet a lot of people and you find out a lot of things nobody up there on the hill is doing something based on their own voluntary action there doing it because efforts and others you ve done the research our prodding them asked that questions republicans and democrats like john corn and is not stupid he's the institutional long time of the senate he did not ask that question by mistake and bill bars answer is not a mistake and the fact that the rush owned people at the higher echelons of fbi anti j and got them to do things the russians wanted not us the fact that that the fbi or d o j at the time at the high level look a little less bad than pure political operation is
no interest to me at all i'm interested in the facts so this doesn't happen again you're not getting from the liberal media i'm gonna go listen this second a second with solomon as i've said to you from the start with amid the biggest had tip i can give you olenin sources appear to know the entire story and he's putting it out dribs and drabs if you read the chronology of and i'm gonna put together lamb started keep teasing is very important show you a letter he wrote a pc wrote a year ago and a pc road now yesterday and tie it together how i believe you know and this the whole time ok moving on this is kind of her now they're just stab take detention down a little bit this is just one last kind a humorous clip again of eternity general are with the hapless democrats senator from california can use that word enough hapless cause is the only way to describe these demo
since its humiliated themselves up on the hill this is about just to give you a quick back where this is about down began the president's lawyer and some internal conversations the president had what mcgann which don't make the president look good if the account to the events is accurate the president disputes it but feinstein seems to take issue with the facts the conversations don't appear to look good for the presidential in anyway criminals conversations are present had witnessed lawyer suffice times trying to attack bar about some of this stuff in the mulder report about these conversations that don't look good but are not criminal and barges traps the hammer on her too like just cut the crap play this game it just to finish this might use it will have a situation where i said in a strange they tried to change the lawyers account in order to prevent further criticism of himself
their crime i don't know what's better brother i buy decides place or bars response firesides like yeah he's kind of that's so let us get the present united states if the covers we began our even accurate by the way the president disputes that right to converse through began where the president's trying to control members will recall politics joe messaging trying to control the message gets out that's not criminal it may the un's savory it may be political events even true but there's nothing here about it at all at five sides heaps genuinely fears like yeah you know what he's ride what a pilot chose shock or get ready to have that at that time that drop you have if you have they so let me get this straight a politician is trying to spend a message to make himself
look good in office everybody shark that's new more than ever europe so the president's roy we accused of being a trader he's exonerated fully in this report and your documenting report mr president the president is considering fire guys accusing me of being a trader without evidence the soda are removing i keep up by the way keep that bob the penultimate one there we are talking about the russian disinformation thing keep that in your head you get to that in the second i just wanna play this first the euro alexandria case yo cortez who just it seemed to get out of her own way i mean really her tweets are just embarrassing if you follow my twitter feed a mattie bungee no on twitter i find stuff where she frequently sites you trusted but do you know delve into our large body of economic knowledge which is none which is no body we cannot knowledge and she tweets about things
wages not going up not true so i i just really know much it's sad because wrapper vocational cortez as a position in congress i have always said congratulations on your when it's very hard to do but you response i wish to know stuff inside accurate information she can't do it but watches here yesterday of hard just astonished that she has discovered agriculture confusing oh my god you guys i just check my community gardens lot and i was so nervous because i was i was in new york for two recess look like look at it like
the greens i look at the door yes oh my god to trim all of these back for smooth ease i am shock who looked like honestly gardening food that comes out of dirt like it's jack tomatoes died though was poor went out for the tomato glad this is so exciting similar joe joe lab is the drop hagar power can we had tipp that guy for that later please put it up on the video after the show so i want to make sure whoever did that video gets reappropriate had it may be ok i don't out where that came i said if you guys we're running a little late but i have no doubt that
none because i don't want to underestimate mr case you cortez its capabilities i have doubt your supporters that video makes her look more likeable none but her astonishment that food grows out of dirt is i'm surprised away very now i just hate this way
