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Don’t Dare Back Away From This Fight # 1032 (Ep 1032)

2019-07-29 | 🔗

In this episode I address President Trump’s tweet about Baltimore and cities run into the ground by Democrats. I also address a weekend interview by this key Republican Congressman which has the Democrats and the media up in arms.

 News Picks:Here is the former Mayor of Baltimore agreeing with President Trump

Here’s Bernie Sanders agreeing with Trump and commenting on the horrible conditions in Baltimore. 

Video of my appearance on Fox and Friends this morning discussing the unacceptable conditions in Baltimore.

Democrats and the media are in a panic because this conservative lawmaker may take over a key intelligence position

A big win for the Trump administration in the Supreme Court.

Andy McCarthy destroys the Mueller team’s fake arguments.

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan bungee. Now I've got an idea about you. I shall briefly tell her. You can read it out. Yes, ass, yet stack the news weekend, as always me just start off right here, President shrub, please please, with respect. Any sense of humility understanding my role in this debate. I come Www imploring you do not back away one moment about this interview, any debate about the liberal this direction of the formerly great city of Baltimore and the rest of these american inner cities, as it is a cities with our citizens driven. to a safety in economic jobs and
education mess by the lip, a forest fire that is burn. These places to the ground do not back away for a second. This is a long overdue debate. We're going to start with that today, don't go anywhere because this is gonna, be I believe me, there is nobody more enmeshed in this than Joanna Job is not talk, radio in Maryland, in Baltimore County right outside the city for decades seconds may I ran they're in Maryland. Twice I could sit what photos of me and Lexington marketed art scape on Biddle shaken hands or people walk in the streets of Baltimore City. I dont need to bore you with that nonsense. Nobody understands what an Baltimore better than me we'll get to all of that in a second stage. You today show brought you Our bodies at ball and branch. Bala branch makes the finest sheets out their folks everything
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GINO check him out of the finest sheets right, your less nice. Now. This is a topic that Billy pull that my heart has for a very long time. Ladies and gentlemen, I am not going to get it to these hyperbolic nonsensical stories about you know. There was a wide you rent for office and you don't that. Can people running, sadly, I have to make up, mr- are for because I want to make the world better. Now you don't you want to get paid to do would be a lobbyist later on. I have very little in politician. I can tell you, take it or leave it. One of the reasons I left the job I loved in the secret service to run in an unwinnable race in Maryland, for the United States Senate twenty twelve was begun I was a city, kid New York and I felt like the word legitimately to America's to steal a line from decrepid presidential candidate, John Edwards. Why stealing a alight from him, because he was a liberal and he
right there are two America's. He was just wrong about the reason it was because of people like John Edward Folks, I got under my skin. You know I had escaped that my neck in battle again. Hyperbole. Does us no favours? I do not grow up and grinding. Poverty is a sob story, but we do not grow up let's say nature, even middle class. You know we grew up above a bar by above sixty what place Immortal Myrtle Avenue my wife and I have a similar story. You know of power, struggle, a bed, divorce, families, the like again, not a sob story. Folks, I'm nobody's victim nobody itself, our chips in my life that made me the man I am, but I was able to escape because of a very a tangible set of principles. My life was live by and is sir stance is that happened to me, that could happen to any one else to and let them out there not happening. Here's what happen this week and that is not happening in inner cities. President Trump tweeted about the decree
distance in Baltimore. The genesis of the story goes as follows: a Baltimore political she's a republican name Kim I've? Forgive me I forget her last name, but she there's some good work. She's been on Fox you seen her before she went on Fox and friends this weekend resentments. Basically talking about how Eliza Cummings, who is a democrat congressmen, who's in charge of Baltimore, is, as the federal representative here Joe knows, well, yeah Eliza Comics has been for laying Donald Trump about the border and everything else well that this woman came in forgive me again. I am forgetting her last name and that the worst time she went on Fox in front Sweden and basically torrent coming, saying: hey, listen, you're, worried about the conditions that the border, what you're doing nothing to solve? Why? Don't you try to fix Baltimore a man like you, president?
