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Don’t Let Them Get Away With This # 1002 (Ep 1002)

2019-06-14 | 🔗

In this episode I address the disturbing liberal coverup after President Trump’s media interview. I also address the growing attacks by big tech companies on conservatives. Finally I address Bernie Sanders’ ridiculous ideas about socialism. News Picks:Be careful or Facebook may label you a “hate agent.”

Left wing conspiracy theorists at Media Matters are losing their minds

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is stepping down.

Flashback to when Hillary Clinton endorsed getting information about opponents from foreign sources.

Scandinavian countries are moving towards free market healthcare. Bernie Sanders won’t tell you that. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on his shoulders, not immune to the banks. With your host in Bonn Jean, I want a damp on GINO show. It is officially day two of the liberal media about out of her down of tribes Interview with George enough enough, which is over already BC news staff monopolise. I kid the Europe that we are in now day too. We are now forty eight hours into the meltdown the amazing it's never going to stop these people seek shelter. Folks, you are now at a level six at the highest level of tv s, infection the infection is spreading. The trump arrangements syndrome is everywhere. Seek shelter, go get yourself. Some potassium died to protect you from the.
From the radiation exposed by the tedious people have been infected by it. It is yes, I really something to behold right in the producer job. How are you today, and so I'm doing reality has landed here. Everybody should be on a Friday working hard. All we earlier is right, as I again I will be in folks for Fox and friends, gas costing the show on Monday and Tuesday. So please, my first time guess toasting Fox, have friends, we'll see a goes, its live tv, but you gotta tuna in both Monday and Tuesday, always appreciated whenever we're on It's you all that make this shows number one in their time block, so I really appreciate your support. Thank you very much are going to have to get to. I want to come Some of this again the media fall out from trumps interview and when I say fuck I just mean you know: fabricated, fantasy fairy tales about controversy. That's not there! I also want to make an analogy: somethin I saw last night that I thought was the interesting. Why Trump is such a threat to these people, migration about you, our bodies, it might
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It is a true story, with me for saying- and I think I think you'll get this I'd like to know where my wife and it's a baseball movie its Billy bean being it was a general manager for the Oakland Athletics, a small market team, with a small budget who cheat the game of baseball forever, I dont know Billy beans, politics. Frankly, I don't care, I know Hollywood's politics, but it's me Think how this movie muddy ball, even uninstall, because it was made a long time ago really speaks especially in the end to what's going on the Trump generous. Let me explain right now in this trump revolution we have right now Billy Beam as a general manager for the Oakland Asia, where small market team, with roughly thirty million dollar budget. Now you may see that's a lot of money, it's not in baseball! On the he's, who I grew up with their budget was a hundred plus a million dollars pretty much every year, three and four times in some cases, what the AIDS had so first small
architects, like that, it's hard for you to spend on quality players. So being comes into a gm and of a year After a very successful baseball season, they had, they lost all their key players. Gnp Jason is ring housing painter, they lost although one at all, but a lot of their good players so that they are, the team says to the GM. Listen, you gotta do something with almost no money to do it with, and you gotta make the team successful. The bottom line is really being goes to his scouts. these scouts are doing everything old school, while it's gotta, skyrocketed Guy Billy, be looks to me, like you, guys have like any data for this and the scouts who, for years baseball scout. You go and watch talent watching these people and are like we're out of here gotta, grounded because Guy need data, so we find the sky and they invest fully in this. system called Sabre metrics Sabre metrics was
this is a fascinating story. There's a book on to which I can encourage you and strong enough terms. Three one of my best secret service friends adores. This book he's a brilliant guy, brilliant guy, this guy Steve it's one of his favorite books. Sabre metrics was this system where this these statistics, as statistical choose me analyse, would look at these very, its numbers and by calculating status would determine the value of a player to a team. In other words, forget what this guy I've got to this guy's great wisely great, because these great we see I'm not diminishing scouts, but the way to do a great job. Some of them are super talented of joy. I am obviously it for in the interests of time. After distilled for in the interests of time after distill the story down to some talking point, but what the scouts did was LA this objective, what the data people data they started. Crunching statistics to determines the players very. Ladies and gentlemen this made Billy being a pariah
pariah in baseball, but why? Why did it make him a pariah with a team financing on a minuscule thirty million dollar budget in the two I want to season? It implemented Sabre metrics, Billy Boy, instead he made it all the way to the players. Add the longest winning streak in major league baseball history: twenty games: why was such a pariah. Where there's a scene at the end he meets with the owner of the Red Sox day. You know seasons over, they lost in the play us, unfortunately, yeas mom but John Henry, the owner, the Red Sox, tries to recruit Billy being to come over any says thing to Billy. Being I want you to remember these jobs. I'm sorry if you don't like baseball, but this is a really important point here. He looks Billy being in the face, so he says. Listen, do you understand what you're doing is a threat to the livelihood?
