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Disturbing Leftist Violence Erupts (Ep 1047)

2019-08-19 | 🔗

In this episode I address the explosive video of the anti-First Amendment terror group ANTIFA violently attacking people in Portland, Oregon. I also discuss the troubling revelations by John Solomon this weekend about the Obama administration’s role in Spygate. Finally, I debunk a liberal hit piece on gun owners. 

News Picks:A major update on the Jeffrey Epstein case.


Astonishingly, this group is planning to support the alleged Philadelphia shooter who shot police officers.


Anti-First Amendment group ANTIFA engaged in more ultra-violent attacks this weekend.


Liberal Bill Maher doubles down on calls for a painful economic recession.


Socialist Bill De Blasio is putting cops in danger.


The Hillary email scandal is still getting uglier.


Here’s a link to the study referenced in the show on the defensive use of firearms


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee now we are back in studio through data friday for my roadshow thankfully whose back as well our good body producer joe work of thither thereby gino show producer joe how are you day on monday good to see your smile and face in this monday thing every seven days back monday minded right now i know my days i can play god humankind let all the
do you have to agree for us isn't always i think it's always the best shot magazine so much weakened content i said paul are probably thirty stories like dude what are you gonna you just come out of a run an editor i smoke alarm went off at two o clock in the morning look up the whole house me apology for seeped or five o clock in the morning search it we got up a little late because i needed to sleep i went back to bet if their fox and friends by morning get there and she's just give me the stories so i've got a stack show for you to run down quick here antifraud no question in my mind a terror group i now also as joe call them before the show they are done peace will have to leave that went on non before not safe for work and other day but it was very funny eighty four update johnson blow it up this weekend maria barton roma nurse buying stuff also some white house stuff about the obama administration and politically thereupon the fact they should say blows it again stated there are today show brought you by bodies at gene code best alters out their key code we she could go
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pressure ultra violet group of domestic terrorist they are a bunch of coward chump basement dwelling are employed losers with zero career prospects as i said this morning on fox and friends in extemporary yes moment of anger directed at these complete buffoon loser tool bags there fashionable sophomores road users that's what they do they sit in mommy's basement with their small thereabout a buck thirty about me a buck ten would seventy lb of sickness and on their backs if they've never lifted a weight in their life they couldn't throw a punch watch in a tutorial youtube video twenty minutes long these are a give way losers with nothing they said
i say sadly because i've mete out of these are probably kids i mean this i'm not joking around they're probably kids you were bullied a lot in school i mean it i'm happy and like a jerk about i personally our job here you know and enable this is there a site because they were bullied a lot instead of realising that what happened to them was wrong i shouldn't replicated what they do is cause there probably you know now they're big was is and their small roasters instead of adding positively to society they take out their childhood anger being bullied by working in acts themselves at going in attacking innocent people contributing to the cycle of violence yet that's what they do these are losers they're not and by if you ever hear anyone say i'm sorry but the ramp but this is important by the way just play in the background so video of anti for if you wanna check out the video youtube that consular punch you know i'm gonna talk you through it and the audio don't worry it's a lot of video i have today this one the audio kind of talk but this is the anti for there not packs
wolves by the way ok anyone have caused them like a wolf pact they pack your not their packs of angry poodles this then we could see them stalking of young woman by the way had tipp eliza schaefer from the place tv this is his video i by the way ink a correction i incorrectly treated this weekend about the video and it was a ten year old i'd show that our twitters that's my fault for now fact checking at a hundred percent my for parents so young lady she's not ten years all sort of in stature about this is regardless does it matter this is a stalking this woman and this guy fight following like that act of angry poodles they are this is not a wolf pack this is a package shops the loser coward you can hear kind of some of the sound in the background and the audio woke again if you want to check out the video walk away you walk away
what they are it may guess he but my disability for telling him to walk or is there to say no and trying to beat the remember only attacking impacts and if you notice you watch but the video you ll see the guys that attacking them always look behind them why now follow me here folks you are a coward you're not you but try to put yourself in coward loser professional small zoroaster mood from an u europe a complete you're a loser you have no career prospects give the intellect of a dead rabbit you're following these people around why are they turning around eighty four people and looking in reverse to see it's going on because he tea for losers that are getting ready to attack this man and this woman what make sure they have their buddies behind them because god forbid the guys death attacks them stay don't want to wind up in a one on one fight that because their coward losers now i warn you that eighty four eighty first amendment ladies and gentlemen when you tweet about them always do what i do
