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Debunking The Latest Media Whopper (Ep 1061)

2019-09-06 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the latest media hoax about the gun issue. I also discuss the solid job numbers and the associated media coverage. Finally, I debunk this persistent “global warming” myth. News Picks:The August jobs numbers are out.


What would really happen if a mandatory gun “buy-back” was instituted?


The NRA’s political donations pale in comparison to those of liberal groups.


San Francisco calls felons “justice involved individuals” and the NRA “domestic terrorists.


The gun used in the Odessa attack was illegally manufactured and sold


Devin Nunes filed a lawsuit against Fusion GPS. The discovery phase should be fascinating.


More evidence that global warming is a hoax.


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ready to hear the truth about america on a show that not immune to the banks with your host dan bone jean nice big update finish the audio book yesterday recording it very happy you're gonna love a book to coming out sir temperate twenty fourth exonerated pick it up today really start bought at some finishing touch is re recorded a few things make a little nicer little emotion so our lack of members excited about the second book folks please file pick it up for today exonerated rated bible help on amazon barnes a noble and in bookstores friday stature ok what do i got for you today what do we got it's gotta be it the bunker thought a liberal bugger thought on the gun issue which has been rife with misinformation i've got some update numbers on the economy good news very good news today thankfully and so more debunking
global warming hoax hoax stories out there that the liberal media wants you believe so it's a stack show eight is friday welcome thereby gino shell producer joe how are you today my good friend and do it in your head was a very long wanted a highway joe of great emotion on these intro slightly i'm a little banged up today what am i doing sue classless i wish i'd never do on the week day because i dont like to wake up groggy but there's a tournament this weekend so the school is closed saturday went last night and folks i have to tell you i took a beating last night for those aren't you brazilian jujitsu grappling i am a purple a no stripe purple bell and i took a beating may for destroyed bluebell what you're kind of like the same thing but he was not an excuse it all listen to know its uses get forty four
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oh my god i wish you'd be the global warming hopefully our number one even cnn had to acknowledge for those you missed the job numbers came out this morning the official u s government job numbers despite the new york times efforts to they were maggie haber miss specifically to insinuate that too had leaked the job numbers early he was talking about the ass industry eighty payroll numbers not the government numbers by the new york times whatever fake medicines there things then cnn this morning had a big that two hundred and thirty thousand jobs created in august and the subsequent we're coming out of that were pretty damn good listed the sierra jihadist must have killed them the battle to say that you take a look at their job is about three point seven percent this remains near a historic generational low about five and more than five hundred thousand people entered the remark and so these months and months and months of decent job numbers are encouraging people to come back and so that is an important sign
of success in the labour market right now business information services big job gains there again healthcare these have been driving parts of the of the autonomy really i healthcare and business information systems folks it must have been like this tat there was that they were people where the hell age before having to put this segment on the list but was it the greatest job number dolly again i'm gonna give you the up and down if i were not here to kind of put lipstick on eighty there was solid number the prediction was a hundred and sixty three thousand there was little below predictions and it was some revisions downwards to primary but here's the upside the upside of the unemployment rate held steady at historically low numbers three point seven percent despite the fact that you are clip yourself vienna and not me not the demagogy no show that five hundred thousand people entered the workforce why does that matter folks it matters because even
we have significant job creation if more people start to enter the workforce and declare themselves eligible worked away the fractions work and you can it's pretty simple to figure out the unemployment rate can actually take up meaning i've growth was so strong is so small that even more people into the workforce and declared themselves eligible to work the unemployment rate that is your people unemployed over the percentage of people eligible work still held steady three thousand manufacture jobs were created now debunking again liberal mess because you know they will lie about this even cnn how to tell the truth liberal politicians will lie to you that's what they do that's how they make their living it's all there about they little fairy tale and there the teddy rocks bands of politics you stick a quarter rhythm they'll tell you story what they're going to say what wage growth this is only for the region ladies and gentlemen wages grew three point two percent again a lot
that wage growth was focused at the lower end of the wage scale not the higher and wages are going up they went up three point two percent so the liberal method where wages are stagnant again it's just not true what else to say it is not true they just made it up its incorrect you're not accurate you can pete over and over where wages are stagnant that does it make it true that's just makes you a liar and it makes the people who really it idiots for not doing their own all more i'm sorry you just dump you're not peering you're repeating incorrect information over and over pretending it's true and you're deceiving people again i'm giving you the up and down because it's only right to do that the numbers weren't spectacular weren't off the charts they wore below expectation they were very good however these are not bad job growth numbers are sound but especially ten years into a recovery and dynamic eight years of obama's anemic recoup here's a fox business
