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Deeply Disturbing Video Emerges of this Leftist Activist (Ep 1281)

2020-06-22 | 🔗

In this episode I address the disturbing video of this radical activist and her ties to a destructive ideology. I address the Trump Tulsa rally, and what the media is mis-reporting about it. I also address the explosion in violence in NY City after this disgraceful policing decision. 

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Waiting, to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks, with your host Dan bungee known as always, the misinformation and this information not always the same thing, We where we had a Trump rally last week, of course, rather than focusing on the fact that at a minimum the Trump rally had six hundred times more people than the Bide rally. The media, of course, manages to always find the downside incredible to ratio. If you buy Express RP your online activity, that's your business, get it beyond that. I express Vps Dotcom, Slash bond GINO. Welcome that and once show Breeze Joe? How are you on this fine Monday, alarm, Dylan, well, damages just keep in my eye on the communists. You know that I know Joe texted me Joseph seriously, Jos very concerned about without my best we hear about what's going on out there and you should be to focus on the left is ensured
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these, but not like me, she's not and let you know like I'm like a tick in politics, unlike embedded in the skin of politics, and it's my life all the time it drives are crazy and practically frankly, most of the people around me most of that, but even so, So that's what you think that Trump who turned on the low. When six thousand, people on the high and twelve thousand I'll get to that matter. Why there's a disparity in the numbers by the way, you would think but would say my gosh anymore. Love media Calvin scare me Oh, my gosh. If you go to this thing, you're gonna die go to the protests by the way the police protest, but don't go Have you got a visual? Definitely does that viruses. The virus knows that prince according to left this media types, Joe device. Will not. In fact, you will coordinate the media if you one of these protests, I'd say laughingly because that's their coverage, but if you got it Opera, you are definitely gonna die, no doubt about so. Instead of focusing
the fact that I listened to churn out wasn't what they expected, but they got a pretty darn good crowd between six and twelve thousand people. What's the story by guys it's over it's over it's Joe. Time number. Fifty seven thousand four hundred and twenty two. This is it for tromp rhyme I believe that our aid, or is it fifty seven thousand five hundred sixty seven? No, that is your own Joe. You listen. I know I give you a lot of. This is your new job that he be tracked and how many times the media market today, fifty seven thousand four hundred eighty two or whatever number edgy, said and will count upward sequentially from their. It's now definitely over four trample what up? Well, let's get to them. Your story. First and the real story is this: there is apps, will, we know, excitement about Joe Biden whatsoever. The media, including you know Chris, whilst as well when after Mercedes slap on this, which I didn't think was that particularly well done interviewed all just my opinion. There,
Christmas, when, after Mercedes slept for comparing trumps rallies to bind, tries hold on a second here, Why is that the relevant talking point journalist by check. You have voted in presidential elections. Korea Why do you involve voting? You? Ok, thank you. Ve voting in presidential elections, outsider like Ross per hour and stuff, is low Finally, a binary choice, Republican Democrat, but Abidjan Anderson money. We have had many serious third party candidates so outside aroused parole, elections are generally binary here be Why is it a relevant for Mercedes? Slap too are brought up, I mean Chris. Was it I've got genuinely upset that Mercedes brought this up like your criticising our crowd, size and you're, not bring up the fact. Our opponent has like and people at his rally in six or family members is it not important? It's
binary shorts. RO. As always, we bring the photo evidence. So if you'd like to watch Youtube that consultation mancino, but don't worry, if you're not watching anywhere in audio listener. Only I will scribe for you, the job bide rally. If you will place up the picture. Miss policies here is the job I hold. I'm just gonna take a while there a photo on the screen of those watching. You can see, keep this up for a minute. Miss policies. Pretty warrior listeners at home on the radio there's a photo on or Youtube channel its current I've, Joe Biden speaking at a I don't know: call. This shows a rally. What is this? Is this a listening session? Coffee clutch? Actually, are we looking at coffee, clergy, yeah, yeah, right we're gonna Biden at a podium?
I see a translator after we left that looks like someone doing doing sign language, that's great! It's good! You know some people on their problems are the hearing. It sets bear I see about two people, let's be generous, Gillette's double it lets say this for people on dry land tell you why what's reject, let's times it by and there were twenty people at the Biden Rally- Twenty, let's be generous- I heard they were really ten, but let's say two words. Let's say there were forty: This guy's really pack your amid folks. These really packet I see two. I just want that noted parted, it's kind of a tangled shot, so there could be ten times more and there could be twenty people there. Now I'm not a math expert anymore, but I'm two times ten, I believe, is twenty joking. You fat check their new times, ten. In fact, twenty yoga twenty. Thank you know anyone ok needed for us to be sure. Don't let's you say this. Twenty people at you
right now what did not Joe I'm a costume by Jo Arm of I swear. Armor costs could get more people at around I'm not getting area that we should make it we get. Let's, let's have Joe. I want to show up in Maryland to a spot, and I will end it shows there and job will take a picture. I guarantee you Joe, gets a bigger, crowded job. I will focus folks serious divided, want to push I'm afraid that eighty Would show up at actually you know assault jargon, If I was very issue, is not actually kidding, I could get armor caused a bigger, crowded, Joe Biden, any sound money for present. That is not a joke. I am had serious them so binding twenty binary charge, we ve started. Here's a photo trumps rally, it is so all I got nobody shut up. The places at this is terrible. Around yes, are there empty seats up Poppea, my couch, I don't know how many I can't, because this too many young people when the picture you're not damn people, I love you, I've just upset about so this is the photo on the screen,
Pollack and new count she shaking her head. No of course she can't because this too many people in the picture, all it says, and yes, we can confirm. There are more than ten people in them. You're joking, you double can therefore only note arise that yet there's more than other. Thank you, Joe woman. Which always not official notary, but he is the Durban Juno Show notary. Are you show me your now. I gotta just checking what you are the official notary the damp Zaragoza? So we can confirm that the Trump rally had likely somewhere between six huh, at times the turn out and twelve hundred times the turn out of Joe Biden ten to twenty people at Israel. But again, let's make the talking because we're media lunatics about oh, my gosh Trump was expecting a million people worried and only six to twelve thousand people showed up now. Why is this nonsense? I don't listen to me. I'm I'm, not
Don't insult me by ever calling me a journalist. We do facts, we do. Investigative reporting journalism is become a slur, and I refuse to accept that. So please don't ever call me at your house, but we do fax you, what's bothering me about this- is not the President Trump and rally they it under performed in terms of crowd sites. No question about it: fine, that's a fact. But the question here is well is put tat in context that this election again, you have one candidate here whose rally or whatever it was about ten to twenty people showed up you had another who at the lowest crowd estimate we have six thousand the highest was twelve thousand there's the pay. Thank you bear Brunetta split screen up above our heads. Six thousand people show up in the middle of an economic recession and media scare tactics telling them we're all gonna die kind of the context matters. Does it not does amount of the meat?