i'm humbly and request and respectfully requesting you do this when you put on facebook or you put on twitter make sure you put every time a teapot which is shorthand for eighty first amendment i write that every time because that's what they are its in the first amendment good they are not eighty fascists they or fascist don't london gaslight you'll get here's some video i had to the post malarial think it's out post money on twitter they took some video this week and they are racist too eighty four are not only fascists there not only cowards and chumps they are also outright our right racist thugs we have three videos year here's the first one here here sam i think this is one of them calling a black police officer who actually works for living unlike the professional sophomores roasters in a deeper here's them black police officer disgracefully calling when uncle tom now listen to me now for the audio we gotta listen close on this a video view issued the sound
kind of low because this being recorded by people on iphones s but listen to this check this out everything is not tat the irrational where the new fine ok sorry that's actually the video of them calling me black police officer a race radio or re straight if you miss in the year please watch our youtube today i know it's an audio podcast and will always be an audio parties but i'm just
i'm i'm asking with the greatest of respect that you check out a video today youtube com slash punch you know i'd like you to check these out again these videos eliza schaefer post millennial go check their twitter accounts out i'll see to it that the originals there really really good here that is the last one out there the term here used obvious they show finds a poor it obviously hate filled gus thing and you will never here ever uttered the words of our mao's other than to cited the mouths of racist imbecile losers like antifraud here's a black office you're being called again you get ready for those view kids at home a coon in turn back now their children shouldn't even hear these william had folks by the way for those of you on the left can i just say something here because this always offends me for that for those you sent me emails liberals that was the show you my email is out there it's on our website goes to me we read it for those either this is some kind of stick like our first
cycling you don't know me and believe me you don't know joe or my wifi there no so save your stupid else we highlight this stuff because words like this hate filled disgusting this is nonsense like this isn't virtuous like this is doing the right thing i don't care came out of the mouth of anyone right wing left wing conservative liberal communist socialist libertarian i don't care your filth i'm not your you're not welcome on our show beat it i don't care who says it here's a video this racist anti fulfils call on this guy the word i just said check this out please look look at this she says now lobbies that look at this
on the street with no job whose professional small roaster following a professional police officer working by the way for a decent but nice everyone get rich salary putting his bought on the line to protect this swab on the street look at this now look at this slob flop eighty four slobs losers lou complete they generate losers disgusting human fill of the worst kind human filth s terror group no questions asked do not
tweet about them or facebook about them without clearly citing this is in eighty first amendment fascist group they are not anti fascist they are the fascists pieces a garbage scott this coppers kids scott a family since a professional patriot it call enema of god s knee jerk watts bunch a complete losers i let me get to this because i want i gotta i've got some the governor gooding john solomon again on me it barred aromas absolutely terrific weekend on fox sunday morning futures where if is anyone in the media outside of say hannity on fox who is right fired into this spy gay case it maria barter roma and the weak and she knows exactly the questions to ask and so i'm a letter on five i quickly today by another
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given this year because of a kind of up half heartedly your regular listen to the show joe and i and how we do they show a lot of this is the climatic because at about putting myself back i just you already know this we've been reporting on it for two years but it's going to come out formally at some of what you're going to see is going to shock you now the first take this is video number one from maria barter roma show had tipper sunday morning future great show care recommended enough lady gentlemen let me sum up what you're about to hear this was a political buying operation on the trump team the whole time in other words what you witnessed with fusion forward intelligent people spying on the twenty the net the or information the steel information the this us remain in force
asian who was over a prominent democrat feeding information james baker at the fbi what you witnessed i wanna be crystal clear devon nunez has brought this up multiple times was not an official intelligence rest negation in the sense that the goal was to get to the bottom of some attempt to attack the united states either its elections or physically do you understand you have chosen exactly you would solomon gets out here is this one a political ahead job the whole time and the efforts by the fbi and the spy gay plotters to make you believe this started on july thirty first twenty sixteen and forget everything it happened earlier are nothing more than effort to hide all of their efforts to politically spy in the trump listen to this killer by solomon maria bought a roma and what kind of summer again after it's over check this out you must recent bad goes through this triangle of people that were theatre