with some other notes i want you to papers about particular attention to the notes here that the in the video clip excuse me about black blackened hispanic unemployment is well minority unemployment go too far average hourly wages a point four percent month over a month for the last twelve months it's up three point two percent labour force participation rate edged up to sixty three point two percent average hourly work week also point one hour to thirty four point four hours non supervisory wages rose eleven cents the white unemployment rate three point four percent black unemployment rate at a historic low since they may keeping records and nineteen seventy two five point five percent is spent on employment rate four point two percent is an unemployment rate two point eight percent game birds
no very good yeah right right now i bring up and i wanted you to focus on the black hispanic gonna play important but at the end fit folks after tat matters did you know it if you're right a point you whether your blackest paddock variation shouldn't matter but it does matter because liberals are in love with a a story not thus story and our narrative that donald trump has been bad for the and already community donald trump is is it the donald trump economy economy under donald trump probably a more precise way to phrase it that this is indeed a trial it's a wages are growing this is only for the rich minorities are struggling ladys germany's not true it's not true right i don't i not sure why you wanted to be true you can still vote against donald trump your democratic you don't like him nobody's preventing you from doing that but why you're living
now why is genuinely puzzling to me blackened hispanic unemployment under the trump economy the economy under trump is flourishing unemployment is historic clothes for these minority groups you're saying are being negatively impacted by trump policies what you're saying is factually not correct you're just wrong you're just wrong i can do whatever you want you want to vote democrat you want to vote independent communists of do your thing i'm not here you're not a liberal i marry a tea for the anti first amendment group to tell you not to speak out or not to do you think i'm just saying if your voting based on the idea that the economy under donald trump as negatively impact wages in the minority community your voting on a lie vote for what or other reason you know like a stance on abortion fight but your voting on a lie we are voting on
it's not true ok give good job numbers one downside that i just want to keep your eye on keep your eye on the ball our national debt exploding there is no solution on the horizon and ladies gentlemen we fix this soon again i can't warn you it's only a matter of time before this implodes honest so that is the one dark side to all of this in the future which i have warned you about repeated we are moving on a job numbers i'd want to make sure i covered that right at the top of the show and do we always do to debunking liberal miss now there was a great article sent to me by a listener forgive me i forget who said this over but you good job a great piece i read a lot of your emails this isn't piece it dot com i want to get it through the second amendment gun portions show because the mist formation out there after the that's a shooting is just again extraordinary the media refuses to tell the truth this was a great piece about the gun buy back graham air quotes which is really gun confiscation that battelle o rourke and
proposing i peace by john stokes reason mag the futility of a gun buy back before you ask how many americans will give up their guns ask how many cops believe and try to take them shoot me very very excellent piece very sure narrowly excellent piece to use in precise english but the show notes today but definitely worth your time go to punch you know that calm read the article or if you subscribe to my email is which always appreciate i will email these articles to every day gray peace the question we are asking is a fair one so battelle rourke robert france's siracuse really back pincher now presidential ahmed he'll have to drop out soon at some point this keeps owing to say well make no mistake you are going to have to sell back your gun
the government while i can't be a buyback if the government never owned the government doesn't own my firearms so there's no reason to sell them back to the governments and as one leader astute she's we reader astutely pointed out to me job i put need a background check on these government of i also want to take my guns back where right you're a great point zero pass my background check on that ensures that through good point had to the reader who said that to me to we should demand a background check government officials i want to know who they are right that's what the government wants from us so i want that from them to only fit but having said that a fair question to ask as we do facts here unlike the liberal media has been lines you but just about everything the economy guns environment everything else what a buy back or a conflict in which it really is what a confiscation actually were so this truth i think we should hit which is reason magazine does job because we