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in the show notes today punch you know that complete subscribe to the show notes it's you can just click the subscribe our budget of that campaign that article that'll nellie oars hi honey emails to the oj about russian collusion should alarm us all now this is super important back to episode six twenty and on joe and i have been discussing and putting out the audience that their hiding something there are here's the lead their hiding something big here their hiding if you'd their hiding a lot of things i want to be crystal clear there are a lot of open questions who was if miss said really working for who were the private contracts those who were using the an database but one of the big questions is what's paragraph one how did this case start what is paragraph one of the fbi's donald trump story this case star
on this day because of this every case i ever worked as a federal agent had a paragraph one on how your case started what's paragraph one but the fourth big open question we have here is what are they hiding about paragraph one ladies and gentlemen they are hiding the information superhighway money laundering operations work you get a legal money from drugs you open up a fake store member that movie american made whatever was with tom cruise reopened these are he's laundering drug money so we opens up a bunch of printing operations at arkansas and human rights cleans the money its dirty money but he cleans it making it look like it's from the printing business this wasn't information laundering operation from the start it was mentioned launder political information from the clinton camp and the lucian gps team in to the government to make it look
like it was legitimate counter intelligence information it was not it was political information they catch here is was the information coming from the political operation fusion gps that their laundering was originating with russians now here's where this gets interesting solomons peace the pad line is obvious now your whose working for fusion gps the political operation work for hillary clinton is producing reams of information recent she's doing on the trump team she has said to us before it by this congressional hearing you'll see this highlighted here she has set before on the record that she has only given this information to her husband follow me here are we ready tat quote she's question at any point per
here too the fall of twenty sixteen this is our congressional testimony did you discuss your research organised crime and donald trump with individuals out i'd effusion fusion outside of this mayflower bread this meeting they had with steel her answer no no then he's asked if steel provided with research she says no so let's be crystal clear what i'm telling you here i address them unanswered questions the energy question we're going to address today is what is the fbi the d o j and intel community hiding what their hiding is a sophisticated information laundering operation that clean the information from politicians and political campaigns and made it appear that it was legitimate criminal and counter intel information
who are they laundering it through now you're here we go john solomons peace remember as i just showed you urgent congressional hearing or is already gone on the record nellie or working for hillary clinton steam kicked out of there has already gone on the record saying i don't i only shared the research i was doing for team hilary infusion gps i only share that when my husband bruce or that the oj which is bad enough by the way sheriff anywhere else really from john solomons peace talking about email she said it clearly show that nellie or sent reams of open source intelligence to her husband associate deputy the general bruce or and wait there's an end hauser angelo now yours on a regular telling us it stops there how is there in theirs it ends folks theirs it in and on some occasions to italy
three the oj prosecutors lisa holpen yvonne envisage and joseph wheatley how is that it gets even better better how is now you are told us there's no end the contents try corruption developments in russia ukraine include intelligence affecting russian figures she told congress she had tried to connect to trump or man afford wow we heard about some of these russian figures before he ended dossier we also hear about some of these russian figures before maybe things you talking about you spoke about their pasqua wherever the report gives name before all the two thousand in seven movie script article we talk about all the time in the wall street journal where glenn simpson the of the fusion gps guy runs
company who hired nell your has already written about this stuff johnson is peace goes on i met a tidy together freedom it this is devas keep in mind we're talking about wandering information on more than one occasion nellie or forwarded articles about all i dare pasqua the i should like a magnet informer manner for business partner also very close by the way the putin she testified tat darrow pasco was one of the focal points of our research as turns out the russian was also being targeted by her husband and steal emails text messages the hand written note show that during the twenty six campaign they repeatedly discussed approaching dara pasqua about delivering dirt on man afford the fbi eventually did so in the fall of twenty sixteen ladies and gentlemen what are they hiding that's how i opened up the show that's how i asked you