now. What does a story bother me more uneasy inside baseball, because this secret service, where I used to work, as many of you know, I'm sorry keep Samuel, meaning. When are you deaf but its relevant to this? We have this thing called the flow rate, Manga timers flooring, the flow in the number of people who go through the magnet hammers. Why is irrelevant relevant because, in order to access a Trump rally, you have to pass through a magnetometer, a metal, the Tec. So if anyone has an accurate count of the number of people in the event around me and in the secures only showed up. It would be the secret service. Don't lie. There are not interested in lying about the crowd size or the numbers. It's not what they do. They would be embarrassed. The secret service estimates the crowd of twelve thousand people, maybe not inside, but maybe within the secure perimeter, so just to be clear if Joe Biden Ed
of people at the rally one thousand times the number of people showed up for president trumps rally than Joe Biden, whatever that was his Starbucks coffee clutch and we're supposed to take from that their troubles to total fair you're the elections over and Joe time number fifty two thousand four hundred eighty seven I keep growing up, I don't even know what number is that trap is definitely down this stuff. That's the take away again a fair analysis of this, which will do on a serious note. Yes, the crowd wasn't what it was, it prior rallies, which is probably understandable, given the fact that the left tried to sabotage which I'll get you in a minute. We still have the wrote a virus and there's an economic recession going on and black. Lives matter and some eighty four people threatened basically beat the crap out of people who showed up at the rally given their past history and tea for with assaulting people are Trump rally. I think twelve thousand peoples are pretty crowd.
Call me crazy. Folks, call me, nuts, I think that's a pretty good crap, so I'll take the secret service number of twelve thousand number one hears. My second point on this before we get it dont say: oh he's a dance. She is a serious tier one class, a dunce we'll get that a minute. What that has to do with the rally but out another, and given my past experience, I can't tell you when I was Obama how many rallies I went to one of where I was led adviser? I was the senior age on the trip advising a guy who is doing his first lead advance, that's why I was the lead if I had done tons of them. So once you've done a lot of lead advances, we coordinate the whole trip. You advise the other guy who's doing his first. I was elite leader multiple times. One of the trips I was elite leading on was President Obama's trip to the Prudential centre. Where he was there in support of John Corzine. At the time in two thousand I was a Democrat running for reelection and
the republican Run and against them. You may have heard whose aim is Chris Christie, while Chris one that election. I will never we cannot be in the lead adviser and the Obama staff at the way. The new Jersey Devils play at the Prudential Centre, saying we're gonna pact this place, so the after Joe twenty two thousand, people now me haven't that a number of lead advances for Barack Obama's presidency before I was you're! Probably not going to fill this thing to the rafters. I pretty good gauge of crowd size. I had only an urban, an agent on probably close to fifty or sixty these trips. I said that the staffer you ain't fell in this place. Bad that everywhere and what you're talking about Obama, but he loves Obama fulfil this place to the brim. Two thousand nine Obama yeah twenty two thousand plus what we stick and pay when the Rafters Cavalry Hagen's, from the rafters swing Jaeger. They can watch from the rafters an overflow Parker LAB, wherever
before wanted overflow. How many people showed up in that event, partly about six thousand. It was so bad the top part of the stadium, which you say that in which they can follow the seats up there, but the top part stadium? Obama eventual they had a torpid off because it was empty because their word, and even anyone up there, at least at the drop rally. There were people up there. It wasn't act fair. The Obama rally for cars are there was nobody up their data that thing off so you couldn't see all the ep. Oh yeah real. I remember that year when I of television oriented here before so you ve heard it before. That's why it sounds familiar to Joe he's been here for all, why twelve one thousand two hundred eighty one episode. We have one more episodes and Joe Biden said people that is rarely get. I'm just telling you it's true is, I remember, ever really
story and send it to me if I'm wrong, in the mainstream media, not local supper, the mainstream media about how disappointing the attendance was. The Obama rallies remember that story so again to be fair, the event under performed expectations. Also be fair. This is your soul. Take away from the event your soul, take away your frauds, you're just fakes and phony senator, He grows and you're under reporting. The number who are of people who were in their it was probably a between secret service. Amber of twelve thousand, was probably accurate fact you're out staff and everyone else, you probably a close to eight to ten thousand people policy said workers why they reporting system because six thousand sounds worse for Trump Suzie the truth. If they could report and get away with it.
