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2017-12-25 | 🔗

This piece highlights some great training tips for your workouts.

Is this the strength vitamin?

A great addition to your diet for weight control.

Need to design a new workout? Here are some pointers. 

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ready to hear the truth about amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bones you know i wanted the damage you know show christmas caught sedition producer joe our uniting ho ho merry christmas day no very christmas it as he sees it the infomercial mayor recording this laid on sunday the day before christmas of your listing tuna christmas we're about twelve hours ahead of you probably but it is the season of the info marshall have you noticed that you are here you turn on hetty channel i cable and it's just not stop infomercials i guess as its around christmas time everybody pillows you got wire cutters you name it you gotta lanterns you got on glasses tactical lights of the season we should have a thereby gino infomercial for the demagogy or so request boy i've got to talk about a christmas cards a button to dream about
ten things i want to bring it up for those you were regular listeners you know around the holidays thanksgiving and christmas has fourth of july type stuff we try to get away from the politics for a little while and we talked about the stuff lifestyle staff working on just interesting stories i have that i don't talk about during the week during the political le political season a political shows interesting story i saw today though joe it's right which relate to us in the show and know somethin i wrote a while ago so the secret service where i used to work as many of you know justice is one of the big stories on drudge has just announced that they're doing their first live training exercise on the white house grounds now many of you listening may say why what yeah come again like that
never happened before and answer is no it as why am i bring this up lobbies who have an interest in what happens at the secret services to work there i'm still fiercely loyal to the agency s think despite their problems into a great job and i can tell you from first hand account they are the five his men and women i have ever worked with their wonderful people as gets a management issues but the really good folks and it may seem as many of you not if you read my book about protecting the president plugging my book for any by just saying this in my book that one of the things that always astonished me when i was an agent is that there almost no live training at the white house and that's that's crazy folks many view in the military you know like what they'll do ism if the for the bin laden radio build a mark up of what they thought the house look like or i would suggest a train at the most used me osama yeah we have to do a training exercise for this exercise we're gonna do to come get you in a mother so you might not our good guys i guess i'm gonna happen so you build a mock up what we
have that the secret services no mark white house and it might be surprise a lot of you to know that they don't they never train than the white house they just don't do it and finally and i'm not taking credit for any of this that taking a victory lap but from what i heard someone the secret service in a management position may have read my book and read that chapter and been astonished due to know that nobody does so there now accessing on the white house grounds these fence jumper exercises tactical assault exercise and i want to give a big big round of applause research for doing i think it's a great idea secondly a big merry christmas to all of you and a big thank you before i get to the other stuff vs you ve made our show one of the top conservative podcast in the entire world we are absolutely crushing it will grow and ten twenty percent a month so very much merry christmas to all of you i am a christian i know some of you are some of you aren't so
merry christmas to the christians out there bianca to our jewish friends out there and overall to other folks just have a really joyous holiday season out there if you're neither i we appreciate you listen you know it's by the way where we're glad you're here so merry big big jew merry christmas to everybody out their hope you have a great holiday okay so couple stories i found it thing this week you know i'm into that the health and fitness staff and i'm going through a really nasty rehab period right now and it's gettin really depressing i mean i'm joe estimate to be everyday complain about the wait i'm losing its topic you spend your entire life you wanna thing great show that there's you build up like life credits when it comes to work it out like everything else right like education if you you know what you build up and you can use to write your life for me you don't lose your graduate degree or anything like that if you don't use it for a certain period tell me if the brush up on your skills but eugenics don't lose wit weightlifting
