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BS Media Narrative Alert (Ep 1218)

2020-04-01 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the explosive new report about the FBI’s Spygate operation which should make everyone question our civil liberties. I also address the Democrats’ real plan going forward and their attempts to force through more government spending in a crisis. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed. Its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bungee know what a convenient time. What are convenient, the drop Bay Tactical. Look of a report about the FBI and spiky just drop that that's make pretend the media I'm going to pick it up and not here not here, We were on this stuff. Yes, you may have missed it yesterday. A report out about just phenomenal malfeasance in the whole spying operation on Trump. I want to get to that too Yes, media narrative alerts. What the left is really up to right now and how dangerous it is and pay We hilarious story about this knucklehead. I may tell if he does, it delete the street, which is we really, if I just bought by sea- oh yeah, Joe already those express Vps Express Vps.
Germany have a right to online privacy. Protect your my privacy today. By going to express the PS, Dotcom, Slash, Mancino welcomed about you know. She's pretty should show. How are you today, fine, sir? Well, I'm doing pretty good manners. Looking forward to all the top quality and that call discussion. I don't just pray tell this story because it's quite hilarious, it's quite a lot. Liberal than that and I'm gonna give you one other thing: I'm gonna give you Collage may have to go to my twitter to get it, maybe Pollack and put it up on the eve of the website or Matt somewhere. I'm gonna give you collage media headlines that is going to drive your liberal friends and media friends. Not don't go anywhere. I we have some scientists That is your budget by almost a stain on there's. Never at a better time to stock up. I know my stakes. We had them two nights ago. They were absolutely delicious delay, the boy they deliver, the world's best stakes and a huge variety of family favorites without leaving home right now they almost stakes limited time. Stock up, stale sales use me is available for our listeners, help your family stock up
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are already getting ready to ramp up their political, their next polluter. The attack on Donald Trump. I'm not kidding you don't listen, don't take my word, for it you don't have. A liberal lunatics have watched this station a moderate. They set their paid to watch this station that the Guph balls at me, Matters have a bunch of teenage bloggers. It sitting there mommy's basements, a watch shows like I'm not kidding, don't take my word for it. Just look at the headlines, and put two and two together yourself. Here's B C news headline yesterday about policy is all wrapping up the investigations into Donald Trump, we're in the middle of a financial, economic and health care crisis, and this is what policy is wasting her limited time on Joe NBC News, informal discussions begin on a nine eleven style Commission on Carogne. Virus response by the Trump team. Here's a sub headlines?
luminary talks, Joe, are about a look at the response and are taking place mostly amongst democrats for now, shocker grossly amongst democrats. Now again, I dive seven. This conversation with the Molitor this morning, you have got it most of you are good at this. Some of you are really good. Some of you learn in it. Now it's some of our new letters are going to get good added quickly. You have got to learn to pick apart the Democrat BS and the narrative room. But the Democrats in the media are never telling you the story. There is a story out their based on facts and data, but what's going on that's what they're telling they're trying to tell you a story otherwise known as a narrative, usually fictional. The story now they're setting you up for is the Donald Trump team was totally asleep at the wheel and people die, the narratives can be Trump lied. People die after the old Bush,
people that I just replace their that even smart enough to invent new tagline. Now have you noticed lately a bunch of a crab politicians. I got some video at TED Loo and some other media people later already starting to pin this on Trump and Fox NEWS and us right, wingers. Oh my gosh, we play down the threat. People died as they had information, we didn't. While China was lying about the severity of us. Have you noticed this have also noticed. That allows democrats if you start the surgery on Twitter, a media people. Even this Al Jazeera, not they had on Twitter yesterday are starting make analogies too. Oh my gosh Joe more people are dying. The corona virus. The nine eleven What do you know how it skin? I know it's grow, some serious. I know it. I know you're gonna, French girl for this small that are really weird way to make it may. Of course it is.
