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Caught in a Web of Lies Again # 1033 (Ep 1033)

2019-07-30 | 🔗

In this episode I address the astonishing series of media lies directed at President Trump yesterday. I also address a series of important breaks in the scheme to take down the Trump team. News Picks:Hysterical MSNBC producer claims Trump was not at Ground Zero. He must have missed the video.

Democrats have destroyed our inner cities.

This key Spygate figure is about to pull off a bold move.

We must get a hold of our national debt.

President Trump wins big at the Supreme Court.

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee know about their budget are offered he's after you today actually capped outnumbered only just water and we're just after idea jokers me account down and so it is my wife my three two one go a research agenda so can we just we do this a second or any account there like what did you say three to i'll show which has happened at thirty three content in three two one oh he locked up that's what you're good about more that's why i was so to clean up backing it heads at all and i really report was what just happened to you just list the cabin
three to what is typically that this part of figure out what to do about you sit in a measure of how someone initiate whether on a road raise a tv show three two one and i was a totally while job produce our unity yeah i guess i'm yes hundreds rethink how little joe doing it in our boot campaigner we gave you send your letters knew he did i was like i was like a little girl was our first nobody saw as almost son wrote to me boy and girl said joe son is is indeed boo can't we're marine corps anna i can get a lot of emails from the adi is very supportive of little job so you gotta keep us therefore right will need really wants to be a marine man he really wants to be a moment while he's a good kid memories want guys i came to hay and others national note of our sincere gratitude to the audience i asked you to tune into the five on friday
fox all you are you guys the ladys are the absolute best we were number one in the demo the huge orderly audience was enormous for a friday on the five you guys and ladys of the best thank you so much i let's get right to it today let me lay out we're we're gonna go i've got a pretty stack shop i gotta kill her up aid on the popup apple s case that i'm going to explain you're not gonna wanna go anywhere on this year george pop up this key figure in the spider case i've got some on leave ugly stupid vagueness who's about you i don't think there's another but this is no easy did above its it so bad fake news actually publicize this story that their own video contradicts i get to that i got a lot more to including some updates on a big trump went in the supreme carter i brought you buy a bodies at quip this look at is that the most elegant looking through brush you ve ever seen tat elegant wits
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you go that way the quick did not equip do but it's one of the first electrocute press accepted by the american dental association back by over twenty five thousand dead professionals thousands of five star views they have kids ass what you say is the original version just tweet down for kids size mouth so i love quick on taking on my trips up to new york for fox quipped starts it just twenty five hours and if you go to get with that get q you i e g t cure you ip get quipped accomplished in get quipped accomplish there get equip that curbs last stand right now you get your first refill pack for free that's your first refilled back free at get quipped outcomes stand back to push out there all right let's go ok here we go fake news report why is this important item i covered under show because
gentlemen i am a strong advocate always will be for a free and fair press we need it i just a fact but the press is not fair their free i hope they remain free constitutional look it's you on the way to rock and roll the press has not been fair they haven't been about fair the new york times supporting on the successes successes there go to the soviet union decades ago their job so here they commentator on twitter who does some commentary on the median trumpet elsewhere this guy the name is aaron rupert i want you to pay attention to this tree because it's hilarious in this guy's ability to get a story completely wrong nearly every single time check this treat up so this is at a t r u pierre are at aaron rue parts or at eighty group are whatever he says that yesterday tromp was signing a bill in support of nine eleven first responders in the rose guard at the white ass he tweets and i quote tromp sick ass he was a nine eleven first responder ok
he actually tweet a video in history this to show you what we're dealing with ladies and gentlemen how liberals well why never retract their statements make things up completely and do it going i took a note on this the essence of fake news i was that people will never read pass the headline right i should say never had a lot of folks will just read that tweets oh my gosh trump add a whose garden ceremony for the signing of this nine eleven responders support bill trop had temerity joe to suggest he the nine eleven first responders oh we moses john that's awful right i told her about daniel that's terrible terrible yes but this is this is how stupid newspaper tweet rue part it's this video what they have by now keep em on this brief thirteen second video is supposed to suggest a trip
suggested he was a nine eleven first responders lead play him saying that here we go many of those affected were firefighters police officers and other first response you said i was down there also i consider myself a first responded but i was down there has been a lot of time down there with you did the fifty jonah there three of us here on the show it's a small chrome amelia out there a myriad come on i have a seventy are our daughter and i'm wondering if she could figure that out mimi come on over you want to be on the show saying ok if i were you eighty you i hear sailor ok there's my daughter right that's so maybe you made in your hide behind me commodities
