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Deeply Troubling Video Emerges from the Riots (Ep 1262)

2020-05-29 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the exploding war between President Trump, and the Twitter tech tyrants. I also address the riots in Minneapolis, and the only way to stop them. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bungee, no folks, avi say we're in a real crisis right now, there's so much going on. But last night I saw a story that is era story to this. George Floyd and the cops name is Derek Calvin. Is zero. Act story there, I've got that don't miss that fascinating story. I read last night: there's Firstly, a lot of layered things going on right now I got that also I warned you about a false, false narrative, fake news alert. I put out what two or three weeks ago that is now coming to fruition. Now these media types are so predictable. Folks got that whole lot more, including trump and the ever growing war on the Tec, tyrants,
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Joe, let's go beyond its quickens with day I couple extra rigs switch. The devil excited calmed down, switch and so, for example, with everything go and our right. Now we are in and it an incredible Debbie meeting of crime sees at the same time we ve got the rule on virus, got the economic crisis we ve got situation in Minneapolis with the riots on top of the death of George Floyd. Before stuff going on right now, we're America Wareham will handle it. I don't want to do You know the whole drudgery report thing where it states constant horror all the time, but I read this last night, I believe it the story between is there a back story, between these two George Void of I've spoken out with an hour now repeatedly, George voyages individual knee on the neck was killed by a police officer, the names Derek Chow
when I believe, as its name spoke out about that, I believe it was obviously and abuse use of force. Guidelines demand. There is no reason this mansion at Diet, George, for no reason at all and people have been set. And this is why it bothers me about speculating about motivation. I was on. Live in her all injected race into it, which obviously was a white police officer, and Now there are going to be people who want to meet. Lee speculate at the motive was racism. Ladies and gentlemen, I just want to talk but it s a humanity issued a man should not have died period. If it out later we find out this police officer was, was a racist and even the then. Obviously Storyline will address on the show, but this. Humanity, if she were humankind issue now I say that because this year another part of this story we were unaware of local station at their Katy b as story up. I found that these two individuals may may now
each other George Floyd and they fired police officer, overlapped security shifts at us, Minneapolis Club again, as I said yesterday, I say again with regard to these specific use of force incident inappropriate. Tat actually criminal and the family of George Floyd does deserve proper justice here, no quest in about that. I've covered it now for today's. Having said that, I did say we are going to have to get at some point. The full story, especially if this turns into a criminal trial fascinated you may know each other? Apparently the police officer Accord this new salad and Mr Floyd worked overlap in shifts at a club in there in Minneapolis, so again regarding the use of Force Force incident, I think we have a pretty good case. That this was obviously an abusive use of force, but for the whole, story. It's gonna, be it thing to see what comes out later ass. They on top of that region,
not an angle that they have some history together again, not did it in any way absolves. Anyone of that used to force incident responsibility, but it is, you know it's gotta. Fascinating? If we hear the full story about what really happened? Did they know each other interesting, but follow that Katy S begin? Having said that last night, riots broke, broke out in Minneapolis. I don't I don't I don't I don't. I don't know. I just don't get this. I can't figure this out. What do you think you're Do you think you're helping this situation? Do you think this is somehow justice for Mr Floyd's family? It deserves, as do you think this is helping. Understand, I'm missing how stealing a flat screen or emptying out a target burning down Facilities locations Tail outlets in your own neighborhood in any way assists in getting justice for the man's family and some resolution to this on questioning, tragedy. I am unsure that the issue
where's is obviously doesn't help. You are part of the problem. Having said that, You know I did her. Those radio show this. My sometimes I do is radio show after we debate on Hannity and I was commenting Raul Geraldo, how you know it's incredible to me, really credit Sometimes hard to believe how conservative George the overwhelming majority of conservatives. I I I mean talk to correspond with. The email on a twitter, a good, solid principle, people and their principal stall waiver. It doesn't matter if president, running up a lot of data. President Obama there's still talking about debt being the problem, other things as well, just this, whether your black or white or asian, whatever it may be justice and a big, our God given rise, they don't leave. The constitution was not a suggestion and it doesn't care what race you are what religion you are. Having said that conservatives agree. I've seen very few outliers here that this in Then it was clearly and abuse of force and the family of George
Lloyd Deserve justice. I have not seen any conservatives with a blue, checkmark or prominent media folks. Disagree on that yet comes to the rights which are abhorrent, grotesque, and should be called out the media right now in the left wing media is doing everything they can to make sure the riots are somehow downplayed and made to be protest some of which just got out of hand some our protests the right to assemble bigger God. Given right, I believe in the constitution, and I believe you should have the right to protest and if you're angry These are angry. To did not give anybody, the right to go out and burn a target down or destroy it zone. Listen to this ridiculous. Absurd, outrageously, dumb clip you may be dumber after hearing this of Emerson MSNBC host on the year as a How is burning behind him? This is not a joke. You wanna watch the cliff Youtube DEC,
slash bonds, you that's the video version of our show, but you can hear it. There's a being burning in the background, I'm not kidding Cynthia, how we characterizes and tries to downplay. It is always only mostly a protest check this out. I want to be clear and how I rise in this mostly approach as it is. It is not, generally speaking, unruly fires have been started and there's cravat I mean. Is this a joke again? The Joe Bear with me here now here. Ok, because only I need a second to think this through on the air with my own and that kid I do more. My show wrap. I've got a lotta notes here today. I am doing this intentionally. I want to think this, through with you on the air. Because I'm sincerely from the bottom of my heart bothered by how internally
this guy's cemetery hears MSNBC was another he's a stupid guy. I don't, I think it it would be helpful if he was cuz, then you just attributed to ignorance or just stupid in the most. If he's a building burning behind him wondering how reasonably intelligent people with different political views, how we can come to some if we're two separate circles, how we can come to some overlapping space where we can agree on some basic measures this year, all of this Joe. Yes, I do some basic truth here number one what happened to George Floyd? We support he did not deserve to die allegedly passing a counterfeit bill number two George floor family should get justice number three. The constitution absolutely protect your bigger God given right to us. Humble publicly petition the government and protest and number for that. Does not include breeding.