the weirdest thing that you spend your entire life crushing it in the gym and use up working out i've only been doing cardio it goes away like tat and so depressing the only good news is i hear it comes back at depending on like the time you take off so i've been now from weightlifting for six weeks now they say it takes about double the time you take off to get it back on looking out right right now about twelve weeks to get back to where i was but it's really depress a really long time for you in yeah earlier it hurts it really does my brains been readjusting i could tell during the day i'm fatigue and tired my strength is in the can and how to but now i weigh myself in the gym from two hundred and thirty i'm down to two hundred and fourteen to fourteen and a half and it's depressing like if i was to come back i'm going to come back with a fury like i am really pumped up about this come back because i am going to be just destroying the jew my brick house and all the other stuff because nutrition foundation or the other products and to begin not so a cup articles i saw their interesting number one is a great
someone posted the show notes tonight about they do this study on weightlifting mrs this is fascinating career left there's been lifting forever and for those you just looking to get back in the dim in the new year very very interesting in this applies to me i am they looked at the difference between like these science facts data based organised lift theirs and people who just like a random like they walk in and they just do different stuff every time someone where's the bookworm lift their job losses every set and rapid and i'm a guy it goes in the woman goes anna just really like just makes up today i want to do that today i like that and fast lady because this is a show that is the factories facts data you would think that the form would be the better approach why do you want to log your stuff you want to take it all down you want to make sure you use the same exercises little more weight next week but interestingly enough if you read the story that's not what they found they there have been a little dramatic something people went in there totally randomly but their people
i went to the gym and very their work ass their exercises but keep the intensity the same joe that's credit i and others you're still more in nigeria you just do indifferent stuff to destroy you know to destroy the story i mean that a good way like you're just crushing edna but you're doing different exercises those are the people who gain the most muscle mass and and generally a form better at the end of this study it's an interesting piece it's at the teenagers are put it in a show notes but read through because it just goes to show you that sometimes we await the thing and exercise could be a little bit counter intuitive and i know it these four my plan to combat coming to be start listening and next week i am big into thy uses work our called dog crap training making a profit you probably familiar with this can't be serious nine dead serious with two jeez skype daddy fidel rode up this programme i think is spectacular but the lincoln the showed oats duly taken note of that these training i put it in the last rough cuts episode but it's a really cool work out but the thing with the work at it generally speaking
pretty similar over time you get em easy does recommend move stuff around but i didn't and i notice that were still growing off a pretty but now i'm gonna start moving around the exercises so they take away from this is new lift theirs hold there's people coming back from an injury you might be better off varying up your work out but keeping the intensity the same which for me sound like a simple thing but was really mine blowing because that's not what i do i like every we found doing the same standard barbell bench press everybody in america's favorite exercise rain due to twenty five for a drop saturday twenty two i want to do the exact same exercise next week and shoot for twenty three this art basically saying you may want to scrap that you may want to go to dumb bells next week and even oh you're not gonna be able to keep track of exactly what you're barbell waits warren sets and wraps because you're not doing it you do at a different exercise you're good bigger stronger faster more powerful so interesting
peace though i read it this morning and i was putting together some ideas for the show and i think it's definitely worth your time opera put it from teammate which has some really good pointers in it as a workout design in there for those you don't want to do the dog crap training language she'll put in there which really great but talks about the power of a couple things i know a lot of us don't do when i work out intend to ignore you know sir of us if we work out you know you you'll do say that you know the bench president everybody's favorite exercise most people know what it is and you know you you'll feel your it'll go you'll go down boom you're just like bounced off your chest use terrible form exploded upwards and annual basically not get much out of it one of the pieces couldn't you today has a pointers about two things number the value of eccentric exercise what is eccentric the exact eccentric portion of a movement that's the lowering phase
