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Caught Red-Handed # 993 (Ep 993)

2019-06-03 | 🔗

In this episode I address the stunning piece of information Bob Mueller hid from us in his report. I discuss the latest Democrat presidential candidate to disingenuously cry “racism.” I also address the real reason liberals want to keep the citizenship question off of the census. Finally, I discuss the question every media rep should be asking Joe Biden. News Picks:Law enforcement and the media changed their standards for Trump

Devin Nunes says the Mueller Report is a fraud, and cites this troubling example. 

President Trump refuses to back down to the London Mayor.

The Mueller investigation was always about impeachment.

Why is the DOJ refusing to produce this Mike Flynn transcript?

There is no evidence that the weather is increasingly threatening to human life. 

What was the death toll from Fukushima compared to Chernobyl?

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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee now i want to say about here show on his fine monopolies jar you this is a fine monday and i am glad to be here i like that never i just go a very cordial maybe because it is the president's over in the united kingdom there are no further matters over there just rose i wonder why did i not incite us they'll be the wall and have it we can go that way if you lie i gave up right listen i got it actual for you today what i want a hammer first is we listen no mahler the mahler weissmann investigation was scared but something came out over the weekend that is absolutely damning i was even when to my wife and the cars we were driving around this weekend this mala report selectively job
leaves out a bunch of information that we have now found thanks to accord filing what i show it to you i promise you it is owing to cook you the britches oh this is not going to be good for the bullet yet what a scam this was too don't go anywhere got that how a little odd thing i covered on friday has exploded into this big in the media which are a and i know russia is a big fan of serious you anywhere don't go anywhere let's get you today show brought you by a buddies at teeter listen somebody products we advertise on the shelves i use off in sum you don't have to use that often this is a product i used twice a day before the show and after i work out it is an inversion tabled are the finest inversion tables in the business use your own body weight and gravity too vert on the teeter inversion table and i'll tell you what it can do for your joints and your general sense of well being i get off and i get kind of like a teeter high i love this product it's terrific i have at my bedroom
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are doing you asked yes mahler and weissmann tuna entirely discredited investigators who are going to end their careers and total disgrace mother and weissmann we're doing where they were we're outsourcing their investigative powers granted to them by the special council appointment they were out forcing those powers to provide an impeachment case for congress that's what they were doing eighty mccarthy's pieces fantastic it lays this thing out in thorough detail exists finally what they were doing now think about this think about the damage being done here mahler worked under the executive branch hey empowered by article two he works for the president you may what does it make sense is investigating the present gas
you work for me executive branch he is an inferior officer the president united states he does not work for the congress ladies and gentlemen article one powers in the congress give them a check and balance over the presidency what is that our job impeachment the congress can get rid of the press any time they want for a high farmer misdemeanor engaged in payment impeachment leaving a trial in the senate and get rid of the president i i'm not sure people do like pre pereira and others have read the constitutional claim to be lost but the czechs and i once a system gives each branch some form of vertical and horizontal checks and balances within and among the branches to check power amongst themselves the it's the present united states can veto a bill the congress kenny back in override a veto the supreme court can on the constitutionality of an issue the congress can impeach the president
the president can appoint cabinet officers they have to be confirmed by the setting up of what a waste the time of this i'm just trying to tell you that bob mahler did not work for the congress if congress wants peach bob mahler was not an officer of the u s congress to investigate things that the dough congress can use for political attacks to peace to present but that's exactly how we acted how do we know this something broke this weekend that was just stunning it is again i have to go by i can't stand you you over using the same word is the worst thing to do it and industry but i'm having a hard time getting a word more apt to describe the multiple than the temerity the gall the nurse given this guy him environment to do what they did what did they do never nunez into spock's news peace corps this amount exactly what happened devon nunez calls fraud say a piece
a brief stems inciting difference between the report important doubt transcript what does he mean let me boy this down to you for you in a really simple nuggets in the mulder report there is a transcript of a conference asian between don trumps lawyer john dowd and mike lieutenant general michael wins lawyer it is a v they smell recording oh we cleared you are the audience idolized voicemail nagoya report is a chore transcript of a voice mail between trumps team and and why now job not to request setting you up to be a jerk here if i would it are you it is a transcript of a voice recording it's very short serious couldn't what you think i mean by transcript what does that mean i mean it could be written out what was said verbatim i would start would think back thank you