I must have heard if he then tweeted out Eliza Cummings. His district is one of the worst in America Rat infested its falling apart, he's right yet. He is right. Baltimore has been collapsing, ladies and gentlemen, for a long time Joe, what was the predictable response? The Donald Trump tree about the delay data conditions of one of America's formerly great Citys in Baltimore You are a said, because you don't have anything else, you are I race. Ironically, I gather tip to the memory of the Great Tom are. Who was it? actual host at the station Joe used to work at my body. Tat was Tom, Mars line because Marilyn politicians show Democrats have been doing this. The Tom more had people, it shows old radio station when they comment about the dilapidated conditions are Baltimore for decades anytime, you talked about a joke. What would happen? The lives would call entity
yeah I'll home made a joke out of ass. You did. It became a running killed because it was the criticism to ever, thing: let's not talk about, Baltimore City fallen apart now, folks, I was on Fox and friends this morning, Video of the appearance will be up in the I'm not going to play it on the show. You got me here. You don't need to see me Talkin about it again, but if you're in see the video of my appearance, which is going nuclear this morning, will be up at the show notes today upon GINO dot com is a link to it. Please check it out, because I lost my today because I am tired of this folks Liberals have burn these places to the ground. Liberal politicians. John. When was the last time a republican city, I'm so member was elected in Baltimore. You have you remember when I was way before my time. Nineteen, forty two
not letting already through not nineteen, eighty two teen forty three to so one. Nine for to my team. Forty two was Last time a Republican. one even where they were emotive. Adherence to conservative ideology. If that had a presence on the Baltimore City Council at all night teen. Forty two. ladies and gentlemen. What has happened to Baltimore since the forties in fifties? Well, We merely because some lunatic with like ten followers on but how are you may say? Will why'd you respond back terms? We can. I responded backroom because I'm not going to accept. I don't care if you have one follow what I'm not going to accept There's some guy respond well, thereby Juno's defending Trump on this. He just started, talking about Baltimore recently, oh, oh, I did. I did read. they re really. Now. Ok, that's the guy
platinum, more metal winner for the dumbest tweet of them a possibly the last ten thousand years before twitter even existed. Here's an operator wrote red state a long time ago, running for office about Baltimore, and one of the reasons I had run for office in the: U S: Senate folks, baltimores falling apart its collapse, sing. I highlighted this seven years ago, Walter or is collapsing ball, The moors economy is collapsing, their educate, system is collapsing. You know one of the things me and really really gets under my skin folks. If your response you, breathing is gonna, be euro racist for bringing up the poor condition,
of our american citizens who live in american Citys it's over. Ladies and gentlemen, it's over there's nothing to fix now before I get you who destroyed Baltimore and just how bad living conditions are in the city. Oh, I want to place a video Joel alright. Clearly a racist here by the Democrats: standards, not mine. This is some Other person- let's say even talking about that, conditions in Baltimore caught on a MIKE talking about how you can see. EL. The dead animals and you can smell the rats I'll tell you, person was afterwards because, again by democrat logic, addressing the poor conditions like trumped in Baltimore scenario, cities is clearly racism, here is
Former mayor Catherine View commenting on those exact condition. About a year ago, city leaders identified some of the city's most blindly neighborhoods put the hill wishing to save always to target fool. You two small grants under Baltimores violence reduction initiative who choose just last week we went with mere Pierre. Was she toured in EAST Baltimore neighbourhood? Remove this well towards violence reduction initiative is about taking steps to make communities at the quarter stones. They contribute to crime. On God, you could smell the dead hand, blocks a dilapidated buildings, helped to hide the addiction. That's cripple this community. Here you didn't what happened a mayor pew, but what happened appear you remember. I believe she got no. She had an issue you little bit
jobs being nice. We actually got voted out of office for allegations that she had people by her books to enrich while she was the main areas. Yet that's in addition to our job. Not to me for the mayor before her Stephanie Rollings Blake, yet who, during the Friday Gray Riot, said, give them room to destroy in addition before them. two Mayor Martineau Maui around the city into the ground over two terms. This goes on and all Democrats all liberals by the way, folks, all of em so always mayor the former mayor Pew, a sheer racist. You here you smell the dead rats. You can see El the before could smell the dead animals. We should just with this all down from the right scoop soup,
african story in the show. No say flashback. Remember baltimores, mayors that she was shocked by rats and s age like tea in her city, you Ganis it rhymes with here here's another video, Joe of another, clear racist. This dude is on out of the remember liberal standards, you do A comment on liberals running inner cities into the ground. You dare to comment and use lie. Which sets rough like rats and why Catherine Peace that you are definitely erased by the way. Former mayor Catherine Pew was black irrelevant to us, but very import. The identity politics left. We want to make everybody racist, but here's a why guy job, who is clearly clear.
You're right, listen to this cometary, this racist cometary. Here's Bernie said that anyone who took the work that we talk we took around this neighborhood would not think you're in a wealthy nation. You would think that you are in a third world country, but today what we're talking about is a community. half of the people don't have jobs, we're talking about a community in which there are hundreds of buildings that are uninhabitable, we're talking about a community where kids are unable to go to schools. There. We're talking about a community there's been run by another, but Democrats, for God knows I along burn, tea and forty two, Ernie. Clearly arrays spied liberal those standards. Of course, liberals don't have any standards. Folks, here's a piece by John pretty by the way it right for the Baltimore shows what a few guys you ever treated me fairly during my
fifteen years in Maryland and fire the years in Maryland, politics run for others say, there's likes Lichens West Baltimore do a quote third World countries Fritz. The Baltimore son is Fritz erases for writing about it is Sanders. A racist for saying is, of course, not, of course not. They're just telling you the truth, Lib, have run these cities into the ground. Let's go on Joe case. Come back in any of the sub. Ok, more again a piece I wrote for red State a long time ago. Here is a screenshot from the peace. I wrote, I believe, back and twenty twelve in night in fifty. Ladies and gentlemen in nineteen fifty Baltimore get a load of this. Is that what away from her lap. I was quoting an up at peace by Steve, Hanky and Stephen Walter's in the Wall Street Journal in nineteen. Fifty
baltimores median income Joe was seven percent above the national average above Was what about wealthier cities? Democrats a bit in charge since then, today. It is now twenty two percent below The national average in median income who's been in charge, the entire time, the Democrats and liberals with their high tax, big government, eighty family guy, made basically government becoming behemoth in people's lives and taking the locusts of control away from black minority. And white inner city families taking the locusts of control for the family and putting it in the government. You have decimated these families and the economy, which are high tax, social welfare programmes destroyed of theirs. Nothing wrong with the people of Baltimore, there's something wrong with you, the liberals.