that's a phase of of of the badge press specifically and i again i only use ex everybody knows what it is you do works for squats everything else i'd be very careful with deadly spot with exercises well curls and even military presses and things like that that's the lowering face and in the peace talks about the incredible growth potential of not just attention joe to the point of the benchmarks we are pushing the weight away from you but the law bring portion how slowly under control lower that thing get that stretch resisted some other way down and then you know not that thing back up and then when you that your potential for growth is so much better listen eccentrics aren't new i mean this isn't like a revolution and exercise but the pisa no including the show no it shows you the incredible power of to stimulate things like em tour and other things that are really going to promote muscle growth in a body and that was really fast and because i do it too at lazy and you know joe you ve left you know how it is sometimes you dislike you just drop
i think you re practically cave your chest then you drop its only very much all the time you know i do it because you want to lift you know take obviously you want to be seen lifting to have you as my you don't waste any energy on the way down but that may entirely counter productive folks another thing they talk about and i say that usually before every episode of probably should have said it before this one when i do a rough cut i mean and i'm not kidding like if you were the new to this kind of thing definitely check with you actor seriously i know that's this isn't some legal mumbo jumbo i mean it i don't want anybody that gotten into work it out because this is shown ever harder than ever seriously if you have some hard as you go get a check up before you do any of this is invaluable but once you done you're ready to rock and roll one of the other things that they talk about which is really powerful you gotta be really care for this one so number one is eccentric exercise lower the weight slowly under control but secondly and then i've done and i'm tellin you joe it's at its
virtuous its ban i recommended for new bees can we i would even recommend this for people who are even little experience you should have a few years a salad lifting the about free trade but they talk about in the peace dividend our voice the power stretch and the call it the power stretch but peace what that is basically waited stretching so do you dumbo fly is you lay down on the panel sugar yeah yeah you hold it thousand lower down to the side you bring em up it looks like a bench press but your ear you keep your elbow at a fixed angle so when you do it press the angle between upper and lower arm changes because you're pushing so as you go down with a dumper and your wrist and ended dumbass starts to close it on your chest you know the anger the increases your hand moved more towards your shoulder when you do want a fly it doesn't happen it's like fix it looks like you're china to clap with you
in front of you like you're trying to crush a fly in front of your face or somethin like rap yeah yeah got yeah so when you go to the bottom of that movement your lower the weight slowly at the end the exercise you can engage in these things call these power stretches where you use the weight and all at the bottom like your stretching your wings out if you were a bird write you a whole that position with the way you gotta go easy on the way you know my pulling a hundred pound dumbass guilty socket shoulders but these matt away that it gives some poles to the muscle and that as a tremendous growth inducing effect now i've tried this and folks uptown right now it is savage it is perusal because if you do the end of an exercise that given the bench press or the fly whatever it may be an you do stretch from all that lack the gas it is in there and is almost no way i can get out because your stretching it hit is like somebody's a hot poker to your tendons entered so bad but i can personally speak to the growth of facts
this i mean you i grew like a weed when i was doing it now it's obviously hard to do and probably not safe to do in things like squats but four things like here you workin out your back a working at your chest is pretty easy so like with the back the reverse would be if you would do my cable role when you sit on a machine you grab a thing and you like row you put you pull the cable to but you and it's gonna wait stack attached to it the waiter stretch your back would be the end to just let that thing picpoul pull your shoulders and and really pull your lats and mad does it burn it feels like someone's got a poker in there it is it is savage so give it a shot read the peace and you'll see but again i will dry would the highly recommend unless you got a couple years lifted and you decent amount attendant strengthen muscle track that you stay away from us is the potential for tear even a pole is great if you if you don't have that built up muscle string first i got couple