Seven people showed up despite the picture they would do it do liars my glasses, a frustrating dealing with these morons. Now showing you what else they were dealing with here. Is this total dance, a yo see. I mean just a tier one level congressional loser, she's proud of this when she's responding to Brad PAR scale, who is to pay? And trunks campaign manager who is talking about the you know why they that turnout was a little weak radical protesters a week of apocalyptic media coverage. Eo see that done says. Actually you just got rocked and all caps because she's, you know she thinks like a child by teens on Tik Tok, who flooded the Trump campaign with fake ticket reservations and tricked you into believing a million people. Wanted your white supremacist open MIKE enough to pack During Colvin shout out, Tis Humours, you all make me show proud. A merger Mogi Guy Winkie people.
This is an actual member of congress- are winkie you ever the woman's adults. Ok, we must be honest. She's, a total dunce series with a double digit iq. It's just embarrassing suggested clear what she's doing on Twitter want sense or any of this by the way the twitter tyrant, you're a total jobs, so glad to be involved with an alternative. I am just so sick of I really at this. Stay on, they are just the crushed, the labs, because they are so awful on twitter footing clear when I or doing on Twitter Tik Tok with this, which, as there's been a number of people, It's about suspicious chinese ties to tick. Tock, communist party apparatchiks can confirm, but those reports are out there so just to be clear, you have a suspicious app that multiple reports are put at some suspicious ties to the chinese government. Ports are everywhere on that. You can read him yourself. Your prayers that you use set up to it. Age and election fraud and get a bunch of people together.
A campaign for the presidency, a bunch of fake and false and fraudulent information and your advertising it. Why? Because you dance you re o c and she's like this was a huge when, for me sure it was you keep telling yourself that opening Pandora's box imagine bragging about using it up with suspicious ties to the chinese government to multiple ports bragging that you trying to engage in fraudulent activity and Advocate Board before one of the most elections. Have our lifetime imagined note all, but let's talk about russian collusion, Tromp colluded with the Russians railway. Let's talk about that, we can investigate eight or sea for colluding with Tik Tok and potentially chinese government bath course, not because you know she's a dance and she's, even though any better.
That this woman got elected. The Congress is really embarrassing. I mean I mean that I'm not listen. We ve got enough bad republicans. I get it really the dumbest people. I've ever seen, get elected the cash actually advertising trying to use fraud, the impact and election, but set up a bunch of fraudulent accounts and seventh trumped camp yes and hamlets tweet it! Oh, my gosh, what an idiot incredible I got more and this limited. The left is just ass their minds, it's an m hope and I'm really hoping to get the despite aid stuff. I know, but I'm gonna loaded. So let me get my seconds Bosnia. My need who best friends at parlor. As you know, I do have a financial interest in parlor, full disclosure, but they do pay for advertisements on the show, is well entered. They are distinct from my ownership of the company parlor. Do you
really folks at this point. Do we really need a Mamma reading that some are just leave it out, but I'm at a read my own thing, because I'm just I'm telling you how parlour was going down and why parlour and why I decided to join a company is well folks. Tat. Can't stand. You is a sick as anybody guessing that anymore. They just don't like you. They dont, like conservatives, the jackdaws see this. Care about conservators, a twitter, they can't stand you why, where Ruby Gillis! Listen, I'm not telling you by the way to dump your twitter facebook stay on their, but make it your second or third that you only post after you go to parlor, make it your new social media home. It is mine. Now it is my first stop every day for news. My first step for commentary. I loved parlor p our l e r, p A r l e are part p, r, L, E r visit the app store today speak freely. Adhesion alternative to Facebook and Twitter, where you don't have to worry
about being censored like the twitter tech, tyrants will kick you off, therefore, specifically address. Conservative ideology and a libertarian and liberty, loving values. Follow on parlor, I'm at the Bonn GINO, that's parlor p, our earlier dot com or find this in the app store parlour p r l your that calm parlor dotcom? Folks, I'm not kidding. I know I've, so ownership state can accompany just to be clear and the disclosure, but we are the hardest thing in social media right now we are adding hundreds of thousands of new accounts, because people are fed up with the Tec. Tyrants go check it try and make sure to follow me about the bunch. You know I like to say I think I have the most followers on the platform, because you are also my own. It's because you know me economic, follow myself once I don't think I could do that. Put your great ok, weaving, I'm so the left
totally lost its mind, are taking advantage of the Roma manual. Never let a crisis go to waste theory, and now we ve seen the left morph from what they at once was a slippery slope. You remember that folks, medicine We slope when they started tearing down confederate statues. We said to them. It's only a matter of time before they start Erin down statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson too, I mean it It would take that long ere. It didn t doing that. Now there, like burning them, ripping them down there just insane. Well, now, it's not just Washington and Jefferson. Basically, anyone associated with the history of America, because leftist hate you and they hate this country and they hate everything you stand for. Never forget the axiom, True, the politics. As we see it now you think liberals are people with bad ideas. You better wake up to the fact that liberals think you're bad people with ideas, because there are very big difference between us,
two things and the similar you wake up to that back. The more informed your being here from W Cbs a New York CBS Affiliate, Teddy Roosevelt, I urge you to be removed from the Museum of natural history. Caddy Teddy Roosevelt Pr Teddy Roosevelt. Was he a confederate soldier too, checking joy, not a history! Major bottom recently coverage Teddy Roosevelt was not a confederate general. I've just checking to have those history majors after you may want to send us a fact check, reasonably confidence to your right, Joe you're, a good Riviera yoga, reasonably confident to Europe is not a confederate. Can we are thank you. Farming is uniting samples measure, but it doesn't matter we gotta go If he's, if this statute, by the way it's been taken down by the city of Europe, if it's not taken down, I'm sure the left this time will show up with their soviet style. You know of but bolshevik tactics and rip the thing
burn it maybe like deprecate on a two just to send an extra message home, because I love that kind of stuff there really sick people, ladys German. What's going on right now, listen to me, this never had anything to do with confederate statues. Folks, ok, never that's not what this was about. I mean: is it not obvious through this point, when they ran out of confederate statues to rip down and burn injure peep where they actually dropped? The statue, when some do tat
Poor guy native kidding aside even a joke when they ran out of confederate statues, they started pulling down statues of just about everyone: George Washington Sovereignties, the author of Don Quixote, when he left us at our member here, my mess with really pull down the survivors, who happened to be a slave by the way? What point they don't know left this don't know history, there morons so they're pulling our statute, which is really about. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a strange power play This is left. This are nihilists. They wanted destroy everything we have right now. They dont believe in capitalism. They don't believe in bigger God, given rights, they don't believe in the structure of our society. As we see it, they think the United States is a sinful hate filled country. They think it's a country full of white supremacist. They think the original sin of the country, slavery will forever stain the country. That is it.
