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Critical Unanswered Questions # 958 (Ep 958)

2019-04-15 | 🔗
In this episode I address the critical revelations by a GOP congressman this weekend about the status of investigations into media and liberal misdeeds. I also address some key questions still unanswered which will blow the lid off of this scandal. Finally, I address the upsides and the downsides to Trump’s new immigration proposal and the key decision Trump could make to ensure his re-election.    News Picks: Three big things the collusion hoaxers got wrong.   Congressman Mark Meadows says justice is coming.   Is President Trump preparing congress for major budget cuts?   The Democrats aren’t “lifting a finger” to help the President on immigration.   Democrats are panicking as Devin Nunes closes in on the Spygate scandal.   Paul Sperry’s piece addresses some of tricks the Mueller team used to confuse the public.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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i'll see as and i want to tell you what the ups and downs are it is because i want give me the whole context of what the of what this what this could mean for us if it takes effect first what is the policy tropic indicated last week that he wants to start start sending people who cross the border illegally who are waiting for hearings and other things because we are running out of of detention beds for people who do the country illegally he wants to start sending them the sanctuary cities i said we cannot say it again this is brilliant ass a brilliant policy because it's got the democrats in a corner so i want to tell you about the up there are some downs to this i'm going to get to that cuz i want to give you a full spectrum analysis not too simplistic not too but let's start with the upside to this policy first the upside to it is you gonna end to the country illegally and the democrats have absolutely no intention of deporting you at all ever and they basically want to de facto amnesty fans blowin ah monsieur defarge
go amnesty than cities run by democrats which support this type of awe and people who vote for these democrats should before supplanted erect barriers there you go i want to hear about your nimby as amino nimby right not my backyard if a straight you love illegal immigration you wanna be a sanctuary city as long as people who are illegal don't come to your city is that what you're telling you it's not just that that has the democrats running around in fits its rhetorically speaking the democrats can figure out a way to combat this policy of trump suggests he's gonna put illegal immigrants in issuers cities without step on their own moral argument as to why illegal immigration is good what do i mean asked second i want you to listen to the sound bite of corey booker on face the nation where he trip silver himself
why why this policy of pudding illegals and sanctuary cities is bad listen this is his gold do think this is an empty the president though to talk about fussing people from the border in these sanctions area cities he likes to create friction sometimes to jump start he says a congress that's not act and you say friction i say he's trying to pet americans against each other and make us less safe because we are seeing now so you take that seriously i take this he's injecting fear into our country and so he was looking to solve a problem he wouldn't be doing things a divided country against itself at the big beware of any any this trying to tell you to be a free in the strongest country in the world is supposed to showing our strengthen our courage by pulling people together to find common sense solutions to solve this problem lord yes yes you catch the lie where he says it's gonna make us less safe way why can't i
oh you know in vienna value the red flag dakotas chowne threat we didn't read don't address all i believe that your ran on the web just cavities doubts harold you hasn't omitted beheld back said they did ya red flag under the hood for review jos got the abigail he's got he's got a couple or that they so what are you talking about we have been told by sanctuary city open borders democrats forever dead illegal immigration is not dangerous that people are just looking for work that there's no danger it's not a crisis it's not an emergency might affect the only crisis is humanitarian in other words we should be taken care of even more people who ignore our laws so wise corey hocker say that this is gonna this is a dangerous policy that is going to make the streets save why this is the genius of trump every single time the democrats
cannot reconcile their prior talking point illegal immigration is great sanctuary cities we should pay for their college or healthcare everything we should open up our borders to the entire world then trucks ok you want that you take them and they don't know what to say because they go the one they can't say donald trump is right but number two they cared acknowledge that the people in these areas you actually vote for these sanctuary city policies don't in fact illegal immigration i just wanna be morally superiority you i saw this cut this we do she's we send it right to joe this is ok so the upside of this is trop is painted the democrats corner again in the rhetoric they dont know how to respond there isn't it hence i dont want to give you full scope of the product the downs i'd is highlighted a bit in the wall street journal article today but i'll give you the tidbits evidence the subscriber only article may talk about they sent this in the house of representatives and they are not they're not
inaccurate on this in this you know they while she chose very wishy washy on immigration at times open borders people but there very pro immigration almost to the point of colouring them to the point of elite immigration little bed and an that's why one jackson to their opposite that pretty good at economic stuff ladies gentlemen we live in a constitutional republic gets obvious we don't live in it wreck democracy will you do vote directly on bills bills are voted on by people you vote on as in a to represent you when a representative democracy is you know if there's attack type plan at the federal level it does go to federal referendum its voting the house the senate and if its past signed by the president see minutes since i'm like this is one of those schoolhouse rock objects on capital i dont want explain some people were not a democracy we are in solution republic there is a difference we don't vote directly on things