because i want to get to you today show brought by bodies a brick house nutrition i had a switch around the real cause these guys were perfect for today show you know brick ass nutrition and with my favorite nutrition company out there their products elbows brick ass nutrition that calm slash them and just quickly here the three things they offer you're not gonna get anywhere else right that had not at this quality not at this price and then and i think not basically not that this level of affect them deceased things really work they have done to date given problems with energy fall asleep in the middle of the day you got a busy lifestyle brick situations product onto dusk you can't beat at best product for you out there gives you about ten hours of of energy mood elevation gets through the day i love the stuff that that it we'd be lost within a given our work schedule this house without a second they have foundation foundation if the jim you performance is suffering you're looking for a little extra muscle mass you'll get a tone up your muscles are good for a little but it density and muscles willow gooey gallo jelly and there instead of muscle
foundations your product i say that everyone foundation give it seven days take the mere attest try them look in the mirror and day one take a mental snapshot of what you look like look back again seven days later you're gonna love this stuff i gave it to a friend the other day i can't say enough about taken note taken note what you're performances and jim and then go back and taken note seven days i'd watch just watch what you do doing in the gym this stuff is incredible foundation give it a shot finally i feel the greens it is a new product out there it is vegetable powder blend you know you look is it you are you looking for this solution is a better general overall health aid you eat like crap i mean serious question most of us do not have the time must have a system have the time to eat this balance that you know they say either rainbow right eat the rainbow eat bread collars blue collars poland in the form of blackberries blue in the former blueberries lot of a stone of the time for that brick ass nutrition has put off fruits and vegetables into a handy powder taste great throw it in juice throw it in water and there
you got your knock out multiple servies of vegetables all in one shot can't say about it i personally asked me to do this product the product is called field of greens it is absolutely terrific start off the new year right improve your health folk she isn't one thing it's a god gave you gave you new life take care your body it's your temple try feel the greens but a brick ass contrition dot com slashed and all these products feel the greens dont dusk and foundation all available there they ve got a great deal speak ass nutrition dotcom slash the tv by more in a package to are you get a really nice deal on it so go check it out all right dad why else that i want to go he i you know i got a question after the last rough cuts from a guy who said this and i'm looking for some some weight loss type of stuff and i thought i really don't get into that much because for me joe the problems always the opposite i by eva kit your metabolism i know i am not trying to light tat myself on the back and the like humblebrag i'm just telling you the truth i lose weight like crazy if i don't eat and eat
indeed often very blessed with a am i a bet explosive metabolism it burns calories my crazy so i really get into much to weight loss stuff but one of the things i do for wait partitioning there's a difference but it flies to weight loss wait partitioning meaning i don't want to lose weight but i want make sure the calories i eat are going selectively towards the building of new muscle and not the building of do fat make sense shown to otto care about i've never heard of it before but it does make sense i mean i want to be two thirty i just don't want to be two hundred twenty pounds a large i wanna be too thirty must so i'm looking to gain weight and i'm looking for that to be selectively must await not fat way now you know every few pounds of muscle you gain if you're doing it right you're doing and you're not on you no wine on on chemicals and stuff you're always going to gain a few pounds of fat to so you got to be careful with
but there's ways to mitigate that this applies to wait loss while he's a few pointers for stuff i use that i think is gold and again you may please check with this medical professional first we should have no allergies or anything like that but it's important stuff i mean it i'm happy unlike silly about but one of the three i do before a heavy carved meal especially tonight haven't spaghetti and made up his mind tat my wife makes the best spaghetti and people's ever even i always have a horrendous reaction of past i can't stop eating so one of the tricks mitigate the effects of a heavy carved meal your insulin production and the production of fat later if you ovary lotta people do what a carbs is too apple cider vinegar now there's a number of good products out there but i recommend you get one with which called the mother and the mother is this nasty look in looks like foam
and its growth ass you would never it's perfectly safe abdalla do you know it is gross luck it but it's get one with while the just look it up apple cider vinegar with the mother do too kind of fermentation process develops as foamy type substance but is very good for you what i do is i about two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar i put it in water you know if you have to be careful you cheated tooth enamel you wanna dilute it right russia can elect riots various it round strong you ve you ve taken up that's someone refrigerator right now yes supersonic but on believe we good for our put it an article in the show now it's a very good one i read very i'll balances from i think the bbc about apple sight of vinegar it doesn't make incredible hyperbolic claims does say there's a lot of evidence that apple sight of vinegar before a high carpio will help you control your blood sugar number one may help you lose weight and may have some other benefits as well so look at the peace i am in absolute believe it does give you a feeling of