question they are hiding and information wandering scheme merely or is working fusion gps view en gb s being run by glenn simpson who in two thousand seven rights what i've called the movie script peace eight i which i addressed in depth second book exonerated again available now for pre order we hammer this simpson is already written a wall street journal piece about russian influence in the united states in politics which focuses on man afford thereupon kafka conveniently simpson hires now your nellie or who conveniently airports husband bruce are husband bruce or works of the department of justice what better way to back channel information through not official channels into the department of justice
then to hire the woman whose husband is number four over there but notice maybe your it cannot be too parliament's articles true than male yours lie namely where's all ready said oh no i just gave the information to her husband that's not what's wrong sources research solomon sources are saying oh no no no it was emailing this information to department of justice prosecutors to why is that important because in a court case ladies and gentlemen where people go to jail there are a couple privilege as you can invoke and being married carries with it certain privileges at other relationships don't he may have been able to somehow exert some legal privilege over communications with her husband some
but not over emails to other d j prosecutors think bill bar may know about that you think john corn in united states you're from texas republican may know a little bit about that now comes question number two whose pumping nellie your this information will hear some tidbits of informed from the peace a couple a bullet points which explain our whole lot about the content of the emails from john solomons peace some of the emails contained information about them russian ambassador kiss and is meeting with jeffson which and by the way sessions was eventually forced to refuse himself from the russia probe because of this meeting erica we can react which was in a meeting at all they brush pass each other at a foreign policy speech
democrats know about that meeting that come from fusion gps to a assertions about this air quotes meeting with kisyak and by the way he did not you can use it to force him to refuse himself later ah cute cute little technique their sex other emails or about then campaign adviser carter page who gave a carter page where does carter pages name appear in the dossier but i don't know you you said earlier that are capitol hill hearing raise the right in that she didn't share information would steal who wrote the dossier so how is this that the oars emails or about campaign adviser carpetbagger keeping visor carter page and his speech in moscow we or this is from sounds be bold a passage in the article noting pages company continues to work with russian investments and include
someone someone tied to the right russian energy giants gazprom why nellie or so interesting carter page when carter pay he's only the focus of a criminal conspiracy in one document the dossier written by christopher steel but now we already told us she wasn't dealing with christopher steel outside of that mayflower meeting somebody you saying gentlemen what are they hiding they are hiding a sophisticated in formation wandering operation i cannot say this enough now a couple it take away from this when you get through their pasqua thing in a second we have the nunez translator we do we can we
or the new debts translated it is important that we didn't have to dropped out of nowhere joe is a great new industries never nunez whose a republican congressmen from california who's been all over this frequently it was called the nunez translator because you have to understand what nunez is talking about noon ass has been privy enough to see allow of the data and the facts in this case and fully there stands that there was an information laundering operation going on that's why you see a lot of newness is appearances on media outlets he talks about how the information that came in that he seen came in through quote official channels ladies and gentlemen when intelligence comes into the united states government that we're supposed to use to target foreign adversaries and potential terrorists targets on u s soil as well
information goes through official channels so the information can be verified but we would call the woods procedure in the pfizer corp court but you call simple verification in a criminal or counter intel case not using defies the court why do we do that give this example all the time for a very simple reason when you went to court and raise your right hand that the information is true joe it has to be true therefore you have to make an effort to verify it so we don't information from the guy sellen bangles on a corner that turns out to be bogus formation about an alien invasion that was never going to happen the russians are getting but a nuclear war then i run through the peace and tell him that sipped going through the channels first the president launches a pre emptive attack him we have nuclear annihilation hawaii no what happened because a guy in a quarter tommy you never veteran no that's why we vat information through a fit joe channels webs
i'd is nunez who understands this case fully keep talking about non she'll channels ladies and gentlemen what i think he's referring to is he is referring nellie or being the middle man to the d o j and the fbi this entire time for fusion he hired because avert connections yes she was higher because of our connections to her husband in the department of justice because then they didn't have to rout the information to normal channels taken root bogus open source stuff they pulled off the iter to pay the story glenn simpson all ready wrote in two thousand and seven in the wall street journal about the russians trying to influence fill in the black donald trump this time