i would say to you may me that you can't have a toy like you can't take it what do you think that would meet me it's a negative right if you can't have a toy right the albert beat that i thought my daughter is figured it out thank you amelia daddy loves you choose figured out a negative if i say you can't bring a toy that means you can bring the towards you can't have it was just mars by seven year old daughter has figured out that there's this element of negation when you use a word like you cannot do this present trouble universes i'm not saying i am i'm saying i was nine eleven responder and this twitter tweets the exact opposite with no shame at all folks the point of this house thing is the media has never ever treated this president felt they make this stuff up bites
every year old daughter if you want to check out by the youtube backup slashed by two years ago cat without my daughter output or other show offered by she's home for my camps in school obviously in the summer this we so she likes coming out plus you was have set of essential picture on the five friday but it it is important that i get it she's a the media this all the time now i want to show you and how this narrative now again eu strategy joe so you are aware of this before twenty twenty three to five cab there's refer factory period afterwards do you know what i mean where they had little spread before conservatives who are smarter than liberals pick up on the fact that it's a lie there's always a brief refractory right right so i want to move this a little bit i just want to make sure because i don't want the sound of yvette okay there we go now
in the hours that followed rue pars sensational why that is then said he was a first response when he said the exact opposite in the video here's what happened here is it by chris and ben why so whose just a known meyer cnn and ben why political whose another clouds celeste write a piece suggesting that this is true he says roma this happened today and again i quote trumpet enemies peace suggested trump is lying about bringing down at ground zero ok me added ben white from bull medico tweets that date trying to be a smart guy throw that backup narrator he wasn't and he did so political and see around or are suggesting that president trump after the nine eleven attacks was not in fact down zero i must lie had tip the zipper on twitter who did what
we conservative does research and journalism in which journalists don't ever do against political in and see and ensuing insolence a swede actually expect facts romania these people manufacture here's another one hears a tree from producer and s day and see again tripling down on the fact that trump said he was a first responders but he wasn't even at ground zero none of which happened here's kyle griffin msnbc known clown on twitter who is not another collusion oaks or by waiting here's m tweeting trump claims without evidence to an audience that includes nine eleven first responders i was down ground zero also but i'm not considering myself a first response but i was down there i spent a lot of time down there with you this is hysterical job this guy works for m s dnc and other work he works for nbc he's a producer there
here is a video from i believe nbc of trump at ground zero now just a few moments ago donald trump path here so we had a minute to talk with hamlets world that tape you can see what he had to say well i've never seen anything like it i've seen two huge hundred ten story buildings that are reduced to rubble thousands and of lives i just got to see something that i've never seen before i have there's a man inside working right now and will bring it down another hundred and twenty five in a little while and they ve never done work like this before and hard working people but they ve never seen anything like it and they ve never they ve never done work like this before it's terrible all right then do you understand ladies and gentlemen not all i dont want
stereotypes broad swathes of an industry including media for i know some good people out there who are genuinely interested in the true my ex periods however with the media i would be lying to you if i said otherwise i'm not going to do that that include my time and my prior line of work is well when you're the press agent new deal with these people i'm not kidding is it they are generally but below average intelligence the one let many of them that i met a below intelligence donor stand ninety nine percent of the topics they talk about and will lie at will only two negative the impact republicans libertarians and conservatives how does it producer at nbc tweet tat without evidence trumps said he was at ground zero when there's an interview with nbc in his own archives data conservative the zipper who doesn't even work it nbc found in a jiffy how do you explain that
the answer it's not explainable it's not x which explainable by thee well being negative emotions these people have towards republicans and trump in general which clouds their basic journalists the judge they're not serious people so walk its work during what happens tweet out of me caroline despite all contradictory evidence when the evidence comes back and kicks you write mecca holidays right up down on it have chris well is a right and a bed have kyle griffin from nbc tweeted and then when its thorough completely debunked and refuted in all welcoming fashion right then he's later tweet some kind of like which they won't even do he was down there but like this guy ben why did from political who is tweeting back eddie oh he was down there but it was just a pr tat this is what they do their job goalposts goal oh skull posed so ben why
political clown joker fake pseudo journalist right trump wasn't down there he wasn't video trump down ok was down there but it was just three are ready these bringing down some workers to help out ok we're just priority which is helping because he had a project he wanted to work on it ought to be good for his business what are you talking about she's these its joe it's pathetic itself with it thing i get not i get so much joy out of having been on the right side of all of this on spy gate on me your malfeasance on on the constant eighty tromp heresy from these people they just make stuff up they make these eighty troubleshoot medicine that everyone some of this stuff that they tweet out about trust nobody's essay nobody's centre on this planet is an especially in politics but the over the majority of stories are fake they are hoping for the refractory