information into the f b i tell us about it we must have the remainder trying on our way of the fusion gps triangle one corner you get christopher steal a british intelligence agent desperate to influence the election because he's desperate to defeat trump he's also being paid by other we couldn't then you ve got now or wife of a senior justice department official being paid by the same firm fusion jeep on the same project fine russia dirt on trump and then it's going to get glenn simpson the founder of fusion gps in a contractor for hillary clinton in the middle of those three is bruce ohr senior justice department official king highly uncorroborated highly partisan highly conflicted information and fbi justice department and nobody saw problem of with that because i just didn't like him and they just didn't want him as president so they decided to come up with the scheme to actually spy on in there can citizens do you think john dorm is aware of all of this whereas that investigation today
the question i think i've centigram did a good job of describing what the ideas doing i am hearing that sir john durham and bill bar focused on the part before the f b i officially got started on july thirty first twenty sixteen the period of march to july and whether intelligence ass its western private or u s words plied in an earlier effort to start probing the term campaign in its russia ties maybe lay the breadcrumb trail of evidence christopher steele then collected up in scale the fbi that's where think when you heard the european day for the attorney general i believe there was political surveillance going on i think that's what he's referring to all oh red fire gonna feel there's a flag on the field holding i'm your spying conspirators repeat first down there's so much i had to cut that i have another one in the second adam joe cut it up because you're nobody now get severe
i was ashamed i miss they live i had a catch it but my wife and i to go to church so we missed it but i always watcher table like how did i miss this this is amazing ok he points out couple things one he leaves the peace by saying and it's always how you leave the segment that really leaves a mark right here so please i think this was political surveillance i was listening to a great part guess this weekend rest robert you can't you say now joseph schumpeter is created destruction about economics how that is that we must support it by the left because a last word you here is this you people are we remember the last thing but should be destructive destructive creation right that's the same solomon knows how to leave these things off this was political violence now he calls it defeated the yard triangle is that what we have the bermuda triangle that we have the fusion gps triangle any points out three players eddie decades how all of their motivations ladies and gentlemen keep in mind my set up i did before their motive
nations this is your talking point for the day because it's the point you need to take away from this the data point it matters all of your motivations where political they were not in an official tell agents gathering mode trying to prevent an attack they were trying to take down and up opposition policy let's go to them one by one image then i see now that there are three players play number one he mentions christopher steel how do we know christopher steals mode patients where political jolly meeting a ruling on the real rowing other feel those christopher the old told everybody is motivations where political he told multiple people can use or of the department of justice kathleen cavil get the state tat he was quote desperate to see donald trump not get elected that is called not mine he told them motivations where political he mentioned that election when he was talking about
in case you you're mr liberals that happens to be political event not intelligence event steel said this multiple times he mentions another player in this out of his trifecta of stupidity first the other second person hence it is quite simply now again i'm going to ask you with the greatest respect is i don't like you i don't make too many after my audience please please pick up my book is available for priority now we put a lot of work into it i just finished reading the audio which would be available inaudible it's gonna be great exonerated available for pre are now it's coming out very shortly we get about three weeks left please check available on amazon barnes nobody else when i talk about this in his house since motivations where the movie scrip simpson and they had already done this ladies and gentlemen the muck lays down detail this attempt to it pack political enemies by attaching into russia was a trial
in truth strategy and the one guy who had a movie script already pre prepared with same players man afford for tash or thereupon oscar with simpson who would already written a movie script in two thousand seven in the wall street journal well that does improve simpsons motivations where political ladies and gentlemen who is paying glenn simpson hilary cod did donald tribes political opponents of course is motivations where political are you and not go ahead and hopefully i get to this check or us three later while point out how it's funny how the efficacy and others are investigating that how hillary clinton basically laundered money to a law firm which in turn fusion gps to hide the fact that they were paying them rewrite the movie script with donald trump ethnic cleansing already told this story about the russians in two thousand seven if you read the article the wall street journal article beside here often and i cite in a book you'll be a stunt