so having members in the house of representatives timbuktu measure into represent large amounts of people roughly seven hundred thousand people a district the democrats figure from this if they care get illegal immigrants to vote follow me here and you this as it makes sense to get a stab me who if they care get illegal immigrants to vote which they always watching the democrats or do anything to hijack an election right that aid to at least pump up the census count in certain liberal states to do what too as members of the house of representatives to vote for years now the senses story from the new york times for a while ago this is from march fourteen twenty nineteen explanation senses citizenship question doesn't pass the laughed ass the democrat lawmakers said what am i put myself for this is
either the democrats don't want a citizenship question on the sensus and they say quote doesn't pass the laugh test now asking people citizenship on the u s census makes a whole makes it makes a world of difference they die side of this is now does it explains why the democrats don't want to know who's the citizen and whose not because if they kill get illegal immigrants to vote they can at least get moving into liberal state to bob bob the number of congressional representatives they have in those states to vote for this right but they can't do that if the the representatives is allocated according to the senses count and the census count somehow manipulates citizenship versus non citizenship and i want to see manipulates in a bad way i mean counts only citizens they don't want that that's why try to give you a deeper explanation of the ups and downs here that's why the democrats are so
virulently against asking on the census count if you're a citizen or not they want non citizens counted too because they want to be sure non citizens pump up the numbers in liberal states add members of congress that can vote on their behalf what does that have to do with you ok cool now what is but i have to do with the sanctuary series policy to doubts i hope it is people the illegally and there is a chance that if this policy were to take place that you are going to bump up the numbers of members of the house of representatives now having said that i think the upside to them i'll see far outweighs that because of one big one reason joe there anyway it doesn't matter so you basically the a street journal almost argues against its own point they're coming in any way there not being deported and there are already changing the patterns are specific communities along the border no billy new mexico arizona portions
southern california text there are already changing voting patterns so the question is do you want liberal states to become more liberal or you want conservative states to turn moderate and potentially democrat either way we lose suggestion to give you a full scope of what's going on here and i believe the upside of getting there mc grath to be but a trip over their own words on sanctuary cities to be able to who is cory booker's own words against or corey what do you mean it's going to make the city less safe you told us illegal immigration is not dangerous and benefit the two so number one and makes the democrats trip over their own words number two is important make too democrats feel the ramifications of their own policies and answer to this citizens who voted them in you're the mayor of san francisco you like to be
a sanctuary steady city gives benefits to people we are illegally good now we'll take it a hundred thousand of them let's see how you like them apples that's the idea like those policies can i go very well is it you're not gonna like that i saw a number two is import mark meadows appear summary about a remote show this week and i love this show sunday morning futures it's always some breaking news on it and i keep drops another you know tactical nuke on the battlefield of this debate about pfizer gate russia gates by gay whenever you choose to call it i think we should go back to bob bob gay because all about the obama administration here's it is short snippet describing something and i want to give it some collar and tell you how dangerous this is gonna be for the left in the media there in the world the trouble play that got what we would find
is people within the department of justice primarily the fbi what actually give information to the media then those reports would actually come out they would say why we we have these reports now and then they would take the actual reports and you those as the probable cause to do a further investigation it was a big circular raising you'll see all of that come out maybe gentlemen in the has a piece up about this too this is mark meadows describing the thick conspiracy here between the media the fbi and law enforcement officials he's the peace mark metals highly likely five abuse investigation spawned more criminal referrals what is he talking about z suggesting let me die this up voyage at monday's always busy because i have to sit there are weak and watch the news and figure out what's gonna come out i am wary of la i have the tape it because i go church of yet come back and watch it folks there
as a felony leak we ve been talking about this on the shelf re long time a felony leak of information to the washington post notably david ignatius you're a writer over there the posts that felony consisted of information contained in it by day monitored phone call between mike flattened the russian ambassador tracked me here this is really important what was contained in that leak what basically the name of my plan which had been unmasked and the contents of that phone call was clear society information the leak of that class information is a federal felony now here's what meadows is hinting at it is report it's like that and felony leaks of information whether it was pfizer documents whether it was clear certified information by the fbi that was then report by the media it was then some of those reports whether it was the reply