People up burning down businesses or destroying your neighbor, why I dont understand why this is complicated messing with you really think you? Why can't the left and left wing media like MSNBC like we do want fox when we called out what we thought we'd missed What is an appalling situation? Nobody on fire equivocate it about it. When, with YO came out. We got a relatively decent picture, we arrive every fact yet, but we had enough facts to form an informed opinion my waited, I waited forty eight hours so the people I know on Fox and the people on this show Joe Paul a jointly agreed, that's pretty aboard this family deserve just. Why can't I half way media do the same thing and just say: hey folks, this is not clearly a protest anymore. There's people around watching a bill. Burned out no one's making any attempt to put it out. I bring this up. Ladies and gentlemen on the air,
on my show, because I'm genuinely not sure how we move forward as a coherent country, albeit with political differences, if there's nothing. We can agree on anymore. There were protests that, where legitimate, unfortunately, a small shows protest turned into riots and they should be called out by everyone, not miss. To make it sound, but this is mostly a protest that damn it's almost show Cannibal surmise. We liked a gift. They have the naked God movie when, Slovenia since, like everything's, ok here and the buildings burning biometric data, give it's meant to be a joke. This is Barry sing. What is placing video the backers? Well, the aftermath of this unspeakable, gradually the next day. This is from a local rapporteur, this video he took the next day. Here I mean again, for those you watching, a Youtube Youtube account the videos,
This looks like job, wouldn't you agree. This looks like something out of mad man. Yes, looks like the road worryin we write this looks like out of assyrian war zone. This is, Scots people are Minneapolis deserve better than this, and this is MAX max and Astern act via Twitter. I had to him for the video. Is a local reporter people live there waiting someone asked people in Detroit major cities ravaged by wants, big riots in the past, these cities take decades to recover. This is not fair. Leave it with this. Does I've got a lot to get you to it, but it's important folks what talking about today. On this show, I could tell you what we're not talking about we're not talking about, the video with George Floyd injustice. We just mentioned that tangentially after two days, a covered. Why?
because the people who decided to write to the attention of a family that deserves justice and some four peace in the coming weeks or months through justice and that's become now twenty end of the story, while eighty percent of the story, maniacs tearing up in burning down Minneapolis. You ve done nothing to solve this problem. You in fact, are the problem. Unbelievable and I'm really stand. We can come to some agreement on this and by the. The mayor of Minneapolis. This whole lead people blow some steam approach? That's not the way! Any of this works David You can try that New York and remember job all tomorrow, Stephanie Rolling Sprague, yet remember during ready, gradually him you gotta, give them space to destroy. No you, don't you give them space to pay, test and assemble admit people will take you up on that. You don't give it
body space to destroy outrageous, even on Zan other ports, or I warned you weeks ago. I gotcha at I dont like it, because I don't like to appear like we're getting into these. So congratulatory unnecessary moments, but I just never want you to think you're wasting your time and the time even vested in our show. Here we put a lot of work into it. We have great sources, and I warn you a couple weeks: about an impending narrative. The media is all about narratives. I can say this enough, though, doing media is about telling you a. Story, not that store thereabout invite thing a story meant a massage facts and not giving you the facts and I board. You in the MIKE Flynn scandal the targeting scandal that it was going to come out that might and did not like the FBI, but he planned guilty to like the FBI, as he said in his plea, because they were threatening to lock up his son with the
most brilliant, already bankrupt. We had to sell this house people plead guilty, all the time, and as I mentioned repeatedly on my show, I find it interesting that when it becomes a Brill caused cause celeb like this central part, five case they played guilty too. Liberals or like not at all they per guilty, but they were. They were manhandled by the police into it as fine you every Frida believer, but yet, when it comes when were the evidence is overwhelming that he's innocent of charge? That's you we retort. No, no. He put the cases cloth, but its outcome. When it comes to their cases they enjoy. Just this as a matter for flitted matters for others, it might it matters for everyone, the Flint Kay. Horrifies me because I know if I had in my life, been sure of anything. I have told you on the show Joe you unfortunately, we have never wavered from this for three years, even Mike Flynn was being thrown onto the, but you know