It's really wrote in his book a long time ago, the Wall Street Journal again, who happened to be black, which is only important. The liberals not US hero, please stop helping stop helping. You are not helping. So you ve, driven economy, number want to Baltimore into the ground. Seven points, above in the nineteen fifty the national average there median income. Now, twenty two percent below you have exclusively benefit our neighbours. We Donald Trump swore. Yes, let me get this straight since nineteen forty two you been running this city with a monopoly liberals, you brought it to the ground, but in the last few years, Joe, it's Donald Trump small that baltimores fallen apart now clear. That makes a lot of sense so that other rewind imbecile that makes perfect sense. Yeah. Ok, now you may say Well, then, you ok, the economy struggling median incomes down, since the Democrats have been ensured everything else,
ok, oh no! No! No! No here are some more racist, Fox Forty five Baltimore, here's a peace they rocks at their, not racist, obvious using liberals or logic. Highlighting problems in Baltimore is clearly racist by the liberals or rules, but here's a screenshot from a piece by Fox forty, five Baltimore folks. You wanna hear you but listen hold onto your chair, so you don't fall off when I read this and alarming discover by W B, F F in Baltimore Fox Forty five news and alarming Every coming out of city schools, project bonds, more analyzed. Twenty seventeen state testing data and found Joe get ready for this What we are surprised, but this is even worse than I thought this education. Study. He found that one third of high schools in Baltimore last year, a third thirty three percent for liberals, had zero students proficient in math zero. You have zero students in a third of your school of professional man by mistake by
You think you would have that one kid who would be proficient? No I see row, you dig it fit now lives here. we especially to the media matters goons who listen to the show. I dare you, dare you to rest bond with what I know. You're thinking you not ass. I know what the problem is Joe. The problem is big government, the law. School choice, poor economy, parents have nothing but the poor schools to send their kids. Do they don't have a choice? What are the media matters? Liberals think about now. All you know. Oh it's! Those people are those with. Those would worry me. Can you described Please those people know what what do you mean? No, those people who are those people who were they? What are you suggesting that there's something wrong
Before that, with the citizens about what, because I was there on like most of the frauds talking about this, these hacks in the green room in the media- trumps, racist, we're talking about Baltimore, who ve never had a real job, never gotten their asses out of the green room ever actually seem Baltimore. I went up to somebody who can say the school, because no one hour, liberals are probably point got it tomorrow, It went up to a charter school in Baltimore City and I walked around a successful charter school very successful where the kids we're out performing even some of the local Catholics who are mostly the kid show. My pack in his Spanish, don't tell her liberals, the liberals thing those people, those people can't do it. Those people, because there is a real.
racist? And you know what the administrator of the school a you know the school job? I lie marketers, I'm serious because I know how liberals or they'll probably boycott advocated Amboise GINO it or five years ago, because their lunatics. You know what the administrator of the school said to me. I never ever forgotten. We will How can around I was talking about how a bullet is that these kids, in their families have no choice and how other? in Baltimore, struggling you! Nobody! He looked at me and said dances same kids. You know what he meant. This is the same kids. In other words, these are the same they took out of struggling schools and the minute they put them in an educationally new Perseus environment, where these kids get scoop up. the education calories and learn where there's discipline and teachers and administrators at care, and parents get them in their these kids sucked it up like a sponge. This education there is,
thing wrong with those kids. Do the exact same kids in struggling Baltimore City, public schools that the government of Baltimore the liberals, have driven into the ground. Do there. education, bureaucracy, you don't another! Guy said to me, he was an activist imprint, sure, just county, largely I county in Maryland. That's also struggling you, nobody said to me: the public education system, I never forgot to see the I'll leave his name out of it to the public, an attack by your teeth. If I say it is, these are prominent guy. then he was an ally of mine. When I ran he said Dan Data, liberals, don't look it education, like education programme. I said well, what have they view it as as a jobs programme? It's just the jobs programme, they don't care about the kids, it's a jobs, for those are his words to me. This was a liberal while.