Non recoverable and that the country needs to be destroyed. This is a nihilist ideology. You, ten. It's some reformist ideology that listen we're only looking at getting ready, confederate statues that fought for the confederacy I'm telling you you have missed read this situation is going to be a catastrophic consequences if you don't wake up fast. That is not what this is about. This is about Erasing our history all together and whoever well in that enable them to a strict power play. Whoever will emit follow me. These points gonna be a little nuance Joe audience. Ombudsman had on please God he's referee Paula Youtube. This is an important point and wait. And when I get to wonky, but it matters when You engaged in a strict power plant like the radical left is enormous. They just want to take power, no more complicated than to subjugate you. Conservatives there was silence you bankrupt, you fire, you potentially imprison you shut you up by taking power over
They need a vehicle to take that power. Whether rich sorry surrogates that will act on their behalf, elected officials and let them do what they want better which, where in charge, we do this city and he's gonna stay every kind of like the mayor's yeah. You get it, but she said we anything while a bunch of terrorist took over apportions yet so she's, basically their useful idiots. So either a let those people who will be useful idiots importance for us or we will take office ourselves so their attacks on these statues, our culture, everything s trying to erase our history. They will not touch a statue or a politician who they think will advance their cause. Because you may be saying yourself right now, why are ripping down statues of F the r who literally imprison Japanese and determine camps in world war. Two, why aren't they
destroying and ripping apart the history of L b J, who is known use the end word around the wider known. It's been reported everywhere. What about all these college campuses is Jesse Kelly radio? I have Rev radio radio and a friend by the way, does a great show himself Jessica, Alisha, whose we should all weekend satirical virtue. Why are they changing? Maybe Yale University? But you know that Yes, yes, named after was a slave on. Why are they went? Why? What's going on with that? Because left this don't care about this, they don't care about a year alone, slaves. Fifty are imprisoned. The Japanese of L J, Drop the end word? They don't care about any of that. They know the Democrats are weak and their use Eddie, it's an they will enable them to advance their power agenda to subjugate you, so they leave them alone. This has nothing to do with anything other than attacking any component of history
that will get their way of taking overpower period full stop. Thank you have stay. You don't believe me listen to a useful idiot here. Jos, very familiar with me to this guy is the kings of the useful idiots There was like a monarch court of more full of useful idiots, Chris Van Holly. Yes, yes, you ve heard that this is it sclusively from the great carry packet, The few good journalists actually left out there carries on parlor by the way p. I seek Eighty one to carry fake it is a great report has given us an exclusive on this idea. She catches up with that faster, Senator from Jos, beloved state of Maryland, Democratic, Chris Van HOLLAND. Again One of the kings of the useful idiots crap and she basically there's two of my carry this in this whole statue. Tearing down thing is this: cabin and point at issue here.
This kind of telling, because it shows this guy has no principles. What's a while the left, those he has no principles and that's why they ll never actually go after Krispijn our because he's the useful idiot they need to obtain power. Listening this audio check this out, there tell him about the status of their being ripped down critically, just by vigilantes. Your thoughts on that, where am I in my view, is the monuments, celebrate those who fought to protect? to show of slavery really have no place children being where, but should it be ripped down by people who were not? Police innovation needs to be taken down, and I understand the sediment to pull them down and we need to be working for the sheep government.
I believe I that's. That figure will be standing by why vigilantes are ripping them down them. These monuments to people who fought hard to protect, the two issues of slavery, ripping giant categories ass. They need to combat the ripping abolitionist ripping down Gandhi, the written down other monuments, other think like Edric generals, and talking about I dont forget about those celebrate those who want to protect labour. You believe this clown again if there was a definition of useful area right beside Krispijn, our slack Chris Van. How and senator Marrow Democrat carry This will make ok. So this was about confederate statues and you're angry Indeed, the left his angry at people who protected these future slavery she's. Well, what about the abolitionist Crispin? How
doesn't know what an abolitionist did. Of course, he does he not stupid or just before he's equal look, look, look, look, survive, people protected slavery. The gavel drops the stupid hammer working to cause abolitionists you're going down statues of abolitionists Joe. The route word of abolitionists would be to abolish right, abolishes whitewash, Abolition is trying to abolish I'm gonna, guess crazy time. You I'm thinking they were trying to abolish slavery. Just again, I'm nope! hd in history. Folks, just checking to hold on its abolition is.