with fair analysis a number one would be what were they ve tried policies like this before because we're trying to give a comprehensive analysis of how this would actually work in the real world unlike defeat retail and the liberals have been right it's been tried before or models of it have been tried before and what has been the results of people complied of the police officers who are supposed to do we complied people actually turn their guns in take away number one from the reason peace well ladies gentlemen this has actually been true before it before i get to this in new zealand but this is in the piece out and put it up here in new zealand they try this and only ten percent of people actually turned in their guns but more importantly for not gonna use museum let's use new york so do you not exactly a gun confiscation programme but governor formal she's me you are called to peace they had this same fact and twenty thirteen was wanted gun control as a nation and one of its important provisions according to the peace was the mandatory
registration of all quote assault weapons in the state wasn't confiscate general ban so it's not nearly as severe wardrobes what a work and others are pushing but it was just a registration requirement so let's see how that worked out so to be clear beta wants to confiscate your firearms new york implemented a registration requirement if you add a quota salt weapon which is of course a fabricated turn by the left almost meaningless because they can't even tell you what it is so all you have to do we have to turn him in joe you just had to go and register your weapons well would it be fair enough joe to say bade us talking about confiscating them compliance work where people were only asked to register those that we know new zealand the confiscation didn't work at all ninety percent of people flipped off the double barrel little finger at san marino thanks a matter and those in well let's see
a reason peace how exactly did the registration requirement work out well the answer is it didn't egg servant of estimate by the national shooting sports foundation found that yorkers oh this is contributing conservative here that new yorkers owned about one million assault weapons air quota have to put it in at the time the ban was passed so but assume show you get one million registrations for these quota so when you write any yes you were well john i'm sorry again but that's not what happened forty four thousand were actually registered which is about four per out of the total this non compliance was widespread and mostly open but the police are doing much about it the priest goes on to talk about how the cops and a lot of local sheriffs and a lot of local police apartment in law enforcement supervisors and officials in these places i like that we're not gonna do that we're not wasting police assets to go would take people's i'm sorry
which is not doing so you have a tool for so again unlike liberals you say like beta we're going to confiscate your guns under the guise of a buyback and never think too what thomas all call space to write liberals and ever ever thomas old the most brilliant i think economist and philosopher time why a door in his box there this terrific change alive thomas all says about liberals that they never aspect ok and then what never yeah they put these platitudes if we're going to confiscate also weapons are dangerous they never say and then what happens how do you actually do it because when you say well tried things like this in the best and then what happened you get growth the abbe grow
levels of non violent gross qualitatively broadway ivy grossly sets of large you have unbelievable noncompliance people to say now we're not doing it and the capture like yeah we're not getting them so i i guess why point is so what's the point now i want to get to the second part of this and a second non compliance mare but fair it off i get again the show is i'm a concern but i listened to your liberal email sometimes actually get one guy that said i am a liberal the senor shown i disunity actually brought up a good point i forget what was a while ago but i discussed it on the shots but alive the liberal e i get from people they dont think things through even in their questioning like one person email me for example a liberal and simple dan if you're saying non compliance with gun laws in other words my point on fox and elsewhere when i talk about gun laws as a former lawn horsemen guy myself has been folks criminals don't care about gun laws the evidence overwhelming we're gone laws are strong
some of our inner cities gun crime is the highest i don't know what else you need to hear even my views with people in the street when i arrested for gun crimes hey you know that's against the law they like mad i care about that aren't you like when you idiot gone laws i can get it see ya want the quarter data i'm just i'm that message with you they be like this that it was a real an appreciable take sea while we got about a quarter for whatever five six hundred by this saturday night special safeguards my gun what would you would you like your crazy like dude why would i care about come laws they just don't care the evidence is overwhelming but fair enough corrosive email me and said well what point of any law then if you think people just criminals to ignore and we should just a bit that no that's not the point you are missing the point ladies and gentlemen the purpose of laws is two point remedies and a fence around the
hey view of criminals but ten obstruct the lee a bigger god given rights of law abiding citizens let me give you an example that may have been a little two words superfluous helga we have burglary laws right burglary laws are made to prevent your god given big our rights to property in other words i am i i have god given rise to own property private profit burglary laws are in effect to say you joey bag macedonia to criminal can't take my property it is against the law and you can be prosecuted for it it puts a limit on the bad guy not on me why because i'm not a burglar i dont steel or people stop should you get it the purpose of law let me give you ve legions of example seizure robbery you know assault
