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Don’t Fall into the Trap the Libs & the Media are setting (Ep 1121)

2019-11-27 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the trap liberals, and their media sycophants, are setting us up for with the release of the IG report. It’s going to shock you where they intend to go. I also address the liberal language shift with regard to their silly plans for “free stuff.”

News Picks:This May, 2017 article describes what I believe will be Jim Comey’s excuse for the Russia probe and the Hillary mess.


Was Christopher Steele sharing government information with private clients?


Another Adam Schiff staffer is linked to this Burisma-backed think tank. 


Snowflake college students slam Thanksgiving and claim the holiday shouldn’t be celebrated. 


Warning signs flashing for the Democrats in the 2020 election. 


CNN guest claims Trump uses mind control on his supporters. 


Bernie Sanders is going to dramatically hike your taxes.


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Ready to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks. With your host Dan Bonn Jean I make it says it is all coming together now, folks, all of it today. Yesterday showed great today is going to be a book in two yesterday show about what this Pfizer report why I'm not putting any faith in it. This sort, its Pfizer report and what I think the FBI I Jim call me and the higher up through spied on from what I think there excuses, gonna, be it's all coming together. You not gonna want to Misis. I got that, hopefully the collapse of Elizabeth Warren. am, I think, hopefully, she club saying the story that I'll get it Hopefully, will get to that also video. You know I hate doing this, but video. of me last night on had because it's an important topic. Do I hate, do it it, but it's
I want to address welcomed the damage you know show priested show. How are you today this day before thanks aid air fearless later, I'm too pretty good habit yourself, how you doing you're off for me and you to Morrow, which you yeah. I know we would be a jailer on fire before this difficult topic altogether. So happy days, we do all we are taking a day off tomorrow. Joe deserves it Paul this. So everybody a big happy thanksgiving. Do it in his answer. I, let's get right to the shell constitutional brought you by bodies out here likes he'll sleep, listen he told you story about by teenage daughter. She fell asleep on my youngest daughters, he'll, sleep mattress and she said dad where'd, you get that matters is a true story, not messing with me. I wouldn't tell stories, but by its if they were Joe visit, he'll sleep that conflict Then you'll get two hundred hours off your majesty order from the best mattress company out there he'll sleep: why are they the best? They can Just tell you that I get back it up. They have asleep quiz. It takes these two minutes to complete and
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I guess it's ok before we get to the. Horowitz, Slash FBI, malfeasance, media story about this. So much juicy stuff- and here I just want to quickly prepare you, because I I am proud to say on this show that our track records pretty decent. We are typically you a month ahead of the new cycle about its not because Some kind of self these guy or an media. We just have good sources. Good people give us stuff, and once we verify it usually turns out to be true. I what a day before we get to the meat, but data show get ready for hoax number. For that I did not discuss this. job more holler before the shell. Ok be Paul a little bit number one trump colluded with the Russians. Hoax number, two mothers investigating tromp for criminality or that it is all nonsense. It was all a cover up. Hoax
There are three fake whistle blower gay trumpets colluded with the Ukrainians about this quid pro quo deal, I'm you're, saying market Joe ten, thirty dean, oh to eastern time as we are recording here on the data for Thanksgiving Dan Embryo market down, take it down and Joe arm across this famous notebook narrative number four or is coming when fake whistleblower gay collapses when used very soon and its go, waiting to be shrub is colluding with the Turks Why Why you are opposed to get ready for it? Listen to me I back. It is not a joke if there are already preparing it now. If it's gotta, be this, I'm telling you, how do you for it? It's a hoax. Yet if it wasn't all I tell you, I don't want to corrupt president either it's another hoax.