Totally completely unrelated events. They have none, to do with one other one, was a terror attack. This is an outrage of a pandemic that originated in moonshine. They have nothing to do with one another. You're not even remotely relate. So why would a punch. Liberal commentators start making the analogy out there and you just saw in NBC News kind of life nine, eleven commission, because there are Eddie, softening you up with body, punches for their new narrative again then This is our trump and right wing. Media's fought none of its actually true. None of that. This is the fault of the chinese government that refused to tell the world about the severity of the thread coming their way. By liberals and never miss an opportunity, Joe ever miss an opportunity to tell you a story, not the story and they are going to use this outbreak
You're not gonna, want to miss this next. Second, I got coming up of exactly what their battle plan is going forward to leverage is crisis to crush you do not, as a second of today show they are all ready, plotting the investigations and potential subsequent leveraging the crisis for legislation to crush. You don't take my word for it. Just read the headlights. You don't believe me that already prepping, it's not just trump they're, not gonna. Just pending this, Did it Joe rise by the fact that they were calling his travel blind, Because he acted early on the intelligence he was getting despite the fight recalling xenophobic and racist and attacking Trump for banning people potentially infected with this, at some cases, deadly virus from shore they were calling him and eighty eight and erased for doing it. This is all going to be read: com. Looking to rewrite history, of wit, to comply and act
I'd, media sycophants who, by the way Joe I want to show you also want to come in a collage emitted. I need you to share everywhere. Some media of people we're playing down the threat. Is it a big deal, don't you are all yes, I've got everything for you all the tools you need. Don't you worry when don't worry, I'm pretend headlines, are really Google every one of you See the article still up today before we get to that, let's play the absolutely hapless discredited hoax. Her conspiracy theories liar TAT Blue, how added the Congress I still can't figure out. This is a man not respected with any And above an I q and a triple digits this the guy who has been on the wrong side of just about every he's been caught line. The collusion hoax, the Ukraine hoax. The quid pro quo hopes tat not a particularly bright guy of all this
bright guys he's one of the least bright up in Congress of more TED's Democrat that goes without saying, and fortunately the hill, often when it comes to this, not bright guy coming but TAT Resign. Msnbc all Already prepping you for the next narrative tat its trump and news? They did this and I'm to tell you why they're doing this in their battle plan, but listen, TED's, dopey comments about Fox. I didn't listen to the host. I don't even know this guy's name. I think it's ARI Melber, I'm not your I'm not trying to be disrespectful. I honestly don't know the guys name and I've seen him before. I don't watch em SBC but watch the host. Then parents has lose talking points about a minute long and then double down that box, insinuated. They made a car. They may have caused some public threat listener. This garbage too, given a true and one other thing I want to add is when you look at these press conferences. If you
two msnbc today will not have been surprising if you watch Fox news. Today's press com may it be surprising because networks like Fox just check, giving fast, formation, misleading information to many Americans, and are they really should apologise for what they did? Why thank you speak two congressmen need the raw of perception and information in this doctor owes to home. There does seem different. In other words, if Americans want to hold vast different views of the world? Even counterfactual? They're all range of topics where that may not hurt anyone right out of the congressional Tool Box near the shore. Guy today, Georgia catch the anger. Yeah there's I must be at sea host candle. The man s character. This lesson Jollily translate what he said. We need an amnesty. See translator to back the new nest, but the new debts translated. It actually treasure real information. Let's translate to be,
into what he's really say allowed to have an opinion here, maybe, but because Fox folks may have an alternate penny based on the information they had an opinion that was widespread in media. They may have caused the public threat, Joe. Maybe there should be some legislation or someone should do something you get waken, not right only get it right on our money. This is Of a media outlets abbess Dnc that promoted the Ukraine Hoax, the collusion a hoax. Remember that the most down bad out, tax return, show shrubs tax returns. They find out. Ok, where to charity than the MSNBC House. Aware is this: is this the Sea foxes public safety thread Bro began we'll get to what they really up to you, but I want to show you please
I know I get twitter FI, rarely mentioned my twitter on the show, unless it's necessary, but go to my twitter feed. This voting now try to put it up somewhere in the website today. Please this collage, I found out there on twitter of liberal headlines now before I pointed out earlier, Remember the liberal narrative again it's a story. It's not the story. The liberal out of his tromp, far lose and conservatives told everyone Don't you worry about this threat, Dickens perverted fly there, media people people die. We need a nine eleven commission, they convenient leave out that it was China that was lying about the severity of the threat and because of that, nobody knew how dangerous it was. Or you don't believe me. If you want to watch I'll, read some for audio. Listen if you want to and see the collage go to Youtube back
slash mancino or my twitter, I'm at Durban GINO and you can actually see the photo, save it and please send it entreated to your liberal friends and watched them melt down. Why. Because if their media gods, overlords and golden CAS we're tweeting out saying the same thing in the early days, the Trumpet Ministry in other media outlets were saying: hey, don't panic, we don't know enough yet, It destroys their stupid story that Trump lied. People died, nor know where they go. Nobody knows the land of the left. Socks and ran instead be look at his colleagues. Let me read some of these headline from their meat overlords, the daily beast device. Skilling? U S! Kids! Isn't the war dominating the headlights national interests. Frigate Corona virus the flu pandemic of nineteen eighteen killed more people of one year that all verbal or to here's another one, really