about mike flynn used to get flynn fired whether it was the day with corn michael is a cough reporting about the dossier that was then used to porsche as a war whether it was the gym call me leaks to his friend his lawyer friend that were used to appoint by smaller do you see a pattern yeah this is this is it critical component of this whole abuse case somewhat meadows is getting at the media was used as a bunch of useful idiots by the fbi the oj in some cases eager swell idiots lap ended up like doggie this is from the washstand examiner peace what we would it is people within the department of justice primarily the fbi this is from meadows would actually give these make it through the media the nose reports would actually come out and they would say why we have these reports now and then they would take the reports and use those is probable cause to do a further and
segregation meadow said it was a big circular reasoning you'll see all of that come out i believe on the inspector general report comes out now take of this in three tranches i was a kid i gotta make this understandable for date to get a fair investigation and arrest war in a federal investigation at a local level too but boots we're talking about spy gave was conducted by the fbi the federal bureau of investigation you need probable cause you need evidence they didn't i've evidence follow me in order to generate evidence the bureau and the o j start leaking on instead she hated unverified rumours to the media that view don't want to swear to in court young they then take to me reporting on the rumours they leaved put it no pfizer application and say hey
look here we are this happened a media reported on it now cool heads reported on it because of you there you waited tell them that's why reported on you really did so that's number one fine words they leaked information about the dossier to get the fine words this is what matters my meadows is referring to what the circular reasoning number two that might flynn case it's important they leak information to ignatius washed imposed totally illegal to leak flings name it which on math and they leave the contents of his call with the russian ambassador it's there story that used to create public pressure to get flynn fired at a gallop gore our political political weight to be used against flynn later by the democrats to pressure and investigation again circular reasoning leads to ignatius
using twin pointed nothing wrong with the focal views the story by ignatius and others to two together i assume nobby against wind to push for him to be fired and prosecuted the third case it is even more troubling jim call me wants a special care so appointed to investigate its own firing basically they whenever investigating collusion in mother probe don't believe that nonsense they were invest dating obstruction from day one obstruction of justice on a crime that was never committed call me actually leaks potentially classified information to a friend of israel to the media to the press investigated for firing him which allows smaller to then look back into the present activities continue the surveillance of the presidential campaign these gentlemen this is devastating devastating stuff that's what he's talking about with the circular reasoning it's a three pronged attack my it's the pfizer's
circular reasoning the flint circle reasoning in the use of the media useful idiots and the use of call me to play the media as useful idiots to continue and investigation into tropic to continue this spying operation listen i'm tell you with certainty this is all going to come out soon and eighty is going he devastating i want you to smile a little bit knowing that vindication is right around the corner for everyone out there is put their name on the line in this investigation and has been called everything from a conspiracy theories to other horrible names on twitter the left is going down on this i'm telling you there is no way they're are going to be able to run from this the media played an active role in the biggest spying scandal in american history by using the reports they were led to the fbi using them at being them basically back to the fbi and the public to be used as evidence when the ebb
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knows the media's been owned in this whole russia nato bombing gates mighty scandal as i just laid out through the media have been co conspirators in this they ve been used as a conduit to produce since evidence they were fed by the fbi that was rumour never evidence the media so check everyone else there freaking out the left side bill bars promoting kids here is the theories about spinal spying happen though don't be an idiot spying actually happen and smaller probe is but a force from the start i mean various initiative peace in real clear today which is fascinating in air talks about how mahler this a quick aside before you said how mahler who's the selective use of emails the trump campaign gave them to paint a picture never existed figures great example about how papadopoulos helper email papadopoulos there's some mention the low level campaign person contacting far governance or the russians smaller lie
puts that an airline while look to reaching to the russians that foreign governments and eddie probably amidst the email joe where that the trump campaign tell the warders is a matter of fact the papadopoulos people and others that these meetings are not going to happen he ignores that completely just leave that our partners are not really relevant to the store that's why any body anybody you believe mahler is a good guy i'm sorry you have been growth essentially misled he is awful he has done this country and enormous this service and when what mahler did comes out his legacy is tarnished for ever he has disgraced himself of what this investigation i tat leads me to the next piece unanswered questions here our byron york is another good piece up at the wash them examiner about basically five unanswered questions that the mulder report that's gonna be released it may be today who knows won't settle i'm not gonna get to our findings if you wish to show you basically no many already but he mentioned