you been with me from the beginning. We have never wavered one bit now on the assertion that I believe might Flint is innocent, that he did like the F b one day partially due to sources. Part they do to research. Firstly, due to some got instinct, I had in this case from day one that might Flynn was a target of the Obama administration. Now, with that background,. I told you that when you look at the FBI's own paperwork or their interview with MIKE Flynn on January, twenty fourth of twenty seventeen, where they allege in their interview at the White House with General Flynn that he lied to them about discussing discussing sanctions with the Russians on that call downwards, fascinating, is in the FBI's on paper work. They rode up about the interview, there's no It should have sanctions. A very simple question, folks. How can you lie to the FBI about sanctions on Russia
the FBI so notes. Don't even mention them asking you about sanctions on Russia, I'm I'm just saying just ass in a simple question MIKE when light about sanctions. Did you ask my foot about sanctions, not accorded our paperwork, Joe kind of George because lied about robbing a bang, did you ask Joe about robbing a bank never folks, the ever this everywhere that might Flynn got entirely railroaded Why are you not interested in justice for this man now? What would make this get ready. What would make this case? Geometrically? Worse, So now we know the F b I didn't Flynn lied when they spoke to him because they set it. They told you call me we don't think you'll be deceptive. Second we know they said he lied about sanctions and the conversation about sanction with the Russians, but they re
anything about asking about sanctions actually alliance, so the orange asked about. But what if I told you December twenty nine phone call that there may be that by December twenty nine phone call between Might Flint in the russian ambassador. That became the subject of the interview. What, if I, You there's a possibility. I would emphasise the possibility that, in the treaty. For that phone call they're, not talking about sanctions either that they're talking about the expulsions of the russian diplomats? The gavel drops. How I mean how, only completely entirely devastating to your case. You're gonna port. Restart general in jail for lion, air quotes
sanctions, you never asked them about on a phone call you claim to talk about sanctions and a transcript focal made even show him talking about the sanctions. You said he lied about of joy and put the He's referee other support, could you please tell me you pick it up, but downright jineta baby? Do I mean What did I warned you about? Do you like? Ok, I'll ice, a few weeks ago, the transcripts are now declassified by the outgoing director of National Intelligence Rick, or he declassified the transcript of the call with the FBI, alleged Flynn talked about sanctions with the Russians. We haven't seen it yet, but it's been last vital. Ladies and gentlemen, it is about the come out. I'm telling you when it comes out if doesn't have very specific conversations between Might went in the Russians about the sanctions. Not
spoken, so the russian diplomats? It's a separate issue. Sanctions on russian officials. If that's not even in the call they are in a world of trouble, but but but but but but You mean I, dare we really got them. We never have them, but then that sounds really hard may we never have, though, if we don't, because the life doesn't do the truth, it doesn't matter. We have that is what we have left. This don't care, but don't get all Democrats the hard left. Are worrying police state, stalinist frauds? They don't care, there's nothing! You can tell. They walked out of their media. Pravda propagandists ass lighters and tell a story, not the staff. What would this story be if we see the transcripts in the coming days and theirs conversation about sight, this would be nuclear bomb, in this case, MIKE Flynn, was prosecuted by the mall
team for discussing such sanctions on a phone call. They tradesmen there no evidence of that at all How can he lie about you prosecuted for lying about a conversation, and he was right What's the narrative comic, I wore the check out this tree by Jeff Bennett. This is this. Is this? Could this guy right here? Here we go someone's reading this guy Somethin Jeff Bedded media guy. That Michael where to bachelor kiss calls Grenelle is declassified are written summaries of the call, not audio tapes, this A breeze are not full transcripts, Joe. We, The reader unable to know what's been left out, former administration officials tell I beseech here right, what's gonna happen, did I call this a couple weeks ago, where I said we're gonna, get the transcript and
do exactly what they did during the Trump impeachment helps. Remember that one job can't where there's a trump got on the phone. The ukrainian presenters a quid pro quo, Trop Release is that this group, which I haven't my desk, there's no evidence that the transcript it all again, liberals getting liberals, truth getting wrecked the truth. Rex them again. And their media have just make up a new narrative. No, no, that's not a full transcript. Jobs call to which I do on the show. I then showed you the whistle blower complaint, which, as this is a true, this is an accurate transcript. Better call you date does it matter monsieur. Why are we doing this? We doing this because we live lives of truth and there are persuadable people out there. There are don't give up. Its part, We twenty percent of the electorate that has made it face in this election and still believes liberalism may have some scintilla of honesty and dignity to it. It does. It is our job as embarrassed Those are the true to put out there. The real story, ladies and gentlemen,