the parallel to the chris steel does yea that simpson paid for its the same story different play there is then a few details changed now he the third players well bruce or we know oars motivations where political because tells handlers at the fbi that the information is getting from steel is from steel and that's that doesn't want to see trump get elected so or instead of caring starts with an s use information instead of what does he do he feeds let's be i am or they get a five or number one point number two why oars motivations or political his wife if nellie is working for fusion gps assets being paid by hilary oh wow their person financial situation is greatly enhance nellie and bruce listen they did
this is not little house on the prairie anybody well carried through their motivation to address these are neither not of pure hard there not like did those dad's gave a little high tech i was growing up and show growin up do you ever rises nay michael land it was the guy who pleaded i think michael lay there was yet even paw i would reply you these are this is that little ass it appeared there motivations our michael led this era bruce nellie are making money off a politician paying them new attack donald trump failures ok engaging in a sophisticated intelligence operation there are so many take ways the third take away here so we ve number one it was political spying number two there's a trifecta stupids here who all have political motivations who are feeding information to the fbi to spy on trumped for political reasons the third take away again forget if we bring this up again but this story gets so big
not a control sometimes we forget to take away this was politics not entail and we wrote in a bunch of players to advance the political narrative and we face did is in town cnn peace from a while ago check this out the title of this peace i cited all the time you can u k intelligence partners in other words friendly's were passing intel to the trump but about the obama administration excuse me sir in politics april fourteen twenty seventeen cnn this isn't some right wing alan british and allergens pass trump associates communications with russians anti u s counterparts cnn reporting what we already know how does this fit in to john solemn and video peace we just play solomon mentions that other take where you can rely too watch it again if you need to solomon says at one point that the investor
gaiters looking into this now united states attorney john dormant horowitz are looking the period of march to july joe has that possible but how can they be looking in march to july we ve been told repeatedly by the fbi and others nothing happened then that they can case where did joe july thirty first twenty six tv they ve told us this repeatedly don't look at it thing before there the case started we ve had we a lunatics like crystallizes cnn whose role so often i don't know how we still has a job who question on twitter used right wing nuts the case started on july thirty first with a tip about george papadopoulos ok well why then are we looking at the period of march july because that's what yes lighting why or lunatics like the want you to believe because real dirty work what do they call it a wet work the real wet started march to july where they tried to kill us they political campaign
ladies and gentlemen what was happening in march to july well happening was what i just showed you what cnn actually reporting on there were transfers of intel from far in government being transferred in the united states to bypass u s restrictions on spying on political campaigns and u s citizens you may say dad if they were spying on what happened ladies and gentlemen what happened is nothing the information given was a bunch of hogwash that's why had to move on to the fusion gps movie script is this body some budget joseph this making sense oh yeah yeah yeah but yet remember i've heard this already nine year nor can i oh yeah i go you're probably a poor ombudsman after you've solutions we have you think that we make sense but paula get yelling this doesn't make sense so here's what's going on the beach walked the streets very simple the obama
thracian wants the trump team and others gone they can't spy on trumped zizi u s citizens done nothing wrong or his team what do they do they wish a nod well we can't spy on about you in the u k can you are other foreign intel partners are strangers you guys can help us out they start feeding in from you should about conversations happening between the trump team of people cub connected to russia what's the problem a german the regional panada these conversations are illegal none of it we know because down been arrested for any of it or foreign baby crying of course you buy illustration that say ok guys let's let this goes a bad idea to not do anything wrong of course what do they do that double down they go well if we can get from foreign officials it nation to indict and arrest these guys and spy on them well just make it up here
guy glenn simpson he wrote a story in two thousand seven about this scandal and some of the people on the trump tee my poor matter for are now in the two thousand seven peace let's get going simpson to give us the information and he could get it through the fbi brooklyn glenn simpson as a rapporteur though the fbi is not going to take his information seriously joe especially if they find out worker raillery so what did you now eureka an let's go higher costs for steel was a british spy working on the russia desk who has stability with the fbi let's ride up a dossier and let's have still give the formation the fbi because the dossier in the steel information is not the same thing folks steals clean we feeding information a bread and at some point that's why bread and says i didn't see the dossier in december he's probably not lying what he have say i have no information from steel prior december it's not the same thing steals feeding information we have