the story would have been annihilated if they want to normal channels what is the non official channels thing makes sense this is devastating stuff now you see why you asked issue she discussed her research with anyone else which wasn't research at all it was a narrative building operation to confirm glenn simpsons two thousand seven wall street journal movie scrip about russians trying to for once the united states political system he just filled in the main donald trump so when they didn't have they task smelly or to go find evidence on the internet freedom her husband in the oj and others around you that information member oars handler bianca the fbi to go to the eye to get them the right up a warrant to go to the pfizer quarters
i on the trunk team now on the dairy pasco front daryl pascal suspiciously not mentioned in the dossier ladies and gentlemen this is one of the shadow we have figures in this entire operation now or seems unusually interest in all their pasco a russian oligarchy deeply connected to putin thereupon oscar wrote in bed piece in the daily call a while ago in thing he was not the source of any of this information in the dossier and elsewhere but one more thing but i'm sorry before we get to their past gonna want to missus for those you been listen i shall over the last two weeks we been exposing the stuff now do you understand why brennan clapper and call me and andy mackay when they talk about what boy
but my eighty mackay the deputy director the f b i talking about the information that led to the spine job follow me here because if any of you want to get this ok they now per say it was only the dossier although mackay is admitted as such and other hearings but my case no no that there was a particular bull facts that led us to spy on trump write me i remember the call me virtue it an interview with bread bear as the mosaic of information john bread and referred to it up on capital hail the again the information they used to target trumpet spy on bread and refer to it as the corpus of intelligence corpus mosaic articulates facts not fact those euphemisms joe are meant to describe plurality is correct in other words it wasn't just one thing dossier it was multiple think mosaic or business conferring a body demarcation
take your both facts now we'd make sense why when bread and talks about that and call me and my came and went back and says hey i didn't see the dossier until december after the election december twenty sixteen the election obviously for present in november why brennan may not be lying missis dent you been flying breton i'm not saying bread is not a lawyer saying he may not be lie mckibben call me are liars to but it may not be lying either when asked about what was it the dossier they can like call me told repair goes even further where this was coming from the provenance of it so brennan said the same thing they didn't need to
joe they already had the exact same information covered from that didn't matter that it was in the dossier the dossier could have been exclusive reader the hillary clinton team kept on the polluter beside the hilary side on the law enforcement side simpsons how do you gps and now you're on fearing a main lining the exact same information into an information superhighway write to her husband in the oj and others the fact that they didn't see the paper physical dossier is entirely completely irrelevant right this is why to the congress men and women up on the hill in the center some who know someone may not be as read in on this cases others stop asking about the dossier ask about the steel information and the or information then you're going to
a different answer mr brandon when did you come across information about harder page all i dare pasqua that originated from fusion gps that's the question not when did you see the dossier was given to the heritage it's the same stuff playing word games it's a mosaic corpus its articular bull facts no it's the same guy page fusion laundered themselves they laundering do this data are do their contacts jonathan wine or in christopher steel they launch the information through the dossier and the hilary team in the form of the dossier a political document of opera research they want the same information in the department of justice to bruce or and his wife was working there now does it make sense
this is what their hiding this is the dance call me all about the dossier where it came from do you know where the information your fbi handler joe pianka do you know you got that information from bruce or from do you know the provenance of that then of sudden you gonna see comical check please take talk to my lawyer you dig their hiding in information laundering operation near well put back now why are they heidi it while their high for two reasons number one i'm because this is not standard operating procedure the inn formation was invented com in the cave and others signed off on the way smile a fire which is supposed to indicate you verify the information that they didn't