Our sensing, Ukraine, fake whistleblower gate is completely collapsing. The poles are falling apart, swing, staples! No Same person supports this bizarre hoax impeachment, so Already prepping it the stories gonna go like this sounds familiar right. should sound familiar because I've used on the prior three houses. Tromp has significant this interest in Turkey a lot of his decisions will get a jury resume it. You watch it on Youtube: Lasorda, geopolitical, sophisticated so you did. I do to make it more serious trouble has significant business interests in Turkey and he's Making decisions like like that do not die, helping the Kurds or whenever they want to see all these decisions in Turkey there maybe did not stir not sanction Turkey for their use of the s. For Jude rationed missile system that that's based on its business interests that
rob, is clearly intermingling is personal interest for Turkey. Folks, it's a hoax, it's all a hoax there's, no Zubaydah. There's no evidence. This is true massive with her that's funny Feedback did not arrive at its area of this is true that that was the motivation for any of transferring part not far policy decision However, it is that, but I just prepping, now mark the time of day. You heard it here. I shall be referring back. This could get ready for hoax for Trump colluded with the Turks. I'm telling you it's coming. Ok, stuff allied to get you today, ladies Germans of all, coming together of additional, creates some crazy man, Sis nuts or I saw it there's this is complicated and I was hesitant, did discuss it today. I have addressed this topic before in a different context:
in detail and I'm hesitant to talk about it, because it's a little bit more complex than a lot of what I have discussed before in terms of the eighty tromp hoaxes. You know why Illusion Gay Mahler, Gay Ukraine gate and soon to be Turkey gay about all this I'm a little complicate and it Bob's around. I want to get the led out first, what he's going to be the FBI's excuse for spying on tromp. That's the simplest way to tat. By this ok. Keep this in your head is on discussing the Horowitz report. I dont believe is gonna. Be is damning as we all think it is, and not because the F b I didn't do damning things. I just We have a lot of faith in the institutions of government to, in fact, investigate government. I'm sorry, if you're putting your faith in the harbour report I think it's a misplaced. I could be wrong, we'll see what comes out I'm gonna wait like everyone else, I'm not getting exe
about its, not because I don't think the f B. I did anything wrong. I think they did something horrendously wrong. I'm just not confident that the swamp can investigate the smart. Does that make sense folks, I hope you get all that conflicts of interest to you big time now, you're doin right now. Having said that,. There is absolutely no question the FBI spied on Donald Trump and our intelligence apparatus had something to do with a nun. We know it as Turk FBI asset according to even there you York Times washed imposed own reporting left leaning out, was an FBI asset intermingled with George Papadopoulos. We know they re spying on the trunk team. It's not a mister! You can call when everyone undocumented informs. The only question now is as Bill BAR Act, rightly stated our attorney general in the can I see. No hearing was the spying predicated in simpler. Firms. Outcomes razor here did the f B. I have
legal reason spine the trumpet. Ok that make sense like the now filter, back to how I this, what is going to be the FBI eyes excuse in the December knife. Horwitz report is about to come out and horror which is accepted or not acceptance of it for why they spy that's the only question now. I've hinted at a couple. These before a couple of their reasons, but I want a nail two of them today and it's coming together that it's gonna be to follow the reason, and it's going to involve the battle I discuss before between Jim call me and John Breton who sure you are probably no longer friends because bread, this version of events in commies versions of events can possibly be true. There are conflicting stories, that's a set up long but necessary. Let me tell you I thought you did. press this tonight, Holman Jenkins at the Wall Street Journal, who is very good. He writes good stuff on the tech industry.
But he has been on this particular component get the reason why the FBI is going to say they spot. I believe this by existing like trump, but their real, he's been nailing this from the start. I want you to check out the headline from his peace that it was very good. He said who will turn over the twenty sixteen rocks. Whilst your journal Homan Jenkins today, the republic can survive the truth, but FBI and the CIA probably can now what store is home and Jenkins been on for a long time now that has been a significantly on the redress component of the Hilary email, and Segregation slashed by gate scandal they're all intermingled because it was the same player. Why did they dumped the Hilary investigation and jump into investigating tromp when there was no information investigate Trump and a ton of information to prosecute Hilary? Why did they make that decision? One of the under discussed under addressed angles- and this has been a
suspicious document to others say piece of information. Precision matters that was uncovered in Early. Twenty sixteen and sent to the FBI this information sent to the FBI alleged that there was email out there in the ether want to be precise here. This email members now keep in mind. They didn't send the email to the FBI. They sent information about the email. Precision matters in this new. What's a lead The information that there's an email somewhere floating in the ether Joe from former head of the DNA, see Debbie Osterman Shawls Democratic Florida congresswoman, who was running The Democrats operation at the time who emailed a person, of Leah, Leonardo Bernardo, who works
George Soros and allegedly it met. Email was damaged is assuring this Soros. Guy works for the Open Society Foundation Soros operation that don't worry Loretta ledge is gonna, scrap the former Obama attorney general. They Heller! the email address issues, not gonna, let it go for everybody copier now. Yet this is again. This is good, big time, ombudsman that, that's the allegation nobody has seen this email to be precise, recent Clear, both Loretta Lynch, Give me the Loretta Lynch Debbie was men, shots Leonardo Bernardo? All of them People allegedly evolved this email chain vigorously deny this email I get. We do actually or unlike the New York Times and others. Ok, we're not journalists. We actually do reporting.
They deny and no evidence is surface, that this email is real. Ok now copy email, Loretta Ledge stall. Worry Hillary Clinton, email investigation, gonna, go away every but he denies existences email. The FBI had information that email could exist, although they never saw now bullet point number two But what we're talking about here, the FBI I need an excuse for why they started the bigger spying scandal in american history, the FBI and the analysed What did the information from the source who says hey this emails out there? It's real be bad Loretta. Benches in this cabal with Debbie Washroom, unsure since Soros and all the buzzwords in folks
analysts who looked at this said this is crap disguise not this total carbon. They may send our stand, others good for us than if you had this in this, the fact that worry about, what's good from where it with the facts. Folks. Nobody who looked at this information thought it was legitimate. Now we start getting back to the I got. Some video come up in a minute of call me Obama. It's all gonna start to make sense. Jim call me after the fact, after the Trump election other started a hint that this piece of what they what was rushing this information, the this force. The sore sayings email existed Jim Crow.