of this entire operation? In other words, all of these gouts and general managers and all people who had invested their entire lives in a system of. Well just go, watch them and get a talent. It's got to say he's got a bad and greater modified. You know a fifty scale whatever, maybe Billy being broke that whole system. He broke the horse this than by challenging a lot of these scouts and saying I want to see. The data on base percentage, different statistics we haven't looked at before diminish the value of certain things like the bond to the stolen, based whatever it may be things they. You know what are they really matter? It is this matter. It changed everything everything Theo. Your later used the system for the Boston Red Sox to win the world Series for the first time since the Bambino, the curse of the Bambino
ladies and gentlemen, the Trump Revolution is a very, very a similar, similar scenario working out now again, I might deifying I am I dont, do golden calf worship here. He is ease of wide human, being like all of us, are he's no different than is easily the same dna code you are, but what he's done is an existential threat to the world, I ve hoods of thousands and thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands of people who are fully. invested in government lobbying ever expanding government. Influencing politicians looking to be influence, do need their support. This guy genuinely doesn't care. He won't flip on a dime with you. If you cry something he's doing that he thinks is right. I don't we flip on it I'm in a bad way. I mean it in the past Pollack, could be bribed- could be brought here,
as you know, in the next election, you know how this is go down and I need your support. You're gonna. Give me your support, I'm to give you my precinct captain and these guys and will do a fundraiser unless, trumps arguments of doesn't matter, but it doesn't matter to him nearly to the degree this matter in the past. Other politicians, he is a threat to the lively of people who have invested their entire lives, jobs have been promised. Joe kids. Jobs have been promised It's an uncles, wives, livelihoods, company We have invested their entire business model in influencing government people, and this guy, just not influence. People like the other generations are politicians are for again, I bought a Hollywood guy. I got really care about Billy beans, politics whatever they may be. But if you watch that movie or read the book you can Come away with the feeling, if you understand the current political climate, that what happened in baseball with the Sabre metrics Revolution, is he
same thing: right now happening in government. Editors driving all of the people invested in the old model whose livelihoods depended on it, is driving them absolutely mad Dan. Just me when you would trump does to the power of incumbency. I mean you, don't know you don't know what you did: promise of voters, No, you know who's. The guy is strategically and tactically entirely unpredictable. You can't be bought in the long run. He doesn't play the game like that he now has he doesn't did your money doesn't need your fame. He doesn't need a contributors spot on a network. You does it mean it Jim collapse dad. You Jimmy properly. It is easier to be on tv afterwards to stay relevant, make money. So conveniently what happened to Jim clap for at least information of people in the meeting hall, all the sudden look at him he's got a media spot. The same outlet
he's an earlier this year. This is generations of of insider swap rap bureaucrats have invested themselves. This is: their livelihood. This is all they have. This is not Paula. What paul- and I have all we have This is my now what third or fourth career we ve already stuff we been around there, are options for us. If this never worked out, there always were we're very Children are not the people in these same really. I can encourage strongly enough to read a book to watch the movie. You will come away from it at the end and you will say that is it. Yours is a threat to everybody's livelihood. Right now is very interesting. Getting back to what happened yesterday. Then the liberal media just melted down now in one of the M one of the funniest meltdowns I've seen, I may just downright me slapping hysterical give absolute.