but it was not sorry you exactly bingo i said the same thing that my wife and a karlsruhe issues like this this is a dumb question is a traitor voicemail means what joe calls in the industries are already on the very day that the words used it was written bout a paper verbiage if rightly my voice no for job hey joe would you know we have to record the show ten minutes early today and that the taxi later and he says there's a transcript of i expect to read exactly that show we have to record joe ten minutes early today right back see later the transcript but something very interesting is missing from me trance dreaded air quota in the lehne report always right the actual transcript of the voice mail now how did we find that difference well joe dammit sullivan who is over
seeing the mike flynn prosecution case they're getting ready for sentencing demanded that the government produce transcripts of the accordingly they have one of those recordings was the actual transcript of mike flynn as lawyer the john the john dowd voicemail now first i want to put the mulder report one i'm not going to read the whole thing but i want to put the train rip in the mulder report you can see this photo up on the screen youtube dot com you missing on audio it it's what's not dot dot dot dot dot tat you know the whole thing but there's a lot their tears dot dot dot dot dot tat you know when you you put there's a break in the conversation so clearly in the mulder report version of the mike flints lawyers might flint transcript about it there are things missing well what
take me they leave out will flip to the next screen the actual transcript then it'll all makes sense in a second don't worry if you watch in grave you listen you i promise you'll understand this about let's see half way down say three quarters of the way down doubt on the voicemail began trumps lawyer system wins lawyer just for the sake protecting all our interests if we can this important without you who having to give up any confidential information that line is missing from the mahler transcript of the report in other words the mulder report you d flippant back in guatemala report transcript makes it seem by making out that hey we're not looking for any confidential information is just trumps work clearly says on the not looking for anything confidential we're
looking in the interests of national security was we can in general twenty he was coming actual skirt of us to get an idea of what going to say he little tomorrow port leaves out and pace it like it's this nefarious joe we're trying to call ordinary with the wind team to obstruct justice this the mahler weissmann skim again please ladies and gentlemen fag i approve bob mothers service to the country in the marine corps i mean that's sincerely that is not the man of the responsibility to do the right thing when you are anointed with massive power to investigate the president please telling me mother's a good guy i get there are two of these emails that day from people you are entirely confused i dont know whose leading you want to tell you my followers of white hat mothers are good human rose in stable work in to get to the bottom of this law we're not read them
fourthly left out of the mulder report the line from trumps loi where he clearly says we're not looking for any confidential information here why they do that because they wanted to make voicemail seemed a fairy look you better tell us but flinch going to say as we show worried that's not what happened trumps lawyer when's lawyer at some point may in the joint cooperation agreement very common in the legal arena not unusual at all it's not unusual for lawyers to talk at all even worse they keep puts its scope pretoria information beyond and obstruction case we are not looking for confidential information and what is smaller do the good guy malo whitehead he leaves it out because human
wise men were doing this sleazy is thing possible they wrote a report to send congress to outsource their investigative powers given to them by trump by the way runs the executive branch mahler worked for trump he has our support officer the present model is waking and nodding and outsourcing is his powers to the congress to start impeachment proceeding against the president he works for later this isn't just this so its spare me just then a marsh you know abundant proof judging from the from the stage of alleged fake libertarianism we had a good piece of work this is this is garbage and this is the results i hate to keep harping on my because i did at one point deeply respect this guy this is republican congress by the way who thinks troops should be a peach but again my keeps colon after this point job you need
read the mulder report ok i did i spent all we can do what you want me to read it ten times i've read it i covered it we ve taken slippers from it we ve highlighted portions of we read them all a report but joe our report is not the case how do we know that because mama leaves out exculpatory information it is report repeatedly talk about toy realising by omission to ease area goddamned gear wham excellent but poor mothers report is an opinion peace it's an editorial has just said it is not a legal document it a legal document laying out the case where you're writing a report for congress not for for your law enforcement the branch you work for the payment of justice
what lay out the exculpatory information to him right away in a legal proceeding you are obligated to do that it's called brady material you understand please track what are we going to get to the workers of having been a former federal agent thing i want to bore you today is important but if me as a federal agent is important securing job for a bank robbery and i have evidence job within the cayman islands when the bank robbery happened in new york city and i dont give that to the report to the court all folks i kid you know your career is over you could find yourself in jail for that if it was done deliberate sir i'm not kidding no i know you ask any cop eddie you know listening to the show or federal agent police officer agent correction officer ask anyone with any familiarity with the law enforcement system and say hey listen if you have exculpatory evidence