insatiate early too so i am a grotesque over eater i am folks i mean those of you who know me and have seen me eat and many by friends listen to the shore laughing right now including child because i remember that time as it see beaver and a guy was a k you want me to get some food from the thousand stomach ache get me like five egg make muffins sub music fight for who unlike for me like five for you notified from a year five i gotta get if a guy like a gorilla it's how i keep my two hundred thirty pounds on but before i do once when i when i have a high card me and i'm very careful because i'm my diabetes runs in my family so i've no when i take these two tablespoons of cider vinegary shaken up get the mother in their first cause it you know what it's always foamy up at the top or at the bottom shake i put it in the water drink the water about twenty minutes before i'm tellin you gonna notice your full with a half as much food i don't know exactly how that part works i do who have an idea on how the blood sugar level works
estonia acid content of it it does it the evidence is strong that will help control massive spikes and blood sugar may be by slowing down digestion but i'm telling you feel full a lot quicker and i think the fact that you take it would about eight ounces of water joe the volume of water takes up space in your stomach so z cheat to lose a little bit await or or if we not look at a loose wages are loose fact just lose a little bit of fat and make sure there's carbs don't go too fat apples you're vinegar water twenty minutes for me i can't recommended highly enough second pointer cinnamon folks put cinnamon on every you ve heard this jar user to be upset and put it on everything every day anything you could tolerate it on any scream oatmeal i put it my coffee now sentiment about dissolve in coffee so you have to like who hysteria in or just swing the cup like i do i take it by the handle and you see no spirit i spend myself i put cinnamon in everything the average
behind cinnamon being being a beneficial compound for controlling blood sugar spikes remember controlling blood sugar spiciest sacred vinegar everything because when your boy sugar spikes folks it's gotta go somewhere so of europe walking around you're not exercising and have got elevated blood sugar i got news for you it's go in one place if it doesnt fill up the carbon the carbon storage in your liver it's going to write the vat cells not good angie you control spikes and blood sugar you want nice even level blood sugar levis rather they should feel energetic and these extra stores don't go into fat cells cinema is terrific for this i'm telling you put it to put it on anything you can tolerate i mean it's it tastes good i was in reason to i put cinnamon unlike steak or anything like that but oatmeal scrape gonna have ice cream which i don't eat but if you are throw some cinnamon and help the spike in blood sugar coffee great and coffee what else
kids put it cheerios everything really it really good great for controlling a matter of fact if control blood sugar should a finish the thought my white hates when i do that by the way i'm so absent minded sometimes cinema is also great not to give hammer you up ass attrition but they feel the greens is really good and other things i do is i put it in green t feel the greens with a little bit of ie eight and some college in throw cinnamon and there may be every other time i'll throw a big chunk of cinnamon and i know that t some of you may that they sound growth but i'm telling you feel the greens has an ice bury flavour to it in powers all that stuff it's really really good now you can making water whenever you want but i'm absolutely convinced that that is the path to really strong vibrant robust longevity emulous in anybody can live tonight you the question is will only what is living mean to you you know
wanna be ninety like jack lame where he was like swimming to cuba from flock repair that river that guy goes do like minded shut up in a more to give us like ninety three years although or you know i see a lot of folks now but sometimes i gotta restaurants and its gosh i c p focus a daresay a very substantial aged population in florence obviously lotta people like to retire here we love avenue year by some i've got a restaurants and its gosh i he people and out of it life a manual labor obviously some of it does not going to be there for some you euro listen workin back in the twenties and thirty's was a whole lot harder than work and now these robots weren't around but we can see that a lot of my walkers havin a tough time getting around i have a feeling that's gonna be me given the condition of my body now at forty three but i take at first i want to do everything i can to prevent it so just if we take care you sent me to some some some point or some other on nutrition stuff forget some other things fish oil big boot