the deadly weapon i have the right to life life liberty and the pursuit of happiness you kill me you ve taken all of those that's why there's a law against homicide larceny got laws worsening the opposite put perimeters prescriptions around debate in view of the law abiding against bird being able to day they prevent them from being able to protect themselves while doing absolutely nothing stop the behaviour of criminals who don't care that's how you know it's an ineffective law it doesn't do anything to stop criminals they don't care the evidence is overwhelming all it does is put obstacles in front of law abiding who want to exercise their god given right to protect themselves against said criminals so you your your email which i get and i get on reading them on the air so you know thanks for email me your email but what's the point of any
no no you're missing the point of law is to stop the behaviour of most infringing on our god given right not to stop the god given rights of people and infringe on them from attempting themselves against perimeter that's not the point of our laws it's never been that's why gun laws are so stupid they don't work second it's amazing from this reason peace it's just for mental how they liberals again changed their minds about anything when it comes to laws following up the liberal state bullets while the lamb obamacare the all the way and i must come law is the land but then when it comes to the laws they don't like web browser like forget it put up this quote from the recently this was a great find by the author adds that john stokes who is as you said this quote when a prominent politicians kind of after these phantom sanctuary cities and talks about how bad they are basically
please going after its police chiefs and i trust police chiefs in terms of knowing what should be done to keep their community safer police department and mayors a lot more than i trust that of washington politician without donald trump going after gun laws ignore gun laws i trust the local know that was tim came hillary clinton vi presidential nominee talking about how we should just ignore immigration laws and trust the local stupid force it what is it so on laws when the local police chiefs and the mayors who respect the second member state where forcing that we're not contest any people's gods tat get lock him up to confiscate is god but when it comes to immigration laws they don't like joe and local say went out so that where a sanctuary city they like that's great we trust the locals more these cows your total fries their total fraught you understand their total frauds
frauds i dont like obamacare unfortunately was passed i have to abide by it there's no moral and consistency there there's nothing having said that i haven't good god given right to protect myself enshrined in the second amendment your law saying this amendment is not the secondary is not a law i'm sorry it baby some bill you sigh but is not a law we can't have it both ways with this information which was trysting accrediting i got more and let's get to be guided still haven't got to the global warming hoax up this is gonna be an absolute the bunker thought but i want to get too next another one of these misinformation pieces so again the first piece just the tie that up it's gotta get a gun confiscation laws this is the solution it's never work it's not nobody's giving you they're guys it's not going to work the evidence is overwhelming that's what i want to get through the whole donates this is viewed infuriated the holder
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worked for the array contrary to what liberal stay they can't stop lying my did work it in our eighty as many of you know it's not the entire as you can tell by the lawsuit now was a production but he does production for the anyway i did not work for the general but liberals will lie to you because again that's what they do i'm sure he's a piece by kimberly strasser who is one of the finest reports out there does actual work yeah she's granddaughter you oughta you like it but we stress that i do not myself you please don't you must really like our yeah dodgery i always get a year ago that operate potomac watch which is her opinion section it while you colonel she says the left's lucrative nonprofit sets the tone powerful interests and dark money are mostly on the devil outside where my way at all i keep it up the title roguish russell september fifteenth united i thought we ve been told by
media out there who lies to us constantly that dark monies ever a public health problem apparently not from kim's trestles please let's talk about how much dark money is spent on liberal causes versus conservative gauze ok let's get right to a liberal public policy charities organised under the five or one see three tax code bagged seven point four billion of this foundation money in twenty fourteen this cry so liberally to be clear that levels of a tough time at bat so these dark money they're talking about liberals non profit or liberal public policy charities got seven point four billion for conservative charities to figure must have been because we ve been told by the media clearly was higher than seven point two billion dark monies are republican
no figure was a mere two point two billion for the seven point four billion also dwarf the total twenty thirty twenty two fourteen campaign received two federal state and local campaigns for point one billion and that spending cycle by independent groups a journeyman so folks you have almost three times as many liberal public policy initiatives big effluent fluid sing elections and public thought you have nearly three times as much money going into liberals very dark but i just i mean i'm telling you i wake up every morning like what love can you tell me if one is just one liberals tell that you and that's why he i'm out of the big mac road you're not the micro issues because you know something i want to get into like individual stories
but in the macro debate about the big things education economics firearms the second amendment abortion bright to life to liberals tell the truth about anything i'm not kidding like i'm almost to the point now we're getting so easy to debunk their stuff i want them to actually debunk me it simply dark monies are up i can promise you guys we're getting almost three times as much almost four times as much money through these public policy the brooks think conservative groups you're getting who wears the dark bunny problem on your side now let's get to the vienna i specifically so here's a national review article about how what money specifically has been spent by each of these by yet our versus biplane parenthood in others i have it up in the show notes today for you to check out folks by alexander the scientists from february twenty eighth of twenty eighteen and our aid chris