guy in the cia the eu has the credibility the fbi needs to go in front of a judge and swear hey look we gotta from a legit source you dig this was a political operation that one final point on the cnn piece you may say why did cnn report this then why would cnn in april of twenty seventeen basically blow up the fact that the obama administration was engaged in the biggest spying scandal in the united states history folks because cnn thought the collusion hopes was real i'm telling you they thought this was real follow me we wrote this story thinking to see an end their democrats sources there fbi sources trump colluded with the russians all a flag on through more
audrey on the field they caught worked everybody's reading the cnn their democrats sources there fbi sources trump colluded with the russians all this based on a hoax dossier a total hoax cnn and rights this story to hit i've been hurt him day right story joe to give a pit you know of truly to pull i tell me i'm in spite of historic talk cnn gotta store that even foreign intel partners knew about the collusion what's the problem the collusion story is later entirely completely discredited it was hoped but the cnn article ladies and gentlemen to this day is not been retracted because they can't they can't retracted they thought they were held the democrats not hurting now look even further need tell knows about this collusion you realize what the headline really says is obama spied on trump circumvented
who s laws by using fired partners that story is still up because they can't take it down without massive god the phrase it's a beautiful ok job a video audio number two from solomon this is simple because again you ve known this forever so ladies and gentlemen when they had a move from use foreign intel that turned out to be who we nothing uk says this on the form of the russian was it illegal now with a spying now ok but what do we do not let's go to go and since it when the glen simpson movie script angle in the dossier is in panting out the way they think it is they need it more they need more evidence to get over a probable cause hurdle to swear that they have enough probable cause to spy on the trump team so they move from a foreign spying operation to the glen simpson movie script to christopher steel being a front
but the glen simpson movie script to now we need a little bit icing on the cake i got an idea let's move onto entrapment where we try to set up trump team members let's tell skype should joseph mr this professor to content members of the trump team at pass off information about them russians having emails on hilary now the democrats out of his miss said was working with the russians but tat we're johnny solomon who knows the whole story says here check this out and this all we know that there were informants thrown at certain trunk campaign people like george puppeteer let's papadopoulos has been on this programme and he told me directly on they show that myths wood was the guy that they wanted him to meet in italy he had this job at the center for law international law and they set out don't quit you had to go work for trump we want to send you to rome we want you to meet mr joseph myths said
that is the individual who told him russia has emails of hillary clinton why is it important john i interviewed mr mrs lawyer the other day stefan row and he told me and he also provided some deposition evidence that both congress and myself that his client was being directed and long work with western intelligence and he was being directed specifically he was asked to connect george papadopoulos to russia meaning it was an operation form of an intelligent operation that was the lawyers own words for this if that's it that means that the flashpoint that started the whole investigation was in fact manual from the beginning our report provides a tree carnival upon our weapons this hollow listen solomon is one of the finest reporters in the business he males it folks
search lawyer provided under oath deposition evidence that miss said was working for friendly's friendly's you mean the same friendly's that we're spying on trumped for the obama team will say doesn't look good for the left this narrative vote it was a set up why was it is set up because their first plan of attack probing the usa database using foreign intel partners came up with nothing they were spying on the trump team using every sophisticated surveillance to on the planet including foreign partners to circumvent u s law what did they get goose egg zero then they move hey this guy one simpsons written about manner for the past he's got this movie script about russians influencing politics let's go to him they pay him simpson needs front for his report that's credible with the fbi let's get christopher stealing
worked with the fbi steel puts together a dossier tells the same movie script story changes a few details feeds it to the fbi bruce or another's acknowledges its all political battle worked out either so now they have to do the hard core entrapment scheme and set them up they move operate operators hopper amidst should to contact the trunk team and try set them up hey look the russians have this are you interested weaken an odd you interested in how we think it was a fraud alerting fraud alert i would like to show in this department apples are fraught alert been what it that's what happened guys we're total frauds they were set up parties helper and miss said now it's all coming out it was a scheme and the whole time they push the information