believer in fish a peace this week about fish i found fascinating parents listen up this is this is a critical one i give fish onto my kids always have an eye a study this week that kids you eat one serving officious one i get my kids visuals offered as i cant do three times a week he's carson's to really good for liquid fish oil they'll get used trust me just tell em up kids it's lemon flavoured breakdown ash answering my five year old takes no problem take the and other projects like the liquid to keep it in my fridge rhetoric that the kid two eight one serving official a week i q scores and basically were smarter than the kids you didn't i shouldn't surprise anyone i mean the brain is largely composed of fat happiness this fat through well throughout the brain you have but the mileage nation of the neurons for the electrical impulses to go down the add the sheath there i mean he's a really important compounds and fish oil that you need their great friend
the inflammation to summon absolute believer in fish also fish oil the feel the greens vinegar cinnamon and others on the field the greens product i've i will you better story this week i saw trudge about achieving people who ate salads salads carrots irritated that eight a salad a day that that they had iq points eleven iq scores eleven points higher than other folks you didn't i i explained that away easily no but does it make sense yes i mean to get metaphysical or spiritual on you for a moment but god put malls and plants on the plight of rest even put vetoes ok may we made vetoes it'd make vetoes ok he put chemicals in these things that were designed to keep us alive god gave us this i believe that i mean i know it's gonna view awful hard science path you for a moment but we were we evolved these things of course
you're gonna be chemicals and there are beneficial for us that are an inch vetoes and cheese its and things like that so the fact that there are there grow nutrients and an end some macro nutrients as well in these in the in these salads in these these plant based on these plant foods and plant based who says we have feel the greens these kinds of things it should surprise anyone that be generally healthier and be able to think more clearly if you eat this kind of stuff that's why i'm a big billy i once more on the nutrition side and when you get to someone else put this in the shown us today to vote indeed great article don t maggie really short soy like two hundred three hundred words kind make a blog posts but vitamin d folks i in florida so idle generally have to worry too much about vitamin d production now i do take it i take five thousand international units a day that's a lot a whole lot special the fact that i live in florida and my daughter thinks i tan i dont tan folks might have tanner
i do is about twice a week because i know the power of the sun now obviously if you have skin problems and it does not apply to you at all but for generally healthy people i am a big believer in the power of the sun to produce the end just general health benefits i go out for about fifteen minutes i put a time iran in florida eight thousand two hundred and eighty three this time of year so it's nice cuz that in fifteen minutes in the summer in florida you going to cook i mean siri a bird and fifty minutes a son is that hot but it's nice this time a year what i'll do as set out in the yard take the shirt off get olsson on my back it really helps with the vitamin d production for europe northeast you're probably not gonna get that i mean the sun obviously a powerful takes a lead but the time you're not gonna go out with you shirt off in thirty degrees trial indeed the study put in their shows it vitamin d equally the guy the author calls it the strength chemical how people when elevated levels of vitamin d in contrast to people who are suffering and divide him in these of vitamin d let us a bit that the strength
on the vitamin d group was higher can't say enough about vitamin d for immunity this article for strength it just general overall health but also i really really believe in the power of the sun my poor neighbours are probably wonder what up though it like twice a week come out their lesson in a rush on the my iphone animal to sit there are no what is this guy doing in the answers on getting son on my back because i really believe in the power maybe too much information for your but whatever you're you re regular business i feel like any to share everything all right today show also brothers and transition by the way because i want to talk about something also aren't you by bodies at i target the letter i i am ecstatic having them is a sponsor because the feedback i get on this product is tremendous in their customer service by the way is amazing the web it is the letter i target i target pro dot com i target pro that come now what is it is able a u yours shooter out there you are hunter you