Sk. I voted less dangerous than the flu says. An epidemic export national Post newcomers Why may be more dangerous than the flu despite worldwide alarm experts say we have this C p live the fear of the corona virus and the reality of the flu. Here's an Why and why are we panic about the corona virus and in all calm about the flu, yourselves doing a frank check on it? Here's the eight p Ap Associated Press is the new virus more deadly than the flow, not exactly here's an headline from wired, we should the escalate the war of the corona virus. Here Sierra as the corona virus spread fear is viewing racism and xenophobia. Ladies and gentlemen, there are more if you're, watching a new you see there almost double what I just read send that photo two of your liberal friends, their media bodies. Ladies and gentlemen,
You may say Dan: there are more serious things going on right now, another a very serious things going on right now, ladies and gentlemen, this is a multi front battle and I am not doing this. I wanna be Crystal clear because I want to play infantile juvenile games with media idiots weren't. You know basically a glorified teenage bloggers who know nothing about world affairs, epidemiology, size or anything. It's now, I'm doing I'm doing this, because people who have just laid of power like TED Loo and their media. Sycophantic apple acolytes like em, ass, the unseen guy, who I don't know his name- are gonna use their platforms platform to try and deep laugh form. Get people pulled off twitter, get platforms like Fox demonetized because they want you to believe that they were the only once the liberal media who had the real information and fox and other people hurt you they're going to try to get people pulled off the media Tucker Cross at a segment unless
it is already happening now. Twitter is taking tweets down twitters. Take it guess why you gotta go to parlor there a sponsor. I was a full disclosure they weren't sponsor. When I started on parlor p, r, L, your download, the EP data silence anything over there as long as it's not against the law or threats. Twitter is actively in the big tech business right now. Of silencing any opposition and going forward. This is, be the reason, that's the real I'm doing this, I wanna be Crystal clear. Requires you to believe in the general public to fall prey to a narrative tat. The light Romania was all over this sounding the alarm. When I clearly showed you have my say, we're saying the opposite: they were unfounded, the alarm and calling tramper races to make. You believe that fox the can surfeit of ecosystem and tromp republic threat. Because they were saying something different. They were not. There were saying
things that were worse. Don't worry the flues, a bigger problem, trumps, racist! Don't you worry, Do not let this go, do not let this go textbook tyrannical tactics, my man tax. Book, I'm gonna play joy, read the minutes to the joy red others, always right. Yes, you're right, you leverage a crisis. Now to whittle away people civil liberties. Like them and gas. Like a story, we were on top, this from the start, drop drop, the ball troubling people die nine. Eleven talks, Thou Commission! play you joy, readmitted doing the classic. What Tucker Karlsson says, liberal tactic and he's right all the time. Liberal tactic of accusing the other side what you're doing, but before I get to that, my quick. This is three reasons wherein real, legitimate trouble right now why the left is going to use this crisis for these things, that are,
and you need to be on the ball I'll, get to limit port Gillis Bill and a second, but. Liberals are now openly advocating for more big government power. You seen it. You ve seen liberals and the state of Florida who are furious, that the excellent gum, down. He around the scientists refuses to close down the state, despite the fact that the one iris is largely an you a bigger issue. I should this in its you everywhere and floor, but an issue largely down south based on the number of infections, their furies, why liberals want them to shut down the state because they see a convenient political attack and a swing state where they can get a republican governor and off? That's the all. This believe me when I tell you they can that the liberals have that this is all they want. Big government police state power shouted the data,
care. If you're bankrupted, they don't care about the restaurant owner, the arcade owner the bowling Alley owner the shoe appear on the dry, cleaner. You, your livelihood, be damned if you're in air, get a payday loan. Whatever it is, doesn't have mass infections, they want you bankrupt into that. They don't care, they want you to accepting big government power, they want private businesses on, and they want to expand the welfare state. This is just a perfect opportunity for them. Here's number two. They see an unprecedented opportune, for big government spending and resetting baselines. President tromp, I'm begging you please, please savvy to what's going on. You listen, ladies and gentlemen, I am a supporter, the present, but did not every He's right all the time, this is a bad idea, I suppose what is the bridge loans to small businesses that keep them alive. The government shut their businesses I and II stand the unemployment payments right now to period full stop.
Disclaimer, no asterisk. The twenty five millions of Kennedy Centre. All of this pork laden the bill and talk of a phase for infrastructure project, no, no What is going to happen here? You're gonna reset the government budget through massive government spending from three and a half four trillion to four and a half the five trillion and any future cots they're, not cuts just resets back to where we before the crisis show are gonna, be called. What, by the liberals, accordion carts drawn Coty in we care, government now, please These do not fall prey to this no phase for let's let this too trillion dollar bill. I just explain to you on yesterday's show in Monday show how they government is now going to be the biggest loan manager, the bad, the biggest loan portfolio to private business,
the history of humankind right right. Please stop! Please! I'm begging you time out no phase for Please understand what the Democrats you're doing, I'm going to show you an article What's your journal later in the show too, policies using face bore this infrastructure bill to do everything but phase for please do not fall prey to this. I'm sorry, but Massey was onto something the republican congressmen. He knew something was up finally, report plan. They want you comfortable with police state powers, just watch just watch them, don't take my fortune what we are doing. The browser crushing the safe this down here,
