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Chaos Outside The White House as the Liberal Rage Mob Attacks (Ep 1333)

2020-08-28 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the stunning close to the Republican National Convention and I give a first hand account of what it was like. I also discuss the bombshell dropped by Nancy Pelosi about the presidential debates. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about Amerika on a show that not immune to the banks with your host Dan bones. You know, I love an endeavour. Geo show after a really long night, last night at the White House. What was spectacular speeches a couple things I want to cover on today show number one are what you witnessed right now is not forget about a peaceful protests. There's no question forget we get our peaceful out whether this is not a protest at all. What you witnessing is a mob, the mob takeover of America. That's what you're witnessing Secondly, I want to address from someone who is on the ground lay aside at present trumps except in speech Media version of what happened and what actually happened today show budgetary Express, VP end ladies and gentlemen, my online by audience. It serves our mind. They do it in peace. In my peace of mind, knowing that there on line activity is mass using a Vps go to express Vps that come
flash bungee noted. I pick up your Vps today. Welcome it, thereby GINO shall pollution Jos going to join us in the second half. It's been a really busy David, some technical issues when I get the show out there as soon as possible, so maybe I too it adaptation about you by friends at B c M per Bravo Company. Factoring BC em. For short, they build a professional gray product built the combat standards, as B C M believes in the same level of protection should be provided to every American, regardless of your private citizen or professional Bravo CUP, manufacturing, is not exporting arms company. They design, engineer, manufacture lifesaving equipment B. C M assumes that when a rifle leaves their shop will be used in a life for their situation by responsible citizens, law enforcement officers soldier overseas qualities all the matters to them. Every component of a b c M rifles, hand, assembled and tested by Americans in Harlem Wisconsin to a life saving standard. B C M is always put people before their products. They build their products as it feels a moral responsibility to provide Americans, but lifesaving tool is you're, not sporting rifles he's alive
saving pieces of equipping the finest rivals out- God forbid your viable Scenario where it's not a paper target and someone's coming to do you harm check them out, learn more about today. A Bravo company M, F G D. Come that's! Bravo! Company M, F G or go to Youtube Channel Youtube Youtube. Dachau misuse me slash. Bravo company, USA bodies are to get myself. Let's go today like to talk about their lives. When you get to this first and last night. As you know, I told you on the show Paul and I attended the speech in the south grounds in the White House with President Trump accepted. The nomination for the Republican Party for a second term. The specious magnificent the ceremony was magnificent. I might have some highlights from the speech. My voices are worn out. I'm sorry. We recover labelling that show by a lot of talk, a lot of photo taken less than it was all great. The event was fantastic. We'll get to that. But what was interesting about the events, if you
Ever wanted a microcosm of what this election twenty twenty is about. It was at that event last night you are sitting there on the south grounds. You will listen to the speeches. From these amazing Americans from Ben Carson An the president tromp to vodka, the job everyone, the speeches were amazed: Mueller Family, Play in the background on the streets, the lunatic mob was gather, Reading here that from the media, did you hear that See an entity we're outside with bull horns: air horns, heart and horns. Play a role, rage, music outside trying to interrupt the event, illegal, no evidence of and out of control, rape. My rage mob that can't control themselves for a couple hours, while
american citizens trying to proudly represent their party in a free city in a free country. Do it for a few hours you couldn't you couldn't do that you yeah yeah to come in and ruin it with your remarks and by the way was attention I could feel grow and amongst the crowd as war on- and we can then, on eleven o clock, because the sounds outside got louder. Yourself in our shoes. Raw sitting there many here in these screaming and the yelling, and these raving lunatic ban she's outside getting louder and louder and louder. And you know you got a walk back to your hotel. Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven't been to DC in the White House, they weren't okay, wait now outside. You were walking through that and you knew you were going to run the gauntlet Tell me by the end of the night. Everybody knew they were going to run the gauntlet when they something else too. They knew they were in Washington DC, not New York City during the Giuliani days or even
Bloomberg days to be fair, your answer was in New York. The republican national convention- I remember I work that- has a secret service agent. And they were isolated, scrap of syrian air, but generally people, Walked around safely and no problems at all, because here I pity did their job, I'm not faulting Metro DC natural asset guys, I met the women I met. The cops here did the best they could do, but clear their leadership, their political leadership, Muriel Bouser had no intent of keeping this event. It secures it needed to be none, but further ado, this is after Poland. I left just to put you paint. A picture we walked out Seventeen shrieked admit it. You walked out the minute. You left the gate, literally even the minute, the second they opened the gate. They were the big inaugural gates up. They were all wait right. Their alleged protesters, it
staying, because I'm not really sure what they were protest. They because you never told us what they were protesting. What they did. He was at my wife was a where a terrestrial radios have to watch my language. It right with snitch class. My white Paula all whose and immigrant from Colombia she's a racist do according to People outside so was I so manifest everyone who left. Interestingly, the people yelling that it ass were white people. My wife's Colombian. So ass? We walked further down the street want and what was the first thing they supposed behind? It was the first thing: they they told you Paul with their hey you with them. I dress on how how learn to walk in heels, or something like that? Oh yeah, that was seven cute.