ignored the political influence of plant parenthood from the peace folks again the internet you may say dear array spends money on lobbying and they do donated there's no doubt about that i'm not here to tell you they don't the problem i have the liberal critics of it is when you bring up the counterpoint that plan paranoid many cases and their affiliates and associated groups don't it's more money data while others does it matter that doesn't influence how we take it's only the bad guys at the energy they do so from the peace during that sixteen election cycle alone plant parenthood political action arms shell doubt for thirty eight million to elect democratic politicians it is twenty sixteen seventeen annual report the group support it reported spending forty million public policy as well as upwards of a hundred and seventy five million in such nebulous categories as move building shrank bidding
securing plan parenthood and engaging communities undoubtedly to that money is flooding into the pockets of those who will push for policies it benefit plan parentage bottom line by protecting abortion on demand keep my and unlike the array they get taxpayer money upwards of five hundred million a year or did we're where's that conversation again i am not suggesting you are sitting here telling you that the array doesn't attempt to influence public policy direction of secular member protections i'm not saying that i'm a big come transparent and honest but can i didn't work there are just giving you the facts but when you look at actual political donations idiot orations two thousand twelve plan parentage spent too six million on direct political donations error rate point seven effectively the same amount on donations now they did spend depending on the essence
fifty five million on issue advocacy and elections into sixteen which is a good amount of money but again play paranoid is almost the exact same figure when you're talking about donations and form greater when you're talking about outside influence so for good i have air conversation the reason i bring this up is my friend wayne was so my choice i ran into him the jimmy and he's like you get tired this with its constant demonization the nra is being this euro seven propound bookie man in the room if their bad if or a bad at all right bad because donate money we care that is a wise play apparent or not equally no no that's good money we are advocating for the termination of life and the one that's a noble cause three of one group the case for the right for you to protect yourself against criminals that's what they do bad describes advocated for why
bring out life illuminato that's good my others have any effect it all again their hypocrites you the conservative or a libertarian we're principles we have no problem saying yes you are correct there are lobbies out there that advocate for the second amendment and the right firearm owners out there yes you are correct does that mean you go to some politicians yes it does does that influence us politicians i would think how can you say i'm because monetary it now does it it's all politicians know you may say it's impossible then you get a donation if does it ladies and gentlemen i have been set he remembered advocate the show for my entire life no during my entire ten you doing it thereby gino show i assure you if i ran for office
we had already donate money me it's not gonna make me extra super second amendments if what you get what i'm saying others some on the fence tat maybe influence political money your folks we'd be morons to say no to all of us of course where human beings they are influenced by the stuff i have no problem saying but most of the people advocating for second mid rights believed it before the yet our a donation having said that the same goes for plant parenthood because again we're principled here we're not lawyers like the left there are liberals they are running for office joe who believe in that light be terminated in the warm up to the nine months of pregnancy they believe that the plan a donation is it going to affect them one bit it's gonna help them but likewise vice versa are there democrats out there who may have pro life tendencies who now because
i parenthood money are bigger gonna become rapidly pro abortion of course but again we're principle unlike the left that just will not tell you the truth blood money the ray what about blood money point parent at work and actual life is terminated tat fearing aren't you know it let me get this service will more sponsored today i want to get i got a lot of really good stuff we red flags for red flag laws big trouble for flag was and i got the perfect example and i also have like i have some video the of the shied away you to miss the ban this brigades tip elizabeth harrington on twitter days montage on cnn of liberals wanting to basically ban africa existences prices to stay to russia
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cheetah com anymore more convincing find out even more about bc em the awesome people make their products at youtube com slash bravo company you ass a and thank you for the cool shirts this is my personal favorite checked at a sorry folks had a back away from the microphone i just said check that in case you missed it on the audio me i know i get a lot of emails from me i'm sorry dad dad you drive me crazy something my card you back away from i promise you you re when i back away from the mike it's usually be say of light check out this shirt and it's me under video just show the shirt that's really so by my fault i know i'm just a very active animated guy she italian party ok red flag for red flag was big well you know i don't support these i believe they entirely violate due process and i believe they will have severe unintended consequences a little bit of background what our red flag laws there but the equivalent of of gun com gun violence protection where you can go to court without