the business orders lab. Second, they want you comfortable would be given spending for New Bayside cots draconian part? They are so eager, ladies and gentlemen, to get you comfortable with the suppression of free speech. There will be in the coming weeks and months, massive pressure on big tech, Google, Patria on Twitter Facebook unit Youtube everyone to crush the free speech of conservatives under the guise of
a job they misled. People in any crisis in people die, I'm telling you they told us in matters school. I never went to manage whom it was. My mom school was kind of a home school effort. My mom told me in her de facto matter school, don't ever pointed people. I have to do it now. Don't don't for a second underestimate what I'm telling you and dont sideline it. There will be a massive, coordinated online push between liberal activists, groups morons, like TED Loo and other Democrats up in Congress to squelch Annie opposing ideas. Fox me, everyone back on it and watch employer told you get the joy read here is again the joy red member,
I read rode all those blogs and was like I'm not sure, somewhat hijacked by plug the f b. I should visit here that jewelry jury, whose is it really a silly person? I mean no one again, then I q in the triple digits, takes very seriously, but that's where another show liberals always always accuse you of what they are doing themselves, Drug collude with the foreign government, actually Hilary you paid a foreign intelligence closer to get information from Russia. Drop out that you guys go where they do. Why do they do a job because hapless buffoons joy read the media were platforms unbelievably at you have to be an idiot. The listener joy, red hapless, buffoons, HIV parities, talking boys, listen to this segment of this is joy red, accusing the president of trying to The two national monarchy and a tyranny, despite the fact that this Laplace, whether one's job president for not calling for a national shut, that this is a basic, listen joy, rejection,
now they show yesterday constitutional law, Professor Lawrence tribe of Harvard University, confirmed what we suspect that all along that Cuomo was right and tromp had no institutional authority to claim he can quarantine whole states. On cue trump, almost immediately back down tweeting, but he has advised the CDC to issue a travel warning. But then he had determined a quarantine will quote not be necessary, not miss. A very. Man try not legally possible but go off apprentice guy go off. Well, it's hardly news. The trump has always had designs on raining as a monarch with unlimited power, then serving as a mere president in a democracy, but with the country facing an unprecedented public health crisis. What length might he backed by an attorney general, whose writings and actions point to a funding I believe in an all powerful presidency, at least when the wood became a Republican. What lengths light trump go to to
and his power under the guise of national security, which is, This is absolutely hilarious. People take these people seriously. These are the same house. These liberal media ego system lunatics who, when President Trump and act in a perfectly legal and constitutional travel ban from a region of the world? In fact with a deadly virus call them a racist hope of a racist who are now change your during he under. Reacted. What do you call a racist know that we have to change a story now he lied and people died. He should have instituted a cause Travel ban, no one for Mars. Jupiter Saturn Uranos everywhere everywhere. Nobody should. These are even follow this anymore, firstly
mad trump overreacted, because he and act in a totally constitutional executive travel by nobody questions. You said he overreacted. In other words, here, reacted and acted like a tyrant. Now your new narrative is Trump and Fox NEWS under reacted. Didn't do it up! In other words, they didn't act like enough of a tyrant, edge, considers a quarantine, a travel ban for people infected, then Lord tribe. Its policies body by the way member yesterday show workers now is to be a good time and again it you're going totally Reagan from the exorcist right now. You know the head. Obviously I can't do it. Member Reagan's had probably dating myself the kids. We haven't seen the exodus, don't watch it very frightening that remember that this. If you can keep your head on,
Neither could Reagan, and neither can jointly is a tyrant with the travel ban. He wasn't enough retired he lied. People died in do enough now transfer monarchy. Here we go much. I can't I just I I I Play going to do oaks, if you listening to the show on terrestrial or digital, please subscribe on Youtube, I mean I got a lot of good feedback on these are We don't we don't have like a script for the show idea and actual prize Joe say something for the grain, for various euros is no teleprompter. I haven't teleprompter but
this little really looking at myself right now, there's a script further! Shall here's my script? I note, I think a lot of you like to show because you probably feel like I do you can't you can't believe these people were so stupid. Like we're gonna forget what they said just a few weeks ago. Now they do thank you that they do Let me get my second sponsors. I've got a lot of news. I still haven't even touched. This just bombshell report, usually conveniently large right door and the outbreak of war and virus in the United States. Well, that's kind of strange, isn't it ladys german stamps that calm stamps that we would be lost without Stem Stockholm. Listen, we can't. We have no time to go to the post of Swedish. Don't we now we need to avoid the crowds is tough parking over there. It's a real pain is far from my ass.
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top of the page, important and type in Dan, DM that stamps that calm entered Dan stay, say: France, they say: ok, moving up So yesterday, while you were occupied, rightfully sell by what's going on with the one virus from China Michael Horowitz release the inspector general looking into the whole FBI, spying debacle and spying, released kind, the bomb shell Little a dead them through a story. Now, what's it stories not surprising to my listeners, so I'm not gonna beat it to death. My law anger term listeners had been with me since me and Joe when Paula here we're just an audio podcast only before the video. What have we been telling you for a very time? Their bid to this is not a celebratory. Get me a moment. I just don't want you to think you're wasting your time here. You right here. Pictures of known for about two or three years that I've told you the weak point in the FBI story.