Lunatics it media matters are totally discredited group. A conspiracy there's who listened to the show so welcome. They monitor our show every day media matters we, cloud shall be recovered in and this daily call. Their response to this yesterday by Scott Morphia Daily Collar ahead, media matters, defends democratic foreign up or research because they paid for it after condemning jobs, got scared. Let me get this straight out again meet matters liberal lunatics over there getting information from foreign governments very bad. Very bad. This is a bad thing. Vorhees Raillery pays forbearance reforms we enrich Joe that it's good, fellows absolute means is we. This is the biggest lunatics site. How people and I'm not suggest
Everybody does, because I don't know anybody. You actually takes me matters seriously, but or there's a small population of small roasting basement porn watchers who take the matter seriously. How do you take these absolutely seriously hears from the peace and maybe about it just to be clear here. But the article then accuses conservative media of attacking Clinton, ensuring a false equivalence with the steel dossier issue, a distinction between the two citing a former FCC Chief Council who told the washed imposed that to this day, Princess actually lies in whether the exchanges considered a campaign contribution or a commercial transactions. Ok, ok, so it! But since this still this down through the stoop to house stupid you after to fall into the media. Matters trap my city, my apologies, private, and they all these people two days in a row. But these stupidity That's a video coming up to the stupidity of the response
left getting called out on the fact that they said something that indict their own person is amazing. In other words, after it, Stephan Apple is in trouble. Our view, their whole line of attack was trouble traitor he's. This is treasonous yes, is accepted foreign government information about its opponents by the way completely natural and everyone can see Let us turn around what Hilary actually solicited. Information from Russians do her team Sorry? If I pay for this nano noto as long as you pay for it is ok to thumbs up, which is topical, It is comical now who wrote this lunatic peace, but all I could bring to many personal drives vision this guy so silly at such a whatcha doodle that I had to
just. So you know how the iq levels we're talking about the guy who wrote tat, media matters, peace that was covered in the daily collar. Is this guy Bobby Louis, who o o? Bobby Low is are our Louis on Twitter. What is paltry? Eleven thousand followers, probably russian, but he points Bobby those bell, this guy. To show you what a snowflake Bobby loses. Now I block alot of people, but if I just don't like a lot of people on Twitter, dopey cells, but Bobby Louis their stand. What's the difference of Bobby Block you Bobby Louis kids, by media matters, he wrote the peace his only job. Folks his only job is to watch foxen, friends and insulting people on the show, primarily me, because I do a lot of fox inferences. That's it the job is only job
MR follow me and attack me Eddie blocked me because he couldn't take it because I was actually using his has collapsed and Fox in France for promotional material. This is how you fight back against these lunatics Bobby Louis writers, This guy sold his soul to the devil so long ago that I wonder how He looks himself in a mirror the morning. Getting foreign information from governments is bad, but if you pay them enriched and dead? It's good of all now enough the media matters is really sincerely a joke and I bring em up only a comic relief, especially on a Friday, but you Adam or semi serious commentators try to defend and you young, you saw them like doing the verbal jujitsu twisting cells into Brussels, trying to defend how attacking Trump for not getting it Nation, from God, foreign governments were saying he would listen- is bad
while Hilary actually paid foreign governments reformation. How that's no problem here is the ever ridiculous: Matt Miller, another sycophantic, democratically real activists masquerading as a talking had commentator on send BC trying to again just that how Hillary Clinton, paying foreigners and enriching them for negative information isn't a problem but Trump actually suggesting that listening to them, it is illegal under United States LAW, for a campaign to hire a foreign individual to hire someone to pay them to go out and conducting search her to do other things, for you campaigns do that from time to time. That's what what the Dnc did. It is illegal. to accept help from a foreigner, and especially so in its work, even more inappropriate if that help is coming from a foreigner, working on behalf of a foreign government, which of course is the mean that Donald Trump Junior took when he says it's a hypothetical. It's not a hypothetical that the president was discussing last night. The question was
at the meeting that his son took after being told, it was on behalf of the russian government and the respective comments about our ship. Look Adam ship in in except information from a foreign individual, Was it wasn't in a campaign conduct text? It was in the context of Kentucky that an investigation where course you seek information from anyone. Can that can give it to you? That's very different than a camp in context when you're trying to get someone elected to office. Ok, this is seriously I kid you not! I try to void using is video that was MSNBC by the way. I try avoid using Matthew, Miller's videos, because there are always so dumb that I feel like you may need neuro protective compounds after watching, because nothing, he says, is true. Now the problem What Miller's there's only two explanations for what he just said: that only two there's no option: three there's no option, see, there's no, not or all of the above either Miller is sincerely ignorant and knows enough.