evidence of a subjects innocence and you know presented to the court knowingly deliberately would you get in trouble the copper we like trouble you'll be fine you can be prosecuted for that is her yet bob mahler can really leaves all this stuff out just that i'm not you due to read the report we did the report key information you need to read the case of osh read the cave the case is in the report georgia's accurately side the case is bob mowers opinion piece in the washed impose so congress or pick it up he leaves out all the interesting stuff about me abe saying there was no obstruction of just this up in a congressional hearing there's no effort the case jim amazon memos indicating that prompt actually wanted them investigated maybe that on tax would be a little more appropriate he leaves all that out again please stop
knowing me mahler is a good guy he's not a good guy he is this braced himself i'm sorry but he has those are the hard facts because we know pleasure in saying that i ve never met bob mahler my life you rhythm of cars peace its conclusively hammers home what i've been telling you four weeks mahler immediately there was oh collusion he wasn't instigating a discretionary obstruction case from the start basically fabricating the architects leaving out the exculpatory data in order to weaken nod to congress which was the whole point of his press conference to impeach the president said nothing to do with forcing the law but mother had no prosecutable haste were obstruction peabody joe unbearable must spend too much time is going to have to get to but when you understand he was ever making new prosecutable case bob molly
making a legal case vote he was making a political one the whole entire mauler weissmann ski makes sense he was in making a legal case ever there was none he was making a political case that's how he disgrace themselves yes may ago created an entirely new standard of just denial not guilty not now not back the everybody then should be indicted freddy that's right not not guilty what does that mean so bad i gotta move so i sent this he already shows why i said apollo we need to start a sad a little bit of a lighted up we need to start weekly segment you know we need like this
three euro racist by democratic elections are having a big out there they have writer there's nothing else now the whole entire agenda is based equally and identity politics bedrock that they built there seven thousand it is always always about out how you're a racist if you're not a democrat always now this issue in sweden we spent a lot of time on it any more needed now this is a democrat candidate for president who ninety nine point nine percent of the planet's never heard him say walter who is a congressmen who is floundering in the polls that an astounding zero percent and need some attention so more goes to the standard all democrats trope when they have nothing else to go to hear an answer to the question about why by the black female candidate for governor in georgia is not governor right now she lost o brien camp here it is
answer as to why that is we have a problem with racism in america today if this cut country wasn't racist stacy would be governor we fully support yeah ok out of here you got it we're all races you know it's amazing about this like the one that this is buffoonery to the the empty the grey area granada described the silly they give you a very kind of you here what's right what's crazy about this always think about this in tax set molten obviously to come entirely unaware the context what he's talking about there is obviously i mean it's it's it's it's not that it would be a historical to say otherwise there is a history of david indeed europe racism in our country we had slavery obviously there was a crow
in the south lebanon none of that should be run from its our country's history and our scars are up our down should always begin vienna where human being we're centres and it ended at an ignoring of our historical roots the good and the bad leads the repeat of out of this kind of stuff in the future it's always a one of our more benevolent characteristics instead history but what i find odd is as we saw the systemic racism ebon the south south became more republican not democrat south ignores all that your job in other words you have them saying as institutional de facto and ensure a racism absence actually in the south which has more the more the diverse areas in the country right now as it at the maria became more republican not democrat but malta of course ignore
all of that because he s nobody is talking about any heed needs to get out of his zero percent polling status so we figure if he loves the racism charge on cnn he'll get there just embarrassing i'm embarrassed warm sorry seth but that was really a pathetic pot shot you should be horrified i want i wanted to break up the down our kind of lines have which is why we need some new debt relief and democrats will provide it with their silliness yeah you do and always provided with their with their don't becoming but there's one more thing i want to take address on on flynn its there's something going on behind the scenes this mike flint sentencing its separate from my voice mail recording we just discussed from john down to his lawyer door sentencing as i said before the judge emmett sullivan is demanded transcripts of the voice mail recording sheets he wants the voice mail recordings of any recordings of flint something interesting
abidjan last week the government prosecuting flynn came out the department of this and said we are judge they basically gave the gotcha double barrelled middle finger i don't know any other way to say do they say where are we going to provide these transcripts the one you saw before between dowd in flynn we are not going to provide the transcripts of this is important between me monitored call between mike flynn who was the income national security adviser at the time and the russian ambassador we all remember ladies and gentlemen our titus up we are promised it is there modern phone call the listening in of mike in talking to the russian ambassador at the time it is that call that lead to flints downfall the government had a transcript of that recording my flight