We started a hint after the election that what analysts and rank and file people thought was clearly bs. Joe was rushing. This information is fake. It was by painted by the Russians to mess with us right right after Election call me starts hinting that this stuff is with damaging, and I can only talk about it, classified setting and start putting a patina of truth on imprimatur of truth, like this real and we thought it was real folks. Nobody thought this was real kind of serves as a good excuse. That doesn't you're just jealous Hilary investigation and move on to other things. Take this screen shot from Jenkins Peace check it out Youtube that by GINO. I'm quoting. This is from Jenkins. Peace today quote, if not for his first intervention, talking about Jim combing intervening, although let me explain this about
but then come back me for a second him. When he's Jenkins is addressing the first intervention. What he means is. The July Fifth press conference were Jim Call me comes out and says hears the things Hilary did wrong and we not going to go any further with this? No one would prosecute this case case closed. Remember that folks, That's what Jenkins is referring to buy his fur commies first intervention he's referring to the pressure. Follow me, just make sense goes on, if not for his first interview He wouldn't have committed his second reopening the ass, the Hilary email case remember shortly before election. They show that wouldn't unnecessary feed and close it down right. I pretty simple the cat reopen a case. You didn't shut down on July Fifth, so he says: if not for the first, they would. The second intervention reopening the case before election day, so we are left with the possibility.
that Jim Commies actions in response to dubious russian dangling he's talking about this info there's an email out there in ether? so daintily elected Trop, so are left the possibility com These actions. In response to this, this information may have accidentally active Donald Trump, because call me is forced to reopen investigation before election. They Joe he should have closed. You dig again. You dig alright keep going cloak Obama administration after Missis Thorntons defeat shift no most overnight. I've got video on this coming up from I'm playing rushing meddling. Remember Obama before the election, the Russians canvas with us so bs. They shifted from down Playing russian meddling, highlighting it. Jenkins goes on were left with the possibility. the whole collusion Connor was deliberately promoted distract what otherwise.
would have been the story of the century, the FBI's hair brush. Intervention in a presidential election? Ok, there are two possible exploited. since you remember what we're talking about, there is no longer any question. The F b, I acted atrocious Lee The lead up to the twenty sixteen election by but surely scrapping Hilary investigation, despite mounds of evidence in two hours. Moreover, and her behaviour mounds of solid fact based evidence that she was engaged in trafficking classic I'd information over a private, not secure server and there's also a boat load of information that the FBI was actively involved and spying operation, not a presidential candidate of the opposing opposing the the which was democratic Obama, the all
The question is: what is hard What's the others going to use as to use bill bars words, the predicate the excuse was for doing so. Here's what I'm worried about again get had a December night. You gonna have the story now. So when it comes out the summer night, you already be ready to go with the. Why I believe their excuse is gonna, be twofold, Joe, the FBI, Jim Comin, And I'm gonna play video him at a second on CNN, with Anderson Cooper. This is all gonna make sense, the FBI and in the rue de La Pfizer report it could say I haven't seen it yeah, the FBI, spied the FBI, screwed up, Why we received information about this intervention, in our political system. by Loretta Ledge and this email, this email and they were they were they were
I shall, but so we had to take over. We had to take over and we This credit this right away and we had to make the prosecutor decision on Hillary Clinton and unexplained era. Excuse number one. Member First elbowing Hilary investigation, ok and move. Despite our trump excuse me What is going to be this. We read this Russian, this information We thought it was real and we thought that o J was corrupted in Loretta. Lynch was working behind the scenes to make this go away, because that's what the allegedly email set- I guess you got it- we had to take over Loretta Lives- was compromise somewhat how to squash this and put an end to it. That's why we did what we did. I bad so sad, As for, why did we spy on Trump after we? Dell dealers investigation prematurely, Well now we were
the Joseph myths. Third, who met with Papadopoulos from the Trump campaign around same time. By the way in Twenty sixteen. We were told that guy. Was a russian operative, a russian agent, a russian raw, representative, trying to access the Trump campaign. What would you do like that? here is on a b c, which on community, what would you do what they put that guy in a restaurant he's making fun of his kid people like stand that are out. What would you do. The so sure tat. They were going to go down this road. Remember where only talking about predication here, that's it now. What is a common thread Joseph between these two
bogus pieces of information there. Patient about the email between Loretta, ledge and other shelving it number point number one was fake. The information about Miss said, be it a russian agent is fake. Where do you think both those of information originated from and made their way into the FBI, and it gives the FBI a perfect excuse. Predication, who do you think, could affect that to them. Take a deep breath and thinking for a second, I may be John Brennan and the CIA hey wasn't our fault we got. from Johnny Bag, donuts. The CIA told us this information about Loretta when Gmail to shelve the Hilary investigation was true. We have jump in and stop it. You see