uninterested in self defence are you a first time got honor you special forces guy you police officer any of these things you'd aid to be scaled with your firearm anyone can shoot a firearm any knuckle can shoot a got the question and the only question is can you fire a firearm accurately most people can't specially bad guys presented get the practice thankfully i tar available at a letter i target programme com is a laser bullet traps in your gun it's got a rubber stamp or second hurt your firearm in any way it off to manipulate you're going to get a different barrels a gun you have right now you have a nine millimeter you order the nine millimeter bullet it's a laser well then it goes in our new depress the trigger it comes with a target and non target going to show you in conjunction with an app exam could we around scalp i've got people who by this thing they cannot put it down it's like a veto oh game with your firearm that's gonna make your marksmanship go through the roof savell but i target pro darker
folks range fees are expensive i get it you have to go by ammo everyone should go to the range but it's hard it just hard to get there all the time you get a clean your weapon at switching to drive their drive back find a babysitter for that in some cases it's really tough with the eye target pro system you can do this all in your house and its eye it is eight trip you will not put this thing down do it all your house it is wonderful it is it really gets some competitive shooters dry fire ten times more ten times more than they live fire with actual ammo because they know the value of dry firing you want make sure you can get your trigger control down your sign alignment equal line on both sides even on the top sure you're not moving your front sight to the left or the right sometimes you see those three dots if you have a tritium nights i know lined up wrong you don't even know it in a dark the way to practise this your grip your trigger control site alignment is
i target process gotta i target pro dotcom use promo code dan that's the end is a great christmas gift by the way what have you got a gift card this is a great product i use promo code dan my first ain t you get ten percent off gotta i target pro dotcom now i was getting i wanted to talk about some separately but i thought this why switched around the red because i thought you know i target would be perfect for this for when we trained in the secret service we always trained in the red zone i brought this up before and less rough cuts but i can't emphasised to you enough how shooting in the red zone is absolutely critical and practising now what's the red zone the red zone is at adrenaline dump area where you are speeding fashion you know you ve appear peut your pupils you're having a tough time at your peripheral vision your breeding heavy now why would that why would you want to train in the red zone and induce a red zone condition before you practice not all the time but often with
fire why would you want to do that well it's pretty simple god forbid joe or iron some situ were in some situation where i have to take out my clock i've come clocks right now i love really like them and i have to fire at someone obviously one of the word situations a human being confined themselves it right whenever it maybe you're soft org tactical assault terrorist situation someone's robbing you they polygon anew the sight of fire at you and you have to defend yourself you're in an hour robbery situation a store folks your heart rate is gonna be through the roof what's the first thing that happened major must groups you know you start to get the diversion blood away from them into the core the body you gonna start to get restricted peripheral vision you gonna stop breathing heavily you gonna have a problem with your hands some people get a little bit of the shakes these very natural responses now
you look at our special forces operators are swat guys are secret service guys nerve b i guys you know bob other law force methods as well the train their you never too in a way this response joe ever its physiological ever but learn to deal with it and overcome it now these i bring this up as this is really are to do with rage majority and to tell the range opera hey brother i'm gonna five thousand jumping jack twenty pushups and a set of breathing searcher squats inanimate it coming fire my our fifteen at your age you to make not ear you're not right i mean i don't want you know they don't want any day and accidental discharges up that it can be dangerous times and the secret service its control they make a sprint down to shoot house you got you literally have a firearms instructor over your shoulder in case you as to say in the secret service blank the bed you in the bed ye figure figure adam is a family friendly show but that man if you panic
the firearms instructor like you know you say you say you do the spread and you just you you care for an oversight around start going everywhere they'll put yonder should put the gun down doubt is very safe obvious a lot of folks out there listen you d that luxury at the arrange this is where i tar it is terrific have a german your ass you and even needed folks set up the item system at super simple comes with a target and use drop the bulletin again and it's it's it's it's a laser does it go anywhere you know each other the major building a go run some sprints seriously run a few spread of you can do push ups and i watch your marksmanship see where it goes what pay it can you peripheral vision and you'll see one of the advantages of learning to do that is you'll see after the fifth or sixth time you do it yes your per provision is constricted yes your handshake a little bit yes your breathing having and all of a sudden joe you start to override your body says ok i'm no unrestricted i can't see sideways my peripheral vision is going what are you doing