About the case in the background on it at all or he D, And he's using a platform at conspiracy, tv MSNBC to advance a false, now, of hoping his lies won't be detected. What he said is oh easily, refutable that anyway, with a one or one level. Knowledge of what happened in the spy gay case cannot get down. He tried. To make a series of points here. The first one is so ridiculous. I I just stated our market hated again, that somehow pay in for it in rich, foreign governments, to attack guard. Democracy is ok. ladies and gentlemen, if you believe that, like Bobby Louis does and other left, they don't really believe it they're just lunatics folks, but if you believe that you have your own issues you need to deal with. You may need to put your hand over your heart and see what that pledge of allegiance means to you. Ok, I'm done with that
That point is so stupid that Miller, disgraced himself, brave and bringing up Louis can't Grace and freeze already at this great she's, been met a disgrace forever. You can't disgrace yourself again, if you can't double disgrace yourself. But Miller thinks he's a serious guy, but member says something interesting: references the Trump Tower meaning wishes. While you can't take this information for free, especially with people, show up for the Trump Tower meter next to the russian government. Ok, two points why this guy is obviously lying to you he's a fraud number one there was no information exchange that the Trump Tower Meeting with Don Junior. That was worth anything at all. They actually left the meeting early junior Paul mad afford. and others in the meeting Jared Kirshner had people tex them because this meeting with these russian connected individuals was not about
It will require that they may have thought it was bad idea. Folks, point stipulated made decisions are made all time, but mental job. Allow me as your, I need you Miller, saying. Well, if you exchange information of value about a candle in you, don't pay them. This is illegal. There was no information changed about this candidate. Hillary Clinton, none zero, goose egg. He is lying No one is alleged. Any information expired finish with. Mahler has not said that Junior has not said that nobody, in the meeting has contradicted the now I ve context to the meeting, which is when they got in a room. These russian connected individuals. The meeting was not about Hilary. They started talking about admit, ski the magnates key and russian adoption right. Nobody. Is disputed. That now now Miller is lying to you by suggesting that some
the exchange of information, a value that, if Trump, what a paid for it, it would have been. Ok because Hilary did it. He is a lawyer or he's really really dumb, no option three folks. Secondly, makes the bizarre assertion that well, when your meeting with people connected to the russian government. Ladies and gentlemen, these people were connected Hillary Clinton team for the thousand one hundred and forty second time on this show this is not in dispute. Lawyer that showed up for the time Tower meeting vessel knit skier working with the company fusion GPS hired by Hilary. They could work. later the meeting they met with this russian lawyer. Before and after the meeting it was set up, HAZMAT Miller, not
History point he's too stupid to have thought this through or if he has he's the worst gaslight around. So yours, one in the trunk tower meeting is awful, because russian showed up are connected to the russian government. What about their can? Just today hilarity they were working the team hired by Hilary and met with them before and after me. No, no, that's not it concerns these people are total frauds. Lawyer that showed up. Do you understand, met with glints seen from fusion GPS beforehand. after the meeting it was set up did not have. This is in dispute. No one's deny this. Now this is, it told just take the out leezie total fraud. I see there is one I see I see is cuts a lot and they're so ridiculous. I generally avoid putting them on the show, but this was the the the theme
yesterday's commentary on the trumpet had they realised that Trump put them in a bind. I dont think it was or the chest or anything. I trumped just worded in a little there by the way. During his Friends. Interview this morning, tromp cleared a lot of that up by saying, listen, I would have to to these foreign officials, because how am I going to know its negative information unless they tell me what it is, which was kind of common sense and it was clear and if you ask me yesterday, show clear that up that that's what tromp was trying to get out, but this was the spin yesterday they realize Trump put them in a bind. Because Hilary actually paid foreigners to pay. For In russian connected people for negative information, pay them. now there were in a bind and they're trying to dig themselves out. So you have long disgraced, Bobby, Louis and newly disgraced, Matthew Miller. Throwing them Mutations on the funeral pyre by suggesting no, no,
Talking with foreign governments is ok as long as you pay them now, another again long disgraced I mean bear instrument to the federal government, a total, complete humiliating embarrassment to everyone who ever WAR, the badge in their life, this complex the clown show Andy, Mikhail former discredited disgraced. deputy director and end right to appoint acting director, the FBI and a hiss store Oracle. Spain on this country, whose legacy we'll be a series of summary notes to incoming FBI, age about what not to do in your career. You think that was harsh enough for this Joker. This time, clowns show appeared on Cuomo Show on CNN yesterday. Listen to this lunatic, after engaging and marshalling the biggest spy
I ain't scandal in United States history using his FBI assets. Listen to this lunatic and his defence of why Hilary was a ok, but why Donald Trump, not taking information from Russians was really bad whenever there is a big division between what president and his people were the message to beyond this. The president says it's ok Take information, Rudy Giuliani, says it's: ok, today, information from the Russians agenda The commissioner says I don't know if I got solicited again for information from the Russians, whether I would tell the FBI. What is the line for you, and why do you believe they deal with it? This way, the line for me, the line for investigators and the FBI, the lines for experienced people and politics campaign after campaign after campaign. A line is very clear. It is not acceptable to take anything,
from a foreign power, certainly not a hostile foreign power, certainly not the government of Russia. The reason we have such clear lines about this sort of activity is because of the importance Of keeping foreign influence out of our elections, so when the press think, gets on television last night and tells the world that he thinks it's quickly find to sit down with foreign agents to sit down with representatives, possibly even from Russia to hear they have to say and to receive what they are offering, is just absolutely wrong the president and his The borders are wrong about that I got. Can you believe this absolute lunatic? This guy is is Andy. You are you are referring. For criminal investigation shut up seriously. Why it down few poor close it.