They may seem a damn. What did you do focuses in time for fake tough guy stuff? Maybe we'll tell that story and the unfairly friendly version of the show and another day where there may not be some legal consequences, but you have to be careful. We're not divide I am I'm not going to be the one to initiate any type of violent action ever set. What I do see, never what I did I ever like any sane human beings will defend myself. You put your hands on nobody. Did that walked about two three more blocks being called racist, Amity middle fingers. You think we got fifty sixty middle fingers or so. One of my notice that actually started to pursue a little bit picked up the picked up the pace quite intensely after he figured out tat the middle finger to go somewhere. Let turned a corner. We were really by ourselves, in front of Saint John Church and thankfully,
about emitted after we met up just coincidentally with our surveyed. I a bunch of border patrol guys, will walk and back the same author. They got good point. The Ladys. With this group or walking in as I place video, there are two asian women in there. What sixties, maybe I'm not sure terrify there walked out of the event. They were all in their own art and border patrol guys and Paul APOLLO grab them. And so we need you to walk with us because it walk down the street. There was a rage mob of about three hundred people getting ready to swarm. While a couple of my group of about twenty five decided they were going to leave that rage, mob and focus on us and followers back. Here's what happened. Why nothing
I do video early school noticed anymore I did. I got him
Oh my god. Oh my god. I thought it was my son by modern there right.
That's me in the beginning, calling them clowns and then telling Paul I get these guys on tape will make him famous tomorrow lot of stalkers by the way a lot of chatterboxes, not a violent man. I never will be no excuse for pre emptive violence. Not I'm sorry, not a civilized country, but if you want to dance, we can dance, they don't wanna dance. Please watch the video goodbye Youtube Channel, you give the council s budget watch the video the guided by to talk and want to talk, and most of the time to one who says that the guy who calls The bleeds by the way, where another, more on, in the background asking me That was my snitch class wife, you can figure out what he was really say. We had a belief that out and the guy on the bank is the one? I ask you saying that yet again to the to the pack of them, because they only the attack like wolves in packs except there not also like puppy dog
say and we're going to follow these mother all the way back there hell, which they did to his credit. He wasn't getting, but what was interesting about by guy, is he kept telling me how we wanted to fight me? But when, given the up, do not get off the bike, it actually do it. He'd ever took catch. I wonder why neither did the guy. Who called my wife a snitch class. So when I give you a couple, take ways from this: take away number one. These guys and women are total cowards and chumps. What they do and when you experiences for yourself, you see how they act. They attack in packs one of a move. Moreover like the guy on the by he didn't anything, the guide, overheated byways one met. This went on for almost half an hour. He didn't say a word until other
people he didn't even know they all know what to do. It's like they have. This I've mine, like Borg from STAR Trek like programming. They know they have to attack impact because they are legitimately chumps when used near them. In the face they looked down, they won't do anything as yellow hair guy last, and I found out about I'll have to tell you that story. Another time they got to my for my you know who you are from the secret service who got him between me and yellow hair guy. There told cowards, when you confront them totally mark my words They don't have a shred of courage or dignity, but they do attack in packs and it gives them like collect. Power because they know that if it breaks bad for them, their friends like you would escape skateboard, so what they do. Did you walk down the street, the bike guy cuz I'll, be like kind of slipped out there? Yes, thank you Paula for the screenshot there's bike guy, we told him we make you famous there. You go brother,
a moment in the sun, everybody gets there. Fifty minutes like this life loser so bite. Guy kind of signals, the people again, they don't know each other, they just know they're all paid to be there or paid working for someone who's paid to be their protest and like when they come over and you see them coming over. Like a like me, Stewart Way, and is it builds from two to five tend to about twenty, whether comfortable All of a sudden, that's what starts coming out. Is that you're snitch class wife will follow you Oh tell mother. What what are you guys? Somebody's gonna, what my caboose? It says that I said right here: that's what lab. That's me laughing at him in the beginning, member
Went on for half an hour, I told the guy, where I was staying by guy shockingly, never showed up wonder why another take away from this. These are not protest Listen to me, these are not protests to me again, not only these peaceful protests that out the window? These are not protests. They're, not protests. We saw these people some of them, leaving our hotel. We we're staying in this morning at six o clock. Why are they staying in a hotel? How did they get there, though? Still we, hotel. We stated wasn't cheap between c drive on this morning, Pollack walking out. Yes, we did these. These are not approach This is a paid
got eyes mob of lunatics. This is not a protest I don't want to hear another peep from another liberal talking here too, wasn't walked through these crowds. What we spirits last night with those two women in their sixties, scared. Out of their minds, I was going to say something else, I wanna, hear another damn peep out of your sick, disturbed disgusting mouth about peaceful protest may during the day these nighttime, pro There are a rage mob period and when you live it and you see it you'll, never unseen. Again, these are paid organise, sophistical It is people who know exactly what they are doing they live. Relatively meaningless lives until they found a call give cause being paid to the Roy the lives of others or organised other people
destroy the lives of others. They don't stand for anything they attacked centre, ran Paul last night, Sir coming about Brianna Taylor? You know Brianna tailors. She was killed in an incident with the police or Brianna Taylor. Didn't ran Paul, isn't he one of the authors of the Brianna Taylor ACT? That's supposed to pull no not warrants here so just to be clear. The marxist terrorists be Elam folks at where they are last night attack the guy. Demanding. He say her name Brianna Taylor, despite the fact that ramp all is the author of the book. On a tailor act to stop. No, not words. Tell me again. This is a protest, Marie half on Fox. Can you tell me what their mercy puffy pay far you walk.
That you want to go through. What we went through last night, Brian Mass congressmen, double amputee lost his life in combat, went through less idea, yeah yeah, he's missing is like from the body, is prosthetics confronted by the rage mob last night. Secondly, I told you I'd address first, that these are not protest. They are not there he'd organise rage mob. Secondly, ladies german, the media's living in an alternate universe ignore them completely just on this. Now they will kill, and you to tell you what happened. Last night, I saw some. We no big deal would happen, ran Paul. He wasn't actually attack, they didn't put hands on folks. If you walk what we walked. You last night believe me, you be singing a different too, but, secondly, about the event. I heard some commentary afterwards. The president's speech was to this, and maybe it was a little long for a speech. But you didn't see the speech we did. We were there.