period there where they get a little downtime were then there were the fake narrative will spread its really pathetic let's move on speaking a fake narratives here is dammit product representative forgive me from saint or name wrong it's not intentional priscilla jaya paul i again about saying that wrong my apologies democratic rep formula jaya pop here is her on msnbc representative jaipur talking again again we are speaking about debug nonsense talking points that spread through the media despite any evidence that were true first trump said he was a first if mother he wasn't secondly trumps anyway at ground zero he was this one they are going back shockingly shocking to an old narrative joe that the immigration crisis at the its exporting and i got an update on that to stay to know go anywhere trumpet a big win and supreme court we missed that yesterday's through so busy baltimore stores here
wrap jai appalled doubling down on the manufacture shared crisis line and other fake media narrative that is not a crisis secondly i want you to pay special attention in this short cut what she says about how to mitigate illegal drugs crossing our southern border it you may catch it but it's open dumb that's display it covered after his body we have to stop the ability of the president to train for authority between these departments which has long existed in order to help president's if they do have to respond to urgent crises that are legitimate but this case that is not what it is so we're gonna have to go back and use the appropriations process to stop this transfer authority and then to start cutty if the the president and the administration continues to go outside
their bounds and denied the authority of congress at the end of the day what disappoints me about this is the president manufactured this crisis along the order but if you listen to his rhetoric it is only about the surge of immigrants coming across the border it is not about you know drug mug and all these other violent crimes that are happening they try to make it about that but that's not the reality if that was what they were worried about they should be investing in more dogs to sniff our drugs more technology that actually identifies where drugs are hidden most of the drug that come over the border there there hidden in different places some of the border petrol stations have that technology other do not there's lots of effective things to do to fight drugs drug smuggling on the southern border to give in order that's ok where do we
dark about one member one it's it's so almost comical that they're going back to the manufacture crisis like this is like an american again i must go narrative wafer refractory period baby apologize a bit and then double down later when everybody forgets again you made up the original narrative ivy this is outstanding this is how stupid is magali takes to go back to a narrative so repeatedly debunk by saint peter everywhere there is obviously a crisis border immigration illegal immigration is up dramatically asylum claims are up dramatically peoples children showing up at the border with people claiming to be their parents up to a third of them are not their parents are being traffic we have detention facilities overflowing they are now back again to us
crazy conservatives are making this all up now why what happened i want to get to the dogs thing in a minute to because it shows you the absolute clueless news of the broken political class in dc that seriously need to go out and do right along with law enforcement support reference because what they say is so dumb ate it should in credulity that they would even say it on a national television show but going back why this is all happening right to wash your journal this appears yesterday about trumps big victory and the supreme court the bottom line is this ray allocated some pentagon money defence money too southern border it was about two point billion dollars title the pieces the judicial injunction dysfunction there are to take that from this piece of course there was a lawsuit filed on behalf of our group the group while the lawsuit said listen you can't spend this money i wasn't alex for this the supreme court's stop this day
getting the construction can go forward simple as our trump wins portions of the wall miles plus will be built more more will be refurbished with that two point five billion dollars ladies and gentlemen the victories as simple as that what's important an important take away with the democrats and rep jaya paul what their what their freaking out about is clarence thomas in the opinion has been just very effective attacking these national injunctions what does that mean a wire the democrats weren't so first there obviously is more walls gonna be belt would trumps money and he's gonna be able to fulfil a campaign promises terrified about that's right but secondly job liberals have love national injunctions for eons what our national injunctions wider liberals love them a national enjoy when a local district court federal judge who is responsible for what district one area the country maryland the district in new york whatever it may be southern district in new york he is responsible for a local case issue should injunction nationally meaning nuts
can happen anywhere outside his district they have you national injunctions i took a note on this for me focuses its in yesterday's notes in the famous thereby gino or infamous book where's the national injunction part now here we got always weird to me yet openness is actually from the wall street journal peace they have issue thirty nine national injunctions these these judges posing as judges who are really politicians federal judges thirty nine national injunctions against the trump administration now you may say all that number i needed in context right ok fair enough how many i saw injunctions were issued against the obama administration the first two years to two the deuce now from the wall street journal peace years clarence thomas clarence thomas has spoken out strongly against this he said the supreme courts have the trump administration can proceed to reallocate some two point five billion this is from the peace how do you mean