You realize you just entirely indicted Hillary Clinton campaign, nothing. He said their applies to Russia. I am not get over wine taper. You heard what he said. He said: here's the line, You cannot accept anything from raw, eating his words that way fluids, our election, you can't accept anything they didn't there is no collusion conspiracy with the Trump campaign there's no for that at all Bob mothers own report, who hates Donald Trump by the way said so so, if you can't accept anything, why do we have the turbulent the famous triptych off no to calves? he's a diary may Hilary team he thinks he's attacking Donald Trump he's not he's attacking, there Clinton recruited and he's too stupid to realise it Andy became, cannot get past. The fact that Christopher
steal their beloved FBI source, you created a series of false documents and information to spy on Donald Trump and biggest spying scandal in. U S history told the State Department Kathleen CAP, like in her own notes. Can see on Youtube screen now that he's sources, war trip mic off and circles, a russian Intel officer of the ACT of Love trip Nick off a lot, a slob circle of a russian disinformation special hit my cage paid F B. I inform you. Would folks am I ah my gosh. I cannot get over with a girl the nerve on these people, Andy Mccain, hack, discredited, lunatic paid Christoffersen
he'll who clearly told the? U S State department that he's sources were Russian Intel, this information people I he just said can't take anything from Russians. It is. an extra salty today on Friday, because I watch this all day yesterday I want, one Williams under five scramble as Jesse others call them out on this that same thing and one could not find a coherent answer- they can't take cannot explain about a move on, but they cannot explain how trust saying he would listen to information and may be turned over the FBI. Something was wrong is evil, while here recording, paid foreigners together
information from Russians connected the prudent. Why those thing did they cannot explain why Trump is wrong, but Hilary gets up. They can't about payments, America I believe we should accept anything clowns, total. also the clown show. Yesterday I got some other killer video, this sounds a little longer I'll, get you in a second, but we ve uses. or we want to use it yesterday, a little behind the scenes. You know I like to break down the though it mister this wall between us, your kind of like a dead poor manner. You now for those the comic books. but yesterday the video is so long. We download is two minutes and twenty seconds, eighty so worth your time I'll get to that. The second don't go anywhere. This is a good one. I today so brought you our bodies that simply save lives in a recent gallop survey shows I can worry more about burglary than almost any other crime. Why? Wouldn't you you don't want somebody new House violating a personal space more than
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is some footage. Reviews for on the show repeatedly in the past, but regarding the hearings have on a Capitol hill. congresswoman at least a fanatic from New York a long time ago, back in March of twenty seventeen, I believe had director call me former director Oh me, now discredited director Jim call me of the FBI upon Capitol Hill, I would say very import. Piece of questioning reviews us on the show before some of you may be new viewers. Now and at least a chronic ass director call me Why did you not notify Congress about the existence of the investigation into the Trump T call me answers stunning. You see this in a second we're gonna cut them back for by the way this has had Tipp Elise defined Ex twitter feed. Where we got this video from her call me. opens the investigation into Donald Trump. They open
it right around that defies warned in October, or so it is indeed the case. actually open July thirty first, but the Pfizer's starts in October COS he doesn't notify Congress until the following year. You miserable what's the problem or the problem. Is he supposed to know by Congress about sensitive investigations every three months he the existence of the Trump investigation for eight months? Ladies and gentlemen, hides it he's a knowledge on a public record will play the video for you in a second but watch he's ball. Adam shift. Try! call out. True, you understand the context of the video about the boy call out at least the fortune teller tell her. No, no! No! We knew about the investigation. Call me told us, he didn't tell them. It's already on the record. I will play you the tape, but watch these sleazy slimy liar Adam shift. Insist that call me. Did you congressmen. Call me himself admits. He did is videos about two minutes, but is definitely worth your time. Listen I'll check this out
It was clear in the open hearing that director combing testify that he chose not to brief the gang of aid on the opening the counter intelligence investigations. This has been widely reported. This was an open hearing and we were to cross the eye on language should be included in the Intel Authorization ACT to ensure that any counter intelligence investigation in presidential campaign is briefed Oh, I hope you would agree based upon the testimony of director, call me that she circumvented the process and in our oversight capacity I agree with you. We need to have an update to make sure that their following those procedures that I think we need to strengthen, not just the typical way of doing things but put it in a law so that required to brief us. Miss Wanna go. I would only say that that was not his testimony that the first time that he was briefing the Counter intelligence investigation to us was contemporaneous with his discussing to the public I'm not saying that in my statement will the german yield. I said days before so
enlargement. Only seven and the representatives not accurate, but I cannot go into the time limit, but I can say that that I hope the members of the public would go back to director commies too. mony and follow the facts and just look at his direct testimony to this committee, which stated that he did not follow the proper protocols and procedures of briefing congressional leadership on the opening of the Counter intelligence investigation. Are you back the open, invest? Asian began in July, and the briefing of congressional leadership only occurred recently Why was there no notification prior to the recent the past month? I think our decision was. It was a matter of such sensitivity that we would be included in the quarter