It was received incredibly incredibly by everyone the energy there was through the roof. It's an outdoor It's never gonna sound like a thunderous indoor arena. I was there, I'm telling you If it was a doll event, I tell you, I know many reason hide it folksy we're times in that where people were in tears, the speeches. By the marine corps. Veteran who changed or live happens to be a black female which again, as a matter of conservative, She was there last night after this she gives. You must have taped or speech. People crying hugging are giving p standing ovation. They came in one of the guys in the speech with the M, with those earrings who claimed he was used to be. Bernie Sanders supporter he was there, he got a big round of applause. He walked out now. He supports trump. The energy was through the roof. When I endorse spoke, I gotta clipper that will play at the Inn folks it was
grass and you could earn a pin drop outside of the rage mob outside that was still play in their boards, while the wife of a slain former police officer killed during the riots, was giving her speech Yet the media portrayed as some kind of dollar that speech fell flat. You weren't. At the event, I was that, or you were and you're just lying about the latter's, probably more true. Let's get for the highlights of species. Just couple quick once from oh yeah- oh I'm, if thank you, Miss Paul. This is important. A huge thank. You says why it's great haven't a producer, can read your mind, which is your wife, a workshop Art ass, a veto, Brandy Van Crack and other-
and a border patrol folks out there last night. This is a picture. Go to my youtube dot com, slash Mancino, to see it as also congressmen from Texas. Forgive me I'm up during it is we ve been up all night. But this is the crew that escorted the two women by the way situation, women, woman- I was telling you about there. If you look in Youtube off to the right right. There you'll see these brave border patrol folks. Tat are out there. They walk back with. Crew and airs me in there in the middle Paul was kind enough to take a picture and a couple of other folks. But these are the folks there's a word about five six women in air who are being harassed, harassed. Screamed at yelled at being called racist being followed by yes, this guy by guy, and this raving lunatic woman by the way on the right who pay to tell my wife. If you go back and remind the video dead, she She was ashamed of that. My wife was a woman. What we're ashamed, you're, a human being she's a little.
A girl by the way, but you get it doesn't matter to me, but they seemed a black lives. Exposure matters must care about minority lies right. That's it seriously. My wife's comic Colombian, emigrate and little white girl from Washington D C is screaming in my way space. How she's embarrassed that my wife's a woman weird how that happens. In it we told you we make you famous here's your fifteen minutes to start the kind of famous you want it. Maybe it is probably seller Being a loose, let me got a job I m to go: couple cuts is transparent, was launched, a mammoth can play a few cuts. Rivers really got very well received well done two more, which were really just at the young crescendo of an incredible event had tempted currency that put the sun. Here's could number one for not a trump last night when he talks about optimistically how we're gonna write. The next chapter of american history began, which was a great foil, considering the liberal lunatic
were raging outside with their rage, music and born check this out this November. We must turn the page. Wherever on this failed political plus, the fact is I'm here. What's the name of their buildings, but also differently does we're here, and they are not the only one of the most beautiful buildings anywhere in the world is not a building. It's a home is more zone concern not even the house, it's a home wonderful place with an incredible history, but it's all because of you
together, we will write the next chapter of the great american story. Folks view were there last night, it was amazing. I looked upon a couple of points. We looked at each other and I buy whispered a rear just to turn her head one What can you tell me what we both have barriers so we'd all talk in the radio nobody hears each other. I so we'll tell our grandkids when they were here. Right around that time. When that part of speech happened to Chad broke out for more years, and wouldn't you say Paul in that was probably the most magical portion of the night. It was amazing they were a ton of highlights from Try speech so again in the interests of time in a play, another one I thought really give him happened us last night with rage mob payment for us. I thought this was very well said, Check this out always remember: there come After me,
because I am fighting for you. That's what's happening. He doesn't bend knee the president. He refuses to bend and that's why they hate their used, a Republican, back in down and cowering every time the media are right to be a story. You won't do it. It drives them not. The speech was really really good. I dont know what universe the media's living and where they thought the speech. What does speech was fantastic, fantastic, came at length. Hey, maybe was a little long for a speech, but there wasn't a ten minute period that were people weren't completely into I'm. Really, sorry, I don't want you. When you saw
but there was more last night- and these are some of the speeches that led up the present in terms of very well, then speech the and the night this one. Ladies and gentlemen, it was not at all. I and the house for this. When there is a little bit of an awkward moment during the production, if you were there, where I'm somebody told the first family to come out in the Middle EAST is weird. I felt bad, for example, because think they knew what was playing, but when they came out I doubt if you watch the event on sea, spaniel, notices and awkward moment where the kids, now there introduce welcome the first family, the high seas, and the applause is muted. It was it you did because of them. It was muted because I think everybody was so emotionally and wrap in this. Video Kalen Mueller, who is taken hostage in Syria, rape, tortured and killed her fair. We were given their speech and it was just. There was the only odd moment of the night where You'll see what I mean, because this was what we were all watching when he came out, and it was just heart rending.
All Taylor wanted was to make it home. We are still working to find her and God willing we will bring her home Kalen was born a miracle. We were too We would never have a second trial, but God gave a scale and she gave herself to the world and sent a careless captivity? Another hostage was able to smuggle out a letter came a had written as we read it we could see God was holding her in his arms in her words, she felt tenderly cradled in free fall. She also wrote. I have been shot in darkness lie and have learnt that even in prison. One can be free. I am grateful. I had many hours to think how only in your absence have I. Finally twenty five years old to realize your play, said my life, none of us
could have known. It would be this long, but now I am also fighting for my side in the ways I am April and I have a lot of fight left inside of me. I am not breaking down and I not give, then no matter how long it takes cover stuff to watch otter silence in the crowd. So now. You understand cases reported this ingenuously by the media. Live when Don Junior in there and the family came out. They came out in the middle of that. That's why the applause was muted and nothing to do with the first family again things if you're not fair, and you don't you'll probably have some mediating. Oh my gosh down junior and arrogant Tiffany in and the family.