is the incoming national security adviser it's the transition period trump isn't as the hungarian president elect obama kicks out russian diplomats from the country mike flame and end the russian ambassador sergei kiss react and talk on the phone while mike vin flint conveniently is in the dominican republic the fbi show up at the white house today the interview mike flynn about the contents of that call the fbi has a transcript of the car two agents show up joe piazza and peter stroke now discuss the fbi age has been fire when flynn as tell them according to their version of events actually the contents of that call because i know for a fact flynn doesn't remember every single detail
the fbi later on in conjunction with smaller charges flame with i ain't fbi edge get the problem this case as many of you remember is that the ep the agents themselves went back and told jim call me and anti mackay the one and two with the fbi that they didn't believe flynn was being deceptive when he may have missed some of the details of the call how is that how could flynn not be being deceptive i've tongue twister but at the same time lying to the fbi now follow me ladies and gentlemen have covered the son a call before the call to fling came at an interesting time and when i will go to my grave insisting was in no way being dishonest about his recollection of the call the kiss we had i spoke to joe on the phone last week
obviously i forget what the focal what were we to utter government hunters i call them about something i can't i'm sure if you gave me a minute i think about it but the precise details of it and the exact words if you add a transcript i'd prefer bungle it a little better judge sullivan joe has demanded the transcripts of that call and the government saying basically double bearable for judge we're not interested no thanks go pounds and really wow why you ride of wires there's a little problem the government might have when the judge those transcripts and then looks at the fbi three o two's in other words the interim summaries of their interview with flynn about that call ladies and gentlemen god forbid god forbid the transcripts of that call with kiss we act mary up almost perfectly with what he told you
fbi in that interview at the white house the core into their own yeahs always is gonna be bad all of a sudden the g the government the dio jays like where i've got to produce those transcripts because that's not where we're going with the charging in the sensitive no no you're produced the transcripts no you will and now we'll get to see finally put in the transcripts next to what flynn told the fbi agents that if these are material omissions just minor discrepancies based on poor recollection the government prosecuted a general a lieutenant general in the night states military and a former head of the dossier over nothing but don't worry again mullahs just a really good guy he's a white hat he's terrific and his cloud weissmann you know as i said tweet this weekend which really joe is
mothers ruined this entire reputational end in disgrace is pretty much by partisan criticism behind closed doors right now of how horrible mothers handle this entire think believe me behind closed doors the democrats know we're screwed this up they won't for savings they hate trump so much but weissmann clown lee bull dog from all our had no reputation to forfeit i know people inside of our government who ve talk to me about why men frequently weissmann was hated he was never respected he's an obnoxious pretentious arrogant fool who has got nothing but trouble with the united states government on every high profile cases work he's a clown he's a joker and lead mahler around with his ridiculous conspiracy theories his ridiculous legal theories and is malicious prosecutions and when the truth comes out there
flynn and others were prosecuted based on weissmann fairytales bob mothers reputation is gonna be stained and untarnished forever he let weissmann led him around shame pathetic i got a lot more to get you don't want to have any that touches chernobyl there so glad i've like inserted myself into the new sovereign everywhere they mean to go i really mean to which is crazy i was just kind of defence liberty and freedom has spoken out is ideally shall also if you are bodies that robin hood robin hood is the easiest investing about their lets you buy and sell stocks e s options crypt those or commission free stop forfeiting these enormous commissions over these other guys go to i've been out other broke we're just can charge up to ten dollars for every trade daddy adds up they were compounding it those ten dollars add up over to the euro is a lot of money robin doesn't charge any commission fees you can trade stocks to keep all of your profits posters no
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dot com robin it is really really easy to use go check it out by china that robin hood tat come ok get back to our material for the day so i fear that i get i wanna be distorted death i covered at last week but i have been a bad benefit the show chernobyl chernobyl very well done it shall i know rational and i was talking about last week you i said that on the show are the problem is that produce of the of the show hate you i hate shrubs supporters and is basically just a jerk so i didn't go after this guy i had this spat with stephen king king the writer who seems to believe that dumb turn opel was somehow like a human failure and not a failure of the system of socialist solve this thing turned into a major thing hell wrote about it so today we some guy dave treasure daddy there are even those as the dave dresdner raw from what does they dandridge out and if