reference. So when you state our decision is that your decision is that usually your decision, what gets briefed in those quarterly updates, no choose a decision of the head of our continent, told institution and just again to get the detailed on the record. Why was the decision made not to brief senior congressional leadership until recently, when the investigation had been opened since July, a very serious investigation? Why was that decision? it to wait months because of the sensitivity of the matter. Oh now, for those we watch, you noticed there was a break for those you listening that order. Your break was the least next video, where she puts in there that ok, here's his actual testimony Jim call me four March, twenty. Seventeen. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a clear, unadulterated One hundred percent falsehood by Adam Sheriff
Jim call? Me did brief us. You just heard say heeded in brief them. Because of the sensitivity of the matter. I play that forever. Very important reason? You are being lied to. You are being lied to buy a cabal of out of their minds, completely lost non democratic. A lead, deeply Democrat Party because you're not them out in a one party. They belong to you now, but it certainly is a loop democracy. Adam shift policy. Eric swore? Well, these are liars. These are discredited wire. Proper And this who are doing very dangerous things Adam shift just told a lie so obvious to anybody that you can watch go to the Youtube that conflict bungee. No just watch it because on video,
it's even more power all year, Adam Shift, yes we'd! Jim call me did tell us a brief Us D. Just sorry didn't brave you. Why is trying to do because Adam Schiff, once provide cover for call me call me whose discredited, completely discredited. Eighty trot pact now take pictures himself in a far look at the trees. Look at the sky look at the ocean, gee, I don't know, what's going on which you can call me, I'm serious you someone, the stage of intervention but Adam give understand what he's doing people the idea that the government keep secrets in order to attack political opponents. They hated. That's what call me did he did not brief. Congress about the existence of the Trump investigation because it was a farce and he had a hiding for eight months, hoping some negative information about Trump turned up, so we could justify when it didn't. He was forced months later to brief Congress Forest. He had you Because you couldn't hide it any longer shift knows that
really bad, so he just we need to Congresswoman Stefanik known Obray, brief us and she teams? George, you see things. She seemed so Oh genuinely astonished psych even first, I rise for sleazy, Adam Shit, she's working around, like you can't be serious, it's worth it just record yeah. It is work is just to play. The video of her, she'll Eames, genuinely astonished that even this easiest sleaze. Balls am ship. Would why about something so easily refutable yeah, that's true. They are folks, always been who they are. Ok, I'm moving on there's a quick story? I picked up in the daily signal being the shoulder today. It's rather good one card you to check it out, defeats the entire Bernie Sanders Socialist narrative are that we should be moving towards a more single pay or health care direction, because in fact,
single player. Healthcare is how Scandinavians and the Europeans do it and it's just so successful. Well, these gentlemen, that is not in fact, what's happening, as the daily signal reports today actually can the Navy in countries a nordic countries are moving towards private health care, Kevin Pham in israeli Daily signal? Read the article is short, but here's an interesting little piece from this daily signal piece about how scandinavian countries, their private, free, Health care is growing that shrinking. I don't understand. How is that, if we're trying to emulate this model right about how wonderful gum controlled health care is, then. Why is it that country over the nordic countries are expanding their free market, healthcare presence. The answer is because there government run systems, are failing from the peace between two thousand six?
thousand sixteen the force that has a population covered by private insurance, increased by four percent, Sweden, seven percent Norway and twenty two percent. Denmark than I thought these more examples of free Should we Socialists healthcare utopia? If that's that Ladies and gentlemen, why are these? countries that are already paying ridiculous tax burdens upwards of fifty percent of their income, the citizens of of Denmark, Norway and sweet I pay absurd tax burdens. Why? they paying for a product twice. If the government run to health care is so great stew on that, for a minute, many thousands of people die. I play it again. I am many. Thousands of people will die because that's what birdie wants you to believe there you go if you d Do your government run healthcare? Many thousands of people will die. Bernie, events whereby phobic I'm asking you to think about this. Logically,
Now. I know the conservatives Libertarians Republicans and moderate Democrats in the audience get this, but I'm asked the liberals, who listen to send me hate email to answer this question send me the answer. You have my limits on the website. We read it if your tax burden in the nordic countries, is upwards of fifty percent in your income, you already For your health care, through tax you're, enormous taxes, why I would one are two percent growth being? pouring in Denmark for people choosing to pay again for private insurers, I taught governing, healthcare was the answer. Why would people pay twice? Why would up the forty thousand Canadians a year cross. The law border in the United States to pay for health care and the United States, despite the fact that they get it for air quote free in Canada. Why Theatre is cause? It's not free it.