Got a nobody even club for them. That's not what happened. People were watching that on the screen, the Mueller family and just there wasn't a dry and the house may go to one final cunning until I get a lot more news today to Jacob Blake your story of Jacob Blake in Minnesota. That stories garden. Very very interesting is more details to start to come out of that, the NBA stores don't go anywhere. It's really going to be a lot of children's. My final However, there was so much last night, Alice Johnson and others, but I I don't think anyone in the crowd. I spoke to a lot of people, s night, the cops border patrol geyser there, everyone people came up and said aloud. I think it was unanimous that this was the most emotional got wrenching you like after I just watch that.
After last night, the most got wrenching moment it was unanimous. This was an Doorn. Andorra is the wife of slain, former police officer, David Doorn. David was killed at Saint Louis, protecting his friends pawn shop there and one of the riots responding to an alarm was killed, shot dead on the streets. This is just a small piece of while his wife had to say about David during last night and trust me. It was on grass and there you could have heard a pin drop on the grass. There was not a sound in the crowd, as this was playing after I had gone to Bed David received a call from these alarm company the front door the pawnshop had been breached.
This time he didn't wake me up to tell me he probably knew I would have tried to stop it. I will on going with them. As I slept, Does a ransacking the shop they shot and killed but in cold blood and alive. Dream does execution and his last moments on Earth Davis grandson was watching the video on Facebook in real time, not realizing. He was watching his own grandfather to hang on the sidewalk, tough, tough, to listen to
Really tough to better really summed it up for a lot of people there. You have a choice: coming up the rage, mob, the chaos, the death destruction, the celebration of it or order liberty, freedom, optimism, war civility, never be choice. Coming up right. Our second sponsored today we You know I always have problems with this add because it always makes me hungry at my mouth water, our friends at over hasty, so said right now. My stakes offering at stake out grilling pay Did you hear that exclusive offer just for my listers go to Alma States that common enter the code bond GINO into the search bar and this week or more states will add four burgers for delicious gourmet, may jumbo francs free with your order. The grand Summer grill our packaging to let you stay at home and eat. But here are the best stake out in town
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You know it's Friday. We get a stack in all the news of the week we had. We had miss during the prior shows, given that the currency happened than it was loaded. We had a tragic hurricane this we ve had more street riots. It's been a loaded weak, but you may this story, which is since changed since I was gonna, talk about it yesterday, washed in times so the NBA National Basketball souci. You know the same NBA that thinks it's great to kneel for the flag to probe social justice It doesn't seem to give a damn about chinese concentration camp. You know like death camps and stuff in a weaker since yoyo, given her. That an you miss that story yeah. Don't our joy that keeps happening the NBA, an idea. What's going on in China? Don't understand, camps concentration camp. Right over their heads. But yes, let's outlets protest, the shooting of Jacob Blake before the facts or even out I'll get to that washed in times near
report, Lakers clippers, vote to boycott the NBA season, Victor more coercive chain, there a little bit since then, but I gotta tell you I'll buy. You show up all for this boycott go ahead. Go right ahead, go right now I don't know what kind of a business or social justice their decision that is job now judges, Secondly, a guy now we're talking to liberals here again on his hard for them, but So if you want, I wanted to make a difference with the show kind of our purpose. First time we started this, we never thought we turn into the show with their. We start work on a Doing some good staff and Virgil was a week and job we first. I never thought it would become some granting career hydrogen went already. Yeah. I'm eating one day be a good idea to start its request device. A job We really want to make a difference in the twenty twenty election ledge boycott the show and enable the model of success but model of her left several important issues, but per se people like us,
so listen NBA. If you want to boycott yourself, I haven't I know that this is great, go right, ahead, manufacture, I'd like the double and triple down. Where do they get this suggestion? The EU should cancel the whole season. I dig should cancel every other season and cancel the leading to you really stick. Do us a hundred percent cares and while you're at it, but It's the only way they should for the holy cares over teams, the leagues everything I have another suggestion: the ETA faster join. You boycott everything, boy Carter. Cared sober. We boycott the NFL. This is great, but in insane left this universe where liberals live. I'm really sure this makes sense. Don't worry about China and the whole concentration camp thing in death camps and communism and you know that kind of stuff Forced abortions- and that's that don't worry about it it's about a shooting connotes. She, you didn't know anything about so go head yes and care.
From a whole week. I am with you, speaking of which. So new facts have emerged. In the use of force incident against Jacob Blake in Wisconsin issue. You ve heard about that has led to Malta, multiple knights of rioting, death in this You know that you don't want me, We'll talk about law and order there stand the law part but, as I said the other day, they often neglect the order for what is order me very like paint by numbers are talking about order. Order is process orderly society has a process to hear oh grievances? They handle violations of the law to hand violations of your civil rights. We have that the United States, luckily We have very good policing here, the best in the world, the United States but errors are tragically made some, Times, criminality takes place is not an area.