I told us Miss Service, a russian agent. What did you want us to do? Who wasn't our fault? They did it down when they get to come, he's video audio in a moment, and you'll see how, in this interview with Asia, which is short clip, I can't play the whole. They he's already setting himself up as a martyr and a victim of some job. Brennan scandal here. Instead of call me actually doing its homework and very the Russian this information at the rate at which actually email this person. You know they can they could get her emails on arm and was should actually russian agent didn't do any of it. they wanted the Hilary M email investigation to go away and they wanted to investigate Trump many get the communists can explain more than oh it's complicated, but this is critical because you will be like
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they had a reason to do so and I believe the reason they may lay out is they had this information about the OJ corruption. This Loretta Lynch, W Osterman shots, male that didn't exist, and secondly, we were told me sobers a russian agents and that formation clearly came from intelligence That's how they got it and may have come from Brennan, any CIA Cia, the FBI's going to say my bad so sad they fed to us now going back. Listen! Jim call me it's about a minute! Ten! Second clip! He gets. Question from an audience member. We cut out in the interests of time. The question is basically: hey: listen the FBI's already admitted to their role in the spying scandal by sending a spy this as return to to meet with George Papadopoulos. How do you respond that listen to his answer and how is already an excuse, making and listen to how he describes Miss said as a Russian represented this classic
this? You gotta, remember where we were in the end of July. Two thousand. Sixteen we knew the Russians were engaged in a massive effort to attack our democracy and then we learn from an allied ambassador that one of President Elect trumps. British candidate trumps advisers have been talking to a russian representative long before that about dirt. They haven't Hillary Clinton that the Russians wanted to make Annabelle we all should have been fired if, when we learn that we didn't investigate to figure out, is there a connection between any Americans and this russian effort and the FBI, in my view, to very reasonable steps? Careful steps to try and understand is that true and I can't believe Republicans would have wanted it any other way and We acted in a responsible, limited and constrained way. I'm proud of the way we conducted ourselves sets us by what do you think it? Turning gentle bar used the word spying, which is obviously word that the president is used as well. I can't explain it when the only explanation I can think of is he used it.
does, the president uses it which is really disappointing. He was better than that, and knows that the FBI conducts electronic surveillance by going to federal judges and getting warrants based on probable cause so here we go to tie this up here. It's gonna, be the FBI's excuse. use number one. We had information. Loretta, wenches, already swashing Hilary investigation in this email thread with Debbie Washroom and George Soros. All the key. words render listen. I am is a bigger credit. George Soros as far as possible, but make no mistake The Russians know that mentioning Soros is going to set off a bunch of conservative Belgium, but don't fall for scams either as an excuse to fall. For this information to attack political enemies for liberals, do they All of this in a fake email sorrows, Debbie Washroom, unsure rather with somebody fed this to the FBI.
B, I knows it's bs and shell he'll Aris investigation. Anyway. What a perfect excuse we had to Joe to deal J was corrupt. We can't let this go on. We can't we did our jobs, we can damn out. Look. We are getting out ahead of this and shutting this down, you may see what does it make dance if the email was about Loretta Lynch. Shutting the investigation down. Why would call me do it Ladies and gentlemen, I think this thing through. call me didn't, say Hilary didn't do anything wrong com, clearly now is saying that we believed it the OJ was corrupted here's. What could Hilary did wrong, but we don't believe the d o J prosecutors have clean and clean minds on this, because there's so much corruption gonna, so we're gonna make a prosecutor of this so that we shouldn't be making, but we're gonna, make it anyway to clear the clear the deck
It's as simple as that new number, to hear what he said in there, we have this information from a foreign ambassador Alexander down the Australian who told us that arise Jeanne representative. There is no evidence whatsoever. That withstood is a russian. Agent or an agent of russian none. This it has western intelligence ties evidence. He knows. Russians, there's no evidence restored is a russian agent. All we know is this: who told them that remember the only person to describe myths as an actual russian agent after the investigation, Mahler Probus, who Joe Jim call me in a washed imposed even Mahler doesn't describe myths suit. Is a russian agent,
please get to say, look the entire community fetish to email, the entire community told us must serve as a russian agent. Of course, we were predicated any as a third out to what's this third out. Did you catch it at the end of that video clip. His third outhouses bold. This is ball. This is this is ballsy, as my friend used to say, grown up. he's going to say: hey man we had to go in front of the courts in the court said, observe K, ladies and gentlemen, the court or not investigators. The court is assuming when you raise your right hand, as an FBI employ, On a series of facts used to spy on someone in a warrant, application at the facts are true or at a mid. Verify. Those two things aren't always the same thing, but at a man my verified to the best of our ability. another that happen. The F b, I did know o work. They did a week.