We ve called John were definitely race in all my bringing up Walter, more probable, my gut trying to help lack families that enters cities. I'll write, you guys, you're, so racist. My gut trying to give black hispanic minority families, why families asian families where he lives in Baltimore, but it has a very large black population trying to get jobs, income growth, tax rate. sounds like you keep their money trying to get their kid school flavors shot at the american dream. Oh my gosh! How racist listen. I'm only here again speaking to you in a coherent sentence because of my parents, my mother, getting Sent you a good Catholic School in New York, where the local schools were dumps. It's the only reason their. Ladies and gentlemen for as much as I'd love to tell you. I possess some magical superpowers.
a war hurry, my killing abilities, are you know a tony stark intellect it's not true. I'm a hard working guy. who'd you. I read a lot, that's it. I have no special superpowers there, he's in Joe and I and Paul are here March for some very simple set of circumstances. We went to Decent School, get back, gave us a decent education and we worked hard in June There were available. Liberals have taken that away. There are no jobs, there were no educational opportunities, they have broken down black families. They did this and Republicans doll. You there. I can say this enough back away from this fight. We can talk about this These are largely black sea. No, no! No! No! No nope nope
I'm gonna get blackfellows you, but I don't care this the morally right thing to do. I don't care if we get one extra black boat out of this. It's the right thing to do. Inner city minority families deserve a shot at the exact same America. You and I had a shot at the exact same. to America's stuff ass. The end and liberals did this. And we need to bring the heat big time. I don't care, what focus groups say. We're not gonna get me votes there. I don't care. I ve been talking about this since I left the secrets Yes, because I couldn't do that jacket into politics, while I was there, the middle, I get out. I made this my number one issue and let me tell you something I have of you ought to follow me on Twitter. Bunch of pictures of me a Baltimore walkin around talking to people in Baltimore, this matter to me at all
Eddie, it's what you show and semi nasty going fine, I dont really Here I don't give a damn. I know what was in my heart- and I know why didn't you know how many political concerns told me. This is the dumbest thing Europe doing sitting at Lexington market shaken hands, that's import, more so for the liberal commentators, by the way you ve never been to Baltimore Jonah, I love it yeah. I love used to take the boys there gray food in there Emily turn right. I used to sit aren't shake up the only place by the way I was all over the city. Your pictures, I was there. People used to tell me you're wasting your time folks, I didn't care. It was the right thing to do. Some of those folks up in Lexington marketed never seen a Republican before the public you ve never been there. That's true, that's true! great conversations up there and I learned more from the people in Baltimore they'll ever learn from me, Joe. You know
well marrow. Even Maryland, politicians never went there. The safety issues because they take the liberal approach public safety, which is screw the cops every opportunity. Here's Catherine here again, former mayor who happens to be blocked which only matters to the left, not to us because but he's a racist. Here's mayor, Catherine. you're saying crime is quote out of control: Baltimore Son Loop, broad water and Kevin wrecked Baltimore mayor May says: crime is out of control. orders agencies to meet with police every morning
clearly a racist clearly by their own standards, goes I'd. Great got fell by the way for why why co host and with the five sometimes when I'm gonna guest hosting their great got, fell that a terrific tweet about this. This weekend, here's got felt tweet about Trump being a racist for com think about Baltimore trumps about to execute a white supremacist. They it reinstituted the death penalty while trying to fool free, a blue wrapper from jail to anybody, sap rocky as he pushes prison Form that directly benefits families of black men, while calling a city where minorities are victims of crime and blame. If trumps racist here We socks at Durban, St Thou things been reiterated. Forty four thousand, in time if trumps, racist
He really socks at being a racist, of course, Joe. They don't believe any of that anodyne. Let me put up one last article here: the rat film. Yes, there's a rat film about Baltimore covered by the Baltimore son, a film about the rats in Baltimore, litter, We called the rat film documentary Baltimores, road and fight Tehran. Pbs tonight, Chris Kelvin Back Baltimore on February twenty six twenty eight. Clearly, another racist, covering the rat price Above all, it must be a racist right now, you're, We are racist when your republic in who tries to fix the democrat mess they have imposed upon the good folks to these and any listen folks, listen
every single community has their troublemakers everywhere. I'm telling you I was a cop and inner city, New York and the seventy five precision, each New York and a federal agent in Baltimore and a candidate there. I have seen these problems up close and personal. I was the one I can endorse a five thirty in the morning lock and people up in Baltimore City for defrauding them. I had one of the biggest federal cases they had the fraud case about a guy taken people's court money for rental cars are never delivering the car. He had defrauded thousands of people. I was the one in New York where people would tat me on the shoulder on the streets of each New York by myself and a full poetae that guy's selling drugs. In a corner and I'll tell anybody I sending these folks deserve better. The Democrats did this. It is their problem and there is no, no better time Now this will be our finest hour as a GEO p. If we did, we I like this and we don T let this go. It's not about the votes. Folks
The votes come later, that's great, but the votes will be a side effect of us being on the morally right side of history. The folks in these cities deserve better a lot better. I got a lot to get too, including doc. when were I've got video Devon Nunez from this weekend. That's illuminating and the Democrats in an absolute panic over another personnel decision made by Donald Trump in a panic, you're, gonna wanna hear this don't go anywhere right sure brought you buy a bodies that lending club for decades credit cards by now pay later with interest, despite your best intentions, attention at interest is, you know, gets out of control very fast with lending bob. You can consolidate your debt or pay off your credit cards with one one. Fixed monthly payments since two thousand seven lending club is help millions of people regain control their finances with affordable, fixed rate. Personal loans is no trips to obey.