How do I know this tweet by Jeff Bennett about? Well, ladies and gentlemen, this may not be the full transcript. The conversely what sanctions maybe missing, because recurrent Alice actually seen it tweeted out yesterday. This is true what what betta tweeted out there is a full transcript, but it doesn't matter to the left We live in a post, truth world. I am preparing. You now get ready it that does it these, people are not interest. In the truth, they are injured. In a story only they are full blown liberal activists proper this gas lighting specialist, no different than Viewed Eugenio Pravda, none. They know full well that the transcript this coming. Doesnt tell the story. The media has been telling us MIKE Flynn lied about his conversation with the Russians. They know full well, and already softening you up and their dolby boy
like liberal followers. You think with a hive mind to say with their talking point well. Well There are other things missing. There may have been a conversation, precise natal care at all that might fall into three star general, couldn't what the jail for a crime. He obviously point did not commit. They don't care one bit disgusting, absolutely disgusting! All right! Moving! my second sponsor today, the delicious the list. Alma high stakes bride drew who does the video post production on the show good guy he's on parlor? He is I drew steel. Radio go follow him today, you he said: can you get through this add just one without your mouth. Obviously watering during the cliff and said I gotta tell you did not mention any just die, and I said now I care because the Roma stakes eat them and I know what they tastes like it. It makes me think a delicious food, a father's these coming up, give dad to give tee really since you are perfectly age? Tender stakes almost,
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here's a joke familiar with the area, Montgomery County Maryland. What I call Maryland your occupied Montgomery S right now chosen Maryland now I used to live in Maryland by they Marilyn's a wonderful beautiful stay and for those no no Maryland very blue stay, but the irony America, this joke can attest to. Is it's really not a blue state? It's really three blue counties and the rest of this state is red. The stirred shore the mouth. That's the great irony of Maryland. Is it's not a blue day is kind of like New York City. It's a red stay. With a big city so Maryland? I love Maryland, that my heart will always be there. I really enjoyed by, but Monica County has always been just a bastion of liberalism that is really wrecking the a lot a lot of the liberals who move out of the city's, the Montgomery County and its it set their destroying this. This wonderful beautiful place, Montgomery County. Credibly, high property values, great schools
is being wrecked by liberals, who are running and I'm not sure, there's a Republican elected anywhere Montgomery County Maryland, but I you a few days ago I had last week, while that these locked down these economic lockdown, which are now unequivocally a disaster, I get it the beginning. There was some uncertainty over the virus. How contagious it was, how leaflet was We now know these lockdown down disaster there is no scientific data, based fact based reason to continue to backdrop your citizens and businesses in your county, your state or your city. You are in doing this for some reason outside of science or data, why I'm not gonna get near had nature be motivations, but whenever reason it's pretty sick because you are, strain destroying your state cities and locality, wrecking them and destroying, and I find it personally offensive because I know a lot of the people suffering here now this liberal, Montgomery County Marrow levy, a badge That message, when you re actually most what are the most
proposes that the this the hapless county executive mark, I got a rake or whenever not don't confusion with the former. Public and Governor Barbara, like this, is Mark L I'll probably say the same on, don't even care. It is right in the heart of the liberal area, Montgomery County he's, gotta he's giving oppressed about how he's going to open the county. Basically when he feels like it on his own, despite no scientific evidence was locked up. List of this goes on for a baby on a ten twenty thirty seconds or so it is on the brink county is embarrassing rights or videos even better again. Youtube accomplish punch you too, but listen to this is great check this out. We need to remember that the only reason this county did not have the steep curve that other jurisdictions had. Is that- The steps taken by the governor and by the counties can occur only only the actions that were taken flattened the curve.