Anything investigation could even find this email from Loretta luncheon Debbie, washroom insurance. It was supposed to exist to this, Orozco could even find email. Your basic decisions on it and asked for investigating this, should miss cars were to western intelligence assets all. But we sworn but of a judge show the jets. The judges fault that you didn't. Do your homework. Weak super weak! tell you, he's throwing bread and under the bus, proud, say: you'll be weeks ahead. You are now just The kind of some this segment up with fascinating, this whole thing and I have an older peace from the hill in the show notes that I bought. You know that calm, Slash newsletter. If you want to subscribe to the shown outside email you, the articles every day, you just go to the website: freedom now, have an older article from the hill it's important now, and it is bribes, from twenty seventeen. Exactly what I'm talking about here? How com
and is media allies wanted story out there that they may have been duped by this fake russian until to make them okay? We can do anything. We believe it was real. They didn't believe it was really up here. I thought it was crap. It's total nonsense. I have already said we believe that stupid Loretta, Lynch Debbie Western Shawls email story. Call me wants you to believe it was real. It was not. They knew it. Here's Obama President Obama, in one of his last appearances in front of the press, The elections over its December he's getting ready to leave office is December of twenty sixty he's getting ready leave office in January, the following months for President Trop, Morocco let me give you a little historic Oh analysis of what happened in nice in three sentences are less Obama before.
the devastating lost the Hillary Clinton to Trump by yeah, Hillary Clinton had claimed nobody can mess with our elections. I play the video folks, but interests of time. You ve seen it here a million times he's on tape. Saying MR trumped up about how they could be election. Interference is nonsense, nobody's messing with our elections. The Russians can't hurt us Bob. I wear a big country, you follow me now start one and for the election Obama's crystal clear. The Russians are weak, nobody's gonna mess were like, Because why why it was Trump before the election, Who was insisting that there could be some election malfeasance at everybody played down remember when start stage if we would accept the results of the election. Everybody raise your hand and tromp was the only one who didn't he we'll see what happens? I want to see if the elections, honest
liberals and the media lost their might remember. This yes, said: Trot is trying to say the elections. Not legitimate has happened yet usurper usurper, they did the same democratic media away after the elections that the election was a legitimate folks. If your heads right now it should be. The media the Democrats. Do the same symbiotic organism before Trump one when were convinced Hillary Clinton was going away in a historic landslide. What, to be sure there was no guesswork about of credit reality of our wine, so were immediately attacking trump. This election is, gonna be safe and secure Obama was in, there rose garden. These alley issues of election interferes by proper shameful? What an idiot? Nobody can?
asked whether or not the Russians, nobody that changes after they lose all of a sudden. The initial argument: dont let this Trump guy a question Hilary electoral win. We get out ahead of this night that even the Russians can mess with our elections. Now all of a sudden, that's on tape, Joe saw on tape. So the Bob Administration in their first big pressure after the election, has to make a slow transitions from nobody can mess with our elections that even the Russians, too I think this guy is committed to the White House. Trump may have been elected by the Russians. We just said before: could mess with our elections, listen to the rhetorical dance Barack Obama does in this. Almost I almost imam in awe of the the nerve on these people watch the
The agency does, in this clip check this out what I worry about. More than ever, thing is the degree to which, because of the fierceness partisan battle, You start to see certain folks in the republican Party. And republican voters suddenly finding a gun. And individuals who stand contrary to everything that we stand for, as They're, ok, because. That's how much we dislike Democrats, you see it the same guy the same guy, who just months earlier was attacking Trump for suggesting our election could be interfered with and admit icing, Russians or anyone else's ability to do it. The same press,
Obama who now, after the election, no from his media allies and its democratic powers that they have to cover up. Massive spying scandal by the FBI and create predication, create a reason why they did that they didn't think they'd have to write, Can I help you? I I I am horrified you're not can understand what I'm telling you. I am horrified. They are terrified. They didn't think, It would mean a reason to cover up their spy scale because they thought here when we was gonna, be present not of this matter near they hadn't wired. So yeah so now they lose in studying fashion. Nobody expects this and they have to go back and create a reason as to why they scrap the Hilary nation. Predication excuse why they were spying on Trump. Can you Paul? Can you pull up that determine Jenkins, quoted
a screenshot again Jenkins noses there. Nobody needs a reason. He just told you. The Russians can interfere with the election. Now we makes the transition of the Republicans all of a sudden are causing up to them to the Russians. What's going on here, look look read this last piece again, Jenkins were left with a possibility, that the collusion Connor was delivered we promoted to distract from what otherwise. would have been the story of the century, the FBI's hair, brain the intervention in a presidential election, basically to wash Hilary and spy on Trump farmers in on this whole thing, he just told the Russians cannot interfere in the electric. Now the Russians interfere in the election, look and Ebro
other kids, what the Russians, all of a sudden he's prepping the media bootleggers for what's coming, and they dutifully responded on call. Yes, sir. today. Show brought you also by one of my favorite sponsors. Ladies gentlemen, e t, ass e t ass folks go to e t s. Mags dot com use, promo code, and say fifteen percent off your honor. I have a couple him here. These are the best mags have to look at these with their clear Among these are clear. You can see when you're firing you're a our fifty, the air fifteen eg. You can see how many round you have let you know what I love about these GPS mag for one is you can see that you can stand together? It's really there breezy. They can act that we just pile of in just cause like that. Yeah, Michael, it's really simple, yet a dive. reaffirm here. How do I get you can put you together when we do