Garbage rationed care. That's why. Now you want to know why this is happening. I miss this yesterday. Forgive me I want to show you an article written by a guy and when I say why this is happening, I want to be precise. Why Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are pushing radical socialism in a government take over of your while your health care in your kids, education's country, isolate Bernie Sanders in this case is, I think I think Elizabeth warrant just making a lot of this up. I really, I don't believe is a you may think, I'm crazy! I don't Elizabeth warrant is stupid. She knew socialism said this disaster, she just wants to get elected and she's power hungry. It is a gentleman make no mistake, though Bernie said he's a believer. He is dangerous candidate, this field he is
a die hard golden calf worshipper of a system that is wiped out snuffed out the lives of hundreds of millions of people that is socialism? You don't believe me put up there. Article by referenda friend, when I say friend I mean ideological opponents David Sir Rota disguise kind of out, thereby David once worth wrote a peace which, right now you you know you'd cry. if you read, you can't believe you actually wrote this praising Hugo Chavez. maybe what does this have to do with anything we're getting there David. It's who is a far left radical wrote a piece, So on dotcom praising diktat, Peter Venezuelan Socialists, dictator Hugo Chavez country. Now he drove into the ground in conjunction with Maduro the current discredited, who wants to be a leader he's? Not I d have been people eating.
garbage cans, eating squirrels, zoo animals. These Georgina drove the country at the scarf starvation can look up the article yourself. We threaten March. Twenty thirteen- you got as its economic miracle by David, Sir Economic, what eating squirrels eating out a garbage trucks at your economic miracle. What does David sorrowed have to do a Bernie Sanders All look at this presupposes the Colorado post or whatever it is looking at who Benders hires as like is speed. pride or guys gonna, put together David's. Look at this hour take early warnings, article birdie said: there's campaigners, David's Rota, journalist with history. Bashing. Other Democrats, bashing capitalism in freedom and prosperity to I might want to throw that in it. Isn't that fascinated.
Ladies and gentlemen, a lot of them are frauds warrants a fraud, a mayor their frauds, although they are, they don't really believe this far less radical stayed on that does make them any less dangerous politically if they want to institute, but I'm can They don't actually believe it burn. A believer. Make no mistake, this guy hires the radicals with deep ties. The socialism deadly socialism and people who defended it. I find left that out yesterday my Bernie Critique, I'm sorry. It was really important. I get that internet, that's the kind of people he hired began. an oak where this is important. I finally today shellbarks about bodies that genocide which that double chamber just disappear newsletter genuine people look at your jaw line. It tells your age, here's a famous Robin from Lobby Texas, ample
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The calm shaken, ok, see master you fight. This is an important story, so our Facebook Sky, fall, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four Norwell Joe yeah. I know the story gets worse, believe it or not about Facebook. I have been knocking Facebook for a long bright barred. Has a really wonderful piece of data being shown out. I should encouraging reading I've, gotta bonds. You know that calm click on the the menu err on the side? It says podcast, if you click on the pie, guess all these articles are attached. If you want me to send them to you subscribe to. My email is Facebook is all in I'm contributing to the surveillance state we currently live in now and all so to marginalizing figures. They ideologically disagree with this by Alan Bikari Exclusive Facebook process,
the label. You quote a hate agent reveal now job again, not a trick. Question with Facebook is gonna label people. Now they have a process apparently for lately I get to that. The second for labeling people, hate agents, not a trick question Joe. Do you believe that these people were being labelled, hate agents are going to be liberals or conservatives. Take a second, I know them up. Are they gonna label? servitors hate agents among animals. What do you think? I like? I think, gonna be conservative. I think I know yeah yeah, very good. I know you struggled with the Joe boys, gas conservatives amazing how you're always right on that? Yes, of course, it's going to be conservative. Apparently Facebook has some kind of internal document according to this reporting here, where they monitor not just your facebook behavior but you're offline behaviors. Well, is it this great, hey actual peace. The document This is apparently some leaked Facebook document, titled hate
Jeanne policy review, outlines a series of signals that Facebook uses to determine if someone oughta be characterized as a hate agent and bland from the ban from the platform. Wow isn't that nice those signals include a wide range of on and off platform behaviour, only Moses. If you praise the wrong individual interview, or appeared its alongside them. Facebook make categorize? She was eight agent. Ladies and gentlemen, this is absolutely ridiculous. Facebook cross the line a long time ago. So did Twitter Youtube. Monetize, that's a couple times this week again, just like I said these are not free speech platforms. They are not interested free speech. Ladies and gentlemen, I am not a believer in government regulation, but but I am also not a believer in government enforce protection for what is becoming a racket. The communication,
decency act section. Two, thirty, don't forget this. This is This is one of the most important points I made up. My show repeatedly the communication. Decency act, protects Facebook, twitter, Youtube and a lot of these other platform lad. from being sued, ladies and gentlemen, because they claim platform that publish your status. This distinction don't like this escape. You now You can be a publisher number one up, sure like say the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, that is, a publisher they produce content. both news and opinion if that content to be intentionally malicious or defamatory, the jury all the wash imposed to the New York Times, because they are a publisher number one can be sued and they have been signed not successfully some successfully, they cannot say
Joe armor cost is a space alien looking to take over the earth if its intentionally malicious, because they are a publisher. Now what protects twitter, Facebook and others is under this community. Patients, decency act, they get platforms that is lowered, her we're hands of Baby Boston. Hours thou, we We are determined to content, they do we're just a platform of people for people publish it. You can't sue S, that's patently not true! That is absolutely false and you putting the words hate agent in front of it and make it sound. Really bad does not make you any less of a publisher. You are clearly segregate content based on you, our ideological shortcomings. Because they are there all liberal over there. They have no no conservative, presence of any substance at all did making.