charging someone with a crime that's the problem i have with ease and you can have someone's gonna can't gun someone's guns confiscated firearms confiscated without using without accusing them of a crime now folks that the potential for views now i don't have any doubt that if you were to implement these like anything else joe i mean if we were to implement a a no need for a search warrant policy right say we throw the constitution out the window giving table why don't like red flag works if we were to throw out search warrant requirement the constitution yes you prevent some crimes cops could just storm so whatever house they wanted eventually you gonna fly people selling drugs you would have sacrificed for security and later you'd have none because there be a man to revolve because people want their civil liberties back right the same thing with red flag less are you gotta stop some gun crimes probably the problem i have of them is the potential for abuse is massive
how do i know that look at this story it legal insurrection what's going on in san francisco right now be up in the show notes by less leeson safe this girl declares the yet our aid to be a quote domestic terrorist organization so let's wait let me be clear on this the same organization that the same city that has a men deprecation map so you can avoid stay stepping in human waste because people consider the streets of san francisco so poorly run a one big public bathroom as my but he took me to say the least initiative he was my college structure and the secret service kedo he said the world remains bathroom man he was i i don't think he made tat it san francisco ok they carry me claim the poop off the streets they want to start designating people domestic terror german and i remember remember the right at the same people
by the way did i lose you wanna the audio their yeah i guess get to say because i didn't hear you for a second i was at work joey i usually here a grunt irredentism us up we'll talk about the san francisco that kid clean a proof of its own treat you want them to be able to designate people to san francisco government as a red flag and be able to take your guts wild now this is this city by the way san francisco member the story from a week ago the same city that doesn't want you any more in official city paperwork to refer to felons as felons they were you to refer i'm is just this involve persons so just a bit every time the human waste in the streets cap the united states the deprecation cap all the world san francisco if you are at our member you're domestic terrorist but if you are a fell in are a this involves person later
gentlemen if that is in a red flag for red flag laws no what is stay away through the tropic minister this is a really real a bad idea these red flag was they will absolutely blow up in people's faces because governments like san francisco are guaranteed to abuse there's a criminal moving on a last thing on the firearm issue because it's important a budget rule again i can't tell you this enough way twenty four or to seventy two hours before reporting on an eighty conservative eighty trump story making its way around the media there is a significant not a hundred percent but a significant share the story will be debunked later now i'm can i give you one example here's a tweet by jim shouto from cnn new odessa gunman purchase weapon in private sale which is not required
background check josh campbell disgrace the former fbi guy reporting this guy just as a back on cnn sky campbell so that of course remember jim shouto cnn and his lackey josh campbell with them federal rest that guy ever made he was like they call me do it i think it's the same guy our reporting just so you clear again a story not thus store and the maritime their reporting on cnn shouto when others is the odessa there was a loophole we gonna fix the law for background checks in other words he made a certain way sliver is way around the law and so your men to believe you that the law a new background check law would have stopped him because what he did was legal please tell me what you said before i go on whose isn't it of you please i'm gonna put up in a second can show you if you would have waited alike jimmy
but it would just campbell if you would have waited twenty forty seven two hours which i always do before reporting on these types of stories you would have found it tat the narrative they're trying to tell you that this guy break the law joe that the largest wasn't strong enough and if we had better laws this i wouldn't be able to buy this gun if you would port it dad you would have been wrong again like a pseudo national reveal ladies and gentlemen the i'm used in the texas odessa shooting was legally manufactured and sold jack crow national review september fifth twenty nineteen being the show notes today folks as i was the debating persano lord ingram on wednesday night trying to explain to chris liberal pursued not getting it lady the there s a shooting was any legal sail the fact that it was private is irrelevant it was not legal
the odessa shooter was prohibited from irish that firearm eighty new i see no twenty one and the guy aided illegally manufactured it engaged in illegal sale to what it was all right be against the law what are you i said this the other night and a lot of people email me that i wasn't trying to be funny i was reiterated defective came up humorous was unintended but i said to chris so the there's a shooting that guy you're ready the law and you want to make another law to make it work joe extra super calla fragile stick illegal yeah just this week twins act great illegal like real it really illegal extra super illegal it was already illegal you don't we the words the story not the narrative these story real story if you would have waited is the odessa shoot