the pentagon to build a wall we disagree with the policy but the good news is that the high court finally sending a message about the proliferation of national injunctions by lower court judges thomas for laid them basically saying this has to stop you have a decision joe in the eastern district in new york and you're a district judge that's where it applies it is not a mass decision to stop the present a united states show that effectively district court judges power to rule for the entire country number the travel ban all others were all national injunction year it has to stop the demo that's your panicking now because if national injunctions or stop they won't be able to stop now regional policy only apply in that federal district in their terrified that's why they're freaking out that's why you see representative julia pal going back to the debunked discredited talking point that there's not a crisis on the southern border with the second point she makes is equally ridiculous
while we just need to invest in more dogs ok great checkpoints that's fine that's i'd cigarettes a great idea we she realize that legal drugs are not only being trafficked their ports of entry joe this you understand that people traffic in children and illegal immigrants across a border also traffic in drugs they counterfeit money between ports of entry what are you gonna do have the dogs patrolling the southern border between ports of entry sniffing people you don't know about if there the country illegally that means they entered illegally porter entry a port event maybe you eat country right down the middle you may go all the hang on a false their entering between directory how are you gonna have dogs sniffing people who you don't know we're here and entered the country illegally i mean do they think this stuff through
on top of it if try to make this about illegal drugs about illegal drugs it's the exact point the trump administration has been making we can fortify port very fine we all agree but suggesting that the trouble ministrations lying and trying to make us about illegal drugs and if we just had more dogs we find them all you're missing the point clearly we don't find them all the drugs because we can't find the people and either the dogs these dogs are not corner from the johnny carson shop wouldn't put in a piece of paper to theirs reason we can't find people because there between ports of entry oh my god it's hard to figure out george you want i'll conversations i regret even going to have on the show in other words there unknown unknowns we don't oh about the drugs because we don't know about the people that's how they here illegally go soon if those people what
people the people at our there anymore snuck in the country ok now we don't need dogs we don't know about you know we believe these dogs right to approach the real dog catching the people we didn't know about good and well set an excellent so crazy that's gonna sell with more dogs roving packs of of of belgian mallon was a large across the southern border sniffing people we don't know about professor whilst on represent job are excellent boy there you re nailed it move it our second spot you today our friends obviously julius ladies gentlemen part of adultery as having to do things you really don't want to do read i flights working laid visiting me in laws getting life insurance but another part of it though it is learning to delegate what you can't stand and why you can't delegate
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calm easy way to compare all the top ensures and find the best value for you policy genius dot com delegate what you hate especially if you hate getting life insurance go check him out ok moving on as you know i mean really we jointly fermentation but it's a serious show we always try to prevent facts and data things like that but it needs its it you said that this is this that's the leads you so easy to discredit these people and the nonsense spew all the time you know sometimes you got a laugh while doing it for you to forgive me for some of you don't like me but if you do an ethical funny but i can't help it we're gonna get out of the door if a sniff who believe we didn't catch yes those people you haven't we didn't catch him that's all you ever was we rode packs of shepherds we used to call him cattle what when i was the precinct in seven five because these dogs seven five priests initially i don't do you ever see this
i like it you probably seen about dr adieu baltimore to the euro a stray dogs in the show you and they wind up roaming impacts so we because the cattle be like there's a package right there tat we like twenty dogs and there's always a guy a dog and affront level swagger lay the whole bunch of em that don't let those dogs is patrol everywhere for people we can't find so stupid ok let me move on so are corrado who i debate a lot on fox coworker mine here we have a good time in our debates ghetto heeded bank waiting this is why i really have a hard time with i want to put out there maybe will hopefully maybe tonight how did he do my appearance on tuesday night maybe we get to debate for whenever this tree but i strongly object to this tree so or other treated out this morning and i tweeted backroom because i'm very offended by this he said tat her although rivera blue checkmark account you and check it out we ve
we better off if in discussing race relations donald trump emphasise the positives like his support for economic opportunities zones and criminal justice reform to battle mass incarceration ok fine but then he goes say it is a strange it's just weird wabble with so many of people of color at the same time we german i don't i'm sorry i don't get this i've seen this repeatedly serve whether its geraldo or others suggest somehow that be met the content of your skin when you're a political leader responsible for sensible solutions and a path forward the people's problems that's what they i'd like you to do and i salute don't have to be government bills they can be getting rid of bad government bills but you're are elected to solve problems that's what you elected do so i dont get what her those point is if you're hispanic or black or asian or whatever it is that somehow i too