one in its important the first one he mentioned this point about how although the report was king who said that there was no collusion that the democrats are going to move the goalposts ears cut out of tippit from washington amateur peace this important he says listen basically even other collusion is dead he says that's not the end of it a meeting upon the release of the bar summary some of the president's accusers began moving the goalposts this is this is critical what mother really said was that the evidence did not establish beyond reasonable doubt that there was no conspiracy or coordination here maybe they're new line maybe the it shows collusion but it doesn't mean that high legal standard no no no i was on friends this morning and i address this bright kill me ass an excellent question he said dan any any the quest it was exactly what is in this wash them examiner peace which is in the show knows today but you know that com please read it while dan
if the democrats say hey look at all this negative information joanna report trap was clearly a bad guy now ladies and gentlemen that's not how the justice system works i took this big note here are my own shown its negative info asian does not equal probable cause joe can we college fairly that a few me paula the law my kids anybody had a thirty million dollar special investigation with ten to twenty federal attorneys third the fbi agents on limited resources and subpoena power can we fairly acknowledge u you i and everyone else listening that negative information would come out my ear it means that occurred i'm gonna listen we're all synergy with what i said on fox inferences warning that when i read for office
all and i work go at their significant money pry left my job to run for armaments it was a big set for jets how i met joe i remembered show at job folksy little backstory joe did this shell for free and a beginning why did he for free not because you don't want money everybody wants to work for money no one wants to work for fun to do i could have but a pang i did joe what i give you like a b we did the show once a week job over five hundred dollars for like twenty yeltsin has and i had no folks we had no money i'll bet taken that did the other thing i want it but you but paul and i will work to make ends meet put it together because we have sacrificed on the survival of rabies pat on the back and allocated look at me i'm not just suggesting like we ve been through the fire here ok nobody wants to work for free people want money there are negative there's negative stuff in everybody's background people may have miss credit card payments people may have some point in their childhood you know stolen something from us
door realized it was wrong and moved on my point is not to make a big moral argument are linked in at this conversation anymore than needed but everybody's negative if re that does not mean you are a criminal right so the democrats moving the goalposts to tie this up to say will the mueller report is negative information it means nothing here is your answer just so you're ready for the retort because i love to giving mental ammunition to fight these liberal police state tyrants your answer to them should be succinct until the point are you willing to undergo a full financial audit and a fallen ass into your entire business history you and will they tell me there wouldn't be negative information that why i want that on the record yes i'm you say there would be no you are a liar and you know it negative in formation does not equal probable cause probable cause those of you out there who were not cops or lawyers i'm sure you ve heard
the term is a smart audience but probable cause is evidentiary standard meat you be needed to arrest someone needed to get a search warrant probable cause it was a crime committed committed by this person and to do that you have to establish evidence but is not always negative information that part may have been confusing but this is critical to sometimes negative information is wrong in other words if mother the report contains information this is why through that pulse perry thing in their about emu else from papadopoulos about meetings they were supposed to set up from russia while that sounds pretty negative doesn't joke gosh i brushing collusion in papadopoulos is being told to go meet with russian had made a negative bad bad why joe it's not probable cause to arrest donald trump due to because there's
other emails that are not in the report a boar in vienna we haven't seen report yet to be clear other emails to the trump team telling papadopoulos you will not do these meetings in other words yes negative information taken out of context appears criminal but it's not criminals it's not evidence because there's other evidence saying that that's not evidence there's other but it's i don't do those meetings i care how many times ladys job i have told this story the show probably tenor what time where we are criminal investigation going on and we slept something across the table when attorney about his client any information was about the quiet we were like oh and we gotta go
act at redo the case it was a different guy but that is now guy was involved in the same every just like i can't explain it details re they had a bit you know put prowling you this happens all the time it is negative information joe robin bodega down the block that negative right in the report then you find out later tat the written to witness a robber takes these tests back is as you know i come to think of it it wasn't joe it was elvis joel looks like elvis charlie does it looks like out nepal giorgio up wasn't doing your job there dairy joe joe joe could look at our very at her regular father sent you find out the guy who i did joe it's crazy i thought it was elvis negative right but what it's taken in
context of the guys larger testimony he thought it was elvis it becomes aid the evidence not evidence that's the point folks i dont want to drag this out i just i know what the democrats are doing and it is sickening their goal guatemala report exposed to mine it for selective pieces of information that reflect poorly on tromp but are not ever of any crime at all because they want to family kate a crime if you have but instead charge someone we have a court system where you have to do what you have to have the nerve to walk into court where your professional fbi reputation on it when you write it up to say that that evidence is true tat joe committed this crime and this is how it happened three mothers team is not doing that and is not walsingham fbi agent to corporate an arrest warrant or