he writes for the washed imposed which is funny enough to begin with i am sorry about that but reznor righteous peace the washington post any of course has to come after me because he's looking for me to recommend collect suicide i'm not going to show his article cuz he should go there are entirely misunderstands appoint i was making a point i was making about chernobyl important one relevant to material we cover on the show and its deliberately misunderstood by media people who all weekend have attacked me on this which is ok i mean it for the ratings on the shelf sometimes it gets into your skin a little bit but when you realize you're in the content business and poacher material you get over it fast gaff do point i was making is that left this continue to be up tat the people who been watching hbo series chernobyl have come away with the conclusion and conservatives
advertise the show i have four again but they didn't pay me to say it offers a great series that socialism is what did this and the point i was trying to make it my tweets votes is an important one i'm not discussing the accident that this is forgive me weighing being the recent of course air we know the air disasters revived i was trying to say that bunch vinos wrong it wasn't socialism these accidents happen all the time like chernobyl he reference borrowing being the recent of course ere we know the air disasters we that year we reference other corporate accidents revived in the business world that's not the point when i was making i was that the point that in capitalist economies accidents don't happen i never side you just making that i never said i never said that i've never but that on the show i've never said that in my back and forth with liberals this has become a big deal now
the point i was trying to make is the collectivist socialist system which concentrates power concentrates power edward socialism free market the means of production power over the political economy concentrated power maybe i should have been more clear two traded power ensured that noble acts and enable to cover up that will not happen in a free market that the point i was trying to make that concentrated power maybe i should have been more clear but its twitter but there's nobody asked me they assume what i was saying is that accidents don't but in free markets and they do happen honey body temperature were you confused at all what i described is like i thought i was pretty clear i know how in a bed around here we thank you
never happen in a free market now be do you need evidence for this i pulled some data from these world data side which is interesting to show you what i'm tired bring about an article by a woman named had a richie our world and data from july twenty fourth of twenty seventeen it compares the deaf all from chernobyl and fukushima incident in japan now why are these appropriate comparisons they why not compare to three mile island in the united states i could but let's compare equally severe accents they were both level seven events when the worst nuclear disasters possible well from this world data peace this is a fascinating quote again showing you that socialism enabled the cover up which killed all these people quote these technical differences undoubtedly played a role in the relative level of exposure to radiation exposure from both a vet they're talking about how though in true
team at the death toll was far lower it goes on however the guy our mental response to both events is also likely to have played a crucial role in the number of people who are exposed to levels of radiation in the days following keep that up what what's the difference in the gulf or mental response one guy members socialist one government was wrought on free market principles it goes on in the case of food here the japanese government responded quickly to the crisis with evacuation efforts extent thing rapidly from three kilometer to ten kilometers to twenty kilometers radius whilst the incident site continue to unfold income harrison the response in the former soviet union was one of denial and secrecy ladies and gentlemen the death toll from three mile island in fukushima was a sliver of the death toll of chernobyl
because when you have concentrated power government bureaucrats gauged in political suppression and in an economic malfeasance by taking over the means of production you can keep secrets i guess i'm not suggesting record stone happened in capitalist society is either but the penalty severe later on in lawsuits jail time you don't have you don't get a shoe the government is socialist communist system now the government two days we're evacuated prepared the area in ukraine and other areas around the chernobyl disaster days they try to hide first watched it see you know i can't people are it's hard for me regional read a book i can recommend i'm sorry watching this such a not glad this guy maison who hates trump supporters read a book on shore you're probably get a more accurate assessment of what happened even some portions
that where they could have solved problems the problem solving was delayed because the russians the action the soviets at the time to be precise we're more afraid the international pr damage to their soviet bran then they worry about saving their own people that didn't happen fukushima the death toll from chernobyl is estimated fifty times higher today tal from three mile island the immediate disaster with zero zero because it would have been imposed but given the freedom of the press in the united states which is wash them sky and their outlet abuse every day however that up it would have been possible that's the point again i don't want to beat this to death but it's important because this is becoming a big issue i'm not kidding german the hill wrote about it the washed imposts now speaking this sudden i'm just
founded that hollywood polly what it leaders and entertainment industry snobs who do this worries that is a thorough stinging indictment of collectivism came away the theory that this is really an indictment of donald trump who is this empowering the government through the regulatory maneuvers tax cuts he's empowering the same federal government that enabled a cover up in the soviet union astounding that you to be that dumb and hollywood to come away from the opposite lesson from your own production it's really does some included thinking there i said you have like you work for the wash the posts are you must have non functioning neurons he's like us you could tell us that one neuron function is actually a good my graduate programme bizarre