you're a mule from criticism i mean i listened accusing herald of being racist obviously but is it that kind of i'm descending what do you say just thing i dont understand that i hope i get the opportunity and i to addresses as you're suggesting some other lawmakers black or that what their income couple of handling criticism despite fast years there's also going to washington times peace is up in the shoulder to please check out the shortage punch you know that guy he's scared my email is thus in these articles rightly it's very good the worsening times trumps quota racist tweets are a reminder and that their debts in course inner room you are my their most troubled u s cities are run by the democrats by valerie richardson washed in times so i tweet twenty nineteen is in the short or to encourage you to check it out ladies and gentlemen most of america's failing inner cities that happen
large minority black hispanic populations are run by democrats and have been for decades that's a fact a fact ef see tee a fact spell it out for the liberals whether that bothers you were not is of no concern to me the leaders of those cities are boy or why you add stephanie rollings blake who was black you had martineau mally baltimore who was white is entirely irrelevant the fact that they have failed the citizens of these inner cities by imposing getting recently liberal agenda there is what concerns me these politics some political the political class are not immune from criticism eliza thank you knows as i heard someone say yesterday use a nice guy gray you knows my dad's a nice guy too you know i love i love my a great guy doesn't mean you know why you know i'd verify may i may not i don't know he isn't zero we haven't to discuss running so nice guy
it doesn't really matter ladies it is entirely unfair to not focus on these problems now yesterday there by the way thank you for years what is yesterday show is joe and i were discussing before we went on the air was just did bonkers numbers you guys are sending us into the stratosphere and it's up to you but yesterday show i went on for about five twenty minutes about the failures in baltimore and i'll wait familiar i am with eggs i ran their i remember you i'd i'd lived right outside of baltimore something i'm unfamiliar jos work therefore literally for decades in the camp but right outside joe nobody knows both aboard the joke trust me he's a list it calls on talk radio there for twenty plus years yemen about the problems at bottom joe is any of it changed by the way have probably got worse than you have the floor she lives need these in arnold now he's like ten miles out of baltimore i'm telling you the your work there forever he's not joking
it is probably got more he's right just drive down any street biddle it make any turn off pratt out of the inner harbour make any left turn off plan or predatory and go north any it doesn't after you get two blocks away you're like what happened here and what because eliza cummings happens to be black we're not support the criticising job no no i'm sorry i don't accept that and i never will and you call me whatever you want i'm interested in fixing it you can get involved in all the racial identities the volume you i'm not interested no dice no thanks when you are bad it is by the way and forget i'm gonna need joe to narrate this a little because our audio audience always comes first this actual cod by the way a fox forty five in baltimore the local news station they are running a piece on transit
comments about baltimore and there's some like be role or whatever live video whenever it is not pleasant be roby its live video running in the background now i'm gonna play the cut as you can hear but the audio this is you re able to hear what the with the news person saying the anchor saying but you're not gonna be let us see the visual but it's ok because i always get married and let's play video at joe help us how can you get a little bit about what's gonna politics without waiting for the next rather to come up to the plate areas who say that right behind a play these taken over first an historic goes very goes down he's making to turn to the second o thou second base thirty he's home dan look at that welding run baby ok you ever see you ever you that's all by me thou paradise by the dashboard lies gravel job there too folks no matter what the lady was it's a piece about trumps tweet the eye
years background youtube com sledge budget or if you want to see joe narrating like robert by speeding up the scholar brought about by turns the quarter if you did you see the rapid comes out this is on a report about trouble three that very little and not figuratively a policy to me before the shots did you see how big that they would like it looks like a mutant cat from the x men series like a cyclops catholicam pre beam lasers that says that's how they make this right is and it takes its folks it's up look at that sucker that is the size of a whole brick look at in the context of the brig it looks like baby and linda two dogs river adopted from from my mother in law baby more keys daylight this big
it's a rat by god you're like two upside down tombstones is rather do this isn't a why report about trump tweeted bout baltimores rat problems elsewhere a rat runs across the sea areas round the second the rack like i think the rat realize he's gonna become part of a political story he doktor behind a quarter real quick eye they listen i want to get involved this trouble of about a year do folks i think this is really happening really happening in the real world i announced its only for me and i want to cover this quickly but i did break down the problems involved yesterday but i always like to present to you solutions and i said to you that i have been a beneficiary of some of he's very soon she's myself and the only reason i'm here kind of a de facto school choice was a school choice programme in new york the time but i was able to get out
go to a catholic school and get away from awful public schools into your ladies gentlemen we could fix baltimore and if i may humbly ask the press staff some may lesson and please consider this consider it three threefold agenda where you go out and give oppressor in baltimore people yellin scream all they want these politicians go give oppressor in baltimore and me it'll make the local news no question about it make national news better make the local news and forced him to talk about things that make them uncomfortable proposed three part solution number one citywide school choice initiative you wanna be bold you wanna be ball go there with some cones and proposals citywide school choice initiative any baltimore city parents we able to pick any city baltimore which will be subsidized with the taxpayer dollars the taxpayers pay their pay and our money