Sometimes it's our criminal. We ve had it It is with policing that have involve substantial criminality and fortune. I worked in the seven five priests. Were they all corruption ring they broke up before I got there. Thankfully, in the United States, policing is excellent. Relatively rare, but we have a process so what people say, law and order what they mean by water. They mean a process, so the price, that's when someone like Jacob Blake shot by police officers in an incident is to wait for the information to come out in a process in investing. Of deliberative scene. I process not find out what the facts, or God forbid, left this. We know what the facts out there and then, when we have a set of facts, subjects it's way another set of processes, a fact finding process then in administrative process within the police department here our doc. He met the use of force rules where those rules follow again
order process if they worried follow, then there will be sanctions either. Termination or punishment from the administrative police entity, if it more severe than an administrative violation and its position. Criminality per day, Joe criminality, a lead criminality process, Then we will have investigators as they are looking into Wisconsin to determine if the act was that in administrative violation by potentially criminal one what's happening now, when you forfeit order and peace says and you become. The NBA doesn't really care at all about weaker death camps in China, forced abortion the sterile that kind of stuff. I don't want to talk about that they want a neo for the american flag, because of an shooting at cards. They don't you have any the facts yet on, but maybe it
good idea to take a step back and allow ordering process to play out. Why do we do that? because, while the city of Wisconsin, always Canosa, Wisconsin town was burning to the ground in many cases, literally new facts came which, if you would have allowed the order part of process in the law and order axiom to follow through you. May not of embarrassed yourself by coming out, insisting again that the police officers involved were murderers without any evidence to suggest that is in fact true. Well, what's come out, This is one of the scenarios where use the daily now because they have the longest headlines ever, but in this case the headline tells the whole story. So be in the show notes. UK, daily mail was constant attorney. General views reveals police recover to wait a knife from the Riverside floor of Jacob Legs car and says
one CUP Chatham seven times they responded to a time when one call from Blake's girlfriend Now- not going to make the mistake left this media acts, racial instigators and clueless NBA morons. You can't even effectively boycott themselves while ignore chinese death camps. We're not going to make that point. They could say nothing was done wrong here. Let's forget it! No! No! No! I don't know that I do know I'm waiting to hear more facts on the case. Because the video is not clear. Other cases where the videos been painfully clear. The video spoke for itself. In many cases, artless of the background scenario, the video told most of the story you need it. The video and tell the story.
The video we ve seen of the shooting of Jacob Blake is taken from a distance, and you can't see inside the car where it now appears, according to the attorney General Wisconsin and the Daily Males school reporting that Jacob. Like me, have been reaching for a knife or there may have been a weapon there. A knife on the floorboards we just seawater, show discuss in this this weekend. Now again. Let's do facts and process So, ladies and gentlemen, on the process side, which matters, because I believe in law and order, not media hysteria like these lunatics want to see the country burned to the ground when. Dealing with the use of force incident every police off has it tailored slightly differently to its police departments rules, but the general rule? of use of force, incidents using deadly forces and by the way, we can establish bona fide easier, because I know there's some more on nineteen year old media matters lunatic watching this who sit mom is basement with a snug e whose, as the left is based,
Seven years and probably hasn't shaved either I action We talk a lot of this stuff in this secret Service Academy and why the police officer myself when I went to the New York City Police Academy, twice twice once a cadet, once a recruit justice publishing bona fide is there? I know I don't have the knowledge you do play in your video games in your Mama's base when I get that, but may maybe just maybe allow us to talk. We know a little bit little bit time. The only question when a deadly use of forces involved on the administrative side. In other words, did the police officer obey the use of force gatherings? He was taught generally. This does the police sir, have a reasonable, articular ball belief That is serious physical, injury or death was about to be caused himself or others when to use deadly force. Kenny reasonably state that he used deadly force and articulate why suitable, and particularly for the
again. The media matters type listening, because they have. I know they have to get dictionaries and the sort this out to understand basic english Can he reasonably articulate that he believed the subject was about to cause a serious physical injury or death to the officer or someone else. Now, if the story in the reporting by the daily mail turns out to be true that there was a knife on the floor, we will wait for the facts. Unlike media lunatics, you have a number of things, ladies and gentlemen, that may index that this use of force, however, try chicken they are met I've been administratively and legally justified. We will see. What are those additional facts, the subject not a criminal history. That. Doesn't matter no folks, it does If you are reasonably a reasonable,
and is trying to articulate why you may think a person. My harm them during an interaction seriously or kill them. What they ve done in the past if you are aware of it matters now. Why would the police officers beware this? You think it is possible when they got the nine one, one call which they did. And they ran the name of the subject that they saw. He had a criminal history, I'm just asking questions. You know fact finding stuff, though, dare call me a journalist, that's an insult, but we do acts here. That's why it away you to call me a journalist. Is they don't? I should do that stuff. You that might be reasonable and articulate that you thought he might hurt you because he had a history, a criminal, history in the past, Only if you doing facts, you think There was a nine one. One call matters if you're left this, nobody
you're a sane person, of course, add matters We saw the Zoom Wisconsin didn't just fine Jacob Blake on the street. She wasn't a random car, stop. They were risk funding to waive request for help they wanted. Wake out of their house. The people who called you think that is when you're reasonably trying to articulate why you think your life is in danger again. Only if you're a sane person, not a few leftist aura journalist may say well that sounds like enough right. There at least two. We are taking a why you take your life was in danger, maybe not the engagement with the fire. Oh there's more. You now have a non compliant subject? Who will follow any commands who live off ready, taste, and that and were so they usually proper escalation of four still verbal coming
his hands on taser, God forbid deadly force. If word, they didn't jump to the fire this isn't tombstone, nobody pulled some kind of like you know, ok come I'll shooting incident on them. They clearly escalated. You have a non compliant subject. Doesn't respond to verbal commands? Doesn't respond to physical Grabbing and restraining doesn't respond to a taser and encourage walking too the vehicle where its alleged there's a knife on the floor. But Nba, guys with all of your expert teased by the way in use of force and believe me, I that the most sarcastic way possible with All of your expertise. Yeah tell us again
you should boycott yourselves and the whole season white noise, ignoring the death camps in China, go ahead boycott your wholly. Nobody cares. I have watched the game since the next lost the dissenting Tonia spurs. You may care great at that time you at the watch and on what I dont care. One bit boycott the leak ever, don't care? I got a better idea when you're all out of jobs, because you so dopey. You can't even figure out a boycott yourselves. What are you gonna become a cop serve the public can go through use of force, training, go to fat, simulator simulation exercise in Huggins Alley. What are you try to get them It was late about how you know so much about the use of force. Of course, you are you're, humiliate yourselves and embarrassed yourself, because that's what you're there, Of course, all this is done by media morons, which we pointed out yesterday. I said to you yesterday I find the clip of Disturbed Chris Roma from CNN. You know: try sap extensions guy.