a thorough on the electoral chemical gradients we're neurons function exogenous transmission and others things like that gotta problem here we got out a grammar school but what if that's all i want to get to know the story interest sorry about this voting rights act i get to that in a second how listen age the kind of dilemma liberals are finding themselves in now with the supreme court about voting rights is hit liberals why all the time that's your thing but it's interesting there lies put them in a corner that they can't get out of so don't go anywhere gets to get to the thirty seconds that last one further they are right to do so but you by bodies that genuine cell eighty wish that double chimney just disappear news flash ladies and gentlemen you can do it you can look back that your age use agenda cells product hey here's how i was wrong we love robin from lobbied taxes the greatest email ever i put you sell your line she doesn't hey i swear i put any cell
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let's have it for five three or go to jan you sell that harsh get your to free gifts and free shipping now text the young that's how you like this happens every four five three are going to join you sell that car that's jedi zelda carved oh arbored rescue again you're fired cobble gobbled bob god you very witty here with cancer what's your journal articles fascinated talk about this supreme court case department of commerce versus new york coming up you know the democrats are infatuated selling you the idea as set malta tried you before that applicants want to suppress the vow they don't want minorities voting it's all nonsense garbage it's made up fabricated crap meant to appeal to an identity politics agenda but this supreme court case gonna be interesting because it discusses these citizens question on the census now if a complicated article
i am i'm gonna be sparing in my explanation but there are two big take away their having right now liberals fear that the use of a citizens europe question on a census we'll do a couple things to voting but there came to voting pattern but their conflicting goals ripe issue number one if we re district jack congressional district based bay congressional district based only on eligible voters and not as it is so the district remember that is not the same thing ok yeah if you have a if everything national district of in the country's roughly seven hundred thousand people because population changes they have the reduced every ten years so what's roughly seven hundred thousand people if you have it a strict yo with a large population of illegal immigrants follow
and if this doesn't make sense i am relying on you to start my let's sable i mean i'm getting i'm gonna give exam they did numbers but am exaggerating it not to meet for affect them exaggerating its total makes sense let's out of those seven hundred thousand residents of a congressional district too thousand are illegal immigrants that's a lot's puppy and unrealistic number budgets role of me for size the points hard to make otherwise the people voting in the district show a court you're the one man one vote your vote worth a whole lot more than a vote in a dish directive seven hundred thousand people where every as a citizen and eligible to vote each academic blount forgetting the huge hit me again day if your vote if you are in a district love alex our voters i your vote is one of seven hundred thousand that's right
if you are in a district that has a lot of illegal immigrants they two hundred thousand your vote is one of five hundred thousand two hundred thousand people can involve ok sir your vote one out of five thousand is worth a lot more thank you want out of seven hundred thousand you you got it yet thanks so your vote is waited higher in other words its post to be one man one vote even that's actually not the case it's actually one man one point zero one two or whatever vote kido because your vote is worth more so the issue there having what you're saying is indeed there was this rope what did came out suggesting that the voting rights act has given permits the power state governments to institute majority minority districts in other words to our vote the lines to give minority voters voting power by making them primarily blacker hispanic districts minority dishes
you gave it i'm saying joe you're in maryland there are some districts in and around baltimore county which are majority minority any idea quoting to the voting rights act was to empower minorities by getting representatives in congress which represent their interests we're good so little four fighter you sets a sensor pursued me citizenship question on the census because they do they want one hand this is work it's a little confused promise up try to make this debate is really fattening the liberals what this citizenship question are there because one more presented is it more the districts that are popular with illegal immigrants because they primarily vote democrat so if you can pack a district full of people and get for five more districts in new york in california even though those four five districts are based on the population of illegal immigrants and then you got five more votes in congress you get it
it heavy illegal immigrant populations if your counting them if your counting them they will get additional representatives in congress ok what's the issue though the issue though we're a kind of works it that's their interest is in supposedly majority minority districts a lot of a large portion is and it follows that some of these districts are not logical voters the white voters in those districts surely interestingly it off their votes are worth more we have goes against the very agenda you just said you wanted to give minorities war voting power but in those very districts but our populated with large poppy issues of illegal immigrants why voters actually their votes me more so there too and that's that that's the conundrum liberals are finally i know i know it's it's in it we re