the school they got any school they want you will get a a freedom vow sure to go wherever you'd like to go be bald the teachers unions of course or meltdown liberal politicians who have been bribed are these teachers unions forever they'll back there they'll they'll go crazy go into baltimore give that speech york in a fairly school in baltimore entirely unacceptable i mr president i too states although a monarch there's nothing i can do to change a city politics i'm a federal a federal representative suggesting a plan right now for a school choice initiative and in every city across the country give that speech in baltimore right in the heart of this city go right down their second propose a massive deregulatory scare up deregulatory directive set of deregulation get rid of the baltimore city red tape and propose a series of tax cuts that benefit the city of baltimore
frame it is letting the people spending their own money spent in your uncle that's what it is you i have more in pocket take home money in euro pay because of what we're doing here baltimore we're gonna proposed by the more city match these opportunity don't type contrary to type tax cuts and this is not a huge fan i gotta be ass we have opportunities for a number of reasons but put them on the spot well try to match in some federal of federal tax initiative cut for cut whenever baltimore we can do and we will try to get our federal regulations out of the way if your match them as well the freak out folks they'll freak out finally number three pose a public safety here's where the president can get involved is a secret airbus office in in baltimore prostrate how do i know that i worked there there's an fbi office right dare to there's a federal
courthouse in baltimore on primary there's the yea tell the president the present you give that speech number three on proposing a public safety initiative we're going to flood the zone which in federal agents i mean it s baltimore city to match that with a task force represented from furthermore city police i'm leaving it ass baltimore carried to get involved to surrounding areas working you are gone taskforce drug taskforce we're going to pump up the numbers and i i see an initiative right now to clean up this city watched him africa like us to present posing actual solutions mr president listen you're gonna go there you are going to get some hecklers you are going to get screamers in the media you organ yet some screamer politicians trying to get their two minutes on tv forget it for a second the optics of it this now but sound bites and snapshot but in the end you will be able to walk away and said i say i did what i could do on the other end all they did was scream those politicians and
as an insupportable who deserve better by the way will notice that you were there give it a shot it's worth it let me give you one less the kissing form of on them again this pop up what story which is very very few important it's ironic that people like johann omar another liberal democrat congress men and women have been complaining about the president's third party of asylum party yad asylum decision the president wants asylum seekers joe to seek asylum in the first country they they enter from their herself you're leaving guatemala you enter mexico to get to the united states third party it mean you have to declare for asylum in mexico not the united states where you got first silent meeting your youth you you fear process some kind of prosecution for your political police torch death then you should be able to escape your country but that doesn't mean you get to go to the united states is the first country landed
johan omar treated out forcing people from guatemala to declare asylum in guatemala or our people from i endorse or others to declare guatemala to be precise about that's unfair guatemala is a dangerous place what's the homicide rate in guatemala he too for one hundred thousand people what's a homicide rate in baltimore fit these six per one hundred thousand people kind of lost that argument a long time ago but again don't expect ale hano mauritian to deal with facts because that's not exactly what they do they deal a narrative i move and this is an important area about pop up so we get to this first sponsor the day and the rhinos are coming out folks against ratcliff he's gonna be aired hopefully our next director of national intelligence the rhinos already bark and get to that too didn't you did today show brought dubai
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more about their product special offers an upcoming news need more convincing check out the youtube channel youtube dot com slash bravo company u s a la bravo so ladies and gentlemen papadopoulos george papadopoulos george papadopoulos has been reading has a friend that spinner central figure in both my books by gate and my follow up to exonerate power but also as you can see this article bungee no dot com george is now saying he's headed to greece to receive to retrieve quote the entrapment money ladies and gentlemen what's going on here why is it important one is why does it matter to you and you can tell from my george papadopoulos interview if you listen to which we in seventeen months ago a year ago now terrible time of course but we view georgia the shows what a few enters views have ever done it was illuminating to say the least about an hour long interview and george but apple issue was a trump t member for those you forgotten was a member the trump team
maybe he was a low level advisory was like the campaign manager but that's ok georgia's where the trump team a maltese academic approached him by the named joseph masood claimed to have russian dirt on hilary that stories been changed a few times and the fbi despite papadopoulos told this to another diplomat therefore georgeous and come some kind of intermediary in exchange of information between the russians in the trunk team and nonsense story ladys jump i believe and have always believed george papadopoulos was entrapped by western intelligence assets working in conjunction with democrats the obama administration to set up the trump team to advance the collusion narrative but one of the mysteries of this case and i'm good have you multiple scenarios one of the great mysteries of this case which very few people have been able to pin down ladies and gentlemen is an incident that happens it israel between george papadopoulos a guy named charles too will t w i'll which guy the bunch you know that companies