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you're too in three weeks ahead and get ready for that trump. Turkey story to that's coming soon. To mark my words, by moving. So again you know I I I honestly, I don't like doing this play in my appeal. this kind of stupid- it's ok, could be. I was on tv lessons, but you know some of you. Maybe I don't watch fox at night or aren't at night, or I don't know you- maybe don't have cable whatever it may be, that shortly be choose not to But I was on how to do this. I would rather, when the topic came up of this, a yo see speech she gave which was absurd and I can play it. It's a yacht, unwanted that allow you to lose anymore. I Q points, but I also Now all the a sudden. You know that the new speech policing- I don't want anybody- talk about free stuff me and we want to give away. Free college wants out free stuff, other public goods. You, basically you know what you're talking about their free stuff. Ok, what I don't listen when he or she says, but I was asked about it and asked by Sean about oh see, big government and her pledge for free
knowledge and all this other stuff, and I wanted to make an important point so Let's do it and already make it a gag as its critical check this out. Someone other concerns such get a pool together, a buyer, any kind one or one textbook I'll listen goods are generally understood to be. When you talk about economics and government, not excluded all things, you know the military things you can prevent people accessing our court system, which he's done. Is someone told her this buzz word, of course meta? Maybe she picked it up somewhere and she went out there and now she's, including things like well. What about? free higher education. More, that's a public good. No, it's not it's a private good that may generate some positive public externalities, but if you, if I have to pay for my neighbors kids college education, even if my neighbour makes the same thing, I make that
It's not a public good met effect is the opposite of a public good. It's silly less than first great economic analysis. What we're only like idiots clapboard, because they ve never read anything they buy, is not only in their own understand that when this works it somebody, buyer and advocates or maybe a calculator, and do you know? How is it not? John City College was basically free City University of New York was basically free. Traditionally now you have to pay, you know still Oh market ready tuition, but is basically free in general, some great leaders came out of out of city. It was hard to get into the City College City University. The system then pay power of all in this area. Although it is making a big mistake here. Just me, as the government can do, something doesn't mean the private sector won't. Do it better
the thing that government touches it Rex, it bankrupted Celso singing, destroy public, edging puzzling to healthcare system that pay the governs everything's where the ground aright again. I he play my stuff, but this is important, because this has become now a big debate, because AOL see, regardless of our feelings, about her a rib serve political ideology. Folks, I keep telling you do not underestimate the four I get emails all the time. I Paul stop talking about piracy, see you're, give it our platform. Folks know huge mistake: she has a platform, whether you think so we're not the only question is using that platform. Are we going to fight back against the ridiculous idea she promotes on a platform? ignore socialism away. That's not the way any of these works. I'm sorry, but you email. I love when you email me. Those are inaccurate, that is Asia.
gratitude for absolute failure, just ignore Yossi she'll go away. She will not. I promise you didn't the debate. Now is going to be I'm sure this this focus group tested? I don't think she said this by accident- we're not talking about free Carl. Free health care anymore, because there are losing out the bakers, Republicans Elizabeth Warren tried it hopefully I'll get to that. I'm trying to get this Elizabeth warrants Terminal would try. Pollack crazy, keeps us to recycle and through shows Elizabeth Warren tried this free healthcare argument. She's buried in the polls you'd see we're go at this juncture. Yet the Democrats, brought in a panic that your line about free stuff isn't working So now the new talking point can be it's not free stuff, Joe, it may costs money, but its public goods of us. That is the come here for the facts offer actual we one or one that is now
What any sound the economist sound, not the liberal lunatics would describe as a public good popular good, is generally describe as something that better It's the country at large. is not excluded ball and doesn't a viable private sector option for college fits none of that. Now when I say not excluded, but what do I mean- and I said it in that appearance when we think things like our military waiters jam, there's no private sector option. I'm sorry, we accepted government funding, the military is going to make the funding inefficient and it is thank God, we have great military heroes out there who get over that fact by their own patriotism, but government funding anything will always be more inefficient government as a threat. Party pay your problem, its other people gum
And taking other people's money in spending on other people to quote Milton Friedman, neither COS True equality, quality matters, it's not your money its taxpayers money, so you don't care about the cost. You're, not buying anything for you, you're spending on health care for other people. You? Don't even care about the quality of the service government is always inefficient. Having said that, if there is no viable private, say thereafter without serious incentive issues. We typically go to government. We generally don't like the idea of a privately funded military Joe. Why the incentives would be potentially disastrous. What you gonna do start. A war drop a new because it it'll generate some extra revenue. We accept govern funding of the military, an understanding fully the spending will be inefficient because we, We are spending inefficiencies are far less serious than the disaster