signing one themselves is because they don't have that they don't have every deeds negative information is meaningless it doesn't anything so the goalposts was here let's prove collusion their report there no mahler could not have been more conclusive in the summary bought by bill bar summary of the mullah pertains quote about it there's no evidence of collusion with the russians so now the democrats take dead bar and move it up well there's negative it from its negative information is meaningless meaningless it doesn't mean anything outside its context gas i hope by some that up for you i guess as criminal investigator having dealt with this a thousand times you get a source it comes it man i got information on my neighbour disguise and
of that a major terrorist plot like this is that man is that making the name his name is whatever you know joey bag it don't scotch joey bag it out it's a terrorist then you find out later tat your source the neighbour is involved in a loss of joe we bagger doughnuts is that is acquire boys never been evolve did i was negative information a context it was not evidence it was anti evidence why we have probable cause standards and you have to swear it away my gosh christ don't notice ask your liberal friends how much negative information out there's about you about you are you willing to expose them to the public we can't get either the tribe cash so sir i'm tellin you wear it stupid you i want to get some more unanswered questions i want to get to some other stuff too about what trump can do i think
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i stand for up to one hundred twenty five thousand that's helix eighty l i sleep dotcom slash there go check it out hundred twenty five miles off that's a nice things are so byron york's pieces really good way to get go to bonton dot com check out the show notes but i want to add three more unanswered questions i'm going to make this quick because a lot of your regulars to the show know where i'm going with this but i had think conversation with a body this weekend i had some email ages with another friend of mine and i ve been working on what book to exonerated and said my wife this case the whole operation to take trump down can really be summed up right now with three quest which i am reasonably confident i have the answers to but once we finality on it not we get a period at the end of that sentence and we conclusively claim these to be facts this thing is gonna blow wide open let's get to question number one folks i've emphasised to you from
the beginning of this entire operation to take the trump team down that it is not about trump please their stand this spy gate mama gate scandal is bigger than just tram the fact that tromp was spied on is horrible and his team we know that contrary to what shock todd and the conspiracy theories tinfoil cap whereas in the media or tell you in the media tell you the spying sky those very real pfizer warrants national security letters the use of human spies despite trumpeting what if i told you that was not the biggest part of this that the biggest part of this ongoing scandal to abuse the usa database to abuse on masking to abuse the weapon eyes power the intelligence community for polluting reasons not intelligence and national security once that's the scandal what's on third question number one that will tie this altogether ladies and gentlemen we saw on april twenty seventeen defies the court was asked by
mike rogers the head of the inner say to look into abuses of the database that stores tax emails everything on u s threatens you know this is your listener you know this from my viral speech there are rejected components of the report that's now public released by the fire a court that looked into this to be clear governments abusing a database which has your emails it's as simple as that defies the court looked into it said some scary stuff goin on here there are a number of queries into this database in other words using it for reasons not appropriate one things they found was that private contractors working with the f b i had access to this issue and were engaged in some of these abuses quest in number one who where those private contractors
ladies and gentlemen if those private contractors one of em turns out to be fusion gps and i'm telling you i am working overtime to confirm this then ladies and gentlemen this case is going to blow like a hydrogen bombs because a company paid by a political candidate hillary clinton was that same company did access earlier on before the clinton contract to use the from its own database of its citizens emails text phone calls and that kind of stuff was that company using that information they later could have sold the hillary clinton in the form of aid fear or others wow
wouldn't that be special things might we value peewee very weird that's pee wee herman by the way i was getting emails people think someone else at pee wee ahriman effect advantageously confirm that question number one was fusion what are those private contractors question number two hu the heck was joseph mr working for mrs starts tal case he tells george papadopoulos alleged how about this dirt on hilary the russians have adam she chris insisted may serve as a russian agent trying to turn papadopoulos i'm too but you that's not true that i'm sure of monsieur was not a rush an agent in that respect i believe strongly based on overweight ring evidence including statements by mrs all lawyer mistook was working for friendly
intelligence assets to set up papadopoulos once that answer zog conclusively and is affirmed its gonna blow the whole thing wide open because number one question questionable one you about fusion will prove that this was buying scandal that was bigger than trump they were abuse is it the spying infrastructure before trump even gets on the sea is yes we are there say database and others and i'm asking the second point will prove this was never russian collusion it was entrapment by our own government and friendly's from the start if myths so it was not a russian agent question three that's unanswered but will blow this thing wide open again is the scope memo what does the august second twenty said deeds scope memo what