That hey. We didn't really spy on tromp because it was political leverage. We didn't target trumpeted spied a political campaign. What I've been telling you we use the weak point was always gonna, be the woods procedures. What are the words procedures if you are going to spy on anyone in the FBI use the Pfizer Courts, the foreign intelligence surveillance court. You are supposed to fight these procedures calls called the woods procedures which is supposed to document the information you got. And then show the labourer aiding or I should say, corroborating information? I call for gimmick, pristine, absent corroborating information, total verbal for butter. Simple right, I want to spy on job because I think he's a terrorist working with some far there's a foreign asian. I have to put together a spreadsheet type thing with courtier the woods procedures, What information I got someone told me Joe, is a terrorist. How did you verify? I told you from the start,
how about taking a celebratory Lapierre from the start. This was all it's gonna, be the weak point, because why because none of the FBI's information they got about Donald Trump from the dossier, Christopher Steel could be verified according to which procedures Joe. Why? Because it was Yes, because the pee pee, it was not real. You can't verify people tat, because there is no pay we gave. There was never a real So, have we not been saying this for three years forever do yeah? ever Joey's has even dared Jody, but even like hearing about the woods procedure, two things Dr Joe man talking about which procedures and mentioning the book the blacks one which I love. So Oh yeah, right now we are we here. I don't know that book. Malta did George you're crazy enough with the words I told you, the F
I sooner or later we're going to have to produce the spreadsheet showing hey how'd, you verify the bp. We did people There's no other way happen story are accorded dotcom he's been all over this from day. One check this duty: This will be the show no to read this bad boy, but you know that consular newsletter will immediately stories every day. Lawmakers react to scathing Idee report on FBI. Abuses quote absolute, the outrages now to be clear, so you're with me others. I have no faith Acres are going to do anything about this. I wanna be Crystal clear eyed, that is so Please don't email me nothing's going to die, I told you that from the start in you got mad at me that I'm not sure anything's gotta happens that our trust anybody anymore, I'm here to give you the facts in information. You deserve it
happens later. I can't control, I'm not a Want Foresman officer or a federal prosecutor. I'm just here to give you the facts and the facts are: there are totally busted now their past and what happens next. I dont know from this Carter Report so horror, which went back the inspector general looking into the show in this new interim report that conveniently just launched yesterday Joe we started looking at that What's files, remember the corroborating, for a whole bunch of Pfizer cases and gosh, where he found should disturb the living. Every single person in this audience who believes in civil liberties, liberals, conservatives communist whatever quote. In horror, which is in turn report investigators reveal that they could not review the bureau's original woods files before of the twenty nine selected. Five applications way way way way over, so they re You twenty nine Pfizer applications and informed
couldn't review the woods for why this is crazy, because here, yeah, I couldn't locate them. Oh Legion, Three of these instances didn't know if they ever existed. What the hell guy goes on. Any order report sent the F B. I direct array, Harwood said quote as a result of our audit work today and as described below, we do not have confidence that the FBI is executed, its woods procedures in compliance with the FBI policy. These German, it gets worse. Now you can read. Sarah card is peace in be a my show notes tonight. Please do it's wonderful I've peace by John Solomon, too. That's very good on this.
So Michael Horwitz, the inspector general, essentially our federal internal affairs officer, looking into the FBI's use of the secret Pfizer courts where you have to produce a file showing your evidence because members not adversary if the, in other words, what I mean by that, ladies and gentlemen, that the talk law enforcement long talk, if I usually Pfizer courts rather than the traditional courts to spy on job, get like a regular Furthermore, Joe, is never notified via his lawyer ever theirs ever gonna be met. Probable, probably never going to be in a diamond Joe will never know so to prevent the abuse of civil liberties for massive government spying civil liberties. To prevent that abuse. Woods in conjunction with Bob Mahler, when he was the f b I had shock or their created. The woods procedures
Mario, we should be able to go to to prove that the FBI has information, that's real spying on people for very real reason so hard. So no we're looking at this spy gate. They cannot match your heart, which is our friend you wanna, be crystal clear. Harwood said: Look at twenty nine, more cases where we use the court three these twenty nine cases in this random sample, three of them a tenth of their original woods file at all. So we're just spying on people with no corroborating information on paper at all. Don't worry Joe, the new. Our times has a story for this and by the way, Any I do have a guest. In one case. They find a way through the woods. Father even exist, they're pretty sure, and in other twenty five cases. Ladies gentlemen, quote they found in
adequately supported facts, so they had smile with a bunch of information: they were spying on people that was quote inadequately supported. No worries media people- I know you don't do civil liberties type stuff anymore, because you're on the road to enacting the police state by attacking fox and trouble. I get that you're busy and acting your media type police. They hoping you can suckle from the key of your democrat, liberal overlords. I get that, but the fact is, There's been mass civil liberties, abuse on the FBI, courts on the size, of course, by the FBI it's not a random sample of just twenty nine cases. Gosh I'd hate to see what happens in the other one, but don't worry the media's here, Joe to save the day, Joe you and events colonies, return of Roma W email for turning me onto this early. Wait, you see this one Joe warning b narrative alert the York Times. You would think, would be horrified by this story. May