into the trump team do papadopoulos and others and tried to pull it out later to make them look like intermediaries in a russian information peddling scam about hilary in the dnc emails when it was set up the whole time biggest scandal in u s history i got one final video bread and i want to have tipp conservative tree ass to point this out of it a peace where they in its this is good because i'd forgotten about this as well because there's another left this fairy tale your liberal police staters joe is at all the obama administration pervaded no obama obama's the golden calf for them you know they genuflect in front of upon it in here of hard obama really so i got this coming up in a second that's gonna debunked that nonsense conclude you could put tat baby too bad right now our last sponsor the day another great when my patriot supply listen when you hear the word proper what comes to mind
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asked the gator peter stroke who was involved in the illicit operation to spy on donald trump and his group friendly surpass the fbi lawyer he was having an affair with we already know that tweet at each other in that august two october period where they're putting together fisa warrant to spy on because of other operations the entrapment operation and the foreign spying broke down issues may we already have these two texts they texted each other protest wants to know everything we're doing that stands for a president of the united states what i think they were talking about patchy ball their weak and outings there movie night on friday night these to potest wants to know everything you need to talk about what what what the devil review of the newest expend movie what you know everything this is right with protest once everything you're doing what were they do well they were doing a lot but would professionally i'm sure that's
a protest was asking about they were working on the trump case second text white house is running this ok running wife oh but what running eliminate stand on the quarter stroked how so now you may say well we don't really know what they were doing it's amazing how on curious porters are about these two texts show it was there is there any sleep curious about a collusion hoax that's based on a faked ass he had been the bump twenty five thousand ways from sunday they believe that they don't bother these texts could mean anything here yeah ok sure nice work church journalism here's a video again had tipp conservatory ask i had this on their own and their feet here is john brennan testifying in front of congress and two thousand seventeen talking about a brief
he gives to the intelligence remembers the gang of eight up on capitol hill about this case notice what he says about who we did this brief in can join june with check this out to the so called gang of eight process we kept congress apprised of these issues as we identified them again in consultation with the white house i personally briefed the full details or understanding of russian attempts to interfere in election to congressional leadership specifically centres harry red mitch mcconnell diane feinstein enrich amber and two representatives paul ryan nets but see them in unison adam schiff between eleven august and september oh oh you did it in issued in consultation with the wider again media folks worry no investigation here but we know you don't like ellison journalism died fifty sixty rooms ago we get that but again it is amazing how people who call
cells reporters and journalists are fundamentally not curious about the biggest scandal of our time an overwhelming evidence that the obama administration white ass was involved in a detail sophisticated political spying operation on the trump team the evidence is everywhere potest once the norm we're doing the white house is running this john brennan i brief them in council patient with white ass you may see ok then i know the reporters the alleged reporters listening who don't actually do journalism what we don't know where you cut that clip oversee briefing them a station with well the august briefly he gives to the gang of eight about this scenario contains information only contained in the dossier or from steals mouth how do we know that because just a couple days after that briefing harry each one of the people bread and brief in consultation with the white house harry
write a letter to the fbi demanding an investigation and includes the ridiculous now entirely discredited allegation in the letter that carter page took a bribe from a russian gas company worth hundreds of millions of dollars a completely fabricated nonsense charge carter pages never been charged with that it is made up and fabricated it was thrown the dossier because bribery is a crime and they needed a criminal nexus to get a fine warrant to spy on page to use the two uproar top from page to others to the trump team so they can survey of the entire trump team network he says it brennan's words i breathed he basically briefed steel information to the entire community which then wrote a letter harry red demanding the fbi investigate investigates the debunked christopher steel junk information that was political in nature how do we know that
again because the charge harry red includes in the letter is only from steel so steel is briefing branded cia that he that greece in consultation with the white house to capital again media types don't worry there's nothing see here you total losers you one job in the media one job get the facts right that's the only job you have you not opinion people and you have blown it every single step of the way kids it is enough read my second book on this exonerate is going to open your eyes it is a perfect addendum to spy gave my first book it tells it more avail itself story more of a longitudinal narrative fashion the greatest spies don't you ever told except it's i story run by idiots spy it was written more like a police file this is