And if it hadn't been for the government, so I have already told you a job. Churches can do out services. I just said the youth, there's another here, so please, german, watching this moron early getting heckled into the phantom zone. In the middle of the liberal, Part of a liberal county in a blue state is one of the rewarding experiences. I've at all that everybody was peaceful, which is obviously always primary, but you the right to petition and assemble and talk right back to your government officials. These are not
When can we don't genuflect, we don't worship? Is there not high priests and priestess of government? These people, for us, so that a campaign, slogan: it's a fact: our tax dollars pay them our votes put them in office. I can only that the Liberals and Montgomery County who have voted awful people and the centre, destroying that wonderful, counting through sanctions. County policies in all kinds of things. Finally, start to wake up that this is what liberals do their totalitarians. This guy appears to be enjoying the shut down at this point heckled. His own constituents in a lab. County heckled into the Phantom zone, can't even finishes pressure. Collective action matters, folks, peaceful, collective act. In matters and makes a difference. Collectivism is left this phenomenon. Collective action is not We are doing the right thing in these lockdown surrounding because we
The rending keep the pressure on. Don't let this guy get out one word in a press conference until he opens up your counting, peaceful, collective action. That's the path to real change, not what's happening in Minneapolis hey one more note in the corrective I've been light on that. This we do to all of the other stuff going on. It's just been is his drinking from a fire. How is this week? Really? The news has been overwhelming havin a tough time even getting in all the story. There's an interesting story and conservative review its in yesterday's shone out. You want to subscribe to my show, notes, are the newsletter are the showed the same thing I use em interchangeably, Mancino DEC, slash newsletter, just click the subscriber now movie stars every my this is an interesting one, my friend dear heart, It's a conservative review, bombshell study could have been affected population already be partially immune, mute and Ojo knows the Horowitz, which do this, a fascinating peace. Could have the population already be immune. Could this
explain some of the differential infection rates. Ladies and gentlemen Florida, despite largely up. I live in Florida. Our infection rates of level often are going down dramatically something's going on. It's, not the lockdown, we're not locked down here. And we're not getting these these these explosive hotspots there's some other factor. Variable people are missing, he writes in the past. Covering this study that the hypothesis that Papa? This excuse me is this: that New Where is common, calls or forms of corona virus? And let us different percentage of the population that is already contracted. Those forms of corona virus have some fun cross immunity, the covert nineteen its unclear degree. These people are immune, but it might help explain might want to emphasize might without a medical show, it might help explain why some people in certain areas react so violently to covert, whereas some others are asymptomatic, in other words, its past.
The people with cross community could still catch the virus, but their reaction you will believe, never present symptoms or present mildly. Due to the pre existing t cells working for them fascinating, fascinating story, if that turns out to be supported by medical evidence, will say again not a doctor, but this study seems to be interesting. Could explain why and they say some people react so violently. Have this overwhelming immune reaction and windup suffocating to death. Do pneumonia and inflamed Lutz inflamed months? Excuse me are moving on. You know the story sensitive to me because I have been involved in these social media wars forever. Twitter pick they fight with me Paula. What was it was about years ago, when they stopped. Let us run is here is whether this is not new eyes about three years. So when I joined parlor about two years ago, it's p r, l e r by the way parlor, which is your free speech, alternative, go twitter and Facebook,
It is the non peeling police, state, social media platform and, by the way I'm not kidding were on fire right now. Parlor disclosure they are a sponsor the show. I say that unabashedly and I, I'll. Do the beast Basel because I love the company. I been there since two thousand eighteen way before they were spots. Go to parlour. I can't emphasise out enough download the app today therein. Speech police over there. Liberals you're welcome to we're not interested in policing anybody speech. You're going to enjoy it, I promise you we will get Joe on there this weekend to get verified there to having said that, what a completely given up at this point, you have given up what given up number one acting a responsible business. A number two pretending there even a platform anymore. Remember studies show that you do it again: companies that pretending platforms like twitter, our immune from certain lawsuits? Twitter is saying to their audience. We are
I'd form, we're not a publisher, knows you're, not a newspaper, so something's written dinner hour. Twitter newspaper. You can't see what you write, something your times the its or you could see the New York Times Twitter saying we have set Ten to thirty. The communications decency act protections wherein Don Neutral platform. We have those protection. Still the President yesterday put out an executive order, saying listen if you're going to in a neutral platform, and not about you're like a newspaper and you don't want to be sued, then you need to act like it twitter. Apples down this morning. I get to this second and decides are good warning about one of the presents tweet, I'm telling you they're giving up, and I'm not kidding at this point they are giving up being a non? partisan, pretend platform. I think they know it point. Regulation is coming their way, whether you agree with it or not. There are a lot of downsized that this do. I want to be clear, but I think my point here is, I think twice.
Give it up, they know, regulations coming their way, and now, at this point there virtue signalling to the left saying hey by the way. If we get our debt, at present, a next Joe Biden, by the way where annuity you get down, you don't make sense. Show you twitter, it's over are not an independent platform; they are stand there now going to be regulated at some point there. Attacking Trump full bore to virtue signal, but you know winking nod to the left that, when Joe Biden, check present. We were on your side the whole time. Trust me, what's going on here now, president drop, it was asked, yesterday in the oval office asked about this executive order and I'll show you, but it wasn't a minute, but I want to play first, this is you know I love when the president just throwing back at the media. Ok, I can't get enough of it. But he's in the oval office, and they end somebody wiseguy reporter thinking, he's gonna like doing The cons moment, the president's switches it quickly.