does it say and why is classified i'm staking i am i'm plant than a flag that that august second memo telling bob mauler what else we can do in addition investigating russian interference in the election that i believe that's scope memo isn't she to investigation and i've told you that's important because it will make my point that mahler was never investigating collusion he was been revised responsibilities just months after getting hired collusion was a hoax and they didn't want to tell the american people they need a grey area judgment crime like obstruction of justice to keep the case open obstructions not a bank robbery the bank robbery there happened or didn't collusion either happened or didn't obstruction
judgment call and a judgment call mahler could keep this investigation open for ever the only reason they shut this down was because of the appointment of bill bar and they were going to do midge trump from the start that's why scope memo is so critical because it will show the mullah probe was a farce question one show this spying scandal started before trump and is all about obama able dismantle obama's legacy forever question too will show that our government in conjunction with friendly friendly intelligence services try to set up george papadopoulos in the trunk american citizen three will show the mahler probe was a disgrace it was never about collusion it was always
better judgment call so they could keep the investigation into channel j trump open the entire time and that is the whole premise of my second book exonerated the deep state plot to take down trump and how it fail you we been telling you ve blown away not exaggerating here we have been working on this overtime i've got snippets of testimony in their pieces their own people and i leaked out you're gonna be flattered asked the by what you know even then i think that was the most simplest explanation you ve ever given you know what i mean can i wanna do three bumble knowing tat you and i thought because for those who for my viral speech the one i gave it david hearts is freedom freedom sent a rally it's a twenty minute speeches summed up the whole obama administration attack on trumpet wives bigger that was basically it in a nutshell and once we get these equality is back that speech i'm sure i will be vindicated clever people attack
before its was speculating us i'm not speculating listen to me but this is import all of it is important because you have to understand the big picture to i want one other thing i want you devenant it's been a godsend to this entire movement again i can endorse rabbit kept just saying this anybody out there to support outside eu district ever nunez from california congressmen he's your guy this guy has a backbone made pure titanium he has been on the red saw by the left as he exposes this massive scandal against tromp relentless assault it is never stop and nunez came out this weekend and said something else and he has a way of just distilling it down to simple digestible points he said if mothers probe
freaking excited direct quote i'm kind of so i want to be clear on the x i want to be precise in my language reflecting what he said he said effective the fact probe was legitimate was really investigating collusion i not know from the start there was no collusion any praise a great point up he says because when model the point that he goes to this fbi tv had to end the here's the call for new diseases show me what you have right volor goes peter strong the fbi endemic cave and others and says it's some point show me what you ve gotta collusion folks they had nothing they didn't have anything you others that it was a great why shortly what you got show me jerry member about eu membership we're gonna be granting it or that it is said that she maguire innovation
me too but they had nothing they happen investigating trump for a year they had to work got to him and say bob we i don't have anything but this dossier he knows instantly its a and yet he kept going for six hundred and seventy five if these here i'll tell me again step rhinos clueless them crafts and media acts are a big hero think about this this was your guy obama who you love a door if he was born investigated for being a space alien bombers priscilla gower trotted color with the russians either there's there's the robot being a space alien is equally is true as trump being polluter which is to say completely made up by magic investigated that for nearly seven hundred days destroy
in the bottom of presents a you be furious but because you're unprincipled hacks and you don't care you celebrate this but their negative information really let's look into your past i guarantee you will find they get of information gotta this have to get you i said to you before tease it if trump wants to ensure reelection there's something he has to do that a presidency so far has been gold for conservatives there have been of enormous policy successes i think it is many twenty reelected debates are gonna be devastating because here lot of things in their that up that cross the ile de mason tromp cross yet you know no i've done took met him particularly i think he will have a lot of blue collar democrats voted for trump but i'm saying a lot of his policy successes are going to cross the because even a lot of moderate democrats know that irrational things first gonna be the tax cuts the economic both nobody's anti economic growth the liberals are going to try to paint this is this is all for the red
in the middle classes and benefits nonsense because the middle east actually knows if they're getting jobs are getting raises sets garbage occupied is work so a lot of what trumped was done bringing sums saying this back to the court's nobody likes government red it is going to appear a pennsylvania wisconsin michigan blue collar democrats he needs of states we may have a shot at minnesota who may have a shot the other thing was it maybe they split the congressional district we may have a shot up there too we may have an outside shouted virginia to which were made and even bigger landslide than last time but i you being candid again given you both sides of it there is one thorn in the side of the term presidency that is causing a lot of trouble with the conservative base and it's i don't absolving and that of the golden calf worship here but it's her tromp because that the republicans and the democrats in this house have no nerve