Yes, yes, abolition just checking that they were trying to abolish slavery. So, let's rip their statute stand, who of course been Harlem who, if he had an ounce of principle and even of a eight scintilla of dignity, which he doesn't of course he's a useful any useful idiots have those things he would say yeah. You know what I dont support that that's pretty awful and candidly these statues, although we may disagree disagree, are they be voted on its dangerous to pull, things down, we ve already had someone hurt, they can take up. Listen, you live in a place, And you have a city council, a town council, you don't like the statues, you disagree with. You think they stood for what they did stand for. I am I made bigger God, given rights, conservative have added vote on it. Take it down. Do it safely to you, thing. I don't want to tell you how to vote. We have a bridge. He remarked in county named after veterans. If, people don't want to acknowledge veterans, Morn County, which would never happen? You forgot it. You
lose ninety nine to one, but that's ok for on it. We all know who again doesn't have any dignity or courage at all can't say that, because he's afraid. And when you are engaged in a strict power play the core the realm is what intimidation a strict powerfully, not a democracy, Not a constitutional republic, a strict take over mob rule power play the coin of the round is intimidation and Chris Van Hollan loser intimidates rather easily. Thank you for the exclusive audio and that will look forward to more, carries pickets, work and movie feature you. The shell in the future, because that's the question actual jerk you, no real journalists, mathematics Is it CBS an amnesty and see how those are actually ass? You adhere to combat
slavery? Well, your point out statues of God, the abolitionist I'm I'm just checking kind of like abolition is them my gosh morons. Now in case, you believed also show will be demanded. The way you think pallaby be demonetized at about ten seconds that I think we'll get through ten seconds of the show before worthy modifies right, major Ok, ok, do with arms! Believe me, I'm working! I I never stop working. I've got alternatives to everyday twitter picked whither. They pick the fight with the wrong when they bear my ads. Did you ever you demonetized, whatever you like Here's some other video. You may not like to see if your left this, so you know, of course, Joam Black lives matter. If you believe the high black lives matter cares about black lives, essentially, is we're not talking about school choice or actually funding their police, which
say black lives in high crime areas, some of which happened to be minority communities. You think they be added. For those six now they're advocating for the exact our school choice? What are you crazy? We give young black children a shot. Educate. We don't want dad, but you're sluggish blacklist of out of court. Do that just a slogan defined the police but p we'll die and minority communities. You know that we ve tried de policing neighbours in the past. We have the Ferguson effect and body bags up and minority. Greece listen dude. Just Slogan is black lives matter? Does it actually mean we care about blacklist? Well do you want this show and have for a very long time? Yes, here, yes, here on this, show, leave our long time. Listeners know that choice. We had carried Davis and Scott Turner on this weekend to talk about these issues from a different perspective. Any respect for back and forth. Thank you by the way for blowin that interview show up this week and secure Davis and scattered. Obviously, you folks
how many I did they get over. You gotta do that, while we had a long weekend it's the summer, the interview did fantastic. They both blew it up. Talking candidly about raise issues in the United States, not like leftist. Black. Likewise matter not to you, they don't you don't believe me here is a video I wanna had Tipp the great one mark within. There is no better the great Mark Levin whose, so one parlor by the way. Thank you for joining or play dishonest show. This is one of the founders was Patrice Colours, a black lives matter. She's asked a question by an activist who is so proclaim are must, I believe, and he's like listen, we're any Of time I cut out the question port because job call me that's probably bad radio wants to play both of humble when we get somewhere hitherto but the activists like hey, listen, I'm not sorry you black lives matters you're really Marxists in the old school. You guys you lose a little street cried basically, can you explain that here's, the founder, black lives matter saying?
don't worry. We are definitely marxist check this out. I think that the criticism is helpful and I also think that it might, I think, of a lot of The first thing, I think, is that we actually do have ideological frame and myself and Elysium Portugal trained organizers. We our train marxists, we are super, First, I'm sort of ideological theories. I dont black lives mattered. Let me tell you a little story: Fino mine, I'm taking a point of personal private, some of you like my stories, some of you don't I'm gonna tell him so I spent a lot of time in Russia a lot of time. Get out I'm ship on the case.