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oil! Is it it's? Not rare earth minerals, it's not our water supply. It's not. The greatest untapped resource is the untapped, power, work, power, skill and the People in inner cities will be left behind by awful liberal politicians. Crap all over them every day and have zero accountability? Thank God President Trump brought this fight up. I relish it, and so should you movement dams in a panic, Johnny Radcliffe congressmen from TAT this looks like he's. Gonna be tap to be the next. The rector of national intelligence overseeing are seventeen intelligence agencies. You see the story Fox NEWS come off it up at the show notes their coats to resign good he's awful to resign as direct your connection of intelligence, Trump selects representative John Rackliff as a replacement Joe. The Democrats are in a pattern.
Why well, first, what's gonna go into the panic and I'll explain you, John Radcliffe, Representative Radcliffe Congressmen is on the ball. He's the guy during last week's hearing with Bob Mahler who who nailed them to the wall on need exonerated stand there? There is no legal standard to exonerate somewhat there either you and I the more you down there, either guilty or not guilty Joe theirs is, have you met someone Joe. I bet we'll interested arrested. I met somebody within a trial. Have you ever read met anyone who's been declared innocent no paper declared We all do there's! No! There is no exaggeration. Legally now I title book exonerate the court of public opinion. Trumps been exonerate a long time about, I loved the troll, the land, but there is no legal. Added for exoneration Ratcliff cigar Now them to the wall, but that's
that really why the Democrats, here in a panic Ratcliff, is now going to be overseeing as the DNA director of national intelligence, the seventeen it intelligence agencies and rat could for peace on Maria Barter, almost show this week in any brought up three points which I just wanna I want to point out to you in this is why their freak out I'll show you their tweets in a second, why their freaking out and what they said, including John Brennan, and this guy, who tends to be Rapporteur, NBC Ratcliff brought up any said, the key word Joe, which has a demo it's in a panic Umbria border, almost show he said crimes have been committed during why gate scandal, that's very important! You bout you made their debts who's to anybody here. Folks, you? oh crimes have been committed. You can listen to the show you like. Ok, damn! What's the big bombshell, the big banks who's. The guy who is now going to be in charge of the intelligence apparatus and the country knows crimes have been committed. he laid out three specific crime? I'm sorry
plainly that the video but in audio books is very long, and I wanted to still it because I got a lot to get to number wide radically. pointed out to Maria Barter Roma, Joe. The leak of the phone call from my foot the russian ambassador containing sensitive national security information and on masking information that leak was a criminal act. That is an open question crime. MIKE when Donald Trump National Security adviser in the end and appointed one during the transition spoke with the russian ambassador kiss we act. cancer that call were led to the Washington Post David Ignatius. That led to the Washington Post, ladies and gentlemen, is an unquestionable crime. It was a crime Ratcliff no
This radcliffe is now going to be digging through to figure out where that crime happened, and I are panic. He was also a former prosecutor for the government, so he knows the stuff. I cannot recommend they better pick than Rackliff. Second another perjury crime was committed How do we know that Joe Glenn Simpson, at fusion GPS to put together the dirty dossier under oath tall, they in a sense, the hearing up on the hill again under oath, that heeded me Bruce or from the Department of Justice and after the election? Ok, what's problem? There is a big problem In the field of work on the fear of books, Bruce or on testify the exact opposite Simpson. I met so after the election or that's why
I met Simpson August twenty second of twenty. Sixteen, that's perfect! we are launching a lifeline jacked election? November member. Somebody's lie remind me, He said or October So maybe I could be the way. It's not August rights, important some when's lying why them is lying and trying to hide the fact that they met August? Second, now why why think they're lying. Why you think Simpson is line, while its very obvious simpsons lying about when he met Bruce or because the advice legation suppose supposedly didn't start to August. Excuse me until July thirty, first, what we're Simpson doing meeting with these people later robbers
doing I mean how quickly they get going? What are they doing? You have behind meeting with these people two weeks prior to the start of the investigation that was issued, a heat up really quick folks, they're all trying to delay and move back when these meetings happened. So it looks like it was a deliberate. Your way, How will we started the case? We opened up, we transition from an assassin do a preliminary to a full investigation. We covered it in my book spike it we did it and we did it gradually. They. Let me know you didn't you wrap this thing up absolutely The minute you could you moved right, you, for investigation with no evidence somebody's line. What was the third crime committed? That Rackliff highlighted the fact that Jim call me Leap, confidential documents. Who is the media buddy to put out in the public space? Was there classified information in there? There's some conflicting accounts about exactly how much of that was classified. If it was, it was a crime to there in a paddock.