civil liberties abuse, including on the Trump game. No doubt Ojo anew Our times now watch how they change the story to New York. As an egg allow this again not upon yourself the trap moment here. What did I tell you about three? four weeks ago the new audience archives Judy can find the first Maybe I'll play they caught, although I never do that. What did I tell you a few weeks ago, the New York Times times when this comes out, they told you isn't gonna commanded, the FBI, spiders trouble was going to say: don't worry, the FBI spies Everyone dated just the treaty did, I not say it, did I not. We send me the club, someone, I'm begging you. We don't have a big enough staff right now in this crisis. To do with someone send me to clip a few weeks ago me telling you that sure enough, as if on cue, here's the New York
say, don't worry about civil liberties violations against the Trump team there screw it everybody over watch how they change the article of all. This is unbelievable. Here. It is number one the New York Times story on this yesterday, the follow up on by Horowitz revealed a pattern of sloppiness by the F B. I just don't worry pattern in using powerful tools to eavesdrop on american soil and national security cases. Listen to this crap and active Vince colonies for highlighting this format, but it. Also helps the FBI politically. This is real, making this up. This is in the new year. Original was yesterday, but it helps the FBI politically cause it their cuts: the narrative amongst trumps supporters, that the bureau cut orders to survey the advisor Carter page as part of a politically. Very conspiracy, only crime I tell you why
I tell you is coming. What did I say? Did I not count? two weeks ago, that we gotta be. This is me Larry, see the media massive civil liberties violations, including on a presidential campaign and potentially the president and the media stories worry worry they do this to everyone. So is nothing unusual about them. Spying on the trump. You are really really now. Widespread hilarity ensued as the New York Times got mode down on Twitter. I mean he will dad and humiliated everywhere for this absurd infant tile effort it. Ass light. Don't worry America, it wasn't political targeting on the Trump D. You say. Walmart people not about the F B. I screwed is everyone over with Pfizer.
After the hilarity ensued on twitter and they got marked so roundly as being the propaganda artists. They are. Notice the little kind of edits they made to the peace. They push section Joe further down. The peace may be helping people only read the first two paragraphs and listen to the paragraph just read how they do that. This is the same paragraph. Doesn't sound to say the following. Positive unrelated cases by Michael Har, which reveal the broader pattern of sloppiness by the FBI. It sounds. The same are usually gets a little different permission to use powerful tools to e drops on american soil and national case. It comes at a time when Congress is debating new limits on the Pfizer ACT or Pfizer? It's not that paragraph read before no, no, no and noticed not goes on. So they pushed
information, so they can eliminate their narrative totally because they're they're they're surgically attached their lives to the Asses Democrat Party, so they push it down further. Bring to stop the mocking that happened on Twitter and noted are they wordsmith the whole? Don't worry Joe. This is a pattern. Thing noticed the wordsmith in it goes on here, as they put it that this is the same article they added they say now. Finding of they call it now Joe forget the pattern. Talk. They talk about systemic incompetence, now its devastating for the F B. I now all of a sudden, its deficit always devastating for you, because you got marked for being idiots, but in the tropics area, the discoveries Levin leverage like leavening bread by around usual side, benefit for the bureau. You see how their wordsmith things out, because they got humiliated, trying to celebrate the FBI's political whim less, and you see they did their seas. They thought we would notice. You picked a rock ice
You thought I would notice that when you thought I miss that you little editing process as the New York Times is humiliated again foregoing going communist, probably propaganda, don't worry, Amerika, don't worry, it wasn't political targeting the FBI Screws, everybody. Of humiliated on twitter, so they had a Eddie and Levin had a little bit joe with systemic the levying of systemic Levin, it hope didn't notice, they re wrote the article because they were marked by everyone again with an iq reaching at least triple digits. Let me add something here to the obvious point:
see the New York Times. It is probably not a serious news out. Let me that's obvious is violated kidding, I mean it's by reading the article yourself, you read their words, you have to listen to mine, it's a joke has had a serious media out that it hasn't been for decades, but their stories preposterous. You're suggesting that an enemy had Tipp to seven nine and this my source, who brought up a great point Vienna an changes morning when he with there It's funny how the New York Times, because they're so stupid, can't figure out how there actually making the argument that this pattern of abuse was the political targeting follow me. So brilliant point. Ok, The FBI agents involved in this Klein Smith, stroke page call me Baker
The whole crew involving this understood, standard criminal investigation in the traditional courts. Than in the United States against the Trump team, would never happened. Why Joe? They had no evidence I never had evidence the pp pay for the dossier. Weren't real in the standard court system Trump and his team would get word of an indictment or a complaint run up against them. They would be arrest, they go into court and what would happen? They be laughed out of court if you brought them in here cuz of a pee pee tape, So the FBI, knowing. As you know, we got this Pfizer system where every Emmenthaler Woods File in the past nobody's really noticed. Let's just shut, This situation, a situation that the guy from New Jersey Shore, let's just shuttle the situation over the Pfizer course, let's see
one of their advisers. Carter page is a foreign spy. Therefore we can get into the fire good. Let's produce a fake people. Ass. He ate approves a foreign spy. We don't have to worry about the woods found. Nobody watches that and look we can politically target. It's hilarious, that the New York Times wasn't smart enough to figure this out how their own article makes the case that not only was it is not political spy. This was political space specifically using a system, they knew had a pattern of not requiring information to move along the spine process, brilliant brilliant point by the two, seven nine, but he's actually smart New York Times or they're. Just the New York Times totally also Joe leaving out the fact that Kevin Klein Smith, the FBI lawyer, led to have changed emails about Carter, page working with the CIA.