you scan that not using your peripheral vision why because your heads moving you don't need to write you don't major muscle groups losing the blood for your handshake a little bit you learn you learn ways to calm down by that breathing all of a sudden calm down into the nose out through the mouth you still gonna be breathing heavy but by controlling the pace of the breathing you're still able to accurately engage major must europe's losing the blood for your handshake a little bit you lie you learn ways to calm down by that breathing all of a sudden it stabilize you can see that front sight again you can focus folks tremendous tremendous exercise and then in the unlikely god forbid the event that you have to engage a target at some point in your life a sudden this is new to you joe i mean you seriously when you think about you want the first time you are in a high stress back and forth firearms situation to be what it actually happens no damn
oh you don't you definitely not just got a wrap up the shown of aid the importance of this really hit me not through firearms training but through love for brazilian jujitsu and mixed martial arts i'll give you a quick story me when i first scott involved i had taken no growin up like many of you karate knows it is shown room karate taiwan dough and got into boxing later on and really had been fascinated by stand up fighting and i had never heard a procedure jitsu and then i saw hoist gracie like many of you at the first ultimate fighting championship championship and i was like what the heck is that like i really gonna learn that stuff now the same but your replies the shooting is thus to fighting the first time use large shooting like we did at the secret service rage after running sprints undoing push option you camp leave joe how heinous it is you're like i
can barely see the target not no less hated accurately you know what i'm saying you like your breathing heavy you you you're just not focus that all you have to learn to focus learn to do this thing happened to me your brazilian jujitsu the first time i was on the mat with a islam oh guy the wrestler who had a little bit of procedure jitsu background it was just the most horrible experience my life i'm like i can't believe this i can't move this guy completely owns me right now he's dominating katy others i can't breathe he's heavy and i basically minutes away from getting show like opposite this release thanks but of joy like shooting and shooting in the red zone and practising while you're fatigue my you're tired and breeding heavy over for years and years of training and input firearms it takes less time even do after five or six training sessions would be far better at doing it but with the procedure you in the ground fighting you know what you did
learn to chill out matter fact not only lead to chill out you actually i want to say you don't enjoy fighting is god forbid it was ever street fight in the street you don't enjoy it but you enjoy when it's in the controlled environment gb actually learn with joy it even when you to end up a little bit sub dives you like i and i could pull something here i mean i see it you know he's off balance a little bit on his right me i can t i couldn't i could sweep i'm here it's it's you learned but just as when i'm gettin out over time and overtime as you workin out so i get a look at this track that i was watching the sky on tv eighty looks familiar he drew a beard though so far right now my cassock eligible so the same thing applies with shooting if you get the eye target system i highly recommend you do that go do some spread scud you some jump and jackson and go dango shoot and you'll see yeah you'll see how difficult it is you know i said there was less than one quick thing may i get a lot of emails from people about my stem cells my stem cells taken out of my my back the fact issue my back
twice now in ejecting with my joints it's gone well very well my right shoulder i have a torn rotated cuff that's taken a little bit longer to heal but the arthritis conditions done a really amazing job but what the things i recommend that you have arthritis and you are gonna do stem cells even if your not good who coastal meaning college in a shot i put college it am i feel the greens said before but it colleges greg jello it's really really good for joint shaky joints give that mixture a shot you now feel the greens on college in and take a couple were closer mean pills whether that's they got to help my joint said i think it's helped the way the degradation they cartilage tissue and my joints i'm not exactly sure but i feel a little better since i've been doing so just one other quick thing for you i
merry christmas thank you so much for another great year we appreciate it we'll be back with you on tuesday with some new fiery political content i'm sure and i really do appreciate have a merry christmas and all the kids out their hopes anna was really get to you see you just heard tan bond gino she did more than online in time and conservative review dot com you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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