illegally bought a firearm because you didn't care about the law that's the facts you know i don't care about the law because he did it anyway he tried to buy your fire was told no we want around and engaged in an illegal sale the fact that it was private is irrelevant if i active david our saudi on twitter horizontally the great point on twitter noticed how within the liberal this is democracy excellent excellent verdict is an excellent point david our sunny job when someone buys crack in the street in a private sale refer to that as a private crack sale i regret that a legal sat right you know what goes it was a private sail a crack it was illegal drug by now we need we'll go out on the street you saw them crap
a better legal against the wall between don't care fabric are you saw the drugs doesn't care think i bought the drugs they don't care in care nor did this guy did not engage in it private gun sail was any legal gun sale there only using the term price sale because they want to reinforce this image that there's this major lay at all yet the people if we just fixed it by another law it would stop people there already has the law if europe prohibited possessor you cannot buy and you can loans are prohibited possessor a firearm gb just don't care reinforcing my point from the beginning that gun laws don't work probably just a poorly is one of our drug was just don't work the differences there the popular gorgeous to owning a firearm you get to protect yourself there is no public good
smoking crack none i don't make a sound case you are drug was though i may meta that's all other sharpening again feedback on it but for but that's a we don't have time for this year but at least with crack it's a very difficult argument to make like you know what it's good for weight loss needs now is a really awful thing in a play god our society own a firearm is not right people protect themselves their proper areas that have second amendment base laws and regulations you see lower property crime rates because people are what break it allows where the owner could defend themselves cash if you just what awaited but they can't report it was a private sail the private crack sail with a low you understand
well the others what we do at the shelling of what are evergreen themes has always been to point out to you the narrative so you see it now whenever you c on twitter on facebook and it was a private sell your this question should we was it a legal yes it was so why is it what is it a private matter what what's the it doesn't matter what what what what is that aid to the story it was any legal guns would be no different than if a gun owner in a gun store was enough el salvador you guys are prohibited possessor it was a gun or sell it was an illegal sale area go they didn't matter it doesn't matter i don't care framing it's how they frame issues when we learn to pick them apart we can more effectively eight the stuff and remember whenever debating the lips there not opening formation i'm sorry most of you are debating the liberal
so the third party guy or woman listening hears it sees you're the more rational one i moved on so the ban brigade continues this a great montage again tip elizabeth harrigan unacquainted with the cnn telethon on on because but warming hulks which was this hester for the care that is there on the record now all these candidates who agreed in the global hoax a phone a warming hopes without a z and they are all on the record now talking about banning every being from cheeseburger brake on a as i said yesterday i waited cheeseburgers cow farting either they want to ban everyday here's a little models they put together of the global warming found in all the bad check this out
no question and in favour of banning fact we're gonna be ok if the vast majority of world those vegetarian coal burning plants no one's gonna go another coal burning forgot to shut the ones tat we had to ban plastic straws in english i love the vision of the green new deal do away with commercial air travel lot of other things we have to take the fake combustion engine vehicles off the road as rapidly as we can all sorts of world we should then yes absolutely yes yes some of it is with light bulb some of it has one straws some of it dang is aren't cheeseburger right i was that down she my pen i'm out we rightly so here's the breath from the hokosa here is the breathless with every one who had straws unless its jaws call i wrote so fast i can't even read what i wrote oil or gas natural
gas looks like cars i have such awful where they want to bear to travel travel engines combustion engines offshore drilling what is this what cheeseburgers enemy so i will stress coal gas that air travel ended its really me at all and cheeseburgers this is what its functional these words i don't i don't know what's that i don't know how my house would even knowing your meat for dinner i wouldn't be able to travel to new york to work i can't drive any works i ever combustion engine we don't have what we do natural gas right over the other pleasure call i dont know what percentage but you're a plastic straws we i use cholesterol announced anyway it's really but you ve been environment we want all this and if we can find options great but folks you understand how ridiculous is party to ban brigade and i just took a couple notes here because i think what makes us a different as i like to address the level of color commentary just not the ransom rancher great but i don't really help you up at just remember i cited thomas
before to tie the show to get if you re thomas all fantastic provisionally anointed he talks about this how the central planners have this fatal can see to quote i ask is why this fatal can see this knowledge problem but data i it's a problem in other words the people want to plan your world get rid of coal get rid of gas we're gonna plan for so you understand if they at the knowledge to effectively implement an energy policy that was market based effective and would work they'd be in the private sector are not government the recent their telling you what you can't do is because they failed at finding what you could do in the private sector they could find no way to find a hole and our economy they could fill and they can make the real money in the private sector because they're not smart enough so they i want to government and they have the fatal conceit of the knowledge probable they think there now smart enough in government to tell you what they figure out the private sector themselves the anointed ones is