How the media yesterday Don lemon from seeing as finally starting to figure out that maybe they should stop talking up it's in the street and protecting them, because why because if you saw yesterday Show- and I encourage you to watch it down limits, and while the poles are turning so Joe Do not worry about right. The streets because people are getting hurt in their lives are being torn apart by other cities. Are burning, they'll pole they're. Turning mats, though that's down Lebed's reasoning, but that's not exact. But the confused Chris Cuomo from the same network said a little while ago, when Christmas views about why we, should be peaceful, When we assemble a protest in the street. This is a real quote. By the way it's not mean if you have really short but check this out, and please show me where it says that protest are supposed to be polite and peaceful. Ok, machine, Member Robin Noodles eating guy. That was hilarious, that clap appear
It's right here, you'd like to check this out called the bill bill of rights. Amendment one nerd as Chris Cuomo, probably say amendment I let me just read that Congress shall make no law respecting and establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or bridging the the speech of the press or the right of the people Pisa peaceably Joe my reading there right peaceably to assemble year, you're petition the government for redress of grievance here. Ok,. How can you come up against a possible? Why totally shut down your life? Your computer? If they do, they look like Riviera, watching you to be missed. My eyes turned red when I start crying because I'm laughing at my old jokes, which you should never ever do.
But again, Cuomo confused. Why you shouldn't be allowed to like what right in the shrimp, I'm curious as to what you say play that sucker again. If, if you don't let em, show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful if we put up one more time, the constitution, the base, which clearly says that in the just checking again, or the right of the people Pisa peaceably to assemble peak peaceably I cannot, but merely that sets the Chris com Version appendix sixty two or the right of the people to riot as some does it say that anywhere, I'm just check it. Is there a CNN version of the constitution that you're aware of armour gotten anywhere? No, no There is a dog you Paul, Are you aware of this policy not away? of a CNN version and an appendix to the constitution, I very good
very good. I am not aware of it either for the same folks out their course course. Cuomo going to run away from all of that to some try, sip extensions or whatever he needs that shake way member there Great! Oh yeah yeah, most commercials, where a little weird sheriff Wade everything. I know exactly what you saw it. You know executive dogma, Google, those commercial, give. You can get it Let me get to my last sponsor an angry. Its mother news. I missed including Nancy Pelosi, just the drop in a tactical nuke. Yesterday, I'll balloon travel, younger artemisius. What I find a sponsor repaid, mobilization, german. Sadly, America's students are caught up in the politics of corona virus in their education, hangs in the balance. To support the next generation of freedom, loving, Americans. Patriot mobile is running a school days, promotion, but a great idea until September twelve choose either a free phone or if
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But I want to pilot on this Friday show, as is always the case there is a new study out about the corona virus. We haven't touched that a little while, of course, that's the story. That's gonna be witnessed. Sadly, for a long time But if you're, not following on social media, the great Phil Kerpen with a k, K, E r, p e n, I'm you're, making a huge mistake. His account is just a bevy of high quality information designed to give you Gary Data on the legality, dangerous system where we stand with the Koran of ours, unlike media Well, you know journalism. Dreaded air quotes that's designed to red line. You would pass while the time scare you at the politicize the event as often as possible, fertilize actual info You know, like studies and stuff study, the things I that fact state. I know that's tough, where the left, but so I found this on, fills a twitter account. An interesting study that just came out
Singly age, specificity of infection, fatality rates, recovered nineteen systemic, review met analysis and public policy implications. A matter analysis is a study of others that Romanian analyzes other stuff. Said, puts them together in run. A mega now says what it is, This can be very good, very robust. Buzz you reviewing other people's work, comparing it other people's work and, of course, the law. You're the sample size, these data over multiple studies, the more vibe strong the data and its findings are going to be. You always want to look at a good quality met analysis. When are we have one? and you say gas from everything we ve heard from the media about the corona Virus- and it is simply going to lock it down jobs like it down a euro gonna die. You would think now that we high quality data on the legality of it that we be able to make risk reward decisions that we make every day and like you, no, I haven't
in a while, but I say it again, for you knew lizards and we get no one's every week. Sorry upon a minimal we're out too much but swarm in a bit today. Everything in life is risk. Will There are no good decisions were corona virus, there are bad decisions with corona. And there are worse decisions. A good decision is how do we wipe it out tomorrow? We can so that's off the table. The question How do we deal with it, but we have to do things. We would like an answer We deal with it in a really really bad way that we're gonna. Do more things. We don't like that cause us more problems. Then, if we use what it down the things we didn't like, that were less bad, then the benefits, in other words decisions and worse decisions. Clearly now The decision to shut down the economy in our school was dreadfully bet. We did. That and I even give some early acting both Democratic Republic in politicians,
benefit is out early because we need to have data. There were still These are the corona virus. You know if you're under fifty five, you could be dead tomorrow. Will you would be, but the question is how likely is that you could be dead from a lightning strike, but we don't shut down the state of Florida, which is the lightning struck. Couple of warm there's a rainstorm? Why do we do that? We don't do that because risk as well, and if you shut down state every time there was a lightning storm. Everybody would be starving to death, so you must be we have all this data. Now, why do we continue democratic lockdown schools? Lockdown everything keep everything shutdown, here's the big take away from this that should really ring your bell. Not translate this chart for releasing. Compares the fatality rate amongst, name groups from the corona virus the same way rate from automobile accidents and other accidents in general. In other words, it asked the question what The chances of dying from the corona virus as compared to you
of dying in an automobile accident or any accident general. Well, you would Jeffrey, locked down the economy. We know locked on the economy of rent automobile accidents right, so you think yourself, If it's roughly the same, then why we lock down the economy figure out of US exit, actually here's Interesting data point. If you're forty, five or younger. The chances of you dying in an automobile accident are large ass their about half than the chance. You die from Verona powers, but the chance, if we die from an accident general, are far less look at this. Look at these numbers. If you're zero to thirty four, you have the exact same chance of die from corona virus, as you do, of dying in an automobile acts. Folks. These numbers, are so small the point of this chart. If you look at a plea gotta my youtube and check it out these? members are so small that you're talking about comparable.