was a lie the dossier the information the wine information is all garbage their hiding they put their signatures on file saying this information was true when it wasn't but secondly what believe their hiding is going back to the beginning of the show when i told you to pay very close ventured the corn in an attorney general bars interaction bar is very clear that he doesn't leave speculation that this was rushing this information may king get even worse point number one that they failed to verify information to appropriate channels is point number two that i leave that information was being filtered through russians and it was deliberate this information to throw this country at the chaos
why is there a task as name not in the dossier why inclined simpsons two thousand seven wall street journal report the movie scrap too he lays out russian if we're just replaces the names later would trump and the trump team but that too as thousand seven movie script which is laundered do all these places to make it appear the trumps colluding with the russians it's all over these are significant shaughnessy all significant swaths of it or about although there are pasqua pollutants body and its influence in u s politics by sea not negotiated why is there a pasco critical figure in this show inconveniently absent from the dossier but not from the steel information
this gets good put up that twenty eighteen peace from john solomon in the hell ah this is a doozy august twenty eightth twenty eighteen russian oligarchy justice carbon and a clear case of collusion that's the headline what's john solomon talking about or who to be precise he talking about all like their pasqua how the fbi made motions to him in a hotel in twenty sixteen to try to get him to die now pull manifold who told him there are pasqua was there a pasco a source for peace poland fusion gps a russian connected the putin the entire time all this peace gets there just doesn't it here's a little snippet from this twenty eighteen peace that job
solomon wrote about their pask is very sick special relationships with the info issue laundering oars ah this is just tasty in september of twenty fifteen twenty fifteen two zero one five lives your d o j official bruce or and some fbi age met in new york with russia our goerck oh my dear replied boy to seek the russian billionaires help organised crime investigations organised crime investigations convening you know you're was hired by fusion gps allegedly to look at in russia while isn't this special they already know this guy the meeting was facilitated this this is epic the meeting was facilitated though not attended by british italian
operative christopher steel oh mister dossier they all know each other folks it goes on in twenty twond of two zero one too for the liberals steel mr darcy guy his private firm orbits business intelligence was hired as such contractor by law firm working for dairy pasqua who headed russia's largest aluminum company steals firm was asked to do research to help the law firm defend a lawsuit against their pasqua by a business rival like ladies and gentlemen you all know each other there are pasqua hired steel and intel company to gather intel on a business rival to europe
ask your nose bruce or as far back as twenty fifteen he knows him because we're doing investigations the russian organised crime the repast as bodies with putin thereupon appeals i'm appears prominently in glenn them movie script narrative about russians trying to influence our politics do you think it's just possible but there are pasco was a source for the oars and that they already knew him in steel and was a source for steel and that there are pasco whose connected to putin was either a winning or unwilling source of russian disinformation do you think that's just possible is the body interested in this was he a wedding or was he in unwitting was there a passage to the subject of
russian this information campaign himself or was he wittingly feeding information interfusions gps is anybody even care staggering joe by the way one final note on their reports guy who's that this would putin terror pasqua had already work with you fbi on a hostage case and i ran long story short thereupon scarcer had significant business interests and i ran and also i'd connections we were trying get a u s hostage out of i ran the fbi i had already approached there pasqua years ago and asked him for his help and doing it who is
the director of the fbi when this happened robert mahler you notice therapist s name conveniently doesn't appear anywhere in the dossier and conveniently doesn't appear in many of the statement of offences to bob malo drew up the prosecutors witch hunt what are they hide are they hiding a russian this information campaign to launder information the united states was there a pasco waiting or an unwitting in this was that information being fed to him the russian entails ever since that completely played our fbi in the oj you think bill bars an idiot
your bar hasn't figure that out i doubted folks i doubted bigtime bill bar knows exactly what's going on i want more quickly in just let me i get this done you tomorrow shows gonna be just absolutely killer too so please don't miss please share this show go to here are you if you don't mind i respectfully ask that don't make demands on the show on my known opposition to do that to a great armies youtube that conflict bongino please subscribe to the show i now podcast up on your iphone and i heart sound cloud as well if you have an android device it they're all free or subscriptions are free but we really appreciate today shows us brought you by last year as you know and that only a strong defence the second many also carry a firearm so i recently became a member of u s lost you the terrific i think you should do u s law shields pretty
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