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Bonus: The Bongino Brief - 6/22/2020


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Hey damned Bonn GINO here with little extra bonus, there's a new way for you to listen to my content. If you haven't Alexa device every more, We post was called the Bonn GINO Brief, a quick highlight of one of the biggest stories we talk about here on the pod as designed for your Alexis Flash briefing skill right. Are you gonna hear today's by GINO Brief and after that? and tell you how to get the brief on your device. Dan bones. You know welcome to the bond GINO Brake on damp on GMO. This is an important the dark of ruling. Yesterday. The Supreme Court Wall Street Journal has some of the best coverage I've seen on it, yet you and wash your journals. You know there beyond the immigration issue by their story. At the end, the by the editorial born spot on a headline on darker Obama can but Trump can't the Supreme Court doors a double regulatory standards. So what really happened yesterday with the dark? A ruling? And now John Roberts forget January's a full liberal, without the swing votes that calling John Robert to swing for he's a liberal, but he was appointed by port. It does it matter
he's a full blown libraries that a swing vote, so they ve yesterday that our President Obama's darker ruling the deferred arrivals in childhood and its first amnesty childhood rivals you have the programme with kids. You came here sixteen or younger with their parents, but when the country illegally, they would actually be issued paperwork this day in the United States. It totally breaking our immigration was thereby himself has admitted he can't do this- he can create new categories of of rights that don't exist legally but he did it anyway, he didn't follow many of the guidelines. You just said: no, if you come here illegally, this is the essence of it and you meet these crimes I said- I created a new class of U S residence, that's what Obama did totally against the law. Even admitted case goes on we'll bring court. John Robert says in five for a ruling. Well,
Even Obama really can't do that and its legal trump can undo unless he follows the rule. Is the perfect time for the gavel. So here's Roberts, I'm a moron cases, closed whack, Alito and Tom It's our like wait. Let me get to shrink so you're admitting Obama instituting doc in creating this new class of american residence. You don't have to follow. The law is totally illegal, but when President Shrub recognise this is the illegality and stops it. He can't because he has to follow the legal. Process to make illegality man legal, legal. Everybody was like scratch. Their heads, like here's couple screen shots from the Wall Street Journal sums it up beautifully pretty much Justice Roberts joined the for. I love this during the four levels. He is a liberal. Let me rephrase that this is not she's just as robs, along with its liberal pals, now back to the journal.
I want to misquote: what's your journal, but I've adding that as you, often has in ruling that the Trump Administration hadn't properly followed the administrative procedures that those words trooper ministries then follow the rules when calling out illegally because remanded the rescission back to the agency to rewrite with a formal making with notice and combat period. So let me get this straight. They say so the it Didn'T- follow the rules and Obama to follow. But what Obama did was clear, Illegal. So the present ethical back and follow the rules they go on. They say this very same routine, but the problems this the Obama Frustration never followed the rules either. What it is you doc in twenty twelve doc I was never tested in court, but the Fifth Circuit Court of appeal, those in twenty fifteen issued injunction against the companion ordered a darker. The Supreme Court upheld that junction and the trip ministries and have every reason to believe Dhaka was thus illegal to the courts.
The rules, a companion, the dock as illegal Justice Roberts, acknowledges that Your Bob Administration did not follow the rules when instituting the illegal Dhaka programme and says no. We can't stop it, though because the trumpet administration, when they're, trying to stop the illegality, be recognized as a legal and set as illegal unless they follow go rulemaking, making that the Obama administration didn't follow when they made the rule. If this thing was like, I do it Dracula, impale myself moment right now. This is the we waited save yourself from the stupid track. This date, the hard there's no other way to kill the stupid that this point. This is unbelievable. Why are we talking about more in a minute? But first, let's talk
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There's more from the journal, peace believe it or not. This actually gets worse. I know it's hard to believe it does. The practical consequence of this ruling is that a president that is the good part. This is the good is it you just Seneca worse, it does, but out of It's always darkest right before die. Three very dramatic and quote terrible sought the practical consequence back in consequence of the real needs and a president can create unlawful policy. Legislation from Congress, Joseph a future president cannot lawfully undo it now without jumping through regulatory hoops that can take years ah well, what's the consequence of that folks? Well, this is an invitation executive mischief, especially by presidents at the end of their terms, they'll issuing negative orders that will invite years of legal challenges. If the next president reverses, Johnny robbers, didn't They get one day
it is in John robbers, is not too bright. I got a great idea. New rules, folks are in effect, The left wants to play by a new set of rules. We can pay by two. So the new set of rules are just announced, a bunch of executive orders. Have no authority to do announced, anyway, and let the next presidential ministrations soon for two or three years they can work in through the courts. Ok, let's do that to let's take those rules and make the Democrats eat those rules themselves. My suggestion, if we're going to do this- and this is John Roberts- New Policy- you now John John Big LAW and Order Guy John Roberts ripe servant of construction- is- I suggest, the president issue, a bunch of new executive orders. I would suggest one on national reciprocity for carrying your fire. I'm just do it for me: don't ponies illegible John Robert. She said you know me just issuing secular boy figure it out later. The way that we have to cut one right show reciprocity and meanwhile Florida residents have to be subjected to New York New York's,
de firearm. Eighty second amendment laws. Why why I mean where citizens the ice age, this issue that one so that, Mr Right, these down such a good idea reciprocity semi, forget me suggests that the term measures. Will you number two folks, I'm actually thinking this out? Any of you have suggestions, email. I am happy to hear restaurant. Let's do another. One executive order, number two, let's cut the top tax rate to twenty percent dad! You can't do that. You need common. We can then Robert just said we can he said, don't worry the courts figure it out later. I got another one repeal Obamacare by executive, what dad you kid Do that it's a lot. There are no laws any more. We have a monarch Obama monarchy negative order. Then you have to go to the process later, that don't worry about that lost, forget, repeal Obamacare, when elsewhere, ah arrogant national school choice for every state. Mr Tromp, if you listen
I know, sometimes your staff watches measure. Can we do these ethnic? We lied about team up right now, team up today, national school choice everywhere Joe, don't worry, it could take five years to work its way. The court. By that time, these kids already be in school. So don't even worry about. Actually be learning something anything. Nepal, any suggestions on this for anyone to anyone in the audience anymore, suggestions, fire, o o o o five less one. I'm a pro life row is hampered conception to natural death, definitely national pro life legislation. This is a hundred percent, let its anti village its executive order. But again we don't need legislation. John Robert said so and so brought national advocacy of em. We could do a bunch of things. Get rid of plant paranoid federal funding, although executive just do it executive order. We'd have legislation forget all that stuff
folks, new rules Bab is Joe. It's a bad rules. You wanna play by these new rules. John Roberts is new rules or executed orders, no matter how illegal you still can on do women less! You work your way through the whole court system which could take years. Okay, we can play by those still in Bonn, GINO Shit. If you like to hear more subscribed to the embargo shell, wherever you get your bike. Ok, that was today's bond GINO Brief: here's how to get it and listened to it on your elects, a device on your phone or tat. Open your Lex app click. Hamburger menu in the upper left hand, corner select settings then select flash briefing after that click add content. Used a magnifying glass in the top right to search for the Bonn GINO Brief selected, the Bonn GINO Brief, Unable to use- and you are all set and when you are ready to listen just say device. Alexa play. My flash briefing
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