When, on the lives moment, therefore, a man if you hate twitter so much. Mr President, you just get off his responses, classic checked, even die concerned with Twitter. Have you given consideration to delete your account just walking away from this platform? You ve been so critical of. Well, you know you are fake, I would think about. I would do that in a heartbeat. Where did we find this guy somebody at the focus mitts can we have a visual focused bids on the screen, jewelry, we still believe that tax after focused with eager one three you're, not waver box job is one cross to three. As the hook very thoroughly, this guy, this guy, it's gotta be the best he turns on them. So fast, I loved they. Always they all. Ass, the what the other will get it. The woman with a black haired CBS, forgetting, but
she's. They always try to catch him in a quarter. Any boxes is way out makes them look silly. Well, if you weren't fake, I give up my twitter and a heartbeat joint parlor, MR presently live to see over there to serve our trumpets over their welcome so atomic their income. Over this morning, we get a few more David Web, drew drew steel or my my producer. There, and a rather radio talent in its own right by the way. So what was the exact why does it matter to you? It was long. I'm gonna give you the take ways because, as Joe says, on the show that thereby GINO show everything you need the here and now I've the best summary a little lengthy but working time at legal insurrection. They are I'll be in the show notes again, if you'd like to read it the full these words your time, here's a piece Great William Jacobson tribe sides, negative order on social media bias? Now there are a few critical take ways. Remember what I discussed yesterday. If you claim to be
Lad, form a neutral platform, my twitter claims and Facebook. You are, not subject to certain law suits their publishers would be. I just address that But in order to claim your a platform, you have to meet certain standards. The in its executive order, addresses some of this. Now that's gotta legal insurrection, peace. I want to show you what it means to take away and why Twitter could find themselves in a world the hot water. There are some doubts I say this to sir. In the executive order says the conditions all translate this way. The condition under which an action restricting access or availability of material is not taken in good faith with the meaning of sub paragraphs such and such a section? Two thirty predicted. Whether actions can be taken in good faith. If they are our trans, I don't worry deceptive, actual conditions, consistent inconsistent with a providers termer service taken after to provide adequate notice, reason, explanation or meaningful opportunity be heard and
the other proposed regulations at the anti I conclude, may be appropriate to advance the policy discredit subsection. What is that Amy's S, president tribes, secular border states. If you're going to claim to be a platform and you're gonna start the leading people's tweets or adding to them, then you better a damn good, good faith, recent and, if you can't say whether The real reason is outside EU political differences with the present the United States. Then you're going to lose your platform status in your subject the lawsuit. Still it's simple as that. Having said that,. I believe Twitter is a publisher. I dont believe they are a platform anymore. I believe they don't even care at this point, I think they're, just virtue signalling that left there, hey vigour, let us at least regulators, so we can regulate our competitors away. Having said, So if we do it act, executive order, Ladys, Gemma, there will be some downsides. It's my responsibility. Gimme the true view operate website and you have a car, in section on your website and people, say something
defamatory. If this goes away, there's a small possibility, you could be sued as well, so there the downside to this, and I think we're gonna have to massages and get through this together. I just want to be clear: You know I read it. We don't argue want emotion like the left does: need since or hot right now, because twitters engaged in a full blown attack on the President United States now doubling down, where remember what they did yesterday. They put a fake fact check that got fact checked and was a two days ago. They put a fact check on the president's mope vote by male tweet defined. Check was wrong by the way, so twitters now only fact checking republican candidate for President President Stella kid even always present here, That term limited he's. I turned out so just to be clear fact checking only Republicans. Now they dump Now this morning I woke up to this. I couldn't have read the story twice. I thought it was. I thought of his fate. The president tweeted this you'll see them for this
the tree he treated about. He said I can't stand back and watch what's happening in Minneapolis, so lack a leadership. Either way the radical left mayor better, get its act together and bring the city under control or I'll, send in the National Guard and get the job done right, dot, dot dot. There's more to the tweet, well, you want to go on to read the rest of the tweet. This is real that beaten, Photoshop this tool put a note over the tweet. You have to watch the note first before read the rest of what President drug tweeted Twitter put a note saying talking about present shrubs tweet subsequent one tweet violated to twitter rules about glorifying violence. However, Twit is determined that it may be in the public interest, for the tweets remain accessible folks, they ve, given up twitter, has given up They are entirely in the virtue signalling business to the left now hoping that the right, Relations that are coming their way, no matter what will only work in their favour as the left this
toward them, which will allow them to get rid of their competitors. Twitter is entirely given up on neutrality. You may but what was under that warning labour? What was so bad the president's say you go murder, someone or something. Now the president said quote stocks are disappearing, the memory of George flowing, which is correct, and I going to let that happen just spoke to govern it, and told them that the military's with him all the way and he did call T Mobile, assume control, but when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you. I'm recently confident the president was talking about shooting looters. He was tall about one looting starts he's, probably see twitter videos of people standing in front of their stores are they're all over twitter. Of course, if you're not onto her, you probably miss that talk about the liberals. They put a war, over that, so you can see they ve, I'm telling you they ve, given up entirely.