Here's a tree by Johnny, Brennan, Johnny Bay, Johnny Bay, Hack, Johnny, Breton disgraced, former CIA director, dead, coat, served ably and with deep integrity, Ratcliff showed abject subservience to trumpet Mahler hearings, the women and men and the intelligence greedy deserve a leader like coats who puts nation. First, not a servile trump loyalists like rack branded in a panic, because he's out now I'll get to in a moment, while branded in a white bread is in a real panicked, ever newness kind of brought this up. This we cannot play videos short but Brennan's in a panic, because, he's about to be exposed for the lying hack. He is now off you shouldn't can Delaney in an embassy. They call infusion can because this guy is one of the young, the worse the let you can't even a report claims to be, but Clint Kinda Laney in an embassy who was one of the lead promoters of the collusion hoax repeatedly. This guy's been discredited. Six, from waste from Sunday. Also add a tweet this weekend are
this we can ease in a panic to member. This guy was one of the lead collusion of total conspiracy years. So much of what a tinfoil cap on this guy, he retweet John Radcliffe by one as for the second most conservative member Congress Gray, we love that appears to believe that the rush investigation was cooked up by Democrats who committed crimes he puts at quotes. As if that did not happen, now trust reportedly, is considering placing him atop the? U S, intelligence. We noticed this is hysterical people committing crimes. In quote like that, didn't I wasn't a leak of winds phone call that Prison a discrepancy between or in Simpsons account of when they met on the road by the way and that recently discrepancy between call me leaking these memos and what the I see a separate classified now he talks about. This is if this committed crimes, if he puts air, quotes on it, he can continuous propagate this guy. the joke, he's a total, and Irish, but he's not a reporter folks. Here
I would even like to bid blogger out there listen blogs or grain. I've gotta blogs all the time for information, but there are some awful: what's this Don't even put him in that class. He is a prob ly. propaganda shoes, but an embarrassment to the station. The beginning continues to get dish. Right by the facts and what he does. doubles down on stupid therein panic, because they know exactly what's about to happen. John Ratcliff is going to dig the layers of the sun in conjunction with Durham and Bill BAR, and your eyes are about to be open to what I'm about to get to endeavour Nunez kind of previewed. At this weekend I get that It gives our sponsor the day to good one sponsor. by war dragons, we love war dragons. Like video games, you're, gonna, love, war, dragons, it's a three day, real time strategy, videogame bright and your phone. They have over a hundred. the different dragons to Britain collecting the game each with a different attacks, style ability and class for the month of July WAR Dragons his parting with stack up in organs.
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punch, your love, it really cool game. I vote. Even so Devon Nunez was Omri about Roma show again this week into and here's a quick clip of White New es had to say about A and I in a little bit of job. Is it more likely the CIA would get what would integrate all of these international sources across the world or the FBI. See I or FBI in terms of getting all of these Intel associates like the downers of the world, and this said. The world together Well, as you know, we have jurisdiction over both FBI and CIA and what they do overseas. We lots of information of FBI people going overseas and doing things. We don't really have any information from from CIA. So far, they they really come clean I would say the only one that has that has questions to answer is John Brennan, because we now
Oh that John Brennan briefed Harry Red on the dossier in August two thousand and sixteen at the same time he never brief me or or Paul Ryan, who was the speaker of the house at the time, yet a boy! Ok, Devon, newness, again always cuts right through the chase. Ladies Adam and Johnny Botz is in a world of trouble. Johnny bombards! Let let me just put this in any kind of a visual audio format will make more sense. What is the problem with John Brennan and is take on this John Brennan has said multiple times we play the video audio and the show that he did not come across the dossier until December of twenty sixteen after the election. In November. Obviously, Ladies and gentlemen, that's a big problem because John Brennan brief. Terry red is Devon. Nunez just summed up in August of twenty sixteen August December August, this ever obvious happens to be before four December for the liberals, listen you can't figure that out. He breathed
Mary read on items and intelligence bullet points and data points show that were only in the steel information and the door. yea now bigger tip. Who, at John W Huber on Twitter, undercover Huber, who has a really great account. He had screen shots and to put up one by one, showing you how much trouble therein. Here's the first one which addresses the boy He thinks situation that Nunez just talked about bread, Brennan has already said he gave the same brief to everybody. Gang of eight percent. equally senators Harry Red Mitch, Mcconnell Feinstein Bur, represent Paul Ryan policy Debbie Nunez and Adam Shift between August in September September, sick, let me quote Breton: I provide this same briefing to each gang of eight member notice. What he just said, Joseph my mind,
God, I say briefing say in one to noon. S say more, two Riah Nunez says I wasn't breathed Joe, you think newness would know you take s, nose of newness was brief interests asking, I think so bright, you brilliant sit down the scientist, I notice we're dog legitimate. So when you die of it now We know if new ass was brief. I don't know I was aids rather than be stupid about it, because it is so dub, so just to be clear, Johnny Bay With information in the dossier from steel jeez, he went up the Capitol Hill and brief the gang of eight. I gave them all the same briefing Nunez, to say what It's not true! Why would he give different briefings to different people job, maybe because
information he had in the dossier about Carter, page taking bribes from Russians to help out the Trump campaign was such colossal bs that if we breathe Anybody else on it and told them about the information they would call em out what Joe, maybe some did call em out. He got nervous and that's why he didn't brief, subsequently Ryan and Nunez, who would have called them out to begin cover Huber. Here's a guy's commentary from a brief Johnny branding, gave to Mitch Mcconnell, so kind of like coal. Carry much call them out a little bit check this out. this is branded in an interview which our time He says hey where they questioning you Chuck Todd's, asking Brennan he's here. Senator Mcconnell, did Chuck Todd says under what guys premises. I think he thought That may be, the democratic ministration was trying to undermine a republican candidate, and I took great umbrage. Show it- and I told him I said, Senator Mcconnell-
I would not in any way politicize any type of intelligence so Make sure you understand that this is the considered view what are the intelligence query, the CIA and so on? Let it be known that are there no one, certain terms that I did find there comment of his a bit repugnant, You re both we cannot put up what year man so Jolly bots goes up to the hill. With these our bridge information right. He breeze. We read on it Harry reads like like law: oh yeah. What do you got? This is great. This is also Carter. Page, took an eighty seven billion dollar bribe from a big saturated, but you get the boy to run it for me, this out great nobody. Nobody bothers you awake baby you're suggesting to me that a guy working for the Trump team. Now, took a bribe worth nearly a billion dollars, and nobody noticed he hasn't been the right so Mcconnell starts here.