The claim he wasn't ordering, but the sea I can make em look like a foreign spies, so they could get into the physically. Not not! medical or all Joe? What was his motive? Anybody know Carter page when it Carter page twenty hours. Would he beat him up as a kid was tropical fantasy, drink inside you. What about seven? How or why the F B, I put it by a: U S: intelligence asset, to target, to target the drug team. Based on a hoax dossier in the PPP. Why they do that? What was that? innovation. There hey. You ready to listen to me about the motivation and useless, Michael Horowitz, we played the cut yesterday. You can watch yesterday shop, the inspector general self interest by law. Grant. Can you eliminate political bias? Here's a motive! Now I can't
Let me list of are calling me a favor washed in there was she journal story about the stimulus, Portugal's fees for the salting thing I went up and yet, but I'm I'm I'm going to a lot already here, because there's a lot of news- and I promised you I'll get you what Nancy Policy is really up to the right to get the other, nor so just role with me over there It is a heavy Newsday about doing twenty four hour hysteria about the one virus. I refuse I'd, say Do you doin the Democrats battle plan going forward? We have the ammunition of civil liberties, getting you comfortable with the police, state, quarantines and all the stuff calling out governors for daring to not shut down entire states and bankrupting people. Second, getting you comfortable with bigger government spending and third, the crust.
In a free speech using big tack and otherwise, and potential legislation later and blaming fox and truck they misled. Where was the if they have if they thought the info savage misleading. Why was the media putting it out themselves on that point too? Getting you covered more bigger government spending I'm begging you to email, your congressmen and yours and you went and women and senators please freeze for this. Not a stimulus, it's a band aid. I get what happened before the pork was unacceptable. This phase for will be a disaster, no more spending. Why look at this one, regional peace and look what they're really looking to do right now do not play along with this compromise. Your journal notorious bore. These aren't like far right wingers if anything they leave left on some issues: immigration, other things, while she Journal opinion today, see pictures of blue state Bela. She wants the use,
Risk relief to aid, progressive state governments, ladies and gentlemen, it is not the job of citizens in Florida and elsewhere to bail out profligate governments in these states. It is the job of our country nationally to assist them in controlling the outbreak of this movement. By There's no doubt about doubt about national problem. We should not forfeit New York grew up anew. Can I get them the euro? I gotta talk to you all understand, but using for real taxpayer receive from states where they need the money to combat it themselves, to bail out profligate spending on state, that have no control. Their budgets whatsoever is a big no no I'm sorry look what else she's trying before we get to the speech I call goes poem is making to move ahead interceptor. She was like right? You see I was touched by before we get to the screen shot from the peace, incredible
Liberals have no principles are ever what, if liberals been telling you forever forever? What's their tag, why they're tearing why it is you regard attacks, the ridge, To help the poor enrich the rich should pay more. I have me saying that Europe also why you, of course, we know that a balanced position, They don't mean any of it. It's totally on principle. What do I mean? Look at what policy wants the pack interface for of this populous court Wall Street Journal on Monday. Miss Pelosi told the New York Times she wanted Congress to retroactively undue salt, an acronym state, local taxes. What is it I this was a twenty. Seventeen tax reform were begins limited to state local tax deductions to ten thousand dollars that raised Frederick tax revenue, mostly from high tax parts of states like California, in New York in New Jersey and help pay for the re cuts on corporate small,
this is an individual income accordingly, tax foundation. The cap raised almost thirty three billion and twenty eighteen from those earning more than one million per year, wait what it raised money from people earning more than a million a year. And had little impact for those earning less than a hundred thousand. I let me be clear and various get emails. I told us listen to the middle class homeowners in New York, New Jersey and high tech, the tax rates I California, I am not suggesting it's a great idea to make you pay more intact. You know I saw was folks very simply. You can now only did docked ten thousand dollars that attacked as you pay to the state and locally off your federal taxes, In some cases it was. It was higher and in some cases on limiting the past what's happening. If you I ve been a super high tax state, Connecticut New York, new job
in California, Illinois run by liberals who attacks this not out of you every day, then Europe, Billy paying, even at a hundred fifty two hundred thousand dollars salary, which is middle class in New York Ironic, because of the cost of living there. It is just ass. The new Yorkers living men at near your beer, barely middle class and ancillary these days, your taxes are higher than ten thousand. So your federal tax, gonna go out because you kid deduct. Unlimited amounts anymore key, my number one, that is the fault of your local and state governments, not your fault! The lot of you are conservatives, you'd and voters, but that is the fault. Unquestionably, your local and state governments who have into due to higher taxes on you and ask you to pay more at state local level period,. But, ladies and gentlemen, as a matter of fact that deduction largely largely not in all cases largely