Risks in around a little bit higher or a little bit lower if you're, forty, five or younger between dying. From a corona virus dying in an automobile accident and dying from an accident general which would ask and beg the obvious question if the data showing the risks are roughly similar little bit higher little bit lower depending on the age group corona virus automobile acts are acts in general. Why did we take. Such a non commensurate outrageous. Response. Even now, such a shutting down the entire economy kicking our kids at a school, I'm just ass, Based on the data that are roughly similar, if you dont prevents senior old from driving, who have a risk of sadly, a car accident, injury or death risk is substantial and some case depending on our side. If you don't do that, we don't shut that down all the. Why are we shutting down the economy for a comparable risk of death from corona virus? Why I'm just asking of Dan their different things
The risk calculations are indifferent. The risk of you buying from corona virus any any age group. Forty five billion is very, very very small. We talk about zero. Point zero rates of death and fade out. The answer is because the left has asked the politicize every They want school, shut down for teachers unions, so they can lead the school shutdowns to get what they want. We have economies. Shut down just to damage the journal. Citizen re, hoping that it hurts present and trumpet the poles see only explanation. Folks, salaries Mamore go quickly, here- is an important one. So Ladys Germany can always count on Nancy Pelosi. To flow travel has many problems and path. If you know what they are, its they put out, someone known for being a radical groups from a radical district dying see policy you put up.
Medical leader out there I mean I use that term leader useful loosely in their affrighting abuses Finally, in the case of Nancy Policy, but she's relatively safe she's from San Francisco district. It's probably de plus twenty cook PV, I district. Some value index, maybe she's ever gonna, lose as long as she rats there's no political consequence to Nancy Policy for saying ridiculous things, Joseph Speaker of the house and obvious they have people like Pelosi, go out there and do what we call political problem Where they float really ridiculous ideas, knowing there's no, medical penalty for them keeping people who would have a political penalty swing state Democrats, others, China keeping them safe and they float the travel moment these dumb ideas to gauge media response and if
not roundly laughed at and humiliated, which most of the time she is Pelosi, they'll go with it. It's kind of like, They poky a little bit seemingly respond. They pop up. Obviously me the buried here. You know poke anymore, but if you keep can a bare and bears hibernate does wake up. You just keep up oaken pokes them all. Hopes are more steel. Is food next so they put Pelosi out there to float this germ of Trial balloon yesterday, and I actually I'm a little surprised because this Ideas so ridiculous and Joe Biden, now collapsing in the polls that you would think their high them in the basement strategy. You would think either radical, like Pelosi, would figure out this isn't working anymore. We try to put Hilary members couldn't find. Constantly Hilary Clay you didn't even campaign a lot, a swing states
the hide him strategy worked so well and twenty sixteen? You would think they figure out given by the poles are collapsing. Watch yesterday show Fidel what I'm talkin about poles are collapsing for by they figure out. This isn't working, but Joe Biden is such an awful candidate policies floating this idea. I myself just don't tell me about it, told you this special, don't tell Joe Biden. I dont think that there should be any debate. I do not think that the president The United States has comported himself in a way that anybody should end the has any association with truth, evidence, data and fax, listen to me this woman is not stupid. Nancy Pelosi don't make that mistake. She's, not the brilliant tacticians people give her credit for she's, actually kind of a dance political strategy wise, but she's, not dumb. Sometimes you just puts too much faith in
media coverage for her. She did some very smart, they're off you all caught it, you catch it. So she suggested Joe Biden shouldn't debate. But what why she do love folks. It's obvious. Why she's doing that she's Joe Biden is gonna, get absolutely destroy, NED debate without Trump. The guy does even no worry is folks. I'm sorry. The cognitive decline is evident, he's going to get wreck and policy in every one else or panicking. I told you, I have a source save us against some of you, MR. How do you think it is, but I have good sources. Telling me Joe Biden. Cognitive collapse is getting worse by the day, I'm not kidding that their genuinely worried each day what's gonna happen. The next day you can take that to the bank, and it's not just one person either Pelosi noses to by the time the debates
Now, just a few weeks there not even sure where Joe Biden Gonna be upstairs, yet there so terrified. Other poles are collapsing, they know. Their only option is to take your chances with a twenty. Sixteen hide in the basement shredded. So what do they do? They send her out there, the binding now Dan. She said, don't tell Joe. I said this. Joe horse, she said, that's her, that's her deep seated. Flip a I do know the three card mighty highly I'm square from nineteen eightys, the Shell game, follow the being phone number that of this is binds teams idea, you think she just randomly through that out there. Now she play. The deep sea do flipper, with the press, will, of course, or protector and says, don't Joe, I said nobody, Joe really would dharmu Costa job here your bide really wants to debate. Don't tell him. I said that oh ok,.