written in more of a narrative format spy get you can jump from chapter to chat this one reads straight through disappointing foods i've got other news had so much this weekend eminent filter it into tomorrow so many great stories upon the fact blows again these pondered fact political fact lady germany's fact checkers are there my bet know why kids dan them i hate them because i should say that's a strong word i strongly disliked the milestone my daughter not to say that botany it adds some nice but i strongly dislike what to do because they're not fact checkers folks here's the latest this where they just completely blowing pundits fact by tom culture backed ex pitcher kurt shilling mislead saying self defense gun self defense gun you stops two point five million crimes now what's fascinating is it pundit fact pullet poet
fact i'm pretty sure they didn't check beethoven rocks ridiculous tweet this weekend our she's me speeches we can we said the united states is a racist country we're still racist today that's a pretty outrageous church here's a tweet by nato our country was founded on racism and is still racist today in arkansas said why believe there's no denying this reality and why it's on all of us to change it clearly and outrageous hyperbolic anti american moron to say by the worst candidate in a field full of fools on the demo that's beta interesting how did in fact i look at the actual data of racism in the united states which has dropped so dramatically that racist or so i delayed now that you would be left out of the public conversation if you are ever to speak like antifreeze speaks in front of other people the known racist anti first amendment that vague fully that's races which still exists but is
so i did the pockets of insanity that you are not accepted in any polite conversation anywhere anymore but we're still a racist country but political fact pundit fact you that they will that's so what do they do they harp on car chilling always a picture for the red sox and the diamond backs i know kurt will full disclosure and accorded treated this without any virgil j was here did you here that you know what do you know what good paul but i too we forgot yeah occurred shillings that garrick thirty eight so did you feel what do i know on twitter she's had katy one twenty one treated you mean to tell me law abiding responsible gunnar actually did start crime while butter my butt and call biscuit interest three by katy their card grace i says about this defence of use of firearms happens two point five million times a year per the cdc now three fair curtain the citation wrong wasn't the cdc but instead of pundits fact saying well there is some data
a cup with shilling said even though the citation is wrong they re this claim is mostly false so we homework this weekend based on pundits facts own citations in the peace and we found this ninety nine five study more than credible study here is put up the other title the study by the way this will be in the show notes with a bunch of other specific shoot me terrific articles upon gino that calm subscribed to my email will send east of everyday but a way to check this study the journey of criminal law and criminality armed resistance to cry the prevalence of nature of self defence with a gun by gary collect and more kurtz now the study he's from ninety ninety five to be fair but data is not wrong curtains this is recent data be just made the claim that happens about two point five million times here so instead of providing some actual fact checking say wildcard state is not exactly wrong but it may be maybe a little data it may not be that's it that's the study i want you to
so what i want to show you what the study actually says could weaken the wicked bunk these fact checking nonsense liberals who have an agenda check this out from the actual study the most technically sound asked presented table of those based on a shorter one here recall period that relies on subjects first hand accounts of their own experiences these estimates appear in the first two columns listen folks they indicate that each year in the u s thereabout too point two to two point five million defensive uses a fire arms of all types by civilians gets humans with about one point five to one point nine million of the incidents involving use of hand guns ladies and gentlemen kurtz number is exactly right but again poet a fact who is not a fact check of this is a liberal activists telling you a story not telling you the facts can't have any of that be correct let's not focus on that here's another winner let's not look on friday show member friday show we play
video of elizabeth worn bowing down now on to claim that michael brown in ferguson was murdered yet despite the fact it is categorically false murder is a you're talking homicide is a legal terms for an unauthorized killing of a human being michael brown was shot to death by a police officer in the department of joy the study the incident and deem the use of force appropriate based on browns actions it was not a murder a list warren keep saying this because she's desperate for votes to real up the liberal base and because she's been she's a liar she's just a straight up like where's pundits fact on that one bombers justice department deemed what elizabeth warrants said to be false they did their own study nowhere jokers anticipate their narrative member ladies and gentlemen liberals life adjusted but clear up something i said last week and i always appreciate your feedback even the negative
because you all very nice even when you're like danny i love you show but with all due respect you dont a i mean i appreciate that very nice out o mine the negative feedback but a couple you email me and said you know damn last week we said liberals are the worst their awful people and your feeding into your own narrative where you say that restoring us liberals aren't i stick to this to this day we is serve think liberals are people with bad ideas and we argue that why liberals think we're just bad people with a he is an over they don't care about our de ideas they just think we're awful i re this massage that's it that's their whole argument while you're array that's our arguments everything he said well bikes liberals really awful people aren't you feeding is it not i want to be clear if your regular listen to show you know this joke ahmad vouch for me i am glad to say how often do we say we are not talking about all democrats often i'm not i all the time i have