read the article twice it'll make sense but it's it's a fascinating it goes to show you how liberal interests almost always always work against themselves as told you last week we were talking about how i kennedy politics is always cannibalistic because the goals of muslim americans and black americans and hispanic americans in indian americans and union workers in traditional democratic constituencies are not all the same people aren't robots they don't vault like automaton asian voters agenda may not be a black voters agenda so identity all is inherently cannibalistic this is another example of that that how nationally a thing illegal immigrants in the census works for you because california in new york populated by large populations of illegal immigrants get more representative congress ok glad that's great liberals we win no you actually down because the congressional
sure you're talking about you're actually this a lot of his voters in supposedly hispanic districts by making white voters vote count more rights fascinating really unbelievable but it's their rights they always find themselves in these cannibalistic enterprise laugh because they just kids stick to the truth of course district should be based on eligible voters that's absurd what am i mean if that's the case that you're gonna base it on the people counted in any given area at any given time to meet a tourist count to all that's ridiculous why not why don't matter why doesn't in florida which has a booming tourism and why don't they get the cow mean of course should be eligible voters sometime moving but that's a really good artic like to strongly recommended comment you know i have a i said these pieces on video overdid joe this morning later
gentlemen joe biden as you the former vice president you well know and our of is now running for president against donald trump and joe biden has this guy is is so much baggage i mean he has or baggage than did you know you ever what are they did you fly out of the palm beach airport everybody boards early in upon each airport down by me and they carry on like four five bags out of the bag they have to like tat if everything at the gate by tommy regrouping on jet blue you can't even put your baggage and the overheads biden scott kind of baggage he's trying to pre board the plane with seven or eight carriers so he's got the uk's and baggage he's got that china baggage he's got hunter biden his sons baggage on another piece which i cover my next book which i finished finally exonerated coming soon check it out an amazon another piece of baggage is why
is joe biden relationship to the spy gate scandal this guy because the mainstream media completely now curious in all about what have then the white house to spy on donald trump right the it is not interested in any that as we well know are you telling me the obama team spied on the twenty men joe biden as a vice president didn't know here's chris feral from judicial watch a really terrific group talking about prison five sleeve at joe biden inch involvement in this potentially and specifically the white
this involvement in general in this by gay scandal pride i cut is a very important text message from this a page to peter struck in september of twenty sixteen and the contacts with the text messages struck ass lisa page hey what are you doing or words that effect she reports back very excitedly that she's preparing talking point spur director call me to go brief the president on what they are doing and the quote from mr page is called quotas wants to know everything were doing close quote that protests of course his brother and i will take this at her word its it off the cuff communication with her paramour she's excited she's getting director prepped
i wouldn't know what did obama now what would you do your prove what did he tacitly on his head for what did the explicitly authorize this entire it's a tragedy it's a scandal we ve never seen before constitutionally this rests entirely on mr obama and his administration it starts with them and we need one real accountability let's get mr obama under oath you're damn right now pry part ran a piece about joe biden involvement in this ladies gentlemen that test is damning the bright bar peace biden was present at the russian lucian briefing documented in the odd susan rice emo by air incline i'll get to that in a second but this peter stroke lisa page ecstasy fascinated they're talking about stressing the whole spy gate scandal this is just you know days after
these after this whole thing starts months after they taste they started up they they are accumulating evidence to put evidence to put the pfizer and there see each other that the president wants to know everything there doing the obama industries including biden had to know what was going on here biden was present now meeting are we talking about why is by not being hammered by the media about this how is he getting appears on this obviously you know the validity is not as it did you forget journal that yeah biden these at the meeting on and you worry fifth ripe for four days before trumps gonna take over he's at this meeting in the white house where there are actually discussing the spy gates scandal binds there at the meeting that's the january meeting which susan rice she sends this email which is in the bright bar peace she sends is email
do yourself right right during the time the transition is happening is trumpets swearing it's one of the last act before she gets out of office she sends this email to herself at this meeting whether discussing spiky and what to tell trump and what not presently but began the conversation by stressing its continued commitment to ensuring that every aspect of this issue is handled by the intelligence and law enforcement communities quote by the book by the book it goes on the president obama stressed this point number to translate this wearing a second stress that he is not asking about initiating or obstructing or instruct anything from a law enforcement perspective he reiterated that our law enforcement team needs to proceed as it normally would by the book now it goes on and areas is email she sends to herself about the meeting joe biden was act from