in Britain equate. The Bretons like this is reported. Probably slams is based on the report questioning what probably happened after that. Brennan, probably calls back to see Eggers, hey, guys it changes brief, quick, Mcconnell Let us call it bs on us. He never gives briefing to Ryan and newness the same one. He probably gives them a different one. Now, who follows up and now pushes the FBI after this August briefing right around the time. By the way I see others all going to die together of the August. Twenty second briefing between GEO, Jays, Bruce or an Glenn Simpson for Fusion GPS is all happening at the same time whose poking in trotting information overload, come from every direction now Bruce or Christopher Steel fusion. The state department whose hammers FBI's that you better get. This criminal case started trumpeting all let's go to school. shot number three had Tipp undercover Huber. This is the lead, Harry. Reed rights through the FBI
see in the middle. He starts talking about this Trump team that has come the likes of interest due to investments in russian Energy conglomerate gas problem who met with her ranking sanctioned individuals, while in Moscow well after Trump became the republic, the presumptive Republican Domini, any such you talk about the Carter. Page means should be in vain. the gate and made a part of the public record be talking about gas prom trump people meeting with Gazprom always talk about Carter page the allegations in the dossier that he took a nearly billion dollar bribe from a russian gas company to basically the conduit between the Russians and trump a charge that has been entirely completely. One million per cent discredited this credit. It was made up. It was invented out of out of cloth, which is its fake. I don't want to. I waited till it's not real. It never happened.
So how did how we read get it? He got it from Johnny, be who got it from steel? and the dossier which he says he didn't see till December he may not have seen a physical dossier, but he was sure, as hell talking to someone who is talking to Christopher Steel before that always newness and Ratcliff distill it down. So the two, take away from that on the Ratcliff front, I'm more committed or according to a liberal, fake, the reporter can Delaney AIR quotes crimes because he's obviously has no experience even in basic reading of the legal facts around the case, I'm not that bright at very afraid, rack he's gonna start looking at the actual crimes and on the new nest. Johnny bees in a world of trouble because clearly him, Thank you didn't see. The dossier until December was a lie, or at least the curveball.
He was clearly dealing with someone infusion g yes and getting their information. Why? Because he told Irene August who pose dumb enough put it down in writing the guy here idiots. I shall we say this by gates aspire spy story for morons. It really is. These are some of the dumbest people I have ever met that they do you meant that this whole thing in writing is hysterical hysterical. Billy, I get a kick out of it. Sometimes I laugh about how dumb all of these People were in the media, people like collusion, I hope Delaney Dilanian, who continue to promote the hoax. Knowing they will history, he's going to openly laugh and them is just grace. It's just quit. They're gonna be so embarrassed if they're, even capable of that. I listen. I gotta move access import great p. I was going to say something
I was kind of Stewart on something like I ventured on this interesting article about the only way to get over to put it out of place. Sorry, Paula Besson with the show, but there it is just think peace. I saw this week and I will get to what I was gonna talk about a second eighty Mccarthy's gets up about our SIRI, how an actor it's on your phone, you accidentally and now it may. It may be recorded you if it activated so that we can and one of the things that is, it may be worth recording people, amidst they don't want to be recorded? If you know what I mean, so I think it likely after due cannon. I hope I didn't have the activate SIRI, like our data, That would be really horrible. Can you here's the reason, a guardian apple contractors, regulatory here confidential details on Syria recordings who now this ain't gettin? I got one now
I'm next time, I'm turning my phone off completely better effect, I, I'm gonna put it in the safe wrapped in a sound if container with lead, and maybe some kryptonite, just to be sure, you're serious radio. Silence, ok, moving on more serious damage, Mccarthy wrote a terrific peace, it's a to partner in national review. I'll have it up it to show notes today. Part number one is fantastic: Gamala Report's fundamental Dodge sum this up for you and about awfully five minutes. because it's very important what what he's talking about what happened? What Mahler last week and the skin they're trying to put together with these, are well see. Guidelines. Folks here, is a trick. I was a trick from the start. It's always been a trick the essence of it is this: as I've been discussing, Mahler wants the nail trump to the wall with his team. What they did is they put together this report, which rights
can operate, it's not a serious legal document. It leaves out a bunch of exculpatory information. They always knew this would leak, but they never intended on charging Donald Trump with any crimes or testing he be charged with crimes when he leaves office? Why jobs? Because it was a on prosecutable garbage case with no evidence. Where it could win that case ever it will be clear Molly did not charge trump. For one reason, there is no crime. The charge. He can tell you what every once it's a lie. That's the real reason: Mccarthy's peace, the two part peace digs into the dirty data, from his professional legal experience about why he thinks there the oil seed guidelines as an excuse now, keeping in mind all time. Mahler did short sharp because there is nothing to charge Mahler not want to say that some Mahler and his team at a fine, a reason to attack trump. So what did they do? They? and in the piece in the Mulder report that one