Now Q crazy, far left narratives now Joe the press, and called these by rioters thugs. Oh my god. Gotta, be racist, really there I'll get to that you sure about that, so that the rule just to be break it to my final. By just to be clear, going to tat, you could think about this for say, if you call someone a thug who destroys a business many these minority on businesses. Then you must be erased That's all right, Natchez deal with that for a minute. I will come back see? That's actually rule or just a rule applied to this present, don't go anywhere where sponsor the day. Ladies gentle, the best Airbus in the business re con, whether working from home working on your fitness, you, you know it you listening to and what you're listening on you know it you, kids or listen to everyone needs a great pair of wireless. You, Airbus, everyone. These are the best folks, your mind right here, not a joke. These are actually my been in. My ears often used for conference calls
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These are rioters they Arthur acting like thugs, So President Trump treated the word thugs queue. Of course the divisive identity politics folks out there. That must be racist, really interesting. Let's play this video of one President Barack Obama. Forty four Barack Obama number four member proprietor. Forty five. This president talking about riots in Baltimore with Freddy Gray and again it uses a worthy any clearly. This must be racist check this out, because Mr Grech and then again billions to exist. You have to give them credit. My understanding is, as you got some of the same organizers now going back in this news to try to clean up in the aftermath of a handful of protesters, a handful of criminals and thugs who who tore up the place, I'm just asking you: what are the rules folk I mean is. It is not a reasonable question.
Their stand. How people who are genuinely concerned about what's going on and are equal the angry about the death of Mr Floyd, the death of people in these rise, someone die the destruction. Businesses and properties of destruction of a great city. You see how we can be equally angry about all those things and how that There's manifested in these people are acting like thugs, I want to note there that Parag Obama corrected himself to call them thugs: listen do it here? He comes protesters any corrects himself. That's all the way around right. Betty calls them thugs and incorrect himself to call them protesters. Usa. Today, here's a piece of about This again, where were the left, is calling Barack Obama, races, theatres, nowhere Obama's and by the term thugs White House says David Jackson. Usa today are put this article up in the show notes big, even though it's from years ago for you to read As for your liberal friends, you again aren't eager to solve this problem. Did you see
but I call you a racist, we're trying to solve this problem and then deal with the media. I'm telling you I ve! No respect for a lot of these. The folks at all. They are nothing more than identity, politics, division specialists, the only thing they do best is waking up in the morning deciding every day how to divide further the american public and inflamed tensions. It's absolutely disgusting. Here's an hour Your York post at the diner cover for a couple days. You know they all hey, cayley Makin, eighty, now the press secretary, the White Ass snow wash them, statutory aboard? You know? Cayley Kelly has been good been shredding the press on a regular basis, the new posts An article say: sorry, media are not victims, no matter how much abuse you take the media. Now they cayley MAC and Eightys, been calling them out new White Ass Press secretary just about every day. And their endless parade of lies endless collusion hoax, saree, whew advice. Hope. Sorry, all the nonsense. Cayley gives it right back to me. I love every minute of it to me.
Announcing. Oh, my gosh were victims, a cayley cayley whose, like five war, maybe written ten pounds- soaking wet They'Re- all Britain to be a victim of cayley makin it? This is Barry, sing and humiliating to your post rights in their peace? Give us all a break, please they say court. Of course the trumpet traces plaintiff with the media, because a media play tough with them before tromp was even elected, Nearly every question asked in the briefing room is usually a loaded constructionem, as you know, your terrible? What it's your fault? Would you care to comment? What makin It is decided to high date back. Thankfully, this isn't it The first amendment, folks the media, the United States can say whatever the hell it wants and we as a New York posts. Thank Heaven for that every day, but there's I think in the constitution. This is depressed. Secretary has to be polite about. It a man, brothers and sisters at the New York Post, this
not some benighted class of high priests increase. This is in the media, were all supposed to genuflect and bow before these. Are relatively inexperienced in terms of life. Experience said very uneducated people who have somehow found a career right, our story, not the story, I respect the day, I die there, bigger God given right to act as a free and open and fair price. That includes their right to lie. Yes, they have the right to life, they can't defame, but they lie They lie all the time down the media, I'm sorry! It's not enough, can they threaten you can you see them for defamation? You can, if you could, prove they lied intentionally, but the days of us trying there keep up this facade that this is some Peter Jennings Tom Pearl Car
Donaldson serious class of people were supposed to sit, get get the hell out of here. These are a group of ending ignoramus is you know nothing about the world who somehow, I went to a job and a White House Press room and their word, is the be all and end all take a hike good for you, New York, Post play and the victim. It's disgusting. I was pretty good make it through this day. I saw this story today on a lighter note. It is Friday. You know I like to leave you. I kind of a good note on things I don't like AIDS Bynum there's been some good news, a sweet though we started the week with a story about the economy's rebounding quickly. We may get something close to a vitiate recovery. I said it be more like a check and swore a kind of what we may get something to avoid shape recovery, and I hope so there was some good there's. A fast So it's up upon GINO report that come to which again is our concern:
if alternative to the dreadful judge report, which isn't the full time hysteria now, please check it out, make it we're making your homepage by Jean report that we have this story up there forms this series that a joke the dangers of deep fate you know at the fates are get their intimate, he's airlines by a rob toys for get me from saying your neighbor, our toes deep, vague are going to wreak havoc on society. We are not prepared what what are deep forces have been a big big problem. Deep breaks? Are videos photos, visual imagery that our fates, but there they are called deep thanks because their done, using such sophisticated new technology. Ladies and gentlemen, I swear it's hard to tell the I'm not gonna. Give you the details, because they're kind of growth, but people are especially on my facebook-
they send me videos and pictures or cause it's open. Anyone can send me a message on Facebook. I dont control its eye like an email. We have to have my email. The persistent Certainly they sent me away. He was kind of gross awhile ago they swore was true. It was purported to be a member of Congress doing something nasty. It wasn't. It said it was a fake. I'm telling you was a faint folks. It was hard to tell this. Was it I'm telling you to the untrained on job would have picked? It out what do the untrained I, this looked real. And I say that because I was like oh my gosh- I could do this to anyone- create a video tapes create a video of Joe Rob, a bank that so good that if it got out on the internet, I know Joe to rob a bank. Even oh, my gosh stands producer Rob a bank. What do you do this is going to become a real problem. It's gotta said take away one from this peace. Talking about these, these defects, it says,
this is by the way examples in how we got here. A combination of the phrase is deep learning in fake, deep fakes. First merged on the internet, late. Twenty seventeen powered by an innovative new, deep learning, method, notice generative adversarial network scans, several deep vein- videos have gone viral recently. Given millions around the world, their first taste, this new technology, for example, Obama using an export to describe present tromp. That was a fake, that video mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, admit Their facebooks true goal is to manipulate exploit its users. That was a fake too Bill Haider, morphing it out, but you on a late night talk, show all deep face. Phocis happen banana by anyone? fake crime, scene, videos, fake sex tapes, vague poetic, statements anything again from the peace. This technology is growing exponentially
they say again. Forbes continues, while impressive. Today's defect technology still not quite a parity with authentic video footage. If you look closely but typically possible to tell the two videos a defect. If you give you know you're looking for, but they take. Allergies. Improving at a breathtaking pace. Experts predict that deep fakes, Wilson be indistinguishable from real images. Before long you have twenty nineteen debates were buggy and flickering said Henry, How far are you see Berkeley faster and a deep fake expert nine Slater. He says I've. Never! in anything like how fast growing this is the tip of the iceberg Put it out there, ladies and gentlemen, this can work both think of The problem we're gonna have with these deep fakes. It's right around the corner. Soon they will be indistinguishable from genuine video footage. Now the
album works in reverse too. Obviously I just described the big. The big problem here is you see a political speech from Donald Trump saying how Donald troops can increase your taxes, seven thousand percent, that's a total fake and by the time people figure it out. The elections already happened can you Imagine the catastrophe that would be, but works in reverse. To hundred these defects, if their indistinguishable from genuine authentic video footage, Do you realize how many politicians, others even crimes aspects could use it in the opposite. Think about it, this makes a gap in a house party with fifteen twenty people. Their says something stupid drops a curse, It says something racially insensitive. What can happen come on it's. It's a deep, vague devalued prove it is a matter of fact. If you the Forbes be. This is in the shadows. It's worth fees check it out, but you know that
less news check it out in the shortest up a budget report. I cant do that's already happening. There are sadly how the story brings us up a simple the leader in Africa, who got caught saying something down these a defect, a cylinder story celebrity my wife this morning that cotton scandal with a photo set out to do Nobody knows if it is or is it might get a mention in because no one knows the pictures of or not said it was, a defect believe We are all believe this large. I don't know how would you to fascinate? This is going to cause a lot of problems, Having said that, there are companies like Facebook and others who are working on technology. Tat did detective Facebook more, you can you imagine One of these things appears just a week prior to voting in this presidential election. Some Donald Trump speech saying some racial yeah. You know nonsense or saying something about you know. Tax is going to ten thousand percent, just be careful. What you see on the internet, in my parting words for them
Thanks for again rejuvenated a spectacular week of shows our most listen to and watch shows ever we are exploding thanks to you support. It means the world to me. Please share our show and read it another platforms. We really appreciate it if you wouldn't mind so driving to show and Youtube Youtube dot com, slash bond GINO, it's free of course, and please go over to parlor. Today, downloading The absolute p, r, l e r follow me over there. I am at the GINO. I really appreciate it. I will see you all on money good day. Sir just born GINO she followed, follow then on twitter, twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.
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