Sure he dies shore, folks their terrified mentally that they accept. One final cover, this Federalist or I'll, make a quick I'd. Everyone of people get upset. I've been Caesar, though we purchase of trust me. When I tell you that idea, came from the Biden campaign, not policy, they had Pelosi. Do it cause, there's no political risk and they said We favour insulate Biden and just say something weird like tell Joe. I said this. Even all my national television arbitrarily Doyle. Week I'll make it fast, but it's important to an entire chapter, my book and it asked the question I find just credible at this point the nobody's addressed this other than Margo Cleveland at the federalist use. Quoted sensibly. My new book followed money, Beata October sex, what There's nobody talking about Stephen someone this by gay case
The outside of me and Margo Cleveland, and that despite a research, is no one in the media is mentioned. This guy's name barely at all do a media. You only get to see the same names come up. Margo has again, Peace in the earlier shone out earlier in the week FBI. Lawyers guilty, please suggest by corruption, goes way. Higher remedy FBI lawyer, Kevin client, Smithy plead guilty to altering die. You mean about Carter. Page Carter page was a member of the Trump tee when he left the truck. They may be spied on. He spied out because he was a member of the Trump tee in It is spy on him. They cited the FBI, his contacts with Russians problem was his contacts with Russia. In Carter, page, where to be hast. Of the CIA. Our sea I mean Those contacts were not only not nefarious but were in fulfilling.
A patriotic duty to help the country go, get Russians who were spies. Kind of weird right, they spy. For helping to see I yeah yeah, they did. Why didn't the CIA warn me FBI? It's a listen! There's a spy on this guy unifies a warrant for dealing with Russians, but he was doing it at our best. Oh yeah. They Did they sent the FBI an email on a memo August, seventeen twenty sixteen May, so followed up a year later and twenty seventy in this or they were authorizing stunningly a fourth Pfizer warrant to spy on Carter, page for talking with Russia. The CIA asked him to talk. The Russians about you know, spies stuff, so they could go. Get the Russians. See I followed up again and said: yes, this guy was biting us information. This guy Stephen Sohmer, who was
involved with the preparation of a lot of these warrants. How much did hymning lines met the FBI law who doctor the communication from the CIA to say, Carter page was not a source, kind of means, something different than Carter. Page was a source. Right was a source. Let me throw not mare, What we are right. Fbi lawyer wants to make it seem Carter pages dealing with Russians, cuz he's because he says Ferris collusion, actor so the CIA is way way he's dealing with Russia, because we asked them to an end. The FBI changes that email and says not all he wasn't a source for us kind of. You're right really bad cover some eighty Mccarthy stuff next week on this, which is great, but this summer who is involved with the preparation of a lot of these words and Stephen S, define help or one of the other spies handlers, his name's. These I've uses first reach from the peace House, consumers, namely the news. So why
smithy of me, I lawyer bears responsibility for altering the email concerning page, thereby clearing the way for the fourth Pfizer warrant. Someone or so many more responsible for failing to inform the individual's drafting or in approving the initial phase of applications and, first to renewables about the detail of the August. Two. Sixteen CIA memo that fall lies with quote Certain members of the crossfire hurricane team who received the August seventeen twenty sixty memo, Joe will translate for you. I know you think so. In August on August, seventeen of twenty sixteen- When the CIA first sends a memo through the F B, I say hey, you may not want to target this guy Carter page for dealing with Russians, because we're asking him to do it on behalf of the United States. There are people in August, twenty sixteen other quote, members of the cross,
our hurricane team people investigating page in the trunk campaign saw that member they did. And he continued to investigate Carter page anyway, even though the CIA had kind of waved them off. Who are those other members of the crossfire hurricane came to Jim call me see that memo o o. The directive did he see a memo of August, twenty sixteen say: hey guys, you're FBI, investigation, Carter, just bs he's talking, but Russians, because we asked them to did call me see that I don't know I'm just asking what about Sohmer. So who is involved in preparing these warrants? Let's go to screen shot number do because this is really fascinating.
But it was not merely the no one shared that information, the fact that pages, where her with the CIA, with the National Security Division, the inspector general report Presley stated that quote in late September. Twenty sixteen, an attorney with the office of integrity The FBI, who was assisting on defies application, is Klein. Psmith exploit. Simply asked case age in one about pay. Just prior relationship with this other agency, and that case. Agent, one did not accurately described the nature and extent of the information. The F b I receive from the other Agency, while whose case agent one there who is you, know, swearing out, warrants and all writing all that information and more to what was that. Was it this guy, so minded somewhat. Sohmer have to do with this warrant process.
That he's nailed the few times and the idea report is a guy responsible for a lot of the misrepresentation. Folks, you to be a lot more to come out of this case, a lot more I think the is above along show tat. I really appreciate has been a long night for us by were feeling good of his great night last night. Many of you can imagine. I really appreciate we subscribed by you to show you tat, calm, slash, Mancino and our pod gas and apple pod, gas and elsewhere. Have a really great weaken, and I will see you all. On Monday day, Sir, you just heard it in Bonn. Gino.
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