the reason aid in doing they ve come out publicly and said the treaties, because the oil seed guidelines, office of legal counsel, guidelines would say you can't indicted sitting President ladies and gentlemen, eighty Mccarthy decimate, as he has a couple- it it always takeaway number one. Is this the oil seed nine Show- don't say, listen to me folks. This is very important. They do not you cannot indict a president. They dont MRS Schroeder, They are not all. That is not what they say. They said you cannot indict a sitting president right when president leaves office. You can in died away. So as Mccarthy excellently points out it is not an issue of yes or no indict or not, and that is an issue of timing. If Molly thought he had acquired, against the President lay application, diamond, let them impeach the president and I'm going to die of one he's out of office. Why did they not Do that Joe refer back today and take away number one is because there
Was not a prosecutable case crime. mothers team was not stupid. They know that. So they don't want, is very job. We're not gonna win died. The president, because there's no evidence he committed a crime or not and evidence enough to meet this hurdle. They want to say that, so what do they do they then a bunch of press conferences that well we were restricted for making a decision because of these Elsie Guy, that's not true matter of fact There's mandate specifically request that he make a prosecutor decision. Mahler is not he's not he's not being authentic. There What really happened behind the scenes, while Mccarthy lays this out beautifully mothers team knows if they suggest an indictment of the present there's gonna- be a long legal fight about when that's possible. If there's prosecutable case any knows, he's gonna lose, so they don't do it. Mahler also knows he can clear the press
put in and say we're, not gonna win die because animal look like the present is not guilty and NATO not that either because Mahler job is to destroy the presidency. So what do they do? They any of the legal avenues to defend himself, because it wouldn't be an indictment right away right, he wouldn't be able to go to court and clear, as name saw, what we're gonna do is where just not gonna make two recommended indictment in the report, because you know, report. Is the president can't be indicted right now until he leaves office and he wouldn't have any of the legal avenues to defend himself, because it wouldn't get indictment right away right. He wouldn't be able to go to court whose name saw what we're gonna do is where just not gonna make a decision. Ok, how does that sound? and by the way the reports which are the report confidential. So
this negative stuff. We right there's only gonna, be seen by a select few bunch of people you gotta do is very very clever, they know bar and the american public are going to say way way way. Let me get this straight these well see guidelines? Do not prevent you from stating that then it should be indicted at these when he leaves interact. Your mandate says you have to make a decision in diet or not the prosecutor. Not you have to lay out your reasoning and does not have that. Why why well, we were just protecting your present, you with a they really doing show they were quite ITALY because they say he wouldn't have the ability to find themselves in court of genius Second genius at the same time, because if the report remains financial Joe. That would be right. They would be right if but he saw the report and the Mullah rapid. They would be absolutely correct. Here's what we found
First, they lay out the they leave out the exculpatory, but nobody's going to see a put you you guys make the impasse in case and do whatever, but we're not gonna he says to the media, but that's not what they did Joe this pressure. Also behind the scenes engaged a strategic leaks and push for the release of the report immediately after Bill BAR released the summary knowing what that the EC that same reason they gave him or not making a decision, while the president cannot defend himself was the backed reason, they released or push for the releasing. Therefore, because the president can devoted himself against the report now public. You can't issue the Trump report he's not an attorney get me to politics. Immigrants yeah, that was good oil, see guidelines were always an excuse for them not to make a judgment but to write in impeachment, I'd line for Congress, knowing it would leak yeah whilst
I'm alternatives. We say we are. We did this because we are protecting the present. Otherwise we are. We could consider charging, but we didn't cause. We were protecting, they had case read them up, any peace. It is a genius piece of work, but he's absolutely right there nail the to the water like professional, well, poisoner, GINO, Oh my gosh horrendous, our folks, I still haven't got the trumps big wound Friday I'll get to that tomorrow, but just quickly in a nutshell, Trump did when they can reallocate money now to the board of the war will be built down at the border. At least portions of it, and I also want to at the summit that tomorrow, with the Supreme Court getting out there in front of these injunctions, you like to show today stay on this Baltimore smokes is worth our time. I'll see you oughta, MAR thanks for tuna. You just heard TAN Bonn GINO. She you can also get Dan's podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.