national security perspective however president obama said he wants to be sure that as we engage with the incoming team talking about trump we are mindful to ascertain if there is any reason that we cannot share information fully as it relates to russia let me translate for you would susan rice was putting in that email to herself in one of our last acts before trump takes over and swears she may said distinction in that email joe between law enforcement operations which should proceed by the book is obama's and now national security operation she does that for a reason why been mine this is january there is no doubt at this point that they know this collusion thing is a hoax they invented none obama knows now that the fbi operation would spring which has been going on for months it starts in october twenty sixteen january fifth email
actually meeting susan rice is referring to happens in twenty seventeen months late with the fbi fab kate this case in conjunction with bread and this collusion case based on a hoax dossier they are hoping that the five award spying on carter page will find something anything they can reverse engineer and investigation in other words starkey investigation based on a hoax start investigating hopefully come up with something and then when you come up with something say that was the reason you started investigate the reverse engineering a crime by january fifth during this meeting obama on why should we knows that this reverse engineering effort has come up with nothing they been eyeing on carter page for months now and the trumpet do that you up role they have nothing so why it is he make this distinction hey this law enforcement stuff should have preceded by the book because obama knows no probable cause has ever been developed that carter pay
it's a spy or any member of the trump team he knows that he knows that case was a hoax so now why does she write that susan reiser river obama said proceed by the book likely obama and a team instructed to do it more she did it to cover her own but and she did it because she wants to pass the buck to the fbi they wouldn t are you you think these people have integrity are you what what did you miss now noticed she makes a distinction while from a national security perspective however in other words she still gonna continue to state that this is a national security threat because the russians are trying to intervene and our elections which is not false they'd been trying to do that forever you notice the distinction she makes what she does in that same email if she can flights the two that the russians effort the impact our election had anything to do with the trump team and it didn't under
please understand that as an important aim and in light of the fact that joe biden was their joe biden should be answering these questions every day from the media what zachary did you mean by the law enforcement operation was proposed and was supposed to proceed by the book when the book says need probable cause the spy on someone that court page was an agent of the russian government i was doing so in violation of u s lot and you didn't have probable cause or well you know what we meant by the book we met at the un we told them do it by the book and they didn't so it's therefore everyday verified it tell me you got that yeah yeah we got it they're going to say big bomb as the commander in chief he told the fbi you handle this by the body but its therefore data and verify the information so i don't know about that
but i know from a national security perspective we were obama that is we were cared about this because the russians were trying to mess with right but that's not obama said in that rose garden press conference we play here all the time where he said you can interfere with the elections that make it all this stuff off right folks joe question number one if you told them to do it by the book by the book are you now blaming me fbi for their failure to conduct said investing by their own book they were supposed to verify the information is that your full watch biden watch this girl called the there are of call me and others by every all the left they love com because these extra watching no no no no no we told the do apply the book they screwed up by who's there was there jet in my book wide is damning they did
the fbi has a book it's called up procedures rod how do you verify information they ve drew it up window oh tat in therefore reason because these people have no integrity day are getting ready to throw the fbi into the bus when the decline es comes out and their involvement in this becomes clear the obama administration as chris ferris my club potest wants to know everything you're doing did he tell you to do it by the book then oh he did us they disobeyed his orders not obeyed his orders not but you didn't do it by the book there is a book to die ag they have been investigate investigative manual that says actually outer conduct these investigations you did not have that so whose lying there i tell you to do it by the book and you disobeyed direct order in the fbi or obama told you i to do it by the book get a nod and you file
doesn't structured you cannot have it both ways ladies and gentlemen that is the question joe biden should be asked but leave it to people at bright barred conservative review fox news away others they're the ones who will ask the question i'm telling you the mainstream media is completely entirely forfeited their role as purveyors of truth they are nothing but fair you tell tellers and teddy rocks bernard she drop a quarter at him they'll tell your story it's ridiculous i thanks again for tuna really appreciate a we subscribe to during youtube channel youtube dot com slashed i really appreciate it also subscribe to auto shop you don't mind on apple pod casket podcast sound cloud iheart radio it's a subscriptions they are free they will cost you nothing not a dime that drive us up the charts and help the people find the show we really really appreciate you do in that they so i
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