Decisions at the top. are clearly hiding behind this platform status. To make editor Your publication decisions. You are not a platform you're, not a platform Joe, would allow open access to people as long as you're not committing a crime can present their views and therefore you should be safe and about not arguing them. Platform should exposed the lawsuits. I'm not at all. You use the stakes are dry or argument I'll make it. I argued making. Is there not platforms? I gotcha you're, not our clearly making editorial Julius, hiding behind centenary language. The hating should guide happens. While can immediately labeling everybody who's, not liberal who challenges them. Hate aged man, we gotta get rid of it. We can argue with that yeah we got
get rid of hate agents of core hate ages, city that is so alike? a ventures like age of all trot. We can also get the peace. I hate agent alter it is that the language you so dramatic with these snowflakes? It's unbelievable. I hate agent folks, if you're not meeting of crime on the platform making terrorist threats threatening the president origin people to engage in bank fraud, teaching them how to do it. Do you not engaging in some kind of conspiracy or crime, leave the platform open people will go on there and say dumb things: smart, people will ignore it or refuted the key to free speech. You like is more free speech to counteract the free speech. You don't like butter, duct tape, their mouths shut. It is time that Facebook
and Twitter and Youtube and these other platforms, we acknowledge their publishers and explore themselves for the law ability component or act as the platforms they claim to be. You can't have it both ways anymore. You do not get to be a government texted racket. I know a lot of you, don't like my position. You want me to which is fine. I respect I'm not here to you noted, to lie to you, I'm here, to give you my honest opinion, and I appreciate the feedback and I appreciate a lot of feedback. I gotta, but I do not agree that the Remit should be involved in it making these companies up and regular. I think it's a huge mistake because we liberals back in power, better, going to be alive these government folks, you're gonna have hate agent list everywhere, and it can be protected by the government. It's the wrong approach, ladies and gentlemen, I won more just quickly
I want to go on for too long on yesterday's media fall out, but I didn't neglect to lease on that. I have a little box on the same issue here. So can you see that are economically layer I put little boxes are decide. Sometimes I really want to get out, and I fight, if I don't put it on the side, I forget its finally starting to catch on I'll be on Jesse Water show this weekend on Saturday. I encourage you to tune in on Fox will also be on Tucker Show tonight Do in my news explosion at the end, which is really kind of blown up pot intended and guess, toasting, fox and friends, Monday Tuesday. So please why It's a lot, but some of you asked me to put it out there. But one of the points I put Not making this week on the show which I made here yesterday, I wanted to be a take away, for you is again I'm just ask liberals in their media folks, if you're either actually honest, which you're not to have a more of moral consistency. You're sick, thing again that information passed from foreign officials is bad, but then you are suggesting
appear if they pay for it, but then you're suggests The trunk should contact the FBI when he gets information. That's a suspect which is what he said. He would do by the way. He said that the interview, but remember this point, I think we're the only ones who made it and seen anywhere else in the talking hemisphere yesterday, when Trump did get in. nation and his team from a foreign government that was suspect about Joe Biden, kid involved in extremely shady Business deals in both China and Ukraine. I plan on making this point of water show as well, and they did pass making the F B. I like the Democrats, said he should it. Was the Democrats the New York Times their allies over there that jumped on trumped for weapon. the government. Ladies and gentlemen, you simply cannot have it both ways. You can't even worse the contact the FBI or we're. Not. You can't have it both ways. I folks thanks again for tune it in
I really appreciate it's been another great weakest shows we knocked it out of the park. Please subscribed. Youtube Channel Youtube accomplish punch you, even though they demonetized as it helps us get the message out. You know why I don't mind using their platform to get a conservative message out at all. Also police subscribe to us an apple podcast, scraps of us if you have an angel device on I heart and sound cloud as well. I really appreciate your list of ship. It means the world to me thanks a lot. I see all on Monday, day, sir, you just heard tan bond genomes yeah, you can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.