what happened in israel telling george too will accord you're papadopoulos story and you can listen to our review back then you'll to details it and pretty pretty good detail is a businessman approach is papa apple s is again papadopoulos version of events to wield disputes this to be fair to two wheel too well says pop up with pushed him but i'm giving you georgia's verdicts etsy interview i conducted to wheel papadopoulos two wheel approached him with the ten thousand dollars for a business the or some kind of consulting contract that is ten thousand dollars was given to him papadopoulos suggests seem as usual scared this deal we're in a hotel room he was it was a pressure tactic pop apple is senses something's up with this ten thousand dollars flies to greece even the money in greece the ten thousand dollars and in flies back to the i did states flies back to the united states promptly arrested by bob mothers team in the fbi there are
multiple theories ladies and gentlemen but what this two wheel interaction was i give you mine first what i believe may have happened to wield past this ten thousand dollars the papadopoulos ladies and gentlemen ten thousand dollars conveniently is the guy line for the amount of money you'd have to declare on a city are in a bag you'd also declare that amount obviously upon re entering the united states city as a currency transactions report show if you go to the bank and deposit nine thousand dollars the bank doesn't have to fill that out if you deposit ten thousand and one dollars the bank has to fill out a city are in the secrecy are we to get these see two yards because it can especially view its people keep deposits nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine dollars that can indicate what structuring can indicate somebody selling drugs they don't want reports file so there can be
neatly joe depositing in the bag just under the amount or the bank has to report it you get it makes sense showed us that you get another report call the sar suspicious activity report which the bank can fill out regard diversity are saying hey there's something going on this guy depositing nine thousand dollars repeatedly instead of just say eighty one thousand dollars once used nine thousand dollars nine time didn't we bizarre and they would say it would be a box check structuring and we would go and check it out good service that's what i did we weren't i was on a financial crimes taskforce conveniently pop up blocker is given just the amount to trigger a reporting guideline on his trip back into the united states papadopoulos thinks the die when they arrest them at dollar when he entered the united states back from this is real greece trip he thinks they were looking for the money ladies gentlemen i do too
off we convenient they arrest them at the airport on a probable cause arrest which rarely happens use a probable cause arrest is an arrest without a warrant now that happened the federal government with border patrol uniform services but very rarely with eighteen o in federal agents there call gs eighteen eleven the guys who where the suits very rarely their pc the airport probably happen because they probably at pre prepared a warrant thinking papa wasn't gonna come back into the country with the ten thousand dollars papadopoulos isn't it and then there are like oh now they got a virus the mind something else because i can't arrest them on this ten thousand dollar charge failing to declare however it may be because we joe heated have it so they arrest them at the for a pc warrant for lying to the fbi which is always always been range to me i think the federal agents that listen to the shop you can agree is very very unusual to make a warrantless arrest as a g s
the eighteen eleven federally very rare i believe they panic the go in question again i'll give you my theory forgive me but i want to explain x is important is was papadopoulos set up i believe too we'll give this ten thousand dollars may have been an unwitting meaning two wheel may have been involved in this but may not have known his own involvement in other words i believe this was part of entrapment scheme you track and let these ten thousand dollars was given the catch papadopoulos at the airport as it either a way to charge him with some lobby fairer related charges at nine fifty one at some of these lobbying for foreign governments giorgio he's given that this money in a foreign country by a by someone else i believe it was a way to nail him but just to be clear on this i think
two we may have been unwitting meaning someone joe may have pushed too we into this business deal but to wield didn't know it was an intel up do you know what i'm saying if i say to you joe joe give this guy ten thousand dollars robots for their joe it's for a bit christian the don't given awaken an odd to wheel may been part of the operation may not have known himself it's a possibility but to be fair to two we are there give pop up with its ten thousand dollars tell him it for a business deal and if he doesn't declare it back in the united states we're going to arrest them this was a western entails set up there to we're was a part of in other words some free we until age i say friendly i mean friendly to the obama administration approaches we also hey wait you do not give papadopoulos ten thousand dollars tell him it's for a business deal and if he doesn't declare it back in the united states we're going to arrest him we care what i'm saying west entails enveloped wheels apart but that's one theory i'm not sure about the again to wield disputes that may be
there too we are giving me he's a says papadopoulos approached him about the money the second was this some food of foreign government blackmailing papadopoulos this is let me get this right and joe again on bio put on your has cap news was measured near guide theory number two out there which has been floated is someone was looking to blackmail papadopoulos not as a set up for the obama team hilary or anyone else but was looking too blackmail him potentially later on because he was a man where are the trump team to be able to use that later to flip into an entail source you tat ye in other words hate job give papadopoulos his tent now i am a representative of foreign government you do it all of a sudden the foreign government approaches george george we got you on tape