i did that its government spending there's an interesting piece up from the wall street journal today about this and our trump is holding a pun intended trump card right now on spending waiters jermys bendings how to control the pieces by james free and it s really gate of all the editorial if you read the operate page to wash you journalist every dvd for women's work i've my opinion is the best whilst racehorses great too but freeman is fantastic peace is make washington small again he says a hint of beltway budget discipline and a new limit on red tape now what he said the peace is tromp has its trump card out their federal spending we have to be candid folks is out of control trumpet told us after a site that budget was not going to sign and other one like it i am hope in praying sticks to it and let me go back to where i started this because out of control our government spending appeals to only one group of people read extreme far left democrats who shared not in common with the rest of us who will never ever vote trumpery
look in anyway so basically what i'm telling you it's forget them they are used they getting reelected b are the infanticide did bankruptcy the outer control government debt aid these all choice for eighty free speech eighty civil liberties college campuses you know radical teaching some of our kids who are never voted for trouble don't worry about them for reelection it is probably too but maybe generously thirty percent of the electorate it's over there not voters they never will be it does it matter the rest of the population say between sixty and seventy percent probably more probably closer to eighty actual who cares about the federal government going bankrupt right if trump can get hold of government spending he will sail to reelection ok what's the trump card u s here it is
you see i ironically passed under the obama administration to control the out of control government spending other words commonly called the sequester lay gentlemen the sequester or the budget control act was enacted the obama administration with republicans and tea party tides pushing for two control out of control government spending in other words very simply describe put a lid on top of government spending it's a sequestered you cannot spend more than this amount now of course rhino republicans in conjunction with the erratic control democrats what did they do they ve been bypassing and voting to surpass these sequester calves for the last few years well here's the catches described by this journal peace if trump does nothing folks nothing those caps
i to effect with this next budget and more lop a pretty impressive one hundred twenty five billion off of our spending bill from the wall street journal peace there citing the hell they help its president trop has indicated this is nice that he would allow the one hundred twenty five billion and spending cuts to take place for both defence and on defence spending if congress does not agree to be spending plan according to larry cutler one of his top advisers the president has indicated to spending caps going all the way back to twenty eleven are not met then he will sequester ass the board defence another fence excluding entitlements and we will run by those rules cabo said that's tough stuff but i think it's appropriate that's a quote from cardinal nice now ladies and gentlemen to be clear we are running a massive massive deficit annually annual death sir annual debt are
accumulated annual deficits are not the same thing deficits are you will shortfall debt is our accumulated annual shortfalls overtime our national debt is about twenty two trillion which is enormous the value of basically everything our economy produces do you made thousand a year ago two hundred thousand that's the equivalent what we always the governments are not but the deficits are getting ridiculous there over five hundred billion closing in on a trillion annually a hundred twenty five oh you mean cuts is not going to solve the problem in itself but it gives trot a major win that's at least one tenth of our annual sit knocked off right there little bit more than that actually
gives him a major winning issue going into reelection because think about this let's think this through its important folks the democrats are going to run on trump deficits if trump tries to call out there big spending think it through if trump is up on the debate stage and says the bernie sanders say he's the nominee bernie land for medicare for gonna cost thirty two trillion a year they are good to respond back well listen now mr president record on spending is great either look at your deficits of a trillion a year if we're going to spend a trillion we should at least spending on health care market market right in but fifty darwin everywhere at my shawl level timer market that'll be his response if president trop does not cut fed
spending he will not have a response for that if he does any he lets the question take place or can get a budget pass that does a diesel job of cutting large swathes of spending he can fire back really because let me tell you something i'm the one who enacted in a hundred twenty five billion dollars and spending cuts in putting our nation on a path to a balanced budget this is good old for reelection i'm out there three day talking to people i'm in a jim gave a speech last week was talking to which activists this is their key issue government debt and it crosses the aisle this will be absolute go now double down on this another story in the daily signal today about how you tax money is spent a really good please read this it's up to joe notes again punch you know
a com if you subscribe to my email less by going to my website just click subscribe i humbly ask you to do that with respect i know a lot of you don't we only email outlook once a day the and sometimes a weekend snippet but these are they good articles and we put a lot of homework in to get out there what you need every day this is a great piece is very well done signal and one short how your taxes are spent now we just address the budget problems there are significant europe has a trump card the sequester he aids to use it it will give him our full in the debate but secondly somebody's going to have to explain how the money were spending now is spent because as i said although a hundred twenty five billion is some pretty decent cuts which will put us at least on some glide ass in the future to fiscal sanity it is not going to balance the budget because entitlements are the big problem right now there's a chance in this daily signal peace which is excellent here where your monies going fifty two percent
