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Hey damp GINO here with little extra bonus, there's a new way for you to listen to my content. If you haven't Alexa device, Every morning we post was called the Bonn GINO Brief, a quick highlight of one of the biggest stories we talk about here on the gas designed for your Alexis Flash briefing, skill right, Are you gonna hear today's bond GINO Brief and after that can I tell you how to get the brief on your device? Dan bungee? No welcome to the Bonn Jean Aubrey on damp on GM, so I left is totally lost. It's mine, taking advantage of the Roma manual. Never let a crisis go to waste theory, and now we ve seen the left morph from what they said once was slippery slope. Remember that folks, member this slippery slope, when they tearing down confederate statues. We said to them it's only a matter of time before they start Aaron down statues of George Washington did Thomas Jefferson too. I mean I think it would take that long, edited They're. Doing that now delight
burning them ripping them down there just insane. Well, now it's not just Washington and Jefferson. Basically, anyone associated with the history of America, because leftist hate you and they hate this country and they hate everything you stand for. Never forget the axiomatic truth politics as we see it now. You think liberals are people with bad ideas. You better wake up to the fact that liberal think you're bad people with ideas, because they have very big difference between those two things and the sooner you wake up to that fact, the more informed you'll be here's a story from W C. He, a New York CBS affiliate Teddy Rosen. Statute to be removed from the Museum of natural history. Caddy Teddy Roosevelt E R Teddy Roosevelt was he a confederate soldier to just checking Joy not a history major bottom recently comforted Teddy Roosevelt was not a confederate general I've. Just checking to have those
history majors after you may want to send us a fact check, reasonably confidence to your right, Joe. You know you're a good Ribera yoga recently, confident to your was not a confederate. We are thank you firming, as you have seen some progress, but it doesn't matter we gotta get and if he's, if the statute by the way is being taken down by the city of Europe, if it's not
it can down. I'm sure the leftist timers will show up with their soviet style, you know of but bolshevik tactics and rip the thing down burn it maybe like deprecate on to just to send an extra message home, because I love that kind of stuff there really sick people. Listen to me. This never had anything to do with confederate statues. Folks, ok! Never! That's not what this was about. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a strange power play. That's all this is left. This are nihilists. They wanted destroy everything we have right now. They don't believe in capitalism. They don't believe in bigger God, given rights, they don't believe in the structure of our society. As we see it, they think the United States is a sin for hate filled country. They think it's. Country full of white supremacist. They think the original sin of the country, slavery will forever stain the country that is its non recoverable and that the country needs to be destroyed. This is a nihilist ideology. You pretending its
reformist ideology that listen we're only looking at getting really confederate statues that fought for the confederacy I'm telling you you have missed, read this situation. It's gotta be a catastrophic consequences if you don't wake up fast. That is not what this is about. This is about erasing our history, all together or in a minute, but First America's ready back to work, but to win in the new economy need every advantage to succeed. Smart companies run on net sweet by Oracle. The world's number one cloud business system with nets reading a visibility and control over your financials hr, inventory, e commerce and more everything you need all in one place. What are you doing? A million or hundreds of millions in sales nets? We let you manage every penny with precision. You'll have the agility, compete with anyone work from anywhere run your whole company right from your phone joint over twenty thousand companies. You trust net sweet to make it happen,
sweet surveyed, hundreds of business leaders and assembled a play book of the top strategies. They're using as America reopens for business, receive your free guide. Seven actions. Businesses need to taken now and schedule your free product or add net sweet dot com, Slash Dan, get your free, guided schedule, your free product or right now at nets we dotcom Slash Dan. That's nets Dotcom, Slash Dan when you are engaged in a strict power plant like the radical left, is to subjugate you. Conservatives? There was silence you bankrupt, you fire, you potentially imprison you shut you up by taking power over They need a vehicle to take that power, whether its through sir gets that will act on their behalf, elected officials and a let them do what they want. The other words where in charge, we do so The city and he's gonna stay every kind of like the mayor's yeah you get it, but she's not doing anything while a bunch of terrorist took over abortionists yeah, so she's, basically their useful idiots, so
will either elect those people who will be useful idiots importance for us, or we will take office, our ourselves, so attacks on these statues, our culture, everything s trying to raise our history. They will not touch a statue or a politician who they think will advance there. Because you may be saying yourself right now: why aren't they ripping down statues of F the r literally imprison, japanese and determined camps in world war. Two, why aren't they destroying and ripping apart the history of L b J, who is known use the end word around the wider known. It's been reported everywhere, What about all these college campuses is Jesse Kelly? Radio? I have read radio radioset friend by the way does a great show himself Jesse Kaliko. Who's been pushing all weekend satirical, but surely
why are they changing the name Yale University you're, the guy who yes, yes named after, was a slave on. Why aren't Where mobile? What's going on with that, because leftist don't care about this, they don't care about a year alone, slaves fifty are imprisoned, the Japanese fail be J. Drop the end word they don't care about any of that. They know the Democrats are weak and their use. Eddie, it's an they will enable them to advance their power agenda to subjugate you, so they leave them alone. This has nothing to do with anything other than attacking any component of history that will get mail way of taking overpower period, full stop. Thank you have a nice day. You don't believe me. Lets us into a useful idiot here. Jos, very familiar with me to this guy is one of the kings of the useful idiots, if there was like a monarch court of more full of useful idiots, Chris Van Holly. Yes, yes, you ve heard that this is an exclusive from the great carry ticket. One of the few good journalists actually left
their carries on parlor. By the way p, I see, K E T won, t carry fake. It is a great report has given us an exclusive on this idea. Catch up with the disastrous senator from Jos, beloved state of Maryland Democratic, Chris Van HOLLAND. Again one kings of the useful idiots crap, and she basically says well. My carry this in this house that you tear down thing is this thing have an end point these answers kind of telling, because it shows this guy- has no principles. What so all the left, those he has no principles and that's why they ll never actually go after Krispijn our because he's the useful idiot they need to obtain power. Listening this audio check this out about the statues at their being ripped down critically. Just by did you aunties thoughts on that? Where am I, in my view? Is the monument celebrate those who want to protect the institution of slavery?
really have no place children being where but should be ripped down by people who were not. Police deviation needs to be taken down and I understand the sediment to pull them down and that we need to be working for the sugar. For me, that's that government be standing by widely to are ripping them down now these monuments to people who fought hard to protect
the solution of slavery ripping giant categories ass. They need to combat doping, abolitionist ripping down Gandhi, the written down other monuments other than confederate generals. I'm talking about, I dont forget about those celebrate those who want to protect. You believe this clown again. If there was a definition of useful idiots right beside Krispijn out Slack Chris read how and Senator Marilyn Democratic, carry figured, this will make a case of this was about confederate statues and you're angry and need. The left is angry at people who protected these twoshoes slavery issues. But what about the abolitionist criminality either doesn't know. An abolition is did, of course he does he not stupid, or it is pathetic. He's a good luck. Disavowed people protected slavery. The gavel drops the stupid hammer, we're gonna Commerce abba.
This your pulling down statues of abolitionists tailbone GINO shit? If you like to hear more subscribed to the embargo shell, wherever you get your car? Ok, that was raise bungee, no brief, here's how to get it and listen to it on your elects, a device on your phone or ten open your legs, app click, the head Berger Menu in the upper left hand, corner select settings then select flash briefing after that click, add content and you the magnifying glass in the top right to search for the Bonn GINO Brief selected, the Bonn GINO Brief Press and able to use- and you are all set Then, when you are ready to listen just Your device Alexa play my flash briefing
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