incentives of a private military to do their own thing, I mean you can have a clue. You get it Me and when I say so, there's no private sector and when I say not excluded people I mean you can exclude people. Public goods Don't you think you can exclude people from you can't exclude Joe armoured cars from benefiting from the melody You can't say Joe listen. If a foreign country invades we're gonna tell new invade your house, because you don't pay your taxes for the Milton. It's not excluded, but you can't excluded but from the military, can't say to Joe and the reason we have a federally funded court system, understanding the money will be spent inefficiently. Private set. court system would be far more efficient. Speed. Sensors are disastrous in a private judges. What do you do if PAM a stock bonus, then I can pick you We accept the inefficiencies of it, but it's a public good because,
generally there's no private sector option at work and it's not excluded people. I can't tell Joe Joe You only paid a dollar and taxes that he didn't. I'm just use the deadlock that no Jos taxpayer Joe you paid a dollar and taxes are. Therefore, if you have a business, the other goes bad. You need to sue you, you can't. You can't use the! U S! Court system, Joe until you pay more taxes, it's not excluded ball. So we consider it a general public good which everybody will get that'll be financed from the collective tax money. It's not exportable. Now we pay for private goods privately with our money because there are excluded, in other words, Jeff Blue does not have to let you want it's airplane. If you don't want to pay the court system Military has to let you partaken it you have to be able to, since the courts is what you pay or not. It's not excluded all private services are college. Are exportable. You know
the college education you shouldn't have to pay, they could exclude. You don't be sought to this new Democrat talking point: it's a public good! It's a private good unit, education is a private good that benefits you. You. Well, it has societal benefits, great so does, hearing healthy media, healthy, tax dollars may one day not have to pay due Medicare, because I had a heart attack that doesn't mean it's a public good me eating healthy. It means it's a private good for me that may have some public benefit it may not. It may
But you may say how do not, while I may have to live longer and clay more social security, but because of the I did think about what. Of course, you did you think like a Yossi, sometimes it's a private good. How can an education be private good! Then everybody benefits are met. Really do you have any idea? How many people sadly go to college and waste their time and do nothing associated with their degree at all? How many people go to for two years. Take taxpayers, never pay them back. Do nothing with the degree and drop out tell me again now: that's a public good. It is very excluded all people who want it should pay for it. a public good. It is a private good that sometimes benefits the public, and sometimes it doesn't.
Do not fall down. This rapid whole trap. Folks, the public good argument Katy to take away. they are not excluded all public goods. You cared exclude people from in the private sector. In the free market, we have economic freedom. If your customer doesn't pay, you sell em a product. You can't do that with the court's everybody, no matter what there's no other way. So we can see generally a public good, and secondly, don't ever by the fact ever about anything that the government can purchase product or manage a product more efficiently, no matter military, not our courts, nothing! We all! except government inefficiency, because there is no no, viable private sector, free market option. There are free I get options for universities and their better. There are free market options for charters of choose me public schools. Catholics who are dead or better. There are
alternatives. You just don't like them. Democrats don't make this up all of a sudden public goods Get ahead of that one too, with the Trump Turkey tag and the FBI excuse. we read the barrel wage all this procedure is a russian age. It all right a sponsor the day. Ladies generate before things you ve got more to get. You, though, I want a motor through three or four more stories that really cool. Be there super important before Thanksgiving, that's gonna pack. All this into are about. We don't ever Thanksgiving Joseph rake on follow up before even my re kind here, but I got a nice email from a lady by the way she bottom without our push, you got them before. So she and use our promo code, but these are Khan ear bites out I'll take one outweigh payers. For easy to use, look at them. Look at our small that has staked out
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in their time again we had collusion. Gay mother gave fake whistleblower gay. Now it's gonna be Turkey gate. Next, look at! What's happening, whether doing Jack Squad Mcconnell over the sentence been doing what God, that's right, confirming conservative judges daily Signal Trump so another federal court to Majority G Opie appoint these. Are you miss that one percent? That's talent right now, let's not tell the left whether focused on theirs, their hopes, impeachment and soon to be Turkey. Gate tromp is now flip. Ladies gentlemen, said and the Third circuit courts to majority republican appointees, while the Democrats were focused on their houses and when he came in office for the Thirteenth circuit courts for them, where we're republican, leaning, now seven of the thirteen or he just flip the eleven two. Oh there's more to come, wait till he gets reelected and twenty twenty. If he does, the Democrats are going to lose their minds, they won't have a
a blog judge out their left, but I should be using the constitution again in our courts. Think about that change answered how about dad! You know about it. Ok, it important story about these. for a couple days, but it needs to be discussed, quick, political folks. Listen, I'm telling you now I dont want to say how or why or anything else, I've just telling you political top, Damn says ethics in, negation Devon, Nunez likely hears the. Liberal spin and I'm gonna tell you my conclusions on this. They are terrified of what is coming out Durham investigation. Even portions of the Idee report, I believe, will be damning, even though the overall I'm not sure about that, just say while its damning, but they hadn't excuse, like I just discussed, occasionally ready for that, but they understand He's the kingdom lie in Devon newness. His head he's been investigating spidey for a long time. Folks they are desperate to get out.