can this money you're gonna work for us now report and the trumpet you dig yemen i don't buy that one the various theories floated out there that this i don't buy it at all but again something i've got a lot of work on this case believe it so first it was a western intel set up second i foreign government look to blackmail papadopoulos to develop a measure source the third possible snare we are given the circumstances but it's certainly a possibility to me entirely innocent and he thought the legitimate or two wheel thought it was a legitimate business deal could they could be fair i mean listener i know i'm not gonna conclusively everybody's innocent are proven guilty i'm not gonna nail anybody the wall until this conclusive evidence i find it finally i'm given the circle france is but it's certainly a possibility to wheels entirely innocent and he thought this was is the sort of papadopoulos fair enough the next one i already explain just a theory i've been
twenty two four while the two wheel may have been an unwitting participant in a western tell friendly up to set up papadopoulos seems likely to me and for of course the next year is all about a fairer and the reporting guidelines that they thought written report the money that we're going to have some kind of money wondering charge and some charge against him for lobbying for a government ladies gentlemen wisest or importance the update we're papadopoulos going back now as he says to greece to get the money he believes the bills are marked now i accept this is another show spain exists again important because it making the rounds around twitter and and spinning important story we oh really mark bills any more market like specific marks or anything like that what they'll do with a bill you want to trace the transaction so far say an undercover account affair it up and i giving you joe the counterfeiter real u s currency for fake counterfeit before
go and exchange that ten one hundred all those ten one hundred dollar bills i put on an inventory list the serial numbers of those bells which are unique why why would i do that so when we arrest joe later for selling us counterfeit we can connect possibly prove tat joe showed us the counterfeit because joe eyes in his possession those ten unique hundred dollar bills that serial number i repeat of any words like a fingerprint right does not really specific markings are ice and forgive me i am not trying to talk down to you or anything i mean that it's just liberal we'll pick out any little thing to discredit someone marked were pub apples what really you didn't actually marked bills that's not what he saying you doped he saying is the bills the serial numbers have been taken down that here we ve sat in other words joe if this was a western intel up and our government or
our government has some role in it they probably if gave the money to two wheel set him up probably marked down the serial numbers on the bills and it would probably the good idea cat tipp to george to go get the bills to fight now what those serial numbers are right right it may turn out be nothing but it's a good move for power plus he's got a lot of liberals freak out right now because if those were marked and are down on some inventory sheet somewhere god forbid those serial numbers joe show up at this intelligence agency or elsewhere that we'd be kind of a big deal very irregularity jo leinen said a very convenient out on an inventory this same males are shocks speaking to which last story the day and we can rock and roll here but
john ratcliff congressmen john racked with great guy is the peers can be nominated by trying to be the director of national television this guy's been all over spike age than a great job society conservative ladies and gentlemen the rhinos a freak out he is a story from time magazine time dotcom top theo peace senator warn the white house about trumps choice for dna john walcott at time who is the senator of course the worst rhino now in the senate ever since we lost corker in these other ones rob richard on the senate intel committee ladies and gentlemen what's going on here were apparently warrant tromp burs allegedly a republic and he's not he's a senator from north carolina the german of course we always do these things right way unlike liberals we're not antigua but i respectfully request of the north carolina you email colleague office and let him know that you strongly object to his objections over ratcliff you know what's going whipper what's the behind the scenes birds send it intel committee bird
the rhino bar has done think you can to destroy decide the any progress in this investigation for a long time now richard bar is the committee joe that has been leaking information centre intel committee for eons odds was even in a rest of a staff were over there for leaking stuff i'm not so sure what burs role in those leaks are others aren't either but its burs committee that he used the chairman of that has been leaking like a sin i think he's panicking because maybe johnny ratcliff knows little some about that maybe could have what kind of right the rhinos are common our folks ratcliff needs to be confirmed do not accept no for an answer your in charge these centres work for you make sure or radcliffe gets that not dna or we will never get to the bottom of this i cover his son yesterday show too you can always the measure the danger to the left of the nominee by the ferocity of
response they are losing their mind have radcliffe stay honest folks i thank you for tuna there really appreciated police and strive to my youtube channel youtube dot com slash bonn gino you can also subscribe to your audio shall please on apple pod guess i heart radio sound cloud google pod gas and elsewhere it helps us move up the charts let's other people find the show we try to keep their marketing budget low here so we really appreciate thanks a lot folks i see what you just said dan bungee knows you can also get dance podcast soon i tunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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