you're damn right neighbours who are democrats i'm not saying that the overall majority of democrats i'm telling you this our patriotic people who we have just bad ideas their ideas towards other day you know some of them i don't three with a minor firearm issue at all but i dont believe a lot of the democrats not the rat the liberal nuts i'm talking about they see these instances late they they there just misinformed folks they think gun control works there are such things gone controls only people control it doesnt work they just don't know it's our job to debate the radical far left just hate you they are and i stick to it just plain awful people their bad people they just hate you they lie to you all the time i had four five stories today but are you sure the time i want to get too one last week by the wall street journal what's your journal peace there's a lot
for a lawsuit out thereby states trying to sue eminem make this part of a quick really take with me a piece in the wall street journal by the editorial board august sixteen twenty nineteen a comic as he climates you democrats these suing the epa could hurt their own emissions caused the bottom line is this of the obama restoration instituted this mass regulation of carbon dioxide plan that would force the states to shut down most to a significant portion of their power grid the trumpet meant duration repeal the lot of this nonsense the court's block did well now suing they basically want the states to be forced into a one size fits all energy plan the problem is there for we gonna lose this lawsuit if they do it's gonna significantly damage damaged epa's ability to regulate carbon dioxide which joe we do damage to the attack liberal agendas that makes area now now putting aside from because they take away from the peace is not forget the lawsuit stuff in the mouth
donations in that for a moment the airport take away the pieces that liberals lie to you all the time all the time to advance that agenda like the political fact people there's no and so that two point five million actually there's a study senate here's the problem united states is leading the world in the red action in the emissions of co2 joe and we're liberals are in charge the problem is getting worse not better check out this also the wall street journal peace again because we do facts data here liberals lie of time quote from the peace also tat energy related co2 emissions declined by fourteen percent decline by fourteen percent declined by fourteen percent in the united states from two thousand five to twenty seventeen while increasing twenty one percent globally yes i read that now get a lot of this one most of the u s report
jim was due to natural gas replacing call carbon outside emissions this is crazy fell five times more in ohio and fort i'm more in pennsylvania between two thousand six and twenty sixteen didn't care a formula which had one brandished call her back there bow than to have a note about twitter gosh what to do we even do facts so liberally our fournier which we ve got a bad is the emissions the deep sincere co2 emissions is growing at a slower rate that is growing in ohio higher pennsylvania states it voted for turkey that i these restrictive eighty energy ethical laws folks again i which is doing facts to emissions are going down in the united states they ve been going downstairs perform obama got in office
for capitalism does it's the rest of the world that's contributing to the co2 emissions and by the way co2 is not a poison carbon oxide is a gas view expelled i'm your lungs you in oxygen you use oxygen you exhale carbon dioxide is as a by product of operation which plants then use and plans take in plants read their respiration process any mid oxygen this is the hard it's not a waste product it's not a waste product carbon dioxide you get more carbon dioxide you get more plants the liberals i know this is hard it's like oxygen for plants makes sense now you see why their awful people are gonna martin about all democrats i say that on fox that caviar in there all the time liberals say that about all of us republic conservatives libertarian you are racist
i'm not doing i'm telling you there's a pocket a democrat party its growing that is full of not bag why are losers which i placed the tv at the first amendment racists and there too i may why all the time that was good showed any i know shall face thanks but i really enjoyed the added to even though we only slept like two hours lasted an increase in the middle of the night appalling knows i hate that since we ve been in this house we ve been here for years my smoke detectors do are all four five at detecting five and five in all four waking me but two o clock in the morning so yes we only smoke detectors change your batteries because my system is completely boston i gonna fix this thing it's driving me crazy i folks thankfully a virtue in please please we subscribe to my youtube channel youtube that consular mancino subscribe to our audio podcast on google podcast apple pod gas and sound cortisol all free and please pick up my book
come out very very soon now exonerated amazon and bars ennobles available now check it out it will tell you the whole movie script story in a way i promise you ve never heard before i see you just heard tan bond gino she you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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