i'm a soul calls him is visually united self anointed genius planters who couldn't plan a simple company to make money in the private actor but all of a sudden can figure out how to marshal resources the entire u s economy sure good job that basing them on a rapid this another great article commentary magazine in the show notes today i really like you too this is very short but is very good chance theo gordon timber third twenty nineteen commentary back global warming or bad data garbage in garbage out folks more debunking of the biggest hopes of our time the global warming hoax more evidence i should say now you would take if you are trying to show joe get to the some snippets from this peace and a second if you trying to show that the global warming jody youth that's not a trick question haven't you up at the audience ombudsman neither had here we go
the audience how guy had a but it gives a german i'll have it if we were came to see that the globe was warming and to prove that the global warming house was not a hoax do you think you'd need temperature to do that not a trick wash yes dad temperature british columbia ok we're going it would be very good right yeah thereby would be a major part of showing a temperature what a good job we audience otherwise becomes through the clasp while joad do you think those temperature readings would be applied if the devices you are using to obtain those temperatures we're safe sitting behind a chinese food place that had a heat vent blowing onto the temperature is not without from drawing out there that would suck everything up dan that yet hurry hurry away from their carbon terry pieces so good so folks we have these temperature said right that are trying to prove the gold
a warming hoaxes real well what's the problem with these sensors so check this out many of these sensor stations have a big problem they haven't changed appreciably over the years but the land around them has often profoundly with big growth urban and suburban areas the wet visitor this one the weather stations that was the middle and ass our county long island where i live report it was a potato feel the nineteen twenty three but this sets are still in the same spy but the potatoes are long god and now its finest strip mall twenty feet from the kitchen exhaust fan of chinese take out joint you'd think that might in fact folks these weather stations habit move it's kind of problem of your behind kitchen exhaust fab take tat maybe at issue rather again disdain carpet a terrorist
now you may see ok you just mention one not other piece goes on a matter as that by meteorologists anthony was found that almost ninety percent of the one some two hundred twenty one weather stations in the u s did not meet the national weather airbus is setting standards which requires that they be at least a hundred feet of romania artificial he'd source or re here it serve this is unbelievable you can see some of the most greatest violators here and they have a link in the peace read it to deal with two get along here they use their solution this is doctor this is really this is unbelievable to deal with this defective it nation like a thermometer or a heat station near a heat source climate scientists show have a job the data is the part that we invest these adjustments have made earlier data show lower temperatures and recent data show higher shocker folks can you
here too i have alienated from nappies i think because we are due to high in nassau can we agree or january ninety eight degrees you know what do you do i think listen a lot of common ground everywhere as one hundred and four meanwhile promoted replace the guy you want to chinese producers at record orders of compound it's nearly exhaust fed you you may want to know don't worry we'll just adjust down for a country it was only eighty two point five two county login pool daniel oh my gosh this is again i just i am not suggesting to you there
we don't have an impact on our climate we do of course we did when we when we were back in our neanderthal days or women when other north amerika was populated largely by american indians they live fires to vote fires emitted you know do you too and other the products into the atmosphere human beings and naturally produce waste as a function of living its needs not a matter if or not if it's a matter of how much and what's the impact i'm simply suggesting to you that the liberal global warming hoax is a hoax we're not warming to some catastrophic levels more all gonna die matter of fact the peace process you you look at noah the national geographic administration me look at their temperature stations you see the temperature folks has been relatively stable for a very long time now it's all nonsense i was
that was a far joe recent describe on our youtube channel i was good time youtube back ass a journalist segment cracked me yes was eleven euro choked by those but also to subscribe this shows you'd be an apple podcast google part guess it plays pick up my book exonerate it's coming out september twenty fourth you preordained now you'll have it now you play by magic amazon ships out a little early barnes noble please check it out just finish the audio you're gonna love it put a lot of good work into it so please exotic it is amazon bargia noble come out bookstores ever i promise you gonna love this book remember i expose oh movie script scandal how they tried this before check that out i folks thanks a lot i'll see you all on monday day sir james bond genomes you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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