Well we're collusion here, get out, but you you call it and get a bad phone right now to be ok, now we're done which, if we got that out of the way this clearly evidence of collusion. Accordingly, I actually did spend some time in Russia twice. As a matter of fact, and I never forget going over there. My prior line of work on advanced, I forget which trip was think it was the one I was there with President Clinton, I was a young agent with the secret service. Back I was over is opposed, stand there and I think it was trip and we had a most is not a joke. This is not inflammatory summit. It's a fact. A former soviet country and we had a blackmail agent with Us- and I forget what we say in the Metropole or the merrier whenever it was that time and in the hotel, the black agents room found a little gift in the toilet ball. You can figure out. Some of you may be eating what it was. I promise you wasn't a bouquet of flowers fallow
There is room in there? I think anything other, but. Someone, one of the locals, who was familiar with the area? Let's say so the air that that's not uncommon. You know that they, really they don't like black Ben here, I'm not joking vote. I'm not indicting everyone in Russia, I'm not inviting people of russian heritage. I dont stereo Typee, I'm saying what happened right there and what that guy told us. You think collectivist and soviets- and meat is treated black men and women and minorities well, do you have any? even a basic cursory understanding of history, I dont mean like a phd in history. I mean like, have you ever cracked, the history book ever in your life like, including back into their great, I had sister relevant third great, and we, This, how do you think minorities, black men, Asia, men
muslims minority communities have been treated by collectivist and soviets. An marxist slightly had a black lives matter, claims to act or black lives matter. Let me just answer that question for you that well little things like death, torture, concentration camps. If you wait. You can actually figure that out even the clowns it Wikipedia probably get this one. China has concentration camp, right now for muslim minorities, just Google, weaker concentration camps, China, but the black lives matter head. These colours who claims black lives matter, says she's a devout marxist Marxist, where they kill exterminate in prison and put minorities in concentration camps, and they leave little gifts in the toilet. But I promise you they weren't flowers there, it is
You hear a folks, I wonder when people in the alleged media then alike ass a cherry picking, Alaska, real questions, but I wonder what people claim to be journalist, we'll start asking people who represent black lives matter, hey guys, Ladys, I'm just checking you all. The what do we want dead costs? When do we want to now kraut right and all those cup he's out there doing a blacklist matter. What are they gonna be asked this question you worthy is in a blanket frame like bacon, crap they're, not talking about pigs, to talking about cops. You're founder, Miss Patrice color claims to be a marxist. You know: Marxism concentration camps, death, Treatment of minorities extermination that kind of thing. Hundreds of millions of dead bodies. Is this really what you want to advocate, for you sure black lives them
These people folks and I'm very sorry if you ve, been suckered into believe any being bullied into believing otherwise I'm not on when you I am yet urine Military, you know Figaro, big mouth baby, I'm totally fig mouth f. It got I ordered my orders are to go and fight for the cause. I dont care. You do Whatever you want. This show is not stopped ploughing straight ahead. We dont care. I've said this repeatedly have insulated myself from all your stupidity with off ramps everywhere there is now Then you can do to media. Intimidate me anymore. Man with nothing to lose. Is the most dangerous one out there.
I'll be dangerous, and I mean dangerous to these violent left this. If nothing to lose, there's nothing! You can do to me. You can come here for the truth. Every single day and what I can't fixed by the show I'll fix what my money and I'll fix with my business experience as I do just like you that just about the talk so yeah, I'm just checking M M assuming hoping many of your email, those companies that have supported black lives matter group
out there, some of whom we had scrap, why my support say that sorry, don't care, I assume you mail them too and ask them why there supporting groups or marks Chino murders marxist calling for dead cops get on that. We did. Ok, don't delete that can already see. If I may get this when we can expect a more fired up today, as you can tell woke up this morning for fighting friends, I've been gassed ever since. I really am- I really upset about. What's going on this country, let me get Finisterre, waited man expiry holler. She had rated motion. I did before you get from annex I want to give to extort quickly. I got a lot more material showing again how people who don't know anything about anything should probably not say anything about things. They don't know anything about. Here's bread far, who
use the respect? I now a mob, just kind of done with this dope, so bread far. What was great quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, a bread far accorded DMZ sports, says it column Capron. You know the depicting pigs, socks wearing guy capital or repair, tell what I use. Hero status will be stamped on cap and really that's a vastly here's a from the pieces, the actual quote by birth farm in case you think, I'd miss quoting him. Listen you're affair! This guy, create you. Do you this guy, I dont know if I had an autograph Brett Far Jersey right now, I would throw it right. Mc garbage I'd, be embarrassed, showed him ass, here's bread for this week and who doesn't know anything about anything. Obviously, Pat tell me spread Potomac. A maid who gave up his salary and job in Vienna fell with the Arizona cardinals you have that peaceful, ok, sorry you who are you actually gave up his job we as an innovative safety with the Arizona Cardinals to go fight overseas, Pat Tillman,
died over their bread farm, comparing Capron it, but you have devoted with the soft right. This is colleague happening. That's it! That's colleague, Capron Exe echo. What are you wearing he's wearing socks with police officers depicted as pigs? So brave harvest, comparing this guy sock, copses, pigs, where're with Pat, tell many pay yet who left is million dollar job in the fell to go far? overseas and died, breath farm reform or as a column, and something about Mary Breath ever well. Bred far Van Brandt favour you're on my do not ever send the dollar to anything. You support ever again campaign I'll expect an apology today, if you all
like a peacefully of course, as we're not left this light, the B l a marxist, but if you like to tweet, parlay or email or whatever bread far, would be nice. If you ask them for an apology, because we all deserve it. Ok, now sponsor they and I got another story as predicted by the way in New York. Sadly, I wish I was wrong. When I told you was going to happen, is now happening in New York. I got that, hopefully, some aspire gates. I've been pushing this forever. You probably madame this point, but a battle has been a loaded companies facial bites of our friends at re con. These are my, ladies and gentlemen, check them out museum and if you can hear that, sometimes when you put them in your ear funds on that day, David. Here's, my re Cartier, but whenever my ear now there's one see that where do you work for mobile workin on your feet, so good, a ceiling of the cell? My self talk me I'm not even kitty.