a federal spending is entitlements medicare medicaid health care obamacare social security fifty two percent twenty eight percent for health care programmes twenty four percent for social security sixteen percent for incomes many programs tat if other stuff i get fifteen percent for national defence eight percent for net interest nine percent although this spending nine percent think about what i just told you ladies and gentlemen the things you think the government is doing when you too public paul's job our government spending people are convinced waste and all this money on you know fbi secret service whose staff is there of all this other stuff whatever may be quasi government eighties ballads foreign aid comes up we're spend that all this money we need ladies and gentlemen the bureaucracy is a major in its less than ten percent of what we're spending
what i'm trying to tell you is if we don't reform entitlements social security medicare medicaid obama care and these other programs forget it we never balance the budget why am i bring this up ladies and gentlemen you are now paying twenty six thousand dollars per household that's contained in that daily signal peace twenty six thousand on average per household and taxes think about what you could do with that money if the fifty two percent of it that is being spent on edit care and health care you to spend yourself has anyone he explained this ever ladies and gentlemen the average is twenty six thousand dollars per household and taxes roughly thirteen thousand of that is being spent on social
security and medical care and medicaid that people think or free folks you could see already spending the money this is not free trying to tell you if you are having me the that that that decision tax thou you i don't know any other way to say it or a girl that sounds to pay for programmes that people aren't this thing or free you can pay for this yourself i have a note here myself you can you what better job if the government gave you back its fourteen thousand a year for the rest of your life don't you think you can invest the better the government there's no what are they ve already spent two and gentlemen twenty twenty three social security will be bankrupt according to own actuaries that are non partisan and better it will be cut by an astounding twenty three percent they ve already wasted your money think about
working years what is the average person work forty years third five more years sunlight them if you saved for team thousand a year for you health care and for years social secure your own retirement ladies and gentlemen you actually have money and twenty twenty three they wasted it it's been burned now why am i bring this up because there is a proposal out there to not give you back more of your money ladies and gentlemen there is a proposal out there again washed in examiner today to take more of yourselves so security money away here's the peace by mattie doppler all problem tired old solution democrats want to tax millennials to save social security surprise for only they played by your money yeah sorry i'm all right they want to tax you more here's the kicker
throw you younger men and women out their vote democratic and arrange for the little guy there are not enough for you they want a bump up the payroll tax two point four percent to an astonishing fourteen point eight percent how now what's that france between the payroll taxes the income tax ladies and gentlemen large swell its of amerika upwards of forty percent don't pay the income tax they get refundable tat credit their net tax liabilities zero but they do pay a payroll tax everybody get sucked into that one another it's the met the social security medicare tax the fight taxes including younger americans now this peace makes a great point
folks the gig economies taken over lotta yeah kids who have apartments they travel sometimes or they that they have some off hours they'll do some goober they'll do samir b b they'll do some jobs work three or four part time jobs a lot of you younger americans do neuber and things like that in their side they call the side hustle now making sufficient money by the way are so proprietors of their own businesses young men and women ink when you're that so propriety of your own business ladies and gentlemen you are paying both portions of those fake attacks and in other words that forty point eight percent rate there proposing would be between you and your employer if you are a full time and place somewhere which is nonsense because employers is paying you less anyway but just pretend the employer have just goes away using democrat liberal economics if europe
all proprietor and a gig economy running your own business you're gonna be pay in both parts of that point in point eight percent of your money to pay into a social security fund the government is flushed down the toilet nice job government don't you think could do a little bit more with that money yourself millennials why you keep voting for these people that are taking away your money to finance a government broken system is absolutely ridiculous do the math it works you'll be a concern rid quickly once arithmetic takes over i folks you ever that was a stack show today monday always is a really appreciate it we're gonna do maybe there was some travel in this week so our aki be updated on the shows is will always produces shown by tat see what we're gonna do work in some video chestnuts here by police or skype to to the youtube channel youtube slash bond gino so so the audio pod guess on apple apple podcast i hurried
sound cloud now we're all these subscriptions air free youtube apple sound card all of it but helps us move up the charge we really appreciate that you just heard tan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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