fate, or only wealthy people in blue states Pelosi once they can wait, way way way way again about arguing salt or no soul, and that will say that for another day in another time, Verde spoken about, like I'm, arguing to you that. Web browser using phase for to institute tax cuts for wealthy folks. Ironically, I agree with showing you they have no principles at all. You want to cut taxes of all foreign cut him at the state, local level too. For it, but policies, an argument that this phase for thing is all You know the corona related subsidies, nonsense. This argument that she's in it to cut taxes to cut taxes for the poor and high tech sellers- it's not that you may be seen. Why is she foot floppy because they
Gentlemen, liberals, liberals, not the conservatism, loosely blue! These boots, they set off, Marie mail me hey. I did vote for this crap, don't blame you right point taken, but too liberal phonemes that live in deep blue states that voted these higher taxes in are the ones complaining to policy when they write their campaign, checks and donations. Hey. This is it. This is unfair nets. Quadrillion ever New York and I should have to pay higher tax if you'll just voted for that. These people are total frauds I thought it was just related. The corona now which related to rich liberals and blue states paying less taxes again if it if you're living in the exorcist Reagan's down your heads, It should be because Pakistan, it doesn't make any sense. I dont policy was for hiking taxes and there is no doubt that when our rich donors, cholera, teller, the opposite. Folks. This is real. This phase for will be a disaster
Wait till you see the poor. They are trying to load in this one. No, I'm sorry a big fat No, you want to argue the salt deduction, fine, I'm game! I can't stand taxes on that a hypocrite. Let's do it not now not under the guise of let's do it under the one virus bill nope. I let me go to Detroit Metro time, starting my my last story. The diameter important one. Ladies and gentlemen, the hysteria about black window, I dropsy chloroprene a potential treatment for the symptoms and the viral per ration of the one virus the hysteria on the left, simply because truck mentioned it. Is one of the most disgusting things. I've ever seen in my life. I've never seen anything like it.
Never seen anything like we see governors in a democratic governance state, but we saw I told you about the governor of Nevada unbelievably, who put out of this requirement that had to be hospitalized to get the drug. This is all tat did combat do up did did to basically go to combat we're trunk decisions about each atra. Now we see the horrendous governor of Michigan who's, been an embarrassment this entire time, Gretchen Whittemore Detroit Metro Times in a humiliating about face hapless
Michigan, Governor Gretchen, Whitman reverses course on corona virus drugs and is now asking the feds for I dropped, see. Chloric win and cork went by led a veto Detroit three times. What happened there, just like Nevada, hapless, Governor Whittemore disgrace to her stay, decided because tromp mention Blackwell. That's the truth. Name for this drug, because Trop mentioned the Joe. We have to make sure that we do everything we can to put out some public statement that we don't approve, trot mention a possible treatment and if it keeps people from the dragoon surviving. If they get the one virus, people be damn what would happen in Detroit Metro Times and others. There was some outcry against Governor Whittemore say. Are you serious.
You met some of this right you're restricting access to this drug because you Like Donald Trump, although people may die, keep in mind? This is an empty. I approve drop. You understand that right plaque when it was empty aid approved there. It is approved for the use of treatment of the corona virus. Looking but, ladies and gentlemen, what's known as off label medication use, in other words, able to approve a pharmacist. I actually me doctor can prescribe struck but can prescribe it for something it's not specifically for the drug company can advertise it further is perfectly I've seen estimates of thirty to forty percent of drug use out there and prescriptions are off label. There's nothing here. Go about it at all Whittemore because she probably must be the vice presidential
that ain't or decided. She was just gonna like restrict access to this because all show Trump well. You spoke up in Michigan and in a humiliating, embarrassing about face the truth. She's governor Michigan. How to say we changed our right about that. But if I give us we may be that if voice matters folks voice matters. I gotta get some other stories Whittemore tune into my get some really good stuff. I couldn't stand all internet, it's really busy Newsday! I want to get through the battle against homes going a potential treatment for this sets emerging disallowed establish spinner, really stack news. They appreciate your listener ship and viewers, ship or audiences Holden, really steady during this crisis. Thank you very much. Please share the. Shall we always appreciate your shares. Unread it. The refugees have been great to us. We really appreciate that and police subscribed to the show on Youtube Youtube back, Slash Mancino. Only ten thousand away from four hundred thousand subscribers on Youtube is all free, again Youtube com, Slash
On GINO and one final shout out, ladies and gentlemen, the army core of engineers, God bless you and what you're doing? I got a call yesterday from a friend, quick story, that is why my friend, I guess they who it is, who is working well, I'm up in New York and said makes you proud to be an american army core of engineers. Setting up these hospitals he's field hospitals like that, because your professionals and America owes you a debt of gratitude to the real heroes right now shout army core of engineers. We love you talk to him. Are you just ten VON Gino? She followed then on twitter, twenty four seven at DU, bon GINO.
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