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The gutless Nypd police Commissioner Dermot Shea, who I have repeatedly called the resign on Twitter Dermot. Shea again, if you working in New York, he live in New York. You should probably email your public officials air and request he resize well, Durham. J C, gutless police, Commissioner of New York City, who decided it would be a good idea to disband the plain clothes any crime units. While I wanted the last week why that was a bad idea, because most self observe crimes by police officers. When a police officer observes the crime happens with close units, the reasons fairly obvious. If you're a criminal can you commit a crime and you see a uniform police officer? You probably don't come said crime- and you wait for the police officer, relieved to then commit the crime you can a rapid, store, you don't go hey. Let's wait for the cops to show up and rob the store, that's not how it works. So you don't have a lot of self observed crime in New York with uniform police officers. Juicy report from someone else, hey that guy beat me up, and I don't get it
while they dump any crime and the new post has a story on it which will be in the show notes today putting surge in New York City. As I said, I made the disbanding of em why pities plainclothes any crime unit, Ellison folks, I wish I was wrong about this. This One of those Joey you weren't a uniform police authority by correct just don't have some, oh, maybe new, listener. Joe, is of course, our producer for those you just fine than us for the first time this weekend for those old timers you Joe better and himself. Thanks are job was not a uniform law enforcement officers but Joe, wouldn't you agree. That plain clothes units are probably a little more discreet than a man or woman, a police uniform with a shield had on a firearm at a baton. Little more discreet, Gregg lay close that uniform as it did give away, so they and their every time. Every time John, every a brilliant analysis by armed conflict? We ve had running for President Miss robbing bags and now is it.
Sufficient, brilliant analysis. Biomarkers, let me quote them for the show quote: the uniform is a dead, give away their brilliant. Thank you Joe figured out what Dermot Shea the commissioner in New York City, police department, kidnapped, armor cost no law enforcement. We're great producer Zero spiritual over yes, then the uniform dead, Giveaway Dermot chain police, commercial or New York, seven, hundred years and law enforcement Buddha. How knows I heard he was a decent guy wants as the CEO of precinct than the bribes ever. Decencies lap is left this guy now dormitory police, commissioner, your we don't need those anti crime units no worries at all. Can we they show the Police Commissioner York the uniform. Yes, probably a dead, give away so of now. People are going to shoot other people who wouldn't do so with a uniform presence.
May if they were going to engage in some activity, maybe- start by playing closed officer who, may may not recognized right away because he's not in a uniform way. To quote Joe is a deck. Give away! you're, not the dreaded air quotes of the celebrated their course because it was brilliant. They may actually catch the guy Stop I'm! As you goes like this You can do that and you too many wars that, like oh winfried people, it's a finger phase out real. Like TAT, the Anti crime guy, probably sees it police I move that kind of thing, but of course, not that's happening because they don't want of a uniform There's on the street, they want to define them any any crime cough. Do what to stop that are now not there either, because there in uniform, probably in the precinct, they probably
I'm doing a flower deliveries and and and sweeping off people's front porch is now screenshot from the new post peace, where we strong policy really. This is amazed, read this piece in the shone out bonds. You know that consultation, newsletter red police and if I don't get the despite its their Rita head Margot Cleveland article to Chris Gray, I'll get them some of it. Shootings are surging this week in New York City, with twenty eight incidents and thirty eight victims reported since Monday. Thirty eight noone at the post learned on Friday. I, by the way folks I knew this was going to happen Are we and like a bit of a war zone? That's the deal, by the way the New York City Police Department, this ban, that is enclose any crime unit the posts learn on Friday. I buy folks I knew this was going to happen. I did things can happen this quickly being candidate by Paris in the same week last year that only twelve shootings for the entire week.
In the most recent reported shooting at four p m Friday in New York Brooklyn, why does that sound familiar any force? Because that's where I was a cop and seven five policing? eighty seven year old man died of multiple gunshots when she was torso face and leg in front of us, sporty Stanley Avenue location. I know. Well they seven in your old boy was also shot? There wasn't stable condition. Police said quote: this is what the politicians wanted no bail. Nobody in Rikers cops not arresting one one. Law enforcement sore said Friday, all those things equal pay, walking around on the street, with guns shooting each other sad joke forces as to why this is like that some celebrate tory moment. Look I wish ripe Babo gosh. I wanted to be wrong. There's nothing! I would have liked more than four Dermot Shea. After is thirty years or whatever law enforcement to have some brilliant inside then antiques
I wasn't needed any more at this bands, anti crime and crime goes down. I would love to be wrong. Commits a Dermot show you will write, taken, plainclothes officers off the street and putting them in uniforms. You are absolutely right, great idea. Unfortunately, my experience has taught me. Otherwise I told you this was going to happen. I just didn't think it was going to happen this weekend and now thirty eight people have gunshots in them in their bodies, real people with real lives whose blood is read just like you and me have actual bulletin
this weekend, because we thought pulling at the crime cops off. The street was a good idea and by we I mean Dermot, Shea listen, Dermot Chaise, not a dope. I've got a lot of emails and I know you're watching this damage shea, because our audience is so big. Now no one can avoid. We say in the show, thanks to you you're the power, not me, I'm not a bee Elam Collectivist, you or the power the individual, the sink to the show, but the show is way too powerful to ignore anymore- and I know Dermot Shea, based on the audience of cops, we average is substantial. I know you'll see this you're disgrace. You took a once decorated career guys. Like you, I got a lot of email said you were a decent commanding officer when you were in the Bronx and you sold. You saw you sold your soul,