At this. The media narrative, Devon Newness had these secret meetings and Ukraine. Oh, my god, I'm telling you this story is garbage. It is high. steaming horse. Manure on your front, porch, don't step on it, don't fall into the trap is fake. New necessarily actually suing CNN and the daily beast over. It is made up for one reason: the media, it's not want you to understand what happened in Ukraine. Listen to my earlier chosen, the weak and you'll find out the Ukraine. In collusion with the sea, the roller Jovanovic can't than others. They don't want, any that come out. Nunez knows it there. a scare newness again with another ethics,
That's the geisha to frighten him in any one else off from looking into a do not be cowed at all it I'm telling you it is made up garbage right must set on that. You have enough time yet withdrew it that students, Elizabeth Warrant thing now hoaxes unimportant store. I have this title. The collapse of Elizabeth Warrant Elizabeth Warrant is down fourteen points in the latest Paul. Why Because of what I told you before Elizabeth Warren made the mistaken political calculation that putting a price tag on what they did, and was gonna, be free. Healthcare was going to appeal to Americans long story short. She was getting hammered about her free Healthcare Medicare for all plan. about what the cost is going to be so genius. Elizabeth Worn- and I mean non genius by saying that the site to be a good idea to ok, they want a price tag. Let's give him the price
Americans are totally willing to pay triple a double tax factories to pay for free scared. Now, do you see why there go at a public good? You see how I we these stories. You saw freely where your now, their public goods, now pay, but don't worry it's good for everybody in the public cat. Well from this Wall Street Journal piece of Wall Street Journal peace. They had this. This does take away about Elizabeth warrants. Medicare blunder by came Strasser, who this great work over there From the peace she's now transitioning because of our double digit drop the saying why we're not gonna do Medicare for all right away we're going to transition over two years to a public option. Ladies and gentlemen, she's finished the public option by the way is no different because will be a taxpayer funded way to undercut private, ensures that are put your private insurance company in your free market Sharon's plan, the one you fought for at a business tomorrow, Warren is in deep trouble. I believe the Socialists EO see sand There's a war in there all in this big cabal there they are now starting
see the government has not that the United States, our vote, does not have any appetite whatsoever for triple and quadruple tax rates for anything called framed. This is Genesis what's going on! This is how I wish these things together, because, if you're following it every day, you sense the big mouth momentum and Madame is going away from Elizabeth Warner Minute because she actually put a price tag on the step. One more thing about war: we have a video. This is an important topic. Ladies and gentlemen. The democratic party right now is hemorrhaging support amongst black voters. We ve seen it down here in Florida and it's because of a big issue. I want to say hammer Jane, oughta be hybrid, I'll, take me they're losing support, there's some story out there. The trump is up to thirty four percent approval bunks black voters. If that Paul is even remotely accurate, the Democrats will be done for a generation they need the black boat their color. Should. I wrote this down. The democratic coalition has always been young vote, minorities, unions in college, educated women
They are already using loot, losing unions and Trump in huge numbers, and if they, are to lose minorities as well black hispanic voters. The Democrats have nothing of their done. You can have college kids of ivory. That's it! You have you'll, have nothing. here's Elizabeth Warrant here is one of the primary reason, don't believe the high by the Democrats that black voters are starting to see the democratic candidates, don't have their best interests. In my check out this woman, who confronts Elizabeth Warren about school choice and Elizabeth warns answer which is alive. You can read the job with much of what we are really so it's a pair concerns about school choice. Who says Your kids want to private school, miss what she's. Just now my kids, what the public's or that's a lie, not true folk This lie in again, vague indian
lying about where kids, what the school see this washed in his amateur piece to the german school choice, is a hot bed issue right now in the black community and thank God for their bare beckett atoms can't stand me by the that's. Ok with you know what I'm gonna get to pursue MSNBC unwashed imposed dude. If we ignore black protestors, who confronted Elizabeth, why why? Why are they ignoring this story? There's more light sinner, kids, a private school she did. She centres gives public source. You said she didn't soon private school because they don't want this school choice. Issue out there. It will decimate the Democrats support in a black community where they feel rightfully so that hey, why don't? Why are we entitled to a good education to how come our communities have these craft schools? We don't see that these white middle class communities and they don't and their rights.
For our people, folks, a black America white, amazingly one American, they deserve the same shot. You and I had show you buy one hears bunch. You know that come now, Trump who's been by the way champion of educational choice and other issues, and the Republican Party is also thirty. Percent black likely voters approve the term presidency folks. This is big big trouble for the Democrats, mark my words all right happy Thanksgiving Day opportunity in please subscribe to my shit, we're trying to get the four hundred thousand subscribers we keep up into bark. Is you ve been so great on Youtube Youtube Dotcom slashed by GINO, I bet will be their hopefully by the begin, a year. You all been so terrific subscriptions on Youtube are absolutely free. We really appreciate you support the shell. Thank you so much. Happy days giving happy Thanksgiving Joe, is good We decided to get around the dollar and the listeners great thanksgiving to everyone we will see you all on Friday.
you just heard in Bonn genomes. You can also get Dan's podcast on Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.