took wound communist mayor, the Plaza and because you sold, you saw, people will die and thirty eight people Good Porsche Them- probably have bullets in this weekend because you can enforce the law in America's biggest city. This resign seriously just walk away and shame now before it gets worse, disgraced yourself and the badge, and I'm really sorry. I have to call you. I can't OPEC fights with these bill, don't care at all. Yeah yeah damaging what, if you dont down, if you have walked away from your job, you moron, I did. I left my job to go run for office. We when, but at least we stood for something, unlike you coward. What is this guy now? What Actually leave is jobbed ever has different guy. Sorry dunce! I may have some of the spider stuff immunity, I've been a lot of incredible developments and finally,
Finally, people are picking up on what the big stories. What have I told the audience is the biggest angle of the spy gate story, that very few people are reporting on from the beginning. The biggest angle is this: Not only was it Trump team spied on. We know that again, that's old lose. At this point great, we wrote to now three books about my toper coming up. It's not that they were spied on yet a scandalous enough. It's that you pay for it. Now all we taxpayers ass few now dad Hilary paid for Hilary she dead. You sure Hilary paid for the dossier you're right Hilary did pay for it, but who paid the people who put information in the anti trompe dossier you did know
and you about this from the start now Catherine average, whose brilliant she's overt CBS renown used to be a fox, a colleague over there cavalry or not, for I ve, never actually better in person, despite the fact that we work the same come before, but she is brilliant and she has out between the Zella week old. This is when women dying. I put this about me, but you say there was a key time. Linear August tat. The dossier specifically mentions might win August, eleventh which found that the FBI T met with confidential source? To that was that was that's help or by the way. Five days later, they open across crossfire razor. My when why does this matter because Catherine had to start new figure out rapid gosh, this guy helper confidential human source, to seems to show up at every single critical juncture? case and some of the information he has Joe keeps appear in it dossier Hilary paid for, but who is paying helper the FBI governments by
if you'd like to read a hand to tomorrow, show I strongly encourage you to read this peace by the great Margo Cleveland at the Federalist is absolutely stunning. What's side, grass, these letters demanding more about the deep state role in spiky? Let me rephrase Margo Cleaver headline polychrome. You paid for stepping up where, despite the triptych, that's the real title of this this is an unbelievable of peace, and I encourage you read in the show. No spongy go that complex newsletter because I'm gonna be going into detail about this tomorrow. Do a little teaser here about what this is again Herod. You start to figure it out her tree but set started. First. Smart have sounded condescending and I did not intend it that way. It all. My forgive me, Catherine urge brilliant. She no this for a long time, but now she's tweeting publicly about what she knows that this guy helper, who was being paid by the Pentagon. You know the Pentagon, for the liberals, have our Pentagon taxpayer Thing Department of Defense,
you have been a God help or whose spying on the Trump theme is being paid by an office within the Pentagon called the office of net assessments. Information, only help or had seems to be appearing in the dossier Hilary paid for, but I thought the dossier was the work of Christopher Steel. People thought that, hence the name the steel. Yeah, but what? If the steel dossier is really the steel, how Burglar Simpson, dossier and taxpayer money was used to pay helper, which in turn got information into the dossier used. Despite the presidency. That has been this scandal from day one. That's been it starts. Just did Hilary. We know she's corrupt, paid to spy on the Trump team. It said you did. Let's go to screen shot number one from the specialist peace again Rita head, because this is gonna get very, very good speech. Our number one from Argo clean
to reflect piece in the Federalist Halpert or no spied on trumped him he's a spy folks, it's as simple as that you spying on corridor page spying on George pop up Please help wasn't only working for the FBI, he was so receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from away the office of net assessments, independent gone including, as I told you, I told you, including to contracts that span the same time period is the crossfire hurricane Investigation of the tribe campaign wow That is stunner gradually, more information about these contracts from our when aid, but the Iowa republican Senator receive little help from Jim Bake of melody. Why would they be looking to hide these contracts?
because ass fat little cava wears a great book out right now, by the way who was a victim of how poor and the spy gate scandal, she has a book out now the inside story, a spy gate, it's on were bookstores or so that their Barnes ennoble another was picking up your bookstore. As she has pointed out to me, often in conversation she's given me permission to share those contracts are suspicious, so how helpers being paid by the Pentagon, your tax dollars to produce information that seems to creep up on a corresponding timeline of exactly would steal, produces dossier mammals, ladies and gentlemen, think about the impact of that I'm going to go into what happened afterwards and how bad are going through it at the Marshall. It's not just. Did Hillary pay the spy on Trump? You did contracts from the United States government paid. The least
spying on the Trump team, Mary UP, almost perfectly with the timeline of the crossfire Hurricane FBI, investigation into the trumpet? Oh, don't worry as just a big coincidence. According to Adam ship, in the other clouds Jerry, neither inaccurate just a big coincidence, I'm sure I'll go into more tomorrow. I've gotta number of other screenshots from the speech, but that is the big take away. Not only was he paid by the Pentagon helper, who was spying on the trumpet, but the contracts overlap with the FBI by Hurricane investigation, to worry just a bigger winkie, think, I'm sure that's so much as a lot of material for today, starting off my they would. Big news. I will be guessed hosting the five today at five o clock. That's for a reason, five
on the Fox NEWS Channel five PM eastern time. Please check it out, I'm sure they'll be some spicy back and forth. As always, I think Gregson vacate today or whatever it may be so check that out the five set you Dvr and our police share the shell, the numbers last week where, in credit, Thank you so much folks appreciated police ass described my show, an apple pod and on Youtube Youtube. Dotcom, slash bond GINO, we're almost five hundred thousand subscribers, but a lot of work into the video. We appreciate your support, its of course, free subscriptions are free. Thank you. So much talked him up. You just heard it in Bonn, GINO.
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